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Author Topic: Ashura's Acchan OS [True End] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, MariAtsu, AtsuMina]  (Read 6479 times)

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   I'll be posting some OS for Acchan's Bday even though this doesn't even have any relation to her bday~ XD
   I'll finish 4 parts tonight before her Bday and the final true end tomorrow!

[Parts and partner]
Part 1 - Mayuyu
Part 2 - Yuko
Part 3 - Mariko
Part 4 - Takamina
Part 5 - Finale - True END


"Ouch!" I bumped my head as I tried to get up.

   I seem to be in some sort of weird building or something. Just some tough luck. I was actually walking in some park when suddenly something that looked like a black hole sucked me inside. Now I don't know where I am and it's dark. Argh, some luck I got when I finally had a day off from acting.

"Now where should I go...?" Well,  really don't know... There's two paths. The left with the 'Don't you dare enter!' sign and the right with the 'Exit' sign. Of course I'm not stupid enough to actually go to the left. I mean, only idiots would be stupid enough to go dare. I'm Maeda Atsuko, the top Actress and the Ex-Ace of AKB!

   So I go to the left. Typical.

"WHO GOES THERE?!" I flinched as I heard some voice ahead. Well, let's just go back...

"No no no! Please come!" another voice, a gentler one, came from the direction where the last voice was heard.

   Which way should I choose? Should I risk my... Nah.

   I went back and chose the right road.

'Under Construction. Please use the left path. : D'

   I hate these cliche moments...

   I guess I'll have no choice...

   I walked to the previous left path.

"Sorry for intruding?" I entered some door I found while I was walking.

   There are plenty of gadgets, shiny things and even a large LCD screen. I mean, REAL LARGE!

"What the hell is this...? An otaku zone...?" I managed to hold in my laughter and looked around some more.

   I see two figures. One is a weird creature, an alien, with a gigantic size and muscular body. And the other is a small cute doggy~ I wanna hug 'em~

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT, B**CH?!" the dog talked.

   The dog talked...

"HOLY NEWSPAPER! THE DOG TALKED!" I grabbed something shiny and threw it at the dog.

   Then the dog turns into jelly.

   Wait, it melted!

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE THROWING THAT MELT-A-DOG-INATOR!" the puddle, not poodle, that was once a dog, talked.

"What's with that naming sense...?" I looked at it with pity.

"Well, well, Maeda-san, how about a seat?" The muscular alien offered me a seat. So I'll just sit. Hopefully there won't be any traps on it.

   Well I'll be, I'm strapped to the chair and can't move...

"Hahahahahaha~" I'll just laugh my ass off at my own stupidity.

"I'm sorry, Maeda-san, but if I don't do that, then you won't listen to us." The muscular alien bowed.

"Err... How do you even- Wait, are you kidnapping me?!" I gave them a shocked look.

"No, you fool! We're trying to help you here!" the puddle spoke. Okay, now it's still disgusting. Why the hell did it even turn into a puddle?

"So are you guys trying to..." I gulped "... take my innocence?!" I gave them a disgusted look and they flinched.

   Aliens these days, so pitiful.

"W- We aren't! How could you even come up with something so ridiculous?! I'd never want to do that to an earthling!" the muscular alien blushed. Cute~

"Tch. Perverts."

"Okay, okay, enough. We need to tell you something..." the puddle couldn't take it anymore so it got to the topic.

"I don't wanna marry you two!" I joked a bit since the atmosphere is heavy.

   The muscular alien blushed and the puddle just sighs, ignoring my statement.

"The earth is going to explode in a few days." the puddle continued with that shocking development.

   I'm silent. Well, I trust them now. I mean, it isn't that outrageous. I've seen aliens, talking dogs and even talking puddles. Now my brain ain't processing that much.

"The cause of this is a bomb planted in four people. This was planted by our arch-nemesis, the Nervaqtelunga aliens."

"Darn that naming sense" I looked at them with pity again.

"These bombs will explode in a few days and the power of it can even destroy the entire earth. We need you to defuse the bombs. After it's defused, the bomb will automatically disappear and the earth will be saved"

"Oh, I see." I nodded my head, realizing I could move my head.

"So, Maeda-san, will you save ea-" "Don't wanna." I answered and cut what the muscular alien was trying to ask.

"Wait, why?! It's YOUR planet!" the puddle asked as if shocked.

"Coz it's a pain." I sighed and looked away, pouting.

"Are you seriously an idol? Are all earthling idols like this...?" the puddle sighed.

"Maeda-san." the muscular alien called my name

"Hm?" I looked at him and he blushed, looking down. What a shy fellow~"

"T- The four people are Watanabe Mayu, Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko and Takahashi Minami..."

   I was shocked...

   Why those four...?

"They're the ones with the bombs inside their bodies?" I asked and the muscular alien nodded.

   I've already graduated from AKB, but this case is worse... The kouhai I like, my best bud, my older sister and my closest friend...

"I'll do it then." I said with determination and the strap disappeared. I can move freely now.

   I could hear sighs from the two and a look of joy.

"Wait, how do I even defuse it, anyway?" I asked the aliens.

"You'll have to kiss them with love and have *** with them." The puddle said.

   Wait, what?!

"D- Does a normal kiss suffice?! And do I really have to do ***?!" I asked them again.

"Nope, it has to be with love and don't worry. You'll still keep your virginity. You're all girls anyway." the puddle said calmly. Damn puddle.


"Ah, and don't think you can run. you're now wearing a collar that can't be taken off. If you fail the mission, we'll just have to kill all five of you." the puddle said again.

   I just realized that there's a collar, Something like a cat's bell collar around my neck. I tried to take it off but can't...

   What the hell did I get myself into...

[End of prologue]
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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [5 parts] [In progress - Prologue]
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Uwaa~ Gambatte ne~  :fap

Can't wait to read your story.. Hehe :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [5 parts] [Part 1 - AtsuMayu]
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Looks like I can't today. Hope I can make it before Acchan's holy day ends...

[Part 1 - Mayuyu -AtsuMayu-]

"This is such a pain!!!" I shouted at particularly no one. Everyone around me looked at my direction. I could hear their whispering something to each other like 'Is that Maeda Atsuko?' and 'Has the actress finally lost it?', darn it. Just run along rather than gossip something about me.

   I remembered what happened last night. I had to do the one thing I hate the most. Loving someone. And better yet, they're girls~ And I'm. Straight.

   I looked at the time from my phone's display. It's been 15 minutes since I've been waiting for her. Well, it's not really so surprising. It's REALLY rare for me to call her all of a sudden and invite her out for lunch, just the two of us. I thought she'd be sick and forget about it but surprisingly, I see her.

   She's running at my direction, almost losing her breath. Then she arrived.

"I- I'm sorry Maeda-san!" she bowed at me. Cute~
"No no, don't worry about it." I gave her my usual smile and she gets up. "Let's go, Mayuyu." we went towards our destination.

"It's really rare for you to call me out all of a sudden, Maeda-san." she peeks at my face, which makes her look soo cute~
"Hm? Just call me Acchan like all of the others, since I'm calling you Mayuyu anyways." I pat her head and she gave me her trademark cutesy smile.
"T- Then, Acchan, why did you-" "No reason." I cut in before she could finish. "I just felt like it. We rarely hang out even though I've already graduated." I stop myself for a bit... "And I want to know what's going on with AKB now..."
"Can't you just ask Takamina-san or Oshiriko-chan for that?" she looks down as if disappointed.
"Rather not. Besides, I want to know from the future Ace herself." I smiled at her again, which she only reverts her eyes from me.
'Like I guessed, she hates me... deeply... probably because I left them...' then our walk towards the restaurant became awkward...


"So what would you like to know?" she crossed her arms, seating in front of me while we're waiting for our order.
"How's it going with you and Yukirin lately?" I asked her a normal question to make her feel more at eased.
"Why are you bringing THAT up?" she glares at me. 'I guess that's a taboo question... I really fail at this...'
Then I realized that her index finger is moving too much. It seemed as if she's nervous...

"Mind if I sit next to you?" I decided.
"Eh? Why? Something wrong?" she asked me, as if suspicious.
"Don't worry~ I just want to sit next to my kouhai~" I got up and did just that.
"M- Acchan?! Why are you suddenly-" "Ei!" I managed to lift her and put her on my thighs, making her sit on it.

"T- This is embarrassing..." she says with her cheeks red as tomato.
"Don't worry~ We're both girls anyway~" I hugged her a bit, just for skinship.
"A- Acchan, you're acting weirder than usual... Something happened with Takamina-san and Oshiriko-chan?" I hit her on the head lightly.
"W- What was that for?!" she rubs her head.
"No reason? Well, the parfait's here~" I averted my eyes and saw a waitress setting the table and putting the large ice cream banana parfait on the table.

"Mayuyu, Ahn~" I took a spoon of the parfait and puts it in front of Mayuyu's mouth.
"Eh? A- Ahn..." She took a bite and ate it.
"Good girl~" I rubbed her head and she blushed madly. Such an innocent girl~


"A- Acchan, how many are you going to eat...?" she looks at me, baffled as I finished my 4th parfait and 3rd sundae.
"Hm? There's always 20 rooms for sweets." I fixed my imaginary glasses and she only looks at me in disbelief.
"No, you got that wrong..."


   After finishing up in the restaurant, we went out to our next destination.

"Where are we going, Acchan?" she asks me worriedly so I held her hand in mind.
"A- Acchan?!" it seems she's surprised. Ah, kinda reminds me of my early days with Takamina. Long day, long time.
"Just follow where your senpai takes you~" I pat her head again since I like patting her head. Makes me feel mature.
"... Forget that, but are we going to take the train?" she asks me worriedly again, but this time while blushing.
"Yup. Let's go~" I dragged her to the train.


   It's already evening and I could see the sun going to set soon. We walked along the beach, our destination while holding hands. I can't believe I'm doing this sort of cliche thing with my kouhai...

"Ah, it's been so long~!" she stretched her arms a bit.
"See? Told you you needed a little breather."
"No no, you didn't even say that. Plus I have work today but you sounded really forceful, that's why I came." she sighs and walks along.
"And I'm supposed to be filming, but who cares about that~" I pulled her closer to me and made her lean towards me a bit.


"Ah, the sunset looks so cool~" she points at the sunset with a child-like smile.
'At least she can finally open up to me a bit.' I chuckled as I looked at my kouhai having fun.

   For as long as I've known Mayuyu, whenever she's with me, she always have that forced smile of hers around. At first I didn't notice but after being with her for so long, I compared myself with Yukirin. Whenever she's with Yukirin, she lets herself loose and does whatever she wants and when she's with me, she has some sort of wall around us. I don't know why but I wanted to break that wall. I wanted us to be closer.

   Next to Yuihan, I wanted her to lead AKB, not LIKE me, but use her own way. She actually has what it takes to be the center of AKB but she's always following others' footsteps. Like Takamina, NyanNyan and even Tomochin. Her center aura from Team B fits her best. When she's in Team A, it felt like she really didn't belong in the group.

"Acchan, where are we going next?" she asks me with that smile of hers. The smile that I longed for to be with me.
'Well, time to break her heart.'

"Mayuyu, why did you think I invited you to this 'date' of ours?" I looked at her straight in the eyes.
"Eh? What do you mean?" It seems like she's still lost...

   I locked her gaze with mine. At first her eyes wandered a bit but after a few seconds, we began to close our distance and with luck... We became one...


"What the hell did I do..." I woke up in some hotel at around 7.30 AM with Mayuyu sleeping in my arms.

   I didn't remember what happened but it felt like I just succeeded in something... I looked at Mayuyu's sleeping face. She looked so innocent and cute. Different from last night. Wait, what DID happen last night...? Just as I wondered that, Mayuyu woke up.

"Mm? Acchan? You're up already...?" she rubs her eyes, still feeling a little sleepy.
"Mayuyu~ You're so cute even when you just woke up~" I rubbed her cheeks with mine as she protested.

   We eventually looked at each other and our gazes met again. Just when we were getting closer, the door opened.

"Mayuyu?" "Acchan?" two voices were heard. One is a tall girl, with long black hair and the other is a short girl with her trademark ponytail.
"Ah..." I just remembered that I called Takamina last night and actually told her where I was staying and that I was with Mayuyu. I knew she wouldn't come late at night but who knew that she would come right in the morning...?

"T- Takamina, I can explain..." I looked at the short girl who's looking at me in disgust and sadness.
"Y- You idiot!!!" she ran away, crying. I wanted to chase her but Mayuyu was holding me too tightly.
"Mayuyu, what are you doing here?" the tall girl asked Mayuyu with some sort of unknown black aura that made me shiver even though I wasn't the main concern of her rage.
"Mama, meet Acchan, my lover~" she hugged me tighter and rubbed her face against my breasts.

'I am SO dead...'


   Well, to sum it up, I went to the theater at around noon.

"Ah, Taka-" "IDIOT!" she ran away as I tried to call her out.
"Whoa, you've got it hard..." Mariko who visited with me, patted my head as we looked at the fleeing General Manager.
"Argh, I wonder if I could make it by the end of the week..." I sighed
"Well... Good luck with that." she left me and went towards the other members.

"Maeda!" Yukirin suddenly called out to me and glared at me.
"W- What is it?" I could see my life flashing in front of my eyes. Magic.
"Urg..." she looks down, thinking of what to say, and "Don't think I'm going to give up on her just like that." she looked down on me.
"Eh?" This time, I was the one that's lost for words.

"Acchan~" Mayuyu suddenly appeared and clings to me.
"M- Mayuyu! Bad moment here!" I could feel the glare and dark aura from Yukirin getting sharper and scarier.
"Who cares~ So when's our next date, Se-n-pai~?" she suddenly called me 'senpai'...
"Mayuyu, we need to talk." Yukirin dragged Mayuyu away while the small girl's struggling, screaming 'Never!!!' and 'Acchan~!!!' and stuff but I'll just hope that I won't get called in this.

"Seems like you're getting closer with Mayuyu~" Yuko suddenly appeared and grinned at me.
"Who knows. Just felt like it." I looked at her, with her dimples showing and all.
"The immovable center Maeda Atsuko asking her junior for a date? Unheard of!" she joked around with me and laughed her ass off.
"Yeah yeah, say all you want." I just giggled with her.

   Then I remembered my next mission.

"Hey, Yuko, want to go on a date today?"

[Part 1 END]

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 1/5]
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Acchan you are such a playboy. :grin:

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [5 parts] [Part 1 - AtsuMayu]
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stares at ...

   Then I remembered my next mission.

"Hey, Yuko, want to go on a date today?"

  :mon closeup:

such a happy kid  :mon fyeah:

Mayuyu  :mon fu:

I love this!  :mon fu: :sashiko:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 1/5]
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This is great :D Loving the idea of the different parts :) And part one with Mayu was awesome :D
& lol at Atsuko's last line :P Looking forward to the others updates ^^

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 2/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu]
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[Part 2 - Yuko -AtsuYuu-]

"A date with Acchan~ A date with Acchan~" Yuko swung her arms around like a maniac while walking with me.

   Usually she was the one who always asked me out when we're free so she's probably happy I'm taking the initiative now. Yuko's actually really simple if you get to know her better. And I just realized it after I graduated and spent some time with her.

"So are we going to the hotel?!" she asks me while drooling
"Y- Wait, no! How do you even get that sort of idea?!"
"Pssh. A date ALWAYS have to end with the hotel!" she sticks her chest out, proud of her answer.
"Whatever you say..." I just sigh and leave her.
"W- Wait! Acchan! Don't leave me~!!" and of course she chased me and clings to me.


   We were watching a movie. The title's called 'How I broke your mother' and it was really interesting. About a boy who lived a lonely and boring life, suddenly found a magical iPad and it's actually an alien disguising itself as some technology. Then his mother died. He tries to solve the mystery revolving around what really happened to his mother, resulting into an unknown death. There's romance, sci-fi, drama, comedy and girls' love... I have no idea why there's girls' love in a story like that...

   "Ne, Acchan, want to do something like that?" Yuko looked at me seductively. We were watching a scene where two girls are kissing each other passionately. I don't mind if it's acting since I should learn that but doing it with Yuko is kinda...

'Wait! I need to kiss her, right?'

   I looked at the girl's lips and see her licking her lips, which made her look so erotic.

'No no! Atsuko, you shouldn't do that! She's your best friend! Plus you should only do it if she loves you!!!'

   I gulped and patted her head. "You should only do that with someone you love." I said to her seriously and switched my view towards the movie. She sighed a bit and lets go of my hand, which she was holding the entire time during the movie. For the first time ever, silence fell upon us. It was usually Yuko who would make up a fuss and find a fun topic but this time, she's silent. She's not even looking at the movie.

'Is she... sulking...?'


   "Waa, the movie was fun, right Yuko?" I looked at the older girl that was walking behind me. She looked at me with a poker face and nodded. She's been silent for the entire second part. 'Maybe I should cheer her up a bit...'

   "S- So how bout we go play some games at the arcade?!" I held her hand in mind and looked at her with my usual smile. She looked at me at first but then sighed and averted her gaze. She gave a slight nod, meaning that she still has time and could go to the arcade.


   "Look, Yuko! I got a giant teddy~!" I hugged the teddy bear that I picked after winning some dance game. She just ignored me and looked at her phone. 'Maybe this was a bad idea from the start...' I thought to myself but then she closed her phone and walked out of the arcade. I followed her, still hugging the huge teddy bear.

   "W- Wait for me, Yuko!" I caught up with her and she glared at me. It was rare for her to glare at me but when she did, I knew that she's pissed. While walking in silence, I tried to figure out what made her angry but the only thing that came into mind was her cellphone. She was staring at it intently. "Do you have some appointment with NyanNyan?" I asked her and her gaze became fiercer. "S- Sorry..." I instinctively apologized at her, knowing I won't get my answer just yet.

   We reached the AKB theater. She said that she has something to do so she went in and left me. I sighed at my own foolishness and cowardice. Then I went home to put away the giant teddy bear. But just as I reached home, I saw a girl. A tall girl...

"NyanNyan?" I called out to her.

[PV: Oshima Yuko]

   "Yuko, where did you go off to?" some midget walked up to me and suddenly asked me about my absence. I'm really not in the mood right now so I'll just walk away and ignore her. "Hey! Don't just walk off!" she chased me and started to tackle me. She's really pissing me of...

   "I'm not in the mood right now, Takamina. Ask me some other time." I pushed her aside, walked into the changing room, and opened a drawer. Inside of it is a key. I took it and left the theater.

   I was walking to to the park when suddenly I saw NyanNyan.

   "Yo, NyanNyan~ How was your-" I stopped myself as I saw another person behind her. It was the girl that I was trying to avoid the most today.

   "What are you doing here, Acchan?" I glared at her and NyanNyan. Acchan puts on her usual smile and NyanNyan smiled apologetically. She left after saying goodbye to Acchan. She didn't even greet me OR say goodbye to me.

   "Hey, Yuko. Did you finish your work?" she asks me, not changing her expression. I decided to just keep silent and glare at her. She's not really someone who could keep her calm, so she's supposed to flinch or something but she didn't. She's still smiling at me, and looked into my eyes.

   "Do you know, Yuko?" she started a conversation. "I was always watching you." I was the one that flinched as she confessed. "I know what happened with Jurina and Mayuyu and I even know that you have a huge crush on a certain someone~" she said teasingly. I was shocked...

   'She seriously knew...?' I froze in spot, thinking of how to get out of this. But before I could come up with something, she pushed me into a bush and pinned me to the ground. "You know you should just be honest with your feelings, Yuko." she grinned and started to play with my hair.

   'SHE REALLY KNOWS!' is what I thought. Acchan teased me again by running her finger along my sides. I unintentionally let out a silent moan, which she managed to hear. Her grin grew wider and her face got closer with mine.

   "Sorry Yuko, I can't hold myself anymore..." her eyes were rolling around like she finally broke down. She locked her lips with mine and she sticks her tongue inside. "A- Acchan..." I finally let myself loose in the pleasure that the younger girl gave to me.


   "I can't believe we did it in the bushes..." I let out a sound of dissatisfaction as we finally put on our clothes. Luckily, there wasn't anyone in the park so they didn't hear my loud moans. "Well, it's your fault for letting out a moan like that. You know my S side is uncontrollable." she said as she looks into my eyes again.

   "M- Mou... I can't believe I just did that with my crush..." my cheeks grew redder but what surprised me was "Eh?" Acchan looked at me, confused. "Eh?" I was confused as well as to why she's confused. "Y-Yuko, who IS your crush?" she was stuttering which was rare when she's with me. "Err, you, of course." she stood up and hit her head on a tree. "A- Acchan?! What's wrong?!" I asked her, worried. "Now I can't deny Takamina for calling me an idiot..." she talks to herself, probably... Then she told me what happened.

[Earlier - Acchan's POV]

   "Acchan, I need your help!" she puts her hands on my shoulders and shakes me. "I get it, I get it! But you need to tell me what's wrong, first!" I broke free and finally she tells me. "Umm... Yuko, Jurina and Mayuyu got into a fight..."

   "What was the cause?" I asked her. "I dunno. I heard from Jurina that Mayuyu found out who Yuko's crush is and she snapped. Of course, Mayuyu who doesn't like to get scolded just ignored her and it became worse." she explains. "Yuko's crush. Who?" I asked her again for confirmation. "I don't know as well. Jurina won't tell me."

   'It's SO obvious that it's you, NyanNyan...'

   "Then why'd you ask me? It's better if you leave it to Takamina." I answered honestly since I really think Takamina can handle almost anything that comes to her. I mean, she even handled everyone's scandal. I'm so proud of that midget. "Umm, Yuko's recently been talking a lot about you lately and I heard you two are hanging out a lot often..."

   'This is bad... My S switch is turned on...'

   "Oh really~? Then leave it to me~" I gave her a sadistic smile, which I rarely show to anyone except her and Mariko.

[End of flashback]

   "So you think I'm in love with NyanNyan?" she asks me as I finished my story. "Yeah... Since you're always with her and all..." I averted my gaze, embarrassed at my misunderstanding. She lets out a puff and finally burst into laughter.

   After a few seconds of her laughing her ass off and me being all shy and stuff, she finally calms down and puts her hand on my head. "I love you, Acchan. I've loved you since we first met in AKB. I was really jealous at Mayuyu this morning that I asked you something stupid while watching the movie... Sorry about that." she lets out her feelings and I finally understood. The reason behind Mayuyu's awkwardness with me and the reason behind her actions.

   "Ahh... Umu. I get it..." I let out my smile again. "Then will you be my girlfriend?" she asks me, with her dimples showing, making her look cute and funny.

   "No, I'm straight."

   "EHH???!!!" she was in disbelief.

   "Ah, need to do some groceries. See you later, Yuko~" I waved at her and left.

   "Wait, eh? But, Acchan!" she chases me and of course I ran away.

'I'm not going to hear the end of this...'

[Part 2 END]

Sorry it's so short! But I'm seriously too busy now that it's 10th of July *sigh* WHY CAN'T I CELEBRATE HER HOLY DAY NORMALLY???!!!
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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 1/5]
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YAY for part 2  :mon fyeah:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 1/5]
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Yeah, I know everyone love Acchan. Me too.

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Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 3/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, AtsuMari]
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FINALLY ON LE LAPTOP!!!! Aim : Medley of chapters this week OAO
Though I doubt anybody else is reading this XD

[Part 3 - Mariko] -Atsumari-

   "I wonder if Yuko's mad at me..." I laid on my bed, waiting for her to come back from practice. I woke up, realizing what happened yesterday. 'I'm kinda feeling sorry for her since I just flat out reject her like that yesterday...' Then I hoped that she wasn't mad at me and we could still be close friends. Though I know that's kinda selfish. I looked at my side and discovered a squirrel-like girl sleeping next to me.

   "Wait! What are you doing here?!" I shook her as to know if I did it yet again. If I did, then that means I'm having lesbian sex three times in a row. AND I'M STRAIGHT! She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me seductively. "You look beautiful, my lover." "No, I'm not your lover." I quickly retort back to her nonsense. I dialed a number, hoping she would pick up. "Who are you calling, my angel?" she puts on her cheery smile, making her look kinda cute. "NyanNyan."

   She froze at my answer. One, because NyanNyan is her 'scandal' and two, NyanNyan doesn't know Yuko likes me yet. So I'll use this chance to run away! "Wait a sec, where's Gon-chan?" I asked her and she looks at me with an evil smile. "You don't want to know." Note to self : I need to chase Yuko out of the house.

   "Moshi moshi...?" YES! The spaced out voice coming from my phone! "NyanNyan~ Long time no see~" I was so happy to hear my savior's voice on the phone that I spoke nonsense. "Hmm...? Acchan...? We saw each other... Yesterday... *yawn*" Ah, she was sleeping. Now's my chance! "NyanNyan~ Yuko's touching me..." I heard the tone meaning she hung up.

   "A- Acchan, y- you betrayer!!!" she hits me lightly, throwing a tantrum with tears of fear in her eyes. I know just exactly how she feels. How? Let's just say I was like that with a certain midget shorter than Yuko. After just a few seconds after my call, I could sense a disturbance in the atmosphere... It was as if the sky was shaking and the ground is falling! AND NO IT'S NOT BACKWARDS!


   I caught my breath after I ran from my own home. Who knew what I'd see there. I shivered at the thought. "Acchan?" I hear a voice calling me. A smile appeared on my face as I realized whom the voice came from. "Mariko~" I hugged the taller girl, even though I saw her just yesterday. I missed her so much~

   "Easy there Acchan~ You're acting all spoiled again" she chuckled a bit and pats my head. I always thought of Shinoda Mariko as my older sister. Even though she says I act spoiled, but I can't help it when it comes to Mariko~ "Oh, I heard you tattled something about Yuko yo Kojiharu." she puts on her sadistic smile, which means 'Tell me what happened or you don't want to know what's coming next~'. So yeah, I told her everything.


   "You sure are popular, Acchan~" she teases me for my fate. Good thing I didn't tell her about the aliens and the bombs. Or else, she would freak out.. Or worse, she'd get excited! "But still, I realized something's going on with you and Mayuyu but you and Yuko as well? Wow, Acchan's popular~ With girls." she ended her sentence, knowing that I'm clearly straight.

   Mattaku, just because I drool while looking at Mariko's soft skin, Mariko's dreamy eyes, and Mariko's huge breasts, doesn't mean I like girls. There's no way that'd happen, if you think logically. "Acchan, you're drooling." I snapped back to reality after Mariko clapped her hands right in front of my face, making me startled. Now I know what NyanNyan feels... Or Yuko...

   "Ah, Acchan. It's been a while so how about we go shopping?" she suddenly invited me. "Eh? Just the two of us? Will we go to a lov- I mean, sure." I accepted her offer since I wanted to hang around first before coming back home and seeing Yuko being punished by NyanNyan. Mariko or interesting KojiYuu development? Mariko's more important... I'm sorry KojiYuu...

   We went window shopping, searching for things we can afford but don't feel like buying. She usually buys clothes or something funny but seeing her not buying anything is surprising. Is she broke?! Nah... Can't be...

   My eyes wandered off in a Nike store. I was searching for a gift to apologize to Yuko. I went out of the shop and saw Mariko looking at a frilly one piece at the other shop. She's looking at it like a kid sighting a toy. She looked really cute with that drilling stare of hers. "Mariko, you like this one piece?" I teased her, pointing at the one piece she was looking at so intently.

   "Huh? Ermm... Nah, I guess I won't. It doesn't suit me much." she shakes her head, as if to erase all of her delusions of wearing frilly frilly one piece clothing. I feel sorry for her but I chuckled a bit inside, seeing how cute she's reacting. Even though she said she didn't want it, she kept glancing at it even when we're looking at sneakers. Silly Mariko.


   "Ahh, it was such a fun day today~" I clung to Mariko's arm, acting like a lovey dovey couple. "Yup, sure is." she smiled at me and patted my head. I feel bliss just by her smile but now with her patting my head? It's a double knock-out combo! "Ah, before I forgot." I reached into my bag, and handed a present for Mariko, the one piece which she eyed on before. I managed to buy it without her knowing. Thank you the magic of toilet excuses.

   "Eh? Don't tell me..." she has a surprised face with a hint of joy. "Well, I don't really need to say the re-" before I could finish, her arms were wrapped around mine. I could feel how happy she was but...

   "Ne, let me show you a special place." she says, with a bright smile on her face. My eyes lit up of curiosity and I excitedly followed her.


   "M- Mariko?!" I was taken aback. We were in a forest. I thought she was going to show me a special spot like a lake or something but suddenly she pinned me to a tree and looked at me with her sadistic smile. I couldn't do anything. "Acchan's really good at seducing people, huh." her eyes were scary. It was as if she turned into a wild beast or something. "W- What do you mean?" I asked her, frightened. Now I know how Yuko felt yesterday.

   "You didn't realize it yet? Try remembering your actions towards Mayuyu, Yuko and me." her sadistic smile turned into a warm one. I recalled what I did. Date, atmosphere, sadism. Holy Akihabara, I really did try to seduce them. Mariko's grin grew wider, probably because she realized I got the answer. "Now what will you do now, my imouto?" she asks me, more scarier than before.

   "A- A- A-" I was at lost for words. I don't know what to say at all! But then, her eyes changed. She smiled at me warmly. Not the scary smile before, but this time, her warm smile which made me realize why I called her as my older sister. "I won't force you, Acchan. What will you do?" she asks me this time, with a more calm and warming tone. I calmed myself down and searched for what to do...

   "I want you, Acchan." she confesses and smiles brighter. I could feel myself blushing a lot. I think I'm as red as a Ferrari! Even though not all Ferrari are red! "Acchan, your face is red." she teased me, seeing the opportunity. "I- I'm not! It's just the sun!" I pointed at the sun, not looking at it. Then I realized I was actually pointing at an owl. Wait, what's an owl doing there awake at 5PM?

   "M- Mariko..." I looked at her, seductively this time. I learned this while I was playing around with Takamina. "Hoh~ So do you want me?" she asks me, still teasing. Urg... My face is becoming redder by the second. Mariko's scent, her warmth, her breasts. All of them made me doubt I'm straight. "Acchan, your answer?"

   "I- I want Mariko as well!" I shouted, embarrassed. Ahh, this is probably the most embarrassing moment I've ever lived through. To Mariko-sama of all people. Wait, Mariko-SAMA?

   "Job well done, Atsuko." she tilted my head up and kissed me deeply. My mind went blank because of the kiss. I couldn't think straight at all. All I'm thinking about is Mariko-sama.

   "Atsuko, it seems like you're getting turned on." she teased me, her grin grew wider. "W- Well, it's all Mariko-sama's fault!" I complained. "Wait, why call me -sama all of a sudden?" she retorted back. I don't know the answer to that question as well. "Atsuko, did you ever have outdoor sex?" she asks me with a straight face. "Urg!" I could feel as if an arrow has been stabbed at my heart. If this was a cartoon, you could clearly see it happening.

   "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Thus, we made out in the forest, this time, I felt how it was like to become the receiver...


   "Mariko-sama needs to take responsibility!" I pointed at her as we fixed our clothes. "Don't worry, Atsuko. I'll pay the price. With my bo-dy, e-ve-ry-night." she traced her finger on my cheeks and chin which made me become redder again and flinch. "And no gachapin!" I reminded her not to get close to a certain gachapin. "Eh? You know I-" "No excuses!" I crossed my arms and took an understanding stance.

   "I just made THE Maeda Atsuko jealous. I need to brag about this..." she says as she fiddled with her phone.

[The next day[

   "Acchan~" Yuko glomped at me out of nowhere as I made my way in the theater. The other members were either practicing for performances or just plain hanging out. "Acchan~" This time, Yuko's supposed perverted sister, Mayuyu clung to me as well. I could sense two dark auras filling the room. One is from a certain 'Mama' and the other is Yuko's pet 'cat'. I have no choice but to say goodbye to my life after this. As if that's not enough, Mariko-sama is watching what happens with a grin.

   "M- Mariko-sama, help me, please?" I looked at her with pleading eyes, but what I got is not a response from her but from Yuko. "WAIT! When did you call Mari-chan with a -sama?!" she looked at be with suspicion. Mayuyu whispered in my ear for some reason. "Ne~ Senpai~ How about me, Oshiriko-chan and Shinoda-san together?" she grinned. Yuko and Mariko as well. I went red, realizing what she meant. My eyes suddenly fell towards a figure. A short girl with a ponytail. "Girls, let me go for now." The two reluctantly let me go, not knowing what I was so serious about. Mariko-sama looked at the direction I was looking at and sigh.

   "This time, your mine, Takamina."

[Mariko route END]

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 3/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, AtsuMari]
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So love Acchan's S mode! Ahaha

But wait the table had been flipped Mariko-sama's S mode won! Ahahaha :twisted:

Next target Takahashi Minami! Ahaha XD

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 3/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, AtsuMari]
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Takamina you should tun.
I'm curious about who is going to be last. :sweatdrop:

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 3/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, AtsuMari]
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*nosebleed* I..I didn't see this kind of fic coming!!~
-And sorry, i was just lurking until i've reached my limit!!
-Garh!! The hell?! Acchan was so...Sadist~~ Love it!!~
-But, Mariko was so cool out there!!~ Aw Acchan!!~
-E-Eh? Hn...Hnhn...Hahaha!! Next is Takamina!!~
-Takahashi Minami, i wanna see her with Acchan!!~

>Plz update soon, Ashura-san!!~ Can't wait for it!!

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Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 4/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, MariAtsu, AtsuMina]
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[Part 4 - Takamina] -AtsuMina-

   "How is it? I asked the girl that was sitting on my right with hands on my shoulder and the other hand patting my head. She shook her head in rejection of the idea. "Don't you think she'd just escape and hide herself from you? You know she's avoiding you." another girl that is on my left, clinging to my left arm, says as she too rejected it. "Yup. You need to do something that would make her confront you." the girl sitting on my lap playfully voices out her opinion. "Oh, nice idea Mayuyu." the girl on my right gave a thumbs up to Mayuyu that is sitting on my lap. "Well, it's better than Yuko's 'meet, chase, rape' plan." I glanced at the girl on my left who then pouted saying that it's the best plan ever. "We're on the right track. What do you think we should do, Shinoda-san?" Mayuyu looked at the girl on my right. "We know the 'what', but we need to know the 'how'." Mariko-sama says so and I nodded in agreement. "We know what to do but we don't know how to do it. How should make Takamina confront me herself?"

   I've been discussing with the others on how to make Takamina fall for me. I thought they were going to get mad at me for being so selfish but they were kind enough to lend a hand. I really regretted not going after Takamina first. Because she saw me with Mayuyu and she heard rumors of me with Yuko and Mariko-sama, she started to avoid me. She sometimes answers my calls but when I tried to start some small talk, she'd hang up. Once I yelled out 'I love you, Minami~' which she hung up. When I meet her at the theater, she'd instantly run away. My feet may be longer than hers, but my stamina isn't as big as hers. I had no choice but to think up of a plan, but then Mariko-sama, who realized what I'm going to do, with Yuko and Mayuyu who were following her, came to my room and started asking me if I'm actually going for Takamina. I of course nodded because I couldn't stand Mariko-sama's glare. They then smiled and offered their assistance so that I could accomplish my mission.

   "But princess is really a selfish girl, right~" Yuko blurted out, without looking at me. "Very sefish~ Even though she already has three of us~" Mayuyu pouted and made a 'hmph' sound. "Well you can't blame her for being such an idiot. In fact, we should be blamed for even falling in love with her." Mariko-sama voiced out which the other two agreed saying "That's right~". I just sighed since I don't know how to make a comeback for that comment of hers.

   "Acchan... please promise us..." this time, Mayuyu said in a depressed tone. "... Please don't forget about us..." she says with tears in her eyes. The others looked at her knowingly. I already knew that I won't ever forget them or push them aside. Even if I get married with someone in the future, they're still my close friends, rivals, and partners. As an answer, I hugged her tight from behind and gently patted her head. "I love you. All of you." I said and looked at Mariko-sama who was looking down, worried and Yuko who let go of my arms and puts it on her chest. "It's probably not the same love as what you guys have but... I know that all of you are special existences in my heart. Nobody could ever surpass you guys or even replace you. That's the kind of feeling I have for you.

   Tears finally started to fall from the three. Surprisingly, I was in tears as well. I didn't know that my feelings for them are that strong. "Takamina is like that for me as well. Along with you guys, she's also the one I cherish and love. That's why I want her with me." I confessed and they listened intently. "Pff. Even though you rejected me." Yuko teased as she wiped her tears. "Haha..." I laughed awkwardly and continued. "Even if I want you guys by my side, doesn't mean I love you guys like THAT. I'm straight, you know." Mariko, in response, looked at me with a suspicious look and said "Even though you had sex with all three of us." which made the others laughed out loud as they wiped their own tears. My face is red as I remembered my own spur of the moment actions. Surprisingly, I don't regret doing that. Because I know what I did made us become more closer to each other... Even if it WAS embarrassing as hell... I mean, doing it in the bushes and in the forest. Not to mention a certain midget and idol managed to see the aftermath of me and Mayuyu's... night...

   "Okay, let's get back to the topic already..." I sighed and got back on track but Yuko held my hand, tilted my head to her side and kissed me out of nowhere. I felt her tongue sliding in my lips and made it's way around the area in my mouth. She broke away after a few seconds and looked at me seductively which made my cheeks become even redder. "Atsuko..." This time, Mariko-sama erotically moved her hands slowly down my body which made me let out a short moan. I looked at Mayuyu and see her hyperventilating and panted furiously while wiping her drool as her eyes slowly moved the direction of my lower body. The other two looked at it as well. "N- No! Please! I just did it every single day with you guys!" I pleaded and ordered them to stop, which they only ignored as their silent teasing became heavy breathing and their grin grew wider. "NO!!!!"

   We did it three times that day... And I don't know how many times I lost my mind...


   "Argh... who knew Yuko hid her 'toys' in my room and I didn't even realize it..." I complained to myself as I waited for a message from a certain person. It's already night so it's damn cold. Speak of the devil, she finally sent me the text.

From : NyanNyan
Subject : She just left

She just left the theater. Mari-chan told me that you needed the info so you'd better hurry. She's looked a little pissed as she left. She shouted your name like a mad man. I don't know what you just did but hopefully as usual, you would make her calm down. I wish you luck my angel~

   "Wait, what's with the 'my angel' bit at the end?!" I made a tsukkomi at particularly no one. Just then another mail came in.

From : NyanNyan
Subject : SORRY!

That last bit was from Yuu-chan! It wasn't me! That squirrel always make things worse...
But I know that you deserved her more...
Besides, I'm starting to fall in love with someone right now~
I know you want to know who it is but I'm not telling~
Good luck, my crush~

   Another mail from her. She's fast... As usual, that Yuko made her comment at the end as well. I could imagine NyanNyan sighing at her mischief. I chuckled a bit. Though I thought Yuko supposedly had work today. Maybe she skipped work. Or she finished early. Who knows. Ignoring what I'm really thinking, I went towards where she's probably searching. My own house, of course.


   "ACCHAN!" she shouted at me as she sighted me. She was rummaging through my closet, searching for something. "Takamina~" I ran towards her and tried to glomp her like I usually did but she avoided it. She's grown up already. Tch. "W- Where are they?!" she showed me the display on her phone. It's a picture of Mariko-sama, Mayuyu and Yuko being tied up and blindfolded. I can't believe she actually fell for that. "Relax Takamina, it's only a prank. Look, a camera!" I pointed at some space and she looked at that direction. Seeing the opportunity, I grabbed her and handcuffed her to the bed, which was set up by Yuko. I can't believe that girl has so many interests... She even used it at on before.

   "W- What are you doing?!" she tries to get out of the handcuffs but sadly it was to no avail. I looked down at her and smirked. "Heh. That's what you get for forgetting my birthday!" I let out an evil laugh which she facepalmed. "I ALREADY SENT YOU A BOUQUET AND EVEN BOUGHT YOU A CAKE LAST WEEK ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!" she stated which I only ignored. "Everyone knows you should give me a kiss on my birthday." I nodded knowingly at my own statement which she turned red all over. "W- WHY SHOULD I?!" she states the obvious. I sighed at her stupidity for not realizing what I'm doing right now. Wait, I'm one to talk.

   I sat with her on the floor and looked at her in the eyes. "Tell me, why were you avoiding me this past few days?" I asked her which she flinched, realizing what I want from her, though she's wrong. "Well... You were acting weird and all... Doing it with Mayuyu..." she says which made me remember Mayuyu's soft skin and adorable face. "Ahh, cute cute Mayuyu. Then? Is that the only reason?" I asked her more  for confirmation. "N- No..." she says and continued "Because I heard rumors that you started to attack Yuko and Mariko-sama as well..."

   "Actually, Mariko-sama attacked ME, and you avoided me even before I attacked Yuko." I gave her a look of suspicion and she looked away. "W- Why do you want to know so badly?!" she snapped and glared at me back. "Answer my question first, Takamina." this time, I changed my tone and looked at her with menace. I could tell that she was afraid, but I just want her to answer the question. "... W- Why-" "Takamina." I interrupted her and put my foot down. "Why do you keep running away? Face me and get this over with!"

   She was surprised. I rarely got mad at her. We quarreled a lot but that was because of unimportant reasons so I didn't really got angry. Just a little pissed but that's it. I remembered how Mariko-sama handled me and I looked at her warmly once more. "Minami, please..." I used her first name and her face became redder again. I thanked Mariko-sama in my heart for teaching it.

   "You know the answer already..." she says, and this time, I was startled. So she wasn't stupid as I thought she was after all. If it was me, I would've missed every single hint that anyone gave me. I calmed down a bit and replied "I want to hear it from you..."

   She looked at me embarrassed but I could tell that she's thinking deeply on her next words. She puts her hand on her chest and at that moment, I let out a tear unexpectedly before she even says anything. I was reminded of my graduation but that's something I don't want to remember. With my resolution, I looked at Takamina who was looking at me with determined eyes.

   "I was... jealous..." she says and continued "I wanted us to be like that as well..." tears started forming from her eyes as well but she didn't pay it any heed. "It's because..." she stopped and bit her lip, not knowing that she's going to take a big step ahead. I placed my hand firmly on hers and she was surprised. I smiled at her. I want her to take that huge step. Even if it meant me being hurt in the end, even if it meant me running away from it, I want her to take that step. I want her to get closer to me. Just as I did with everyone else. Using all of the strength she had, she finally admitted the words that I longed to hear from her own mouth.

   "I'm in love with you, Acchan!"

   With that confession, as if all the strength left her body, she stumbled onto the wall and leaned on it. She didn't look at me in the eyes. She was afraid. Afraid that I would turn her down. I remembered that I actually rejected Yuko and hurt her. I kind of feel sorry for her if I turned her down. So, I took the short end of the stick.

   "I don't know why you love me but I'm actually selfish, stupid, weak and too... normal..." I admitted. I continued, not going to lose my resolve. "But..." I paused for a while to think of what to say next... "... I love you as well..." I could see the glint of hope in her eyes and her smiling cutely. Argh, she's too cute... "Let me finish. I love you but I don't know if my love towards you is the same as you feel for me. The only thing I know is that you're irreplaceable for me, Minami. Just having you by my side makes me happy. You're more than a friend to me. But, maybe 'lovers' is going too far..." I laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of my head for whatever reason.


   The glint in her eyes never disappeared. Her smile grew even wider. "D- Do you mean you love me back?!" she asked loudly, which probably even shocked my neighbors. I nodded at her. "But! Right now I'm already in love with Mayuyu, Yuko and Mariko-sama! So-" "I don't care!" she butted in and hugged me out of nowhere. I just realized but she was crying. "E- EH?! Why are you crying, Minami?! S- Sorry I made you sad... Wait, does the handcuff make you feel hurt?!" I got worried and unlocked the handcuffed. Just after I did that, something magical happened again. I could see rainbows, unicorns, picnics and millions of japanese and korean food as far as the eye can see. No, it was Minami kissing me. It wasn't that kind of playful kiss we always do. It was more passionate. My mind instantly went blank as I delved in her passion.

   After a few seconds, she parted her lips with mine. I unintentionally looked at her seductively. Even though I always looked at her that way for attention, this is the first time I actually want her to continue. Without waiting for her response, I took action and tackled her tot he floor. She let out a yelp as she was surprised. I kissed her more, this time, sliding my tongue inside her mouth, feeling her breath, and enjoyed her to the fullest. We didn't need words to express it. Because I've done it and trained with the others this morning, I went on top and lead her towards ecstasy.


   "So how was your first time~" I asked her as I cuddled with her in bed. "My first time was with Harunyan, but I guess it was okay." she gave a smile saying I did my best... "WAIT! YOU WERE WITH NYANNYAN?!" I unintentionally raised my voice which surprised her. "Yeah, we were dating for years already. She had problems with Yuko and I had problems with you so we kinda got together." As I listened to her, I sent a mail to NyanNyan saying 'YOU BETRAYED ME, NYANNYAN!!! o(*≧д≦)o'

   "From now on, you're mine." I pouted and clung to her tighter. She chuckled and patted my head. "Hai hai..."

[AtsuMina route END]

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 4/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, MariAtsu, AtsuMina]
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Hmm who is going to be last, maybe Haruna.
But that is only my opinion.
Thank you for this story.
 :bow: :bow:

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Re: Ashura's Acchan OS [Part 4/5] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, MariAtsu, AtsuMina]
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Why it should be only one on the finale.. Only one?

Everybody loves Acchan and Acchan love them all..

Acchan: Why pick one if i have them all already! :fap
I'm selfish, baby! Selfish! :twisted: :lol: AHAHAHAHA~ :peace:

Ohwell.. Looking forward on the finale.. :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs

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Ashura's Acchan OS [True End] [AtsuMayu, AtsuYuu, MariAtsu, AtsuMina]
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2013, 02:50:11 PM »
Zita, Eh? NyanNyan's in love with Yuko, not Acchan.. Probably~ >w>
kenjoy, Acchan :"Butch please. I'm Maeda Atsuko. 'Choosing' is not in my vocabulary."
MaYuuTakaMari :"Not if he have a say in this."

[True End]

"Hey, so what brings you here?"

   I greeted the strange alien being that suddenly appeared at my house. Luckily, there weren't any of my friends here, so it's safe. It wasn't the two alien beings that I met in the past. It's a different one.

"Do you know any other beings that came from other planets?" It asked me and I was confused.

   The alien looks like a blob of blue slime that is shaped as a square. More like it's a jelly. I wanna eat 'em.

"No, I don't think so? Unless you're talking about Sayaka."
"Never mind."

   I didn't even know why I brought out Sayaka's name. She would kill me if she found out I said it. Even though I rarely see her these days. Maybe she IS an alien?!

"I see..." It sighed even though I have no idea how since it doesn't have any face. Just a square blob of jelly. Since slime is too gross.
"Why do you ask?" I asked out of curiosity.
"Actually..." it explained "There are two escaped criminals of the Universal Maximum Security Prison, known as Neptune. We, from the Space Security Army, are assigned to find the two prisoners and kill them on sight."
"Hm? What did the two aliens do?"
"They prank people out of fun!"

"..." I am at loss for words. No, actually, I wanted to do a tsukkomi... But damn I don't know which to retort on.
"Are you okay miss?" It asked, with a gentlemanly voice.
"Errr. Yeah, I'm fine... Anyways, what does the two look like? Maybe I can help you with that case." I put on my reliable smile.
"Oh, thank you, miss. Here are their profiles." the alien suddenly grew arms for some reason from it's left side and on that arm, there's a device. The device lit up and then came out a hologram of two individuals. One is a muscular alien and the other is a dog. I've seen them before. Yup. It's them.
"Ooohhh... I have to watch out for these weird people."


   I went out of the room after I said my goodbyes to the Alien, which after that, disappeared out of thin air. Man, aliens these days are really advanced...

   I decided to just ignore what I just heard. Who would've thought that it was a prank? Basically, everyone. Why do I always have to face these cliche situations even though I've already graduated from AKB. I blame Aki-P for this... Now I'm in the park, but sadly I don't see anyone.

"Acchan~" suddenly I was hugged by a teenager. Oh, it's just Mayuyu. She was crying with the image of fear in her eyes.
"Wait up, Mayuyu~" I hear another voice from my left. It's the one I didn't want to meet the most. Her black aura could be seen as she saw me hugged by her 'daughter'.
"No, Yukirin! It's not what you think!" I denied whatever the hell she's thinking before she starts killing me without reason
"And why should I trust YOU, out of all people?" she glares at me and talks to me in an intimidating voice.
"Err... Good point... Because I love Yukirin~" I winked at her and stuck my tongue out with a smile. Her cheeks became bright red for some reason. I don't want to be self-conscious so I'd rather not continue.
"W-W- Who cares if you do, IDIOT!" she ran away after speaking her mind. She looked cute like that. Okay, if this keeps up, I'm seriously going to be a Casanova.

"..." Mayuyu's looking at me funny.
"Hm? What's wrong, Mayuyu?" I showed her my smile as per usual.
"Acchan's really a natural at this..." she pouts a bit and glared at me.
"Why, thank you." I averted my eyes from her and made a grin.
"ACCHAN'S A LESBIAN!" she pointed at me with her cyborg-like expression.
"No, no. I'm straight, seriously." I may say that, but I'm starting to doubt that. Well, who wouldn't after sleeping with 4 girls and even doing 'it' with all of them just yesterday?

"Hey! I just realized what you did!" Yukirin ran towards us as she realized it.
"Well, good job." I said sarcastically.
"You sweet talker!" she points at me. Well, these two really like to point at people
"That's just a compliment" I retorted.
"And you, Mayuyu! Don't cling to her so much!" she then switched her attention towards Mayuyu
"Ehhh? But Acchan's soft~ And I mean her butt~" she touches my butt all of a sudden, which made me flinched and let out a loud 'kyaa!' which made me sound too girly.

"Who knew Maeda-san can be that cute..." Yukirin looked at me with awe.
"DON'T CRITICIZE ME! AND DON'T TOUCH MY BUTT!" I punched Mayuyu lightly on the head.
"Ouch!" Mayuyu released me and right at that moment, Yukirin caught her.
"Hehe~ Caught you~"
"LEMME GO" she tried to wriggle herself out but sadly, Yukirin's too strong.
"Like I'd ever do that~" she made a sadistic smile which I've never seen her do. Well, there are a few times but seeing it so close is surprisingly erotic.
"YAAAAAA!!!" Mayuyu managed to break free and run away but Yukirin quickly reacted and chased her
"Wait up, Mayuyu~" she skipped along playfully, which is another surprise...


"I hope Mayuyu's gonna be okay..." I sighed and prayed that her 'mother' won't do things that would cause too much trouble for Takamina..

"Acchan, long time no see~" someone called me from behind. I looked and saw Yuko and NyanNyan just walking towards me.
"Hey, I saw you last night." I stated the truth to correct her.
"Oh, what did you two do last night?" NyanNyan asked me and I blushed furiously as I recalled what happened.
"I- It's not what you think! Takamina, Mariko-sama and Mayuyu were there too!" I denied what she's thinking but I just made it worse.
"Oh, so you did it with all of them at once, huh..." she averted her eyes as she said teasingly

   I could feel my face getting hot. I was obviously blushing redder and redder. NyanNyan already knew what kind of relationship I have with those four. Though she thinks that I'm their lover. We're just friends that sometimes pleasure each other. Nothing much.

"Ah, Acchan, about your new drama that you starred in. I thought you were really good. So I need some advices." Yuko asked me casually.
"Hm? What do you want to ask about?" I smiled at her instinctively since Acting is my favorite subject. Next to movies and food.
"Yeah, about that..." Yuko opened up some topic

   We were talking about some acting practices, lines and the feeling to convey. We talked for about a few minutes but then NyanNyan looked at us, unsatisfied.

"Hm? What's wrong, NyanNyan?" I realized she was pouting while looking at us
"Nothing!" she crossed her arms and looked away
"Are you sulking?" Yuko asked her teasingly, which she only returned with a glare.
"Maa maa, NyanNyan" I calmed NyanNyan down since it'd be hell if she sulks too much.

"Oh, are you possibly jealous, NyanNyan?" Yuko teased her
"Huh? Why should I be jealous?!" she turned red for some reason
"Ohh, so that's what you mean~ You're jealous since I'm talking to your sweet sweet Yuko~" I teased her as well
"No, Acchan, that's not really what I was talking about." Yuko says so
"Huh? Then what DID you mean?" I asked, confused
"Well-" before Yuko could finish her sentence, NyanNyan covered her mouth and took her away.


"Now what was THAT all about?" I let out a confused sigh

"Atsuko?" I heard another voice, wow so many people I coincidentally met today.
"Ah, Mariko-sama, Mii-chan." I smiled as I saw the two of them
"I know this is old news, but why did you suddenly start calling Mariko with a '-sama'?" Mii-chan looked at me suspiciously
"N- No reason.. I- It's just that I felt like it." I averted my eyes from them and Mii-chan poked my cheeks
"SUSPICIOUS..." she kept poking me and tries to get the answer from me, that's until Mariko-sama pulled her away
"Every girl has a secret, you know. Even if she IS one of the most popular girl in Japan." she talks to Mii-chan
"You defending her makes it MORE SUSPICIOUS!" she grinned. Well, I hate it when Mii-chan gets too deep about a subject

"A- Anyway!" I changed the subject "What were you two doing here so early?" I asked just for the cause.
"Oh, we just finished lunch." Mariko-sama answered and showed me a reassuring smile
"Hoooo~ So Acchan's jealous since I'm hanging out with Mariko!" she pointed at me. Ah, the amount of people with no manners today
"It's not like that! I- I was just curious, that's all!" I replied
"No, Acchan, you sounded like a girl that found out that her boyfriend is hanging out with another girl~!" Mii-chan teased me which made me flinch
"I- It's not like that..." I pouted and averted my gaze
"You can't deny it~ Look, even Mariko's blushing like crazy~" Mii-chan pointed at Mariko-sama, who's looking away while blushing

"Acchan's a jealous girl. It fits your image." Mii-chan continued while nodding.
"Argh, shut up already, you Gachapin!" Mariko-sama hits Mii-chan's head to stop her from trolling so much
"Ouch! What was that for?!" Mii-chan got mad at her for hitting her too hard
"That's what I wanted to ask YOU, stupid Gachapin!" Mariko-sama glared at her
"Argh, shut up, you dino!" Mii-chan started her barrage of light punches to Mariko-sama and Mariko-sama did the same.


   I don't even want to get into their argument so I went to some other location but I saw some girl sitting on the bench with earphones on, probably listening to her MP3 player. I decided to tease her a bit so I quietly went behind her. Since she was closing her eyes and humming to the music, which sounded like my single's 'Flower', she didn't hear or see me coming. I quickly thrust my hand to her bottom 'private part' area with one hand and covered her mouth with the other hand. She was surprised and tried to look at who's behind her but she couldn't since I was holding her tightly.

"Don't move, or else you know what's going to be published in the next Shunkan Bunshun." I said quietly, which she started to shiver
"Yes, that's right. Next cover, 'Takahashi Minami raped at the park'. Amusing, isn't it?" I teased her more, which she started to cry, so I want MORE!
"You know what's the best part about that is?" I grinned as I asked her. She shook her head slightly.
"The other title will be 'Maeda Atsuko raped her ex-captain!'" I let out an amused laugh and released her.

   She was probably too shock to think and looked at me questioningly.

"A- Acchan? T- That was you...?" She asked as she started to tear up
"H- Hey, relax, Takamina. That was just a joke, of course." I patted her head and she hugged me
"WAAA!!! Acchan no baka! I thought I was seriously done for!!!" She cried in my arms

   Gah. Maybe I took the joke too far. I patted her head and back and apologized to her again and again. She was hitting me here and there but I didn't feel anything. And that's from the 'AKB's Papa'.

"I won't do that again, okay? I'm sorry for taking it too far." I separated myself from her and she looked at me, with tears still in her eyes
"P- Promise?" she said in tears as she looked up at me. ARGH!!! SO CUTE!!!!!
"Y- Yup. I promise~" I showed her a 'piece' sign and smiled "So don't cry anymore, okay?" I added.
"O- Okay!" she wiped her tears from her eyes and face. I helped her by licking her tears. "A- Acchan?!" she looked at me surprise and I stuck my tongue out.
"Salty" I commented, which she turned bright red and started to hit me again.


   After some incidents, I walked back to where I met the others and saw them at down at some trees.

"Oh, Acchan, Takamina! You're late! We were thinking of starting to eat without you two!" NyanNyan called us out

   Actually, we were supposed to meet at the park for picnic.

"Yeah, yeah, coming~" I said and looked at a certain girl. I smiled widely as I saw her again.

"Acchan, you really do love her, huh..." Takamina said as she held my hand.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Takamina." I feigned ignorance as we walked towards them

"Even though you say you're straight, you're just lesbian for her." she pouted.

"... I... Know..." I said, not taking my eyes off of her.

"Acchan~ We're gonna eat without you~" the girl I'm looking at said with the spoon on her hand. I chuckled as I saw her behavior

"Don't you DARE eat without me!" I said jokingly and rushed towards them, leaving Takamina. I looked back and saw Takamina smile at me for some reason. I smiled back at her and looked back at that girl. I know it's gonna be a tough road ahead, but maybe someday, I'll have the courage to confidently make her my girlfriend.

Yes... Someday...

I'll accept her confession.

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*smile + laugh* OuEmGe!!~ That was awesome!!~~ xD
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-Gosh! The part where Acchan become sadistic is the awesomest!!
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-End right? Ma...I don't know if i'll be lurking after this too but...

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Well i must say that I had an idea about end.
But still, it is really good story.
Thank you. :grin:

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Interesting Atsuko as a player...

Who was it that Atsuko love?

Poor the rest of the girls to fall for her just to be treat as occasional flings

Thank you for the update...

Can't wait to see more...

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