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Author Topic: The greatest tv show EVER!!! it subjective..state your own personal preference  (Read 2134 times)

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THe greatest US tv show that i personally enjoy  :cow: :cow: :cow:

1) LOST-greatest epic series that i felt truly grateful to ever had a chance to watch it from begin until the end
2) games of thrones - series with cinematics effect. had a potential to surpass legendary Lost
3) greys anatomy - personally this series always be on the top of my list untill those two above made it their way to the tops
4) The walking dead - what can i say about the dead living or these walkers?? i do love every bit of the story
5) Desperate housewives - the era of nosy and yet twisted housewives was finally end. to tell the truth, i cant get enough desperate houswives..
6) once upon a time - a bit exaggerate but still fun to watch
7) gilmore girls
8) kyle XY

Sitcom category
1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S
2) how i met your mothers
3) new girl
4) everybody love raymond
5) 70 shows
6) according to jim
7) king of queens
8) full house
9) the big bang theory - it was so hillarious funny. but the hero is so ANNOYING and unattractive at all
10) dont trust B in apartment bla..bla...

1) lost girls - dropped after ep 3 season 3
2) glee - dropped after s1 onwards..swear to not ever watched this show ever
3) gossip girl - dropped after ep 1 s5
4) alcatraz - dropped because too lazy too watched it...\
5) no ordinary family
6) rizoille an isle
7) terra nova- it sound great but actually its boring as hell

on hold (got it in my keeping but still not yet watched)
1) 2 broke girls
2) 90210
3) raising hope
4) switched at birth

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