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HIYA!!! i'm essie 21.... some may not know me and some may or didn't remember me.... BUT IT'S OKAY :nervous

well.... i'm not literary going back to writing fics or anything... i just want to post this fic that i written long time ago  (i just finished writing couple months ago)......

I'm dedicating this fic for my SKE48 pair, Kaneko Shiori and Umemoto Madoka of TEAM E


My Summer Love

   Shiori Kaneko or Kin-chan to other never liked summer. Every year her Parents and relatives always like to go to the beach. And every year is always the same; talking awkwardly to her cousins, letting her aunties and uncles criticize her friends for being an L, swimming, getting tanned, going home, waiting for the summer to finish, she had enough. But this year will be different, and it will change her summer live.

   They’re riding on a bus right now. Inside of it are her parents and relatives. It’s the traditional day thing; it’s a two-day swimming with them. Shiori sighed out her boredom. It’s 12 p.m. now and they haven’t reached the half of their destination. A nudge from her left-side caught her attention from looking at the window. She takes off her headset and look at her mother.

   “Are you okay? Do you want some water or chips? I know you didn’t go down for dinner earlier, because you hate eating with them.” Shiori sigh out again. “I’m not hungry. I’m just no-““not looking forward to this trip. I know that Shiori, but it’s traditional every year. Please it’s just for two-days. I’ll let you do anything you want after this.” Shiori just nod and continue to look out the window.

   After 4 hours of sitting and doing nothing inside the bus, they finally got on their destination. She stretches out her arms and look around. ‘Well it’s not bad in here’ in front of her is a three-floored vacation house. A staff welcomes them and led inside the house.

   “There are five rooms each floor, each room have bathrooms” After telling us things about the vacation house, he excuses himself and disappear. Everyone starts to choose their rooms except for Shiori. She doesn’t mind whenever she sleeps, she just want to go home. “Here” Her mom gave a key. “Your room is on the last room at the third floor.” Shiori takes the key and start walking to the stairs with her luggage in her hand.

   She opens the door of her room. It’s nice too. The space was a bit small compare to her room on the house, but it’s decorated with sky blue things; the bed, the curtains. She looks at her cell phone. It’s 4:34 a.m. and the two-days started. She starts to unpack her things too.


While everyone was already asleep, Shiori can’t find a reason why she can’t fall asleep. She just even finishes watching the video of her favorite idol’s concert video. So, she decides to go outside and breathe some fresh air. She’s wearing tank shirt, jeans, a pair of sneakers and her favorite pink jacket. She walks out silently of the vacation house. While walking on the sand, she saw a cliff not too far from her. She began to walk towards the cliff. She was amazed at the scene; the sun is rising now. Too bad she forgot to take her camera with her. “Oh.. I forgot to text Akane. Well I have many time later. I bet she’s busy with her pets. Oh well...” She yawns out and looks around. “I think they don’t mind me sleeping in here.” She lay down and closes her eyes.

   Shiori can’t tell how long she’s been sleeping but someone is poking her cheeks right now. And when she opens her eyes, she saw a girl. The girl was between her age or more, but she doesn’t care anymore. The girl was beautiful, her eyes were deep black. “It’s not safe to sleep here, there is much kind of bugs that is going to bit you” The girl says. “U-uh uh?” Shiori realizes that she’s staring too much at the girl.

   “Sorry!” She stands up and wipes the dust on her jeans. “I just amazed at this place and I can’t help sleeping here!” Shiori bows at the girl. She hears a faint giggles coming from the girl. “It’s okay. Usually people are scared going here because of the cliff. They didn’t give a chance to see how beautiful it is. You’re the first one to climb here, I mean as a tourist.” Then she smiles.

   Shiori can’t help but to smile too. “I’m Madoka, Umemoto Madoka. I lived not far from here. Oh! Are you from the vacation house here? I saw some lights from that vacation house earlier.” the girl said.  Shiori sticks out her hand to Madoka. “I’m Shiori, Shiori Kaneko. You can call me Shiori. It’s nice to meet you.” Madoka accept her hand and shake it. ‘It’s warm and soft’ . Shiori thought at the same time her heart was beats so fast.

“You can call me Madoka. I think that our age is almost not far from each other.”

“S-sure! Madoka?”

“Yes?” Madoka smiles to her.

Shiori is blushing so hard. Saying Madoka’s name was heaven for Shiori. “Will you accompany me here? I-I m-mean tour me- I-if I’m not bother to you?” Shiori can’t miss this chance not that she’s feeling weird with this girl.


“R-really!” She can’t wait. After some minutes talking to Madoka, Shiori’s phone rang. Her mother was finding her. She bid her goodbye to Madoka and goes back to the vacation house.


   Her first-day here was not going to be bad, it’s the exact opposite. Shiori is daydreaming in her bed. She and Madoka will go to the beach after lunch. She can’t wait to see Madoka. ‘Madoka. Her name was so cute! I need to tell this to Akane’ She took her phone on the bed table and dial Akane’s name.

‘Ring… ring… ring’

‘H-Hello Hello?’

“AKANE!” Shiori shouted.

‘-thud- Ugh.. Shiori you don’t have to shout! I just woken up’

“Oops… Sorry”

‘Damn Manatsu for playing too much. My back hurts so much from cleaning. So, what’s up? How’s your first day?’

“Manatsu is there? Oh! You won’t believe from what I’m going to tell you!”

‘No she didn’t sleep here. And what are you going to tell me huh? You sound so excited?’

“Well I meet a girl this morning. I was sleeping on a cliff when she came and wakes me to tell that there are bugs in there-“

‘Wait wait! You sleep on a cliff! Are you insane!’

“Well I can’t sleep in my room so… Leave that. The girl’s name is Madoka. She was so beautiful, and her eyes were deep black! She’s going to tour me here, and we’re going to beach this afternoon. And…”


“I have this weird feeling since I saw her. My heart starts to beat fast, that I think it’s going to blow up anytime”

‘Oh!!!!! Our Kin-chan was captured!!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I need to tell this to Manatsu!! Are you going to confess to her? You need to tell her while you’re there-’

“Akane? I’m scared”

‘Uh? Of your parents I thought that-‘

“Not my parents. Them”

‘You mean your relatives? Oh come on! Just leave them. It’s your life. They don’t have any right to choose someone right for you. And they’re not your parents. Just be yourself.’

“Thanks Akane. Thank you for being a very good friend to me”

‘Okay okay…. That’s enough for drama. I know that I’m a good friend. You have to prepare for later. Go now. Shuu shuu!!~~’

“Okay~” Shiori press the end call button.


   It was afternoon and Shiori and Madoka were playing on at sea. They were on the other side of the beach. The cliff was like a barrier to the side. Shiori was wearing a Polka dots two-piece and Madoka was wearing a Flowery designed one-piece. The two of them knows that even it was just a short-time since they know each other; they’re very comfortable with each other.

   “You’ll never catch me!” Madoka said and throw some water to Shiori. She runs away from her. “Well see about that!” Shiori start following Madoka with smile on her face. She’s not athletic, but can run fast when she wants. Not that long, Shiori catches Madoka. The two rolls on the sand, laughing.

   “This is the best summer I ever had.” Shiori said while sitting up. Madoka follows her and sits with a confusing expression in her face. “Why?” Madoka questions to Shiori. Even with a little bit of scared about it, she takes out all her courage to tell Madoka about herself. Shiori starts to tell who she was and her friends, how her parents both accepts about it. When her relatives start to criticizes her, and how she accepts all of it. “and that’s what who I am. I-I know that it’s too much for you, but I want you to know it. I really want it for you to know. Since the first time I saw you this morning, I can’t forget about you”. Shiori stands up and look at the sky. “I know that you’re disgusted of me now… I can’t blame-“ Shiori stops talking when Madoka hugs her from her behind.

   “You’re not disgusting! I don’t know why, but I feel what you feel. It’s the first time I feel this, even we just know each other, but deep inside my heart I feel that we know each other for a long time.” Shiori was crying at that time. She can’t believe that Madoka feels it too. Shiori turns and hugs Madoka. When the sun is starting to set, Shiori and Madoka take their way back while holding each other’s hand.

   When Shiori comes back, her mother knows that something good happened to her, but didn’t dare to ask about it. To her mother, it’s the first time she’s having this kind of emotion ever since she tells about her sexuality. At the same time her relatives have the same disgusted look in their face. Shiori finished taking another bath and goes to her room. She and Madoka were going to meet up at the cliff this mid-night. But at the same time Shiori didn’t tell to Madoka that She going home tomorrow. She didn’t want this happiness to end. She lays herself on her bed at looked at the ceiling like it’s going to give her some answers, while waiting for the mid-night to come.


   It was exact mid-night when Shiori reach the cliff, she saw Madoka sitting. The reflection of the moon makes Madoka so shinning at that time. Shiori can’t help but to stare at her, every time she saw Madoka she can’t help to amaze at her beauty. Shiori’s stare caught off her she hear Madoka’s cough, she start to walk to her.

   “Are you cold?” Shiori said as she took off her jacket and put it around Madoka’s shoulder. Madoka look at Shiori and smiles. “I’m o-*cough okay” “Are you sure?” Shiori asked again. Madoka answered her with a nod and took her hand to guide her to sit beside her. When Shiori sat, Madoka laid her head on Shiori’s shoulder and while still holding Shiori’s hand. Shiori feels the coldness on Madoka’s and tightened her grip in a gentle way. The two of them is looking at moon and enjoying the warm of their hands. “I don’t want this moment to stop” Madoka said. Shiori felt like a knife stab her in her heart. She even doesn’t want this to stop, but the world is too unfair. After a few minutes Shiori took the chance to speak.

   “Madoka I’m going to tell you something, t-tomorrow in the evening we’re going to leave here.” Madoka look at Shiori, she didn’t know how to react at that time. She hugs Shiori tightly and cries. Shiori tries to stop herself to cry, but she fails. The night that they should have enjoyed became opposite. “D-don’t worry after I finished college I will come back here, it’s just two years. After that I will live here with you. Will not going to leave your side ever again and we’ll be together.” As Shiori finished talking, she pulls Madoka and kisses her on the lips.



   Shiori was looking at the cliff, the sun was setting now. It’s was beautiful scenery. It’s been 2 years since the last time she saw this, she missed it so much. Shiori spent 2 years of studying. At that time her relatives accepts her being like this. Her parents buy her a house exactly beside the villa they had stayed here. It was a gift to her from graduating a literary course. Shiori was really happy. Everything is perfect, but one important thing is missing.

   Shiori heard some footsteps coming from her back. “S-*pant *pant-hiori…..” She turns to the person calling her with a beautiful smile on her lips. She reaches out her both hands widely to the person calling her and said, “I’m home, Madoka.”



btw i'm thinking if i'm going to make a sequel of this or not :)

and if you notice some other name's (not an SKE name) please don't mind it
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