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Author Topic: [One Shots/ Short Stories] The Day We Meet  (Read 1192 times)

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[One Shots/ Short Stories] The Day We Meet
« on: October 02, 2013, 07:12:56 PM »

Hi, guys.. Rein here.. yoshaaa... this is my first fanfic that I make.. I still don't know if this fanfic will be good or not since this was my first time writing, usually I'm a silent reader in this forum, but seeing making a fanfic its a fun things , I decided to make one. So, hope you enjoy this fics and sorry about my english, english its not my major language, so please pretending to not seeing anything if there's something wrong in this fics  :lol: but you also can give me a feedback about that, I'm welcoming any feedback for myself to improve, so I'll be the great writer like you guys.
So, Enjoy Reading Guys  XD XD


The Day We Meet

Everyday I'm passing this place, I'll always remember when the first time I met you, my first love.
It still fresh in my memories when the first time we meet, when the first time we coincidentally speak with each other because the rain that hamper our way to go home. Yeah, like that day, the rain starting pouring and now I standing in here, the place when our meeting take place, while remembering how our meeting happen.


"Ouch, its raining now, and I forgot to brought my umbrella today, what a bad luck" say a girl running with her bag in top of her head covering her from the rain that starting to pour.
"I guess I'll running till home now" say the girl again.
The girl is running to her home in haste, hope she'll quickly get into her home that filled with warm when the rain became more heavier than before, that make her frustrated because its dangerous to going home in this situation. So, she decide to stay in front some closed shop waiting the rain to subside.

"Wew, how can I go home now, the rain its become more bigger than before and its so cold here" say the girl tremble 'cause the coldness.

"Hey, are you okay? Do you need my jacket?" say other girl who also staying in there, seeing the girl who trembling hard now, trying to warm herself with sitting hugging her legs.

"Eeh? I'm okay, this nothing for me" say the girl surprise with the other girl's presence and sudden words.

"You're feeling cold right? Here's my jacket, use it, it'll help warm you a little" say the other girl, handing over her jacket.

"Eeeh? But, are you sure? Its cold now, it'll be bad for you if you lend me your jacket" say the girl

"It'll be fine, don't worry, I'm strong despite my appearance its like this" say the other girl laughing.

"O-okay, if its fine, I'm sorry for borrowing your jacket" say the firl while taking the jacket from the other girl.

"Its okay, hehehe... anyway, my name is Oshima Yuko, what's yours?" say the other girl.

"I'm Matsui Rena, thank you for lending me your jacket, Oshima-san" say the girl.

"Hmm.. So, Matsui Rena.. I'll calling you Rena-chan then, is it okay? And just Yuko is fine" say Yuko showing her trademark dimple smile that make Rena blushing.

"A-ah.. unn.. haii" say Rena shyly

"Then, nice to meet you Rena-chan" say Yuko still smiling without knowing that her smile will kill Rena later on if she continue.

"A-hai, nice to meet you too Yu-Yuko-san" say Rena stuttering.

"Mou, just Yuko its fine, don't need to add -san in there" say Yuko sulking.

"Eeh, I'm sorry Yu-Yuko" say Rena blushing more.

"Nah, its more better now. Hehehehe.. I just prefer more when people calling me Yuko " say Yuko smiling, which make Rena think, why her heart beat so fast when seeing Yuko's smile.

They then start telling each other themselves as Rena learn, that Yuko was older than her and currently a college student, she live in city and about going back to there now. Yuko's a very beautiful, kind and charming girl, the type that will get popular with other people is what Rena describe her. As for Rena, Rena is senior high school student in her final year, Rena also is beautiful girl and popular in her school. They both continue chatting happily until Rena speak about her circumstances that make Yuko suddenly become gloomy, Rena noticed it, and immediately change their topics. After all that talk, they both fall silent, only rain's droplets can be heard now. The situation is awkward is all Rena thought while Yuko seems thinking about something that bothering her. Rena can't stand the silence anymore, then hesitantly decided to start the conversation.

"Ano... Yuko" say Rena.

"Hmm??" say Yuko.

"Can I ask you something?" ask Rena.

"Yes, what do you want to ask Rena?" say Yuko.

"Ano.. I'm thinking what are you doing in this small town?" ask Rena.

"?!" Yuko was speechless with the question Rena ask.

"Its okay, if you don't want to tell me, I'm just curious, because its so rare to people in city coming to this small town" say Rena nervously.

the silent come again, the rain still pouring hard, and make the air colder than before. Suddenly ...

"I... I just want to running away from that place" say Yuko melancholy.

"Eh?" say Rena startled with what she hear

"mm.. I coming here because I don't want to meet any people who know me, Rena-chan" say Yuko sighing.

"Eh? But why? Do you have any problem with them?" ask Rena still shocked.

"No.. Actually no.." say Yuko.

"Then why? Why you don't want to meet them? Are they making you sad? ask Rena with concern.

"Its just, I want to have time to be alone, to think things thoroughly, that's all, don't be so worry about that" say Yuko with wry smile.

"Its that so.. I'm relieved, I think you have some problem, that you running away, I'm sorry, its seems like I meddling with your business although we just meet today" say Rena looking down, hiding her embarrassed face because her spontaneous before.

Seeing Rena looking down, Yuko then leaning her head in Rena's shoulder which make Rena startled and her heart beating more faster than before.

"its okay Rena-chan, no need to feel embarrassing about that, you know..I really happy when you asking me and you care about me like that" say Yuko.
"Although we just met each other, I really feel like we already friends for long time, and I really enjoying my time with you" say Yuko again.
"You know, I have someone that I love, I love her more than I love myself in the world and I planning to tell my feeling to her" say Yuko which make Rena heart torn a pieces when she heard it. Rena doesn't know why her heart feeling like that, she still don't know that she already fallen for the girl sitting beside her now. Then Yuko continue her words.
"But.. when I'm planning to tell her my feeling, she already dating my bestfriend and that's why I'm coming here to soothe the pain in my heart." say Yuko closing her eyes when remembering the things that happening before.

"Then, do you still love her even now?" ask Rena suddenly that startled Yuko.

Yuko then paused for second and then answering Rena's question.
"Yes, even she already with other person, my heart will not change" say Yuko looking at Rena firmly.

"Then, you should confess your feeling to her, Yuko." say Rena meet her eyes with Yuko's.

"B-But.. she already with my bestfriend now, and I don't want to ruin our friendship, especially with her." say Yuko worried what will happen if she do that.

"I think it would be more better to tell your feeling to her than bury your feeling that obviously will make you feel very uneasy and of course, now while you trying to calm yourself, you'll make the people who loved you, worrying you, because you running away from them" say Rena, remind Yuko what she's doing now.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, then I'll telling my feeling to her after getting back. Anyway, thank you Rena-chan, I'm owed you a lot" say Yuko release her trademark smile again which obviously make Rena blushing.

Not long after, the rain is already subside and they decide to get going. Yuko'll going to train station to city while Rena'll going to her home, which they'll be separated. Before saying good bye, Yuko suddenly pulling Rena and then give Rena a kiss in her lips before they go their own way, which make Rena's face burning red as tomato and then Yuko say her good bye to Rena that still stunned processing what happened before.

End of Flashback

The girl laughing while remembering their meeting, and suddenly, there's tears forming in her eyes. Yes, the girl was crying. There's some happiness and sorrow from that meeting, the happiness things is, she could meet the other girl and the sorrow things is she couldn't tell the girl her feeling that she just aware after their meeting. Its almost one year already, since their first meeting, hoping she will meet the other girl for a second time and tell her, how she feel about her. She know, that'll be impossible because she only know the other girl's name and its almost one year since their meeting, that she doubt, will the other girl still recognize her, since they only meet once. The rain became more bigger make the air more colder now, the girl can't stand the coldness decided to sitting in there while hugging her leave, she then thought that she forget to bring her umbrella again. She trembling so hard while still sobbing and suddenly ..

"Hey, are you okay? Do you need my jacket?" say a girl that also staying in there.

"Eehh?!" Rena startled when she hearing the words that remind her about Yuko, looking right away to the person who said the words hoping that was the other girl she waiting for, although it was impossible to meet her for second time in this situation.

"Rena-chan?! Is that you?" say the other girl startled when she see Rena that crying happily because she finally meet the ones she want to meet most.

"Yuu-Yuko.." say Rena stuttering, still sobbing.

"Rena-chan, why are crying? Are you okay? Do you feel cold? Just a seconds" Yuko still shocked seeing Rena crying, hurriedly take off her jacket and then enrobe it to Rena, for the other it'll looks like she was hugging Rena. After finish enrobe her jacket to Rena, Yuko then decided to ask Rena again, what happen to her, when suddenly she get pulled by Rena, and the seconds things she know is, Rena already hugging her, tightly. Yuko don't seems to against it, and silence befall to both of them. 1 minutes became 5 minutes and that steadily continues, they still hugging each other, feeling each other's warm and heart beat. Then ..

"Yu-Yuko.." say Rena.

"Yes?" reply Yuko.

"I have something to tell you.." say Rena nervously.

"What is it?" say Yuko calm while closing her eyes.

"I.. I, since that time.. " say Rena stuttering.

"hmm?" ask Yuko.

"I already love you !!" say Rena blushing hard.
"Eh?!" say Yuko shocked.

"I know you will be shocked and feeling strange, but that was my feeling that I already bury for you from that time" say Rena.

"Eh?!" say Yuko confused.

"Its okay, if you don't want to accept my feeling, its just I want to tell you how I feel about.. Remember when I tell you, don't bury your feeling? I decided to do it whatever the result, I already prepare for that, so .." say Rena while separating their hugs and interrupting by Yuko's sudden kiss. Yuko then pulled Rena to her and continue kissed her. Rena at the beginning was startled with what Yuko do, but eventually not minding to much about that. Then, they are stopping, after kissed so long.

"I love you too Rena, after our meeting. I can't stop thinking about you, I'm sorry that I just coming now.. Then, will you be my girlfriend, Rena?" say Yuko earnestly. Hearing what Yuko say, Rena then crying and nodded.

"Of course, you already hear my confession too, baka !" say Rena wipe out her tears.

"Eh? why are you calling me baka?" ask Yuko confused.

"Because it took you almost one year since our first meeting and I always waiting you for come" say Rena.

"I'm really sorry about that, because it took me more courage to confessing you, but its all okay now, since I'll be always with you.." say Yuko smiling.

"Eh?! What do you mean" ask Rena confused.

"I'm going to live in this town starting today, so, please take care of me then.." say Yuko playfully.

"Eh?!" say Rena still shocked.

"Nah, no need to worry about that, I'll tell you the story later.. so lets continue our doing now. say Yuko not minding Rena's lost.

"Eh?! continue what?!" ask rena confused.
Not minding Rena's question, Yuko then pulled Rena to her side and kissing the girl..

"I love you Rena.."

"I love you too, Yuko.."


Huahahahhaa, sorry about the pairings.. Please YukoRena shipper, don't kill me if the story is not satisfy your guys.. XD XD
I'll try harder next time. So, don't kill me yet. :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

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Re: [One Shots/ Short Stories] The Day We Meet
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Ohhhh it's very very nice story it make my day.
*hug author san*

Arigatou for making nice fic

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