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We Are Close But We Are Far (WMatsui) CHAPTER 3|UPDATE!
« on: November 22, 2013, 08:08:14 AM »
Kinda stuck in the moment :sweat:.I can't update my other fanfics so I made this.Maybe I could have some ideas after made this.Enjoy and hope you will like it :byebye:

We Are Close But We Are Far

     From today, spring season has began. All students in Japan have new semester. I ran to my school for an opening ceremony also to hear principal’s speech. The wind was cold, we could see our breath in the air. I arrived in the school gym where the ceremony held and search for my friend, Matsui Jurina or her nickname Juritan. I found her sat next to a girl, Takayanagi Akane if I was not wrong. Her, Takayanagi Akane is Jurina’s girlfriend. It started from 2 months ago.
“Rena-chan,could I get your opinion?”

“About what Juritan?”

“I....I was fall in love with Churi..”

“You should confess your feeling to her then”I smiled to her.Jurina hugged me and said thank you.
========Flashback End=========
        My heart when said that to Jurina was hurt. Jurina confessed her feelings to Churi at school caféteria on the break time. Churi accepted Jurina’s conffesion shyly and hugged her after that. Students in there clapped their hands and yelled congratulations. I just gave a weak smile when saw that. Jurina does not know I love her since junior high school. We were in the same school from junior high school and getting close from 1ˢᵗ grade. She liked to stole a kiss from me, teased me, and flirted me. The feelings came when we were in 3ʳᵈ grade. I was afraid and shy to confess my feelings to her, also I has a big pride of my image if I confess first. Three days before graduation Jurina said to me she wanted to go to a same high school with me. We made pinkie promise to enter my selected high school, Sakae Gakuen. Without I realized time flies so fast and now we are in the second year of senior high school. Still I kept my feelings from Jurina. I am afraid to lost our friendship if I confess. Being her friend is enough as long as I could close to her, I am fine.

I walk to Jurina and seat at an empty chair right beside Jurina.
“Ohayou Jurina,ohayou Churi.”

“Rena-chan you are late!” Jurina shouts and shows disappointed face to me. Churi replied my greetings.

“I am not Juritan. The principal does not come yet.”

“You must be overslept right, Rena-chan?”

“You know me well Juritan.” I smiled to her.
         The ceremony begin after that. All students stand up and do the ceremony quietly. Principal starts his speech about our grades. Turns out, Juritan is talking with Churi. She did not give her attention to principal’s speech. I was ignored by her, she does not talk to me after last conversation. This is what I felt change about Juritan. Before we entered senior high school I was so close to Jurina but now she ignored me.
We are close when we are together but we are far when you are with your girlfriend like we never known each other. I feel pain on my chest, Jurina...

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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ahhh Rena-chan ;___________; </3

This will be interesting! >__<

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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awesome prologue   :inlove:
can't wait to read the next chapter  :D
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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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well sir, this fic is soooooo interesting....  :twothumbs
i smell katafai like stuff hehe XD
now, looking forward for you next update sir....

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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 :ding: New story appeared.

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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INTERESTING ...Please Continue more...  :twothumbs :twothumbs

Somehow the Prologue make me sad ...   :(
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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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What sweet and spicy start

I wonder if Rena will confess her feeling to Jurina in the near future

please update

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)Prologue
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well rena must confess her feelings...maybe after that she move on...

i like wmatsui...but if juritan dont love rena then u.u'...

thanks and continue soon....

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1
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@Koneki,@deidreammmm,@Zita,@xxx220,@Kirozoro,and @Archer1992
Thank you all for your comments and here is the update :D
I am a girl tough hehehe :P here is the update


            Next day after the opening ceremony all students in Sakae Gakuen studying as usual.In the morning I saw Jurina ran with her friends in athletic club on the field.She was so bright with smile on her lips,sweats dropping from her body,and the sunlight touched her skin.She saw me looked at her and waved her hand on me while showed me her bright smile.Doki doki,that was I felt.But it was gone after I saw Churi walked towards Jurina.She gave a bottle of water and a towel to Jurina.Jurina looked so happy and kissed Churi on the cheek. I know it was just a kiss on the cheek but...the pain on my chest getting hurter than before,like it stabbed by knife or something.I turned around,walked to my class.If I still stayed there just made my heart getting hurt and hurt.


“Rena-san,ohayou”Furukawa Airi  or her nickname Airin greeted me.She is my classmate and sat behind me.Airin is nice and kind person,we are close now because her kindness and friendly attitude.

“Ohayou Airin”I replied her greets.

“You look not good.What is wrong?”

“Nothing.I am fine,really really fine Airin”I smiled to her.

“Woo!Don’t go near my Rena!You Airin!”I turned my head and saw Jurina ran to us.

               She hugged me from behind and commanded Airin to leave us.Airin rolled her eyes,sighed,and then sat on her desk.
“Jurina,remember you have a girlfriend?”Airin asked.

“So what?”Jurina lifted her chin like an arrogant lady.I grinned when saw that.

“Don’t act like you are stupid Jurina.Akane can be mad at you.She is important for you right?So,don’t make her sad and stop flirt other girls!”Airin said.

“But...Rena-chan is important for me too”Jurina pouting.

                 Yeah Jurina.I am important for you just as a friend right?Somehow my heart felt so hurt after heard that,it’s hard to breath,and my head dizzy.I released Jurina’s hands from me and stood up.

“Sorry Jurina,I wanna pee”I lied to her.The fact was I wanted to go somewhere to calm myself.

“Let me accompany you Rena-chan~Plus I want to tell you something”Jurina gave me her puppy eyes.I always defeated because of that and ended up let out a sigh.I nodded to her makes Jurina hugged me again tight.We walked to women’s toilet while holding our hands,I did not expect her hand holding my hand.Did she forget has a girlfriend?I want to release my hand from hers but afraid to do so.Jurina can be curious about that.She will think her action just a simple thing like other friends did and why I reject her?But different with me.Her action made my heart beats fast and my cheeks redden.How if Churi pass and sees us like this?
We arrived without I noticed and entered it.

“So,Jurina..what do you want to tell me about?”

Jurina lowered her head and keep silent for seconds away.”Churi’s birthday is tomorrow,I don’t know what should I give to her as a present.Would you help me to find a good present for her after school?Pleaseeeee”

Well Jurina,you should not beg to me so hard like that.Churi was the person who stole you from me.Why should I help?
       That was the answer I wanna give to Jurina but...I could not do that.Jurina will sad after hear my answer like that.She waited my answer with hopeful eyes that made me could not resist.I Nodded again for her,she hugged me tight again while scream happily.I smiled in her embrace.Jurina....I am fine if my love never accepted by you.I am happy when I see you happy.Real love must not having the one you love right?A real love is when you can give up for the one you love who love somebody and let her happy with her lover.Still my love never end for you Jurina....


Oh no.

It’s rain.Heavy rain.

How could I go to Jurina’s house?

           Jurina went home first because I must go to my litterature club and give some lessons to new members.We decided after I finished my club activities to gather in Jurina’s house and then search a good present for Churi.This rain....I facepalmed myself why I didn’t brought my umbrella.Jurina will disappointed if I go late to her house.I have no choice.The best choice I have is I run to Jurina’s house,even I will soaked after arrived there.I used my bag to covered me from the cold rain.Well it is no used after all.I felt the cold rain drops absorb to my shirt and skirt.
I arrived at Jurina’s house and knocked the door.Jurina opened the door with her eyes widened,she grabbed my wrist and looked at me with worried face.

“Rena-chan you soaked!Why don’t you call me to take you here?Why don’t you just wait in school until the rain stop?!”She shouted at me and shook my wrist.

“’t wan..t”

“Look now,you are stuttering!your lips and skin is pale too.Let’s go in!”Jurina pulled me to enter her house but I don’t step in.I calmed myself and tried to not stutter

“We should search for Churi’s present now.Your parents did not allow you to go home late right?However it’s 5 p.m. now”


“One thing I need is...please lend me a dry clothes Jurina”

“Oh,of course!Let’s go to my room then”

          We walked to Jurina’s room and entered it.She gave me her warm clothes,for me to not stuttering again.I fitted it in Jurina’s bathroom and drying my hair too.Jurina’s clothes is so warm...I could sniffed her scent.Wearing her clothes is like I have been hugged by her.We went to the city after that by bus.The rain was still pouring,in the bus we just silent and enjoyed the night view from the bus window.The bus stopped in the next station and we got out.Jurina took me to a cute shop but in the middle of our way I felt my head dizzy and the next thing I know is...dark.

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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jurina.. I know you love Rena >3> ...
ahhhhhhhh that end!  :(

please update soon!!!!!!!!  o(>w<)o

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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plis continue this!
i want to know what happen with rena chan!

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
« Reply #11 on: December 07, 2013, 03:28:51 AM »
ahhhh... I hope Jurina was just trying to make Rena jealous~~~ want Jurina's point of view!!  :panic:
nice fic!! :D

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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Update ! Update ! Update !

Update please :bow:

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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WMATSUI DAISUKI  :heart: :heart:

Did Rena-chan just fainted ~ RENA-CHAN
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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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I miss this fanfic, :'( please updated.  Please come back~ :(

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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Rena is faint

Omg i hope Jurina realize Rena feeling soon

Update please

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
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WHOAAA...................................................... :deco: :deco:

UPDATE soon. cz it's too Long to me to wait..... Poor my Rena.. She's sooo Hurt... PLease Update soon.... :bow: :bow: :bow:

I really like the way you make this story......  :twothumbs :twothumbs

Thank You..... :heart: :heart:

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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 1|UPDATE!
« Reply #17 on: March 20, 2014, 08:00:45 AM »
I am sooooo sorry minna-san because I can't update this fic soon :kneelbow:
cuz I have so many exams and assignments for me to enter senior high school! :imdead:
Maybe I will come back at May and do double update for exchange
Please wait for me!
Pray for me to get my chosen high school too minna-san!
See you~  :on asmo:
Thanks for your comments.

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Good luck on your exams!  :twothumbs

Hope you get into your chosen highschool! :mon pray2:  :mon squee:
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Re: We Are Close But We Are Far(WMatsui)CHAPTER 2|UPDATE!
« Reply #19 on: April 29, 2014, 08:08:03 AM »
Here it is minna-san, chapter 2!!! XD I couldn't make minna-san wait long more so I made this as fast as I can in my free time :lol:
Hope you enjoy, the next chapter will out at May :peace: Douzo~

@Koneki, @Minami-chan, @Renshuchan: here is the update~ :D
@Chiqinna: I will make it but not sure on what chapter. Keep read this fic okay ;)
@xxx220: Yeah, she is fainted :( Here is the update :D
@Zhen, @Kirozoro: Sorry I gone too long hehehe. Here is the update :D
@lahika: I'm glad you think that XD You're welcome, here is the update :)
@River1721: Thank you for your suport! XD


Normal pov

    A girl looked with worried expression to a girl who was lying on the bed while holding her hand. She waited patiently for the girl to open her eyes, two hours had left since the girl fainted and did not regain concsiousness. “Rena...wake up, please...” Like a magic her words then made the girl wake up. The girl stared at her weakly and got up slowly from the bed.

“Where are we, Jurina?” Rena hissed suddenly while touched her head.

“Just lie down. you had fever,” Jurina led Rena to lay again. She puts a towel which had cooled by cold water on Rena’s forehead.

“Why you don’t answer my question?” Rena asked.

    Jurina was only silent, her cheeks turned pink and she diverted her head. “We are...*echem in..*echem love...hotel,” Rena hesitate at first but then she giggled knowing Jurina blushed. Heard Rena’s giggle voice, Jurina directed her head to Rena, shows questioned look. Rena just shook her head started to keep her laugh. She knew exactly Jurina doesn’t like to be laughed at. Rena smiled to Jurina. “Sorry...”

Jurina furrowed her eyebrows. “For what? Rena you’re weird. A while you giggled after I said we are in love hotel. And now you apologize for nothing?”

“I apologize for making you occupied, Jurina. Anyway is it okay if we stay a little longer here? It’s late of night already,”

“It’s okay , I called my parents what happened to you then they let me but we must go back early in the morning because our uniform are still in house. And don’t worry if I occupied for you since we are friends,”

    Rena’s smile dissapear immediately. She forgot Jurina has girlfriend, Churi. Without they realized both of their hands still holding, but Rena, slowly removed her hand from Jurina’s hand. She changed position with her back to Jurina. She didn’t want Jurina see her tears start to roll down. “Jurina, I gonna sleep again can I?” Rena tried hard to ask Jurina without her voice trembling.


Rena pov

Rena-chan, wait!
Whose voice is that?
I looking around searching the voice from. But I did not find someone. Suddenly I feel my shoulder touched by someone. Her face was blur but I could see her lips curved a smile to me.”Don’t worry Rena, If you tired being brokenheart all time you can come to me,” She grabbed my shoulders. When I wanted to ask her name, she immediately ran and shouted. “We will meet soon!” while waved her hand.

    I woke up at 4.30 a.m and found Jurina sleeping next to me. Her face was cute when she sleeping. Out of sudden I reminisce my weird dream. My dreams never became true so I didn’t care much about it instead sweep it away from my mind. I looked at Jurina’s sleeping face, I’m always wondering maybe Jurina would not being my lover. It was not my fate. Our relationship are just friends. I knew I shouldn’t regret it but my heart keep like that, hurt when I see Jurina and Churi together, when I save a special feeling towards Jurina. Thinking of it my eyes seemed wet continue to my cheeks.


    I saw Jurina awake already. She rubbed her eyes and quickly I wiped my tears. After her eyes could see me well, she placed her hand on my forehead “Your fever had gone Rena. Let’s go home then or else we will late to school,” I nodded. Jurina took my hand helping me to get up. When I finally stand, our faces were so close. Even my nose almost reach her nose. We kept like that while looking to each other eyes. I felt lost of control, get closer to her face. Our lips would touch. But then Jurina called my name I stopped as I widened my eyes. She released her hand from mine and began to pack our things, we get out of the room after that. Deep inside my heart I feel pain, Jurina’s action looks like a reject to me. I keep quiet as we walking to the receptionist wanted to give back the room key. The receptionist accepts the key. “How was your night? Well, not just a normal couple who visit this hotel. Sometimes couple like you two. Don’t worry,” The receptionist smirked at us. It makes Jurina mad so she doesn’t answer. She pulled my hand while walk fastly until we get out from the hotel. She stops there didn’t say a single word. I just looking at her back because she kept faced-away me. We just stand at there. I was about to poke her back but she walks. “Let’s go Rena!”

    She left me behind as she walking first and fast. I felt emptiness on my heart.
Normal pov

     Morning comes again so fast after yesterday tiring and hurtful day. Rena went to school lazily while evaporate. She didn’t need much time to arrive at school. As she passed Churi’s class she heard noisy voices. She looked inside and found the students of the class surrounding someone. One of the students get out from the class to throws a rubbish. Hurriedly Rena approached her and asked what’s going on inside. The student answered that Jurina gave Churi a surprise for her birthday. Rena began to curious about what present Jurina would give to Churi since Rena fainted before knew what present Jurina bought. She keeps standing there to know the continuation of Jurina’s surprise. Jurina seemed to start her action now clearing her throat. She looking at Churi’s eyes deeply. Rena really convinced in Jurina’s eyes they are love. Rena felt her heart hurt.

“Takayanagi Akane my beloved girlfriend. I, your girlfriend wants to give you the present now,” All students inside kept silent and gave their full attention at the two.
Jurina continued. “Please, close your eyes darling,”

    The students aclaimed them. Churi closed her eyes immediately while smiles. Jurina took out the present from her back furthermore gave it to Churi. Wait the right word is placed it onto Churi’s neck. Jurina has gave Churi a necklace that Rena knew well it was the same neckclace as she gave to Jurina two years ago for their friendship sign. Rena still remember she told Jurina, she shouldn’t give the neckclace to others except the person she loves. They did pinky promise for it too. The students yelled makes Rena get back to real world. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and one of the student added. “On the lips!” They kept yelling when Jurina and Churi just laughed while hugging. Because the students kept yelling to do it, Jurina started to get closer to Churi’s lips. Rena couldn’t see it more. She headed to she doesn’t know exactly but her mind command just run no matter where. Once more Rena kept her tears. Start from today she unlike school.


     Rena  had spent two hours of crying on the rooftop. She makes up her messy face for the last before she get back to class. Whatever if the teacher scolds her, it’s better she cry outside the class than inside right? Her friends and Jurina would confused if they know Rena crying without reason they are not know. After finished Rena proceeded walk towards her class. Before enter her class, she calmed herself took a deep breath. She then entered the class but she wasn’t the only student in front of class. There standing a new student with short dark-browned hair almost cutted like boy hair, boyish appearence, and brown skin. She was handsome above all, looks like a true boy if she doesn’t wear that skirt. The girl smiling to Rena which makes Rena’s heart skipped a beat. The teacher seems not notice Rena, instead introduce the girl to students.

“Today we have a new student. She moved from Tokyo to here because her father’s job. Now try to introduce yourself,” The teacher smiled.

The girl faced the class and smiled. “Good morning all! My name is Miyazawa Sae. Like sensei said I am here because my father’s job. Plus...” She turned her face to Rena. “I am here to be with the person I love,”

Female students were dazing of Sae’s coolness. Sae then got closer to Rena, took her hand and took her along to Rena’s seat. Coincidentally in the left side of Rena’s seat, the seat was empty. Sae once again smiled. “Finally we meet,” Rena realized that smile is not unfamiliar. For a view minutes she thinking where she seen that smile and finally she realized Sae’s smile was the same smile as the girl’s smile in her dream.