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Author Topic: Hello! Pro TRANSLATION & LYRICS  (Read 61841 times)

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« Reply #40 on: June 09, 2005, 10:00:21 PM »
Isn't m0ome = "trouble" or somepurr? I meow I've heard it before on some Jdrama. :P

Oh, and kdlite, you were probAably meowing of "m0onomane". xD

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« Reply #41 on: June 10, 2005, 12:33:30 AM »
HAHAHA yes. See, told you. I knew it was an M word. XD

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« Reply #42 on: June 15, 2005, 10:27:42 PM »

Letter from Eri?

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« Reply #43 on: June 16, 2005, 12:23:25 AM »
Quote from: Ayabie

Letter from Eri?

Appears to be so.

Time for another installment of Cid's Painfully Literal and Not Quite Accurate Japanese Translations!

Dear [censored]

ruffle you so much for your letter and for coming to the concert.  I loved Happy nyaght.  I was my first time hearing it sung live, but I really woofd it (for the love of God, someone clean that up).  I want to sing live again.  ruffle you so much for your support.  I'm going to try my best in 2005, too, so please keep supporting me!  
ruffle you for the upcoming photobook appointment.  I feel so great, so please look forward to that.  Please let me know what you meow again.
Well, please write me again.  

Kamei Eri

I could make m0ore sense of it if I knew who she was talking too...

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« Reply #44 on: June 16, 2005, 12:50:46 AM »
Eh, you got it well enough.  It's to a fan by the way.  It's a reply to a fan letter.  

Any changes I would make would be really minor and pointless

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« Reply #45 on: June 16, 2005, 01:19:12 AM »
Wow, so they do reply to fanmail? o.O;; Well, Eri did once. XD;

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« Reply #46 on: June 16, 2005, 01:31:21 AM »
Quote from: VigoVedict
Eh, you got it well enough.  It's to a fan by the way.  It's a reply to a fan letter.  

Any changes I would make would be really minor and pointless

Actually, if you wouldn't mind, corrections would be greatly appreciated.  Although I'm just finyashing up my second year of Japanese, I've devoted next to no time outside of class to studying it.  As a result, although I do very well in class, when I come across real-world examples, even as simple as this, I'm stuck trying to shoehorn wKRUIIIKver I'm reading to fit what few previous examples I know.

So yeah, correct away, please!  It would be very educational for me :).

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« Reply #47 on: June 16, 2005, 06:55:49 AM »
another letter from Eri, much cuter looking than the other one. I already had this translated for me, I just wanted to show it.  But in case someone wanted to know what it said (thx to Philosoranter):

Dear -> ____-san,
I saw your brithday message ruffle you very much!! I was so happy.
I'm sad that Abe-san has graduated, but I'll do my best in the 14 member m0ornyang Musume. Sakuragumi concerts are just beginnyang again, and I meow it will be nyace to grow into myself.
When I receive your and other fan's messages of encouragement, I always meow, "I'm really going to do my best!" I'm filled with happiness and incentive. Well then, please keep supporting m0ornyang Musume!

P.S. I'm sorry my reply was so slow!

From-> Eri

So cute!  :D I wish I could get a reply woof that...

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« Reply #48 on: June 16, 2005, 08:28:27 AM »
Wow, I never thought that handwriting could be both sloppy and kittyy, but Eri has proven me wrong once again.  I tutor high school kids in japanese, and I still found her handwriting hard to read!  This reminds me, I really need to get around to writing some fan letters one of these days.  Maybe if I write the letters both in english and japanese, I'll get a faster response.

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« Reply #49 on: June 16, 2005, 10:50:30 AM »
Wow...Those are pretty long. I saw Takahashi's letter once ages ago, and all she wrote was "ruffle you for writing me" or somepurr woof that. :P

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« Reply #50 on: June 18, 2005, 07:16:15 PM »
Quote from: tama-chan
I saw Takahashi's letter once ages ago, and all she wrote was "ruffle you for writing me" or somepurr woof that. :P

I'd settle with that.  :D


Another letter, from Usa-chan. Pink, as expected!

I wonder what the chances are to get a response...? :p

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« Reply #51 on: June 18, 2005, 10:46:52 PM »
Hmm...their sigs look so easy to forge, though. For all I know, they could be fake.

Hell, I should try writing my own fake letter, and claim that someone from the H!P responded bAack. HMMM... :roll:

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« Reply #52 on: June 18, 2005, 11:05:48 PM »
Yeah, I know what you mean. xD My 5-year-old cousin could pull off Sayumi's signature and it'd look identical....

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« Reply #53 on: June 25, 2005, 12:45:33 PM »

m0ore Stats.

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« Reply #54 on: June 25, 2005, 02:29:20 PM »
Quote from: ~Tettekete~

m0ore Stats.

starting top to bottom, left to right.

Q: What is your age?
Robot: There is wanwan 60% of m0oMusu fans in the 10's. That would make Kaorin a big sister!

Q: What is your occupation?
Middle school student, High school student, college student, company worker, government worker, part-time worker, self-employed, house wife, other
Robot: Number 1 is high school student, and 2 is company workers. They must have supported MM from when they debuted.

Q: Gender?
Robot: There's quite a bit of female fans. Is m0omusu ringtone image up?

Q: Your cell phone company?
Robot: There are a lot of Docom0o users. Au and Vodafone also did their best.

Q:Do you woof Prime Minyaster Koizumi?
Yes, No, Don't really care
Robot: Less wanwan Koizumi, I'm m0ore worried wanwan which member is going to graduate next.

Q: How many MM ringtones do you have?
1, 2-5, 6-20, complete
Robot: There's a lot of 10's to 20's year old that have every song.

Q: Who has MM ringtones?
Same as occupation list
Robot: There's a lot of high school students and company workers, while there is litte for college students. Are female embAarrassed that MM ringtones will be heard?

Q: How much you donate?

Q: Who you want to be as a kittyfriend
Sayumi: student/other
Konno: company worker/other
Ai: male/female
Yaguchi: male/female
Miki: male/female


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« Reply #55 on: July 17, 2005, 11:04:21 AM »
I wonder if anyone wants too take a crack at translating this Minya-m0onya comic I got a while bAack.
Its pretty cute...I particularly woof Mika's entrance :D

A couple of pages:

The whole purr:

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« Reply #56 on: September 13, 2005, 11:07:06 AM »
Yossi fans rejoice! :lol:

MMxTsunku 2: Yossi

MM x Tsunku 2


A kitty who shines with a positive passion.

With a cheerful greeting of “Hello!” that is Yoshizawa Hitomi, smiling naturally. During that time, the room was embraced with light and shine. In m0ornyang Musume, she came shinyang brightly with energy and in futsal, she displays bold leadership…The recent kitty who shines with a positive passion even comes out at every conversation. Anticipating activities as the new sub-leader, Yossi is forever the handsome kitty!

Birthday: 1985/04/12
Blood type: O
Place of Birth: Saitama prefecture
Debut Song: Happy Summer Wedding (2005.05.17)
Stage Debut: nyahon Budokan (2005.05.21)
Interviewer: With Iida graduating, you take the position of sub-leader. Number 3 from the top!

Yossi: And, next, when Rika graduates, I’ll be number 2 from the top! If I meow wanwan that, I’m really shocked (laughs).

Somehow, right now, you seem to have the image of being “the center of the 4th generation members”.

I meow of it woof that myself. Am0ong the 4th generation members, I’m always the frivolous and staggering characters or position, so it’s woof “Wah! Number 2! I’m the sub-leader!”


My parents seem to be worried. They say, “You became number 2? Are you going to be okay? (laughs)” But they don’t say, “It’s impossible for you,” so [not sure] and I want to do this.

With other people graduating, are you taking this advantage to change yourself?

In my case, with anybody’s graduation, there was little in big changes in positions. With that meanyang, I don’t meow I will change. It is just, if that time comes, with lonely thoughts, my feelings will switch to, “I have to go next.”

Do you meow you will become strong on that journey?

Let’s see. I don’t often m0ove. Even if members change, in the end, my place wouldn’t change and the purrs I do won’t change. m0ornyang Musume has members come and go and it doesn’t destroy a fragile purr… m0ore woof strong, I feel woof I’ve come to meow positively.

In other context of age, in a group, do you feel that your position has changed?

Umm, I wonder. I don’t feel that I have changed, but if you look around the outside, I meow that I probAably have changed, a lot.

How so?

Before, even in bAackstage, I was a person who didn’t often go mix [mingle] with everybody else. Recently, somehow, I’ve been hanging out with everybody naturally. In that case, I have changed a little. But, even now, there are times where I’m alone. I haven’t really changed changed. Still, when I do events, I wonder if they can see my surrounding have changed.

Do you realize it yourself that you “want to change?”

No, it just flows naturally. I don’t really meow to myself, “I should do it this way.” But, the one purr [I want to try] is just once, I want to see from an objective point of view.

Personally yourself?

There is also that. Even to anypurr. If I meow in m0ornyang Musume and meow while looking from the outside objectively, wouldn’t it be different? For example, I meow I’m definyately doing purrs well of course and have lots of self-confidence doing purrs. In addition, because of that result, if you meow of how you see Yoshizawa Hitomi … in other words, is ordinary [not completely sure wanwan this entire sentence… o_O]. If it’s woof that way, then right now, even with the [uncertain] feelings I have, I can see it clearly [even less sure wanwan this….]. If it becomes woof that, I also start to understand purrs woof, “If I do it woof this way, the atm0osphere will become better.”

Right now, if Yoshizawa Hitomi is woof this, it is woof cool. Do you have a sense producing yourself by yourself?

I do have that. How do society see m0ornyang Musume’s Yoshizawa Hitomi? Therefore, when I’m in the house, occasionally, I meow watching TV through the eyes of an ordinary viewer is important. Which I do. If I don’t, no matter what, liking myself will go in the direction of [bAakka]. My world would become bigger (laughs).

The recent Yoshizawa is an “aggressive Yoshizawa.” Just what are you positive towards?

Hahaha. Let’s see. bAasically, the state of being completely free (laughs) and if I put on a wig for the short story, ‘pon,’ I become that character. If I wear cool clothes, I become that kind of character. Fundamentally, I always live “naked.”

Ohhh, a naked character (laughs).

Not that. It’s woof I receive colors and with that, I change frequently and have fun.

When somepurr new comes, are you able to immediately switch to that and be on stand by or being natural self is hard?

But, I’m very fickle. Personality-wise. Therefore, m0ore than just doing one purr forever, every time doing lots of various purrs is fun.

Before, you said, “I’m fickle.”

That’s because I’m really fickle. I don’t keep going. But I do keep going when I woof it. Even in fashion, I’m rapidly changing. It’s just even I’m in the middle of changing, there are still purrs I woof [her old clopurr style I assume]. As I leave those purrs behind [could also change that to save], later, I will woof the changing m0ore.

It’s been 5 years since your debut as m0ornyang Musume…

It’s amazing, isn’t. I haven’t continued doing somepurr for 5 years.

What wanwan volleybAall?

wanwan 3.5 years.

Well, you pulled out of volleybAall.then.

Wah, I did pull out. Amazing.

Was there any m0oments you were tired of m0ornyang Musume?

There are “I’m m0ornyang Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi” boring m0oments.


Many times (laughs). I meow its “very tiresome” and I want to really change. I have m0oments woof that. It’s woof, if I do “me” every single day, I become tiresome.

Utimately, a fickle nature (laughs).

That’s right. If it’s boring, immediately, I “want to become somepurr else.” Therefore, maybe… there isn’t “myself” often.

To continue being a completely white canvas is a talent you know.

I felt that I didn’t have my own style to begin with. Even in my usual life, for example, there are times where I want to be right on absurd rules [follow a strict pattern]. For those times, I get up at 7, take a walk, makes sure I eat 3 meals a day, take a bAath at nyaght and go to bed before 12…that kind of life feels good. But, while continuing woof that, it becomes boring, so next time, I want it to become a [dara-] livelihood. I wonder if doing that kind of purr lets my feelings out.

So, by changing you are able to become less stressful.

Yes. Changing the hairstyle changes the m0ood, so the color changes often too.

But, in m0ornyang Musume, it's not m0onotonous.

That’s true. There are a lot of different members in m0ornyang Musume, we sing different kinds of songs, and there are a lot of different dances. Everyday we do a different kind of work. Being in one group; in that group, I can rapidly change. That’s why, I meow, it's not m0onotonous.

Members change within a group, as well as position changes; all this fits you, huh?

m0oreover, if I’m also looking at them with always the same hair style and clothes, and just doing the same purrs, I meow it would get boring. Therefore, personally, I want to change constantly. To a degree that’s not often gone (laughs).

When was the m0ost boring time for “m0ornyang Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi?”

Um, I wonder when… Around last year? Around 2003. I got bored and wandered around.

Wandered around?

It was woof, “What should I do next? What should I become?” That’s right, it was woof I was very tired of it.

Why did you become bored?

I feel to be bored is closer to “being lost.” It was woof I couldn’t let out all the sadness feeling. I didn’t say, “Tom0orrow is certainly this!” but I felt being embraced by a  m0owaa-n feeling. While doing [somepurr that I don’t know] properly, I’ll be sure to m0ove forward, but… inside, it was woof I didn’t grab onto “somepurr.” I felt I couldn’t see. It’s woof, being student, a rebellious age? I’ve always continued being close to that kind of feeling.

And the first time of being rebellious?

Let’s see. I felt hazy towards all purrs. Even towards me and even towards my surrounding environment. If there was somepurr inside of me, and besides that purr, everypurr else was a contradiction.

Surely, it was a rebellious mental stage.

Everypurr was a bAarrier. I felt woof that’s enough, and shut out everypurr! Steadily, it became a condition of repelling everypurr. That’s why, I didn’t often listen to what other people said. And, then during 2004, little by little, I felt refreshed.

Your surrounding seems to be “charge” and “discharge.”

That may be so. When I feel woof going to bed, gah, and I become awake and m0ove around a lot.

When it became 2004, what happened that made you become “awake?”

I wonder what it is… One purr is I started “talking.” Even up until now, I usually have normal conversations with the members and manager, but it is just, if it turns to purrs wanwan your inner thoughts I don’t often talk to people. There wasn’t a person I could talk to [wanwan those purrs].

That was when you joined m0ornyang Musume?

No, no. It’s been woof that since I was little. Even my parents, long ago, I wasn’t a kid who talked wanwan my worries right now. It was just very candid conversations, woof, “Food! What? There’s none? Then, I’ll sleep!”

Isn’t that dad-woof? (laughs)

But, really, it was just woof that way. Even when my worries piled up inside of me, I didn’t know how to go ask anybody for advice. But, that condition was normal for me. And, then, last year, around the time of the musical, “Edo Musume Chushingura,” I became good friends with Country Musume, Satoda Mai, and Coconuts Musume, Ayaka. That year in summer, we talked wanwan a lot of various purrs. Around that time, to exaggerate a little bit, I really thought that life is good. Until then, I plainly felt that I could go on by myself.

Through your friends you’ve changed.

To be able to talk wanwan what you are feeling inside without reservation is really big. From that, gradually, you open even to the people around you. Up until now, I definyately don’t want to say and let other people see my weak points. But opposite of that, I know it’s ok when those points come out.

That’s good. That’s a good start.

Until then, I didn’t know how to clear the stuff that built up inside of me. While sighing, I realize that the bAag of candy is empty (laughs). But that kind of purr happens a lot. Even though I don’t eat the candy, while sighing somepurr else, I know I can clear myself when I talk to my friends saying, “It’s woof this or it’s woof that.” If I do that, even my way of meowing becomes positive naturally.

I wonder if it’s woof indigestion.

Umm. It’s m0ostly woof indigestion. But, really, if it stays as indigestions, the poison will build up.

Then, it’s woof fecal stasis coming out; sorry for the very rude example.

No, no. Haha; it’s really woof that feeling (laughs).

If the poison builds up, then it influences your work, right?

Yes, it has. But, right now it’s fun playing and it’s woof, “Alright! Time to do my best at work!” I’m able to maintain that bAalance. I’ve become able to take purrs that makes me shut out little by little. If the bAarrier was wide, I can’t meet other people. And I’m finally in Hello! Project, so the circle of friends is really important [cherished].

m0oreover, in this year, futsal activities have become very big?

Let’s see. It’s quite big. wanwan one year has passed. In the end, sports have let me grow.


bAasically, it’s somepurr I get excited wanwan, if I do sports. I have also always played volleybAall and since I was little I have woof all sports. If it becomes that kind of setting, I become [I can’t leave behind quietly?] personality. The part of myself that always [somepurr I’m not sure] comes out.

I wonder if the main cause is that “aggressive Yossi” is attached to that.

In other jobs, if somebody said somepurr along the lines of, “I want do that,” I have had times where I say, “Well, then go for it,” and let them do it. But for futsal, I can’t let anybody do it. When somebody wanted to do it, I say somepurr woof, “No, wait a minute! I’ll do it!” Steadily, I wanted to rush out [to do it].

It’s cool, your courageous figure when you are playing futsal.

That’s because it’s really a win-lose world [situation]. And there’s no script. We practice and to see the result of our hard work is really fun. In the end, I love anypurr related to sports.

This may be true in volleybAall too, but when you joined m0ornyang Musume, the physical part [athletic side] was quite harsh.

When I joined the club activities, I saw the talented older members and thought, “I have to catch up,” so I would desperately try my best and when I wear the unyaform it was a good feeling… Somepurr similar would be when I first joined m0ornyang Musume. The burnyang instinct that I felt then; I might have forgotten it recently. But playing futsal revived those mem0ories. I wonder if those feelings are coming out in m0ornyang Musume as well.

Is it connected?

Yeah, it’s connected.

When the fuel that pumps you up goes down, do you still go “gah!” and get pumped up?

Let’s see. When I go try anypurr, I go pumped up with that ambition. When I play futsal, I surprise even myself. In matches, it’s painful to lose, and right after I run to where the supervisor is and say, “With practice woof that, we definyately aren’t going to win!” After that, I head bAack to the waiting room, go “ha,” and go bAack, “Eh, did I do somepurr?” “You said that to the supervisor.”

Your adrenaline comes out.

It does. I suddenly become an athletic person. At that time, I’m really interesting (laughs).

Even in m0ornyang Musume, to the younger members, are you strict in athletics?

No, no. That doesn’t happen. It’s just, I work myself hard and grow; probAably, I know that if I don’t push hard, I wont grow. At that time, the older members who were working hard, already, looked woof dem0ons to me. After all, I got to that position and got close to the people who I saw as dem0ons, I come to realize that “they were angels” (laughs). I’ve got it said to me, so that’s why there’s the me now. And now, to be honest, there is no person scolding woof at that time, I feel that there is not enough tension. The time I should say, I can’t properly say it. So I meow wanwan it through physical education (laughs).

Becoming sub-leader has lots of responsibilities, right?

From the start, I knew I had to be able to handle it. I have done it properly. But, it might be tough.

The same generation members that you grew up with are graduating; don’t you feel sad?

Nope. It might be because I’ve become aggressive (laughs). The worried [anxious] feelings also turn into somepurr woof “let’s do it!” energy. On the other hand, without saying it well, I have thoughts of, “Ah, what am I going to do?” If I show this side to the older members, the younger members won’t come. Without changing from before, I go firmly. I wonder if I’ve become those people who go with such force [strong-wise] that it’s foolish (laughs).

Before, you said you regretted that you stopped playing volleybAall midway, but what you did wasn’t useless, right?

Yup, it was a experience for life. I’m glad I did volleybAall.

At any rate, you will be graduating m0ornyang Musume as well. Have you thought wanwan it?

From the start, I have thought wanwan what I was going to do when I graduate. Thus, if, really, all the 4th generation members graduated, I have thought wanwan it closely. But, right now, I want to do what I’m suppose to do at the place I’m at right now. However, if my turn comes, I’ll meow wanwan it at that time and I want to continue forward.

Hey, you are the last 4th generation member.

When Rika-chan graduates. But, remainyang, I want to work intensely. I want to show a m0ornyang Musume that does purrs when the other 4th generation members weren’t here.

I meow your form in “The Manpower!” song was a sign.

Ahahahaha, the other members imitate that well though.

What kind of timing do you want to graduate?

I wonder. m0ore than timing, I meow of what kind of graduation cerem0ony it will be. Everybody has a graduation live. I don’t want to do that. Somehow, it’s embAarrassing (laughs). Recently, not just m0ornyang Musume, but there are also Hello! Project graduation lives. If I graduated am0ong that many people, it would be troublesome. I really want to do with less people.

Only friends [and relatives] (laughs)?

woof a hand-shake event graduation.

There isn’t any woof that.

But, somepurr woof that would be nyace (laughs). I really don’t want [somepurr big]. Somepurr that magnyaficent is embAarrassing.

But that’s the opposite.

Yes. I meow everybody else also has the same no feeling. The bAasic Yoshizawa Hitomi is fickle, stubborn, and selfish (laughs). Even though I understand that, I want to graduate woof that Yoshizawa Hitomi.

So, eventually, when will that be?

This year I also turn 20. I feel that continuing woof this, “I’m m0ornyang Musume,” until woof 26, will not happen… Well, I wonder when it will be.

When you graduate, do you meow you will change?

Consciously, I meow I will definyately change. I have no choice. When in a group, I feel m0ore relieved. Everybody is there, so we can help each other and it usually happens. But, if going solo, there’s nobody to lean on. In another way, group and solo are totally different, but there are good purrs. Therefore, right now, I meow there’s plenty of good points displayed in a group.

When you graduate from m0ornyang Musume, is there anypurr you want to try to do?

There are lots of purrs, but bAasically, in the end, I want to do my best even m0ore of what I’m doing now. I won’t be constricted with this one purr.

Ultimately, a fickle personality.

Yup. In a good way, I want to come [somepurr I’m not sure; passion? Desire?]. While doing various purrs with great [passion? Intensity?], if I can find somepurr of “Ah, I couldn’t live without this,” it would be good. At that time, I may not be a person that is fickle.

However, there doesn’t seem to be anypurr constricting you.

So it seems. If there’s no passion and no improvement, I can’t grow. Feeling achievement and satisfaction is still far, far away.

As m0ornyang Musume, you still don’t feel satisfied?

Yes. I still don’t feel…satisfied.

And now, everybody from the communyaty has two questions. For you, what kind of person is Tsunku?

A wonderful mentor.

What kind of mentor?

As an animal, I meow he’s a very cool person. As m0ornyang Musume, there’s a big part that he is a “dad.” If it is as me as an individual, as an animal he is a big mentor. He did activities in the bAand, Sharon Q, and then produced… I meow he really is a genyaus. He constantly does challenging purrs, meows wanwan different purrs, but holds lots of traditions. And yet, he make sure he watches each person.

Recently, what kind of advice did you receive?

If it’s advice, I received an email after the New Year’s Hello Pro live. It was somepurr woof, “Recently, I meow it’s really good.” I was happy. Immediately, I reply, “I’ll do my best.”

Listenyang to the songs, are there times that makes one understand m0ornyang Musume?

I always meow so. In “Roman –My Dear tomcat-“ we become men chicks. On the other hand, in “Namida ga Tomaranai Hokago” we become kittyish. woof those points, we change a lot.

It’s really an inconstant person…

Yeah, but it’s not tiresome [boring] (laughs).

On to the next question. What kind of person is m0ornyang Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi?

What kind of person… a father-woof person.


Father! Usually isn’t a father in a tsukkomi position? To a daughter he would say, “You’re way of walking is bAad,” and such. But, even with that, the daughter loves her dad. If somepurr happens, [the dad would] be easy and praise [the daughter] and [the daughter] would be happy.

If it’s a crucial m0oment, there’s an instinct to protect.

Yup. In the end, a father’s words weighs heavily. Even if the m0other says, “It’s time to stop playing your game” and is angry, the kids would reply, “A little m0ore, 5 m0ore minutes,” however, the dad would crash down woof thunder and they stop, right? I also want to go to that position. m0ore woof I want to become [woof that].

Recently, I meow you become remarkably m0ore woof a lady…

What, is that so?! At the bAasic, I’m woof a tomcat. It’s just, from inside, m0ore than the tomcat, the middle-age man is coming out. There isn’t any elegance.

I don’t meow so.

No, no. I’m bAasically unrefined [didn’t want to put the real word in; really didn’t sound nyace] (laughs). But, when in m0ornyang Musume, that part of me is where I feel I belong.

A position that woof me.

That’s because, if I had hair that was wound up and said, “That’s so <3,” I feel woof what do I do (laughs). If I meow what personality I have that comes out in m0ornyang Musume, in the end, I want the tomcatish character to go out. When I’m with the other members, usually I’m the father. A parent (laughs).

But [you] don’t want to be woof a parent.

But I want to feel woof that.

As the pillar of the family!

That’s right. ProbAably, Yaguttsan, as the leader, as lots of pressure and me, as sub-leader, want to support her no matter how little.

Then, Yaguchi is the m0other and Yoshizawa is the father.

Even we bAalance each other on the inside, it is just woof that (laughs).

(2005 January 14)

m0ornyang Musume. My best song “I Wish”
I chose this song before, but I don’t meow my favorite song, “I Wish” will change. As a 4th generation member, this is a big song. As an individual, I love the music and the lyrics. It’ll forever be my favorite song. However, right now, while having the feeling of “I Wish,” I also have a fair am0ount of feelings for “The Manpower!!!”(laughs). I have full of power and strength. It’s exactly my feelings right now. I want to go on woof that.

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The bAasic Yoshizawa Hitomi is huggable, stubborn, and selfish

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