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Author Topic: Hello! Pro TRANSLATION & LYRICS  (Read 112638 times)

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« Reply #60 on: September 14, 2005, 01:21:49 AM »
Sumimasen, elgie... and those who already read the yossi translation...

I missed a word when I was going back editing, its not huggable, its fickle..  :(  I misread that kanji into something else. :evil:

And you happened to pick out that line. Of all lines... :lol: But i'm kinda glad you did, so i can go back and fix it.

So thanks and sorry  :cry:  :(

Maybe I really should stop translating late into the night...

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« Reply #61 on: September 14, 2005, 09:34:08 AM »
Ah well. Luckily I saved the .xcf lines and it'll take a few minutes to fix it.

R.I.P. Jabronisaur

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Thanks so much Fenrir I LOVE YOU FOR LIFE :heart: :heart:

Kinda surprised to know she identifies herself with the "middle-aged men", coz she mentioned she is more lady like inside than what people think before.  And obviously Mai-chan and Ayaka helped the poor kid out of, ehm, the 2003 dark age...  :cry:

Fickle? Hmm, just like her hairstyles.  :D

Quote from: Fenrir13
No, no. I’m basically unrefined [didn’t want to put the real word in; really didn’t sound nice]

Can you tell us what's the real word she said here? I don't mind if it's in Japanese.

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« Reply #63 on: September 14, 2005, 08:05:51 PM »
Quote from: Redturtle

Quote from: Fenrir13
No, no. I’m basically unrefined [didn’t want to put the real word in; really didn’t sound nice]

Can you tell us what's the real word she said here? I don't mind if it's in Japanese.

Oh, no problem. Lowbred.

For me, it had bad connotations with it, but the meaning of each word can be different to each person.

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Lowbred?? Now that made me laugh hard :lol:

R.I.P. Jabronisaur

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Miki is a VIRGINAL ANGEL~~~~!

MM x Tsunku 2 Miki!!

Translation brought to you by Fenrir

MM x Tsunku 2

Fujimoto Miki

Looking forward excitingly in developing ups and downs [lots of various things].

In Morning Musme, more than anybody having a trouble life, is none other than Fujimoto Miki. As a solo singer, in the middle of her rise in popularity, was suddenly placed into Morning Musume. All the fans were surprised and naturally bewildered. But, while having a fun challenge in getting an exciting experience in a new environment, in some time, “I’m Morning Musume Mikitty,” has completely soaked in. Said her birthplace in Hokkaido, of course, in being cold, I leave the feeling to the grand scale! [I’m not exactly sure what this means]

Birthday: 1985/02/26
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Debut Song: “Shabondama” (2003.7.30)
Stage Debut: Saitama Super Arena (2003.05.04)

After debuting as a solo, you joined Morning Musume. In a group, you had a career full of ups and downs.

When I joined Morning Musume, nothing really special happened! It was only a feeling of wanting to take a look [at Morning Musume, I think]. It was not only me, but the surrounding people as well and the people who saw me debut, everybody, was thinking, “Eh?!” Something like has never happened up until now.

In the first place, you also auditioned in the same audition as the 4th generation, right?

Yes. I always wanted to become a singer, and so, I applied to Asayan’s audition.

Did you have any other occupations you wanted become?

Others were beauty artist and social welfare work was good. I love my Grandma and Grandpa, so I want to take care of them. And after, if possible, a singer was good.

None of them are jobs were you can take it easy.

Ahahaha, certainly.

Before you did auditions, what did you think of Morning Musume?

At that time, “Love Machine” came out and everywhere was Morning Musume songs playing. I saw it and thought it was great. An all girl group, with all that power the members had, nobody else had that.

Between group and solo, which activities did you have interest in?

When I was doing auditions, I haven’t thought that far yet. Anyways, all my feelings was “I want to sing.”

And, this time, did you make the final selection?

No. Only midway. I came all the way to Tokyo, but failed.

How did you feel?

I was really disappointed. It was painful. But, there wasn’t anything that could be done by myself. Originally, I had feelings [not sure], so I came to Tokyo. Therefore, if there was a next chance, I would take it. But, there, I didn’t think of giving up.

And talk of you going solo?

Around half a year after, I think. They haven’t decided for me to go solo, but suddenly from the office, “Would you come to Tokyo?”

You didn’t make the Morning Musume audition, but did they say something like, “We’ll contact you again?

No, not at all. Suddenly, the phone call came, and it was like “Why now?” “We want to fully explain it, so is it okay if we go meet you?” and the office people came all the way to Hokkaido. How I was going to debut wasn’t decided yet, but they asked if I could come to Tokyo to prepare little by little.

Did you think this was your chance?

Yes. I didn’t know how it was going to be, but I went to see.

You were still 16. It’s definitely good courage to take that chance.

Is it really? But that’s because in the rural areas there is little chance. Therefore, to have something like that said to me, of course, I thought I go try.

Weren’t you scared?

Yes. I was scared that I thought it was good to head back (laughs).

And the loneliness of leaving your hometown?

That happened. But I didn’t cry. I went for it was something I wanted to do. My parents didn’t cry either and they just normally said, “Well, go do your best.” The real feelings of “loneliness” came out much later. The next morning after coming to Tokyo, when I woke up, I remember I thought, “I really did come.”

That was a year before you debuted?

Yes. And before I debuted, I came to the office and did OL [office lady] stuff.

OL? Did you train?

I picked up calls, served tea to the customers, and cut up magazines that everybody were in. Of course I also did lessons.

You just went through tons of things. OL to solo to Morning Musume (laughs).

Ahahahaha. But I learned good things and had fun. I came when I was in my 2nd year of high school, so up until then, I didn’t have any chances to do things related to an adult. I met all kinds of staff people and learned what kind of work they did. And I remembered their faces. I’m glad [I did all that].

And you debuted as a solo. You experienced a unit in Gomattou and had your first solo tour…

In one year, it felt like an ordinary experience. Even as a solo, I appeared on “Kohaku Utagassen.” [Red and White Singing Contest]

And the first time to appear in “Kohaku” on New Year’s Eve, it was decided you would join Morning Musume.

After that, it was the beginning of the year, so I was half finished with my solo tour. At that time, the fans were already crying (laughs). I replied, “It’s ok. It’s not like I’m going to be gone.”

It was a big shock to the fans, so I suppose it was a tough thing.

I guess so. I suppose they always though I will be doing things by myself as “Fujimoto Miki.”

Were you shocked yourself?

I wasn’t shocked. But, because my specialty isn’t groups [organizations], I did think if I would be able to perform in a group. But other than wondering if I join, I was totally ok.

Anyways, when you joined, did you think if I just passed the first time?

No, not at all. I was able to experience being solo and able to participate in a group. More than most people, I’m able to be happy two times more. In joining Morniing Musume, did what you imagined was different?

Well, originally, I didn’t really imagine at all.

You are a type who doesn’t have too much expectation?

Let’s see. For example, if I’m doing this kind of work, then, of course, there will be painful times. There will also be tough times. If I debuted and just imagined that everyday will be fun and all sparkling, after I joined I thought it was tough (laughs). Normally, you don’t think of just wanting to sing. Even if there are tough times I just think that there are even times like these.

What was your most tough time?

When remembering the dances and such, it’s completely different from solo. By yourself it’s ok to just remember the choreography, but in a group, remembering position and movement one by one is hard. Moreover, when I joined, I had to remember about 10 songs at one time. There was no time, so in two hours I remembered two songs. Of course, that was hard.

Didn’t you become discouraged?

Fundamentally, I didn’t. I hate losing and  if I couldn’t do it, my feelings did become “I’ll do it!” I didn’t have much worries at all.


Yeah. I don’t think I ever had worries. But I did have times where I did brood a little. But no matter how much I thought about it, there were a lot of things that couldn’t be helped. I don’t want to worry about things that can’t be helped. If there are times I really have to worry about, then at that time, at that moment, there’s a good reason to be worrying about it.

Did you also have something that you really worried about?

Yes. At that time, I don’t know how everybody was, but when I cry, I feel like why am I crying, and then I recover. When I fall, I really fall. That’s why, if I fall, I want to fall quickly. And afterwards, I can get up already.

Oh, so cool.

Really? Aren’t I more like a person who doesn’t really think?

Going back, in joining Morning Musume, what was the happiest thing?

About happy things…When something good happened, more than the others being happy, I was happier. Basically saying, I knew when I joined Morning Musume.

More happy than being solo?

Yes. Even though I was happy, if I was by myself, I would think, “I’m glad,” and feel quite calm. But when I’m with everybody, I would be fired up and go “Wah!” With that kind of part, I think it’s a good group part.

If there are 12 people, happiness isn’t split up into 12 parts, but there are 12 different parts of happiness? [uhh.. hmm.. don’t know if that makes sense, hope it does]

Umm, maybe more than 12 parts. There are more kids that are happier than me (laughs).

Compared to worrying about group activities, did you power-up from the good points of a group?

Well, even up until now, groups is not my specialty, but, now, when I think about the group when Iida was still in the group of 12, “We’re all together because of this group of 12.” Probably, if it was another 12 people, it would be difficult, but if it’s this 12 people, it will be ok.

You are 6th generation, but some how that 6th generation, the image of “the 3 members and Fujimoto” is stronger.

That might be so. When the manager calls for the 6th members to come here, he would also say, “Ah, Fujimoto, you don’t have to come.” I’m like, “Then please don’t say 6th generation!” (laughs). That often happens a lot. Immediately after joining, the 3 members had a PB come out. In the beginning, the 3 of them had lots of events together. During that time, I was doing things by myself. Having said that, there’s also an age difference, but no matter what, it has become an image of “6th generation and Fujimoto Miki.”

When the soon to be graduating Iida and Ishikawa are included, the total amount that the 6th generation has gone through after joining of graduating people is 6 people.

It’s somehow like a graduation boom (laughs).

When somebody graduates, does the atmosphere of within the group changes?

It changes vaguely. But everybody gets used to it quickly. When we experience more graduations, more and more we quickly become use to it I think. Moreover, if it is before the graduation and after the graduation the single comes out, we do recordings of versions without that person in the photo shoots, T.V. shows, and such. If there is something like that, I would remember, “Ah, that’s right. She graduated.” With that kind of feelings, I get used to it little by little, I think. But, when recording we often have talks like, “In the end there is one person missing; it really feels small.”

Above your feelings, do you think that you have to make up for the graduated person’s part?

For me, I feel without changing, I continue as I have done it.

After now, with the leaders also changing, what do you think the new Morning Musume will go as?

It would be great if we all got along. Morning Musume has started to begin to continue as it was in the beginning as a “unit with rivalry.” Even though we usually get along, when it comes to work, I think it would be good if we didn’t get along in a good way. It’s not that we are on bad terms nor are we all clinging going all “Hey~<3.” If we are able to go and rise with more rivalry, wouldn’t it be good. Without restricting the companionship between members, I think it would good if we have a sense of rivalry against other artists.

Is the sense of rivalry usually necessary?

I want to have it, I wish I have it.

That kind of tension is also one of Morning Musume charms.

I don’t see it, but I understand sparkling feeling [like fireworks sparkling] coming out. If more and more of that kind of thing comes out, I think Morning Musume will become more and more interesting. But the sparkling feeling is when you think it comes out, you can’t get it out (laughs). But that is an individual problem I think.

Fujimoto is like a firework about to go off.

Ahahahaha. You can say it that way.

At the time you debuted as a solo, like when you sing during a Morning Musume tour, does that sparkling feeling come out?

No, nothing like that happened. During a live, I had feelings like, “Let’s go have fun!” I didn’t have much nervousness [tension].

Before, you professed that you are not the type that is tense [nervous]. Is that really true?

I don’t. When it happens, it happens, but I rarely do. I don’t get nervous [tense] before a live, like the other members do where they become, “This is bad, what should I do?!” But it’s good to be tense too.

That’s rare.

It’s like “a person is a person and I am me.” Before a live, I usually just say, “Ah, it’s about to start.” That’s why, before a live, Rika will always be next to me. She said, “When I’m with Miki, I calm down.” (laughs). Tanaka, also, comes right before the real thing, saying, “This is bad! This is bad!” but I reply (in a cool manner), “ Well, even if you are nervous, it can’t be helped.”

Before a live, it’s like you are a refuge (laughs).

If I become tense, I can’t do it.

Well, it’s like a theory. [not too sure]

If I’m tense, I think it’s “wasteful.” But a tense feeling like “I’ll definitely decide here,” is important. It’s a live after all, so right before it starts, if you are nervous, it’s wasteful. At most, if you do it, it’s not fun (laughs).

I see.

Probably, I get nervous later than other people. If I come out on stage, later, I’m already “wah!” in high spirits and having fun. In other words, the time to be nervous is really small, so I think I don’t get nervous as much.

During your time as solo, you came on stage displaying your courage that no newcomer had.

In “Kohaku,” I was the top batter. At first, I wasn’t nervous at all. While I was thinking was it ok if I wasn’t nervous, the intro of the song started. The people who was on stage disappeared and I was alone. At that moment, for the first time, I was nervous.

The time to be nervous is small, but does is that energy used in somewhere else?

Probably (laughs).

Immediately following that “Kohaku,” were you notified that you were joining Morning Musume?

I was tricked. Right after I finished, it was said to me that there was news [in covering an event]. But, in reality, there was no news.

Did you have any predictions?

No. But during “Kohaku,” the 4th and 5th generation were dancing behind me. And, if I think of it now, I wonder if it was for that. However, at that time, I didn’t that would happen, and didn’t think about dream-like things.

Was the staff uneasy?

My manager didn’t even know. In another room, he heard it at the same time and said “Eh?!” and it seems he was surprised.

It’s like those surprise shows.

Yeah, it really did.

Did you hear the talk from Tsunku?

Yes. He said it like it was really normal, “You are joining Morning Musume.” At first, before thinking “happy” or “no way [not the good meaning]” I was just shocked. It’s not really any special talk anymore, I don’t what’s a good reply, and I’m like tense (laughs).

What about talks like it was for you to study and/or to pump up Morning Musume more?

None of that happened, but it’s just up to now, there’s no case and I was told something like, “If you could disrupt Morning Musume, in a good way…”

Thanks to experiencing too many things, no matter what you do, without getting nervous, you have fun, perhaps.

That might be so. If that’s the case, during the time that I didn’t notice, I might have experience much more things than normal (laughs).

Practically, I think you did a lot.

If that’s the case, I think I didn’t make a profit.

After now, is there a possibility that you would go solo again?

I wonder. When I joined Morning Musume, they said I would continue with my solo at the same time. It’s already been 2 years since it sealed. It seems the timing hasn’t fit well. I’m busy with Morning Musume and I’m doing Country Musume events… I think doing solo at the same time would definitely be hard.  

But, if given the chance, do want to?

If it is possible. But, doing a solo now is impossible. If I’m overly busy, certainly I’ll die (laughs).

If you do a solo from now, will you be showing something different from before?

Let’s see. Since doing Morning Musume for these past 2 years, I definitely have been dancing more than my solo period. With something like that, I wonder if I can show something better than when I was doing it by myself.

So, you’ll have like a graduation for a second time?

Yeah, since I joined, I will leave again (laughs). Right now, I can’t imagine that yet.

If you are graduating, what kind of time do you think that will be? Will there be a possibility that it would be from you saying you want to graduate?

No, I don’t think I’ll be saying it. When I look at myself, I think it’s different from when other people see me. Anyways, I’m doing my best here. And if the other people think, “This girl would be better off graduated,” I think it will be at that time I will graduate. Therefore, without being impatient, I will just do my best.

With the graduates leaving, haven’t the weight of responsibility in Morning Musume increased?

I think so. But, everybody, supposedly, knows what each person needs to do. I don’t think things like suddenly going out of control will happen, but that might be naïve (laughs).

Iida’s graduation is coming soon, but what kind of person is Iida to you?

When I joined, the “older sister team” was Iida, Abe, and Yaguchi. At first, usually, they would call me, “Fujimoto.” But, I’m sure, the very first person to call me “Miki-chan” is Iida. From then, Yaguchi and Abe called me “Miki-chan” and “Mikitty.” If Morning Musume was like a family, among them, Iida would be the “big sister.” But, even though she is the big sister, parts of her are childish (laughs). Yup, not “mother,” but an “older sister” atmosphere.

Your ages are close, but did they have a strict side as older members?

As in strictness, at first, I was also defiant (laughs).


For things that you usually don’t be defiant about, I was defiant. The kids who, at first, joined Morning Musume, all the things that the older members taught them, they would quietly take it all in saying, “Is that so?” But, in my case, I had some experience from before. There are times where I think, “It might be like that in Morning Musume, there are cases if you go outside that it’s not like that.” And if I think it’s a problem, I would clearly say, “But, wouldn’t it be like this?” Therefore, I wonder if Iida also thought, “Who is this girl?!”

Well, about being defiant…

Un, particularly, I didn’t listen to what others where saying, but I didn’t just disobey all the time. It’s just, all the new members up to now, all the problems you wouldn’t think of, they think of problems and they just take in what you usually say [not too sure about this]. And when they don’t understand, they don’t comprehend it. That’s why, it wasn’t only that reason why we fought.

Has the atmosphere of Morning Musume changed a little since you have joined?

I just do what I usually do, so I don’t know.

But, Tsunku said, “It would be good to shake up Morning Musume.” Did that happen a little?

Un…maybe (laughs).

Doing Morning Musume work, has stress piled up?

No, none at all. Everyday, I’m able to do different things. I’m able to meet different people everyday. But the opposite, in my case, I think doing the same thing everyday is more difficult. Therefore, I think becoming an OL or a mom is dreadful. That’s because everyday you wake up at the same time, if you have a husband, you have to cook breakfast for him. I think that’s totally impossible [for me].

But, someday you will get married, right?

Maybe. But even if I get married, I want to continue working. If the person that I married said it’s ok.

Even when you turn 30 and 40, do you think you will still be working?

I think so. It might be at my pace though.

From hereafter, do you have new work you want to try?

Up until now, I haven’t really done any drama. Therefore, if I become a little more adult [like] I want to try dramas.

You still aren’t an adult?

Umm, I want to try when I’m around my mid 20’s.

Finally, everybody from the community has two questions. From what you see, what kind of person is Tsunku?

Umm… An important person. From saying it like that way, it might be weird, but to put it in words, it is closest to “an important person.”

There are a lot of members that say he’s father like.

Yeah, probably I think it’s some like that, but within me, I don’t think of “father.” It’s close, but a little different.

Like an older brother?

Also different. Is there a feeling between an older brother and a father? A person you can depend upon.

Different from a boyfriend?

It’s totally different from that (laughs). For example… even if you fail, he’s a person who definitely won’t laugh and definitely won’t make a fool of you. I think that type of person is really great and I respect him and feel at ease. Even if you really embarrassingly mess up, since with that kind of person around and without being depressed, you able to continue forward.

And the mail that he sends out?

He occasionally mails. He sends out a mail writing the good points after a concert rehearsal or after the real performance.

For example, what kind of points?

Umm, I wonder what? Recently about my dancing…I think.

Well, then, to the next question. What kind of person is Morning Musume’s Fujimoto Miki?

If it’s only one word, stubborn. Even if I didn’t join Morning Musume, I don’t think that will change. It won’t change… I don’t want it to change.

You don’t have anything like “If I joined Morning Musume, I will become like this?”

No. Even solo or in a group, there’s no relation. I constantly want to be myself. If I have to fit, I will fit it, but I don’t want it to flood [flow].

So you can see the “cool” [side]?

I do. It might appear that way, but when it becomes pumped up, I’m pumped up. Moreover, the way I say things is cold, so I’m often said to be “scary.” (laughs)


It seems cold. I don’t plan it that way, I just say what I want to say normally.

It’s not that you are scary, but that you are just frank, perhaps.

Speaking of awkwardness, it might be awkwardness. It’s not because I’m easy on anyone. I don’t really want others to see me trying my best…

Even though you are really trying your best.

Yes. I don’t want others to think, “Ah, she’s trying her best.”

You hate something like, “Look! Look! I’m trying my best~!”

No! Then I want to say, “Eh, so what?”

That’s why they say you are “scary.”

But, it can’t be helped. I feel more and more like this. For example, even if I get into a fight, I definitely don’t want to continue feeling hesitant. If it’s like in the shadows crawling, it would be better to face each other and settle it.

You rather finish in one round hit than to talk endlessly?

Well, I definitely don’t do that (laughs). But with that kind of energy. In feelings. If it’s lingering [slow; complaining], it’s an accurately massive fight [not sure]. And, afterwards, if it finishes clearly, it would be good. Something like that. It’s a far example, but, really, no matter what, it might be like that feeling. Anyways, I hate tiresome [annoying, bothering] things.

(2005 Jan. 26)

Morning Musume My Best Song “Ai araba It’s All Right”
I really like the lyrics. Singing the melody is also fun. It’s a warm song. The style is simple, so I’m happy that the fans during the live dances with us. I like all the songs that I sing by myself, but it’s a Morning Musume song and a group, so it’s a cool song… it’s good that I can’t sing this song by myself. I like this song and “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari” and “The Manpower!!!” and so forth.

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Fenrir :heart:

Miki :heart:
LJ★  ~Rest in Peace marimari, Jabronisaur, ChrNo & Fushigidane

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omg, THX FEN!! you rule!!

Quote from: Miki

Well, then, to the next question. What kind of person is Morning Musume’s Fujimoto Miki?

If it’s only one word, stubborn. Even if I didn’t join Morning Musume, I don’t think that will change. It won’t change… I don’t want it to change.

Amazing. Miki's just......amazing

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Miki is the toughest, strongest, most badass member of Morning Musume period. <3

Too hot...

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Thanks Fenrir for the MM x Tsunku 2 Miki Translation !!  :)

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Thanks for the translation Fenrir!  :D  Miki's cool.

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Fenrir the Great? Indeed.  :heart: Thanks.  :D

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Fenrir, that Miki interview was a really great read. Thanks so much for taking the time to translate it!

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Thanks Fenrir

 :heart: Miki  :heart:

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Miki <3. If Rika ever stops being my favorite member, you all know who her replacement would be. Miki is just so fucking awesome.

But don't worry Rika <3 #1!  :D

Thanks Fen!!!

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MM x Tsunku translated

FENRIR YOU ARE THE BEST  :halo:  :halo:  :halo:

thanx you so much
Miki-sama i luv ya~~

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Thanks so much Fen. Miki's just great.

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A bit early, but better than late!

In time for her b-day on Oct. 20, Risa's MM x Tsunk 2!! Enjoy!  :D

MM x Tsunku 2

Niigaki Risa

Morning Musume is like watching a dream while living it in reality.

The moment the dream came true, it became “reality.” Occasionally, reality is harsher than the dream. But, Niigaki Risa is very lucky. While her dream came true, reality is much more fun. Everyday, she goes and creates feelings of happiness with everybody in Morning Musume; showing more than anybody her brilliance. Challenged to open a hole in the wall, they are uneasy of the wonderful “continuing dream,” as the younger members do their best. Even though the times have change, she continues the mission of protecting the unchanging “pride of Morning Musume.”

Birthday: 1988/10/20
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Debut Song: Mr. Moonlight – Ai no Big Band- (2001.10.31)
Stage Debut: Himeji Central Park (2001.10.21)
It’s been two and half years since the previous book “MM x Tsunku.”

It feels so long ago. It was just around the time of “Do it! Now,” so it wasn’t that far back…right? I wonder if I have changed. At that time, I was still middle school 2nd year student.

You’ve become an adult. Speaking of that, at the last Hello Pro live, when I saw you singing the Mini Moni song, I mistaken you, thinking “I wonder if that person is part of kids?” (laughs).

Ahaha. The kids are rapidly growing up too. Right now, because of my height, I get mistaken for other people in Hello! Project.

It’s been three and half years since you joined Morning Musume. What point about you that has changed the most?

When I joined, I have never really danced or sung. It felt like I started from the very very beginning. Up until then, I have never done anything like what Morning Musume do of imitations and dance on T.V. But now, I’ve grown accustomed to being able to sing and dance normally. When the younger members joined and if they asked a question, I think I’m able to answer their questions. Before, I was the youngest, so always, I had the soft thinking of if there’s something I don’t understand, they will tell me. But, now, more than before, I’ve come to think of I have to hold it together.

When the 6th generation joined, was it big?

Let’s see.  When I heard about them joining, I was surprised. My feeling of being the youngest was still strong, so I couldn’t believe that I can’t be a younger member.

Were you also worried?

I had the feeling of did they join already? It might have been a little too early.

When the 6th generation members joined, did the group changed?

I think it has changed.

Did you remember the time when you first joined?

At the beginning I did. When they joined, not only were the 6th generation were becoming stronger and when I saw their restless worried figures, I thought they were the same as us. And when we were worrying the same way, the generation that told us various things casually was the 4th generation. Therefore, for 6th generation also, I think the closest group for them to ask questions easily to were us. We talked amongst ourselves that we had to teach them. But, the difference between us and the 6th generation was that at first we couldn’t even greet the others…

What happened to the 5th generation?

Completely opposite, we thought we had to only greet everybody. No matter to who, we greeted them happily and energetically. In the company, everybody, even if it was a random encounter, even to the post office person, we say “Good morning!” in a loud voice and surprise them that they said, “Eh?” (laughs). Afterwards, we all got together and talked about whether greeting everybody was needed. Therefore, when I couldn’t properly meet with the 6th generation, I thought “Ara?” when I saw them. But, now, we’ve properly met each other.

The 5th generation has become the generation in the middle.

That’s right. I suddenly realize that above 5th generation are only Yaguchi, Yoshizawa, and Ishikawa, so it’s a big shock. I still really don’t have the feeling that I’m an “older member.” Iida is graduating in about 2 weeks, but I still have the feeling that we will still always be together. And after, I think Ishikawa’s graduation will just come in a blink of an eye, but right now, it still like is she really going to graduate? However, until the day that Iida and Ishikawa graduate, there still are lots of good things that Morning Musume is capable of to be taught. I feel that I have to be able to teach the 6th generation kids and when the 7th generation join.

In two and half years, 5 people graduated. In spring, Ishikawa will graduate too, so from now, the younger members will seem to increase.

It’s like in a flash there is are lots of people graduating. When it was decided that Non and Aibon were graduating, I thought, “No way!” We’re only 1 year apart and with the 5th generation, I felt that the 6 of us were like always together at school. They taught us a lot of things, and when we are depressed, they make us laugh. They were so close that I couldn’t believe that suddenly they were going to graduate. The two of them that are so bright, energetic, and create the Morning Musume atmosphere are graduating together, at first, when I heard it I was like “That’s a joke, right?”

The time when you were still watching as a fan, the heart of the members, Tsuji, Aibon, Goto, they are all leaving so have the atmosphere of Morning Musume changed?

It has. But, even if those two leave, Morning Musume will still be Morning Musume. Goto, Yasuda, Abe, W, Iiida; they each taught various things that I won’t forget and the Morning Musume-like that the older members have come to create, I don’t want to break that. In order to be able to become “New Morning Musume,” I also need to grow.

Do you have any thoughts of taking over?

Even above [?] my feelings, I really do. But, I don’t know if I will be able to do it… To say something Morning Musume-like is like even if the person graduates, their thoughts/feelings are still there.

How do you go about conveying Morning Musume-like?

I wonder. For example, this time, when we heard about Iida’s graduation, there was worry about the member who was there from the beginning leaving. But, the things that Yaguttsan and Yoshizawa were taught until now… The choreography that we didn’t know, they would teach us saying, “It’s more like this feeling, but doing it this way will change it,” and “Singing this song with feelings this way will have meaning.” And the things we have learned, we will need to teach the younger members. I feel by doing it like that, we will be able to convey ourselves.

For example, does Tsunku say, “Be sure to leave out the Morning Musume-like?”

No, not at all.

Then it’s spontaneous?

It’s more like it’s natural to tell them. Of course, if the member isn’t here, then they won’t understand the “feeling” part. You learn the dance from the teacher, but that is just copying the form.

At first, you were probably the member that was the most “Morning Musume fan.”

Yeah, probably.

From that standpoint, when you watched from the outside and when you watched when you joined, did you tell the difference of “Morning Musume-like?”

When I saw it from the outside, it was a really sparkling image. Everybody was dancing and singing energetically and it was bright, so just by watching, I would become energetic. Therefore, I would check all the shows that Morning Musume appeared on. If I couldn’t see it, I would record the show. Not just the songs, but also variety shows, shows that have talk, lives… I love everything. That’s why I entered the auditions with the feeling of “I definitely want to join!” If [When] I joined, it’s not just having fun, singing, dancing, and being vibrant…but of course it is (laughs). In order to create that kind of Morning Musume, in the shadows, everybody puts in a lot of effort and practice countless of times. When I see that, I think, “Ah, with that much effort, even when seen on T.V. it shine’s that much.”

If you were still in the position of a “fan” right now, what do you think of the Morning Musume right now?

I think I’ll be thinking it’s steadily changing. New members are coming in. But, even with that, it’s still has that Morning Musume likeness, so I think that’s one of the interesting points. It’s steadily changing, but it’s always becoming like “ if this member is not here, then they can’t do it” Morning Musume. But that is a mystery [amazing, strange]. It’s like only that member can do it. Even in “The Manpower!!!” it’s a world if it isn’t this many people then we can’t do it.

Even if you were to continue on as a normal high school student, would you still be a Morning Musume fan now?

Yes. I love them. I would sing “The Manpower!!!” at karaoke. I would still collect the cards and be told, “You are already a high school student.” (laughs).

You seem to collect a lot of cards.

Yes. When I go to the convenience stores I go buy them and it’s fun collecting them. Even now, if I see a store selling them, I would think, “Maybe I should buy it.”

Even if you don’t buy them, you still have it.

Yeah, that’s right (laughs). But it’s not because I can get those. It’s good that stores have them. I think its good to go look for them and buy them while thinking, “Ah!”

A model of a fan.

Actually, when I joined, I bought them countless of times. When I find them in convenience stores, I’m happy.

A real mania [a real fan, wota, lol] (laughs).

Ufufu, I really love it.

When a member is going to graduate, do you guys talk like in the past?

With each person, yes. Around the time when Yasuda graduated, all the 5th generation members went, “Haa,” and were sad. Not only with Yasuda’s graduation, but with each person, we were worried about different things. And then on her graduation day, Yasuda said, “Come here,” and all of us gathered around. She told us, “Today, I’m graduating, but if you ever have any troubles, mail or call me.” When I didn’t understand, I would go ask the older members, so no matter what, if the new members don’t understand, I want them to ask me for advice. That would make me very happy. Yasuda doesn’t usually say it, but in the shadows, she’s always a person who looks after us.

So she secretly looks after you guys.

When we are really troubled, she would ask, “Are you ok?” and there’s a lot of something like, “Eh? I didn’t say anything, so how did you know?” Iida is also like that too. Not only for work, but she will say, “If anything happens, it’s ok to call me,” and when you are worrying alone, mail me…

At first, were you afraid of Iida?

Yes. Also, we were bad. No matter how many times they said the same thing, we couldn’t do it. In dances, it happened a lot at first; even if we knew it in our heads, our bodies wouldn’t move. But, at that time, they didn’t get mad at us, so it think it’s still like to this day. Therefore, I’m really grateful.

At that time, what was your impression of what Iida says to you?

She didn’t just scold us, but also gave lots of advice. For example, when in a dance lesson, she would say, “Even if they say to relax [rest? Not sure] your body, if you practice, you will become even better.” And then, even if your body become relaxed on the next day, during that time, you can review the parts you couldn’t do. Before coming, everybody practices ahead of time. With everybody doing something like that, in the end we really do improve. If you haven’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have noticed. Probably, if you say to rest [same as above] the body, I think you can’t rest.

Compared with studying at school, what part of learning in Morning Musume is the most distant [different?]?

For Morning Musume, unlike school, it is not dull. Even the members who joined at the same time, practice is probably just “gah” before [I get all the words, but not the context of the sentence, so leaving this blank]. Therefore, like studying for school, it’s like, “Up to doing it now, I don’t want to do it.”

The competition is also tough, but it might just make Morning Musume, who gets along well, help each other out.

It really does. Since it’s 12 girls that are gathered together, I think it’s really great that we all get along well.

It might also be the power of unity.

Yes. Probably, each of us hold the thought of “being one group.” Even alone, it’s like, “I can do it” and if you only think of yourself, I think it’ll become all over the place. Even in dance, even if the choreography is complete, it should be an impression of being “scattered.” But for Morning Musume, if I can do it, I would teach the person who can’t do it and when checking the choreography, I would say something like, “It will be ok if this feeling fit here.”

Why are you able to do it? Usually, if you can do it and your rival cannot, don’t you think, “That’s what you get!”?

Ahaha, I guess so. But I don’t know why it becomes like that. Since I joined, it’s already been like that feeling. In the end, when I see the older members teaching us, I think that this kind of relationships is good, so I also want to give the same kind of feeling to the younger members.

From the beginning, you always felt that kind of atmosphere as “nice?”

Yes. If there are times that it is peaceful [and harmonious], there are times where we talk about the dance very seriously. I think that kind of feeling is very cool. With everybody serious, we show the cool Morning Musume feelings that come with it.

Incidentally, what do the 3 younger 6th generation members call you?

Kame calls me “Gaki-san,” another is “Niigaki-san.”

You have reached a position that you are called “Niigaki-san.”

Ahahaha. I’m not the type of person who finds that kind of talk “painful.” When the 5th generation members joined, when the older members spoke to us, our hearts would beat fast, but 6th generation is different from us in that they will talk. I’m happy about that because it makes it easier for me to talk to them.

They don’t call you “Omame-chan” and such?

They don’t call me anything like that (laughs). If they did, I might get nervous instead. When Abe said that it’s ok to call her Nacchi, I replied, “That’s impossible.” But, only once did I call her “Nacchi,” she was really happy, and I was happy. We all adored the older members as “a person on T.V.,” but that feeling really exist within ourselves. So ever since when we watched them on T.V., we felt that, but actually, even though we meet them, that doesn’t change at all. Probably, I think that part is also “Morning Musume like.” Everybody feels like “a normal person.” I wonder if that is ok.

It seems that the human relationship on how you call your older members have changed.

It has. In the beginning I also called Yagucchan “Yaguchi-san.” After that, Yagucchan said, “It’s hard saying Marippe, so it’s ok to call me Yagucchan.” But, at first, in a small voice and timidly, we called her. Now, I call her “Yagucchan,” normally and I think if humans adore somebody, they will adore them (laughs). I also called Non-chan and Aibon “Tsuji-san” and “Kago-san” at first. But, ever since they said that it’s ok to call them “Non-chan” and “Aibon,” I feel that we steadily got along better.

What is your most painful thing since you joined Morning Musume?

I wonder. There are a few. The most painful thing is when you are doing a live for real and forget to have fun. And more than painful is that there are more being moved emotionally than fun.

For example, even when you can’t do the dance and disappointed [regretting, vexing, etc], if you can remember correctly for the live it’s ok?

Yes. But, since joining Morning Musume, I haven’t thought of anything that painful. Probably. Everyday is fun. Up to now, I haven’t thought of not liking to do work.


Yup, not at all. But, I have moments where it’s a little tiring. I really have never thought of not doing this at all.

But you have felt that a little bit?

That’s often said (laughs). It’s really fun. Going to school and going to work, the feelings are completely different. Occasionally, I think of, “Ah, I don’t want to go to school today,” but I joined Morning Musume, whom I love myself, so right now, I’m continuing to do something I like. Isn’t it like a dream coming true? Up to now, I think, “This isn’t a dream (laughs).”

But it is said that just as a dream come true, it ends. To join Morning Musume is granting a dream and, also, continuing the dream is happiness.

Yes. Even though everybody’s dream of wanting to join Morning Musume comes true, not the entire dream comes true. Actually, I think each person has his/her own dream. Even though everybody all sings together and dance together, I think each person of “I want to be like this” is different.

What is your dream?

I have a lot. If the kids that are the same age as me when I wanted to join Morning Musume saw us now and want to join, I’ll be happy. If I am able to have a lot of people say, “I become energetic when I see Morning Musume,” that is good.

Is energetic forever a keyword for Morning Musume?

I think so. Energetic and power. When I saw Morning Musume on T.V., power really showed. And then, when it wasn’t a good day, I’m able to think , “I’ll do my best the next day.” Power is like without falling, and I want to power up more.

It was a generation of when you were little watching Morning Musume, you wanted to join.

I’m happy that you say something like that. When I was an elementary student, I definitely wanted to join Morning Musume when I grew up.

But someday you will graduate, right?

Yeah. But I still want to be in Morning Musume. Someday, even by myself, I want to be able to do it.

And that is until when?

Many years after… I really don’t know. Right now I still want to be able to train in Morning Musume. I want to create something even more “Morning Musume-like” with everybody.

I have the best image [of you] being a person who wants to stay in Morning Musume forever, but…

I love Morning Musume, so, of course, I love being in Morning Musume. But, even when it comes to a time where I can do it by myself, I will still always love Morning Musume! [Although], there might be a girl like me who joins (laughs). Then, I might hand over my dream to that girl.

When you graduate, what kind of motive do you think it will be?

I wonder? Before, I thought it was just the age order, but when Non-chan and Aibon graduated, it had nothing to do with age. Therefore, I don’t know who will graduate first among the 5th generation members.

And, before you know it, you will be 29 (laughs).

Well, that won’t happen (laughs). I’m still 16. But, since joining Morning Musume, time has gone by fast and it won’t be strange when I turn 20. One year of Morning Musume is really like a blink of eye. Everyday passes by really fast. When going through school normally, one day was really long and felt like, “It’s still not over?” But, when in Morning Musume, one day doesn’t feel as long as one day, I think. These past three and half years were like a blink of an eye.

Will 3 years from now be like a blink of an eye?

I think so. Then, suddenly, I’ll be 19. Oh, my (laughs).

What will you be at 19 years old?

I hope that being like myself won’t change. But, probably, members below me will join, so with self-confidence, I’ll probably be teaching them various things. It would be good if it is that. I wonder what kind of members will join; I look forward to it.

As a Morning Musume mania?

Yes (laughs).

Well then, everybody from the community has two questions. First, for you, what kind of person is Tsunku?

Tsunku is a person who changed my destiny.

A person who made your dream came true?

Yes. Since the day I was chosen, my life has drastically changed. Up until then, I was a normal student and I go to school, come home, and watch programs that had Morning Musume, etc; it was like that. And I was able to join the group that I adored. With a meaning like that, if Tsunku wasn’t here, I would have a completely different life.

Have you received any advice, recently?

He is always mailing me all kinds of things, but after the last Hello! Project live, he wrote something like, “You have a great smile while singing. When I see that smile, I’m deeply moved,” and I was really happy. He really saw me.

Is your smile the point that you want noticed?

Yes. I’m always smiling during a concert. Your not suppose to smile when singing, but, basically, I smile all the time. It’s fun. If he saw that, I would be happy. But, since there is so many members, I’m surprised that he is able to really see each of us. Tsunku is really a person who has love.

Well then, one more question. What kind of person is “Morning Musume Niigaki Risa?” Before, you answered impatient though.

Yeah, that hasn’t changed. Last time, Iida said, “Please take your time [the kanji used didn’t make sense at all to me, but going with what was being said, I’m making an educated guess here. Could also be please look at your watch… ].” It’s said that if one looks at his/her watch it’ll fix impatience. I wonder if that’s true? For sure, when we gather together before a concert, we come quickly saying u-n, and that might fix the bad habit, but for me, before the person finishes taking, I reply back… I also have that kind of impatience, so even looking at a watch [taking one’s time] might not fix it.

How about if you had a stopwatch?

Ahahaha. Dividing seconds is impatience. In the beginning, I was impatient in feeling the rhythm (laughs). But, recently, I’ve finally come to fix that. Therefore, I’m really an impatient person. Also, I’m a noisy person.

Because you are energetic?

Yup. I’m often told, “You’re loud!” when I get too excited. My tension increases when I talk and by myself, I have fun.

Do you feel that life is fun and noisy?

Yes. Everyday is really fun. Therefore, last time, when I had 6 days off, I thought it was too much.

You want to work more than taking breaks?


Might be addicted to work [work-aholic].

But, it doesn’t feel like “work.” In the opposite, I rather be working than not working and be doing nothing. I want to be moving. Therefore, in the middle of those 6 days off, I felt, “I’ve rested long enough!”

You really love work.

Therefore at the end of a break, from the next day, I’m happy going to work. If I haven’t seen a member for awhile, only me, my tension becomes really high (laughs).

Happiness, right?

Yes, great happiness. That’s because, everyday, I do things that I like to do!

(2005.1.18 )

Morning Musume. My Best Song “The Manpower!!!”
I like that song more and more. Speaking of which, I like the songs more and more as it each new song comes out. Therefore, it’s really difficult to decide on one song. Recently, I really like “Shabondama,” but now, it’s “The Manpower!!!” The song and dance is really fun. You can’t do the song by yourself and everybody creates the power… In other words, if it’s Morning Musume’s power, I think it really comes out in the song.

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:w00t: Thanks for the translation

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Thanks Fenrir! That was a great translation!

I didn't think Risa was onna wota :lol:

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