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Author Topic: [Project] Message Collection for dear Ikuta Erika  (Read 1504 times)

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[Project] Message Collection for dear Ikuta Erika
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:32:11 AM »

Ikuchan will be taking a hiatus for the 9th single to focus on her studies for the university entrance exams. You can read more about it from this translated blog post, with thanks to OSR48! With this in mind, this project aims to collect message from all participating fans & compose a booklet from it for Ikuchan! The idea for this project just arose today, so do bear with potential lack of info, & don't hesitate to provide ideas or ask questions~ Also let me know if you want to participate!

  • Currently the idea is to compose a beautiful pretend musical sheet booklet with all the messages of our participants inside it~
  • Bach piano score book is currently in the plan! (See 1st bonus video if unsure why lol)
  • Incorporating the gorillas of justice, sufin-kun, & udon are in considerations too.
  • It will be ideal if the message is hand-written & scanned, but not necessary. A good photograph of a hand written msgs might work too, as well as typed msgs.
  • Deadline for now is set on May 10th.

  • ksgk((((└( : D」┌)┘)))) @naruse48 (naruse)
  • jenno (●ω●) @laupanman
  • ⊿バカハル⊿ ‏@lazysn0rlax
  • hafiz ‏@applechips92
  • Milan ‏@maiyanee
  • Jiaemi ジェレミー ‏@Jiaemi_Jem
  • koala13th ‏@WildanAmin
  • F・*・:≡( ε: )♡ミヤマリオン ‏@Fai_hanso
  • koeskus2810 ‏@Faridkuswanto
  • เฉกกกกก ‏@_nchr
  • Karel FahrurRozi ‏@Iriyamayuyu (KRL)
  • ジェイソン ‏@wahoho
  • ✌(*´︶`*)✌ ‏@watanabeans
  • 生田麻友~会いたかった!! ‏@satrioardhy
  • Na♥V σ(≧ε≦o) ‏@NaVyWinnie
  • Ari ‏@mayusukida
  • OSR48 ‏@officialOSR48
  • pat さゆりん ‏@gorjesspatty
  • ラスティハンド ‏@3astJK
  • KuroE ‏@Kurokiez
  • ディマズー⊿ ‏@chihironofngzk
  • Curly Udon ‏@CurlyUdon
  • โอชิพักเตรียมเอ็นท์ ‏@JupalInMe
  • とや(=^・ω・^=) ‏@xynnell
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