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Author Topic: My Stalker Is Acuatlly A Princess and An Old Friend Chapter 2  (Read 856 times)

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 :welcome Hello this Akb48 hard fan  :) here this is second chapter of My Stalker Is Acuatlly A Princess and An Old Friend :3 enjoy reading it and have fun TQ :3

                                                My Stalker Is Acuatlly A Princess and An old Friend chapter 2

After agreed to meet each other face to face, sae thought that would be a terrible but sae's mind would be like "F*** what did i just do, why did i tell her that i want to meet him/her. But why not eehh i am so curious to meet this person is". While sae think mean while at the stalker house aka Matsui Rena house she think the same thing but something difference about it, rena's heart beat so fast and her face was so red and blush at the same time. But somehow rena have met her but didn't know where but she know that she and sae have met before. Suddenly rena head was like having amnesia or something rena put her hand on her head to keep out the pain away but that didn't work."Damn it my head hurts crap aaaggrhh, that's hurt. Why it still hurts" suddenly rena fell uncounsion and fell down to the ground hard. After rena fell uncounsion, one of the maids saw rena fell to the ground so she pick rena and call other maid even the butler to help her to carry rena to the bedroom.

Next morning at sae's house, sae was so tired but something caught her mind she remember something, she should get ready to meet this persone that were stlaking her yesterday but something difference. Her heart skip a beat and her face was red and sae was to excited to meet this person but it still early in the morning it will take another 8 hours until the meeting at the park, but somehow sae can't take anymore like she want to breck the promise the meeting at the park but sae have to endure it. "Man how long this going to take. Man what time is it" sae look at the clock and "What the freak it's only 1:00 pm damn another more 8 hours aaa" sae want to sleep but can't, "How about make something to eat hmmmm , how about make some omolette that would be easy to make but i just need more ingredients. I need to go to the convince store to buy the ingredients and make it". After that, sae take some money from her parents and went to convince store, while sae walking down the road sae wasn't so sure what is weird or something difference.

Sae didn't sense or see any sign of the stalker, but sae just ignore it and walk until arrived to the store and buy some ingredients for the omoltte. After buying some thing for the omolette sae said "Why not buy some more ingredients and make two omolette for the person and me so we can eat while talking" that was the plan but for some reason sae's heart beat so fast and her face were red, but then sae head remember something again but this time it's difference sae have a vision like she saw something in her head. Sae saw that she and rena are playing together but after a minute the casher break sae's vision and said "Ma'am are you okay??", after that sae almost fell uncounsion but she still standing about a few second latter Sae back to her senses. Sae response to the casher "Yeah i'm alright don't mind me ok". "Ok if you say so" said the the casher.

After she got all the ingredients, sae pay to the casher with right amount of money and went outside and went staight back to her house. Sae has arrived to house and said "What time is it" sae look at the clock and was sursprise "What it's now 4:00pm now, how long did i went to the convince store???" sae felt it like she went to the convince store like 30 minutes but 3 and half hours of mini shopping wow. After that sae went to the kitchen and make some omolette, "How long it gonna take to make ehh??" sae question her self but she just makes it with calm and while hearing some song from her phone.

Meanwhile at the Matsui Rena house

"Rena-sama please wake it's been a day since you lost conscious, please wake up." said the miad beside her bedside while almost fall in tears. Suddenly Rena's eyes open slowly and she almost full wake up."What time is it??" rena said so sudden, "it's now 6:00 pm now, why you ask by the way??" said the maid with question face. Rena's eyes was widen and shock about the time "What it's 6:00 pm, why didn't you wake me up early." rena almost want to shout to he maid but didn't want to, "Why are you in shock, Rena-sama???" said the maid rena response quick "I have a meeting with a somebody this night 9:00 pm" said rena with high tone. "But you have lot of time left just rest ok" but rena refuse the suggetion from the maid to rest a bit, "But i can't do that, because i just promise to the person okay", "Okay if you say so, what are you waiting for go take a warmth bath okay Rena-sama" said the maid that can't denied and rena stand up from her bed and walk slowing suddenly her hurt, make rena almost unconscious but rena still stand. "Rena-sama, are you okay??" said the maid on a worried face, "Yes,  i am okay but can you help me walk until the bathroom??". "Sure why not Rena-sama. As you wish." said the maid and carefully lift Rena up to stand back up again and walk slowly to the corridor and stright to the bathroom.

After long walk to the corridor of the house, finally they arrived infront of the bathroom and take bath with warmth water. After a long warmth bath, Rena dress up and it took about an hour including taking the bath and dressing up. After rena dress up, Rena look at the watch that were attach at the wall near her "Wow it's already 7:00 pm now. I must get going then bye". "Rena-sama why don't you get in the car, I'll drive until we arrived at the meeting you okay??" , however rena want it to refuse but why not "Okay then but how do you know where is the meeting place??" rena said with confused face. "Well i just overheard you saying that you want to meet the person you promised to meet at the park, so yeah i did overheard you". After that they went to the car and drive to destination but it was to early however Rena is excited to meet Sae.

After an hour on the car rena watch the time clock of the car ad it was 8:30 pm, Rena's heart went rise and a little blush. Suddenly Rena character change into gekikara "Ahahaha well well she gonna take over me to see her not even a chance Rena i will borrow your body to meet her but i will the first to see her face ahaha haha " gekikara has come to real after a few days that she wasn't in rena's body. "Welcome home Gekikara-sama, how is your sleep in a few days." the butler said while smile at gekikara. "Well not to much, by the way how long way get there??" said gekikara while a little giggling, "Well we almost arrived after the next turn we will arrived at the park" said the butler while driving. "Okay then but what time is now??" said gekikara while bitting her nail, "It's 8:45 pm and we almost arrived just more few block from here okay." "Okay then" said gekikara.

"We have arrived Gekikara-sama." said the butler and turn off the engine. "Okay can you wait here? Because i need to alone okay." said Gekikara while a little giggling "Okay then as you wish but anything happen do you still want me to go get you??" said the butler while look at Gekikara eye . "No, but if something went wrong just come and help me ok that's it " said Gekikara while doing a ok sign. After talking Gekikara went to the park seat down on the near bench and wait for Sae to come.

Mean while at Sae's hosue again

After Sae make some omolette sae was so tired after making omolette, "Haaa man that was so tired like hell, just in time and put it in the container or maybe i just wrap it up and hold it." sae said while wipe out her sweat and said "What time is it now??" sae said with question face. Sae was shock and super super surprise "Ohh s*** it's 8:45pm crap i am so late okay after this gonna take shower and dress up nicely and go." sae said while quickly went to her room undress and go to a shower. After a few hours, she finished bathing wear a nice clothe to meet the her "Okay need to bring the omolette and my phone just in case happen." After she check all the thing that she want to bring, it's time time the person. Sae quickly open the door and rush to the park "Damn it i won't make it. Come on just a little more to the park come on." said sae while running and watch her on watch clock and it was almost 9:00 pm.

After a few minutes of running,  sae finally arrived at the park and see somebody there. So sae thought that was the person that she was the one who is gonna meet but it wasn't until something came from sae's back and said "Don't worry i won't hurt you, but if you made sudden move i'll hurt okay hahahaha~~~" .Sae was so scared after hearing that but sae response "Who are and what do you want??" said sae while she almost shivering, "I'm the one who is stalking all this days so don't worry okay."said the person from sae's back while holding both of sae's hand and tighten with a rope. "Ouch that hurts god damn it. Why are you doing this to me?? ha why ???" Sae said while looking infront and made curious who might this person is. So Sae turn her heard and look at the face of the person and it was Gekikara, Sae's face was scared because she just saw a monster of hunger and even blood thurst. Sae felt down to the ground and almost wanted to scream but it was middle of the night so nobody can heard her. But sae's eyes was so widen and was shock to see the face that she wanted to, suddenly sae said "Gekikara no way it couldn't be you why why!!??" sae said while shivering all her body. "Why you said why, because i." gekikara didn't said anything but suddenly rena went down to sae's ear and said "Because i love you." said gekikara while her finger at sae's finger and give it a little tickling and almost made sae moan. "Please stop the tickling." sae said while she is still moan. But gekikara didn't stop tickling sae's hand, however gekikara was having fun while playing it.

"Ahahaha~~~ are you maoning while i'm tickling your hand? That's quiet lame for you Sae~~." said Gekikara but this time Gekikara went for something else, she can feel sae's hot breath come from her mouth. "Just let me be ok!!!" said sae with high tone, "Why not just have a little fun eehh Sae-chan." gekikara said while hold holding sae's hand and tighten. "No no please just no ok no more fun ok just stop okay." but sae was shivering while saying that, suddenly sae can feel gekikara hand coming up from her back to infront sae's chest but it didn't stop from there it went up and to sae face and playing sae's lips and open the mouth. Sae thought in her mind "S*** not the lips please not he lips!!" sae want to turn her hand but gekikara turn it back infront of her. "Bad girl don't turn your face from me your are a bad girl, so that's why everybody call you Gakuran because you are a bad boy also ehh ahahaha~" said gekikara. Suddenly sae eyes was close for not to hear or watch anything the were gekikara having fun that is.

Suddenly sae could feel something soft , sweat like flavour of strawberry and sae thought it was something kinda food. But sae still felt it and still closing her eyes "What is this felt in my mouth, it so soft than Yuki's lips. WAIT WHAT DID I JUST SAID LIPS IT CAN'T BE" said sae in her mind, sae open her eyes and was very shock what did she see. She see gekikara kiss her lips, but sae heart went rise and her face was reddedn however gekikara stop the kissing. "Well well look at you, your face is quite red and i can heard your heart beat fast Sae-chan ahaha" said gekikara while looking at sae's reddedn face. "Why did you kiss me aaaa!!??" Sae said while angry at gekikara but that acuatlly a lie, Sae want it more and more but sae wanted to denied it but can't.

"Why did you stop the kissing." said sae like she were whispering to herself. But gekikara heard it clearly "Do you want it to stop or do you want more from my lips??" said gekikara teasing sae, but sae did hold back and endure for more but it was a lie too of couse she want it more but she endure it, but can't. Suddenly gekikara lips went to sae lips again but this time want's to enter the but sae don't let it enter for her. After a few seconds sae can't take anymore, so sae let gekikara tongue come through and continue the kissing. While they were kissing sae let out a little moan, but this moan so difference that make sae want more and more kisses from gekikara. Suddenly the kiss stop and sae was dissapointed and her face was more red then before, "Do you want it more again or do you want it stop again??" gekikara question sae, "I want it ........... more. Please don't stop " said sae that the first time sae said to a persone that make her face red and blush at the same time. Rena kiss her more and more and hot breath come from them and their moan can be heard as well.

Well that was long but i hope you guys enjoy reading it so yeah bye amigos and sayonara :3 and don't give a big thanks and give me another suggestion .
I know i haven't write anything else from yesterday sorry about. So yeah give me another suggetion ok buye amigos and sayonara :3  :)2 :)

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