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Author Topic: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 5 and 6  (Read 2737 times)

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"Rhombus Game" Chapter 5 and 6
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:27:06 PM »
Hi~ I'm writing a new FanFics but I don't know if it's good or I need to improve my writing~ :?

Introduction~ :roll:

"Okay~ everyone attention please~ this is the new member of the our club." Kojima announce at all people on the room.

"Yo!~ mina Mariko~desu Yoroshiku~" I bow at my clubmates. "Im your new member of your club so please teach me more about things that I need to learn." I added.

"I will tell you the name of your clubmates. The one that sitted near at the window and reading is Rena~chan and the one who hugging her from the behind is Jurina~chan." Then she pointed it.

I look at it. "Is they have relationship?" I asked

"We all here are have relationship." Kojima answer then giggles.

"Eh really?"

"The two there playing at the xbox is Yuihan and Paruru. They are relationship in each other." Kojima pointed.

"Then where your relationship at?"

"I don't kno-"

Kojima interrupt because someone is open and slam the door behind and suddenly hug kojima from behind.

"Harunyan I miss you I miss you I miss you." Yuko said while rubbing her cheeks at Kojima cheeks.

I shock a bit when Yuko~san enter and I step back while im watching the two having their sweet time.

"Eh!~ Yuko~san" while trying pulling away Yuko. "It's embarassing for our new member." While blushing a bit

"Hmm?" Yuko look at me and she break the hug from Kojima. "Yoroshiku~ Yuko~desu the president of this club." Then she bow a bit.

I bow back at her and smile awkwardly. "Anoo~ what kind of club is this?~"

"Eh~ You didn't know?~" Yuko look at Kojima while her body still facing at me.

"Eh~ what did I do?~"

"How do you get this new member?"

"Ah~ Mariko will explain how I pull her into this club."

"Eh?~ Okay~"


It's lunch break and I go buy a drinks at the vending machine. Then I see someone playing at PSP alone in a bench.

I go at back of her silently and watch her while she is playing. Then suddenly her character died.

"Arggh~ I don't get this game" Kojima said while slamming her PSP at her legs and rub her hair.

"Ne~ Let me try" I ask her.

It made her shocked while she looking at me. "I didn't know that someone watching me from behind." Kojima said.

I sit next to her at the bench. "Can I try one." I get the PSP at her legs.

"Hai~" then she nodded at me.

"Your playing tekken 6 right?"

"Yes~ how did you know that?" She said with a confusing tone.

"It's my favorite game." I started playing and Kojima watching me at my side.

I made some combo at the game and I knockout the enemy easily and win the fight.

"Oh~ Subarashi~ how did you do that?~" Kojima smiling brightly and widely at me and she get the PSP at my hand.

"It's called combo attack on that game. It's a basic technique to defeat your enemy."

"Oh~ ne~ do you have any club you joined at?~" Kojima asked suddenly.

shakes head "No I didn't have any club yet, why?"

"Do you want to join our club?~


Kojima suddenly get my hands and pull me through all way at the clubroom.

FlashBack Ends.

"Sou~ It's your first time to hook up some members like that" Then Yuko face me again.

Kojima go to the back of Yuko and get    her both hands and move it. "I heard some rumor about this student" While pointed me by using Yuko hands. "She is the very athletic person in her classroom." Then she whispering some at Yuko.

"Eh?~ really you are the junior that almost beat all the seniors at last track and field game?!~" Yuko shout it at clubroom.

It makes attention on the clubroom and all the club member looking at us.

"The one they said that legendary of class 3-A?" Yuihan said with a confusing tone.

"Yes the students that not only excellent in physical activities but also in online and lan games." Kojima made a circle while pointing at me by using Yuko hands.

"Oh~ really?" Yuihan walked and look at me in the eye. "You have a skinner body than I thought." Yuihan pinches my shoulder to muscle.

I just let Yuihan while smiling awkwardly. "Eh~ kind of I think."

"So~ do you have a abs?" Yuko ask in nowhere.


"Mustache? You can lift up a truck? Push the wall? What powers do you have?" Yuko ask while looking at my body in different angle.

"No" I pull down the hands of Yuihan at my arms. "Im just student with a good physical body."

"No need to be angry ne~" then Yuko smile. "Welcome to the Game Club. We are the one who make the game for the events of the school, contest of the school and all the thing that connected in game." Then Yuko smile and it's showing her dimple.

"Oh~ I never heard your club before, I thought the student council is the one making the game for the event of the school" I walk to the xbox where Paruru is playing.

"Yes, They are the one created but the ideas is giving by us" Yuko followed me.

Yuihan come back at the xbox and playing again with Paruru.

"All things you see in this room, we owned it." Yuko said.

"Oh~ cool~ This is a small club but you have plenty things around." I look at the stall where they game cd and poster place at.

"So you want to join our club?"

"Ofcourse I never seen this kind of club before" I get some cd and smile like a child.

"You only have to do now is to fill up this form." Yuko give me a new member form.

~Bells Ringing~

Suddenly the bell rang for the end of lunch break.

I get the form "Hai~ I will fill up this and give it to you after the class end."

Yuko just nodded. "We are still here after the class break." And at the side of Yuko is Kojima waving at me.

All of the member of the club already leaving the room. I just smile for my reply at Yuko and Kojima and I immediately leave and go on my class.

And the hour pass. I just get bored at so many boring subject left at.

~Bells Ringing~

It's the last bell to end of class today.

"Get up, bow"

The class president said it and I just follow it. I get the form at my pocket and place it at the table and I start to answering it.

"Maririn~ You want to join us again? I know a new open cake shop." Erepyon said it while looking at the paper I answering at.

"No. I pass today ne~ sorry~." While im trying to cover the form.

"Mmm. Okay~ so next time ne~ And goodluck for the club you will be joining at" Erepyon giggles cutely and slowly getting out of the room. "Bye~" While waving at me.

"Baka~ Just enjoy your trip~ Jaa~" Im waving back at Erepyon.

And im back to continue to answering the form.
By the way Erepyon is my childhood friend. She is always by my side if I need a playmate if the game is for two player.

Im the last one left inside the room and im done answering the form.

"Yosh~ the only left to do is pass this to Yuko~san." I put the form in my pocket and get my things and immediately go out of the room.

When Im getting out of the room I accidentally bump on another student and it makes the student fall on the corner of the wall.

I hold the side of our room door and I get back on my balance again. "Are you okay?" I ask the student while holding her shoulder to help her get up.

"Yes." While helping herself to get up.

It's makes my attention on the wristband on her arm. It's the wristband that have a design by the logo of the game.

She look at me and bow. "Sorry." Raise head. "I have to go now." Then she immediately run off on the hallway.

I just watching her running on the hallway. "Mou~ I didn't ask her where did buy that wristband. I want one~." Then I look at my arms and purse my lips.

I go to the clubroom and I give the form to Yuko~san and she submit it on the student council.

And after that day im become a official member of the game club.

"Congrats Maririn you are now official member of this club." Kojima said While tapping my both shoulder and giggles at me. "Yoroshiku"

Im bow as reply on Kojima "Etoo~ wheres Yuko~san?"

"She always go at the game store to view some new games."

"Oh sou~ then wheres the other members?" I look around the room and it's only Kojima and I are in the room.

"I go here to pick you up. We are having a advance meeting in the student council for the sportfest this year." Then Kojima get a poster on the stall. "We forgot to remind you yesterday about it."

"Ah. I thought they already leave."

"No. Then let's go and I will tell you about the member of our student council."

I go with Kojima and we walk through the clubroom of student council.
We enter and I see in front of me a table that shape a square and it's around on the room. My clubmates and the student council are seated parted on the table.

I follow Kojima and I sit next to her.

"So where the president of your club Miss Kojima?" Takamina said. The president of the student council.

"Maybe after a few min-"

Kojima did not finish her line again because Yuko slam the door of the student council club.

"Sorry mina!~ Im late~ it's very rare to see this game poster so im try my best and knock out all the people who wants to get this poster." While fluttering the roll poster on the air and walking and sit next to me.

"Okay~ whatever. So what game do you suggest for our sportfest?" Takamina said while playing with her ballpen in her hand.

Yuko ignore the question of Takamina. "And you know Maririn they sell again the resident evil 6 the game." Then Yuko giggles while fluttering the poster on her hand. "I want to buy it but I will wait until they have a sale for it."

Takamina just sigh and slowly slamming her forehead at the table and rest on it. "How that person become president of that club?" Then mumbles softly while looking at Atsuko.

"So~ she is the new member of the game club." Atsuko said while playing with her fingers on the table and looking at me silently and the vice-president of the student council. "Looks interesting student" She added.

End Of Introduction~

Give me some feedback please~
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Re: "Unknown Title" Introduction~
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Chapter 1~

I and Erepyon are walking to the school, when we sighting the main gate we see the vice-president Atsuko standby on it.

"It's new the vice-president is at the main gate and viewing the students to enter the school." Erepyon said while sighting Atsuko

"Yes it's kind of awkward to see her there" I replied on her.
When we arrived at the gate Atsuko said my name and it made both us got our attention.

 "Mariko right? Your name?~" Atsuko said while looking at me.

"Hmm?" I look back on her nods softly while tilting my head a bit

"I want to talk to you later at lunch break" Then she slowly walking away

"So you are close with the vice-president?" Erepyon ask me.
 "No. I don't know why she wants to talk with me. It's kind of weird"

Then we continue to walk at our room and later after it the class is start. After some hours the lunch break time and Erepyon come to me.

"So what games will be held next week at the sport fest?" Erepyon ask and sip her choco drink.

"We don't know yet. We will still finalizing it." I get some coins at my wallet and stood up on the chair. "Ne~ Can you escort me at the vending machine?"

"Of course~ you will treat me right?" Then Erepyon giggles softly

"Hmm~ Let me think, No.~" Then I'm slowly leaving the room.

"You're so unfair. I'm always treat you when I have money then you will not treat me?~" Slowly following me.         
 "Hai~ Hai~ don’t worry if I have extra money I will treat you"

Then we go to the side of the school where the vending machines placing at.
I insert a coin into the vending machine and choose my drinks. "What do you think, Should I meet the vice-president?" While getting my drinks.

"Yes~ Of course, you are member of the game club now. Maybe she asking you something according to the sport fest" Erepyon done drinking her drinks and threw it at the trash bin next to the vending machine.

I lean my back on the wall while looking at Erepyon "Why it's only me?"

"Maybe the others members are already inform by her"

Then suddenly someone is going up on the stairway and makes us attention. It's the vice-president she is looking and going near to me.

"Hi, I think I’m not disturbing your discussion ne?~" Then she insert a coin in the vending machine and buy some drinks.

"No, not at all. Actually you are the topic at our discussion"  Erepyon look at me with evil smile.

"Oh really?" Slowly sipping her drinks.

I look back at her and make a softly angry face "No. actually we-"

"Well she said that you are scary that her thought." Erepyon said while twirling her finger in the air. "I will take my leave now. I think you two have a serious discussion will be taken at." Then she slowly moving away in the hallway.

Then Atsuko look at me and I look at Erepyon that walking backwards while waving and said some words in the air "Gan-Ba-Tte"
“I will payback at you when I’m done today.” I said to myself then I look back at Atsuko "So what do you want to talk about?"

"About yourself. Well you are a new member of one of the club that coordinates with us. So I’m just interviewing you"

"Ohh-kay. What first do you want to know about?" I threw away in the bin my drinks

"Why did you join the game club?"

"Well the best answer I will give you for that is I like games and game club is the right club for me"

"I see. Then what game do you prefer to play with? A physical one or a computer games?"

"I’m playing computer games more than physical game this past week. So I prefer with a computer games"

"Sou~ Okay. That’s fine for today." Then she threw away her drinks.

I just nods softly as reply for her.

"Oh. Before I forgot, the games for sport fest are already decided. i hope you join at one of the game" While taking her leave

"I didn't know that."

"Then ask Yuko~san" Then she leave while waving at me.

"Unfair" Then I tilted my head a bit while walking back to my classroom.

The hour pass. I’m just viewing all the time outside the members of student council that checking the area for the sport fest.
It's our homeroom time and the president goes in front for the announcement of the sportiest.

"Umm... In this coming sport fest there are only 4 major games will be held. Flour flag catch, School round 1 lap race, Basketball and Soccer.." Our president said and she gets a ballpen "Okay. For the flour catch flag and lap race there is only one representative per class. Who want to be join at flour catch flag?"

"Ne~ Ne~ Maririn you will join the lap race right?" Erepyon ask me while moving her chair near to me.

"I think so? Why?"

"Hai!~" Erepyon raise her hand "Mariko will participate at lap race!"

"Okay I will write your name on it" The president said and then writes my name.

"Eh?!~ I only thinking of it if I join or not" My eyebrows meet while looking at Erena

"Hai~ Hai~ Our class win if you the one will be representative at." Then she look behind to talk with other classmates. "Right ne? We will win is she participate?"

"Hai~" Kawaei said and the two giggles softly in my front.

"Your still a BAKA after all. You owned me twice today. You will payback later"

"Hai~ Hai~" Erepyon said while nodding softly.
After the class I go to the club room.
As usual I see the daily scene I seen daily.
Yuihan and Paruru is playing. Rena is reading and Jurina is still behind her.
I get a chair and sit behind if Yuihan to watch them playing. "You were the president and the vice?"

"They are with the student council president. They still checking the equipment use for the sport fest" Yuihan said while playing

"When the game decided? I didn't inform on it"

"Well it's only the president of the game club and student council will choose the game and we will know when it's announce on our class"

"Ahh. I see. I thought I didn't inform on it"

Then suddenly Yuihan rotate his chair and face me. "Ne~ Are you talking a lot with the vice president of student council this past day?"

"Yes. Sort off. Why?"

"Are you been heard about the rumored around the school? About Atsuko and you?"

"No. What is it?"

Paruru turn around and answer my question. "Some student said you two are very perfect couple around the campus"

"And I’m agree on that" Then she pinch cheeks of Paruru.

"Me too" Then she pinch both cheeks of Yuihan and they both giggles cutely.

"I think am getting diabetes in this two" I said it to myself Then I look at the Wmatsui. Rena is reading while Jurina is sleeping on Rena shoulder while hugging it from the back. "I can bake a cookies by the sweetness overflow here" I said again to myself before leaving the club room.
I go outside and watching Yuko-san with the others preparing the materials for the sport fest.
"It's more flour of sack than I thought" There are some students that late leaving the school but only one of them following my eyes. The girl in other day that dress of wristband that I want.

End Of Chapter 1

It's So Long Before I Post The First Chapter~
Sorry~  :nervous  I Just Busy With My School Activities~  :cow:

Give Some FeedBack Please~ :bow:
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Re: "Unknown Title" Chapter 1 ( Updated )
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Lol Mariko

The rumored Mariacchan...i wonder hiw Takamina react

Update please

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Re: "Unknown Title" Chapter 1 ( Updated )
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Hai~ I Will Update It As Soon As I Can~  :cow:
I Have So Many School Activities This Coming Days So Please Wait For It~  :)

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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 2 ( Updated )
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Chapter 2

Lunch break. I don't have any lunch food to be eaten so I go to Erena.

"Ne~ Erena~ Can you-... Ohh" I just seen that Erepyon have her own lunch box. "You have a food for lunch..."

"Hai~ My big sister just came back from Spain and she cook a Spanish food for me" Then she get her lunch box to see me inside of it. "Ta-daa"

"Ohh... It's looks really premium" I look at it and base on what I see, it's looks really crunchy I thought. "So I will go down to canteen to buy some food for me. Do you want to ask buy anything?"

"Hmm... Drinks the old ones in the vending machine." Then she gave me a money.

"Okay..~" Then I take my leave to the door when I sighted my other classmates whispering to each other while covering their mouth.

"So she is it?"
"Yes. They said"
"The one who will replace Taka-"

That's the conversation I hear before I completely go out in the room and go down.

"It's crowded today ne~" I said to my self and I sighted Rena~chan trying to buy in the canteen but she is being ignore and pull out by other students. Then she sit on a group table alone.

"Yo! Rena~chan" I go to the table "Don't buy anything?"

She just shakes her head slowly and look at the crowded people buying food to the counter.

I look to it and look back at her "To shy to fall in line?" Then she just nod at me. "Then I will buy it for you. What do you want?"

She faces me and look at the front and point a bread at one student and said softly "That one"

"Ohh melon pan" It's a very rare to sell here in the canteen. Sometimes it's only sell 2 days a week with a very little stock. I look at the canteen tray and saw there is still 5 melon pan so I immediately rush off to it.

Then I came back to the table with success job. "Here it's only 3 melon pan left when I came there" Then I give her the melon pan.

She get the 2 melon pan and gave me back the remaining "Here. I think you forgot to buy food for yourself."

"Ohh. Yea... I forgot. Thanks for this." I get the melon pan and we starts to eat. "So how are you with Jurina?~"

She just smile softly at me while eating her melon pan and said "Good."

"Sou.~" I think she is type of silent girl. I said to myself. I almost done to my food when I sighted Rena looking something from my back. So I look at it too and saw Atsuko. "Ohh."

"Can I join you?" Atsuko ask while looking Rena and holding her tray.

"Yes. But ask Rena~chan too." Then I look at Rena and she is already nodding her face.

"Thanks" She put the tray on the table and open her lunch box and drinks. "Ittadikimasu" then she start eating.

I slowly feeling awkward when she start sit beside us and I already finish the melon pan. I want to leave this table as off now because when I first time the vice-president and I meet I really confuse by her. I think I will make Erepyon to be the reason. Then I stand up "I will go to...-"

"I already buy the drinks of Erepyon wants" She said suddenly and drinks  sign of she already finish her lunch.

"How did you know?"

"I finding you in your classroom when Erena answer me that she ask to buy you something and you buy food in your lunch. So in return I buy the drinks her want and goes down here to find you." She said while looking at me and easily biting her lower lips.

"Why you always chasing me?" Then I sighted Rena looking around and I do the same and see that most of the students are looking on us and looks they want the scene they watching at. And I sitted again and turn over to the students.

"Coz you looks interesting and I love you" She suddenly confess.

"Don't play with me. Since I join the game club and chase by you I being always the topic of the discussion of our class." Then I slam softly the table.

"Psst. Rena~chan" Yuko calling while signaling her hands to come to her.

Then Rena stand up and bows slowly as sign of taking her off and goes to Yuko.

"Sou.. desu ne~ Then let's make a bet" Atsuko said while watching Rena leaving.

"What bet?" I look around and it's more crowded students than before.

"I will tell you later but now we will go to your classroom." Then she grab my hand tightly and force me to go with her.

"Why?!" I feel my hand become weak when he grab on me and I can't fight back due to she more stronger than me.

We pass on the crowded student that most of there are screaming lovely and looks happily while Atsuko dragging me to the stairway.

Then we arrived in front of my classmate and Atsuko write her name and her position on the blackboard.

"I'm presenting myself for those who didn't know me yet. I'm Atsuko Maeda vice President of the student council." Then she bow herself.  "And I'm here to collect the papers for the representative of game in the sport fest."

"You can do that without holding my hands" I'm trying to break off on her hand that struggle on me. But she is not want to and still grabbing my hand tightly. And I want to call a help but I see that Erena is not here.

Our president came to her and give the paper. "Thanks." Then Atsuko reads the paper. "So you are the one who represent in the lap race?" Then she look at me.

"Yea. It's a force votes I think." Then I give a full force to let go my hands and I success.

"So do you want to make a bet now?" The vice-president make a cute and tidy confession at me.

"Why you acting cuter now?" Then I step back a bit.

"Then let's make a serious deal" Then suddenly change her appearances. "I will be the representative of our class in the lap race. If I win in the lap race you will be my personal maid in 3 days. But if you win I will do the same."

"Can I change my prize? If I win you will stop chasing me."

"Okay I'm agree." Then she offer her hands.

We make a shakehands sign of we accept the challenge.

My classmates is the witness of our battle. Then the school hours is already over and here I am laying in my bed playing some RPG games on my cellphone.

*Knock on the door

"It's open."

"Yo!~ What are you playing?" Erepyon said While entering the room and lay besides me in the bed.

"Just my new downloaded RPG games." My answer without looking at her and continue to playing my game.

"One of the things that I hate you when you play some games you don't have time to look at the one you talking at." While cuddles more in my shoulder.

"Yea. I think so." Then I turn around face back at her.

Then a suddenly arm hug my waist and it's getting tighter. "Why there are so many people have a crush on you?" Erepyon said while cuddling her face on my nape.

"Eh?~ Erepyon?..." I trying not to confuse at what she said and I'm trying to face her. But her hands is not allowed me to do that.

"Want to know my feels right now?" Cuddles more on my nape.

I didn't say anything. I don't know what to answer and what to do. I feel some wet on my nape. ( Is she crying? )

"I don't want to lose you. I want just at your side anytime if I can. I don't want other people got your attention. I'm getting jealous."

I sigh softly before theres something out from my mouth. "Is that a confession or..-"

"It is a confession you BAKA!."

I don't know but I suddenly smile and feel relieve. Then I face her "Why?"

"When I see Haruna grab your hands and the vice-president. There is a pinch over my chest. I don't know the reason but I feel jealous when you are not besides me." Then she look at me.

I saw her red cheeks and eyes that made sparkle by the tears. "You look crying baby now." Then I giggles softly.

It made she more reddish and try to cover her face but a kiss suddenly land on my lips. For exchange I reply the kiss more deeply.

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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 2 ( Updated )
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Erepyon har a crush on Marik?!!?..cant be help Mariko is to handsome

Look forward for the bet

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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 3 ( Updated! )
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Sorry For Really Late Update~ :) :sweatdrop:

Chapter 3

It's already morning. I am the one who wake up first. I look at Erepyon sleeping face and poke her cheeks twice. When she not notice it I poke it again. "Sleepy monster" then I pinch her nose hardly result of awaken her.

"Urrhh~ mhhmm~" while trying to cover herself with a pillow

"Ne~ time to go to school now~"

"Ne~" while pecking under the pillow. "Can we go not to school today?~


"Let's enjoy ourself today... Only the two of us"

I sit on the bed and think if we have important to taken at at school. "Hmm~"
Then Erena sit face to me "Please~ Only the two of us. A date~"
Im analyze my mind before I answer.[size=78%]"Hunn" nod "Sure' then I stand up from the bed and pull her hands to get up too. "So get up now"[/size]
But she pull back my hand and cause of falling me in top of her. "Let's take our time ne~"  Erepyon said while moving my hair behind my ear.

"When did you learn this kind of sweet types personality?" I ask while little blush out from my cheeks.

"It's my other side I think?"

"Hmm. So there are so many little things that I didn't know yet?~"

"I think so." She said while make a round view by her eyes.
Then I pinch her both cheeks. "Your so unfair!~"

Then a few hours past we go down stairs to take breakfast and take our first date.

"So where do we go first?" I said while checking my item on my bag.

"Arcade. at the mall? What do you think?"

"Okay. It's been a long time since we go there."

Then we go on a mall and play on the arcade.
We first play the basketball machine for a team play. We call it "warm-up" for our arms.
Then our next is the shooting game "Time crisis" it's a co-op game and eventually I always got the highscore every checkpoint.
Then we also try the 2 race arcade, Versus mode on Tekken tag, Street fighter, King of fighter, Metal slug and many more until it's dawn.

"Are you not enough to play at? We almost try everything here." Erepyon said while getting another yen in her pocket.

"Hmm last two or three games. Let's try that" Then I point at silent scope arcade. "Then let's make a bet just 1000 yen."

"Yea. If I only give you to money instantly cause I know that I never win over you."

"Just let's try. Well you know you have to luck in that game." Then I insert a coin in that arcade. "The highest stage to go is the winner."

"Okay I will ready my losing money now." Then she get the betting money and a coin for the arcade.
I start playing it and game over at stage 4.

"I think I near at the end of the game." Then I step out. "Your turn."

"I'm gonna lose at the end anyway but I will try my best." Then Erepyon start to play and almost lose her life at stage 2 and game over at stage 3. "I knew it." Then she look at me.
I offer my hand at her sign of i'm waiting for my pot money. And she give it to me and I go to another arcade at stuff toy catcher.

"Can we go now?" Erepyon said while watching me inserting coin at the machine. "I'm very hungry now. My stomach ask me to bring her
some food."

"Wait this is the last one. I will use your 1000 yen here. I want to catch those Majisuka Gakuen stuff toy." Then I start to catch a stuff toy.
Erepyon go at another stuff toy catcher where the prize you can claim is 3 times bigger than machine where i'm playing at.

"Only 3 Majisuka girls. Not bad I think" Then I get my prize under and look at Erepyon. "Hey~ Erepyon I got thr---... Oh"

"Nee!~ Maririn I got Nezumi and Center stuff toy in large size!~ I can't carry it by myself can you help me?~" Erepyon said while trying to pulling out the two Majisuka stuff toys at prize slot.

"I'm jealous. How can you get this two large stuff toys?" Then I go to her and help it pulling out.

"By praying at the machine if he can hold it tightly." She get the Nezumi one and carry it on her back.
I got the Center one and hold it by my arms with my other 3 small ones.

"So how many you got?"

"Only 3. Black, Torigoya and Shibuya. I also want to get gekikara but I out of coin."

"Handle it to me" Then Erepyon go at the arcade where I play before and insert a coin and try to catch the gekikara ones. And instantly it's drop at the prize slot.

"Ehh?!~ How can it be?"

"Ta~daa~" She said while seeing it to me gekikara and get one small stuff toys in my arms to let her handle it. "Now the 4 queens complete."

The vice-president Maeda Atsuko POV.

Lunch break at school.

Acchan going out in the room after the bell rings but TakaMina block her passage at the door.

"You will go and see that senior again?" Takamina said while looking at Acchan eyes seriously while crossing her arms.

"Yes why? It's nothing to do to you anyway." Acchan said while trying to pass through but Takamina didn't want to happen that.

Since off the vice-president always go to see Maririn, Takamina felt that she losing her precious friend and one-sided love.

"Why you have do a great effort on her? You always left me behind since you meet her."

"Don't worry. I just want her to remember me. Can you wait until it happen?"

"Why don't you just tell her that who you are."

"I want her to remember me by herself and her feelings."

"I really don't get you at the start." Then Takamina turn around and sign of leaving the room.
But Acchan hold her hands and stop her. "So you gonna leave me too? Like my parents did to me?" She bow her head little and plead like a little kitty in road.

"Aghh~ Don't do that face against me~ You know that I can't win against that." She blow her sigh as she saw that cute little kitty face.
Then she turn around Takamina and hug her while cuddles on it's chest and look-up to see it's face.

"Why I am the one role to be babysit at you?" Then she rub it's her softly. "Let's go to your target" And Acchan nods at her.

Then the two member of the student council came up on the room of Maririn to see it.

"Anoo.~ Konnichiwa" Takamina said in one of the student hanging out in the door of the classroom. "Is Mariko here? Or she go down in canteen?"

"Oh. The president of the student council, Konnichiwa." Then she bow her head a bit. "Mariko is absent today. Same on Erena who is her childhood friend and close to each other house. Only the two of they are absent in our class."

"Souka. Thanks for the information." Then Takamina take her leave. "Your  precious princess is absent today with her childhood butler."

"Sou.~ Who is the childhood butler?"

"I don't know. The one who name Erena? Did you know her?"

"No. Let's go, let's take our lunch at the club." Then the two take their leave.

Back to Maririn and Erepyon POV.

The two already done taking their lunch at mall and continue to explore. They went in every shop they stop at and buy unless one or more things sales at that store.
It's getting night when they off at the mall.

"It's late 8 pm right? We spend almost 11 hours at the mall" I said while stretching my arms.

"Ne?~ Ready for the next one?" Erepyon said while she grab my hand like she is ready to go.

"Eh?~ There's more?"

"Yes. It will bring back our memories. Let's go" Then she pull my hand and run towards to place where she said. Then after a minute of running in the sidewalk like no others people are walking we arrive at a silent riverside. "Remember this place?"
"Yes." Then I silently and slowly looking around at the place where I and Erepyon always hanging out when the school is over and play sometimes until dawn.

"I really miss going to this place with you. And now finally we are here again." Then Erepyon hold my hand while we both watching the river flows.

Then after a few hours talking at the riverside we decide now to go home.
Then when Erepyon sight again a arcade shop not far from our school.

"Want to play again at the arcade?" Erepyon said while looking at the shop.

"It's already 10pm you are not tired yet?"

"A little. Please this is the last stop. I promise" She said while making a bowing face and hands.

"Okay. I want to play games after all. Let's go" Then I'm the first to enter the shop and sighted a crowded people in one of the arcade game. But I ignore it and goes far away with them to play with Erepyon.
Then we play again some games together and some of those we beat it and some are almost. We get some foods either and we sighted that it's already 12am.

"Let's go now Maririn it's already late." Erepyon said while fixing her things in her bag.

"Wait last game I want to play some Tekken here" Then I started to find the arcade I want. But I didn't find it. "Is there are some tekken arcade here in this shop?" I ask Erepyon.

"Yes. When I sighted those crowded people I found that they are watching some battle at Tekken. And guess what one of the player is student from our school." She said while escorting me to the arcade.
I'm trying to go in front to see what Erepyon said and it's true it's one of the student from our school and I might know her. "Wait I think I meet this girl many times before."

"Really? You know some details from her?"

"No I have chances to meet her sometimes." Then when I see her wristband on her arms theres are pop-up in my mind. "Sou.~ So she is the girl I meet since we bump at each other." I said softly while trying to fall in line with next player.

"Did you say something?"

"No. Look at her consecutive win I think she go on this shop a few hours before us."

"Yes. I think she more than pro at that game. Let's go now you will fight her someday. Atleast we know where she play at." Erepyon said while sign of leaving the shop and I follow her and we arrive at home safely.

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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 4 ( Updated! )
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Chapter 4
Its weekend and I no plan to do except goes to meeting of the game club at the cafe shop near at school. I have no time to waste and I fix myself up and go downstairs and see Erena are already waiting me.

"Oh. Erepyon you are already down her. Why?" I ask with confusing tone.

"Nothing I want to be with you." She said after all with my Mother are in the side watching us. "I'm allowed ne?~ Okaa-san?" Then she look at my mother.

My mother just gives a sweet smile as reply. "Of course just nothing bad happen on both of you." Then she takes her leave at the kitchen.

"Okay. You can escort me with my meeting at the game club just don't interfere. You got it?" Then she nodded softly and we take our leave.

When we arrive at the cafe shop they are already there except Yuko.

"Yuko always late ne?~" I said while having a sit.

"Ne?~ I will go around outside text me if you are done with the meeting" Erepyon said and go outside of the cafe.

"Who's with you?" Harunyan said while calling a waiter.

"My childhood friends and my special someone I think" I said straightly with them.
"Ohh. I see. Then what do you want Maririn?" She said while giving the order at the waiter.

"Creamy latté." My answer.

After a few minutes the president Yuko~san still no sign of coming...

Then she get a ball pen and paper "I guess I will start this discussion." Harunyan said while standing up from the chair "Okay. Our discussion will talk abo---"

Once again Yuko interrupt Haruna momentum.
Yuko slam the door of the cafe that cause of noise and center of attraction for the people in the shop and make a rush to go in our table.

"You are always good at introduction." Then Harunyan sighted that not only Yuko came for an entrance.
"Who's with you?"

"Oh she?" Then she made a window to see who's with her. "Let me introduce our 2nd new member for this year." Then she makes a good entrance for her. "Owada nana student of the freshmen. She ask me if she can join for game club because she want to be with her Idol, senpai and crush.."

"So who is the lucky girl?" Harunyan said with a bit of confusing.

"Me!" Yuko said with a aggressive feelings.

"So you are the girl. Did you like her?" Harunyan said with a bit of jealous feel inside her chest.

"Yes. Look at her. She is so young and cheerful kid." Then she pinch both cheeks of Owada and slowly hugging it's neck.

"Then we should broke-up so that you can enjoy your new girl. Then you two can also live happily ever after." Harunyan said while fixing her things in bag and sign of leaving in the cafe.

I suddenly fell angry and hard from the inside and my hand want to slap Yuko but Jurina grip my hands and smile softly at me.

"It's okay. You not know Yuko to the fullest." Then she giggles softly and watches Yuko again.

"Really? You are leaving?" Then she move the hug from Haruna "I'm just kidding ne~ I just want to see your angry face"

"It's a bad joke" While crossed her both arms in her chest.

"Please? I'm sorry" While moving her face to Haruna.

"You just do it because you want to get a kiss from me." Harunyan just let do Yuko want and not move from her position.

Yuko freeze for a moment and look at the eye of Haruna and when the girl feel the expected pause for a moment and see that it's only a inches away before it's happen. "Then should I don't continue these?" Yuko said while glazing looking at eye of Haruna.
But the girl didn't reply a word except she pull Yuko towards her to continue what she expecting for. And the two girls kissing at each other in front of their club members and other people that taking their time at the cafe.

"Are this cafe shop are allowing this kind of Yuri scene?" I ask the junior Jurina.

"Yes we think so?. We are just regular and special costumer here at the cafe so we think that's its okay for the management."

"I see." Then I look at the new member Owada and I spotted that she already staring at me. "Yo!~ Domo Mariko Shinoda desu I am kindly also new member of this club." Then I bow gently and I seeing her panic in a bit of moment and blushing softly and smile cutely before giving answer at me.

"H-h-hai! Owada Nana Desu~" Then she bows back at me. "P-p-please be nice to me"

I smile to her as sign of my reply and I look back at Yuri scene and they are just finish with there session.
Yuko just raising her head while some saliva are dropping down from her lips and when she reach at stand up position she lick her whole lips and wipe it by the tissue. She also help Haruna to get up and hold it hands.

"Yea.. By the way the lucky girl I talking to is not me, actually it's Maririn. I don't know why but when she ask me if she can join the club and I refuse it she follow me whenever I go and said to me that she will do whatever I want if I agree to join her to our club so I accept it and talk to her and I know the reason why."

"Ohh really? That's a thought pleasure to just accept in this club for a junior like you." Harunyan said and patted the junior head.

"Really?" Then she look back at the new member "You have a special feelings on me?" And suddenly loving blush came out in both cheeks of the little junior
"H-hai! Since I seen you playing you at one of the arcade shop I visited the most"

"So what's the story?" Jurina ask out of her curiousity.

"E-ehh?~ Where should I start?"

"I think you should start where you start when you share the story to me." Yuko said while sitting down in the chair and she pull Haruna to sit on her laps and the girl do it and Yuko hugging her from the back.

"Ehmm~ Okay here I go" Everyone in the club have taken their seat and Owada now starting the flashback.

Flashback Of Owada Nana~

We are just splitting up from our group to go home but before I go I seen a game shop and I decide to buy something for my little brother.
Then I go to the class A game cd's for computer because my little brother likes those kind of type of cd's. Then I see a same school outfit as mine and it's Mariko~san also picking and placing some same type of cd's in her basket. I'm not ordinary seen that kind of person that buying almost 10 cd's at the same time.
Then I decide to follow her silently just to take out my curiosity and she goes in one of the arcade shop that where I and my little brother playing at the most time.
She play at one of those games that's I and my little brother playing the most and I decide to watch her.
I amaze of her game skill and instinct because in just a moment past she almost defeat a 15 different guys and the crowd to watch the game play is become more bigger and I push to the back.
So I waited her outside of the shop and I ask her name and if I can be her friends but she just tell her name and smile softly at me.
And since that happen I always find and following her when the recess and lunch break in the school.

Flashback ends~

"I see so you easily impressed at her skill?" Jurina said while trying to recalling once again the story.

"Yes but I totally impressed when she knock off the seniors in last track and field game. I'm one of the student yelling and support her in that game." Owada answer while nods firmly.

"But you know she has already have a special someone" Harunyan said while holding the both hands of Yuko that's hugging her.

"Yes I know I also see them at the mall yesterday."

"Really? They have a date already?" Harunyan said with a shock expression.

"You are a professional stalker. So since and when did you see us yesterday?" I said while trying to be not awkward my expression.

"Since at your dinner through you two go in a riverside."

"Really? that's far?" I sigh and giggles softly with feelings of awkward.

Then we just go off in that topic and go in our discussion about what will important to do in next sport fest that's happen this coming Monday.

"Oh by the way we heard that you have a bet with the vice-president Atsuko?" Yuihan said suddenly in out of her concern.

"Yes. We bet at the game of lap race"

"I see. Have you already train yourself I know that you don't want to lose?"

"Not yet maybe after this meeting."

"I think there's not enough days to you to train well if you not asking Atsuko was our representative for our school last year event for the division track and field game. And she also got the first runner up mostly in each game."

"Oh... I wish my skill didn't lost in this past months."

"Break a leg for your train and your battle between her."

"Hai. I will." I nodded softly.

Then the group meeting ends and we just out of the shop and mind ourselves business.

I get my cell phone and will text Erepyon but I sighted a park near at my location and see that Erena are there playing some games with the kids.

I go there and watch them playing when Erepyon notice me.

"Done with the meeting?" Erepyon said while patted the hairs of the boy she playing at.

"Yes. We just talk about the sport fest." Then I smile softly.

"So where we next?"

"I think I will go some train."

"Oh because of your bet with the vice-president?"

"Yes. I heard some of her in the meeting."

"Hmm then we should start when we change our outfit"

Then we go home and change our outfit to a proper one for a run or jog.
And we train park to park we go.
Jog, push up, curl ups etc repeat.

"It's already evening I think it's enough now." I said while wiping my sweat with a towel.

"I think too" Erepyon said while catching her breath. "It's a long time ago before we go on the same
train like this."

"Yes it's almost two years I think before we use to be play at Xbox."  And I inhale and exhale hardly.

Then we decide to go home and we have taken our dinner before I'm taking a bath.

And as tomorrow come we repeat again our training session.
We woke up early to take a morning jog and in afternoon we push ourselves in exercise and warm-up and when the evening comes we relax our body and take our time.

"So what will do you think the result tomorrow?" I ask while brushing my hair in front of the mirror.

"I don't know yet. Some of our classmates bet on the vice-president side." Erepyon answer while playing
in her psp in my bed.

"I see. I think she is a thought enemy right?"

"Yes they also said that. She is have a flexibility and endurance than yours."

"Just let see tomorrow." Then I put down the brush and goes to my bed. "I will sleep early Yuko said we must get in the school tomorrow early."

"I see then I must go now. Oyasumi."

"Oyasumi~" Then Erena take her leave in my room and I take my rest now.

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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 4 ( Updated! )
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Chapter 5~

"So this is it ne?~" I said while warming up my body for the race.

My clubmate and classmates are cheering from me and it's overwhelm from it's sound.
Then the announcer call the name of the athletes one by one and later all of the competators are set in there position.

"I have already buy your maid costume" The vice-president Maeda said to me while having a small victorious smile in her face.

"Really?~ I want the casual uniform. And by the way why are your position in here? You must place at end right?" I said and look at the place where I said.

"It doesn't necessary the race will start soon"

"The racetrack will be a box shape. The four corner of our school are the sign or checkpoint of your track. The first who got run by three full lap in our school will be the winner. Are all understand the track?" The announcer explain.

"Hai!!!" Then all athletes are take there mark.

"On my mark~ get set~" Bang~ a airgun shot out from sign of start of the race.

On the start you will not define who will be first until it came on the first lap and you will see the there are 5 people having a great distance at the remaining competators.

"So Yuko~san plans are going good. It's true that the vice-president weakest is when the turning part of the race is coming. She become lost half of her speed and take it back again." I said to myself while looking at my back to watch the others.

"So is Maririn can win at this spot?" Harunyan ask Yuko while they are watching at the race.

"I don't know yet. The position of the turning part into the finish line is a great distance for Maeda~san to sprint and give her full speed." Yuko clearly reply.

"Then only luck can give her chance to win."

"Yea. It's look so."

"The plan is I give her a very long distance at eachother at every turning point we take." I said it again to my self and do my plan.

"Is she doing it on the 2nd lap? Do you think it's too early for that?" Harunyan ask again Yuko.

"The earlier the better. Unless she push herself too much and there is no burst to be out at the last lap." Yuko cleatred up.

But Jurina said and cleared up something.
"But I think no matter how long Shinoda~san having distance to the vice-president she cannot win over with the battle of flexibility and accuracy of eachother."

And Rena speak after her.
"So it means that no matter the distance is she can up her speed and have a very big chances to get over whoever the people in her front due to her flexibility plus accuracy and strength of her legs."

Yuko just burst out a deep sigh.
"So she never have chance to win afterall ne?~"

And Harunyan and the two Matsui just nodded at Yuko.

I just do Yuko plan but every the straight track come Atsuko just stay at her back with a little difference from her.
The two have just fired up at the lap race as expected at the two already experience a good maintaning good at physical health.
In the last lap I just got first place and next to her is Atsuko.
On the last turning point I'm very exhaust and she easily pass by me Atsuko until the end of the lap race.

Im trying to catch my breath very heavily.
"Im still second although I give all my effort. HuWhoo!~" And I burst out my sigh on my body.

"Deal is a deal." Atsuko is also catching her breath firmly. "You must need do our bet."

I just watch the other student end the lap race while going to my clubmates and ignore the vice-president Atsuko.

"I on a second place." I bend my body and still trying to catch my breath softly.

"Atleast you work hard ne~" Yuko praised my hard work and pat my shoulder.

I'm smile back at her "Hai. Now I have to do our bet."

"Just enjoy to be maid at her ne~"

"When I just thinking about it it's give me a headache."

Then Erepyon pat my shoulder. "Omedetou~ Do you want to go in a maid cafe.?" She ask.

I sigh softly before I answer. "I don't like." And then I look at her. "I think I will enjoy this day."

Then we both watch the Flour Flag Catch and join in mini-contest made by Yuko~san.
Get the biggest count of push-up and will win a 1 year supply lunch in the canteen.

"How many I will do to bet the highest?" Erepyon ask to me as she next in the line.
The mini-contest are only allowed at those people have a very average physical body.
"The highest is 13 so you must do a 14 or above push-up." I answer.
"Yosh~" then she prepare her position and start to do a lush-up.
All people who are watching are the one who will count.
"1~ 2~ 3~"
At the 4th count Erepyon fell off and sign of end of counting.
She stand up and smiling awkwardly at me. "Hehe..~"
"Atleast you try." I smile back at her and we continue to watch the event until it end before we decide to go home.

The day has past and I don't know if our bet with the vice-president will be happen or she forget it already.

"The aura of the vice-president seems lost ne?" Erepyon said to me while we are taking our lunch.

"Yes. Maybe her plan is only to defeat me? What do you think?" I ask.

"Or maybe she need your athletic skills in the next national school competition?" Kawaei said while she moving her desk to join us eating our lunch. " I heard some rumour that our team is become weaker since the seniors are graduate and the juniors don't have a exact value to match with them."

"Ohh. I see. I heard some of that when we go in the student council clubroom." I said. "But if it's only me to join our athletic team it's not match to play in the competition."

"You are just only the starter recuiting member. If they got you the others student will satisfied to join the athletic team due to your rumour made last year." Kawaei explain while she start to eat her lunch.

"How about you try to join? Since we are already senior and soon to be graduate?" Erepyon suggestion for me.

"I don't know. I don't have the same skill like last year."

"But if you came back at improving your skill you will bring it up." Kawaei said. "And don't worry we have a well trained PE teacher to assist you."

I don't give a reply and I just finish my lunch.

"So what do you think? Should I join our athletic team?" I ask Erepyon while we heading our home.

"Just give it a try. You still have your skill afterall."

When we got home I just head to my room and do my assignment before I go to sleep.
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Re: "Rhombus Game" Chapter 4 ( Updated! )
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Chapter 6~

I woke up due my alarm in my cellphone.

Im searching my cellphone in my bed but I think the bed eat it.

"Ehh~ where are you?~"

I stand aside in my bed and remove the cover and pillow in my bed and throw it at the floor.

"There you are."

I finally found it and check the time.

"5:47 am? But it's alarm is 8am."

The sorcery in my mind become bigger when I smell some unexpect scent in my room.

"Smell like a new buy dress in mall."

Then when I turn around I saw a 1 row of 7 different maid outfit place at the top of a dress shelves.

"Okay. Is this come from a sort of genie?." Then flashback strikes in my mind that bet with the vice-president. "Ah. The vice-president." Then I heard someone talking outside of my room.

I decide to go out without fixing my face and hair and saw a bunch of woman that suit with a tuxedo to looks like a butlet.

"Ohayou!~ Lady~sama~" They said sweetly.

I'm walking awkwardly towards the hallway to go in the living room.
Theres always a butler at every spot of the house.
When I arrive at the living room I seen the vice-president talking with my mother.

"I know it." I said while sitting beside my mother.

"Ohayou~ my personal maid." She greeted.

"Are you applying for a part time job?" My mother ask to me.

"Yea it's looks like. Can I Okasan?" I ask.

"Looks like she is well trusted person right?" Then she look around to see the butlers. "It's fine with me."

"Then let's go now. You're late for your job." She giggle softly and lead first to go in my room.

I sigh softly before I stood up. "I take my leave now Okasan.~"

"Didn't take a breakfast?"

"I'm fine. I will eat there." Then I follow the vice-president Atsuko.

When I arrive at my room I see her looking at the maid outfit.

"What do you want? this pink one?" Then she get the pink one and try to fitting it in my body by her view.

"What your status in life? Are you a son of a king? To having a butler more than this you must have a very rich parents." I ask her out of my curiousity.

"Acctually it's my grandparents not my parents. They intend a professional athletes and successful businessman. To my grandfather to my father. They want me to adapt their same position, to be a one of the best and professional athletics." She explain calmly to me.

"Then why are you to be clinging with me. You must achive your father desires to you."

"I want too. If I achive that I can do whatever I want. But I need you." Suddenly she confess to me.

I'm use to be confess at since my fresh highschool life. So I don't react merely when someone confessing at me. "Why? What kind of thing I do to be needed by you?" My reply to her.

"You are my source of inspiration!" Her answer. "We meet 4 years ago. Since you become my trainer that year." And she added.

"4 years ago? We are just little teen that year. How I should be become a trainer at the age?"

"You teach me everyrhing you know about track and field race. Since my father didn't have time to guide me. Yes, we are little teens that year but we always having a conversation about sports when we meet at a riverside we always jogging at." Her further explaination.

Then I remember my little me. I have always go and exercise to have a healthy body that my mother always said to me. I remember her now. She the one who I and Erepyon see always lonely taking her rest at the riverside. That's why we decide to be friends with her so she will never fell lonely when we see her.

"I remember now. You are the lonely girl we talk with Erepyon at the riverside we always hang-out with." I decide to look her in her eyes.

"Yes. I am the stray cat you talk at. But after I win at the little league I join at. I haven't see you two ever at the riverside." Then she look back too at my eyes and she blush softly join with a smile.

I reply with a smile and I feel comfortable now to her than before.

"I see. So we are already friends before."

We look eachother and we both giggles before I came up another question.

"So how should I help you vice-president?"

"You must satisfied my father that theres a athletic student left at our school. And you can call me Acchan since we are friends afterall."

"Okay~ Let's do this. Wait I still need to be dress like a maid?"

"Yes. You can't stay at our house unless you are one of our employees."

"Wait. The stay means I will sleep over at your house?"

"Yes. I will used every single hour of the 3 days. And you will sleep beside me in my bed." She cleared up then wink.

"Okay I will not fight againts it since I know that I never win againts you." Then I slowly looking and try the maid outfit place at my room.

Pink ~ Looks like one of the maid in a maid cafe.

Violet ~ Looks like a cosplayer.

Red ~ Cosplayer too.

"Okay I think we just go at a formal maid outfit." I get the black maid outfit and try it on.

"So how it looks?" Acchan ask.

"What do you think?" I turn around her and turn again to make her see my back and back to look at her.

"It's fine now. It will be fit looks at our butlers." She answered. "Let's go now." Then she lead first again to go outside.

"Wait. I leave with this dress?"

"Yes. We have no time to change at our house."

Then before we go outside I get to know at my mother that I will not back home at 3 days and she agree immediately.

"I will ask Erepyon to help you out here." Then we take our leave.

When we arrive outside I seen a exact 12 black mercedes limo ( 4 doors)  and have a 1 butler at each car.

"More color black here at outside." Then Acchan have the lead and go inside in the 4th cars. I follow her as well and go in.

( So this is the aroma of a black limo. )

We are exact 3 people in the car. The driver and the two of us. The other butler are coming out from our house and getting in in the other cars.

When we start moving the 12 cars form a 3 lines and we are in the center middle. This remained position until we reach our destination.

When we arrive at Acchan house the cars enter a big gate with a big landscape inside. And stop moving in front of the mansion door.

"It's not house afterall. It is a mansion." I said while our driver opening the door for me and I go outside of the car and see this fairytale mansion look alike.

"Yea. A mansion but for me it's only a house that full of butlers and maid." Then she lead again in some sort of park in the side of the house.

I see a man who is seated alone in a tea table.

"Tadaima. Otosan~" she said then she make a introduction for me.
"She the one who im talking about. One of the best athletes at our school."

"Souka. Then make her run at our mansion." Her father said with a strehgn manly voice. "2 laps!"

"Like we did at the sport fest in school but now the checkpoint is the 4 corners of the mansion." Acchan explain futher while they looking at me.

"With this kind of dress?" I ask and she reply me a nodding face. Then I hold my dress up until I become comfortable in my legs.

( It's hard than I tought. But for Acchan sake I will do my best. )

It's good since I get for my shoes is a rubber shoes and not the black one. So when I start running it's become easier to run.

Theres no problem in the start but when I made the first lap I become exhaust plus the dress I wear is too hard for this kind of activities.

After I made the last lap i'm breathing heavily while going to Acchan.

"H-hows that?"

"He leave after your first lap."

Then we both look at the position where Acchan father sitted at.

"I see. So he didn't satisfied?" I'm still trying to catch my breath.

"I think he satisfied." Then she lead again to go inside their mansion. "Let's go now at my room."

"At your room?" I ask confusely while following her.

When we enter at the mansion I seen a many portrait, vase, maids, and other expensive things that usual seen in a mansion.

Acchan room is at corner right side of the second floor.
When she open the room my eyes amaze at how big her room was.

"It's looks 5x times bigger than my room." While I entering the room.

"Want to play truth or dare?" Then she multiple lock the room door.

"I think you want not the normal play of the T o D. Since you lock all the locker of your room."

"Don't worry. I will be gentle." She hold my hands and pull me to sit in her bed.

I don't know but I have follow her and sit on the bed .

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