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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (41/41 END) [WMatsui] - REPLIES  (Read 197683 times)

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 5
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please update soon~! can't wait to know the continuation! :bow: :thumbsup :cathappy:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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Rena stares at the girl’s retreating form and winces when she hears the door slamming. Her whole body is shaking and her fists tighten in anger. She moves forward, her fingers clutching the doorknob. She doesn’t want their conversation to end like that and she starts to turn the handle, before stopping. It’s probably not a good idea. Jurina was pretty furious when she left, and she’s not really appeased herself. Another talk would probably lead to more shouting. Rena sighs defeated and turns on her heels to go to the bathroom.

Tears are threatening to fall down, and she quickly turns the water on, splashing the cold liquid on her face. She stares at her reflection in the mirror, annoyed that their fight has affected her so much. She looks like a mess. She stays a while like that, listening to her racing heart and going through their conversation again and again. They sometimes fought, but it was always about trivial things. A few hours later, they would be back to their usual selves, as if nothing happened.

Somehow, Rena senses this argument will not be solved in one day. It did come out of nowhere and Jurina looked pretty pissed. Her outburst really surprised her and instead of keeping her calm, she let her irritation slip out. It clearly didn’t help. She didn’t recognize the youngest Matsui at all. It was like another person in front of her. Her words and reaction didn’t make sense.

Rena leaves the bathroom to go sit near the window. She ponders reading a book to clear her head, but knows it won’t work. She absently watches bystanders passing in front of the hotel and children playing on a swing. Her mind goes back to Jurina, wondering when they started to drift apart. Is it really the end of wmatsui?

She remembers clearly the day the staff announced her she would be paired with the younger girl. She was a cute and cheerful kid, always willing to do her best, and clinging to her at every occasion. She didn’t really mind the proximity at first, but then Jurina started to be a bit more bolder and she had to fix limits. She knew the girl didn’t like her new rules and at first, she didn’t even listen. Rena would let it slip sometimes, but couldn’t help scolding her when she went too far. Of course, she never did it in front of the others but in the privacy of their hotel room. After all, Rena was a private person.

Rena was not the only one targeted. Other members were, and Jurina’s flirtatious side emerged during her teenage years. However, things had changed a lot lately. Rena noticed how the girl was distancing herself from her, and she had let it happen. Jurina was getting more and more popular, and she didn’t want to get in the way. Jurina was almost an adult, and didn’t need her guidance anymore. She wanted to let her spread her wings, and become the star she was sure to become.

She didn’t mind the distance at first. She was still keeping an eye on her from afar, always caring, even if she never showed it. That was a major difference between them. Jurina easily expressed her feelings, when she kept them to herself. You always knew what Jurina had in mind, when Rena was harder to decipher.

That’s why Rena had been surprised when she couldn’t read the girl at all during their fight. Jurina used to be an open book to her, but not anymore and that bothered her a lot. Reflecting upon these past few months, she wonders if she hasn’t made a mistake by letting the distance grow between them. They were starting to act as strangers and she couldn’t let that happen. Despite everything Jurina had put her through during all these years with her childish behavior, she still cared a lot about her.

Rena sighs, wondering how she’s going to fix things between them. Jurina’s words had really hurt her, but she was not ready to let wmatsui die. She was not going to give up without a fight.

Rena blinks when she sees Jurina and Churi sitting on a bench outside of the hotel. She notices their closeness, not really surprised. They have been spending a lot of time together lately. For a minute, she wonders if Jurina is confiding in Churi. She kind of envies the older girl. She was the one Jurina would turn to before. She used to know everything she had on her mind. Not anymore.

Maybe she should have a talk with Churi before confronting Jurina again. A few months ago, she would have found the idea pretty stupid. She never needed someone else’s advice to speak with Jurina. Now, seeing how much the youngest Matsui had changed, she was not sure how to handle her anymore. She surely didn’t want to fight with her again. It was too painful.

Rena turns to look at the alarm clock: it’s 6 PM. Airin will be there at any moment. She gets up from her chair and goes to read the script of tomorrow’s episode. Fortunately, she doesn’t have any scenes to shoot with Jurina. It’s not that she wants to avoid her, but she needs a plan before speaking to her again. She wants to do things right, and not make anymore mistake. She’s still bothered by the fact she couldn’t stay calm and lost her temper during their fight.

The sun is already down, and Rena feels a bit sleepy. Today’s shooting was tiring, and after her fight with Jurina, she has no energy left. She decides to lay down a few minutes on her bed, while waiting for her roommate to arrive. She’s more calm now and feels her body relaxing. She struggles to keep her eyes open, and soon the script slips from her hand, her eyelids progressively closing.


Airi is standing outside her hotel room, busy trying to get her key out of her pocket while trying not to drop the food in her right hand. She bought some takeaway for Rena and her, but right now, her hands are a bit full. When she hears the doors to the elevator opening she turns, and sighs in relief at the familiar face. She really needs the help.

"Hi Jurina! Could you please…"

Airi doesn’t have time to finish that Jurina quickly catches the food before it falls on the floor.

"Thank you! You’re a lifesaver!"

Jurina nods, while Airi starts to turn the key in the lock, before suddenly stopping.

"Oh no. I forgot something."

She turns to Jurina, embarrassed.

"Would you mind putting these inside?"

Jurina doesn’t have time to answer that Airi is already rushing to the elevator. The younger girl looks dumbfounded at the retreating form, then at the food in her hands. This is not happening. She stares a few seconds at the door, not willing to confront again the girl inside. Maybe she could just leave the food at the door? Airi will probably be back soon. Jurina sighs at the stupid idea.

She knocks lightly and waits for an answer. When none comes after a few seconds, she repeats the action and says softly, “It’s Jurina. Can I come in?”

Still no answer. Either the girl hasn’t heard her - which is unlikely after the second time - either she doesn’t want to talk to her. Jurina would totally understand after their previous fight, but she can’t wait in the hallway for ages. Making up her mind, she turns the key in the knob and slowly pushes the door. She half expects a mad Rena to appear in front of her and throw her out, but nothing happens. Jurina carefully progresses in the dark room, surprised by the silence. When she eyes the table, she places the bags of food on it, and turns around to leave when she sees a body on the bed.

Surprised, Jurina almost hits the chair behind her. She narrows her eyes to make sure Rena is really sleeping, and relaxes at the girl closed eyelids. The room is so quiet that Jurina doesn’t dare making a move, afraid to wake up the other girl. She stares for a few minutes, before finally approaching when she notices the piece of paper falling from Rena’s right hand. After taking it and putting it on the table, she pulls the eiderdown on the other girl, careful not to wake her up in the process.

She’s now so close she can hear her soft breathing and she leans a little to brush a lock of hair out of her eyes. Jurina knows she’s playing with fire, as the older girl is known to be a light sleeper. She could wake up at anytime and ask her to leave swiftly. The younger Matsui still pushes her luck and softly kisses her on the forehead, before murmuring a sad “I’m sorry”. She contemplates the beautiful girl a few more minutes knowing she probably won’t have such another opportunity again soon, before slowly retreating out of the room.

When she steps in the hallway, she sees Airi and Churi chatting near the elevator. It’s been a long time since she hasn’t seen them together, and Jurina wonders if they’ve worked out their differences. They used to be very good friends, but lately Jurina has noticed how Churi was distancing herself from her friend.

Jurina walks to her room and is about to get in when she hears quick footsteps and Churi waving a bag of food at her, a smile on her face.

"I hope you’re hungry!"

Jurina nods at her cheerful friend, and slightly turns around when she hears Airi thanking her. Jurina smiles awkwardly, following the girl’s retreating form. Maybe they could get along if she wasn’t so stupidly jealous of her closeness to Rena.


When Airi gets in the room, she’s surprised by the obscurity. She expected Rena to be here as they made plans to have dinner together. She’s about to get her phone out to check her messages when she hears someone yawning and she jumps a little, startled.

"Rena! You scared me! What are you doing in the dark?"

Airi switches the light on, while Rena slowly sits on the bed.

"I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?"

Rena shakes her head, and moves to the food on the table, still a bit sleepy. Airi takes her coat off and stares at her friend who’s peeking inside the bags. A small frown appears on her face and she turns to Airi.

"Is that all?"

Airi moves forward with a serious face, carefully hiding a plastic bag behind her back.

"Yes. Were you expecting something else?"

Rena hides her disappointment and starts to get the food out of the bags. Airi, restraining herself from chuckling, watches the girl who’s trying hard not to say anything. Rena turns around when she sees Airi waving a bag at her, and swiftly grabs it. Her eyes lighten up at the view of two melon pan, and Airi can’t hold her laughter anymore.

"Stop teasing me."

"I’m sorry, but it’s too easy."

Airi quickly avoids a slap on the arm and takes a seat at the table. When the food is all set, both girls start to eat, Rena satisfying her grumbling stomach with some salad and bread, while Airi enjoys some takoyaki. Airi does most of the talking, Rena being lost in thoughts. Something has been nagging her for a while now, and she finally asks.

"Did you run into Jurina tonight?"

"Yes I did. She helped me carry the bags. Why?"

Rena stops eating for a few seconds and Airi notices her troubled face. She’s about to ask what’s on her mind when Rena shakes her head, smiling.


Airi, not entirely convinced, opens her mouth to speak before changing her mind. If Rena doesn’t want to say anything, she’s not going to pry.

They finish eating dinner and soon get ready to go to bed. Airin is already starting to drift off to sleep when Rena is still in the bathroom, staring at her reflection in the mirror. She slowly touches her forehead, before frowning a little. At first, she was sure her imagination was playing tricks on her, but now she knows it wasn’t the case. Jurina was in this room and did kiss her, after saying these three words. If only she had been fully awake…

Rena moves to the bedroom, taking a peek on her way at Airi who’s now sleeping, before sitting on her own bed. What had affected her the most was not what Jurina had murmured, but the regretful tone in which she had said it. It appeased her a little to know the youngest Matsui was not really mad at her and even if she knew they still needed to have a serious talk, that simple fact was enough to ease her mind for now.

Rena puts her pajamas on and gets under the sheets, a bit angry at herself for taking a nap earlier. Now, she’s fully awake and staring at the ceiling, her mind drifting to her missed conversation with Jurina. Tomorrow, she’ll have to find a moment to talk to Churi about the girl. The sooner she knows what the problem is, the sooner she can find a solution to it. Hearing Jurina’s latest words still makes her hopeful that it’s not too late to mend their relationship.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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Thank you for the update ~ :cow:
At least Jurina said sorry to Rena :hee:
I'm curios to see what answer Rena will get from Churi, if she has the chance to talk to Churi :mon sweat:
Jurina's words had really hurt her, but she was not ready to let wmatsui die. She was not going to give up without a fight.
Well, Rena's not ready to let wmatsui end :mon star: :mon fyeah:
I'm glad that Rena was able to hear what Jurina said to her while she was asleep, it helped things  :mon determined:
"Yes. Were you expecting something else?"

What else could it have been, than her beloved Melon Pan :mon lol:
I wonder if Rena will be able to find a solution to Jurina's problem sooner than she thinks :mon huh:
Can't wait for next update :on drink:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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an update~

jurina, despite their fight still cares for rena.. :farofflook:

the sleeping scene.. :farofflook:

cant wait for the next one! update soon! :stuffed:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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Yes an update

I only have one word to say...fantastic

They stared to solve the problem

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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Rena want to repair Wmatsui! You can do it Rena chan!! or ... not...

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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Fantastic! ;) I just keep on sighing at how much it just pulls my heart strings. The reality! *enough said xD ;) *
I just loath it when the waiting and ego gets in the way... makes for a drama filled story but still... its like JUST BE HONEST! xD lol.
But that moment when Rena was sleeping and Jurina came in, I was like THIS IS IT! So much anticipation going on that I started to tear up xD
I could, honestly, just imagine that "I'm Sorry" with the break and sadness in her voice.. it's just... it's just TOO MUCH *breaks out in tears and blushes harshly*
I tip my hat to you, sir! SERIOUSLY.. There are only few fanfics I have fun reading and even less that have brought me to tears... Your fan fic has done both!
WELL WRITTEN with a wonderful pairing to back it up ;)
I do not know what it is but unlike with the other pairings WMatsui always manages to make my heart throb. :3
Awesome Job man! ^^ I was so sad when I reach the end... I was like no...NO... NOOO THAT CAN"T BE IT?!?! xD
Can't wait to read the next chapter! Fighting! ^^

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 6
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no! don't ask churi!!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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I didn’t plan to update so soon, but here it is. The chapter is a bit longer, and I’m not sure the ending will please everyone.
Just don’t forget to keep faith!

Next chapter will be up next week end, probably on Sunday.
I want to thank again everyone who reads and comments my fanfic.


It's the final clap of season 4. Jurina and a few other SKE members are celebrating the end of the shooting at the restaurant, but the girl is not really in the mood. These last days have been quite hectic and between her tight schedule and the long days of shooting, she didn't have time to talk to Rena. Now the older Matsui is gone, having work to do with Nogizaka46, and Jurina is left to contemplate her plate, barely eating her food. She still feels terribly bad about the way she talked to her the other day, and not even the joyful Churi sitting next to her can cheer her up.

She sighs for the tenth time, not listening to the conversations around her and checking the time every five minutes. She finally chuckles mentally, finding her situation quite ironic. When Rena is around her, she avoids her at all costs, but when she's not here, she misses her badly. What a girl full of contradictions.

When a laughter erupts, Jurina stands up, not feeling at her place. Everyone is chilling and having fun, except her. She quickly excuses herself, getting a few surprised looks on her way out of the restaurant. She welcomes the fresh air with gratitude after the heavy warmth of the restaurant. Just as she's about to call a cab, she feels a hand circling her right arm, and a worried Churi looks at her.

"Hey. Why are you leaving so early?"

Jurina is about to answer when Churi interrupts her.

"And don't tell me you are tired. You're not."

The younger Matsui chuckles at the girl who's rolling her eyes. After a few seconds of silence, Churi tightens her hold on Jurina, more serious.

"It's about Rena, isn't it? You wish you could have talked to her before she left?"

Jurina is taken aback by her friend's perceptiveness.

"I have no secrets for you, do I?" she jokes, and Churi shakes her head a little.

"Of course you do, but I can sense Rena is a sensitive subject nowadays."

Jurina is at a loss for words. After that day outside of the hotel, she never talked about their fight to Churi again, or mentioned the girl altogether. Churi seeing how confused the girl is, interrupts her train of thoughts, an amused smile on her lips.

"Plus, you talk during your sleep."

"I do?"

"And one name comes up every night."

Jurina is now averting her gaze, really embarrassed. She tries to disentangle herself from Churi, but the girl is holding tight.

"You want to know which one?"

Jurina makes a noise of discomfort, trying to hide her face with her free hand. Now Churi is laughing, and the young Matsui wishes she could be anywhere else but here.

"I can't believe I'm seeing you so nervous. That's a first."

"Stop teasing me."

"And even blushing a little."

"I'm not!"

Churi stops laughing and moves forward, gently kissing the girl on the cheek.

"I do like this new side of yours."

Jurina turns to Churi and they both lock eyes for a minute. The younger girl suddenly feels very emotional and hugs her warmly.

"I'm so grateful to have such a friend."

Churi is taken aback by Jurina's sincere words and after reflecting upon them, affectionately pats her head. Each day she spends with the girl, she discovers new things about her, and learns to like her more and more. She's not just a childish and funny girl, she's also sensitive and caring, and she loves that about her.

They stay like this for a while, not speaking and just enjoying each other's presence and warmth. Finally, Churi reluctantly disentangles herself from Jurina and motions to the restaurant.

"Do you want to go back inside?"

"I really don't, but go on. I'll call a cab to go to the hotel."

Churi shakes her head, and slips her hand into hers.

"Then the hotel it is."

When Rena is back at work with the SKE group, it's to rehearse their next concert. It's already been a month since her fight with Jurina, and the older Matsui looks forward to seeing the girl when she arrives this Friday afternoon at the Nagoya Dome. It's already 2 PM, and a few girls are trying costumes in the dressing room. When Rena comes in, she's a bit disappointed to not find the younger Matsui. Sure it's still early, but she kind of hoped to catch her before the beginning of the rehearsal to have a talk with her. She spots Churi who's busy reading a sheet in a corner of the room, and goes to sit next to her. The girl sensing movement next to her raises her eyes, surprised.

"Hello Rena! It's been a long time."

"Hi Akane. Yes, these last few weeks have been hectic."

"I can't imagine being in a concurrent group. I don't know how you do it."

Rena nods but doesn't say anything, never one to complain. Of course, she would sometimes prefer a lighter schedule, the trips back and forth between Tokyo and Nagoya quite tiring, but she can't really do anything about it. What can she say? She loves her work: it's what makes her get up every morning with a smile on her face.

The concert's tracklist is laying on the table in front of her and she goes through it, while taking her coat off. Another tiring three hours gig awaits them.

"By the way, you're quite early today," Churi remarks.

"Well, you know me. I always need more time to rehearse."

Churi chuckles at Rena's embarrassed smile. The older Matsui then turns to her in surprise.

"What are you doing here so early? You're one of the best dancers."

Churi waves her hand, embarrassed by the compliment.

"I'm not, but thank you. Speaking of early, Jurina was the first one to arrive," Churi winces.

"Jurina is here?"

Rena looks around, surprised she missed her. Churi follows her gaze and sighs.

"Already on stage."

"Really?" Rena's voice pitches up in shock.

"I planned to arrive later, but I felt bad leaving her to rehearse alone. She's been acting strange lately."

Churi notices Rena's confused gaze on her, and she stops what she's doing. She didn't mean to voice this last part out loud, but maybe it's time to confide in someone. Especially when she senses the older Matsui is in a way responsible for Jurina's current mood swings. She knew her friend felt bad about her fight with Rena, but somehow, she believed there was more to it that she wasn't telling her.

"Could you please talk to her when you have a minute?" Churi asks, admitting her helplessness.

Rena notices Churi's worried look and nods. At first, she was planning to talk to the girl about Jurina, but seeing how she seemed to be as clueless as her, she knew she had to go straight to the source. 

Jurina, wearing a large tee-shirt and sweatpants, is rehearsing one of the songs' choreography. The concert is due in six hours, and she wants everything to be perfect for tonight. Between the 30 songs, the MCs and all the costumes she has to wear, she has a lot of things to think about and right now, her mind is exploding. Being Center may be fun at first, but in reality, it's much more complicated than that. She can feel the weight of her responsibility on her shoulders as everyone is expecting a lot from her. The will to not disappoint is higher day after day. As the light is almost always on her, she knows she can't make any mistake.

Her voice is a bit hoarse when she starts to sing, but she's not really worried about it. It's always like that at first. A bottle of water is standing at her feet and she kneels to take a sip. Her eyes scan the area of empty chairs, and she can't help but by amazed by the view. It's not the first time the group is performing in this stadium, but Jurina still feels very small on the stage. And she knows it will be worse once the dome will be full of people. However, no matter how many seats there are, whether she's performing in the SKE theater in front of 300 people or in a large venue in front of 40 000 people, every concert is important to her. Her goal is always the same: to give her best and make an impact.

Her vision blurs a little for a minute, but the girl doesn't pay much attention to it. Maybe it's just the tension building up. Leaving the water aside, she gets up and continues doing vocal exercises. Some technicians are starting to adjust the light on the stage and Jurina closes her eyes to focus. Even if the amount of work to do is sometimes overwhelming, she'll be ready on time, as always.

An hour later, all the SKE members are now rehearsing the concert on stage. Last adjustments are made to their costumes, the choreographies are repeated again until they are fully mastered, and technicians check that everything is working properly, from the lights to the moving stages and sets.

Rena is currently trying a pink dress on when Jurina comes in the dressing room. The older Matsui turns to her, noticing how much she's sweating. She shoots her a surprised look, while the girl changes into her Blue Rose outfit. After her conversation with Churi an hour ago, Rena had gone to look for the girl and had found her rehearsing vigorously on stage. She knew it was best to postpone their talk after the concert. After all, she had waited a whole month for it, she could wait a few more hours. Now, seeing the girl so exhausted even though the concert hasn't even began, worried her. She was clearly overdoing herself, and Rena even wondered if she had eaten properly today. It would not be the first time the girl skipped meals. She wants to go to her, but staff members are working on her dress, and she can't really move. Their eyes suddenly meet, and Rena notices how the young girl looks so pale. Clearly, something is wrong. She's about to ask when Jurina averts her gaze and turns her back to her to sit down and put her black boots on. As soon as it's done, she's already out of the room and heading to the stage again, leaving a concerned Rena behind.

As soon as she's free, Rena follows Jurina's footsteps. After seeing her in such a weak state, she can't get out of her head the feeling that something is wrong. Unconsciously, she starts to speed up a little in the corridor leading to the stage, getting a few surprised looks on her way. Not paying attention to it, she takes the last turn, and sees Jurina at the top of the large stairs. She's starting to get down the stairs, her microphone in hand, and Rena can't help but notice how unsteady she is. This situation has a lingering sense of déjà vu, but the older Matsui can't manage to put her finger on it.

Jurina starts to sing and Rena grips the barrier, not liking one bit what she's seeing. She ponders whether to go and talk to the girl, but hesitates. Maybe it's just her imagination and Jurina is just tired. Rena doesn't want to make a fool of herself by interrupting her for no reason. She tries to shake the bad feeling she's having, but when Jurina almost misses a step, she knows she's right to be afraid. She can't stand here doing nothing. If Jurina falls, it's from fifteen stairs.

Rena takes the small stairs that lead to the stage ones, and looks at Jurina's back. The girl hasn't noticed her presence and Rena shouts her name, in vain, the music covering her voice. Jurina is continuing her descent and Rena follows, finally reaching her. The younger girl stops to sing when she feels a hand on her shoulder, and turns surprised to Rena.

"Rena, what are you doing here?"

"What's going on, Jurina? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

The younger girl suddenly feels dizzy and everything starts spinning around her. Rena grips her right arm firmly, and tries to get a look at the girl whose head is now buried in her hands.

"You need to rest, Jurina. If you keep on, you won't last the whole concert. Have you eaten today?"

Jurina tries to wave her hand to reassure the girl, but it only makes her steps more unsteady.

"I'm fine," she says in a confident voice. Despite it, Rena can sense the uneasiness behind it and she tightens her hold.

"Please Jurina, let's go downstairs."

Jurina raises her eyes in surprise at the girl's begging tone, and finally complies. Both girls slowly get down the stairs, Rena noticing how unbalanced the girl is. When their feet finally touch the stage, Jurina turns to Rena, smiling weakly.

"See? Everything's fine. You worry too much."

Rena reluctantly lets go of Jurina's arm, watching the girl carefully, not entirely convinced by her words. Just as she's about to question her again, the younger girl suddenly closes her eyes and collapses. Rena quickly moves forward and barely has time to catch her before she hits the floor. She stares in shock at the girl in her arms who's not reacting anymore, and cries for help.

When Jurina opens her eyes again, she's laying in bed in a small dark room. Her head is spinning madly, and she groans, putting her hands on each side, trying to make it stop. She sits up with difficulty, wondering what she's doing here. Progressively gaining her senses back, she tilts her head to the alarm-clock on her left, and lets out a shocked sound at the time: it's 10 PM. She should be on stage right now. Panicking, she starts to get out of bed when the door opens and a woman in a white blouse appears.

"What are you doing? You can't get out of bed." 

The woman scolding her quickly approaches and Jurina finally understands where she is.

"Why am I at the hospital?"

"You don't remember?"

Jurina shakes her head and stares at the nurse who's taking her pulse. The last thing she remembers, she was on stage rehearsing for the SKE concert. What happened next? It's all just a blur, and the girl decides to retrace her day.

She didn't sleep that well and woke up early. So stressed out about the SKE concert, she couldn't eat at all, and directly aimed for the Nagoya Dome. She rehearsed all morning and ate a very light lunch, not wanting to stop too long. She had a lot on her mind that day, and also a lot of work to do. She vaguely remembers answering to Churi's text, and telling her she was already in rehearsal. If she has to admit, she hasn't been feeling well for a few days now, and the pressure of the concert was just the icing on the cake. Jurina fast forwards her day, before seeing and hearing a worried Rena. Then it clicks. She stares wide-eyed at the nurse who is giving her an injection.

"I collapsed."

The woman slowly nods and Jurina lays her head back on the pillow, defeated.

"I missed the whole concert."

"You should more worry about your health."

Jurina turns to the nurse, about to retort that she worked very hard all day long to be ready for the concert, but the woman is already turning on her heels and heading to the door.

"You should rest. You're not going anywhere anytime soon."

Jurina is about to ask why when she feels suddenly sleepy and her eyelids start to close. She tries to fight it, but her body relaxes and she quickly falls in a slumber.

When she wakes up again, Jurina slowly opens her eyes, half expecting the room to spin again. However, it's not the case anymore, and the girl sighs in relief. When she turns to look at the time, she notices two bouquet of flowers on the small table. Sitting down, she stretches her hand when she sees small cards attached to them. While the first one, a bouquet of lilies, is from Mayu and Yuki, the second, a bouquet of tulips, is from Churi. Even if she's touched by her friends' attention, she frowns a little. She only collapsed, and it was just yesterday, so why sending flowers as if she had badly injured herself?

The door suddenly opens and she immediately recognizes the nurse.

"Hello Jurina. How are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine."

The nurse nods and goes to check on the girl, who's staring again at the flowers. The woman notices it and smiles.

"Your friends have been coming everyday to see you."

"Every day? How long have I been here?"

"Four days."

"What?" Jurina's voice pitches up in shock. "I don't remember."

"You've been dozing off most of the time."

Jurina feels tired, and her eyelids are starting to close again.

"Why am I so sleepy?"

"We gave you something to help you sleep. You'll be back to normal in a few hours." 

"I don't want to sleep again," mumbles an annoyed Jurina, and the nurse smiles at the girl's stubbornness.

When she turns to look at her, Jurina is already sound asleep.

The 28 year old short-haired girl watches Jurina who's sleeping peacefully. When she heard the news about the young Matsui, she had rushed to the hospital, only receiving the order to come back later, the girl being in observation and not allowed to receive visits. Now, four days later, she was sitting near her bed, caressing slowly the girl's hand, and waiting for her to wake up. Despite the fact that she knew the girl was not seriously injured, it still worried her to see her in such a weak state.

The sun is starting to get down, and the girl ponders if it's best to come back tomorrow. Apparently, the young Matsui has no intention to wake up anytime soon. She's about to get up when she feels someone squeezing her hand and she turns to see Jurina slowly opening her eyes.

"You're finally waking up, sleepyhead," she states in amusement. 

Jurina stares wide-eyed when she recognizes her and quickly tries to sit up.


"Take it easy. I'm not going anyway," the older girl chuckles.

"What are you doing here?"

Mariko rolls her eyes and Jurina nods.

"Right, you heard."

"Of course I did. I couldn't believe it when they told me you fainted. What about our promise? You said it would never happen again. You were supposed to take better care of yourself."

Jurina averts her eyes at Mariko's scolding tone, feeling a bit ashamed.

"I know. I'm sorry."

Both girls stay quiet for a while before Mariko rubs her hand a little.

"At least, you didn't injure yourself this time, but you need to take it easy."

Jurina laughs, surprising the other girl.

"I don't see how I can do that. My schedule is getting worse and worse. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I can't really slow down."

"There's always a way. Ask for a few days off."

Jurina doesn't say anything and sighs a little. Mariko looks at her carefully, wondering if it's the best time to ask her what's been bugging her for a while now.

"How is it going on with Rena?"

Jurina turns to her in surprise not grasping the meaning of the question.

"Fine. Why?" she answers slowly, hesitant.

"Are you really telling me the truth?"

Mariko's piercing eyes unsettle her. It's almost as if they could see right through her. Jurina stays quiet for a while, avoiding her questioning gaze. She always had such a good relationship with the older girl. When she had a problem or any doubt, she would be the one she would turn to. Now that she had graduated, she saw her less than before, and it had pained her to lose such a trusty friend and confident. Of course, they still saw each other from time to time, but it was not the same without her anymore.

Jurina finally shakes her head, and Mariko sighs.

"I knew it. You have feelings for her."

Jurina turns dumbstruck to the older girl, who's slowly nodding.

"I never said that," Jurina stutters, losing her composure. How can the older girl draw such a conclusion? She's about to deny it again - in a more convincing way this time - but Mariko interrupts her.

"I always knew you had a crush on her. People always believed you were just fooling around, but somehow, I sensed there was more to it."

Jurina can't believe what she's hearing, but doesn't try to contradict the girl.

"You never said anything."

"No, because you were just a kid then, and I thought it would go away, but it has gotten worse, hasn't it?"

Jurina carefully thinks about her words and decides to be fully honest with her. No more beating around the bushes.

"I honestly wasn't aware of it then. As you said, I was just a child who was having fun. I only started to think about it recently."

"I think you should tell her."

Jurina frowns and shakes her head.

"What's the point? She doesn't see me the same way."

"You don't know that."

"I'm pretty sure."

Mariko groans at Jurina's stubbornness and raises her voice.

"You can't keep on like that. I'm sure it's killing you inside, and look where you are? Don't tell me it's just because of work. I won't believe it!"

Jurina is taken aback by Mariko's irritation and sighs, defeated.

Both girls then turn around when someone knocks at the door, and Jurina widens her eyes at the sight of the older Matsui who's slightly bowing.

"I'm sorry to interrupt. I didn't know there was already someone here. I'll come back later."

Rena is retreating back when Mariko quickly gets up.

"It's fine, I was about to leave."

The older girl turns to Jurina and reaches over to kiss her on the cheek, slipping a few words in her ear in a very serious tone, "You have to tell her".

Jurina nods at Mariko who's now smiling and ruffling her hair like nothing happened. Mariko turns to Rena and moves to her, waving on her way at Jurina.

"I'm counting on you Rena to take good care of Jurina."

Rena nods, not seeing the amused look Mariko is shooting at Jurina. When the older girl is gone, both Matsui lock eyes, and Jurina lets out a soft sigh, mentally preparing herself for the following conversation.

Rena smiles a little and moves forward to sit near the bed, where Mariko previously was. Her eyes scan Jurina's body, looking worriedly for any injury.

"I'm fine. I just collapsed," Jurina jokes, only getting a scolding look from Rena in return.

The girl gets up and stretches her hand to pull the cover, not fully believing the girl.

"I promise, I'm not injured," Jurina quickly says, grasping Rena's wrist.

The girl stops her movement and for a few seconds seems to ponder Jurina's words carefully, before sitting back in her chair. Jurina is about to retract her hand when Rena swiftly grabs it.

"You scared me."

The sudden action surprises Jurina, who then notices Rena's pained eyes.

"I know, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry about the fight. I didn't mean what I said. You have to believe me Rena, you did nothing wrong."

The older Matsui smiles at the girl's heartwarming words and intertwines their fingers together.

"I don't know what's happening between us lately, but I don't want you to hide anything from me anymore. You used to tell me when something was bothering you. What's going on?"

Mariko's words echo in Jurina's head, and the girl knows where this conversation is leading to. Of course she's scared, but it's not like she can go anyway. She's stuck in bed, facing a very decided Rena, who's holding her hand as if she's expecting her to try and flee at anytime.

A few minutes pass without any of them saying anything, Jurina carefully choosing her words and Rena patiently waiting beside her. The younger Matsui knows it's time to be honest: she can't hide behind her fear anymore. Of course, there's the risk of rejection. In fact, Jurina is pretty sure that's what's going to happen. She can almost imagine Rena's shocked face, not speaking for a while at first, before saying, in a sorry tone, that she can't return her feelings. It would lead to months of awkwardness between them, before, hopefully, Jurina would get over her heartbreak and everything would be back to normal.

That's clearly not the best outcome, but it's a possibility. A big one. Despite knowing that, Jurina can't help but listen to that tiny voice inside her telling her there's still a chance. The girl raises her eyes, decided. She's going to tell the truth. Just as she's about to open her mouth, Rena speaks, and her next words shatter the last shred of hope she still had.

"Jurina, it breaks my heart to see you like that. You know you're like a little sister to me."

Rena's words were meant to be comforting, but the older Matsui doesn't see the devastating impact they have on the other girl. Jurina nods slightly, realizing she knew all along what the girl was going to say.

"I know," she murmurs. Her voice is weak, and she struggles to not tremble. "I'm feeling a bit tired, Rena. Could we talk about it another time?"

She knows there won't be another time, but tries to be as convincing as possible. She holds Rena's gaze as much as possible, trying hard not to show her emotions. When the girl doesn't make a move, she thinks she has failed to convince her. However, Rena finally gets up and moves forward to kiss her forehead. When she backs away, she smiles a little.

"Please take care of yourself. We'll talk again soon."

Jurina follows the girl's retreating form, and fakes a smile when she turns around a last time to wave at her. When she's off, the young Matsui grasps the sheet under her tightly, and a few tears start to fall.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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nooooooooo!! poor jurina!!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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loving this chapter!!!

the drama, jurina's pain, and mariko's care..

but its so sad..

cant wait for the next one~

update soon~~!! :twothumbs

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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I'll follow your words, I will keep faith :farofflook:
Jurina is in so much pain, after what Rena said :k-sad:
Mariko can really tell what's going on with Jurina. She's just like a caring sister :hee:
Jurina collapsing like that, she needs the rest she can get. :mon determined:
I hope Jurina will do Mariko's advice and tell Rena soon.  :mon ignore:
Thanks for the chapter :mon fu:
Can't wait for the next one :on drink:

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Why is so sad...the feels omg

Mariko is so caring

Update soon

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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You better change the title into Heartbreak instead of Heartbeat :lol:
This is so frustrating-heartbreaking-discomforting condition for Jurina. She's really in an unthinkable state.
Too dramatic! Please update soon XD

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 7
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i also think it should be named heartbreak! can imagine how jurina's heart shattered (faintly audible to readers) the moment rena spoke those words.

can jurina's broken heart be mended? Will her heart ever beat for rena again?

hope this will turn out to be a happy ending!
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@RenshuChan, DC2805 : I know what you feel, but I didn't say to keep faith for nothing ;)
The heartbreak will just be temporary, don't worry!
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Mayu slowly opens her eyelids and rubs the sleep out of her eyes. It's 9 AM in the morning, and even if she doesn't need to get up so early on a Saturday morning, she's not one to usually stay lazily in bed. She tilts her head to Yuki who's still sleeping by her side, pondering if she should wait a bit before getting up, when her stomach suddenly starts to grumble. She has her answer.

Carefully slipping out of bed, her feet lead her out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. When she takes a peek at the living room, she jumps at the sight of the body on her couch. She stops to try and calm her racing heart, watching the young girl who's turning in her sleep. She almost had forgotten what happened last night. When the beating of her heart is back to normal, she makes her way to the kitchen and is about to make breakfast when she hears her bedroom's door creaking and sees a sleepy Yuki approaching her. They share a smile and the older girl sits down, slightly turned to observe the girl who's still sleeping.

"What is she doing here?" Yuki asks, her voice a bit hoarse.

"She came by yesterday, you don't remember?" Mayu answers in confusion.

Yuki turns to her girlfriend and rolls her eyes.

"I know that. I mean, why is she here? When I arrived yesterday, she was already sleeping."

Mayu, who's pouring orange juice in two glasses, shrugs, and the gesture makes Yuki frown.

"Your best friend knocks at your door at 10 PM and you don't ask her why?"

Mayu sits down and starts to sip her orange juice, before shaking her head.

"You should have seen her yesterday. She was a mess, and could barely put two words together. Even if I had asked, I doubt she would have given me a coherent answer."

They stay quiet for a while, before Mayu shoots a sad look at the sleeping form.

"I've never seen her like that. First she faints in rehearsal, and now she looks like she's totally heartbroken."

"What do you mean? Did she say something?" Yuki asks in surprise.

"No, she didn't need to. I know what a heartbreak looks like," Mayu sighs, before noticing the confused look on the older girl.

"Remember when I confessed to you? I wasn't really happy about your rejection," Mayu explains a bit sarcastically.

"I didn't... it caught me by surprise!" Yuki stutters defensively.

"The outcome was still the same," Mayu chuckles, amused by the girl's uneasiness.

Yuki stretches her hand and quickly intertwines their fingers together.

"I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry about it, it's long forgotten," the younger girl smiles, squeezing her hand in return.

When both girls hear a noise from the living room, they turn to see Jurina sitting on the couch and staring at them in surprise.

"You guys are together?"

Yuki, embarrassed, quickly turns away to hide her head in her hands, whereas Mayu smiles, amused by her girlfriend's reaction.

"At least, now she knows," she chuckles, getting a scolding slap on her arm and a glare from Yuki in return.

Jurina, wide-eyed, slowly gets up and goes to them, while Yuki quickly moves to open the fridge.

"What do you want to eat, Jurina?" she asks, her head buried in the fridge to avoid her gaze.

Mayu tries to hold her laughter the best she can, while Jurina shoots her a confused look. She wants to sympathize with her girlfriend's awkwardness, but she's too relieved the truth is finally out. Hiding the secret from Jurina was becoming each day harder and harder, especially when the girl was always so curious about everything.

"Whatever you're having is fine," Jurina answers, still locking eyes with her best friend. Yuki quickly nods and gets some eggs out, while Mayu shakes her head at her girlfriend's behavior.

"Yes, we are," Mayu slowly answers, knowing Yuki is not going to say much.

"I can't believe I didn't see anything!"

"I guess we're good at keeping secrets."

Jurina nods, staring lost in thoughts at the glass of orange juice now in front of her, before something clicks in her mind and she quickly raises her eyes.

"So that's why you were acting all nervous during the kiss!"

Mayu grimaces and doesn't need to turn to her girlfriend to imagine the look on her face. She still remembers vividly their talk after this famous scene. It was not a pleasant one. Now is time to change the subject, for everyone's sake.

"What about you? What's happening to you lately?"

Now it's Jurina's turn to be awfully quiet, and even Yuki who's cooking turns to look at her.
Mayu never was a patient girl, and even if Jurina is her best friend and she loves her deeply, her patience has limits. When a few minutes pass and the girl still hasn't said anything, Mayu knows she has to take things in hand.

"So, who is it?"

Yuki, who's now serving omelets, stares at her in shock, somehow still not accustomed to her girlfriend's bluntness. She's about to interrupt when Mayu quickly continues.

"I know you're heartbroken, don't even try to deny it. It's written all over your face. So tell me. Who is it?"

Jurina stares at the omelet in her plate and starts to eat, even if she suddenly doesn't feel very hungry. She knows Mayu is looking at her and waiting for an answer, and knows by her tone she won't give up before she gets one. She may be herself very stubborn, her best friend is even worse.

"I can't tell you. It's someone you know."

Yuki who's now sitting near Jurina looks at her in surprise, before frowning a little.

"A guy we know? Who can it be?"

Mayu who's staring at Jurina notices her uneasiness and she smiles.

"It's not a guy."

"What?" Yuki stops eating at Mayu's words and turns to Jurina, waiting for a confirmation.

The younger girl nods and sets her fork down on her plate to look at Mayu.

"If I tell you, you'll start acting awkward around her and she'll notice something."

"So it's someone you're close too?" Mayu guesses, starting to like this game. She puts her finger under her chin, thinking carefully, before making an excited sound. "I know. It's Akane!"

Jurina quickly shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

"Not at all. Why would you think that?"

"Don't look at me like that. I saw all the messages you were sending each other when we went out to Shibuya."

Jurina nods a little, admitting she has a valid point and it could make sense in a way.

"Churi and I are close, but it's not her."

Mayu and Yuki stay quiet for a while, both thinking hard about who it can be, before Yuki gives up and continues to eat, totally clueless. Her girlfriend has always been good at guessing games, not her.

Mayu lets out an annoyed sound and starts to eat as well when no name comes in mind. The room stays quiet for a while, and Jurina continues to eat, relaxing a little, thinking her friend has decided to drop the subject. She was wrong. Mayu suddenly sets her fork down noisily, and Jurina raises her eyes in surprise.

"Don't tell me..."

Jurina unconsciously shivers, sensing Mayu has discovered the truth. Yuki has also stopped to eat, and both are staring at the girl who's now smiling a little.

"It's Rena, isn't it?"

Jurina sighs and doesn't even think about denying it. She knows her best friend all too well. She would see through her lie straight away. Yuki lets out a shocked sound, while Mayu can't stop smiling, quite pleased with herself.

"I should have seen it coming. So, what did happen? Did she reject you?"

"In a sense, yes."

"What do you mean by that? Did you confess or not?"

"It doesn't matter. It was over before it ever began."

Yuki who was quiet until now turns in confusion to the girl.

"I don't understand, Jurina. If you haven't told her, then you have to."

"She told me - more than once - that she sees me as her little sister."

"We sometimes say stupid things. When Mayu confessed to me, I got afraid and rejected her at first. I'm not into Rena's head, but you still have to try. You never know."

Jurina sighs and shakes her head. She knows her friends are trying to give her hope, but Rena's words are too deep anchored in her head. She raises her eyes and smiles a little, still thankful her friends are doing their best to cheer her up.

"I already had my heart broken once a few days ago, I won't take another chance. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I'm giving up on her."

Mayu starts to open her mouth to object, but refrains at Jurina's decided look. Turning to Yuki, she notices her hesitation as well. They share a glance and Mayu shakes her head at her, before sadly watching Jurina who's lowering her eyes and continuing to eat. She was thankful Yuki returned her feelings in the end, but she knows not anyone can have their happy ending. All she can do now is respect her best friend's wishes, and help her overcome her pain.

At Rena's apartment, Airi is busy reading a manga on the couch while Rena is trying a recipe from her new cooking book.

When Airi had called the girl this morning to suggest her to go out, Rena had politely refused, inviting her instead at her apartment for lunch. The promise of a chocolate cake had sealed the deal, as Airi could never say no to the girl's cooking. Now the girl was laying on the couch, engrossed in her book, taking a peek now and then at Rena who's busy in the kitchen. She had offered her help but the older Matsui had refused, telling her to relax in the living room.

Airi is now in the middle of her second manga and glancing at her watch, she wonders why Rena is taking so long. She remembers the girl saying it wouldn't take more than 30 minutes, and it's already been more than an hour. Airi lays her book down on her lap, staring at Rena who's been sighing louder and louder for a few minutes now. It can't be she's having difficulty following the recipe - Rena is a very good cook. Airi slowly sits down and frowns at the girl's odd behavior. Now that's she watching her more carefully, she notices how she's eying her phone quite frequently. She's actually paying more attention to it than to the recipe itself.

Putting her book aside, Airi walks to the kitchen and leans against the counter, following Rena's frantic movements and frowning at the devastating state of the kitchen. There's flour everywhere - even on the girl's face - and the cake doesn't look so good. For the first time, she's not so eager to try Rena's cooking.

"Rena, do you need some help?" she asks hesitantly, only seeing the girl waving at her while stirring a suspect mixture in a bowl.

Airi is about to go back on the couch when she catches Rena glancing at her phone again.

"Are you expecting a call?"

Rena raises her eyes in confusion.

"No, why?"

"You can't stop looking at your phone."

Rena suddenly stops what she's doing and turns to the device.

"I've been messaging Jurina, but she's not answering."


Rena continues to stir, and Airi notices how the girl seems really bothered by it.

"Maybe she's busy."

"Right. I've already sent her four messages. How busy can she be?"

Now Rena is clearly irritated, and Airi frowns.

"You know Jurina. She'll answer when she's ready."

"Why can't she answer straight away like everyone else?"

Airi chuckles at the girl's statement.

"Not everyone is as perfect as you."

Rena rolls her eyes at Airi's teasing, and motions to the bowl in front of her.

"If you're not nice, you won't get any."

"Well, I'm not so sure I want to taste that cake anymore."

Airi prepares herself for the slap that's about to follow, and easily avoids it when it comes, laughing profusely.

"You're so predictable, Rena."

The older Matsui shoots her an annoyed look, before getting back to her cooking. A few minutes pass by without any of them saying anything, before Airi speaks again.

"Why are you messaging her so much anyway? Did something happen?"

"No, I just wanted to check up on her. She's only been out of the hospital two days ago."
"I'm sure she's fine. She's probably with Churi and hasn't checked her phone yet."

"Akane? Why do you think that?"

"They've been spending a lot of time together. I barely see Churi anymore," Airi smiles, but Rena can see a bit of sadness behind it, "I actually wonder if there's something going on between them," Airi chuckles.

"What do you mean by that?" Rena raises her eyes in surprise.

"Well, you know."

"No, I don't."

Airi sighs at Rena's confused look, before rolling her eyes.

"I think they're dating."

Both girls lock eyes for a few seconds, before Rena starts to laugh.

"Airin, you're so funny!"

Airi watches in surprise Rena who's holding her stomach with one hand and tapping her arm with the other. She didn't expect such a reaction from the other girl. When she starts to calm down, their eyes meet again, and Rena notices Airi's seriousness.

"You're joking, right?"

Airi shakes her head and Rena stares at her in surprise.

"Jurina and Akane? You can't be serious!"

"Why not? Don't they seem close to you?"

"Well yes, but..." Rena stutters, before avoiding her eyes, thinking thoroughly. Now that she mentions it, they have been getting closer and closer lately, and her mind goes back to the scene she witnessed from her hotel room during the shooting of the season 4 of Majisuka Gakuen. She had taken it as a token of good friendship, but what if there was something more?
Airi, noticing how Rena seems really bothered by what she said, quickly waves her hand.

"I'm not sure of anything. I'm just voicing a thought out loud."

Rena nods, before lowering her eyes to the bowl again. She frowns at the strange color, before smiling, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, Airin. I know I promised you a cake, but I think it's best if we don't eat it. I'll go buy one at the bakery."

Airi starts to chuckle and Rena soon joins her, wiping some flour off her hands.

When Jurina goes home on Sunday it's already quite late, and the girl dreads facing the emptiness of her house, her parents being away for a few days. Despite the cold evening she walks slowly, not in a hurry to arrive. She smiles a little when she thinks about the nice week end she just spent with Mayu and Yuki. When she had knocked on her best friend's door Friday evening, she was not in a good state of mind. Rena's words had really hurt her, and she knew she couldn't stay alone at home. These last two days had really helped her clear her head, and she was happy with the decision she had made. It wasn't an easy one, but she knew it was the only way to forget about Rena.

Taking her phone out of her bag, she notices all the missed calls and messages. She had switched off her phone Friday night, not really in the mood for any chatting. There are a few from her parents, Churi and Rena. She stops to read these last ones, really surprised. She sighs at the concerned messages from Rena, not really sure how she's going to reply to them. Turning to her street, she raises her eyes and spots someone waiting in front of her house. She wasn't expecting anyone, was she?

The phone still in hand, she recognizes Churi who's knocking at her door. The girl suddenly turns and stares worriedly at her.

"Where were you Jurina? I've been waiting for ages!"

Jurina looks dumbstruck at her, and the girl motions to her phone.

"Didn't you receive my text?"

The younger girl quickly goes through Churi's messages and sighs when she spots the one she's talking about.

"I'm really sorry. I switched my phone off Friday," she admits, only receiving an annoyed glare in return.

She quickly grabs her keys and moves to the door, swiftly pushing it to let the other girl in.

"Your parents are not here?" Churi wonders, after scanning the place and taking her coat off.

Jurina shakes her head, avoiding the girl's gaze, still feeling very guilty. Churi notices it and gently grabs her arm.

"I'm not mad at you. I was just worried," she smiles and Jurina nods, sighing in relief.

"Do you want to drink something?" Jurina asks, entering the kitchen and opening the fridge.

"Green tea, please."

Churi sits down in the kitchen, watching the girl and noticing how she's still wearing the clothes she had on Friday.

"Where were you all weekend?"

"I was at Mayu's," Jurina answers swiftly, putting the kettle on before turning around to lean against the counter and look at her friend. She sees her eying her clothes, and knows she must look awful. However, the girl doesn't say a thing about it.

"Why did you switch your phone off?"

That's a tougher question to answer and Jurina averts her eyes.

"I wasn't feeling so well. I'm sorry I missed your messages."

When the kettle makes a sharp noise, Jurina turns around again and starts to pour the water into two cups. Both girls then sip their tea in silence, Jurina staring blankly in front of her, while Churi watches her carefully. She notices how she seems quite rested and it relieves her a little, even if she can't stop thinking about what happened during rehearsal. She's been spending so much time with her lately, how come didn't she notice anything? She should have been here for her and see how much she was under pressure. Thankfully, Rena was here and had avoided an accident, but Churi can't help but think it should have been her. What kind of friend is she if she can't recognize the signs of someone in distraught? Especially someone she cares so much about. She suddenly feels a hand on hers, and sees a worried Jurina looking at her.

"Are you okay?"

Churi chuckles at the irony of the situation.

"I'm fine. I'm the one who should be asking you that."

"I'm better. I actually feel quite rested after staying so long at the hospital."

Churi rolls her eyes at Jurina's amused smile and slaps her arm playfully.

"You shouldn't be joking about that. You scared everyone."

"I know, and I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"It better not. Be sure I'm going to keep an eye on you from now on."

Jurina chuckles at her friend's seriousness.

"I'm counting on you."

When Jurina's cup is empty, she gets up and moves to the living room.

"What do you want to do? I have games, or we can watch TV."

"I don't mind."

Jurina nods and bends down to take the PlayStation 3 that's laying on a shelf. When she stands up again, she feels two arms circling her waist from behind, and a head resting on her shoulder. She turns slightly in surprise, while the girl tightens her grip.

"Don't you dare scaring me like that anymore."

Jurina stretches her arms to lay the console on the table in front of her, and slowly disentangling herself from the girl to face her, she notices her pained expression. She leans forward to gently kiss Churi's forehead, before smiling.

"I promise."

Churi nods, averting her eyes a moment, before looking at her again very seriously.

"You better keep your promise. You don't know how much you mean to me."

Jurina is momentarily taken aback by her words, before Churi slowly leans to kiss her on the lips. She doesn't know why the kiss startles her so much - after all, she's used to kissing herself her fellow members - but the younger Matsui still stares dumbstruck at Churi who's now looking at her shyly. The older girl then flashes her an amused smile and moves forward to the game console, grabbing it before heading to the television. Jurina silently follows her every moves, wondering why this kiss seems awfully similar to the one she gave her at the train station a while ago.

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OMG!!! Yes now is the turn of jealous Rena hahahaha continue soon!!

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The tide has turned, its time for Rena and Airin to become jealous :glasses:
MaYuki's been found out :mon lol:. Jurina was going to know sooner or later about their relationship. :bigdeal:
I'm glad that MaYuki knows about Jurina's feelings now. They might help her when things happen. :mon determined:
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Thanks for the chapter :hee:
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