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Author Topic: PASSPO FANFIC: Silence of the Stars  (Read 1919 times)

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PASSPO FANFIC: Silence of the Stars
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:34:09 AM »


A young woman was awakened by a series of beeping sounds emanating from the computer terminal in front of her.

"What the...?" It took a while for her to reorientate herself to the current surrounding she is in, after abruptly regaining consciousness. With some effort, she got up, looked around and slowly recognized the place. This is her sick bay. Whirling around, she gazed in the direction where the Bio-beds are. A single patient laid there.

"Annya!" She grabbed a medical tricorder and approached the colleague. The better part of her, her medical training, should've made her aware how important it is not to move her patient, but she cast aside all medical protocol and shook Tamai Anna's shoulder. Whatever it was that knocked her best friend out, it must've been a severe shock, possibly neurolytic. She waved the medical tricorder over Tamai's motionless body, scanning for the Junior Lieutenant's vital signs while the other hand wiped off dried blood from the younger's forehead. To her dismay and shock, there were no readings whatsoever. She switched to another phase variance setting. Still no reading. Whoever, or whatever it is that is on her bio-bed, she couldnt be certain if it is indeed her former room-mate.

"Computer" the woman instructed. "Scan ship-wide for all bio-readings". The ship's main computer acknowledged with a beep.


"Identify life-form"


Sako dropped her tricorder, a hand covering her mouth as she stood beside the console, staring out at the window of Sick bay, into the dark void in shock. She suppressed her tears, determined to get into the bottom of things. 

"Pull yourself together, Sako..." she took another deep breath. "Pull yourself together"

Sako picked up her tricorder and probe and left sick bay, entering the nearest turbolift.

"Deck 1, Bridge" the doctor instructed.


The turbolift slid open and upon stepping into the command centre of the ship, she again encountered the same situation. Shiori apparently was thrown out of her seat and her body laid motionless on the floor. Blood was coming out of Mio's nose, she guessed it the result of the impact from the direct collision between the Ops station console and her head.

Sako scanned the two. Like Anna's, she couldnt get any readings at all. She strolled over, muttered a muted pointless apology to Morishi as she stepped over her unconscious body towards the Captain's chair. Aipon's body was slumped in the chair. Yukky, the First Officer who normally sat next to her in the Exec chair, was nowhere in sight, at least on the bridge. Sako realized that whatever happened to them, the incident must've happened in the Day Shift, since Captain Negishi is currently in command at the Conn, as shown by the computer. An active file was opened on the Captain's computer console. Aipon's Log Entry from 3 days ago. Her curiosity piqued, Sako replayed the file:



"Captain's Log Stardate 90210.5. After a long journey across intergalactic space, The PASSPO has been requested to visit the station Deep Shit Nine to refuel our dangerously-low supply of HyperDilithium before proceeding to Starfleet Headquarters for a proper mission debrief. I can't emphasize enough how much my crew deserved a REAL R&R after all that shit they've been through, Holodeck time excluded of course. We intend..."

The door to Negishi's Ready Room suddenly whizzed open.

"AIPON!, How are you, CAPTAIN?!" A cheerful Shiori Mori strolled in, dressed in Hawaii shirt complemented with a pair of bermuda shorts, wrapped her arms casually around her CO's neck.

"Oh, piss off, Morishi. Can't you see I'm doing a log entry?" Aipon raised her voice, using a hand to break her Tactical Action officer stranglehold on her.

Mori appeared indignant. "Oh, aren't WE big?"

"Bigger than you, miss..." when Ai saw that Shiori was already making her way back to her door, she resumed the log entry: "We intend to visit the Beta Quadrant to make first contact with...(to Morishi) wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the pub" Shiori grinned at the Captain.

"Oh, hell with it...I'll go with you, ok?"

"OK.." and with that, both tactical officer and captain made their way out towards the nearest turbolift. 


The door to the only recreational facility they have (besides an antiquated Holodeck) whizzed open.

Aipon and Morishi looked around. The Captain, joined by a smiling Morishi, then decided to take the seat facing the counter, joining the gay couple Sakotee and Annya.

"Someone explain to me how my lead helmswoman ended up here wasted, and failing to report for her duty shift this morning?" Ai raised an eyebrow as her question was directed to nobody in particular.

Morishi added helpfully. "Must've had one too much of that stuff Nachu's concocted. Speaking of which, what exactly IS IT, Nachu?"

Sako replied. "Yeah right... I saw Annya took that shot. I was with her the entire time. She's only had like one glass, Aipon."

Morishi rubbed her hands together, a wide grin appearing on her face. "In that case, bring it on, Nacchan. The whole bottle, if you please." Aipon stared at the Tactical Officer in disbelief.

Natsumi Iwamura, or known to her crew as Nachu, one of the non-Starfleet personnel they had on board,  simply shrugged her shoulders as she retrieved the bottle containing the culprit alcoholic concoction for Mori.

"Hey, It's not MY FAULT An-chan couldn't hold her liquor. Besides, it's just some Tirellian spice mixed into an exotic Bothan whiskey."

Ai smiled "Well, it's a good thing Anna brought Sako along. We never know when we'd encounter a medical emergency"

The crew erupted into a fit of laughter. For once, Aipon is glad and proud of herself for finally being able to make her crew bond like this, that is, after a really shaky first start on their epic voyage.

As she was just about to have a sip of her Tholian scotch, her comlink beeped.

"BRIDGE to the CAPTAIN" the voice was loud but distinct.

"Oh, for cryin out loud...What is it, Yukky?"

"We're reaching Deep Shit Nine, Ma'am" the First Officer replied.

Aipon sighed in dismay. She took a quick sip of the alcoholic beverage, wincing for a while as the stuff burnt through her oesophagus.

"Hey Captain...." Morishi was at that point already half-drunk. "Don't drink and drive". Ai rolled her eyes and left the bar as Morishi was laughing hysterically at her own self-professed joke.

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