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Author Topic: SeeYouAyumin's trashcan presents [Immature Shits Fighting Over Beds] & [Bitten]  (Read 2351 times)

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I actually was supposed to stop writing fanfics...and apparently I didn't listen to myself lol

Hello..? This isn't exactly my first fic, but my first H!P fic to be posted uvu



Immature Shits Fighting Over Beds

’’I’m sleeping on the top!’’

‘’No, I am!’’

‘’Fukuchan slept on the top last time!’’

‘’No I didn’t!’’

‘’Yes you did!’’

‘’I did not!’’

‘’You did!’’

‘’I did not!’’

‘’You did!’’

Oh? Are you maybe wondering what’s going on exactly? I would love to answer that without feeling ashamed of these two almost-full-grown-women except that I am very ashamed. Because apparently these two teenagers just spent over five minutes fighting over who should sleep where on the bunk bed. With both of them wanting to sleep on the top bunk. Obviously that fight was now going anywhere as they kept on fighting like five years olds.
Somehow, later on, the two thought of deciding it by janken.

The two stood there, one on each side of the room. Their hands closed in fits in front of each other. The two girls stared into each other’s souls, sending death threats through telepathy. Yes, the two were actually sending death threats over who’d sleep in the top bunk.
‘’Are you ready, Eripon?’’
‘’I was born ready!’’ Had Eripon listened carefully had she heard Fukuchan snorts quietly. But the younger girl didn’t as she was too busy drowning herself in her own dreams of winning.
‘’Alright…on three.’’ Fukuchan held up three fingers, putting one down as she counted. ‘’One…two...three.’’
And so the two threw out what seemed the best between rock, paper and scissor.

The two stood there.

One in shock over losing.

One in happiness over winning.



‘’I….I hate you.’’

‘’I love you too~’’ The winner flashed a sly grin as she gripped on Fukuchan’s wrist, pulling her towards herself before wrapping one arm around her waist. ‘’Now, loser, I’ll let you sleep on the lower bunk.’’

‘’Whatever’’ Swatting Eripon’s arm, she sneaked out of the girl’s strong grip. Fukuchan hated how strong the latter was. Why?! Why does she have to be this strong?

Sighing, Fukuchan walked over to the lower bunk before sitting down on it as she watched her friend climb over to the one above her. She could hear the younger one let out a giggle as she lied down on the bed.
Fukuchan was having enough of this shit, and soon decided to use her hidden weapon that always seemed to work on Eripon. Standing up, Fukuchan climbed up the short ladder only to come face to face with her younger friend. ‘’Eripon~’’

‘’Oh god—‘’ Eripon swallowed, cursed out the older girl’s cuteness  and pressed herself against the wall hoping that’d be over soon. ‘’What do you want.’’
‘’Eripon, can’t I sleep with you?’’ Puppy eyes? Check. Pouty lips? Check. Teary eyes? Check. Eripon about to fall in Fukuchan’s trap? Check.
Eripon—the poor girl, seemed to struggle between letting Fukuchan sleep with her and not letting her. As the girl lied there, struggling. Fukuchan climbed up, slid under the covers and lied down beside the latter. She wrapped her arms around Eripon’s waist and snuggled closer to the latter. ‘’Goodnight~’’




Ah, poor Eripon.


Hah, now that was fun to write lol
Hope ya enjoyed uvu/
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Re: SeeYouAyumi's trashcan presents [Bitten]
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Absolutely not my fic. This was written by my friend..whatever he JPHIP account was she forgot i cant believe

Anyways, she's got an AOF account and I cant link cause I cant use JPHIP im such a noob and I'm not sure how many more fics she's gonna be posting on my account unu but youbetter should check her she's hella


It was late at night, yet a small bedside lamp still shone as the sole occupant stayed up reading. A cool breeze drifted in, causing the curtains to sway almost eerily. Ayumi left the window open, as she always had these past few months. It was another new habit of hers, as was reading to pass the time.

The house was silent, with the sounds of crickets and owls hooting adding into the ambience. It was nice, quiet, and very peaceful. So much so that even though she wasn’t really tired, Ayumi found herself slowly dozing off.

 A shadow appeared at her window, like it had almost the same time each night. One might notice it started ever since she started leaving her window open. The figure slipped through her window, casting its shadow over Ayumi’s form.

She sensed the shift in light, opening her eyes to find a grinning Riho watching over her.

“Good morning, Ayumi-chan.”




It was so much like how they first met. A quiet night, an open window, and a half-moon shining, only that Ayumi was sleeping.

Riho had snuck in quietly, finding sleeping, unassuming prey like this was always too easy. Yes, she was there to feed. Riho was there to drink some poor helpless girl’s blood.

She crouched by the foot of the bed, peeking up at the girl as she turned in her sleep. Seeing her chance, Riho slowly climbed on, her arms on either side of the girl as she gently turned her onto her back.

Brushing hair away from her prey’s neck, Riho took a moment to lean in and savour her scent. Ahhh~ Such promise. She was almost drooling from anticipation. The vampire could hear her prey’s heart beating loud and clear, the blood flowing unhindered and strong through her veins.

Without wasting another moment, she let her fangs grow out and sunk them into soft flesh. Sweet, succulent blood flowed into her mouth and she drank with relish. Riho thought her feeding would go unhindered, but the slight movement and gasp that sounded alerted her to her prey’s awakening.

She clamped a hand over the scream that might burst out, leaving a muffled whimper.

“There we go.” Riho paid the prey no more heed, continuing to peacefully finish her meal.

At least, that was what she thought, because the next thing she knew, something hard, a book perhaps, slammed into her head, knocking her off the bed.

Slightly dazed, but more than surprised, Riho looked up and saw her prey take in a deep breath while clutching at her bitten neck. It was by pure reflex and experience that she leapt up in time to cover her mouth, once again silencing a would-be scream.

“Ssh!” She harshly whispered, her prey had wide panicked eyes and tried to pry her arm off. But Riho held her firm, listening intently for movement in the house. There was some shuffling from the other room, but after a while, it was silent again.

She sighed in relief, looking warily at her prey for a moment.

“I’m going to let go, but if you scream, I’ll suck you dry. Okay?”

The girl stiffened and visibly gulped, giving a tense nod.

Riho slowly pulled away, moving to sit at the foot of the bed.  She blinked in surprise however as her prey grabbed the pillow and held it out shakily as a shield.

“What are you doing?” Her brows raised in slight amusement, moving to pull the pillow away.

The girl backed up against the headboard, still using the sad excuse of a shield.

“D-don’t come close!”

“Sssh!” Riho silenced her with a warning glare.

“Eep!” Her prey flinched and curled up into herself with a squeak.

The vampire sighed, scratching the back of her head as she wondered what to do next. She COULD always just finish her meal. But for some reason, watching the girl cower on the bed made her reluctant to do so. It wasn’t the first time she encountered this situation of course, but Riho chalked it off to her audacity to strike her in the head. This girl was different from the others.

Of course, Riho also found her cuter than her other prey, but she digressed.

“You know…” she started, trying not to laugh at the deer caught in headlights look the girl had.

“Realistically, I could kill you easily anytime.”  Seeing her pull back against herself and clutch the pillow tighter, Riho quickly added.

“But! I promise not to hurt you as long as you do a few things for me. Understand?”

The girl nodded fearfully, prompting Riho to take the first step.

“My name is Riho. What’s yours?” She asked, giving a friendly smile. This of course showed off one of her fangs.

“I-shi-d-da A-y-yumi…” Her eyes zeroed in on the sharp fang glinting in the dark.

Riho’s smile widened at the answer,and she slowly reached out to tug the pillow out of Ayumi’s hands.

“Well then Ayumi-chan, if you promise to keep me a secret….”





The human and vampire had come into an agreement. And Ayumi was startled as the next night, she was awakened to Riho knocking on her closed window. She was afraid to let her in at first, but decided to anyway, remembering that the vampire could hurt her even if she didn’t.

The vampire only seemed to want to talk, and that’s what they did. Their conversations were awkward and tentative on Ayumi’s end. But Riho didn’t seem to mind and kept on being friendly, never again threatening her in any way. It was so much like talking to a friend from school, that Ayumi almost forgot Riho was a vampire, if not for the fangs that she had.

They had much to talk about, as Ayumi discovered that Riho was almost two hundred years old. She could never have guessed with her looks…and the childish way she sometimes acts. Ayumi would tell her about her day, and stories from school. Whilst Riho would explain what she had seen in her extended lifetime, and about her family, or as the vampire would put it, her Clan.

It was an unexpected friendship, and they easily fell into this routine.

Currently, Riho had her head in Ayumi’s lap, frowning as she complained about a vampire in the Clan that seemed to like to annoy her.

Ayumi giggled at her tale, stroking the vampire’s hair. She gently massaged the crease in Riho’s eyebrows when her frown deepened.

“Mou…Ayumi-chan~” She whined.

“Yosh yosh…”

The human just smiled and patted her head, then ran her fingers soothingly into the vampire’s hair. Riho’s face quickly morphed into that happy cat-like expression that Ayumi found adorable. It happened often when the human spoiled her, never failing to remind her of a pleased cat.

“I don’t have school tomorrow, so I can stay up longer.” Ayumi informed.

“Really? That’s great!” Riho got up in her excitement, hugging the human.

“I wanna spend the night with you~”

Ayumi’s cheeks coloured as she tried unsuccessfully to pry herself from the vampire’s grip.

“W-wait, Riho-san, my parents!” Ayumi reminded in a harsh whisper.

“Don’t worry~ They’re asleep.” Riho pulled away and sat with a careless grin.

“But besides that,” she reached out and pinched both of Ayumi’s cheeks.

“How many times do I need to tell you not to call me with –san~” Riho whined, pulling her cheeks unforgivingly.

“Riho-san~ Stoppppp~” Ayumi tried to pull her hands off, but of course, her meager human strength can’t be compared to an almost 200 year old vampire.

“Mou…say it already~” Riho’s face fell into a pout, and Ayumi was surprised as she uncharacteristically looked away.

Was the vampire being shy?

“Because…if you use –san, then we’re not close enough for me to kiss you yet.” Riho’s cheeks turned rosy, shyly peeking at Ayumi from underneath her long eyelashes.

The human was shocked at the reasoning, her own face turning red to match Riho’s. Tugging at the hands pulling her cheeks, she held them, licking her lips as she processed that fact. She didn’t miss the way Riho’s eyes darted to watch that action though.

“Then….Riho…-chan, please kiss me.”

The vampire beamed at her request, swiftly moving in to press her lips against the human’s. It was done so eagerly and rushed it seemed as if she waited a long time to finally kiss her.

Which she probably did, was what Ayumi thought.

It was short and sweet, and it was hard to look at each other for a while, out of embarrassment. Riho was beyond happy though, knowing that they finally took another step forward. She enjoyed the fact that she could hear Ayumi’s heart beating loud and fast.

The human, on the other hand, looked down at their joined hands, and stroked Riho’s hands with her thumbs.

“So…you’re staying until morning right?”

Riho flashed a cheeky grin, kissing Ayumi again as her answer.

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