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Author Topic: YuiParu Sayamilky Family - chapter 16 (25/05/2017)  (Read 20357 times)

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 7 (SayaMilky only+Guest)
« Reply #40 on: June 24, 2015, 09:03:57 AM »
Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :hip aww:
Sayamilky just soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute~ :wub:
Lets hope pap-mama Sayanee win the bet and SayaMiruki get a cute baby girl~~~~ :onioncheer:
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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I thought I posted this already... Hehe... It's kinda boring I guess....

The same day Miyuki visited the doctors office, Sayaka had asked to get out of work early just to go show off their sonogram to Yui and Haruka. They stopped by a restaurant to pick up some food and drinks to have with their friends. When they arrived to the couples home they rang the doorbell, waiting for a couple of minutes for the someone to answer the door.
"Are they home?" Sayaka asked, ringing the doorbell again. Miyuki shrugged. Suddenly the door flew open, Haruka appearing fixing her hair, "hey," she cleared her throat, "sorry we were... Busy." She smiled. Yui appeared behind Haruka fixing her shirt. The two picked up on what the two were up to.
"Did we interrupt something?" Miyuki raised her eyebrows, holding back a huge grin.
"Not at all!" Yui shouted. "We were just... Cleaning."
Miyuki and Sayaka looked at each other, holding back a laughter.
"Right, well we brought dinner." Sayaka turned back to the couple, showing the bag of food.
"Great, I'm starving." Yui said, letting her friends in. The two walked in, while Yui shut the door and quickly grabbed Haruka giving her a kiss on the lips before following behind Sayaka and Miyuki.
Sayaka set the food on the table and Miyuki set the drinks. "Where's Haruki?" Miyuki asked, looking around the room.
"He is sleeping." Haruka said, walking up beside Sayaka, to see what she brought for dinner.
"I see. That's why you two were... Busy." Miyuki gave a small shove to Haruka and raised a brow. Haruka blushed, thinking back on what her and her wife were up to, also it was embarrassing that Miyuki knew just by the looks of it.
"Miyuki, stop." Sayaka glared at her. "Let's eat, yeah?" She turned to Haruka and smiled. Haruka nodded like a kid, she was starving as well. Yui returned with some plates, handing them to each girl.
"So, what did you guys want to talk about?" Haruka asked while the girls served the food themselves.
"Well," Miyuki grabbed her bag, taking out the small piece of paper. "We had a doctors appointment today and we got our first picture of the baby." Miyuki showed Haruka and Yui the sonogram, a grin shining from her face. Sayaka couldn't help but grin also at the excited Miyuki.
"Oh my!" Haruka smiled, snatching the sonogram from Miyuki's hand examining it. She remembered when she got her first sonogram of Haruki, how it was just as tiny as Miyuki's. At first Haruka couldn't spot the tiny Haruki in the sonogram, neither did Yui, but eventually they could and always remembered where he was. Now, they could spot the baby, remembering their experience.
"I'm so excited for you two!" Haruka jumped in glee.
"Have you thought of names?" Yui asked, still examining the sonogram.
Miyuki sighed.
"We both have names, but we are kind of debating on whether we are having a girl or boy." Sayaka spoke up.
Yui returned the picture to Miyuki, and the four sat down with their plates full of food.
"What do you want?" Yui asked Sayaka.
"I keep telling Miyuki," she glared at the girl and Miyuki stuck her tongue out, "it's going to be a girl, but she says it's going to be a boy."
Haruka giggled at the couples interaction.
"Why do you think it's going to be a girl?" Miyuki asked her wife.
Sayaka shrugged, answering her. "Because, I have a feeling. Something tells me it's going to be a girl." She said confidently. "My mom says the same."
The girls laughed.
"You know, when I told Yui I was pregnant, after a couple of days she claimed it was going to be a boy." Haruka told Miyuki. Yui smiled proudly when Sayaka turned to her.
"And how did you guess that?" Miyuki asked Yui.
"It was a gut feeling." She smiled.
"Really, a gut feeling?" She asked both Yui and Sayaka. The two friends nodded.
Miyuki sighed, "let's place a bet then."
Sayaka raised her brows, "oh, okay! What's the bet?"
Yui and Haruka sat up, interested.
"If we have a boy, then you do what I ask with no complains." Miyuki said.
Sayaka nodded, "alright. What if we have a girl?" She asked.
"Then," Miyuki thought. "If we have a girl, I'll get you that guitar you've been eyeing at the store."
Sayaka's face lit up, "really?"
Miyuki hummed, "mhmm."
She looked over at Yui, grinning like a fool, "I'm so winning!"
Yui just laughed at her friend while Haruka and Miyuki just hid their laughter by shaking their head at the girl.
Once the girls finished their dinner, Leaving their dirty dishes on the table, Haruka and Miyuki sat on the couch watching a movie while Sayaka and Yui were in the nursery checking on Haruki. Looking in the bassinet, Haruki was awake staring up at the toy dangling above him.
"Haruki, you're awake!" Yui said softly but excited. "Why didn't you cry?" At the sight of Yui, Haruki began to squirm around under the tight blanket wrapped around him. Yui picked him up. "Hey." Yui smiled at Haruki, laying him on her arms and moving closer to his face to give him a kiss on his forehead.
"How does he know it's you?" Sayaka asked amazed as she lay on the bed. "Like he seems to recognize your voice the moment he hears you."
Yui made her way to lay beside Sayaka. "Maybe, because I talked to him every day while I laid on Haruka's belly." She answered, keeping her eyes on the baby boy.
"They hear everything?" Sayaka asked.
"Yeah. It's amazing the things you learn when having a baby." Yui laughed.
"I guess I should start learning."
"Take some of the baby books we bought." Yui gestured with her head towards the bookcase in the bedroom.
Sayaka got up, walking over to check out some of the books. "Birthing?" She read a title of a book. Opening it to a random page, she ban to read to herself. "Oh! That happens?" She said out loud as she read, disgusted from the very informative and very descriptive book.
Yui laughed. She knew why Sayaka was new to all this, because whenever Sayaka heard the word baby or kids, she would flee. Her friend never wanted kids, she didn't want to think about giving birth. Sayaka wanted to live a solo life, having fun and going to to rock shows and jamming with her friends. But, as soon as Miyuki appeared, Sayaka's life was changed.
When the young couple found out their friends were going to have a baby, of course they were excited but Miyuki would bring it up to Sayaka about kids. At first Sayaka thought, 'no way in hell!', and always ignored Miyuki or changed the subject. One day, though, Sayaka began to picture Miyuki with a kid and having a family dinner, it was the cutest picture in her head. Slowly Miyuki and her talked about it that soon they decided to go for it.
Placing the book back, she went to grab another, reading it and again, surprised to read such an informative book and making a weird face. Yui laughed at her friend. "I think once, she's born you'll learn so much more than a book."
"I hope so." Sayaka said, taking the book with her to lay back in bed beside Yui and Haruki.
While the two were in the bedroom with Haruki, mama Haruka and Miyuki sat in the living room eating snacks and watching a movie. Miyuki laid her head on  Haruka's lap. "Have you been having morning sickness?" Haruka suddenly asked.
Miyuki gave her a nod, "yeah, it comes and goes."
"Your lucky, most have it for first few months for most of the day." Haruka began to play with Miyukis black hair. "What about cravings, have you had those?"
"Not as much, but I'm thinking about playing around with Sayaka."
Haruka giggled, "how?"
"I'll ask her for something weird to eat in the middle of the night. She will be disgusted." Miyuki laughed at her plan.
"You're mean." Haruka laughed along, feeling bad for poor Sayaka. "What about the bet, are you really going to get her the guitar?" Haruka asked.
"I already have it saved for her." Miyuki smiled. The thought of seeing Sayaka brighten up at the sight of a new guitar made her feel happy. Her wife deserves it after everything she's done for her.
"You're sneaky!" Haruka poked Miyuki's ribs, causing Miyuki to jerk away feeling ticklish. Haruka poked her again and again until Miyuki was laughing out loud trying to stop her.
"Stop!" Miyuki pleaded, which Haruka obeyed and stopped, letting her friend catch her breath.
"You're mean."  Miyuki pouted.
Haruka only gave her a smile.
"So, earlier," Miyuki spoke up after catching her breath, "when Sayaka and I arrived, you and Yui were..."
She looked up at Haruka.
"Were?" Haruka asked.
Miyuki sat up, "you know..." She raised a brow.
Haruka sighed. "We were about to, but you two showed up."
Miyuki frowned, "sorry."
"It's okay, if it wasn't you and Sayaka, it would be Haruki. Yesterday, when we got home we were about to, but Haruki began crying. Also this morning , however, Yui had work. I don't think we will get a chance for ourselves until Haruki is older." Haruka pouted.
Miyuki ruffled Haruka's hair, finding her cute when she pouted, "then when you want you and Yui have a date night, Sayaka and I will babysit."
"Really?" Haruka brightened up.
Miyuki nodded.
"Alright, I'll let you know."
Returning to watch the movie, the two sat quietly until Miyuki scared Haruka by sitting up so fast she felt dizzy.
"Oh, my head." She shook it off and told her what popped up into her head. "Guess who my doctor is!" She yelled.
"Oh that's right!" The two heard Sayaka shout out from the bedroom. Haruki had almost fallen back asleep but woke up shocked by the shout and began crying.
"Sayaka!" Yui scolded. Sayaka apologized and took Haruki, telling Yui she will help.
The two came out the bedroom and Haruka asked, "who?"
"Seriously, she's back?" Yui asked.
Sayaka was going to answer, but she was busy bopping softly to calm Haruki, which was working.
"Yeah, she invited to her new house this weekend, all of us." Miyuki grinned excitedly."
"We'll go." Yui smiled and Haruka nodded.
"Wow, it's been what, two years?" Haruka said remembering seeing her on her and Yui's  wedding day.
Miyuki just nodded.

It was starting to be late, Miyuki and Sayaka decided to go home, especially with Miyuki feeling tired and sick. The couple said their goodnight and left. Yui and Haruka both headed to the bedroom to get ready for bed.
"Is Haruki asleep?" Haruka asked, peeking over the bassinet beside their bed. Finding he was fast asleep, she sighed knowing she had a late night shift with Haruki.
"He is so adorable." Yui appeared taking off her jeans and changing into her pajamas. Haruka turned just in time to see her turn, take off her shirt, and before she could throw on her other shirt, Haruka caught the girl into her arms, surprising Yui.
"What are you doing?" Yui asked almost jumping out of Haruka's embrace.
"Why don't we try again, a quickie." Haruka laughed.
Yui laughed. Turning around, she swooped down lifting Haruka, and throwing her on  the bed crawling over her. Haruka laughed at Yui's action, still when she appeared in her sight, Haruka took Yui's face into her hands and pulled her down for a kiss, her legs running up Yui's and wrapping around her ass. The kiss was all out, Haruka sucked on Yui's lower lip and Yui bit down on Haruka's lower lip, causing her to hiss in pain but still she didn't break the open mouth kiss. Soon, however the two pulled apart, taking a sharp inhale. Continuing their moment, Yui moved down to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses, then sucking on her neck. Haruka grasped onto Yui's, enjoying the pleasure.
They were enjoying every moment, taking it further. Suddenly, Haruki began to cry. Yui had just gotten Haruka's shirt off and now she sighed, her head dropping into Haruka's chest as if she was defeated.
"Haruki calls." Haruka laughed, patting her wife's head to get off of her. Yui rolled off and on her side of the bed, watching Haruka picking up Haruki.
"Is he hungry?" Yui asked.
"Yeah, and I need to change his diaper." Haruka informed her as she turned to the nursery. Yui got up to use the bathroom and throw her shirt on.
Once done, with feeding Haruki and changing his diaper, the three were in bed, Haruki laid between his two mommies, wrapped up in his warm blanket while the two watched him.
"Have you talked to your parents about the hospital bill?" Haruka suddenly asked.
"I have. Before we left, they said they would send us some money." Yui answered her eyes not leaving Haruki.
Haruka sighed and that's when Yui looked up at her wife. "What?"
"I feel bad asking money from them. Maybe I should go back to work, that way we can pay it off." Haruka pouted.
"We agreed you'd stay home until Haruki was old enough to take him to daycare." Yui reminded her.
"I know, but we need the money and I feel bad."
"We are fine. We can pay them back once we have the money." Yui tried making her wife feel better. It wasn't working well, though. "It will be okay, Haruka. Trust me." Yui reached over Haruki, giving Haruka a kiss on the lips. Haruki suddenly began to cry a little but stopped when they pulled apart.
"I don't think Haruki likes it when you kiss me." Haruka joked.
"I'm starting to believe that." Yui fell back on her pillow while Haruka laughed.

Next chapter: Haruki will meet new aunties! If I can ever finish it...

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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its not boring I tell you, Haruki loves his mommy Haruka
and poor Yui I can't even believe I'm laughing at their
private moments.

AtsuMina? XD haha Acchan for sure

and sneaky milky on her bet with her wife
but I do really wonder if you know they
would have both ≧﹏≦

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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Great fic... please update soon... xD thanks
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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I'm curious about the child who was conceived milky. Boy? or girl?
Update soon author-san  :)

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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UPDATE PLEASE AUTHOR-SAN !!! WE LOVE IT SO MUCH ! And it's getting interesting , wondering if takamina is with atsuko , won't it be more and more interesting ?? 🤔
Well just update it 👍🏻😁

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 8
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I really love YuiParu and SayaMilky ˊ▽ˋ
I'm dying for next chapter , please update it soon ~

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 9
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Hi! I haven't been active on this one lol... Sorry... I tried finishing this chapter since I had half of it but I haven't gotten back into this story so it will take time I'll probably be able to finish it once I'm done with, Untitled. But here's what I've done so far  :P

The week ended quickly and the girls now stood outside Atsuko's home, ringing the doorbell. They stood waiting for Atsuko to opens the door, however it wasn't Atsuko who greeted them.
The door flew open and the four had their mouths hanging open at the sight of Minami.
"Welcome!" She greeted the four and Haruki who slept in his car seat. The girls didn't respond they only stared at the older friend.
"Acchan," Minami called into the house, "I think I broke them..."
Atsuko came rushing to the door with a little girl running behind her, and this time the four girls jaws hit the ground.
"Oh, hey!" Atsuko greeted, but the minute her eyes landed on Haruki's car seat, she stepped outside the door and uncovered the blanket over Haruki's seat, "he is adorable!" She scrunched her face at the sleeping baby. Yui, who was holding Haruki's seat, blinked and shook her head, turning her attention to Atsuko. "Oh, uh, t-this is Haruki." She introduced him.
"He is so cute!" She commented.
Minami and the other three just stared at each other still surprised to see Minami.
"Mama." The one year old waddled to Minami , catching herself onto her mothers leg. Minami looked down at the adorable girl. "Yeah?" She said before picking her up.
"When did you- wait, you two-what?" Sayaka was the first to try and ask.
Atsuko then took Haruki's car seat and invited the girls in.

Settled in the living room, the six talked. Atsuko and Minami explaining what happened between them. The last thing the girls remember was three years ago when the two had a huge argument and broke up. Atsuko left to finish her last year in medical school and Minami left to America to take care of her mothers company. Atsuko returned for Yui and Haruka's wedding a year later and Minami had only sent The Newley wed couple a gift. To see the two together now was a surprise, It was one of the messiest break ups their friends had witnessed, and now they looked as happy as could be sitting together with a daughter.
"Why didn't you tell us while I had my check up?" Miyuki frowned.
Atsuko smiled at the girl, "I wanted to surprise all of you."
"We are surprised." Sayaka muttered.
"And you're married with a little girl." Haruka smiled at the two year old sitting on Minami's lap acting shy.
"Yeah," Atsuko smiled at her daughter, "you want to say hi?" She asked, but the girl only hid against  Minami's chest. Minami laughed, "she doesn't act shy around people, she's usually outgoing."
"It probably because of Haruki." Atsuko looked over at the baby boy still fast asleep.
"What's her name?" Sayaka asked, waving hi at the girl when she peeked at her.
"Hi, Ami." Miyuki smiled, waving at her.
Ami, stared at her then quickly shied away again. Sayaka gave a smile, simply saying, "Hey."  Ami, looked at Sayaka, letting out a small smile before turning around to cling onto her mother.
"That means she likes you." Minami laughed, soothing the little girls back as she clung onto her neck.
"Every baby loves Sayaka, I recently noticed that." Miyuki said, "yesterday we stopped by the market and a little kid ran to Sayaka when she smiled at her."
"Also she puts Haruki to sleep." Haruka added.
Sayaka smiled proudly. "Maybe, I am ready for our baby." She turned to Miyuki, placing her hand over her girlfriends belly. Miyuki smiled at her.
"And how are you feeling, Miyuki?" Atsuko asked breaking the couples moment.
"I have been feeling the morning sickness, but it's here and there."
"That's good. Don't forget you have a check up next month and keep taking the vitamins I gave you." Atsuko reminded her as her doctor.
"Enough, Acchan, they are here to relax not to get daily check ups." Minami patted Atsuko's thigh. Atsuko apologized, turning to Minami. The two exchanged a few words in silence and after Minami gave Atsuko a peck on the lips and stood up off the couch with the little girl still in her arms. "I'm going to check on the food, I'll be right back."
"I'll help." Yui stood up and followed Minami.  The rest stayed catching up on old times.

In the kitchen, Minami stirred the food in the pot while she held onto Ami who wasn't letting her go.
"I can help." Yui said.
Minami stepped aside and smiled at her. "Yes, please. I don't think she's ready to let me go." She pointed at the one year old.
Yui took the wooden spoon and stirred the food. "I can't believe you two got married and had a baby." Yui commented.
Minami smiled, looking at the little girl who played with her hair. "We would have called and told you but we were keeping it from my mother."
"I thought she was fine with the two of you?" Yui asked.
"She is, but at the time a couple of things occurred between my mother and Acchan, and I was caught in the middle... But now, we are happy and everything is back to normal between the two of them and us of course." Minami smiled.
"I'm glad to hear that." Yui smiled as well, placing the wooden spoon down.
"And how are you and Haruka?" Minami asked. "I can see the two of you are still happy."
Yui grinned, "we are."
"But something is still not perfect..." Minami could always tell when there was something wrong with Yui, ever since they met in school.
Yui gave her a small smile, "you know me too well."
"Tell me then." Minami encouraged her.
Yui checked to see how far they were from the living room and hope the girls would not hear her, especially Haruka. "Well," she turned back, "I'm thinking about quitting my job and getting a new one, one that pays more."
Minami gave a nod, "is that so..."
"Yeah. I've been worrying over bills to pay and necessities for us and Haruki. I don't want Haruka to know that I'm freaking out as well over everything."
Minami turned to her, "worry no more!" She announced, "I've opened a restaurant!"
Yui gave a half smile, confused by her announcement.
Minami turned to her daughter as soon as she saw her friends expression. "Your auntie is confused..." Looking back up, Minami chuckled, "now that I've opened a restaurant away from my mother, I need someone to help manage it and I know you are good at that! What do you say?"
Yui raised her brows, "but I'm not good at managing anything..."
Minami laughed, "that's what you say but you know you can. You'll be co-managing with me anyways, I'll help you out."
Yui turned down to the food cooking and stirred it around, "I don't know."
"It will be a better pay, I can assure you that." Miniami said and Yui turned up to find her friend smiling at her. "What do you say?" Minami asked now.
"I'll think about it..." Yui said.
"I'll give you until next week."
"Why?" Yui raised a brow.
"I open next week." Minami laughed.
Yui made an ,'oh', face and continued to cook.

The rest of the girls in the living room were still on and on conversing about things and catching up. The girls at one point became too loud that it woke Haruki. Atsuko asked Haruka if she could hold him and of course Haruka gladly let her. Already experienced with babies, Atsuko took Haruki out his seat and carried him. She hopped lightly and made hush sounds, slowly it worked. Haruka and the other couple watched her, watching how she was so natural holding Haruki.
However, the baby began to cry again. "He is hungry." Atsuko told Haruka.
"Good." Haruka stood up.
"I'll take you to the bedroom and you can feed him there." Atsuko informed Haruka. She excused herself from the other two and in that moment Yui and Minami, with their daughter appeared.
"Is everything okay?" Yui asked, looking over at Haruka.
"Yeah, just need to feed him." Haruka assured her wife.
Yui gave a nod then she heard Minami comment to Atsuko.
"Want another baby?"
Atsuko laughed, "you're the one who says no." And walked away with Haruki and Haruka, taking them to the bedroom.
Minami was left a little embarrassed.

The day was going by quickly, the girls sat and ate, enjoying the meals cooked for them by the older couple. Once they finished they returned to the living room and finished their non stop talk. Eventually Minami decided to mention her restaurants opening in a week, with possible hope of Haruka pushing Yui to take the job she offered her, though she had no clue.
"I'm going to have this grand opening, also a birthday party for, Ami." Minami announced, looking over at her daughter who now sat on Sayaka's lap. During dinner Ami had gotten close to Sayaka and Miyuki loved watching Ami and Sayaka play together.
"No, we talked about it, Minami." Atsuko turned to her wife, tightening her squeeze on her hand. Minami tried to pull away but she was weaker than Atsuko.
"Acchan, let go." She begged. "Okay, we will do her birthday party before the grand opening." Minami decided to go with her wife's idea.
Atsuko loosened her grip, but still held her wife's hand. "I just thought she would love to have the grand party at the restaurant."
"I don't want you spoiling her, also it would be more about the restaurant than her birthday." Acchan explained.
Minami gave a pout, "understood." Quickly she changed to a smile and turned to her friends before Atsuko kissed her. "So, you are all invited to both events."
The girls thanked her.
While Miyuki and Sayaka asked on about the restaurant, Haruka, who sat next to Yui and held her free hand while the other held their child, she turned to her and tugged her hand a bit for her to turn. "Do you think Minami can offer you a job?"
Yui's eyes widened and turned to her, not saying a word.
"I know you don't like your office job, so, maybe, you can work for her." Haruka said quietly to her wife.
Yui still stared at her.
"yeah, how about a job at my restaurant, Yui." Minami had heard the two, well everyone did.
Yui glared at Minami who grinned proudly. Minami knew Yui would be happier working with her and having something stable enough for the sake of her family.
Yui sighed, "alright."
Minami stood up shouting, "Yes!" My crew is complete!"
The girls watched her awkwardly and Atsuko was just embarrassed. As for her daughter, Ami, she just mimicked her mother and the girls laughed.

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 9
« Reply #48 on: December 30, 2015, 04:53:47 AM »
AtsuMina is the best couple ever!
And Yuihan will have a better job, thanks to Minami~
Sayaka~ I knew you will be a good papa, I mean mama for your child. Or maybe Ami loves ikemen XD
Can't wait for SayaMiruki's baby><

Thanks for the update, author-san!
I'll wait the next chapter~
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 9
« Reply #49 on: January 01, 2016, 04:11:26 PM »
Atsumina sure is the best.
SayaMilky couple is too sweet.
Sayanee would be cute and good with kids.
YuiParu keep it up.

Thank you for the update!
Happy New Year!
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 9
« Reply #50 on: January 06, 2016, 10:09:52 PM »
Yatta!!!! I'm so happy you updated this story! You have no idea how much I love it! I actually found the update accidentally while reading it all over again since I thought you were going to finish Untitled before continuing this one. Anyways, I'm gald you didn't wait until then and gave us some more of YuiParu and SayaMilky <3
Thank you~~~ :D :D :D

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 10
« Reply #51 on: January 30, 2016, 09:06:33 AM »
Hi, I miss you all... I don't really care how I wrote this I just wanted to post something for all of you hehe...

In two days was the grand opening of Minami's restaurant and with it being a huge deal, Yui and Haruka were out looking for dresses to wear for the big day. Haruka picked out a cute white with pink dress quickly, one that would fit with some heels she had bought just a little before she knew she was pregnant, so she was not able to wear them until now.
Yui on the other hand couldn't decide on any dress. She tried one after the other and none seem to satisfy her.
"That one looks amazing on you ." Haruka smiled up at Yui from a bench she sat on while Haruki slept on the stroller parked next to her.
"I don't know." Yui muttered as she checked herself out in front of the mirror.
"Yui this one looks perfect. Almost all the dresses you've tried on look good. Well, except the floral one." Haruka giggled, recalling the floral dress Yui tried on first.
Yui turned to her wife, "I want the perfect one. I don't want to show up overdressed or underdressed."
"Honey, you look good in this one. It isn't too much." Haruka assured her.
Yui turned to the mirror again, contemplating the dress.
Haruka watched her, knowing very well her wife was battling in her thoughts. "Are you nervous?" She suddenly asked and Yui looked at her through the mirror and turned to her again this time with a pout.
Haruka mimicked the pout and extended her hand to Yui. Yui dragged her feet to her wife and took her hand.
Standing from where she sat, Haruka placed a hand on Yui's cheek. "It's alright to be nervous, but why are you?"
Yui shrugged.
Haruka gave her a look that said 'answer me.'
"It's going to be a big event," Yui replied quickly. "And I have to help manage a restaurant. What if I mess it up on some way? I don't know how to manage anything."
Haruka smiled at her and Yui was confuse as to why she was. "You won't mess up in anyway- well maybe you will but that's fine you'll learn. Minami didn't just ask you for the fun of it, she knows you. She knows you are hardworking and that you'll manage to keep her restaurant open and running smoothly."
"Yeah right." Yui scoffed.
Haruka pinched her arm.
"Ow!" Yui cried.
"You'll succeed! Now stop pouting and give me a smile." Haruka smiled, wrapping her arms around her wife's neck.
Yui weakly smiled and Haruka rolled her eyes. "That's not a real smile! I'll pinch you again." She threatened.
Yui apologized and finally smiled, for real this time.
"Good." Haruka planted her lips on her and Yui responded with a hum, pulling Haruka closer to deepen the kiss but sadly Haruki woke from his sleep, crying.
"Every single time." Yui muttered, defeated yet again.

Sayaka and Miyuki were still in bed for the morning, arguing over baby names. The two would have to get up soon and get ready for Ami's birthday party but the two were budging from their bed.
Sayaka, with her arms wrapped around Miyuki, kept calling out girl names and Miyuki kept shaking her head.
"What about... Maria?"
"I like it, but our baby is going to be a boy." Miyuki smiled. "It's better if we go with, Eiji or Ryo."
Sayaka raised a brow and Miyuki raised here as well. "What?" She asked.
"Our baby will be a girl. So pick; Mariya, Sayuri, or Emi?"
"I like..." Miyuki tilted her head as if she was thinking of which to pick. "Ryo."
Sayaka sighed, already getting more upset with her wife. "It's suppose to be a girls name."
Miyuki giggled, she always loved to see Sayaka getting mad. She poked Her cheek and replied, "but it's going to be a boy."
Sayaka unwrapped her arms from Miyuki and began to sit up in bed as if she was leaving. Miyuki watched her, worried she seriously upset her even though they play like this. Miyuki was about to sit up when Sayaka flipped her on her back and raised her pajama shirt slightly up and trailed her hand down to her hips and lowered her pants slightly. Miyuki looked up at her surprised, not sure of what to expect. But once she saw Sayaka lay back down, her head just a little below Miyuki's belly button, she realized what her wife was doing.
Sayaka laid her head onto Miyuki's warm skin and began to listen carefully for that heartbeat she heard in the doctors office. Miyuki laid still, watching her adorable wife lay there comfortably, knowing she was trying hard to hear something; which she guessed the heartbeat.
"I hear her." Sayaka commented.
Miyuki couldn't help but smile, reaching down to run her hand over Sayakas head, feeling the girls, soft short hair. Sayaka then looked up smiling at Miyuki.
"What's up?" Miyuki asked.
"Nothing..." Sayaka replied, her chin resting on the girls belly. "I'm just admiring you."
Miyuki smiled, now running her hand over Sayakas cheek. She loved to see Sayaka this happy, she never thought she would end up here with her.
Without a reply, Sayaka returned her ear to Miyuki's stomach and she began to sing, wanting the baby to hear her voice like Yui had talked to her about. Miyuki listened as well, enjoying her angelic voice as she ran her hand over her wife's hair.

The girls were a little late to the party but as soon as they got to the door they found Sayaka and Miyuki were there ringing the doorbell to Atsuko and Minami's home.
"You two are late too?" Yui asked as she walked up with Haruka holding her hand and the other was Haruki in his car seat covered by a blanket so the cold air won't hit him.
"Yeah, we didn't realize the time." Sayaka nervously smiled.
Haruka and Yui both have a look to each other, guessing the couple couldn't take their hands off each other. Miyuki caught this and quickly explained.
"We were stuck arguing over baby names, that is all!"
Still, Yui and Haruka didn't believe them and the two laughed. Just the. The door opened and Atsuko greeted them.
"Hey! I thought you weren't showing up."
"Don't worry, we are just a little late." Yui said.
Sayaka then turned and asked, "why are you two late?"
Miyuki turned as well, curious to hear what they had to say.
"We went shopping." Yui answered, quite confidently.
Haruka just nodded beside her.
"Well, come on in. Minami is going crazy with Yuko." Atsuko rushed the couples.
"Yuko is here?" Miyuki asked as soon as they all stepped in.
"Yeah, with Kojiharu and the kids."

As soon as they made their way to the backyard they found Yuko and Minami sitting across from each other arguing over something that happened back in school. Quickly the girls greeted the two as well as Haruna who was sitting beside Yuko, clearly annoyed at the two friends arguing yet again.
"Thank god you all came." Haruna stood from her seat, finally looking happy. "These two were driving me crazy."
Yui, Haruka, Miyuki, and Sayaka greeted Haruna with a hug and just as Haruna's eyes met the car seat, she became excited. "Is this Haruki? I want to see him."
Yui placed the car seat down and bent over to check if he was awake. Just as she pulled back the blanket that cover him she found him wide awake looking around. Haruki met with her mothers face and smiled.
"Hey, baby! Are you awake and happy?" Yui asked as the baby began to kick happily. "Come here, I want you to meet more aunties." Yui took Haruki out of his car seat and turned him to Haruna and the taller friend smiled world and clasped her hands together.
"He is adorable!!" She squealed, nearing her face to Haruki. "Hi, Haruki. You are so cute." She spoke to him softly. Yuko and Minami were now standing beside Haruna, admiring Haruki as well. However Yuko began to make silly faces to the baby while Haruna kept talking to Haruki.
The girls laughed at her and Haruna looked up at Yui finding her looking behind her and quickly she turned to find Yuko making a face. Yuko saw her and stopped, grinning like a fool to her.
"Hi." She said.
Haruna only smacked her arm and turned back to the baby.
"Where are the twins?" Haruka asked Yuko and Haruna.
"They are having a nap." Atsuko gave a small laugh as she made her way beside Minami.
"The twins didn't want to sleep, so as soon as we got here they passed out and Ami joined them." Yuko said.
Haruna then reached out for Haruki. "Let me hold him before my kids wake up. They get jealous when I hold other kids."
"I wonder who they got that from." Minami hinted towards Yuko and the girls laughed.
Yui let Haruna take Haruki from her and watched as her son just let himself be held by the older woman. "He only seems to cry with Minami." Yui commented.
Minami frowned, "he was hungry!."
 Atsuko walked over to her wife, laughing as she recalled the day the girls had come over. "Sure he was."
"Acchan!" Minami pouted at her, upset she was joining their friends instead of making her feel better.
"Don't pout. Anyways you have one little girl who won't cry when you hold her." Just as Atsuko said that, they heard a cry, clearly knowing it was Ami.
"I'll get her." Minami smiled. She made her way back in the house and Yuko followed behind.
"She probably woke the other two kids."

All the girls settled in the round table where snacks had been put out. Atsuko and Haruna were busy playing with Haruki, while Yui Sayaka, Miyuki, and Haruka spoke to each other with Haruna and Atsuko jumping in once in awhile.
In moments out came Yuko holding two kids in each arm, a boy and a girl who looked identical. The younger girls turned back and quickly became mushy. They loved how adorable they looked, especially with what they were wearing, knowing Haruna dressed them.
"Yuri and Haru are still dazed." Yuko said as she came out the house to sit next to her wife.
The kids were running their eyes and looking at all the people around. Once they caught their mother with Haruki, Haru was the first to cry, reaching for her mom to hold him.  Haruna reached to wipe the tears from his eyes and told him it was okay. "Stop crying Haru, it's okay." In that moment Yuri began to cry as well.
"Let me take him." Sayaka quickly went to the rescue to take Haruki.
Taking the baby boy, Haruna took her son to calm him and he did, wrapping his arms around her and Yuri wanted her mommy to hold her too, but Yuko tried to calm her. With no luck Haruna took her as well and she laid her head on mommy's shoulder.
"You must have gotten some muscle with carrying the two." Miyuki laughed.
"Back when they were first born, Haruna had trouble holding the two. It drove her crazy when she would put one of them down and they cried." Yuko told the girls. "But now, she is a pro." Yuko stretched her arm around Haruna's shoulder and gave her a supporting rub.
"You'll learn as you go." Haruna said, looking right at Miyuki. "How are you feeling by the way?" She asked the expecting mother.
"I am feeling good. Although, my morning sickness are usually at home now and when I'm out it doesn't happen as much." Miyuki answered.
"Haruna didn't have any morning sickness." Atsuko chimed in. "She just ate anything and everything." She said laughing.
Yuko threw her head back, "don't remind me! She made me make her a brownies one night with a side of sardines. I still don't know how that was good!"
"At the time it was." Haruna whined.
The girls laughed and Miyuki went on to say. "I haven't had cravings of anything weird. Well I haven't had much cravings for anything."
"Good." Sayaka muttered. She had accidentally said that while she was playing with Haruki and  Miyuki looked over at her with a deadly glare.
"What do you mean 'good'?"
Sayaka looked up wide eyed and gulped. "I just mean...uhh."
"Just wait for it then." Miyuki threatened.
The girls laughed and went on with conversing. Minami returned with Ami, who had needed a change of diaper, and they continued with Ami's birthday party. Minami had brought out the cake for her daughter that said 'Happy birthday, Ami-chan!' And the three toddlers went on to grab handfuls of the cake before Ami even blew out the candle. Atsuko and Yuko took pictures as well as Yui and Haruka, and Miyuki. They would even take small group selfies with the kids and Haruka really wanted all the babies to be together for a picture, which she got thanks to Yui calming Haruki as she sat him down on the couch, although he did tip over and cry, but was not hurt.
Ami's birthday was going so well, Atsuko had to stand back and watch it all. She remembered she never had a chance to actually have friends over to celebrate her daughters first birthday since they weren't home, but now, she loved the view of her friends and their kids together.
"What are you doing?"
She saw Minami walking up to her and wrapping her arms around her wife's back.
"I'm admiring the view." Atsuko smiled, wrapping her arms around her wife as well.
"This is what you wanted right. To come home and be with our friends and family?"
Atsuko nodded. "Of course. As well as seeing your dream succeed."
Minami smiled widely. "I've got myself the perfect girl." She reached up and kissed her wife, when she suddenly felt someone grab her leg.
The two glanced down and found Ami.
The two smiled at her and Minami released Atsuko to pick up her daughter.
"Happy birthday!" Minami scrunched her face happily at her daughter and the little girl tried to do the same. The couple laughed and wen ton to enjoy Ami's birthday party.

By the evening the kids were worn out and laying on the floor mat in front of the tv watching a cartoon while the parents went back to talking. Haruki was already asleep in Haruka's arms since he had been fighting his sleep all day from the excitement he would see around him.
"Can I put him in your bedroom?" Haruka asked Minami once the boy fell asleep.
"Yeah, I'll take you there."
Yui quickly gave her son a kiss and watched the two go, following Minami.
"I wish Yuko still looked at me like that, instead of perverted eyes." Haruna complained to her wife.
"I do look at you with loving eyes!" Yuko replied, "look!" She began to flutter her eyes and Haruna pushed her.
"Not like that." She pouted. "Anyways.." She ignored Yuko and turned back to the other girls. "We are doing a birthday party for the twins as well. Next month they turn three."
"Wow, they grow up so fast don't they?" Sayaka asked.
Atsuko, Haruna and Yukl nodded.
"Next thing you will know they will be off to college."
"Don't say that!" Haruka said once her and Minami returned.
Yui turned to her and laughed. "Don't worry, we will keep him locked away."
Haruka laughed, sitting back beside her wife and took her hand.
"I can't wait to see our boy grow up, just not too quickly." Miyuki jumped in.
Sayaka then clicked her tongue. "Our baby will be a girl."
"You two are arguing about that too?" Yuko asked. "Haruna kept arguing with me about the same and we ended up with twins." She laughed.
Haruna scoffed, "you got mad at me for repeating it was going to be a girl."
"I always thought we would have twins but it didn't happen. Still I'm happy." Sayaka said, holding tightly to Miyuki's hand and she turned to smile at her, happy to hear her say such sweet things.
"See, why can't t you be sweet like that?" Haruna asked Yuko. Yuko just shrugged. "I am sweet."

The night went on and when it was finally time to go hom, the girls all left their separate ways. Yuko and Haruna each had one kid in arm. Haruna had Yuri while Yuko had Haru. They bid their farewells and put the twins in their car seats. It was easy because the two were knocked out from their fun day.
On their way home, Yuko drove while, Haruna looked out the window quietly.
Yuko reached for her wife's hand. "I love you." She said and Haruna turned.
"See, this is the sweet you I want to see again."
Yuko smiled. "Okay, I'll keep on being sweet."
"Thank you." Haruna smiled.
"Only if you keep letting me do stuff to you when we are in our bedroom." Yuko added.
Haruna sighed. "How did I end up with such a perfect girl?" She asked sarcastically.
"I ended up with the perfect girl." Yuko grinned at her, showing her sweet side again.

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Sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee>///<
Haruki always know how to ruin his mommies' private time~
And he meet his aunties and his new friends~
I love SayaMiruki bickering over their baby gender XD
KojiYuu with the twins, Yuri and Haru. I can imagine it and its cute>///<
AtsuMina being lovey dovey~ And Happy birthday, Ami!^o^/ Can't wait for SayaMirukii's baby>o<

Thanks for updating this fic, author-san!
Gonna wait the next chapter~
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cuteeeee families!
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thankssssss for the updateeeee~~~
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It was the day of the grand opening of Minami's restaurant and Yui was running around the apartment freaking out. Haruka watched her go back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom, grabbing her make up bag and sometimes even nothing. Watching her do this made her giggle at one point and Yui stopped.
"What?" She asked.
Haruka shook her head and his her smile, "Nothing."
Yui groaned and went back to the bathroom to finish her make up. When she came out, Haruka was surprise to find her naked.
"I can't find my underwear!" She cried, frustrated that everything wasn't going well.
Haruka couldn't stand back and watch anymore. After feeding Haruki and putting him to sleep, she got up to place him in his bassinet and walked over to Yui who looked through her drawers for underwear.
"Yui," she called out, placing her hand on her wife's shoulder and turning her. "Come here." She took Yui's hand and lead her to their bed. Reaching behind Yui, she grabbed her bra and underwear handing them to her. Yui sighed and took them, quickly changing into them. Then, Haruka took the dress from the closet where it hung, walking back to help Yui in it.
By now, Yui was more relaxed as her wife helped her zip up the dress and wrap her arms around Yuis waist while Yui  looked at herself in front of the mirror. Haruka rested her chin on Yuis shoulder and whispered, "You look beautiful."
Yui couldn't help but blush, hiding a smile from her wife.
Haruka smiled too, glad to make her wife feel better than before, it's all she wanted to do for her.
Yui looked back at the reflection of her wife and asked, "Aren't you going to get ready?"
Haruka shook her head. "I can't go."
Yui quickly turned around causing Haruka to take a step back. "But you have to go. You can't leave me on my own, I can't cope."
Haruka raised her hands trying to stop her wife from babbling on. "Calm down, babe."
"Why can't you go?" Yui asked, feeling a little sad again.
"Who will take care of Haruki?"
Yui looked over at her baby boy and remembered they couldn't take him because of the loud and exciting atmosphere that will keep the baby up past his nap time and he would become cranky. Yui turned back to Haruka.
"It's okay. I'll support you from here and so will Haruki." Haruka grinned and Yui couldn't help but kiss her.
After a moment, Haruka had to push Yui away. "You're going to be late. Also, your make up will smear."
"I don't care." Yui chuckled, leaning for another kiss.
Haruka didn't pull away she let it happen, expecting Haruki to wake up, but after a short moment of not pulling away and hearing her own breathing become heavy, Haruka pushed Yui again. "Listen!"
Yui raised a brow and tried to listen to some sort of sound. "What?"
Haruka giggled. "Haruki isn't waking up."
Yui was surprised. "Oh yeah!! Maybe now, you and I..." She made a creepy laugh.
"Stop!" Haruka laughed and let Yui kiss her again.
Sadly, a little baby woke up crying now.
Yui could have dropped to her knees in despair but Haruka held her up, quickly giving her a kiss on the cheek before she went to check on Haruki.

Sayaka and Miyuki were invited to the party as well. The two got dressed up as best they could, only Miyuki had to wear a slightly bigger dress, though her belly wasn't showing much, just a small bump, her old dresses weren't fitting comfortably so she had to buy a slightly bigger one.
"You look great!" Sayaka widely smiled at her wife who checked herself out quickly in front of the mirror.
"Thank you." Miyuki sweetly smiled, turning to her wife who stepped closer to her, wrapping her arms around her.
Miyuki ran her hands up Sayakas arms and wrapped them around  her wife's neck. "You look amazing as well." She returned the compliment.
"Thank you." Sayaka thanked her and gave her wife a kiss on the lips. "How are you feeling? No morning sickness?"
Miyuki shook her head. "I feel fine."
"Are you sure?" Sayaka asked, "if you feel sick tonight tell me and we will leave early."
"Sayaka," Miyuki gave a small laugh, "I'll be fine."
"Just tell me at any time you feel sick again, please." Sayaka seriously told her and Miyuki placed her palm on her cheek.
"Okay, I'll let you know."
"Thank you. I just want you and our baby to be well rested and not stressed." Sayaka said.
Miyuki nodded. "Don't worry, myself and our baby will be perfectly healthy." She reached for another kiss and Sayaka only felt her heart flutter, she was extremely in love.

Once Yui was ready to head out, she only stood around Haruka and Haruki, really wanting Haruka to accompany her to the party. Haruka knew Yui was taking her sweet time, and it was something she didn't want. She had already planned this day anyways and she wanted Yui to leave first to surprise her at the party, however Yui wasn't budging.
"Yui, sweetie, why aren't you leaving yet? You're going to be late." Haruka turned to her while she bobbed a gently for Haruki.
"I can be late, it's okay." Yui replied, leaning a little low to meet with Haruki's eyes. Once the baby boy caught her, he smiled. "Oh you happy? You want me to stay?" The baby only excitedly kicked and his arms flailed everywhere, his smile turning into a laugh. "See he wants me to stay."
Haruka held back a laugh. "Yui, you need to go!"
Yui straightened her back now and whined. "I want you to go..."
"You will be fine. Just pretend I'm there." Haruka grinned.
Yui only pouted. "Okay... But I'm going to message you and you better reply." She warned.
"I will. I promise." Haruka gave a nod.
"I'll go.." Yui said, in a not so excited tone. She leaned for a quick kiss from her wife, knowing her son would just interrupt, and then another kiss to Haruki. "Wish me luck, Haruki."
"Good luck mommy!" Haruka mimicked a little kid voice and Yui only laughed.
"I'll see you. Bye." And finally Yui left. Quickly, Haruka ran back to her bedroom placing Haruki in his bassinet. "I'm going to get dressed while you lay here, okay?" She ran to grab a dress from her closet and began to get ready.

Once Sayaka and Miyuki arrived to the restaurant, they looked around for Yui, but couldn't find her. As they stood by the door a tall man surprised them when he asked for their jackets. Sayaka looked at him up and down and handed her jacket to the man in the tuxedo and he handed her a ticket.
"What's this for?" She asked.
"It's our coat number." Miyuki answered.
"Huh?" Sayaka raised a brow.
Miyuki sighed. "You e never been to parties like this have you?"
Sayaka shook her head. "The last party I went to was at a karaoke bar."
"This is why I don't let you out."
Sayaka pouted and Miyuki only laughed at her. "Come on." She pulled Sayaka along as they made their way in looking for their table.
Looking around they realized the place was packed and to their surprise they found some actors, music artist, and models as they walked by tables. Sayaka ended up pointing at a man who she was a fan of and Miyuki had to slap her finger away since she had been pointing for too long. Their eyes on these famous people made them run into Minami and Atsuko.
They heard and halted, looking up at the couple.
"Hey." The two greeted with a surprised look on their face still.
"What do you think?" Minami asked the couple.
The two looked around again. "It's really amazing, and big, I didn't think it was going to be a big restaurant." Miyuki replied.
"Didn't think so either, but it's better, holds way more customers." Minami said proudly. "And Sayaka?"
Sayaka turned. "What?"
Minami and Atsuko looked over to where she was staring towards and realized it was the guitarist they had invited. "If you want I can introduce you." Minami told Sayaka and Sayaka quickly denied.
"No, no, no." She became shy.
"Go!" Miyuki gave a small push.
Sayaka shook her head. "I won't be able to speak."
"Come on." Without even stopping, Atsuko took a hold of Sayakas arm and dragged her to the man with Minami offering an arm to Miyuki to follow the two.
Just as they were going to talk to this man, Yui arrived. At the door, her eyes roamed the huge building, feeling her heart race. Nervously, she looked for Minami, and couldn't find her.
"Your coat?" The tall man in the tuxedo appeared again. Yui, surprised, looked at him and slowly handed her coat to him and she took the number he handed to her. Slowly she made her way in, looking around at the people. She realized this was nerve wrecking, there were so many people here and to her surprised people she's seen on TV. Her eyes were wide as she stared at some of these actors she was a fan of and didn't realize she was walking straight for her group of friends with a huge rockstar.
"Ow." She bumped into Sayaka.
"Oh hey!" Sayaka looked very excited now.
"You're here!" Yui exclaimed. "You too!" Once she saw Miyuki.
"Hey." Minami appeared, putting her hand on the girls shoulder. "Ready?"
Yui just nodded not even sure of what she meant.
"Girls take your seats and I'll see you in a bit." Minami told Sayaka and Miyuki. Atsuko lead them to the table where they would be sitting at.
While Yui and Minami walked between tables and waiters and waitresses, Minami began to explain what they were going to do. "We'll introduce ourselves on that stage, get a couple of pictures and you can go to the table with Miyuki and Sayaka. Yuko and Haruna are there as well, and then we will have dinner and voila! Simple as that."
Yui was still very nervous. "We are introducing ourselves?"
"Yeah. Come." Minami lead her to a small stage and Yui caught a grand piano as well as a mic on center stage. She hadn't seen this when she came in. She stood behind Minami looking at the crowd, her heart wouldn't calm down. Minami began her introduction and Yuis eyes only wandered around the crowed, she felt the heat rising to her face.
Just then her eyes caught a young woman in a lovely pink strapless gown, her hair fixed to the side.
"Haruka?" She muttered.
The young woman waved, smiling up at her wife. Yui couldn't help but feel relaxed now, her heart slowed its beats, the heat was going away, and her stage fright dissipated. To see her wife was like a dream come true moment, or a 'she saved my life' situation.
Yui, stuck staring at her wife, hadn't realized she was smiling just as Minami called her name. Surprised, she looked at her and Minami asked for her to wave and she did, with a small bow as well, but her eyes never seemed to leave Haruka.

Once it was over, Yui had to introduce herself to some people, seeing as she was going to help manage the establishment, so she quickly went around with Minami. By the time she finished, she didn't realize she was doing this for about an hour or so. Still, she just wanted to head to her wife and hold her, thank her for showing up and saving her from becoming a klutz on stage before Minami introduced her.
"Hey." Yui smiled widely at her wife as she made her way to her. "You came." Finally reaching her, she pulled her in for a hug.
"Surprise." Haruka whispered beside her wife's ear.
Yui pulled away, still holding her close. "I am surprised, but where's Haruki?"
"With your parents."
Yu raised a brow.
"I called them two days ago and agreed to come."
"But..." Yui was having a full day of surprises. "You got them to come just to take care of him for a few hours?"
Haruka shook her head. "No. I have another surprise for you."
"Too many surprises!" Yui cried and Haruka laughed.
"One more!"
"Okay, what is it?"
Just before Haruka answered her friends showed up.
"You made it! Yui must be very happy!" Miyuki said, taking whole of Haruka's arm.
"Good job up there, by the way." Sayaka commented to her friend.
Yui replied with a smile and thanked her wanting to hear the next surprise from Haruka. However, that didn't happen. Minami appeared dragging her to meet the kitchen staff while Haruka stayed with her friends, smiling at Yui as her and Minami made their way around people and tables, to the kitchen and disappeared for another hour or so.

By the time Yui returned to the table where her friends sat, she stood over Haruka asking all of them how the food was. They smiled, informing her it was great, amazing, delicious. Yui was happy to hear that, since she tried the food in the back, finding out a top chef was working for Minami in the kitchen and the food had to be spectacular.
"Already working?" Haruka looked up at her wife.
Yui smiled, leaning down to plant a kiss on her forehead. "I am." She replied. "How's Haruki?" She asked now.
"Good. I called your parents and they say they are doing fine, I'm just worried." Haruka answered.
Yui gave her a nod, taking the open seat beside her. She herself was worried about her baby boy as well. "I'll call them to check on him again."
"First time parents," Yuko scoffed, talking to Haruna but she wanted them to listen in as well. "They always worry for their kids and then later on or by the second one they are just happy to be out." 
Haruna nodded in agreement. "We were the same way." She said. "Now, we are glad to have some time away. Not for a long time but for a moment."
The group of girls looked at the older couple with blank stares, they didn't feel the same way as them and just by the look Yuko knew they didn't believe her.
"Just wait, the time you have now will be precious. It doesn't mean you hate your kid." She added.
Haruka and Yui turned to each other and let out a small laugh. "That is what I wanted to actually talk to you about." Haruka said to her wife. She took the chance to tell her before anymore interruptions. "I got us a room." She whispered, moving closer to Yui. Her partner raised a brow, curious to what she meant.
"A hotel room, for the night. Just the two of us."
Now both brows went up, amazed that Haruka did such a thing. "But, Haruki?" She asked.
"I trust your parents can watch him for the night. Ive talked to them. Ive just wanted to make something special for you, for everything you've been doing and all the times Haruki would t let you kiss me." She giggled and Yui laughed, recalling those moments Haruki interrupted. She was definitely glad to hear the two can spend a night together, she only wanted to make sure it was alright with Haruka to leave Haruki, it did worry her.
Haruka, reached a hand up to Yui, pulling her closer and whispering onto her lips. "I've been..."missing" you." She said seductively. "Just for the night." She pleaded.
Yui couldn't hold her excitement back anymore, she's been wanting to have her as well. Maybe, Yuko was right. These moments would count. "Alright," Yui gulped. "After this we can go."
Haruka sat back, smile on her face, "Good."
Yuko, Haruna, Miyuki, and Sayaka had watched the two, not sure to what they were saying, but they figured it was something nice after noticing Yui's face turning red. 
The grand opening of the restaurant closed late into the night. Yui felt bad for making Haruka wait until she finished helping Minami clean. Miyuki and Sayaka had left earlier in the night, along with Haruna and Yuko.
Haruka sat patiently waiting for Yui, watching her take away some of the glasses of champagne left on the table into the back where the kitchen was. While she waited she decided to check on her -in-laws to see if they were doing alright with Haruki, she knew he would be up this late.
She called, hearing the ringing, and then someone picked up.
"Hello," it was Yui's father.
"Hi, I wanted to call in and check." She heard the man laugh and she raised a brow.
"I'm sorry," he apologized, still he chuckled under his breath. "I'm on the other line with Yui. The two of you have been calling us every fifteen minutes throughout the night."
Haruka was surprised, looking towards the kitchen where Yui had walked in. Yui was busy through the whole event, she never guessed she would be calling them.
"Her mother didn't want to pick up to any of you anymore so I did." He added.
"I'm sorry," Haruka apologized but her father-in-law stopped her.
"Don't. You two are just caring for Haruki. And to let you know, he is fine. He woke up from his sleep, but his grandparents are on it. Yui use to be the same when she was a baby."
Haruka couldn't help but smile. "I want to hear about Yui as a baby. Even if I heard a lot of stories before."
"I'll tell them to you. But for now, I'm going to hang up on you, speak to Yui, and I want the two of you to enjoy your night." He kindly told her. Haruka smiled, the man was too kind.
"Alright. Thank you again. Goodnight."
The man said his goodnight as well and hung up. Minutes later, Yui came from the kitchen, making her way to Haruka who sat resting on the chair.
"I'm sorry," she apologized, kneeling down to her once she walked up to Haruka.
"It's alright," she smiled at her. "Are you done now?"
Yui nodded, "I am. Lets go?"
Haruka drug red a nod as a reply, standing up just as Yui did. And she took her by the hand and led her out.
They hailed a taxi and made their way to the hotel, the two already exhausted from their night. Haruka leaned her head on Yui's shoulder while they sat in the back of the taxi, Yui turned slightly to plant a kiss on her head and it caused Haruka to turn up to her, wanting a kiss on her lips. And just with that it triggered them to continue, urging for more, rougher kisses. Yui had to pull away, reminding Haruka they were still in the back of the cab. Haruka was frustrated they haven't arrived, however as soon as they did, Yui paid the taxi driver and the two jumped out desperately wanting to get to their room.

I forgot about this story... Hehe... Too many stories! AHHH! Uh yeah...

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Yuiparu's sweet alone time  :shy2: :nya: :nya:

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Gonna wait the 'smuty' part XD
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 11
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the story was so good :thumbup but i think it's too smooth :peace:
how about making miyuki miscarriage?? just kidding :nervous

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@jurenatsumina: I actually thought about Miyuki having a miscarriage  :shocked  But I want to make this story going smooth because I tend to write AU's that end very sad lol! So this one will be happy! but I will make some sad/bad things happen but overall no drama in this. At least not as much as the other Fics I've written.  :D   :thumbup?

So Cheesy...

The hotel room was perfect, it had a view of the city and everything but for the married couple the king size bed was what the two admired the most. As soon as they made their way in, forgetting to shut the door, the couple were already making out, hands roamed each other's body, their breathing became heavy, each roughly pushing one another against the wall.
Yui had to pull away causing her partner to groan, she never wanted her to stop but someone had to shut and lock the door, not to forget to place the 'Do Not Disturb!' sign on the door handle outside.
Once finished, she rushed back to Haruka, wrapping her arms around the young woman's slim waist, pulling her against her body to feel the heat radiate from her, a sign of how bad Haruka wanted her.
"Are we really doing this?" Yui asked almost breathless once she pulled away from a kiss but quickly pressing her lips against Haruka's again.
Breaking the kiss again Haruka answered, "definitely." Again their lips met over and over but Haruka pulled slightly away, "I want to make a call first."
Yui hummed as a denial, "don't."
"Why?" Haruka asked as Yui moved down to her partners neck to plant a kiss. She heard a moan.
"It's too perfect to stop this now." Yui replied. Haruka felt her warm breath over her skin, shivers running down her spine. Her hands roamed up into Yui's jet black hair and she took a good hold of it when she felt her suck on her neck and when she bit, Haruka let out a small shout of pain yet it was pleasurable. Yui was right it was too perfect to stop.
The two continued their escapade, standing beside the bed. Yui tugged on Haruka's zipper from her dress and Haruka did the same, the two quickly wanting to get the dresses off. Once they did, Haruka turned Yui over and threw her on the bed dominating over her.
"I love you." She looked down at her wife, her voice was breathless it came out perfect to Yui's ears.
"I love you too, Haruka." Yui panted, sitting up to capture her lips again. Enjoying their night over and over.

For Sayaka and Miyuki, their sex life isn't like it was before. Now, Sayaka would only worry over not wanting to hurt Miyuki in any way, even after Miyuki called Atsuko one night to tell Sayaka it was alright. Atsuko gave her a full on lecture about it through the phone, however, Sayaka still worried she would hurt the baby. Miyuki found her adorable anyways, to worry over the baby. Sayaka, the woman who use to be such a playful, rough girl, now treated Miyuki with such gentleness.
Tonight, with the excitement of the party, the two arrived heading straight to bed, taking their dresses off while they made their way to the comfortable mattress with sheets and pillows. The two laid down but didn't want to sleep yet. Instead, Miyuki laid half her body on Sayaka's while Sayaka had an arm arm under her shoulders to hug her close. They laid talking, bringing up baby names again, and what color they should paint the nursery, when they should head out to buy baby stuff, to which Sayaka realized they haven't gotten anything. Panic overtook her brain, mentally making a list of the things they need. "We are not ready!" She cried, "we don't have a crib, the car seat, her clothes!"
Miyuki watched her freaking out, holding back a smile. She was happy to find such a woman like her, happy it was Sayaka she was with doing this, starting a family. While Sayaka babbled on, Miyuki creeped up, to plant a kiss on her cheek. It caused her to shut up and turn to her wife.
"Shut up," Miyuki laughed, "we will handle this. We can go tomorrow after work to look for the things we need. Our boy will get the best."
Sayaka scoffed, "our girl," she emphasized, "will get only the best."
Miyuki rolled her eyes and Sayaka laughed.
"Keep that up," Miyuki threatened, "and you will never feel these lips again."
Sayaka raised a brow, "again? Really, milky?" She called her by her nickname.
Miyuki nodded, "no lips." She stuck them out to her.
Sayaka smirked, quickly reaching to kiss them. Miyuki pulled away in time and Sayaka tried and tried 'til finally she captured them and Miyuki didn't even try to break it, she felt like it was when they began to date, going to either one of their house and sneakily make out in bed while their parents were home. It was just perfect to be in the same bed, making out with the girl you love.

The clock struck three in the morning and the married couple laid awake, naked under the sheets of the hotel's bed. Yui laying on Haruka, while Haruka played with Yui's hair. It had been awhile since they had moments like these where the two laid awake through the night talking and laughing. And much more.
"Aren't you tired?" Haruka asked at the girl who laid half her body on her. Yui glanced up, her chin resting on her wife's chest.
"No. Are you?" She asked, wanting to make sure she didn't keep her up.
Haruka shook her head, "I'm fine. I was asking because you did so much today." She couldn't help but reach for her wife's cheek and caress it.
Yui smiled, loving the feeling she got when she felt her warm hand. "I'm wide awake."
Haruka stared at her, her thoughts rushing with how much she loved her and how hardworking Yui is. "I want you to rest as much as you can. Don't want you getting sick again."
Yui shook her head, still smiling at her wife. "I'll be fine. I promise."
They laid silently, admiring each other's beauty; their after glow. Just as they did, Haruka couldn't help but think of Haruki. "I want to check on our boy."
Yui's small smile became a grin, "I was just thinking about him. Should we call?"
The two had the biggest smile on their faces, knowing they were going to wake the grandparents but they didn't care their only thought was wanting to know their kid was asleep. Yui got out of bed quickly to grab her phone from her bag, it was chilly out of the covers and Haruka's warm skin. Rushing back she jumped under the covers, laying on her stomach while Haruka turned half her body, her head resting on her arm. She watched Yui excitedly look up her fathers name on her phone and pressing call, also tapping the speaker phone.
The phone rang and rang and to their luck the man picked up. "Hello?" He answered in a half asleep voice.
"Hey, dad. We were calling to check on Haruki."
The man took awhile to answer and when he did he sounded upset. "Yui, it's three in the morning! We are all asleep."
The two young women couldn't help but giggle at his reaction. "So, he is fast asleep?" Yui asked.
"From what I see he is! Now the two of you go to sleep. I hear you giggling and all." He continued to grumble until Yui thanked him and bid him a goodnight. She hung up and the two burst into laughter. Haruka always knew where Yui got her silly ways.
"I'm glad he is asleep. Although, it's his first time away from us and he is asleep like he didn't miss us." Haruka pouted.
Yui looked over at her, reaching to poke her wife's cheek. "He probably missed us, just got too tired after crying so much."
"I don't want my baby to cry." Haruka was the one crying now and Yui laughed watching her drop her head on the pillow.
"It's okay. He will be full of smiles with us. I promise." Yui got her to look up at her.
Haruka smiled.
"Just like that." Yui leaned down to place her forehead against Haruka's. Haruka wrapped her arms around the older woman, wanting to keep her there. "You don't know how much I love you."
"I think it's as much as I love you, Haruka."
The two stared deeply into their eyes, until finally Yui leaned to capture Haruka's lips and the two continued to enjoy their night together.

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