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Author Topic: YuiParu Sayamilky Family - chapter 16 (25/05/2017)  (Read 20763 times)

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YuiParu Sayamilky Family - chapter 16 (25/05/2017)
« on: February 07, 2015, 08:49:34 AM »
If only I had a Yuiparu family picture for the end of the story.....Wrote this while I was working  so it was very quick and finished it when I got home, but then I went out and now Im posting it.... Uh.. there may be mistakes and messed up parts, messed up writing I mean. lol! I don't feel like fixing it.. Im tired.. I'll fix it tomorrow, okay? haha I'm typing too much! I'll go to my corner now :)

After hours of labor Haruka kept asking for her baby, while Yui kept holding onto her hand trying to peek at the doctor and nurses holding her baby, anxious to hear the baby cry. But seconds felt like minutes for both girls  and they hadn't heard their baby cry. When he did let out that wail, they cried. Haruka threw herself back on the table while Yui tightened her hand on Haruka, relieved to know their baby was fine. Yui turned to see her wife, but seeing her she felt bad, her wife looked dead tired, and sweat cover her whole face, her hair soaked from it too. Haruka was still panting trying to speak, however no words came out, her breathing became worse.
"Paru, are you okay?" Yui asked, worried for her wife.  "Haruka!" She yelled her name. The nurse turned looking at the monitor that was beside Haruka.
"Doctor!" The nurse called out to the doctor who had been attending the baby. The doctor and two nurses in the room rushed to Haruka's side. Yui wasn't letting go of Haruka's hand until the nurse asked her to let her go just for a minute.
"What's going on!?" Yui yelled over the doctors and nurses babbling medical terms.
"Haruka! What is going on!" Yui kept trying to get an answer, but she was dragged out before even getting any answer.

They sent Yui into Haruka's assigned room the moment they had arrived to the hospital. Yui sat waiting for any news about Haruka and her baby. She had only heard her baby cry.
Her eyes were red and  puffy, her tears weren't even coming out anymore. She just sat on a chair, holding her hands together, praying for her baby and Haruka.  The moment she heard the door open, she stood up hoping it would be the doctor or nurse with some news, but it was Sayaka peeking her head in.
The moment Sayaka saw Yui is the worst state ever, she came in quickly, miyuki following behind.
"What's going on?" Sayaka asked.
"What are you two doing here? I thought you were both dragged out." Yui's voice croaked. She hadn't realized she was yelling so much to the nurses that dragged her out of the room.
"Yui, what happened?" Miyuki pushed by Sayaka, worried for her friend. Yui fell into Miyuki's embrace, "Haruka, passed out, that's all I saw and I haven't seen our baby." Yui cried.
Miyuki tightly held Yui, to keep her from falling mainly. Sayaka joined in the hug. Holding her friend tightly as well. Then they heard the door open. All three looked over at the nurse wheeling in a small nursery bed with a baby wrapped in a white blanket 
Yui cried again, pushing by her friends to take her baby boy into her arms.
"Sorry, we took so long. We had to clean him up." The nurse apologized.
Yui finally saw her baby boys face,  he was sleeping peacefully. "Hi,  baby." Yui whispered to him. "You gave us a scare."
The baby then let out a small cry, "shh, don't worry, mama will come hold you soon." She brushed the baby's cheek gently with her finger. Looking up to the nurse she asked, "where's my wife?"
"She lost a lot of blood during birth, she is better now, they will bring her in soon." The nurse explained before leaving the room.
Yui was still worried for her wife though.
"What an adorable boy." Sayaka came up from behind Yui. Yui smiled at her friends compliment.
"Say, thank you, aunt Sayanee." Yui said quietly.
"I want to see him." Miyuki pushed Sayaka away.
"Hey!" Sayaka pouted.
"Shh." Miyuki shushed the girl. Turning her attention to the newborn, she smiled and kissed the little boy, "aren't you a cutie! You look like your mama Paru. She will be here soon."
"He does look like her, huh?" Yui said.
Miyuki looked up to Yui who was busy staring at the baby boy. Though she was smiling, Miyuki knew she was worried and tired. "Yui, sit down you don't look so good."
"I'm fine." Yui replied, her eyes still glued to the baby.
"Miyuki, I'm fine." Finally Yui looked up,  but whipping her head up got her a bit dizzy. She was tired, but she didn't want to let the baby go.
"Yui, Miyuki is right, you don't look so good." Sayaka said. "Let me hold him, just for a little while." Sayaka stretched her arms out to help her friend out. "Think about it, if you feel sick and fall back you can hurt him. Better safe than sorry, right?" Sayaka tried convincing her friend.
Yui thought about it, her friend was right. She kissed the baby boy and carefully handed him to Sayaka. Once the baby left her arms she sat on the nearest chair, closing her eyes to sleep.

When she woke up she heard the most sweetest voice. "Paru?" She croaked. Looking over to the hospital bed.
"Look, baby! Mama Yui is awake." Paru said gently to the baby. The baby was awake, looking up at Haruka. Yui quickly stood up to kiss her wife, "I'm so glad you're okay." She gently brushed Haruka's bangs away.
"I am, now I've been waiting for you to wake up because we need to name our son." Haruka smiled up at Yui.
Yui looked down at their son who is looking up at them. Yui couldn't help but lean down to kiss his soft skin.
"What did you have in mind?" Yui asked, looking at Haruka. She saw how worn out Haruka was, but happiness conquered that. The boy in her arms was her happiness.
"What about the name we picked before?" Haruka's asked.
"Haruki?" Yui asked.
Haruka nodded with a grin hearing the name. "It fits, don't you think?"
Yui looked at the boy... "Haruki."
The baby reacted, looking at Yui and Yui grinned, scrunching her nose for her baby. "He likes it!"
"I'm glad." Haruka looked at her son. "Haruki~"
Yui gazed over at Haruka, the way she said his name and the look in her eyes, just brought her to tears. Haruka caught Yui in years. Reaching up caressing her cheek, she asked, "what's wrong, Yui?"
"I'm just really happy. I'm glad you two are okay." Yui sobbed, dropping her head on Haruka's shoulder. Haruka wrapped her free arm around Yui, making hushing sounds to relax her.
"Yui, look, Haruki is smiling at you."
Yui saw her son giving her a smile, a small one but it was for her and Haruka.
The two went on watching their boy, Haruki.

The next morning, Yui was in the hospital early. She had to go home and sleep, but as soon as she woke up she went straight to the hospital. She found Haruka breastfeeding Haruki. "Hey, babe." Yui walked over giving her a quick peck on the lips and turned to give one to her son. "Good morning, Haruki."
"Leave him alone, he is eating." Haruka pushed Yui away.
Yui laughed. "Alright, alright. But you have to eat too I brought you some breakfast." Yui took out a bento box.
"Thank you. I'll eat it once Haruki is done."

By the afternoon Haruka had eaten and Yui told her she needs to sleep and she did. While she slept Yui spent time with Haruki. She sat on a rocking chair talking to her son.
Someone knocked at the door and came in.
"Hey, shhhh." Yui warned, pointing at Haruka. It was Sayaka and Miyuki.
"How are you three?" Miyuki asked quickly walking over to see the adorable boy.
"We are all fine. We are well rested and fed." Yui smiled.
Sayaka was behind Miyuki looking over her shoulder to see the baby. "Have you giving him a name?" Sayaka whispered.
Yui stood up "you already seen them yesterday, but Haruki, meet aunt Sayaka and aunt Miyuki. They will most likely spoil you."  She introduced them.
"I'm going to spoil you with kisses." Miyuki cooed, leaning to give the baby a quick kiss on his cheek.
"And I'll take you to your first rock show!" Sayaka rubbed his head gently.
"When did you guys leave last night?" Yui asked.
"Let me hold him." Miyuki said, ignoring the question.
Yui handed Haruki to Miyuki.
"We left after they brought Haruka in. Well.. We were kicked out again." Sayaka answered, ruffling the back of her head.
"You two shouldn't have argued with the nurses and security." Yui laughed, remembering the way her friend pretty much saved Haruka's life's at night.
"Hey our friend was about to give birth and they treated it as a joke! Of course I'm going to attack."
"Aunt Sayaka was crazy last night, you should have seen it baby." Miyuki said to Haruki in a baby voice.
Both Yui and Sayaka looked at her, laughing. Yui wrapped and arm around Sayaka's shoulder, "when will you two have one of your own?"
Sayaka gulped, "Uh..."
"I keep telling aunt Sayaka, we should try to have on now, but she says no. Haruki convince your aunt to let us have our own, so you can have a friend." Miyuki again in her baby voice spoke to Haruki.
Sayaka sighed, "Thanks a lot, Yui."
Yui laughed at her friend.
The three girls heard Haruka.
"Paru, how are you?" Miyuki asked walking over with Haruki in her arms.
"I'm good. You know Milky looks good holding a baby." Haruka had heard their conversation and decided to keep Messing with Sayaka.
"You too, Paruru?" Sayaka pouted.
"I know you want one too, Sayanee." Haruka laughed.
"Did you have a good sleep?" Yui asked sitting beside Haruka on her bed.
"I slept wonderfully!" Haruka smiled. Yui could see that smile won't be wiped off so easily for the next few days.
"Well they said they can discharge you tonight." Yui informed Haruka.
"Yay!" Haruka clapped. "We can finally take him home and show him his room and he will get to meet Bisu." Haruka rambled, she was excited.
"Okay, okay, sweetie, relax." Yui laughed, taking her hand. "We will go home as soon as we get the discharge."
Haruka nodded, "okay, okay."
"Miyuki and I will get you two something to eat for dinner, we will drop it off at your house." Sayaka interrupted.
Miyuki handed little Haruki over to Haruka. "Sleep tight, Haruki." Miyuki gave the boy one last kiss on his forehead.
The two girls said their goodbyes and left leaving Yui and Haruka with little Haruki.
"I love you, Paru." Yui said watching the two loves of her life.
Haruka glanced up with a wide smile, "I love you, too Yui."
Yui kissed Haruka.
 "I love you, Haruki." Yui cooed.
"I love you, Haruki~" Haruka joined in leaning down to kiss Haruki.
"Come lay down with us." Haruka scooted over letting Yui lay beside them.
"Oh wait," Yui jumped out, grabbing her phone, "one quick picture."
Yui snapped a phone of the three of them.
"Our first family picture."
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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 :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: I love their moment.

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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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This fic is nice. Such an amazing friendship the 4 of them have with each other.  :thumbsup
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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At first I was worried if Paru would glad, she didn't! :nervous

This fic is just...sweet... :wub:

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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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happy fic! thank you
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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Thanks for the replies/comments!
I had actually thought about making this a little sad but
I was like nah! Let's make it happy!
I'm glad you guys enjoyed it :D

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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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This is so good. *screams at a wall*

At first I was worried if Paru would glad, she didn't! :nervous

This fic is just...sweet... :wub:

You and me both, well when you give birth one foot is already in a hole. So I'm glad that she did live for the baby~~

Thank you for the wonderful OS! WE NEED MORE YUIPARU IN OUR LIVES
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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This is so good. *screams at a wall*

Why scream at a wall? I literally screamed in front of my laptop that my roomate thought i was possessed, lols  :lol:

Thank you for the wonderful OS! WE NEED MORE YUIPARU IN OUR LIVES

Agreed! :cathappy:

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I continued this.... i dont know if i did a good job though lol! I might continue slooooowly.... but im working on some other fic and I gave up on another one ahhh ahaha ok bye...

When they had arrived home from the hospital, Haruka couldn’t let go of Haruki, Yui had to almost pry him away from her while she got into bed. Yui laid Haruki beside her mother and eventually both fell asleep. Yui watched the two of them sleep, with a smile she hasn’t been able to wipe off her face since she held Haruki at the hospital.

While watching the two most precious things in her life, another came into her sight, as he hopped on the bed carefully making his way to the baby. “Ah, Bisu you’re here.” Yui whispered, not wanting to wake the baby or Haruka. Bisu sat in between Yui and Haruki, examining him and leaning down to sniff him. “Careful, Bisu, you don’t want to wake him.”

Bisu started to feel comfortable having this other small human here and laid beside him. Yui let out a small laugh. She thought maybe Bisu knows it’s the baby from Haruka’s belly.

Bisu had spent his time with Haruka while she was at home pregnant and Yui would work. Bisu began to lay beside Haruka once her stomach began to show and slowly crawl up her belly and lay there, hearing a heartbeat coming from her tummy. Yui believed Bisu would fall in love with the baby, especially having spent his time with Haruka.

Now, Yui saw how Bisu comfortably laid beside the wrapped baby. Yui smiled, getting comfortable in bed and finally falling asleep.

Around 3am Haruki woke up crying, it startled the two new parents as they sat up quickly, attending their baby.

“He’s hungry, Yui.” Haruka said as she watched Yui take him into her arms.

“I know. Just sit up and I’ll hand him to you.” Yui said in a groggy voice.

Haruka, sat up in bed, her back against the headboard. Yui tried small hush sounds to calm the baby a bit the. Handed his to Haruka.

Haruka pulled her shirt up and the minute Haruki took a hold of her nipple he began to feed.

Yui watched, amazed as to how he just knew to do that. “Stop, staring.” Haruka laughed. Yui looked up at her and laughed. “Sorry, I’m just amazed.” She went back to watching the two.

She began to see Haruka making some pained faces. “Are you alright?”

“It just hurts.” Haruka replied.

“You mean him sucking on it?” Yui asked, surprised.

Haruka nodded, “it doesn’t hurt a lot , but it hurts.” She giggled a bit.

Yui moved from her spot and sat beside Haruka, placing her arm around her shoulders, leaning her head against hers. “I should’ve had the baby.” Yui whispered, as she watched Haruki. She placed her hand behind his head, where Haruka’s was and her thumb reached his cheek, softly caressing it. “That way I could go through the pain.”

Haruka sighed, “Yui, I’m fine. It’s an experience, we agreed it would be me then you have the next one.”

“Should we start soon?” Yui asked, a smirk appearing on her face as she turned to Haruka. Haruka laughed and shook her head. “Not yet. You know what the doctor said.”

Yui nodded, “I know, I know.”

“Let’s wait a year and if your test results come back all clean then we will considered another baby.” Haruka smiled at her.

“Alright.” Yui leaned her head against Haruka’s again and watched Haruki. “Hopefully, I’ll be fine.”

“Yui, look at me.”

Yui tuned back to Haruka.

“You will be healthy by next year and the year after that and the year after that…” Haruka went on and on.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be living a long time.” Yui stopped her.

Haruka laughed. “Give me a kiss.”

Yui leaned towards her and gave her a kiss. “Love you.” Yui whispered into Haruka’s lips, kissing her again.

“Love you too.” Haruka replied. “Now go to sleep, you have work later.”

Yui pouted, “I want to stay up with you.”

“Fine, but your going to regret it.” Haruka said, looking back down at Haruki. He was done eating.

“Is he done?” Yui asked.

“Yeah, let me just get him to burp.”

“Let me do it. Then I’ll put him to sleep.” Yui took him from Haruka’s arms carefully and remembered how to burp him from the books Haruka made her read.

After feeding him and burping him, Yui went into the small nursery room beside their bedroom and sat on the rocking chair. She slowly rocked back and forth, keeping her eyes on the baby as she sang lullabies and hummed to him. Bisu had followed her into the room and sat on the floor watching them.

Haruka was suppose to go back to sleep, but she laid on her side, able to see and hear Yui. She smiled, it was the most beautiful view, one she pictured for a long time.

Haruki was finally asleep and Yui returned to the bedroom, placing him in a bassinet beside their bed. Yui jumped back in bed beside Haruka. “He looks so adorable.” Yui whispered into Haruka’s ear. Haruka gave a nod and turned to face Yui, taking Yui’s arm to wrap around her. “Time to sleep.” She said.

Yui smiled holding Haruka close. “Goodnight.”

The two eventually knocked out, but around 6am Haruki woke up crying again.
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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Tooooo sweeeeet>///<
Mama Haruka, Mama Yuihan, and Haruboy~~~
Thanks for this super sweet fics, author-san^0^
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Re: First Family Picture... ~YuiParu~
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awww yuiparu and their son is soooo cute
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YuiParu Family 3 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #11 on: April 27, 2015, 12:22:19 AM »
Thanks for the comments! Are you guys liking it so far? Anyways this one is a little longer and I don't know if Im doing good lmao idc... uhhh...I didn't go back to fix it so expect mistakes(como siempre) lol! uhhh...I was going to say something else but I forgot... Well, Enjoy!! :lol:

A couple of weeks have passed for the couple and parenthood was a challenge, but they were slowly getting used to waking up in the middle of the night to feed Haruki or change his diaper, if they didn't change his diaper he would wail throughout the night.

Yui would usually wake up along with Haruka just to keep her company. Haruka didn’t like it though, since Yui had work the next day. But Yui would act stubborn and just accompany her through the night, to which, Haruka would repay her with a kiss.

One night, Haruki woke his mothers up, letting out a cry like no other. Yui and Haruka jumped out of bed, having never heard him cry like that, and rushed to his side. Haruka picked him up quickly, cradling him. She placed her cheek on his forehead as she tried shushing sounds and was shocked to discover how hot his forehead was.

“Yui, he is really hot.” She looked over at her.

Yui reached to feel his forehead and cheeks and was just as shocked.

“Is he sick?” Haruka looked over at her, worried.

Yui stayed calm, Haruki didn’t need both his parents freaking out. “Maybe. Let’s take him to the hospital just in case, okay?”

The ride to the hospital was hard on Yui and Haruka. Haruki cried and cried and the two wished they could take the pain he was in away, if he was in pain. Arriving to the hospital they went to the ER and were immediately attended. Haruka was with Haruki and the doctor while Yui tried to patiently wait in the waiting room.

She sat, tapping her shoes on the ground waiting for Haruka and Haruki. She kept tapping and tapping that the lady across from her glared at her to stop. Yui did stop and took her phone out to call Sayaka, maybe her friend would calm her while she waited.

The phone rang and rang, luckily Sayaka picked up.

“Hello.” She picked up with a groggy voice.

“Hey, Sayaka. Sorry to call you in the middle of the night.” Yui apologized.

“It’s okay. Is everything alright?” Sayaka asked, still sounding half asleep.

“Uh.. Kind of…? We are at the hospital, Haruki woke up with a fever. Haruka is with him, they are with the doctor. I just can’t keep still.”

“Want us to go over?” Yui could tell Sayaka was awake now and most likely ready to jump out of bed and wake Miyuki.

“No, no! I’ll keep you informed, I just needed to talk and keep me busy.”

“Yeah, alright.”

There was a silence.

“I’m scared…” Yui whispered, “what if something did go wrong in the delivery room before? Or what if he ends up sick like I was?”

“Yui, he is going to be fine. He will grow up to be a healthy and strong.” Sayaka tried to assure her.

“I’m just overthinking, huh?” Yui sighed.

“Your worried. That’s normal for a new parent.”

“Yui.” She looked up to find Haruka walking towards her with Haruki.

“Sayaka, I’ll call you back.” Yui stood up, hanging up her phone after Sayaka said okay.

“Is he alright?” Yui asked. Haruka could see she was more worried than she originally thought. Yui had been calm in front of her. Haruka handed a sleeping Haruki to Yui hoping it would make her feel a little better.

“He has a sore throat. Doctor said he caught a cold. He gave him some medicine and we have to pick up some from the pharmacy.” Haruka explained, handing her the doctors note.

Yui looked it over and gave her a nod. They walked to the receptionist to get the bill for the visit. Taking a look Yui began to worry, she didn’t have enough to pay for it, plus the medicine.

Haruka saw Yui gulp nervously. “How much is it? I’ll just pay half.”

“We still need to pay off the first visit…” Yui began to calculate.

The two were able to afford paying the house, food, clothes, and other things but the hospital bills were going to make it harder.

“Yui, don’t worry.” Haruka looked at Yui cupping her cheek.

Yui leaned into it, but she was still worried. “I’m going to have to call my parents.” She told Haruka.

Haruka sighed, dropping her hand from her cheek. She hasn’t had the best experience with Yui’s parents.

Yui handed Haruki back to Haruka and talked to the receptionist about payment.

After picking up the medication for Haruki, the small family began to head home. Yui drove, while Haruka sat in the back with Haruki in the car seat. Yui tended to look at her rear view mirror a lot, watching how her wife looked over their son. Haruka then looked up at her.

“What if your parents say no?” Haruka asked once she caught Yui looking at her. Yui fixed her eyes back on the road, “They won’t say no.”

“How do you know?” Haruka scrunched her eyebrows together.


“You’re not going to tell me?”

Yui shook her head and continued driving.

Arriving home, Yui placed Haruki back in his bassinet, thankful the medicine helped him feel better and sleep. Yui stood watching her baby sleep peacefully, when Haruka appeared behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist. She placed her chin on her wife’s shoulder to watch Haruki along with her. “Do you think we will have more nights like this?” Haruka asked.

Yui chuckled, “most likely.”

“When he eats too much candy.” Haruka imagined.

“Or he climbs the tree.” Yui laughed as did Haruka.

When the laughing died down, Haruka tighten her squeeze around Yui’s waist. “Go to sleep, you have work and you’ll be tired. If you wake up late call in sick.”

“I’ll go to sleep after I call Sayaka. I made her worry.” Yui turned around to face Haruka giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Haruka smiled and let go of Yui once she took her phone out.

Yui informed Sayaka about Haruki and how he was. Sayaka said she and Miyuki will stop by and visit after work, Yui was looking forward to that.

After the quick call, Yui returned to the room and settled in bed beside Haruka, giving her a kiss on the cheek and falling asleep.
 The next day, Yui was at work, constantly calling home to check on Haruki. Haruka had told her he was starting to get a cough, but that he would be fine with the medicine the doctor prescribed for him. Yui hated that her son was sick, she wished she could cure him with just a hug and a kiss.

“He’ll be fine, Yui, just get back to work before you get into trouble.” Haruka said.

Yui sighed, “alright. I’ll see you at home. Bye.”

With that they hung up.

Before Yui put her phone down, she stared at the screen. She still needed to call and talk to her parents. After some time of debating, she decided to call after work.
The sun was about ready to set when Haruka put her baby to sleep. He had been up since morning coughing and crying from the sore throat, it was killing her. Apart from Yui, Haruka wanted to take the cold from him too, she wanted to have it instead of him, but it’s going to happen, he will get sick again.

“My poor baby boy,” Haruka whispered to him as she held him in her arms. “You’ll get better soon.” She gave him a kiss on the forehead and placed him in his bassinet.

As Haruka was about to sit on the bed beside the bassinet, the doorbell rang. “That must be your aunties.” Haruka smiled at the sleeping boy. She got up and walked to the door opening it.

“Hi!” Miyuki shouted.

Haruka placed a finger on her lips, “shhh, Haruki is sleeping.”

Miyuki made an ‘oh’ face and quietly walked in.

“Where’s Sayaka?” Haruka asked, seeing as Sayaka wasn’t behind her friend.

“She forgot something in the car.” She looked outside and saw her running back with a couple of things.

“Hi!” She greeted loudly.

“Shhh!” Miyuki hit Sayaka on the arm.

Sayaka was confused, “why did you hit me?”

“Haruki is sleeping.”

Sayaka did the same ‘oh’ face as Miyuki had. “How is he?” She asked.

“Come in, we will talk inside.”

The three made their way to the living room and sat on the floor. Miyuki sat beside Haruka, holding her hand tightly.

“We brought a box of diapers.” Sayaka announced, holding the box out to show. “Yui told me the baby goes through a lot of diapers.” She laughed.

Haruka laughed too. “Thanks, we actually needed some.”

“I bought clothes for him and little toys.” Miyuki reached for the bag Sayaka had left next to her, never letting go of Haruka’s hand.

“You two didn’t have to.” Haruka didn’t want her friends wasting money on the baby, but she kind of figured they would.

“We wanted to.” Sayaka grinned at her friend.

Miyuki sat back in her place, taking out some of the baby clothes and small toy to hang on the baby’s car seat.

Haruka watched her taking everything out, it wasn’t much, which was good, but everything they brought her was adorable.

“This is cute! Thank you.” Haruka couldn’t hide her smile.

“I’m glad you like them.” Miyuki grinned.

Haruka let go of Miyuki’s hand and began to examine all the baby clothes, folding  them neatly on her legs.

“How is, Haruki?” Sayaka asked as she watched her admiring a certain onesie.

Haruka folded the onesie. “He started to have a small cough, but the doctor had mentioned it would happen.”

“And how are you and Yui?” Miyuki asked.

Haruka sighed, “Well, we are happy. Even though parenthood is exhausting, every little thing Haruki does makes up for it.” Haruka unconsciously smiled. It caused Sayaka and Miyuki to smile along with her.

“That’s great to hear.” Miyuki smiled at her friend.

After conversing for awhile, Haruka realized she hasn’t made dinner. She decided to cook something quick with the help of Miyuki and Sayaka.

The three were busy joking and laughing as they prepared the food, they hadn’t heard the front door open, until Yui announced she was home. Haruka put the knife down and rushed to greet her beloved.

“Hi.” Haruka smiled, ready to land into Yui’s arms. She suddenly saw, Yui had a long face. “What’s wrong?” Haruka asked, worried something had happened.

Yui just shuffled closer to Haruka and wrapped her arms around the girls waist, “I talked to my parents.”

“It didn’t go well?” Haruka asked, cupping her wife’s cheeks.

“At first. They yelled once they picked up, then they hung up and called me again. They want us to go over this weekend.”

Haruka slightly pulled back from her, “Yui, Haruki is sick. We can’t drive all the way to your parents home.”

“They don’t know…” Yui mumbled.

“Don’t know what?” Haruka questioned, hearing her clearly.

“About, Haruki.”

“You didn’t tell them!?” Haruka raised her voice. This time her hands moved down to Yui’s shoulders, pushing away from her.

“I haven’t talked to them since we got married!” Yui raised her voice too.

“I thought you would have at least mentioned it to them!” Haruka let out a deep sigh.

“I was mad at them then, I still am now, but we need the money!”

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have told them!”

At that moment Haruki woke up crying and all four girls headed to the bedroom. Haruka picked up her baby and cradled him and used soft hush to calm him and he did, but she knew he was hungry and it was about time for his medicine.

“I’m going to feed him.” She kindly informed Sayaka and Miyuki.

“We’ll give you some privacy and finish dinner.” Miyuki said, giving her a smile.

The two left to the kitchen and Yui stayed.

Haruka sat on the bed getting ready to breastfeed Haruki. Yui approached her and sat beside her. “You should have told them.” Haruka said, she was upset at her for never mentioning to her parents about their grandchild.

“We will talk later, I don’t want Haruki to sense her parents fighting.”

“We aren’t fighting. We are arguing.” Haruka muttered.

“Right.” Yui got up from bed, but before leaving the bedroom she gave Haruka a kiss on her forehead. “I’ll go help the girls cook dinner.”

Yui stood at the kitchen watching her friends cook. She offered to help, but the two told her they didn’t need any.

“Haruka is right isn’t she?” Yui asked her friends, looking down at her socks.

“About?” Sayaka looked over at her.

“Mentioning to my parents about Haruki.”

 “Yes, you should have told them.” Miyuki bluntly said.

“Miyuki!” Sayaka exclaimed.

“What? She asked.”

Yui sighed. “I should have…” She began to lose herself in her thoughts when Haruka came with Haruki to the kitchen.

“Yui.” She called out softly.

“Yeah?” She stood attention now with the sound of her wife’s voice.

“Take Haruki, while I help Miyuki and Sayaka.” Haruka carefully placed Haruki in Yui’s arms and Yui smiled down at the baby boy. “Hi, baby! How are you feeling?”

The baby began to move around like he was excited to hear Yui’s voice. Yui took him to the living room and sat on the couch. Haruka watched the two, trying to hide her smile from Yui.

“Paru.” Haruka turned to Sayaka. “We are done with dinner, just go sit down. We will serve it.”

Haruka smiled, thanking her friends. She made her way to Yui and Haruki on the couch, sitting beside them.

Miyuki and Sayaka watched.

“When are we going to tell them?” Miyuki hugged Sayaka from behind, resting her chin on the girls shoulder.

“Soon.” Sayaka smiled. She turned to face her now, wanting to give her a kiss.

“I want to tell them now.” Miyuki pouted, wrapping her arms around Sayaka’s neck.

Sayaka laughed, reaching to cup her cheek. “We will tell them, relax.” She gently placed her lips on Miyuki’s, deepening the kiss and making it last, but Yui told them to not do that in front of Haruki, causing the two to laugh and apologize.
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Re: YuiParu Family III (some Sayamilky)
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Yeah! You need to tell them!
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Re: YuiParu Family III (some Sayamilky)
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How sweet sayamilky moment emmmm  what kind of their news   :twisted:
Why yui didn't tell her parents   :?

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Re: YuiParu Family III (some Sayamilky)
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I'm a silent reader here and now i can't hold myself to comment in this thread.
I love this story author-san! There's a little yuiparu fic in this world. Lol.

Keep up the good job and don't forget to update soon! ♪( ´▽`)

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Re: YuiParu Family III (some Sayamilky)
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SWEEEEEEEET~~~ Like always!
You should tell them, pa-mama Yui!
I smell something from SayaMilky~
Is Milky pregnant? Right, author-san?

Just keep going. I love this fic><
Wait for the next chapter, author-san^0^
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Re: YuiParu Family III (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #16 on: April 29, 2015, 05:31:55 AM »
Miyuki is pregnant?!  :shocked
Well, that's good news! XD
Looking forward to your updates :twothumbs

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Re: YuiParu Family 4 (some Sayamilky)
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Guess what I finished writing! lol! Well here's part 4... It's kinda long and blah so.. I'll make sure the next one is good :thumbup :I should add more Sayamilky huh...:

Later that night, Miyuki and Sayaka left, still holding onto their secret. Haruka and Yui were getting ready for bed, though sleeping wasn't an option, since Haruki was still awake. While Haruka changed into her pajamas, Yui was in bed cradling Haruki, singing Lullabies to him. Haruka finished up and laid back in bed, watching, listening, and enjoying her most favorite view.
Haruka began to slowly drift into sleep, but Yui woke her by quietly announcing Haruki was asleep. Haruka sat up watching Yui get out of bed and place Haruki in the bassinet.
She crawled back into bed beside Haruka, wrapping her arms around the girl and bringing her down to lay in bed. They were facing each other, though Yui had her eyes closed, tired from her day at work. Haruka watched her, her hand rubbing up and down Yui's arm.
"Paru," Yui softly spoke. "Are you still mad at me?"
Haruka frowned. That soft kid-like voice pulled her heart strings, she couldn't stay mad or upset at her wife, she loved her too much. Haruka moved her hand up to Yui's cheek, gently rubbing her thumb on it. "I'm not mad you. I was upset..."
"Please don't be upset at me anymore." Yui tighten her arms around Haruka, pressing her forehead against her wife's.
Haruka sighed. "Why didn't you tell them?"
"Because..." She mumbled. "I'm mad at them..."
"Mad at them because they can't accept us or because they blamed me?" Haruka asked.
Yui opened her eyes and looked at Haruka confused. "Blamed you?"
Haruka gulped.
"Blame you for what?"
"Honey, i thought you knew."
"Blame you for what?" She asked again.
"Your mother... She thinks I lured you..."
Yui pulled away from Haruka and sat up in bed. "They blame you for our relationship... Why didn't you tell me?" Yui raised her voice causing Haruki to stir in his sleep.
"Shhh. Haruki." Haruka sat up beside Yui pointing at the bassinet with their sleeping son.
Yui sighed, looking at the bassinet and then dropping her head into her hands. "You should have told me."
"I didn't want you to be mad at them, then I thought maybe this is why you were mad at your parents. I don't want you separating yourself from your family."
Yui picked her head up and looked at her wife. "Is this why you were upset that I didn't tell them, because they would blame you again?"
Haruka looked down, "not entirely. I was afraid they would blame me, but I didn't care, I just don't want you to keep this from them. They are your family."
Yui let out a deep sigh. "Forget them. I have a family here."
Haruka shook her head. "Yui, don't say that."
"Why couldn't they... I just wish..." Yui threw her hands up, frustrated she couldn't find the words to say.
"I want them to meet their grandson, to be a part of his life and ours. We will go talk to them. Hopefully by this weekend, Haruki will feel better." Haruka placed her hand on Yui's neck, gently massaging it. Yui looked at her wife with tired eyes.
"Let's get some sleep, please?" Haruka looked at her with pleading eyes and Yui nodded. The couple laid back in bed and in the quiet room they slowly fell asleep in each other's arms.

The weekend came quick and Haruki seemed to be better., the fever was gone, the cough subsided, and the sore throat seemed to completely go away, quicker than the cough. But what worried Haruka was the drive, what if Haruki got car sick or fussed all through the ride. She worried about it, however the next morning, Yui was gone.
Yui woke up early, deciding on talking to her parents on her own. She knew Haruka would be extremely angry at her for leaving without her, but Yui wanted to confront her parents on her own. Also she didn't want to risk, Haruki getting worse just as he is getting better, she can't bear to see her baby boy crying in the middle of the night again, she'd rather have him sleep peacefully.
Yui arrived to her parents home nervous as hell, but she kept playing the scenario in her head, what she will say to them and never let them talk until she was finished. She knocked at the door waiting for someone to open up. The few seconds she waited, she scanned the area, feeling nostalgic. She loved her home, it was big and far from the city, only flat lands, similar to the country side, with amazing views, well for her anyways. Someday she hopes to bring Haruki and let him explore and play freely without worry.
Just a few seconds and the door opened up, her father appeared. Yui couldn't say a word, it had been long since she's seen him. From behind him, her mother appeared asking who it was. Finding it was her daughter, she slightly smiled, but quickly turned it into an angry expression.
All the things Yui had imagined what to say to them, were gone. Now she stood quietly with blank thoughts, not knowing what will happen next.
"Come in." Her father spoke in a deep Voice. It surprised Yui, she even forgot his tone of voice.
Tugging her backpack tightly over her shoulder, she walked in, nervous to know what will happen next.

Haruka was mad, she knew Yui left on her own to her parents house after Sayaka came over with breakfast for her. Yui had called Sayaka asking to make sure, Haruka won't leave the house after her.
"Paru, please stop shaking me." Sayaka cried. Haruka had taken her from the collar of her shirt and shook her, demanding to know why she her wife left without her.
"Please I don't know, all Yui told me was to bring you breakfast and keep you from leaving."
Haruka stopped shaking her and sighed, letting her head drop and letting go of Sayaka. "She should have at least told me she was going on her own..."
Sayaka reached her hand to her, placing it on her friends shoulder. "Yeah, I know... But hey I have breakfast." She grinned, wanting to liven up the mood.
Haruka sighed, crossing her arms. "I'm not hungry."
Sayaka's grinned dropped and she frowned. "Eat! If you don't eat the baby doesn't eat.... I think..."
"Fine!" Haruka said, sitting at the dinning table.
Sayaka returned to her grinning and placed the food in front of her.
"Where's Miyuki?" Haruka asked as she watched Sayaka set the food in front of her.
"I let her sleep in, she got home late from work. She will come by later." Sayaka explained.
"Really?" Haruka asked.
"Yeah." Sayaka chuckled.
"She called me last night, she said she was cooking for you...?"
"Ah," Sayaka scratched the back of her head. "She did cook, but got called back in to work."
"Right..." Haruka looked up at her with suspicious eyes. "You know there's something going on between the two of you, I can sense it."
"That's crazy talk! Now, eat!" Sayaka pushed the food forward and sat across from Haruka with her own plate.

Yui sat across from her parents into the living room. The only word they have said to each other since she walked in were, 'I'll make you some tea.' And 'thank you.'
Now, the hot tea sat on her hands, warming up her cold fingers. Yui stared into the tea, not daring to look up. She wondered if the tea still tasted like before. She took a sip from it and the taste was the same, she should make some back home, she thought.
"Where is Haruka?"
Yui's thoughts were broken with her mothers voice. She looked up, the tea in her hands moving down to rest on her legs.
"I wanted to talk to the two of you on my own." Yui's voice wasn't soft like it would be with Haruka, but stern, like she wanted to make sure they knew it was true.
"she didn't want to come o-"
"It isn't that, I came here on my own!" Yui began to feel that anger from before.
"Alright." Her mother said.
Yui then took a deep breath, finally wanting to get to what she came for. "Why did you blame Haruka for our relationship? Why couldn't you two believe I really love her and she loves me? I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment, but don't blame Haruka! I was the one who proposed to her!" Yui felt the tears wanting to burst, but she held them back.
"We know." Her father spoke up. "We didn't want to believe it, but we know."
"What?" Yui was confused. "Then why did you yell at me through the phone?"
"We were upset you left, that you never called us, or came to visit. We knew why, but we were hoping that you would."  Her mother said.
Yui was in disbelief.
"We wanted the two of you here, to tell you that we want to try and be a part of your life and apologize for not being the parents we should be, accepting the both of you. It was hard not having our daughter around, I don't want that to happen again. We're sorry."
Yui still sat there not believing her parents were apologizing. She believed they were going to be yelling at her, telling her she was an embarrassment, trying to convince her to leave Haruka, but none of that came out. Her original scenarios played out differently.
"Wait, so, you're apologizing?"
The two nodded.
"Wow..." Yui let out gust of breath. "Uhh.... ?"
"Yui, we do miss you, we'd rather be in your life than never know how you are. We want to try, we want to see you happy."
Yui thought of her source of happiness. A smile creeped up. "Well, I am happy... And it's not just with Haruka." She looked up at her parents her smile turning into worry. "Actually... Haruka and I... We had a baby."
She heard her mother gasp and her father choke on his tea he had been taking a sip from.
Yui gulped, expecting the worse.

By the afternoon, Miyuki had arrived to Haruka's. When Miyuki came into the house, she searched for her wife and Haruka giggled. "She's in the bedroom sleeping with Haruki."
"What!?" Miyuki exclaimed, surprised to hear her wife was with the baby.
She tiptoed quickly to Haruka's bedroom and peeked in. Sayaka was soundly asleep with baby Haruki beside her. Miyuki could see that the way Sayaka was sleeping was uncomfortable, probably because she didn't want to roll over on Haruki, but it was a cute view Miyuki was witnessing.
"I need to take a picture." Miyuki took her phone out and creeped into the bedroom, snapping a couple of pictures. Once she was done they left the sleeping babies and the two sat in the living room.
"Have you called, Yui?" Miyuki asked.
"I have, but she isn't picking up." Haruka looked at her phone. She had been  constantly checking it since the morning, hoping Yui would text or call. "I'm starting to worry."
"It's okay, she will call." Miyuki tried assuring her. "Come here, lay down on my lap." Miyuki sat up and patted her leg. Haruka sighed and gave in. She enjoyed the way Miyuki would sometimes pamper her. Haruka rested her head on the girls lap and looked up at her. Miyuki began to play with the girls hair and she closed her eyes. Slowly Haruka began to fall into a deep slumber.
Just an hour of sleep Haruka jolted up startling Miyuki who was playing on her phone.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Has Yui called?" Haruka asked.
Miyuki shook her head.
"That's it, I'm going." Haruka jumped up on her two feet and went to her room to grab her backpack she had packed the other night. Sayaka had been watching her. She had woken up awhile ago with Haruki's small cry. 
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"I'm going to Yui's parents home and you're taking me."
"What?" Sayaka's eyes widened.
Miyuki stood by the door watching. "You heard her, you're taking her."
"Yui said I can't." Sayaka gulped.
"Too bad." Haruka said as she was packing Haruki's clothes, diapers, bottles, and medicine.
"Yeah, too bad." Miyuki repeated.
"Why are you on her side?" Sayaka asked.
Miyuki just laughed, walking over to take Haruki from her arms. "Because, Yui leaving on her own was a stupid move from her. Right, my cute baby boy." Miyuki  kissed the baby's soft cheek.
Sayaka watched the two girls in awe. She should stand her ground, defend herself from the two scariest people in the world.
"No, you are staying! Yui asked me to keep you home!" Sayaka dared to raise her voice.
"She's going." Miyuki cooed. She looked up at Sayaka with a deadly smile.
"Okay." Sayaka quickly gave up, she had no chance against Miyuki.
"Alright, let's go." Haruka announced.
She took Haruki from Miyuki and placed him in his car seat. But he began to cry.
Haruka tried hushing sounds to relax him, but it wasn't working.
"Is he hungry?" Sayaka asked.
Haruka sighed and rolled her head, "I haven't fed him..." She told herself. Taking him out of the car seat, she cradles him and sits back on the bed to feed him. Sayaka and Miyuki left the bedroom.
Sayaka collapsed onto the couch letting out a breath. "Well, hopefully that will distract her for awhile."
"We are still going." Miyuki glared at Sayaka.
Sayaka sighed, "alright..."

The silence between Yui and her parents was killing her. Only a minute had gone by and she was holding her breath and gripping her tea cup. Yui was waiting for the shouting to begin, but her parents sat quietly, trying to gather their thoughts.
"I should have told you both, I am sorry. I'm at fault for this..." Yui spoke up first, her head dropping, staring at the cup in her hand again, "Haruka believed I told you, but I was mad at the two of you... But when Haruka found out, she... Told me I should tell you and try to work our way back to each other's lives."
Both her parents still sat quietly, until finally her father spoke up.
"When do we get to meet him or her?"
Yui's head shot up, catching her fathers faint smile, then turned to her mother who had tears in her eyes, but still weakly smiled.
"It's a boy." Yui said.
"Oh, a precious boy..." Her mother said breathlessly.
"Yeah, his name is Haruki... I'll bring him once he is better, he had a sore throat recently, but he is fine." She explained.
"Please do so." Her mother said as she stood up, placing the cup of tea down. "I'm sorry, Yui." She made her way to her daughter opening her arms for a hug.
Yui placed her cup down and stood up, accepting the hug. It was weird how all this went, she expected everything to go down different, nonetheless she was glad her parents were willing to try now. Feeling her mothers arms tighten around her, Yui cried. She honestly did miss her parents and it hurt her not having them in her life for the past two years.
Yui cried more once she felt her father wrap his arms around her and her mother.
"Thank you for trying." Yui muffled, holding on tighter to her parents embrace.

Sayaka drove down the road, mumbling on about how Yui was going to kill her. Miyuki, who sat on the passengers side, reached over taking Sayaka's hand to calm her.
"Sayanee, stop stressing. Yui will understand." She smiled.
Sayaka quickly glanced at Miyuki then back at the road. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.
"She won't be mad at you, she will be mad at me." Haruka spoke up from the back seat. Sayaka glanced at her rear view mirror to see her looking at Haruki.
"You should have just waited for her." Sayaka said.
"I should have..."
Sayaka waited for Haruka to say more, but she didn't. Just as she fixed her eyes on the road again she saw the car in front of her braking. It gave her a scare and she stepped on the brakes, hearing a small screech. The girls flew forward, their seatbelt a locking just in time then flew back, their backs hitting the seats. "Are you okay?" Sayaka immediately asked Miyuki. Not hearing an answer, just seeing a nod, she quickly turned to Haruka to ask. "Are you and Haruki, okay?"
Haruka checked on the sleeping boy, he was fine, he yawned and went back to sleep.
"He is fine. We are fine." Haruka informed her.
"Sayaka, we are fine. Just a scare." Miyuki assured her wife.
Sayaka was shaken up. She decided to drive to the next exit and pull off to some stores parking lot or a convenience store.
The girls walked into a market, looking for a restroom and something to eat and drink. In the restroom, Haruka was changing Haruki's diaper and Sayaka and Miyuki stood by the sinks watching and waiting for the mother and baby.
Miyuki had been holding onto Sayaka, her arms wrapped around her wife's waist, watching her think.
"Sayaka, we are fine it was just a minor scare it happens."
Sayaka turned, Miyuki could really read her mind. "But what if-"
"No don't start with 'what ifs', we are fine." Miyuki reached up caressing Sayaka's cheek, hoping it would ease her mind.
Sayaka only glanced down, placing her hand on Miyuki's belly and giving a small rub.
"Is everything alright?" Haruka appeared with Haruki in her arms. Sayaka quickly retracted her hand from Miyuki's belly, "yeah, yeah, all good."
Miyuki snickered.
Haruka looked at both girls, curious as to what was up with the two. Instead of asking, she just asked if they could head out after a meal.
Sayaka nodded, "we can grab some food here and then head out. How is Haruki?"
"He is fine. I gave him his medicine and now, I have to eat so he can." Haruka explained, holding Haruki tightly into the warmth of her body, even though he was already wrapped up in a blanket.
"Okay, let's eat." Sayaka said and the three set off to eat.

It was evening and Yui was exhausted by now. She excused herself , heading to her bedroom to catch some sleep. When she opened the door to her bedroom, she looked around at how everything looked like it was still in its place. Making her way in and closing the door behind her, she made her way to her bed, throwing herself on it letting out a long sigh.
She loved being home, she missed it, but she had another family and another home. She sat up quickly thinking about her family, Haruka and her son Haruki.
Getting off the bed she walked over to her bag her father had  brought up earlier.
Taking her phone out, she saw how many missed calls she had and the many messages from her wife. Yui gulped down her fear, Haruka wasn't one to be ignored with, especially left at home.
Yui sat back in bed and decided to call her, but before that she received a message. It was Sayaka.
'Hey, just a warning but we are about to get there.'
Yui should have known this would happen. She dialed Sayaka's number instead, but no answer.
"Yui." She heard her mother call out.
Yui ran back to the living room, looking out the window she saw a car stop in front of her parents home.
"Who is that?" Her mother asked.
"It's... Haruka." Yui said before running out to the front door and opening it. She found Haruka getting out car, quickly approaching Yui who stood outside shoeless.
"What are you doing here?" Yui asked, trying to sound angry at her wife, though she knew she was the one screwed.
"What am I doing here!? You left me at home! You haven't called, you didn't inform me that you were leaving."
Yui gulped. "I-I wanted to talk to my parents by myself."
Haruka crossed her arms. "You should have at least left me a note or something, not send Sayaka over." Haruka lowered her voice, feeling bad she scolded her wife.
"I'm sorry, I really am." Yui pouted.
Haruka sighed, she couldn't stay mad at her. "Tell me whenever you are leaving, I was worried something might have happened since you didn't call."
Yui moved closer to her wife and took her into her arms. "I'm sorry."
Haruka cupped Yui's cheeks and gave her a kiss, "I'm still mad at you."
"I know... Where's our baby? How is he?" Yui looked over Haruka.
"Sayaka and Miyuki are with him. He is fine, he will probably wake up in awhile." Haruka informed her.
"I'll go get him." Yui kissed Haruka's cheek before walking over to the car.
Haruka watched her, but quickly turned, surprised to see Yui's parents standing at the door.
"Oh, Mr and Mrs. Yokoyama."
"Hello, Haruka." Her father-in-law greeted with a welcoming smile.
"Good evening." Haruka greeted kindly in return. "I'm sorry to arrive at such a time."
"It's alright. But Yui told us, Haruki was sick."
"He is getting better..." Haruka quietly said. She was feeling a little awkward being in front of Yui's parents after a long time. Yui's mother sensed it.
"I am sorry, for the things I said to you before."
Haruka looked at her mother-in-law.
"We can see now, how much you two love each other, we just hope to fix things between us."
Haruka slightly smiled and gave her a nod. "I would be happy, if you two would be a part of our lives."
The parents smiled. "Of course."
Yui returned with her son in her arms ready to be introduced. "Mom, dad, this is Haruki."
Her mother clasped her hands together. "Oh my, he is tiny."
Sayaka and Miyuki had followed behind Yui.
"Sayaka, how have you been?" Yui's father asked as soon as he saw his daughters friend.
"Good." She smiled.
"Let's go inside." Yui's mother said.
Everyone walked in the house, except Haruka. She stood outside the door still feeling uncomfortable.
"Are you okay, Haruka?" Yui asked once she turned to find her wife staring into the house.
It had been a long time since she's been there and the last time she was here, she was arguing with her mother-in-law.
"I'm not sure..." Haruka looked at Yui.
"Ive talked to them, they are fine with us. It's just going to take time." Yui explained.
"You are welcomed here, Haruka." Yui's mother had watched the two and overheard Haruka. She stuck her hand out taking Hatuka's hand into hers. "Come in." She smiled while she tugged Haruka in.
Yui smiled. Following behind, she saw how Haruka turned to her somewhat nervous, still she gave her a small smile.
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Re: YuiParu Family IV (some Sayamilky)
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wow .
what a good story. but there is some question pop to my mind. "How YuiParu make a son?! o_O "

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Re: YuiParu Family IV (some Sayamilky)
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Uwaa i didn't expect that one
I can't wait for yuiparu's reaction for a certain 'news' from sayamilky :3
Good chapter author-san!

Update soon!(≧∇≦)b

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