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Author Topic: Always with you (Kai X Acchan & other pairings) [30/30 COMPLETED]  (Read 43555 times)

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@taenylove: Thank you for your support towards this fic! I was really excited to know how the characters would turn out while I write...Without realizing,
                   I wrote too much :cathappy:
                   Kai and Acchan are my favorite too!

@Sagara: Hahaha...I will think about it...Thanks for the suggestion! :twothumbs

Chapter 9



"Arigato gozaimasu Sensei!" The volley girls shouted out with a bow as they see their coach off.

Then the other girls also starts to pack up and leave. Rena was about to leave when she saw Yuko standing at the entrance way. So she walk
over to find out more, to see if Yuko is ok.

"Click click click click..." Yuko is using her cell phone to check something.

"Oshima san..." Rena called out.

Yuko turned around and look at Rena.

"Yes Matsui senpai?" Yuko asked as she put down her cell phone.

"Are you ok? Is the practice too tough?" Rena asked with a concern look on her face.

"Not at all...I mean...I am ok and the practice pace is manageable senpai..." Yuko replied with a smile, revealing her dimples.

"Good...Looking for something?" Rena asked, pointing to Yuko's cell phone. She saw the screen displaying google search.

"Oh this! I am searching for the list of shops around here..." Yuko said as she show Rena her cellphone.

"What are you looking for? Need my help?" Rena asked.

"Actually, I am searching for a instrumental shop...My bass guitar strings broke while moving here..." Yuko said sadly.

"Ic...I know one shop around here that might have what you need...Shall I bring you there?" Rena said as she offer her help.

"Maji de? Yatta! Arigato Matsui senpai!" Yuko said while cheering loudly.

Yuko suddenly stopped in her 'celebration' mode.

"Is it really ok? Don't you have something you are busy with, senpai?" Yuko asked.

"Its fine. I have no plans after the practice. Shall me go now, Oshima san?" Rena said and started to walk.

"Yuko! You can call me Yuko or Yuko chan!" Yuko said with a wide smile.

"Then...You can call me Rena. Yuko chan" Rena said.

"Ok Rena san! " Yuko said.

Together, they left the school ground and walk towards the shop.


"Welcome~" The tenchou greeted the 6 people who walked into the shop.

"Minna...I'm here!" Jun said as he waved at them.

They walked towards Jun, who is at the guitar section, with a wide range of guitar on display. Acchan was really excited and pulled Yuki with
her as she picked up a guitar to try on.

"Found any nice ones?" Kai asked as he walk towards a guitar that caught his eye.

"I think all looks great...Depending on what your sis likes..." Jun replied.

"We are going over there for a look..." Kuu said and Riku followed him to the CD section.

"Maybe we can ask the tenchou for recommendation..." Sae suggested.

"Yuki...What do you think? Anything you like around here?" Kai asked.

"Yukirin! Why not you try that one? There!" Acchan said as she points at the guitar Kai is looking at.

"Go ahead and try it ojou san..." the tenchou said with a smile.

Yuki take the guitar and position her hands. She took a deep breath and begins to play.

"Kodomo no koro kara
kyoudai no you ni
issho ni otona ni natte kita yo ne
ICHIGO de kenkashite
futari wo kikazuni
toukou shita...."

We grew up together
like an older brother and younger sister
from our childhood on
Arguing over who'd get the strawberries
on the shortcake, we'd go to school together
without speaking to each other

(Taken from

The sweet voice and melody echoed around the shop. Everyone unintentionally closed their eyes, carefully listening to the lyrics.

"SUGOIIII!" A girl ran towards Yuki.

Everyone was startled by the sudden loud voice and Yuki immediately stopped playing.

"Why did you stop?" The girl asked innocently.

Kai, Sae, Jun and Acchan looked at the girl. They were speechless. It is so obvious that Yuki stop because of her. Yuki was interrupted by the loud girl.

"Arigato gozaimasu..." Yuki said politely with her face blushing.

"Yuko chan! Wait for me..." Rena said as she ran into the shop.

"Senpai!" Jun said with his beaming face.

"Jun kun..." Rena said, surprised to see him here.

"Jun kun?" Kai, Sae and Acchan said in their mind while they look at Jun.

"Konnichiwa...senpai..." Sae greeted Rena. Followed by the others.

"This is...? Kai asked. Pointing at Yuko.

"Hajimemashite! Oshima Yuko desu~ Douzo yoroshiku!" Yuko said cheerfully.

Rena told them about Yuko. They were surprised that they will be classmates soon. They welcome Yuko and then take turns to introduce themselves.
Rena was surprise to know Kai have a twin sister.

"Just you guys for today?" Rena asked.

"Nope...Kuu and.....Riku is with us too..senpai" Jun replied and point towards the door entrance.

Everyone turned around. Riku frozed with Kuu thinking "Sorry pal, can't help you anymore...".

"Where are you going? We were just introduced to a new..." Sae said and was interrupted.

"RI...KU...NYAN!!!" Yuko shouted happily and dashed towards Riku to give him a hug.

"Woooah..." Kai said.



While the others were helping Yuki choose her guitar, Kuu decided to check out the CD section. Riku followed him as he have something
in mind to buy.

"Hey Riku..." Kuu called.

"What?" Riku asked as he look at the CDs in the slots.

"Your lips..." Kuu said as he point at his lower lip.

Riku then touched his lower lip. It was bleeding from a cracked area.

"That girl..." Riku said softly in a angry tone.

"Who?" Kuu asked as he pass Riku a piece of tissue.

Taking the tissue that Kuu passed to him, Riku wipe the blood and told him what happened this morning.

"You finally meet your match..." Kuu said as he laughed.

"Shut it..." Riku said.

Because of Riku's popularity, normally the girls in school will run away in shyness whenever he talks to them. This is the first time he actually
runs away, from a girl.

-Guitar music playing-

"Hear that?" Kuu asked.

"Yea...The melody is nice...and that singing voice is really sweet..." Riku said.

"Do you think its Yuki or Acchan?" Kuu asked.

"Let's go find out then..." Riku said.

As they walked towards to their friends, they saw a girl running towards Yuki.

"Its her!" Riku exclaimed and pull Kuu back from proceeding forward.

"Huh?" Kuu said, puzzled.

Seeing how frighten Riku is, he looked at that girl again.

"Thats the girl?" Kuu turned and ask Riku, with his finger pointing at the lower lip.

"..." Riku nodded his head vigorously.

"Help me..." Riku pleaded.

Seeing the others were chatting and not noticing them. Kuu pointed to the entrance.

"Let's sneak away...We will inform the others later..." Kuu whispered.

-End of flashback-


Everyone was speechless. Trying to analyze what is going on around here. A new transfer student hanging around the lady killer, Riku. And Riku,
who looks like the one being killed instead.

"Your...Girlfriend?" Acchan asked Riku, breaking the silence.

"Yes!" Yuko said happily while Riku shakes his head in denial.

Seeing the situation, Kai and Sae decided to help their friend out.

"Oshima san...Are you here to get something?" Sae asked.

"I almost forgot! Strings!" Yuko said as she released Riku from her hug.

"Jun...You know where is it right? Why don't you show Oshima san and senpai the way..." Kai said.

"Uh..Ok...This way..." Jun said and started to walk away from the group.

"Let's go go Riku-nyan~!" Yuko said as she drags Riku with her.

"Sorry Oshima san...Riku is needed here...Right Yuki?" Sae said as he winked at Yuki.

"..." Yuki nodded.

Rena saw it, so she decided to help out too.

"Yuko chan, let's go get the strings. As long we get it, we can join them back soon. Since they are choosing a instrument, it will take a while.
Let's not disturb them."Rena said as she lock her arms with Yuko and walked.

"Since Rena san say so..." Yuko said and started to walk.

The two girls then walked away with Jun. The others signed out a sense of relief.

"That was closed...Luckily the most wise senpai is here..." Kai said.

"Most wise?" Yuki asked.

"In short, she is well respected by everyone...nickname 'Heart breaker'..." Sai explained.

"Sounds...Is it bad?" Yuki asked.

"No...Likewise...We mean it in a good way...Senpai is the true beauty in our school...She can easily talk to anyone and everyone likes to talk to her...
without airs and really caring towards her kouhais...As you can see, even Oshima san..." Kai explained but before he finish his sentence,
he felt someone staring at him.

Kai knew who person is. Its Acchan. He turned to face Acchan and saw her pouting face.

"What else? Why are you stopping?" Riku asked in a teasing tone.

"Shut it! Don't forget who helped you out..." Kai said as he slap across Riku's chest.

"What happened actually?" Sae asked in a concern tone.

Hearing Sae's question, Riku reacted like a deflected balloon. Kuu then told the others what Riku told him. Yuki and Acchan were embarrassed,
yet they admire her boldness.
While Kai and Sae reacted differently, they were worried. Kai decided to think of a way to get Yuki and Acchan away while they talk.

"Yuki...I suppose you want this guitar?" Kai asked.

"Yes... I like this very much..." Yuki said with a smile while holding the guitar.

"Let me hold this for you..." Sae said as he takes the guitar from Yuki's hands.

"Arigato." Yuki said.

"Atsuko...Can you go with Yuki to get some spare strings before we make the purchase?" Kai asked.

"Sure...You guys not coming?" Acchan asked suspiciously.

"I want to go there to take a look...I will come and find you girls later..." Kai said as he points at the piano section.

"Ok~ .Don't take too long." Acchan said and went with Yuki to get the spare strings.

Kai likes the piano here very much. Whenever he comes to this shop. He definitely will play a tune or two. With him saying that,
Acchan suspicion eased.

"Let's talk as we walk..." Kai said.

"How are you going to deal with this?" Sae asked.

"I don't know..." Riku replied.

"Your parents?" Kuu asked.

"Shanghai now...But they will be back tonight..." Riku said.

"So you don't have much time..." Sae said.

"Any chances she is your fiancee?" Kuu asked.

"Knowing my parents, they would definitely totally blow the whole matter up with days of celebrations. Where we will be like puppets,
made to walk down the aisle here and there if she were to be the one..." Riku explained.

"True." They all agreed.

"You have to reject her formally..." Sae said.

"You are right Sae...I just have to do it...But how?" Riku said.

"Let's go invite them to hang out then. We'll work accordingly from there..." Kuu said.

"Ok..." Riku said.

Then they went to look for Acchan and Yuki. Jun, Yuko and Rena were with them too. Hearing from Jun that Rena and Yuko have no other plans,
Kuu invited them to hang out. After making payment, the 9 of them decided to walk around the shopping district to spend the rest of the day.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@NightSky: Surprised? I thought that it might be good to have some twist...Hope its not too extreme :peace:
                  Hahaha...Yuko is definitely awesome!
                  Welcome and thanks for supporting! :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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Of course yukochan gonna fight for her men
Follow me

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@NightSky: Rena is 1 year older than them. Thats why she is refer as senpai  :D
                 It will be someone unexcepted...thats all I can say now...:cathappy:

@Haruko: Hahaha! Of course!

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@NightSky: Haha..Yuko is always young and energetic!
                 I want Riku to be pestered by Yuko as much as possible with that set up..hehehe :yossi:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@NightSky: Hahaha! Definitely! Yuko is just too perfect...she is a all rounder (Cute, serious, beautiful, funny and many more!)
                 Riku will definitely fall deep deep in love with her...hahaha  :deco:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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Woah.. Lots of updates here...

Nice development.

Good that Atsuko helps Kai situation on Yuki whereabouts after school

Yuko is so bold... Poor Riku

Eh... He has a fiancée? Who is she?

Ah... Nice development for Rena and jun

Kuu... And Mariko...?

Does he like Mariko more than he supposed to?

How about Yuki and sae?

Would they be together?

Ah... Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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cisda83: Haha! Maybe I should slow down my update pace? Just kidding!
             I think the story will get more fired up in the next few chapters...hope that is able to answer to your stay tune for more :thumbsup

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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And I thought fanfics are boring these days lol  :cow:


Y U DO DIS?! :mon zoom:

POOR YUUCHAN! :mon cry:

You broke my lil kokoro bro! :depressed:

But wait, is there any possibilities that Yuko wil be Riku's fiancée? :dunno:

Well, one thing is for sure! :glasses:



君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 9 updated]
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@ChibiRine: Hahaha! Sorry for breaking your :heart:
                  At this point I can't really tell how the story develops as I'm still exploring the possibilities :peace:
                  Thanks for supporting this fic! :twothumbs
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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Here's Chapter 10A!

More on Riku and Yuko :cathappy:

I accidentally made it into a long chapter that I have split this up :P2


Chapter 10A


"I'm hungry...Riku-nyan..." Yuko said as she locked her arms with Riku.

"When did you have your lunch?" Riku asked.

"Yet to have lunch...I came to see you as soon as I ended practice." Yuko said as she smiled.

"I think we just happened to meet each other..." Riku said for he know it is just pure coincidence.

"You thought so too? It must be fate!" Yuko said excitedly and tried to kiss Riku but Riku pushed her faceaway.

The guys who were walking behind them, pitied Riku. Except Jun, wondering when will he have a chance to get lovey dovey with Rena.
Acchan and Yuki was blushing with embarrassment while Rena find them a cute couple.

"Came right after practice? I suppose Matsui senpai have not eaten too..." Sae said, hinting Jun.

"Are you hungry senpai? Let's go get something  to eat! But where do we go?" Jun said as he look around the shopping district for a place to eat.

"How about there?" Rena said as she point towards the street food corner.

They walked towards the street food district and started to buy some light snacks.


"Is it heavy?" Yuki asked.

"No...Its fine." Sae replied. Sae is helping Yuki to carry her guitar.

"I'll take over in a while...Gomen..." Kai said.

"Just take care of yourself..." Sae said smiled, pointing to the bags of street food bought by Acchan.

"Wow! Takoyaki!" Acchan said and walked quickly towards the store.

As there was a long queue, Kai asked the others to proceed while he wait for Acchan. Rena, Yuki, Sae and Jun also detached from the group.
As Rena wanted to get a melon pan while Yuki looks tired, they decided to sit at a nearby bench.

"Let's eat there..." Kuu said, pointing at the park.

"Is that ok with you Riku-nyan?" Yuko asked.

"I will be more than ok if you stop calling me that..." Riku replied coldly.

"Mohhh...Riku-nyan is shy~ Kawaii~!" Yuko said as she tried to kiss Riku again but failed. As Riku walked faster to shake her off.

"Poor Riku..." Kuu thought in his mind.

They sat down and Yuko started to eat while clinging on Riku. Kuu is finding a chance to run away but Riku ask him not to until he is ready.
Seeing Yuko eating her onigiri so happily, makes Riku a little hungry. Noticing Riku staring at the onigiri, Yuko offered hers.

"You want some, Riku-nyan?" Yuko said.

"Hmm...I will just have a bite..." Riku said, unable to resist the temptation of the food anymore.

Just then, Yuko moved her face closer to Riku. Upon seeing that, Riku pushed Yuko away. Kuu is totally sympathizing Riku at this point,
while he eats his fried ebi.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Riku retorted.

"Share with you onigiri..." Yuko said while she points to her mouth full of onigiri.

"..." Riku is speechless.

"It's going to be hard to shake her off...Good luck Riku." Kuu said in his mind while he prays success for Riku.

"AHHHHHHHH...." A shouting voice can be heard afar.

Startled, Riku and Kuu stood up from the bench and looked around. As the voice gets nearer, they saw a guy running out from the
street food corner. It's Jun. Jun saw the 3 of them at the park. He lowered his face and ran with all his might, passing them without stopping.

"What happened? Kuu said worriedly.

If Yuko wasn't here, Riku and Kuu would definitely go after Jun together.

"Go after Jun! I'll handle the things here myself...Go now Kuu!." Riku said anxiously and gave a pushed Kuu.

"Good luck then..." Kuu said and ran after Jun.

"Daijoubu?" Yuki asked Riku.

"With Kuu gone now, if I don't say it now then when? I have to do it fast and catch up to them." Riku said to himself.

"Oshima san...I have something to tell you...Let's sit down..." Riku said as she pull Yuko to sit at the bench.

"Are you sure you don't want to go after Jun kun?" Yuko asked as she points to the direction Kuu and Jun ran.

"I'll let Kuu handle it first..." Riku said.

"What do you want to tell me?" Yuko asked excitedly while she adjust herself.

"Riku you can do this... Riku you can do this... Riku you can do this..." Riku chants in his mind.

"Oshima san...I don't know what you like about me but I don't see you as my love interest at all..." Riku said seriously as he look at Yuko.

Yuko was surprised. She did not expect Riku would reject her as she thinks up till now everything seems fine.

"Is there someone you like?" Yuko asked seriously.

"No...But..." Riku replied and was interrupted by Yuko before we can finish his sentences.

"Then it would be me! I will make you like me..." Yuko said confidently.

"It won't ever happen! We just met only! I don't even know who you are except your name and that you will be my classmate today...
Even if you consider it as love at first sight, it's you who thinks that way but not me! So can you please listen and try to understand?"
Riku shouted.

"This is not a reason...I will not accept it...There must be more to it! Who is that girl?" Yuko said as she teared.

Riku tried to be as straight forward as he can but Yuko just won't accept his explanations. Yuko keep insist that Riku have somebody
else he likes. Not wanting to waste any more time, He decided to tell the truth. Something he never told the other girls.
A secret of his that only Kuu, Kai, Sae and Jun knows.

"I have a fiancée!" Riku finally say out the real reason.

"Liar!" Yuko retorted.

"It's true! That is why I never dated everyone!" Riku said and stood up, dropping his cellphone.

"Really?" Yuko said as she wiped her tears.

Seeing how serious Riku is, Yuko finally accept his words. She then stood up and picked up his cellphone.

"Is this from your fiancée?" Yuko asked, pointing at the keychain as she lift it up for a closer look.

"No...It isn' was from someone else...Someone I have hurt unintentionally because of my status..." Riku explained.

"Someone you loved?" Yuko asked.

Riku did not answer her question. He feel he doesn't have the right to consider it as love. Because he had cause the girl more hurt than love.
Not getting a response from Riku, Yuko turned around and picked up her bag pack.

"I will not give up!" Yuko said and then she pull Riku down by his collar to plant a kiss on his lips.

Yuko then lifted Riku's right hand, placing his cellphone carefully on his palm and ran out the park. Leaving Riku alone.

Tears rolled down Riku's cheeks. He felt a sharp pain in his heart.

"Why do I feel this way...Why is this familiar pain coming back..." Riku asked himself.


Riku wiped his tears and answer the phone call.

"Moshi..." Riku said.

"What?" Riku said as he display a shocked expression.

"I'll be back soon..." Riku said and ended the call. He then ran out the park.


Kuu chased Jun all the way to the side of the riverbank. No matter how much he called out to Jun, Jun would not response or stop.

"ARGHHH!" Kuu shouted and jumped on Jun.

The two of them lost their balance and fall into the river. Jun struggled to get out of the river. Not wanting to let Jun escape, Kuu locked
his arms around Jun's shoulder from the back of Jun.

"Let me go! LET ME GO!" Jun shouted as he continue to struggle.

"JUN! STOP!" Kuu retorted.

Both of them wrestled, lost their balanced and fall again. Jun was sitting lifelessly. Kuu crawled toward Jun, wanted to ask him what happened.


The sound of water droplets can be heard. The water source is from Jun, Jun is crying.

"Jun...What happened?" Kuu asked worriedly.

"Just leave me alone will you?" Jun retorted.

"Jun! How can I do that...We are best friends aren't we? What just happened?" Kuu shouted.

"We are not! Best friends don't steal girlfriends their friends love!" Jun retorted and throw a punch at Kuu.

"What are you talking about?" Kuu asked, as he press his right hand on his cheek where Jun punched.

Jun sees Kuu as his punching bag, so he continue to pull a few punches at Kuu. However, Kuu did not throw a single punch at Jun.
He knew Jun is not a right state in his mind and he have nothing against him. If he punch Jun, it might make things worse. So he just
tried to dodge his punches as much as he can.

Exhausted. Both of them lied on the grass patch. Kuu managed to dodge most of the punches. So he got away with some minor bruises
on his face and hands.

"Why didn't you return the punches..." Jun asked.

"For those are not punches...They are your pain...So I can handle it..." Kuu replied as he pat his chest.

"Idiot..." Jun said, but he was really touched by Kuu's words.

"Hey..." Kuu called out.

"What..." Jun said softly.

"Who is it?" Kuu asked.

"......" Jun did not reply, forging ignorance.

Kuu tried to recall. Kai and Acchan was the first to leave the main group, followed by Jun, Sae, Yuki and senpai.

"Sae?" Kuu asked.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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Poor Yuko :depressed:

Are you really trying to break my heart?! :mon surr:

This chapter is too heartbreaking! Argh! :mon cry:

Rena likes Sae? :frustrated:


Update~ :glasses:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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@ChibiRine: Opps! I don't mean to...Sorry!
                  I thought that would spice things up and make the story more interesting :cathappy:
                  I will try to update chapter 10B as soon as possible! :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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what happened to jun?

i want more kaiXatsuko author-san, onegai .
im ur secret reader  :bow:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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@mgxx: Thanks for not remaining a secret!  :thumbsup
             What happened to Jun will be updated soon...please look forward to it! :cow:
             Kai and acchan will be away for a while as I need to develop the characters as the story flows...Sorry but I to keep you waiting! :bow:
             Please continue to support this fic! :cathappy:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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Wait what, ._. Nuo!!!!! I want wmatsui ;A;
Noooo. Cannot accept. :(

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10A updated]
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Oooh DRAMA~  :panic:
And meanwhile, Kai and Acchan happily buying food for Acchan  :cathappy:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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@Zhen: Sorry about that!

@taenylove: Haha...Kind of...But I think thats what makes it interesting...

@NightSky: What did you see? What did you see? :cathappy:
                 Haha...I like to twist here and there so...
                 Here's 10B! Let's see the which possibilities you list out is correct! Hahaha

Chapter 10B



The 4 of them sat on a nearby bench after Rena bought her melon pan. They decided to wait for Kai and Acchan before they go find
Riku and the others. So they started to eat.

"Yosh..." Sae said as he gently put down Yuki's guitar.

"Arigato..." Yuki said and took out a tissue and wipe the sweat on Sae's forehead.

"Anybody want a drink?" Rena asked.

"Are you thirsty, senpai?" Jun asked.

"Kind of...And I finished my drink..." Rena said as she shake her water bottle.

"Senpai you stay here and eat! I'll get it!" Jun volunteered.

"Jun, I'll go with you..."  Sae said and stands up.

"You want anything?"  Sae asked Yuki.

"I'll go instead...You stay here to rest awhile..." Yuki said.

"You should rest...Not me..." Sae retorted.

Yuki stared at Sae and pouted. Seeing that, Sae gave up. Jun and Yuki took their orders and went to get the drinks together.

"You really are a nice guy, Miyazawa kun."  Rena said.

"Meaning...?" Sae asked.

"Being so nice to the people around you...Even willing to be their cupid..." Rena said.

"What are you trying to say?" Sae asked as he looked at Rena.

"Is she the girl you like?" Rena asked.

"I don't have anyone in mind..." Sae replied.

"Are you forging ignorance? " Rena said.

"No I'm not...Just what do you want from me?" Sae said impatiently.

"Is she the reason why you rejected me?" Rena asked in a serious tone.

"No! Didn't I already make myself clear last time?" Sae retorted.

"The way you treat and care about her...You still deny she is not the reason? Prove it to me then...Can you swear to me that you
don't love Yuki san at all?" Rena said agitatedly.

Rena made a demanding request to Sae. Which makes Sae feels that this conversation is getting ridiculous. He decided to go look for Jun and Yuki.
Allowing Rena to cool her head off.

"Where are you going!" Rena asked.

"I'm going to find them...You can try to keep your cool here..." Sae said.

"Wait! I said wait!" Rena said agitatedly and quickly follow Sae from behind.


Rena hugged Sae from behind.

"What are you doing senpai!" Sae said as he tried to release himself from Rena's grip.

"Why are you treating me so coldly...You know it...You know how much I loved you..." Rena said as tears started to roll down from her eyes.

"Senpai! Get hold of yourself!" Sae said as he grabbed Rena's hands and manage to release himself from Rena's hug.

Hearing Rena's feelings towards him again. He realized he have unintentionally caused hurt to Jun and Rena. As he thought Rena had moved on
from him, developing feelings for Jun. Knowing Jun likes Rena too, he encourage Jun to confess and tried his best to help him think of ways to ask
her out. But he was wrong. Seeing Rena calmer now, he released Rena's hands.

"I thought you moved on...Gomen..." Sae said.

"No...I just can't...I can't stop myself from loving you, no matter how hard I tried my best for these 2 years... I thought as long as I do my best,
you would notice me..." Rena said while she cries.

Hearing that, anger starts to build up in Sae.

"Then why are you being so nice to Jun when you don't even like him? Even I misunderstood...Don't you know he might misunderstand too? "
Sae asked angrily as he looks at Rena.

"I just treat him like a younger brother and nothing else! Wasn't you the one who try to push him to me?" Rena retorted.


The water cups dropped on the floor. The sound came from a advertisement board in front of Sae and Rena, not too far away from them.
Jun walked out with tears in his eyes and looked at them.

"Liars!" Jun shouted and ran off.

"JUN!!!" Kai, Acchan and Yuki called out.

-End of flashback-


Regaining his composure, Jun starts to think through. Actually he cannot put the blame on Sae, as it is Rena who likes Sae. Jun starts to recall
how Sae tried to help him out with Rena. Recalling the conversation earlier on, Sae and him read the signal from Rena wrongly. That leads to how
things are now. In the end, it's the mind's fault. Over thinking and reading the situation.

"No...Sae did nothing...Since we have no girlfriend to start with...Nothing to steal and best friends don't do such things to each other..." Jun said.

"Oh...Ok..." Kuu said with a sense of relief.

The 5 of them have been best of friends since middle school. Kuu can't imagine if they were to fall out now. With Jun saying that, Kuu is impressed
at how mature Jun is. Even though there is definitely something going on between Jun, Sae and Rena. He decided not to ask any questions further.

"Kuu! Jun!"

They stood up to see who is calling out to them.

"Riku!" Both of them shouted and wave at him.

"Kai needs our help!! Emergency!!" Riku shouted.

Hearing that, Kuu and Jun quickly ran towards Riku. Riku was shocked to see Kuu having bruises on his face and hands while Jun is not hurt at all.

"What happened between you 2?" Riku asked in a worried tone.

"I'll fill you in later...But first...What happened to Kai?" Kuu asked.

"Sae says he fell when he wanted to chase after Jun... Then Yuki fainted too... So he want me and Kuu to go help...But Kuu is chasing after you too...
So I decided to look for you 2 first before heading back.." Riku explained.

"It's my fault... " Jun reprimanded himself.

"It's an accident Jun...We can't waste time anymore! Let's go find them now..." Kuu said.

"Kuu's right...Let's go..." Riku said.

They ran quickly back to where Kai and the others is.


"KAI!!" Called out.

Riku, Kuu and Jun ran towards Kai.

"Kuu...your face..." Kai said worriedly.

"That's not important...What on earth happened!" Kuu said with a cracked voice as he see the amount of blood oozing out of Kai's leg.

"Riku...take over Acchan...We need to apply more pressure to stop the bleeding." Jun instructed and quickly ran over to the bench where Yuki is lying.

"Let me do it..." Riku said and quickly take over Acchan.

"How is she? How long is she unconscious? " Jun asked like a professional doctor as he look at Sae.

"About 10 minutes..." Sae said.

Jun then check for the presence of Yuki's pulse and breathing.  Jun was taught basic medical knowledge as he came from a family of doctors.
He is expected to take over his family business one day.

"Breathing and pulse present...However the pulse rate is unusual..." Jun said.

Back at where they introduce Yuki at the cafe, Jun wasn't around. Over the phone chat with Sae, Jun came to meet up with them because he is
curious how Kai's sister looks like. So Jun doesn't know Yuki's condition is far more serious than he can imagine. Hearing Jun's 'analysis' about
Yuki, Sae told him Yuki have a heart condition.

"We better call an ambulance and send both of them to the hospital...We cannot drag any longer..." Jun said seriously.

"Ok...Right away..." Sae said and then made the call.

After 5 minutes, the ambulance came. Taking Kai and Yuki while Sae and Acchan accompany them.

"You coming?" Riku asked while Kuu and Jun just sat in the cab quietly.

"No..." Rena replied.

"Please take care from here then Senpai..." Riku said and he closed the cab door.

The rest went to the hospital via cab except Rena. She is feeling really guilty and does not know how to face Jun, who she had hurt.

"What have I done..." Rena said as she sees them off.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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Ya!!!! what have u doneeeeee ;(
I want my wmatsui~ ;(
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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Oh my poor baby Kai... why did you get hurt.... :cry:
And is Yuki ok?  :panic:
Oh Jun looked so cool while acting like a doctor  :inlove:

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