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Author Topic: Always with you (Kai X Acchan & other pairings) [30/30 COMPLETED]  (Read 43607 times)

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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the story more interesting,
June is so cool hehehe  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
wmatsui .................. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
awaited next chapter
thank you

 :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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@Zhen: Hahaha! Thanks for the encouragement even if you disagree with the 'outcome' :cathappy:
            They sure will be back in action soon! :cow:

@NightSky: Hahaha! That is the new twist! :cathappy:
                 The next chapter will reveal more details!

@Taenylove: Sorry I hurt them for this fic :cathappy:
                   Stay tune for the next chapter that! That will answer some of your questions! :twothumbs

@junrena: Thanks and welcome! Great to know that you like this fic! :cathappy:
                Jun is totally adorable...sometimes silly (towards Rena) but a person who can be count on when there is emergency :thumbup

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 10B updated]
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WOOOOT... Come Rena, you are going to regreat this... Jun is so cool but yeah we can blame her or him.. because love is love
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Surprise Gift ║ Kai x Atsuko

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 11 updated]
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@Haruko: Hahaha! Yea! Rena you are missing out a great great guy! :cathappy:

I have something to confess...With the way I am writing now...I think this fanfic will be very long! So bear with me! :deco:
I just can't stop penning my thoughts down! Sorry if it gets really naggy or boring! :nervous
I really enjoy writing this chapter so here's chapter 11! Hope you enjoy reading it! :twothumbs

Chapter 11


The doctor looked at the printed report the nurse passed to him. He then start to do the necessary diagnostic test on Yuki. Kai is getting
his deep cut on his right leg stitched and Kuu getting his bruises cared by the nurses. The others waited patiently outside the emergency unit.

"Hello...This is Matsui Jun...Can I speak to Dr.Watanabe Mayu of the Heart Specialist Department?" Jun made a request using Riku's cellphone, as
his is drenched.

"Where are they?" A voice called out to them.

They turned and saw Tomonobu. Sae explained the situation to him.

"Uncle...Kai and Yuki will be fine...Please take a sit first." Riku said and offered his seat.

"Uncle...I already informed the heart specialist...They will be coming right now to see Yuki...She will be ok..." Jun said as he tried to assure
Tomonubu that Yuki will be well taken care of.

"Arigato gozaimasu..." Tomonobu said with a bow,  to show his appreciation.

"No Sir...I just did what I think is right..." Jun said as he tried to stop Tomonobu from bowing to him.

-Door opening-

"Kai!!" Acchan said.

"Are you guys alright?" Riku asked as he walked towards to help Kai who is crippling.

"The doctor accessed that we are ok...So they say we can be released..." Kuu said.

"Kai! Where's Yuki?" Tomonobu asked with a worried tone.

"Yuki has woken...But because of her...condition... They need to conduct some test on her to make sure everything is ok...Arigato Jun...
For getting the heart specialist to attend to her..." Kai said.

There is nothing more they can do but wait for the results .They remained silent as they wait outside for about an hour.

"How did all these happened? Can anyone kindly explain to me?" Tomonobu asked, breaking the silence.

Seeing Kuu all bruised up, his son getting a bad injury and his daughter's condition still unknown. Tomonobu demanded an explanation from them.



Worried about Jun, Kai decided to go after him.

"Wait here! I will go after him!" Kai said anxiously to Acchan and Yuki.

"Be careful!" Acchan said.

Just when Kai started to run off, Yuki fainted.

"Yukirin!!" Acchan shouted and tried to hold on to Yuki, preventing her from falling back.

Sae and Rena quickly ran over to help Acchan hold Yuki. Kai startled by Acchan's shout, tripped and fell. Kai got his right leg badly cut by a big rock.
Despite the pain, he quickly get on his feet and ran back to Yuki. Giving up chase on Jun. Sae carried Yuki to the bench with Kai.

"Kai...It wouldn't stop...What should I do?" Acchan cried as she use her hands to apply pressure, attempting to stop the bleeding on Kai's right leg.

"It's ok Atsuko...Please don't cry..." Kai wiped her tears as he assure Acchan.

"Yuki san! Wake up..." Rena called out.

"I better get Riku back to help us..." Kai thought in his mind as he looked at Yuki.

"Hmm..." Yuki said.

Just then, Yuki starts to regain her consciousness. Kai decided to change his initial plan.

"We need more help...Call Riku and Kuu to help...Ask them to go after Jun if they see him...We can't leave him as he is now!"
Kai said in a serious tone while holding his pain.

"But you and Yuki..." Sae said as he hesitated.

"Just tell Riku what I say...Please!" Kai shouted.

Sae called Riku and told him about the situation they are having now. Then he conveyed Kai's message to Riku. But after awhile, Yuki fall back
into unconsciousness.

-End of flashback-

"It was..." Jun said halfway but was interrupted by Kai.

"I had an argument with Kuu and accidently tripped...Yuki must be in shock for the behavior we displayed...Tou san...Gomenasai..." Kai said as
he tried to stand up and bow.

Kai lied. With Yuki's condition now, he would definitely unable to keep this from his mother. If his mother were to know what exactly happened,
she will definitely make a big fuss. He doesn't want Jun, Riku and Sae to get into trouble. So before he and Kuu exit the emergency room, they
came up with this lie together.

"Acchan...Is it really true?" Tomonobu asked Acchan seriously.

"Uncle..I am sorry...I didn't stop Kai in time and did not take good care of Yuki...Letting her see the barbaric side of Kai...She must be very shocked..."
Acchan said as she sobbed.

"Arigato..Atsuko.." Kai thought in his mind.

"Stop crying Acchan, it is not your fault...I understand now, so stop blaming yourself. Why don't you guys go back and rest? I can handle from here..."
Tomonobu said as he gesture them to leave the hospital.

"Tou san...I will wait with you..." Kai said.

"It's already a very bad day with this. I need to think of how to break this news to your Oka san. So please go back first. Let me be alone Kai..."
Tomonobu said as he lean his head back with both his hands on his neck.

"Gomensai.." Kai said and bowed to his father.   

They left the hospital, leaving Tomonobu alone.

"Why Kai...why you..." Tomonobu said.


"GOMENASAI!" Jun said as he bow to Kai.

"It's still early isn't it...I still don't want to go home..." Kai said, ignoring Jun's apology.

"But you need to rest...So let's go back now!" Acchan insisted.

"Why don't we go there?" Sae said.


"Wow..." Kuu said, admiring the scenery around.

"Never ever will I get tired of this..." Jun said as he spread out his arms, enjoying the breeze in the late afternoon.

"Yupp...Best place on earth!" Kai said in agreement with Jun.

"Sorry for the wait...Here's your keys..." Acchan said.

Riku and Sae followed Acchan to Kai's house to grab some snacks and drinks.

"Arigato..." Kai said as he take his keys back.

"When was the last time we came here all together..." Kuu said as he tried to open the chips.

"Hmm...About a year ago? After the basketball championship..." Riku said.

"Bad memories..." Jun said.

"We yesterday..." Kai said sadly.

They lost to Majisuka Academy last year during their debut High School Basketball Championship.

As they were the pioneer batch of basketball players during their middle school, they do not have enough high school basketball players
when they graduated from middle school. The high school division team only consist 7 people then.

"We might be able to win if they are still in the team..." Riku said.

"Let's not talk about them..." Kai said.

"Yeah...We are already in a bad shape..." Kuu said as he rubbed his cheeks.

"Gomen..Kuu..." Jun apologized.

"Rather than hearing you apologize...I rather know what happened..." Kuu said.

"......" Jun stopped in his thoughts.

"Why not I start first?" Riku voluteered as he sees Jun hesitating.

"What do you mean?" Acchan asked as she popped a cherry tomato into her mouth.

Riku told them he already told Yuko the truth of having a fiancée and how she refused to give up. He did not mention the part where he
actually felt his heart broken as he blame it on the mood, not because he has feelings for her.

"You have a fiancée?  Wow..." Acchan said and was amazed by the new discovery.

"Yeah...He has one 'Unidentified Final Onna' in his life...'UFO' in short..." Kai said.

"What's that?" Jun ask.

"A person he doesn't know and the final woman in his life...The end..." Kuu explained.

"BWAHAHAHAHA..." Everyone burst out laughing except Riku.

"Hey stop it...That really hurts...Not being able to be with the one you love and to be surrounded by girls but can only admire them as if they
were paintings...Unlike the two of you..." Riku said sadly as he points at Kai and Acchan.

"What?! Who would love this midget who eats katsudon everyday! Eating that does not help you grow taller!" Acchan said agitatedly.

"Huh? Who would actually fall in love with THIS LOUD GIRL who claims the songs she composed is the best but dare not take part in any
competition?" Kai retorted.

"You..." Kai and Acchan said as they stare at each other.

"Pass me the coke..." Kuu asked Jun.

"Here..." Jun said as he pass Kuu the coke.

"Where's the choco bar..." Sae said as he search the plastic bags.

"Hey! Listen to us!" Kai and Acchan said.

"Now you are making me really sad...Couple talk somewhere else please...shoo shoo..." Riku said, gesturing them to go elsewhere.

"Ok...Enough of these Kai X Acchan moments...We still have issues to sort out here..." Kuu said.

"What happened between you and Jun then?" Riku asked.

"Well..." Kuu said, wondering how he should explain.

"Actually..." Jun said.

Jun explained the sequence of events that happened. The reason why he ran off and how Kuu stopped him at the riverbank.

"Gomen Kuu..." Sae said.

"You should be..." Kuu said.

"Wow...Shocking...Rena Senpai likes Sae?" Riku said.

"Sae...You did nothing wrong...I should be the one apologizing..." Jun said softly.

"No...Kuu is right...I should have told everybody about it...I guess I am too naive...Thinking that since I rejected her...Everything will be back
to normal..." Sae said.

"Well...I think nobody expected this...So don't put the blame on yourself..." Kai said.

"Hmph..." Acchan said, pouting.

"What are you pouting for?" Kai said as he pinch Acchan's lips.

"Ouch! I am a girl! So Sae, you should have discuss with me...A girl's heart is very delicate...You should not take it lightly..." Acchan said as
she slaps Kai's hands.

"You got a point there...Acchan..." Kuu said as he munch the chips.

"We really got surprised there...I thought Senpai is interested in Jun...I never notice it was Sae all along and for 2 years..." Kai said.

"I was even surprised that the 4 of you managed to hide behind the advertisement board nicely...When were you guys there?" Sae said.

"Well...We met Jun and Yuki at the drinks stall and then we walked back together. Then we saw you and Senpai...So we thought we could
give you and Senpai a surprise...That board there is the only thing available to conceal our identities...After that, well you know...But Senpai
being so bold is really unexpected..." Kai said.

"Like I always told ya...Never toy with a girl's feeling...We can be nice or NASTY~" Acchan said proudly.

"No...We just heard and realize that from you...It wasn't before..." Kai said.


"Ouch! My back hurts!" Kai retorted.

"So you heard everything we said? Sae asked.

"No...starting from 'Chapter 4.8' where you say "I thought you moved on...Gomen"...While you look at Senpai's eyes tenderly..." Acchan said.

"You are exaggerating things! You watched too much dramas and this is not funny at all..." Kai said.

"Hehehe...Gomen..." Acchan said.

"Can I know what happened between you and Senpai?" Jun asked Sae.

"......" Sae is thinking where should he start with.

"Does it help knowing it now?" Riku asked concernly.

"Yes...To give myself a reason to give up..." Jun replied.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 11 updated]
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kyaaaaa kai and atsuko!!! they're so cute . :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 11 updated]
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NO NO.. Don't slow down... I am happy reading lots of updates.

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

Oh... Jun is so doctor-like there

But Poor him to hear Rena's true feeling for Sae...

What's going to happen with Rena now?

Would she try to move on since she was still rejected after all these time?

Sae really really did wrong unintentionally...

He wanted to help his friend to get the girl that he likes but without considering the girl's feeling

Yeah... I want to know how Sae and Rena past...

Can't wait to read it

Ah... Riku really really had a fiancee that he didn't know about

Who was the person that he hurt?

Was it Yuko?

Who is his fiancee?

Ah... Yuki and Mayu???

Is Mayu a girl or a boy here?

Or is it going to be Yuki and Sae?

What about Kai?

Would Minami blame Kai?

What about his father?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 12 updated]
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@mgxx: Haha..they are totally adorable together :thumbup

@cisda83:  I'm just kidding! I will try to update as soon as possible!
                Yeah...Jun is also a cool guy :cathappy:
                I think to answer your questions, a update is better than I explain it here!
                Here's chapter 12!

Chapter 12


As Rena make her way back home, she passed by the park where she first confessed to Sae. Rena decided to rest at the park while she sort out her thoughts.



(2 years ago where Rena is a 1st year high school student and Sae, a final year middle school student)


"Ehh...There's someone earlier than me..." Sae said as he enters the court.

Rena stopped practicing as she see Sae walking in.

"Ohayo..Matsui Senpai..." Sae said as he bows as soon as he saw Rena.

"Ohayo..." Rena said.

"Gomen Senpai...I didn't know the high school division practice is still on ...Sorry for the intrusion... I will make a move first..." Sae said.

The schedule of the court is planned as alter day usage for the middle and high school sports clubs. Today the high school sports clubs decided to take a break from training.

"No..I'm on my own...Feel free to use it if you want..." Rena said and went back to her own practice.

"Arigato gozaimasu..." Sae said and started his own practice.

-2 hours passed-


Rena was still practicing hard by herself. Suddenly, a sharp pain strikes her. She slowly drag her body towards the rest area while squeezing her stomach.

"Senpai..." Sae called out.

"What is it? How come I help you? Rena asked as she tried not to show the pain she is having now. So she forced a smile.

"Can I borrow 100 yen?" Sae asked politely.

"Mmm...Sure..." Rena said and took out 100 yen from her purse, passing it to Sae.

"Arigato gozaimasu Senpai , I will make a move first... Otsukaresama!" Sae said as he bows.

"Take care on your way back..." Rena said.

Sae then ran out of the court as fast as he can.

After Sae left,  Rena look around the empty court. A sense of loneliness starts to build up in her. Not able to hold it any longer, Rena cried. Thinking how useless she is.
She had an argument with her volleyball Senpais yesterday as she meddle too much in how they should train. And now, having a gastric pain and nobody is around to show her concern.
She felt really lost.

"Why am I here?" Rena asked herself.

"Anooo...Anybody here? A girl voice called out loudly.

Startled. Rena quickly wipe her tears.

"Hai..." Rena said.

Rena tried to pull her painful body up and walked towards the entrance.

"Ah...Matsui Senpai...Konnichiwa!" Acchan said as she bows.

"Konnichiwa...You are...Maeda san? Am I right?" Rena asked.

"Hai! Maeda Atsuko desu!" Acchan said.

"How come I help you?" Rena asked.

"Here...Your order!" Acchan said as she hand Rena a big plastic bag.

Puzzled. Rena carefully take the bag from Acchan and look inside. The bag is full of melon pans with a can of ice cold melon soda by the side.

"I did not order these..." Rena said.

"Ehhh...He said you ordered and asked me to pass you this to you...That is weird...Did I get the wrong person?" Acchan said as she wonder.

Just then, Rena notice someone is hiding behind a big pillar near the water basin area. It's Sae.

"Miyazawa?" Rena asked.

"Yeah...He told me to pass it to a Senpai at the basketball court...Is there another Senpai here?" Acchan nodded and ask Rena.

"No...I ordered this, I was just joking with you...Arigato gozaimasu Maeda san. Help me convey my thanks to Miyazawa Kun too..." Rena said with a smile.

From then on, Rena starts to develop interest in Sae. As Sae, Kai, Riku, Jun and Kuu are the famous 5 in Akiba Academy, getting to know more about Sae is not difficult. But Rena tries to know all
about the 5 of them to avoid suspicion. Getting most of the information from Kitahara and Acchan, as they are their classmates. She would talk or show her concern to each of them like any Senpai
would say or do to their Kouhai.


Rena was on her way home after her volleyball practice. Today's practice was much later than usual, it was already pitched black when the club session ended.


Suddenly, someone covered her mouth and dragged her into the bushes. Rena is in shock.

"Let me go..." Rena said as she struggles.

The attacker took out his knife and pointed her Rena.

"Give me your bag!" The attacked demanded.

Rena was appointed to help collect funds from the volleyball club members for their upcoming camp. There were about 50,000 yen.

"No...I can't give it to you..." Rena said as she hold her bag tightly.

"Give it to me now or I will kill you!!!" The attacked said angrily.

"No...Please...It's really important to me..." Rena begged.

"You little..." The attacked said and raise his knife.

As the attacker was about to stab Rena, somebody grabbed the attacker from behind.  It was Sae. The attacker is really furious now, he shake Sae off him and Sae fell to the ground. He then
charge towards Rena with his knife!


Sae grabbed the attacker's knife with his bare hands.

"Run...Senpai! Quick!" Sae said.

"But..." Rena said as she hesitated.

"Beeeeep! Beep! Beep! Beeeeeep!"

Hearing that, the attacker panic and starts to run. However, he was too late. The police caught him as he was surrounded and nowhere to run to. Before Sae confront the attacked,
he informed the police.

"Are you ok?" Sae asked.

"Gomenasai...gomen..." Rena said as tears roll down her cheeks. Looking at the cut on Sae's left palm.

"It's just a cut...Otherwise, I am perfectly fine! Most importantly Senpai, you are ok..." Sae said with a smile.

The police took Sae and Rena to the hospital and also took down their testimony. Their parents were informed and they were waiting for them to arrive.

"Arigato Miyazawa kun..." Rena said.

"It's nothing actually..." Sae said as he shakes his bandaged hand.

"I never seen you around there before...What are you doing around there?" Rena asked.

"I was on my way to find Otou san..Then I saw Senpai walking in front of me...When I was about to call you...Erm well...Things happened..." Sae explained.

Then Rena remembered something.

"Oh no...You have a practice match tomorrow right?" Rena asked seriously.

"Yar...How did you know that?" Sae said.

"Matsui kun told me...Gomenasai...I caused you trouble...Gomenasai..." Rena said as she started to cry.

"It really is fine...I still can play...You were not at fault..." Sae said.

"How...Your palm got cut...How are you going..." Rena said and was interrupted.

"This is nothing...My will power is stronger than how pain feels..." Sae said as he flexed his arms.

"..." Rena looked at Sae's hand.

"Senpai...Come watch our match tomorrow...I will show you that this is really nothing and we will win with this..." Sae said confidently as he points at his left palm.



Sae wore a hand guard and with his best friend's support, he was able to play throughout the match without any problems. They also won against their opponent with a big margin.
Rena was really amazed by Sae's determination and will power to overcome any odds. She realized that Sae had unknowingly become her pillar of strength whenever she is down.

Hence, she decided to muster her courage to confess.


"Senpai!" Sae called out.

"Konnichiwa...On your way to go find your Otou san?" Rena asked.

"Yes...Were you out shopping?" Sae asked.

"No...I was waiting for someone actually..." Rena replied.

"Oh...Ok then...I won't disturb you any further...Take care Senpai.." Sae said and waved goodbye to Rena.

"No! Wait! Don't go..." Rena said as she pull Sae's bag and looked down.

"Wasn't you waiting for a friend?" Sae asked.

"It was you..." Rena said and looked at Sae

"Erm...Senpai?" Sae said as he was confused.

"I like you! Please go out with me, Miyazawa Sae kun..." Rena said as she looked at Sae, blushing.

Upon hearing the confession, Sae paused to think.

"Arigato senpai..." Sae said softly.

"Then..." Rena said happily but was interrupted by Sae.

"I am really honored but...Gomenasai! I cannot accept your feelings!" Sae said and bowed down.

Rena was shocked. She thought Sae had accepted her confession when he thank her.

"Why? Was I not good enough? Or do you have someone you like?" Rena asked with tears forming around her eyes.

"Senpai...I don't deserve you, it wasn't because you are not good and I do not have...anyone I like...I am not ready to commit to any relationship at this moment...Gomen..."
Sae explained.

Rena does not believe this is Sae's main reason. She is determined to find out more.

"Yuki..." Rena said.

Sae is shocked that Rena would mention Yuki's name.

"What? How did you know that name...Who told you that?" Sae asked anxiously.

"And so, you were lying to me? Is this Yuki the person you like?" Rena asked after she saw Sae's reaction upon hearing that name.

"No! She is just...a sister to me!" Sae retorted.

"Why can't you be honest with me? Why are you cruel?" Rena asked.

What Rena just said totally hit Sae badly. Someone told him the same thing before.

"I am disappointed in you, Senpai...I didn't expect you to be such a person...Digging into other people's privacy..." Sae said coldly.

Hearing that, Rena ran off. She is really sad and hurt by Sae's words. She decided to give up on Sae. She tells herself she will become a much better person which will make Sae regret
rejecting her confession.

-End of flashback-


"Whenever she is in a slumps, you were there...Maybe that is the reason she likes you..." Kai said.

"That is why you should not treat girls too nice...They might misunderstand..." Acchan said.

"What are you talking about? Wasn't you the one who say a girl's heart is delicate? So isn't treating them nicely the right way?" Kai retorted.

"I mean treat ALL GIRLS! There is a deeper meaning of delicate...You wouldn't understand..." Acchan said.

"Now I totally get it...A girl's heart is very complicate! Especially yours, Atsuko..." Kai said

"KAI!" Acchan said and pinched his cheeks.

"Jun?" Kuu called out.

"Hmm..." Jun said.

"Gomen..." Sae said.

"For?" Jun asked.

"Everything..." Sae said.

"Everyone...Look at that..." Jun said and pointed at the sky.

The sun begin to set down accompanied by the orange sky light.

"Do you think Senpai is looking at what we are looking at now?" Jun said as he look at the sky.

"Jun..." Kuu said.

"Well...All I can say is, at the time and place where Senpai doesn't want people to find her or need someone to help her...Sae is  always there...I couldn't match all that..."
Jun said cheerfully.

"I'm glad you think that way and I am really glad to have you as my friend..." Kuu said.

"Wait! What about us?" Riku asked Kuu anxiously.

"Hahahahaha.."  Everyone laughed at Riku's silly question.

The night sky slowly took over the evening sky. Under the dark sky, stars begin to shine. Revealing the brightness they have been hiding before night falls.

"I will not hide anymore..." Jun said to himself as he look at the starry stars with his friends.


"Beautiful..." Rena said as she looked at the sky.

Feeling determined, she decided to do something she has been hesitating to do.

"I will not hesitate anymore..." Rena said and make her way back home.

All of them went back home. They were really tired as their rest day was really chaotic. It seems like a whole series of drama that should be running for days is being jam packed into 1 day.
 But they all know, their friendship is definitely stronger than before.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 12 updated]
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OUCH! SUPER OUCH! :depressed:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 12 updated]
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@ChibiRine: Are you ok? Hope its not too painful... :cathappy:

@NightSky: Yeah! He should not do that! (Opps...I made him do that :twisted:)
                 We shall see how it goes for the two of them...hehehe
                 I will update as soon as possible :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 13 updated]
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Finally I can update to chapter 13 :cathappy:
Please forgive me if I post the chapters slow as I am having a blockage now while exploring the possibilities that would help the story flow :bow: :bow: :bow:
I am still trying to figure out what to write as I scare the things I write feels boring and naggy :nervous
:welcome Feel free to leave me a word of encouragement if I do a good job or ideas on how you want the characters to be :twothumbs
I can't promised to be able to fulfill the requests but I will definitely take them into consideration seriously!
Arigato gozaimasu! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Here's chapter 13! Dozo! :cathappy:

Chapter 13



Yuki opened her eyes and saw Tomonobu sleeping on the chair beside her.

"Hmm..." Tomonobu started to open his sleepy eyes.

"Ohayo...Otou san.." Yuki greeted Tomonobu with a smile.

"Yuki?" Tomonobu said.

The sound of fast walking footsteps echoed through the hallway of the hospital. It became louder as it comes closer to Yuki's room.

"Yukirin!" Minami called out.

"Oka san...Ohayo..." Yuki greeted with a smile.

"Are you ok? Are you in pain?" Minami asked anxiously.

"I'm fine Oka san..." Yuki said.

"You are not fine if you are here...We just came back and now you are hospitalized...We should have stay in America..." Minami said worriedly.

"Oka san...You are over worrying things..." Yuki said.

"Ohayo...Takahashi san" Dr Watanabe said.

"Ahh...Mayuyu?" Minami said.

Dr Watanabe is shocked when she hears her nickname. It took her quite some time before she recognize Minami.

"Sou-chan?" Dr Watanabe said.

(Minami and Dr Watanabe are University classmates. They were at the same hospital when they were an intern doctor. They even choose
the same major and understudy the same Professor. They lost touch after Minami went to America with Yuki.)

"Long time no see!" Minami and Dr Watanabe said.

"It's really good to see you again..." Minami said as she holds Dr Watanabe's hands.

"No wonder I find Takahashi san...Familiar...I didn't realize he is Sou-chan's husband... And Yuki...She's all grown up now..." Dr Watanabe said.

"Yes...She sure is ..." Minami said tenderly.

"Erm...Is my daughter alright?" Tomonobu asked.

"Oh sorry about that... Based on the diagnostics test we did, she fainted due to fatigue and have minor cold...She can be discharged..."
Dr Watanabe said.

"Fatigue...What did you do yesterday?" Minami asked Yuki seriously.

"Erm...Arigato Dr Watanabe, so Yuki can be discharge now?" Tomonobu asked, trying to help Yuki avoid answering to Minami's question.

"Yes..The nurse here will help you handle the discharge procedures from here...Now if you please excuse me, I have to attend to another patient..."
Dr Watanabe said.

"Arigato Mayuyu...We'll catch up again soon." Minami said.

After Dr Watanabe left. Being used to handle Yuki's matters, Minami asked Tomonobu to help Yuki pack up while she settle Yuki's discharge procedure.

"Otou san...Is Kai ok?" Yuki asked.

"He should be at home resting..." Tomonobu replied as he help Yuki get out of her bed.

"Yokatta.." Yuki said and she head to the bathroom to get changed.

After that, Tomonobu and Minami took Yuki back home.


While the other basketball members were practicing.

"What is the meaning of this? Care to explain?" Akimoto shouted at Kai and Kuu.

"We..had a small fight...Gomenasai Akimoto Sensei!!" Kai said as he and Kuu bows to Akimoto.

"What! I told you guys to have good rest yesterday and was hoping that you can reflect on your own actions or differences! I did not ask
you to conduct any actions or settle any difference with each other!" Akimoto shouted.

The whole court is filled with Akimoto's reprimanding shouts towards Kai and Kuu. The volley girls was wondering what happened to
Kai and Kuu. As they are having self practice today, they acted as if they were practicing. Actually, they were trying to follow the conversation
between Akimoto, Kai and Kuu.

"It wasn't their fault...Why did they say that...Why did they lie..." Rena said sadly.

"Rena san? What did you say? What's wrong?" Yuko asked.

"Nothing..." Rena said upon hearing Yuko's question posted to her.

Remembering when Riku, Kuu and Jun came back to find them after what happened, she realized Yuko was nowhere to be seen.

"Yuko chan...Where were you yesterday? I didn't see you when Riku came back to find us..." Rena said.

"Oh that...I was rejected by Riku-nyan and was really sad...So I went back home." Yuko said as she practice tossing the volleyball.

"You were rejected? Erm...Are you ok?" Rena asked with a concern look on her face. She was amazed to see how calm Yuko is despite
being rejected.

"I am ok...Why?" Yuko asked as she hold the volleyball.

"You were rejected yesterday and now...Do you want to take a rest today? Sensei is not here so it's ok if you want to leave early..."
Rena said with a concern look.

"I am prefectly fine! What happened is yesterday, it's different from today! I will give it my best today!" Yuko said cheerfully.

"But being rejected...Won't you be thinking of giving up when you went back home?" Rena asked seriously.

"Yupp, I gave up yesterday and went back home is because I need to think of ways to counter attack Riku-nyan the next day...I will not give
up so easily! He is mine!" Yuko declare proudly.

Rena is totally amazed and respect Yuko's attitude of not giving up easily.


"Take 10!" Akimoto blew the whistle and said. Letting his players take 10 minutes break and went for his too.

Sae, Riku and Jun ran over quickly to Kai and Kuu.

"What did..." Riku was asking Kai and Kuu halfway, was interrupted.


"Riku-nyannnn!" Yuko said as she jumped on Riku.

Yuko's bold action shocked her volleyball team mates. They were really excited to see what will happen next and all of them were looking at
their direction.

"..." Riku signed.

"Wow...Oshima san..." Kuu said and showed his thumbs up. He is amazed that Yuko is still so clingy on Riku despite yesterday's rejection.

"What's did Sensei say?" Jun asked as he is not interested at Yuko's bold action towards Riku.

"Just the usual stuff...Don't fight, control our temper...Me being captain should set good example...nothing much..." Kai said.

"What about practice?" Sae asked.

"Well...Kai is to do shooting practice until his wound is healed while I can continue normal practice since its just bruises..." Kuu said.

"Yokatta..." Riku said while trying to shake Yuko off him.

"Gomen...I got you into this because I am such a child..." Jun said sadly.


"Didn't we agree not to bring this up anymore?" Kuu said as he slapped Jun's back.

"You were great help...Honestly...We wouldn't know what to do with a situation like that...You really save us back there..." Sae said.

"What happened?" Yuko asked as she tighten her hug over Riku's back.

"Senpai..." Jun said as Rena approach them.

"Jun kun...Do you have a minute to spare?" Rena asked.

"...Ok..." Jun said and followed Rena.

"Confession? Is Rena san going to confess?" Yuko said excitedly.

"Shut up!" Riku said and finally managed to 'pluck' Yuko off his back.

"Let's go back to practice..." Kai said the guys left.

"Wait up! Riku-nyan~" Yuko said and followed them.


"Jun kun...Gomenasai!" Rena said and bowed.

"Don't do that! Senpai! Get up...Everyone is looking, they might get the wrong idea! Please stop bowing..." Jun exclaimed.

"I am in the wrong...I don't mind them seeing it...Gomen!" Rena said and refused to get her back up.

".....What if they thought you were confessing to me?" Jun said.

Hearing that, Rena lift her back up and looked around.

"Looks like being with me is really bad..." Jun said sadly.

"No...I don't mean it that way! Gomen!" Rena said and starts to bow again.

"I was just joking! Senpai...I think I, being the person who confess to you is more believable. They probably thought you were
rejecting my confession kindly..." Jun said with a smile.

"Gomen..." Rena said as she look at Jun.

"Is that all you have to say to me?" Jun asked.

"No...that's not all...I wanted..." Rena said halfway and was interrupted.

The other guys were on their way back to the basketball court after their break. They were looking intensively at Rena and Jun.
Eager to find out what happened.

"Are you free after practice? Can I talk to you later?" Rena asked softly.

"Ok..." Jun replied. Then he turned to face the other guys.

"Hey! Mind your own business! Stop eavesdropping on others!" Jun retorted and went back to the basketball court.

"Senpai..." The guys greeted Rena one by one as they went back in to the court.

-2 hours later-


"End of practice for today...Make sure you clean and pack up the court before you leave. Understand?" Akimoto asked.


"With Inter-high up next, do not get yourself into any more troubles these few days before the new term starts! Understand?!?"
Akimoto said as he looks at Kai and Kuu.


"With that, see you next week! Dismissed!" Akimoto said and left the court.


Togther with the volley girls, they were able to finish cleaning and packing quickly.

"Lunch anyone?" Riku asked.

"ME!!" Yuko said and cling on Riku again.

"I'm not asking you! Get off me now!" Riku said and try to push Yuko away.

"Who is this new face?" One of the team mate asked Riku.

"I am Riku-nyan's girlfriend! Oshima Yuko desuuuu! I'm a transfer student and will attend school next week! Yoroshiku~"
Yuko said cheerfully.

"Riku-nyan?" The team members said and tried to hold their laughter upon hearing Riku's nickname.

Seeing how 'lovey dovey' Riku and Yuko is, his team mates decided not to join Riku for lunch. They started to leave one by one.

"..." Kuu looked at Riku with a sympathetic face.

"Don't give me that look Kuu! Help me out!!!" Riku cried out.

"Hahaha...Don't worry...We will still eat lunch with you...But..." Kai said with a smile.

"KAI! You really are the best!" Riku said with gratefulness in this eyes.

"Separate table of course..." Kuu said and high-five with Kai.

"......" Riku is speechless.

"Somewhere near would be great...We shouldn't let Kai walk too much..." Sae said.

"Gomen...I got something I won't be joining today..." Jun said while he points at Rena who is standing at the entrance,
waiting for him.

"So it really is confession just now? Are you 2 going out? Are you?" Yuko asked excitedly.

"Please control you 'girlfriend'...Minna ja ne..." Jun said with a laugh and left with Rena.

"Why not my place? Since its near to Kai's place...We can grab something from the convenient store... " Sae said.

"No objection." Kuu and Riku said.

"Thanks..." Kai said.

"As for Oshima san, sorry but I can't invite you in..." Sae said.

"WHY!" Yuko retorted.

"Because I promised my Otou san that I will not bring girlfriends into my apartment...Gomen...Family rules..." Sae said while
acting apologetic.

"Sou?" Yuko asked as she looked at the others and they nodded their head.

"Your team mates just left...If you leave now you might catch up to them...Why not you go spend some time with them today..."
Kai said.

"Ok then...Byeeee!" Yuko said and kissed Riku's cheek before she ran off.

"Oshima san is just like weather. You can never predict what she would do...Good luck to you Riku, hope you find a good weather
forecast station..." Kuu said calmly.

"......" Everyone looked at Riku and nodded.

"Please gimme a break..." Riku cried out.

They then make their way to Sae's apartment and ate their lunch there. Enjoying the peace, without any interruption.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 13 updated]
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OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! :frustrated:

Riku should stop being stingy or cold to Yuko :ding:

I mean, who could possibly refuse a girl like Yuko?! :dunno:

So I guess WMatsui are now a thing, right?! :mon inluv:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 14 updated]
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@ChibiRine: Icic
                 Well...thats Riku...I do pity him sometimes...I think Yuko is actually bully him :cathappy:
                 Here's chapter 14...You will know if they will be together :thumbsup

Chapter 14


As most of the cafes are full and noisy. Rena suggest to come at the park and they ordered takeaways from one of the cafe.
There, they found a nice corner and sat on the bench.

"Is this the place where you confess to Sae?" Jun asked as he took out a sandwich.

Rena was surprised that Jun actually know about it.

"Miyazawa kun told you everything?" Rena asked.

"Yupp...We never hide anything from each other...Except...For this time..." Jun said.

"Gomen..." Rena said as she looks at her bento.

"Senpai...If that is all you are going to say to me...I will leave..." Jun said as he look at Rena.

"Gon..No I mean...Arigato..." Rena said and looked at look.

"Thats the way! But what is there to thank me?" Jun said with a smile.

"For willing to talk to me despite all the horrible things I did..." Rena said.

"Horrible things? What kind?" Jun asked as he munch his sandwich.

"Wanting to get Miyazawa kun to notice me more...My actions leads you to misunderstand...I am horrible..." Rena said
with her watery eyes.

Jun starts to think through what Rena said.

"When you gave me a drink when I need it...Were you thinking about scoring points from Sae?" Jun asked seriously.

"No...I didn't! I really thought you need it, that is why I gave you the drink..." Rena explained.

"When I was feeling down at the water basin area...You encouraged me...Were you expecting me to let Sae know about it so he will
think of you differently?" Jun asked again.

"NO! I didn't think of any of these things...I was just trying to help...I wasn't thinking of anything else..." Rena said and started to cry.

"Arigato, Senpai..." Jun said.

Hearing that, Rena is surprised. She looked at Jun while wiping her tears.

"Thanks for letting me know I am not being a stepping stone...Those things you do and said to me is real...Senpai is sincere in caring for me..."
Jun said with a smile, he is trying hard to hold his tears.

"Jun kun...I..." Rena said.

"I think I should clarify something first. The coin purse I got you is chosen by me, not by Sae although he accompanied me to choose the present.
Knowing your love for melon pan is not because Sae told me, I know it by observing Senpai having that for breakfast almost every day." Jun said.

"Arigato...I really like the coin purse..." Rena said.

"Senpai...I think I would prefer that you address me back as before..." Jun said.

"But..." Rena said.

"If you continue to call me by my name...I might not be able to take it..." Jun said as he feel his heart in pain, as if he is being stabbed.

Seeing his painful expression, Rena agreed by nodding.

"Now as I think of it, the way I reacted when I see Senpai back then...I was just like a child who is excited to see their favorite idol...
Don't you agreed?" Jun said as he tried to lighten the mood.

"Yeah...You were really panicking..." Rena said with a smile as she starts to recall the images of Jun's reactions.

"So I think...Maybe I don't actually like you as much as I think I am...See! I have no problem talking to Senpai now..." Jun said as he put
his sandwich aside. He stood up and stands in front of Rena.

"Ju..Matsui...kun..." Rena said.

"That is all I have to say! Well! I feel so much better! Arigato Senpai...For listening to me..." Jun said cheerfully.

"No...Arigato...For sharing with me..." Rena said and she stood up, bowing to Jun as thanks.

"Senpai...As I am now, I might not be able to support...your love...But I just want to tell you...You really made the right choice! You deserve better,
someone like Sae...Sae is really one of the greatest guy I know." Jun said as he smiles.

"Di...Di di di..."

"No...I..." Rena said but was interrupted.

"Di...Di di di..."

"Di...Di di di..."

"Excuse me...Gimme a second..." Jun said and took out his cellphone to read the message.

Jun was annoyed by the multiple messages and wanted to switch off his phone. Before he could do that, he saw the title of the messages.
It's messages requesting Jun's help.

Jun then looked at Rena who is looking at him with a pain look, he feels that his heart is going to burst soon with the overflowing feelings.
If Rena continue to look at him this way, he might not bring himself to give up on her. Seeing the urgent matter he needs to attend to as a
opportunity before he starts harboring hope towards Rena, he decided to leave now.

"Gomen Senpai! I got something on. Thanks for the lunch! Please take care on your way back...Ja ne!" Jun said.

After saying goodbye to Rena, Jun quickly ran out the park. Crying.

"Don't look back! Jun! Don't look back!" Jun said to himself as tears fall.

Jun ran as fast as he could, slowly fading away from Rena's vision.

"Gomen...Arigato...Jun kun..." Rena said softly.

At Sae's apartment

"Everything ok back home?" Kai asked as he chew his katsudon.

"Yeah...There's nobody at home so I am ok..." Kuu said.

"......" Riku just eat his bento as he listens.

"Oh right...Your parents are overseas and Kukai-nii is seldom at home..." Sae said.

"Yah...He have too many girlfriends...365 days is not enough for him..." Kai said.

"......" Kuu munch on his bread, not wanting to make any comment to that.

"Riku...Why are you not saying anything? Did something happened when you are back home? Your parents know about Yuko?"
Kai asked anxiously.

"Nothing...They didn't say anything to me...That is what makes it so scary...I hope they are not scheming something...I don't want
Yuko to be harmed because of me..." Riku said.

They looked at each other. Did they just hear Riku called her 'Yuko'? Normally Riku would address her as 'Oshima san'. They felt that
something is changing in Riku.

"I think you have to worry about how to deal with Oshima san first before you try to figure whether they are scheming something..."
Kuu said.

"OH MY GOD! I don't understand! Why can't she understand? She is like the real UFO! I don't know when she will come flying to me!
Minna! Please help me!!" Riku cried out.

"This is really tricky...Maybe Acchan is able to help..." Sae said.

"Yah...I think we need to do more research on this issue...I think Acchan can give us more information..." Kuu said.

"You should go ask Atsuko...Since they are both girls...Complicated girls..." Kai said.

"Really? I should get Acchan's help?" Riku asked.

"This is also tricky...They might become best friends..." Sae said.

"Yah...I think they might use Riku as their research and share information with each other..." Kuu said.

"Since they are complicated...Things might be more complicated than before..." Kai said.


"Worst case...Let's just see what your parents will do...Then we will see what we can do..." Kai said.

"Meanwhile...Just try to talk to Oshima san and try to get her to understand as hard as you can..." Sae said.

"Agree..." Kuu said.

"......" Riku nodded.

After their lunch, they all went home. Sae accompany Kai home as he still have problems walking.

At Kai's house

-Door opening-

"LikeI say...We should consider increasing our practice time to prepare for inter high." Kai said to Sae.

"Erm...We'll talk about that later..." Sae said as he points to the living room.

Tomonobu and Minami is sitting at the living waiting for Kai.

"Tadaima...Tou san...Oka san..." Kai said.

"Ojama shimasu..." Sae said.

"Okaerinasai...Kai and Sae, welcome...It's good to see you..." Tomonobu said.

The atmosphere in Kai's house is really gloomy. Feeling that Kai's parents had something to talk to Kai, Sae think he should
 head back to his apartment.

"I'll make a move first...Update me later..." Sae whispered to Kai.

"Ok..." Kai whispered back.

"Sorry for the intrusion, I will take my leave from here..." Sae said as he bow to Tomonobu and Minami.

"Miyazawa kun right? Long time no see...Sorry to ask this from you suddenly...Could you join us here? I have something to talk to you,
if you don't mind sparing me few minutes of your time." Minami said.

Sae looked at Kai, Kai nodded. Knowing his mother, she definitely wanted to ask more about what happened yesterday. So they all sat
down at the living room.

"Where were you?" Minami asked Kai.

"I was at Sae's apartment with Riku and Kuu..." Kai replied.

"From morning till now?" Minami asked.

"......I was at...practice in the morning...Then I went to Sae's apartment for lunch..." Kai said.

"Kai...Why are you not resting at home? With that injury, you still went for practice? I am disappointed with you..."
Tomonobu said angrily.

"At practice? Went to Miyazawa kun's apartment? I see... Enjoying your day without realizing you actually have a sister right?"
Minami said sarcastically.

"I did not forget about Yuki! There are important things I need to settle for the day and I was planning to visit Yuki after coming
back home for a quick wash up!" Kai explained.

"Important things? So you mean Yukirin is not important and will never be your priority?" Minami said angrily.

Seeing the heated argument, Sae wanted to help Kai but he knew he have no right to intervene their family matters. Sae could only
sit there quietly and pray hard for Kai.

"No! I don't mean it that way! Why can't you try to understand? I think even if I try to explain, you wouldn't listen...I think there is nothing
more I can say...Think what you want..." Kai retorted.

"Kai! Is this how you talk to you Oka san? Apologize to your Oka san now!" Tomonobu said angrily and grabbed Kai's arm.

Kai refused to apologized and simply sit there without saying a word. He felt that he have be wrongly accused. Given the situation now where
Yuki is involved. He knew that whatever he say, his words will never get to his mother's ears until he admit he is in the wrong. Seeing that,
Minami made up her mind.

"Miyazawa kun, I heard from my husband you are the vice captain right? Minami asked.

"Yes Auntie Minami..." Sae replied.

Sae got a really bad feeling about this, he is praying hard in his heart that it's not what he thought it might be. Kai also think and felt the same
way as Sae. He tried to prepare himself for the worse scenario where his mother will ask him to quit basketball. But he trust his father will definitely
help him out.

"Can you help us convey this message to your coach? Kai will quit basketball starting from today." Minami said calmly.

"Us? Did you just say us?" Kai asked as he look at Tomonobu. But Tomonobu was avoiding eye contact with Kai.

"Wait! Auntie Minami...Shouldn't you discuss this with Kai? Please reconsider! Onegaishumasu!" Sae said and bowed to Minami.

"Tou san...Look at me...Is it true? You agree with Oka san?" Kai asked with a disappointed look in his face. He cannot believe his father would
actually agree with his mother. He wanted to confirm it no matter what.

"You should have apologize for your wrong doings Kai..." Tomonobu said sadly.

"I thought you would understand me! How can you do this to me! Why didn't you give me a chance to explain before making this decision?
Don't you care about my feelings? Tou san!" Kai said agitatedly.


Minami slapped Kai in a fit of anger. Sae was shocked, he didn't expect things would turn out this way. Kai looked down and placed his right hand
on his right cheek.

"Oka san!" Yuki said as she slowly walk down the stairs with her weak body.

Hearing that, Minami regained back her senses and looked at her hands in shock. Tomonobu walked over to Minami and shaked her.

"Why did you slap him?" Tomonobu asked angrily.

"Kai! Are you alright?" Sae asked concernly as he look at Kai.

"Hmph..." Kai said as he smile smirkingly.

"Kai...Are you alright?" Yuki asked with tears in her eyes she walked towards Kai and tries to console him.

"Don't touch me!" Kai said as he push Yuki's approaching hands away from him.

Seeing that, Minami's anger starts to build up.

"What do you think you are doing? Have you consider Yukirin's feelings when you  do that?" Minami said and raise up her hand again.

"Going to hit me again?" Kai asked as he look at Minami, angrily with his teary eyes.

Tomonobu never hit Kai. Even when Kai did something wrong, he would try to explain to Kai what he did wrong. Since they were young,
whenever Kai did something wrong, Minami will get Tomonobu to handle Kai. Putting all her focus on Yuki. This is the first time Kai got hit
and is by his mother who is almost never present  in his life.

"Kai..." Sae said as he hold Kai. He is worried that Kai might turn violent against his mother, seeing how angry he is now.

"Oka san...No..." Yuki pleaded as she cried.

"Why did you give birth to me? Whatever I do or say is never up to your expectations...I am not a slave chained to you...I have the right to
do the things I want...I don't need your..." Kai retorted.


"Enough of your nonsense! As long as you are in this household, you have to listen to what I say and do what I tell you! You are our son and
Yukirin's brother! You have no right to demand anything from us! Is that clear?" Minami shouted.

"Minami! What are you saying!" Tomonobu shouted and grabbed Minami's hand.

"Oka san...Don't do this to Kai...Onegai...Please stop..." Yuki said agitatedly and felt pain in her heart. She then kneel down, trying to battle
 against the pain.

Seeing that, Minami and Tomonobu rushed to attend to her. Seeing that, kai felt really hurt.

"Looks like I am not needed here after all...If I have to br tied down by all these rules...I rather not be a Takahashi!" Kai said as he ruffle his
hair. He then ran out of his house even through his leg is hurting.

"Gomen..." Sae said and ran after Kai.

"Kai! Come back!" Tomonobu said.

"Kai...No...Kai...Please...Don't go..." Yuki said in a weak voice as she sobbed.

"Let him be! Anata! Help me get Yuki up on the sofa...We need to get her relax at a more comfortable place..." Minami said.

"O...Ok..." Tomonobu said in a trembling voice.

Tomonobu carried Yuki up and place her carefully on the sofa. Minami ran up quickly to Yuki's room to her medicine and fed her.
After a few minutes, Yuki's pain subsided. Yuki stayed in her room the rest of the day, refusing to eat or talk to anyone. Minami was
crying while Tomonobu console her, she is regretting what said and did to Kai.

"What is going on with me? What I have I done again...I shouldn't have come back...I am messing everything...I am such a horrible mother...Gomenasai...Gomenasai..." Minami said, sobbing.

"Kai is a intelligent boy...He will definitely understand...That who he is...Our Takahashi boy never hold grudges...He definitely will be ok..."
Tomonobu said as he hug Minami.

Even though Tomonobu said that, he is actually just trying to console Minami. This is the first time Tomonobu hear Kai saying hurtful words
towards them as Kai always run away to cool himself off whenever he is sad or angry. This time, they have hurt Kai very badly that he is not
able to control himself and rebuke them with hurtful words.

"Please forgive us Kai...Please come back...Gomenasai...Honto ni...Gomenasai..." Tomonobu said in his mind as tears starts to roll down.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 14 updated]
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mayu will not be with yuki..
no mayuki here  :banghead:

kai...pity on him...yuki..ur not in fault here..
Jun on the verge of giving up..nooo jun.. :gyaaah:
Rena..please open ur heart for jun and forget sae.. :frustrated:
thanks for the update author san..waiting for next  :on drink:
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 14 updated]
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Oh man... That's world war...

What's going to happen with Kai?

Would Kai choose to move out?

What about Yuki?

Also Yuko... would Atsuko help get Yuko to back off?

Would Riku's parents do something to Yuko?

Poor Jun... Would he be able to move on?

What about Rena?

I can understand her reason as to why she fell for Sae

Since he was always there when she was feeling low

Does Sae really like Yuki more than siblings love?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 15 updated]
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Haha...I feel refreshed after a good rest and all ready to write more! Hope all the readers too! :cathappy:
As the story progressed, I realized I will feel my heart in pain just as what the characters felt...
Hope I am not getting weird! :panic: Do you feel the same as me?  :yossi:

@kuro_black29: Sorry about it but there will not be MaYuki here :bow:

@cisda83: Haha...That's a lot of questions you have there...Let me think where to start...
               After thinking about it (About a few seconds :cathappy:)...I think an update is better than having me answering it :thumbup
               Here's Chapter 15!

Chapter 15


Acchan was singing happily her new composed song on her way back from somewhere.

"Kokoro no katasumi
Chiisana hana ga saita
Ano hi no negai wa
Yukkuri to
Hinata no naka saita..."

In the corner of my heart
A little flower bloomed
My wish from that day
Bloomed in the sun

(Lyrics taken from

"KAI!! STOP RUNNING! DAMN!! STOP!!!" Sae shouted.

"OUCH!!!" Acchan said as she fell down, hitting her bum.

"ARGH!!!" Kai said as he bummed into Acchan and fell down. He then use his hands to hold his bleeding right leg.

"Kai?" Acchan said as she looked at the culprit who knocked into her while she rubs her painful bum.

Sae finally managed to catch up with Kai with Acchan's 'help'.

"(pant)...KAI YOU THIS IDIOT! (pant)..." Sae said as he tried to catch his breath while he points at Kai's leg.

"DAMMIT!" Kai said and starts to hit his injured leg.

"NO...What are you doing Kai! No...Don't...Stop it..." Acchan said as she tried to stop him.

However, Kai is too strong for Acchan. Unable to stop Kai's hand from hitting himself, Acchan hugged him. Hoping that will stop him
from hurting himself any further. Kai finally stopped hitting himself but he started to cried out loudly. Feeling the grieve in his cries,
Acchan and Sae also cried.

At Sae's apartment

Sae bought Kai back to his apartment with Jun's help. They helped him to wash his wound and replace the bandage.



Jun was interrupted by the multiple messages and stopped his chat with Rena. Scrolling through the messages, he was shocked.
These messages are from Sae, asking Jun's help as Kai's wound starts to bleed again after he ran out from his house.

-Message 1-

Title: Emergency!!
Kai's leg starts to bleed again! Should I sent him to the hospital?

-Message 2-
Title: Untitled
He refuse to go...Is there anything I can do to stop the bleeding?

-Message 3-
Title: Untitled
HELP! KAI FAINTED! What should I do? Should I call an ambulance now or wait for him to wake up?

After reading the messages, Jun said goodbye to Rena and quickly ran out of the park.


"JUN! Help! Tell me what I need to do!" Sae said over the phone.

"BAKA!" Jun shouted while he is crying.

"Gomen! ok? Are you crying?" Sae asked.

"Don't send me messages when it's about such an important matter! BAKA! Where are you guys now!" Jun retorted.

"I thought you were with Senpai so I dare not call you..We are at Akihabara street, somewhere near Kai's house... " Sae said.

"Stay right there...I will be there in a minute!" Jun said.

"Ok! Anything else I need to know?" Sae asked

"I AM NOT CRYING!" Jun shouted and ended the phone call.

-End of flashback-

"Luckily the stitches are still in place. However, if he starts to develop fever...We must bring him to the hospital as his wound might be infected...
So for now, let him have a good rest..." Jun said as he wipe his hands dry.

Sae nodded while Acchan stare at Jun's intensely.

"What?" Jun said.

"I'm trying to imagine you wearing a white coat with a doctors' scope hanging over your neck..." Acchan said seriously.

"Arigato...Dr Matsui..." Sae said.

"What! Stop that...Anyway...What's with Kai?" Jun asked as he sat down on the sofa to relax himself.

"Auntie Minami...Right?" Acchan said as she knew it have to do with Kai's mother. Since they bump into each other near their homes.

"..." Sae nodded.

Sae then explained to them what happened at the Takahashi household. Upon hearing it, Acchan started to cry while Jun clench his
fist in anger.

"Why doesn't Auntie Minami understands? When will she stop hurting Kai..." Acchan said, sobbing.

"I can't let Kai take all the blame! I have to tell them the truth!" Jun said agitatedly and stood up.

"Quiet down! Kai is sleeping..." Sae said softly.

They turned to look at Kai, trying to make sure he is still sleeping.

"I know how you feel Jun...But we should not be too hasty in this...We might make things worse...I believe Kai do this to protect all of
us and have already considered all the factors...We know it don't we?" Sae said.

"I know but...I just can't leave it as it is now...I hurt Kai...I am causing harm to him..." Jun said as he reprimand himself.

"Jun...Don't you trust Kai? Don't you understand the reason why he lie even if it might hurt him badly?" Acchan asked.

"I know...I fully understands...He wanted to protect us...Protect our promise...Protect the basketball team..." Jun said and started to teared.

"If Auntie Minami knows it's us who caused these...She definitely would make a big scene, our basketball club reputation might be at stake...
As all the argument, fighting and injury was caused by us...Not Kai and Kuu..." Sae said sadly.

"I know...But I don't understand one thing...Yuki fainted not because of what we did...It was due to fatigue and minor cold...Kai shouldn't be
blamed for all these..." Jun said.

"Other than wanting to protect you guys...He is feeling guilty towards Yukirin..." Acchan said.


At Kai's house

"Gomen...I took longer than I thought...Let's go now..." Kai said as he walked down the stairs.


"Yuki...Are you ok?" Kai asked.

"Yes...I'm fine...(coughs)" Yuki replied while rubbing her throat.

"No..You don't...You look rather pale..." Sae said.

"We should stay at home...Why don't you guys go ahead without us..." Kai said.

"No...I am really fine...I am just too excited about today's meet up..." Yuki insisted.

"From the looks of it...You didn't sleep well last night? I do too when I write songs as I can't get it out my head..." Acchan said.

"All the more we should stay at home today...You should go back up and rest..." Kai said.

"Please! I don't want to stay at home! There's so much I want to do today...I want to meet your friends, walk around the town
and buy my guitar...I will be fine because you guys will be with me...I promised you if I really feel unwell...I will let you guys know
straight away...Please?" Yuki pleaded.

Kai, Acchan and Sae looked at each other.

"Kai...I think it should be ok...Lets just eat quickly, walk quickly and buy quickly...Me and Sae will help you look after Yukirin!"
Acchan said as she plead for Yuki.

"......" Sae nodded in agreement.

"No...We can't do that!" Kai rebuked.

Yuki is really sad and Acchan is consoling her while Sae is thinking of how to help Yuki persuade Kai again.

"We should not eat quickly as it is bad for digestion...We should not walk quickly as Yuki is not well...We should not buy quickly as we
must choose the guitar carefully, something you will like very much...If you can fulfil that...I guess...We can go..." Kai said. Hearing that,
Yuki totally brighten up with a wide smile.

"Then let's go before Kai changes his mind again!" Acchan said and pushed Yuki towards the entrance.

"Hey...Don't be so rough..." Kai said.

The 4 of them then left the house and make their way to the cafe.

-End of flashback-

"Letting Yuki go out despite knowing her condition..." Sae said.

"To atone for his wrong judgement? I think that is a harsh way ...He shouldn't be blame for that..." Jun said agitatedly.

"No...Not just that...He wanted his parents to vent out their anger at him as he know his parents would definitely blame themselves
for not realizing Yuki's condition that day..." Acchan said sadly.

"Thats Kai...For the sake of others,  williing to be hurt..." Sae said.

"Yes...But I really did not expect Auntie Minami to say that to Kai...Her expectations towards Kai is too high and she don't know anything
about the Kai...Even Uncle is siding Auntie...I thought he would be the one who understands the most..." Acchan said as she cried.

"Is there anything we can do?" Jun asked.

"I think let's just let Kai rest now...He must be physically and mentally drained...Maybe we can talk to him tomorrow...Acchan, I think
you better go back home...Please help me inform Uncle that Kai is with me and I will bring him back tomorrow..." Sae said.

"Ok...I can do that..." Acchan said.

"I will not go back..." Kai said.

"Kai! You are awake...So...You heard everything?" Jun asked.

A crippling figure begin to walk out from Sae's bedroom.

"If you want me to go back...I will leave now..." Kai said in a serious tone.

"Kai! Do you really have to do it this way? Ok...You can stay here as long as you like...I won't force you to do anything..." Sae said.

"Kai...If you don't go back...What are you going to do about school?" Acchan asked Kai as she help him walk to the sofa to sit down.

"If I need to go back home because of school...Then I rather not attend school..." Kai said in a cold manner.

Kai is very determined, he meant what he says. Sae, Acchan and Jun is speechless. At this point, its useless to try persuading Kai
to go home.

"Why don't I go your house to get your necessary items? I will let Uncle know and...We can work things out from there..." Acchan said.

"Yeah...Inter-high is coming...We need our captain to lead us to victory no matter what...You promise to bring us up to the top no
matter what...You have to come to school..." Sae said.

"If you don't go to school...I will rather tell Uncle, Auntie and coach the truth...I rather not participate...If you are not in the team,
we have nointention to play in Inter-high too..." Jun said.

"What can I say...I am fine with any arrangements as long as you don't ask me to go back there..." Kai said.

Kai told them the items he needed as Acchan help jot it down.

"Thats alot of things we need to get..." Sae said as he look at the list.

"Yes...We need more help...Let's ask Riku and Kuu..." Jun said as he take the list to look from Sae's hand.

"No...I don't want them to know what happened..." Kai rebuked.

"Kai...You can't hide it from them...They will know sooner or later...After what happened these few days...You should understand
it more than anyhow else..." Acchan said.

"......" Kai did not say a word and continue to listen.

"With so many of us around...I think Uncle will feel more comfortable to let you stay out for a while..." Sae said.

Even though Kai is disappointed with his father. He could never ever bring himself to hate or let his father worry about him.

"Ok...But IF! If...He says he wants to see me...Tell him I am ok...There's nothing...for him to see...I am busy now..." Kai said.

"Ok...I will let him know...Leave it to me..." Acchan said.

Jun accompanied Acchan to Kai's house before walking her back home. Sae is tasked to explained what happened to Kai to Riku
and Kuu since he was there. Riku and Kuu agreed to help without any hesitation. Sae, Riku and Kuu will be going to Kai's house
tomorrow afternoon with Acchan while Jun will stay at Sae's apartment to help Kai change his bandage.

Outside Kai's house

Acchan explained to Tomonobu and Minami, Kai's intention for now.

"Tomorrow, we will come after lunch...Uncle? Are you ok?" Acchan asked as Tomonobu seems to be in a trance after she explained
Kai's plan.

This is the first time Kai actually asked to leave home. It is also the first time Kai leaving home without a notice as to when he will be back.
What Tomonobu assured Minami earlier on where Kai will definitely understand and not holding grudges towards seems like a lie. Tomonobu
felt Kai is no longer the son he knows because they have broke him with their selfishless and expectation towards him.

"Uncle...Kai is still the same old Kai..." Acchan said with a smile.

"No...We hurt him...We did not give him a chance to explain...We forced our thoughts on him...He must have hate me...He will never want
to see me again...Gomenasai...Gomenasai..." Tomonobu cried out.

"Gomenasai..." Minami said and ran back into the house.

Minami, unable to suppress her feelings of guilt, ran back to her room and cried loudly.

"...." Jun remained silent, he do not know what he should say at his time.

"Its true Uncle, that Kai is hurt badly this time...But trust me, he will never ever hate you...He asked me to tell you he will be ok,
don't worry about him...Give him some time..." Acchan said.

"Ok...Tell him...I'll be waiting for him...To come home any time..." Tomonobu said, feeling a bit more relieved after what Acchan said.

Jun and Acchan then left.

"Did Kai say that?" Jun asked Acchan softly.

"He sure did! We didn't even ask him if he have anything to say to Uncle and he blurted it out himself..." Acchan said.

"Oh that! You really understand Kai more than any of us..." Jun said.

"Well...We are childhood friends after all~" Acchan said while turning round and round.

"I just don't understand...Why are the 2 of you still at the stage of childhood friends? I think you and Kai is way beyond that...
Like long time husband and wife..." Jun said.

"(Giggles)...Why don't you ask him?" Acchan said.

"Come on...Disclose some details please?" Jun said and act like he is begging with his hands clapped together.

"Mind your own business with Matsui Senpai first! Bleah~" Acchan said.

Hearing that, Jun stopped walking. He started to remember about Rena. Seeing that, Acchan knew she just stepped on a landmine,
exploding Jun's saddness.

"Gomen...I said something I shouldn't say...Gomen..." Acchan said and bow to apologize to Jun.

"It's ok...Everything is over between us...I will be moving on from here..." Jun said with a forced smile.

"No..It shouldn't be this way! You love her so much! Don't give up! She definitely should know it...Maybe she just didn't realise it...
But you..." Acchan retorted and was interrupted before she can finish what she wan to say.

"2 YEARS! Acchan...She never notice me at all for 2 years...My feelings for her never reach her for these 2 years even when Sae
rejected her confession...Don't you get it? I have no other choice but to give up before I start hating myself for being such a coward
who always hide behind Sae...Relay on Sae because I don't have the confidence to get Senpai to go out with me...So this is what I get...
This is the ending I deserved..." Jun said agitatedly.

"Gomen..." Acchan said as she feels sad for Jun.

"No...It's ok...Sorry for being such a spoilt spot...Yelling all these things..." Jun said.

"No...Not at all...Arigato...For sharing with me your thoughts...." Acchan said and smiled.

They started to walk again and soon, Acchan reached her house. Jun make sure Acchan went into the house before he make his way back home.

"I will be fine...Because...I am not alone..." Jun said to himself as he walk back home, thinking about his friends who is supporting him.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 15 updated]
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WmatsuiWmatsuiWmatsui  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 15 updated]
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Yeah... I thought if Kai just went home after all that.

I can only say Kai would be a saint or he was  masochits

It's only normal, Kai's reaction.

Very realistic.

Poor jun... For 2 years he's harbouring love for Rena

Eh.. Mariko was one of Kukai girlfriends?

Really Kukai have lots of girlfriends

Why didn't Kuu say anything to Mariko?

I think he has feeling for Mariko

And Mariko seems very kind and care for Kuu

What's going to happen there?

I guess sae is going to be paired with Yuki in this story.

What would Yuki do about Kai's moving out?

Would she feel guilty and blame herself?

Would her condition worsen?

Would Kai avoid Yuki too?

Would sae be there to help Yuki as he helped Rena?

Could be Yuki and jun though?

In term of condition, Yuki's illness and Jun's medical knowledge

Very perfect fit... And Minami would be happy to marry off Yuki to Jun

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to read it

Thank you for the update

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 16 updated]
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Chapter 16


At Kai's house

Sae, Riku, Kuu and Acchan came to Kai's house as planned and started to pack the items accordingly based on the list Acchan wrote.
Yuki is standing outside Kai's room, looking at the busy bees and she felt really sad.

"Yukirin...Are you ok?" Acchan asked Yuki as she see Yuki looking really sad.

"Kai...He really won't be coming back anymore?" Yuki asked as tears started to well up.

"Of course not...He will definitely be back...Trust him, give him some space and time to think...Ok?" Acchan said and Yuki nodded.

"Is there...Is there anything I can help? I want least be useful to him..." Yuki asked.

"Why don't you help Acchan by double checking if the items he requested is correct and what did we missed out..." Sae said.

"Ok...I can do that..." Yuki said and walked into Kai's room. Helping Acchan verify the items.

"Where's Uncle and Auntie?" Riku asked.

"Oka san went to the hospital this morning...Otou san...He is inside his room..." Yuki said.

"Oh...Ok...Is there anything we miss out?" Kuu asked.

"No...Everything listed is cleared..." Acchan replied.

"Shall we?" Sae said and lifted up the heavy bag, filled with Kai's personal items.

"Wait...Can I come along too? I wan to...see...Kai...and talk to him..." Yuki said.

The guys looked at Acchan since Acchan knows what Kai thinks the best.

"Gomen Yukirin...Today is not good...You see...We have so many things need to unpack and Sae's apartment is a bit small...
So it might be messy...School's starting next week anyway...You will be able to see Kai... in 3 days time!" Acchan said.

"Good job..." Kuu said in his mind as he show his thumbs up to Acchan behind Yuki's back.

"Ok...Can I call him?" Yuki asked Acchan.

"Well...I think that should be fine...I will let him know that you cares..." Acchan said, smiling.

"Arigato...Acchan...Please help me take care of Kai..." Yuki said and bowed to Acchan.

"Hey...We are friends! Even if you never ask me, I will still take care of him...Please don't do that again.." Acchan said
as she help Yuki back up.

"We will be there too...So don't worry and get well soon..." Sae said.

They left the house with 3 big bags. Yuki see them off at their house gate and went back into the house after their walking figures faded
from her sight. All these while, Tomonobu just stayed in his room as he can't bear to see them taking the things away which will make Kai's
room look empty.

"Kai...Otou san will be waiting...Waiting for your return...Please be well..." Tomonobu said as he looked out the window, facing the direction
of Sae's apartment.

At Sae's apartment downstairs


Someone bumped into Riku as he was about to go inside the lobby of Sae's apartment.

"OUCH! Watch where you are going!" Riku shouted out in pain.

"I found you! Riku-nyan!!" Yuko said excitedly and kissed his cheek.

"What! What are you doing here?" Riku said. He is totally shocked by Yuko's sudden appearance.

"Wow...You really are amazing Oshima san...Able to find us here." Kuu said.

"Don't be amazed! Its freaking scary! How do you know I am here? Did you hire someone to check on me? " Riku asked in a loud voice.

"I was exploring the streets around here and then I saw you guys~ This must be fate...Riku-nyan~" Yuko said and hugged Riku tightly.

"Ic...Sorry but we have to go now...Enjoy exploring around here then...See you in school next week...Bye." Sae said and walked into the lobby.
The others followed Sae.

"WAITTT!!" Yuko said and quickly ran into the lobby to stop Sae.

"Why is Maeda san here? Didn't you say that your 'Family rules' does not allow girlfriends?" Yuko asked seriously.

"Well...She is not under that category...Acchan is my childhood best friend...Please excuse us...We really are busy today..." Sae explained and
tried to escape from Yuko again.

"WAITTT!!" Yuko said and stopped them again.

"About your 'Family rules' that does not allow girlfriends...You mean your girlfriend or your friend's girlfriend?" Yuko asked again.

"Wow...She is really smart...Lucky you..." Kuu whispered to Riku and Riku kicked his leg upon hearing it.

"Ouch..." Kuu said softly to avoid attention.

"Erm...Both...We really really need to go now...Bye again..." Sae said and quickly press the button for the lift.

"Can you call your father? I want to ask him which is it...I have to be sure about this..." Yuko asked Sae seriously.

At Sae's apartment

"Taidaima..." Sae said.

"Okaeri...What is Oshima san doing here?" Jun asked as he see Yuko walking into Sae's apartment, locking arms with Riku.

"Its fate..." Acchan said and went in to look for Kai.

The guys helped Kai unpack his belongings while Acchan prepare some food with Yuko's help at the kitchen.

"Oshima san...You are really good at cooking don't you?" Acchan said as she look at Yuko frying the pork cutlets.

"I always try to make my own meals...Anyway...just call me Yuko...Can I call you Acchan like them?" Yuko asked.

"Of course, Yuko..." Acchan said as she smiles.

"See...They became friends..." Sae whispered to Riku as he points at the 2 girls.

"How long have you known Riku-nyan?" Yuko asked.

"Since middle school...About 5 years I think..." Acchan replied as she fry the egg."

"Hear that...They are exchanging information now..." Kuu whispered to Riku and Riku kicked him again. Luckily, this time Kuu
was fast to react and avoid getting himself kicked.

"Why do you still like Riku? Even when he told you he has a fiancee?" Acchan asked as she put the egg on a plate.

"Riku told you that too? Don't tell me you are that fiancee?" Yuko asked and look at Acchan sternly.

"No...I'm not..." Acchan replied calmly.

"I KNEW IT! Well...I just like him...I don't care if he has one or many fiancee...I will never give up!" Yuko said confidently.

"It really is complicated...Just what are they thinking..." Kai said.

"I did not hear anything...I did not hear anything..." Riku said. Thinking in a self denial state.

"Whats the matter?" Acchan asked as she brings out the food with Yuko to the living.

"Nothing...Whats there to eat?" Kai asked and looked at the dishes as Acchan place them on the table.

On the table, there are onigiri, french fries and egg salad. Seeing these, Kai is disappointed.

"Thats all?" Kai asked.

"Here's yours! Tata~ Acchan and Yuko's special katsudon!" Yuko said and gave it to Kai while Acchan went back to the kitchen
 to prepare tea.

"Wow..." Kai said with his eyes beaming with joy.

"Arigato! Itadakimasu!" Kai said and starts to dig himself to the food.

"Why is it special?" Riku asked.

"Because we cooked it~ Riku-nyan...Ahhhhh..." Yuko said and take a onigiri up from the plate and tried to feed Riku.

"Stop it! STOP IT! YUKO STOP IT!!" Riku blurted out Yuko's name without realizing it.

"......" Yuko stopped attempting to feed Riku.

"Oshima san...Oiii...Moshi...Moshiii..." Kuu called out but she did not respond.

Yuko was just sitting without a word. The others wondered what happened to her suddenly. Tear drops were seen dripping down
from Yuko.

"Are you ok? Are you...hurt any where? Riku asked concernly.

"Wahh...Ri...(sniff) ku...nyan...(sniff)..." Yuki said as she lifted up her sobbing face.

"Why are you crying suddenly? Please don't cry...Tell me what's wrong...Is it about the onigiri? See...I am eating it now..." Riku said as
he get flustered. He then hold Yuko's hand and eat the onigiri from Yuko's hand.

"Wow..." Kuu said as he observe them.

The others are watching Riku and Yuko intensely while they eat as if they are watching a drama. They are all excited to see what is going to
happen to the lead 'actor' and 'actress'.

"Yuko...What's wrong?" Acchan asked as she put the tray full of cups on the table.

"(sniff)...Yuko...Riku-nyan called me Yuko!! Now he eats the onigiri I feed him!!" Yuko said.

"......" Riku was shocked. He just realized he have called her name unintentionally.

"Isn't that great, Yuko?" Acchan said with a smile.

"Hai! I will work even harder!" Yuko declared and cling on Riku.

"Good luck to you Riku...I think they just became best friends..." Sae said.

"I think they will work together for the 'research'...May you be useful the mankind...Good luck..." Kuu said.

"It wasn't that complicated before...Now you made it complicated..." Kai said.

"Don't leave me to die!" Riku cried out.

"What are you guys talking about?" Acchan asked.

"Riku-nyan! Why will you die? Are you hunger? Riku-nyan here! Eat more!" Yuko said and offer more onigiri to Riku.

They finished all the food together with laughter. Then Acchan and Kai head to the kitchen to wash the dishes while the guys continue
to help unpack Kai's belongings with Yuko's help.

"Oshima san...Aren't you going to ask us what are we doing?" Jun asked.

"This? Isn't it obvious you guys are unpacking things?" Yuko replied.

"You are not going to ask what happened?" Riku asked out of curiousity.

Yuko stopped and starts to think how she should answer them.

"I believe  there must be a good reason for doing this. I learnt from you, Riku-nyan. I will not force you to tell me, I will wait for
the answer patiently whenever you are ready." Yuko said and smiled, revealing her cute dimples.

The guys were really amazed, they are now seeing Yuko in a new light. Riku is touched by Yuko's words. Just like Kai, his parents
are always forcing their thoughts on him. So he never thought of telling them anything when something happened. He would always
discuss his problems with his best friends and is always thankful to have them in his life. Althrough they always make fun of him, but
they will never force him to do anything he dislikes and is always there to help him even if they say they will not.

"Oshima san, I think that should be enough...It will be TOO LATE if you continue...Don't you have to go back home for dinner?"
Sae asked. Riku is pulled back to reality by Sae's words.

"Oh...It's already this late...I am meeting my parents at the ramen shop near our school...Gomen! I need to make a move now..." Yuko said.

Hearing that, Acchan and Kai walked out of the kitchen.

"Arigato Oshima san...For helping me unpack and the food is really tasty." Kai said.

"Not at all! I am glad I am able to help out in any way that I can! And, if you all don't mind, call me Yuko...It's weird to be addressed as
Oshima san all the time by you guys...I prefer to be called Yuko instead...Take care Takahashi kun, hope your leg get well soon..." Yuko said.

"Alright then...Take care on your way to meet your parents then, Yuko..." Kuu said.

"Ja ne~!" Yuko said and walked out of the apartment.

When Sae is about to close the door, Yuko turned back and stopped the door from closing.

"Wait! I can still come here right?" Yuko ask Sae seriously.

"Erm..." Sae said as he look at Riku.

"I don't care...This is not my place to start with..." Riku said.

"You heard him..." Sae said as he points to Riku.

"YATTA!!" Yuko said and ran into the lift.

"She is finally gone..." Kuu said.

"What are your plan's now?" Kai asked.

"I...don't know...anymore...What should I do?" Riku asked.

"I think she is a really nice girl...She deserves a chance and you deserves the right to choose..." Acchan said.

They all looked at Acchan. She must be serious when she says that since she know Riku's situation like they do. What Acchan said
starts to spark a small fire in Riku's heart, a miracle he is wishing for.

"Are you willing to take the risk? If you are, we will fight with you..." Jun said.

"I think Yuko is really someone who is worthy of deserving the right to have you... Someone who is pushed to you without trying to get
to know you and waiting to be married to you, don't have the right to complain if someone else takes you away..Yuko does not give up
and is always fighting to gain your affection even when you keep pushing her away...I believe she is someone who you have always wanted...
Someone who is able and willing to stay with you no matter what..." Kai said seriously.

He observed Riku's reaction and attitude towards Yuko has change drastically over these few days even when they just met few days ago.
Riku starts to think deeply while listening to his friends.

"Whatever you choose, we will be supporting you. "

"She really is mysterious, the way she is able to stir your feelings...Riku, you never fails to keep a safe distance from others girl whenever they
 try to go beyond friends...This time, you failed badly not because you wasn't firm enough...Like I said, Yuko is really like the weather. She can
make you storming with anger, shock you with her actions like thunder, soak you with saddness like rain, freezes you when she suddenly call out
to you like snowing...But in the end, she always light up your mood like the sun..." Kuu said.

Riku starts to recall back from the day he met Yuko. She never fails to bring surprises to him, making him flustered and yet he can't bring
himself to hate her. He actually finds her very cute and funny whenever she is so active towards him. Her smiles and her dimples, really melts
his heart whenever he sees them.

"I...really should give it a try?" Riku asked.

"I think you already made up your mind...Wasn't it?" Kai said.

"We will support you...You can count on us..." Jun said, assuring Riku.

Seeing his friends being so supportive, Riku finally found the courage to face himself and Yuko. He is now determined to fight for his rights,
just like what Kai did. Putting his past aside, Riku decided not to give in and run away from what he loves this time.

"Yuko...Be prepared..." Riku said in his mind as he plots something 'evil' to 'get back' at Yuko.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 16 updated]
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 16 updated]
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