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Author Topic: [NGT48] MAHOHON ~ The Yamaguchi Maho Thread  (Read 6061 times)

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Re: [NGT48] MAHOHON ~ The Yamaguchi Maho Thread
« Reply #40 on: March 22, 2019, 11:35:17 PM »

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Re: [NGT48] MAHOHON ~ The Yamaguchi Maho Thread
« Reply #42 on: March 27, 2019, 03:13:01 AM »
not sure how reliable this source is, but I hope and wish this really just a fake "leak"

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Re: [NGT48] MAHOHON ~ The Yamaguchi Maho Thread
« Reply #43 on: March 27, 2019, 03:26:54 AM »
Kinda funny to read this but hell if it happens, this adds more fuel to the fire of a coverup
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Re: [NGT48] MAHOHON ~ The Yamaguchi Maho Thread
« Reply #46 on: April 23, 2019, 05:49:55 PM »
CROSS-POSTING: - Yamaguchi Maho, Hasegawa Rena and Sugahara Riko announce graduation from NGT48
- - Yamaguchi Maho, Sugahara Riko and Hasegawa Rena announced graduation from NGT48, Yamaguchi reads letter of why she is graduating
- - Translation: Yamaguchi Maho Graduation Announcement

Translated letter/Graduation Announcement, per's post:
"I, Yamaguchi Maho will graduate from NGT48. I wrote the feeling I kept in my heart on a letter, and share it with all of you.

I really like idol and the group, therefore, I hope the group can change, because I am very painful, and I don't want my important companion have the same feeling, therefore I prepared giving up everything and took an action.

However, after I disclosed everything, the director told me "Because there is no charge, so it is not an incident", and blamed me against the company, I have became a victimizer. I am just want to protect the members, and do the activities seriously. And the group where overlook everything, is not the place I think I can continue my idol career.

For the un-overlookable problem, the group give me an answer "If you can not overlook, you should graduate, otherwise there is no new NGT48". However, if the environment does not change, I think same thing will happen again. I were enduring, and hoped I could do the best, but the fact is I am just a nobody who can do nothing.

I don't know what is more important then human life. I sincerely wish my important companion can be an idol safely everyday.

Since I disclosed the incident, there are only (Hasegawa) Rena, (Sugahara) Riko and Mofu (Murakumo Fuka) are still willing to come close to me. Therefore, while I know they have made the decision for the future, I have decide to make an announcement. What I can do for NGT48 is only graduation. To all of you, I am sorry.

There were a lot of people supporting me, the people who are the victim suffered the torture I experienced , leave me message, the people who have courage because of me, I am wondering if they are disappointed by this result, I am very sorry about this. I think it is the world people do the right thing, they may not get a return, but I don't think they should suffer.

Thank you I am glad there is a lot of people spend their time supporting me, I hope, in the future, they spend their time to do the thing make them happy, as well as, they hope I will be happy.

For the fans who support me, I am sorry I graduate from the group like this. There were days I sang and danced, and had handshake event every weekend, and we would say "see you", but my final handshake events will be on 5 May 2019 and 6 May 2019. Let's handshake again after my long absence. I will be happy to continue our "see you", let's talk about dream then.

My last day of activities will be on 18 May 2019, a graduation live performance with (Hasegawa) Rena and  (Sugahara) Riko together. (Sugahara) Riko who can not participate in the live today due to injury, is undergoing the rehabilitation, for smile once again on the stage. I will be happy if we can show you we can move forward.

What I can do is, I should show you the happy face, not a sad face I did, and give you support. Just like all of you helped me, I hope I can give my hand to the person in need.

For this incident, I once wish I did not join NGT48. But standing on the stage and perform the live together, and get the support from you, I really feel happy about this, I think it is great to join NGT48. I hope members and fans both can move forward in the future, I hope you can have a smiling face all the time.

There is less than a month left, no matter as a person, or a NGT48 member, I hope we can meet again with smile. Please keep supporting."

Another version of the translation of her letter/announcement - - Yamaguchi Maho announces graduation from NGT48, gives emotional speech
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