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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 2 27/11/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 2  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 2

In the evening

As always, I also walk to the river bank hopefully she will come here. However, today rain is very heavy. I stands at there for a while but doesn’t see her anywhere.

“I guess she won’t come out here today.” I thought and turn around

When I’m about to go back home, I see her, but today she seems so different. She is running under the rain while hugging something. Suddenly she trips on the ground and falls. I quickly rushes to her and use my umbrella to cover her from the rain.

“Are you ok, little girl?” I asks her in worried tone

Suddenly she stands up and holds my hand tightly. Her hand is very cold and shaking.

“Please save Hero, a car hit him. Please” she said to me in tear

I'm surprised with her words. I look at her arms and see a little dog that covered with blood in her arms

“Please, I know you are a good person. Please save him. He is my only family, please” the little girl said to me in tear

“Please save him” she kneels in front of me

“Shh...calm down little girl. You don't have to do this. I will help you” I said to her while helping her up

“Don't cry, ok. He will be fine, I promise. Now, let's go to the pet clinic” I assure her hoping to calm her down

She nods at me

“Good, let's me hugs him for you” I said

She shakes her head and hugs him tighter

“Ok, now let's go to the doctor” I smile and said

Then we quickly rushes to the pet hospital.

In front the animal hospital

When we get to the hospital, the little girl speeds up her speed and rushes into the place. However the security stops her

“Where do you think you are going brat” he pushes her out causing her to fall on the ground

“Hey, what are you doing? She is with me” I shout at him while helping her up

“I'm sorry Takahashi-san” he bows at me and said

“Is my aunt here?” I asks him

“Yes, Dr. Matsui is inside.” He said

I glare at him and then lead her inside.

“Takamina, what are you doing here?” My aunt comes out and asks

“Auntie, we will talk later. Can you treat this little guy first?” I said to her in hurry tone while pointing at the little dog in her arms

My aunt looks down at the little girl and the dog in her arms.

“Ok” she nods

Then she comes to the little girl.

“Give him to me little girl” she smiles and said

However the little girl step back scarily. I sit down in front of her and said gently

“She is my aunt and a very great doctor. She will help your Hero, ok”

She looks at me with her red eyes because of crying. Then she slowly give me her the little dog. I hug him gently and give him to my aunt.

“Wait here. I will check on him” Aunt Mariko said

“Ok” I nod

Then I lead her to the chair to sit down. She doesn't say a word just sobbing.

“Don't worry, Hero will be fine” I pat her head and said

She nods but still stays silent. I see that she is all wet from head to toes because of rain.

“Wait here for me” I said

Then I stand up and go to take a towel for her. Since this is my aunt own clinic. There is a small room connected to this. She uses it to rest whenever she had to stay here overnight. I just come in that place and take a new towel for her. I also bring some snacks and hot tea for her. After that I come back to her place.

She is still sitting there silently. I can see her body is shaking. I sit down in front of her and said

“Here take this and drink. It will help you warmer”

She hesitates a little then take the cup. I smile when seeing she drinks it. When I'm about to take out her hat to dry her hair, she quickly holds it.

“I just want to help you dry your hair” I said

However she stays silent and shakes her head. I know to her, I'm still a stranger.

“Ok, ok” I said

“Then let’s me put this towel on you, ok. You are soaked wet. This can help you warmer.” I asks in gently tone.

She looks at me a little then nods. I smile and put the towel around her to help her feel warmer. After that I sit down next to her. I look at her. She just sits beside me silently. Somehow I don't like seeing her like this. I want to see a happy little girl playing trick on me every day.

After a while

My aunt comes out with Hero in her arms. The little girl next to me quickly rushes to her and me too.

“How is he, auntie?” I asks her

“He is fine. Luckily the hit is not so serious. I bandaged his hurt leg. He will be able to walk in a few days” my aunt said

Then she bends down in front of the little girl and gives her the little dog

“Here little girl. He is fine now. Take good care of him, ok” aunt Mariko smiles and said to her

She raises her hand and hugs the dog happily. I can see her eyes lit up in happy. I smile happily when seeing that. 

“This is a relief, right?” I ask her while smiling

“Uh” she nods

She looks up at my aunt and said

“Thank you”

When I’m about to ask her about her name, she turns and runs away.

“Wai…” haven’t finished my words, she already ran out of the clinic


“She ran away again” I sigh and said

“Who is she, Takamina?” my aunt asks me

I turn and answer

“I don’t know. I met her 2 months ago by the river bank near here.”

Then I told her everything I know about the little girl

“I see. So do you know where she is?” my aunt asks

“I don’t know, but she isn’t a bad little girl.” I said when seeing her serious eyes

“I know kid. I’m way older than you, you know” she pats my head and said

“Don’t treat me like a kid. I’m 15 years old already” I complain while fixing my hair

“Ok, ok, big boy. Do you want to eat dinner with this auntie? Jun and Rena will come too” my aunt said

“Ok, I also want to ask Jun-nii about her. Maybe he can help her” I said

“Oh...why are you so worry about her? She is cute, right?” she teases me

“Mariko-sama, just by looking at her, she is only 10 or 11. She is just a kid. I don’t want her to live like that” I said

“Don’t forget you only older than her four or five year, Mr. kid” My aunt teases me again

“Mariko-sama” I call her irritated

“Hey don’t complain, I didn’t say that you are a kid, Mr. kid” she said to me keep that annoying teasing tone

When I’m about to say something, my aunt cuts my words and said

“Ok, ok, let’s go” 

Then she walks away before I can say anything. I sigh and follow her. I will never win against her in talking.

2 days later

After a weekend, I feel more refresh. I walk back home on the usual street.

“Hum...I wonder if I can see her today” I thought while walking toward the bank

When I near the place, I hear sound of dog barking.

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

I look up and see a small figure sitting on the grass where I always sit.

“Is she waiting for me?” I thought

Then I quickly rush to her. The dog, I believe his name is Hero rushes to me not in defense manner, but happy manner as if he know me. I bend down and said

“Hey buddy, how are you?” I ask and stroke his fur

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

He barks like answering my question.

“Good boy” I smiles and stroke his fur.

Then I look up and see that she is looking at me

“Hi little girl” I smile at her

“Don't call me little girl. I'm 11 years old” she said to me in pouting tone

I smile and said

“Then tell me your name”

She sits back down on the grass silently. I lift the dog in my arms and walk to her.

“Maybe I should introduce myself first. It could help her feel more relax near me” I thought

Then I turn to her and said

“Then let me introduce myself first.”

“My name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina. I'm 15 years old, middle schooler” I said while smiling at her

She looks at me as if she is thinking whether she tells me about her or not.

“My name is Atsuko” she said in a very small tone

“Huh?” I ask

I heard her, but I want to make sure

“My name is Atsuko. I'm 11 years old” she said to me a little louder

“Hello Atsuko” I smile and said

“Your name is very cute” I continues

She looks at me in surprise. It makes me confuse

“What's wrong?” I ask hoping that I didn't mess up in my words

“No” she shakes her head

“This is the first time anyone talk to me about my name like that” Atsuko said to me

“Really? What about your parents?” The words just slip my mouth before I can hold it back

I see she looks down sadly while playing with the grass

“Baka” I scold myself


When I'm about to said that she doesn't need to answer my question, she speaks up

“I don't have parents or more likely I never know about them…” she pauses

“I'm an orphan. I grow up in an orphanage. When I was 10, I ran away from it. Then I meet this little guy. Only he acknowledge my existence” she continues while playing with the dog

I widen my eyes in surprise when hearing what she said. I just said what I shouldn't.

“I'm sorry” I said

“It's ok” she looks at me and smiles

“Anyway, where have you been these past two days?” She asks me

Her question surprises me.

“Is she waiting for me?” I thought

Then I look up and ask

“Are you waiting for me?”

“Of course not. Who is waiting for a pervert old man” she said and turns away

“Hey don't call me that little girl” I said

“I said stop calling me little” she turns and said

“Then stop calling me pervert old man.” I said

“Firstly I'm not a pervert, and secondly I'm not old” I reason

“Whatever” she said

“Little girl” I call her

“You…” she looks at me with angry look

It is fun teasing her like this.

“Fine. Minami” she said and sighs in defeat

“Good girl” I pat her head and said

“By the way, I'm older than you. Shouldn't you use any formal word to address me” I ask

I just want to tease her. She can call me whatever she wants.

“Don't treat me like a little kid” she said

“But you are younger than me” I said

“Only 4 years” she said

“Or do you want me to call you Minami-ojichan?” She asks me with a smirk on her face

“This smarty little girl” I thought

“Ok, ok you win. Call me whatever you want” I laugh and said

It is really fun talking to her, and I'm happy that she smiles again

“Anyway, why are you here?” I ask her

“Hero wants to thank you for saving him” Atsuko said

I laugh in my mind. Just moment ago, she said that she didn't wait for me.

“So he is fine now?” I ask her

“Uh.” She smiles and said while playing with the dog.

Then the question she asks me the other day flashes back in my head

“Talk with a person like me? Why?”

“Atsuko” I call her

“Huh?” She looks up at me

“Your question the other day, I still haven't answer, right?” I said

She looks surprised

“I don’t know why you address yourself like that, but to me everyone has a value in their life. No one is a person like this or that.” I said

Being an orphan is not her fault. It is the parents who abandoned her fault.

“About talking to you, it is just my feeling. I like playing with you, and I want to talk to you. It is fun playing with you all those time” I said honestly while smiling at her

That is what I really feel. Jun-nii is right. Those past 2 months are my happiest time ever. I had never has this feeling before. I'm always trying to be a perfect son for my parents. Living up to their expectations. Sometime it is pressure. However her bright and mischievous character help me feel much better. I feel like I can be my real self when I with her. When I turn to look at her again, she is still looking at me with surprised eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her

“Nothing, it is just this is the first time anyone told me that” she said while turning away

I’m surprised with what she said and her action. I stand up and asks

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing” she shakes her head and smiles at me

“Atsuko, I have a question” I said

“What is it?” She asks me

“Why did those people always chase after you?” 

“Because they are angry at me, real angry” she said to me

“Why?” I ask

“I stole their money and messed up their goods. Sometimes, I played trick on them.” she said

“Why did you do that? Stealing is bad. You even messed up their things” I said

She looks at me as if I said things wrong

“They are all bad people. They take everyone in the market money by their gangster power. I just take the money that didn't really belong to them. Those things they sell are all fake and bad” she said to me in angry tone and turns away

“Let's go home, Hero” she said to Hero and walks away

“Wait” I catch her hand before she walks away

“What do you want? You said I'm a bad person then don't talk to me” she said in pouting tone

Her face when she is angry kind of cute. It amuses me

“I never said that” I reason

“You did. You just said stealing is bad. That mean you said I'm bad. However I tell you this, those people I stole money are all bad people. They always bully everyone around here.” She said to me

“I know what you do, and also I didn't said that you are bad. I just said that stealing is not good especially to those people. You won't know what will they do if they catch you, right?” I said to her

“I can fight back. I'm a good fighter” she said and stands in fighting form

“Really? How old are you?” I chuckle and asks

“I told you I'm eleven years old.” She said

“See, you are only 11 years old. Those people are all grown men. They are way bigger than you. Moreover, they have more people than you. How only you can fight them?” I ask her

“That is why I'm running away” she said to me

I look at her with unbelievably look. She is just like my auntie. No matter what, she always can have a reason.

“Ok, I have to go back, now. Hero need food” she said while standing up

“Wait, I will treat you” I said

“Really?” She looks at me with suspicious look

“Uh” I nod

“Why?” She asks

“Why did she has too much why?” I thought

“Just see this as a party celebrating us become friends. Also Hero is fully recovered” I said

“Ok” she nods

“Wait for me here ok. I will go buy food for us” I said

“Ok” she nods excitedly

End Minami's POV

Atsuko sits back on the river bank waiting for Minami. She is happy with the conversation between her and Minami

“Hero, there is person who acknowledges my existence” she lifts him up and said happily

Suddenly a dangerous voice appears behind her.


Atsuko turns around and is surprised when seeing a dangerous looking man smirking at her. Hero groans angrily at the person

*Grr...* *Grr…*

“We met again, brat” the man said


“Oh so you still remember be brat.” He said

Atsuko plans to stand up and rushes away, but his men already block her way

“No more running brat” Joker said

“Last time I let you play trick on me and messed up our goods. My brother was mad at me. Now I will make you pay for all of that including interest” Joker said

“Really? How scary” Atsuko smirks and said

“What a big mouth” Joker said

“Thank you” Atsuko said while secretly looking left to right

Suddenly she shouts and points to a direction opposite of her


All of them looks at the direction. Taking the chance, Atsuko hugs Hero and rushes away. However, someone kicks her leg making her fall on the ground

“Hero, run” Atsuko pushes Hero away and stands up

“Not a chance” Joker said

One of Joker’s man caught Hero. Hero turns and bites him

“Ugh...” he groans angrily and throw Hero on the ground

Luckily Atsuko catches Hero before he falls on the ground. She looks up and shouts in anger

“Don’t you treat him like that?”

“Worrying about your little life first brat.” Joker said

“Do you think you can fool me again?” He asks and smirks

“Yes I do” Atsuko said and smirks

Joker looks at his men and orders them

“Hold her”

Then his men catch Atsuko's arms preventing her from escaping

“Let's me take off that smirk on your face” Joker said and kicks on Atsuko's stomach making she falls on the ground coughing in pain

*cough* *cough*

Hero barks angrily at Joker and rushes to attack him

*Gr…* *Gr…*

“Get away” he kicks Hero

“Don't hurt him” Atsuko rushes to hug Hero

They kick her strongly making Atsuko shrinks herself because of pain. They hit her for a while. Then Joker said in cold tone

“This time just like this. Don't mess with us or it will cost by your life, brat”

Then he looks at his men and said

“Throw her into the river”

They takes Atsuko's hand and throw her down on the river. Then they laugh loudly and leave the place. Hero barks and run to her. Atsuko tries her best to swim up. She hugs Hero and swims back to the bank

*cough* *cough*

She coughs because of the water. Hero whimpers and licks Atsuko's face worriedly

“I'm fine Hero.” Atsuko said while stroking his fur

Then she picks him up and walks back to her house. Her body is completely in pain

30 minutes later

Minami comes back from buying the food

Minami's POV

I happily walk back to the river bank with the bag of food in my hand. However when I get there, I don't see anyone

“Where is Atsuko?” I thought

“Atsuko” I call her loudly, but didn't see her anywhere

I walk around the place, but still don't see her anywhere

“What does this mean?” I thought in confused

“Did she tricked me again” I said

I'm standing there waiting for her for 30 minutes, but still no sigh of her. Then I look down at my bag and sigh disappointedly

“Maybe I shouldn't talk to her in the first place” I mumble and leave the place

At night

In Atsuko's place

Atsuko manages to go back to her place, but she is hurt so bad. Plus being in the water weary her a lot. She lies down on the small blanket and shakes because of cold. Hero stands beside her and whimpers worriedly. He licks Atsuko face as if asking her if she is ok.

Atsuko raises her weak hand and pats his head

“I…*pant*...I'm fine, Hero. *pant* don't worry” she said between her panting

One day later

Minami walks back from his school. When he walks by the river bank, he speeds up his speed. He doesn't like this place anymore because when he sees this, he will remember Atsuko. However, he thought her just wants to trick him even though he really wants to be her friend.

Suddenly he hears barking sound. He quickly turns around and sees Hero. Hero rushes to Minami and whimpers around his leg. Feeling something weird he asks

“What's wrong, Hero? Where is Atsuko?”

Hero looks at Minami, and then he bites his pant pulling him.

*Woof* *Woof*

Then he runs toward a little and turns back barking at Minami as if he wants him to follow.

Minami follows Hero. He is running after Hero to the bridge where Atsuko live. Minami follows Hero to under the bridge. Then he sees a small place covering with carton. He widens his eyes in surprise

“Don't tell me this is her” Minami thought

When he walks toward the place, he sees a small figure lying on a very small blanket. Bruises are all over her face, and she is panting heavily. Minami quickly rushes to her and puts my hand on her forehead checking her temperature.

“Her forehead is very hot. She got a heavy fever.” Minami thought

He hugs her up in his arm and calls worriedly

“Atsuko, Atsuko are you ok?”

However Atsuko already lost her consciousness. Minami quickly lifts her up and rushes to the hospital. In Atsuko's little conscious, she can see Minami's worried face

“Minami” she thought

Then slowly only thing she see now is darkness.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 3 06/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 3  :)

My Feeling for You

Part 3

In the morning

At Minami's house

In a normal room

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and looks around. she sits up and sees an unfamiliar scenery around her. The room is very neat and clean.

“Where am I?” Atsuko thought

Then she remembers Hero. Atsuko quickly stands up to call Hero


However, she holds her head and sits back down on the bed because she is still feeling a little dizzy.

Suddenly Atsuko hears the door of the room opens. She turns to the door and sees Minami walking in with a tray on in his hand. He smiles when seeing Atsuko already wake up

“You are awake huh?” he said in happy tone

“Where am I? Why I'm here? Where is Hero?” Atsuko asks Minami

“This is my house. Hero is fine, and he is sleeping outside. Here eat this, and then drink your medicine” Minami puts the tray on the table and said

“About the other thing, I will tell you later. However eat this first” he continues

Atsuko nods slowly. Then she takes the bowl from Minami hand and eats

“Good” Minami smiles and said

“What happened to you on the day I asked you to wait for me” he asks

“Nothing. I just went back home because I don't feel like waiting” Atsuko lied

Minami knew that. He looks at her and said

“Atsuko, yesterday, Hero ran to me and led me to where you are. You got a very heavy fever. If I got there a little later you could die.” Minami said

“Also there is another bigger problem which is the injuries and bruises on you. What happened? Is it those people who always chased after you hit you?” He continues in serious tone

Atsuko looks down and stays silent.

After a while

“That is not any big deal.” Atsuko speaks up

“Thank you for helping me anyway. I'll leave now.” She continues while stepping down on her bed

“You won't go anywhere until you tell the reason why you were hurt” Minami catches her arm and said seriously.

Atsuko struggles from his grip, but his grip is very tight.

“What do you want to know? I’m just a brat who live on the street with no family. I’m just like an un-existing being in this world. Living or not is not any big of a problem.” She said in mono tone

Minami frowns with her answer.

“I told you before everyone living in this world has a value. You are not an exception.” He said seriously

“But I'm” Atsuko said

Then she realizes that her hat isn’t here, and her golden hair is showing. She turns and sees her hat on the dresser near the bed. She quickly wears it and said

“You should ignore me by now”

“Why so?” Minami asks in confuse

“Everyone in my orphanage did when seeing my hair. I'm not like one of them. Since I understand the world around me, they always despised me, they bullied me because I'm not like any of them. That is why I ran away from that place. That is a hell to me. Also, even my parent abandoned me. I guess because of this too. I'm just a freak” Atsuko said and tear drops down on her hand

Minami feels his heart tighten when hearing that. Minami knew immediately when seeing her hair that one of her parents must be a foreign. Inheritance this hair color is not her fault however he doesn't understand why did everyone treat her like this

Minami wipes her tear and said gently.
“You are not a freak. Those who see you like that are the freak one.”

“To me your hair is beautiful, Atsuko. I love its color” He continues while taking off her hat.

Atsuko looks up in surprise. Then she said

“Thank you for your kindness. I don't want you to feel pity on me. I will go now”

“As I said you won't go anywhere” Minami said firmly while blocking her way

“What do you mean?” Atsuko asks while frowning

“I won't let you go back to that place and live. That is not even a house. You and Hero will stay here with me” Minami said

Atsuko is very surprised with what Minami said. Then she laughs loudly and said

“Your joke is very funny, Minami. As I said I don't need your pity. I can live by myself. That is what I always do.”

“I'm serious. I never said that I felt pity on you. I see you as my friend that is why I want you to stay here. I met you is just like fate brought us together. Since long time ago, I always feel an unknown emptiness, but after meeting you, there past few months become so bright. Therefore, I want you to stay here and become my family” Minami said seriously

Atsuko stuns with what she heard. She looks at Minami's serious eyes. She can feel he worry for her. In 11 years, no one said that to her. They only either beat her or ignore her existence. No one really see her as a friend or family. Minami's words make her tear fall uncontrollably.

“Thank you, Minami” she said between her sobbing.

“So, you will stay here with me?” Minami asks, and Atsuko nods

Minami smiles and pats her head

“Good” he said

“Now sit down and continues eating your food” he continues

“Uh” Atsuko nods and eats her food happily

While Minami is helping Atsuko to drink her medicine, he hears knocking sound

“Come in” he said

Atsuko looks up and sees a young man and a beautiful lady walk in.

“Hello Takamina” they greet him

“Hey” Minami said

Then the beautiful lady walks toward Atsuko

“Hi little girl, how are you feeling now?” She asks

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look. Noticing that the lady said

“My name is Matsui Rena, Takamina’s friend. I'm also your doctor. Yesterday you got a very heavy fever.” Rena smiles gently and said

“Oh. Thank you oneechan. I feel very good now” Atsuko looks at her and smiles innocently

“You are so cute. What is your name?” Rena hugs Atsuko and asks

“My name is Atsuko” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, then I will call you Acchan” Rena said

“Acchan?” Atsuko looks confused

“That is her habit. She likes to nickname everyone she likes” a man behind her step up and said

“Hello Acchan, my name is Matsui Jun. Takamina’s cousin” Jun said while patting Minami's head

“Don't treat me like a kid” Minami pouts

“Sorry, just a habit” Jun said

Atsuko happily looks at them. This will be her new home, new family.

“Jun-nii, Atsuko will stay here with me” Minami said

“Absolutely no” Jun said in serious tone making Minami and Rena look at him with surprised look

“Jun-nii, I told you about her” Minami stands up and reasons

“No reason” Jun said

“Jun, why did you say that?” Rena looks at Jun and asks him in confused

Jun stays silent, and his gaze looks very serious

“Jun-nii” Minami stands up and said

“It’s ok, Minami. Thank you for your help. Also, thank you Rena-neechan. I will leave now” Atsuko said while stepping down from the bed

“You won’t go anywhere, Atsuko. This is my house. Living here or not is my authorization” Minami said seriously

“Jun, what’s wrong? I know you aren’t that cold person” Rena said

Suddenly Jun laughs out loud.

“As expected, only Rena can understand me” he said

His words make the three look at him dumbfounded.

“Sorry Acchan. I’m just joking. I heard Minami said that you are a very smart little girl, and you tricked him countless time. Therefore, I want to tease you” Jun pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Jun-nii” Minami calls him in defeated tone

“Jun” Rena looks at him while folding her arm

“Hahaha...look at you guy. Your face now is priceless” Jun said while laughing

Then he turns to Atsuko and said

“Welcome to our family, Acchan”

Suddenly someone from behind him smacks his head.

“Ouch, what is it for Mariko-sama?” Jun turns around and whines

Mariko looks at him and smirks

“That is for making a little cute girl nearly cry” she said while walking toward Atsuko

Atsuko looks at the tall lady in front of her. She remembers who she is. She is the nice doctor who saved her Hero. Atsuko smiles brightly at her and said

“Beautiful doctor-neechan”

Mariko smiles when hearing what Atsuko call her

“You are soo cute, Acchan and smart too.” She hugs her and said

“Don't call her that Acchan, she is actually my mother just so you know” Jun said

Mariko turns and smacks his head

“Ouch mom” Jun whines

Then Mariko smiles at Atsuko. She said and winks at Atsuko

“Hello Acchan, I'm Takamina's auntie. just call me auntie or oneechan is ok if you like”

“Auntie” Atsuko calls her while smiling brightly

“It is time, I have to go to the hospital now” Rena said

“Ok, let’s go” Jun said

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko calls her

“What is it, Acchan?” Rena asks

“Are you Jun-niichan’s girlfriend?” Atsuko asks

Her question makes both Jun and Rena blush madly.

“Uhm…” Rena is speechless with Atsuko’s question

“L... let’s go Rena” Jun stutters and pulls Rena with him

Then the two leave the room

“Acchan, you just touch right at Jun’s weakness. He loves her, but he still hasn’t confessed yet” Mariko said

“Yes” Minami nods in agreement

“I know that. I just want to pay back for teasing me back then” Atsuko said in mischievous tone

Mariko looks at Atsuko

“You are super cute, Acchan. How about come and live in my house?” Mariko hugs Atsuko tightly and said

“Auntie, I already said that Atsuko will stay here with me. I will take care of her” Minami separates Mariko from Atsuko and said

“I know, just asking. Well, I came here to check on this cute little girl. She is fine now. Then I will go to work now” Mariko pouts and said

“Acchan, let’s eat dinner at my house today, ok” she asks Atsuko while smiling

“Yes” Atsuko nods happily

“Ok, see you two later” Mariko said

Then she leaves the room.

“Atsuko, I also have to go to school now. Can you stay home by yourself? I already put lunch in the fridge. Just take out and heat it up, ok” Minami said

“Uh. Don't worry. I will be fine” Atsuko nods and said

“Good. I will go now. You should rest more. See you later” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

When Minami at the door, Atsuko calls him


“Huh?” Minami turns and asks

“Thank you for everything” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

Minami smiles gently at her. Then he leaves the room. Atsuko lies down and smiles happily.

“From now on, I finally have a family” she smiles and said

Atsuko is very happy right now. She feels so warm in her heart. From now on, she is not alone anymore. She has a family now.

On the street

Minami is walking to school. Suddenly he hears his phone rings. He takes out his phone and sees the ID caller is Mariko

“Hello auntie” Minami picks up

(Hey Takamina) Mariko said

“What is it, auntie?” Minami asks

(Did you tell your parents about this? You know how they are right?) Mariko said

“Uhm...I haven't told them yet. I will talk to them tonight” Minami said

(Takamina, I know you know that already, but I want to say this. I know it will be very hard, but do your best in convincing them if you really want to take care of her. Also I know since you were a kid, you never go against them in everything. If they against it, I will take her into my house) Mariko said

His eyes turn into worry. His parents are very hard, and he knows about that very well. They won't agree him to take in a stranger or more a homeless person like that. He is always taught by his parents that whenever he does anything, put Takahashi’s and Shinoda’s reputation in the top priority.

“I will definitely convince them, and if they against this, just see this is my first time going against them.” Minami said and laughs a little

(I see. Good luck. I hope your success) Mariko said

“I will definitely success” Minami said

(Good) Mariko said

Then they hang up. Minami looks at his phone and said

“I will definitely do it”


In Mariko's car

Mariko looks at her phone and smiles

“That little girl really does change him. He is now not a robot anymore” she said happily

At night

On the street

After eating dinner at Mariko’s house, Minami and Atsuko walk back to Minami's house. Then they walk by a group of school girls. Atsuko turns her head and looks at them. They are talking while smiling to each other.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“School, is school fun?” Atsuko asks him

Minami turns his head and sees what Atsuko is looking. He smiles and said

“Yeah, it is very fun”

“You get a chance to meet and befriend. You can also learn a lot of things from school” he continues

“I see” Atsuko said

Then he asks her

“Do you want to go to school, Atsuko?”

“Can I?” Atsuko asks

“Why not? I will talk to auntie and Jun-nii about this” Minami said

“But…” Atsuko is hesitated

She is still very young, but with her age, she should be in 6 grade. However, she has no basis for anything

“Don't worry Atsuko, I will tutor you. You are very smart. I believe that you can catch up with everything.” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko smiles widely at his words. But then she remembers something which causes her smiles to suddenly disappear. Seeing that, Minami asks

“What's wrong, Acchan?”

“However, will they despite and bully me as in my orphanage?” She asks in small tone
“Of course not. However, if any of them dare to do anything to you tell me, I will protect you” Minami said

“Thank you, Minami. You are so nice” Atsuko smiles brightly at Minami and said

“From now on, you don't have to thank me all the time like this” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and nods

In the morning

In the kitchen

Minami woke up early today to make breakfast for him and Atsuko, and lunch for Atsuko because he won't back home from school until 4 p.m.

While cooking, Minami stops and sighs. He remembers his conversation with his parents last night


Minami calls his parents through FaceTime.

(Hello, Minami. How are you doing? We miss you) Minami mother said

Her name is Shinoda Ayumi, the youngest daughter of the Shinoda clan.

“Hi mom, I'm doing good. How about you and dad?” Minami asks

(We are fine except very busy with your father’s work and Shinoda’s business) Ayumi said

“I see.” Minami said

He pauses a little. Then he looks up and calls his mother

“Mom, I have something to tell you and dad” he said

(What is it, son?) Ayumi asks Minami in gentle tone

“Two months ago, I met a little girl by the bridge near my house…”

Then Minami tells his mother everything about Atsuko

“Mom, Atsuko is a good girl. I want to take her in my house.” he said

(Our answer is no) a man voice strictly said

(Kenji, you don't have to use that tone to our son) Ayumi turns to her husband and said

“Hello dad” Minami bows at Kenji

(Yes, Minami. I'm sorry to say this, but you can't let her stay in your house. You remember what we said about our house reputation and especially your father’s reputation)

“I always remember your words. However, mom, dad she is not a bad person. Her parents abandoned her. I don't want her to live at a place like the bridge. Also, this is my house not Shinoda mansion. It won't affect anything” Minami reasons

(Minami, it is true that she is very pitiful. However, we really can't let her stay with you. Everyone knows you are son of Japan ambassador. Grandson of the Shinoda group, you can't interact with her. She is after all still an orphan and a homeless) Ayumi said

“Mom, you taught me when I was little that we have to help anyone who need our help, right?” Minami said

(It is. However, there are a lot of ways to help. You can give her money, find for her a new orphanage, or other things else except letting her staying with you) Ayumi said

“Mom, dad” Minami calls them

(Don't be stubborn Minami. We already decided.) Kenji said

End flashback

Minami sighs heavily when remembering that conversation. Suddenly he feeling something touching his feet.

Minami looks down and sees Hero is resting his head on Minami feet and rolling around like asking Minami to play with him. Minami smiles and sits down

“Just give me a second, I will bring your food for you ok” he said

Hero barks happily

*Woof* *Woof*

“Shh...Hero, Atsuko is still sleeping” Minami said while stroking his head

Hero buries his face on Minami's hand and licks his hand. Minami smiles at his action

“Hero, I will definitely talk to them more today. I won't give up.” He said while stroking his fur

Suddenly he hears the bell rings. Minami comes to the house to see who is it.

He looks at the screen and sees a man with a neat butler suit standing in front of the door. Minami frowns knowing who he is, and somehow, he can guess what his business is.
Minami opens the door for him. The man bows at Minami and said

“Good morning young master”

He is the butler in Shinoda mansion

“Good morning” Minami said

“What is your business?” He asks

“Mistress ordered me here to take the little girl you just helped to a new orphanage.” the butler said

“Thought so” Minami thought

“Just go back to Shinoda mansion. I will talk to them again about that” he said

“I’m sorry young master, I can’t listen to your words. Mistress already ordered me. She said that I will take her no matter you agree or not. Master also said that, this is for Shinoda and Takahashi reputation. He also said that he allowed you to move out because it is a good thing for you to grow up. However, if you keep being stubborn and do thing that will affect both Shinoda and Takahashi reputation, he will force you to go back to U.S” the butler bows at Minami and said

Minami frowns in angry.

“Reputation again.” he thought

Since he was a kid until now, all his parents talk to him is how important reputation is. He doesn't like it a bit, but they are his parents, he has to obey them.

“I said you just go home. I will talk to my parents. If they punish you, I will take full responsibility” he said serious

“Young mas…”

“Go home” Minami frowns and said seriously

“Yes, young master” The butler bows and said

Then he leaves the house. Minami closes the door and sighs heavily. Suddenly he hears Atsuko’s voice

“Good morning, Minami”

Minami turns and smiles at Atsuko

“Good morning Atsuko. You just woke up huh? Do you have a good sleep?” he asks

“Yes, this is the first time I slept so deep and great like that” Atsuko nods and said in happy tone

“I see. That’s good” Minami smiles and said

He is happy that Atsuko didn’t hear anything

“Now, let’s go to eat breakfast, Atsuko” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko said and follows him from behind

She looks at his back sadly

Minami thought that Atsuko didn’t hear his conversation with Shinoda butler. However, she heard everything.

After finishing breakfast, Minami stands up and said

“Atsuko, I will go to school now. See you in the evening.”

“Ok, bye Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

“I already cooked lunch for you. Heat it up and eat ok” Minami said while wearing his backpack

“Ok” Atsuko nods and said

Then Minami leaves the house to school.

In the evening

Minami comes home after his school. He opens the door and comes in.

“Atsuko, I'm home” he said while closing the door.

However, he doesn't hear any response.

“Atsuko, Hero” Minami calls Atsuko and Hero again

Still he doesn't hear any response from Atsuko.

“Maybe auntie takes her go somewhere” Minami thought and goes to the kitchen.

When he comes to the kitchen, he sees a piece of paper on the table.

“Huh?” Minami looks at it and sees only a few words

“Thank you, Minami. I'm very happy and lucky to meet you.

“What is it?” Minami thought in confuse

Suddenly he remembers his conversation this morning with his mother’s butler.

“Don't tell me she heard” Minami mumbles while rushing out of the house.

He rushes to the bridge where Atsuko used to live, but doesn't see her anywhere.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami calls her loudly

However, she is nowhere to be found. Unbeknown to him, Atsuko is hugging Hero and hides near the place.

Seeing Minami, Hero whimpers in her arms to rushes to Minami.

“Shh...Hero, we can't go out. Our lives and his are very different” Atsuko whispers

Hero listen to her and lies down on her laps sadly. Looking for Atsuko awhile, Minami sadly gives up. He comes to Mariko's house to ask for her help.

In Mariko's house

Minami is sitting in the dining room with Mariko, Jun, and Rena.

“So, you think she left because she heard your conversation with Ayumi's butler?” Mariko asks

“Yes, she wrote me this letter” Minami said and gives Mariko the letter

Jun and Rena lean over to look at the letter.

“I see. Although she is only 11, Acchan is an understanding little girl. Plus, she is very sensitive with everything because of what she had been through. She probably thinks that she caused trouble for you, so she left” Mariko said

“So, what do we do, auntie?” Rena asks

“Uhm… the only thing we can do is keep looking for her. However, Takamina, I guess it is very hard because she already hiding from you” Mariko said

“I know” Minami sighs deeply and said

“It is late now, I will go back home.” He continues while standing

“Don't be sad, Takamina. We will definitely find her.” Jun said

“Ok” Minami nods and leaves the house

After Minami left, Jun turns to Mariko and said

“Mom, this is the first time I see him like that. He is always a calm boy with all his emotions”

“Yes, I notice that too” Rena said

“Correct. When he took Acchan to my pet hospital, I already got a feeling that he is not a robot in his mother’s hand anymore. She turns him into a human again which is a very good sign.” Mariko smiles and said

“But Acchan left, and he is sad like that, what do we do now, auntie?” Rena asks

“We will do our best to look for her for him.” Mariko said in definite tone

“Also, she is a good kid. I want her to grow up like a normal kid” she continues

“I understand. I also want that too” Rena said

The next day

Minami also came to the bridge to look for Atsuko after his school, and Atsuko also hides somewhere near there.

Suddenly Minami's phone rings

“Hello” Minami said

(Young master, I found the little girl) the butler said to him

“Really? You found Atsuko? Take her back to my house right away” Minami said happily

Atsuko is hiding not far from Minami, hearing what he said, Atsuko looks at Hero in confuse

“I'm right here” she thought

When she looks back, she doesn't see Minami anywhere. She quickly rushes out of her hide place with Hero.

“Hero, look for Minami” Atsuko said to Hero

*Woof* *Woof*

Hero barks and starts sniffing for Minami. He looks up and waves his tail when he found Minami's scent.

*Woof *Woof*

Hero turns back and barks at Atsuko telling her to follow him. Atsuko follows Hero until she reaches an abandoned factory not far from the bridge

When she reaches there, she sees a black car park in front the place.

“Shh...Hero” feeling suspicious, Atsuko lifts Hero up and said

Then she stealthily walks toward the place where she can go inside and eavesdrops anything. She walks to the side and there is a big hole that fit only a kid like her in. She know this place very well because sometime she will come here as her shelter.

Atsuko hugs Hero and slowly slides in. Suddenly she hears Minami's voice

“Where is Atsuko?”

“Minami” Atsuko thought and slowly follow his voice.

She hides behind a big pillar. Atsuko turns to look at who Minami talking to, and she recognizes who that person is

“He is Minami's butler” She thought in surprise

“Wait, how did you know I’m looking for her?” Minami asks again in suspicious tone.

The butler looks at Minami and then laughs loudly.

“You trick me” Minami said and turns away

When he is about to leave, a lot of men rushes out blocking his way

Then Atsuko sees a familiar face walk in.

“Joker” Atsuko thought
Hero growls angrily at the person who hit his owner before.

“Shh...calm down, Hero” Atsuko said

“Big brother” Joker bows at the butler and said

 “Who is he, Toka? And what do you want?” Minami asks the butler.

“He is? He is my little brother, and they are my underlings” Toka said and smiles

Minami frowns and turns around. He sees a lot of men rushes in and surrounding him

“What is your intention, Toka?” Minami asks while frowning

“What do you think how much your parents pay for me in order to take back their only son, the only heir of Takahashi?” Toka said while smirking

“They want to kidnap Minami.” Atsuko thought in surprised

“What do you…” has finished his words, from behind him, Joker uses a big wooden stab and hits him making him fall on the ground unconscious

“Minami” Atsuko thought in surprised

She hears Hero growl a little in her arms

“Shh… Hero...sshhh” Atsuko whispers while stroking his head calming him down

“Stay still ok Hero” she whispers in small tone while putting him down on the ground

Hero stands still while looking at Atsuko. She strokes his head and said

“Find auntie, Hero. Go to the pet hospital and find auntie”

Then she picks him up toward the hole that they just slid in. Hero licks her hand and run toward Mariko's place.

Atsuko turns around and sees two men carrying Minami. Then she sees Toka give Joker something

“Lock him up in the room up stair. You and them guard him carefully. I will come back tonight and then we will call his parents” he said

“I understand brother” Joker said

Then Toka leaves the place.

“Bring him up stair” Joker orders his follower

They bring Minami upstairs. Atsuko slowly follows them from the other side of the factory. She knows this place very well.

Atsuko hides behind a wall and look at them. She sees they throw Minami into a storeroom and locks him up

After that Joker puts the key in his pocket and said

“Guard him carefully. I will be right back”

“Yes boss” they said

Then Joker leaves the place.

“He got the key. I have to get it” Atsuko thought.

She goes back to the hole that she just snuck in and goes to the market. She knows where Joker is. This is the time where he will go and collect money from people in the market. Atsuko quickly rushes around the place. She stops when seeing Joker and his men standing at a food stall.

“So you have money to give us today?” Joker said

“Yes, yes” the man nods scarily while taking out his money

Atsuko stands there think for a while. She tries to figure out how to get the key. Then she got an idea.

“Let's do that” Atsuko said

She rushes to Joker and acts like accidentally bump into him and falls on the ground. Joker turns and looks at Atsuko angrily

“You brat again” he takes Atsuko's collar and said angrily

“I'm sorry. I didn't see you” Atsuko said

“Sorry, do you think that is enough? I let you go again, and you lets me see you again. How about this” he said and kneels on Atsuko's stomach strongly making Atsuko coughs because of hurt

*cough* *cough*

Then he throws her on the ground and keeps kicking her. His action draws attention from a lot of people in the market. They gather around to see

“Why did he hit a little girl like that?”

“Is he a gangster?”

“Should we call the police” a lot of people mumble around

Seeing that, his men stop him

“Boss, we caused attention” one of them said

Joker stops and looks around.

“This time I let you go. Don't appear in front of me again brat. GOT THAT” he shouts and leaves the place.

*cough* *cough*

Atsuko slowly sits up. When Joker and his men already left, she takes out the key she just stole and smiles

“Minami, I will save you” Atsuko said while standing up


Hero is running to Mariko's place. He runs while sniffing the way.

In Mariko's hospital

Mariko, Rena, and Jun are very worry because they can't contact Minami no matter what

“Mom, can you call him?” Jun asks

“I can't I tried to call him countless time now” Mariko said

“Me too. What's wrong?” Jun said in worry tone

Suddenly they hear barking sound.

“What is it?” Rena asks while looking outside

Then they come out to see what happened. When they reach the front door, they see the security is blocking a dog. Then she opens the door.

“Get away” the security said

However the dog keep barking

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

They look and recognizes the dog is Hero.

“Hero” Rena calls him in surprise

“Let's me” Mariko comes to the security and said

“But dr. Matsui this dog is crazy” the security said

“I'm fine. Go back to your work” Mariko said

“Ok” he nods

“Hero come here” Mariko said while bending down

Hero stops barking and runs to her hand. He whimpers around her. Feeling his strange action, She quickly asks in worried tone

“What's wrong, Hero? Where is Acchan?”

Suddenly Hero jumps out of her hands. He pulls her sleave and whimpers as asking her to follow him

“What's happened?” Jun asks in confused

Mariko stands up and said worriedly

“Seem like something either happened to Acchan or Takamina”

“Really? How did you know?” Rena asks

“Hero seem to want us to follow him somewhere” Mariko said

“Then let's follow him.” Jun said

Then the three follow Hero.

At the moment,

Atsuko already snuck back into the factory. The sky is slowly turn dark at this hour.

“That unfaithful butler is about to come back. I have to save Minami quick” Atsuko thought
She looks and see the two men who guarding him are sitting on the table downstairs. She stealthily sneak to upstairs from another stair toward the storeroom where Minami is locked. Atsuko quickly takes out the key she stole and opens it up. She closes the door and rushes to Minami who is still unconscious

She shakes him and calls in whisper tone

“Minami, wake up, Minami”

“Minami, Minami” 

Minami slowly opens his eyes. He sees Atsuko is looking at him with worried and teary eyes.

“Atsuko” he calls her in surprised tone while quickly sitting up

However he stops and holds his head because of hurt. Then Minami remembers what happened to him.

“Atsuko, why are you here? Did they kidnap you too?” He quickly asks in worried tone

Then he sees bruise all over her face

“Did they hit you Atsuko?” Minami asks worriedly

“I'm fine, Minami. However, we have to get out of here, right away before they notice me here” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami stands up


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :)
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 4 12/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :)

Here is part 4  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 4

In the storeroom

“I'm fine, Minami. However, we have to get out of here, right away before they notice me here” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami stands up

Then he and Atsuko quickly rush to the door. When the door is just opened, suddenly someone kicks his stomach making him fly back and fall on the ground.

“Minami” Atsuko calls and rushes to him

However, someone takes her collar and pulls her back. Minami looks up and sees two men holding Atsuko back

“Let's her go” Minami shouts while standing up

“Who are you there to order us around?” Joker walks in and said

Then he turns to Atsuko and claps his hands

“Good job brat. You dared to steal the key from me and save him. I should have kill you the other day or at that market” He said in angry tone while holding Atsuko's collar

“Atsuko, I won't let you hurt her again” he said while rushing to Joker

He raises his fist to hit Joker, but someone catches his hand and pushes him back

“Worry for yourself first, young master” Toka said in mono tone

Then he turns to Joker and said in angry tone

“How can you let a little brat steal that key from you.”

“I'm sorry big brother” Joker bows and said

After that, Toka turns to Atsuko and said

“Brat, I heard about you. You messed up our good last month, right?”

“So what, traitor. Kidnapping your Master, traitor, traitor” Atsuko said

Toka slaps her face and said

“Who allow a little brat like you said huh?”

“Don't hurt her, Toka. Let's her go Toka. She is just a little kid” Minami said

“Let's her go? Do you think I will let her go after all of this?” Toka said in dangerous tone

“Why did you do this?” Minami asks

“Why? Of course because of money. I told you that already, didn't I?” Toka said

“My only intention to be butler in Shinoda is to kidnap you. Because, you are quite a cold little brat, and you are quite a skilled martial art, kidnapping is very hard in a normal situation. Therefore, I always find a chance to kidnap you. However, I still can't find a way to lure you out and kidnap you.” He told Minami his intention

“Then yesterday, you showed perfectly different attitude toward this brat. Thank to your attitude, I can execute this plan, and everything worked perfect as I expected except this little brat.” He continues while pointing at Atsuko

“Don’t harm her, Toka” Minami said

“No way. I won’t forgive anyone who interferes with my business.” Toka said

Then he turns to Joker and orders

“Joker, take her out and kill her. Remember to do it nice and clean”

“Don't worry big brother. She is just a little worm that no one notice. We can kill her without a problem” Joker said

“No, don't harm her. Let's her go” Minami shouts while rushing to the two men who are pulling Atsuko

“I won't let you” Toka said and blocks his way

“Don't forget that I'm a black belt karate.” Minami said

He stops and turns around dodging to Toka’s left. In a quick move, he kicks Toka at his knee. Being taken by surprise, Toka can't react and fall on the ground

Taking the chance, Minami quickly rushes to the two men who are holding Atsuko and punches their face. Joker rushes to him, but Minami kicks him at his stomach making him fall on the ground

“Run, Atsuko” Minami holds Atsuko's hand to rush out of the room

“Catch them” Toka stands up and shouts angrily

Minami holds Atsuko hand and rushes to the stair. Suddenly he sees a group of men rushing up blocking his way. Minami turns around and rushes to the other way. He pulls Atsuko and hides behind a pile of old oil barrel.

“Where is he?” Minami hears Toka’s voice

He quickly turns and whispers to Atsuko

“Atsuko, listen to me”

“I will go out and lead them to another way. Taking that chance, you run out of this place ok” he said

“No Minami, if go, go together” Atsuko said

“I will be fine, Atsuko. You go out and find help while I’m holding them back. I’m a black belt Karate. Also they won’t harm me. What they want is money” Minami said

“Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami worriedly

“I will be fine, Atsuko. Also promise me this, when we get out of here safely, go back to my house, ok” Minami pats her head and said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Good, now go” Minami nods and stands up

“Good luck Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I will” Minami nods

Then he steps out of the place and rushes to opposite of where Atsuko hide

“I’m here, Toka. You won’t catch me.” Minami shouts

“Catch him” Toka shouts

Atsuko sits there waiting for awhile, when she doesn’t hear any sound, Atsuko steps out. Suddenly someone grabs her neck tightly and said

“Got you brat. Big brother is correct when telling me to stay here. I won’t let this brat like you escape alive from me ever again”

Joker doesn’t chase after Minami as Toka tell him. Toka knew Atsuko there and told him to wait to catch her.

“Let’s go off me” Atsuko struggles

“Never, I will kill you, right here, right now” Joker said while taking out his gun

Atsuko keeps struggling in his grip. Then she bites his hand strongly and rushes away. She rushes down stair toward the gate.

“You brat” Joker angrily shouts

At the same time

Mariko, Jun, and Rena rushes follow Hero to Atsuko and Minami’s place.

“Jun, that car” Rena calls Jun when seeing a black car in front of the old factory.

“That is Shinoda’s car.” Jun said in surprised tone

“Something here is weird, Jun” Mariko said

“Yes, I felt that too” Jun said

“You two stand here. I will look inside” he continues

“Ok” Mariko and Rena said

Then Jun slowly walk toward the old factory. He carefully stands to the side of window and looks inside. However, he doesn’t see anything suspicious except an empty factory.

“Nothing” Jun thought in surprised

When he is about to go to Mariko and Rena place, he suddenly hears a male voice shouts loudly

“Stop right there brat. You dare to bite me. I will kill you”

Jun stops when hearing a male voice. He can feel the dangerous in his tone. Therefore, he quickly turns around. When he looks back inside, he sees Atsuko running toward the door.

“Acchan” Jun thought in surprised

Then he sees a man chasing after her. Jun recognizes this man.


Joker is a gangster and criminal that he and his colleague are trying to catch. However, there is always the lack in the evident.

Then Jun widens his eyes in surprise when seeing Joker is holding a gun and aiming at Atsuko

“You are an annoying brat”

Quickly Jun takes out his gun from his clothes and shoot at Joker’s hand before he can shoot Atsuko


After that, Jun quickly rushes to the door and kicks it opens.

“Police here, don’t move” He points his gun at Joker and said

Atsuko turns and calls in surprised tone


“Are you ok, Acchan? Stand behind me” Jun asks

“Yes, I’m.” Atsuko nods and runs to Jun while Toka is hugging his bleeding hand while looking at them angrily

Atsuko holds Jun’s arm and said in hurried tone

“Jun-nii, he and Minami’s butler kidnapped Minami. They are chasing after Minami up there. Please save Minami, Jun-nii”

Jun is very surprised with what Atsuko said.

“I will save Takamina, Atsuko. Don’t worry” he said

“However first, I have to handcuff this man and calls reinforcement.” he continues

Atsuko is worried. She can’t wait here. Before Jun can react, Atsuko rushes upstairs finding Minami

“Wait, Acchan. It is very dangerous” Jun shouts


Mariko and Rena are standing a little farther waiting for Jun. Rena is hugging Hero in her arms. Suddenly they hear a loud gunshot.


They quickly look at Jun’s direction.

“What’s happened, auntie?” Rena asks in worried tone

“Let’s go there and check” Mariko said

Then the two rush to the abandoned. They see the door wide opened, and then they hear Jun’s voice

“Wait, Acchan. It is very dangerous”

“Let’s get inside, Rena” Mariko said

When they reach the place, they see Jun is handcuffing a man to a steel bar on the stair.

“Jun, what’s happened?” Mariko asks

“Rena, mom, nice timing. Rena, call the police here for me. Also can you two guard him for me. I have to look for Takamina and Acchan” Jun said

“What’s wrong?” Mariko asks

“I will tell you two later. We don’t have time” Jun said and rushes upstairs

“Rena, call the police” Mariko said

“Right” Rena nods and takes out her phone

At the same time

Minami is fighting with Toka and his men at level fourth. He already disable five of his men. Now he only have to deal with Toka and his three other men. However, he was also hit by them, and he is now very tired.

*pant* *pant* *pant*

Minami pants heavily while looking at them. He knows he can’t deal with them all especially Toka because he is very good at martial art. Toka looks at it and laughs loudly

“As expected from karate and Kendo champion.” he said while clapping

“Still, you can’t win against this. I will help you to meet that brat sooner” He said and takes out a gun

Minami frowns and said

“Oh so you want to kill your money, right now?”

“Since you get on my nerve, I will kill you right here, right now. I will still have my own way to get that money” Toka said

“Say goodbye to this world one last time brat”

Suddenly Minami laughs loudly. Toka looks at him and asks

“Why did you laugh?”

“I’m happy because at least, Atsuko can escape from here and tell Jun-nii everything. You will never get what you want Toka” Minami said

Toka smirks with Minami’s words

“Do you think that that little brat can escape?” he asks

Minami frowns while looking at him

“Didn’t you notice that my little brother, Joker isn’t here?” Toka said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise. Then suddenly Minami hears a very loud gunshot.


“What do you want to do with Atsuko?” he looks at Toka and asks angrily

“I guess he already killed her now” Toka said in scornful tone

“Atsuko” Minami holds his fists tightly while tear rolling down on his cheeks

“You jerk” he shouts while rushing to him

“Don’t move” Toka raises his gun and said

Minami ignores and rushes to him.

“Then die” Toka said


When he is about to shoot Minami, Atsuko pushes him out, making him shoot in a different direction. Her push makes Toka fall on the ground, and his gun falls out of his hand.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her happily.

“Minami, Jun-nii is here. He already arrest Joker. He will save us” Atsuko stands up and said happily while rushing to Minami

Suddenly Toka holds her neck and pulls her back

“You little brat” he shouts angrily while tightening his grip on her neck

“You ruined my work for so many times. Now I will throw you down here” he continues while walking toward the safety bar

“Let’s go of her, Toka. the person you need is me” Minami said

“No, now I only want to kill this annoying brat. I will kill her. I will kill her” Toka shouts angrily

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Atsuko coughs because of his grip. She holds his hand trying to open it, but no use.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts and rushes to them

"Hold him back" Toka orders his men

The three men block Minami way. Each of them hold a steel bar. Then the three men rush to Minami at the same time. One of them raises a steel bar to hit him. Minami catches his hand and bend to behind. Then he smoothly takes the bar and hits the man at his knee making him fall on the ground.

Then the other two rush to Minami. Minami turns his bar and hits each of them at their knee and head disable them completely. After that he quickly rushes to Atsuko


Toka is holding Atsuko's neck near the safety bar

“Now die, little brat” Toka said while gritting his teeth

Then he throws Atsuko down stair. Luckily, Atsuko catches the safety bar.

“You really annoyi…”

Hasn’t finished his words, Minami uses a steel bar and hits Toka at the back of his head. Toka turns around and looks at Minami angrily

“You” Toka points his finger at Minami and said

“I said I won’t let you hurt her” Minami punches his face making him fall on the ground.

At the same time

Atsuko is holding the steel bar, and it is getting very hard every second. She looks down and sees the ground is very far. Her grip is loosening.

“I guess that is the end” she thought while closing her

Suddenly she feels someone’s hand grabs her hand.

“Minami” Atsuko looks up and calls him

“Don’t worry, I will definitely save you” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko smiles happily. Suddenly she sees Toka walk to Minami with a steel bar in his hand

“Minami, behind you” Atsuko shouts

“Takahashi Minami, I will kill you together with that brat” Toka said

“Let’s go off me, Minami. He will hurt you” Atsuko said

“I don’t care, I won’t ever let anything happen to you” Minami said seriously

“Then die together with her” Toka said

However another gunshot appears. Toka drops the steel bar down and fall down from the fourth level. Jun makes it in time to save both Atsuko and Minami. Then he helps Minami pulling Atsuko up

Back to Rena and Mariko

They smile in relief when seeing Atsuko is pulled up by Minami and Rena. They didn’t notice the anger look on Joker face when seeing his only brother fall down and die in front of him.

“That little brat” He whispers angrily under his breath

At night

In Minami’s house

After checking up everything, Atsuko and Minami go back home. Now they are in the living room, and Minami is talking to his parents. Jun already told them what happened

(Are you ok, Minami? We are very worry. You father already order the plane. We will come back there tomorrow) Ayumi asks Minami in worried tone when seeing his bandaged head

“I’m fine, mom, dad. Don’t worry. You two don’t need to go back here. I know this is the busiest time to you and father. I’m really ok” Minami said

(Really, Minami?) Ayumi asks worriedly

“Yes, I’m perfectly fine” Minami nods

“Thank to Atsuko. If she weren’t there, I guess everything will be worsen. It was her who called Jun-nii there” he continues

(So you still want her to be there, right?) Kenji asks

“Yes mom dad, she is a very good person” Minami said

(Can we see her?) Ayumi asks

“Atsuko, come and greet my parents” he turns to Atsuko and said

Atsuko looks at Minami with hesitant eyes. Minami smiles at her as saying everything will be fine. Atsuko slowly comes to the laptop screen.

“Hello Mr and Mrs. Takahashi” she said in shaky tone

(Atsuko, right?) Ayumi asks

“Yes, my name is Atsuko”

(Thank you for saving our son, Atsuko) Ayumi said

“It is nothing. Minami helped me a lot” Atsuko said

Ayumi looks at Atsuko. She can notice that Atsuko is a honest little girl. Then she said

(Since you said she is a good person, and she saved you, I guess she can live in your house)

“Really mom dad? Thank you” Minami said in happy tone

His happy face surprised Ayumi. This is the first time she sees him that happy.

(Yes, I meant what I said) Ayumi nods and said

Then after that day, Atsuko officially lives in Minami’s house, and Minami will tutor her to help her go to school.

1 month later

On weekend

Rena and Mariko come to Minami's house to take Atsuko go shopping. Minami can't go because he has an project to finish. They go to a big mall to buy clothes and everything for Atsuko.

At noon

They go to a restaurant near the police station and call him out to eat together. Mariko goes to the restroom while Rena is out for a phone call. There are only Atsuko and Jun there.

“Jun-nii” Atsuko calls him

Jun is looking at Rena who is talking on the phone outside the restaurant. Hearing Atsuko’s call, he turns back and asks

“What is it, Acchan?”

“I heard auntie said that you love Rena-neechan, right?” Atsuko asks him

Her question makes him blushes

“Mariko-sama, what did she tell to a kid” Jun thought.

“You are still a kid, Acchan. Don’t listen to that old lady” He pats Atsuko’s head and said trying to divert to another topic

“Who is old lady?” a dangerous tone comes from behind him

“Uh-oh” Jun thought while slowly turning around

“Hello my beautiful mommy” he smiles and said

“Hello, my handsome son” she smacks his head and said

“Ouch mom, stop hitting my head” Jun whines

“That is for what you just said” Mariko said while sitting next to Atsuko

“However, did what I tell Acchan is wrong?” she asks him

“Uhm… of course not” Jun strokes his neck and said

Mariko smirks at Jun’s action.

“Auntie” Atsuko turns and calls Mariko

“What is it, Acchan?” Mariko asks

“The other day, when Minami took me to Rena-neechan’s office to check up, I saw someone give her a big bouquet of red roses.” Atsuko tells Mariko

Jun widen his eyes in surprised

“Who is it, Acchan?” he stands up and asks in hurried tone

“I heard Rena-neechan call him Dr. Suzuki” Atsuko said

“It is him, Suzuki Ito. He always tries to get close to her.” Jun said in angry tone

“I see, so you just let’s him be?” Mariko asks

She asked a question that she already know the answers

“Of course I won’t let that happen.” Jun said seriously

“Let’s what happen, Jun?” Rena asks him in confused

“R...Rena” Jun turns and calls in surprise

“N...nothing...haha” he laughs reluctantly

“Ok” then she nods and sits down next to Jun.

Then they start eating lunch together. However, there is one person who doesn’t have any mood to eat because of what he heard. Notice Jun’s weird action, Rena turns and asks

“What’s wrong, Jun? You didn’t eat your food at all”

“Uhm...I’m fine” Jun smiles and said

“What should I do now?” he thought.

Then he looks at Atsuko who is happily eating her food.

“Maybe I can ask her. She is really a smart girl” he thought

At night

While Minami and Atsuko are eating, they hear bell ring. Minami walks to open the door. Jun is standing there

“Jun-nii, did you need anything?” Minami asks in surprise tone

“I need Acchan and your help” Jun said


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 5 18/12/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 5  :)

My Feeling for You

Part 5

At night

At central hospital

In Rena’s office

Atsuko is sitting on the sofa studying what Minami taught her while Rena is working with her file next to her. Then her phone rings

“Hello, Takamina” Rena said

(Hello Rena, thank for watching Atsuko and helping her study for me today.) Minami said

“No problem. Having her here is fun. She is also a very fast learner” Rena said

(That's good. After I go back home, I will pick her up immediately) Minami said

“Ok” Rena said

Then she hangs up. When she is about to stand up, Atsuko catches her hand and asks

“Where are you going, Rena-neechan?”

“I want to get some water for us. Also, I heard Mariko-sama said that you really like tomatoes juice, so I want to get that for you in the fridge.” Rena said

Atsuko looks at the fridge. Then she said

“Let’s me get them for you”

“It’s ok. I can get it” Rena said

“I don’t understand this problem, Rena-neechan. Can you look at it for me? I will get the drink for us” Atsuko said

“Oh ok” Rena nods and sits back down looking at her work while Atsuko going to get the drink

When Atsuko stands at the window, she looks down at the parking under the office and smiles


Last week

At night

While Minami and Atsuko are eating, they hear the bell ring. Minami walks to open the door and sees Jun is standing there

“Jun-nii, did you need anything?” Minami asks in surprise tone

He steps aside for Jun to walk into his house. Then they come to the kitchen where Atsuko is eating to talk

“I need Acchan and your help” Jun said seriously

“What's wrong?” Minami asks

“I...I want to confess to Rena” Jun said

“Really. That's great” Minami said happily

“But I don't know how” Jun sits down and said with a heavy sigh

“I see. I guess just come to her and say you like her. Then ask her to be your girlfriend” Minami said

“That is not that easy” Atsuko suddenly speaks up

“I'm a girl too, so I understand girl very well” she continues proudly

“Atsuko, you are just a kid” Minami said

“Minami, I'm 11 years old. Also, if I'm a kid, then you are too. You only older than me 4 years” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“But I'm a high school student now” Minami said

“You are still a kid” Atsuko said

“I’m not” Minami said

“You are” Atsuko said and sticks out her tongue at Minami

“Ok you two, I come here to ask for help. I don't want that guy to come any closer to my Rena” Jun said

“Girl really like surprise. Just make something romantic plus surprised her.” Atsuko said

"Also the most important thing, girl always want honestly come from the person she loves. Just tell Rena-neechan all your honest feeling. I believe she will be very happy" she continues while smiling

“Really?” Jun asks

“Of course” Atsuko said confidently

Minami is very surprised with what Atsuko said. He turns and asks her

"Are you really only 11 years old, Atsuko?"

Atsuko laughs at Minami question

"I'm smart you know" she said proudly

After thinking for a while, Jun got an idea

“Takamina, Acchan, I got an idea, but I need you two to help me” he said

“Ok” Atsuko and Minami nod

End flashbacks

“Today Rena will have a night shift at her hospital. I want to make a big surprise for her. Acchan can you help me to keep her not to go near the window at her office”

“Sure, leave it to me”

While thinking, Atsuko hears Rena’s voice


Hearing Rena’s call, Atsuko turns back and smiles at her.


“What are you doing there, Acchan?” Rena asks

“Nothing” Atsuko said

Then she walks back to the sofa.


At the hospital’s parking lot under Rena’s office

“Are you done, Takamina?” Jun asks

“Ok, everything at my side is perfect” Minami said

“Me too” Jun said

“Now let light them up” he continues

“Right away” Minami said

Then they light the candles on the ground.

Back to Rena

While Rena teaching Atsuko, her phone rings again. This time is Jun calls

“Hello Jun” Rena said

(What are you doing, Rena?) Jun asks

“I'm at my office. Acchan is here too. Takamina have to go out with his friend so he asked me to help her study” Rena said

(I see) Jun said

(By the way Rena, I have a favor to ask you) he said

“What is it, Jun?” Rena asks

(I have a very serious case that I have to solve. It is very important to me. I follow it for so long and still can't solve it. I really need your help) Jun said

His voice shows his determination to solve the problem

“What is it, Jun? What can I do to help you?” Rena asks in worried tone

(I need you to go to your window.) Jun said serious tone

“Come to window?” Rena asks in confused

(Yes, come to the window and look at the parking lot) Jun said

(Only you can help me, Rena) He continues in honest tone

“Ok” Rena said in confuse

Then she stands up and walks toward the window. Atsuko looks at her and smiles.

Rena stands in front her window and opens it. When the window just opens, Rena widens her eyes in surprise with what is in front of her eyes. The parking lot is brightened with the light of a lot of candles, and they shapes in heart shape with Jun is standing in the middle of the candles.

(Rena, do you know what case which I follow?) Jun asks in gentle tone

Rena is still speechless with what in front of her.

(I hold this case for so long in my heart since we were still in school. Then you moved with your parents. It saddens me a lot because I can't see you every day. At that time, I really, really want to confess, but I still couldn't find my courage.) Jun said

“Jun” Rena calls him in whisper tone

(You know what Rena? I'm very happy that you came back here. I'm very happy that I can be with you every day again. However, I don't want just being your friend anymore. I don't want to be introduced to others as your friend . I don't want one day someone take you away from me. Therefore today, I gather all my courage to say this to you Rena) Jun said

(I love you, Rena. Please be my girlfriend.) he looks up and smiles at her

Rena's tear unconsciously roll on her cheek. She is very happy. She turns around and quickly rushes out of her room toward Jun's place

Parking lot

Rena rushes out of the hospital and calls Jun's name happily


Jun turns and smiles at Rena

“Jun” Rena calls him again and rushes to hug him

“Rena” Jun smiles happily and hugs her back

“Rena, please answer my confession. I'm waiting for so long” He whispers

“I love you, Jun” Rena smiles on his chest and said

“You make me wait for so long” she pouts and said while hitting his chest slightly

“I'm sorry. I should have confessed to you sooner. It is all because of my coward.” Jun said

“On the day, we went out for lunch with Acchan and Mariko-sama, Acchan told me about that guy again. I was so scared. I'm scared that I will lost you forever. I want you to be mine. I want to claim you mine so that no one can take you away from me” he continues while tightening his hug

“I see. So, that is why Acchan didn't let me come near the window” Rena said

“Uh, because at that time, Takamina and I was preparing everything down here.” Jun said

“I'm so happy Jun” Rena looks up at Jun and said while smiling

Jun smiles gently at her. Then he bends down and kisses her lips gently.

On the street

“It's great that Jun-nii finally confessed to Rena” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

“By the way Atsuko” Minami said

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko turns and asks

“Here” Minami said while giving Atsuko a gift box

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at him with confused look

Minami smiles and said

“This is gift for you to celebrate 5 months since we met. I bought it the other day for you”

Atsuko is surprised with his words.

“This is for me?” Atsuko said in happy tone

“Uh, let's open it” Minami nods and said

Atsuko happily opens the box. Inside is a jewelry box. She opens it and sees inside is a necklace with a letter A pendant.

“Let's me wear this for you” Minami said and takes the necklace

He slowly wears it on her neck. Atsuko looks at her necklace happily. This is the first time someone give her something. It makes her extremely happy.

“I don't really know what a girl like, so I bought this for you. Letter A is the initial of your name” Minami said while scratching his head

“Thank you, Minami. I love it.” Atsuko looks at Minami and said while smiling brightly

“That's great” Minami smiles and said

Suddenly Atsuko leans up and pecks on Minami's cheek surprising him

“Thank you, Minami” she whispers in his ear

Then she runs away. Minami touches his cheek, then he smiles and chases after her

“Atsuko wait for me” he said

“Thank you, Minami. Thank you for acknowledging my existence and treating me so nice like this. You are my one and only important family, Minami” Atsuko thought while smiling

At Minami’s house

In Atsuko's room

Minami is teaching Atsuko. Then he remembers something

“Wait for me a little, Atsuko” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Minami goes out. Moment later he opens the door and walks back to the room. His hands are behind his back. He is hiding something. He walks toward her and stands in front of her

“Here Atsuko” Minami smiles at her and said

Atsuko looks down and sees a box

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“This is my other gift for you. I bought it when you told me that you want to study. It is my encouragement for you. I hope you can successfully in studying” Minami said

Atsuko takes the box and opens it. She sees it is a very beautiful pen inside.

“Minami” Atsuko thought

Tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks. Her feeling is overwhelmed. This is the second things she received from Minami. She is extremely happy. Seeing Atsuko cry all of sudden, Minami said in panic tone

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

Atsuko shakes her head while wiping her tear.

“Uh-uh, nothing. I’m just very happy because you treat me so nice” Atsuko said

Minami smiles gently

“Baka, since the day I asked you to be here, you are my family. Don't think us as stranger anymore” He said and pats her head

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Thank you, Minami. I will do my best in studying” she answers enthusiastically

“Good” Minami pats her head and said

Minami’s POV

I’m happy when hearing what Atsuko said. I will do my best to help her to soon go to school.
Everyday, after I study at school, I will go home and teach her all the knowledge from 1 to 6 grade hopefully she can get to the 7 grade as her age. Atsuko is really very smart, and fast learner. She got everything I teach her very fast.

With the help of Rena and auntie in teaching her, after one year, Atsuko passed the all the tests and skip to 7 grade as her age.

5 years later

On the road

Atsuko’s POV

I’m walking back from school. It has been 5 years now, and I’m a high schooler. Everything to me in this past 5 year is so great. I have a new family with a super nice auntie, a beautiful and gentle big sister, a cool brother, and lastly, the most important person to me, Minami. He is the greatest person in the whole world.

By the way, Jun-nii and Rena already married last month, and they are very happy. I hope I can have a happy family like them.

Thinking about that reminding me of Minami and my unrequited love toward him. I can't confess to him because after all, I'm still only an orphan. His family and his life are so much different from me. I shake all my negative thought and tell myself

“You are very happy now, Atsuko. You can see him every day. That is enough. Don’t get greedy”

I walk by the river bank where I met Minami for the first time. Anytime, I walk by this place, my memories of 7 years ago come back to me again. I’m very blessed to meet him that year. Without him, I’m not who I’m right now.

Walking for a while, I reach my house. I open the door and walk in

“Minami, I’m ho...” I stop when seeing a girl sitting on the sofa

She turns to look at me and smiles

“Oh Atsuko, you are home” Minami comes out from the kitchen and said

“Uh” I nod still looking at the girl.

Noticing my confused look, Minami said

“Atsuko, let’s me introduce her to you.”

“Her name is Kisaki Kiara. She is daughter of my father’s friend. She came to Japan to study in my university.” he said to me

“I see” I said

“Hello Acchan, I heard aunties Ayumi talked about you. Nice to meet you” she said to me while extending her hand to shake my hand

“Hello Kisaki-san. Nice to meet you too” I said and shake her hand

“Just call me Kiara.” she said and smiles at me

“Ok” I nod

Then she turns to Minami and said

“Takamina, it is late. I have to go home now. See you later in class”

“Ok. See you later” Minami said

He opens the door for her, and they walk out of the house. I stand there and look at him. Then I go up stair to put back my bag. When I get down, Minami already in the kitchen. He turns and smiles at me

“Sit down Atsuko. Dinner is almost done” he said

“Let’s me help you, Minami” I said

“It’s ok. I’m done now.” Minami said

“Ok” I smile and sit down

Then he brings the food out and sits down. I’m still curious about her. So I call him


“Huh?” Minami looks at me and asks

“Who is she, Minami?” I ask

“Actually I don't know much about her. My mother said we were in kindergarten in U.S together, but that was long time ago” Minami said

“Then yesterday, my mom called me and said she will come to Japan to study at my school. I never thought she would be in my class. I was very surprised when seeing her in my Economic class today. What a coincidence” He continues while smiling

“I see” I said

“One more thing, Atsuko” Minami looks at me and said

“What is it, Minami?” I asks

“My mom told me to try to get to know more about her...uhm… you know is really hard to say” Minami scratches his head and said

I notice his weird action. Somehow I can guess what he meant. Her father is his father’s friend. I guess her family will be compatible with his. My heart suddenly feels tight when thinking about him with her.

“What do you think about her, Atsuko?” he suddenly looks up and asks me

“What do you mean, Minami?” I ask in confuse

“Uhm...I told you already. My mother showed me her picture the other day, and she wants me to get to know her because she want her to be my wife” Minami said

Those words are just like knifes cut right in my heart. His voice just keep echoing my head. I can't stand this pain, and my tear is about to burst out. While deep in my thought, I hear Minami’s voice


I look up and ask him trying to calm my voice

“What is it, Minami?”

“You are spacing out” he said

“Ah nothing. I just think about school stuff” I said while smiling

“I see” Minami said

“By the way, Atsuko. I need your advice” he looks at me and said

“My advice?” I said in question tone

“I told you that my mom told me to get to know her and uhm...” Minami said while scratching his head

“I want you to give me some advice on how to impress her since you helped Jun and Rena before.” he continues

My heart feels so hurt when hearing what he said.

“I’m sorry Minami. I will tell you about that later. I’m not feeling well, right now” I said trying to hold my pain while standing up

“You don't feeling well, why don’t you tell me sooner.” Minami said in concerned tone while walking closer to me

“Are you ok? Are you sick” He asks me while raising his hand to touch my forehead

“I...I'm fine Minami. I just need a little rest” I step back and said

“Oh ok” he said

Then I walk upstairs silently. I speed up my speed to my room. After closing the door, I lie down on my bed and pull the blanket cover me. I don’t know since when tear already cover my face. Suddenly I feel something pulling my blanket. Then I hear Hero’s whimper. I open my blanket and see Hero tilts his head looking at me.

I believe he is worry about me because of my strange action. Normally I will hug him and pets his head before lying down. I sit up and calls him.

“Come here, Hero” I said

Hero jumps up on my bed and lies down near me. I forgot to mention. He is very big now. I lie down and hug him

“Hero, Minami already got a person he will marry” I whisper while hugging him tighter

I know this thing will eventually happened. I know one day, Minami will find someone and leave me, but why did it hurt like this. My heart in is pain. An unbearable pain that I don’t want to feel.

There is a lot of time, I want to tell him my feeling, but I can’t. Who am I? I’m nothing. Just an homeless and orphan girl who he helped out of pity. He deserves a better person than me.

“I guess this unrequited love will just stay inside my heart forever because after all, he will never see me that way” I close my eyes and thought

Then I feel Hero lick tear on my face. I know he is comforting me, right now. I open my eyes and smile at him

“I’m fine, Hero” I stroke his head and said

End Atsuko’s POV

At night

Minami’s POV

I open Atsuko’s room and walk in. I’m worry about her because this evening she said that she is not feeling well, and her action was weird. I want to check on her. That kid will never know how to take care of herself

When I open the door, I see her already asleep, and Hero is sleeping next to her. I smile at their peaceful face. Then I slowly pick Hero up and put him down on his own bed near Atsuko’s bed.

“He is really a big boy now” I thought while putting him down on his own bed

After that I turn and pull the blanket to cover her because it’s winter and the weather is very cold.

I sit down and look at Atsuko. I has been 7 years since she moved here. Every day to me is harmony. I feel so much happy when she is here. The feeling that I have never had before. I raise my hand and brushes the hair covering her face. I stun a little when seeing her sleeping face.

*Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump*

I touch my heart when feeling some weird feeling in my heart. My heart suddenly beats so fast.

“Why did my heart beating this fast?” I thought in confuse

Suddenly I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I take out and see my mom’s text. I stand up and leave Atsuko’s room.

End Minami’s POV

In Atsuko’s room

“Minami, I love you” Atsuko unconsciously said in her sleep


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Miracle of Christmas (Atsumina) 25/12/2016
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Hello everyone, this is a Christmas OS. This OS is the sequel of the OS “Promise”. I hope you guys like it  :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  :) :D

Miracle of Christmas - Promise sequel

In a big mansion

A person POV

My name is Maeda Atsuko, I’m 31 years old, and I’m a jewelry designer.  Because I was in coma for 7 years because of my sickness, I just became a jewelry designer recently. I started working in my husband’s company last month. My husband is Takahashi Minami, 31 years old. He is president of Takahashi group. He created this company himself right after we married.

Minami is a very hard working person. After five years, he successfully developed a big group with branches all around Japan, and abroad. I know everyday he always does his best in his work because he said that he wants to give me a happy life without any worry. He even developed a jewelry branch when I told him I want to be a jewelry designer. He said that he wants to work together with me. It makes me very happy when knowing how much he love me and thinking about me.

I met my husband 15 years ago under the Christmas tree in the City Square. He confessed his love to me one year after we met. At that time, I was extremely happy with his confession though it was a little clumsy. We were very happy together every day until I found out about my sickness. There was a tumor in my head, and my parents decided to take me to my father's friend in England to treat for me. Because of that, I had to leave the person I love so much. I thought we would never meet each other again. However, destiny didn't hate us. Fate really ties us together. After 7 years in coma, I finally awoke. I quickly came back here to the Christmas Tree where I promised to him. As miracle, I found him there still waiting for me even though our promise was only 5 years. I'm so lucky and happy to have his love

We are now already a married couple for 5 years, and every day to me is happiness because I can be with Minami, my one and only love.

I'm now sitting on the sofa reading my book while waiting for Minami to come home. He already called and told me to eat first and sleep because he will come home late today because of work, but I want to wait for him. While reading, I hear someone calls me

“Atsuko-sama, it is very late now. You should eat dinner and go to sleep. I think master will be home late today again”

I turn and see Emi-san walking toward me. She is the cook in my house, and her husband is a taxi driver. She is the only one who will stay in the house to take care of me as Minami's order. The others will come in the morning and leave after their work is done
“It's ok. I want to wait for Minami” I smile and said

I look and see she is holding a bag in her hand. I know she will go back to her house for Christmas. Every year we will allow her 3 weeks off for her to go back home celebrate Christmas and new year with their family.

“You are about to go back to your hometown, right?” I ask her

“Yes, Atsuko-sama” she said

“I see. Did Jonathan give you your holiday gift?” I asks

Jonathan is the house keeper and the head butler in this house.

“Yes, he gave me this morning. Thank you very much Atsuko-sama” Emi-san bows at me and said

“You're welcome, Emi-san. Does your husband come to pick you up?” I ask her

“Yes, he is already outside, Atsuko-sama” Emi-san said

"I see. Then you should go now. Don't let him wait" I said

"Yes, I will leave now. Good bye Atsuko-sama" Emi-san

“Bye Emi-san, Merry Christmas” I smile and said to her

“Merry Christmas to you and Master” she bows at me and said

“Thank you” I smile and said

Then she leave the house. Once again, everything around me turns silent. I lie down on the sofa and continues reading my book while waiting for Minami

End Atsuko's POV


Minami opens the door and comes in. When he walks to the stair, he sees light in the family room

“Atsuko waits for me again” he thought in surprised and walks into the room

As he expected, he sees a little figure sleeping on the sofa with a small blanket covered her. On her hand, she is still holding the book

“Atsuko” Minami mumbles

He comes and looks at her sleeping face. He brushes the hair that cover her face aside. Then he caresses her face and whispers

“Baka, I told you not to wait already”

He gently lifts her up so that she won't be woken up. After that he walks up stair toward their room and puts her down gently. Then he pulls the blanket gently cover her.

Suddenly he remembers something. Minami quickly comes downstairs to the dining room.

“As expected, she didn't eat dinner again” he thought when seeing table of foods which are covered carefully

Minami takes the food into the kitchen to reheat them. After that he brings the food upstairs for Atsuko. Minami puts the food on the nightstand and then sits down on their bed.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he calls her gently

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She smiles happily when seeing Minami. Minami smiles back at her lovingly

“Minami, you are back” Atsuko said while rubbing her eyes

“Uh. I'm” Minami said while helping her sitting up

“Atsuko, you didn't eat dinner again” he said in strict tone

“I want to wait for you” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“I already called you and said that I will be home very late because I have to finish my new contract” Minami said

“It is not good for your health if you always skip your dinner like that” he continues in gentle tone

He is worry about her. He doesn't want her to get sick

“You also skipped your dinner, right? I know whenever you focus on your work, you will forget everything even your dinner. It is also not good for your health, Minami. It is even serious because you have to go to work early every day. I don't want you to get sick, Minami” Atsuko said worriedly

Minami looks at her eyes and notices how worry she is. He holds her hands pulling her closer and hugs her in his arms

“I'm sorry for making you worry, Atsuko. I promise you that I will try to go home early and eat dinner with you every day ok” he said

“Promise?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“Uh, promise” Minami smiles gently and said

Atsuko smiles happily at Minami

“Baby, I already reheat the food. Let's eat together” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

At dawn

Atsuko wakes up feeling empty next to her. Minami already woke up, and she knows where Minami is. She sits up and steps down from the bed. Then she comes to Minami's office and slowly opens the door.

Atsuko sees Minami is sleeping on his table.

"Minami wakes up early to work again." Atsuko thought

Then she opens the door of the closet to take out a blanket and gently puts it on him. After that she comes to the kitchen to make breakfast for him.

7 a.m

Minami wakes up and feels a blanket on him. When he turns to look beside him, he sees a cup of hot coffee is already there. He smiles happily while taking the cup that is still very hot

“No one understand me more than my lovely Atsuko” he thought while drinking his favorite morning coffee.

Then he puts back the blanket and goes down to the kitchen to find Atsuko. When he walks into the kitchen, he sees Atsuko is preparing their breakfast. Minami smiles and stealthily walks toward her. He hugs her from behind and said

“Good morning, Baby”

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko turns and said to him in surprised tone

“Morning kiss, Atsuko” Minami said in childish tone

Atsuko laughs softly at his childish face. She leans and pecks on his lips

“Ok?” Atsuko asks

“Uh-uh, not enough” Minami shakes his head and said

Then he leans and kisses her lips deeply.

“Yes, that is perfect” Minami breaks the kiss and said

“Why did you wake up so early today, Atsuko? You forgot that I don't have to work today, huh?” He asks

“Of course I remember. However today, you will go with me to the mall. It makes me very happy. I want to wake up early and prepare everything” Atsuko smiles and said

“Also I can’t sleep because of excitement” she continues in happy tone

Minami looks at her. He knows she has been very lonely because in these past four years, he can’t be with her much because of his busy work.

“At..” When Minami is about to say something, his phone rings.

Minami takes out his phone to see who is it

“Atsuko, give me a second, ok” he said

“Uh” Atsuko smiles and said

Then Minami turns and walk out to the garden.

“Hello Goro, what is it?” Atsuko hears Minami said in whisper tone while closing the kitchen door

When the door closes, Atsuko looks down sadly. She knows today their plan will be canceled again because of Minami’s work. The person who just called him is his assistance.

After awhile

Minami comes back, but he doesn’t see Atsuko in the kitchen. When he come out to the dining room, he sees his breakfast is already on the table. However Atsuko is not there

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He comes to their room and sees Atsuko is preparing a suit for him to go to work. He comes to hug her from behind and said in whisper tone

“I’m sorry, Atsuko”

“It’s ok, Minami.” Atsuko turns around and smiles a forced smile

She tries to smile as brightly as possible so that Minami won’t be sad. However, of course, Minami notices it. Like how she understands him, he understand her more than anyone. He takes her hand and lead her to sit down on the sofa in their room. Then he sits down in front of Atsuko

“Atsuko, I’m sorry that I can’t go with you today. Today, CEO of a famous company in Germany comes to Japan. He is the client that I want to ask to cooperate with my company here. My assistance called to tell me about him. He said that my client want to talk to me about our contract. The thing is he will go back Germany tomorrow” Minami said

“I understand, Minami. I know you really want to expand our company there. Just go and meet him. I can go shopping myself” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami looks at Atsuko’s sad eyes. Then he caresses her face and said

“How about this, Atsuko. I will have a meeting early, so I think the meeting will end very soon. Right after the meeting with him, I will come to the mall with you. The meeting won’t be long. I will come there at noon. Then we will go on a date together, ok?”

“Uh, I will wait for you” Atsuko smiles and said

“Come on, Minami. Let’s me prepare for you to go to work” she continues while standing up

Minami hugs her waist pulling her to a kiss. Then he hugs her and whispers

“I won’t break my promise again, Atsuko. I will come to the mall at noon. I promise”

“Don’t worry, Minami. I’m fine. I will wait for you at the coffee shop that we always come” Atsuko kisses his cheek and said

In the evening

At 3:00 p.m

On the road

There is a car running a little quickly. Minami opens his phone and dials a number. On the screen, there is the name of the person he calls “My Atsuko”

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

However all he hears are ringtones, but no one picks up

(You have reached Maeda Atsuko. I’m now unable to answer your call, you can leave me a message after the tone)

“Huh? Why didn’t Atsuko pick up my call?” Minami thought

Then he dial her number again. However, he still gets the same result.

“Atsuko, I’m sorry I can’t go to the coffee shop right now. The meeting is still ongoing”

“I see.”

“I’m really sorry baby. I will go there right after the meeting finished” 


“Atsuko, I’m really sorry baby”

“It’s ok, Minami. I’m fine. Don’t worry. I will wait for you”

Minami remembers his conversation with Atsuko

“Maybe she is still mad because I broke our promised again” Minami thought

“Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t come at the time I said. I’m coming to the coffee shop now” he leaves a message over the phone hoping Atsuko will listen to it


On the rooftop of someplace

There is a man standing there with a dangerous look. He is wearing security uniform. He comes to the trash can on the cart and opens the cover. Inside is the unconscious Atsuko. He takes her out and ties her hands on the handrail. After that he looks at Atsuko with dangerous

“Takahashi Minami, I'm waiting for so long to take revenge on you” he said in dangerous tone

Back to Minami

Minami already reached the mall. He quickly rushes to the coffee shop that he told Atsuko to wait for him. However when he get there, he didn’t see Atsuko anywhere.

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami thought

He takes out his phone to call for her, but it said that the phone is turned off. Worriedly, Minami calls Rena

(Hello Takamina)

“Rena, did Atsuko call you?” Minami asks

(No, she didn’t call me) Rena said in confuse

(What’s wrong, Takamina? I thought you and Acchan will go shopping today) she asks

“I got an urgent meeting today, so I had to come to my company this morning. I thought I will meet her here at noon, but the meeting held me back until now. When I come to the coffee shop where I told her to wait for me, I didn’t see her here” Minami said in worried tone

(Takamina, why you always like that?) Rena said and sighs heavily

(Where is the coffee shop, Jun and I are here, we will help you find her) she continues

“The one downstairs near my company’s jewelry shop” Minami said

(Ok, we will be there right away) Rena said

Then she hangs up

About 5 minute later, Rena and Jun come into the place

“Takamina” she calls him

“Rena, Jun” Minami greets them

“Did you look around? Did you come to the jewelry shop? How about your house?” Jun asks

“I did, but still no sign of her” Minami said in worried tone

“Did you call Acchan, Takamina?” Jun asks

“I did, I called her a lot of times, but it only redirect me to her message” Minami said

“Let’s me try” Rena said

Then she takes out her phone and calls Atsuko. However, she also couldn’t reach her.

“Takamina, why did you always like that? This is not the only time you left her alone you know” Rena said in loud tone

Everyone turns to look at Rena because of her loud voice

“Calm down Rena” Jun said to her

“I can’t. She must be very sad that she doesn’t want to answer his phone even mine. What did you promised me and her parents about taking good care of her, Takahashi Minami?” Rena said

“I’m sorry” Minami said

“Calm down, Rena. We are in public. Also, let’s find Acchan first” Jun holds her and said

“Ok” Rena takes a deep breath and nods

“Takamina, why don’t you ask the waitress here?” Jun said

“Right” Minami said and quickly rushes to a waitress

“Excuse me, did you see this person come here?”  he asks

The waitress looks at Minami’s phone, and then she said

“I saw her today”

“Really? When did you see her? And do you know where did she go?” Minami quickly asks

“I’m not sure, but she must come here before noon because my shift starts at 12:00, and when I came here, she already sitting there.” The waitress said while pointing at a table near the window

“Do you know how long she be here?” Rena asks

“Uhm…I guess about 2:00 hour. After that she left here with a man.” the waitress said

“A man? Are you sure miss?” Jun asks

“Yes, because when I’m about to ask her if she wants another coffee, she paid for her drink and lest. Another thing, the man looks very weird. He keeps looking around and his action is very strange.” The waitress said

“Really? That is strange” Jun thought

“Can you describe her action when she left, miss?” He asks

“Uhm…she seems to be very hurry when leaving here. It looks like something serious happened to her husband.” the waitress said

“Something happened to her husband?” Minami asks in surprised

“When I serve the table next to hers, I heard she asked he man "What's happened to my husband? Why did he has to be transfer to the hospital" Her voice seems to be very worry.” The mistress said

“What is going on?” Jun thought in suspicious

“Can you describe his look for me?” he asks

The waitress looks at Minami, Jun, and Rena with confused look because they keep asking her one after another question. Noticing that, Jun takes out his bandage and said

“I’m a police. Can you describe him for me?”

“Uhm….he is about 1m7 tall. I think he is about 45 or 46. He has dark skin. I can’t describe more because he wears a big sun glasses” the waitress said

“Who is he? Damn it!” Minami scratches his head and thought

Suddenly his phone ring. He looks and sees Atsuko’s number. Minami quickly picks up his phone and asks

“Atsuko, where a…”

Hasn’t finished his word, a dangerous voice from the other side speak up

(Hello president Takahashi)

“Who are you?” Minami asks in serious tone

Rena and Jun are surprised with Minami tone. Minami gives them a sign for them to follow him. Minami quickly leads them to his jewelry store and comes to the manager office. When they sit down, Minami turns on the speaker mode.

(How can you forget your employee like that, Mr. Takahashi) the man said

Minami is surprised with his words. Then he remembers this voice.

“Iwai Satoru” he said

(Bingo, you got a correct answer. I will give you a great reward) Satoru said in creepy tone

They hear the sound indicate he got a message, and Minami quickly opens the message. He widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Atsuko picture. She is unconscious and her hands are tied up to something

Rena widens her eyes in surprised. She quickly turns to her husband and looks at him worriedly

“Calm down, Rena” Jun holds her hand and whispers

“If you do anything to her, I will kill you” Minami said in angry tone

(I’m so scare my president) Satoru said in scornful tone

Jun takes a paper and write down something. The he gives it to Minami

“Ask him what does he want? Try to hold him on the phone as long as possible. I will try to locate his place”

Minami nods at him. Then Jun walks out of the room to call his men

In the office

“What do you want, Satoru?” Minami asks

(I want to take revenge) Satoru said

“Revenge? What did I do to you?” Minami asks

(You ruined my life) Satoru shouts

“I ruined your life? I hired you in my company when you need a job. I gave you money when your family needs. what did I do to ruin your life?” Minami said angrily

(Don’t act like a good person in front of me. You were the one who caused my company to went bankrupt 6 years ago. It was you who made me to live as I’m right now. 5 years ago, my wife and my son left me. I have no one now) Satoru said

“Who are you?” Minami frowns and asks

(My real name is Iwasa Toru) Satoru said

Minami widens his eyes in surprised

“It was you. I should have known. It was you who caused your company to went bankrupt itself.” he said angrily

“Don’t blame everything on me. If that year, you didn’t file that complain letter, I wouldn’t be investigated by the police and end up in this state right now” Satoru shouts

“That year, you gave the company that I used to work bad quality goods. All the goods I ordered were fake, I have to do that. If not, other company would be tricked like us.” Minami shouts

“Shut up, I don’t give a damn for that. You asked me what I want? I want to see your painful face when seeing your wife die) Satoru said

“You dare” Minami said angrily

Satoru laughs loudly

(Only hearing your voice make me so satisfy, Takahashi Minami) he said

(Ok, I will tell you where am I. I’m at the rooftop of your company. Come and save your beautiful wife. After all, I really, really want to see how is your face right now) he continues

Then he hangs up

“Satoru, Satoru, Satoru” Minami shouts angrily

“Damn it” he slams the table strongly and said

“Takamina, my people was able to locate him.” Jun quickly opens the door and said

“I know where he is” Minami said in a deep tone showing he is holding down his anger

30 minutes later

On the rooftop

Minami rushes to the rooftop with Jun. Jun kicks the door and rushes in.

“Iwai Satoru, release my wife now” Minami said in angry tone

Satoru is sitting on the a bench. Hearing a loud noise of the door opening, then he hears Minami's voice, he smirks and said in scornful tone

“Wow, wow, wow, who do we have here. Mr. all mighty, young, and talented president Takahashi Minami”

Then he sees Jun and some police rushing in.

“You even called cops here huh?” Satoru smirks and said

“Iwai Satoru, surrender now. The police is already surrounding this place.” Jun said

“Surrender? Don't make me laugh, sir. Don't you forget this” Satoru said while pulling out a big plastic cover.

Behind it is Atsuko. Her hands are tied behind her back and her mouth is covered with a cloth. She looks at Minami with teary eyes.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her worriedly

“I should thank you for giving me a chance to kidnap your lovely wife, Mr. Takahashi” Sotaru said

Minami frowns when hearing that

“I planned this plan for so long, and today, I finally got this great chance from you. Today, I overheard your conversation with your wife knowing that you will be late to come to the coffee shop with her. Luckily I already follow her long enough to know where is the favorite coffee that you two always come. After I got everything, the only thing I have to do is come there and said something happened to you during the meeting, I come to take her to the hospital.” Satoru said

“You are really lucky to have such a loving wife. She believes me instantly when I said that you collapsed during the meeting, and is in the hospital right now. She quickly followed me without any doubt. Easy right? After that the only thing I have to do is disable her with an electric device. Bamp, everything is perfect” Satoru said while laughing loudly

“You bastard” Minami shouts angrily and rushes to him

“Ah-ah-ah, don’t be that reckless or this lovely bullet will go straight into her head” Satoru said and points a gun at Atsuko's head

“Jerk” Minami said

Satoru looks at Minami and smirks. Then he sits down and pulls down the cloth that cover her mouth.


When Atsuko is about to call Minami, Satoru slaps her

“Who allow you to say?” He shouts

“Satoru, I will kill you.” Minami shouts angrily

“Tsk...tsk...tsk...Takahashi Minami, you forgot that you aren’t in the position to say anything, right?” Satoru said

Then he slaps Atsuko's face again

“You!!!” Minami shouts angrily

“What do you want I can give you everything?” he shouts while holding his fists tightly

“You want me to release your wife, right?” Satoru said

“What do you want?” Minami asks

“I want all of these cops to get out of here.” Satoru said


“1” Satoru counts while pointing his gun on Atsuko's forehead

“Jun, please leave this place” Minami said cutting Jun's words

“Takamina, he just want to trick you” Jun said

“2” Satoru said while pulling down the safe switch

“Jun, please. I don’t want anything happen to Atsuko” Minami said

Jun nods and leaves with his men

“They all left now. Release Atsuko” Minami said

“That is just one of my requirement.” Satoru said

“Then what else do you want?” Minami asks in hurried tone

“This requirement is very easy. You can do it in a blink of eyes.” Satoru said

“What do you want?” Minami shouts impatiently

“I want you to die, right here, right now” he said

Then he takes another gun by his other hand and throws at Minami. Minami bends down and pick the gun up

“No, don’t do it Minami” Atsuko shouts in tear

“Shut up” Satoru said while using his hand to strangle Atsuko

“D...don' it, Mi...Minami” Atsuko said hardly

“I said shut up” Satoru shouts while tightening his grip on her neck

“Don’t hurt her. I will do it, I will do it, right now” Minami said while pointing the gun on his head

Satoru smirks while turning back to look at Minami.

Minami pulls the safety switch down slowly. Satoru looks at him and smiles victoriously. Because of too focusing on Minami, he doesn’t notice that Atsuko all the time is using a small pocket knife to cut the rope behind her back. Luckily, Minami always tell her to bring this convenience tool

“Atsuko, I love you” Minami smiles and said

Then he closes his eyes and slowly pulls the trigger.

At the same time, Atsuko shouts and rushes to him

“Don’t do that Minami.”


Followings that gunshot is another gunshot


Then another gunshot echoes throughout the place


Satoru slowly fall down on the floor. Between his head, there is a mark showing a bullet pierced through it. His face still shows a very surprised expression. Jun shot him when he heard the first gunshot.

About Minami, Atsuko is able to stop Minami from shooting himself by pushing his hand up to the sky. Seeing Satoru drops down the ground, Minami throws the gun away and smiles at Atsuko.

“Are you ok, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I'm fine, Atsuko. All thank to you, Atsuko” Minami quickly hugs Atsuko and said

However he quickly looks at his hand when feeling something wet on Atsuko backs. He widens his eyes in surprise when seeing his hand is covered with blood. Atsuko slowly falls down in Minami’s arms

When Atsuko rushes to stop Minami from shooting himself, Satoru shot her at her back. That is the first shot Jun heard.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” he hugs Atsuko tightly and calls her worriedly

“Mi…*Pant*...Mina…*Pant*...mi?” Atsuko calls Minami in weak tone while panting painfully

“I’m here, baby. You will be fine, Atsuko. You will be fine.” Minami said in tear

Atsuko smiles weakly while holding his hand. Minami can feel her hand is very cold

“Atsuko, you will be fine, Atsuko, I already took a month off. We will go on our Christmas vacation together. This is also our 5 years wedding anniversary, right.” Minami holds her hand and said

Atsuko really wants to answer him, but tiredness invades her. She slowly close her eyes and falls in the sea of darkness.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko”

“I need an ambulance right away” Minam shouts in tear while hugging Atsuko tightly in his arms

In the hospital

Atsuko is in the operation room. Minami sits outside while holding his hands tightly.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, my love, my life, my baby you will be fine. You will be fine” He whispers in his shaky tone

Jun and Rena are there too. However they know how painful Minami is right now. Therefore they only can look at him from afar

“Acchan, will be fine, right Jun?” Rena hugs her husband and said

“Uh, she will be fine. You told me Acchan is a strong girl, right? She can fight with that tumor in her head. I’m sure she will be fine” Jun said while patting Rena back comforting her

Then the light of the room turn off and the door opens. Minami quickly rushes to the doctor and asks

“How is my wife, Dr?”

“I'm sorry, Mr. Takahashi. We did our best” The doctor bows deeply and said

Hearing that, Minami feels like a knife stabbed strongly in his heart making it breaks in pieces

“Please doctor, please save my wife. What do you want? I can give you everything. Please just save her” Minami kneels down and said

“Please Mr. Takahashi, please don’t do that. I will save your wife if I could, but the bullet already pierced in her lung. We couldn’t do anything. I’m deeply sorry” the doctor said in sad tone

“You can go meet Mrs. Takahashi one last time” she continues

Minami stands up and rushes into the operation room. Jun and Rena also follow him. However they only stand outside to look at him and Atsuko

Inside the operation room

Minami slowly walks in and sees the love of his life is lying there. He can hear her weak heart beat from the ECG machine.

“Atsuko” he rushes to her and holds her hand tightly

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles brightly her usual smile. He looks at her pale lips that trying to smile as brightly as possible to cheer him up, but he only can see how weak she is.

“Atsuko? Please don't leave me. I need you” he said in broken tone while tear rolling down on his cheeks

*Pant* *Pant*

Atsuko is panting heavily. She tries her best to smile at him again. Then she said while caressing his face

“I...I won't, Mi...Minami”

“Ho...w can...I *Pant* my husband ...*Pant*...the man I love...more…*Pant*...than anything…” she said and smiles weakly at him again

“Atsuko” Minami caresses Atsuko face and whispers

“Mi...Minami*pant*” Atsuko calls him weakly while panting

“What is it, baby?” Minami asks

“I...I want…*Pant* your….kiss” Atsuko smiles and said

“Of course, anything for my queen” Minami said

He cups her pale face and leans down to kiss her lips with a long and loving kiss. His tear drops on Atsuko's face.

“I...don't *Pant*...cry, Mi...Minami...I want..*Pant* to...see.. your smiles.” Atsuko smiles weakly and said while raising her weak hand to wipe his tear

Then she slowly raises her hand to take out something in her pocket.

*Cough* *Cough*

“Atsuko” Minami calls her worriedly when seeing how painful she is

“I’m...fine...Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

Then she holds his hand and puts the item that she just took out inside his hand. Minami looks at his hand and sees a beautiful necklace with a special design with a locket. On the locket, there are his name and Atsuko's name engraved on it entwined together

“Actually, I…*Pant*...I want to on…*Pant*....our wed...ding anni..versary…on…*Pant* ...Christmas Eve...But...seem…*Pant* like….I can’t” Atsuko said and coughs painfully again

*cough* *cough*

“No, Atsuko, please don’t say that”

“Mi...Minami, happy..*Pant*...our 5 anni....versary…*Pant* you,…”

Suddenly the ECG machine makes a very loudly beeping sound. Then Atsuko's breath shorten and quicken

*pant* *pant* *pant*

Her face shows that she is in a lot of pain

“Atsuko, Atsuko. Please don't leave me. I love you.” He holds her hand and said

Then he turns and shouts

“Doctor. Doctor”

When the doctor rushes in, the ECG machine stops beeping. In exchange for that is a long and deathly sound.

Minami turns back with horrified face.

“No, no, no, no, no….” he shakes his head furiously and whispers countless no in tear

“Atsuko, please, Atsuko, please open your eyes. Please tell me that you are ok. Atsuko, please answer me call, please” Minami hugs Atsuko in his arms and cries loudly

Jun and Rena are standing outside. Hearing the sound of the ECG machine, Rena hugs Jun tightly and cries on his chest.


2 hours later

Minami is still sitting in the operation room hugging Atsuko's body in his arm.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko. I love you, I love you, I love you” He keeps whispering Atsuko’s name in her ears and telling her how much she loves her

“I'm sorry my baby. I should have come there early. No, I shouldn’t come to the meeting. I shouldn’t leave you alone like that” he said in tear

“Takahashi Minami, you deserve to die. Why did you stop me, Atsuko? Why did you got shot instead of me, Atsuko?” Minami said in angry tone

He is very angry at himself. He really wants to die with her right now.

Jun walks in and pats his shoulder

“Takamina, calm down” he said

“Acchan is already gone. Don't be like that. She will worry.” He continues

“Leave me alone. My Atsuko is here. She didn't go anywhere” Minami slaps his hand away and said

“Takamina, get a hold of yourself. My cousin will not want to see you like that” Rena said

However, Minami stays silent ignoring what they said. Then a man in butler suit walk in

“Master, the cars are here” he said

He is the butler in Minami’s house.

“Good” Minami said

Then he looks down at Atsuko and said gently while stroking her face

“Let's go back to our home, baby. Today has been a very long day, right”

Then he lifts her up and walks out of the operation room

“Takamina, let's she rest in peace” Jun holds his arm and said

“Nonsense. My Atsuko is still here. What do you mean by rest in peace?” Minami said

Then he continues walking toward the exit leaving Rena and Jun inside still looking at him with worried face

In Takahashi mansion

In Minami's room

Minami gently puts Atsuko on their bed. Then he sits down on their bed and said while stroking her hair

“Are you tired my love? Today is very tiring, right?”

Minami looks at her white shirt which is now all red with her blood and said

“Let's me change for you to a new clothes. This clothes is very dirty now.”

Minami stands up and walks toward their closet. He takes out a very beautiful white dress and smiles

“This is your favorite dress, right? Let’s me wear this for you” he said to Atsuko

After he changes her clothes and also his, Minami lifts her up. He sits down in the corner of their room while hugging Atsuko tightly in his arms

“You are already asleep huh, Atsuko? I guess you are tired, right?” He leans his head on her forehead and said while holding her hand tightly

“Let’s me sing the song that you love, ok” he continues while tightening his hug

Then he closes his eyes and hums a Christmas song that Atsuko loves.

The next day

Jun and Rena come to Minami’s house to check on him. Emi and Achi open the door for them. Actually they already on their way going back to their hometown. Hearing the news, they come back here. Atsuko is a great person, and the two love her very much because of her kindness toward servant.

“How is he, Emi-san?” Rena asks

“Master still locked himself in his room refusing to eat anything. This morning I brought breakfast for him, but he didn’t even answer my call” Emi said sadly

“Poor master. Atsuko-sama is a very nice person. How can someone hurt her and take away her life like that” she continues and sobs

Rena looks at Jun worriedly. Then they walk upstairs hoping that they can convince him to face the true.

Jun knocks the door and said

“Takamina, open the door for us”

In Minami’s room

Minami is sleeping while hugging Atsuko. His head is resting on Atsuko’s forehead. Jun’s knock wakes him up, but he ignores it. He looks at Atsuko’s face and said gently

“Good morning, my love”

“Takamina, answer me” Jun said again while knocking the door

Minami ignores him again and said to Atsuko

“Atsuko, I want your morning kiss”

Then he bends down and kisses Atsuko’s lips. His tear suddenly drop on her face again. Normally, Atsuko’s kiss will warm up his heart a lot. However, why did he feel so painful and hurt like this.

“Atsuko” Minami whispers her name and hugs Atsuko tightly

“Takamina, I know this is very painful, but you have to face the true.” Jun said

However Minami ignores him and keeps hugging Atsuko's body in his arms

“Takamina, open the door” Jun said with louder tone while knocking the door

“Takamina, don’t be like that, my cousin will be very sad if she sees you like that” Rena said

Minami keeps ignoring them.

“Atsuko, today what do you want to eat? I will cook for you. How about sushi? Your favorite, right?” He gently strokes her hair and said

“Takamina, get a hold of yourself. You can’t keep her like that. She passed away, Takamina. She is already gone. You have to let her rest in peace” Jun said

Suddenly the door opens. Minami holds his shirt and punches him hard on his face

“Jun” Rena calls him worriedly

“Don’t ever say such a thing in my house. My Atsuko is here. She is still alive.” Minami shouts angrily

“Takamina, I never thought that you are a coward like that. Face it, she is gone. Don’t try to torture yourself. Acchan will never be happy when seeing you like that” Jun stands up and said

“Get out of my house” Minami said coldly

“Takamina” Rena calls him

“I said get out of my house, or I will call my security here” Minami said

“I’m a police. Don’t forget that” Jun said

“Then I will complain you about breaking into my house without my permission” Minami said

“You…” Jun said angrily

“Good, if you just want to throw yourself like that, be it. Here is Acchan’s belonging. I guess I should return to you” Jun said and puts Atsuko’s bag down.

“Think for yourself to see if Acchan ever want to see a useless, coward person like you, right now” he continues

After that he leaves Minami’s house with Rena.

Minami picks up Atsuko’s purse and goes back to his room. His eyes are blurry again because of his tear. He puts Atsuko’s purse down on the table. However, because he puts it very near the edge of the table, the purse falls on the ground, and a book in there falls out from the purse. Minami picks it up and realizes that is Atsuko’s diary

“Atsuko’s diary” he thought

He quickly sits down on the floor and hugs Atsuko up in his hand again. After that he opens her diary to read.

(There will be one more month until our 5 years wedding anniversary. I wonder what will I give Minami. He is always a greatest husband to me. He loves me and takes care of me gently. I want to make a greatest wedding anniversary for us because it has been 4 years since we celebrate this great day together. I'm not mad or sad at him because he can't celebrate with me. I know he is very busy with his business since his company just expand, and I want to support him as much as possible. I really hope we can celebrate that important day this year.)

Then Minami turns to another page

(I just saw something great today when I went to shopping with Rena. I saw a beautiful wedding anniversary gift in a clothes store. I suddenly got an idea for my gift. I will design for us a couple necklace that unique for only us. This necklace will have our name entwined together. That will be the best.)

Then he turns to another page

(Today, I'm very happy because Minami just called me and said we will have a date tomorrow. It has been so long since we can go out together because Minami is always busy with his work. Uhm...I wonder what will I dress for tomorrow? Tomorrow will be the best day ever)

Minami looks down and sees the design Atsuko drew. It is the same with the necklace that he is wearing. Then he continues reading her words

(I just came to pick up my order at the jewelry store. Rena said they look perfect, and I think so too. I can’t wait to give it to Minami. I wonder how will he said about this. I guess I will keep his necklace by myside. It will give me the feeling that he is with me. When we wear it together, I bet it will be very great)

Minami reads Atsuko diary in tear. He can feel how happy she us when writing those in the diary

“Couple” suddenly he remembers Atsuko's words in the diary.

He gently puts Atsuko down and rushes to find the other necklace. He opens the drawer of the table, but he didn't see that there. He opens the drawers of her dresser to find the jewelry box. He takes out all of Atsuko's clothes. Then he finally found a jewelry box deep inside the drawer. He takes out and opens it. There is really another necklace. He quickly takes it out and wears it only Atsuko's neck

After that Minami hugs Atsuko in his arms and cries loudly. He regrets all the time he only focus on his work. He forgot what really important to him

“Atsuko, I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry” Minami said painfully while tightening his hug

“How can I hear your voice again, Atsuko? How can I see your smile again Atsuko? How can hear you say you love me again? How can I feel your hug and kiss again? Atsuko” he said in tear while burying his face on Atsuko's neck

Suddenly a voice appears from nowhere

“Do you want to save your wife?”

Minami quickly looks up. He looks around to find where the sound come from.

“Answer me, do you want your Maeda Atsuko back?” The voice asks Minami again

“Who are you?” Minami asks while looking around the dark room

Suddenly the whole room disappears. Minami sees him in the middle of darkness. Then a bright light appear in front of him. Slowly behind the bright light, Minami sees a familiar Christmas tree.

“That tree is in the City Square” he thought

From the tree, there is a person steps out. That is an old man with white hair. He is holding a cane in his hand.

“Who are you?” Minami asks again while tightening his hug on Atsuko like he is afraid that the old man will take her away from him

“I'm the person who can help your wife back to live again” the old man said his eyes didn’t open

Minami looks at Atsuko's face. Then he looks up and asks

“Can you really do that?”

“I can, but it depends on whether you want me to do that or not” he said while pointing the cane at Minami

“Of course I want to save Atsuko. I want her  to come back to me more than anything else.” Minami said seriously

“Are you sure? Because you have to sacrifice a lot for that” the man said

“Yes, Atsuko is the most important person in my life. I will exchange everything for her.” Minami answers immediately

“Even if you lose all your properties, your company and everything you tried so hard to create?”

“Yes. Even if I lose everything. I just created those things for Atsuko. I want her to have a happy life with that.” Minami nods and said seriously

“Those things can't ever compare to my love. As I said, I will exchange everything for her. That is a benefit exchange for me” He smiles and said

“Really? How about if it cost by your life?” The old man opens his eyes and asks Minami seriously

Minami is surprised with his words. He looks down at the girl he love more than anything in his arm.

“I will do everything for Atsuko. If sacrificing my life can save her, I'm willingly do that. Because even if I die, my heart and soul will always belong to her” Minami looks up and said with determined eyes

“Think carefully young man. You only have one life. You are still young, and you can meet a lot of different people. You can also marry a new person and have a happy family with your children. If you give up your life now, you will lose everything” the man said

“Also, when your wife back to live again, you will die. Are you sure she will live and always remember you. She will marry a different person, and build a new family. She will eventually forget a person name Takahashi Minami” he continues

“I don't care any of that. Atsuko is my happiness. I don't need anyone else, but her. When she left me, I really want to die immediately, so I can be with her” Minami said

“Even if she can find a good person for her and has a happy family, then her happiness will be my happiness too.” He continues while holding Atsuko's hand tightly

The man looks at Minami and laughs loudly

“Ok, I will help you” he said

“Although she already died, you can still save if you can find her 3 remaining souls, and find her main soul” The old man said

“Really? Where can I find her souls?” Minami asks in hurried tone

“Those 4 souls are all her emotions and memories. They would be at 4 places where most memorable to her. In order words, you can find those souls in places that are important to her”

“What do you mean? How can I know where those places are?” Minami asks

“Figure it out yourself, young man if you really love her. When you know about the place, call “Jiji” and I will help you go back to that period of time. However, remember, you only have 8 hours from now until sunrise of the next morning. After that, your wife will be gone forever” the old man said and turns around.

When Minami is about to call him, he already disappeared, and he realized that he is back to his room. While looking around, Minami hears the old man voice again

“Remember you only have 8 hours. Treasure your time”

8 hours

Minami looks at Atsuko. Then he lifts her up and puts her on their bed

“Baby, I will save you. I will definitely save you” he said while stroking her hair

He leans down and kisses her lips gently. After that Minami stands up and looks around his room for clues about where Atsuko would be.

“How can I know where her soul is? How can I know?” He scratches his head and thought

“Memorable places. Important place. You will know if you really love her” Minami mumbles while walking around the room

Then he rushes to Atsuko and holds Atsuko's hand tightly

“Atsuko, please tell me where can I find you, Atsuko? Please tell me baby, please” he holds her hands tightly and said

Minami keeps trying to remember, but his head is completely empty. The clocks keep ticking, the time keep moving, but Minami still can't think of anything.

1 hour passed

“Think, Minami, think.” Minami scratches his head angrily

“You are useless, Takahashi Minami” he said angrily while punching the floor angrily

Suddenly he notices Atsuko’s diary on the floor.

“Atsuko's diary” he thought

(The time being with Minami is the greatest time to me. As long as I'm with Minami, my happiness is there.

In all those years, there are some special times that I will never forget no matter what. Each year, I will write it down on this book the day before our special and important day. This is how I appreciate the time we met)

Minami remembers Atsuko's words in her diary that he just read. He quickly picks up the diary hoping it will lead him to the places he need.

Minami quickly opens the page which he read those sentences

“Here” Minami thought happily

He scans through the page and sees sentences he need. Minami quickly closes the book and stands up.

“Jiji, Jiji” He calls the old man loudly

The old man appears and said

“Do you know where to go now?” He asks

“Yes” Minami looks at him and nods

“Take me to the city square in Tokyo, Christmas 14 years ago at 6 pm” he continues with serious tone

(Christmas to me is very special. It is more special when I met Minami for the first time. I will never forget that moment when we meet each other)

“Very well then” the old man said and hits the floor with his can.

Minami sees a light circle appear in front of his eyes

“That is the tunnel of time. You walk in there and shouts your desired place. It will take you there. As I told you about 8 hours, this gate only open for 8 hour. You already used up 1 hour for thinking. Now you only have 7 hours left. You have to find her souls quick before it close. If not, you will also die because your soul will be trapped in there” the old man explains

“I understand” Minami nods and said

Then he slowly walks into the tunnel.  When he reaches the other side of the tunnel, he sees the familiar scenery of that year, the year he met the love of his life. The familiar scenery makes him feel so warm

“I...I...I’m sorry”

“Wait, what is your name? Do you want to go on a date with me?”

“Is this where you want me to take you?” the old man asks

“Yes, this is where I want to go” Minami nods and said

“Good, remember not only you want her soul” the old man said

“What do you mean?” Minami frowns and asks

“The death also wants to collect her soul. Therefore you have to find her before them or else you know the consequence, right?” the old man said

Minami frowns with what he heard

“So how can I protect Atsuko from them when I found her?” he asks

The old man raises his hand in front of Minami. On his hand appears a sword that shining bright.

“Use this to protect what important. Love will give you power to overcome everything” the man said and disappeared

“Also remembers this, you only have 7 hours left.”

7 hours

“Atsuko” Minami looks at the locket that Atsuko designed for him

“Wait for me my love” he kisses the locket and said

Then he rushes to the Christmas tree to find Atsuko's first soul. Minami stands under the Christmas tree and looks at the lock to see what time is it

“It is 7:15 p.m. I met Atsuko here at 7:36 Great! I’m here on time” he thought

Then he rushes to the other side of the tree toward the place where he met Atsuko that year. When he reaches the place, he sees him in the past is talking on the phone.

“I was talking to Yuu now” Minami thought

Then he looks around to find Atsuko. Then he sees a familiar face walking toward the Christmas tree.

“Atsuko” Minami smiles happily when seeing her

Then he notices a little white bird with red fur on top of its head. The bird is standing on Atsuko in the past shoulder. Suddenly Minami remembers the old man words

"Look for 3 little white bird with unique color. They are your wife soul

“Atsuko’s soul” Minami thought happily

He rushes to the place quickly. Because he is now only a soul, no one can see him. When he is about reach the place, he sees a dark shadow also coming to her

“The death” Minami thought and speeds up his speed.

“Atsuko, come here with me” Minami raises his hands and calls the bird

The bird flaps its wings and flies toward Minami. Suddenly Minami sees the dark shadow rushes to the little bird and blocks its way

The death uses his sickle to capture Atsuko's soul. When the sickle is about to harm the little bird, Minami rushes in front of them while raising the sword that the old man gave him to block the sickle.

“I won't let you take away my love” Minami said seriously

The death ignores Minami. He steps back and rushes through Minami to the little bird behind him again.

“I won’t let you” Minami shouts and attacks his leg

The death jump up and uses his sickle to attack the little bird again.

“I said, I won’t let you hurt my Atsuko” Minami shouts angrily

He holds his sword by two his two hand and block the sickle. Then he pushes the shadow away from the little bird. After that he turns and holds the little bird gently in his hand.

“Let’s go Atsuko” he said and runs away from the place

“Jiji” Minami calls the old man while running back to where the tunnel is

Then he sees the tunnel appears again.

“Run into that tunnel and think about the second place you want to come” Minami hears the old man’s voice

He quickly rushes into the circle and shouts.

“Take me to Tokyo City Square, Christmas one year after this year”

(When Minami confessed to me, that is the greatest thing in my life. I felt like I'm the happiest girl in the whole world. When he touched my face and kissed my lips, I finally know the taste of happiness. This Christmas is my second important memory that will always bring happiness to me whenever I think about it)

In a blink of eyes, Minami sees him standing in the same City Square

“Good job, young man! You saved your wife first soul” the old man appears and said

Then he raise his hand up. The bird on Minami's shoulder flies toward his hand

“Atsuko” Minami calls in surprise

“Don't worry, I will keep her safe for you. Remember you have to find two more left. You only have 5 hours. Treasure it” the man said and leaves again

5 hours

Minami quickly rushes to the Christmas tree where he confessed his love to her. When he gets there, he sees him and Atsuko are standing under the tree.

“Atsuko, I love you” he hears the him in the past said

Suddenly he sees a white bird with a blue fur on the top of its head. Minami smiles happily when seeing Atsuko's second soul. However his smile quickly stops when seeing two dark shadow rush behind it.

“Atsuko” Minami rushes to between the bird and the shadows

The bird flies and lands on Minami's shoulder.

“Don't worry, Atsuko. I will protect you” he pats the bird’s head and said

The two shadow rushes to him. When Minami is about to fight back, the two shadow suddenly disappeared.

“Huh?” Minami thought in confuse

However, he ignores his confusing because he doesn’t have to think of anything. He still has two more places to go. Minami rushes into the tunnel and said

“Tokyo City Square, 7 years ago”

Minami rushes to the light at the end of the tunnel. When he reaches the place, he sees the street is empty now. Minami turns to look at the clock at the city square.

“It is 11 now” he thought

“1 hour left before I meet Atsuko again.” He mumbles and rushes to the tree.

On his way, Minami sees the familiar figure walking in front of him. She uses her cane to find a way to walk through the snowy street.

“Atsuko” Minami stops when realizing that person is Atsuko

He only met her at the Christmas tree. He never know how she get there all by herself. Minami follows after her to the Christmas tree. Suddenly Atsuko trips and falls on the ground because of the snow

“Atsuko” Minami rushes to help her, but he can't

After all this is the past, he can't do anything. Minami stands there looking at Atsuko. He sees her looking down and doesn't move

“Atsuko” he thought and comes in front of her

His heart tightens when seeing Atsuko's tear drops down on the snowy road.

“You are useless, Atsuko. You can't even see anything. How, how can you get there to meet him?” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“Minami, I miss you so much” she looks up to the sky and whispers

“Atsuko” Minami calls her in tear

He wants to hugs her in his arms tightly. Seeing her in pain like this hurt him a lot.

“You are useless, Minami. You can't do anything for the girl you love. You always say you love her. However in the past, you didn't notice her sickness. Now you always focus on work and left her all alone. Still, she is always waiting for you. Minami, how can you say you love her?” He slaps his face angrily and said in tear

Then he hears Atsuko's determined voice

“Get up, Atsuko. You have to come there. You have to come there no matter what”

Then she slowly stands up using her cane to support her. Minami stands there looking at Atsuko. He wants to give her his arms and support, but he can't

“Atsuko, I will definitely bring you back to life. I will definitely do that my love” Minami said seriously while raising his hand to touch the necklace.

While following Atsuko, he sees an older woman walking toward her

“Young girl, what are you doing here?” The old woman asks her

“I want to go to the Christmas tree in City Square” Atsuko said

“I see” the old woman said

“Uhm oba-san, can you show me the way there? I...I can pay you for that” she calls the woman and asks in hopeful tone

“Of course, I will show you the way. I don't need your money. I just want to know why did you want to go there all alone in this condition?” The old woman asks

“I want to meet my lover. I want to know if he finally can move on. I really hope I can see him there, but part of it I want him to move on. I made him wait for me 7 years. It is so unfair for him, right?” Atsuko said

“Then why did you come there? If you want him to move on?” The old woman asks

“Because I still hope I can hear his voice again. I still hope I can meet him. I want to know how is his life all these years.” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“I see. Let's go, I will take you there” the old woman said

Minami smiles happily when seeing the old woman help her. Suddenly he notices that the old woman smiles at him.

“No, it can’t be. I’m only a soul now. How can she see me” he shakes his head and thought

The old woman leads Atsuko to the Christmas tree and said

“Just go straight and you will reach the tree”

“Thank you oba-san.” Atsuko bows and said in happy tone

After saying goodbye to the old lady, Minami sees Atsuko quickly walks toward the tree and bumps into Minami.

At that time, Minami sees a white bird with yellow fur on top of its head flies toward him and lands on his shoulder

“Atsuko's third soul” he thought happily while looking at the bird

However Minami feels something weird. The shadow doesn't appear

“Why?” He thought

Suddenly he hears the old man voice

“Quickly come to the last place if you want to save your wife. You only have 3 hours left”

“Right, I don't have time to think of other stuff” Minami thought

3 hours

Then he quickly rushes back to the time tunnel. He rushes through and shouts

“Tokyo Square, Christmas present”

He runs toward the light, but he can't reach it.

“What's wrong?” Minami thought

Then suddenly around him turns dark. He is slowing down and slowing down until all he sees is darkness

“Atsuko” is the last thing he calls

In a big greenfield

Minami opens his eyes and shouts while sitting up


He looks around and sees a very strange place

“Where am I?” He thought

All of sudden, someone hugs him from behind and said

“My husband is awake huh?”

Then a little kid rushes to hug his neck tightly


Being taken in surprised, as reflection, Minami takes out her hand, then pushes the little kid out and moves away. He turns around and sees a strange woman looking at him with pouting face while hugging a little boy in her arms

“Who are you?” Minami asks a strange woman in front of him

“What are you saying, Minami? I'm your wife, and this is your son” the woman said

“My wife? My son?” Minami asks in surprised

“No, my wife is Maeda Atsuko, and we don’t have any children yet” Minami shakes his head and said

“Who is she, Minami? I guess you are still dreaming, right?” She said

“Dreaming?” Minami thought

“Daddy, don’t you remember me? We just played moment ago here. Then you felt in sleep” the little boy said

Minami looks at the little boy in confuse

“Son, go out there and place. Mommy will talk to daddy.” The woman said

The little boy nods and run to another place to play

Then the woman walk to him. She leans her head on his chest and hugs him again. When Minami is about to pushes her away, she hugs him tighter

“I forgive you this time for thinking about other girl because you are just awoke from you nap. Let's me remind you. You are Takahashi Minami, my husband. We married 5 years ago, and we have a son together. The mansion over there is our house. There is no Maeda Atsuko. Just you and me here with our son, love” the girl said

Her tone slowly turns from normal to seduce tone while her hand tracing Minami shirt.

“She is my wife? That boy is my son? Everything is just a dream” Minam thought

“You are my wife?” Minami said in confused tone

“Yes, we also have our wedding picture and family picture” she said and raises the pictures in front of Minami

“Everything is just a dream” Minami said

“Yes, everything is just a dream. There is no one name Maeda Atsuko. You only have me” the woman said while looking at Minami seductively

“Didn’t you forget that you told me this is your dream to live a peaceful life in a big field, right?” she continues

The image of Atsuko in his head slowly disappeared. The woman's words keep echoing in his head.

“So, everything is just a dream” Minami whispers while slowly raising his hand to hug her

“Yes, Minami, you only love me” the woman said

Suddenly Atsuko's weak voice appears in his head

“I….I… Minami”

Minami quickly pushes her away from him again. The woman looks at him and pouts

“I will be mad if you push me away again, Minami. What is wrong with you today? You changed all of sudden. You don't even recognize me and our son. Baka Minami” she said and sobs

Seeing that Minami quickly sits down and said

“I'm sorry. I didn't mean. Please don't cry”

“Why did I feel so confusing?” Minami thought

The woman smiles at Minami and said

“It's ok. I will forgive you if you give me a kiss”

Once again, Atsuko's weak voice flashes back in his head

“Mi...Minami...I ..want… y...your kiss”

Then he hears sound of something drop on the ground. Minami looks down and sees the necklace. He quickly picks it up. On the locket, he sees two names Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami that are engraved on it


“Released her”

“Then die in front of me”

“No, don't do that, Minami”




All the memories flood back to him. He can still hear the cold sound of the gunshot that took away his love, his life. He is certain now. Everything is so clear to him now 

Then Minami stands up and said in cold tone

“Who are you? Why did you take me here?”

“What are you saying, Minami? I'm yo…”

“Shut up! You aren't my wife. My one and only one wife, the girl I love more than anything, she is my world and my happiness, her name is Maeda Atsuko. I'm on my way to save her life. Get out of my way” Minami shouts

Then a sword appears in his hand.

“Atsuko, I will save you no matter what” he shouts loudly and attacks the woman

When the sword is about to hit her, she smirks and disappears. The illusion is breaking in pieces. Minami opens his eyes and realizes that he is still in the tunnel of time

“Good job, Takahashi Minami. You was able to escape that illusion.” The old man said

“What is that?” Minami asks

“The death trap you in that with the illusion. If you fell on the trap and kissed that fake woman, your soul will be trapped in that place. You will die and your wife too” the old man said

“I see” Minami said

“You should go to find her main soul now. You only have 2 hour left” the old man said

Minami quickly rushes to the exit of the time tunnel. When he gets out of the place, he sees Atsuko's soul standing under the tree. However the death is very near her, and he is raising his sickle to take her soul.

“Minami, don’t do that”



“I...I won't, Mi...Minami”

“Ho...w can...I *Pant* my husband ...*Pant*...the man I love...more…*Pant*...than anything…”

The memories of that day flood back to him again

“I will protect you, Atsuko” Minami shouts and rushes to shield for Atsuko

The sickle hits his back damaging his soul a little making him fall down. Because Minami is still alive, his souls didn't be taken by that hit

“I make it” Minami smiles at the girl in his arms.

Suddenly the three birds with three different color appear in the sky. They fly in a circle above Atsuko. Then a warm light illuminating down at Atsuko lightening the whole place.
Atsuko's eyes slowly open. She looks at Minami while he is also looking at her.  She raises her hand and touches his face

“Minami” Atsuko calls him gently

“Atsuko” Minami smiles brightly while holding her hand

“What’s wrong, Minami? Where are we? Didn’t I…”

Minami stops all Atsuko’s confused question by his lips. He kisses her sweet lips deeply. He wants to taste the sweetness of Atsuko’s lips which he misses so much. Then Minami breaks the kiss and said

“I will tell you everything later, my love.” Minami said

Then he hears the beeping sound on his watch.

“Let’s go Atsuko, we have to get out of here before we run out of time” Minami holds her hands pulling her with him

However three shadows appear blocking his way. Minami pulls Atsuko behind him to protect her.

“I won’t let you take her away from me again” Minami said seriously

“Takahashi Minami, you only have 30 minutes. If you don't hungry, the tunnel of time will close. Then you can't save your wife, and also your soul will be trap here” Minami and Atsuko hear the old man’s voice

“What is that, Minami?” Atsuko asks him in confused

Minami looks at the shadows surrounding them.

“I have to find a way to get her out of here” he thought

He holds the sword that the old man gave him tightly.

“I won’t let you take my love away from me. I will protect my wife” Minami shouts and rushes to the shadows

The sword suddenly shines brighter because the love he is for Atsuko is greatest. He swings the sword at them. The shadows disappeared to dodge Minami’s attack.

“Let’s go Atsuko” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and pulls her with him.

Atsuko looks back and sees three shadows is chasing after them.

“Minami, what’s wrong? Who are they?” Atsuko asks him worriedly

Minami turns to an alley to hide from them. He looks out and sees the shadows standing around the tunnel

“Minami, what’s wrong?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks in worried tone

She doesn’t know what happened, and she is very worry because of that. Minami hugs her in his arm and said gently

“Calm down Atsuko. Don't worry. Everything will be fine”

“Tell me what's happened Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Those are someone who want to take you away from me. I won't let that happened” Minami said

Then he briefly explains for Atsuko everything since she was shot, how he met the old man from the tree, and what happened until now.

Suddenly they hear the old man's voice again.

“You don’t have much of time, Takahashi Minami.”

Minami looks at his watch and sees it is only 10 minutes left for him. He turns and holds Atsuko’s arms tightly

“Listen carefully what I say Atsuko” Minami said

“When you come out from here, you will see a circle with light. That is the time tunnel. You have to run as quickly as possible to get there ok, Atsuko. That way, you will be able to come back to live again” he continues in serious tone

“What about you, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I will be right behind you” Minami strokes her hair and said

“You lied, Minami” Atsuko frowns and said

“With those shadows over there, you want to hold them back for me, right?” she continues in serious tone

Atsuko really understand him more than anyone else.

“Atsuko, I will follow you right after I hold them back. I will be right behind you” Minami said while smiling to reassure her that everything will be fine

“Minami, you can’t trick me. I know what you want.” Atsuko said

“Just go back, Minami. I’m already dead. I don’t want you to die too.” she continues

“No, No, No, I don’t want you to say that Atsuko. I don’t want. The person who should have died in that shot was me not you, Atsuko.” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said

“You know what, Atsuko. When I saw you got shot, my mind completely went blank. Then when the doctor said sorry to me, I know I already died. I want to die for you, Atsuko. I don’t want you to die, Atsuko. Please Atsuko, please live for me. Please my love” he continues in tear

Atsuko’s tear also rolls on her cheeks

“Minami, how can I live without you in this world?” she whispers in painful tone

“Atsuko, listen to me, Atsuko” Minami holds her cheeks and said

“You will not be alone, baby. I will always be by your side no matter where am I” he continues while wiping her tear

“Minami, I can’t Minami. I can’t live without you, Minami” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“Ssh...Atsuko, Atsuko. That is just what if I'm late. I won't be late Atsuko. I will be just right behind you. We are going to make it” Minami said

“We are going to go back together” he continues while smiling at her

Atsuko looks at Minami while caressing his cheeks

“Ok, I will do as you said” she said while looking at Minami’s eyes

“Good” Minami smiles widely and said

Atsuko smiles brightly at him. Then she leans and kisses his lips gently

“I’m waiting for you, Minami” she whispers

“Uh” Minami smiles and pats her head

“Are you ready, Atsuko?” he asks

“Yes” Atsuko nods

“Wait for my sign, Atsuko.” Minami said and rushes out

“Hey jerk, I'm here” He calls those shadows to distract their attention

The three shadows rush to Minami to attack him because he interrupt their work

“Now Atsuko” Minami shouts

Atsuko rushes out toward the tunnel. Three shadows rush through Minami to catch her. One of
them rushes to block Atsuko's way

“I won't let you” Minami shouts and chases after them

He stands between Atsuko and the shadow

“Run Atsuko” Minami said while his eyes still look at the shadows

Suddenly, Atsuko holds his arm and pulls him toward the tunnel. Because Minami is surprised with her sudden action, he doesn’t have time to reaction

“Atsu…” hasn’t finished his words, Atsuko pushes him into the tunnel

Minami looks at her with surprised look

“I’m sorry, Minami. I love you” Atsuko whispers to him in tear

“No, Atsuko” Minami shouts while falling back into the tunnel.

The last thing he sees before the gate completely close is the shadow slashes Atsuko’s back. She smiles at him and slowly falls down on the ground.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami shouts painfully


In a room

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami struggles on his bed calling Atsuko’s name

Atsuko is sleeping next to him, feeling his struggling, Atsuko sits up. She turns on the light and looks at Minami. She sees his face looks very painful.

“Minami, Minami, are you ok, Minami?” Atsuko calls Minami worriedly

“Atsuko” Minami sits up and shouts loudly Atsuko’s name

Sweat covers all over his face, and he is panting painfully.

“Minami, I’m here, Minami, are you ok? What’s wrong?” Atsuko holds his face and said worriedly

Minami turns to Atsuko and looks at her worried face.

“Atsuko” he whispers her name

“I’m here, Minami” Atsuko said while wiping his sweat

“Atsuko” he calls her name again while tear rolling on her cheeks

Seeing that, Atsuko is even worrier.

“Minami, I’m here, Minami. Please tell me, what’s wrong?” she hugs him tightly and said

“Atsuko, please don’t leave me” Minami buries his face on her neck and said while hugging her tightly

“I won’t leave you, Minami. I’m here. I won’t go anywhere. Everything is just a bad dream.” Atsuko pats his back and said

Minami quickly breaks the hug and looks at Atsuko.

“Atsuko” he caresses her face and calls her gently

“You are my Atsuko, right? This is not an illusion, right?” he asks her in gentle tone

“It’s me, Minami. I'm your Atsuko. Everything is just a bad dream” Atsuko caresses his face and said gently

“Everything is just a bad dream” she kisses his lips gently and said

“What day is today, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Today is 22, and two more days until Christmas eve” Atsuko said

“This is the day of the incident. So everything is really just a nightmare” he thought happily

“Atsuko, I thought I lost you my love” He hugs her tightly in his arms and said

“I was so scared” He continues while tightening his hugs

Atsuko smiles and said

“That's just a dream, Minami. I’m here. I will always be here with my husband”

“Atsuko, I miss you so much” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

Atsuko smiles gently at Minami while raising her hand to hold his hand. Suddenly Minami sees her hand stop in the middle of air. He looks at her face and sees her smile doesn’t change. It is like time is frozen around him.

Then Minami sees everything around him turns white. When he looks up, he sees the Christmas tree again.

“The tree in my dream” Minami thought

“That is not a dream, Takahashi Minami” he hears the familiar voice

From the tree, Minami sees a familiar old man walking out.

“You are…” Minami said in surprised tone

“Congratulation Takahashi Minami, you passed” the old man look at him and said

“What do you mean?” Minami asks

“Everything you experienced is not a dream.” the old man said and tab his cane on the ground.

Suddenly the three shadows appear behind him. There is also the woman he met in the trap, and the old woman that led Atsuko to the tree. Minami realized all of them. He frowns and said

“Who are you? Do you come here to take my Atsuko? I won’t let you do that”

“I did all those things just for you to realize what you had neglected for so long” the old man said

Minami looks at the old man in surprised

“Tell me Takahashi Minami, what is the most important to you?” the old man asks

“Of course my wife, my love, my one and only Maeda Atsuko. She is my life, my world, and my happiness” Minami said immediately

“Then do you realized what I meant now?” the old man opens his eyes and looks at Minami

“Atsuko, I’m sorry today I got an urgent meeting. I can’t go shopping with you”

“Atsuko, I’m sorry. My business partner just come to Tokyo. I have to meet him”

“I wonder if Minami remember out 2 years wedding anniversary”

“This is another year Minami has to work in our anniversary.”

“Minami, when is your work done? I made a big meal for us”

Tear rolls down on his cheeks. He realized his big mistake already. He realized it since Atsuko was kidnapped.

“I’m an idiot. How can I focus too much on work that forget what is really important to me” Minami said

“Because you realized it, and you proved to me how much you love her, I give you a second chance.” The old man said

“However remember this, in this life, there won’t be a lot of thing that can give you a second chance. Treasure what is dear to you. Don’t let it slip out of your hand and regret it later.” he continues

“I understand. Thank you very much, Jiji” Minami bows and said

“Good, then I will go now. I entrust Atsuko to you. Take good care of her. If you forget what happened today and leaving her all alone like that, I will take her away from you” the old man said and walks back to the Christmas tree

“Wait a minute, Jiji? Did I hear this before?” he thought

“Wait Jiji, tell me who you really are?” Minami calls him

Jiji turns to look at Minami. Then he laughs loudly and said

“I’m just an old man who love to decorate Christmas tree with his little granddaughter”

“Granddaughter” Minami thought

“Minami, Christmas is very special to me because of one more reason.”

“What is it, Atsuko?”

“When I was a kid, I will always decorate my Christmas tree with my grandpa. I always call him Jiji”

Minami looks up in surprised

“You are Atsuko’s grandfather?” he said

Jiji looks at Minami and smiles

“Take good care of her, grandson-in-law” he said and disappears

Minami sees everything around him turns back to normal again. He is now sitting on his bed with Atsuko in front of him. She holds his hand and said

“I don’t know what your nightmare just now is, Minami. I love you, and I won’t ever leave you no matter what”

“Atsuko” Minami hugs her tightly

Then he bends down and kisses her lips deeply. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. She can feel how much love from Minami’s kiss. His kiss is very intense, rough but gentle. It is deeper than any of the kiss they kissed. Slowly Minami pushes her down on their bed and hovers over Atsuko.

“Atsuko, I love you” Minami kisses Atsuko’s neck and said

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko whispers while hugging his neck tightly

At dawn

Minami looks at Atsuko who is still sleeping very soundly on his hand. He uses his hand to trace her face and stroke her hair gently. Those thing happened just in a few day, but to Minami, it is like centuries. Now he can look at his Atsuko’s face, hear her voice, feel her hug and kiss.

Minami bends down and gently kisses Atsuko's lips tasting the sweetness of his wife's lips. He then kisses her neck exhaling her scent while stroking her bared back

“Uhm…” Atsuko moans unconsciously because of his action

Seeing that, Minami stops. He doesn't want to wake his Atsuko up so early. He hugs her tightly and strokes her hair to comfort her. Atsuko buries her face on his chest and returns to her sleep again.

After awhile, Minami slowly removes her hand from him. Then he slowly steps down from the bed and pulls the blanket up to cover Atsuko gently. After wearing back his clothes, Minami leaves the room.

In the morning

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She turns and doesn't see Minami next to her. When Atsuko is about to step down from her bed, the door opens. Minami walks in with a tray on his hand. He smiles at her and said gently

“You are awake, my love”

“Uh, I’m sorry, I oversleep. Let’s me prepare coffee for you” Atsuko nods and said while stepping down from her bed

“Just sit there, baby. I already made coffee for us. I also made breakfast for my wife” Minami said while putting the tray on the bed and sit down

“You made breakfast for me. Thank you, Minami. You are the best” Atsuko looks at Minami and said while smiling happily

“Everything is for my lovely wife” Minami pinches Atsuko’s nose and said

“Now, let’s taste my cooking, baby” he said while giving Atsuko a spoon

“Uh” Atsuko nods happily

Atsuko takes the spoon and eats the food while Minami looking at her waiting for her complement

“How was it, Atsuko?” Minami asks nervously

“It supper great, Minami. I love it” Atsuko smiles and said happily

“Really? Great. I’m glad you like it” Minami said happily

“Then I will cook for you everyday” he continues excitedly

Atsuko smiles at his words. She feels very happy when hearing that.

“Thank you, Minami” she pecks his lips and said

“However, I want to cook for you. You also have to work, and you always have to work very late. Waking up early is very tiring for you.” Atsuko said

Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles gently while caressing her face.

“Atsuko always thinks of me. You are so ignorant, Minami” he thought

“I won’t ever make you feel lonely again, my love”

Feeling Minami spacing out, Atsuko calls him

“Minami, what’s wrong?”

“Uh-uh, nothing. I just thinking how beautiful my wife is” Minami smiles and said

“Sweet talker” Atsuko said while smiling

“Ok, eat it up, Atsuko. Then we will…” hasn’t finished his words, his phone rings

Atsuko looks and sees that is Minami’s assistant

“Give me a second, Atsuko” Minami stands up and said

“Uh” Atsuko smiles and nods

Then Minami walks into the restroom to pick up the phone call. After Minami closing the door, Atsuko looks down sadly. She knows whenever Minami got a phone call, he will have to leave for work.

“Atsuko, tomorrow we will go shopping for Christmas”

She remembers what Minami said to her yesterday. At that time, she was very happy, but now she knows for sure that Minami will have to leave for work now.

After awhile

Minami comes out. He sees Atsuko is preparing a suit for him.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He knows Atsuko thought that he will leave for work again. He comes and hugs Atsuko tightly from behind

“Minami” Atsuko is surprised

Then she hears Minami’s whispering

“I’m sorry, Atsuko”

She turns and smiles at him

“It is ok, Minami.” Atsuko said

“Come on, let’s me help you prepare for work” she continues while turning back to get his suit

“Atsuko” Minami calls her and lifts her up on his hand

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in surprised tone

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami silent her by his kiss. Then he walks toward the bed and puts her down.

“Listen to me, Atsuko” he holds her hands and said

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused

“Today, CEO of a famous company in Germany comes to Japan. He is the client that I want to ask to cooperate with my company here. My assistance called to tell me that. He said that my client want to talk about it. He will go back Germany tomorrow.” Minami said

“Don’t worry, Minami. I understand. I know you want to open a branch company in Germany. Just go and meet him Mina…”

“Shh...Atsuko, let’s me finish my word” Minami puts his finger on her lips and said

Atsuko nods in confused

“If it was me yesterday, I will definitely go there to meet him. However, now I understand, what really important to me, and how stupid am I” Minami said

Atsuko looks at him with more confuse

“I was too focus on my work that I forgot what is my real happiness. Atsuko, you are everything to me. I’m sorry for all those years and for my stupidity, Atsuko.” Minami caresses her face and said

“You were always there to support me. You waited for me every time I go home late. You cook for me when I have to work late at night. You puts blanket on me anytime I slept on my table. Whenever I wake up, I always see a cup of hot coffee near me. You do a lot of thing silently just for me. You always think about me, but I didn’t do anything for you except hurting you from time to time. I broke my promise with you countless time. I’m sorry, Atsuko” he continues while holding Atsuko’s hands tightly

Atsuko can see tear on his eyes.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him gently

She wipes his tear while shaking her head

“Don’t say that Minami. Being with you every day, seeing you happy when you success on something, seeing your serious face when you are working, seeing you smile happily when eating my food are enough for me.” she said

“Yes, sometime I really want you to spend time with me like in the past. I want us to celebrate together our wedding anniversary. I want us to watch movie together like when we just married. However I know you have to manage your company. I know you have to work very hard to create what we have now. I know you create all of this for me to live happily without any worry. More importantly, I know you love what you are doing. Therefore, I want to be a support for you with everything I can” she continues with gentle tone

“Atsuko, I’m so blessed to have you, my love” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

“However Atsuko, you are more important than what I’m doing, Atsuko” he whispers

“Minami” Atsuko buries her face on his chest and calls him happily

She is very happy when hearing Minami say that. Of course she knows how much he loves her, but hearing Minami said that make her extremely happy

“No matter how much I made, no matter how much I love my work, those things will never compare to you, Atsuko. I love you more than anything in this world. I can live without this property, this company, and everything else, but I can’t live without you in my life. You are everything to me, you are my happiness, Atsuko. I’m sorry, I realized it so late” Minami said while tightening his hug

“I’m happy to hear that, Minami.” Atsuko said

When she looks at her watch, she sees it is already 9:00 a.m.

“Minami, it is 9 already, you have to prepare to go to the company now. What time he will come, Minami?” Atsuko said while standing up

“Atsuko, sit down. Yes, today I will go out, but not to the company. Today we will go shopping. I already told my assistance about this. I told him today I’m busy and asked him to tell my brother to meet him for me. I also told him leave me two month free in my schedule. I will have a long vacation with my wife” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised with what Minami said

“Really, Minami?” she asks him in happy tone

“Of course, I also told him that don’t call me when I’m on vacation.” Minami said

“But your company, Minami?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. Riku-nii and his wife will be able to manage it.” Minami said


“No but. Let’s me make a rule here for our home. Weekends, holidays, and our wedding anniversary are for us not for work.” Minami said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him happily

“Thank you for thinking about me, Minami. I’m very, very happy. I love you” she hugs him tightly and said in happy tone

“I’m so happy Minami. I love you” she buries her face on his chest and said

Minami smiles and pats her head. He can feel tear of happiness on his chest

“I love you too, my love, my Atsuko” he said in whisper tone

Then he breaks the hug and looks at Atsuko

“So my love, do you want to go to the mall now?” he asks

“No” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“Huh? Why? Atsuko, I won’t go to the meeting today. You don’t have to change our plan” Minami said

“I know, Minami. However let’s go there in the evening. Right now, I...I only want to cuddle with you here. I miss it so much” Atsuko said while blushing

“Oh so you miss your husband scent huh?” Minami said teasingly

“Baka” Atsuko hits his chest slightly and said

Minami laughs softly at her shyness. Suddenly he pushes her down on their bed, and he is on top of her

“However, let’s me eat my breakfast first ok. I’m really hungry” Minami said

“You are hungry? Let’s me make breakfast for you” Atsuko said while planning to sit you

“No you don’t have to because breakfast is ready” Minami said while pinning her down

“Then let’s go Minuhm...”

Hasn’t finished her words, Minami already seals her lips with his

“My breakfast is Maeda Atsuko. I’m hunger for my lovely and beautiful wife’s scent” he whispers in her ears

His words make Atsuko blush madly. Her heart suddenly beats super-fast.

“Atsuko, you are so cute” Minami said

Then he kisses her lips again roughly and intensely

In the evening

Atsuko is lying on Minami arm while burying her face on his chest. Minami is hugging Atsuko in arm tightly. He strokes her hair gently and kisses her head. He misses her so much. Suddenly his phone rings. Minami turns and picks up the phone

“Hello Jun” he said

“What is it, Jun?” Minami asks

“I see” Minami said

“I see. That is great! Thank you” he said in happy tone

Atsuko looks at Minami in confused when hearing his happy tone

“Ok, bye.” he said and hangs up

“What did Jun say, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Jun called to let me know that the police arrested Iwai Sotaru.” Minami said to Atsuko in happy tone

Minami is very happy because Sotaru was the one who kidnapped Atsuko and shot her. Arresting him means that Atsuko is safe now

“Iwai Sotaru?” Atsuko asks in wonder tone

“Do you remember me told you about a new employee I hired 5 months ago?” Minami asks

“The one you said that have a very hard life, right? Uhm…a security in your company introduced him to you” Atsuko said in question tone

“Yes, it was him. However, I was tricked. He surgeries to change his face and identity. His real identity is Iwasa Toru. He is business partner of the previous company where I used to work. He delivered fake goods for my company. I filed a complaint, and the company sued him. After that his company went bankrupt. After 6 years, he came back here to take revenge from me”

“These days I felt something very weird from him. Therefore, this morning, I called Jun to ask him investigate about him. Jun finally found out his real identity. Also in the process of investigating him, he found out Satoru seem to stalked around our house for more than 6 months now. Therefore, just now the police come and check on his house, they found two guns  in his house. Plus they also found a lot of your pictures there. Iwai Sotaru also admitted. He wanted to kidnap you to take revenge on me” he continues

Atsuko is surprised with Minami words

“I’m sorry, Atsuko” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

“Why did you apology, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confused

“If I investigate him more closely, you won’t be in danger like this. Just because of my soft-hearted, I put you in danger. He could have kidnapped you anytime. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you good, Atsuko” Minami said

Atsuko notice sadness and worriedness in his eyes. She also sees some tear in his eyes. Somehow, she can feel painful in his tone

“Baka” Atsuko cups his cheeks and said

“You hired him because you are a kind-hearted person. You want to help him after you heard about his situation. I’m happy because my husband is a warm-hearted person. I’m extremely happy, Minami. About his intention, don’t be sad, no one will know about that, baby. Also, I’m still safe in your arms, right now, right?” Atsuko smiles and said

“However, even if he kidnap me, I believe that my Minami will protect me no matter what. I’m strongly believe that” she continues while smiling at Minami

“Atsuko” he hugs her tightly in his arms

“No, Atsuko. At that time, I was not able to protect you, my love. I failed to protect you at that time. However, with this miracle, this great second chance, I won’t let anything happen to you again. I will protect you no matter what, my love, my Atsuko.” he thought while tightening his hug

Feeling Minami’s silent, Atsuko call him


“What is it, love?” Minami looks down at her and asks

“What was your dream last night, Minami?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

She is curious because Minami is acting very strange since last night.

“It is a very scary, but at the same time, it is a great dream because it helped me realize a lot of things” Minami hugs Atsuko is his arms and said

“I promise you from now on, I will never make you feel lonely again” he continues while stroking Atsuko’s hair

Atsuko looks up at Minami and smiles happily

“Thank you, Minami. I love you” she said

“It was me who have to say that.” Minami pecks Atsuko’s lips and said

“Thank you for loving me and always be by my side, Atsuko” he whispers gently

Christmas Eve

At City Square

Under the Christmas Tree

Atsuko is walking hand in hand with Minami to the Christmas tree. Minami wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Christmas Tree which is the witness of their love. However, when they just reached there, Minami got a phone call. He quickly takes it out

“It is me”

“Ok, I got it.”

Then he hangs up

“What’s it, Minami?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I have an urgent business. I have to go now.” Minami said

Atsuko feels very sad when hearing what Minami said.

“Ok, just go Minami. I will stay here a little. After that I will go home” she forces a smile and said

“Go home early ok. Today is very cold” Minami said

“I know. I will just be here a little while” Atsuko nods and said

“Good, I will go now, love you” Minami pecks her lips and said

Then he leaves the place.

“Baka Minami, you just promised to me two days ago that you won’t leave me alone in our wedding anniversary, but you leave me again, baka, baka” Atsuko mumbles in pouting tone

Then she looks up at the Christmas tree and sighs heavily. Tear starts rolling on her cheeks.

“Seem like there will be only me and you this year again” Atsuko said to the tree while wiping her tear

Suddenly someone hugs her from behind surprising her

“Don’t cry my love” she hears Minami’s voice

“Minami, I thought…” Atsuko turns around and said in surprised tone

“You thought me left again for work right?” Minami said while wiping tear on her cheeks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I’m sorry I lied to you, baby” Minami strokes her hair and said

Atsuko looks at Minami in confuse

“Actually I only want to get this for you” Minami said while raising a big bouquet of rose in front of Atsuko

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in surprised tone

“Happy our 5 years wedding anniversary, Atsuko” he smiles and said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in happy tone while receiving the flowers

She is very happy right now that she doesn’t know what to say except smiling at the flower in her hand

“Another thing, Atsuko” Minami said

“What’s it, Minami?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Look up there, my love.” Minami said while pointing at the sky

Atsuko looks up as Minami said, and she sees an ad plane of Minami’s company. Behind it is a big banner with a big sentence that is illuminating at night

“Happy Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary”

Under it is another sentence

“Takahashi Minami Loves Takahashi Maeda Atsuko”

Atsuko is very surprised with what is in front of her eyes. She uses her hand to cover her mouth because of surprise and an overwhelmed feeling of happy.

“Minami” Atsuko turns to look at him.

Tear of happiness keeps rolling down on her cheeks

“Minami, I love you” she hugs him tightly and said

“I love you too, Atsuko.” Minami kisses her head and said

“Atsuko, let’s go. The program for our anniversary is not done yet.” he continues

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at Minami in confuse

“Let’s go Atsuko” he said and pulls her to the side road where a black car parks

“Where are we going, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“To the airport. We will go on a long vacation” Minami smiles while opening the door for Atsuko

In Minami’s private jet

Minami and Atsuko sits down next to each other on the sofa. This is Minami’s private jet, and it is only used for him and Atsuko.

“Atsuko, I have another surprise for you, my lovely wife” he holds Atsuko’s hands and said

“Huh?” Atsuko thought

Minami takes the remote control and turns on the TV

“Look at the TV, baby” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

Atsuko looks up at the big TV in front of her. Once again, she is very surprised with what she saw. On the screen there is the collection of her and his pictures together with her favorite song in the background.

(Minami, what are you doing?

I’m recording our moment

Ok, all done.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife)

Atsuko is very surprised with what he did. Tear of happiness keeps rolling on her cheeks. She is extremely happy when seeing each of their moment together. Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles gently.

After 10 minutes

The clip is coming to the end. At the end of it, Atsuko sees a big sentence appears

“Happy Our Five Years Wedding Anniversary”

Following that Atsuko sees the wedding picture of her and Minami. After the picture is another sentence appear

“I Loves You, Atsuko”

After the clips end, Atsuko quickly turns to Minami and asks him

“Minami, you did all of that?”

“Uh” Minami nods

“Since when, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Since long time ago” Minami said

“I planned on making this clip for so long. I want to show this clip for you when our 5 years wedding anniversary. I’m happy when seeing you happy, Atsuko” he continues while smiling

“Minami” Atsuko leans and hugs his neck tightly

“I’m extremely happy, Minami. I’m the luckiest person in the whole world” she said in happy tone

Minami smiles at her words. Her happiness is really his happiness. There is nothing can make him happier than Atsuko’s smile

“As long as you are happy, I can do everything” Minami said in gentle tone

“Thank you, Minami.” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

“Everything for my love” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said in loving tone

“I love you so much, Minami” Atsuko kisses Minami’s lips and said

“I love you too Atsuko more than anything” Minami said

When he looks at his watch, he sees it is 12:00 a.m. Minami breaks the hug to look at Atsuko and said

“Merry Christmas, Atsuko”

“Merry Christmas, Minami” Atsuko smiles sweetly at him and said

Then Atsko leans her head on Minami's shoulder and closes her eyes enjoying his presence while hugging his arms tightly. After awhile, she falls in sleep happily on his shoulder. Minami kisses her forehead and smiles happily. Then he turns to look at the window

“Thank you for this second chance, grandpa. I will treasure this chance for the rest of my life.” Minami smiles and thought

“I love you forever and ever Atsuko”

The End

That is the Christmas OS. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)

Once again Merry Christmas Everyone!!!  :D :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Miracle of Christmas (Atsumina) 25/12/2016
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Thanks for your sweet story.

Minami is lucky, because not everyone get second chance.
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That was a very lovely fic.
Great for Christmas! 😁
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 6 02/01/2017
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@yocelin17: Thank you!  :D

@phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

My Feeling for You

Part 6

The next day

On The street

While Atsuko is walking back from her school, she sees a group of men cornering a little kid.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She shouts while rushes to them

One of the men turns to see who is the person. He smirks when seeing a beautiful girl in front of him

“What do you want, beauty?” He said while walking slowly to Atsuko

“Hey guys, she is really cute” he turns and said to his friends

“Yeah, why don't we play with her a little bit” They all laugh loudly and said

"Sure, it is rarely occasion to meet a beauty like this" the man said

Then he turns back and walks toward Atsuko

“Hey beauty, why don't you play with me a little? My buddy said so too” he said while raising his hand to touch Atsuko's face

“Don't touch me trash.” Atsuko slaps his hand away and said

The man is angry because of Atsuko's action

“You dare to use that attitude toward me” he said

“So, what? You all are just trash when bully a little kid” Atsuko said

“You little” the man mumbles angrily

“Get her” He turns and orders his men

Atsuko smirks at them

“Too bad. I'm not easy to pick on anymore” she said

Five men rush to attack Atsuko. She dodges their attack easily. Then she turns to the left and punches the man at his face. After that she turns around and kicks the man behind her on his stomach

On her right, a man raises his hand to punches Atsuko's face. She dodges and catches his hand. She twists his hand and kicks the back of his knee making him groans in pain.

“You brat” a man shouts and rushes to Atsuko

Atsuko takes the man on her left pulling him in front of her blocking the other attack. Then she kicks two of them

“Too bad, my teacher is champions of Karate and Kendo” Atsuko smirks and keeps fighting the rest of them

After finishing all, Atsuko looks at the man and said in challenging tone

“What's wrong?”

“Remember that brat” The man said and rushes away with his man.

“Don't ever bully someone smaller than you” Atsuko shouts

Then she bends down and picks up the bag for the little girl.

“Are you ok, little girl?” She asks

“I'm fine, thank you oneechan” the little girl said

Then she leaves. Atsuko looks at her and smiles.

From very far from Atsuko

There is a man looking at Atsuko's face dangerously.

“I finally found you brat. You have to pay for what I had been through in 7 years” the man said and strongly stabs a knife on the tree

In Mariko’s clinic

Atsuko decides to stop by Mariko's place because she wants to talk to her. She walks into the place and greets Mariko

“Hello auntie Mariko”

“Hi Acchan” Mariko said happily

Atsuko walks in Mariko’s office and sits down.

“Why are you here today, Acchan?” Mariko asks

“I come here to visit little puppies” Atsuko smiles and said jokingly

“Really? I thought you come here because of Takamina” Mariko said

She notices Atsuko's strange behavior since she walks in. Hearing Mariko's words, Atsuko looks down

“Do you know Kisaki Kiara, Auntie” she asks

Mariko is surprised with her question

“Uhm… I heard about her. She is the daughter of Kisaki Yuji, president of Kisaki group in U.S. If I remember correctly, her father is Takamina’s father friend. what about her, Acchan?” she answers and asks

“I met her the other day in Minami’s house. Minami said that she is his classmate in Economic class” Atsuko said

“Why is she in Minami’s house? What is she doing there?” Mariko said

“Minami said that his mother wants him to get to know her more and impress her because….” Atsuko answers and pauses

Mariko looks at Atsuko and sees her face turns very sad

“Because she chose her to be his wife, and Minami seems to listen to his mother. He asked me to give him some advice to do that” she continues in sad tone

Mariko frowns at what Atsuko said

“That stupid ignorant” She thought

“Why don't you confess your love, Acchan?” Mariko asks her in serious tone

Atsuko looks up in surprise. She never thought that Mariko knew about her feeling

“You love him, right?” Mariko asks

Atsuko stays silent and nods slowly

“How did you know, auntie?” she asks

“Your action clearly shows me that. The way you look at him, how you treat him. It shows me clearly, not only me but Rena and Jun noticed to. Just that stupid ignorant Bakamina, didn't notice that” Mariko said

The last part she said in very angry tone

“It is not his fault, auntie. I guess it is because he never sees me that way. To him, I will always be a little kid he helped. I’m just a little kid to him. He will never see me the way I see him” Atsuko said in whisper tone

Mariko looks at Atsuko sad face. She notices how sad she is

“It is late now. I guess I have to go home.” Atsuko continues while looking at her phone

Then she stands up packing her stuff to go.

“Acchan” Mariko calls her

Atsuko turns around and asks

“What is it, auntie?”

“You never know if you don't try, Acchan. I believe you will get a great surprise” Mariko said

Atsuko smiles at Mariko

“Thank you, auntie” she said and walks out of the office

Atsuko thinks that Mariko is trying to help her feel better.

“Trust me Acchan. I'm not just trying to comfort you” Mariko said loudly

In Mariko's room

“That idiot didn't even realize his own feeling. And why did he even listen to his mother about marriage?” she thought

“Ugh...Baka Baka Bakamina. Why did you be so obedience to her?” Mariko said angrily

The next day

In the evening

While walking back from his school, his phone rings. Mariko calls him

“Hello auntie” he picks up his phone and said

(Hi Takamina, what are you doing?) Mariko asks

“I'm on my way home” Minami said

(Are you free?) Mariko asks

“Yes” Minami answers

(Come to my house. There is something I want to talk to you) Mariko said

“What's it, Auntie?” Minami asks in wonder tone

(Just come here) Mariko said seriously

(Ok) Minami nods in confused

In Mariko’s house

Minami is sitting opposite of Mariko.

“What do you want to talk to me, auntie?” he asks

“There is a pet hospital that invited me to be advisor for their new trainee doctors.” Mariko said

Minami stays silent listening to Mariko's words.

“There is a trainee doctor who is very good and promising. I want to introduce him to Acchan” She continues

Minami widens his eyes in surprise when hearing that

“What do you think, Takamina?” Mariko asks him

“What are you saying, Auntie?” Minami asks

“I want to be a matchmaker. He is a good person. Plus, I know his parents very well too.” Mariko said

“No, you can't. Atsuko is still young.” Minami said seriously

“She is 16 now, and she is in 11 grade now. I don't see any problem” Mariko said

“In addition, I heard that your mother already chooses for you a wife, and you seem to already agree, right?” She adds

Minami is surprised with Mariko’s words

“Your fiancé is here. Eventually you will focus on her and forget taking care of Acchan, so I have to find someone to take care of her” she continues

“Kiara here has nothing to do with this. Mom told me to get to know her doesn't mean I will marry her. I won't let you introduce him to Acchan. As I said she is still young. Plus, I can take care of her just fine” Minami stands up and said seriously

Mariko looks at him. His eyes are like he is very angry.

Minami feels very annoyed since hearing Mariko said about introducing Atsuko to a man. He doesn't understand why Mariko do that. He and Atsuko are fine.

“However still, I’m definitely sure that eventually you will marry her because after all that is what your mother tells you. I know you will never go against her words because you are her good boy, right?” Mariko said and emphasizes her words

In her tone, there is a sarcastic tone.

Minami looks down and stays silent. Mariko feels a little disappointed with his action. His action shows that he will definitely do what Ayumi told him to. She sighs silently and said

“When that happened, Acchan will be all alone again. I still have to find someone for her. Why don't just introduce a good man for her now?”

Minami holds his fists tightly because of anger. He doesn’t know why, but he feels very angry, anytime Mariko mention about finding for Atsuko a boyfriend.

“Auntie, I said that I only do what mom said about getting to know her. Marrying or not is my choice, and my mother’s words won’t affect me. I said Atsuko won't meet anyone, and she will not meet anyone. She will stay with me as normal” Minami said seriously

“So, you don't want me to introduce him to her?” Mariko asks

“Of course” Minami said in definite tone

“I see. Then I won’t” Mariko said

“Is that why you called me here?” Minami asks

“Uh, I see him promising. Also, since Acchan is very cute and pretty, and he is very handsome. I think they match perfectly with each other” Mariko said

“Who said that” Minami thought annoyingly

“You just met him in a short period of time, how can you be so sure about him like that” He said

She looks at Minami's now very dark face and laughs to herself

“With this method. I'm sure your so simple head can understand your own feeling now” she thought

“I know him long ago, Takamina. His parents are my friend” Mariko said

“Auntie, that doesn't change anything. Acchan is still young. You don't need to do that” Minami said

“Oh well” Mariko shrugs

“Ok auntie, if you don't have anything, I will go home now. Atsuko is waiting for me” Minami stands up and said

“Ok, say hi to Acchan for me” Mariko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then he turns and walks to the door. When he is at the door, he hears Mariko's voice


“Yes” Minami turns around

“Why did you want to get to know Kisaki Kiara?” Mariko asks him in serious tone

Minami is surprised with her question. He never thinks about that. His parents told him, and he just does what they said

“I…” he doesn't know how to answer

“Is this what you want or just your mother wants. You are a grown-up person, Takamina. You should know what is really what you want. Listening to your parents isn't bad, but you also have to listen to what inside your heart. Do you like her or is that your mother like her that make you also think like that?” Mariko said

Her words make him think a lot. Ever since he was a kid until now, he only listens to his parents and thinks that is good. He never once decides for himself anything except taking Atsuko to his house.

Mariko looks at Minami's confused face.

“This child. His mother really turns him to a robot. Though Acchan make him human again. He still doesn't have his own opinion.” She thought and sighs to herself

“Think about what I said Takamina. And by the way, Takamina, another question is the real reason you don't want me to introduce Acchan to him because she is still young?” Mariko said

She wants him to understand the real feeling inside his heart. Minami looks at her with surprised look

“What is the real reason in your heart Takamina?” She continues

Minami is confused with her words

“What do you mean, Auntie?” He asks

“Figure it out yourself, Takamina” Mariko smiles and said

“However, you have to be quick before losing what so dear to you” She continues

Her words are not so serious in tone, but it is like a warning for him.

“Huh?” Minami looks at her in confused

“Life is short, and time will never go back, Takamina. Don’t make yourself regret of anything” Mariko said in serious tone

This makes Minami even more confused


When he is about to ask her, Mariko cuts his words and said

“Go home, Takamina. Acchan is waiting for you”

“But…” Minami said

“Go home, go home little boy” Mariko pushes him out and said

Then Minami goes home with a big confuse on his face.

On his way home, he is still very confused with Mariko’s words

“What does auntie mean?” he thought

“My real reason? Listen to my heart? What does that mean?” Minami mumbles

After some moment of thinking, he scratches his head irritably

“Ugh…auntie probably wants to play with me” he thought and pushes all his confusing aside and keeps walking back home

After awhile

Minami reaches his house. He opens the door and walks in. Atsuko is reading book on the sofa while waiting for him. Seeing him, she stands up and greets him while smiling brightly at him

“Welcome home, Minami”

Minami suddenly feels a weird feeling in his heart when seeing Atsuko. Mariko’s words suddenly appear in his head again

“What is the real reason in your heart, Takamina?”

Seeing Minami just stays silent, Atsuko calls him in confuse while looking closer at his face


Her calls snap his out of his thought. He sees that Atsuko’s face is an inch away from his

*Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump*

His heart suddenly beats faster.

“O..Oh h...i...hi…. Atsuko” Minami quickly stepping back and said reluctantly 

Atsuko tilts her head looking at Minami with confused look

“What’s wrong, Minami?” she asks

“ I...I have some project to do. I will go to my room now” Minami said and walks upstairs

“O...k” Atsuko said in confuse

When Minami is on the stair, Atsuko calls him

“Minami, don’t you eat dinner?”

“You just go ahead and eat. I will eat after I finish my project.” Minami said without turning back

Atsuko is confused and a little hurt with Minami’s action

“Ok” she said with sad tone

Minami stops his step when hearing Atsuko’s sad tone. He really wants to eat with her, but he doesn’t understand himself

“What’s going on with me?” He mumbles and continues walking back to his room

The next day

Atsuko walks back home happily. There is a happy news she got from her school, and she really wants to tell Minami first.

She reaches the house at the same time with Minami. Seeing Minami, Atsuko calls him happily

Minami turns and smiles when seeing Atsuko. Last night, he was able to calm himself by throwing all Mariko’s words aside.

“Hello Atsuko” he said with a smile on his face while waving at her

Atsuko smiles happily when seeing Minami’s smile. His smile erases everything that made her sad these days. Then she rushes to him happily

“You are home early today” Atsuko said

“Uh, today is special” Minami said

“Special?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks in confuse

“Don’t you remember what day today is, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Today?” Atsuko thought

“The day we met, baka” Minami flicks her forehead and said

“You remember that, Minami” Atsuko said in happy tone

Of course, she remembered. However, she never thought he would.

“Of course, I remember everything about you” Minami smiles and said while opening the door

Atsuko’s heart beats faster because of Minami’s words.

“You never know if you don't try, Acchan.”

She suddenly remembers Mariko’s words. She decides she will confess


“By the way Atsuko, remember to give me some advices ok. My mom just asked me about that again this morning. After all, you are girl so you definitely can understand girl better” Minami turns and said while smiling at Atsuko

“Did you say something?” then he asks

“Ah no, I just want to talk about the advices” Atsuko said while smiling

“Huh? Really? Tell me” Minami looks at her and said with

Atsuko notices Minami’s eyes lit up when hearing what she said. She feels the pain in her heart increase. She calms her pain down and asks

“What do you want to know, Minami?”

“ to impress her, I guess. That is what mom sa...” Minami said and stops when Mariko's words appear in his head

“Do you really want to get to know her or this is what your mother want”

“Listening to your parents isn't bad, but you have to listen to your heart also”

Minami's sudden stop confuse Atsuko

“Minami” she calls him

Atsuko's call snaps him out of his thought

“I mean, how to impress her” Minami said

“Like do I need to change anything?” he continues

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then she said honestly

“Just be yourself Minami. You don’t need to do anything because you are great the way you are. I believe she will notice how great you are very soon”

Yes, to Atsuko, Minami is the best. No one can compare to him. His kindness, his gently, his caring, everything of him make her fall in love with him deeper and deeper every day. Minami smiles at her

“Thank you, Atsuko.” he pats her head and said

“Anyway, put that aside. Let’s celebrate, Atsuko” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods happily

She decided to put her feeling aside. She wants to enjoy her time being with her as much as possible

Now Minami notices a cake on Atsuko’s hand

“You bought a cake too, Atsuko?” he asks

“Uh, but for another reason” Atsuko said

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“That is a secret. I will tell you later” Atsuko said and walks into the house

“Atsuko, tell me” Minami said while following her into the house

“Atsuko, tell me, tell me, tell me” Minami said repeatedly while following behind Atsuko

“No, no” Atsuko shakes her head and denies playfully

She puts the cake on the table and sticks out her tongue at Minami. However, Minami just stays silent with a straight face


He stays silent and walks to the table. Atsuko looks at Minami in confuse.

“Minami” She calls him

However, he still stays silent. He opens the box cake and takes it out still staying silent

“Minami, are you mad?” Atsuko asks him worriedly

Minami still doesn't respond to her, and it makes Atsuko worry.


When she is about to say sorry, Minami suddenly turns and wipes something on her nose. It feels cold. Then Atsuko hears Minami’s loud laughter. He laughs loudly at Atsuko's dumbfounded face. She touches her nose and sees cake cream on it

“I got you, Atsuko haha” 

“I'm always tricked by you. This time I got you, Atsuko” Minami said in victorious tone

Suddenly Atsuko looks down and uses her hands to cover her face

“Minami, I thought you mad at me” she said in broken tone

Minami is surprised with Atsuko’s voice. He turns and said

“Atsuko, I'm sorry. I didn't me…”

Suddenly Atsuko wipes cream on Minami's face

“Got you” Atsuko said and laughs

Minami touches his face and feels the cake cream

“You little” he said playfully

Then he chases after her to wipe cream on her face. The kitchen now turns into a cake battlefield.

“Catches me if you can, Minami” Atsuko said

Suddenly she trips on the chair and falls

“Careful” Minami catches her before she falls

However, he lost his balance and falls on her.


Atsuko opens her eyes and sees Minami is on top of her. She blushes madly at their position. Minami's heart also beats faster when realizing that he is on top of her. An awkward silence fills between them.

“Uhm… we should eat the cake not leave it on our face like this” Minami said

His words make Atsuko laughs.

“You are so funny, Minami” she said while laughing

“What?” Minami asks in confused

“Your words. Also, look at your face. Hahaha” Atsuko laughs

“Your face also like that, Atsuko” Minami said and laughs

“Don't laugh” Atsuko pouts

“Why not. You look like Hero” Minami said

“No, I'm not” Atsuko pouts

“You are” Minami said

“No, I'm not” Atsuko said and tickles him

“You dare to tickle me” Minami said and tickles her

“Haha, Minami stop it” Atsuko said while laughing

“No way, now tell me what is the special event” Minami said

“No” Atsuko said

“Stubborn huh” Minami said and keeps tickling her

“Stop it Minami” Atsuko said still laughing

“No way” Minami said keep tickling her

“Ok, ok, I’m surrender, but I want to keep it as secret in just a little time, ok” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami smiles at her and said

Then he stands up, but once again he tripped and falls on Atsuko because of the cake cream on the floor. This time, his face is even closer to hers and their nose touches each other. Atsuko's heart now beat super-fast. She looks at Minami’s eyes. Then just like an unconscious action, Atsuko leans up and kisses Minami's lips. Her action makes Minami widen his eyes in surprise.

“Atsuko” he thought

His heart suddenly beats like crazy. In his heart, there is a weird feeling appears again just like when he looks at her in her room. A feeling that he hasn’t known.

After regaining his conscious, Minami quickly sits up breaking the kiss

“Atsuko” he calls Atsuko’s name in surprise while touching his lips

“Minami, I…” Atsuko sits up and said, but is cut off by the be rings

Minami quickly sits up and rushes to the door. He is running away because he doesn't know what to do

He opens the door and sees Kiara is standing in front of his house

“H...hi Kiara” Minami said trying to calm his heart because it beats like crazy because of the incident.


In the kitchen

Atsuko slowly sits up. She just did an unthinkable action. Suddenly she hears Minami voice

“Hi Kiara”

“Minami, can we talk a little.” She hears Kiara said

“Sure” Minami said immediately

Atsuko hears the sound of the door closing. Then the house falls in heavy silent. Atsuko leans her back on the wall and slides down on the floor. Tear rolls down on her cheeks.

“What have you done, Atsuko?” She scolds herself for her action while burying her face on her hands

In the meantime

Minami's POV

When I open the door, I saw Kiara in front of my house. She asked me to talk to her a little, and I immediately agreed. Then we left the house.

Actually, at that time my head still can't register about what she wants to talk to me. I agreed because I don't know what to do. It's really awkward, and I'm really confused.

“Why did Atsuko kiss me?”

“Also, What is this weird feeling in my heart?” Since yesterday after the conversation with auntie, I keep thinking about it, and I'm really confused

Suddenly I hear Kiara calls me


“Huh?” I turn and ask her

Suddenly auntie’s text last night flashes back my head

“If one day, a man comes and snatches her away from you, what do you think, Takamina?”

“I should introduce some of my friend’s son to her since you will listen to your parents and eventually marry her.”

Auntie’s words just keep flashing back in my head. I'm confused now.  Because I space out again, Kiara calls me again


“Huh?” I look up and ask

“I'm sorry Kiara. Can we talk some other time?” I said

I really can't concentrate right now. My head is a mess.

“It's ok. Then I will go now.” Kiara said

“Thank you and I'm sorry” I said

“It's ok. You don't have to feel sorry” she smiles at me and walks away

After she left, I turn around and go back to my house. My head still keeps thinking about auntie’s words.

“Ugh” I scratched my head frustrated and walk back to my house

I’m standing in front of my house right now. I want to walk into it, but I can't. My heart beats like crazy since I was walking back here, and my face is still hot. I really don't know what to do, and all I want to do is running away from my house because I can’t deal with what just happened between us.


Just thinking about her, my heart beats crazy again.

“Ugh, it is all because of auntie’s words” I thought

End Minami’s POV

At the same time

In the kitchen

Atsuko is sitting silently in the corner of the kitchen. She is thinking about her and Minami.

“Atsuko, Minami has his own life too, you know.” She told to herself

“Look what has you done? You caused awkwardness between you and him. You shouldn't bother him anymore. You bothered him enough”  she whispers

After awhile

Atsuko hears sound of the door opens and closes. She stands up and walks to the door. She sees Minami walks in, but he doesn't say anything. He just walks up to his room without saying a word to her.

Atsuko smiles bitterly. She thinks Minami must hate her now for what she did

“It is really time now, Atsuko.” she smiles to herself and said

In Minami's room

Minami lies down on his bed. He sighs while looking at the ceiling

Minami's POV

I'm thinking about Atsuko and my action. I feel bad ignoring her. I shouldn't just ignore her and walk in here like this, but I really don't know how to face her right now. I sigh heavily and close my eyes hoping when I wake up, everything will return to normal again.

End Minami’s POV


Atsuko holds a gift box to Minami's room. She slowly opens the door and walks in. Minami is already asleep. She puts it carefully on his table with a letter on top of it.

Then she walks to his bed and sits down to look at his face. Atsuko wants to look at Minami's face more and more because she knows from now on she will never see him again. She smiles while touching his face.

Slowly Atsuko bends down near his face. She closes her eyes and kisses Minami's lips gently. Then she whispers with a small tone that only her can hear it

“I love you, Minami”

Her tear drops on his face. She quickly wipes her tear away from his face so that he won’t be woken up. Then she stands up and slowly walks out of his room. She turns and looks at Minami one last time before closes the door gently

She walks back to her room and looks at Hero. He is sleeping on his own bed near Atsuko’s bed. She sits down and strokes his fur.

“Take good care of Minami for me, Hero. I'm sorry I can't bring you with me, buddy.” Atsuko whispers

Then she slowly stands up real careful trying not to wake Hero up because he is very sensitive.
Atsuko walks slowly downstairs. She looks around the house which is so dear to her, her house. Tear rolls down on her cheeks

“Goodbye my house” she said in broken tone

Her heart is broken when she has to leave here especially leaving Minami who she loves with all her heart.

“Be strong Atsuko.” She tells herself

However her body keeps shaking because of pain. She opens the door and goes out. Each step is like a knife stab right at her heart making it bleeding.

Atsuko turns around looking at the house again.

“Goodbye Minami.” She whispers and walks away

In the morning

While Minami is sleeping, he feels something pulling his blanket. Then he hears Hero’s barking.

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

He opens his eyes and sits up. He rubs his eyes and sees Hero whimpers around his bed.

“What's wrong, Hero?” He holds his front feet up and asks

Suddenly Hero jumps out of his hands and rushes to the door as calling Minami to follow him. Hero’s action reminds him when Atsuko was beaten and sick.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He quickly steps down from his bed and rushes to Atsuko's room. He opens the door of her room and calls her while walking in

“Are you ok, Ats...”

However he stops at his place when seeing her room is empty. Her bed is very neat and clean.

“Where is she?” He thought

Then he quickly rushes down stair looking for her. He checks on every single room, but she is nowhere to be found.

“Atsuko” he calls her loudly.

He rushes out of his house and runs around to look for her, but he can't find her anywhere.
Then he hears Hero’s barking again. He quickly rushes back into the house. He hears his barking come from his room. He rushes upstairs and opens his room. Minami sees Hero is standing at his desk trying to reach something.

Minami walks toward it and sees a gift box with a letter on top of it. He quickly takes the letter and opens it

“Minami, I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything to you. I just can't say it if I stand in front of you.”

Minami widens his eyes when reading the first sentence. He suddenly feels a strong pain in his heart. It hits him strongly when realizing Atsuko already left him. Now every words of Mariko become very clear in his head.

“You have to figure out your feeling before losing what dearest to you”

“Look deep in your heart and feel it by your honest heart, Takamina.”

“Life is short, and time will never go back, Takamina. Don’t make yourself regret of anything”

“Atsuko” he whispers while holding the letter tightly

Just now, just now he just realizes a feeling that he should realize sooner.

“I'm an idiot”


Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 7 08/01/2017
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 7  :)

My Feeling for You

Part 7

At dawn

At the river bank

Atsuko is walking aimlessly on the bridge near the river bank where she met Minami. She just left Minami’s house and doesn’t know where to go or what to do. She stops at the grass near the bridge where she first met Takamina

“Little girl, let's me help you?”

“Don't call me little”

“I'm not little”

“If you call me that again, I will call you old man”

Atsuko smiles when remembers her past and how she met Minami.

“I wish I can go back to that time” she whispers

Suddenly she hears very loud motorcycle engine. She turns around and sees a group of gangster rushing toward and surrounding her. They are holding baseball bat in their hand.

“What do you want?” Atsuko asks while frowning

“Revenge” a voice said

Then a man walking toward her with a smirk on his face. On his left eyes, there is a big long scar.

“Long time no see, brat” he said to Atsuko in dangerous tone

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks while frowning

“You already forget about me huh? However, I will never ever forget about you. I will never forget how my brother died and how my life in that prison hell. I will never ever forget all of that” The man said in angry tone

Atsuko is surprised with his words. She steps back a little and said while frowning

“You are Joker”

“Remembers me now” Joker smirks while looking at Atsuko

“Right after I ran away from that stupid place, I come here to find you, and I will definitely kill you this time, brat” Joker said

“If not because of you, my brother wouldn't die, and I wouldn't have to stay in that prison for 5 years.” He shouts angrily

“Look what those in prison did to me” he continues in anger tone

“That is what you and him deserve for kidnapping” Atsuko said

“Shut up. Don't lecture me with all those thing” Joker shouts

“I came here today to collect the debt you owned me by your life” he continues in cold tone

Then he rushes to Atsuko. When Atsuko is about to dodge his attack, she stops herself.

“What can I do now without Minami?” She thought

Somehow, she doesn’t want to live anymore without Minami. Joker rushes to her and stabs right on her stomach.

“What's wrong? Where is the tough girl the other day when you fought those street gangsters?” Joker said sarcastically

Atsuko chuckles and smirks at him

“I don't feel like fighting with weakling” she said

“You little” Joker said angrily and kicks Atsuko's stomach making she coughs

*Cough* *Cough*

“You are so weak, Joker. I didn't feel any pain from that hit” Atsuko stands up and said while holding her stomach

“Big mouth huh? You will know what pain is later” Joker said

“You guys” he looks at his gangs and signals for them to hit Atsuko

One of the man throws a bat to Joker.

“Let's me show you who is the weakling” he said and swings the bat hitting hard on Atsuko's head

Then another one hits Atsuko’s at her back, legs, shoulder making her fall on the ground. However, strangely that Atsuko doesn't feel any pain though she was hit so bad like that. Maybe the pain in her heart right now over power everything.

“Hold her up. I'm not done yet” Joker orders his men

Two of the men holds Atsuko's arms pulling her up. Blood just keeps dripping from the injuries on her head and stomach. Atsuko smirks at Joker

“Is this all you got, Joker?” she asks sarcastically

Hearing Atsuko’s voice, Joker is angrier because she is making fun of him.

“You little” he shouts angrily while turns the bat and hits her stomach at the same place where he stabbed her

Atsuko bends down on the ground and coughs up blood. She is very weak now, and slowly she lost her consciousness. When a man is about to hit her more, Joker stops him

“Keep that small life just a little more. I still have some business with one more person” Joker said while sitting down next to Atsuko

“Let's prepare our gift for Takahashi Minami” he said


In Minami's room

Minami slowly walks toward the thing on the desk and sees it is a gift box with a letter on top of it.

He quickly takes the letter and opens it

“Minami, I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything to you. I just can't say it if I stand in front of you.”

Minami widens his eyes when reading the first sentence. He suddenly feels a strong pain in his heart. It hits him strongly when realizing Atsuko already left him. Now every words of Mariko become very clear in his head.

“You have to figure out your feeling before losing what dearest to you”

“Atsuko” he whispers while holding the letter tightly

Just now, just now he just realizes a feeling that he should realize sooner.

“I'm stupid” he whispers while falling back on his chair

(Thank you, Minami, for taking care of me for 5 years. It means a lot to me. All my life since I start understanding about thing, I never feel so happy like those times being with you, Minami.

I'm an orphan, and I never get a chance to know who my parents are. I grew up in the orphanage. However, those kids there keep bullying me because of my different hair color. They called me freak and bully me day by day. When I was 9, I decided to run away from that place. It is like hell to me. After that I live the life like what you know. I steal food and money to live every day. 

I was never once acknowledged as a human being, an existence being. Only you Minami, you bring me a new home, new family with aunt Mariko, Jun-niichan and Rena-neechan. Everyone is so nice to me, especially you, Minami

Minami, you are my family, and everything to me. You taught me a lot of thing. I really don't want to leave you, but I have to. You also have your own life, and I can't keep bothering you like that.

Once again, I'm sorry for leaving like this, Minami. I also shouldn't do that. I'm sorry

Lastly Minami, I want you to be happy, and I know you will be happy because you are a good person.

P/s: There is one thing that I held for so long. I'm afraid that if I don't tell you in this letter, I won't ever have a chance to do that.

“I love you, Minami”

However, don't worry about me, Minami. I can take care of myself. Please take care of Hero for me. Be happy and forget about me, Minami.

                                                                                                                                                                                    ---- Atsuko ----)

Minami reads the letter in tears

“Atsuko” he calls her painfully

Then he stands up and said

“No, Atsuko. You can't leave me. I won't let you walk out of my life. I need you”

He rushes down stair toward his front door and calls Hero

“Let's go find Acchan, Hero”

When Minami opens the door, and rushes out, he kicks on something on the ground. He looks down and sees a box that is wrapped nicely in a gift-wrapping paper

“A gift box” Minami thought in confused while walking closer to it.

Hero sniffs at the box. Then he looks at Minami and barks

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

Hero keeps barking and whimpers around it. His weird action makes Minami worry

“What's wrong Hero?” Minami asks

Hero looks at him and barks again. Minami picks up the box and sees a small card on top of it

“Open it and you will get a great surprised ----- your best friend from 5 years ago -----”

“5 years ago” Minami thought in surprised

He quickly walks back inside the house. He sits down on the sofa and opens it as quickly as he can. He is worried because of Hero strange action. When the box is opened, Minami widens his eyes in surprised. In the box is Atsuko's necklace. The one that Minami gave her as a gift 5 years ago. The necklace is covered with blood.

Suddenly Minami's phone rings. He looks and sees the id caller is Atsuko. Immediately, Minami picks up and said


He was cut off by a dangerous tone

(Long time no see Takahashi Minami)

“Who are you?” Minami asks

(You just asked the same question as that little brat? Living happily and peacefully making you forget about me huh?) the man said

Suddenly Minami remembers something

“Joker” he said

Joker laughs loudly again.

(Yes, this is me. An ambassador’s son still remembers me. I'm so honored.) Joker said

“How can you…?” Minami asks in surprised tone

(I escape from that hell last month.) Joker said

“Joker, where is Atsuko?” Minami asks angrily

(Tsk...tsk… don't rush. I will let you see her right now) Joker said

(Turn on your video talk) he continues

Minami quickly do as he said. He sees a man with a long scar on his left eye.

“You are Joker” Minami said in surprised

(Yes, this is me. Are you surprised because of this scar? It was you and that little brat give me.) Joker said in angry tone

Then Joker turns around and walks toward something. Minami now can see clearly the place. The place seems like a warehouse.

(Now as your request, I will let you see her.) Joker said his back still facing Minami.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He hopes everything is fine with Atsuko. Slowly Joker steps aside showing in front of Minami a familiar small figure. She is unconscious and is held by two of Joker’s men.

“Atsuko” Minami shouts

He sees blood dripping from her head cover all her face, and a lot of blood on her stomach

“What did you do to her, Joker. Release her now.” Minami shouts angrily

(I just return what you all did to me. When I just got into the jail, a crazy man came to me and stabbed me right at my stomach and cut my face. All 5 years in that place, I was cruelly torture by those prisoners. Now, I just returned that feeling to her the person who caused me to be like this. I'm still a good person when I didn't draw anything on her beautiful face, right?)

“Jerk! We didn't do anything to you. It was you who caused you in that condition. You deserve punishment for all the bad things you do” Minami said

(Deserve bad thing huh?) Joker said in dangerous tone

(You said deserve bad thing, huh?) he grits his teeth and said in question tone

(Is this enough bad?) He asks and kicks Atsuko’s stomach strongly

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Atsuko!” he calls Atsuko worriedly

Then he looks at Joker and shouts angrily

“Joker, don't you dare to hurt her?”

Joker turns to look at Minami and smirks. He raises his hand and someone puts a baseball bat on his hand

(Dare huh?) joker said and hits Atsuko's head strongly

“Atsuko” Minami shouts in tear

He sees more blood dripping down on her face.

“Joker, don’t hurt her, please. I will do whatever you want” Minami said in pleasing tone

Joker looks at Minami and smirks

(You beg me now.) he said in scornful tone

“Just tell me what you want, I will do everything for you. Please don’t hurt her” Minami said begging tone

(Ok, I will tell you where she is) Joker said while stroking his chin

“Where is she?” Minami asks immediately

(Come to the place where you killed my brother) Joker said and hangs up

Minami quickly rushes out of the house. When he opens the door, he sees Jun and Rena.

“Hi Taka...” Jun asks, but he stops when seeing Minami’s serious face

“What’s wrong, Takamina? You seem strange?” he asks

“Uhm...nothing, I have to go now” Minami said and leaves before either Jun or Rena say anything

They turn to look at each other in confused look

“What’s happened, Jun?” Rena asks

Jun shakes his head in confused. Suddenly he feels something nudge his feet. Jun looks down and sees Hero is caressing his head on his feet.

“What’s wrong, Hero?” Rena sits down and asks

Hero looks at Rena while whimpering. He bites Jun pants pulling him like he wants them to go somewhere with him. Jun and Rena look at each other. Then Jun asks Hero

“Where do you want us to go, Hero?”

Hero whimpers and runs into the house toward the family room. Jun and Rena follow him. When they get there, they see a small box on the coffee table. Hero quickly rushes to the box and barks loudly

*Woof* *Woof* *Woof*

Hero keeps barking at the box direction. Feeling strange, Jun comes to the table and picks up. He looks inside and sees it is only an empty box

“Jun, what's it?” Rena asks while walking to him

“I don't know. This is only an empty box” Jun said while giving the box to Rena

“What make Takamina this rush? I thought I want to come here to invite him and Acchan for breakfast” He continues while sitting down on the sofa

“By the way, where is Acchan?” he said in confused tone

Suddenly he hears Rena's call in hurried tone

“Jun, look at this”

“What's it, Rena?” Jun rushes to her and said

“Look careful at the bottom of the box” Ren gives him the box and said

Jun quickly takes the box and looks at it. He looks more closely at the bottom of the box and frowns when seeing a stain of something red like blood.

“Rena, is this human blood?”

“I have to go back to the lab and test it first. Jun, let's go back to the hospital” Rena said

“Ok, let's go” Jun said

Then the two leave the place.


Minami is running all his mind toward the storeroom where Joker told him. After awhile, he reaches the place. He stands there while panting heavily because of running. Then he takes a deep breath and walks in

He opens the big door of the place and shouts

“Joker, I'm here. Release Atsuko now”

“Welcome to the old place, Takahashi Minami.” Joker steps out and said

“Where is Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Right here. However not on the ground though” Joker said while pointing up to the ceiling

Minami quickly looks up to the ceiling where Joker point at. He widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Atsuko. Her hands are tied and hanging by a big chain on the truckle.

“Atsuko” he quickly rushes to her, but is stopped by Joker’s men

“I'm here, release Atsuko now” Minami shouts

“That brat?” Joker said

“Did I ever tell you that I'll release her when you come here? I just told you to come here” he continues in dangerous tone

“You” when Minami is about to rushes to Joker, his men push him down

“Do you remember this day of that year? What did you do to my brother?” Joker looks at Minami and said in dangerous tone

“You pushed him causing him to fall from that height. He died because of that.” He takes Minami's collar and said

“If you want to revenge, kill me. Don't harm her” Minami said

“Her, I have a lot of thing to settle with her. She messed up everything. Without her, I can smoothly take money from your parents. It was all because of that annoying brat. However, I also want to use her as my revenge tool.” Joker said

“I will do the same thing that year. What do you think when I push this button?” he continues while raising a switch in from

“She will fall down just like my brother. I will let you feel the pain of losing someone important to you” Joker said

“Don't do that. Kill me and spare her life” Minami said

“Why should I kill you? I want you to suffer as me.” Joker said

“No, no, no please don't do that” Minami shouts in tear

“No can't do” Joker smirks and said

Minami wants to rush to him to take that switch from him, but he can't. He is surrounded by all Joker men.

“Now prepare to S-U-F-F-E-R” Joker said while raising up the switch

“Takahashi Minami, prepare to feel what I felt that year” He shouts loudly and presses the button

“No, Atsuko” Minami shouts in tear while kneeling down.

However, the hook didn’t open. Joker frowns while looking at it. Then he presses the button some more times, but still nothing happened

“What’s wrong?” He shouts irritated after throwing the switch strongly on the ground

Then he looks up and shouts

“Drop her down, now”

Suddenly Joker hears a voice from the door

“Sorry, but your plan is failed completely, Joker”

Joker quickly looks at the direction of the voice he heard. He sees a group of police walk in surrounding all of his men. Then Jun walks in and said

“Surrender now, Joker, you are surrounded by police.”

“We already disabled the men upstairs who will control that” he continues while pointing upstairs

Joker quickly looks up and sees two police holding his follower down

“How can you?” he turns to Jun and said in surprised tone

“The box that you sent to Takamina” Jun said

“After verified that the red stain in there is human blood, I immediately contacted the police department to check on Takamina’s phone to see if there is any suspicious call, and there was only Acchan’s call this morning. However, if it is only Acchan's call, Takamina doesn't need to be that rush except something real bad happened. That's why I asked my people to locate his phone. When I this place appear, I somehow can guess the problem because you ran away one month ago” he continues

Joker holds his fists tightly because of angry when hearing what Jun said.

“How can that be?” He mumbles angrily

When two police come to arrest him, he pushes them out and takes a gun from their hand

“I won’t lose to all of you.” Joker shouts and shoots himself at his head

He slowly falls down on the ground and dies instantly.

“Jun” Minami turns and calls Jun in worried tone

“I know” Jun nods

Then he orders his men to slowly take Atsuko down on the ground. Minami quickly rushes to catch Atsuko in his hand.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he wipes Atsuko’s blood and calls her worriedly

Her face is very pale because of losing blood and all the hits that she endured

In the hospital

Minami is sitting in front of the operation room with Mariko and Jun. His heart is in fire. In his head, he keeps repeating a thought

“Please, please, please be fine, Atsuko”

Mariko looks at Minami. She pats his shoulder and said

“She will be fine, don’t worry”

Minami just stays silent. He holds his fists tightly

“Atsuko, Atsuko, please, please, please be fine” he thought shakily

After 5 hours

The light on the operation sign finally turns off, and Rena walks out. Minami quickly rushes to her. Jun and Mariko follow him.

“Rena, how is she?” Minami asks in worried tone

Rena takes out her mask and said

“She is out of the critical state, but…”

Minami smiles happily when hearing her said, but then his smile disappears when hearing the word “but”

“What's wrong, Rena?” Minami asks in worried tone

Rena looks down and sighs

“Rena, please tell me” Minami holds her arms and asks

“The injuries in her head are very severe, and also she lost a lot of blood for a long time. The chance that she will wake up is very slim” Rena said

Minami's heart is tightened when hearing that.

“What do you mean, Rena?” He asks Rena trying to calm him down

“She could wake up today, tomorrow, 1 month, 1 year, or…” Rena pauses and sighs

Minami knows what behind the “or” is.

“She will wake up, Takamina” Jun said while holding Minami’s shoulder

Minami stays silent. He pushes his hand away and walks to where Atsuko is.

“Takamina” Jun, Mariko, and Rena look at Minami worriedly

“I never thought this thing will turn out this way.” Mariko said and sighs heavily

Outside Atsuko's room

Minami stands there silently. Then he opens the door and walks in. He sees Atsuko lying on the bed with an oxygen mask on her face. He wipes his tear and sits down next to her.

“Atsuko” He whispers while holding her hand

“Why don’t you answer me, Atsuko?” he asks while tearing rolling down on his cheeks

He raises his right hand caressing her face while his left hand still holding her hand tightly

“Atsuko, you will wake up, right? I know that. I know my Atsuko is a strong girl. You will definitely wake up, right?” He said while caressing her face

“Atsuko, I want to hear those three word from you. So please Atsuko, please wake up and tell me your feeling. Please Atsuko, please give me a chance to say those three words in front of you. I love you, Atsuko.” Minami continues while tear once again to rolling down on his cheeks

He buries his face on her hand and whispers

“Atsuko, I'm stupid. I’m so stupid. Why didn't I realize your feeling? Why am I so ignorant like that? I kept asking you about another girl without consider you feeling. I hurt you, Atsuko” Minami said in tear

“I even more stupid when I don't even realize my own feeling. Why did I realize it too late? I'm sorry, Atsuko. I’m sorry” he continues while holding her hand tightly

“Please, please, please, please wake up and scold me Atsuko” Minami said in shaky tone


Jun, Mariko, and Rena stand outside looking at them sadly.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 7 08/01/2017
« Reply #209 on: January 08, 2017, 03:34:01 AM »
Atsuko would wake up soon. She's a strong girl.
Ganbatte Minami!
Thank you for the update author san.  :)2
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 8 15/01/2017
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@phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 8  :)

My Feeling for You

Part 8

In the hospital

Minami is sitting near Atsuko's bed ignoring everything around him. Then the door opens. Jun and Rena walk into the room.

They sigh while looking at Minami's sad face. It is just one day, but Minami looks so different. The sadness invades all his face and eyes. Jun walks toward him and calls


Minami turns and looks at Jun with his sad eyes.

“Takamina, why don't you go back home and take a bath refreshing yourself. You are exhausted since yesterday” Jun said

“I'm fine. I'm waiting for Atsuko to wake up” Minami said

“Get a hold of yourself, Takamina. You have to take care of Atsuko, right? If you are like this, who will take care of her?” Jun said seriously

“Jun is correct Takamina. You have to stay strong and wait for her.” Rena said

Minami looks at Atsuko.

“Jun-nii, Rena can I ask you two something?” Minami said

“What is it, Takamina?” Jun asks

“Please watch over her for me. I'll be right back” Minami said

“Uh, we will” Rena smiles and said

“Yes, you can count on your cousin” Jun said

“Thank you” Minami said

Then he kisses Atsuko's forehead and leaves the room

In Minami's house

Minami slowly opens the door and walks in

“Welcome home, Minami”

He sees Atsuko's innocent smiling face. Suddenly he hears Hero’s bark. He looks up at Minami worriedly while whimpering. Minami smiles and sits down

“Don't worry, Hero. I found Atsuko” he said

Seem to understand what Minami said, Hero barks happily

“You are happy, right? Me too. However at the meantime, she can't come home, but she will come back here soon, very soon” Minami said

Hero barks and licks Minami's hand as cheering for him.

“Now Hero, go back to your room. After I preparing my things, I will take you to auntie” Minami pats his head and said

Hero barks and runs upstairs to his place. Minami stand up and walks to his room. When he passes by the kitchen, he notices Atsuko's cake box. He turns and walks into the kitchen. He touches the cake box while remembering Atsuko

“I have a special thing to tell you”

“What did you want to tell me at that time, Atsuko?” Minami whispers

Then he notices a small card on the top of the cake. He takes it out and opens it

“I have a great news that I want you be the one hear this first, Minami.

Tada, Minami next month, I will graduate high school early, and I got early submitted to your university. I will study in the same school as you, Minami. I'm about to be a university student now. It is great, right? I'm so happy

I also have another thing to say to you. However it is very hard to say it out loud. So I wrote this and go away so that you can read it...(a little childish, right?)

Thank you, Minami. I'm really grateful toward you. Without you, there won't be this Atsuko. I don't know what would happen to me right now.

I want to tell you that I'm very, very, very happy to be with you, Minami. When I go to your school, please watch over me.

Also, this cake, I made it myself in my cooking class at school. This is my gift for you, Minami. I hope you like it.

Call me after you read this letter, ok.”

Minami smiles at her note, but tear keeps dropping on the card.

“Atsuko” he calls her name painfully

“You love me so much like this, why didn't I realize it? Why didn't I realize how I need you in my life? Stupid, stupid, idiot” Minami whispers angrily

He is really angry at himself.

Then he sits down and eats the cake. He takes a bite and said

“It is so delicious, Atsuko. I want you to eat with me” he whispers while tear rolling down on his cheeks

“Takahashi Minami, you are an idiot” he scolds himself again

Since yesterday, he scolded himself over and over again because he didn't notice Atsuko's feeling and even his own feeling

Then he remembers a gift box in his room. He quickly rushes upstairs to his room. He opens the door and rushes to the table where the gift box still lying there. He quickly opens it and sees a knitted scarf with a note on top of it

"Minami, this is my thank you gift for you. I really, really want to give you after we ate the cake. However, because of that incident, I can’t. Therefore, I give you now. I learned to make this from Rena-neechan. It is not good though. Still I hope you like it, Minami.

Once again, thank you for taking care of me and teach me a lot of thing, Minami. I wish Kiara-san and you will be happy forever and ever together."

“Atsuko, how can you endure everything yourself? I'm selfish.” Minami whispers

“I wish you can wake up soon so that I can tell you how much I love you. I want us to be together forever ever and ever.” He continues while looking at the white scarf.

1 hour later

Minami finished preparing his things. He put the scarf that Atsuko just gave him on and walks out of his house together with Hero. He will ask Mariko to look after Hero while he is taking care of Atsuko in the hospital.

In Mariko's clinic

Minami walks into the place.

“Auntie” he greets her

“Hi Takamina.” Mariko walks out and said happily

Seeing her, Hero rushes to her happily while barking

“Hello Hero, how are you?” Mariko bend down in front of him and asks while stroking his fur.

Hero barks happily as answering her question

“Auntie, can you take care of Hero for me in the meantime. I have to take care of Atsuko.” Minami said

“Sure, I love this big guy” Mariko smiles and said while hugging Hero

“Thank you auntie” Minami said

“Don't be that formal, kid” Mariko said

“How is Acchan?” She asks

“She hasn't woken yet.” Minami said sadly

“Don't worry, Takamina. She will wake up soon. I'm sure about that” Mariko said

“If I realize the meaning of your words sooner, Atsuko wouldn't be in this situation” Minami said sadly

“Why am I so idiot like that? Why did I realize it too late like this” He said while hitting his head irritatedly

Mariko looks at her nephew. Then she stands up and walks toward Minami

“Takamina, there is nothing is too late. Acchan is still there. Though she doesn't awake, I believe she still can hear you. Just tell her everything in your heart. It will be an encouragement for her to be stronger. Then one day, when she wakes up, you can tell everything in your heart.” She smiles and said

“I know. I won't give up. I will wait for her until she wakes up and smiles at me the smile that I love so much” Minami said seriously

“Good. Keep your spirit” Mariko pats Minami's shoulder and said

“Yes, I will” Minami smiles and nods

After talking for awhile, Minami leaves Mariko's clinic and goes back to the hospital

In the hospital

Minami opens the door of Atsuko's room and walks in. Rena is in there watching over her for him

“Thank you, Rena” Minami said

“No problem. How are your feeling now?” Rena stands up and asks

“I'm fine, now thank you. Sorry for making you all worry” Minami said

“It's ok. It is good that you feel better now.” Rena said

“Jun is busy so he went back to police department. He said that you have to be strong. You are a man” Rena said

“I know. I will be strong. I still have to take care of her. Though she doesn't wake up yet, it is not the end of the world. I believe that she will wake up soon, and I will always waiting for her” Minami looks at Atsuko and said

“Great. That is what we want to hear from you. I have appointments with my patient. I have to go back to my office. Call me if you need anything” Rena said

“Ok, thank you” Minami said

Then Rena goes back to her office. Minami walks slowly toward Atsuko's bed. He sits down and gently strokes her hair.

“Wake up soon, Atsuko. I have a ton of thing to tell you. I want you to know how much I love you. How much you important to me. How I can't live without you. How I need you in my life and much, much more things” Minami gently said

“Wake up soon, ok?” He smiles and said while caressing Atsuko's face

The next day

In the evening

Mariko, Jun, and Rena come to visit Atsuko. They are sitting on the bed near Atsuko’s. That’s Minami’s bed. Because he is taking care of Atsuko every day, Rena asked to bring a bed here for him to sleep at night. Minami is sitting on Atsuko’s bed.

While they are talking, they suddenly hear a knocking sound. Minami stands up and comes toward the door. He opens the door and is surprised when seeing his parents in front of him

“Mom, dad” he calls in surprised tone

Mariko, Jun, and Rena are also very surprised when hearing his call. Minami’s parents look at him with strict look

“Why are you here mom dad?” Minami asks

They stay silent and walk into the room.

“Aunt, uncle” Jun stands up and greets them

“Aunt Ayumi, uncle Kenji” Rena also greets them

Mariko suddenly stands up and walks out of the room

“Auntie” Minami calls in surprised

“Suddenly feel so hard to breath here” she said and walks pass Ayumi coldly

Jun and Rena also follow Mariko and leave the room after bowing at Ayumi and Kenji. Ayumi turns her head a little to look at Mariko. Then she turns back and looks at Atsuko

“Is this the reason why you aren't at home for two days?” She asks

“Yes, I want to take care of her” Minami said

“Go home and collect your things. You will go back to U.S with us” Kenji said

Minami is surprised with his father’s words

“What are you saying dad?” he asks

“I said you will go back to U.S with us” Kenji said seriously

“I won't. I have to take care of Atsuko, and I also don't want to leave Japan” Minami said

“You…” Kenji said angrily

“Let's me, Kenji” Ayumi said

“Minami, you don't want to go back with us because you worry about her, right? Don't worry I will hire someone to take care of her for you ok. Also, you can't take care of another girl when you are about to engage with Kiara” she turns to Minami and said

“I'm sorry mom, dad, but I want to take care of Atsuko myself. And about the engagement, please allow me to deny this engagement because I don't have feeling for Kiara” Minami bows and said

“What are you saying, Minami? You agreed with me to see Kiara, right?” Ayumi said

“I’m sorry mom. That time, I agreed because you told me to do so, and I don’t want to against your words. Also, at that time, I still hadn’t realized my feeling yet. Now I know who I love, and I want to only be with her” Minami said while looking at Atsuko

“You really love her?” Ayumi asks in surprised tone

“Yes, I love Ats…”

“Shut up” cutting Minami’s words, Kenji slaps Minami’s face and shouts angrily

“Minami” Ayumi comes to hold Minami’s cheek which is now red because of Kenji’s slapped

“You…seem like we spoiled you too much. Go back to U.S with us, and engage with the girl we chose for you. Kisaki Kiara is the only person, I allow in Takahashi. I will never allow a person like that girl in my house, an orphan will make this family’s reputation down” he continues in loud tone while pointing at Atsuko

“Dad” Minami shouts

Suddenly the hospital monitor makes a very loud noise. Minami turns and sees Atsuko’s heartbeat and SpO2 level drop significantly

“Atsuko” Minami quickly rushes out of the room to call Rena

Rena, Jun, and Mariko are all outside. Minami opens the door and calls in panic tone

“Rena, there is something wrong with Atsuko”

Rena quickly rushes in to check on her. Seeing Atsuko’s condition, Rena quickly pushes the button to call nurses to assist her

“Everyone, please leave the room” she said in hurried tone

Minami quickly leaves the room. However, his parents still standing there. Mariko turns and said coldly

“What are you still doing there? Do you want her to die like what you already accomplished in the past?”

Ayumi looks at Mariko. Then she and Kenji leave the room

In front of the room

Minami is walking back and forth worriedly

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he thought while scratching his head and stroking his face worriedly

He doesn’t know what to do if something happens to Atsuko.

“Please be fine, please be fine, Atsuko” Minami mumbles to himself worriedly

“Don’t worry, Takamina. Acchan will be fine” Mariko said

His parents stand the other side looking at his worried face. His face surprised them, they have never seen his panic face before because he is also a very calm son

After awhile

The door opens, and Rena comes out

“How is Atsuko, Rena?” Minami rushes to her and asks immediately

“Her condition is stable now. Don’t worry, Takamina” Rena said

Minami sighs in relief

“Thank you, Rena” he said while wiping his worry tear

“You’re welcome” Rena smiles and said

“You can come in with her now” she continues

“Ok” Minami nods and rushes into her room

However, Ayumi’s call stops him


“What is it, mom?” Minami asks

“Did you forget what did we teach you?” his mother asks

“I never forget your and dad’s lesson, but loving Atsuko has nothing to do with that” Minami said

“Now you talk back to us, huh?” Kenji said

Minami turns around and bows deeply

“You are my parents, I will never do that unforgivable things. However, if loving Atsuko is wrong, please tell me why it is wrong? If your reason is because of she is an orphan, then I can't accept that.” he said in serious tone still bowing at them

“That is the biggest reason why I don’t approve this love” Kenji said

“Yes, Minami. How can a son of Japan ambassador love a normal, no an orphan like that? What do you think other will say? She is not at your level Minami” Ayumi said

“If you and dad think like that, then I don’t have anything to say” Minami turns back to open the door

“Minami, no matter what, you have to go back to U.S and leave that orphan girl” Kenji said seriously

“If you and mom keep forcing me to go back to U.S, then bring my death body back there” Minam said seriously

His words make both his parents surprise

“Minami” Ayumi calls in surprised tone

“Are you threatening us?” Kenji said

“No father, I just say what is really in my heart. I would rather die than living without Atsuko, the only girl I love” Minami said

Then he turns and bows at them again. After that, he turns back and goes into Atsuko’s room. Ayumi sighs heavily at Minami’s action

“I regret allowing Minami to come back here” she said while glaring at Mariko

“Rather than becoming a heartless person who only know about reputation and money” Mariko said sarcastically

Ayumi looks at her younger sister while frowning. Then she turns around and leaves the place with Kenji

In the car

“We can’t leave him like that, that stupid son” Kenji sits down and said angrily

“Of course not. Just leave him like that for now. He is a strong kid, if we force him, it won’t bring any good.” Ayumi said

Back to Minami

Minami is walking to Atsuko’s bed, suddenly he remembers something

“I forgot to ask Rena, what’s happened to Atsuko?” he thought while turning to walk to the door

When he opens the door just a little, he hears Jun’s voice

“What happened Rena? Why did her condition suddenly turn bad like that?”

“Uhm...I’m not sure. However, maybe she got shock by something” Rena said

“Shock? But she is in coma, right?” Jun asks in surprised tone

“Uh, a person in coma doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel anything around her” Rena said

“Maybe something affect her feeling when she is in her unconscious making her like that” she continues

“You mean like the conversation between Takamina and them?” Mariko asks

“It could be that” Rena said

“So, is her condition stable now?” Jun asks

“Uh-uh, her condition is already not so bright. If she is getting shock like that, it is really bad for her” Rena shakes her head and said in worried tone

“Poor little girl, I hope she will get well soon” Mariko sighs and said

Behind the door

Minami’s heart feels tighten when hearing that. He slowly closes the door and walks to back Atsuko’s bed. He sits down and holds her hand. He strokes her hair and said

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I shouldn't argue with my parents here. I caused your condition turns worse.”

“I will never allow a person like that girl in my house, an orphan will make this family’s reputation down”

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I’m sorry” Minami said in tear

“However, I believe that you will wake up, right?” he smiles while stroking her hair

5 months later

In Minami's university

In the classroom

Minami is sitting in his class listening to his professor’s lecture. While writing he suddenly remembers Atsuko. He puts down his pencil and looks out of the window

Minami's POV

It has been 5 months since the incident, and Atsuko is still stubbornly sleeping.

“Atsuko, please wake up soon. I miss your voice so much.” I thought while looking at blue sky.

Then I hear the professor said

“Ok class, that is all the time for today. See you all next week. Have a great weekend”

After gathering all my things, I stand up and walk out of the room.

Today, I only have one class. After this class, I will stop by a bookstore to find a good book and her favorite CD. I will read the book for her while putting that music in the background. I hope she will feel very comfortable.

Suddenly I hear someone call me


I turn and see Kiara walking toward me. I rarely talked to her since the incident.

“Hi Kiara” I smile and said

“Do you have a moment?” She asks me

I hesitatingly look at my watch.

“I know about Acchan. It will be just a brief moment. Won't take much of your time” She said to me

“Ok” I nod

Then we go to the lake near the school to talk. We stand there for 5 minutes, and she still hasn't said anything. When I'm about to ask her, she speaks up

“Do you remember the day that I came to your house and said that I want to talk to you?”

How can I forget that day? If that day I didn't act like that, if I clarify my confusing right away, Atsuko wouldn't be hurt by that and decided to leave. While still deep in my thought, I hear Kiara call me


Her call snaps me out of my thought. I look at her and nod


“Actually, on that day I want to come to tell you about our engagement” She said

“Engagement” I said in surprised tone

“Yes, that is why I came back here. I believe your mother also told you that, right?” she asks me

“Yes, my mom told me that” I nod and said

“However, I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this engagement” I bows and said

She seems surprised, but then she asks me

“Is it because of Acchan?”

“Yes, I love her” I smile and said

“Do you really love her, Takamina?” She asks me

“Takamina, I love you, and I know you also have the same feeling as mine, right? If you don’t have feeling for me, you wouldn’t agree with your mother. Your feeling for her is only pitiful” she continues

I'm very surprised with what she said. However, since that day, I realized my feelings for Atsuko. Yes, it is my fault to accept my mother offer. I bow at her again and said

“I’m sorry. It is really my fault for agreeing with what my mother said though I don’t have any feeling for you. At that time, I just thought that I don’t want to go against her. I know I hurt you and Atsuko. Now I’m certain that the only girl I love is Atsuko. Kiara, to me you are a good friend of mine”

“Takamina, I know about Acchan’s conditions. I know you regret because of what happened to her. However, you can't lie to your feeling like that” Kiara said to me

“It is true that I feel regret, but it is not because of that I said I love her. My feeling for her is from bottom of my heart. By the time, Atsuko left me, I realized my really feeling. I love her for a long time ago. It is just I’m so stupid to notice that” I said while looking up to the sky

“When she left, I realized how important she is in my life. My memories with her is so special that I can't ever explain by words. However, my coward and stupidity cause pain to her. If only, if only that day, I didn't just ignore my confusing, this wouldn't be happened.” I continues

“Kiara, once again I’m appreciated your feeling toward me, but I can’t return your feeling. I hope you understand” I turn and said to her seriously

She looks at me, then nods

“Ok, I understand”

“Thank you” I said

“Another thing, I want to say to you” she said

“What is it, Kiara?” I asks

“Next month I will go back to U.S” she said

“You have to go back there?” I ask her

“Uh” She nods and said

“I see. Then this is a goodbye” I said

“Yes, I hope she will wake up soon” she said to me

“Thank you” I said

“You’re welcome. I have to go now. I hope you have a safe trip” I continues

Then I leave the place and come to the bookstore to buy some books and CD. After that I come to the hospital.

End Minami's POV

In Atsuko's room

Minami sits down on the chair next to her bed. He caresses Atsuko's face and said

“Hello my love, how are you doing?”

“Atsuko, today I got this book to read for you. It is a great book. Also, I bought this CD. I know you really love listening to music.” Minami said and puts the CD in the CD player.

The music softly appears around the room.

“How was it, Atsuko? It is very comforting, right?” he said while stroking her hair

Then he takes out the book he just bought and read for her


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 8 15/01/2017
« Reply #211 on: January 19, 2017, 03:29:25 PM »
Continue please....

Will Atsuko wake up?

What other troubles are they going to face to be together?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the updates so far

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 9 22/01/2017
« Reply #212 on: January 22, 2017, 04:51:32 AM »
@cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 9  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 9

5 years later

In Atsuko's room

Minami sits on the edge of her bed while wiping her face with a warm handkerchief. Atsuko is in coma for 5 years now.

“Atsuko, you have been sleeping for 5 years now. When will you wake up, baby?” Minami strokes her hair and said lovingly

 “There are a lot of things happened in 5 years. Jun-nii and Rena have a son now. His name is Ren, and he is 3 years old now. Auntie becomes grandma now. They are very happy, very happy.”

“Also, hero misses you very much, and me too, I miss my Atsuko's voice, smiles, how you always play trick on me. I miss everything between us every second.” He continues

“By the way, Atsuko, I have a great news that I want to tell you. I really want to tell you since last year. However, I want to wait until now when everything is settled. That way I can proudly say to you that I accomplished a big part of my dream” Minami smiles and said

“Atsuko, do you remember what I told you in the past. I told you about my dream of building my own company, right? With the help of auntie, Jun-nii, and Rena, I’m able to create my own company last year. I’m so happy about that. Atsuko, wake up and say congratulate to me as you always do whenever I success in something. I love your happy smile whenever you say “Congratulation, Minami”.”

“Atsuko, you said that you want to work with me in my company, right? You should wake up soon, my love” Minami looks at her and smiles gently

Then the door of her room opens. A nurse steps in with medical stuff. She will check on Atsuko's condition.

“Hello Takahashi-san” she greets him with a smile

Minami smiles and nods at her


“Atsuko-san is so lucky to have a loving boyfriend like this” the nurse said to Minami

Minami smiles and shakes his head

“It should be me who is lucky to have her by my side” Minami said

“I'm not a good boyfriend. I'm a really, really bad and stupid one.” He continues while looking at Atsuko

The nurse looks at him with surprised look

“If not because of my stupidity, Atsuko wouldn't be lying here like this.” Minami whispers while stroking Atsuko's hand

“Atsuko, please wake up soon and scolds me, ok” he said while looking at her lovingly

The nurse looks at him and smiles

“I'm sure she will wake up soon, and you two will be happy” she said

“Thank you” Minami said

Then the nurse leaves the room.

The next day

At a big building

In Minami’s office

Minami is reading some file on his desk. On his desk, there is a table tag with the title CEO. While he is working, he got a phone calls. Minami looks at ID caller and sees that is Rena. Minami quickly picks it up

“Hello Rena, What's wrong? Is Atsuko alright?” He asks in worried tone

“Don't worry, Takamina. It is just there is something I want to talk to you. Can you come to my office when you finish your job?” Rena said

Minami feels worry when hearing that. He said

“Yes, I will go there immediately”


Then Minami hangs up and quickly gather his things. After that he rushes to the hospital immediately.

In the hospital

In front of Rena's office

Minami now is standing in front of the office. He takes a deep breath and said to himself

“Everything will be fine”

Then he knocks the door

“Come in” Rena said

Minami opens the door and walks in. He is surprised when seeing Jun and Mariko are also in there. There is a little boy sitting on his laps while playing with his toy

“Hello Takamina” they said

“Hello uncle” Ren looks at Minami and said

“Hello” Minami nods at them

“What do you want to talk to me about, Rena?” Minami sits down and asks worriedly

“About Acchan” the doctor said

“Atsuko? What's wrong?” Minami asks hurriedly

“Calm down Takamina” Mariko said

Minami takes a deep breath and sits down nervously. After a few moments of silent, Rena looks at Minami and speaks up

“I'm afraid to tell you this, Takamina”

“What's wrong with Atsuko, Rena? Please tell me” Minami stands up and asks worriedly

Rena, Mariko, and Jun look at him worriedly while sighing silently. Rena picks up the X-ray on her table and shows it to Minami

“This is the latest X-ray of her brain. Also, here is her checkup result. Based on the results, I'm afraid that if in one month she can't wake up. I hope you prepare for the worst situation” Rena said while looking at Minami

Minami falls back on his chair after hearing what Rena said. He feels like the whole world around him is falling apart. His love, his only love, his world, his hope, everything he puts on Atsuko is about to break down in merely 30 days.

In the hallway

Minami is walking lifelessly back to Atsuko's room. Rena, Jun, and Mariko are walking far behind Minami to watch over him because they are worry. After the conversation, Minami just stood up and walked out of the room silently. His action worries them a lot

Minami is walking while tear rolling down on his cheek. He can’t bear with what he heard from Rena. It is too much for him

“As the result, her brain doesn't show any optimistic sign. Instead there is a sign showing that her brain start dying”

“Based on the result and the meeting of the doctors in here, we decided to terminal extubations.”

“This is a hard decision, Takamina. We know it. It is very hurt to tell you this, Takamina, but this will be best for her.”

Minami kneels down in front of Atsuko's room and cries silently

“Atsuko, why do you want leave me? Why?” He whispers painfully

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

He holds his fists tightly while calling her name repeatedly

“Takamina” Jun calls him worriedly

“Please leave me alone” Minami said

“Takamina, I know how painful it is to let someone important to you go, but…”

“Auntie, please, I want to be alone, please” cutting Mariko’s words, Minami said in whisper tone

They step back and stay silent. Rena hugs Jun sadly while looking at Minami who is crying all by himself at the door of Atsuko’s room. His shoulders keep shaking painfully.

After calming down, Minami opens the door and steps in. The three don’t follow him because they know Minami want to be alone with Atsuko.

In Atsuko’s room

He looks at the girl lying still on the bed. He can't hold his tear that just burst out again. He sits on her bed and hugs her tightly

“Atsuko, Atsuko…” He buries his face on her neck and cries hardly again

“Atsuko, is this your punishment for me because I didn't notice your feeling? Atsuko, please I know my stupidity. Please don't leave me. I'm begging you, Atsuko” Minami whispers on her neck

After that painful day, every day passes by to Minami is a torture. He can't do anything except looking at Atsuko waiting for miracle to appear. However, his hope just keeps dying day by day.

Today is 28 days since the day Rena talk to him about Atsuko. Minami decided to come to Rena’s office and talks. He wants to extent the day. He doesn't want to give up. He doesn't want Atsuko to leave him.

Minami takes a deep breath and knocks the door

“Come in”

Minami opens the door and walks in

“Rena, I want to talk to you” Minami said seriously

“What is it, Takamina?” she looks at Minami and asks

She asks him like this, but she somehow knows what Minami wants to talk

“I don't want to give up, Rena” Minami said

“Please” he said and bows deeply at Rena

Rena looks at Minami and sighs. She understands how much painful to give up on a person so dear to him. It is very painful for her when thinking about that too. Atsuko is like little sister to her. She loves her very much. If she could she wouldn’t want to give up like this. However, she is a doctor. She witnessed a lot of this situation before. She knows that, this decision is painful, but is a good way for the patient

“Takamina, please have a seat” Rena said

Minami sits down on the chair waiting for what Rena want to say

“Takamina, I know this is a very hard decision. I also really don't want to give up. Acchan is like my little sister, and I don't want to lose her. However, you should think about Acchan. This is a least painful way for her” Rena said

Minami just looks down and stays silent

In front of Atsuko's room

Minami looks at the door while holding his fists tightly.

“Atsuko” he whispers

Then he opens the door and comes in. Suddenly he stuns at his place because of what he is seeing in front of him. Minami rubs his eyes several times because he can't believe in his eyes. Atsuko is sitting on her bed looking at him. His tear unconsciously rolls on his cheeks

“Atsuko” he whispers while walking slowly to her

Then he stops in front of her and gentle caressing her face. Atsuko still sits there silently looking at him

“My love” he hugs her tightly and said in happy tone

“I'm so glad you finally wake up” Minami continues while burying his face on her neck

Suddenly Atsuko pushes him out making Minami looks at her with confused look

“Atsuko” Minami calls her in confused tone

“Who are you? Do I know you? And who am I?” Atsuko asks

Her questions make him even more surprise and confuse

“Atsuko, this is me. Minami. Don't you remember me?” Minami asks in confused tone

Atsuko looks at him and shakes her head

“Wait here for me, I will call Rena ok” Minami said, and Atsuko nods

Then he quickly rushes out of the room to call Rena. He is very happy when Atsuko finally wakes up. However, the things she doesn't remember him cause him worrier

In Atsuko's room

Rena is checking on Atsuko while Minami is standing by her side looking at her worriedly. Then the door opens. Jun with Ren on his arms and Mariko rush in

“How is Acchan, Takamina?” they ask

“I don’t know. Rena is checking for her” Minami said

“One thing that worry me is seem like she lost all her memories” he continues in worried tone

“I see. But it is great that she finally wakes up, right?” Jun said cheering Minami up

“Uh” Minami smiles and nods

After checking everything for Atsuko, Minami and the rest follow Rena to her office while the nurse taking care of Atsuko

Before Minami leaves, he comes to Atsuko and gently said

“I will be right back, ok”

“Uh” Atsuko nods

In Rena's office

“How is she, Rena?” Minami sits down and asks immediately

“I don’t know how to say, but this is really miracle smiling at you two” Rena said in happy tone

“She is fine now. There is nothing wrong in her brain.” She continues while looking at Atsuko's X-ray.

Minami smiles happily when hearing that

“I see. That is a relief. How about her losing all her memories, Rena?” Mariko asks

“About that, as I said before the injuries in her head is very severe. Losing her memories can be a consequence of it.” Rena said

“Can she regain her memories again, Rena?” Minami asks

“Could be, but the chance is very slim. She might lose her memories forever” Rena said

Minami feels a little sad about that, but overall Atsuko wakes up is the greatest thing to him.

After talking to Rena, Minami comes back to the room with Mariko and Jun. Rena can't come with them because she has appointments with her patients.

When Minami opens the door, he sees that Atsuko is sitting on her bed looking at him with confused face. He smiles when seeing that cute expression on her again.

He slowly walks toward her bed and sits on the edge of her bed

“You are Atsuko” he said to her

“My name is Atsuko?” she asks him in question tone

“Uh, and my name is Takahashi Minami. You always call me Minami” Minami nods and said

“” Atsuko calls him in small tone

“Uh” Minami nods and smiles at her

His smile is so gentle making Atsuko's heart feel so warm and safe.

Then Mariko walks to her and said

“Hello Acchan, my name is Shinoda Mariko, I'm Minami's aunt. You always call me auntie like Takamina” Mariko smiles and said to her

Atsuko looks up at Mariko and calls her


“Uh” Mariko pats Atsuko's head and said

“My name is Matsui Jun. Takamina’s cousin. You always call me Jun-nii” Jun said

“Jun-nii” Atsuko said

“This little boy in my arm is Matsui Ren, my son. he is 3 years old.” Jun said while smiling at Atsuko

Then he looks at his son and said while putting his son down

“Come on Ren, say hi to auntie Acchan”

“Hello auntie Acchan” Rena bows at her and said

“Hi Ren” Atsuko smiles and pats his head

“The doctor who treat for you is Matsui Rena. You always call her, Rena-neechan. She is my wife. It was you who helped us together in the past.” Jun said

“I did” Atsuko asks in confuse

“Uh, I will tell you everything later ok” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Alright, Takamina, I have to go back to my clinic now. I will see you two later” Mariko said

“Me too, I also have to go back to the department. Mom, can you take care of Ren for me?” Jun said

“Sure, Ren, come to grandma” Mariko raises her hands and hugs Ren

“We will go now, Takamina, Acchan”

“Ok, thank you for coming here” Minami smiles and said

“No problem. Bye” the two said

“Bye Acchan” they said to Atsuko

“Bye” Atsuko said

Then they leave the room.

After that, Minami turns and smiles at Atsuko.

“Now, I will tell you everything ok” he said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then he tells her everything about how they meet, how she saved him from kidnapper, how they live together, and everything except the incident that made her to leave. He doesn’t want to mention that unpleasant memories. He hates that time.

“Because of an accident, you were in coma for the whole 5 years” Minami finished

“I see, that is what happened. Then who are you to me?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

Her question makes him stun a little. Then he smiles and said

“I'm your boyfriend, your lover”

He lied, but he really wants to be with her. Atsuko blushes by his word making Minami laughs softly.

“You are so cute as ever, Atsuko” Minami pinches her cheeks and said lovingly.

Suddenly Atsuko looks down sadly. Seeing that, Minami asks worriedly

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

“I'm sorry. I can't remember anything” Atsuko said in sobbing tone

“Silly” Minami said

He lifts her face up to look at him. He smiles gently at her and said

“There is nothing to be sorry. You also don't need to bother about those memories. Of course, if you remember me, I will feel very happy. However even if you don't, I will definitely create tons of great memories with you again. Also, one more thing, I will definitely make you fall in love with me again, Atsuko” he smiles and said

Then he pulls her closer and kisses her lips deeply making Atsuko widen her eyes in surprise. However, she doesn't know why but she can't push him out. Her body stays still. There is indescribable feeling in her heart.

The next day

In Atsuko's room

Minami opens the door and comes in. He just finished his work and comes to her right away. Atsuko sits on the bed reading books that Minami bought for her. Hearing the door opens, she looks up and sees Minami is smiling gently at her

“Hello Atsuko” he said while walking closer to her

“Hello Takahashi-san” she calls him

Minami frowns when Atsuko called him like that

“Atsuko, I told you to call me Minami, right?” He said

“But I...” Atsuko looks down

Minami uses his hands to lift her face up

“Atsuko, please call me by my name. Hearing you call me by my last name is so distance.” Minami said in sad tone

Atsuko looks at Minami's eyes. She can notice sadness in his eyes. Unconsciously she raises her hand and touches them. Minami feels very happy with her touch. He smiles happy when her beautiful hand softly touches his eyes. Realizing what she just did, Atsuko quickly withdraws her hand

“I'm sorry” she said

“For what Atsuko? If it is because calling me by my first name, then it is ok. Just calling me by my last name. But if it is because touching my face, I'm very happy. I love the feeling how your hand touch my face” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said gently

Atsuko can feel her heart suddenly beats faster, and her face is getting hot. She looks down and shyly stays silent

“Now Atsuko, let's practice” Minami smiles and said

“Practice?” Atsuko said in confused tone

“Calling my name of course. Don't you want to do that?” Minami asks in small tone showing his sad face and puppies eyes

Seeing that, Atsuko quickly said

“Of course, not Ta…, I mean Mi…Minami”

“Great” Minami smiles brightly when hearing Atsuko call his name.

He misses her voice calling him so much

“Thank you, Atsuko” Minami kisses her cheek and said

His action causes her heart to beat uncontrollably again.

“M..Minami” Atsuko calls him shyly

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said while laughing softly

“Don't tease me, Minami” Atsuko said

“I didn't tease you. You are just so cute” Minami said

“You two are so sweet”

Suddenly they hear soft laughter. They turn and see Rena walking into the room. Behind her is a nurse who is pushing a wheelchair with her

“Hello Takamina, Acchan” she said

“Hi Rena” Minami smiles and said

“Hi Rena-neechan” Atsuko said

Then Minami stands up and steps aside for Rena to check on Atsuko. After that she turns and said to Minami

“Today we will start doing the physical therapy for Acchan because she was in coma for 5 years. We will train her to help her get used to things around her again”

“I see” Minami said

“Takamina, can you help Acchan to the wheelchair” Rena said

“Sure” Minami said

Then he comes to Atsuko and lifts her up and gently puts her down on the wheelchair. Atsuko blushes with Minami’s action.

“Thank you, Minami” she said

“Don’t say thing like that, Atsuko. Taking care of my love is an obvious thing” Minami pats Atsuko’s head and said

Then he takes her to the room with Rena.

And just like that everyday Minami will wake up early to take care of her. Then after he finished his work, he will go back to the hospital immediately to help her get used to everything around her again


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 9 22/01/2017
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Yeah... Atsuko is awake... but with no memories

Will Atsuko remember about Minami's lie?

Will Atsuko love Minami again?

How about Minami's parents?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 9 22/01/2017
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This is a really sweet story  :inlove:
Please update soon!!  :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 10 30/01/2017
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@cisda83, @Dianalrs: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 10  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 10

In the early morning

At the hospital

As always Minami stays at the hospital to take care of Atsuko. He wakes up and looks at Atsuko who is still sleeping on her bed. He smiles and stands up. Then walks to her bed and pulls the blanket up to her. After that, he sits down on her bed gently. He strokes her hair and caresses her face.

“Atsuko, thank you for returning to me again” He said and kisses her forehead

Then he goes to the restroom.

*Badump* *Badump*

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She touches her heart which is beating crazily. Since Minami kissed her on the day she just woke up, her heart keeps beating uncontrollably whenever she sees Minami. Then every day, after he woke up, he would come and kiss her on her forehead and say those words to Atsuko. Atsuko doesn’t know why, but her heart is never once calm whenever Minami did that.

“What is this feeling in my heart?” she thought while sitting up

At the same time, Minami walks out from the restroom

“Atsuko, you are awake?” Seeing Atsuko, he asks

Atsuko turns and sees Minami smiling at me.

“Uh” she nods

“Today is my day off, Atsuko, today we will go outside and play ok” Minami comes to Atsuko’s bed and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Now, let’s go to the rooftop and eat breakfast” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

In the rooftop of the hospital

Minami pushes her wheelchair to the table. Then he puts down a bag of food that he just bought.

“Uhm...Atsuko, I’m sorry. Today I forgot to buy tomatoes juice for you” Minami said in sad tone

Though Atsuko feels sad without her favorite juice, when she looks at Minami’s sad face, she doesn’t like seeing him like this. She loves when seeing Minami smile at her. She shakes his hand to call him.

“It's ok, Minami. I don't need to drink it today” Atsuko looks up at Minami and said while smiling brightly

Minami smiles when seeing her smile.

“Ok” he nods and smiles at her

Atsuko feels very happy when seeing his smiles. Then he said to her

“Atsuko, can you close your eyes a little?”

“Why, Minami?” Atsuko asks in curious tone

“Just close your eyes baby. You will know it in second” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods and closes her eyes

She can hear the sound of paper bag. Then Minami said

“Ok, open your eyes, Atsuko”

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes.

“Tada” Minami said happily

Atsuko sees a juice box in front of her. She smiles brightly when realizing that is tomatoes juice

“But Minami you said…” Atsuko looks up at Minami and asks confusingly

“Of course I lied. I just want to tease you.” Minami smiles and said while pinching her nose

“How can I forget about this? I remember everything about you, Atsuko” He continues while smiling gently

Atsuko feels an unknown happiness when hearing his words.

“Thank you, Minami” She smiles brightly and said

Then Minami sits down and opens the food for Atsuko. He raises the spoon in front of her and said

“Say ah, Atsuko”

“No, Minami. It is embarrassing” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Atsuko, I do this every day. I told you that I just take care the girl I love” MInami reasons

Atsuko blushes at Minami's declaration.

“Now, be a good girl and say ah” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko sighs and opens her mouth. There are some people on the rooftop too. Seeing them one of the elder said

“You two match perfectly with each other”

“Thank you oba-san.” Minami holds Atsuko's hand and said making Atsuko blush

After finishing breakfast, Minami takes Atsuko out. He takes her to the place where they first met.

Minami pushes Atsuko along the river bank while telling her about their past

“This place is where we met for the first time, Atsuko” he said

“Really, this place is beautiful. I love this scenery” Atsuko said while smiling

“Yes, I love this place too” Minami walks to Atsuko's front and said

He bends down in front of her and holds her hands tightly

“And I love it even more because I met the girl of my life here” he smiles and said to her

“Minami” Atsuko whispers in surprise

“Thank you, Atsuko for coming back to me” Minami said honestly while caressing Atsuko's hands and kisses them

Atsuko can feel her happiness after hearing what Minami said.

“Minami” She calls him

Minami looks up at her. Suddenly he feels something soft touches his lips. Atsuko pecks on his lips. Then she whispers in his ear

“I'm happy to be with you, too”

Minami smiles brightly at her. He leans up and hugs her tightly.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What is it, Atsuko?” He asks still hugging her

“I want to lie down on the grass.” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami said

Then he lifts her up and lies her down on the grass. After that he lies down next to her while holding her hand

“Minami” Atsuko turns and calls him

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“At that time, how was it?” Atsuko looks up to the sky and asks

“You mean when I first met you?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Uhm… at first I thought you are a little boy because of what you were wearing. You were running away from some bad guy. They surrounded you because you stole his boss money.” Minami said

“Then I helped you get away with them. Instead of thanking me, you stepped on my foot and ran away” he continues and laughs softly

“I see. Why didn't you hate me because of that?” Atsuko asks

“Uh-uh, it is opposite. I like your mischievous characters. At that time, I think this little girl is so fun to play with. However, you tricked me and got away from me countless time. It was so much fun at that time” Minami said

Then he keeps telling her about how he and her became friends and a lot of different stuff.

“You know what Atsu…” Minami turns to Atsuko and said

However he stops when seeing Atsuko is sleeping. She is sleeping while holding his hand tightly

Minami smiles at her cute sleeping face. He turns and brushes the hair covered her face aside. Then he moves closer and hugs her tightly. Minami slowly lifts her head up and put on his chest to help her find more comfortable.

Feeling something warm and safe, Atsuko buries her face on his chest and continues sleeping. Minami smiles gently at her action. He kisses her head gently and whispers

“I love you, Atsuko”

Then he hugs her waist and strokes her back to help her sleep more comfortable. He feels very happy because he finally has Atsuko back to his side forever

2 hours later

Atsuko slowly awakes. She feels she is sleeping on something very warm. This also gives her a safe feeling. Slowly, Atsuko opens her eyes and sees she is lying on someone's chest. Atsuko quickly sits up in surprise and blushes when realizes the person is Minami.

Minami smiles and sits up.

“How is your sleep, Atsuko?” He asks while stroking her hair

“G...good” Atsuko said shyly

Minami laughs softly at her shyness.

“You are so cute, Atsuko” he said

Then Minami lifts Atsuko up returning to the wheelchair.

“Atsuko, I will take you to this place to visit your special friend” Minami said

“My special friend?” Atsuko asks in question tone

“Uh” Minami nods

Then he takes her to Mariko's clinic.

In Mariko's clinic

Mariko smiles happily when seeing Minami and Atsuko.

“Hello you two” she said

“Hello auntie” Atsuko and Minami said

“How are you now, Acchan?” Mariko asks

“I'm very good now except Minami doesn't let me walk” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Atsuko, I just don't want you to get tired. When you finish the physical therapy, I will let you walk” Minami said

Atsuko smiles at his worry face

“I know, just kidding” she pokes his face and said

“You little” Minami said and tickles her

“Stop it, Minami” Atsuko said while laughing

Mariko stands there looking at them while smiling happily.

“Ehem, I'm not air, you know” she said in teasing tone

Atsuko and Minami turn to look at her and blush. Mariko giggles with their face

“Anyway, are you two come here to visit Hero?” She asks

“Hero?” Atsuko looks up at Minami and said in question tone


Hero is in Mariko's office sleeping, hearing Atsuko's voice, he quickly rushes out of the place.

Back to Minami

“He is…”


When Minami is about to tell Atsuko, Hero’s bark cuts his words. Hero rushes out of Mariko's office. Seeing Atsuko, he quickly rushes to her and put his fore legs on her laps. Hero keeps licking her face while whimpering. His tail waving from left to right showing how happy he is to meet her again after all those years.

Atsuko is surprised, but somehow she feels very happy.

“Ok, ok, stop licking me, it is tickling” she laughs softly and said

Like understanding her words, Hero stops licking her. He stops licking, but still standing on her laps looking at her. Atsuko smiles at his action

“Good boy” she strokes his fur and said

“His name is Hero. He is your dog. You found him in a box when someone abandoned him. Then you raised him.” Minami said

“I see” Atsuko said while looking at Hero

They stay there talking to Mariko and playing with Hero for awhile. Then they go back to the hospital because Atsuko has physical therapy in the evening.

On their way

“Hero is very cute” Atsuko said in happy tone

“Yes, he is” Minami said

“He missed you a lot” he continues

“I can feel that. When seeing him, I feel so familiar like he is my important family” Atsuko said

“You felt that?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“How about me, Atsuko? Did you feel anything when seeing me?” Minami asks

“Hum...why should I feel something when seeing you?” Atsuko said teasingly and looks away.

She does really feel the strong familiar feeling when seeing Minami like he is a very important and irreplaceable person to her. She said that just to tease him. However she feels Minami stays silent

“I see” he said sadly while standing up

Atsuko turns to look at him in surprise when hearing his sad tone.

“Minami, I…”

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami smiles and said to her

“Let's go back to the hospital Atsuko”

However his voice and face seems very sad.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him again

“It’s ok, Atsuko” Minami smiles and pats her head

Atsuko can see sadness in his eyes. Then he continues pushing her wheelchair back to the hospital.

At the hospital

In Atsuko’s room

After the physical therapy, Minami takes Atsuko back to her room. Rena also follows them. She will check on Atsuko’s health. While Minami goes out to take some water for Atsuko, Rena sits down in front of her wheelchair and asks in concerned tone

“What’s wrong, Acchan? Today Takamina and you seem off”

Atsuko looks down

“Rena-neechan, I made him sad” Atsuko said sadly

“Huh? Why?” Rena asks

Then Atsuko told her what happened on their way back to the hospital

“I really just want to tease him. Making him sad like that is the least thing I ever want to do” Atsuko said to Rena honestly

“I see.” Rena said

“So did you feel something when you just saw him” she asks

“I do” Atsuko nods and said while blushing

“When seeing him, I feel very warm. When he suddenly hug me, I was very surprised, but there is a very warm feeling in my heart that I can’t describe it by words” she said sincerely

Rena looks at her and smiles gently

“How about now Atsuko? Do you know what is that feeling now?” she asks

Atsuko nods

“Yes, I know what is it” she said


When Atsuko is about to tell Rena what she understands, Rena cuts her words and said while smiling

“Sshh...let’s not saying it now. Hold it and tell Takamina that ok”

“Ok, Thank you, Rena-neechan” Atsuko said while smiling brightly

“You’re welcome” Rena said gently

After a while

Minami comes back.

“Ok Takamina, I will go back to my office now. If you need anything call me” Rena said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then Rena leave the room. After putting the water on the table, Minami comes and lifts Atsuko up putting her on the bed. When he is about to put her down, Atsuko hugs his neck tightly surprising him

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?” he asks

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko whispers

“Why did you say sorry?” Minami asks

“If about my question, it is ok. I don’t mind about that. Don’t worry about that, ok” he continues while smiling

He lied. He actually feels very sad when hearing that. However it is ok because it is his fault that he didn’t notice his feel in the past.

Though feeling sad, Minami won’t give up. He promised to himself that he won’t give up. He will make Atsuko falls in love with him again

“As I said, I will make you fall in love with me again. I won’t give up” Minami said

Hearing Minami’s tone, Atsuko can feel his sadness which saddens her a lot too. She doesn’t know what to do to make him happy now. Then as reflection, she leans up and kisses his lips which making Minami widens his eyes in surprised. Slowly he melt into the sweetness of Atsuko’s kiss. He puts her down on her bed and kisses her strongly. Atsuko hugs his neck tightly to deepen their kiss. Minami kisses her passionately and roughly. He slips his tongue in her mouth making Atsuko moan. They kiss each other passionately until neither of them have air. Then they break their kiss.

Minami looks at Atsuko gently while stroking her face. Atsuko looks at him while cupping his face.

“Minami, you don’t need to make me fall in love with you anymore” she said gently

Her words surprised Minami.


When Minami about to ask her why, Atsuko said cutting his words

“I love you, Minami”

Minami can feel his heart jumping in joy.

“Atsuko, can you repeat what you just said?” he asks again because he can’t believe in his ears

Atsuko smiles at him and said

“I love you, Minami”

Minami smiles widely like a little kid got his favorite present in his birthday. He bends down and kisses her lips again passionately. Then he said

“I love you too, Atsuko”

Atsuko smiles and pecks on his lips again

Now, Atsuko and Minami are lying on Atsuko bed. Minami is hugging Atsuko’s waist while Atsuko burying her face on his chest

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko said

“Why did you say sorry again?” Minami looks down at her and asks

“About what I said this afternoon. I just want to tease you when saying that. ” Atsuko looks up and said

“When I saw you for the first time, then you hugged me, I was very surprised, but somewhere in my heart I feel very warm, an indescribable feeling. I never thought you would be sad like that. I’m sorry for not thinking about your feeling.” she continues while touching Minami’s face

Minami is surprised with what Atsuko said. Her last sentence reminds him. He remembers about him. He was once didn’t notice about her feeling. He hugs her tightly while burying his face on her neck.

“Atsuko, I'm sorry. I won't ever hurt you again” He thought while tightening his hug

Atsuko is confused because Minami so silent.

“Minami?” She calls him in confused tone

Minami smiles at her

“Nothing, right now I just so happy that I can't say it by words. Very happy , extremely happy” he said and pecks her lips

Atsuko smiles brightly at his word

“Me too, Minami” She said happily while burying her face on his warm chest

“Let’s sleep, now Atsuko” Minami pats her head and said

“Ok, good night, Minami” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

“Goodnight, my love” Minami kisses her head and said

1 month later

Atsuko finally got discharged from the hospital. Minami is extremely happy. When Minami just steps out from his car, he hears someone calls him


Minami turns and sees Kiara walking toward him

“Takamina, long time no see” she smiles and said to Minami

“Kiara” Minami said in surprised tone


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 10 30/01/2017
« Reply #216 on: February 10, 2017, 08:50:24 AM »
Ah... when the thing is getting better for Minami and Atsuko... Kiara came..

What kind of trouble will this Kiara bring with her presence?

What about Minami's parents?

Will Atsuko get hurt again?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 11 12/02/2017
« Reply #217 on: February 12, 2017, 05:48:03 PM »
Hello everyone, sorry for not updating last week. 

@cisda83: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 11  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 11

In front of Minami’s house

Kiara walks toward Minami and said

“Can we talk a little?”

Minami looks at Atsuko who is looking at him with confused look. Then he turns to Kiara and said

“Ok, give me a second”

He opens the door for Atsuko and said

“Baby, can you go into the house first? I will bring your belonging later”

Atsuko blushes by the way Minami called her. She whispers in his ear in pouting tone

“D...don't call that in front of people”

Minami smiles at her and whispers back

“But I want too. I love you, you are my love, my baby”

His words make Atsuko's heart beat faster again. Then suddenly Minami kisses her lips making Atsuko blushes madly

“Mi..Minami” Atsuko pouts

“Sorry, can't help because you are so cute” Minami said mischievously

“I will go into the house” Atsuko said and walks into the house

She is so embarrassing to say anything. Minami looks at her and smiles.

“How cute she is” He thought

After that he turns and walks toward Kiara.


Kiara stands there and saw everything. Inside her appears a lot of different feelings, anger, jealous.

“Why did he be so nice to an orphan like that? She is no match for you, Minami” she thought

She wants the person Minami smiles and said those things is her not Atsuko. Thought feeling that, Kiara still keeps a normal face. She still smiles at Minami when seeing he walking toward her

“Sorry for making you wait” Minami said

“It is ok” Kiara smiles and said

“Let’s talk in the backyard” Minami said

They walk into his yard to talk

“It has been so long since we meet each other. How are you doing, Kiara?” Minami asks

“I just came back from U.S. I graduated and continues studying for master. Sometimes, I will come to my father’s company to help him” Kiara said

“I see. That's great” Minami said

“But I don't feel great” Kiara said while looking directly at Minami's eyes

Minami looks at her with surprised look

“I feel emptiness. I still can't get over with you turn down my confession and cancel the engagement promise.” She continues

Minami looks at her with surprised look. Then he said

“I'm sorry Kiara, but I told you that my feeling…”

“I know your feelings. I know you have feeling for me if not why did you agree with your mother offer to meet me. This is not right to say this to her, but you just felt guilty and regret because of you she nearly was killed by those kidnapped you before. Now she already woke up, I think you should put down that burden.” Cutting Minami's words Kiara said

At the same time

When Atsuko just steps into the house, she remembers that she forgot to asks Minami where her room is. She opens the door to look for Minami, but he is not in the front yard.

“Minami?” Atsuko calls in confuse

Then she hears his voice talking. She follows the voice to the backyard and sees that Minami is talking to Kiara there.

When Atsuko is about to walk toward him, she hears Kiara words

“I know your feelings. I know you have feeling for me if not why did you agree with your mother offer to meet me. This is not right to say this to her, but you just felt guilty and regret because of you she nearly was killed by those kidnapped you before, and in coma for those years. Now she already woke up, I think you should put down that burden”

Then she rushes to hugs and kisses him. Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise. She suddenly feels pain in her heart.


While talking to Minami, Kiara sees Atsuko standing behind them. Because Minami is facing her, he can't see Atsuko. Taking that chance she rushes to hug Minami and tries to kiss him. Minami quickly holds her arms before she can kiss him.

Unfortunately, at Atsuko's side, she can't see that. All she saw was Kiara and Minami are kissing. Then she quickly turn around and rushes back to the house.

“Minami doesn't love me. He feels guilty and pity on me. I'm a burden” a thought keeps repeating in her head.

It hurts a lot because she loves him very much

After Minami talking to Kiara, he takes Atsuko's belonging and goes back into the house. He smiles when seeing Atsuko sleeping on the sofa. He gently lifts her up and brings her back to her room. He puts her down and pulls the blanket over her. He kisses her forehead and said

“I love you, Atsuko. Thank you so much for return to my site again”

In the evening

After finishing cooking, Minami brings food up to Atsuko's room for her. He opens the door and sees that she is still sleeping soundly. He puts the tray on the nightstand and calls Atsuko gently

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

Atsuko opens her eyes and sees Minami smiling gently at her. An incredible happy feeling appears in her heart when seeing Minami’s gentle face.

“M...Minami” she sits up and calls him while blushing

Minami smiles at her cute face.

“You are so cute, Atsuko” he hugs her in his arm and said

Suddenly Atsuko remembers the conversation in the morning. She pushes him out and moves back.

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?” Minami asks in confused tone

“I...I’m sorry” Atsuko said while looking down

Minami smiles gently at her. He thought that she just being surprised because she just woke up, and his sudden action surprises her. He pats her head and said gently

“It’s ok, Atsuko. I’m sorry for surprising you. Take it easy, ok.”

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Here, Atsuko. I take dinner here for you” Minami said

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said

When Minami is about feed her, she takes the bow and said

“I can eat by myself”

“Ok” Minami nods in confused

“What's wrong?” He thought

Next day

After finishing his work at his company, Minami quickly goes back to his house to find Atsuko. In the morning, before he went to work, he told Atsuko countless time not to leave the house, but he still worry especially since she acted so strange yesterday. Minami opens the door and calls Atsuko.

“Atsuko, I'm home”

However, he doesn't hear anything. It is just like that day, the day she suddenly left the house. Minami's heart suddenly beats faster.

“Atsuko” Minami thought and rushes to her room, but once again he doesn't see her.

He looks everywhere in her room, but there is no sign of her. He is too worry to notice that her things are still there

“No Atsuko” Minami thought

He turns and rushes out of her room. He comes his room to check. When he opens the door and rushes in, he bumps into someone making that person fall on the floor. Minami looks down and sees Atsuko. He smiles happily and rushes to hug Atsuko who still has no clues what just happened

“Atsuko, you are here. I'm so glad, I'm so glad, you are here. You didn't leave me. Please don't leave me” he buries his face on Atsuko's neck and said in shaky tone

Atsuko is surprised with his action. Then she notices something wet on her neck like Minami is crying. She breaks the hugs to look at Minami.

“What's wrong, Minami? Why are you crying?” Atsuko asks in worried tone when seeing tear on Minami's eyes

“I thought you left me. I'm so glad you are here” Minami said while wiping his tear

“I just want to clean up your room. While cleaning, I found an album with our pictures on that, therefore, I took it and looked at it hoping to regain some of my memories. Then I heard your voice.” Atsuko said

“I see” Minami smiles and said in relief tone

Then suddenly Atsuko calls him


“What is it, Atsuko?” He asks her while brushing her hair

“Yesterday, I accidentally overheard your conversation with that lady” Atsuko said

Her words surprise him.

“I heard she said about your feelings toward her. Minami, I just want to ask you, what is really your feeling, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks seriously

“I...I also saw you kissed her” she continues in small tone

Minami looks at her with surprised look. Then he sees tear drop down on Atsuko's hands. His heart is in pain when seeing her like this.

On the other hand, Minami now knows the reason behind her acting strangely since yesterday. He doesn't say anything to Atsuko. Instead, he pulls her closer and kisses her lips deeply surprising her a lot.

Atsuko tries to pushes him out, but he hugs her tighter. While kissing Atsuko, Minami lifts her up and puts her down on his bed without breaking his kiss. Then he moves on his bed and keeps kissing her. Atsuko tries to push him out but can't. After awhile, Minami breaks the kiss and looks at Atsuko lovingly.

“Baka, if you already heard our conversation, why don't you listen to it until the end?” he said and pinches Atsuko's nose

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused and surprised eyes.

“But you kissed her” Atsuko said

Tear unconsciously roll down from her beautiful eyes again. Seeing that, Minami's heart feels tighten. He bends down and kisses both of Atsuko's eyes gently. Then he looks directly into her eyes and said

“I didn't kiss her. She tried to kiss me, but I stopped her before it happened.”

Atsuko looks at him with surprised looks. Her confused face is very cute. Minami smiles

“My lips and all of me belong to you. The only person who can kiss me is you. My first kiss belong to you, too my queen” he bends down and whispers into her ear

Atsuko blushes madly at his words. She can feel her face extremely hot.

“Minami” she hits his chest slightly and calls him shyly

Minami laughs softly at her shy action. He holds her hands and turns around pulling her on his chest.

“Did you hear that, Atsuko?” He asks Atsuko while stroking her hair.

“My heart beat this fast is because of you. No one can make me feel this. Only you, Atsuko. I love you” he continues in loving tone

Atsuko is very happy when hearing that. She hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest.

“When Kiara said those words to me, I told her that I really, really love only you, Atsuko” Minami said


Minami and Kiara are talking at the backyard.

“I know your feelings. I know you have feeling for me. This is not right to say this to her, but you just felt guilty and regret because of you she nearly was killed by those kidnapped you before and in coma for those years. Now she already woke up, I think you should put down that burden” Kiara looks at Minami and said

Suddenly she rushes to him and tries to kiss him. Minami quickly holds her arms before she can kiss him

“Kiara, please don't do this” Minami said

“I told you before right? The only person I love is Atsuko. The pain of losing her makes me realize how important she is to me. I'm so happy that she woke up again. I need her every day, every hour, every minute, and every second.” Minami said seriously

“I’m really sorry, Kiara. In the past, it was my fault for accepting my mother offer without think. I'm really sorry for it, but I really can’t return your feeling. I know you will find a good man for you” he continues with sincerely tone

“Ok, I understand. I won’t bother you about it.” Kiara said

"Thank you for your understanding Kiara" Minami said

End flashback

“After that I came back into the house and found my little puppy sleeping on the sofa” Minami smiles and said while pinching Atsuko's nose

“Minami, don't call me that” Atsuko pouts and said

“It is cute” Minami said and laughs loudly

“I'm sleeping like that is because of you. I was so sad when I saw you and her.” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Minami looks at Atsuko seriously.

“I'm sorry, Atsuko.” He kisses her head and said

Atsuko looks up in surprise when hearing his sad tone

“It's ok, Minami. I'm just kidding.” She said

Minami shakes his head while stroking Atsuko's hair

“I'm sorry, Atsuko” he said sincerely

Atsuko is confused with his words.

“Why did you say that, Minami?” She asks him

“There is something I haven't told you.” He caresses her face and said

“You haven't told me?” Atsuko said in question tone

“Uh, I told you that I'm your boyfriend, right?” Minami said, and Atsuko nods

“Actually, in the past, I still hadn't told you my real feeling, no, true to be told I didn't even realize my feeling for you.” he said

His words make Atsuko very surprise

“What do you mean, Minami?”

Minami caresses Atsuko face gently. Then he told her everything that happened in the past between him, her, and Kiara

“In the past, I was so stupid to not notice your feeling and even my feeling. I’m stupid enough to accept my parent offer about the meeting Kiara. My stupidity constantly hurt you so much, but I didn't notice it until the day you left me leaving behind the letter.”

“At that time, I just realized the emptiness in my heart. I felt like the whole world collapsed around me. In my head there are a lot of thought ‘I can't let Atsuko leave me’, ‘I can't live without Atsuko’, ‘I love her’.”

“That is when I realized I love you so much” Minami looks at Atsuko gently and said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in surprised tone

Tear starts forming in her eyes

“If I realize my feeling sooner, you wouldn't be injured so badly by Joker” Minami cups Atsuko cheeks and said

“My untold feeling at that time, I thought I wouldn't be able to tell you when Rena told me to make decisions about terminal extubations. At that time, my heart stopped beating. To me the world at that time lost all the color. My hope, my love, my life, everything just break down by the two words that she told me to make decision.” Minami said while tear rolling on his cheeks

“How can I give up on the girl I love so much? How can I let her leave me? I thought about that countless time. I scolded myself for my stupidity.” He continues in broken tone

“Minami” Atsuko calls him quietly while wiping his tear

Tear also runs down on her cheeks

“Then miracles smiled at me, at my love for you. Right at the time I'm in the deepest darkness, I saw you woke up. You sat on your bed looking at me. My heart pounded so much because of happiness. From that moment, I promised to myself to not let you out of my hand ever, ever again” Minami strokes her hair and said

Atsuko smiles loving at Minami

“So that is the reason why you cried just moment ago?” She asks him

“Uh, I thought you left me again. I was so scamhm…” hasn't finished his words, Atsuko bends down and kisses his lips.

Then she breaks the kiss and looks at Minami

“Minami, I want you to say to me once more time, that you said you love me because you really love me, not because of regret, pity, guilty or anything else.” She said seriously

Minami smiles. Then he turns and puts her underneath him making Atsuko blushes

“I can say that to you countless time until we have a lot of grandchildren running around us, I still will say that ‘I love you, my Atsuko’.” He said to her in whisper tone

Atsuko blushes even more with his words. She hits his chest slightly and said

“Who will live with you until that time. Whose grandchildren?”

“Our grandchildren, children of our children” Minami kisses Atsuko's neck and whispers

Then he sucks on her necks making Atsuko moans in surprised

“But there is nothing between us” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“There is and I will make it happened right now” Minami sits up while pulling her up with him and said

“What are you doing, Minami?” Atsuko asks him in confused tone

He smiles and turns her to sit on the edge of his bed. Then he stands up and looks at her

“Uhm...I know this is not a good place, no candle, no flowers, no romantics songs, but I want to do this to you since the day you woke up.” Minami said while scratching the back of his head

“However, because you lost your memories, I have to take things slowly not to scare you. Atsuko I want to ask you this since the day I know our feeling is mutual” he continues

Then he bends down on one knee in front of Atsuko making her surprised and blushes

“Atsuko, will you marry me?” He was raises the rings box in front of her and asks

Atsuko look at Minami. Then she said


Minami looks at her with surprised look


“Shh…let's me finish” she puts her finger on his lips and said

“I think we are one step ahead the process because there is still nothing between us. Therefore how can you propose to me.” Atsuko said

Minami looks at Atsuko still doesn't understand what she meant. Atsuko laughs at his cute expression. She bends down and kisses his lips

“Let's me give you a hint” she whispers after the kiss

“At first, I thought we are a couple, but now you told me you haven't confessed to me in the past. Therefore, at least I have to be your girlfriend first, right?” She whispers in his ear

Minami smiles at her mischievous.

“You are my little mischievous” He said while putting the box in his pocket and standing up.

He comes to hug her waist and whispers in her ear

“I love you, Atsuko. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I will. I love you too, Minami.” She hugs his neck and said happily

Right after that, Minami kneels down on one knee again while taking out the ring box and said

“Will you marry me, Atsuko? Will you make me the happiest man in the world”

“Yes Minami, Yes, I love you” Atsuko smiles and said happily

Minami smiles happily at her answer. He quickly wears the ring in her ring finger. Then he hugs her tightly and kisses her lips deeply. He gently pushes her down on his bed while moving his kiss down to her neck.

“Atsuko, you don't know how long I waited for this moment when you will accept my proposal and become my wife” he whispers while kissing her jawline down to her neck

His hands start unbuttoning her shirt. Then he sucks her neck marking her.

“Minami” Atsuko calls his name while hugging him tightly

Minami looks up and kisses Atsuko's lips again

“I love you, Atsuko” He whispers between the kiss

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko whispers

“Though Atsuko still can't regain her memories, but that doesn't matter because we still love each other deeply. Every day, I will do my best to create tons and tons of great memories between us. The time with her is the greatest moment in my life, and it becomes above of the greatest since she will become my wife soon. Our love and happiness will be continues until forever and ever” Minami thought

“Although, I can't remember about our past, as Minami said our present and future are what more important. I will also do as he always told me. We will create tons and tons of great memories together until forever. I love him and love him more than anything just like how he loves me and give me his warm and protective presence. Our life from now on will continue filling with greatness and happiness. I'm the happiest woman in the whole world to have Minami as my husband” Atsuko thought

“I love you forever and ever Atsuko/Minami” Minami/ Atsuko thought

However none of them know that the obstacles in their love haven't stopped yet

In U.S

In a big mansion

Kiara walks into the big room where two people, Minami's mother and father waiting for her. She bows in front of them and said

“Hello uncle and auntie”

Ayumi said in happy tone

“Hello Kiara”

“Kiara, come, have a seat” Kenji said

“How is our Minami? Did you two talk about the marriage?” Ayumi said

“About that...” Kiara said in sobbing tone

Minami's parents look at each other in confused

“What's wrong, Kiara?” Ayumi asks

“He rejected me again. He said he only loves that orphan girl” Kiara said while sobbing

Behind the sobbing face, she is trying to observe their action.

“He said that to you, Kiara?” Kenji asks

In his tone, there is anger. Kiara nods while faking crying

“I thought so. Seem like we are wrong when letting him have his way 5 years ago” Ayumi said

Then she turns to Kiara and said

“Kiara, we told you to let us call him back here. I know this stubborn son.”

“I'm sorry. I just thought that once she woke up, he will come back to his sense again” Kiara said

“However, I was wrong, I think because she lost all her memories. Maybe Minami still feels guilty because of that” she continues while wiping her fake tear

“First is coma and now losing memories, that girl know her way to get things huh?” Kenji said

“Don't be sad, Kiara. We will meet him and talk him out of his unthinking action. The marriage promise will continues” Ayumi said

“Yes, he will only marry who I said so. I won't ever accept that girl” Kenji said

“Thank you, uncle auntie” Kiara said still in sobbing tone.

She wipes her tear while smiling behind her hands

“No one can have you Takahashi Minami. Only me, only me. Orphan girl, you will never win against me” she thought and laughs in her mind


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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     +[Short Story] I Love You (Completed)
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     +[OS] Perfect Valentine
     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
     +[Short Story] My Feeling for You (Completed)
     +[OS] Miracle of Christmas
     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 11 12/02/2017
« Reply #218 on: February 23, 2017, 04:51:41 AM »
Kiara is a devilous girl

And Minami's parents are the same

What kind of problems will Minami and Atsuko come across?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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That girl  :angry:
I have a bad feeling  :(

Please update soon!!!  :bow:

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