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Author Topic: [Atsumina's OS collection] [OS] Christmas Wish 25/12/2017  (Read 55829 times)

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 7 13/02/2016
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@black_maa, @yocelin17, @phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

@buciq: Thank you for reading my fic!  :) I’m glad that you like it  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is part 7

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 7

In the morning

Atsuko wakes up. She is still very happy about yesterday. She quickly rushes downstairs to find Minami. Then she goes to the kitchen to find him. She smiles happily when she sees Minami is cooking. Atsuko quickly rushes to him

“Good morning, Minami” she hugs him and happily said

Minami is surprise. He turns around and looks at Atsuko with a happy smile on his face.

“Good morning, Atsuko” Minami said and hugs her

“You wakes up early today” He asks

“Uh, because I want to see you soon.” Atsuko happily said while burying her face on his chest

Minami smiles happily when hearing that.  Then he pulls out and look at Atsuko's face

“I want my morning kiss, Atsuko” Minami said to her while smiling

Atsuko blushes by Minami's words. She leans and kisses his lips. When she is about to move back, Minami hugs her and deepen the kiss. He kisses her lovingly and gently. They kiss each other deeply. After a while, they break the kiss and smile at each other.

“Atsuko, you go to the dining room, first. I will bring your food there, right away”

“I want to help you” Atsuko said

“Everything is done. I just need to bring them out” Minami said

“Then I will bring them out with you” Atsuko said

“I can do it, Atsuko. Now be good, go to the dining room and wait for me” Minami pats her head and said

“But I want to do everything with you” Atsuko pouts

Minami looks at her childish face and smiles

“Ok, ok, let’s prepare the table together” Minami pecks her lips and said

Atsuko looks at him and smiles happily. She happily helps Minami prepare the table. Then they sit down and eat together. After finishing eating, Atsuko and Minami go to their room to prepare. Today, Minami will take Atsuko to her work.

After a while

Atsuko rushes down from her room. Minami is already finished. He is sitting on the sofa and waiting for her

“We can go now, Minami” Atsuko said

“Ok, let's go my cutie” Minami smiles and said

“Let's go, Minami” Atsuko happily said and pulls Minami with her

He smiles when seeing her happy face

On the street

Atsuko holds Minami's hand and happily walking together with him.

“You seem to be very happy, today” Minami said

“Uh, because now, I know you love and care for me. You also take me to my work place. That is why I’m very happy.” Atsuko said to him and smiles brightly

“This is the first time I feel so happy when doing something” she innocently said

She smiles at him her brightest smile. He can see crinkle on her nose. Minami smiles at her. Then he pulls her into his embrace and hugs her tightly. Atsuko is very surprise. Suddenly, she remembers that they are still on the street.

“M...Minami, we are on the street” Atsuko said shyly

“Atsuko” he calls her gently

His voice full of love

“Atsuko, I promise that I won't let you feel lonely anymore. I will always be by your side forever and ever” Minami gently said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him while tightening her hug.

“Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me your warm shoulder and be by my side, Minami” Atsuko whispers while burying her face on his chest.

Then they break the hug and smile at each other. They realize that everyone is looking at them. They blush madly.

“Let's go Atsuko” Minami pulls Atsuko with him out of the crowd

After a while

Minami and Atsuko finally reach the restaurant. That is a family restaurant. They open the door and come in

“Hello Acchan” the owner greets them

“Hello Auntie” Atsuko greets her

Ami looks at Minami. Then she turns to Atsuko

“Care to introduce this handsome gentleman to me, Acchan” she smiles and said

“His name is Takahashi Minami, he is…” Atsuko said

There is a little pink on her cheeks

“He is…?” Ami repeats

“He is my boyfriend” Atsuko shyly said while holding Minami's hand tightly

Ami looks at her and smiles

“Congratulation, Acchan. When I saw you two step in, I already knew he is your special one.” she smiles and said

“Hello Takahashi-san, my name is Sasaki Ami. Nice to meet you” Ami said and extents her hand to shake his

“Hello, Sasaki-san. Nice to meet you, too” Minami said and shakes her hand.

“So he takes you to your work huh?” Ami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods shyly

Ami smiles at her shyness.

“Ami-san, can you come here for second” the chief calls her

“Ok, I'll be right there” she answers

“Acchan, I will go to the kitchen. Take your time.” she said

“Once again, nice to meet you Takahashi-san” she said

“Likewise” Minami said

Then Ami leaves.

“Minami, I will go to work now. See you later” Atsuko said

“Then please lead me to a table where I can watch the whole restaurant especially my girlfriend” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko looks at him with confused look

“What do you mean, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I mean that I will stay here and wait for you” he said

“But my shift is until evening” Atsuko said

“No problem. Since I don't have anything to do on weekend? I will stay here and wait for you” Minami said

He wants to protect her. He doesn't want any bad thing happen to her when he is not there.

“But you will get bore” Atsuko said

“Never. My dream is watching you for the whole day” Minami said

Atsuko blushes at his words.

“Ok, let's me show you” a voice speaks up

Atsuko turns around and sees that is Ami

“Auntie” Atsuko calls in surprise

“You have such a carry and wonderful boyfriend” she said

Atsuko smiles happily

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Then I will go to prepare for my work.” Atsuko said

“Ok, do your best” Minami pecks her lips and said

Then Ami said to Minami

“Let me take you to your table.”

“Ok, thank you Sasaki-san” Minami said

“Just call me as Acchan. I see her as my family so as you” she said

“Ok, then just call me Takamina.” Minami said

“Ok” she said

Ami leads Minami to the table where he can watch the whole restaurant.

“Here is the place that you can watch her.” Ami said

“Thank you” Minami said and sits down

“Acchan is a very good kid. Please always love her and take good care of her. Don't make her cry” Ami said sincerely

“I know. I will never do that to her. The only thing I want to do is make her happy every day, every minute, every second.” Minami said

Ami looks at him and smiles

“Auntie” Minami calls her

“Huh?” she asks

“Sorry for my curiosity. How did you two know each other and very close like this?” Minami asks

“My husband used to work at Acchan’s school as security. One day, when he was about to go home, he saw her was cornered by some girls at school. They asked her for money. She refused, and they hit her.  My husband helped her. He took Acchan back to our house to treat her bleeding knee.” Ami said

“At first, she was very scared of us. Slowly she didn't scare of us anymore. Because our house is near her school, I used to cook a lot of thing for her lunch. We don't have any children, so we see her as our daughter. Then my husband got sick. It was Acchan and Yuko helped us. Our house didn't have enough money to treat his cancer. All the hospital expenses were paid by Acchan. I tried to refused, but she said that she wants to help her family. Then my husband died. It was Acchan once again helped me.” she continues

“She helped me to have this restaurant. You can say that she is the real owner of this restaurant.” she said

“I see.” Minami said

Then Minami turns to Ami

“Auntie, in the future, if you need help in anything, just tell me. I will help you with everything. Your husband and you helped Atsuko a lot. I owe you two” Minami said seriously

“Thank you Takamina” Ami said and smiles

“What do you want to eat? I'll bring the food out for you.” she said

“Can I have coffee?” Minami said

“Ok” Ami said

“Thank you auntie” Minami said

Then Minami sit there and looks at Atsuko. He smiles while looking at her. She is doing her best at work. Then Minami takes out his laptop to work. He opens his mail and types

“Hello uncle, are you back in Japan, yet?”

(Uh, just moment ago. Now I’m at the hotel)

“I see. That woman hasn't got a clue about this, right?”

(Yes. Only I go back. I said that I went to Holland for business)

(I really want to make her pay for causing miserable things to my family, right away)

“Don't worry, uncle. We will make her pay soon. I told my brother in law to investigate about her. Also my people will find more her background information.” 

(That is good. Thank you, Minami. I’m glad that I entrust her to you)

(The only thing I need right now is her forgiveness. I’m a useless father)

“Don’t worry uncle. Atsuko is an understanding person. Plus, she loves you very much. She will definitely forgive you.”

(Uh, I hope so)

(Minami, please protect her for me)

“Yes, I will.”

(I have some business to take care. When you have more of her information, send me immediately)

“I will”

(Thank you, Minami)

“No problem, uncle. See you soon”

(Uh, see you soon)

Then Minami log out from his email and close his laptop. He looks at his watch.

“It is 3:30 pm. Atsuko's shift will end at 4. I guess we will have dinner here” Minami thought

He looks around to find her, but he didn't see her anywhere

“Where is she?” Minami mumbles

“Maybe she is preparing her stuffs” he thought

He looks at the entrance into the kitchen and waits for her. However, after 30 minutes, he still hasn't seen her anywhere. He can feel some weird feeling in his heart. He quickly stands up. He walks toward the kitchen to look for her.

On his way

While walking toward the kitchen, he sees Ami. He calls her


Ami turns to Minami's direction.

“What is it, Takamina?” She asks him

“Did you see Atsuko?” Minami asks

“No, I didn’t see her. Maybe she is preparing her stuffs in the employee’s room” She said

“Acchan?” a waitress walks by and asks

“Did you see her, Saki?” Ami asks

“Yes, I heard Acchan said that you told her to go to the walk-in freezer to take some food out” she answers

“I was very surprise because you never told her to go into that room” she continues

“I told her that? I didn’t. She is not good with cold, so I will never tell her to come there” Ami said in confuse

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Where is that storeroom?” Minami asks hurriedly while holding Saki’s arms tightly

She is surprise with his action.

“T...that way” She said

“Let’s me lead you there” Ami said

Then they quickly go there. When they reach the place, Minami immediately rushes to the door. He tries to open it, but it is locked.

“Auntie, why is it locked?” Minami asks

“Weird, normally, I only lock it after I close the restaurant” Ami said

Minami’s heart is beating faster. He is very worry now.

“Auntie, can you open this door now?” He asks

“Uh, I have to go to my office to take my key” She said

“Please make it quick” Minami said in panic

Then he turns to Saki and asks

“When did you see her?” Minami asks

“Uhm...about 40 minutes ago” She said

“This is bad” Minami thought while looking at his watch

“Atsuko” Minami hits the door and calls Atsuko

“Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami keeps calling her

“Takahashi-san, calm down. Ami-san’s office is very near here. She will come here soon. Maybe Acchan already left the place and accidentally lock it. I will go to the kitchen to look for her” Saki said

“Ok, thank you” Minami said

He walks back and forth while waiting for Ami.

“What took her so long?” Minami thought impatient

“It is already 15 minutes.” he thought in worry

“Stupid you. You should look for her sooner” Minami scolds himself

Then he sees Ami running toward him.

“Sorry, I don't know why I can't find my key anywhere. I have to go to the kitchen to ask the chief for his spared key” she said

“Please open it quick for me” Minami said in hurry tone

“Ok.” she nods

Then she quickly opens the door. Minami rushes into the room.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami calls her while looking around the place.

“Where is she?” Minami thought worriedly

He rushes from shelf to shelf to look for her

“Atsuko” Minami calls

Then he hears a voice calls him


Minami turns around and sees Atsuko is standing in front of him. Immediately, he rushes to her and hugs her tightly. Atsuko hugs him back

“What’s wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“Are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami asks while checking on her

“I’m fine” Atsuko said

“What's wrong?” she asks

“We heard Saki said the you come into here to take some food. Then when we come here, the door is locked. Takamina was worry that you was locked inside” Ami said

“I see. Minami, I’m fine. Don't worry” Atsuko hugs him and said

“When I was about to come here, I realized that I forgot the coat. Then I go to the staff room to take one. After that, I return here. However, on my way, I accidentally bump into Maki when she bring the coffee out. The coffee spilled on my clothes, and I have to go to the restroom to clean it up. Finally when I came here, I heard your voice. I quickly rush in here” Atsuko said

“I’m glad you are ok, Atsuko” Minami hugs her and said

“By the way Acchan, who told you that I asked you to bring the food out?” Ami asks

“Uhm...I don't know. He wears the waiter outfit. I thought he is new employee here” Atsuko said

“New employee? I didn't hire anyone these days. Weird” Ami said

Minami furrows his eyebrows when hearing that.

“Anyway, you are ok is all matter Atsuko” Minami said

He doesn't want anyone to talk about that because he doesn’t want make this into a big commotion.

“Auntie, we will eat dinner here. Can you make for us Katsudon?” Minami said diverting to another topic

“Ok. You can go back to your table” Ami smiles and said

“Thank you auntie” Atsuko said

Then Minami and Atsuko go to their seats and sit down. Minami all the time is still holding Atsuko's hand tightly.

“Minami, I’m fine” Atsuko holds his hand and said

“Uh,” Minami nods and kisses Atsuko's hand

“They came here, too. That woman desperately want to kill her. I have to act quick” Minami thought

After finished eating, they say good bye to Ami and leave the restaurant. When Atsuko is about to walk, Minami comes in front of her and bends down

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“I will carry you on my back” Minami said

“I can walk” Atsuko said

“But I want to carry you. You worked for whole day. You should be very tired. Let's rest on my back, Atsuko” Minami gently said to Atsuko

Atsuko smiles and pecks on Minami's lips

“Thank you, Minami” she said

Atsuko rounds her arms around Minami's neck and rest her head on his shoulder. Then Minami stands up and walks slowly back to the house.

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami softly

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Thank you! I'm so lucky to have you by my side, Minami. Thank you for loving me, Minami” Atsuko said and buries her face on his neck

Minami smiles gently

“I also feel the same as you, Atsuko. Having you by my side is the luckiest thing in my life.” Minami said gently

He can feel her smile on his neck. After walking for a while, they are back to Atsuko's house. Atsuko is already fell in sleep on his shoulder. He takes her to her room and puts her down.

“Minami, I love you” Atsuko sleep talking

Minami looks at her and smiles. He sits down on the edge of her bed

“I love you, too Atsuko” he whispers and kisses her lips

Then he sits back and looks at her sleeping face

“I’m glad that I came to see you. If not, I would regret for the rest of my life because I miss the most gentle and lovable girl in the world.  Atsuko, you are my second half, the most important person in my life”  he thought while caressing her face.

“I will protect you from everything. I won't ever let anything harm you” he thought

He bends down and kisses her forehead. Then he leaves the room. He comes back to his room and takes out his phone

“What did you get?” he asks

(We are still researching information about her)

“I want all of her information is found and sent to me, Jun, and uncle no later than tomorrow” Minami said seriously

(I understand. I will do that right away) he said

Then Minami hangs up. He dials another number

“Hello Jun” Minani said

(Hi) Jun said

“Thank you for the police report the other day” Minami said

(No problem, at that time police missed that information. It is our fault. I'm glad that you found that information. I will definitely solve that case.) Jun said

“Thank you. By the way, are you back to Japan yet?” Minani asks

(Yes, I’m at police department and looking at some cases related to Maeda's group as you asked me) Jun said

“Thank you, Jun” Minami said

“Also, I told my butler to search information about her. Can you find other information about her for me?” Minami asks

(I’ll ask Rena to find it) Jun said

“I see. Thanks you two. I owe you two big times. You have to come back here for my case” Minani said

(No problem, buddy.) Jun said

Then Minami hangs up

“I won't let anyone wants to hurt her get away.” Minami thought while holding his fists tightly

In the morning

Minami's POV

After I finished preparing my stuffs for school, I come to Atsuko's room to wake her up. I sit on her bed and call her gently

“Atsuko, Atsuko”

“Minami” She opens her sleepy eyes and calls me

Then she closes her eyes and continues sleeping. I smile at her cuteness

“Wake up, my princess” I call her lovingly

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Good morning, Atsuko” I said and peck on her lips

Atsuko smiles at me her lovely smile

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko said to me in sleepy tone

She sits up rubbing her eyes and yawning.

“She is so cute” I thought

“Are you going to school today, Minami?” Atsuko asks me

“Uh, I have a presentation to present. Also, I have some research that I have to use school library.” I said

Actually, I really don't want to leave her alone. I don't know why I have this uneasy feeling since yesterday.

“I see. Then you will be late today?” Atsuko asks me

“Uh. I already cooked for you. I put it in the fridge. When you hungry, take it out, warm it, and eat ok” I said

“Ok” She nods

“Atsuko” I call her

She looks at me

“Today, do you have to go out?” I ask

I don't want her to go out by herself

“No, my classes are online. As always, I don't have to go anywhere” she said to me

I sigh in relief.

“At least, she will only stay at home” I thought

“Atsuko, don't go anywhere alone ok. Stay at home and wait for me. Don't go anywhere until me come back ok” I said to her

She looks at me a little confuse

“Atsuko, promise me” I said seriously

“Uh, I will.” she nods and said

I smile at her.

“Good. I will go now. Your breakfast is on the table” I said

“Bye Minami, good luck with your presentation” she said to me and kisses my cheek

“Uh, bye bye, Atsuko. See you late” I peck her lips

I stand up and leave her room.
End Minami's POV

In the evening

Minami is working on his project in the library. However, he can't concentrate on his work. He takes out his glasses and caresses his eyes.

“What is this feeling?” Minami thought

“I guess I will go back home for now” Minami said

While he is packing his stuffs, his phone rings announcing him that he has a new message. He opens his phone and reads the message.

“They found her information” Minami thought

Minami widens his eyes when skimming through the file. He looks at the calendar

“This is bad” he thought while standing up

He quickly rushes out of the library. When he passes the bridge, suddenly a group of men come out and block his way. Minami steps back.

“Who are you?” he asks

“Who we are? We are generous people who will take you to another world.” the leader said

Minami furrows his eyebrows

“It is them.” he thought

“You are those kidnappers. You are also behind the car incident the other day. Also the incident at the restaurant” Minami said

“Hahaha...” the leader laughs while clapping his hands

“Yes, that is us. If you weren't there, that little brat would die long ago” he said

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill her?” Minami said

“You don't need to know about that. The only thing you have to think right now is how to save your little life, annoying butler.” the leader said

“But I think you don't have to worry about lonely. Your little Ojou-sama will soon go there to meet you” he continues and laughs

Minami furrows his eyebrows when hearing that. He rushes to the leader. However, there are two men block his way. Minami kicks one of the men at his temple making him fall on the ground. The other man rushes to him. He raises a bat to hit Minami. Minami dodges and kicks him at his stomach.

“Now, now. Don't be rush” the leader said

“You will meet her soon” he continues

“I won't let you do any harm to her” Minami said

“Too bad, you are too late now. My leader, I guess are near to her house, right now” he said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Tomorrow, there will be a very hot topic around the newspaper 'Maeda Atsuko, Daughter of the Billionaire, Maeda Tenchi, Committed Suicide at Her Own Mansion’.” The leader said and smirks

“What do you think?” he asks and laughs loudly

“Atsuko” he thought

Suddenly a lot of cars come and surround them. Then a group of black suit men rush out. Then a man walks toward Minami and bows

“I’m sorry for the late, Young Master”

“You all take care of them. Ken, take me back to Maeda mansion NOW.” he said seriously

“Yes, Young Master”


Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 7 13/02/2016
« Reply #81 on: February 13, 2016, 01:06:09 AM »
No! Please dont let them hurt Atsuko.
Takamina needs to be fast.
Thank you for the update.
Cant wait for the next.  :rock:
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 7 13/02/2016
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Minami is not rich right? That's why he works as butler, but who call him young master?
Minami don't come late to save Acchan
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 7 13/02/2016
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Minami is young master of family rich??

does "she" the one that minami and atsuko's father is Eri-san??

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 7 13/02/2016
« Reply #84 on: February 14, 2016, 10:33:39 AM »
Oh my!!!  :O
Minami, be fast!!!  :shocked
Uh... hard case... complicated and with lot of... surprises. :roll: :huhuh

Waiting next update.  8)
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Perfect Valentine (Atsumina) 14/02/2016
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@phoenix0i, @yocelin17, @buciq, @black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Hello everyone, it is Valentine, so I got an idea for this OS. I hope every enjoy reading this

Happy Valentine!!!  :) :D

Perfect Valentine

10 years ago

In Takahashi’s resident

Little Minami happily rushes down the stairs from his room. He is very happy because today he can go out and play with his neighbor and best friend, Atsuko. Her mother will take them to the zoo.

“Mom, I'm done” he said

“Ok, just a moment.” His mother said

“Ok” he said

Then he rushes to the window and looks outside. He is very excited. His father looks at him and smiles happily

“Minami, you seem to be very excited” his father asks

“Yes, I'm very happy. Today I can go to the zoo and play with Atsuko” Minami answers happily

“But you two play together with each other everyday” his father said

“I'm still happy because I can play with her” Minami innocently said

He looks at him and laughs

“I'm done, Minami” his mother said

Then she wears his backpack on his shoulders, and puts his hat on his head.

“Ok, all done. Remember to be good ok” His mother said

"Yes" Minami answers

Then they come to the door

“Ok, I'll go now. Bye mom, dad” Minami happily said

“Ok, bye son, have fun” his parents said

Then he runs to the house next to his. His parents stand there and look at Minami waiting for him to get into Atsuko's house. When his father sees Atsuko's father in the yard, he calls

“Ken, thank you for taking him to the zoo”

“No problem, Kaito. Atsu is very happy when playing with him.”

“Good morning, uncle” Minami said

“Uh, good morning Takamina.” Ken smiles and said

“Go inside, auntie made for you your favorite breakfast” he continues

“Yes” Minami happily said and rushes into the house

Inside the house

“Hello Takamina.” Atsuko's mother smiles and said

“Good morning, auntie.” Minami said

Little Atsuko rushes down from her room

“Hi Minami” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

“Hi Atsuko” Minami smiles at her

“Atsu, Takamina, you two go to the kitchen and ask Yuko-neechan to bring the breakfast for you two, ok” her mother said

“Yes” the two said and rush to the kitchen

In the kitchen

When the two go into the kitchen, they see Yuko is cooking something. They come closer

“Onee-chan” Atsuko calls

“Hello, Yuko-neechan” Minami said

Yuko turns to them

“Hi Takamina. Today, you will go to the zoo with Acchan, right?” She asks

“Yes” Minami nods

“You two go play Valentine, huh.” Yuko teasingly said

“Valentine?” Atsuko and Minami look at her in confused

“You two will know what is it when you grow up.” She said and winks at them

They look at each other and shrugs. Suddenly, Atsuko smells something

“Chocolate.” Atsuko said

“Onee-chan, you are making chocolate?” she asks

“Uh” she nods

“Can we have some?” Atsuko innocently asks

“Sorry, but this chocolate is not for you two. This is my Valentine gift to my Riku” Yuko said

“Valentine gift?” They look at her with confused look

Yuko bends down in front of them

“Valentine gift is chocolate. It is given in Valentine day. In this day, girl will give chocolates to someone special to her.” Yuko explains

“What is special, oneechan?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“Uhm….” Yuko tries to think how to explain to her

“That person is very important to you. But It is different from family relation. You will want to see that person everyday. You will miss him if you don't see him. Something like that” She said

“Oh” Atsuko and Minami nod in confuse

“As I told you, you two will understand when you grow up” Yuko said

“Atsu, Takamina, are you two done with your breakfast?” Atsuko's mother asks

“Not yet Mama” Atsuko said

“Onee-chan, Mama told me to ask you our breakfast” Atsuko said

“Ok, you two come to the dining room first. I will bring the breakfast, right away” Yuko said

Then Atsuko and Minami go to the dining room. After eating breakfast, Atsuko's mother take them to the zoo.

In the zoo

They play until noon. Atsuko's mother take them to a family restaurant for lunch.

“Atsu, Takamina wait here. I will go and make a quick phone call” her mother said

“Yes” Atsuko and Minami said

Then her mother leaves. Atsuko and Minami sit and eat their food.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“Huh?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Do you still remember what Yuko-neechan said this morning?” Minami asks

“Things about Valentine?” Atsuko asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“I think that must be great to receive chocolate to eat” he said

“Then I will give chocolate to Minami on that day, too” the little girl innocently said

Minami looks at her happily

“Really Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh, because Minami is special to me” Atsuko said and smiles brightly at him

“That is great.” Minami happily said

“Let's make pinky promise, Atsuko” he continues

“Ok” Atsuko nods


In the morning

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

I'm happily preparing my things for school. Then I look at the calendar.

“Today is 14/2” I thought happily

Then I remember my childhood memories with my childhood friend,

“I will give chocolate to Minami on that day, too”

“Because Minami is special to me”

I smile happily about that memory. Every year, she will give me her chocolate. She even makes chocolate for me. Whenever I receive her chocolate, my heart jumps in joy. Yes, I have a crush on her since long time ago. However, I still haven't confessed to her yet. I spent whole night thinking about that and I decided to confess to her today when she giving me the chocolate.

“Do your best, Minami” I said with full confidence

Then I rush out of my room

“Bye mom, dad, I'll go to school now” I said

“Ok, have a nice day” they said to me

Then I rush out of my house to her house


In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is looking at the calendar and smiles by herself. Suddenly her expression changes. Her eyes turn sad

Atsuko's POV

Today is the day that I'm so looking forward in every year. This is the time which I can give the person who is very important to me chocolate. It is also my feeling for him. However, I don't know about his feeling.

“Maybe he just sees me as a childhood friend.”

“Maybe he receive it because of that promise”

“Maybe one day, he will tell me to stop giving him chocolate because he has someone to give him that”

Those thought keep repeating in my head. My heart hurts when thinking about that. Yes, I'm a coward. I don't have enough courage to confess my feeling for him whenever I give him chocolate even though I told myself every year that I have to confess. However, I'm scared. I'm afraid that my confession will ruin our relationship, right now.

“What if he reject me?”

“What if he puts distance between us because of my confession?”

Every year, in this day, my head is filled with a lot of different thought. Suddenly, I hear my sister calls me

“Acchan, Takamina is waiting for you”

“Ok, I will be there, right away” I said

Then I put his chocolate in my backpack and rush down the stair. When I'm about to go to the door, my sister pulls me back

“What is it, onee-chan?” I ask her

“Do you plan on confessing to him today?” She asks me

Her question makes me blush

“I...I….I...I don't know what are you talking about?” I said trying to hide my embarrassment

“Don't act like that. I knew what inside your heart, little sis” she said and smiles at me

“Do you best. I'm supporting with full power” my sister said and smiles at me

“Ok, thank you onee-chan.” I smile and nods

“By the way, onee-chan, where is Mama and Papa? And why are you here so early?” I turn and ask her.

“Mom and dad went to Osaka for business. They told me to come here and be your babysitter. I thought they told you about that” she said to me

“Osaka?” I thought

I close my eyes and recall about that.

“Atsu, tomorrow Mama and Papa have some business in Osaka. I told Yuko to come here and look after you. Be good ok, we will be back next week”

“Yes, that right. They told me that when I was making chocolate for Minami last night. However, that time my mind was full of Minami that is why I forger” I thought

“Ok, I will go to school now, see you” I said and walk to the door

I open the door and come out

“Good morning, Minami” I smile and greet him

“Good morning Atsuko” he greets me

“Let's go” he said and pulls me with him

Then we walk together to school. After walking for a while, we reach the school. We are now is standing at our lockers. When Minami opens his locker, there are a lot of letter fall out. I forgot to mention. He is very famous in school. Every girl from first year to third year is crazy about him. Every year, he receives a lot of love letter in this day.

“Again, when will they leave my locker alone” he mumbles while looking at those letter

“Why? These things show that you are loved by everyone.” I said

“I don't care. I don't even know who they are. I feel amazed that they can say they love someone even though they haven't interacted with that person once” he said to me

“Yes, he is right. Love is not like that” I thought

Then I hear he say something in small tone

“What did you say, Minami?” I ask him

“Ah, no nothing, nothing at all. Hahaha” He said and smiles reluctantly at me

He is lying. I knew that. I heard him said

“I wish that she will put a letter in my locker”

“Who? Did he love someone?” I thought

I feel pain in my heart

“Saki-senpai, Saki-senpai”

I hear someone said. When I look up, I see her. Koizumi Saki, she is in same year with us, third year student. She is the president of student council, smart and beauty. Everyone loves her and admire her. I turn to Minami to call him to go back to class. When I'm about to call him, I see him looking at her smiling.

“His smile” I thought

“Don't tell me…” I thought

I feel pain now. The real pain in my heart. I turn and walk to the classroom.

“Atsuko, where are you going?” He catches my hand and asks me

“Back to class” I said shortly

“Then wait for me. I'm almost done” he said to me

“Sorry, but I have to go now” I said and I walk away.

On my way, I keep thinking about that

“It can't help. She is smart and beauty. A lot of people will like her. Minami won't be an exception.” I thought

I feel like I don't have any energy left in me. I open the door and walk in

“Good morning, Acchan” my friend greets me

“Hi Miichan” I said shortly

Then I go back to my class.

“What's wrong? You seem not like yourself” she asks me

“And where is Takamina? You two usually stick together like glue” she asks me

“I don't know” I said and rest my forehead on the table

Then I hear the classroom door open

“Hey Takamina.” I hear Miichan greets him

“Hi” he greets

Then I hear his foot step coming closer to my table

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” he asks me

I shake my head.

“Why did you leave me and come to the classroom, first?” he asks me

“Nothing” I said

Then the bell ring. Suddenly, I feel his voice right at my ear

“I'm waiting for your chocolate, Atsuko” He whispers in my ear

I sit up in surprise. Then I quickly bend down again to hide my now I think red face. Why did he whisper to me like that? I can still feel his breath on my face.

After school

I gather my stuff and leave the class before Minami.

“Atsuko, wait for me” He calls me, but I ignore him

“What’s wrong with me?” I thought

I’m mad at him with no reason. He and I are not dating or anything. He has the right to have crush on anyone. What is my position to be jealous.

“Atsuko, you are an idiot” I hit my head and thought

While I’m deep in my thought, suddenly someone holds my hand and pulls me back.

“Atsuko” Minami calls me

His call snaps me out of my thought. I turn and look at him with confused look

“What is it, Minami?” I ask

“You asked me? Why did you space out while walking? Look, you nearly fall down the stair” he raises his tone a little

I turn and look back. I realize that if I step one more step, I will definitely fall.

“I’m sorry. Thank you, Minami” I turn back and said to him

“Don't spacing out like that again. It is dangerous.” he said to me gently

He is worry about me. I feel very happy about that.

“Uh” I nod

“Good.” he smiles at me and said

His smiles make my heart beats fast again. I made up my mind. I will give him the chocolate and confess to him this evening. Then he and I go back home together. When we walk to the schoolyard, I see her, Koizumi Saki walking toward us. She stands in front of us.

End Atsuko's POV

Minami's POV

While I'm walking out of the school building with Atsuko, I see a girl walking toward us. She stops in front of us.

“Takahashi-san, do you have a moment?” She asks me

“Who is she? How did she know my name?” I thought in confuse

“Yes, I guess” I said still haven't get a clue what she wants

Suddenly, Atsuko walks away without saying anything to me

“Wait Atsuko” I call her

“Takahashi-san” she catches my hand

“Just a moment.” She said to me

“Ok” I said in confuse

I turn back and look at her. I see she take out something from her bag. It is a box, and it was wrapped very careful

“What is it?” I thought

“ name is Koizumi Saki. I love you. Please accept my chocolate and my confession” she said to me

I widen my eyes in surprise

“She just confessed to me in the middle of the school” I thought in surprise

I hear a lot of screaming, shouting.

End Minami's POV

Atsuko's side

Atsuko's POV

I see her walking toward us. By looking at her, I knew what she want. I overheard her conversation with her friend this lunch. She planned on confess her feeling to Minami. She asked him if she can talk to him a little and he agreed. That is right. This morning he looked at her like that. He properly has feeling for her. I walked away. I heard Minam calling me, but I ignored that.

“I think I’m really a coward. However, what can I do? He likes her” I thought sadly

My heart is hurt. I speed up my speed and rush back home. I quickly open the door and rush to my room. I lock it.

“Acchan, what's wrong?” My sister knocks my door and asks

“Nothing. I don't feel well” I said trying to calm down

“Are you ok? Your voice seem weird” she asks me in worry tone

“I’m fine, onee-chan don't worry” I said


“Onee-chan, I’m tired. I want to sleep” cutting her word, I said

I can't hold any longer, and I don't want she to worry about me

“Ok, rest well” she said to me

End Atsuko's POV


Minami’s POV

I’m rushing back to find Atsuko. I don’t know why did she walks away all of sudden. After a while, I finally reach her house. I ring the bell. I see Yuko-neechan opens the door for me

“Hello Takamina.” She smiles and greets me

“Hi Yuko-neechan” I smile and greet her

“Is Atsuko home yet, Yuko-neechan?” I ask her

“Yes, she did. Moment ago” she said to me

Suddenly her expression changes. He looks at me seriously

“Did you do something to her?” she asks me

“What do you mean, Yuko-neechan?” I ask her in confuse

“She came back home with a weird attitude. Then she locks herself in her room. I asked her what’s wrong, but she answered nothing. I don't believe that.” she said to me

“Hey kid, what did you do to her?” he asks me seriously

“I didn't do anything. Really. We just come back home as always. Then a girl comes to us. She said that she wants to talk to me a little. I agreed. Then all of sudden she walked away” I tell her honestly

“Oh!!! I see” She said and smirks

“I knew what happened to her” she continues

“Really Yuko-neechan. Please tell me. Did I do something wrong?” I quickly ask her

Atsuko's expression is weird since this morning. I really want to know. I look at Yuko-neechan. Her expression changes again.

“Do you really want to know?” she asks me

“Yes.” I answer seriously

“Ok, answer me this” she said to me

I look at her

“So what did that girl talk to you?” she asks me

“Ah...uhm…” I scratch my head

This is hard to tell

“She confessed to you huh?” she asks me

I look up in surprise look.

“How did she know?” I thought in surprise

“How did you know?” I ask her

“Your expression clearly show me that” she said to me and chuckles

“So you accept her conf...” she said

“Of course not.” cutting her word, I said quickly

“I have someone I love” I mumble

Suddenly I hear a laughing sound. I look at her with confused look

“Why did you laugh?” I ask her

“Because you look so funny” she said and laughs again

“Put that aside. Please Yuko-neechan, tell me why did Atsuko act like that?” I said seriously

“Ok ok. Come here” she said and calls me to come closer

“Find out yourself Takamidget” she whispers in my ear and then laughs out loud

“Yuko-neechan” I whine

“Please, tell me” I said


“Acchan is in her room. Go there and ask her. I’m busy. I have to go out a little. Watch over Acchan for me. See ya” Yuko-neechan said to me and rushes out of the house before I can say anything

I sigh and walk into the house. I walk up to her room. I stand outside and look at the door. She is just on the other side of the door. I take a deep breath and knock the door.

“Atsuko” I call her

End Minami’s POV

Atsuko’s POV

I’m lying lazily on my bed. My head is about to explore with a lot of thoughts.

“Minami, I wonder what are you doing now” I mumble

“I guess you are very happy, right now. Your crush confessed to you” I thought

“Ahhh….I don't want to think about that anymore” I scream in my kind and bury my face on my pillow.

Suddenly, I hear a knocking sound. Maybe that is Onee-chan. When I’m about to answer, I hear Minami's voice

“Atsuko” he calls me

“Minami” I sit up and thought in surprise

I’m very happy to hear his voice.

“However, why did he come here?” I thought in confuse

Haven't received my response, he knocks the door again

“Atsuko, this is me, Minami” he said to me

I keep silent. Then he knocks stronger

“Atsuko, what's wrong?” he asks

“Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry” Minami said

I hear the panic in his voice. I quickly answer

“Minami. I’m fine. Don't worry” I said to him

“Really?” he asks me

“Yes” I answer

“Then open the door for me” Minami said to me

“No, I’m really fine. You can go back home.” I said

“Atsuko, open the door for me” he ignores my words and said

“I’m fine. You should go home. Also, today is Valentine, you should go out with your girlfriend” I said

“Girlfriend? What are you talking about, Atsuko?” he asks me

“Your crush, Koizumi Saki, confessed to you just now, right? You must be very happy, right now” I said to him while sitting at the door

End Atsuko’s POV

Minami's POV

I keep asking her to let me in, but she refused. I don't understand why did she act like this. Then suddenly she said that I have a girlfriend. I ask her what she meant because I have no girlfriend. Then she mentioned the name of the girl who confessed to me this evening. Then she keeps talking about how happy I’m right now.

“You must be very happy, right?” She still keeps talking about that.

Suddenly something flashes in my head. I smile.

“I hope my suspect is correct” I thought hopefully

“You two are very match with each other. She is smart, beauty, a lot of stu…”


Cutting her words, I call her

“What is it, Minami?” she asks me

“Are you….jealous?” I ask her

“...” I didn't hear any response from her

After a while

“O...of course, I’m not. What are you saying?” she said to me

I hear her panic. Being her friend since little, I knew her every behavior when she lie. She can’t lie. Her tone accuses her to me that she definitely lying.

“Really. But I just hear that your sound just like you are lying” I said in happy tone

“I...I...I’m not” She said

Still that stuttering.

“How cute” I thought

“You are” I said

“I’m not”

“You are”

“I’m not”

“You are” I said definitely

End Minami’s POV

Atsuko opens her door and said

“I said I’mmhmm…”

However, haven't finishing her words, Minami presses his lips on hers and kisses her roughly. Being taken by surprise, Atsuko tends to move back. However, Minami hugs her tighter and kisses her deeper. Atsuko keeps struggling. Suddenly, she trips on the edge of her bed. Then the two fall on Atsuko’s bed, and he is on top of her. Minami finally breaks the kiss. Atsuko's face is burning red. Minami looks at her and smiles gently

“Minammhm…” when she is about to call Minami, he kisses her lips again.

He kisses her gently and lovingly. Then Atsuko slowly close her eyes and replies his kisses. She rounds her arms around his neck and deepen their kiss. They kiss each other until they out of air. Then they break the kiss and look at each other. Atsuko’s face is red like tomatoes.

“So you are jealous, right?” he smiles at her and said

“, I’m not” she still denies

“You are really stubborn” he said

Before Atsuko can say anything, he seals her lips again.

“Now, jealous or not” Minami said

He looks at her and smiles widely. Atsuko looks at Minami. She afraid that if she denies once more time, he will do that again.

“Yes, I’m jealous.” Atsuko admits

Minami smiles his victory smiles

“Finally, you admitted, you are jealous” Minami smiles happily and said

Atsuko looks at him and thinks that he makes fun of her. Tear slowly build up in her beautiful eyes.

“Yes, I’m jealous. This morning, you smile when you see her, I don't like that. I don't like when she confess to you. I don't like when you look at other girl. Yes, I’m jealous, I'm jealous because I love you” Atsuko said while tear runs down on her cheeks

Minami widens his eyes in surprise.

“Are you happy now? Why did you make me say out loud my feeling? Are you making fun of me?” Atsuko continues saying in tear.

She pushes him out, and tends to step down from her bed. However, Minami calls her while catching her hand and quickly pulls her back.


Seeing Atsuko cries, Minami’s heart tightens.

“I’m sorry Atsuko. Please, don't cry. I didn't mean that” Minami said gently while wiping her tear.

Then he hugs her tightly

“Please don't cry, Atsuko. I'm sorry.” he said while patting her back

“Leave me alone. I don't need you” Atsuko said while pushing him out

Minami hugs her tighter and said

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I sorry. I'm an idiot.” Minami said.

“Please Atsuko, don’t cry. Seeing you cry, my heart hurt.” he continues

Atsuko keeps struggling from his embrace

“Let’s go off me. I hate you” Atsuko said while pushing him out

“Please, don’t hate me, Atsuko. What can I do if you hate me? You are everything to me, Atsuko.” Minami said while hugging her tightly

“I’m not making fun of you. I’m really happy when hearing that you are jealous. I’m happy about that because that mean you always concern about me. Look at me.” he continues

“Moreover, I'm extremely happy right now because you said that you love me” he said and tightens his hug

Atsuko stops struggling from Minami

“Atsuko” Minami calls her gently

“I love you” he whispers

Atsuko stuns with what she just heard.

“Minami loves me?” Atsuko thought

“I love you Atsuko” He said and buries his face on her neck

When Atsuko is about to raise her arms and hugs him back, she sudden remembers the incident at the locker. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath

“Minami, you don't need to comfort me like that” Atsuko said and slowly pushes him out

“I told you the truth.” Minami tightens his hugs and said seriously

“This morning, at the locker, I saw your smile when you saw her. I can feel a lot of love come from that smile. It's ok, Minami. I'll be fine.” Atsuko said

Tear just keeps rolling on her cheeks. Minami pulls out and looks at Atsuko with confused look.

“See who?” he asks

“Don't act like that Minami. I saw you smiling when Koizumi Saki walked by.” Atsuko said

“Koizumi Saki” Minami mumbles

“You mean the girl stopping us?” Minami asks

“Who else? Stop acting like that Minami. I’m serious.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I’m serious too” Minami gently said while wiping her tear

“I didn't know who she is until she introduce herself to me. And what do you mean by I’m smiling at her? When?” Minami asks in confusion

“Minami, why did you keep acting like that?” Atsuko said in confuse

“Atsuko, I’m serious. When did I smile at her?” Minami said in serious tone

“This morning. At the locker” Atsuko said

“This morning? At the locker?” Minami thought

He keeps mumbling the place to recall. Then something flashes on his head

“Ah…That must be it” he remembers the reason of his smile

“So you remembers now.” Atsuko said

“The truth is I didn't even realize that she was there, Atsuko.” Minami said

“Then why did you smile?” Atsuko asks

Minami blushes while scratching his head. Atsuko looks at him in confuse

“It is kinda embarrassed to say” he said

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“I can't say it. It is embarrassing” Minami said

“Then you really smile at her, It's ok, Minami really. I’m really happy that you concern about my feeling, but I wilmhm…”

Cutting her word, Minami pulls Atsuko closer to him and kisses her lips gently. Then he hugs her tightly.

“Atsuko, please listen to my heartbeat. It beats like this because of you and only you. You are the cause of that smile” Minami said

“I smile because of my fantasy about you. I imagined that I confessed to you and you accepted it. Then we spent our happy Valentine's day. I also imagined the time when you will become my bride, my wife. That is why I’m smiling” Minami said and tightens his hug on Atsuko.

Hearing his words, Atsuko blushes madly. She slowly raises her hands and hugs Minami.

“Really, Minami?” she asks Minami while tightening her hug

“Uh, everything I said is true. There is only one girl in my heart. That person is you, Atsuko” Minami whispers

“This evening, she stopped me and confessed to me. However, I already rejected her. I said that ‘I already have someone in my heart. A very cute, adorable, and lovely girl.  She is everything to me’.” Minami smiles gently at Atsuko and said

Atsuko looks at him happily

“You are very important to me, Atsuko. I love you more than anything. You are my heartbeat, Atsuko.” Minami sincerely said

“Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and buries her face on his chest

“I love you, Atsuko. I seriously do. I love you for a long time. I want to confess to you a lot of time but I don't have enough courage. Every Valentine, I always want to confess to you when you give me the chocolate, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that you will leave me if I confess. I’m afraid that you will put a distance between us when I confess to you” Minami said while hugging Atsuko tighter

“I love you, too Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I also have the same afraid as you, Minami. I’m afraid that you will reject me, you will distance yourself with me. I’m afraid that I will ruin our relationship.” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko looks up at Minami with her sincerely eyes

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said and kisses his lips

Minami replies her kiss passionately. He gently pushes her down on her bed still keeping their kiss. They kiss each other intensely until they out of breath. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other


Yuko comes back home.

“Acchan, I have to go to pick up Maki from her piano class. Riku is busy with his meeting.” She said while walking up to Atsuko’s room.

“Can you...Oops” she said then stop when seeing Minami is on top of Atsuko.

Hearing Yuko’s voice they quickly sit up

“Sorry for interrupting you two. However, I have to finish my responsibility as her babysitter” Yuko said and giggles at them

“Onee-chan, we didn't do anything” Atsuko said in embarrassing

Yuko chuckles. Atsuko's and Minami’s faces are completely red.

“Ok, I have to go and pickup Maki. Riku is busy. I planned on taking you out for dinner after picking Maki. However, since you have your Minami here with you, I guess I will take Maki to Riku’s company and eat dinner with him.” Yuko said


“Ok, Takamina, take care of her. Acchan, I will go now, see ya” Cutting Minami’s words Yuko said and leaves the house before the two can react

They sit silently because of embarrassed. Then Minami turns to Atsuko

“Atsuko, do you want to go out and play or stay at home?” he asks

“Let's stay at home. We can call something to eat” Atsuko said

“No, we don’t need to call food. Today I will cook as celebration because I finally confess my feeling to you” Minami said

“You knew how to cook?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Of course”  Minami answers confidentiality

Atsuko looks at him and smiles brightly

“Ok, then let's go shopping first” Atsuko said and stands up

“Wait Atsuko” Minami said and pulls her back again.

“What is it, Minami? I’m hungry” Atsuko said and pouts

He looks at her and smiles

“I only have one question. After this, we will go shopping, and I will cook for you your favorite” Minami said

“You know how to cook that food?” Atsuko said

“Of course. I asked mom before. I have to know how to cook what my Atsuko likes” Minami said lovingly

Atsuko smiles and pecks on his lips

“Then what is your question, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Atsuko, Where is my chocolate?” he asks her

“Didn't make it” she said in teasing tone

“Really?” Minami asks

“Uh.” Atsuko nods

Minami looks at her and smiles evilly

“She want to tease me huh?" Minami thought

"You didn't make it, huh? What should I take as the replacement for that chocolate from you, At-su-ko?” Minami bends closer to Atsuko’s ear and whispers

Atsuko blushes by his voice.

“Wait Minami, I put it in my bag.” Atsuko said quickly

Minami looks at her and giggles. Atsuko comes to her bag and takes out the box. She walks toward Minami and give him the box

“Minami, happy Valentine. Let's celebrate our first Valentine's as a couple” Atsuko said shyly

Minami takes her hand and pulls her into his embrace

“Uh. This is a very special valentine because you finally become my girlfriend.” He said

Then he takes the box and opens it. Inside is a heart shaped chocolate with a sentence on the top

“Minami, I love you”

“I planned on confessing to you today. So I wrote those words. Then the incident at the locker made me hesitant. I’m scamhm….” Cutting Atsuko's words, Minami bends and kisses her lips lovingly

“Thank you, Atsuko. I love it” Minami said

“Atsuko, I have one more request” He continues

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Feed me, this chocolate” he said

“O...o..ok” she said shyly

Then she take a piece of chocolate and give it to Minami. However, Minami doesn't open his mouth

“Minami?” Atsuko calls in confuse

“I want you to feed me…” Minami said

“I'm feeding you, right now” Atsuko said

“...By your mouth” Minami said I whisper tone

Atsuko blushes madly with his statement.

“Now Atsuko” Minami leans closer to her and said

Atsuko shyly puts the chocolate into her mouth. Then she leans closer to Minami and feed him the chocolate. He hugs her waist and pulls her closer to him. The chocolate melts in their kiss. After a while, Minami breaks the kiss. He looks at Atsuko and smiles brightly

“This is the sweetest chocolate I have ever eaten. Thank you, Atsuko” he said and pecks her lips

“I'm happy, Minami. I've dreamed about this moment for a long time” Atsuko shyly said

Minami pulls Atsuko into his embrace and hugs her tightly. He buries his face on her neck.

“This is my perfect valentine, Minami.” Atsuko whispers

“Uh, our perfect Valentine. Our heart finally complete” Minami happily said

They stay like this for a while. Then they happily go shopping together. That is a beginning for their love. Their first perfect Valentine 

10 years later

At the shore

There is a couple sitting next to each other lovingly by the shore. They entwine their hand, and the girl is resting her head on the man’s shoulder. They are watching the sunrise. The sun slowly rises up in the sky and spread its sunlight to the ground.

“I love seeing sunrise like this Minami. It is so beautiful. It makes my mind refresh as a day starts” the girl said happily

“Thank you for choosing this place to be our house.” She said and gently

Then she leans up and pecks on Minami's lips. Minami looks at her and smiles happily

“Everything for my wonderful wife” Minami said

“Atsuko, I’m glad that I can make you smile happily everyday. Your smile is the most precious thing to me, Atsuko.” he said lovingly

Atsuko smiles happily. She hugs his neck and kiss his lips lovingly.

“You are the best, Minami” she said

“You too, Atsuko” He said

Minami replies her kiss passionately. He pushes her on the white sand and kisses her intensely. Atsuko tightens her hug on his neck to make their kiss more deeper. He slips his tongue inside her mouth and explores. They kiss each other until they out of air. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other.

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“And you are so handsome, Minami” Atsuko said

Minami smiles at Atsuko

“How about we stay like this and complement each other for whole day” Minami said jokingly

Atsuko looks at him and laughs softly

“I’d to do this. However, let's head back home to check on our little love” Atsuko said

“Uh, let's go. I think she is still sleeping soundly on her bassinet” Minami said while standing up

He helps Atsuko to stand up. Suddenly, he lifts her up on his arms

“What are you doing, Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Carry my wife back to our house” he said

“It is embarrassing Minami. Everyone will look at us” Atsuko said shyly

“There is no one here. Even if here is a lot of people, let's them look.” Minami said and starts walking back to their house which is a villa located near the shore.

“By the way Atsuko” Minami calls his wife softly

Atsuko looks up at her husband

“Happy Valentine, Mrs.Takahashi. I love you more and more everyday, Atsuko. Minami said

Atsuko smiles sweetly at Minami

“Happy Valentine, Mr. Takahashi. I love you too, Minami. Love you a lot” Atsuko said while hugging him tightly

The End

I hope you guys enjoy reading this OS

Happy Valentine to everyone!!   :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Perfect Valentine (Atsumina) 14/02/2016
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It was cute OS. :oops:
... and of course, with little bit jealousy. :D

Thank you for it.  :roll:
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 8 20/02/2016
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@black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!   :D

Here is part 8  :)

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 8

In the evening

Atsuko is reading her book in the living room. Minami is going to be late because he has some project that need to be done. While Atsuko is reading her book, she hears some sound like someone opens the door.

“Minami is back” she happily thought

But then she didn't hear anything.

“Weird. I definitely hear the door open” Atsuko thought and stands up

“Minami, are you home?” She comes to the door while calling him


However, she didn't hear any response. She opens the door of the living room and comes out. The house is still covered with darkness.

“Weird” Atsuko thought

Suddenly, Atsuko hears a voice behind her

“Hello my little Ojou-sama”

When Atsuko is about to turn around, someone covers her mouth with a handkerchief. Her sigh slowly turns blurry. Then she lost conscious. The man looks at her and smirks

“Got you, little princess” He said and laughs


Minami is sitting in his car. His heart is in fire

“Quickly” he said to his butler

“Yes Young Master” the butler said

“Atsuko, please be safe” he thought


In the school library

He quickly opens the file. He scrolls down to look through it

“Young Master, we found out that Suzuki Eri is an orphan. Her current parents just adopted her and took her to U.S. Her real name is Matsumoto Erika. Her father killed her brother and mother. Then he also kills himself. She is the only survivor”

“An orphan. Only survivor” Minami thought

Then his phone rings. He looks at the caller

“Jun” Minami thought

“Hello Jun” Minami said

(Hi Takamina, Rena found information about a case that involved Maeda’s group. This case caused a very big fuss at that time) Jun said

“What is it?” Minami asks

(40 years ago, there is a big construction company went bankrupt. After that the president of the company came to Maeda’s company building and shouting. He said that his company went bankrupt because of the president of Maeda group who is Maeda-san’s great grandfather. He was arrested by the police. Then two months later, he killed his family and himself. The only survivor of that tragic incident is his youngest daughter) Jun said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Survivor? Daughter” He thought

(She was sent to an orphanage. One year late, her adopted parents took her to U.S.)

“Adopted, U.S” Minami thought

(I suspect that this thing could relate to her. I will…)

“Jun” Haven’t finished his word, Minami calls him

(Huh?) Jun asks

“What is the name of the president of that company? Is it happen to be Matsumoto?” Minami asks

(Uh, his name is Matsumoto Renji. how did you know?) Jun asks in surprised tone

Minami heart starts beating faster.

“When is the day that incident happened?” he asks

(Today is that day) Jun looks at his file and said

His hand is shaking

“This is bad” He thought

“Jun, please come to Maeda’s mansion with your people, Atsuko is in danger” Minami quickly said.

(What? What do you mean?) Jun asks

“Did you see the file my butler sent to you?” Minami asks

(Sorry, I haven't looked at it yet. I got a sudden meeting) Jun said

“The woman, Suzuki Eri who I told you that I suspect her, is the daughter of Matsumoto Renji. She is the only survivor. Maybe she will kill Atsuko as the sacrifice for her family” Minami said while rushing out of the school

(Really?) Jun said in surprise

“Uh, I will sent more detail later. Now please Jun, come to Atsuko’s house quickly for me” Minami said in hurry tone

(Ok) Jun said

Then Minami hangs up

End flashback

Minami worriedly looks at his watch

“Quicker” he said to his butler

The butler accelerates the speed.

Mean while

In the Maeda’s mansion

Atsuko is sitting unconscious on a chair. Her hands and legs are tied to the chair. Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and realizes that she was tied on the chair.

“What happened?” Atsuko thought while struggling

“Hello princess. You finally awake” a man said to her

Atsuko quickly looks up at the direction. She sees a man walking toward her.

“Who are you?” Atsuko asks

“Who am I?” He said and laughs out loud

“I’m a good person who will escort you to the other world” he said and laughs out loud

“Tomorrow, the headline of the news will be ‘Daughter of Billionaire Maeda Tenchi, Maeda Atsuko, Committed suicide in her mansion’.” He said and laughs again

“What do you think? Great title, right?” He said

Atsuko looks at him with scared eyes

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko scarily calls while struggling

“Aww! Calling your dear butler?” he said

“Don’t worry, you will meet that annoying butler, soon. My man is taking care of him, now” He said and laughs

Then he turns back. Behind him there is a man standing. He is making a noose with the rope.

“Hey, do you finish preparing our toy?” he said

“All done.” another man said

“Now, now little princess, let's me take you to your throne” he said

“Get away from me” Atsuko shouts scarily

The man takes the noose and wears on her neck. Atsuko struggles while shaking her head. Because Atsuko is struggling, he can't put it on her neck.

“Stay still you little brat” impatient, he shouts and slaps her face

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls his name in her mind

Tear keeps rolling on her eyes. The man strongly uses his hand to stable her head. After putting the noose on her neck, he releases her hands and legs

“Ready to get on your throne, little princess” he said

Then the two men force Atsuko to stands up. They hold Atsuko hands tightly preventing her from struggle.

“Are you all ready?” a woman voice said

Then the person slowly steps out from the dark place. On her hand, she is holding a rope. The rope is the other side of the noose on Atsuko’s neck

“Eri, it was you” Atsuko shouts

“Yes, it was me, little brat. I’m waiting for the day to hang you for so long” She said

“Today, I will make you the sacrifice for my family. I will make the Maeda pay for what they did to my family” she continues in hatred tone

“Ready?” She looks at her underlings

“Yes boss” the man said

“Ok. Now, let say goodnight to our Ojou-sama” Eri said and laughs loudly

Then she strong pulls the rope that she is holding in her hands. Atsuko is pulled up higher

“Good night Ojou-sama” The men bows and said

Then they all laugh out loud. Atsuko is painfully struggling in the air trying to hold the rope and preventing it from strangling her.

At the same time

At the front gate

Minami’s car stops at the same time with Jun.

“Takamina” Jun rushes to him

“Let's go inside first.” Minami said hurriedly

Then he rushes inside the mansion. Jun also follow him from behind. Before he goes, he turns and orders his troop

“Surround this house. Don't let anyone out” he said

“Yes sir”

Then he follows Minami

At the moment

Inside the house

Atsuko is strangling by the rope. She is struggling in the middle of the air

“He...lp…” Atsuko chokes

She struggles trying to escape the rope.

“” She calls weakly

Eri stands under looks at her with a satisfied look.

“Die little brat” she thought and smirks

Suddenly a man at the door said in hurry

“Cops, they are here together with that annoying butler”

Eri widens her eyes in surprise

“How did they knew about this” She said

Then a man rushes to Eri

“Let’s get out of here.” he said

Eri looks at the struggling Atsuko. She is angry because she can’t see Atsuko die.

“Ok” She said

Then they rushes out of the house by the back door

Mean while

Atsuko is still hanging on the rope. She can't breathe. She slowly lost all her conscious. Her sight is blurry.

“Minami” Atsuko thought

Her grip loosens on the rope. Suddenly the door swing open. Minami kicks the door and rushes in. He sees Atsuko is hanging on the rope. Her hands slowly fall down.

“Atsuko” Minami shouts

Seeing that, Jun raises his gun and shoots at the rope.

Minami rushes to Atsuko and catches her. He quickly puts her down on the floor

“Atsuko, Atsuko” He calls her

He checks on her breath, but he didn't feel any. He can feel that her pulse is very weak and her face is pale.

“No, Atsuko” Minami calls

He uses CPR to help her breath again.

“Atsuko, please breath. Please” he keeps calling her while doing the CPR

“Atsuko, please open your eyes. I’m here Atsuko” he keeps calling her

“Atsuko please come back to me” He continues doing the CPR.

After a while

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Atsuko finally regains her conscious and breathes. She exhales deeply to take the air she needs

“Atsuko” Minami happily calls her

She keeps exhaling for air. Minami waits for her condition turns normal. Then he pulls her up and hugs her tightly.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he calls her happily

“” Atsuko weakly calls him

“Yes, I’m. I’m here Atsuko. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can't protect you” He said while hugging her tightly

“, I’m... scared” Atsuko said in shaky tone while burying her face on his chest


“Shhh...Atsuko, I know. Don’t worry. Everything is fine now. I’m here. I’m here” Cutting Atsuko’s words, Minami pats her back gently and said

Her body is still shaking because of scare.

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I’m sorry” he said while stroking her back to comfort her.

After a while

“Let's me take you to your room and rest ok” Minami said

Atsuko nods. Then he lifts her up and caries Atsuko to her room. Before he goes, he turns and said to Jun

“Please give me a second” he said

“Go ahead” Jun nods and said

Then he takes Atsuko to her room. He gently puts her down on her bed. Atsuko still hugs Minami tightly on his neck. Her body is shaking

“I’m here Atsuko. Don't be scared, let's lie down” he gently said to her.

Then he helps Atsuko to lie down on her bed, and pulls the blanket to cover her.

“Atsuko, close your eyes and sleep a little. I will be right back” Minami strokes Atsuko's hair and gently said

“No Minami, don't leave me. I’m scared” Atsuko hugs his hand and shakily said

“Shh….Atsuko, don't worry. I will come back right away. I just go down stair a little. I promise that I won't let anyone harm you again.” Minami strokes her hair and said in gentle tone

“Atsuko, after I finish, I will come back here, right away and stay in here with you, ok” he kisses her lips and said

Atsuko shakes her head. She looks at him with teary eyes. She is so scared to be left alone. Looking at Atsuko, Minami feels his heart tightens. He is mad at himself because he can't protect her. He smiles gently at her

“Don't worry Atsuko. I won't go anywhere. I will sit here and watch you sleep” Minami gently said

Then he sits on the edge of her bed and holds her hand.

“Now, close your eyes and sleep a little.” He caresses her face and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods and closes her eyes

“Sleep well, my angel” he whispers and kisses her forehead.

Minami keeps stroking Atsuko’s hair until she fell in sleep. He leans and kisses her forehead. Then he stands up and leaves the room. He closes the door and walk down to Jun. His eyes fill with anger. He holds his fists tightly. When he reach the place, he sees three men are under arrest by police.

“Who are they Jun?” Minami asks trying to calm himself down

“My men caught them when they try to run away from the back door.” Jun said

“So you three are those jerks who harm my Atsuko” Minami said

His eyes contain nothing except anger

“Yes, so what? Too bad, that brat is still alive” One of the man said in scornful tone

“However, seeing her face when she was hanging on the rope is very sat …”

Haven’t finished his words, Minami rushes to the three men and kicks them at their stomach. They drop down and cough painfully

*cough* *cough* *cough*

“I will kill you” Minami shouts in anger

Jun rushes to him and holds him back

“Calm down Takamina” he said

His eyes are red because of anger.

“Get away from me. I'll kill them for hurting Atsuko” Minami shouts in anger

“Calm down Takamina. They aren't worthy.” Jun said

“I will make sure that they will be heavily punished.” he continues

Minami closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He slowly calms down.

“Jun, I’m fine now.” Minami said

“Ok” Jun said and steps back

“I will take them back to police department now.” Jun said

“Ok, thank you” Minami said

“Don't say thank to me. We are buddy” he pats Minami's shoulder and said

Then Jun and his men leave the place.

“You also go back to the mansion first. I want to know if they catch those blocking me” Minami said to his butler

“Yes Young Master” the butler bows and said

“Also, call people come here to protect her, right away. Protect her 24/7.” Minami seriously said

“I will do it right away, sir” he bows and leaves the mansion

The Minami goes upstairs back to Atsuko’s room. He sits on her bed and gently looks at Atsuko. She is still sleeping but not a peaceful sleep. Her face clearly shows her scare expression. She raises her hands in the air and scarily calls Minami's name

“Minami, Minami”

He quickly catches her hands and holds them tightly.

“I'm here, Atsuko” he gently said to her

He bends down and kisses her lips

“I'm here, Atsuko” he caresses her face and whispers lovingly

Feeling his warm hands and gentle voice, Atsuko slowly calms down. Her face turns back to normal and her breath is stable. Minami looks at Atsuko. His heart feels tight.

“I promise that this thing will never happen again. I won't let anyone harm you ever again, Atsuko” Minami thought while stroking Atsuko's hair

Then Minami go out of the balcony. He takes out his phone and calls his butler

“Did you catch all of them?” Minami asks

(Yes, Young Master) his butler said

“Did they confess anything?” Minami asks

(They said that they are only some gangsters on the street. The man gave them money to do that) the butler said

“I see. So what is the leader said?” Minami said

(He didn’t say anything) the butler said

“I see” Minami said

“Bring them to Jun. I want them to get the heaviest punishment by the law” Minami said in anger

(Yes Young Master.) He said


Suddenly he hears Atsuko scarily calls him.

“Minami, Minami”

“Do as I said.” Minami said and quickly hangs up.

He rushes into the room and sees that Atsuko is sitting on her bed and calls his name in tear

“Sshhh...Atsuko, I'm here, I'm here” Minami hugs her and gently said.

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko hugs him tightly while buries her face on his chest

Minami strokes her back to comfort her. After a while Atsuko speaks up

“I had a nightmare. Someone wants to strangle me. Then I woke up. However, I didn't see you anywhere. I was so scared. The room is so dark. I was so scared.” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“Sshhh….I’m here, Atsuko. I'm here. I'm sorry, Atsuko. I'm sorry” Minami hugs her tightly and said

He pats her back to comfort her. Atsuko closes her eyes and feels Minami's warm embrace.

After a while

"Let's lie down and rest more, Atsuko” Minami kisses her cheek and said

“I will stay next to you.” he continues

Atsuko nods. Then Minami lies her down and lies next to her. Atsuko hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest. Minami hugs her waist and pulls her closer to him.

“Good night, Atsuko” Minami whispers and kisses her forehead.

In an old house

Eri is sitting on the chair. She is very angry

“That annoying butler. I will kill him someday” She slams the table and said

“Luckily that I knew another place in that mansion or not I would be arrested like those idiots.” She thought

“Next time, I will definitely kill you, Maeda Atsuko.” Eri said and stabs the knife on Atsuko's picture

In Matsui’s Mansion

Jun sits in front of his laptop and smiles.

“What is so funny that you smile like that?” A girl walks toward Jun and asks

Jun turns and looks at the beautiful girl.

“Come here honey” Jun pulls her to sits on his laps

“What is it, Jun?” the girl asks

“Look Rena, I just received a mail from the butler of your smarty little brother”

“Takamina?” Ren asks

“Uh, I feel impressed with my buddy and the whole Takahashi group” Jun said

“In a short time, he can find a bunch of information like this” he continues

“Of course. Takahashi group is one of the biggest IT group. We can find everything” Rena proudly said

“I know. Police always depend on the information that you and Takahashi group provide.” Jun kisses Rena cheeks and said

“So what is the case this time? Why didn't I hear anything? Is that the reason why we came back to Japan?” Rena asks

“Uh, a very important case. Takamina personally asked me to do this. And he asks me to do this secretly” Jun said

“Really? What is it?” Rena asks in surprise

"I asked you to find any cases that involved Maeda's group, right?" Jun said

"Uh, does it related to what he asked you?" Rena asks

“Uh, someone wants to kill daughter of president of Maeda group.” Jun said

“Maeda group? Ms. Maeda Atsuko?” Rena asks

“Uh. He wants to protect his fiancée.” Jun said

“I see.” Rena said

In a big high class hotel

There is a middle aged man sitting on his chair. He takes out his phone and calls someone.

“Hello Eri, how are you doing?” He said

(Hello, president. I'm fine. What can I do for you sir?) She asks

“How is Atsu doing?” He asks

(She is very good. I'll do my best to watch over her for you.) she said

“Thank you Eri. If you weren't here, I really don't know what to do. I hope that one day, I can erase the distance between Atsu and me” tenchi said

(You don't have to thank me. I'm Nami’s best friend. I see Acchan as my own daughter. I will try to talk to her. She will understand you) Eri said

“Uh, Nami will be very happy when knowing this” tenchi said while holding his fists tightly

“Eri, today I call you because I have an important thing I want to give you.” Tenchi said

(What is it, sir?) she asks

“I just sent you a very important file. It is related to the survival of Maeda's group. That is the information of a very big client, and he wants his information to be completely secret. If it were leaked out, my business would be in big trouble. The worst is I will lose everything” tenchi said

Eri’s lips slowly curve into a smile.

(Why did you give me this, sir?) she asks

“I have to use it to talk to him about the contract. I will come back to Japan to meet him in three days. At that time, I need you to demonstrate the information in that file to him for me.” Tenchi said

(I understand sir. I'll do my best) Eri said

“Good” Tenchi said and hangs up

He puts his phone down. His eyes filled with anger.

In another place

Eri sits on her desk and looks at her laptop.

“This is my chance. Maeda Tenchi, I will take you down and kill your precious daughter at the same time” she said and smirks.


Hope you guys enjoy reading this!  :D
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Oh... that was close.. more like too close..  :shocked
Atsuko is still in danger and who knows what will happen next..
Need to be careful.. every mistake can be the end for someone..

 :roll: 8)
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  • Aigoo! Hwaiting!
Thank you for your previous Valentine fic.
Sooo this is really a great fic.
Good thing Atsuko's safe.
And it was revealed that Atsuko's Takamina's fiance.
Thank you for the update.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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@black_maa, @phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is the last part  :)

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 9 (Final)

At the Maeda's mansion

There is a figure standing in front of a room. She smirks while remembering the news she watched last night


Eri is sitting on her desk and watching some news on TV. She wants to know information about the incident in Maeda’s mansion, what happened with Atsuko

(Today, in the evening, Maeda Atsuko, daughter of the president of Maeda group was attacked by three intruders. After hearing the report, the police immediately come there. They were able to save Ms. Maeda and captured the intruders. However, because she was hung on the rope for too long, until now, Ms. Atsuko still hasn't regained her conscious.)

Hearing that, Eri’s lips curve a wide smile

“That is what you deserved little brat.” She thought

“No wonder that stupid man still calls me and gave me such important task. Good, this is my chance to kill that brat and finish his luxury life” Eri said

Then she continues watching the new

(Her butler took her back to the mansion to take care of her...)

“I see.” She thought

End flashback

In front of Atsuko’s room

“Prepare to die little brat” She thought

Eri slowly opens the door and stealthily steps into the room. The room is dark. The only light in the room is the night lamp. She smirks when seeing the figure lying on the bed.

“Today will be your dead date, little brat” She thought

She takes out her scarf and walks closer. Suddenly, a voice speaks up

“Got you Suzuki Eri or should I say Matsumoto Erika”

“I already knew that you would come here to finish your business.” he continues

Eri turns to the door and sees that Minami is standing at the door. She looks at Minami with calm face

“Takahashi-san, you are here. I’m looking for you everywhere” Eri said and smiles

“Take out that mask already. I knew your entire plan Matsumoto Erika” Minami said

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Who is Matsumoto Erika?” She asks in innocent tone

“Do you need me to show all the information that I got about you?” Minami said

“I really don't know what you are talking about. Last night, I heard about that horrible news. I want to come to visit her, but I was busy with her father business until this late. After finishing everything, I came here immediately to visit Ojou-sama. However, I didn’t see anyone here. Therefore, I decided to come here. That is all” She said

“Is that so? I thought you come here to kill Atsuko to revenge for your family” Minami said

“Kill Ojou-sama? Revenge? What are you talking about, Takahashi-san?” She said

“I really impressed with your acting skill. You still can put that face on even though I caught you red-handed” Minami said

She still keeps her calm face and slowly move closer to the person on the bed

“What are you talking about? I really don't know” she said and smiles at Minami

“Then what is the thing that you are holding?” Minami asks

“This? This is my scarf I just took it off when I went inside the house” she said calmly

“I see. I thought you want to use that to strangle Atsuko like what your father did to your older brother Matsumoto Koji, and your mother” Minami said and smirks

Hearing Minami's words, Eri’s expression changes. She furrows her eyebrows and smirks. Then she laughs out loud

“Yesterday, I couldn’t kill her by strangling her. I thought today I could finish that business so that she will die as my brother and mother. Too bad, I have to kill her in a different way.” She takes out a knife in her clothes and turns to the person on the bed.

She raises the knife to stab the person on the bed. However, someone already caught her hand stopping the knife. Suddenly, the light in the room turn on. She looks down and is surprised because the person on the bed is not Atsuko.

“You…” she speechless

Minami laughs out loud

“Do you think I'm stupid enough to leave Atsuko there once I knew everything? Turning off the light is a good trick.” Minami said

“Too bad. You fell into our trap Matsumoto Erika” Jun looks at her and said

Eri widens her eyes in surprise.

“…” she is speechless

Jun twists her hand and takes the knife and throws away.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Matsui Jun. I’m a police” Jun said

Then a lot of police rushes into the room. After them are Atsuko and Tenchi.

“Minami” Atsuko quickly rushes to Minami

“Atsuko” he hugs Atsuko gently

Eri is surprised when seeing them.

“What is it? You are surprised when seeing me here? or You are surprised that my daughter is safe and sound? You an unfaithful friend” Tenchi said in anger

“How can you?” Eri speechless

“You are very surprised huh? Let's me be a generous person and tell you everything from the beginning” Minami said

“The news last night was a fake. We want to lure you out that is why we spread that news out” he continues

“Because you too eager to take revenge that is why you fell in out trap so smoothly” Jun said

“You…” Eri is speechless

“About your identity, 40 years ago, Matsumoto Corp, a construction company went bankrupt. The president of the company is Matsumoto Natsu. The incident led to a very tragic case. 3 months later he committed suicide. Before that he hung his 17 years old son, Matsumoto Koji and his wife. After that he hung himself. The only survivor in that incident is his 10 years old daughter, Matsumoto Erika. Her mother hid her in the shoe case. After the case closed, she was taken to an orphanage. One year later, she was adopted by Suzuki family. They took her to Texas and named her Suzuki Eri. Am I correct?” He asks

She is very surprised that he found out all her information. Suddenly, she laughs out loud

“From the day Maeda Tenchi said that he hired you to be her butler, I have a feeling that you are trouble. I ordered my people to investigate about you. They report that you just a normal university student. Therefore, I thought that I don't need to eliminate you. I only need to change your point of view about her so that you won't interfere with my business. However, you are drawn to her more and more, and finally you really became my trouble.” Eri said

“Also I’m impressed that a normal university student can find out who I really am after all those years. I'm impressed.” she continues while clapping her hands

Minami looks at her and smirks

“Yes, I’m Matsumoto Erika. That year, I sworn in front of my parents and brother grave that I will make Maeda family suffer. I will take them down” she said angrily

Tenchi looks at her angrily

“What did my family ever do to you?” he shouts

“What did you do? Ask your father and grandfather to see what they did to my family.” she said angrily

“If that year, they didn't take back the sponsor money, my father's company wouldn't go bankrupt. My father wouldn't go crazy and kill us.” she shouts

“Every day, I heard his mumbling, cursing, shouting whenever he drunk. ‘Maeda Yuji, Maeda Takai, you ruin my company. You ruined my life’. That is what we heard everyday.” She continues

“Because they took back the money, other sponsors also took back their money. My father doesn't have enough money to run the new project. He has to give out a big amount of indemnification. That was where tragic came to my house.” Eri shouts in tear

“It was your family fault. You all are murderers” she points at Tenchi and said

“My father once told me about that. The reason they took back the money was because your father didn't listen to their advice. My father told him, don't receive that project. It won't bring any benefit to both your father and my father company. The worst was losing a big amount of money. However, your father didn't listen to us. He stubbornly did what he wants. That is why they took back our money. About other company, I didn't hear anything about why they took back theirs.” Tenchi said

“Liar. You just want to defense for your family. My father was dead now. You can say whatever you want” she shouts.

“You caused me to lose all my family, my happiness. That is why I will make you suffer like this. Although I was adopted and live in another country, I never forget the miserable the Maeda caused to me. I tried my best to study a lot of thing so that I can take you down.” she said

“Then when you study in Texas, you met and befriended with Kawachi Nami who is also Atsuko's mother, right?” Minami said

“You knew that too huh?” she said and smirks

“Yes, I met Nami when I study at middle school. Everyone isolated me except her. She helped me with a lot of different things. Slowly we became best friends. We study together until university. Then, after Nami graduated, she returned to Japan while I’m still studying there.” Eri said

“3 years later, I came back to Japan and begin to think a way to take revenge. Then I met Nami again. At that time, she already got married. Unfortunately no it could be said that is my fortunate that her husband was Maeda Tenchi.” She continues

“Nami is a very good friend. I just told her that I need a job so bad. Then she helped me to get into his company easily.”

“You used Nami. You took advantage of her. How can you do that to your best friend?” Tenchi shouts in anger.

Eri looks at Tenchi with cold eyes

“To revenge, I can do everything even if I have to sell my soul to devil” she said

“You are heartless. Just because you want Mr. Maeda to suffer, you willingly kill your best friend, who helped you when you are in trouble.” Jun said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise.

“Minami, what is he talking about? Didn’t Mama die because of sick?” Atsuko asks Minami

“That woman caused your mother dead” Minami said

“In U.S, you used to study about herb, right? As we got the information, you had a degree in that field, too, right? So knowing some kinds of poisonous herbs that can cause heart failure without anyone notice is an easy task, right?” Jun said

“You use your knowledge to kill Mrs. Maeda” he continues

“Yes, I had a degree in that field. However, don’t go around and accuse me like that. That year the doctor clearly stated that Nami was dead because of heart attack, right president Maeda?” Eri said calmly

“But she was very healthy and didn’t have any health problem” Minami said

“Why did you tell me that? How should I know what wrong inside her body?” Eri said and shrugs

“Monster” Minami said

“You used lily of the valley, and milkweeds to do that. Those herbs increased the amount of potassium in her body. Lastly, they caused her heart failure” Minami said

Tenchi closes his eyes and holds his fists tightly to endure the pain. His tear unconsciously drops down.

“Nami” he painfully calls his wife name in his mind

“Mama” Atsuko calls her mother in tear

“Hahaha...Impressive, impressive. You can find out about that, too” Eri claps her hand and said

Atsuko looks at Eri with anger eyes

“Why did you do that to my Mama?” Atsuko shouts in tear

She looks at Atsuko and smirks

“Because I want to see those faces of you and your father.” Eri said in careless tone

“I hate all the Maeda. I want all of you to suffer like I did for 40 years.” She said in hateful tone

“Minami” She hugs Minami tightly and cries on his chest

He hugs her and strokes her back to comfort her. Then he looks at Eri

“You are a monster. I can't believe you can treat your best friend like that without any feeling” Minami said

“Monster? Without feeling? Do you know how painful it is to do that? Killing the person who treated me well and helped me in a lot of things. She is my one and only true friend. It was because of him. I had to debate with myself a lot of time when doing that.However, I can't ever forget how my family's dead. I have to make him suffer. It was their fault.” Eri said

“Don't use that excuse to evade your sin. Everything you said just your excuse to make you feel better with your action, to show that you are a victim while you are actually the monster here” Minami said seriously while frowning

“Shut up. Who do you think you are? Do you know how hard my life is? It was all because of his father and grandfather. I hate all the Maeda. I hate them. I curse all of them” Eri shouts madly.

“If you hate me that much, you can just kill me. Why did you kill her? She is innocent. She isn't related to any of this.” Tenchi said

“If I kill you, it will be very easy to you. I want you to suffer. I knew you love her very much. That is why I did that” Eri said

“You…” Tenchi angrily shouts

She looks at him with cold eyes

“As I expected, you were very depressed after her sudden dead. You threw yourself into work to force yourself forget about her. That is when my second plan started. I always act as I care about that brat to gain your trust. Being Nami’s friend and treating your little princess nicely, I gained your completely trust. I freely do whatever I want to her. I want to make her suffer more and more” she said

Tenchi looks at her in anger look.

“What with that look? Are you angry? However don't hate me. Hate yourself for your stupidity. Your precious daughter is suffered because of you.” Eri said and smirks

Then she turns to Minami.

“If you weren't here, my plan would be perfect. I can hang her and enjoy her suffering, struggling for life. I want her to suffer that thing as my family. She would be a good sacrifice for my family dead anniversary." Eri said to Minami

Minami holds his fists tightly to hold his anger.

“You are crazy because of hatred. I will make you pay for your sin literally” Jun said while walking closer to Eri

“Suzuki Eri, you are under arrest for murder Maeda Kawachi Nami and attempt to murder Maeda Atsuko” Jun said

Then he handcuffs her hands. Suddenly, Eri laughs loudly

“Although I can't kill her, I still can take the great Maeda group down. The top secret you sent me. I sold that to another group. If the client information leaks out, it can affect their company. They will sue you. You will have to pay them indemnification. The jail is waiting for you. You will lost everything, EVERYTHING” she said and laughs out loud

“Minami, Papa…” Atsuko whispers scarily

“Don't worry Atsuko” he whispers and pats her head to ensure her that everything will be ok.

Then he laughs loudly. His laugh makes Eri stops her laughing. She turns and looks look at Minami while frowning

“Why are you laughing?” She asks

“I laugh for my second victory. You fell on our trap completely.” Minami said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“Don't worry Atsuko. Your father and his company will be fine” Minami gently said while patting her head

“Too bad, let's me inform you this” Tenchi said and smirks

“That file is a trash files not any big client information and their project. That is just an old project has never been processed. I just randomly select one of them.” He continues

Eri widens her eyes in surprise

“We did that so that you will think that your plan still perfect and get carry away. As expected, you come here to finish the last part of your plan.” Jun said

“You lost Suzuki Eri. Completely lost” Minami said

Eri stuns with what they said.

“I lost” she drops down on the floor in defeat

“Take her to the car” Jun said

“Yes sir”

“Takamina, I will take her out and finish some business. I will be right back” Jun said

“Ok, thank you” Minami said

“No problem” Jun said

Then he leaves the room together with the police

Inside the room

Tenchi turns to look at Atsuko. She is happily talking to Minami

“Minami, everything is solved. I’m so happy.” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

“Uh, I’m also happy, too” Minami smiles gently and said

Tenchi walks closer to Atsuko and calls her gently


Hearing his call, Atsuko didn't answer nor look back.

“Atsu” he calls again

“Minami, Let's go” Atsuko holds Minami hand and pulls him with her

Minami holds her hand back to stop her

“Atsuko” he calls her seriously

“Atsuko, Give him a chance to explain. Everyone makes mistake. The main thing is if that person regret and understand their mistake” Minami said.

“Atsu, please, give me a second chance to be your father” her said

Atsuko slowly turns around to look at her father. Tenchi looks at her with very gentle and worry eyes. Atsuko doesn't say anything.

“Atsu, I’m sorry.” Tenchi said

“I didn't know that you were hurt like that. Nami dead all of sudden. I was so depressed. I couldn't think about anything. I threw myself into work to prevent myself from thinking about her. I knew that with my unstable mental, I can't take good care of you. At that time, that woman always came to take care of you. Because Nami told me that she is her best friend, and she sees her as family, I trusted her. I thought I can entrust you to her without any worry. However, I was wrong. I’m stupid.” Tenchi said in tear.

“When you told me you didn't want that woman to come, I thought you were sad and being stubborn. I’m stupid to not understand your real feeling, stupid enough to think that giving you as much as I could will make you happy and replace the missing feeling of your mother. But once again, I was wrong. By the time I realized that I focused too much in business, I haven't seen you much for so many years. Thank to Minami, I realized how lonely you are. How that woman treated you. How stupid I was to trust her. I want to make up to you, but it was too late. It was my faults. I created the distance between us.” he continues

“I was so wrong. I’m stupid. I promised Nami to take good care of you, but I didn't. I’m such a useless father.” he continues in tear
“Atsu, please forgive this stupid father. I thought that woman would take care of you. I never thought that she just acted like this in front of my eyes. Atsu, I indirectly hurt you so much. You can hit me, yell at me, or do whatever you want to me, but please don't ignore me.” Tenchi continues

“You are my only daughter, my life. I didn't call you all those times because I thought that woman understands you more. I felt the distance between us. I don't know how to talk to you, to make it up. I’m so useless” he said and slaps his face

Suddenly a pair of hand holds his hands. Tenchi looks up and sees that Atsuko is in front of him.

“Papa, do you know how much I miss you. How scary it is to stay at home all alone. Mama dead, Yuko is in another country, and you also left to work. I was so scared. Whenever, there was a storm outside together with it was thunders, it is very scary. Do you know how many times I call out for you? However, you weren't there. Hiding in the closet for whole night and calling Papa, Papa hopelessly” Atsuko said in tear

“Atsu, I’m sorry” he said to her gently

“I told you that woman is scary, but you didn't trust me. She locked me up. She starved me. She hit me. You didn't know. You didn't even care about me” Atsuko cries harder

“When I was in school, they bullied me. Everyday, they cornered me and forced me to give them money. More than ever, I want you to be here and protect me from them. I want a father to protect me from those scary things. However, you were never there” she continues

“Do you know how much I miss you? I miss you so much. I miss the time when Mama is still alive. Those times are the happiest time to me” she continues while crying

Tenchi look at Atsuko gently

“Papa, I need a father. I don't need money or present. I need a father” Atsuko emphasizes her words

Tenchi’s heart feels tighten. He hugs his daughter tightly.

“I’m sorry my child, I’m sorry. Papa is useless. I’m an idiot. Please forgive Papa.” he said

Atsuko hugs him back

“Papa, I want you to stay here with me. Don't leave me alone. I don't need money. I need you” Atsuko said in tear

“I know. I will go back here. I will take care of you. You are my treasure, my only daughter” he said

Then Atsuko looks at him and smiles happily

“Atsuko, I’m happy that you finally forgave your father” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

“Thank you Minami” Atsuko happily said and kisses on Minami's cheek

Minami smiles gently at Atsuko

“Minami, thank you very much. Without your help, I don’t know what to do” Tenchi said

“No problem.” Minami said

Then Jun comes inside the room. He smiles at Minami and happily said

“Thank you Takamina. With your help, we can finally close the case. As expected from the heir of Takahashi group”

“Jun” Minami calls to cut his word, but it is too late

“The heir of Takahashi group? What does he mean, Minami?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“Atsuko” Minami turns to Atsuko

“Isn't you are a normal university student? You told me that you need a job for your tuition, right?” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I’m sorry that I lied to you. However, I really want to tell you this long time ago” Minami said while walking toward Atsuko

Atsuko looks at him and asks seriously

“Why did you lie? And who you really are, Minami?”

“I’m still Takahashi Minami. My father is the president of an IT Corp in Washington DC. I used to live there until I graduated from university in IT major. I came back to Japan to study more in business to manage my family business here.” Minami said

“Early this year, my father told me that he agreed with his friend, uncle Tenchi, that his daughter will be my fiancee. I was very surprise because my father told me to engage someone who I don't even know her face.” he continues

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise

“I told my parent that I won't accept the engagement because I don't want to be set up like that. My mother told me why don't I see you. Finally, I decided to come to see you, but not in my real identity. I asked uncle to hire me as your butler to know more about you.” Minami said

Atsuko's tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks.

“So all the time, I’m really an idiot.” Atsuko said hurtfully

“Atsuko, I’m sorry. I didn't mean to hide my identity from you” Minami holds Atsuko's arms and said

She pushes him out. Then she turns to Tenchi

“You knew about this, too?” Atsuko asks

“Uh” he nods

“Atsu, I just want to find for you a good person” he said

“Minami is a good person. At first, he won't agree. But I know now he loves...” he continues

“Enough. It is so great.” Atsuko said and laughs hurtfully

“My father engaged me still I didn’t know anything about that. The most important person to me lied to me the entire time since the first met him. So funny” She continues and laughs

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“I said enough” Atsuko said

“Who am I? What am I? An object? Come to see who am I. Check to see if I’m good enough. If not good just throw it away.” Atsuko said in tear

“Atsuko, please trust me. I didn't mean that.” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

“Let go of me.” Atsuko pushes Minami out

Then she turns and walks away

“Atsuko, please listen to me” he hugs her from behind to stop her and said

“There is nothing to say now. Mr. Takahashi, did you check on me enough? You can go now and cancel that engagement” Atsuko said in tear

“No Atsuko, I won't leave” Minami hugs her tightly and said

“Please hear me out, Atsuko.” he continues

“There is nothing to say now” Atsuko said

She takes out Minami's hands and rushes out of the room.

“Atsuko” Minami calls and rushes to her

Atsuko rushes down stair. At there the police are taking Eri to the car. Seeing Atsuko, Eri struggles from the police. She kicks the two who is holding her. Then she takes out a knife in her clothes.

“I won't lose. I won't lose. I will kill her to make you suffer, Maeda Tenchi” she shouts angrily

Then she holds the knife and rushes to Atsuko.

“Atsuko” Minami shouts

He pulls her back and shield in front of her. The knife stabs on his shoulder. Minami kicks Eri at her stomach. Jun quickly rushes to her and disable her action. Then the police rushes in

“I’m sorry sir. We got carry away” he bows and said

“Take her to the car and watch her careful. Don't make the same mistake again” Jun said

“Yes sir” he said and leaves

At Atsuko's side

“Minami, Minami, are you ok?” Atsuko calls Minami in tear while hugging him in her arms

“Don't cry, Atsuko. I’m fine” he wipes her tear and said

“Minami, let's go to the hospital” Atsuko said

Minami holds Atsuko's hands

“Please Atsuko. Please hear my explanation.” he said seriously

“You need to treat your injury first Minami.” Atsuko said

“No, I won't go anywhere until you hear my explanation” Minami said seriously

“I didn't mean to lie to you or hurting your feeling, Atsuko. The reason I came here is just to understand about you. I choose to be a butler because I want to be close to you in normal way. I want to know your real personality. Yes, it is true that I used to want to tell my parents to cancel this marriage when I first met you. However, slowly I can feel your kindness and purity. Unknowingly to me, I fell in love with you, with your great personality. If I came here with the Minami, your fiancée, I think I will never see this side of you, Atsuko.” Minami sincerely said

“Please Atsuko. Please forgive me. I love you. I really do. I love you with all my heart.” he continues

His hand is still holding his bleeding wound. His face shows his hurtful expression

“Minami, I love you, too. I do not hate you, and I can’t ever hate you because I love you with all my heart. It's just I don't like anyone lie to me especially you. You are the one and only person I love. Thinking of you lying to me makes my heart hurts very much. Please don't lie to me again” Atsuko said in tear

“I won't, Atsuko. This is the first and the last time I ever lie to you. I won't lie to you ever again.” Minami said while caressing her face

“Minani, let's go to the hospital now. You are hurt” Atsuko said hurriedly

“Papa, does the ambulance comes?” Atsuko asks panicky

“Let's use police car.” Jun said

“Uh,” Atsuko nods

“No Atsuko, I still have one thing I want to say to you” Minami said

“I will listen to it later Minami. You are hurt so bad. Let's go to the hospital first.” Atsuko said in worry tone.

“No, if you don't listen to my request, I won't go anywhere. I will let blood drain out from my body” Minami said

“Minami? Don't be stubborn. This is serious” Atsuko said

“No, I won't go anywhere” Minami said

The he furrows his eyebrows showing that he is hurt.

“Maeda-san, just hear what he wants to say. He is the most hard-headed person.” Jun said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Her face clearly shows her worry.

“Atsuko, although our parents decided the engagement for us, I want to ask you this question by myself.” Minami said

His words make Atsuko blush. He moves his hand to his pocket and takes out a ring box

“Atsuko, I want to hold your hand for ever. I want the first thing I see in the morning is your lovely face, and the last thing I hear every night is your lovely voice saying “good night” to me. Will you marry me? Will you make me the happiest man in the world?” Minami said in sincerely tone

Atsuko is very surprise. Her tear rolls down on her cheeks. She smiles brightly at Minami.

“Yes, Minami yes.” she said in happy tone

Minami smiles happily

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said

Then she bends down and pecks on his lips as to seal their promise. When Atsuko is about to move back, Minami hugs her and kisses her deeper. Then Atsuko quickly pulls out and said

“Let's go to hospital quickly, Minami” Atsuko said

“Matsui-san, can you help me?” Atsuko said

“No need to go there” Minami said

“Minami, why did you keep refusing to go to the hospital?” Atsuko said in worry tone

“Because I don't need to go there. Actually the knife didn't stab me much. I just caused a scratch on my shoulder. So, I’m perfectly fine.” Minami smiles and said while sitting up

Atsuko looks at him with confused look. Minami looks at her and smiles

“Your confused face is so cute, Atsuko” Minami said and laughs softly

“If I don't do this, you will never listen to my explanation, and I can't ever wear this ring in your hand” Minami said

Then he pulls her into his embrace. Slowly realized the situation, Atsuko bursts in tear. She pushes him out and tends to stands up. However, Minami catches her and and pulls her into his embrace again

“Atsuko, please don’t be mad” He said

“Let's me go. You tricked me again. Do you know how worry I am?” Atsuko said and struggles

“Ouch….Atsuko. Stop struggling. It is very hurt” Minami said in painful tone

“I’m sorry, Minami. Are you ok?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“I’m fine. Although it is just a scratch, it is really hurt.” Minami said and smiles at Atsuko

“I did that because I don't want to lose you, Atsuko. I didn't mean to hurt your feeling when I disguise myself. I just really want to understand who you really are” Minami gently said while caressing Atsuko face

Atsuko smiles sweetly at him. Jun and Tenchi stand there and smile

“They see us as invisible, Mr. Maeda” Jun said

“Uh. Completely.” Tenchi smiles happily

He is very happy that his daughter finally forgave him. Also, he is happy because she finally found someone good for her. Then Jun walks toward them

“Takamina, Maeda-san” he calls them

His call snaps them out of their own world

“Sorry for interrupting your moment, I just want to say that I will take her back to the department, now” Jun said

“Ok, thank for everything. Tell Rena-neechan that I’m appreciate her help” Minami said

“Ok.” Jun said then leaves

Tenchi also comes toward them

“Atsu, Papa still has some business to settle in France. I have to go back there now. After settling everything, I will come back here, right away” Tenchi said

“You have to go now, Papa?” Atsuko asks in sad tone

“Uh, but I will be back here soon, sweety.” he said

“Also, you have your finacee here, right” Tenchi said in teasing tone

“Papa” Atsuko calls in embarrassing

“Hahaha…” he laughs happily

“Ok, Minami, please take good care of her for me” Tenchi said

“Yes, uncle” Minami said

Then he also leaves the house. Atsuko turns to Minami

“Minami, let's go to your room. I will treat your injury” Atsuko said

“Ok, my love” Minami said and pecks on her lips

In Minami's room

Atsuko carefully and gently cleans up the wound. Her face looks very serious and focus. Her eyes show that she is very worry about him. Minami looks at her face and smiles.

“She is so cute” Minami thought

Then he bends downs and pecks on her lips making Atsuko blush

“Minami, stay still. I need to bandage your wound” Atsuko said shyly

Minami laughs softly

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said

Atsuko blushes by his words

“Done.” Atsuko smiles happily and said to him after finishing treating his wound

“Thank you, Atsuko.” Minami said while hugging her in his embrace.

Atsuko rest her head on his chest, listen to his heartbeat.

“Minami” Atsuko calls softly

“What is it, Atsuko?” he asks while caressing her face

“I love you, love you a lot Minami” Atsuko said softly

Minami smiles when hearing that. He uses his hand to lift her face up.

“I love you too, Atsuko. More than anything” he whispers and kisses on her lips gently

Atsuko rounds her arms on his neck and replies his kiss lovingly. Their kiss soon turn to more passion and intense. Minami pushes Atsuko gently down on his bed still kissing. Then he breaks the kiss and looks at Atsuko

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami said

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

10 years later

In a big mansion

There are three people standing outside of a room. That is Minami and two little kids

“Daddy, are you ready?” the little girl asks

“Yes, ma’am” Minami answers teasingly

“How about you Kai?” the little girl turns to the younger boy and asks

“Yes, Onee-chan” Kai said

“Ok, let go into the room slowly” the little girl said

Then she slowly opens the door and looks at the bed. There is a person sleeping there. She turns and looks at Minami

“Daddy, Mommy is still sleeping” the little girl whispers

“I see. So our plan is perfect, right?” Minami whispers

“Uh” the little girls nods happily

“Let's surprise her” Kai said in small tone

“Uh” Minami and the little girl nod

Then the three stealthily come into the room. Minami helps his kids to go up on the bed. The two go near the sleeping person, and suddenly they jump on and hugs her tightly

“Happy birthday, Mommy” they say in union

Atsuko is startled and awakened by her children. She looks at them and smiles

“You two wake up early today” she said

“Because they want to be the one who say happy birthday to you first” Minami comes closer to the bed and said

“Happy birthday, Mommy” the two kids said in usion

Atsuko smiles happily

“Thank you, Ami. Thank you, Kai. Mommy is very happy” Atsuko said and kisses on their forehead.

Then the two kids give her a kiss on her cheek. Atsuko smiles happily.

“Daddy, our plan is successful. Mommy is happy” Ami looks up and said

“Uh, good job, you two” Minami pats their head and said

“Where is your present for Mommy, Ami, Kai?” he asks

“Yes, that is right. I have to go to my room to take it” Ami said

“Me too” Kai said

Then the two jump down from the bed and return to their own rooms. Atsuko and Minami looks at them and smiles happily. Minami sits down on the bed and holds Atsuko's hand

“Happy birthday, Atsuko” he said and kisses her forehead

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko kisses his lips and said lovingly

After a while

Ami comes back.

“Mommy, this is my present” Ami rushes to the bed and said

“Let's Daddy help you to go up” Minami said and lifts her up

“Here Mommy. This is my drawing I did in art class especially for your birthday” Ami said

Then she shows Atsuko a picture of her with the title “I Love My Mommy”

“Wow!!! That is so lovely, Ami. Thank you. Mommy will hang this picture in our living room so that everyone will see this ok” Atsuko said while taking the picture

“Yes.” Ami answers happily

“Thank you sweetie” Atsuko kisses Ami’s forehead and said

Then Kai rushes into the house

“Mommy, I also have a present for you” she said while running toward the bed

“Ok, let's Daddy helps you too” Minami said

Then he lifts Kai up

“Here Mommy. Daddy taught me how to write . Then I wrote this by myself” Kai happily show her a big card

In the card, there are some sentences.

“Happy Birthday, Mommy

Kai loves you the most.”

Atsuko smiles happily

“Thank you Kai. You wrote this by yourself? Good job. That is my son” Atsuko said happily

“I will also hang this in the living room to show everyone” she continues

“Today is the best” Atsuko said while hugging Kai and Ami tightly.

The two little kids hug her back. Minami smiles and round his arms to hug the three. Then Minami looks at his watch and said

“Ok kids, time to go to school now.”

“Yes Daddy” the two said

“Go back to your rooms and prepare for school.” Minami said

Then the two go back to their room and prepare.

“I have to help them prepare their thing and take them to the driver” Atsuko sits up and said

When she is about to step down from her bed, Minami holds her back. She looks at him with confused look

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I prepared their food for them already. I will take them to the driver. You, just stay in bed and relax. Birthday girl doesn’t have to do anything” Minami said gently

Atsuko smiles at him.

“Ok,” she said and pecks on his lips

Then the two rush into the room again

“Goodbye Mommy” they said

“Uh, have a nice day, Ami, Kai” Atsuko said and kisses their forehead

Then Kai and Ami kiss her cheeks. After that they leave the room with Minami

After a while

Minami come back into the room. Atsuko is sitting on her bed and reading her book. He smiles and walks closer to her

“Minami” Atsuko smiles

“The driver takes them to their school?” she asks

“Uh” Minami nods while sitting down on their bed

Minami pulls Atsuko to sit in his embrace. Atsuko puts down her book and leans on Minami's chest

“Where is my present, Minami?” Atsuko asks teasingly

“Present? What could that be?” Minani whispers in Atsuko ear

“So you don't have one for me” Atsuko looks at Minami and pouts

Minami smiles at her cuteness. He lifts her face up and kisses her lips gently. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. They kiss each other passionately and intensely until out of air. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other. Suddenly, Atsuko feels something cold on her neck. She looks down and sees a beautiful heart shape necklace.

“That is my first present for you” Minami said and pecks on her lips

He wears it to her when they were kissing. She looks up and smiles happily.

“How can you do that? I didn't realize it at all” Atsuko asks

“Because I’m your wonderful husband. I can make you surprise everyday” Minami said proudly

Atsuko laughs softly

“Yes, you are my wonderful husband. I love you very much Minami” Atsuko said lovingly while hugging Minami tightly

“I love you too, you are my wonderful wife” Minam said

“By the way, Minami. What do you mean by first present?” Atsuko asks while buries her face on his chest

“Because I will give you the other present, right now” Minami said

Suddenly he pushes her down on their bed. Atsuko looks at him in surprise. He smiles sweetly at her. Then he bends down and whispers

“My other present is myself. I’m you butler today. You can order me whatever you want, my lovely ojou-sama”

Atsuko smiles brightly

“Really Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Of course. I did my best to settle all my and your business just for today” Minami said

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing that

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko hugs him and said

“Then what is your first order, Ojou-sama?” Minami asks

“Love me forever” Atsuko said

“That thing you don't need to order because all my heart is belonging to you forever.” Minami said

Atsuko is very happy by his word. She rounds her arms on his neck. She pulls him down and kisses his lips gently. Minami replies her kiss passionately and wildly. He slips his tongue in her mouth and explores making soft moan from Atsuko. Then he moves his kiss down and marks on Atsuko's neck. He looks up at Atsuko gently

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said gently and lovingly

“I love you too, my Ojou-sama.” Minami said and smiles sweetly

The End

That is the last part of the fic. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D

Once again thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :)

Thank you!  :wub:
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a sweet ending
thank you for the story :D

waiting for the next story :D

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Everything ended so good and lovely..  :oops:
Minami and Atsuko is wonderful family.

Thank you for the interesting story.  :roll:

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That was a good finale.
Thank you for your final update.
it was really good to see them with kids.
Atsumina's still the best.  :)
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Atsumina is very cute, and i also imagine Ami and Kai with them. It looks like a perfect family.
Thanks for your story
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Our Love Story 05/03/2016
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@AI712, @black_maa, @phoenix0i, @yocelin17: Thank you!  :D I’m glad that you like my fic  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

This is an OS. I hope you guys like it

Our Love Story

In a big mansion

There is a little girl running around playing with her childhood friend.

“Minami, wait for me” the little girl calls and chases after Minami

“Catch me, Atsuko” Minami said and smiles happily

They keep running around and laugh happily.

Then someone calls her


Atsuko turns around and sees her parents walking in

“Papa, Mama, you are back” Atsuko happily said while rushing to them

“Uh, how is my Atsu doing?” Her father lifts her up and ask

“I'm good” Atsuko said

“Hello uncle, auntie” Minami comes and greets them

“Hello Takamina, you came here to play with Atsu huh?” Her mother asks

“Yes” Minami answers

“Thank you for playing with her” her father said and pats his head.

While Atsuko is happily playing with her parents and Minami, the place around her suddenly changes. Now, she is standing all alone in a round. Atsuko scarily looks around

“Papa, Mama, Minami” she calls out their name

Suddenly she sees a very bright light in front of her. Following that is a very loud horn.


“Papa, Mama” Atsuko sits up shouts painfully

She is panting while hugging her chest tightly. Sweat is all over her face.

“That dream again. Why it come back to me?” Atsuko thought

Suddenly the door of her room opens. There is a man standing in front of the door. He looks worry.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” he asks her in worry tone while walking toward her

Atsuko looks up

“Minami” she calls him

“Did you have nightmare again?” he sits on her bed and asks

Atsuko nods silently. Minami pulls her into his embrace and strokes her back

“Everything is ok now, Atsuko. I’m here with you.” he said in gentle tone.

Atsuko buries her face on his chest and closes her eyes.

“Relax. I’m here with you. Everything will be ok” Minami said while keeping stroking her back to comfort her.

After a while

Atsuko falls in sleep again. Minami gently lies her down on her bed. He pulls the blanket to cover her. He sits there and caresses her face gently

“I will always be with you, Atsuko” Minami thought

He leans and kisses her forehead gently. Then he leaves the room.

In the morning

Atsuko’s POV

I open my eyes and sit up. I look at my clock.

“It is 6:00 a.m.” I thought

Then I turn and step down from my bed. After preparing my things, I go out of my room.

“Good morning, Atsuko-sama” a maid greets me

“Good morning” I said to her

“Breakfast is ready, and young Master is waiting for you” she said to me

“Ok, thank you.” I said and go down to the dining room

When I come to the dining room, I see him

His name is Takahashi Minami, and he is my childhood friend. I’m in love with him since a long time ago. Our parents are best friend with each other. Also, my father is the lawyer in his father’s company. 7 years ago, my parents died in a car accident. Since then, his parents took me in and raise me. I'm now live under Takahashi resident. I’m so grateful toward them. His father is a president of a big group about technology. They are living in Italy. There are only me and him in this big mansion.

I stand at the door and look at him. Suddenly something flashes in my head

“Why did you always stick to him?”

“You are so annoying”

“Know your place. He treats you nicely only because you look so pitiful”


Those words make my heart hurt.

“He and I are so different. I think it is time to learn to be alone” I thought

Then I turn around and leave the dining room. When I’m about to step away, Minami catches my hand and calls me


I take a deep breath and turn around

“Good morning, Minami” I smile and greet him

“Where are you going? Why don't you come in?” He asks me in concern

“I forgot something in my room. I'll be right back” I said and smile at him

“Really, Atsuko?” He asks me

He will always notice that I lie. I have to act normal.

“Uh” I nod and smile at him

“Ok” he nods

Then I just go back to my room and come back as I said. I come into the dining room and sit down. He looks at me and asks in worry tone

“Are you ok, Atsuko?”

“Last night…” he said and pauses while looking at me worriedly

Last night, that nightmare comes back to me again. The nightmare of the night my parents’ car was hit by the truck and rolls down on the side street. That is a terrible nightmare to me. As always, whenever I had a nightmare, he will always be the one who hugs me and comfort me. I smile at him

“Uh, I’m fine. Thank you Minami” I said to him

“That's good” he said and smiles

I really love Minami's smile. Whenever I feel down, his smile is what I think about first. Just thinking about that make me feel safe. It is so warm and gentle. Not only that, I love his gentle personality and everything about him. There are a lot of time, I want to confess to him, but I’m always afraid that I will ruin our relationship if I do that. Also there is a big different between us.

“Atsuko” He calls me

His call snaps me out of my thought

“What is it, Minami?” I look up and ask him

“You are spacing out. I called you a lot of time” He said to me

“I’m sorry. Why did you call me?” I said

“I want to ask are you really ok. You didn’t touch your food” He asks me in worry tone

“I’m fine. Don’t worry” I smile and said to him

“Really?” He asks me

“Uh” I smiles and nods

After finished eating, we stand up and go to the car that waiting for us outside. I sit next to him at the back seat. The driver will take us to school. I sit there and look at him secretly. He is looking at outside of the window.

“Atsuko” he calls me

“What is it, Minami?” I ask him

“We used to come there and play when we were kids, right?” He said while pointing at the park

“Uh, every day is full of happiness. I’m very happy playing with you” I said and smile

“Uh” Minami nods

I remember how we played with each other there. That is the place we will come to play while waiting for our parents. We played a lot of different things there. That is my happiest time until that day


When Atsuko and Minami are playing at the park, she sees her parents walking toward her together with Minami’s parents

“Papa, Mama” She rushes to them

“Hello sweetie” her father picks her up and said

“Mom, Dad” Minami also rushes to his parents

“Did you two have fun?” her mother asks her and Minami

“Yes, a lot” they answer in union.

“That is good” Minami’s father said

Then Atsuko’s parents take her home. Today, they will take her out for dinner. she is very happy. She sits in the car and sings some children song. Her mother looks at her and smiles

“You seem to be very happy, Atsu” her mother said

“Yes, because today I can go out and eat Sushi.” She innocently said

“Hahaha...You love Sushi that much” Her father asks while laughing

“Yes” Atsuko nods happily

While they are talking happily, suddenly her mother shouts

“Honey, that truck”

The truck suddenly goes into their line. Seem like the driver lost control. Atsuko's father quickly turns to dodge the truck. It hits the side of their car making it lost control and rolls down on the side.

In the central hospital

Atsuko slowly open her eyes and sees that she is in a strange room.

“Where am I?” She thought

Suddenly she hears someone calls her

“Atsuko, you wake up”

Atsuko turns and sees Minami is looking at her with a big smile on his face.

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami in confuse

Then she remembers the incident. She holds her head because of hurt

“Atsuko, are you ok?” He asks her in worry tone

Then Minami’s parents come into the room

“Dad, Atsuko is awake, but she is hurt. Is she ok, Dad?” Minami asks his father

“Atsuko, are you ok?” His mother quickly rushes to Atsuko and asks

“Auntie, where is Papa and Mama?” Atsuko looks at her and asks

Minami's parents look down. Atsuko looks at them in confuse

“Auntie, where is Papa and Mama?” Atsuko asks again

“Atsuko, from now on you will live with us. We will take care of you” Minami’s father said

Atsuko looks at them with confused look. Then she remembers the incident.

“Auntie, uncle, where is Papa and Mama? That truck rushes to us. The car is roll down on the side. Papa and Mama are ok, right?” Atsuko asks in tear

Minami’s mother hugs Atsuko in her arms

“Your parents protected you, Atsuko. They love you very much. From now on we will protect you in place of them.” She said in tear

“Papa, Mama” Atsuko hugs her and cries loudly

"They will always be with you, Atsuko. They are in heaven and look after you forever, Atsuko" His father said and pats Atsuko's head

End flashback

That day, I lost my only family. I have no one in this world.  I’m an orphan. After that, uncle and auntie took me in. Every day, the only thing I did was crying because of missing them. Minami take care of me. While I’m still deep in my thought, I hear his voice

“Atsuko” he calls me

“Minami” I thought

His call snaps me out of my thought. He holds my shoulder and turns me to look at him. His eyes look so worry. I feel something wet on my cheek.

“Did I cry?” I thought

He raises his hands and wipe it gently

“Why did you cry, Atsuko?” He asks me gently

“Did you remember your parents?” He continues

I nod. Suddenly he pulls me into his embrace

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I shouldn’t remind you of those times” He said to me

I shake my head

“No, it’s ok, Minami. That is already the past. I have to get over it.” I said

“Don’t be sad, Atsuko. I will always be here for you. You aren’t alone” He said to me gently

Anytime, I feel sad. Minami is always by my side. He hugs me tightly whenever I cry. He always comforts me. His words make me feel so happy. I want him to be with me forever. I want to tell him how much I love him. However, I’m still afraid.

I always have a vision in my head. What if when I confess to him, he rejects me? What if he will say something like,

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I only see you as a childhood friend. I’m sorry if my action makes you misunderstand”

That sentence, I’m so scared of it. Then in my head appears another thought. If I’m just being a weak person like this, Minami will always be with me. He won’t leave me as what he said. I really don’t want to be separated from him. I want this embrace is only for me and no one else. That is my selfish thought. Once again, I realize how much I love him.

“It could be a good solution” I thought

However, another thought wakes me up.

“Then the only thing I receive is pity. Will Minami happy if I do that? That is so selfish”

The thought is echoing in my head. That thought is so painful. My heart is hurt. I can endure everything, but I don’t want him to be sad

"Maybe one day, he will find for him a girl he loves. Just because of my selfish, he will never find his happiness." I thought

“I willingly to lose him as long as he is happy” I thought in pain

I slowly push him out and sit up

“Atsuko” he calls me in confuse

“I’m fine, Minami. Don't worry” I said and smile at him while wiping my tear.

“Really?” he asks me while caressing my face.

I move back a little

“U..uh. I’m perfectly fine” I said to him

He looks at me with confused look.

“Atsuko, what’s wrong?” he asks me in worry tone

“I’m fine.” I said

At the same time the car reach the school.

“I will go back to my class first” I said and rush out of the car

“Atsuko” he calls me, but I act like I didn't hear anything

I rush to the back yard and lean my back on the wall. I sit down and bury my face on my knees. I want to hide from him. I don't want to bother him anymore. I want to learn about the feeling of not having him in my life. However, why did feel so hurt. I hold my chest and cry silently. Then I hear some food step walks closer to me. I look up.

“You” I said

End Atsuko’s POV

In the classroom

Minami’s POV

I come to class hoping to see her there. However, when I step in, I didn't see her there

“Where is she?” I thought

I’m worry about her. These days, she acts so strange. I feel like she is putting a distance between us

“But why?” I thought in confuse

While I’m thinking about her, I see her go into the class. She walks slowly back to her desk which is near mine.

“Atsuko” I call her in worry tone

She looks at me and smiles a force smile

“I’m fine, Minami. Don't worry” she said to me

“Lying. She clearly lies to me. Did she think that she can escape my eyes with that smile?” I thought

I grow up together with her. We are together since birth. I can say that I’m the only person understand her the most, her every action.

“However, I really don't know why did she lie to me? Why did she try to distance herself from me? I really don't understand that.” I thought while scratching my head

When I'm about to call her, the teacher comes in. Then the class starts

End Minami's POV

At lunch

Atsuko is standing in her class and looks through the window. She sees a girl with a very confident face standing in front of Minami. She knew what that girl is doing. Her heart tightens. She holds her shirt tightly while looking at them. Then Atsuko turns around. She packs her stuffs and rushes out of the classroom.

“Acchan, what's wrong?” Her friend runs after her

She holds her tear and stops

“Nothing, Rena. I’m just not feeling well, so I will go back home early” Atsuko said

“Don't you wait to tell Takamina?” Rena asks

“No, I’m fine. No need to tell him.” Atsuko said

“Ok, then rest well. See you later, Acchan” Rena said

“Uh, see you later” Atsuko said

Then she walks away. Rena looks at her with worry look.

On the street

Atsuko is walking under a big rain without an umbrella. She is thinking about Takamina


Atsuko’s POV

While I’m crying, I feel someone foot step, and it stops right in front of me. I look up and see her

“It is you” I said

“Hello Acchan” she said

She is the vice-president of student council. Her family owns a big company not big like Takamina’s, but she is rich.

“What do you want?” I ask her

“I just want to have a little chat with you again” she said to me

“What is it? Just say it” I ask

“Very straightforward. I like it” she said to me

“As our lovely conversation yesterday, I clearly made my point, but you seem to not know what I said. Therefore I want to emphasize it again that I want you to stop bothering, Takamina” she said to me

“Bothering Minami? What do you mean?” I said while frowning

“I knew that his parents took you in and take care of you, right? Without them you are an orphan.” she said to me

Her words as a knife stabs in my heart.

“So what?” I said

“Takamina is so nice to always there and take care of you. However, don't think that he loves you. He does that because you look so pitiful.” she said to me

I hold my fists tightly

“You are a poor thing.” she said and laughs together with her friend

“A lonely girl who needs someone to give her some love” another girl said and laughs

I bite my lip to hold my tear. Then she walks closer to me. She leans and whispers in my ear

“Today, I will take him away from you. With his level, I’m the only one can be with him. You are no match for him, orphan” she said and pushes me back.

“You are nothing in in world. Just an annoying rock in my way” She said to me

Then she laughs and leaves the place with her friend. I stand there. My heart is broken. My tear keeps falling nonstop. I hold my chest and bend down. Her words keep echoing in my head.

End flashback

I walk under the rain. Thanks to it that I can't see my tear.

“Orphan” I whisper

Then I laugh. I laugh at myself because of my weak heart.

“Minami” I call his name silently.

I laugh again at my coward. I don't have the courage to say to him what is in my heart.

“You are nothing, Atsuko” I said and laugh

I walk for awhile. Finally I reach the mansion. I go into my room and drop on my bed. I shrink myself in the blanket. I’m too tired to move. I want to sleep. I only want to close my eyes and forget everything. It is great if I could sleep forever.

End Atsuko’s POV


Minami is rushing back to his house.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he thought


Minami’s POV

Today, some girl calls me to meet her at the backyard. I heart that she is the vice-president of student council. When I reach there, I see her face. I knew her. Her house is rich. I met her once in one of my father’s party with his business partner. She looks down on everyone who lowers than her. At that time, she dared to treat Atsuko badly. I taught her a lesson for doing that.

“What does she want with me this time?” I thought and walk closer

I have to finish it quick and comeback to Atsuko. She is acting very weird since this morning

“What do you want?” I ask her coldly

Suddenly, she rushes to hug me and said

“Hello, Minami”

I quickly push her out and coldly said

“I don't know you. Don't hug me and call so friendly like that”

“Minami, we met before at your father party, don’t you remember.” She said to me

“And you also treat Atsuko badly. How can I forget that? However, as I remember, I never said that you can call my name like that.” I said in cold tone.

She steps back and smirks

“Seem like that word is only for that orphan girl to call huh? Also your embrace is only for her, right?” She said to me

“You call who orphan?” I ask while frowning

I won't allow anyone to call Atsuko like that.

“Who else?” She said and shrugs

I look at her with angry look. I want to teach her a lesson, but I don’t have time. I have to find out what’s wrong with Atsuko.

“If you don't have anything to say, I will leave” I said and turn away

“Wait. I want to say that I want you to be my boyfriend” she said to me

“What?” I turn and look at her

“I said I want you to be my boyfriend.” she said to me with confident face

“With our family background, we are perfectly match with each other” she continues with confident tone

Why did she look so confident? Does she think that I will accept that? This girl is so full of herself.

“Sorry, I don't have any interest in you.” I said

“What did you say? You are very lucky to be me as your girlfriend. I’m, vice-president of student council, rich, and beauty, asked you nicely like that, and you dare to reject me”

I look at her and smirk

“You are no more than a normal person. Frankly speaking, you are lower than a lot of people” I said

“What? You dare to say that to me.” she said angrily

“Did you reject me because of that orphan?” she asks

I furrow my eyebrows and walk toward her

“Don't think yourself too high “Ms. Vice-president”. You are nothing to me” I said

“Everyone thinks you are beauty, but I don't. Atsuko is everything to me. If I hear a single disrespect words about her, again, I won't guarantee anything. Remember that my family has power. If I remember correctly, most of the contracts in your father company depend on my father company” I said

“Just only a phone call, I can cancel every contracts and sponsors that your family has in Takahashi’s group. Don’t insult her again or you will pay a very good price” I said while frowning

“I won't allow anyone to say something like that to Atsuko” I thought

She is taken back by my words.

“Got that” I shout and leave

I quickly return to my class to find Atsuko. However, when I got back, I see that her desk is empty. Also her belonging is not there.

“Where is she?” I thought in worry

“Takamina, you are back” Rena calls me

I quickly turn to her.

“Rena, where is Atsuko?” I ask her

“After looking at the window for a while, she packs her stuff and goes home. She said that she is not feeling well.” Rena said

“Window? Don't tell me” I thought

“I will go home now” I said

Then I rush out of the classroom

“Wait Takamina” Rena rushes to me

I stop and look at her

“What is it, Rena?” I ask her

“What is Acchan to you?” she asks me seriously

“She is very important to me” I said

“Important in what way? Best friend or more than that?” she asks

Her question wakes me up from the unclear feeling I have. Up until now, I still don’t know what this feeling is. I want to protect her from everything. I want to stay by her side forever.

“She is….” I pause because I just realize the feeling that I should realize it sooner

“She is everything to me. I just realize the obvious things that I have never noticed.” I said

“There is still one thing you didn't notice from Acchan.” Rena said to me

“What is it, Rena?” I ask her

“She is afraid and insecure” She said

“Afraid? Insecure?” I said in confuse

“She is afraid of losing you. She lost her parents. I can feel that you are everything to her. However, at the same time, she doesn't want to bother you. She doesn't know your feeling. She is uncertain why did you care for her. Is it because of pity? The other thing, In her mind, she think herself is no match for you” Rena said to me

“Uncertain, No match for me” I thought

“There is only you can erase those feeling from her heart.” Rena said to me

“I understand. Thank you, Rena” I said and rush back home

“Atsuko, I’m sorry. I’m a baka. I should realize this sooner. I’m stupid. ” I thought while rushing back home.

The rain is finally stops. After a while, I finally reach my house. I open the door and rush in

“Atsuko” I call her

“Young Master, you’re back” a maid greets me

“Where is Atsuko?” I ask her

“I’m sorry, Young Master, I don’t know. I just came back from the shopping.” she said to me

I quickly rush to her room.

“Atsuko” I open the door and call her

I can feel water on the floor. Maybe she was caught by the rain. I walk toward her bed

“Atsuko” I call her

She covered herself in the blanket. I open the blanket. My heart tightens when seeing the little figure under it. She still has her uniform on. They are all wet. Her hair, her body, everything is wet. Another thing, her expression, she looks so painful. Her breath is very heavy and her face is red.

“Atsuko” I sit down and call her

I widen my eyes in surprise when touching her face. Her body is so hot. She got a very heavy fever.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” I call her

*pant* *pant* *pant*

She is panting very heavy

“Minami….Minami…” she calls me unconsciously

“I’m here Atsuko. I’m here. Why did you let yourself wet like this?” I said in worry tone

She opens her eyes and looks at me

“Is it really you Minami? Am I dreaming again?” she said to me

The fever makes her think that she sees illusion

“You know what Minami? I love you. I love you very much. So much that I want you to only be with me” Atsuko said to me while caressing my face

I widen my eyes surprise

“Atsuko” I call her while caressing her hot face

“I love you Minami. But I can't confess. I’m afraid of losing you. Also I’m no match with you. What can I do? I’m an orphan. Your parents are so nice to take me here and raise me. I’m no….”

Cutting her words, I bend down and kiss her lips gently. She replies my kiss lovingly. Then I break the kiss and look at her

“I love you, Atsuko. I love you very much. I’m sorry that I realize this so late” I said to her seriously

She smiles at me a weak smile

“I really want to stay in this dream forever….” she said to me weakly

Then she lost her conscious. I quickly rush out and call the maid

“Emi-san, Emi-san”

“Yes, Young Master, what can I do for you?” She bows at me and asks

“Atsuko is sick. She has a very high fever. Her clothes is all wet. Change her clothes for me. After that call the doctor here quickly” I said

“Yes Young Master” she said

Then she quickly rushes to Atsuko’s room. I walk back and forth outside of Atsuko’s room waiting for her. After a while, she comes out

“I’m done, Young Master.” She said

“Good, call the doctor here quickly. Plus, cook something for Atsuko, too” I said

“Yes sir” She bows and leaves

I rush into Atsuko’s room and carry her to my room because her bed is wet. Then the doctor comes. He checks her temperature and injects some medicine to her.

“How is she?” I ask him

“Ms. Atsuko is fine now. However, her fever is very high. You should watch her closely” the doctor said to me

“Ok, I know” I said

“Then I will leave now. I will give the medicine to Emi-san.” the doctor said

“Ok, thank you” I said

Then I come back to Atsuko's room. I sit on her bed and watch her sleep. She looks better than before a little. However, her breath is still heavy, and her body is still very hot. I take the handkerchief and wipe the sweat on her face

“Atsuko, I’m sorry. I’m an idiot” he whispers and kisses her lips

He sits down on the chair near her bed and takes care of her

 “Minami, Minami *pant* *pant*” she calls me while panting

“No, Mama, Papa please don't go. Don't go” she got a nightmare

“Minami, Minami, Minami” She calls my name unconsciously

“I’m here Atsuko. I’m here” I said while holding her hand tightly.

“Don't leave me. Don't leave me, Minami, Minami” she said

I can see tear in the corner of her eyes. I wipe her tear and kiss her forehead.

“Atsuko, I’m here. Calm down, I'm with you here. I won’t leave you” I hold her hand and said

I feel the shaking of her body. I move myself into the bed. I lie next to her and hug her tightly

“Don't worry, Atsuko. I will always be here for you” I stroke her hair and said

I see that she calmed down a little. I smile in relief.

“I’m here, Atsuko. I won’t go anywhere. I’m here” I said and stroke her back

She calms down now

“Sleep well my angel” I whisper and kiss her lips

Then I hug her waist and pull her closer to me.

At midnight

Atsuko slowly opens her tired eyes. Then she realizes that someone is hugging her. She quickly moves back and sits up. Because she sits up too sudden, she feels dizzy. She holds her head and bends down.

“What happened? Where am I?” She said still holding her head

Minami is woken up because of her movement. He sits up and pulls her into his embrace

“Who are…”

“Atsuko, it is me” Minami said gently

“Minami” Atsuko said in surprise

“That is right. I walked back here under a big rain. I feel so cold and want to sleep.” Atsuko remembers now

Minami smiles gently at her

“How do you feel, now Atsuko?” He asks her

“I’m…*cough*...fine” She said

Minami looks at her seriously

“How do you feel now, Atsuko?” he asks her again

“I’m...really…” She said while looking at him

He looks at her seriously

“I feel tired. My head hurt. My throat hurts, too” Atsuko said

She can’t lie in front of him

“Of course you do. You have a very high fever, you know that. The doctor has to come here and injects medicine to you.” Minami said

Atsuko looks down in guilty

“Next time, don’t let youself get sick like that again” Minami said

“Yes” Atsuko said

“Good” He smiles at her and pats her head

“This time, he is really mad. I bother him again. I’m so useless” She thought

“I’m sorry, Minami. I bother you again. This will never happen again” Atsuko said

“I decided. I will move out. I bothered you for so long. I havmhm…”

Haven’t finished her words, Minami pulls her closer to him and kisses her lips roughly. Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise. She tries to push him out, but he hugs her tighter. He pushes her down on the bed and moves on top of her. He kisses her wildly and roughly. After awhile, Minami breaks the kiss


Haven’t let her talk, he kisses her again. This time, he kisses her gently, and his kiss is full of love. Atsuko finally replies his kiss. She hugs his neck tightly to deepen their kiss. They kiss until out of air. Then they break the kiss.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her seriously

“I said those things to you not because I feel that you bother me. I said that because I was so worry about you. I don’t want you to be this sick. Yesterday, seeing you in bed unconscious, your body is burning hot, and you are painting painfully, my heart hurt a lot. I don’t want to see you like that ever again, Atsuko” he said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in surprise

“And don’t ever think about moving out of here. I love you, Atsuko. Therefore I won’t let you go out of my life. Not after you said that you love me a lot” Minami said

Atsuko looks at him with surprise look

“I did?” Atsuko said

“Of course, you said that you love me a lot and want to be with me” Minami said

Suddenly something flashes in her head

“I thought that is a dream” She accidentally said out loud

“Baka” Minami said and laughs softly

“Why did you laugh? And who is baka? You are the baka” Atsuko said and pouts

“Yes, I’m the most idiot person” Minami said while caressing Atsuko’s face gently

Atsuko looks at him with surprised look

“I’m so idiot to not realize my own feeling until now. I’m so stupid, right?” Minami said to her while caressing her face

“Stupid enough to not realize how much you love me, too” he continues

“Now, I realize everything, Atsuko. I love you, Atsuko. I love you a lot” he said gently

Tear starts rolling on her cheeks. Atsuko looks up at Minami

“Really, Minami?” she said him while caressing his face

“Uh, I love you, Atsuko. You are everything to me” Minami said to her

Atsuko can’t control her tear now. She hugs him tightly and cries on his chest

“I love you, Minami. I love you, a lot” Atsuko said

Minami smiles and hugs her tightly. Suddenly, Atsuko pulls out from his embrace. Minami looks at her with confused look

“But we are so different, Minami. Himura Aya is correct, I’m nothing. I’m no…”

“Sshh...Don’t say that Atsuko” Minami kiss her lips and said

“Don’t think about that person’s words. Just know that I love you with all my heart. The person I love is you.” Minami gently said

Atsuko looks at Minami with happy eyes.

“Minami, I love you” Atsuko hugs him tightly and said

“I love you, too Atsuko” Minami whispers

Then he kisses her lips gently. Atsuko hugs his neck and deepens their kiss. They kiss each other passionately and intense. They want to show how much they love each other. Then Minami moves down and marks on her neck

“You are mine, Atsuko” Minami said

“Uh, I love you, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

“I love you more, Atsuko. I love you more than anything” Minami said lovingly

Then he kisses her lips again. Then they drown in their own world of love and passion.

5 years later

In front of a big mansion

Minami is leading Atsuko toward the mansion. Her eyes is covered with the blindfold

“Minami, are we there yet?” Atsuko asks him

“A little more, honey” Minami said

“You said this to me a dozen times. My eyes are covered like this since we landed in Hawaii.” Atsuko said and pouts

“Don’t pout like that, Mrs. Takahashi. This is our honeymoon. Therefore, I have a very big surprise for you” Minami whispers and pecks on Atsuko lips

He opens the door and leads her in.

“Ok, ready for your surprise, my Atsuko” Minami said

Then he slowly takes off her blindfold. Appearing in front of her is a very beautiful house. The decoration is very elegant. Atsuko looks around happily.

“Minami, this is the house that I look in my laptop. The decoration, too” Atsuko said

“Uh” Minami nods

“How did you know that?” Atsuko asks

“2 months before our wedding, I notice that you were always looking on something in the laptop, so I check to see what it is” Minami said

“After that, I went here and prepared everything. I decorated this house myself as a gift for my beautiful wife” Minami said while smiling at her

Atsuko rushes to Minami and hugs him tightly

“Minami, I’m very happy. You are the best” she said

“I’m glad that you like it” Minami said

“Not just like it. I love it. Love it very much, especially when you decorate this house by yourself” Atsuko said while burying her face on his chest

“I’m glad that I can make you happy, Atsuko.” Minam said

“Minami, thank you for doing this to me. Thank you for loving me and being by my side” Atsuko said and smiles at him

“You don’t have to thank me, Atsuko. I will do everything for you to be happy. I will always be by your side and love you forever” Minami said

Then he bends down and kisses her lips lovingly.

“I love you, my lovely wife” Minami said

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

The End

That is the OS. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Our Love Story 05/03/2016
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Mmmm... that was cute..  :oops: .. But, of course, not that part, when she got hurt.. hm..  :shocked
Thank you for OS.!  8)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Our Love Story 05/03/2016
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I agree with black_maa that was a very cute fic not including the hurtful part.
Gonna stay stuned for your future fics. Thank you!  :peace:
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Our Love Story 05/03/2016
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I enjoyed reading all the stories so far

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Power of Love (Atsumina) Part 1 12/03/2016
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@black_maa, @phoenix0i, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is a new short story. I hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D

Power of Love

Part 1


At the airport

There are two people standing and talking to each other. That is a young and cute girl with shoulder length haired. She is about 24 or 25 years old. Standing opposite of her is a short haired woman about mid thirty.

“Atsuko, do you have enough everything?” the woman asks

Atsuko smiles at her and said

“I did auntie. You were the one who checked my things for me dozen time.” 

“I start thinking that you are just like Daddy” She continues

“That is because my big brother just keeps asking me those things ever since the day you decided to go travel alone.” Her aunt said

“Yes, I know. He called me a lot of time to ask me the time when the plane reach Toronto even though he has my flight schedule” Atsuko said

“He asked me about that too. He is sometime really like your mother” Her aunt said

Then they laugh together

“Anyway, Atsuko, remember to call your father or Jun if you don't see him there, ok. Don’t go off somewhere alone” she continues

“Yes, Aunt Mariko. You also told me this thousand times. Daddy also told me that every day.” Atsuko smiles and said

“Ok my little princess. It is about time, I think you should go into the terminal" Mariko said while looking at her watch

"Yes, I have to go now" Atsuko said

"Have fun with your trip, Atsuko” Mariko smiles and said

“Ok, you also take care, auntie.” Atsuko said

“Uh, bye Atsuko. See you later” Mariko said

“Bye auntie. See you later” Atsuko waves her hand and said

Then she walks toward the international terminal. Mariko is still standing at her place and looking at Atsuko.

“The little girl already grows up. However, still as childish as ever” she thought and smiles to herself

Suddenly her phone rings. She takes out and looks at the phone

“Really daddy baby girl” she thought

“Hello, Ken-nii” Mariko greets her brother

(Hi Mariko, did Atsu go inside?) Ken asks

“She did, just moment ago” Mariko said

(Her plane will take off in one hour, right?) He asks

“Yes, you have her flight schedule in your hand, right?” Mariko said

(I did, but I just want to make sure) Ken said

(Mariko, did you prepare enough things for her? Did she bring enough clothes? Did she bring her coats?...) he keeps asking a lot of questions in worry tone

Mariko chuckles

“Ken-nii, she did. I checked for her more than 10 times. She just complains to me about asking her a lot of time about that. You really are her mother and father at the same time” she said

(This is the first time she goes to other countries by herself. I’m worry) Ken said

(Plus, because of her graduation projects and stuffs, I haven't seen her much in 2 month except her graduation ceremony. I missed her) he continues

“She will be fine. She is 25 now. Also, before she goes to German, she will stop by Canada to visit you for a week. At that time you can check to see if she got everything” Mariko said

(Uh, you right. I will check for her when she got here) Ken said

“He is really” Mariko thought and laughs in her mind

(Ok, I just want to check to see if her plane takes off yet. Now, I have a meeting to attend. Then I have to settle my business for tomorrow so that I can go and pick her up) He continues

“Why don't you order the butler to pick her up if you are busy” Mariko asks

(No, I have to go and pick up my precious daughter by myself. I can't let anyone pick her up. What if they do something to her? I don't trust anyone) Ken said

“Over protective as always” Mariko thought

(I will go now. Talk to you later) Ken said

“Ok see ya” Mariko said

Mariko hangs up. She looks at her phone and smiles at her brother. Then she looks up at the gate.

“She properly went into the terminal right now” Mariko thought

She stands there for 30 more minutes. After that she leaves the airport

Inside the terminal

There is a young and handsome man walking around. He is checking on his phone while walking toward the sitting area. Then he takes out his flight ticket and checks it once again

“So my flight will take off in 1 hour” He thought

Then he puts it back into his backpack. Because turning around to put back his ticket, he doesn’t realize there is someone walking at his direction


At another place in the terminal

After check in her belonging, Atsuko walks toward the sitting area to wait for her flight. Atsuko takes out her detective novel which she bought yesterday.

"I still haven't finish this chapter" She thought

Too eager to find out the truth about the culprit, Atsuko opens her book and reads while walking. Because too focusing in the book, she didn't realize there is someone standing in front of her. she keeps walking while reading until she bumps into the person

“I’m so…”

When Atsuko is about to apologize, the other side said before her.

“I’m sorry”

She looks up and sees a handsome man in front of her. Seeing her looking at him, he quickly apologizes again.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for bumping into you” he said while scratching his head

Atsuko looks at him and smiles

“He looks so clumsy but cute” she thought

“It's ok. It was me who should say sorry. I didn't look in front of me while walking” Atsuko said

“No, it was my fault” he said

“I’m sorry” he continues

“It is ok, partly of it is my fault, too. You don’t have to say sorry to me” Atsuko said and smiles at him

Then she bends down to pick up her book. Seeing Atsuko’s book is on the ground, the man quickly bends down to pick it up for her

“Let's me pick it up for you” he said

Because he bends too quickly, their heads hit each other. The impact makes Atsuko falls on the floor.

“I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” the man quickly said while bending down next to Atsuko.

“I… ok” Atsuko caresses her forehead and said

“I’m terribly sorry. I just want to pick up the book for you” the man said in panic

His panic face makes Atsuko laughs softly.

“You are so funny” Atsuko said and laughs

He stuns when seeing her laughs

“So cute” he thought

He just stands there and looks at Atsuko’s innocent smiles with a stupor face. Seeing his face, Atsuko stops smiling and looks down

“I’m sorry.” she said in small tone

“I… is ok. I don't mind it. Your smile is very cute” the man said while scratching his head

His words make Atsuko blushes. When he is about to ask her something, the announcement interrupts him

(Good morning passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 48A to Toronto, Canada. We are now inviting passengers…)

“That is my flight. I’ve got to go now.” Atsuko said and turns away

Suddenly she stops. She turns around and smiles brightly at him

“It is a great chance to meet you. My name is Atsuko. Hope we can see each other again” she said sweetly and smiles brightly at him

He can see the crinkle on her nose. Then she turns around and rushes to the gate.

“Wai…” Haven't finishing his words, Atsuko already left.

“Atsuko” he whispers

“What a cute name” he thought and smiles

He keeps staring at her direction, and his mind is wandering around.

“She is so cute. Her smile is so beautiful.” He thought while smiling

“I hope that I can meet you again, too Atsuko” he mumbles

“Flight 48A? she is in the same flight as me” he thought and smiles

“It would be great if I can meet you there, Atsuko” he said

He just standing there, still looking at her direction and smiling. He forgot that he also has to go into the plane until a final announcement appears.

(This is the final announcement for the flight 48A to Toronto, Canada…)

The announcement snaps him out of his daydreaming.

“Oh man! I have to go into the plane” he thought and rushes toward the gate.

In the plan

The man walks into the first class area. Suddenly, he sees a familiar face. He smiles widely

“She is here too.” he thought happily

Then he looks at his ticket

“What a great day. My seat next to her” he thought happily

Then he walks closer to Atsuko. Atsuko is sitting on her seat and reading her book. Suddenly she sees someone standing in front of her. However, she doesn’t mind much because she thought that is just the passenger whose seat next to her. Suddenly the person speaks up

“We meet again”

“This voice?” Atsuko thought while looking up

“Oh, it is you.” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

“Yes, it is a great coincident” The man said

“Uh, I’m happy with this coincident” Atsuko nods and said

Then he sits down on his seat. Atsuko turns and looks at him

“Just now I don't have time to ask you your name. What is your name?” Atsuko smiles and asks

“By the way, firstly, let's me introduce myself again. My name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you” Atsuko happily said and extends her hand to the man in front of her

He smiles at her happily

“My name is Takahashi Minami. Nice to meet you too, Maeda-san” he said and shakes her hand

“No need to call me so formal. You can either call me Acchan or Atsuko” Atsuko said

“I want to call her name. It gives me the feeling that we are very close though it is a little embarrassed” Minami thought

“Uhm...c...can I call you Atsuko?” he asks her stuttering

“Of course. I’m happy if you call me by that” Atsuko said

Minami is happy about that. Then Atsuko asks Minami

“Can I call you Minami?”

“O...o...of course. Please do” Minami said happily

Then silent fills between them. Minami sits and thinks about something to talk to Atsuko

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

Atsuko looks at him

“Do you go to Toronto to travel?” he asks her

“Not quite” Atsuko said

“My father and brother live there. I come to Toronto to visit them.” Atsuko said

“Oh, I see.” Minami said

“How about you Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I live in Toronto. I just came back to Japan to visit my parents.” he said

“Oh. So you live here by yourself?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, some of my relatives are also live here. Because the main business of my family is in Japan, my parents have to stay there to manage it” Minami said

“I see. To me, it is different.” Atsuko said

“I live in Japan with my aunt, my father’s younger sister. She takes care of me” Atsuko said

“I see” Minami said

“Sorry for my curiosity, can I ask you something out of curious?” Minami asks

“Sure, go ahead.” Atsuko said

“Minami, as I said you don’t have to act so formal like that. Just act normal.” she continues

“Ok” Minami nods

“She is so friendly.” Minami thought

“My question is why you don’t live in Toronto since your father and brother there?” he asks

“About that” Atsuko said

“My mother was dead since I was born, so I don’t have any memories about her except what my father told me about how gentle and great woman she is. My father’s family is all live in Toronto, but my mother originally live in Japan. I want to know about her, about the place where she grown up. Therefore, I decided to study and live in Japan” Atsuko said

“At first, my father objected that idea. Luckily, my aunt lives in Japan. Thank to her help that I can live in Japan. A great place that my mother used to live.” she continues

“Atsuko, I’m sorry for asking about that” Minami said

“It is ok, Minami. Although I don’t have any memories about her, I’m still happy because I now live in the place where she used to live” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami smiles at her

“Me too, I also love Japan. I plan on returning there for my work in near future” Minami said

“I see. What is your occupation, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I’m a doctor.” Minami said

“Really, that is great. Then you are my senpai” Atsuko happily said

Minami looks at her with confused look

“Senpai?” he said in confuse tone

“I just graduated from the medical school. I will officially become a doctor when I come back to Japan” Atsuko said

“That is great. I never thought that we are at the same field.” Minami said happily

Then they keep talking to each other about a lot of different things. After about 12 hours, the plane finally reaches Toronto

In Toronto, Canada

Outside of the plane

Atsuko and Minami walk out together. They keep talking happily together. Then Atsuko said to him

“Bye Minami, I have to go this way to take my belongings. It is great to meet you”

“Oh ok, bye Atsuko.” Minami said a little sad

“I hope that we can meet again some place in here” Atsuko smiles and said

“Me too” Minami said

“Bye bye, Minami” Atsuko waves at him and said

Then she turns to walk away

At the waiting area

Atsuko walks out of the terminal. She takes out her phone and calls her father

“Hello Daddy” Atsuko said

(Hello Atsu. Daddy is at the waiting area) he said to her

Atsuko looks around. Then she sees a middle aged man standing and waiting for her. She smiles happily

“I saw you Daddy” Atsuko said

(I saw you too) He said

Then she walks toward him

“Daddy” she calls while waving at him

He looks at her and smiles gently

“Welcome back, my little Atsu” he said and hugs her

“Daddy, I grew up now. I’m not little” Atsuko pouts and said

He looks at her and laughs

“To me you are always a little girl” he said and pats her head.

“Daddy” Atsuko pouts

“Ok, ok, sweetie. Let’s go home, Jun and Rena are waiting for us” He said

Then they leave the airport


At another side of the airport

Minami steps out with his luggage.

“Hello Young Master, welcome back” an old man in butler outfit greets him in English

“Hi William, how are you doing?” Minami asks him

“I'm good. Thank you sir.” He said and takes the luggage

“How is your trip, Young Master? How are Master and Mistress doing?” William asks

“My parents, they are very well. My trip is good. I had fun when returning to Japan.” Minami said

Inside the car

Minami sits and looking out of the window. He smiles happily when remembering Atsuko

“This is really a great trip ever. Especially at the airport” he thought

"I met an Angel at the airport" He keeps thinking about her while smiling


I hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D
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