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Author Topic: [Atsumina's OS collection] [OS] Christmas Wish 25/12/2017  (Read 53150 times)

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
« Reply #40 on: December 25, 2015, 12:17:20 AM »
Nice  story :D
Thanks for the story :D
waiting for the next story from you :D

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
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Damn you are killing me with your AtsuMina stories!  :love: :love:

I demand you to update more more Atsumina please! /o/

Thank you for all updates! And Merry Christmas! :)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
« Reply #42 on: December 25, 2015, 07:08:47 PM »
It was soooo cute..  :)
At first I was little bit worried about Atsuko condition, but then, it was again back to good.  :roll:
Never ending love!  :love:
Thank you for interesting OS!!!  :)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
« Reply #43 on: December 25, 2015, 07:34:13 PM »
:ptam-glow: :ptam-wub: :ptam-aww: :ptam-shy:

thank you for amazing OS

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
« Reply #45 on: December 29, 2015, 06:29:01 PM »
@AI712: Thank you for liking my fic!  :D

@korin48: Thank you for liking my fic. I'm very happy that you are enjoy reading them.  :D

@black_maa: Thank you for reading and liking my fic  :D

@ryu201: Thank you for liking my fic. I'm still writing it. Once I'm done, I will post it  :D

Thank you everyone. I'm very happy that you all enjoy reading it. Thank you! :wub:
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 1 31/12/2015
« Reply #46 on: December 31, 2015, 09:39:00 PM »
Hello everyone! This is my new short story. I hope you guys enjoy reading this new story.  :D

I wish you all have a Happy New Year!  :D

Happy New Year!!!  :D

Here is part 1  :)

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 1

In the morning

In a big mansion

There is a young girl sitting by a fireplace and reading her book. Her name is Maeda Atsuko, daughter of a billionaire, Maeda Tenchi. He is the president of a big group that has a lot of branches all over the world. While reading her book, she hears a knocking sound

“Come in” Atsuko said

“Good morning, Atsuko-sama” a woman bows and said

“What is it?” Atsuko asks still not turning back

“I brought for you a new butler” the woman said

“I don't need anyone” Atsuko said

“But president ordered me to find for you a new butler as replacement for Mr. Ken who you fired the other day with the reason of not liking him” the woman said

“Are you mocking me?” Atsuko said coldly

“Don’t say that Atsuko-sama. I’m just your father’s assistant here. If your father heard that, I will lose my job” the woman bows and said

“Stop with all that babbling. So, my father told you to bring a new butler here for me?” Atsuko asks

“Yes. He will responsible for taking care of this house, you and your meal” the woman said

“Where is he?” Atsuko asks

“He is right here” the woman said

Atsuko finally turns around with her bored eyes.

There is a handsome man standing at the door. He wears glasses and looks very smart. His hair is styled in cool way with a very cool clothes.

“His name is Takahashi Minami. He….”

“He can say it by himself” cutting the woman’s words, Atsuko said

“I’m sorry” the woman said

“Hello Ms. Maeda, my name is Takahashi Minami. I’m a university student. I had a problem with the place I rented before. Also, right now, I don’t have enough money to pay for my intuition. I promise that I will do my best with my position” Minami bows and said

“What do you think, Oujo-sama?” the woman asks

“Ok” Atsuko said and turns back

“Then I will take him to his room and explain the works for him” the woman said

Atsuko just raises her hand as the sign for the woman and Minami to leave.

“Well then I will take my leave” the woman said

When she is about to leave, she turns and asks Atsuko

“Don’t you have school today, Ojou-sama?” she asks

“I don’t feel like going there today” Atsuko said

“But this is your last year of high school. You also have to take the entrance exam for University” the woman said

“I know what I’m doing. You don’t need to remind me” Atsuko said

“I just ask because your father worry about your education” The woman said

“I have money. I don't need to worry about any of that” Atsuko said coldly

“Anything else?” Atsuko asks

“The bracelet that I saw the other day, why didn't I see it?” the woman asks

Atsuko closes her book strongly

“Since when did you become my manager? I don't like it, so I throw it away” Atsuko said

“That is my money. Don't I have the right to do what I want with that?” Atsuko continues

“I’m sorry. I will leave now” the woman said

Then she and Minami leave the room. When they get outside, they see a girl walk in

“I’m home, Acchan” she happily said

“Good morning, Ms. Yuko” the woman said

“Ah Eri-san. Long time no see. How have you been?” Yuko asks while smiling at her

“I’m very good. Still doing my job” Eri said

“How about you, Ms. Yuko?” she asks

“I’m more than good. Just came back from the hospital” Yuko said

“That is right, you are a doctor now, right? Congratulation” Eri said

“Thank you, Eri-san” Yuko said

“What are you doing here, Eri-san?” Yuko asks

“President Maeda told me to find for Ojou-sama a new butler because she fired the old one” she said

“Oh. So where is the new butler?” Yuko asks

“He is here. Takahashi-san” Eri calls Minami

Minami is still looking around the place. Hearing the call, he turns back

“Yes, sorry” Minami said

“Takamina?” Yuko calls in surprise

“Yuko?” Minami calls in surprise too

“You two knew each other?” Eri asks

“Uh, he is my boyfriend’s best friend. He is younger than us though.” Yuko said

“We met each other in the university. We were in the same math club before” she continues

“I see” Eri said

“So you will work here, Takamina?” Yuko asks

“Uh. From today. I just met Ojou-sama moments ago” Minami answers

“I see. Where are you two going now?” Yuko asks

“I’m about to take him to his room. After that I will show him what is his work” Eri said

“Leave it to me. You can go back to your work now. I will do that” Yuko said

“But that is…”

“It is ok. He is my friend anyway” cutting Eri’s words, Yuko said

“Ok, if you say so, then I will leave now.” Eri said

“However, I have to tell Ojou-sama about this” she continues

“No, you’re good. I will tell Acchan. See you next time, Eri-san” Yuko waves her hand and said with happy tone

After Eri already left, Yuko changes her expression

“What a two faced woman” she mumbles

“Huh? What did you say Yuko?” Minami asks

“Nothing. Let’s go” Yuko said

On their way

“That is surprising, I never thought that you will work here. Riku will be very surprised when I tell him this” Yuko excitedly said

“Uh, I guess so” Minami nods

“Yuko, I have a question” Minami said

“What is it?” Yuko asks

“There is no one here except you and her?” Minami asks

“Yes” Yuko nods

“I know that I shouldn’t ask this. However, she looks so young. How old is she?” Minami asks

“17 years old” Yuko said

“Oh” Minami  nods

“I have one last thing I want to ask” Minami said

“She is single.” Yuko said

“Huh?” Minami looks at Yuko with confused look

“That is not what you want to ask?” Yuko said and winks at him

“No, no, no, it is not like that. I just want to ask are you related to her” Minami said while shaking his head

Yuko looks at him and laughs out loud

“You are so funny as always, Takamina” she said

“No, however her parents took me in and raised me. Without her parents and her, I won’t be here and have a good position as a doctor, right now. Therefore, she is very important to me. I see her as my real little sister” Yuko said

“I see” Minami nods

“Ok, this is your room. You are free to do whatever you want. However, don’t bother her. She likes quiet.” Yuko said

“Ok, I know” Minam said

“Don’t come to that room opposite of you.” Yuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

“Also, remember to call her and wait for her to come out every meal. Everyday, she will lock herself in her room or that room, and forget to eat if you are not there to remind her. Sometime, she will go out for all day and come back with a tired face. You have to prepare food and drink for her” Yuko said

“Ok, I got it”

“Good” Yuko nods

Then Yuko looks at her watch

“I still have time before meeting with Riku. Come on, I will show you around the house.” Yuko said

“Thank you, Yuko” Minami said

“You’re welcome” Yuko said

They are talking while walking around the place

“Yuko, I have one more question to ask you” Minami said

“Again? You sure have a lot of questions. Ok, go ahead” Yuko said

“What is her character? Is it hard to live here together with her?” Minami asks

“That is your “one question”?” Yuko asks

“Sorry” Minami said

“Then answer me this. What do you feel about her?” Yuko asks

“As Eri-san’s description before, she seems to be so cold and use money so unreasonable. A little selfish and egoist person. I think she is a spoiled princess. However, I’m still not sure about that, so I ask you” Minami said

Yuko looks at him and smiles

“Then let’s me answer your questions. About your question, why don't you find out yourself? I’m sure you will got a big surprise.” Yuko said

“Also, let’s me give you a hint. ‘Never judge a book by it's cover.’ That quote applies to her and that Eri-san, too” Yuko continues

“Huh?” Minami looks at her with confused look

“You will understand soon.” Yuko said

“It is time now. I have to go out. Let me take you back to your room” Yuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then they get back to Minami’s room. When they reach the room, they see Atsuko walks back to her room

“Her room is next to mine” Minami thought in surprise

“Good morning my dear Acchan” Yuko said and rushes to hug her

“You are back” Atsuko said

“Uh.” Yuko nods

“Where is that woman?” Atsuko asks

“She is gone. Because I knew Takamina, I told her to let me show him his room and explain everything for him” Yuko said

“I see.” Atsuko said and goes into her room

“Ok, I will go now. Do your best.” Yuko said

“By the way, after my date with Riku, I have to come to hospital. I have a night shift. Remember to take care of her carefully. I will be back in the morning” Yuko said

“Ok, I will” Minami said

Then Yuko leaves the house. Minami comes back to his room to put back his belonging. Then he said

“Ok, let’s get to work”

He steps out of his room at the same time with Atsuko. She is about to go somewhere

“Ojou-sama, are you going somewhere?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then she walks by him without a word. Minami looks at her. He shrugs and goes back to his work. He starts cleaning up the house and preparing dinner.

In the evening

Atsuko opens the door and walks in

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama” Minami said

“I prepared dinner already. You can eat whenever you want” Minami said

Atsuko stays silent and walks back to her room.

“Does she want to eat or not?” Minami thought in confuse

He shrugs and goes back to the kitchen

“Let’s finish this soon so that I can have more time to study” Minami thought

After preparing dinner on the table, he comes to Atsuko’s room

“Ojou-sama, dinner is ready” Minami said

He doesn’t hear any response, so he knocks her door again


When he is about to call her, she opens her door. Still that bored look

“I know” She said shortly

“Do you want me to serve for you?” Minami asks

“No, I’m fine by myself. You can go back to your room” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami said and goes back to his room

Inside Minami's room

Minami’s POV

I lies lazily on my bed

“Today is really a tiring day, I worked a lot today.” I said

Then I takes out my book to read. Suddenly I remember about her

“Maeda Atsuko, a spoiled girl, huh?” Minami thought

“While everyone desperately looking for money to make their lives better, she is here throwing away her money like that” I thought

End Minami’s POV

Then everyday just like that, Minami will go to his class. After that he goes back and do his work as Atsuko’s butler. However, he never talk to her since the first time he met her except calling her for meal or something serious. 

One day

On Minami’s way back from school.

Minami’s POV

“It has been a month since I work here. There is nothing special in this house except the Ojou-sama in this house, She always goes out in the weekend, and she will not come back here until very late. I have no idea where she is. On week day, she will lock herself in the room opposite of her room, the room that I’m forbidden to come in. She will stay there and not come out except for meal. She doesn’t even come to school.” I thought while walking slowly on the street

“Also, she is really spoiled. Her father, he is working in Europe. He always send her some gifts at least once a week. However, she doesn’t even happy about that” I thought

While walking back to Maeda’s mansion, I decided to stop by the market to by some ingredients for cooking. When I walk by a street, I see an old woman sitting on the street. She is about 65-70, I guess. Her clothes is all dirty. Her face is covered with dust. She is asking for some food and money

When I’m about to go there to give the old woman some money, I see her, my rich Ojou-sama. I stop. I want to know what will she do. She walks toward her. Then she stops in front the woman. She sits down and looks at the food in her bowl.

“Miss, please give me some money” the old woman said to her in begging tone

However, she stays silent. She picks the bowl up and throws the woman’s food into the trashcan. Then she leaves, leaving the old woman calling her hopelessly.

“What? What did she do?” I thought in surprise

“What a spoiled girl without any respect to elder” I thought angrily

Then I walk toward the woman

“What a cold-hearted person.” I said

“Are you ok?” I ask her

“I’m but my food” she said sadly

“I will give you money.”  I said

Then I take out my wallet and give her some money.

“Wait here, I will buy something for you to eat” Minami said

“Thank you. Thank you very much” The woman bows at me and said

“No problem” I smile and said

Then I go to buy her some food. After that I go to her and give her the food

“Thank you. You are so nice. Thank you” the old woman said to me

“No problem.” I smile and said

Then I go back to Maeda’s mansion. However, I’m still very mad at her attitude.

End Minami's POV

At night

In someplace

There is someone sit in front a laptop. The person is typing something on the screen

“She is a spoiled girl with a really bad characteristic. I won’t agree with what you said”

Then the person sends the email


That is the first part of the story. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. 

Once again

Happy New Year  :D :D
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Happy new year author-san  :cow: :cow: :cow:
Another story of  spoiled acchan huh? But as long as that about atsumina,i will read  :lol:
So im counting on u to finish this story author-san~

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  • Aigoo! Hwaiting!
I must wait for the unexpected twist to come.  :lol:
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Uh.. new AtsuMina story.. great..  8)
Waiting next update..  :)
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update soon author san :D
I like your story : D

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Another atsumina fic *cheers*

Lookingforward for the update author-san :)

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 2 08/01/2016
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@ryu201, @phoenix0i, @black_maa, @AI712, @Nezumayuyu: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is Part 2  :D

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 2

In the afternoon

At Maeda’s mansion

Minami is cleaning up the house with a very dark face. He still can feel his anger toward Atsuko’s attitude yesterday. Then his phone rings

“Hello” Minami said

(Yo, Takamina) Yuko greets him

“What is it, Yuko?” Minami asks with a little irritating voice

(Oh my, who make you mad, Takamina?) Yuko said in teasing tone

(Wait, firstly, how is Acchan doing?) Yuko asks

“She is doing well as always. Reading her books, or leaving the house from early morning until evening” Minami said

(I see, that's good) Yuko said

(Then tell me why your voice seemed like you are going to kill someone.” Yuko said jokingly

“Yuko, stop that teasing voice. I don’t have any mood to joke” Minami said while frowning

(Wow! You are that mad) Yuko said still with teasing tone

“If you keep going on like that, I will hang up” Minami said while frowning.

(Ok, ok, my bad. Sorry) Yuko said

(So who make you mad?) Yuko asks while drinking her tea

“You guess” Minami said while sitting down

(How could I know what you are thinking? However, through your voice…) Yuko said and pauses while stroking her chin

(Your voice is like wanting to kill someone. I guess your face right now looks darker than the black ink, right) Yuko said

“Stop blabbering. Of course because I’m very upset. Now tell me you know or not” Minami impatiently said

Yuko laughs out loud

(….Uhm….the one who can pissed you like this….uhm…) Yuko pauses again

“Tell me if you know it or not” He is frowning and scratching his head because of impatient.

“This is funny” Yuko thought

(Ok...don't tell me my dear Acchan is the cause of your upset) Yuko finally said

“...” Minami stays silent

(So that is Acchan?) Yuko asks

“Uh. That is her” Minami said

(Really? What did she do to you? Cutting your salary?) Yuko said and laughs

“I’m serious” Minami said with annoying tone

(I’m serious, too. Cutting salary is a serious problem. I will complain and get upset if there is a problem with my salary) Yuko said

“That is not it” Minami said with irritating tone

“I’m upset because of her cold characteristic” Minami said

(What did she do?) Yuko asks

“Yesterday, when I was walking back from school, I saw how she treated a poor old woman” Minami said

Yuko listen to Minami’s story while drinking her tea. Minami tells Yuko everything about the incident yesterday.

“That is why I’m upset. I can overlook her cold and ignorant attitude with other, her princess character, and using money unreasonable like that. However I can't stand seeing her treating an elder like that. That is rude” Minami said

He is still very upset

(I see) Yuko still drinking her tea and said with ease attitude

“Eri-san is correct. She is a very cold-hearted girl” Minami continues

(Takamina) Yuko calls him

“Huh?” Minami asks

“By the way, what with your voice, Yuko? It is so normal. I believe if anyone hears this will get upset like me” he asks

(That because I knew her) Yuko said

“I told the true. I saw it by my own eyes, and hear it by my own ears” Minami said

(I didn't say that you are lying. I know you tell me the true. You, Riku, and I has been friend for a long time. I knew your straightforward characteristic.) Yuko said

(However…) Yuko said while leaning her back on the sofa

(Sometime what you see and hear can trick you, don't you think?) Yuko said

“That…uh” Minami said in agree

(First impression is not always true. Your emotion and things around you will always trick you) Yuko said

“Uh” Minami said

Then Yuko said to Minami

(I still say the same thing to you like before) Yuko said

(Yuko, let's go out and eat)

Minami hear someone calls her

(Ok, Riku) she answers her fiancée

(Bye, Takamina. I call you just to check on how Acchan is doing. Remember to take good care of her for me. If when I come back, she lost any weight, I will punish you) Yuko said in serious tone

“You don’t have to remind me. I know my job” Minami said

(That good. I will go and eat dinner with my Riku, now. See ya) Yuko said and hangs up

After hung up the phone, Minami stands up and goes back to his work. When he is about to go back to the kitchen, Atsuko opens the door and comes in. Minami stands there and looks at her silently. He is still mad. Atsuko looks at him. Then she turns and goes to her room

“Wanting or not, I still have to greet her” Minami though.

Then he turns to her direction

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama” Minami lazily said and bows

“No need to do that if you don't want to” Atsuko said

“Of course I have to greet you. You are my Ojou-sama after all” Minami said with a mocking tone

“Now, please excuse me. I have to get back to work” Minami bows and leaves to the kitchen

Atsuko looks at him a little. Then she turns and walks back to her room.

In the evening

Minami's POV

While I’m working in the kitchen, I decided to give her a lesson. I know that I will be fired if I do this, also Yuko will kill me if I do this, but I can't stand her attitude. I use the old food to teach her a lesson. After preparing the table, I go upstairs and call her. I knock her door.

“Ojou-sama” I call her

“What is it?” She asks me

“I prepared the food. Please come to the dining room to enjoy your dinner” I said

“Ok” she said

Then I come to the dining room with her. She sits down and wait for my service. I bring the first plate of food out

“Ojou-sama, here is your appetizer.” I said

I slowly walk toward her. Then I stop in front of her and spills it into the trashcan. She widens her eyes and looks at me

“What are you doing?” She asks me

“I'm sorry, I thought you like to see food dropping into the trashcan” I said in mocking tone

She looks at me again

“I will bring your meal here, rights way. I'm sorry for this” I said

Then I bring her meal out. I do the same thing with them. I spill one by one into the trashcan. She looks at me while frowning

“Takahashi-san, what are you doing?” She said with little angry

“Spilling the food. You like to do this, right?” I said and smirk

She looks at me, and then caresses her temples.

“I will definitely get fired by this” I thought

“Whatever, cleaning this up and go back to your room. Your job is done for today” she said

“So she fired me” I thought

“Ok, I will go and pack my stuff now” I said

“Packing your stuff? For what?” She asks me

“You fired me” I said

“Who? I just told you to go back and study or do whatever you want. You are done here” she said

“Oh” I said with confuse

Then she sighs and goes up to her room

“Why didn't she fire me? Or she wants to take revenge” I thought

Then I clean up the kitchen and go back to my room.

End Minami's POV

At night

Minami is lying on his bed. He looks up at the ceiling

“Why didn't she fire me?” Minami thought

He still can't figure out his confuse. Then he remembers Yuko’s words

“What you see and hear can trick you, huh” he whispers

“First impression can be wrong, huh” he continues

“But how can that be wrong?” Minami thought in confuse

Then he sits up.

“I want to know more about her” he thought

“But how? She is like a big safe that no key can open it” he thought while lying down again

In the morning

Minami’s POV

I'm cleaning around the house while thinking about the incident last night. I'm still very confused. I think a lot, but I still can't figure out why didn't she mad. While I'm working, I see her steps down from the stair. She wears her big coat with a scarf, a knit cap, and knit gloves.

“Is she about to go somewhere?” I thought

“Good morning, Ojou-sama. Breakfast is ready. Do you want to eat now?” I bows and said

“No” She said and walks toward the door


When I'm about to ask her if she going somewhere, she already closes the door. She seems to be not in good mood today

“Is she still mad about yesterday?” I thought

“Wait, today is Monday, where is she going? Normally, she won’t go anywhere this day” I thought

I don’t know why but I have an urgent feeling to follow her. I have a feeling that I can know something about her if I follow her. Then I quickly rush to my room and take my coat and scarf because outside is very cold now. When I rush outside, I see her standing at the gate. I stop and hide behind the wall so that she won’t notice me.

I carefully look at her. I see her turns left and starts walking. I follow her from afar. She walks for like 45 minutes without stop

“Where is she going?” I thought in confuse

Then I see her stop in front of a flower shop. She stands there and looks at the name of the shop for a while. Then she walks in. I pull the hood in my coat over my head. I pull it down to hide my face. I also walk into the place. I try to look at some flower while following her

“Hello Ms. Maeda, you come here to buy that flower as always, right?” the shop owner asks in happy tone

“Uh” she nods at her

“Wait here, I will prepare for you” the owner said

“Today is very cold, right Ms. Maeda?” She starts the conversation while preparing the flower

“Uh” She nods and said

While looking at her, I hear someone calls me

“Mr. what do you want?”

I quickly turn back

“Ah...uhm...I want this rose” I said without thinking

“Do you buy this for your girlfriend?” she asks me again

I see the owner nearly done

“Uh, can you make it quick for me” I said in hurry tone

“Ok, right away, sir” she said

After a while

I see the shop owner brings out a very beautiful bouquet of Lily

“Sorry for making you waiting Ms. Maeda” she gives her the flower and said

“It's ok” she said

Then she goes out. I quickly rush to the door

“Mr. your flowers” a girl calls me

“Ah thank you. Here is the money” I said

Then I quickly take the flower and rush out of the store. Luckily, she doesn't go too far. I continue following her secretly. She stops at a bus stop. She sits down and waits

“She drive a bus?” I thought in surprise

“I never thought an Ojou-sama like her will go in a bus like this” I continue my thought

I sit the other side of the waiting place. I still keep my eyes on her.

After a while

The bus comes. I wait for her to go into first. Then I wait for some more people to come in. After that, I step into the bus. She sits in the seat in the middle of the bus. I still keep the hood on my head to hide my face. I pass her seat and sits down in the 3 row down from the seat opposite from her. I watch her from there.

She sits still and do nothing. Her expression doesn’t change a bit, still that bored look. However, this time there is a little different. Whenever she looks at the flower in her hands, her eyes will change. It is deeper and sad. I see that she is whispering something, but because too far away, I can’t hear that.

The bus drive for about 1 hour. Then it reaches the place. I wait for her and the rest come out before I do. I step down from the bus and look around to find her. I see she walking up to a mountain. I follow her. She walks for about 45 minutes. Then she reaches the place

“This is a cemetery?” I thought in surprise

She walks slowly into the place. This time I have to keep more distance to her because there is only us here. She stops at a grave. I hide behind the tree near the grave while looking at her. She places the flower down and sits down near the grave. She rests her head on the gravestone.

“I’m here to visit you Mama. Atsu comes to visit you” I hear her said

“Her mother’s grave. Then this is Maeda’s cemetery” I thought

While I’m still looking at her, my phone suddenly rings. Luckily I put it in vibrate mode. I turn and check on my phone

“An ads message” I thought in annoyed

Suddenly I hear her shouts

“Who are you?”

I quickly turn back to her place. I widen my eyes in surprise. I see a group of men surround her. Their faces are covered. She looks scared. One of the man takes her hand and pulls her with them. I quickly rush toward her

“Hey what are you doing? Release her now” I shout at them while running there

She turns and looks at me with teary eyes. I feel my heart tighten when seeing her eyes.

“Who are you? Why did you want to kidnap my Ojou-sama?” Minami shouts

“Don’t interfere with my business” one of the man said to me

Then three men block my way.

“Come here” I shout and punch one of them at his face

The other rushes to me. He raises his hand to punch me. I dodge. Then I take his arm. I lift him up and slam him down at his back. Lastly, I kick the last man at his face and stomach. I rush to the man that holds her

“I said release her, now” I shout

“Ordering me? I will show you who the boss here is” He said to me

He pushes her to fall down on the ground. Then he takes out a knife and rushes to me. I dodge the knife. Then I take his wrist and twist it making him drop his knife. Then I kick his stomach and punch his face. Then I shouts while showing the phone in front of them

“I already call the police here”

“Remember that, butler” He shouts

Then they all rush back to their van.

“What’s wrong? Who are they?” I thought in confuse

End Minami's POV

Atsuko is very scared. Her heart beats very fast. She puts her hand on her chest to calm down. After they all ran away, Minami quickly rushes to Atsuko.

“Ojou-sama, are you ok?” He asks her in worry tone

“I’m fine” Atsuko said acting like she doesn’t scare

However, he can feel the shaking of her body and her tone.

“She is acting tough, huh?” Minami thought

“Really?” He asks her

“Uh” She nods confidently

“Then you don’t need my help, right?” he asks her

“I’m fine by myself” She said

“Fine then” Minami said

Then he stands up and turns away. Behind him, Atsuko tries to stand up. However, when she stands on her feet, she stumbles and falls down because her ankle is hurt. She thought that she will fall, but someone hold her back

“You are a stubborn Ojou-sama” a warm voice whispers in her ear

She is surprise. When she opens her eyes she sees Minami face is really near hers. As reflection, she pushes him out. Luckily, he catches her hand and pulls back before she falls again

“Ojou-sama, do you want to fall on the ground?” he said

Atsuko just shakes her head. Minami laughs in his mind at her attitude

“Why did I feel she looks so innocent?” Minami thought

Then Minami helps her to stand up. She holds the tree to stable. He bend down in front of her.

“Ojou-sama, come on.” Minami said

“What are you doing?” Atsuko asks Minami

“Carry you on my back to go down to the mountain base” He said

“Your ankle hurt, you can't walk, right?” Minami turns back and said

“Uh, but…” Atsuko said with little hesitation

“You don’t want this?” Minami asks her

“I can walk by myself” she said

Minami looks at her with amused look

“Ok, then I will go down to the mountain base first and wait for you there” He said

“Uh” she nods

Then Atsuko looks down trying to lift her hurt ankle up to walk. Suddenly, to Atsuko surprise, instead of leaving, Minami lifts her up on his back

“W...w...what are you doing, Takahashi-san?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Carrying you on my back.” Minami said

“I can walk” She said

“I know. However, I just want to carry you on my back. Because I’m your butler, I have to take care of you” Minami said

“Ok.” Atsuko said in small tone

Then she rounds her arms on his neck to stable. Minami smiles in his mind when seeing her acting like this. Suddenly he stuns when hearing a whispering

“Thank you, Takahashi-san. Sorry for bothering you” she whispers to him

Just a whispering, but he can feel that it blows away all his thoughts about her up until now. He smiles

“You’re welcome, Ojou-sama” He said

Then he starts walking down from the mountain. All their way, there is only silent fill between them. After walking for 30 minutes, he suddenly feels Atsuko buries her face on his neck. He can feel her breath stable and slowly on his neck. The closeness makes Minami’s heart beats faster

“O...Ojou-sama” he calls her


However, he doesn’t hear any response from her.

“Ojou-sama?” he calls her again


And he still doesn’t hear anything. He takes out his phone and uses it to look at her.

“She fell in sleep” Minami thought in surprise

He smiles when seeing her sleeping face through his phone. Walking for 10 more minutes, they finally reach the mountain base. Then he calls the taxi to take them back to the house.

After a while

The taxi finally comes. Minami carefully puts her down into the taxi so that she won't wake up. While he is stabling her in the back seat,


Suddenly she is frowning and turns to hugs his arm tightly. Minami is surprised with her action. Then he tries his best to sits down without waking her up. After that he tells the driver to take them back to the house.


Hope you guys enjoy reading this!  :)
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Hmmm.. Looks like Minami slowly start to see and understand why Atsuko is like that.. :roll:
But stuborn till the end.. xD
Waiting next chapter!  8)
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update soon :D
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Piggy back rides are always epic.
Atsumina's always too sweet.
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oh oh... interesting story of butler and oujosama....

Who was the kidnapper mastermind?

Who is this ERI?

Is she the mastermind?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Atsumina) Part 3 16/01/2016
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@Nezumayuyu, @black_maa, @AI712, @phoenix0i, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 3  :D

My Lovely Ojou-sama

Part 3

In the taxi

Minami is sitting at the back seat, and Atsuko is resting her head on his shoulder and hugging his arm. She is sleeping very soundly. Minami looks at her and smiles

“I never thought this cold Ojou-sama is like this. She looks like an angel when she is sleeping.” He thought

“Maybe she is not that bad.”

After a while the taxi stops at the gate of Maeda’s mansion.

“Thank you, here is the money” Minami said and gives him money

Then he slowly withdraws his arm from her so that he can take her back in the house. However, the movement wakes her up. Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees Minami smiling at her. She quickly sits up. His smile makes her heart beats fast

“T...T...Takahashi-san?” she calls him in confuses

“Ojou-sama, we reached the house” Minami said

“Reaching my house?” she thought

She closes her eyes to recall everything.

“O...o...ok” Atsuko said

Then Minami steps out of the car. He turns around and bends down.

“Ojou-sama, let’s go” he said to her

“ is ok, I can walk from here” she said

“No, I have to do my job.” Minami said to her


“Come on, Ojou-sama” Minami turns and looks at her with a smiling face

“O...ok” Atsuko said

Then she rounds her arms around his neck. He stands up and carries her back to the house. He opens the door and walks in. Then he puts her down on the sofa. He sits down and checks on her sprain ankle.

“It's ok, Takahashi-san. I can ask Yuko to treat for me” Atsuko said

“You will wait for her to come back here after 2 weeks of her vacation in Hawaii?” Minami asks

“Do you want to sit like this? Your ankle will get worse if not treat it soon” he continues

She shakes her head and stays silent for Minami to check on her ankle.

“This is the first time I see her like this. How cute” Minami smiles in his mind and thought

Atsuko sits there and looks at him.

"Ouch." She frowns when Minami move her ankle little

“I’m sorry” he said and gently caresses her ankle

Atsuko can feel her heart suddenly beats faster.

“Are you ok, Ojou-sama?” he asks Atsuko

“U...uh...t..thank you” she said shyly

“Your ankle is ok. The sprain is not so serious. Let me put a bag of ice on this. Tomorrow, you can walk normally again. However, don't do anything heavy” Minami said gently

“Uhm...ok thank you” Atsuko said

Minami looks up seeing Atsuko looking at him with curious look

“What is it, Ojou-sama?” He asks her

“Huh?” She looks at him with confused look

“I see that you seem like wanting to ask me something. Therefore, I ask you that” Minami said

“S...sorry” Atsuko looks down and said

“No it's ok. What do you want to ask?” Minami asks

“You seem to know a lot about medical. Do you want to be a doctor?” Atsuko asks

“No, I study about business. I knew it because I used to learn Karate. As you know, learning Karate sometime can cause you some injuries. Therefore my teacher taught basic thing about that” Minami said

“Oh” she nods

“Let’s me help you back to your room. I also have to cook dinner for you” Minami said

“Thank you” she thanks him again

Then he takes her back to her room.

At night

Minami is lying in his room. He is thinking about the incident in the morning. Then he thinks of Atsuko

“Who are they? Why did they want to kidnap her, for money?" Minami thought

"Anyway, I'm so glad that I can save her from those guys. Plus, luckily, that she didn't ask me about why I was there. Maybe the incident caused her to forget about that” Minami thought

He closes his eyes and think about Atsuko, her every action and expression. His lips form a smile

“I never thought that she can act like that. I think Yuko is right” he thought

After the incident, the relationship between Minami and Atsuko is better. He sometime can talk to her normally.

One day

In the early morning

Minami’s POV

When I just come out of my room, I hear the doorbell. I come to the door and see a deliveryman.

“Her father sends her a gift again” I thought

I open the door.

“Hello sir” he greets me

“Hi” I said

“Ms. Maeda Atsuko has a package to receive” he said to me

“Ok, thank you” I said and receive the package

Then he leaves. I take the package up to her room. I knock her door

“Oujo-sama, Master send you a gift” I said

“....” I didn't hear her response

“Ojou-sama” I call and knock her door again

“Just open it” She said to me without open her door

Her voice seem to be different

“But this is your gift” I said

“Just do it” She said

“Yes” I said and open it

When I open the box, I see a jewelry box. I open the box and see a very beautiful necklace.

“It looks so expensive” I thought

“Ojou-sama, Master sends you a very beautiful necklace” I said

“I see” She blankly said

“Ojou-sama” I call her

She opens the door and looks at the necklace with a emotionless look

“Ojou-sama, Master really loves you, right? He always sending you gifts” I said and smile

She strongly closes the box and looks at me with cold eyes

“Mind your own business” She said coldly

“I’m sorry” I said and bow

then she turns around and strongly slams the door. I look at the door with confused look.

“Girl is so hard to get. Many days ago are still happy. Why did this upset and blank face come back again?” I though while scratching my head

“I guess I will just go to the market now” I shrug and go out

In the afternoon

While I’m cooking, I hear the doorbell again. I come to the door. I open it

“Good afternoon, Eri-san” I said

“Good afternoon, Takahashi-san” she said to me

“How is your work here?” she asks me

“Uh, I’m fine. The job isn’t so hard” I said

“That is good” she said

“Where is Atsuko-sama?” She asks me

“Ojou-sama is in her room. I will call her for you” I said

“Thank you. I will wait for her in the living room” She said

“Ok” I said

Then I come up to her room. I knock the door

“What is it?” she asks me

“Eri-san wants to see you” I said

“What does she want?” she asks me

“I don’t know. Maybe something important” I said

“Ok, tell her I will be there” she said to me

Then I go to the kitchen to prepare tea for her.

End Minami's POV

After preparing the tea, Minami brings the tea to the living room. He comes to the room at the same time with Atsuko. She sits down in front of Eri.

“I can feel a very heavy atmosphere.” Minami thought

“Here is your tea, Eri-san” He said and puts down her tea

“Thank you, Takahashi-san” she said

“Here is your tea, Ojou-sama” Minami said and gives her the tea

“Why do you want to meet me?” Atsuko said

“Did you receive president’s gift?” Eri-san asks

“I did” Atsuko answers shortly

“Do you like it?” Eri asks

“Does it matter with you? Why did you want to know?” Atsuko asks

“I just come here as president ordered me. He wants to know if you like it or not” Eri said

“Why doesn't he ask me by himself?” Atsuko said

“He is busy with a new contract” Eri said

Then Atsuko laughs bitterly

“He is busy. So busy that can't even call his daughter once. He is busy that he doesn't even remember his wife's death anniversary” She said

Minami looks at her.

“Her voice” he thought

He can feel her hurt and loneliness.

“Wait dead anniversary which means two days ago was…” Minami thought

“He can't call me, but can tell you to check on me. That is funny” Atsuko said

Minami looks at her. He can see the sadness on her eyes. Then Atsuko stands up

“You can go now. He wants to know if I received it, tell him I did. Liking it or not is not any matter to him anyway” she said

The she walks toward her chair by the fireplace.

“Ok, then I will leave now” Eri said

When Minami is about to follow her, Eri said

“I can go out myself. You don't need to follow me”

“Ok. Then good bye Eri-san” Minami said and bows

Then Eri leaves the living room. Minami turns and looks at Atsuko

“Ojou-sama.” Minami thought while looking at her

Minami's POV

I walk closer to her

“Ojou-sama, are you ok?” I ask her in worry tone

“Leave” she said to me shortly

However, I can feel the shaking in her voice.

“Oujo-sama, are you hungry? I ask

“No” she said shortly

“But this is late. Let's me prepare food for you” I said

“I'm fine. You don't have to do anything. Just go back to your room” she said to me

“But you need to eat…”


Cutting my words, she shouts and slams her chair

“Don't say like worrying about me. You also hate me, right? You are still here just because of your school tuition, right?” She said

“The other day, it was you throwing all my food, so why did bother asking me now. Just leave me alone.” She said to me


“Get out” She shouts

“I'm sorry” I whisper

Then I turn and go out of the living room. I'm worry about her, so I sit in front of the door waiting for her. Unknowingly I fell in sleep. Then I hear the sound of the door opening

“Oujo-sama” I thought

Then I stand up and turn to the door. I see her standing in front of me with her usually bored eyes. However, I can see that they are all red

“Why are you still here?” She said to me coldly

“I'm worry about you” I said

“Enough of that nonsense.” She said and walks away back to her room

“That is not nonsense. Remember the time on that mountain. Everything I did is because I’m really care about you” I shout

She stops her feet a little. Then she keeps walking without looking back at me. I also go back to my room. I sit on my bed and think about the incident just now. Her sad face still appearing in my head. I don’t why but my heart feels pain when seeing her like that.

At midnight

I was woken up because of a loud thunder. Thunder just keeps appearing one after another

“The storm is so strong” I thought

Suddenly, I hear another loud thunder, louder than before. I step down from my bed to take some water. I open my door and come out. When I’m standing in front of my room, I hear some sound coming from her room. I turn and look at the room. I see the door opens slightly.

“It sounds like crying” I thought

Feeling worry about her, I come and take a look at the door.

“Mama, Mama” I hear her shaky voice.

I look into her room. However, I didn't see her anywhere. I slowly open her door and come in

“Ojou-sama” I call in small tone

However, I didn't receive any response.


When I’m about to call her once again, another thunder appear. Then I hear her screaming. I turn to the sources of the sound.

“That comes from her closet.” I thought

I come closer to the closet and call

“Oujo-sama, are you in there?” I ask

I didn't hear any response. I open the door. I widen my eyes in surprise. I see a little figure sitting scarily while using her two hands to cover her ears. My heart feels tight when seeing her like this.

“Oujo-sama, are you ok?” I ask her in worry tone

She looks up at me. Then another lightning appears. The lightning helps me see more clearly how scared she is. Then after that is a big thunder. This time is bigger than any before. She shrinks herself and covers her ears again. I hug her to comfort her

“It is ok, Ojou-sama. I'm here” I said and pat her back

She pushes me out

“Don't act like worrying about me. I don't need that” she said

Then another thunder appears. She unconsciously hugs me and buries her face on my chest. Her body is shaking

“I tell you the true, Ojou-sama. I'm worry about you” I said while patting her head

“Really?” She asks me in shaky tone

“Of course” I said

Then another thunder appears. She tightens her hug on me

“Thunder is scary, Minami”

I'm very surprise. She calls my name while burying her face on my chest. My heart suddenly skips a beat. I smile

“I will always be here for you, Ojou-sama. Don't be scared” I said gently

“Uh” she nods

“Let's me take you to your bed to rest ok.” I said

“No, it is scary” she shakes her head and said

“Is this really the girl who possessed a pair of cold and emotionless eyes?” I thought

Just like the other day. I now can see her other sides more clearly. A very weak and need to protect side.

“Don't worry, I'm here” I said and stroke her back

Then I carry her to her bed. I gently put her down. When I move back, I feel her hand is holding my shirt

“Minami, don't leave me alone” she said to me

“So weak and fragile.” I thought

“I'm here. I will watch you sleep” I said and stroke her hair

Then I move on her bed and hug her tightly. She snuggles closer to me while hugging me tightly

“Thank you, Minami” she whispers to me

“Any time, Ojou-sama” I whisper

“Sleep well, Ojou-sama.” I said

When I look down, I see that she already fell in sleep. I smile while looking at her sleeping face. It is so peaceful. I always thought that she is a very hard to serve, a spoiled little girl through Eri-san’s description. However, I'm wrong. That is only her way to cover her hurt and lonely heart.

“I will always protect you, my Ojou-sama” I thought

Then I also slowly fall in sleep

End Minami's POV

In some place

In a dark room

A person is sitting on the chair and talking to the phone

“How is thing going?” The person asks

“Good” It said

“I won’t allow another failure, got that” the person said

“Uh, did you investigate that person?” it asks

“Is that so? Good. The plan will continue like that.”

Then the person hangs up. It looks at the phone and smirks


Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D
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