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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 12 05/03/2017
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@cisda83, @Dianalrs: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is Part 12  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 12


In Takahashi mansion

“Don't worry Kiara, we will definitely against that.” Ayumi said

“Thank you auntie, uncle” Kiara said still sobbing

“Kiara appreciates your love, but I think it is very hard. I was already rejected twice. I don't want to be hurt again. I love Minami, so I only want him to be happy. For Minami, I can do it. I will give up” She continues

“That year, I thought he just felt pity on her because she got injured by those kidnapped him before. That is why when I know she woke up, I quickly went back to talk to him. However, what I saw break my heart. He is very happy with her” Kiara said and cries.

“Aww! My poor girl. Don't worry. We won't let him be with a commoner like that. Our family are friend for a long time, this marriage definitely happens” Ayumi said and pats her back gently

“That idiot son. What is he thinking? Ruin Takahashi reputation like that” Kenji angrily said

“Don't be angry at him uncle. Maybe because he is too kind” Kiara said

“Kiara is such a nice girl. He definitely is tricked by that girl that is why he didn't notice that” Ayumi said

“Just wait a little more, Kiara, three weeks later after I finished my business, we will come back there right away and take him back here for sure” Kenji said


In Minami's house

Atsuko is sleeping soundly by Minami's side. Minami is looking at her carefully. He can see her every small expression which he feels so cute when she is sleeping.

He brushes her hair aside and gently kisses her forehead. He loves every moment with his now fiancée.

Then Atsuko slowly opens her eyes.

“Hello baby” Minami smiles and said

Atsuko smiles at her soon to be husband brightly

“Good morning Minami” she hugs his neck and said

Then she leans up and pecks on his lips. Minami hugs her and kisses her deeply

“What a great beginning of a morning” Minami hugs her waist and said

“Yes” Atsuko nods

When Atsuko is about to sit up, Minami hugs her waist and said

“Let's cuddle Atsuko”

“But aren't you busy, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“No, I take a day off to cuddle with my bride” Minami buries his face on her neck and said

“Then ok” Atsuko laughs softly and said

Then they just lie on their bed lazily and cuddle until noon. After that they get up and cook together enjoying couple day.

In the evening

Minami and Atsuko come to Mariko’s house to have dinner. Also, he will tell them about this good new.

In Mariko's house

After finishing eating, Minami stands up and proudly said

“I have a great new to announce”

Mariko, Jun, and Rena look at him in confused while Atsuko shyly looking down because she knows what Minami will said

Suddenly he holds her hand and pulls her up

“I already proposed to Atsuko, and she said yes” Minami hugs her waist and said happily

Atsuko blushes with Minami's words. Jun, Rena and Mariko are very surprise, and at the same time happy for them

“Yeah!!! Way to go kid. Congratulations you two” Jun shouts excitedly

“Yes, congratulations you two” Rena said

“We are happy for you two” she continues happily

Then she looks down at her son on her laps and said

“Ren, say congratulation to uncle and auntie, they will get marry”

“Marry?” Ren looks at his daddy

“Uh, marry, just like daddy and mommy. They will be a family” Jun explains to his son

“That is great” Ren said happily

Then he looks up at Atsuko and Minami and said happily

“Congratulation, uncle auntie”

“Thank you, Ren” Atsuko pats his head and said

“Thank you everyone” Minami adds

However, opposite to them, Mariko is strangely silent. Noticing that, Atsuko turns and asks her

“Auntie, what's wrong?”

Atsuko's call snaps her out of her thought. Mariko smiles and said

“Nothing. Congrats you two.”

Then she stands up and walks toward Minami and Atsuko.

“Auntie hope you two can be happy forever.” She said while holding their hands

“Minami, you have to protect Acchan with all your love no matter what” she continues while putting Atsuko's hand in Minami's hand

“Yes, I know” Minami nods and said

“Good” Mariko said

Then she goes back to her seat. Atsuko looks at Mariko and notices her strange behavior which makes her worry

“I will go get some more food” Mariko said

Then she stands up and walks into the kitchen.

“I'll help” Atsuko said and follows her to the kitchen

When they get into the kitchen, Atsuko calls her


Mariko turns to look at Atsuko and asks

“What is it, Acchan?”

“Is there something wrong?” Atsuko asks worriedly

“Did I do something wrong? Or is it because I’m an orphan? Minami told me everything about my past. I know I’m not a good person for him” She continues with more worry and sad tone while looking down

Mariko is surprised with Atsuko's question

“No, no, no of course not, baka child. Why did you think I’m not happy?” she pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Because you acted so strange since Minami told you about us” Atsuko said still looking down

Mariko looks at Atsuko.

“I’m sorry for my weird behavior. I'm very happy to have you as my niece in law. You two together is what I really want.” she continues

“It is just there is something in my work that make me think” Mariko said

Atsuko looks up at Mariko. Her eyes lit up in happy when hearing what Mariko said

“Really auntie?” she asks with happy tone

“Of course, I’m very, very happy when you two are together” Mariko nods and said while smiling gently at her

“Also, Acchan” she calls

“Yes” Atsuko answers

“Acchan, I want you to remember this. Don’t ever say or think yourself like that. A person is not judged by that. What make a good person is her heart and action. Auntie wants you to not think of yourself like that no matter what other said” Mariko said seriously while patting Atsuko’s head

“More importantly, there isn’t match or no match in love. Love is a sacred thing, so treasure that ok?” she continues with gentle tone

“I’m sorry, auntie. I understand now” Atsuko said

“Good” Mariko pats Atsuko’s head and said

“Auntie, I have a question to ask you” Atsuko said

“I asked Minami about his parents, but he just answered slightly and tried to divert my question. I’m worry. I want to know about Minami’s parents, auntie?” Atsuko asks

She is worry because she lost all her memories and doesn’t know anything about his parents. She is scared that they won’t happy with her. Knowing her worriedness, Mariko reassures

“Don’t worry, Acchan. You will be fine. Everything will be ok”

“You have Minami by your side. Us will support you too, and most importantly, your love is the most important. Don’t worry ok”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

She feels so much better now after talking to Mariko

“Thank you, auntie” she hugs her and said in happy tone

“You’re welcome, my kid” Mariko said and pats her head

After finished eating, Atsuko, Rena, and Ren are sitting in the family room. Minami and Jun help Mariko with her work in her office.

“Once again, congratulation Acchan” Rena said

“Thank you, Rena-neechan” Atsuko smiles and said

“Did you two choose your wedding day? Did you plan everything?” Rena asks

“Not yet, Rena-neechan. I still don’t know about it. Rena-neechan, can you help me with the preparation?” Atsuko said

“Of course, I will definitely help you” Rena smiles and said

“Thank you, Rena-neechan” Atsuko smiles happily

“Ok, Acchan put that aside, can you tell me how did that unromantic boy propose to you?” Rena asks while giggling

Atsuko looks down shyly while blushing

“About that...”


In Mariko’s office

Mariko, Jun, and Minami are sitting in the sofa talking

“Takamina, did you tell your parents about this?” Mariko asks seriously

Minami stays silent while looking down. His eyes turn worry

“I haven't told them yet. I plan on telling them, but not now. Not after the incident 5 years ago,” Minami holds his fists tightly and said

“I see. Takamina, just as I said, you have to protect Acchan from hurt. Sooner or later, they will know about this. If they against this, you have to fight for your love.” Mariko said seriously

“Keep in mind that this will not be an easy road to walk, Takamina” she continues

“I know. I know this will not be an easy road. However, I won’t give up no matter what. I love Atsuko, and I will definitely protect her with my love. I will convince my parents to accept our love”  Minami said serious

“Good” Mariko smiles in relief

“I hope uncle and auntie will change their mind after all those years” Jun said in worry tone

Staying there and talk to Mariko, Jun, and Rena for a while. Then they go home

In Mariko's house

Mariko, Jun, and Rena are talking in the family room

“Mom, I’m worry about auntie Ayumi and uncle Kenji” Rena said

“I really hope they will approve this though my hope is very slim” Jun sighs and said

“I know. They are the most obstacle that Minami and Atsuko have to pass.” Mariko said

“I hope they won’t against them again?” Rena said

“Though I don’t want to think that way, they definitely will because of what so called family reputation” Mariko said with angry voice

“Shinoda and Takahashi are two big clan. Plus, brother in law is ambassador of Japan. I understand my big sister very much. They will against it like how they used to against your father and I” she continues

“I don’t understand why they so stubborn about reputation and money. Did they forget what they do to my dad?” Jun said in angry tone

“Calm down, Jun.” Rena pats his back and said

“Mom, can we do something to help them?” she turns to Mariko and asks

“Uhm...I really don't know what can we do now. Just hope that they love Takamina and willing to put aside that stupid pride and reputation” Mariko said

Then the three sigh heavily worrying about what will come to their dear family

In Minami's house

Atsuko is lying in Minami's embrace on their bed. Though she feels much better after talking to Mariko, she is still worry. She really doesn't know what Minami's parent think about her

She sighs silently so that Minami's doesn't notice her worries. She doesn't want to worry him. Minami is by her side. Of course, he notices her worri. He tightens his hugs around her waist and asks

“What's wrong, my love? I heard you sigh several times”

Atsuko looks up at Minami

“You are still awake?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“Of course, how can I sleep when my Atsuko still awake?” Minami said

“Now, Atsuko, tell me about your worries” he strokes her hair and said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him happily

She is very happy because Minami care for her in every moment

“I...Minami, your parent, will they happy with me?” Atsuko looks up at Minami and asks him the question again

Minami is surprise with her question

“Atsuko, I told y…”

“Minami, I want you to honestly answer me about your parents” cutting Minami’s words, Atsuko said

“I...I know that your father is Japan ambassador in U.S. I...I'm just a normal, no an orphan girl. I'm nothing compare to you. Wihm….” haven't finished her words, Minami pulls her up and kisses her lips deeply

Then he turns and puts her underneath him still kissing her passionately. Slowly Atsuko replies his kiss while hugging his neck tightly. Then Minami moves the kiss down on her neck and marks it making Atsuko moan in surprise. Then he looks up at her

“Atsuko, I won't allow you to think yourself like that. I love you because of who you are. Orphan or not, rich or poor, I don't care. I only know that I love you, Atsuko, and I will definitely take you as my wife no matter what.” Minami said seriously

“About my parents, I'm sure they will approve and very happy for us. However, if they against us, I will protect you and fight until they accept us?” He continues while looking directly to Atsuko's eyes

“Minami” Atsuko calls him happily and hugs his neck tightly

“I'm very happy, very happy and lucky to have you” she buried her face on his neck and said

“It is me who should say that. I'm happy to have you, Atsuko. I love you” Minami said

Then he breaks the hugs and kisses Atsuko's lips wildly. They kiss each other passionately. Minami slips his tongue in Atsuko's making her moan in surprise. He roughly kiss her while undressing her.

“I love you. Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I love you, too Atsuko” Minami said

One day

In the evening

Minami goes back home after his work. He opens the door and comes in.

“Atsuko, I’m home” Minami said while closing the door

Suddenly he feels Atsuko hug him while burying her face on his back

“Welcome back, Minami” she said happily

Minami can hear her happy tone. It makes him very happy. He turns around and hugs her waist.

“You seem to be very happy today, baby” Minami said lovely

“Yes, I'm very happy today” Atsuko smiles and said with cheerful tone

“Can you share with your handsome Minami?” Minami pinches her nose and said

“I will tell you later. Now let's go and eat. I cooked a lot of food for you with your favorite Katsudon” Atsuko said

“Yes, ma'am” Minami said happily

When they are about to eat, they hear the bell rings

“Huh? Who come this hour?” Minami said in confused

“Let’s me open the door” Atsuko said while standing up

“No, you just stay here, I will do it” Minami said

Then he walks out of the kitchen and opens the door. He is surprised when seeing his parents standing in front of the door

“Mom, dad” he calls them in surprised tone

“Why did they come here today?” Minami thought

He didn’t expect they will come today. He planned on telling them but not so soon.


Atsuko steps out from the kitchen and asks

“Who is it, Minami?”

Minami turns to look at Atsuko with worried eyes.

“No time to think. I have to make a bet now” he thought

Then he rushes to her and holds her hand. He pulls her toward his parents to introduce her

“Atsuko, meet my parents” he turns to her and said

Atsuko is surprised with Minami's words. She quickly bows in front of them and said

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi”

In the living room

Minami and Atsuko are sitting opposite with Minami's parents. Knowing Atsuko is scared, Minami holds her hand tightly to support her.

Ayumi stays silent. She looks at Atsuko with scanning eyes. Then she looks down and see an engaged ring on Atsuko left hand. She also sees that on Minami's. Those make her feel very unpleased

The whole house falls into a deadly silent. Feeling the heavy intention, Minami said breaking that silent

“How are you doing, mom, dad?”

“We are good” Kenji said shortly

“How about you, Minami?” Ayumi asks

“I'm very good” Minami said happily

“I see.” They said

“By the way, mom, dad, I have a news to tell you” Minami said

“What is it, son?” Ayumi asks

“I'm going to marry Atsuko.” Minami said while tightening his grip on her hand

“Please give us your blessing” he continues while bowing at them with Atsuko

Atsuko all the time still sit there silently and scarily. His parents look at her

“What is he thinking marrying this girl? Unacceptable” Kenji thought

“Atsuko, right?” His mother calls Atsuko

“Yes” Atsuko said in small tone

“We met before many years ago, but I guess you don’t remember us. When Minami asked us for you to live with him when you were 11, we thought at that time, he wants to help you just because of pity. I never thought that that pity feeling would turn into love.” Ayumi said

Atsuko looks down.

“Mom, how can you say that? I took Atsuko in because I feel there is a special destiny that connect us. You said like that will hurt her feeling” Minami said

“Minami, let's your mom say” Kenji said


“Minami, I'm fine” Atsuko holds his arm and whispers

Minami sits back while holding her hand. He expected that his parents will treat Atsuko harshly, but he can't believe his mother would say things like that

“Atsuko, do you really love him, or what he had?” Kenji asks

“What are you saying dad? Ok, let's me tell you this. I love Atsuko, and no matter what I will marry her” Minami said while frowning

He knows that he has to protect Atsuko the one and only girl he loves with all his heart.

“Minami, calm down. We never said that we against you two. I just want to ask Atsuko some questions” Ayumi said

“You don't” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Uh” his parents nod

Minami smiles happily when hearing their confirmation. Atsuko also feel very happy when hearing what they said. She turns and smiles at him happily

“Now can we talk to our daughter in law to be?” Ayumi said

“Yes” Minami nods happily


“Call us like Minami. You are about to become his wife, right?” Ayumi said

“Yes, mom, dad I really love Minami. I love him from bottom of my heart. I love him for who he is” Atsuko answers Ayumi’s previous question

“We are glad to hear it from you. We come here because we heard about you two.” Ayumi said

Then they stand up and said

“We have to go back to the mansion. Your father has work to do” Ayumi said

“You don't want to eat dinner with us?” Minami asks

“Sorry son, we are busy” Ayumi pats his head and said

“Ok” Minami said

Then they come to the door to say goodbye to his parents. When they are about to go, Minami's mother turns to Atsuko


“Yes” Atsuko answers respectfully

“Tomorrow let's have tea together not including you, Minami. This is for the bride. Plus, we will talk about the wedding preparation” Ayumi said

“Ok” Minami said

He is very happy that his parents accept Atsuko.

“Yes, mom” Atsuko bows and said

Then Minami's parents leave the place. Minami quickly hugs her happily

“Yeah!!! We got approved by them. We will get marry soon, Atsuko” he hugs her tightly and said

Atsuko hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest

“I'm also very happy right now, Minami” she said

Then Minami kisses Atsuko's lips sweetly

“Let’s me tell this good news to auntie” Minami said after breaking the kiss

“Ok, I will also tell this good new to Rena-neechan” Atsuko said

At Mariko’s home

In Mariko's office

While she is working, she got phone call from Minami

“What's up, kid?” Marko picks the phone and asks

(Auntie, my parents came just now. They approved for us) Minami said in happy tone

Mariko is surprised with Minami's words

“Really?” She asks

She still can't believe it because she knows her sister

(Yes, they approved for us. I'm so happy. Tomorrow she also wants to take Atsuko out to buy things for wedding) Minami said

“I see. That great. Congratulation you two” Mariko said

They talked for awhile, then they hang up. Mariko sits back on her chair and thinks

“Is she really approved for them?”

“Did she really change?”


30 years ago

Mariko is a trainee doctor in a pet hospital. Her boyfriend, Koichiro is an IT programmer and a professor in his university. He also works on his master degree. He also works part time to earn more money for his tuition. They love each other for 4 years and plan on getting marry.

However, her family against this because of his family background. They said that he is not compatible with Shinoda clan because he is a poor student. Can’t accept her father and sister unreasonable, Mariko left Shinoda mansion and moved in together with Koichiro.

At night

In their apartment

Mariko is watching TV while waiting for Koichiro. Then she hears the door opens. Mariko turns and sees Koichiro walk in with a smile on his face

“I'm home my love” he said

“Welcome home, Koichiro” Mariko stands up from the sofa and said

Koichiro smiles and hugs her. Then he leans on her tummy and said

“Hello my little boy”

“How did you know it is a boy?” Mariko laughs softly and said

“Of course, I know. I'm his daddy.” Koichiro said proudly

Mariko smiles at him. Then she asks

“Are you hungry, Koichiro?”

“I ate” Koichiro said

“You ate? With whom?” Mariko asks

“With a beautiful girl” Koichiro said

“A beautiful girl” Mariko looks at him and pouts

Koichiro laughs loudly at her reaction. He leads her to the sofa and sits down. He pulls her to sit on his embrace.

“I'm just kidding, love” he said

“Today I met your father and big sister” he continues while holding Mariko's hands

“You met them? For what?” Mariko turns and asks in surprise

“Koichiro, I told you that you don't need to meet them. They only think about money and power.” she said

“Also looking down on everyone lower than them” she continues

“Mariko, listen to me.” Koichiro said

“I really want your family approval. I believe you will be happier with them by your side on your wedding, right?” He asks

Mariko nods.


“Shhh…” Koichiro puts his finger on her lip

“Therefore, I always do my best to prove my love I have for you to your sister and your father” Koichiro said

“Finally, they understand, Mariko?” He continues in happy tone

Mariko is confused with what he said

“What do you mean, Koichiro?” She asks

“They said that they will approve for our wedding if I can earn enough money for the wedding dress that they choose in one month. I can do it” Koichiro smiles and said

She doesn't know why, but she has a bad feeling about this.

“Koichiro, can you show me the dress?” Mariko asks in worried tone

“No, it is a secret. I will earn money to buy it for you” Koichiro said

“Koichiro, please don't do reckless things” Mariko hugs him tightly and said in worried tone

“Don't worry, Mariko. I won't do any stupid things that leave you and our coming child. I will do more and more to prove my love for you to them and buy that dress” Koichiro said

Then he looks at his watch and said

“Mariko, it is time for my new part time job. I have to go now” he said

“You got another part time job? Koichiro, you have class early morning, too” Mariko said

“My work end at 2, I'll be fine. This one month will be just like how I study for my bachelor degree. I can do it in a year. One month is not a problem” Koichiro said

“But honey…” Mariko calls him worriedly

“Ssh… everything will be fine” Koichiro kisses her lips and said

“You are pregnant, you should go to sleep now” He continues

“I will go now. I love you, Mariko” Koichiro said

“I love you too, Koichiro. Please be careful” Mariko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Baka, don't cry like I will go to battlefield. I will be fine” Koichiro wipes her tear and said

Then he leaves the house.

One week later

Mariko's POV

It has been a week since Koichiro starts working this part time job as a taxi driver. He just barely at home every day. At night, he will come back with a very exhausted face, but he always smiles at me and said he is fine.

I really don't want him to be this exhausted. There is time I told him to stop working. I will tell my father and sister, but he stopped me. He said that he is a man, and he can do this for me.

Today is not exception, he will go home by 2. I'm lying on the sofa waiting for him. Suddenly I hear my phone ring.

“Hello” I said

(Hello, are you family of Matsui Koichiro?) I hear the other said asks me

“Yes, I'm his wife” I said

(I'm the police. Your husband got accident, and he is in the hospital, right now) the police told me

My heart nearly stops when hearing that. I quickly rush out of my house and drives to the hospital.

I rush to the emergency room to look for him. I see a police there. He turns and asks me

“Are you Matsui Koichiro’s wife?” He asks me

“Yes” I nod

“We got a phone call reported about his accident. Seem like he lost control of his car and rolls down the side and hit the tree. The doctor is in there treating him” the police told me

“Please Koichiro, please be ok. Our child and me can't live without you” I thought while tear rolling down on my cheeks.

I can't lose him. Then I see the doctor comes out. I quickly rush to him and asks

“Dr, how is my husband?”

The doctor look at me and shakes his head.

“I'm sorry, we did our best, but the injuries were very severe. You can go meet him for the last time”

My heart stops beating at that time. I walk toward the emergency table. My love lying there with blood on his face and clothes. I slowly touch his face

“Ma...ri...ko” I hear he calls me with his sweet voice, but why it is so weak

“I'm here, Koichiro.” I said while holding his hand

“You will be fine. You will be fine. Our son and I need you” I continues in tear

He smiles at me. Then he slowly takes out something in his pocket shirt, a ring

“ me your… hand Mariko” he said to me

I give him my left hand, and he slowly wear the ring on my ring finger

“I'm...sorry, Mariko. Seem like I can't...see you in...your wedding dress or…be with you when our child is born” he said to me

“No, I don't want that. Please Koichiro, don't leave me, I need you, our child needs you” I shake my head and said

“Shh..Baka...who said I leave you. I will always be by your side.” He smiles and pats my head

“Our child, if a girl, call her Jurina, and if a boy, call him Jun, Matsui Jun” He said to me

Suddenly his breath turn heavy.

“Koichiro, Koichiro” I hold his hand and calls him

He smiles at me

“ you Mariko”


Then I hear a long deathly sound that tears my heart in pieces.

“No, Koichiro” I cry out his name painfully

End flashback

In front of Shinoda mansion

“Why did you do that, Ayumi-nee, dad?” Mariko asks in angry tone

“What did we do? Didn't we tell him that we will approve if he can buy the dress we chose for you?” Ayumi said innocently

“Don't use that innocent tone. You know how he is. He still has to work for his own money for studying. How can you give him that impossible condition? I saw that dress, a dress is ordered from EU. That dress is impossible for him to work and buy in one month. You just want to make him give up, don't you?” Mariko said

“If so then it is his own useless.” Mariko’s father said coldly

Mariko holds her fists tightly because of angry

“I was true when I left this hell where only heartless people live.” She said and leaves the house

End flashback

Mariko wipes her tear while standing up.

“I won't let history repeat.” She said and leaves her house

She will come to where she left long time ago

At Shinoda’s mansion

Mariko walks into the house.

“Hello ojou-sama” the old maid bows at her and said

“What a great occasion that my little sister come here” Ayumi steps down from the stair and said sarcastically

“I want to ask you one thing” Mariko said seriously

“What is that important thing that make you come all the way here to talk to me?” Ayumi said

“Don’t use that tone to me” Mariko said

“I don’t want to come to this prison where power and money is put above everything. I hate it. I just want to protect people who dear to me” she continues

Ayumi frowns with Mariko’s words

“Come to the family room” she said

“Need not. I just want to ask do you really support them or just faking it like how you and dad treated Koichiro causing him to die in the car accident” Mariko said while holding her fists tightly

“Of course, I approved for them. Minami is my only son. I will give him everything he wants. If he wants to marry Atsuko, I will definitely support” Ayumi said

Mariko stands there looking at her sister. She can’t understand her action. However, she hopes what Ayumi said is true.

“Ok, I trust you. I hope what you said is true.” Mariko said

When she is about to leave, she turns and said in sincerely tone

“Acchan is a good girl. Please don’t hurt her feeling if you still have a heart”

Ayumi smirks and turns away.

“I don’t need you to teach me how to be a human”

Mariko shakes her head and walks away

At night

Minami just took the bath and steps out. He sees Atsuko is sitting on her makeup table doing something.

“Atsuko, what are you doing?” Minami asks while walking closer to her

Atsuko turns around and smiles at Minami

“Minami” she calls him while standing up

“What are you doing, my love?” Minami hugs her waist and asks

“Nothing, I just reorder my makeup and thinking about tomorrow” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami can feel a little hesitant and a little weird in her behavior.

“Maybe, she just nervous” he thought

“By the way Atsuko, what is the news that you want to tell me?” Minami asks

“Congratulations Atsuko”

“When will you tell Takamina?”

“I want to make him surprised with this great news. I can't believe I'm so blessed. Minami and I are so blessed.”

“Keep this secret for me Rena-neechan”

“Uhm… nothing, I just want to tell you that I went to the hospital to check up just like you told me. I'm fine. Rena-neechan said that I just exhausted maybe because of the preparation for the wedding” Atsuko said

“I will tell him about this great news tomorrow after meeting with mom. I want to surprise him more than what I planned today.” She thought

“I see. So how do you feel my love?” Minami asks while stroking her hair

“I'm fine now. Actually, I feel great especially after knowing your parents approved” Atsuko smiles and said

“I see. That's good. Let's go to sleep Atsuko. You have to rest more” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

They lie down on their bed, and Atsuko moves closer to Minami. She hugs him while burying her face on his chest. Minami kisses her head and said

“Goodnight my love”

“Goodnight Minami”

The next day

A black car stops in front of Minami’s house. The driver will pick Atsuko up to Takahashi’s mansion

“Bye Atsuko, see you in the evening” Minami hugs her waist and said

“Ok, bye Minami.” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

Then Atsuko leaves the house

Atsuko sits on the car happily. She never thought that his parents will accept her. However, she never knows what is really waiting for her at the destination. People’s heart is more complicated than what she or even Minami can get.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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It's great to see you come back after these weeks.
The fic is good, and I love it.
I wonder what will Minami's parents do to Atsuko after all the things they did to Mariko's husband.
I hope Mariko can do something in precaution.
And I guess I know what good news Atsuko wanted to tell Minami 😌
Please update soon!
Thank you!

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Oh no!
Hope nothing bad happend to Atsuko  :cry:
Dont separate them again please  :bow:

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 13 12/03/2017
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@tong99826, @Dianalrs: Thank you!   :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 13  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 13

In Shinoda’s mansion

Atsuko follows the housekeeper into the house. He leads her to the family room where Minami’s mother and father waiting for her.

“Please come in, Ms. Atsuko” the man bows and said

Atsuko nods and come into the room. After that, the housekeeper leaves the room and closes the door.

“Hello mom, dad” Atsuko bows and said

“Don’t calls us so friendly like that” Ayumi said in cold tone

“Yes, we are no more than a stranger to each other” Kenji said

Atsuko is very surprised with what they said. She can feel pain in her heart when she realizes what they meant. This is what she expected before.

“I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi” Atsuko bows and said

“You are a smart girl huh” Ayumi laughs softly and said

“Have a seat” she continues

“It’s ok, I can stand” Atsuko said while still looking down

She is scared and doesn’t want to sit down.

“Minami” she calls Minami’s name in her mind

She wants Minami here with her right now. She wants his support

“Suit yourself” Kenji coldly said

“Atsuko-san, we really appreciated you in that past that you saved our Minami from kidnapper that is why we allowed Minami to take you in. We also really felt sorry for what happened to you 5 years ago because of Minami’s case” Ayumi said

“However, Atsuko-san, you do know that Minami's father is Japan’s ambassador. Also, Shinoda and Takahashi are big clan in Japan and U.S, right?” She asks

“Yes, I know” Atsuko said

“Therefore, you do know that our reputation is very important, right?” Ayumi asks

“Yes” Atsuko nods

“Minami is a strong kid with his own thinking. Since he met you, his strong side shows very clearly. You saw how he reacted when he thought us not approve the marriage. However...” Ayumi said and pauses

“Minami needs to have a compatible wife whose family is equally with Takahashi and Shinoda. We already found for him a very compatible fiancée, Kisaki Kiara, and they will get marry in U.S shortly” Kenji adds

“You are a smart girl. I know you understand what we are trying to say, right Atsuko-san?” Ayumi said while stressing each of her word

Atsuko holds her fists shakily. Then she bows deeply and said

“I know what I should do, Mr., Mrs. Takahashi”

“Good, don't worry. We already prepare a check for you. Just fill out how much you want in it. Don’t hesitate and fill the check with the amount you want” Kenji said while taking out his cheek book

“It's ok. I don't need that.” Atsuko bows and said

“It’s ok. Just take it” Ayumi said

Atsuko holds her fists tightly

“Thank you for your offer Mr and Mrs. Takahashi. I really don’t need money from you. If I receive money from you, I will betray my own dignity. And the most important thing, I will betray my love to Minami and his to me because this is like I sell my love. I won't do it ever.” She said in serious and strong tone

Ayumi is surprised with her words and serious eyes

“When I said, I know what I have to do, I meant it. If you two finished, please excuse me” Atsuko bows and said

Then she leaves the room.

When Atsuko reaches outside of the mansion, she meets the person that she really doesn't want to see. Kiara is standing there looking at her with a smirk on her face. Atsuko looks down and walks faster pass her. However, Kiara stops her and said

“Can we talk a little?”

Atsuko stays silent and follows her to the backyard of the mansion.

“I told you, right? Minami is mine” she corners Atsuko to the wall and said

“Oh, I forgot, you lost all that memories, so you properly don’t remember that. Then let’s me tell you again. Takahashi Minami is mine. A person like you is nothing” Kiara said while pointing her finger at Atsuko’s head

Atsuko looks down holding her tear.

“Miss Kisaki, Mr and Mrs Takahashi already told me very clear about this” she said

“And you understand everything, right?” Kiara asks

“An orphan like you can't do anything for Minami. I'm with my family background can help his company grow more and more.” She said

“You should know your place orphan girl, poor little brat. A person like you want to take what I want huh?” She continues while slapping Atsuko's face slightly

Suddenly she slaps her strongly and said

“Not in million year orphan. What Kisaki Kiara wants, no one can get it”

“Are you done, Ms. Kiara? I have to go now” Atsuko said

Kiara looks at Atsuko by contemptuous eyes and walks away.

Atsuko quickly rushes out of the cold mansion.

At the same time

Inside the room

“It is easier than I thought. It is good that she understands.” Kenji said

“Uh” Ayumi nods silently

Kenji turns to look at his wife because she is strangely silent. He sees that Ayumi is spacing out

“Ayumi, what’s wrong?”

Ayumi is silent because she is thinking about Atsuko’s action, words and her eyes. They are bothering her. Kenji’s call snaps her out of her thought. She looks at her husband and said

“Uh-uh, nothing. It is really good that she understand”

Then they hear knocking sound

“Come in” Ayumi said

The door opens, and Kiara walks in

“Uncle, aunite” she bows and said

“Oh, Kiara you came” Ayumi said

“Come here my future daughter in law. We have a good news for you” she continues

Kiara comes and sits down on the sofa next to Ayumi

“We already stood up for you, Kiara. That girl will know her place” Ayumi said while holding her hands

“Thank you, uncle, auntie. Without you two, Kiara can't do anything” Kiara said while faking sobbing

“Baka, don't cry. You have to smile” Ayumi said

“I cry because of happy” Kiara said

“What a sweet girl. By the way, don’t call us like that. You are about to become our daughter in law, right” Ayumi pats her head and said

“I understand, mom, dad” Kiara said

“Yes, like that” Ayumi smiles and said

In Minami's house

Atsuko sits on the door and cries loudly. Minami already went to work, so now there are only her and Hero in this house. Hearing Atsuko comes in, Hero is very happy. He rushes out immediately from Atsuko’s room to greet her. However, when seeing Atsuko crying, he licks her hand and whimpers worriedly. Atsuko looks at Hero and said

“We have to leave, Hero. We have to leave this place”

She hugs him tightly and cries very hard.

In the evening

Minami comes home happily. When he opens the door, he smells a lot of good food. He comes to the kitchen and sees Atsuko is cooking. She looks just like a wife cooking waiting for her husband.

Minami smiles. Then he walks closer to her stealthily and hugs her waist tightly

“I'm home honey” Minami said lovingly

Atsuko is still thinking about Minami’s parents, so his sudden action surprised her. However, she quickly calms herself down. Then she turns and smiles at Minami

“Welcome home, Minami” she hugs his neck and said

Minami feels very happy. He bends down and kisses her lips sweetly.

“I'm very happy Atsuko” Minami said

“Me too, Minami. I'm so blessed to have you and your love.” Atsuko said sincerely

“Atsuko” Minami hugs her in his arms while smiling widely

The smile never once leaves his lips. Every single second being with Atsuko is his greatest happiness

Meanwhile, Atsuko closes her eyes listening to Minami steady heartbeat. She wants to be embraced in his arms more because after today, she will never feel this happiness ever again

“I'm sorry, Minami” she thought while tightening her hug around him.

When they break the hug, Minami notices a slightly red on her left cheek.

“What's happened to your face, Atsuko, why it is red?” Minami caresses her cheek and asks

“Uhm...nothing, Minami. I just got carry away and fall when I walk down stair. Then my face hit the stair handle” Atsuko lies

“You fell? Are you ok, baby? Did you hurt somewhere? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Minami asks worriedly while checking on Atsuko

“I'm fine. Don't worry, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

“Really?” Minami asks in worried tone

“Uh, perfectly fine” Atsuko smiles and said

“That's good” Minami pinches her nose and said

Then he looks at the table and see a lot of food

“Atsuko, why did you cook a lot of food today? Yesterday also, did something great happen?” Minami asks

“Uh-uh, I cooked a lot because I'm learning to be a good wife. Cooking food and waiting for my husband to come home from work” Atsuko said

Minami is extremely happy. He kisses her head and said

“I'm the luckiest husband in the whole world”

Then they come to the table and eat together happily. At the same time, Atsuko never leaves his face. She wants to look at his face more and more.

“Minami, say ah” Atsuko raises a spoon of soup in front of him

“Ah…” Minami opens his mouth happily

Then Atsuko feeds him

“ delicious. The most delicious soup in the whole world” Minami said

“Sweet talker” Atsuko laughs softly and said

“I told the true” Minami hugs Atsuko's waist and said.

Suddenly Atsuko turns to Minami and said

“Let's take a picture, Minami”

“Huh?” Minami looks at Atsuko with confused look

“I want to take picture with you. Can’t I?” Atsuko looks at Minami with puppy’s eyes and said in pouting tone

Minami laughs gently at her cute face.

“Of course, taking picture with my lovely wife, that is the greatest thing in the whole world” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said lovingly

Atsuko smiles brightly while taking out her phone. Minami moves closer to her while hugging her waist. Their face is very close to each other, and their cheek touches.

“1, 2, 3” Atsuko counts and takes the picture

When she clicks the button, Minami turns and kisses her cheek gently. Therefore, the picture which Atsuko took is Minami kissing Atsuko’s cheek. His face shows that he is very happy.

“Minami” Atsuko turns to him and pouts

“What? This is a great picture, right?” Minami said

Atsuko looks at the picture and nods

“Good” Minami said

“Now, let’s me send this picture to my cell. I will definitely make it my home screen” he continues while taking Atsuko’s picture

However, Atsuko quickly takes back and said

“I... I will send it to you later”

“Ok” Minami nods in confused

After finishing their dinner, Minami comes to the living room and watch TV while waiting for Atsuko to take a bath. He looks at the table and sees Atsuko’s phone there. He takes her phone and opens the picture that Atsuko just took. He smiles happily when looking at it.

“Since Atsuko hasn’t sent me yet, I will send it” Minami thought

After sending the picture, Minami puts Atsuko’s phone down. Suddenly her phone rings.

“Huh?” Minami thought while picking the phone up to see who's calling

“Love?” He thought in surprised when seeing the caller name

He quickly picks up the phone. When Minami is about to say hello, the other side said

(Hello, my love, how are you?)

That is a strange male voice

(Did you tell him about us?)

(I know, it is very hard to tell him that you don’t love him, but love, we love each other. I don’t want you to be with him anymore.)

Minami widens his eyes in surprised when hearing what the other side said. His hand is shaking

(Hello, Why don’t you say anything, my beauty?)

“Who are you?” Minami asks

Hearing his voice, the other side sudden hangs up.

“What’s going on?” Minami thought

“What is the meaning of this? Who is that man?” in his head there are a lot of thoughts appear

He is very confused. Then the words of the man flashes back to him again

(I know, it is very hard to tell him that you don’t love him, but love, we love each other. I don’t want you to be with him anymore.)

“Atsuko” Minami thought while tightening his grip on her phone.

While thinking, Minami hears Atsuko’s call


Minami turns and sees Atsuko smiling happily at him

“Minami” she calls him happily while smiling brightly

Then she walks toward him. She sits down next to him and leans her head on his chest. Feeling Minami’s silent, Atsuko looks up and asks

“Why are you so silent, Minami?”

Minami shakes out all his confusing

“Maybe he called wrong number. Atsuko only loves me” he thought

Then he smiles at Atsuko and said while hugging her in his arms

“Nothing, just thinking about company stuffs”

“I see. Don’t work too hard ok. You have to relax” Atsuko said

“I know, Mrs. Takahashi” Minami pecks her lips and said

Atsuko feels pain in her heart when hearing Minami mention that. However, she forces a smile at him. Then she leans back on Minami chest and said

“Thank you for loving me, Minami”

“Without you, I believe I will never know what love is, and how great it felt to love and be loved. I don’t remember what my past is, but I have a feeling that if I didn’t meet you, I wouldn’t feel this great happiness. I’m very, very happy, right now, the happiest feeling”

“Baka, this is just the beginning of our happiness. We will be very, very happy in the future.” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I really hope we can live happily together forever, Minami” she thought while tightening her grip on his hand

Minami looks at her and smiles. Atsuko smiles and leans up to kiss his lips surprising him. Minami smiles and replies her kiss gently.

At dawn

Minami slowly opens his eyes feeling missing Atsuko beside him. He sits up planning to call her, but he stops when hearing some whispering in the restroom. He walks closer and hears that is Atsuko’s voice

“I know, I know, I will tell him.”

“Tell me?” Minami thought in confused

Suddenly the man’s words flashback in his head again

(I know, it is very hard to tell him that you don’t love him, but love, we love each other. I don’t want you to be with him anymore.)

“Of course, I love you too”

Minami feels like there is a knife stabs right at his heart when hearing Atsuko’s words. He opens the door of the restroom and calls her


Atsuko quickly turns around while hiding her phone behind her

“Who are you talking to Atsuko?” Minami asks while walking closer to Atsuko

Atsuko steps back and stutters

“ one”

“Who are you talking to Atsuko?” he holds her arms and asks

His grip is very tight

“M...Minami, you are hurting me” Atsuko said while frowning

“Tell me who are you talking to? Who is the person that you name “Love” in your phone?” Minami said with loud tone

Atsuko looks at Minami in surprise.


At night

After eating with Minami, Atsuko walks to the bathroom telling him that she goes to take a bath. However, she went there to do a plan that can make Minami hate her forever.

Atsuko takes out a recorder which she just recorded something. After that she takes out a phone and calls her number

End flashback

Minami looks at Atsuko seriously. He notices that Atsuko's face slowly turns normal

“So you saw that” she said in normal tone

Her voice is like another knife stabs in his heart. Her tone is just like she admits everything

“When I was in the hospital, I met him. He makes my heart feel so special. He makes me laugh, he took care of me, and a lot of things” Atsuko said

In her mind, she remembers all her time with Minami. The one and only one person she loves.

“You lied to me, Atsuko. I took care of you every single day. How can you meet someone else?” Minami said still holding her arms very tight

“Tell me Atsuko, what make you lie?” he asks her seriously

“I'm not lying. It is true that you took care of me. However, you also went to work. He came to talk to me all that time” Atsuko said

“You helped me a lot, so I don't want to hurt your feeling. I'm sorry. I should have told you earlier. I shouldn't go along saying all those things when seeing you sad” she continues

“You lied to me Atsuko. I don't believe it. Last night, you said you love me and I'm everything to you, right?” Minami said angrily

“I'm sorry. I shouldn't say those lies to you.” Atsuko said

Minami looks at her with hurtful eyes. Then he lifts her up in his arms and walks out of the restroom

“Put me down, what are you doing, Minami?” Atsuko said while struggling

“You are mine, Atsuko. I know you love me” Minami said

He puts her down on his bed and kisses her roughly. He kisses her strongly and roughly. At first Atsuko keeps struggling under him. Then slowly she lies still and does nothing.

Minami keeps kissing her roughly. However, he slowly stops when feeling Atsuko neither struggling nor kissing him back. He breaks the kiss and looks down at Atsuko. His heart breaks in pieces when seeing Atsuko tear keeps rolling on her cheeks.

“Atsuko” he calls her painfully

His tear drops on her face.

“Tell me, Atsuko. Do you really love him? Is staying with me hurt you that much?” Minami asks her in broken tone

Atsuko looks at Minami

“Yes, I love him very much. I love him who always know how to make me smile, spoil me with everything. I love everything about him” She said while her mind is full of Minami

She just uses the word him. The him she said is Minami. However, Minami doesn't know it. Hearing Atsuko's words, Minami feels so painful. His tear keeps dropping on Atsuko's face. He laughs bitterly and said

“You are so cruel, Atsuko.”

His voice is like he will break down just any second. It makes Atsuko feel more pain than she is already enduring. Hurting Minami like this, Atsuko feels her pain is indescribable.

“I’m sorry, Minami” she thought

She really wants to hug him and said that everything she said is a lie. She doesn’t love anyone other than him. Takahashi Minami is everything to Atsuko. However, she can’t.

Minami sits up from his bed, his back is facing Atsuko. He whispers in pain

“If being with me causes you that much pain, then I release you. You are free to go with your love, Atsuko”

“Minami” Atsuko looks at his back in pain

She really wants to hug him tightly in her arms. However, she puts her hand down

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko whispers

Then she steps down from his bed and walks back to her room preparing her clothes.

After awhile

Atsuko walks down stair with her bag in her hand, and Hero walking by her side. Minami is standing at the stair looking at Atsuko. He holds his fists tightly to hold his pain

“I know leaving Hero here is not an option. I will take him with me. You should forget about me and find a good person for you. I’m not a good person for you” Atsuko said

Minami closes his eyes and said in cold tone

“Just be happy. You don’t need to say that. I don't need you to worry about me anymore”

Atsuko looks at Minami. She tries her best to hold her tear.

“Goodbye Minami” Atsuko whispers

Then she opens the door and leaves with Hero. When the door closes, Minami kneels down on the floor and cries loudly

“Atsuko, why? Why? Why?” he said in tear while hitting the ground


Atsuko walks faraway from Minami’s house. Then she turns to the alley and leans her back to the wall. She sits down and hugs Hero while crying

“I’m sorry, Minami. I’m sorry.” Atsuko said in tear

“I love you, Minami. I love you. I love you and only you” she whispers painfully

At noon

Mariko wakes up from her sleep and walks downstairs. Today is her day off, so she doesn’t have to come to her clinic. Suddenly she hears something hitting her door.

“Huh?” she thought in surprise

Mariko walks toward the door and asks

“Who is there?”

However, she hears nothing. Then she hears someone hitting her door again.

“What is with this person? Why don’t just ring the bell?” she thought angrily and opens the door

Mariko widens her eyes in surprised when seeing Minami is lying on her doorstep. He seems like he drank a lot

She quickly bends down to him and helps him up. She covers her nose because of the strong smell of wine.

“Takamina, what’s wrong?” Mariko asks

Minami looks up at Mariko. Then he starts crying like a little kid

“Auntie, Atsuko left me. She left me” he said in tear

Mariko is surprised with what Minami said. She looks at him and asks

“What are you saying, Takamina?”

“Atsuko doesn’t love me. She left me with her new love. She doesn’t love me. She said she love someone else” Minami said while laughing bitterly

Mariko is confused with his words.

At the same time, Jun’s car turns into Mariko’s house. Jun and Rena look at each other in confused when seeing Mariko and Minami at the front door, and Minami seems very strange. Jun quickly park his car, and the two immediately rushes to Mariko and Minami. They see Minami is crying like a little child in front of Mariko.

“Mariko-sama, what’s wrong?” Jun asks

“I don’t know. However, let’s get something for him to drink first” Mariko said

Jun nods and helps Minami up. He puts him down on the sofa while Mariko makes some tea for him to drink

“Atsuko, Atsuko, why don’t you love me? I love you, I love you so much” Minami said unconsciously

After helping Minami drink some tea, Jun and Rena sits down on the sofa

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Rena asks in confused

“I don’t know. When I opened the door, I saw him lying there all drunk like this. He cried like a little kid and told me that Acchan left him, she doesn’t love him”

“What did he mean? I thought they were fine. Rena still helps them with the wedding preparation, right?” Jun said

“Yes, how could Acchan not love him? She said that she really loves him. There is no way she loves anyone else.” Rena said

“Me too, I don’t think she love anyone else. The way she looks at him and how she talks, I’m definitely sure that she loves him a lot.” Mariko said

Then she looks at Minami who is lying on the sofa all drunk

“I really don’t understand what is going on. He called me the other day happily saying that Ayumi already approved their marriage, right?” she sighs and said

“Yes, the other day, Acchan also called me too. She said to me in happy tone that aunt Ayumi approved for them. She also said that aunt Ayumi even told her to meet her so that they can have tea together and talk about the wedding” Rena said

Mariko is surprised when hearing what Rena said

“Rena, you said that she told Atsuko to meet her?” she asks

“Yes mom, I think the day they meet was yesterday.” Rena said

Mariko leans her back on the sofa while frowning

“Could it be” she thought

Noticing her strange action, Jun asks

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

Suddenly an idea appears in Rena’s head.

“Mom, it couldn’t be that aunt Ayumi said something to Acchan?” Rena said in surprised tone

Mariko quickly turns to Minami. She sees that he is completely black out. Then she turns back and said

“I thought so too. I don’t want Minami to heard this, but the most important thing to them is reputation. I already felt weird that she accepted this marriage so easily.”

“You mean they just lied about accepting their marriage. The she said something to Acchan and force her to leave Minami behind his back like how they did to dad?” Jun asks in angry one

“I don’t know, but I will verify it” Mariko said

“You two have go to work now, right?” she asks

“Yes” Jun nods

“Then go. I will look after him” Mariko said

“Ok, call me if something happens” Jun stands up and said

“I know” Mariko said

“Mom, Jun, there is another serious thing” she said

“What is it, Rena?” Jun asks

“Two days ago, I took Acchan to my friend for checkup. She is an obstetrician…”


Rena and Atsuko are sitting in her friend office. Atsuko sits their silent. She holds her hands tightly while looking down. Rena looks at her, and she notice her nervous.

“Are you nervous, Acchan?” she asks

“Yes, Rena-neechan. My heart just keeps pounding” Atsuko said

“I understand your feeling. I had this feeling before. Just relax” Rena pats her head and said

“Thank you, Rena-neechan” Atsuko smiles and said

After awhile

“Sorry for making you two waiting” The doctor said while sitting down

“It’s ok, Saki” Rena smiles and said

“Congratulation, Acchan. Here is the ultrasound picture of the baby. The baby is 3 weeks old and is very healthy” Saki smiles and said while giving Atsuko the picture

“Thank you Saki-san” Atsuko takes the picture

She smiles widely while looking at the baby, the result of Minami’s and her love.

“This is our child” she thought happily

Rena smiles when sees her happy face. Her lips form a wide and brightly smile

“Congratulation, Acchan” She said

“Thank you, Rena-neecha” Atsuko said while hugging the picture to her chest

End flashback

Mariko and Jun widen their eyes in surprise

“Rena, you mean Acchan is carrying Takamina’s child” Maiko asks

“Yes” Rena nods

“She told me that she will make a big surprise for him and tell him about this. She is extremely happy when saying that to me. Until now, I can’t forget her happy face. She keeps telling me how blessed she is, how happy she is. She told me this child is the proof of her and Takamina’s love, the proof that they are blessed, and a greatest gift to them. I'm a hundred percent certain that she was really happy.” she continues

“I see. Then that is another prove about Acchan love him very much.”

“So, we can say that she knew about this at the day auntie and uncle came back here. Therefore, she still hasn’t told Takamina about the child” Jun said

“Properly” Rena said

“Then something happened after she met auntie Ayumi causing her to keep that as a secret and left the house” she adds

“So, if all the theory is correct…” Mariko thought

“Jun, I want you to find Acchan. It is not good for her to leave like that. Especially in her state now” she looks at Jun and said

“Yes, I will find her, right away” Jun said

Then he leaves the house with Rena. Mariko also stands up and said

“I have to meet her to verify this.”

“Ayumi-nee, Ayumi-nee, why don’t you try to understand what is really important in this world” Mariko sighs heavily and leaves the room.

When the door just closed, Minami opens his eyes. He holds his fists tightly because of all the information he heard. Actually, he is awake since Jun helped him drink some tea. He didn’t drink so much, but because of the pain, he doesn’t have any motive to stay awake.

“Atsuko, she is… my child, mom, dad” he thought while holding his fists tightly

A scary thought appears in his head. He knew about Mariko’s past through some old maid in Shinoda’s mansion. He also know what is really important to his parents.

Then he stands up and walks to the window. He sees that Mariko’s car just left the house. He also quickly rushes out of the house. He has to find out the truth. He wants to know what did his parents say to Atsuko forcing her to leave him. He quickly gets into his car and drive to his parents’ house.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Poor Atsuko  :cry:
Why doesn't tell the truth to Minami
I hope Minami can find her soon

Please update soon!!!  :bow:

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 14 19/03/2017
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@Dianalrs: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 14  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 14

At Shinoda’s mansion

Minami rushes into the house. When the maid is about to greet him, he raises his hand stopping her. Then he hears a loud voice come from the family room.

“What did you do to Acchan?”

“Auntie’s voice?” Minami thought

He stealthily walks there and hides behind the door. He looks through the small gap of the door and sees his parents, Mariko, and also Kiara

“What are you saying, Mariko?” Ayumi said innocently

“I know you said to her something that caused her to left Takamina, right?” Mariko said

“Why? Don't think of me like that little sister” Ayumi said in sarcastic tone

Mariko frowns with her tone

“Why are you still like that? Why did all you think is money and reputation?” She asks in disappointed tone

“Because of you and dad, Koichiro died” She continues while holding her fists tightly

“Now you want to hurt the feeling of a little innocent girl. Do you really want to destroy their beautiful love?” She asks angry tone

“He died is because he is useless. And you said love, I think all she wants is money from Minami” Ayumi said in normal tone

“With her level, an orphan, how can she marry into Takahashi clan? Takahashi and Shinoda won't accept this” she continues while smirking

“Yes, we already find for Minami a compatible house. The Kisaki.” Kenji said

“That is right, I will only accept Kiara as my daughter in law. With her, our reputation will be increased not lower down with a person like that girl” Ayumi said while smiling at Kiara

“So you admit that you said something to Acchan?” Mariko said while frowning

“Yes, I did. I just explained to her where is her level so that she won't think too highly of herself. I want her to leave Minami for good. We even planned on giving her a big amount of money. However, she refused it.” Ayumi said

“You...” Mariko holds her fists tightly and shouts angrily

Then she sighs loudly in disappointed and turns away. When she is about to leaves, she stops at the door and said angrily

“When Minami told me that you two approved for him, do you know how happy his voice is? However, this morning, you two know what his condition is? He drank a lot of wine and lie unconsciously in front of my house. When he saw me, he cried just like a little child because he thought that his lover doesn’t love him anymore. He completely broke down. You two are so cruel. You two just killed your son happiness by your own hand”

“I didn't kill his happiness. I just helped him to realize what is right. He will thank us later for this” Ayumi said

“Thank you? You two are selfish parents I have ever known.” Mariko laughs bitterly and said

Then she opens the door and left after strongly slams the door

On the street

Minami is walking aimlessly on the street. Tear just keep rolling down on his cheeks. He is very shock with what he heard. In his heart, he feels the mixing feeling between anger and disappointment

“Why did you two do this to me? Mom, dad” Minami whispers in pain

“Love? I think all she wants is money from Minami”

“With her level, an orphan, how can she marry into Takahashi clan? Takahashi and Shinoda won't accept this”

“So you accept that you said something to Acchan?” Mariko said

“Yes, I did. I just explained to her where is her level so that she won't think too highly of herself. I want her to leave Minami for good. We even planned on giving her a big amount of money. However, she refused it.”

“You are so cruel, Atsuko”

Minami remembers what he said to Atsuko. He kneels down on the ground and cries. He realizes how painful Atsuko must be to tell him all of that, and he said that words to her.

“I hurt you my love” he said in whisper tone

“Mom, dad, you two are so cruel.” He holds his chest and said painfully

He heard all the conversation between Mariko and his parents. He didn't come in because he doesn't want to argue with his parents because he knows they won't change their mind. He will definitely find his Atsuko, and he doesn’t need his parents to know about this.

Minami comes to the place where he first meets Atsuko and lies down on the grass. He closes his eyes and remembers Atsuko and all their time together.

“Atsuko, why did fate do this to us? I only want a simple life with you. Why can't I have that? Is it because of this heavy last name? Why I feel so heavy with it now.” Minami whispers while tear rolling down on the corner of his eyes

“Atsuko, why didn't you tell me about what my parents said, how they treated you? Why did you always want to receive pain to yourself? Why did you want to endure those pains by yourself?”

“You are very small, Atsuko. Don't try to bear everything yourself like that. I told you I'll be your support right?”

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko, I love you, I love you, I love you.” Minami keeps repeating those words in his head.

“Atsuko, I love you. I love you” he stands up and shouts loudly


At Mariko's home

After talking with Ayumi, Mariko went home, however she doesn’t see Minami anywhere. Worrying about him, she contacts Jun to look for him.

In the evening

Jun and Rena gather together after finishing their work. They tried to contact Minam since afternoon, but no use.

“How was it, Jun?” Mariko asks worriedly

“No response. We also can't detect his location. I think he turned off his phone” Jun shakes his head and said

“How about Acchan, Jun. Did you have any news of her?” Rena asks

“No, I can't find her either” Jun said

“Heyz...those children.” Mariko thought

Suddenly Mariko's phone rings. She looks at her phone and sees a strange number

“Hello” Mariko picks up the phone and said

(Auntie) from the other side, Minami's voice appears

“Takamina, where are you?” Mariko asks worriedly

(I'm fine auntie. I'm near my house) Minami said

(Now, I can understand stand your pain from that year. My heart is hurt very much) he continues

Mariko is surprised with what Minami said.

“What do you mean, Minami?” She asks

(I hate my last name, I hate my useless, I hate myself) he said then hangs up

“Takamina, Minami, Minami” Mariko calls worriedly

“What's wrong mom?” Rena asks

“There is something wrong with Takamina. We should come to his house” Mariko said

Then the three come to Minami's house.

In front of Minami's house

Jun quickly rings the bell. Then the door opens showing Minami's normal face.

“Hello Jun-nii, Rena, auntie” he smiles and said

However, his eyes show a different expression. They are blank with no emotion

“Are you ok, Takamina?” Mariko asks

“I'm fine” Minami said

“Come in” he steps aside and said

“Takamina, did you know something?” Mariko asks

She has a feeling that Minami properly know something that causing him like this

“Know what, auntie? After waking up, I returned to my house and stayed here the whole time” Minami said

“Takamina, don't worry. We will find Acchan” Jun said

“Atsuko? Why did you find her? She just goes out for awhile. She will be back soon” Takamina said

Mariko, Jun, and Rena look at each other with worried eyes

“I'm tired, you all feel free to do anything. I will go to sleep now” Minami said


When Jun is about to call Minami, Rena stops him.

“Leave him alone. He needs time” she whispers

“Ok” Jun nods


Minami is walking aimlessly back to his room. He stops at Atsuko’s room and opens the door. Suddenly he kicks on something on the floor. He picks up and looks to see what is it

“A recorder” Minami thought

Suddenly something flashes in his head. He quickly turns in the recorder.

(Hello love)

Minami widens his eyes in surprise. He kneels down on the floor and laughs bitterly. Now he realizes the voice he heard just a fake voice. Last night, he was so angry because of jealous and only focus on the words, he forgot about the tone


Minami just comes back from his words. He opens the door and comes in.

“Atsuko, I’m home” he said

Suddenly his phone rings. He looks at his phone and sees a strange number. He picks up the phone and said


Suddenly from the other side, there is a woman voice.

(Hello, Minami) she calls him in sexy tone

“Who are you?” Minami asks in blank tone

(You don’t remember me, Minami. We met a lot of time before) the girl said still with that tone

Feeling weird, Minami said

“Sorry, I don’t know you. I think you got wrong number”

(You are Takahashi Minami, right?) the girl asks

“Yes, I’m” Minami said

(Then I’m not wrong) the girl said

(Don’t you remember me, Minami. You were very nice and treat me very gently. We had a lot of good time together) she continues

Minami now feels annoyed with the voice

“I don’t. I don’t know you. Don’t call me like we are very close to each other.” he said in angry and cold tone

(Don’t be so cold Minami. I know everything about you. I know that your favorite food is katsudon, and I also know that you live with a girl name Atsuko, right my Minami?) the girl said

Suddenly he notices something in the way the girl said. His lips form a little curve

“Ah...I remember you now, my little lovely.” Minami said

He can feel a little pause from the other side

“When you mention about Katsudon, I remember you instantly. I love every time you cooked it for me. It is so delicious” Minami said

(Really?) the girl said

Minami can hear a pout tone from the other side. It makes him smile widely

“I really miss your voice, your hug, and also your sweet lips now, baby” he said

Then he hears the sound of Atsuko rushes downstairs. She rushes in front of him and calls him in pouting tone


She forgot that she is still holding the phone in her hand.

“Caught you baby” Minami said and winks at her

He hangs up his phone while smiling at her. Now Atsuko realizes that she is tricked by Minami

“Come here baby, I miss your hug and your sweet lips” Minami opens his arms and said

She pouts and turns away. Minami smiles while walking toward her

“My Atsuko is so cute when she is jealous” he hugs her waist from behind and whispers in her ear

Then he kisses her cheek tracing down on her neck. It makes Atsuko blush madly

“Baka” She whispers

“What did you say Atsuko?” He asks her teasingly

“Minami baka” Atsuko said a little louder

“Huh?” Minami asks again

Atsuko turns around and said loudly

“I said Bak…”

However, hasn't finished her words, Minami already kisses her lips sealing away all her words. Then he breaks the kiss and smile at the blushed girl

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Minami, you tricked me” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Huh? Who tricked who first?” Minami asks while smiling at her

“ did you know that is me, Minami? That is a completely different tone” Atsuko asks

“Of course, I know that is you. Yes, it is true that I really can’t recognize that strange voice. However, I of course can recognize your tone, baby. No matter in what voice, I still can find the familiar in the way you talk because after all, you are my love” Minami hugs Atsuko waist and said

Atsuko smiles and leans on his warm chest. She is very happy when hearing Minami say that.

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said

“I love you too, Atsuko” Minami kisses her head and said

“By the way, Atsuko, where did you get that idea to play the trick on me, and also how can you change your voice?” he asks

“That is a new app that I used in my laptop. It can change my voice to a lot of different tone. It is very cool, Minami” Atsuko answers

“I see. So you called me using that app?” Minami asks

“Yes, I just want to see if you can recognize that my voice” Atsuko said

“And you really can know that is me” she continues in pouting tone

Minami smiles victoriously

“I can always recognize you no matter what” he said proudly

“I’m happy because of that” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

Minami smiles gently at her

End flashback

“You tricked me again, Atsuko, but this isn't fun, Atsuko. This time, you really success, but this isn't funny at all” Minami whispers in tear

He remembers that Atsuko did play this trick on him by this fake voice before

“Atsuko, did you use this in hope that I can recognize you? That I can recognize your pain and save you?” Minami looks at Atsuko’s picture in his phone and asks

“I’m so dumb, right Atsuko? I’m so stupid to not recognize you. I’m sorry, baby” he continues in tear

After awhile

Minami stands up and walks back to his room. He looks at the makeup table. He remembers how she always sat there. He looks at the table and feels like she is still sitting there smiling at him

“Atsuko” he whispers while walking toward the makeup table

He touches every single thing on the table while remembering Atsuko.

“Atsuko, I miss you” he whispers in tear

Suddenly he remembers seeing Atsuko’s strange action yesterday when he just walked out from the bathroom.

“At that time, if I remember correctly, she put something in this drawer.” he thought while quickly opens the drawer.

He looks inside and sees the back side of something look like a picture. There is something written on it. Minami picks up and widens his eyes in surprised when seeing Atsuko's handwriting.

“Hello daddy

I’m 3 weeks old, and I’m still in mommy’s tummy. I will meet you and mommy in about 9 months.

P/S: Minami, this is the result of our love. I’m so happy, and I believe you also very happy, right? I love you and our child very much.

Once again, congratulation daddy to be Minami”

Minami quickly turns the picture around. Tear is running down on his cheeks when seeing that is the picture of the ultrasound.

“My child” Minami whispers while touching the picture gently

“Atsuko, I will find you, and I will definitely find you and our child, my love” he said

He puts the picture inside his wallet. After that he walks toward his bed and sits down. Then he takes the picture frame with Atsuko on the nightstand. He hugs it tightly and lies down

“Goodnight my love” Minami whispers

In the morning

Minami slowly opens his eyes. He looks at Atsuko's picture and smiles

“Good morning my love” he kisses the picture and said

After preparing his things, he goes down stair to go to work. When he walks pass his family room, he sees Jun there with Rena and Mariko. Ren is sleeping in Rena’s arms

“Oh, you all are still here” Minami said in surprise

“Uh, last night is late, so we decided to stay here” Mariko said

She lied, and Minami knows that. He knows that they stay here because they worry about him.

“I see” Minami said

“I will go to work now. Bye” he continues while walking toward the door

“Takamina, don’t you eat breakfast?” Jun asks

“No” he said shortly and opens the door

Suddenly a lot of flashing light flashing in front of him. Minami frowns because of the sudden light. Then when he looks again, he sees a lot of people with camera.

“Who are you?” he asks

“Congratulation Mr. Takahashi, we heard that you will marry Kisaki’s group daughter, right?” a woman said

“What?” Minami said in confuse

“Here” she gives him the newspaper

Minami takes it and reads

“How did you two know each other? Is it true like in the news that you two are childhood friend?”

“When did you confess your love to her?”

“When did you propose?”

“When will you two get marry”

A lot of question just keeps appearing. Those question annoys Minami a lot. When he is about to shout at them, a voice calls him


He looks up and sees Kiara rushing toward him. The camera one again taking picture of her. She runs to him and hugs him arm like nothing. It angers him more.

“So the news is true, Ms. Kisaki?”

“Yes, we never thought that it is leaked out like that. We planned on getting engaged first before….”

“Shut up” before Kiara can first her words, Minami shouts cutting her words silencing the whole place

At the same time, he strongly takes his hand out of her grip. Because he uses a lot of his strength, Kiara nearly falls on the ground


“Don’t call my name like that” he turns and said to her coldly

Then he turns to the journalist and said while tearing down the newspaper

“You all don’t ever bring this kind of trash to my house”

“Minami, what are you doing?”

Minami turns and sees his mother walking toward him with his father

“Why did you treat your fiancée like that?” Kenji asks

“I don’t have any fiancée. Kisaki Kiara neither my fiancée nor my friend” Minami said coldly

“Because she is not in my level” he adds while looking at his mother with cold eyes

Ayumi is taken back with his eyes. She notices how cold they are. It just like his eyes were made by ice with no feeling at all

“Minami, Kisaki family and ours have a very long time relationship. Plus, her father is president of a very big company in U.S.” Ayumi said

“I don’t care, she is still not at my level” Minami said

Then he turns to Kiara

“You” he points at her

“You will never be at my level.” he said coldly

“How can I not at your level? My parents have a lot of companies and properties” Kiara said

“Your parents have it, doesn’t mean you have it.” Minami said

“W...when I inherit those, those properties will be mine” Kiara said

“Those properties won’t originally from you. They are still from your parents. In my case, I create my own company, and I’m the CEO. I create my property and everything by my own hands.” Minami said

“I can also create my company” Kiara said

“Then you still won’t be at my level because my company will growth bigger and bigger day by day. You will never ever be at my level, and I will never marry someone lower than me” Minami said coldly

“Minami, how can you say that to Kiara?” Kenji asks him angrily

Minami turns to his parents and said while looking directly at their eyes

“I just explain to her where is her level so that she won't think too highly of herself.”

Ayumi widens her eyes in surprised when hearing Minami’s words. In the house, Mariko is also very surprised with what Minami said

“It is just like what his mother said yesterday” she mumbles

“So you heard it” Mariko looks at Minami and thought

Then Minami turns to the group of journalist

“You people, I warn you one last time. Don’t ever come and ask me those nonsense. If not, I will sue all of you because insulting my privacy. Mark my words, if I see any news about this on the news tomorrow, I will shut down that place immediately. Don’t think I just say, you know me” he said coldly

The journalists are scared of his tone. They quickly leave the place because they don’t want trouble

His sudden change surprising not only Kiara, but also his parents. However, not only that, Kiara is also very angry because she was publicly mortifying. When Minami is about to leave for his work, she blocks his way and said

“You said I'm lower than you. Then what about that lowly orphan? Does she a…”


Hasn’t finished her words, Minami slaps her face. His action surprises everyone at the scene. Kiara holds her cheek and looks at him with surprised look.

“I don’t ever want to hit a girl. It was you who force me to do this. This is the payback for what you done to my Atsuko. Don’t think I don’t know what did you do to Atsuko on that day” He grits his teeth and said angry tone

Her words remind Minami of what he heard from other maid at Shinoda mansion when he left the place after hearing the conversation between Mariko and his parents

“Poor girl, after being looked down by master and mistress, she got mortified by Ms. Kiara.”

“Yes, I feel sorry for her. Love is not a sin. She also accept to give up why did she has to treat her like that”

“I agree, she doesn’t have to slap her and hurt her feeling like that”

“Shh...she will be wife of young master very soon. If she heard this, we all are in trouble”

“I just felt angry because she looked down on people like that. Didn’t you see how hurt that little girl is. Her cheek looks extremely red.”

Those words cause his heart in pain. It infuriates him a lot

“Don’t ever say her name or mention about her by your filthy mouth. You will never ever be her. You, a woman with black heart” Minami looks at her coldly and said

His cold eyes scare Kiara. At the same time, his action anger her even more

“Remembers this Takahashi Minami. I won’t leave this” She shouts and leaves the place

“Wait, Kiara” His mother calls her, but she left

In the house

The three are also extremely surprised with Minami's action

“He is not the Takamina I know” Jun said

“Yes, just one night can change people that much?” Rena said

“Possible if the pain is too extreme” Mariko said

“Looking at him like this make me more worry. Jun tries to find Acchan as fast as possible” she adds while looking at the grey sky

“I know. I will extend the find” Jun said

In Minami's company

Minami is walking into his company building. Suddenly a girl comes and said

“Congratulations on your upcoming wedding”

Minami holds his fist in anger. He takes the news on her hand and tear it apart.

“Don't bring up this trash to me. That girl want to marry me? Never” he said coldly and walks away

His action surprises the girl.

“Wow! Mr. Takahashi seems so different today” another girl comes and said

“Yeah, he seems scary” the first said

“Maybe the fake news angers him a lot” the second girl said

“I think so too” the first girl nods

In Minami's office

While Minami is working, he hears the knocking sound

“Come in” he said

The door opens, and his mother walks in.

“Minami, I want to talk to you” she said

“What is it, mom?” Minami looks up and asks

“What is with you today? How can you treat Kiara like that?” His mother said

“I'm still ok. I just said the true. She is not at my level. I won't marry anyone who lower than me that will lower my reputation” Minami said

“Takamina, did you hear our conversation yesterday? Did you know something?” His mother asks

“What conversation? I stayed at my house the whole day” Minami said

His mother looks at his cold face. No emotion is expressed. She sighs and asks

“Is she this worth for you to be like this?”

Minami looks at his mother with blank eyes. Then he said in cold tone

“You will never understand.”

“No, you never try to understand that even once” He whispers in pain

Ayumi is very surprised when hearing that. She can feel the pain from his words

“Are you done mom? I have to go to meetings” Minami stands up and said

When he walks by her he whispers

“Thank you mom and dad for making me realize what is really important. From now on I'll become a person who you and dad want me to become”

Then he leaves the room. Ayumi falls on the sofa. His words shocked her a lot. It is so cold and emotionless. It is so much different with the real Minami.

“Am I wrong?” she thought

3 years later

In a big greenfield

There is a small house. In the front yard, there is a little boy running around with a big dog

“Hero, wait for me” He calls happily

Hero stops and turns around barking at him. The little boy jumps and hugs the dog

“Got you” He said and laughs loudly

Then a very gently voice calling him.

“Kai, go inside and eat”

“Yes mommy” He said

Then he stands up and rushes into the house.

Inside the house

His mother is preparing the meal in the kitchen. He rushes to his mother hugging her leg and calls her


His mother turns around and smiles at him a very gentle smile.

“Give mommy a hug, Kai” Atsuko sits down and said

“Mommy” he smiles happily and hugs her tightly

“Kai loves mommy the most” Kai kisses her cheek and said

“Mommy also loves Kai the most” Atsuko said and kisses his forehead

“Kai also loves daddy the most.” Kai suddenly said

“Mommy, when will daddy come to visit us?” he looks up at Atsuko and asks

Atsuko can feel her heart aches when hearing her son asks. The face of the person she loves the most flashed back in her head again. In three years, there is not a time that she doesn’t think about him. She misses him so much, but she can’t do anything except calling his name over and over again in her head.


Atsuko smiles gently at her son. Then she said while wiping sweat on his head

“Daddy is very, very busy, so he can't come here to visit us. When he has free time, daddy will come here and see Kai. Therefore, Kai has to eat properly, so daddy can see Kai grow into a big boy”

“Yes, Kai will eat properly because Kai is a good boy” Kai said

“Good” Atsuko said

“Come on, let’s mommy take you to take a shower. Then we eat ok” she continues while lifting Kai up in her arms

“Ok” Kai said happily

At night

In Kai's room

Atsuko is sitting on Kai's bed watching him sleep. Looking at Kai reminds her a lot about Minami because of Kai's look.

“Atsuko, I want to name our first son Takahashi Kai”

“Baka who give birth to your son?”

“You of course. You won't escape from me”

“I even think of names of my second daughter, third, fourth…”

She smiles when remembers her past together with Minami. Her tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks. Suddenly she hears Kai's voice


Atsuko quickly wipes her tear and asks

“What is it, baby?”

“Why are you crying?” Kai sits up and asks

“Did Kai do something that make mommy sad?” He asks

Atsuko sees tear on his eyes

“Kai is sorry mommy. Mommy don't be sad” he said in sobbing tone

“Shh…. Kai, don't cry. Kai is a good boy. Mommy is very happy with Kai.” Atsuko hugs her son and said in gentle tone

“Then why did mommy cried? Kai saw mommy cried a lot of time when looking at Kai” Kai said

Atsuko is surprised with her son’s words. She never thought a three years old child can think that

“Mommy sad because mommy miss daddy. Kai looks just like daddy” Atsuko said

“Kai misses daddy too. But mommy said that daddy will visit us when he is not busy so Kai didn't sad. Therefore mommy don't be sad ok. Kai sure that daddy will visit us soon” Kai uses his small hands to wipe Atsuko’s tear and said

Atsuko smiles at her son

“Uh, mommy knows”

“Now it is very late, Kai let's lie down and sleep” she said

“Ok” Kai said happily and lies down

“Mommy” Kai calls her again

“What is it, Kai?” Atsuko asks

“Does daddy miss me and you?” Kai asks her a question which she also asks herself countless time

“Does Minami still remember her?”

Atsuko smiles and said

“Of course he does, Kai. He misses us a lot.” Atsuko said

Kai smiles happily.

“Mommy, Kai wants to hug daddy's clothes” he said

“Ok, give mommy second” Atsuko stand up and said

She goes back to her room to take Minami's shirt. She took some of his clothes with her so that she can look at it when she misses him. Atsuko comes back and gives Kai Minami's clothes. Kai hugs it happily. Then he closes his eyes and slowly fall in sleep

Atsuko sits there looking at him while stroking his hair comforting him.

“Mommy is sorry Kai. I lied to you. Mommy really doesn't know if daddy remembers us. However maybe daddy is very happy with his family now”

After Kai already sleep, she stands up and walks back to her room.

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko lies on her bed while looking at Minami’s picture on her phone. She touches his face through the picture while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“Minami, how are you doing in these three years? Are you happy with your new family?” She whispers in pain

“CEO Takahashi Minami will marry daughter of a big group in US”

She remembers the title of the newspaper she read 3 years ago, before leaving Tokyo to this place.

“Of course, you are happy, right? Her family can help you with your dream. I…I’m just your burden.”


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Oh... what's minami like now 3 years later?

Will he able to find Atsuko?

Why did he not get some PI to find Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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3 years?
A cant wait for the reunion
Plese that Minami find soon to Astuko and Kai

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 15 26/03/2017
« Reply #228 on: March 26, 2017, 05:11:04 AM »
@cisda83, @Dianalrs: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 15  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 15

3 years later

After 3 years, Minami's company grows a lot bigger with new branches from all over the country and also some other foreign countries. He is a great and successful businessman who every girl wants to marry, but none of them dared to get closer to him because of his cold attitude.

Whenever someone tries to approach him, what they get is his cold attitude with a lot of harsh words. Mariko, Jun and Rena are very worry about him because it is getting worse by each of passing year. Jun tried to find Atsuko, but he can’t find any news about her for the whole three years. They know that is the only way to turn him back to his normal self.

Today, Minami comes to a city very far away from Tokyo to open his new company branch.

At the opening ceremony

Minami is standing in the middle with handsome but cold face. When he walks by the hall, a lot of girls whispering about him

“Wow, he is so cool”

“Yeah, he is also a CEO in a very young age”

“I think I fell for him”

“Anyone who marry him will be very lucky”

“I want to be the girl who standing beside him”

“Not a chance”

“I heard that he is very cold.”

“Yes, no one dared to approach him or what they receive will be a heavy mortification. He looks down on everyone. He said this before “I won't marry anyone lower than me. Those girls are useless".”

“Wow, he is scary. I wonder who can melt that ice heart?”

“I bet no one can”


Back to Minami

After the ceremony, Minami leaves the restaurant immediately. Instead of going back to his hotel, he just drives aimlessly toward the suburb. He wants to go to a place far away from the crowded city. He wants a quiet place where he doesn’t have to listen to all the lies and see people fade faces.

He is very tired because all of that. Three years to him is too much. Money, power, properties, he doesn’t want them. The only thing he wants is the girl he loves with all his heart to be with him. He wants to find her, and he wants her to be by his side. He misses her a lot, and he is tortured by that feeling day by day, every minute, every second.

There is a lot of time, he calls her name hopelessly. He hired a lot of people to look for Atsuko, but no matter how much they find, there is no news about her where about.

“Atsuko, how are you doing now, my love? Where are you baby? Our child too, I wonder if our child is a boy or a girl” he whispers while touching the ring on his necklace

“Atsuko, baby, I won’t give up, I will find you and our child no matter how many year. Until I die, I won’t ever give up.” Minami said in determined tone

Driving for awhile, Minami realizes that he is in a very strange place. He stops his car and steps out. Minami looks around, and sees that is a very beautiful place

“Wow, this place is so beautiful” he said

Then he starts walking around the place. He takes out a camera and takes picture of every single place that he walked by

“Atsuko, you love beautiful places, right? I will take picture here for you. I bet you will be extremely happy” he said

All his mind, there is only one person, Atsuko. He doesn't care about anyone.

While walking and taking picture, Minami notices the familiar scenery in front of him. He puts back his camera and looks around. There is a very green grass on the two side and a small river in between them.

“This look like the river bank near my house” he whispers

Once again, he remembers Atsuko, how they met

“Let's go off me, you pervert”

“Don’t call me little girl”

“Minami, I love you”

He smiles with every memory with her. The first time he smiles in 3 years. Suddenly he hears little kid voice

“Hey don't run off”

He turns and sees a little boy about 3 years old running toward him. He is chasing after a big dog. Minami stuns a little when seeing the little kid face. He looks really alike him when he was little. Then when he looks at the dog, he widens his eyes in surprise

“Hero” he whispers

The dog runs to him and jumps on him. He barks happily while waving his tail left and right as welcome him.

*Woof* *Woof*

Hero barks and licks his face happily

“Hero, you are Hero, right?” Minami sits up and asks

The dog barks loudly and licks his face happily again.

“Hero” he laughs softly while stroking his fur

At the same time, the little kid reaches his place

“Hero, don't run. Mommy will scold me” the little boy said

Hero runs from Minami to the boy and licks his face. Minami looks at the boy. He doesn't know why, but he feels a very familiar feeling, like there is a bond between him and this kid.

“Hello little boy” Minami smiles and said

He smiles again. He doesn’t know why, but he feels so familiar to him. His heart just opens up when seeing him. The boy now looks up at Minami. However, because Minami is wearing a cap, he can't see Minami's face clearly

“Hello uncle” the little boy said politely

“Is this your dog?” Minami asks

“Yes, his name is Hero” The little boy said

Minami is surprised with his words.

“If he is Hero, then could it be?” he thought

“Little boy, do you know who is Atsuko?” Minami quickly asks the little boy

The little boy looks up at Minami and asks in confused tone

“Uncle, do you know mommy?”

“Mommy?” Minami thought in surprised

Suddenly a strong wind blows by, flowing away his cap showing his face to the little boy. Minami look at him and sees that he is smiling brightly at him. He remembers that smile and that eyes. They are the same as Atsuko. Then all of sudden the little boy jumps on him and hugs him tightly making him surprise

“Daddy, you are back” the little boy said in happy tone

His words make Minami surprised even more

“Daddy?” Minami thought in confuse 

“Who is your daddy, little boy?” He looks at him and asks

“You are my daddy” the little boy innocently said

Minami looks at him in confused look

“Daddy, don't remember Kai?” Kai asks in pouting tone

“Kai” Minami thought

He looks at Kai with confused. Then he notices a shining necklace on his neck with his ring, the ring he gave Atsuko and a letter K,

“Atsuko, Kai” Minami thought

“I want to name our son, Takahashi Kai”

He suddenly remembers his past with Atsuko. He also remembers now that the little boy said that Atsuko is his mommy. Minami quickly asks his name again just to verify

“Little boy, what is your name? What is your mommy name?”

“Daddy you don't remember me and mommy. My name is Takahashi Kai. Mommy said that you are the one who picked my name.”  Kai said and sobs

Minami widens his eyes in surprise. Then he remembers once told Atsuko about this.


Minami and Atsuko are sitting in the family room while watching TV. Atsuko is sitting in his embrace.

“Atsuko, looks at this” Minami said while taking out a box in his pocket

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Minami opens the box and takes out a simple, but beautiful necklace with a letter K. Atsuko looks at him in confuse

“I bought it today at a jewelry shop. This is for our son” Minami said

His words make Atsuko blush

“Baka, whose son?” she said in embarrassing tone

“Of course our son. We will have a very, very big family” Minami hugs Atsuko's waist and said

Atsuko laughs softly and rest her head on his chest

“I even think of a name for our first born” he said

“Really?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Uh, his name will be Takahashi Kai. I even name our second daughter. Want to hear” Minami said

“Also third, fourth…”

Atsuko laughs softly at his playful tone

“Ok, ok, Minami you are funny” she said

“You don't believe we can have that much” Minami smirks playfully

Then he lifts her up and said

“How about we will make one now”

Atsuko blushes madly at his words

“Minami, Baka, put me down” she said shyly

“No way” Minami laughs loudly and said

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami already seals her lips with his.

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I love you too, Atsuko” Minami said

End flashback

“Rena, you mean Acchan is carrying Takamina’s child”

Minami remembers the conversation of Mariko with Jun and Rena

“My son. So, our child is a boy.” He thought happily while looking at Kai

“Kai hate daddy. Kai always keeps daddy's picture in my pocket, but daddy doesn't remember Kai” Kai said in sad tone while taking out a pocket he is wearing on his neck.

He takes out the picture and shows Minami. Minami widens his eyes in surprise when seeing the picture. It is the picture of him and Atsuko took together before she left.

“Kai hate daddy” Kai said and cries harder

Minami quickly hugs his son and said

“Sshh...don't cry Kai. Daddy is sorry. Daddy is bad.”

“Mommy said that daddy is very busy, so daddy can't visit me. Kai doesn't hate daddy because of that, but daddy doesn't remember Kai and mommy. Kai hate daddy. Kai wants mommy” Kai said and cries louder

“Sshhh…Kai, don't cry. Please don't hate daddy. Daddy misses Kai and Mommy a lot too. Daddy is sorry because I can't immediately remember you.” Minami said while patting his back

“Kai hates daddy. Daddy doesn’t love Kai and mommy” Kai pushes him out and mumbles in sobbing tone

“Kai, look at daddy, Kai” Minami calls his son

Kai sobs while looking at Minami

“Do you know why daddy can’t recognize you?” Minami asks

Kai shakes his head

“It was because you grow a lot now that is why I can't recognize you. You are a big boy now” Minami said

“Really?” Kai looks at Minami and asks

“Yes, you are a lot bigger now, a big boy” Minami said while wiping tear on his face by his handkerchief

“Yes, daddy. Kai is a big boy. Kai always helps mommy to take care of the garden and do the choir” Kai proudly said

“Is that so? What a good boy. Daddy is very happy” Minami said while smiling happily at him

“Yes, Kai wants Mommy to be happy because Kai saw mommy cry.” Kai said

“Mommy cries?” Minami asks in surprise

“Yes, Kai asked mommy why. Mommy said that mommy miss daddy a lot like how Kai miss daddy, very, very much.” Kai said

“Atsuko” Minami looks down and thought

Then he feels Kai pulls his vest.

“What is it, Kai?” he said

“Will you stay here with mommy and Kai forever? Do you have to go back to work again?” Kai asks Minami innocently

Minami looks at his son. He touches his face and said

“You know what Kai? This time daddy will stay here with mommy and you forever. I won't ever leave you two again.” Minami said

Kai smiles widely

“Really daddy?” He asks

“Uh, definitely” Minami nods

“Yay, Kai love daddy” Kai hugs Minami necks tightly and said

“My son, daddy love Kai too” Minami hugs Kai tightly and said happily

In his heart, Minami feels a very happy feeling that he can’t describe it by word. Kai doesn’t understand why his father hug him for so long, but he stays still. He loves this feeling. Feeling of his daddy hugging him is great.

After a while

Minami breaks the hug and lifts Kai up on his arms

“Kai, you are a big boy, right?” he asks

“Yes, Kai is a big boy” Kai said

“Then how about my big boy show daddy how to go home?” Minami smiles at his little son and said while putting him down on the ground

“Yes, daddy” Kai said

“Let's go daddy. Mommy will be very happy” he holds Minami’s hand and pulls him with him

At Atsuko’s small house

When Atsuko finished her cooking, she comes out to call Kai. However, when she opens the door, she doesn’t see him anywhere and the gate is opened. Her heart suddenly beat faster.

“Kai, where are you?” Atsuko calls him in worried tone

However, she doesn’t hear her son response.

“Kai, Hero” she calls again, but she still can’t get any response

“Please Kai, please be safe. I only have you now” Atsuko thought while tear rolling on her cheeks.

She rushes to the gate and opens it. Suddenly she hears her son’s voice


Atsuko turns and sees Kai rushing toward her.

“Kai” Atsuko rushes to him and hugs him tightly

“Kai, where were you? Mommy was so worry. Please don’t run off like that” she said in tear

“I’m sorry mommy” Kai said

“I just chased after Hero because he suddenly ran out of the house” he continues

Atsuko breaks the hug and said

“Don’t ever do that again, ok” she said

“Kai understand, I’m sorry mommy. Please don’t hate Kai” Kai said while using his small hands to wipe Atsuko’s tear

“Mommy will never hate Kai. Mommy love Kai the most.” Atsuko said while smiling gently at him

“Kai also loves mommy the most” Kai said


Minami’s POV

Kai pulls me to where Atsuko is. My heart is pounding like crazy. After all these years, I finally can see my love again. I also have a very lovely son. I can’t be happier than this.

When I reach her house, I see the girl I love standing there. Still that beautiful and lovely face with a small figure. However, she looks skinnier a lot. I wonder if she eats properly. I can feel tear on my cheeks when seeing her face. I want to run to her and hug her tightly in my arms. I want to give her a kiss that deeper than any passionate kiss. I want to say, “I miss you, Atsuko” countless time to show her how much I miss her in those 3 years. However, why my feet don’t listen to me. I just stand still and can’t do anything except looking at her and our son.

She is smiling happily at him and pats his head when he said to her that he loves her a lot. How I miss those smiles

Then I hear Kai said to her while pointing at me

“Mommy, Kai found daddy. Daddy is back”

“Come here daddy” he turns and calls me

Atsuko looks up in confuse, and her face turns into a very surprised one when seeing me. As an unconscious action, I rush to her and hug her tightly in my arms

“I miss you so much, Atsuko” I said while tightening my hug and burying my face in her neck

End Minami’s POV

Atsuko is very surprised when seeing Minami. He also hugs her all of sudden making her unable to do anything

“Minami” Atsuko whispers in surprised tone

When she regains her conscious, Atsuko quickly pushes him out. She looks at him at lost. Then she looks down at her son and sees that he is also confused

“Kai, play in the yard and don’t run off again ok. Mommy wants to talk to uhm...” Atsuko bends down and said to Kai

Then she looks up at Minami and sees he is smiling brightly at her making her heart beat faster

“Uhm...mommy want to talk to daddy” Atsuko quickly turns back to Kai and said

“But I want to play with daddy” Kai pouts

“Kai, be a good boy. After daddy talking to mommy, I will play with you” Minami said

“Ok” Kai nods

Then Minami and Atsuko walk into her house. When the door just closes, Minami pins Atsuko to the door and kisses her lips roughly showing how much he misses her.

“Uhm…” Atsuko tries to push him out, but Minami holds her tighter

After awhile, Atsuko finally gives in with Minami’s sweet kiss. She rounds her arms around his neck and kisses him deeper. Atsuko also misses him a lot. She misses his voice, his smile, his kiss, his hug, and his whispering. She misses everything about him like how he misses everything about her.

They kiss each other until no one has any air. Then they break the kiss while panting.


“Sshh...let’s hear me say” Minami puts his hand on her lips and said

“I miss you so much Atsuko. I miss you every moment, every second.” he continues

“I'm sorry for my stupidity, Atsuko. I didn't notice that voice is fake. I didn't notice how my parents treated you. I also didn't notice that you already carry our child.” Minami said to her while tear rolling down on his cheeks

Atsuko’s tear also rolls down on her cheeks

“Atsuko, you know that I'm a Baka. Why did you keep secret about what my mother said to you? Why didn’t you tell me how hurt you are? Why didn’t you tell me how that woman treat you?” he asks her in tear while caressing her cheeks

“I...I don’t want you to be sad. Also, I know I’m really not good for you. I can't help you with anything. I'm just your burden” Atsuko said in sobbing tone

“Baka, I told you don’t ever think yourself like that. I love you is all you have to know.” Minami said seriously

“Atsuko, do you know how much I miss you? I hired a lot of people to find you from every part of Japan. However, no matter how many people, how many detective, I hired. They still can’t find you.” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s hair gently

“Minami” Atsuko calls while holding his hand

“Every day, your picture and our child’s ultrasound picture are the only reason I live in this world. I swore that no matter what, no matter how many year, I will definitely find you and our son” Minami said

“I’m sorry, Minami. I hurt you for all those years” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Baka, you are the one who got hurt here.” Minami wipes her tear and said

Atsuko quickly hugs Minami tightly while burying her face on his chest.

“Minami, I miss you too” she whispers in his chest.

Minami smiles happily when hearing that.

“I know. Now I found you. I won’t ever leave you and our son again” he said while stroking her back

Suddenly Atsuko pushes him out

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?” he asks in surprise tone

“But you already married her” Atsuko said

“I didn’t marry anyone. The only girl I will marry is you, silly” Minami pinches her nose and said

“But the news” Atsuko asks

“About that, my parents and that woman did. I didn’t know anything” Minami said

Then he tells her everything happened that day.

“Minami, you shouldn’t tell her that. She would be very hurt. Plus, you shouldn’t hit her” Atsuko said

Minami looks at Atsuko, a very nice and kind girl. She even thinks for the person who hurt her

“Baka, she hurt your feeling in the past. Not only that, she also dared to slap you. Why should you care for her?” Minami said

“Buthm…” when Atsuko is about to say something, Minami seals her lips with a kiss again

“Don’t mention about stranger here. Only talk about us and our son” Minami said

“How did you know about us and we are here, Minami?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“Atsuko, once again, fate is standing at outside” Minami smiles happily and said

Then he tells Atsuko about a new branch of his company and how he gets to this small town

“About Kai, he recognizes me actually. Then when I look closer at him, he is like my copy when I was his age plus your beautiful eyes and a lovely smile.” Minami continues while stroking Atsuko's hair

“I see. I’m so happy right now, Minami” Atsuko said

Then they hear Kai’s voice

“Mommy, Kai wants to play with daddy”

They look at each other and smile

“I will go out and play with Kai. We will talk more tonight, and continues what we left off after the kiss” Minami said and winks at Atsuko making her blush madly

“Minami, baka” Atsuko said and hit his chest slightly

Suddenly he holds her hand pulling her into a hug

“I’m happy Atsuko, so, so happy” he whispers

Atsuko smiles on his chest and said

“I’m also very happy, Minami”

Then Minami walks out of the house to the yard playing with Kai. Atsuko stands on the doorstep looking at them playing happily together while smiling.

"Welcome back, Minami" she said in happy tone

Minami turns and smiles at Atsuko

"I'm home, Atsuko" he said while smiling gently at Atsuko


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
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Yey! Minami found them!  :twothumbs

Now I hope Minami parents understand that thry love each other  and they get married soon! :inlove:

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What will Minami do now?

Will he disappear from the world, hiding in Atsuko's heaven or will he ask Atsuko to go back to Tokyo with him?

What about his parents?

What kind of troubles and problems will they face next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Author-san, where are you TT^TT
It has been 2 weeks, why haven't you updated :(((

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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 16 13/04/2017
« Reply #232 on: April 13, 2017, 08:00:00 AM »
@Dianalrs, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

@tong99826: I’m sorry for my late update. I have my final project to do for my class. Here is part 16. Thank you  :D

Sorry everyone for my late update. I have to do my final project.  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 16  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 16

At Atsuko's house

After finishing cooking, Atsuko go to the front yard. When she opens the door, she sees Minami, Kai, and Hero are playing together

“Daddy, daddy catch me” Kai said happily while running

“I will catch you” Minami smiles happily and said while running after Kai

“Let's go, Hero” he continues

*Woof* *Woof*

Hero barks and runs after them. They are running around the yard happily. Atsuko smiles when seeing that. She feels so happy and warm in her heart

Then she walks out and call them

“Minami, Kai, Hero come in, food is ready”

“Ok” Minami and Kai said at the same time


Hero barks as answering her

“Let's go inside, Kai” Minami stands up and lifts him up

“Ok” Kai said.

“Let's go inside, Hero” Minami said

When they get into the house, Atsuko said

“Kai, let's take a bath, and then we will eat dinner” Atsuko comes and raises her hands to Kai

“Kai wants to take a bath with daddy today” Kai hugs Minami's neck and said

“Sure, daddy is also all sweat” Minami said

“So now Kai only know daddy and forget mommy. Mommy so lonely” Atsuko said teasingly while faking crying

Kai jumps down from Minami and rushes to Atsuko.

“Kai loves mommy and daddy the same. Mommy don't be sad. Kai won't leave you. Daddy also will stay here. Mommy won't be lonely” Kai hugs her leg and said

Atsuko looks at her son gently. She lifts him up and said

“Mommy knows. Mommy just kidding. Now go and take bath together with daddy.”

“Yes” Kai said

“Kai, give mommy a kiss” Atsuko said

Kai leans and kisses her cheek. Atsuko smiles and kisses his forehead

“Now baby, go upstairs and take your clothes.” She said

“Yes, mommy” Kai said and runs up stair taking his clothes

Then Atsuko turns to Minami and asks

“Do you have your clothes to change, Minami?”

“ My clothes are still in the hotel in the city” Minami said while scratching his head

“Come with me. However, I don't know if they can fit” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami nods and follows Atsuko with confuse

In Atsuko's room

She opens her closet and takes out a man clothes.

“Here Minami” Atsuko gives him the clothes

Minami frowns when seeing men clothes in her room. He holds her arms and pins her to the wall.

“Minami” Atsuko yelps in surprised

“Why did you have men clothes in your room, Atsuko?” He asks while frowning

His voice is full of angry and jealous, and he holds her arms very tight. Atsuko knows his jealousy.

“Just look at the clothes first, Minami” Atsuko looks down shyly and said while raising the clothes in front of Minami

Minami looks at Atsuko in confuse. He releases her arms and looks at the clothes

“This is just man clo…” he said and stops when realizing whose clothes is it

“This is…” Minami looks at Atsuko and said in surprised tone

“Yes, that is your clothes. I took some of them with me when I left so...” Atsuko said

Her voice get smaller and smaller while her face is getting hot

“So, I can look at it or hug it and sleep whenever I miss you so much” She thought

It is too embarrassing to say what she thought out loud. Minami smiles when hearing what she said, but he is confused when she stops in the middle. He notices that she is looking down while playing with her fingers.

He smiles when noticing her action. Minami understands her more than anyone else. He knows her action is showing she is shy.

“So what Atsuko?” he asks her while bending closer to her

“Ah...uhm...That’s right..W...when Kai was a baby and even now, I let’s he hug your clothes every time, he is crying. As a miracle, he stopped crying and sleep very good. I guess that is father and son bond.” she said while smiling shyly at Minami

She changes another topic in order to divert the embarrassing topic

Minami smiles brightly at her words. He is happy that his son loves him and has a strong bond with him

“No wonder he can recognize me that easily” He said while smiling

“Uh, I guess so” Atsuko nods and smiles

Suddenly Minami takes her hand and pushes her on her bed topping her. Atsuko blushes madly at their position. He smirks at her reaction

“Is that really the only reason why you took my clothes, Atsuko?” He bends down closer to Atsuko’s face and asks in whisper tone

Atsuko blushes madly at his whispering. She can feel her heart beat super-fast because of his voice. She gulps and nods


“Really?” He bends down even closer to her and whispers

“I...I…” Atsuko stutters

Then she sighs in defeat. She knows that she can't ever lie to him.

“I know when I left, I will miss you a lot, and I can't live with that. Therefore, I took your clothes. I just want to keep something belong to you so that I can feel you always by my side.” Atsuko touches Minami’s face gently and said

Minami is surprised with Atsuko's words.

“I will look at it and hug it whenever I miss you. That way, I can feel you will always stay by my side. Though it can't ever replace a real person. I miss you a lot, Minami” she looks directly at his eyes and said

Minami can see tear in her beautiful eyes. His heart is jumping in joy when hearing those honest words from Atsuko. He felt that too. In those three years, he only can look at her thought her picture. However, it can never ease the feeling of missing her in his heart.

He wipes her tear and smiles gently at her

“I did the same thing Atsuko. I hug your picture to sleep every night so that I can feel like you are still by my side” he said to her gently

“However now, I’m here, you don’t need to hug my clothes, right? I will be your pillow forever” Minami whispers

“Uh” Atsuko nods shyly

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami said

Then he bends down and kisses her lips strongly and wildly. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss while hugging his neck. Their kiss slowly turn into more passion and intense. Then Minami slips his tongue in her mouth and explore making Atsuko moan softly.

His hands already find their way inside her clothes while moving his kiss down to her neck. Atsuko moans softly when Minami licks and sucks her neck

Suddenly they hear Kai’s voice

“Daddy, Mommy, I’m ready”

Minami breaks the kiss and sits up.

“I will go to take a bath with Kai. we will continue tonight, my love.” he said making Atsuko blushes

Suddenly Minami bends down again and exhales deeply

“How I miss your scent so much” he whispers making Atsuko’s heart beat crazy

She lies on her bed and smiles brightly. She is extremely happy when Minami is back to her.

“Minami is finally back. He is finally back” she whispers in happy tone

After Minami and Kai finished their bath, the family three happily eat dinner together. Kai is extremely happy because now his father is here.

“Daddy, feed me this” while Atsuko is feeding Kai, he points on the food and said

“Ok, little prince” Minami smiles and said

He takes the spoon from Atsuko and feeds Kai.

“Daddy, Kai wants more milk” Kai said

“Kai, let's daddy eat” Atsuko said

“It's ok. Let's me spoil my son” Minami said

Atsuko smiles happily

“Kai loves daddy and mommy the most” Kai said happily

“We love you, too” Atsuko and Minami said at the same time.

The house once silent now is full of laughter and warm. Minami's heart is extremely happy with his Atsuko and a lovely son.

After dinner, Kai and Minami are playing with each other in the family room while Atsuko sitting on the sofa looking at them happily.

“Grg...I'm a dinosaur, I will catch your mommy” Minami said in monster tone and rushes to Atsuko

“No, I'm a hero. I will protect mommy” Kai said innocently and runs to Atsuko

“Kai, mommy is scared” Atsuko said

“Don't worry mommy, Kai will protect you” Kai stands in front of her and said

Atsuko smiles lovingly at her little son. Minami looks at him and said

“Then I will take you instead” he lifts him up to the sky and said

Kai laughs happily because of this

“Daddy, I'm flying” he raises his hands and said

“Uh, flying” Minami said and throws him up a little

“Yeah!!!!” Kai shouts happily

“Mommy, mommy, I'm flying” he turns to Atsuko and said

“I'm a superman. I'm flying” he continues

Atsuko laughs softly

“Yes, you are my superhero” she said

After playing for awhile, Kai gets tired and fell in sleep on Minami's shoulder. Atsuko smiles and walks to him.

“Let's me, Atsuko” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Minami gently hugs their son to his room, and Atsuko follows him from behind. He puts him down on his bed and pulls the blanket cover him.

“Goodnight son” he kisses his forehead and said

Atsuko smiles when seeing that. She is very happy. She never thought she would see Minami again and be happy with him like this.

Atsuko also comes and kisses Kai’s forehead

“Goodnight Kai” she said

Then Atsuko and Minami slowly leave Kai’s room and gently close the door. After closing the door, Minami suddenly lifts Atsuko up surprising her

“Minami” Atsuko said in whisper tone

“I told you we will continues what we left off, right?” Minami said

Atsuko blushes with his words. It has been very long since she is with him. Now everything feels so new making her heart beat crazy.

Minami bends down and kisses Atsuko's lips while walking back to their room.

In Atsuko’s room

He puts her on their bed and asks in whisper tone

“Are you nervous, Atsuko?”

“Uh” Atsuko nods shyly

Minami strokes her hair and said

“Me too. I'm so happy right now that make me extremely nervous.”

“After three years, I can finally feel your lips on mine” he whispers and kisses Atsuko's lips

“I can feel your body's heat, your hug, and hear your lovely voice again.” He continues while kissing down her neck

His hands are roaming around her body

“Minami” Atsuko moans his name while hugging him tightly

“I love you, Minami” she said

“I love you too Atsuko” Minami said while taking off her shirt

At dawn

In Atsuko's room

Minami slowly opens his eyes and sees Atsuko is sleeping in his embrace warmly. He smiles gently while moving the hair on her face

“This is not a dream. You are by my side now my love” he thought while stroking her face gently

Suddenly Minami sees Atsuko's eyelids moving. Minami quickly closes his eyes pretending he is sleeping

She slowly opens her eyes and looks up at the handsome face that she misses a lot. She raises her hand and touches his face gently.

“I was so scared to open my eyes. I was scared that yesterday was just a dream, and when I open my eyes, you are not here with me. I was so scared of that dream. I’m so thankful that everything is not a dream” Atsuko smiles and whispers while tear rolling on her face.

Suddenly she hears his voice said back

“This is not a dream my love”

Minami opens her eyes and looks at Atsuko.

“Don’t cry baby. This is real. I’m your Minami, and I’m here by your side. I will never leave you” he said in gentle tone while wiping her tear

“I miss you so much, Minami.” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and said while burying her face on his chest

“I miss you too, my world” Minami pats Atsuko’s back and said

After awhile, they break their hug. Minami looks at Atsuko and said

“Good morning, my love”

“Good morning, Minami” Atsuko pecks his lips and said in happy tone

“Wow!!! How I miss the morning kiss from you. I'm full power again” Minami said

Atsuko laughs softly at his words. The Minami hugs Atsuko's waist pulling her closer and said

“I’m sorry Atsuko. You have to take care of our son all alone. It must be very hard for you”

Atsuko shakes her head and looks up at Minami

“Never, I never thought about that. Kai is the result of our love, the proof of love between me and the person I love more than anything else. He is the greatest gift I have. He is the reason I still live in this world without my love” Atsuko said while caressing Minami’s face

“Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms

“Why didn’t you tell me about Kai?” he asks

“At first when Dr. Aki told me about Kai, I'm extremely happy. I want to tell you right away about that. However, then your parents came and all the things that happened. Also, your mother’s words, I thought marrying her would be better for you with your business than me… I'm just your burden” Atsuko hugs him tight and said

“Baka” he flicks her forehead and said

“I told you that I love you, right? Why did you think you’re my burden? You will never be my burden. You are my life force. Without you, I will die both my heart and my soul. Therefore, I forbid you say that ever again” Minami said seriously

“I understand” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“Also about my business, I don't need that kind of help, and I don't care about money. I only want to marry the girl I love and build a beautiful family. You are my top priority, Atsuko. Nothing can compare to you” He continues

“And now, we have the result of our love, Kai is my treasure. We will create a very happy family, and I won't ever leave you and our son again.” Minami adds

“Uh” Atsuko nods and smiles brightly

“One last thing” Minami said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Don't ever, ever, acted and lied to me like this again. You left me twice and my heart is in extremely pain. I can't bear the third time, Atsuko. I will break down” Minami said honestly
Atsuko looks at Minami. She cups his cheeks and said

“I understand Minami. My heart is in pain when I did that too. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings like that Minami. I will never ever do that again. I love you and only you more than anything, Minami”

“Good, now let's go Atsuko” Minami sits up and said

“Go where, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Minami pecks on Atsuko's lips and said

“Go to make you officially my wife”

Atsuko smiles brightly and happily at Minami

“Minami” she hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest

Suddenly Atsuko remembers something, she looks up at Minami and asks

“What about your parents Minami?”

“I don't want to go back there ever again. I can't believe to them only money, power, and reputation are matter. I will stay here with the girl I love. I will work at one of my company branch that I just opened here.” Minami said while holding Atsuko’s hands

“My parents, they are still my parents. I will also take care of them no openly though” He continues

Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“How about we go back there and meet your parents again, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“No, I don't want to risk losing you, Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

“I'm sorry, Minami. Because of me yohmm…”

Minami kisses her lips to cut her words

“Don't say sorry, Atsuko. I love you. I won't betray our love. I believe one day my parents will understand” Minami said

“We only have to wait” he continues while caressing her face

“Minami, thank you for loving me so much” Atsuko said while burying her face on his chest.

“That is what I want to tell you too, Atsuko. Thank you for loving me and give me a very cute and lovely son” Minami said

5 months later

In Tokyo

In Shinoda’s mansion

Minami's parents are sitting on the sofa, and a man in black suit is standing in front of them.

“What did you find?” Kenji asks

“I found young master in a small village outskirt of a very small city. That place is very far from Tokyo” The black suit man said

“He is living with a woman and a kid” he continues while giving them a stack of file

Ayumi takes the stack of file from the man’s hand. Then they open the file

“So this is the reason why he disappeared for the past 5 months” Ayumi said

Kenji frowns when looking at pictures in the file. They are pictures of Minami, Kai, and Atsuko. They are playing happily together.

“You can go now” Kenji said

“Yes sir” the man said and leaves the room

After the man left, Kenji takes out his phone and calls someone

“Prepare cars for me. Tomorrow, I will leave Tokyo” he said

Then he and Ayumi looks at the picture of Minami’s smiling face together with Atsuko, and the little happy kid in his arms again.

On the street near Minami's and Atsuko's house

Minami is walking back to his house with Kai. He is sitting on his shoulder. Hero is walking beside them. They just went to fish.

“Daddy, we caught a lot of fish. Kai wants to show mommy fishes that I caught” Kai said happily

“Of course, we will do it right away when we reach home. Daddy is sure that mommy will be very happy” Minami said

“Really daddy?” Kai asks

“Of course, mommy will be very happy because Kai is a big boy. Kai know how to fish” Minami said

“Kai wants to get home quickly.” Kai said excitedly

“Ok, my boy” Minami said

When Minami reaches their house, he sees a lot of black and expensive looking cars park near the house. Hero suddenly whimpers in scared like he knows who those people in the car are

“Don't tell me” Minami thought in surprise when realizing those cars

Then the car door opens and two people walk out. They turn around and look at Minami and Kai.

“Mom, dad” Minami calls in surprised and worried tone


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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@ayaka: Thank you!  :D

@tong99826: I’m sorry for not updating lately. I was busy. Thank you. Here is part 17 :D

I’m sorry everyone for not updating lately. I was busy. Also, thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 17  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 17

In front of their house

Minami widens his eyes in surprised when seeing two people stepping of the car

“Mom, dad” Minami calls in surprised

“You still remember us huh?” Kenji said in strict tone while frowning


Inside Atsuko's house

Atsuko is cleaning the house. After cleaning up everything, Atsuko turns and looks at the clock

“It's about 5:00 p.m, I guess Minami and Kai are about home now” she thought

“Let's go out and wait for them” Atsuko mumbles while walking to the door

When she opens the door, Atsuko sees Minami is standing at the gate. However, he didn't come in, and she notices that he is looking at other direction.

“Huh?” Atsuko thought in confused

“Minami, why are you standing there?” She asks while walking toward the gate.

Minami and Kai turns to Atsuko's direction when hearing her voice.

“Mommy” Kai calls her happily while rushing to her

“Welcome back Kai.” Atsuko picks him up and said in happy tone

“Are you having fun fishing with daddy?” she kisses his cheek and asks

“Yes, very happy. Kai caught a big fish for mommy” Kai said in happy tone

“Really? Mommy is very happy” Atsuko smiles gently and said

Then she asks Minami while turning around to look at where Minami is looking

“Minami, what are you lo…”

She stops her words when seeing Minami's parents. She suddenly feels so scared and doesn't what to do. She can only bows at them respectively.

“Minami, we were looking for you everywhere” Ayumi said while looking at Minami

Minami holds Atsuko's hand tightly. He knows she is scared right now. They just stand there silently while looking at his parents.

Kai looks at his parents then the two strange elders in front of him in confuses. However because their look is very serious, he is scared. He turns and hugs Atsuko's neck tightly.

“Mommy” he calls her

Atsuko pats his back reassuring him that everything is fine.

“So you left your company and come here huh?” Kenji speaks up while frowning

“I never left my company. My company has a branch here, and I still manage my company normally.” Minami said

“Are you done with your childish game? Go home” Kenji said

“This is my house. I won't leave here, and I won’t let you two take my family away from me again” he adds while shielding Atsuko behind him

“Go back to Tokyo” Ayumi said

“No, I won’t leave Atsuko, and my son. I’m old enough to decide my future.” Minami said seriously

“Who said that you have to leave them here” Kenji said

Minami and Atsuko look at each other in surprised.

“What do you mean, dad?” Minami asks

“*Sigh* just go back there, and we will talk about you two.” Ayumi said

“We will accept your marriage.” Kenji adds

“Really, mom dad?” Minami asks in happy tone.

However, his smile stops immediately when he remembers his parents also said the same things in the past

“Mom, dad do you really mean what you said? It was very hard for me to find Atsuko again. I love Atsuko, and I won’t leave her no matter what. Plus now we have our son. I won't ever let them leave me ever again” Minami said seriously

“I know what I did in the past was wrong. I saw your pain and how different you were at that time and now. You smile a smile that I have never seen for so long. Then I understand Mariko's words. I realized I was really wrong when didn't consider your feeling.” Ayumi said seriously

“Yes, we aren't an unreasonable people” Kenji nods

“We just want to fix our mistakes that year” he continues

Minami looks at his parents in surprise and a little suspicious.

He still can’t believe them because of what happened in the past. Therefore, he asks them again

“You two really meant it?”

“Of course. We already said that. If you ask me again, we will change our mind” Kenji said

“Now can you introduce us to our grandson. It seem like he is scared of us” Ayumi said while smiling at Minami

Minami smiles brightly when hearing what they said. He runs to them and hugs them tightly

“Thank you mom, dad. Thank you for understanding me” he said in happy tone

They smile gently and pat his back. When they look up, they see Atsuko is still standing afar hesitantly while hugging Kai in her arm

“Come here Atsuko” Ayumi smiles and said

Minami comes to Atsuko and said to Kai.

“Come here with daddy, Kai”

He hugs Kai in his left hand. Then he holds Atsuko’s hand tightly.

“Let’s go, Atsuko” Minami smiles gently and said

Then he leads them to his parents

“Mom, dad his name is Takahashi Kai.”

“Kai, they are daddy's parents. Go and greet grandfather and grandmother” Minami puts Kai down on the ground and said gently

“Grandpa, grandma” Kai folds his arms and bows at them respectively

“Good boy” Kenji bends down and picks him up.

“What a cute little handsome. You are just like your daddy” Ayumi pinches Kai’s cheeks and said

Kai looks at them and smiles innocently

“Mommy told me that too. Kai is handsome as daddy” he said to his grandparents

“I see” Kenji said and laughs happily

Then Ayumi turns to Atsuko and smiles gently.

“I'm sorry about what I said to you that year, Atsuko. I was so blinded with all the reputation thing.” She said to Atsuko gently

“'s ok, Mrs. Takahashi.” Atsuko looks down and said

“Look up and call me mom, Atsuko” Ayumi said

“...” Atsuko looks down hesitantly

“Look at me and call me mom, Atsuko. This time I really meant what I said. After all those years, I really understand everything” Ayumi pats Atsuko's head gently and said

“Yes, call us like Minami. We really mean it” Kenji said

Atsuko slowly looks up at Minami's mother and father in surprised. Then she calls Minami's parents in small tone

“Mom, dad”

Ayumi smiles and said


“Now, pack your things and go back to Tokyo with us” Kenji said

Then he orders his guards to help Atsuko and Minami.


In the family room

Atsuko is talking to Ayumi while Minami is packing their stuffs, and Kai is following him around. Ayumi holds Atsuko’s hand and said.

“Firstly, we want to say sorry to you, Atsuko.”

“Yes, we regretted with what we said and how we treated you that year.” Kenji sitting on the other side of sofa said

“It’s ok, mom, dad. That is already in the past” Atsuko looks at them and said

“When you left, Minami completely changed. He never smiles again, and he turns into a very cold person who no one can approach even us.” Ayumi said

“He became a person who we always thought good. He looks down on every single person with a single reason “They are lower than me”. His action showed us how wrong we are. Though he always shows an emotionless and cold face, I can notice how his heart is in pain. I’m his mother after all.” she continues

“Then when I saw he smiling again when he is with you and Kai. He smiled a smile that I have never seen in so long. At that time, I knew immediately how wrong I’m. I’m so selfish with my thought. I always thought that I’m always right. However, I was wrong since a long time ago. Until now, I just realized thing that I should realize sooner. In my life, I made two terrible mistake. However, I was able to fix the second mistake.” Ayumi smiles while tightening her grip on Atsuko’s hand

“Mom” Atsuko calls her

“Atsuko, I’m happy that Minami found you. Please forgive us, and be our precious daughter in law” Ayumi said while smiling at Atsuko

Atsuko can see tear on Minami’s mother eyes when she said that.

“Mom” Atsuko hugs her and calls her happily

“Thank you, mom and dad. Thank you for accepting me” she said happily while tightening her hug

Ayumi smiles and pats her back

“It is us who should thank you for bringing back our Minami” she said

Kenji looks at them and smiles.

After preparing everything, they go back to Tokyo. By the time they got back to Tokyo, it is already night

In front of Takahashi mansion

“You three go back to your home and rest. It is already late.” Ayumi said

“Ok mom” Minami said

“By the way, Minami takes Atsuko and Kai here and eat breakfast with us tomorrow.” Kenji said

“Yes, then you just go to work and leave Atsuko and Kai here with us. We will take them home later” Ayumi said

“For what mom?” Minami asks immediately

He suddenly feels uneasy feeling when hearing that

“I just want to talk to Atsuko and play with our grandson. It is just mother and daughter in law talk. You don't need to know. Don't worry son, we really understand our mistake” Ayumi smiles gently and said

“Ok” Minami nods hesitantly

Then the three leave the house

In the car

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

“What is it, Atsuko?” He asks

“I want to come to auntie Mariko. I think she was very worry. I want to say sorry to her, Rena-neechan, and Jun-niichan. Plus, I miss them” Atsuko said

“I know. I'm driving there. I even texted them that I found you, and we will visit them tonight” Minami smiles and said

“How did you know Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprises

“Because I'm your greatest husband” Minami laughs and said

In front of Mariko’s house

Minami parks his car and opens the door for Atsuko. Then he opens the back door and picks Kai up. On their way, Kai fell in sleep. After that, they come to the door and rings the bell

The door immediately opens like people inside the house already waited there for them. Behind the door is happy face of Mariko, Rena, and Jun when seeing them

“Auntie Mariko, Rena-neechan, Jun-niichan” Atsuko smiles and calls them

“Acchan” Mariko calls Atsuko happily and hugs her tightly

“You baka child. Why did you leave without telling me anything? I said that I will help you with everything no matter what, right?” She continues

“Auntie” Atsuko thought in surprised

“I was so worry, Atsuko” Mariko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Yes, we were so worry about you. This evening when Takamina called us. You can't imagine how happy we were, especially mom” Rena said while smiling gently at Atsuko

“Don't do that stupid thing again, ok” she pats her head and said

“Rena-neechan” Atsuko thought while tear of happiness rolling on her cheeks.

“Welcome back, Acchan” Jun smiles and said

“I'm sorry and thank you, auntie, Rena-neechan, Jun-niichan” she said

Minami stands there and smiles happily. Jun comes and pats his shoulder

“Good job, Takamina. I'm happy that you finally found her and returned to be you again” he said

“Thank you, Jun-nii.” Minami said

Kai is sleeping in Minami’s arm. Hearing a lot of talking sound, he wakes up. He rubs his eyes and calls Atsuko in sleepy tone


Atsuko comes to her son and said

“Mommy is here, Kai”

Then she hugs him from Minami’s arms

“So the baby is this little handsome” Rena said while smiling

“Yes, Rena-neechan.” Atsuko said

Then she turns to Mariko and said to Kai while putting him down on the ground

“Kai, greet great aunt”

Kai folds his arms and bow respectively in front of Mariko

“Hello great aunt”

“Good” Mariko pats his head and said

“And auntie Rena” Atsuko turns him to Rena and said

“Hello auntie Rena” Kai bows and said

“Hello my handsome nephew” Rena bends down at his level and said

“Lastly, Kai greet uncle Jun” Atsuko said

“Hello uncle Jun” Kai bows and said

“You such a good boy, little Takamina” Jun pats his head and said

Then Minami comes and lifts him up on his shoulder

“Everyone, let's me officially introduce our son, his name is Takahashi Kai. Our lovely and handsome son” He happily and proudly said

“Congratulations you two” Mariko said

“Yes, congratulations you two” Rena said

“Come on in you two.” Mariko said

Then Atsuko and Minami come into the house and talk

Later at night

At Minami's house

In Minami's room

Atsuko steps out from the restroom and sees Minami is sitting on the bed smiling at her.

“Come here, Atsuko.” Minami said to her gently

“Ok” Atsuko said while smiling brightly

Then she walks toward him and sits down in his embrace. Minami gently strokes her hair while his other hand hugging her waist tightly

“I miss our house a lot, Minami” Atsuko leans on Minami's chest and said

“Our house?” Minami said in question tone

Atsuko looks up at Minami and pouts

“Yeah right, this is your house. I’m sorry” she said in pouting tone while standing up

“I'm kidding, I'm kidding, Atsuko” Minami hugs her waists and said while burying his face on her neck

“This is of course our house” he said to her

“Hum…I don’t know about that” Atsuko takes Minami's hands out and turns away

“I thought this is only your house. I guess I have to go” she continues in pouting tone

“Baby, don't be like that. I'm just kidding” Minami comes in front of Atsuko and said with puppies face

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” He buries his face on her neck and calls her name repeatedly

“Of course this is our house, your house. Everything is mine is yours, baby” he whispers and kisses her neck

Atsuko smiles and hits his chest slightly

“Baka” She said

Hearing Atsuko's voice, Minami smiles and pushes her down on their bed and quickly kisses Atsuko lips gently

Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his sweet and gentle kiss. After awhile, Minami breaks the kiss and moves down on Atsuko's neck. He exhales and said in loving tone

“You smell so good, Atsuko”

Atsuko blushes madly at his words. She hits his chest and said shyly

“B...Baka, I'm not food”

Minami laughs loudly at her cute reaction and said

“But you are my food”

Atsuko bushes even more with his words.

“You are pervert, Minami” she said while shyly turning her face aside

Minami smiles and turns her face to look at him.

“Don't say that to your husband, Atsuko. I only be pervert with my lovely and beautiful Atsuko.” He said and smiles his charming smile at Atsuko

Atsuko looks at Minami's smile. She loves his smiles a lot. She hugs his neck and said in pouting tone

“You have to love only me”

“Of course I only love you, and be pervert with only you.” Minami buries his face on her neck and said

Atsuko smiles and hugs him tightly.

After awhile

“Let's sleep Minami. We have to come to your parents’ house tomorrow” Atsuko said

Suddenly Minami's face turns serious. He lies down next to Atsuko. Then he hugs her waist tightly pulling her closer to him. Atsuko is confused with his sudden action. She looks up at him and asks

“What’s wrong, Minami?”

Minami brushes her hair from her face and caresses Atsuko’s face.

“I’m scared, Atsuko” Minami said in worried tone

“I don't know what does mom want to talk to you” he continues

Atsuko looks at him. She can see worriedness in his eyes. She knows that Minami is worried that his mother will say something to her and force her to leave him again. He is scared of losing her again. She cups his face and said gently

“Everything will be fine, Minami”

“But I’m really scared, Atsuko. I really can’t bear with losing you again. I will breakdown” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms.

Atsuko can feel the shaking in his arms. She leans up and kisses his lips gently. Then she said gently reassuring him

“I’m sorry for leaving you that year, Minami. I promise that I will never leave you no matter what. If they really still don’t accept me, I will do my best to make them change their mind. I will show them how strong my love for you is”

Then Atsuko moves closer to him and shrinks herself in his warm embrace. She buries her face on his chest and said

“However I believe that you parents already changed, Minami. By the way, they look at me, what they said, and how they treat Kai. I can feel it”

“Don’t worry ok” she looks up and smiles gently at him

Minami caresses Atsuko’s face. Atsuko’s smile makes him feel so comfortable.

“Ok” he said to her

“However, if my mother tell you something, you have to tell me immediately ok. Don’t keep everything to yourself” he continues in serious tone

“Uh, I know” Atsuko nods and said

Then she buries her face on his chest and sleeps happily.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

This is the last part of the fic  :D

My feeling for you

Part 18 - Final

In the morning

In Minami's room

Atsuko is preparing for Minami to go to work. She helps him wear his suit and ties his tie. Minami smiles happily while looking at Atsuko who is fixing his tie again. He hugs Atsuko’s waist and pulls her closer to him.

“Minami, I’m fixing your tie” Atsuko said

“I'm so happy Atsuko. Having you fixing my suit every morning like this.” Minami whispers while resting his head on her shoulder

Atsuko smiles at his words.

“Sweet talker. I do this for you every day. I thought you already get bored” she said

“Impossible! How can I ever get bored. Having you fixing my suit is my first, no my second most waiting things in the morning. I love every second of the moment” Minami looks at Atsuko and said

“Second?” Atsuko asks in confused

“Uh, that is my second most waiting” Minami nods and said

“Do you know what is the most waiting thing to me?” he asks Atsuko when seeing her super confused face

“What is it, Minami?” she looks at him and asks

Minami smiles. Then he bends down and kisses Atsuko lips.

“Your morning kiss when I just woke up. It is like a super charger. I will have a lot of power from your love and sweet kiss” he breaks the kiss and whispers

Atsuko blushes at his words

“You are so cute when you blush like this, baby” Minami pinches Atsuko’s cheeks and said

Atsuko smiles happily at Minami’s words. She rests her head on his chest and asks

“So what is the third and after that in your waiting list, Minami?”

“You want to know?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Uhm…no, that is all” Minami said

Atsuko looks up at Minami with surprised and a little disappointed. She thought there is more things that he is waiting to do with her every day. Minami laughs at Atsuko’s cute face.

“Why did you laugh, Minami? There is nothing funny” Atsuko said in pouting tone and turns away

“I’m sorry for teasing you, love” Minami hugs Atsuko’s waist and said

“Of course there are still a lot of things in my most waiting list. The first thing is your morning kiss, the second thing is you fixing my clothes, third is your goodbye kiss, four is….” Minami keeps telling her what is in his waiting list

“Also your word “Welcome home”, and your welcome kiss when I get home. Plus…”

“Minami, that is a lot” Atsuko said in surprised tone

“Of course. I told you that before right? Everything you do to me, or we are doing together every day is what I'm waiting for. Also what I will do with Kai is what I'm waiting. You and Kai are my happiness.” Minami said seriously

Atsuko smiles loving at Minami

“You and Kai are also my happiness , Minami” she said

Then Atsuko looks at her watch and said

“It is almost time, Minami. Can you wake Kai up for me? I have to prepare myself a bit” Atsuko said

“Roger, my queen” Minami stands in soldier form and said

Atsuko smiles and pecks Minami lips

“Thank you, Minami” she said

“Anything for my queen” Minami kisses Atsuko’s forehead and said

Then Minami go to Kai's room to wake him up.

In the restroom

Atsuko is preparing herself just like she normally does whenever she goes out. However, this time she does it more careful because today she will eat breakfast with Minami’s parents. She feels so nervous because this will be the first time she eat with them.

Atsuko stands there looking at herself in the mirror. Her heart beats so fast because of nervous. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“You will be fine, Atsuko” she calms herself

Suddenly she feels a pair of hands hugging her waist

“You will be fine, Atsuko. I will always be by your side” Minami whispers in her ear gently

“Minami” Atsuko turns and calls him in surprised

“You will be fine, Atsuko. Don’t worry” Minami smiles gently and said while caressing Atsuko’s face

Atsuko smiles and hugs Minami tightly

“Thank you, Minami” she buries her face on his chest and said

“Don’t thank me Atsuko. I will do everything for my love” Minami pats her head and said

Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles brightly. Then she asks him

“Is Kai up, Minami?”

“Uh, he is up, and everything is all done. I helped him take a bath, change him to his favorite doggy shirt. He is now sitting in his playing room with Hero while waiting for us” Minami said

Atsuko pecks his lips and said

“Thank you, great daddy”

Minami looks at Atsuko and asks in pouting tone

“What's else?”

“What's else?” Atsuko asks back in confused tone

“Am I only Kai’s great daddy to you?” Minami asks in pouting tone

Atsuko laughs softly when knowing what he meant. She hugs his neck and kisses his lips lovingly

“You are also my greatest husband in the whole world” she said after breaking the kiss

“That is right” Minami laughs softly said confidently

Atsuko laughs at his confident face. Then they come to Kai’s play room.

Kai is sitting on the floor playing with his toys that Minami bought for him. Seeing Atsuko, he smiles brightly while raising his hands toward her asking her to hug him.

“Good morning my little baby” Atsuko lifts him up and said

“Mommy, good morning” Kai kisses her cheek and said

Then Minami and Atsuko lean and kiss both of his cheeks

“Kai loves mommy and daddy the most” he continues

“Daddy and mommy love Kai too” Atsuko and Minami said gently

Then they leave the house coming to his parents’ house.

In front of Takahashi mansion

Minami hugs Kai in his arms. His other hand holding Atsuko's hand walking into the house

“Good morning, Minami-sama, Atsuko-sama, and young master Kai.” the maids bows at them and said

“Good morning” Minami and Atsuko said

Then they walk into the dining room to meet Minami’s parents. The maid opens the door for them to come in. Seeing Minami's parents, Atsuko quickly bows and greets them

“Good Morning mom dad”

Then she turns to Kai and said

“Greet grandpa and grandma Kai”

Minami puts him down, and he rushes to his grandparents

“Good morning, grandma, grandpa” Kai bows at them and said

“Good boy. Come to grandpa, Kai” Kenji smiles and said

Kai walks to his grandpa. Then Kenji lifts him up and puts him on his laps.

“You two also come here and sit down” Ayumi said

Minami and Atsuko come to the table and sit down.

“Give grandpa a kiss, Kai” Kenji said

Kai turns and kisses his grandpa on his cheek.

“Good boy” Kenji said happily

“Kai, what about grandma?” Ayumi asks him

“Kai only love grandpa huh? I already ordered chief to make for you a big cake” she teases him with pouting tone

“Uh-oh Kai, seem like someone is jealous.” his grandpa looks at him and said

Kai looks at his grandpa. Then he jumps down and rushes to his grandma.

“Grandma” He calls her while raising his hands toward her asking her to hug him

Ayumi looks at him and smiles gently. She lifts him up on her lap happily.

“You are so cute, my little baby.” she said and kisses his cheek

“Give grandma a kiss” she said to him

Kai turns and kisses her cheek. Then he looks at her and said

“Grandma, Kai wants cake” 

His innocent words make both of his grandparents laughs loudly.

“You are so cute, Kai.” Ayumi pinches his cheek and said

“Grandma also got a lot of gifts for my cute little grandson” she continues in happy tone

“Yea!” Kai raises his hands and said happily

“Kai, what will you say to grandma?” Atsuko calls him and asks

“Thank you, grandma. Kai loves grandma” Kai hugs his grandma and said

“Grandma loves Kai too” Ayumi said

Suddenly they hear someone coughing

“Ehem...I also can buy a lot of toys for my grandson. However, I didn't hear anything” Kenji said in jealous tone

Ayumi looks at her husband and smiles to herself. Then she whispers something in Kai's ear. He jumps down and rushes to his grandpa.

“Grandpa” he raises his hand toward him

Kenji lifts him up. Kai hugs his neck and kisses his cheek loudly.

“Kai love grandpa a lot” Kai smiles innocently at Kenji and said

His words make Minami's father heart feel very warm. He hugs Kai in his arms and said

“Uh, grandpa also loves Kai very much”

Minami smiles when seeing how his parents love Kai. He holds Atsuko’s hand and smiles happily at her. Then the chief bring food out for them. Atsuko quickly stands up and said

“Dad, let's me hug him for you to eat”

“No, it's ok, Atsuko. I want him to sit on my laps and eat.” Kenji smiles and said

“Let's him be Atsuko. He is very excited to meet Kai this morning” Ayumi said

“Yes mom” Atsuko nods and sits back down

After finished eating, Minami say goodbye to his parents to go to work. He comes to Kai and lifts him up

“Bye Kai, daddy go to work” he said

“Bye, bye daddy.” Kai kisses his cheek and said

Minami kisses Kai's forehead. Then he gives Kai back to his father and leaves the room. Atsuko takes his work bag and follows Minami.


“I will go to work now, Atsuko” Minami said

“Have a nice day, Minami.” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

Minami hugs Atsuko and whispers

“Tell me if something happen ok.”

Atsuko tightens her hugs and whispers

“Don't worry, Minami. I'll be fine”

Then Minami goes into his car and drives to his company. After Minami left, Atsuko turns and walks back into the house.

“Atsuko-sama, master and mistress are in the family room waiting for you” the maid tells Atsuko

Atsuko's heart suddenly beats faster. The memories of that day flashes back to her again. Atsuko slowly follows the maid to the family room. The maid opens the door for her. Atsuko takes a deep breath and tells herself

“Everything will be fine, Atsuko”

Then she walks into the room.

Kai is playing with his toys on the floor near the sofa where Minami parents are sitting. Seeing them, Atsuko quickly bows at the respectively. Kai is playing, seeing his mother, he stands up calls her happily


Then he rushes to Atsuko and hugs her legs tightly

“Mommy, mommy” he calls her happily

Atsuko looks at him and smiles gently. Then she bends down and asks him

“What is it, Kai?”

“Mommy, grandpa and grandma give Kai a lot of toys. Grandpa also gave me this new shirt” Kai said and shows Atsuko what Minami’s parents gave him

“I see. You are very happy, right?” Atsuko smiles and asks him

“Yes, Kai loves all of them” Kai nods and said

“Did you say thank grandpa and grandma?” Atsuko asks him

“Kai did. Mommy taught Kai that Kai have to say thank whenever I receive anything. Kai always remembers mommy’s words.” Kai said proudly

“Good boy. Mommy is very happy and proud when hearing Kai said that” Atsuko pats his head and said

“Now go back and play with your toys. Let’s mommy talk to grandpa and grandma” she continues

“Yes” Kai nods and rushes back to his place

Then Atsuko stands up and walks toward the sofa where Minami’s parents are sitting. She bows at them again and said

“Mom, dad”

Atsuko’s heart is never once stable. It is beating crazily because of nervous and scared. She looks down on her feet scared to look at them. She is afraid to see the cold eyes that year looking at her. The conversation at her old house still can’t help her to feel safe because after all, at the time, Minami is still with her. Suddenly she hears a gentle voice calling her.

“Atsuko, come here with me”

Atsuko looks up in surprised with what she heard. When she looks up, she sees Minami’s parents are smiling gently at her

“Come here, Atsuko” Ayumi calls Atsuko in gentle tone

“Yes mom” Atsuko said and walks slowly to her seat

Then Atsuko sits down next to her. Suddenly, Ayumi turns to look at Atsuko and holds her hand tightly

“Atsuko, I want to say sorry to you once again” Ayumi said gently

“Mom, we talked about this before. You don't need to say it again” Atsuko said

“It is just I feel so stupid that year for listening to that girl’s words, and also my own selfish. I nearly pushed away a good girl like you. Also, this adorable grandson, and brings a black-hearted woman into the house. I feel so stupid” Ayumi sadly said

"Black-hearted woman?" Atsuko looks at Ayumi and said in question tone

"That woman names Kisaki Kiara" Ayumi said

Then she tells Atsuko the incident in front of Minami’s house with Kiara and the journalists.

“After that incident, I decided to come to that woman to apology to her because I thought she was sad and hurt. However, I never thought I would hear what she said to her parents. She dared to tell her father to destroy Minami’s company” Ayumi said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprised

“She did that, mom? I thought she loves Minami.” Atsuko said

“Love him? Atsuko, you think of her that high. She and her parents just want Maeda’s power in Japan and Takahashi power. They dare to say they are friend of mine. So stupid of me to trust them. I should have withdraw my sponsor from their company sooner” Kenji slams his chair and said

"That will be a lesson for them. They won't ever dare to come back and interfere with us or do any harm to you or Minami again" Ayumi said

“Anyway, don’t mind about those people. They are not worthy to talk about. Atsuko, thank you for forgiving us.” she continues

“Mom, don't say that. I know everything you did just because you thought that is best for Minami. I didn't hate you, and you don’t have to ask me for my forgiveness. I'm happy that you and dad understand me and accept me now” Atsuko said while smiling at her

“Thank you, Atsuko” Ayumi smiles and said

“By the way, Atsuko, I want you to come to this place with me” Ayumi said

“Where is it, mom?” Atsuko asks

“I want to fix my first and definitely terrible mistake” Ayumi said

“Yes mom” Atsuk nods and smiles at Ayumi

She understands what Ayumi meant. Minami told her about Mariko before. Then they stand up from their seat. Seeing Atsuko standing up, Kai rushes to her and asks

“Mommy, where are you going?”

Atsuko bends down at him and said

“Kai, mommy will go out with grandma a little. Kai, stay with grandpa and be good ok?”

“Kai wants to go with mommy” Kai looks at Atsuko and said

“Kai, mommy will just go out a little. We'll be right back. Kai be good and stay here with grandpa” Ayumi said

“No, Kai wants to go with mommy” Kai said in pouting tone while hugging Atsuko's leg

“Kai, you have to be good. Mommy just leave with grandma a little.” Atsuko said in serious tone

Kai pouts still hugging Atsuko's leg tightly.

“Kai” Ayumi calls him gently

“No, Kai wants to go, Kai wants to go” Kai said stubbornly

“Kai, don't say to grandma like that. if you are bad, mommy won't love you anymore” Atsuko frowns and said

Kai shakes his head furiously and cries

“No, Kai wants to go with mommy” he said in small sobbing tone

“Aww!! Kai, come here with grandpa”

Kenji sits down and said. Kai turns to look at his grandpa while sobbing. Kenji can see tear in Kai's eyes.

“Aww, come here with grandpa, my little Kai” Kenji said

Kai slowly walks toward his grandpa while sobbing. Kenji lifts him up in his arms and asks

“Kai doesn't want to play with grandpa?”

Kai shakes his head.

“Kai wants to play with grandpa” Kai said in small tone

“Then let's mommy go with grandma a little. Mommy will be back soon.” Kenji said

Kai looks down while playing with Kenji’s shirt collar

“Kai, is Kai a good boy or bad boy?” Kenji asks

“Kai is a good boy” Kai said strongly

“Kai wants mommy to be happy or sad?” Kenji asks

“Kai wants mommy happy” Kai said innocently

“Then Kai has to be good. If Kai is stubborn, mommy will be very sad.” Kenji said

Seem to understand his grandpa’s words, Kai said

“Grandpa, can you put Kai down?”

“Ok” Kenji puts him down.

He quickly rushes to hugs Atsuko's neck tightly

“Mommy, Kai is sorry. Kai will be good and stay here with grandpa. Mommy has to be back here quickly ok” He said

Atsuko smiles and pats his head

“Uh, mommy and grandma will be back quick.”

Kai smiles when seeing his mother smile.

“Mommy, kiss” he looks at Atsuko and said

Atsuko bends down and kisses his forehead

“Mommy loves Kai, right?” Kai asks

“Of course, mommy loves Kai. Mommy sorry for saying that to Kai” Atsuko wipes his tear and said

“Kai loves mommy a lot too” Kai hugs Atsuko and kisses her cheek

“Good boy. Now come and say sorry to grandma” Atsuko said

Kai turns and walks to Ayumi

“Grandma, I'm sorry for my attitude” he crosses his arms and bows respectively in front of Ayumi

Ayumi lifts him up and said

“It's ok my little baby. Grandma promises when we get back, grandma will buy a gift for you ok”

Kai smiles brightly. He hugs her neck and kisses her cheek. Then he said happily

“Thank you grandma.”

“No problem my little handsome. Now go to mommy” Ayumi puts him down and said

Kai rushes to hugs Atsuko

“Kai, mommy will go now” Atsuko kisses his forehead and said

“Ok” Kai nods

He kisses her cheeks and said

“Bye bye mommy”

“Bye Kai” Atsuko pats his head.

Then she leaves the house with Ayumi.

In the room

After Atsuko and Ayumi leave, Kai comes to Kenji and pulls his shirt

“What is it, Kai?” Kenji lifts him up and asks

Kai looks up at his grandpa and said

“Grandpa, play with Kai”

“Of course, let's go play in the garden, ok” Minami's father smiles and said

“Ok” Kai nods

Then he takes Kai to the garden to play

In the car

Atsuko and Ayumi sit next to each other. Atsuko is still nervous when sitting by Ayumi.

“Mom, I'm sorry about Kai's attitude. He is still a kid. I will teach him more” Atsuko said afraid that Ayumi is upset with Kai's action

“Don't say that Atsuko. I love him very much. He is my only grandson, and I love everything about him. As you said he is still a kid. Wanting to be with his mother is normal. Plus, we just met him not so long. Everything has to has time”

“About the way you teach him, Kai is a smart little child, and you taught him very good. There is not a lot of understanding child like him. I know children always act stubborn, but he knows how to listen to elder. He is a good kid, and I'm happy with the way you teach him, Atsuko. Very good” Ayumi said to Atsuko while smiling gently

“Thank you, mom” Atsuko said still nervous because of everything

Ayumi notices it. She holds her hand and said

“Don't be nervous Atsuko. From now on, we are family. Be normal around each other. The past is in the past. From now on, let be happy together my precious daughter-in-law”

Atsuko looks up at Ayumi and smiles happily. Ayumi’s words just now make Atsuko real happy. She feels that all her worriedness is gone away.

After awhile

The car reaches Mariko's clinic. The driver opens the door for them. Atsuko and Ayumi walk out. This time, it is Ayumi’s turn to get nervous. She stops at the front door hesitantly.

Seeing them standing, the security comes and asks

“What can I do for you ma'am?”

“We want to meet Dr. Shinoda” Atsuko said

“Dr is inside. Please come in” the security man said and opens the door for them

Atsuko holds Ayumi’s arm and said

“Let's go mom. I believe you can do it”

“But Atsuko, is it too late for me to do this? I hurt her a lot” Ayumi said in sad tone

“Mom, though you can't change what happened in the past, you can still make the present and future better. There is nothing late with anyone who want to fix their mistakes” Atsuko said

“Trust me mom, auntie will understand” she continues while smiling at Ayumi

Ayumi looks at Atsuko and smiles

“I can't believe I nearly push away a good daughter in law like you, Atsuko. I'm more and more happy every second that Minami found you.” She said

“Ok, let's go inside” Ayumi said

Then Atsuko and Ayumi walk in.

In Mariko's office

Mariko is working with her file. Then she hears knocking sound

“Come in” she said still working with her paper works

Then the door opens. However, she doesn't hear anything. Curious, Mariko looks up. She widens his eyes in surprise when seeing Ayumi. When she looks to her side, she sees Atsuko.

“Ayumi, Atsuko” Mariko calls them in confused and surprised tone

Ayumi walks silently in front of Mariko

“What do you want?” Mariko asks in cold tone while calming herself

Suddenly to her surprised, Ayumi bows deeply in front of her

“I'm sorry Mariko”

“I'm sorry for my selfishness. Because of my stupid pride that caused the tragic to you and Jun. I caused Jun to come to this world without a father. I'm sorry. I'm deeply sorry” she continues

Mariko is completely surprised with her older sister action. She stuns at her place and doesn't know how to reaction with her sister action

“Ayumi-nee” Mariko stands up and calls her in surprised tone

“I always thought reputation is everything. I always follow dad’s word and see everyone in their background and reputation. However, Minami's strange action brought me to think. I spent a lot of time thinking about my action toward you and Atsuko. Then I realized what I should realize long time ago. I was so wrong to treat the person you love like that. I know even if I endlessly say sorry to you, it still can't fix the wound in your heart. I just want you to know my greatly regret, and I really, really want your forgiveness, Mariko” Ayumi sincerely said

“It’s ok if you won’t forgive me right now. I’ll wait for your forgiveness. However, I really, really hope you can forgive me.” she continues still bowing in front of Mariko

Mariko looks at her sister. Her eyes become soften. Then she walks out of her working desk and slowly come to Ayumi. She holds Ayumi’s shoulder and said gently

“Don’t bow like that Ayumi-nee. You don’t have to ask my forgiveness”

“Mariko, I’m really serious.” Ayumi said

She thought Mariko think that she just acting

“I know it, Ayumi-nee. It is just that I never hate you” Mariko said

Ayumi looks up in surprise

“Mariko” she calls Mariko in whisper tone

“It is true at that time, when Koichiro passed away, I was very angry. My heart was shattered in in pieces. Why did you two so heartless? Why did you two treat him like that? Why did you two force him like that? A lot of questions appear in my head. I was very angry. That is why I left the house, the cold house with no feeling.” Mariko said

“However, I never once hate you and dad because after all you two are my family.” she continues while tear rolling down on her cheeks

Ayumi’s tear also roll down on her cheeks.

“Mariko, I’m so sorry.” she hugs Mariko tightly and said

“I’m sorry. I ruined your love because of my selfish” she adds while crying in Mariko’s arms

“Don’t say that Ayumi-nee. You didn’t ruin my love. We still have the roof of our love. Koichiro gave me a great son who never once let me down. I also have a lovely grandson. As long as Koichiro is in my heart, we are always together” Mariko said

“The past is already in the past. I want you to forget all that sad memories. Let’s just look at our present and future” she continues while smiling at Ayumi

“Uh” Ayumi nods happily

Atsuko smiles when seeing that Mariko and Ayumi is happy.

In the evening

Minami comes home quickly after finished his work. Today he really couldn't concentrate in his word because he worry about Atsuko. Also Atsuko didn't call him or text him. Minami is back home at 6:00 pm. He quickly opens the door and rushes in

“Atsuko, Kai, I'm home” Minami said while opening the door

Kai is playing in living room. Hearing Minami's voice, he quickly rushes to the front door

“Daddy home” he said happily

“Hello my little boy” Minami lifts him up and said happily

“Where is mommy, Kai?” He asks

“Mommy is cooking in the kitchen” Kai said

“I see. How is your day Kai?” Minami asks

“Kai plays with grandpa at home. Playing with grandpa is very fun. Also grandpa and grandma gave Kai a lot of toy. Kai also eat a lot of good food.”

“Grandma gave Kai this shirt” Kai shows Minami happily

“I see. You have a lot of fun, huh?” Minami asks

Hearing what Kai said, Minami feels a little relief.

“Daddy” Kai looks at Minami and calls him

“What is it, Kai?” Minami asks

“Mommy is hurt” Kai said

Minami widens his eyes in surprised.

“What do you mean, Kai?” He asks

“When mommy and grandma came back home, Kai saw mommy’s eyes are all red. Kai asks mommy, but mommy said mommy ok.” Kai said

“However, Kai saw mommy’s eyes are very red” he continues while looking at Minami

Minami stays silent when hearing what Kai said

“Is mommy ok, daddy?” Kai asks

“Don’t worry Kai, mommy is ok.” Minami said

“Kai, can you go up stair to your playroom. Daddy will ask mommy again, ok” Minami asks

“Ok” Kai nods

Then he runs up stair back to his playroom while Minami walks into the kitchen. When he walks in, he sees Atsuko is cooking something. His old memories flashes back to him again. It is just like 3 years ago. Minami’s heart starts beating faster. He quickly rushes to Atsuko and hugs her tightly.

Atsuko is cooking, suddenly she feels someone hug her tightly from behind. Then she hears Minami’s whisper

“Don’t leave me, Atsuko”

Atsuko is surprised with Minami action. She turns and calls him in surprise

“Minami, you are home”

Minami stays silent. He just looks at Atsuko gently. Then he hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms and whispers the same thing in shaky tone

“Please, don’t leave me, Atsuko”

Atsuko is confused with what Minami said. She breaks the hugs to look at Minami and asks him in confused tone

“What are you saying, Minami?”

“Please don’t leave me, Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko again and said

“What's wrong, Minami? I'm still here. I won't ever leave you. I already promised you that” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

Minami looks at Atsuko

“You won't leave me?” He asks

“Of course” Atsuko said

“You won't ever leave me?” Minami asks Atsuko again

“Minami, I love you. I won't ever leave you.” Atsuko said to Minami seriously

Minami smiles brightly.

“I love you” he said and kisses Atsuko's lips lovingly

Then he hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms. Atsuko is still confused, but she hugs him thinking that Minami might be worry about her meeting with his parents

“Don't worry Minami. I will never ever leave you” Atsuko buries her face on his chest and said

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“What did my mom say to you this time?” Minami asks

“Nothing. She said sorry to me again and thank me for everything. She said that she is happy to have me as her daughter in law” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami frowns while looking at Atsuko. He thought she lied to him again

“Atsuko, I told you not to hide anything from me right?” Minami said

“Uh, I didn't lie” Atsuko said

“Then why did you cry?” Minami asks

“Cry?” Atsuko said in confused

“Kai told me that he saw your eyes were all red after you went somewhere with mom. You cried, right?” Minami said

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then she burst out of laugh. She now understands Minami's strange action. Minami looks at Atsuko in confuse

“What's it, Atsuko?” he asks

Atsuko pecks his lips and hugs him tightly. She rests her head on Minami's chest and said

“I told the true, Minami. Mom finally understands our love. She treats me very nice today.”

“Really?” Minami asks in surprised tone

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“It is true that I cried, but that is not the reason why my eyes are red. I will tell you everything tonight including a super great news. However now, I have to prepare food for you and also Kai has to eat now” She continues

“Ok, I will go to bath and changes my clothes. You have to tell me everything ok” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles happily and nods

At night

After taking Kai to bed, Atsuko and Minami go back to their room. Atsuko is now resting her head on Minami chest while hugging him, and their hands entwined together.

“So Atsuko, tell me everything about today” Minami strokes her back gently and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Firstly, about why my eyes are red. Today I went to shopping with mom. When we were at the perfume store, When we are at the perfume store, a lady accidentally sprayed the perfume to my eyes. I quickly washed them. Also mom took me to the doctor to check on my eyes. That is why they are red.” Atsuko said

“Look Minami, you can still see a little red, right?” She looks up at Minami and asks

Minami looks at Atsuko's eyes, he can still see a light red there.

“Who is that careless person? We have to sue her for that action. You must be very hurt. You should tell me early” Minami touches Atsuko's eyes and said

“A little, but I'm fine. The doctor said my eyes are ok. I don't want you to worry, so I didn't call you” Atsuko said

“By the way, Minami, I got a great news to tell you” She continues in happy tone

Minami leans up and asks in teasing tone

“Is Kai about to have a little sister?”

Atsuko blushes madly with Minami's words

“ baka” she hits his chest slightly and said in pouting tone

Minami laughs loudly at Atsuko cute shy face.

“Minami, I'm serious” Atsuko pouts

“I'm serious too, you know” Minami keeps teasing her because Atsuko's pouting face is very cute

Seeing her face makes him want to tease her more. Atsuko looks at Minami and pouts.

“If you don't want to hear, I won't say” She said and turn away

Minami quickly hugs her waist pulling her back on his chest

“I'm sorry, Atsuko. Just joking. Just joking” he said

Then he coughs and said in serious tone

“I'm serious now. What is it, my love?”

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then she asks

“Today, what do you think where we are going?”

“ with mom go shopping” Minami said

“No, Minami, that is after that” Atsuko said

“Uhm...then maternity hospital?” Minami teases her again

“No, Minami. I'm serious” Atsuko said in pouting tone

When she is about to turn away, he pulls her down and kisses her lips lovingly

“Where did you and mom go?” Minami asks

Atsuko looks at Minami and pouts. He always teases her, but he always knows how to make her not mad at him

“We came to auntie’s clinic” Atsuko said

“Come to auntie’s place?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Uh, mom wants to say sorry for what happened in the past, and express her regret to auntie” Atsuko said

Then she tells Minami what happened.

“I see. I’m happy” Minami smiles and said

“Finally everything is fine. Mom and dad, finally understand what is the most important thing” he continues while hugging Atsuko

“Uh, I’m very happy too” Atsuko rests her head on his chest and said

Then suddenly Minami turns and puts Atsuko underneath him

“Minami” Atsuko calls in surprised tone

“You know what, Atsuko” Minami said

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“How about we made what I just said come true” Minami smiles evilly and said

Atsuko looks at Minami in confuse.

“Let’s give Kai a little sister” Minami smiles mischievously and said

Atsuko blushes madly at Minami's words

“Baka, Minami” she hits his chest slightly and said in embarrassed tone

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami already captured her lips in a hot and passionate kiss.

5 years later

At dawn

Inside the villa

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and sees Minami smiling at her

“Good morning, my lovely wife” he pecks her lips and said

Atsuko smiles and said

“Good morning, Minami” 

When Atsuko is about to sit up, Minami hugs her waist pulling Atsuko down. He kisses her cheek and then buries his face on her neck again.

“Where are you going, Atsuko?” he asks

“Prepare food for you. Also I have to prepare clothes for you to go to work” Atsuko said

“No, you have to stay here and cuddle with your handsome husband” Minami looks at Atsuko and said

“I want to cuddle” he continues while smiling

Atsuko laughs softly. She raises her hands and hugs his neck

“Isn't this is time for my handsome husband to go to work?” She asks

“No work today” Minami shakes his head and said

“You can't be lazy even if you are the owner of the big company” she pinches his nose and said

“I'm not lazy. I just take some days off and cuddle with my loveliest wife in our wedding anniversary” Minami said while burying his face on her neck

“You remembered? I thought you forgot. These day, you seem really busy” Atsuko hugs him and said

“I was that busy because I want to have lot of free time with you” Minami rests his forehead on Atsuko's and said

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing that.

“Is that the reason why your parents take Kai and Miko to their house.” she asks him

“Uh, they will be there for 3 weeks, and we will pick them up when we get back here from Rome” Minami said

“Our plane will take off this evening to Rome, Italy” he adds

“What? Where are we going?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“As I said we will go to Rome for our anniversary, baby” Minami said

“What about clothes? I haven’t prepare anything” Atsuko said

“No worry. I already packed everything. My private jet only need the lovely passenger then we are good to go” Minami said

Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look. Then she smiles happily at Minami

“You are so great Minami. I’m very happy” she hugs his neck tightly and said

“Everything for my love” Minami said lovingly

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko whispers and kisses Minami’s lips lovingly

“I love you, too, Atsuko” Minami said between their kiss

The End

That is the last part of the fic. I hope you guys enjoy reading the fic  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :wub:

Once again Thank you  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] [OS] Christmas Wish 25/12/2017
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Hello everyone. Here is an OS that I just wrote. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
Merry Christmas!!!  :D :D

Christmas Wish

Christmas Eve

At a big mansion

In the backyard

Under a big Christmas tree

There are two people standing there, one little kid and one teenager. The boy is about 13 years old, and the little girl next to him is about 9 years old. The boy is wearing a small butler suit, and the little girl is wearing a very cute light blue dress. They are closing her eyes while praying under the tree.
The boy opens his eyes and looks at the little girl next to him who is still closing her eyes wishing. Then she opens her eyes and looks at him with a cute smile

“What did you wish, Atsuko?” the boy asks

“Shh...that is a secret” the little girl puts her finger on her lips and said while smiling innocently

“I see” Minami laughs softly and said

“How about you, Minami? What did you wish?” the little girl asks

Minami bends down at her level.

“I wish…”

The little girl looks at Minami seriously while waiting for him

“That is a secret” Minami bends down and said teasing

The little girl pouts at his question

“I want to know” she crosses her arms and said

“Then tell me your wish first” Minami said

“Ok, I wish that I can be with Minami forever.” The little girl said

“Really Atsuko?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Yes” Atsuko nods strongly

“But what about when you grow up? You will get marry. Atsuko can’t be with me forever” Minami said

“I won’t marry anyone. I want to marry Minami. I want to be Minami’s bride” the little girl said
Minami smiles and said

“I also wished that I can be with my ojou-sama forever.”

“Promise” Little girl raises her pinky and said

“Uh, promise” Minami said

15 years later

In the morning

At a big mansion

There is a man in butler suit walking in the big hallway.

His name is Takahashi Minami, and he is 28 years old. He the personal butler of Maeda’s only daughter, Maeda Atsuko. His father is the head butler of the house, and he takes care of Atsuko since they were little. Beside working as Atsuko’s butler, Minami also works for her father as his assistant. He has a master in business.

Walking for awhile, Minami stops at a room with a cute sigh “Atsuko’s room”. He fixes his bow tie and then opens the door.

Inside the room

There is a young girl sleeping on her bed. Her face looks just like an angel. The young butler looks at her angelic face while smiling. Then he gently calls her

“Ojou-sama, please wake up. Breakfast is ready” Minami said

However, Atsuko still doesn’t wake up.

“Ojou-sama” Minami calls again and gets the same result.

He looks at her face. Then he bends down and lifts her up. He walks to the bathroom and opens the door. He turns on the water and said

“Ok, if Ojou-sama doesn’t wake up, I guess I have to put her in the bathtub that fill with super cold water”

“Minami” Atsuko opens her eyes and pouts

“Oh, you already wake up, ojou-sama” Minami said faking surprised tone

“Minami, baka. You always do this” Atsuko pouts

“Because you always fake sleeping. However, if you know this, why did you fall for this all the time” Minami smiles and said

“Minami, brush my teeth for me” Atsuko hugs Minami's neck and said

“Ojou-sama, you are already a grown girl not a kid. Do it by yourself” Minami said

“No, I want Minami to brush my teeth and change my clothes for me” Atsuko said in pouting tone

“Ojou-sama, I told you I can’t a lot of time. You are a girl, and I’m a man.” Minami said while frowning

“I will excuse myself and wait for you outside. Master and Mistress are waiting” he continues

Then Minami puts Atsuko down and walks to the door. Suddenly he hears Atsuko's voice

“Why don't you call me by my name like in the past?”

“In the past, I'm still a kid, so I don't know what is manners. However, you are my master, I can't call you that” Minami answers

Atsuko holds her fists tightly in angry

“Do you still remember our pinky promise under the Christmas tree?” She asks him

“Promise? I'm sorry Ojou-sama. I don't remember” Minami said

He turns around to bow at Atsuko and said.

“Please excuse myself”

Then he leaves the room and closes the door

“Minami, why did you change?” Atsuko whispers while tear rolling down on her cheeks

Atsuko's POV

My name is Maeda Atsuko. I'm called by everyone as the luckiest girl. I'm the only daughter of a billionaire. My father is Maeda Kenji. He is the president of Maeda group. My mother is the former famous violinist. She founded the biggest music school in Tokyo. Both my parents love me a lot, and I'm happy.

I have everything that everyone wants. However, at the same time, because of my background, I can't have a real friend. People approach me all because of my money. Other keeps distance from me because they are scared of me. Though it is lonely, I'm still very happy because there is one person who always stays with me and support me. I don't need anyone but him. He is my butler, my childhood friend, and also my one and most important person in my life, my unrequited love.

We were very close to each other when we were kid. However, I don't know why these years he keeps distance from me. He stops calling me by my name and uses that lonely and cold term “Ojou-sama”. I want the old Minami back.

End Atsuko's POV

Atsuko looks at the mirror reflecting her sad eyes. Tear are rolling on her cheeks

“What can I do, Minami?” Atsuko whispers painfully

After changing, Atsuko leaves the restroom. She opens the door and sees Minami is standing by the room door waiting for her. He bows at her and opens the door for Atsuko. Atsuko just sighs sadly and walks out of the door. Minami closes the door and looks at Atsuko’s back.

Atsuko goes to the dining room where her parents are waiting for her. Minami opens the door for Atsuko.

“Good morning Mama, Papa” Atsuko said

“Good morning my little baby” Nami said

“Good morning my little Atsu” Kenji said

“How is your sleep, Atsu?” Nami asks

“Very good Mama” Atsuko smiles and said

“Do you plan to go somewhere today since it is about Christmas?” Kenji asks

“Uhm… I don't want to go anywhere. I guess I will just stay in the library and read for the whole day.” Atsuko said

“I see. It's good. Since Minami has to go to the company with Papa. I also don't want you to go out alone” Nami said

“Minami has to go?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, today the company has a very important meeting. Therefore, Minami has to come with me. However just haft of the day, then papa will return Minami to Atsu” Kenji said

“It's ok. I just stay in the reading room anyway” Atsuko said

“Ojou-sama, here is your breakfast” Minami puts the plate down in front of Atsuko

“Thank you” Atsuko said

She just eats a little. Then she stands up and said

“I'm full. I'll go to the library now”

“Why did you eat so little Atsu?” Nami asks

“I'm full” Atsuko smiles and said

“Please excuse me” she continues and leaves the dining room

“What's wrong with Atsu, honey? She seems to become less and less cheerful every year” Kenji said in worried tone

“Yes, she seems so sad. It makes me worry.” Nami said

“Maybe because she hides herself in this mansion too much.” She continues

“Uhm… I guess it time to find for her a person who can take care of her” Kenji said

Minami is very surprised when hearing that. His heart feels hurt with the thought of someone other than him taking care of Atsuko.

Because too focusing on his thought, he doesn't hear Kenji




Kenji loud calls wake him up from his unconsciousness.

“Yes master” Minami said

“What's happened? You are spacing out” Nami asks

“I'm sorry master” Minami bows and said

“It's ok, prepare, we will go in 10 minutes” Kenii said

“Yes sir” Minami said

In the library

Atsuko sitting by the window looking at the front yard. She sees Minami walking out in a suit with her father. He opens the door for her father

“Minami” Atsuko touches the glass and thought

“Thinking about your darling huh?”

Suddenly someone whispers in her ear. Atsuko is taken by surprise. She nearly falls from her chair.

“Yuko, you nearly give me a heart attack” Atsuko said

“Why? Because of too focusing on your Minami” Yuko teasingly said

Atsuko blushes at Yuko’s words

“Aww!!! My little cousin is so cute” Yuko hugs Atsuko and said

“Yuko, I really don't have mood to play” Atsuko tiredly said

Suddenly Atsuko looks down sadly

“What's wrong, Acchan?” Yuko asks while sitting on the chair

“I can't reach Minami. Every year, I get a feeling that he is getting far and far away from me. I don't remember since when he stopped calling me by my name.” Atsuko sadly said

“I want the old Minami back” She continues

“Acchan.” Yuko thought

“That idiot dare to make my cute cousin sad” she said angrily

“Don't call Minami idiot. He isn't” Atsuko pouts

“Right, right, your Minami isn't idiot. He passed 3 university entrance tests at the same time, he is the youngest person to get a master, right?” Yuko said in teasing tone

“Yuko, stop that teasing sound” Atsuko said

“I just say the true. However even with that smarty mind. He is just so stupid in love. I think I really need to grill that idiot.”  Yuko said

“Oh, I got an idea. Let's wait for him to go back here. Then you and I will go there. Let's confess to him.” she suggests

“If he still acts like that, I will definitely grill him alive. He has to pay for making my cute little cousin sad” Yuko adds with angry tone

“Please don't Yuko. He isn't at fault. It is me. Maybe this love is just from me. He doesn't feel this way. He even…” Atsuko stops

“Anyway, I forgot, when did you get back here from EU, Yuko?” She said trying to divert another topic

“I just got back here yesterday.” Yuko said

“Acchan, listen to my advice, try to tell him your feeling. I can go with you” she continues

“But...what if he doesn't have that feeling for me” Atsuko sadly said

“You don't know if you don't try Acchan. Let's do that ok” Yuko said

“Thank you, Yuko. However, I'll do that myself when I'm ready” Atsuko said while smiling sadly at Yuko

“Ok, if you say so” Yuko said

“However, Acchan, know this. I will always support you” Yuko pats Atsuko's head and said
“Next Sunday is Christmas Eve. It is very important day to you, right? Tell him your feelings” she continues

“Thank you, Yuko” Atsuko said

There is a person standing out of the door listening to their conversation.

In the evening

While Atsuko and her parents are eating dinner. Suddenly they hear a bell ring

“Oh, my guest is here” Kenji said

Then the maid opens the door and leads a flashy looking man inside. He looks untrusted

“Hello uncle Kenji, aunt Nami” The man bows at Kenji and Nami

Then he turns to Atsuko

“And hello my soon to be fiancée, Atsuko” He said while bending down to kiss Atsuko’s hand.

However, Atsuko strongly withdraw her hand

“I don’t know you, and who is your fiancée” Atsuko said while frowning

“Atsu, greet Kimura Toka. He is one of my business partner’s son. Though he is young, he is CEO of one of his father company” Kenji said

“Since you are about to finish your degree as Jewelry designer. I want to find for you a good husband” he continues

“Toka here is a good candidate, I want you to meet him. If it is good, you can go out in Christmas Eve with him” Nami said

“Papa, Mama, I don’t want to get marry now. I still haven’t finished my studying” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, we will just hold an engagement ceremony. The wedding will wait after you finish your degree” Toka said

“Shut up. I don’t ask you.” Atsuko said

Then she angrily walks back to her room. Minami quickly rushes to her. Atsuko opens her room and walks in angrily

“What's papa and mama thinking? Why did they do that?” Atsuko said in angry tone

“I think Master and Mistress just want you to be happy” Minami said

“You knew this?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, they talked about this this morning” Minami said

“Then you don't feel anything?” Atsuko asks

“Of course, I do.” Minami said

Atsuko feels happy when hearing that

“I feel happy for you if Master can find a good person for you” Minami said

Atsuko holds her fists tightly in anger.

“Get out” Atsuko said

“Ojou-sama” Minami said

“I said get out” Atsuko shouts in tear

Minami bows and leaves the room

In the early Morning

As always Minami comes to wake Atsuko up. He opens the door and sees Atsuko is still sleeping. He carefully sits down on her bed and gently caresses her face. He still can see some tear on her eyes

“I'm sorry, Atsuko. You must be very sad” Minami whispers while wiping some tear on Atsuko's eyes

“Atsuko, how long I didn't call you that? It's hurt me a lot Atsuko” he whispers

“Of course, I hate it when Master finding for you a fiancé. Of course, I hate when someone other than me hold your hand. Of course, I hate it when you have to stay by someone else side, not me” he continues

“However, I can't do anything” he looks down sadly

Suddenly a voice behind him

“Why can't you?”

Minami is surprised when turns around. He sees Yuko.

“Yuko?” Minami calls in whispers and surprised tone

“Let's talk outside” Yuko said

Then they go out of the room and closes the door

“Last night, Acchan called me and asked me to come over. She cried a lot. She just sleep not long ago” Yuko said

Hearing that, Minami can feel his heart tightens.

“Why did you torture yourself and hurt her like that, Takamina?” Yuko asks

“You lov…”

“Please don't say that Yuko?” Minami said cutting Yuko’s words

“Why? Why did you run away?” Yuko asks

“I can't bring her happiness. I'm not match for her. This is just a feeling that shouldn't exist” Minami said

“Since when did you become such a coward?” Yuko said

Minami looks down.

“I have to go now. I will put her breakfast back. When she wakes up, please bring it to her for me” Minami said trying to divert another topic

“Where are you going?” Yuko asks

“The company. I got an important meeting with Master” Minami said

“You run away again.” Yuko frowns and said

Minami just stays silent and walks away

“Takamina, ignoring doesn't mean it will disappear. Trying to deny it, doesn't mean that it didn't exist. Even the whole world doesn't know, you, your heart knows about that feeling very well.” Yuko said

“Don't let yourself regret later” she continues

Next week

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is looking at the calendar. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve

“I also wished that I can be with my ojou-sama forever.”


“Uh, promise”

“You don't know if you don't try Acchan”

“Next Sunday is Christmas Eve. It is very important day to you, right? Tell him your feelings”


In Atsuko's room

Atsuko shrinks herself on her bed and cries silently. Her father forces her to marry a complete stranger, and the one she loves congratulated her.

Then she hears the knocking sound

“Acchan, it is me” Yuko’s voice outside of the door

Atsuko stands up and opens the door for her. When Yuko walks in, Atsuko hugs her older cousin and cries loudly

“My poor little Acchan” Yuko pats Atsuko's head and said

“Acchan, listen to me. This is not the end. Tell him what is your feeling. Show him you love him” Yuko said

“But he just congratulated me. He doesn't love me” Atsuko said

“Baka, don't give up like that. Go and tell him your feeling. Don't let yourself regret” Yuko said

End flashback

“Will it bring any good?” Atsuko thought sadly

Then she takes a deep breath and said

“Now or never. If he doesn't have feelings for me, I'll give up for good and accept my fate”

Then she walks out of her room to Minami's. When she reaches the place, she sees Minami is standing in front of his room talking to someone on phone. She hears Minami's loud voice

“Where do you want to meet my babe?”

Atsuko’s heart feels so hurt when hearing that. She hides behind the wall to listen to his conversation.

“In your house? You will also cook for me? Ok. See you tomorrow night hottie. I can't wait to be with you” Minami said

Atsuko feels so hurt when hearing the conversation

“So he has someone he loves. They already...” Atsuko thought

“I should give up now” Atsuko slides down on the wall and though

“… No, I have to do this to not regret” She stands up and said

Then she comes to his room and knocks the door

“Minami, it is me” Atsuko said

Then the door opens.

“What can I do for you, Ojou-sama?” Minami asks

Atsuko feels so hurt.

“Why does his voice is so different?” She thought

“I want to talk to you” Atsuko said

“Can I go in?” She asks

Minami steps aside for Atsuko

“I'm sorry for the mess, Ojou-sama” Minami said

Atsuko just stays silent.

“Minami” Atsuko suddenly rushes to hug him from behind

“I love you, Minami. I love you since a long time ago” Atsuko said

Minami is very surprised

“At...Ojou-sama, please don't be like that. I'm just your servant” Minami takes out Atsuko's hands and said

“Minami, that year, you promised that you will stay with me forever. You will make me your bride” Atsuko said

“Ojou-sama, that is just a child talk. Please forget that. You also have a fiancé now” Minami said

“I understand” Atsuko steps back and said

Minami can see tear on her face. She wipes her tear and smiles at Minami

“Thank you for letting me know this, Minami. Though it is very hurt, but I will give up. I won’t bother you anymore.” Atsuko said

Minami holds his fists tightly holding his feeling inside his heart.

“I’m sorry, just now, I overheard your conversation with your uhm… girlfriend. Congratulation Minami. I wish you and her have a happy Christmas” Atsuko forces a smile at Minami and said
Then she takes a deep breath and said

“From now on, you don’t need to be my personal butler anymore. You can go to my father’s company more often. You have to work for your future family, right”

Tear just keeps rolling on her cheek. Minami can hear the broken in her tone.

“Thank you for everything, Minami” Atsuko smiles at him and said while tear rolling on her cheeks

Seeing that, Minami can’t hold his feeling anymore. He rushes to Atsuko and holds her arms tightly. He pushes her to the wall and kisses her lips strongly causing Atsuko’s to gasp in surprise. Then he quickly breaks the kiss after getting control of his feeling


When Minami is about to say something, Atsuko said cutting his words

“Thank you, Minami”

“Though it is just a pity kiss, I will treasure it for the rest of my life because this is my first kiss and the person who took my first kiss is also the person who holds my heart forever” she smiles in tear and said

“I will go now” she continues and quickly rushes out of the room

Minami rushes out of the room and looks at Atsuko’s back. He wants to rush to her, really want to rush to her, but he is scared. He looks down and walks back to his room. He closes the door and kneels down

“I’m sorry Atsuko, I’m sorry” he said in painful tone

On the day of Christmas Eve

Minami has business in the company, so he left since early morning until evening. He goes back to the house.

“Welcome back Mr. Takahashi”

“Where is Ojou-sama?” Minami asks

“She left just sometimes ago with her soon to be fiancé to a restaurant at the top of Tokyo Hotel” Yuko steps out and said

“Yuko” Minami calls in surprised

“I’m worry about her because she is so pure and naive” Yuko adds

Minami looks at her with surprised look

“What do you mean?” He asks while frowning

“Didn’t you know anything about that Toka guy?” Yuko asks

“What is it about him?” Minami asks

“He is the famous playboy. His father gave him that CEO position, but he is a good for nothing and useless person. All he knows is flirting around. He slept with countless girl.” Yuko said

“Going with a beast like that, what do you think he could do to her?” She asks

Minami holds his fists tightly, but still he just stays silent

“Do you want to give her to the man like that?” she asks

“That is just a rumor. Maybe he is not like that. Master won’t choose a person like that for her. He is a CEO of a big company” Minami said

“She will be happy with him” he adds

“Because he comes from a house with the same social class as her?” Yuko adds to Minami’s words

Minami still just stays silent and looks down

“You changed Takamina. You aren't the Takahashi Minami I knew before. The Takamina I know will fight for his love. Will do everything and not give up just because of social status. Does love to you is just between people with the same level? Is love that cheap to you?” Yuko asks

Suddenly Minami turns around and rushes away. Yuko looks at him and smirks

“Good job, Yuko. We don’t know what to do if don’t have you” Kenji and Nami walk out and said

“Yes, Kenji messed everything up” Nami glares at Kenji and said

“I’m sorry. I thought I can make him jealous with that” Kenji said

“No, the one who messed everything up is that idiot Takamina. He is an idiot. Too idiot that messed everything up” Yuko said

“I hope everything will be fine” Nami said

“Everything will be fine auntie.” Yuko said

“But the snow is getting stronger, I’m worry. Plus, Atsu is with that person” Nami said

“Don’t worry honey. My guards are protecting our Atsu. If that person does something, he is dead” Kenji said

On the street

Minami is rushing to the hotel that Yuko told him

“Atsuko, I'm sorry. I'm idiot. I hurt you” Minami thought while rushing all his mind in the town

After about 30 minutes, he reaches the hotel. He quickly rushes to the elevator and head to the top level. When the elevator opens, he widens his eyes. He sees Toka. He is hugging a girl’s waist and she is leaning her head on his shoulder. They are walking into the elevator in front of Minami.

“We will have a lot of fun tonight babe”

Minami is very angry when hearing that. He thought Toka did something to Atsuko, so he rushes to them. Minami pulls the girl into his arm and punches on Toka’s face

“Don't you dare to touch my Atsuko” Minami said in angry tone

Then he looks down


However, Minami stops when realizing that the person he just pulled out is not Atsuko

“Who are you?” Minami pushes the girl out and asks

“That is what I want to ask you. Are you crazy?” The woman shouts and rushes to Toka

“Are you ok, baby?” She asks

“Get away from me” Toka pushes the girl out

“Who are you?” He shouts while standing up

“Oh I know you. You are the butler of that arrogant princess” he said in scornful tone

“Who did you call arrogant?” Minami grabs Toka’s collar and said in angry tone

“Who else?” He smirks at Minami and said

“That girl dared to flash water to my face and mortified me. If her father isn't Maeda Kenji, she will pay for looking down on me” Toka said

Minami strongly punches at his face

“Prepare, your filthy mouth caused trouble to yourself and family” Minami said

“Huh? Who do you think you are?” Toka shouts

“I'm Mr. Maeda’s assistant. I manage all the sponsors and contracts” Minami said

Toka widens her eyes in surprised. Minami looks at Toka with disgusted look. Then he walks away. Minami quickly uses his phone and calls Atsuko

(The number you dialed is currently unavailable, please try again later)

“She turned off her phone” Minami thought

He quickly calls Yuko

(Hello) Yuko said

“Yuko, did Atsuko come back?” Minami asks while running around looking for Atsuko

(No, she hasn't come back here yet. Uncle Kenji’s bodyguards just told him that they lost her trace?) Yuko said in worried tone

(Did you call her?) she asks

“I tried to call her phone, but it didn't go through” Minami said in worried tone

(Man, this little girl. Try to find her sooner, Takamina. Snow is getting stronger) Yuko said

(Uncle also ordered his men to look for her. Try to find her as soon as possible ok) she continues

“I know. I will” Minami said

On the road

Minami runs all his mind from place to place to look for Atsuko. He rushes to her favorite coffee shop and rushes in

“Hello sir” the waitress bows at him

“Is my ojou-sama here?” Minami asks

“No sir” the waitress said

Then Minami rushes away.

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami thought

He rushes to her favorite library and then bookstore. He keeps running around while snowing is getting stronger. He looks for her for 2 hours and still can't find her anywhere.

“Atsuko, where are you?” Minami thought while panting

“Please appear, there are a lot of things I want to tell you. I lied to you, Atsuko. I remember our pr…”

“Wait, promise? That place” Minami said

“I have to go to Maeda old house. However, it's too far for me to run. I need a taxi” he mumbles panicky

Minami wants to call for a taxi, but when he is about to call he notices a taxi that just drop off someone. He quickly rushes there

“Take me to this address” he said to the driver” Minami said

“I'm sorry sir, my shift is over” the man said

“Take me there I'll pay triple” Minami said

“Sir, money is not the problem here. I have to go home with my family for Christmas Eve. Plus, the snow is getting stronger” the driver said

“Please, I'm begging you. I can give you more than that. I can also give you anything you want” Minami said

“As your clothes, you are just a butler, can you do what you promised” the driver asks

“I can. I can do everything for her. I can” Minami said in confidence tone

“May I know why did you in such hurry in this special night?” The man asks

“I hurt the most important girl in my life. I want to go to our most memorable place to find her. If I can't come there, I'll regret for the rest of my life” Minami said

The taxi driver smiles and said

“Ok, give me the address, I'll take you there”

“Why?” Minami asks

“Because today is special” He said

“Thank you” Minami said while giving the taxi driver the address

“This place” the driver said in surprised tone

“What's wrong?” Minami asks

“2 hours ago, I just took a young girl there.” The driver said

“That is Atsuko. Please take me there, quickly” Minami said

“Ok” the driver said and drives to the destination

After 2 hours

Minami finally reach the place. It's 10:30 now.

“Thank you, sir. How much is it? Let's me write the check for you” Minami said

“It's ok. Say sorry to her and be happy.” The driver said

“But..” Minami said

“I'll go now. Merry Christmas Eve” the man laughs and drives away

Minami is looking at the taxi the drive away

“Merry Christmas Eve Mr. Thank you” Minami said loudly while waving his hand

Then he turns and looks at the place he wants to come, Maeda old house

Maeda's old house is Atsuko's grandparents’ house. Atsuko used to live here with her parents. They just moved to the current mansion 5 years ago. It is a big and beautiful place.

The big Christmas tree is still there in the backyard. Minami can see the top of it from the gate. He quickly rushes in and heads toward the backyard where the tree is located. He sees a little figure sitting cowerly under the Christmas tree leaning her back on the tree. His heart is tightened when seeing that.

He quickly calls Atsuko’s parents telling them their location and said that they will come back tomorrow. After that he quickly rushes outside to Atsuko. He slowly walks toward Atsuko. Suddenly he hears Atsuko's shaking whisper

“I miss Minami so much, Christmas tree”

“I feel so lonely. Minami, I'm cold”

Minami's tear rolls on his cheeks when hearing Atsuko's sad voice.

“I wish, I wish I can see the old Minami who always take care of me, calling me by my name, staying by my side. I wish I can be by Minami’s side forever” Atsuko looks up to the sky and said while tear rolling down on her cheeks

Then she laughs bitter. She whispers in broken tone while hugging her knees tighter

“What am I saying? Minami already has someone beside him… beside ... him… beside ….him… bes…”

Minami quickly hugs Atsuko from behind. Suddenly being hug from behind, Atsuko is panic. However, then she hears a familiar voice. A voice that can strangely warm her heart, her soul, and her body in the cold weather

“I'm sorry for hurting you, Atsuko”

“I shouldn't run away. I shouldn't be a coward. I thought this will make you happy, however I'm end up hurting you. I'm sorry” Minami tightens his hug and said

“ How?” Atsuko shakily said

“Shh… let me take you to the house first” Minami gently said while preparing to lift Atsuko up

“No, leave me alone” Atsuko weakly pushes Minami out

“Go away” she continues

“Atsuko, listen to me. You are shaking because of cold” Minami said in worried tone

When he is about to come to her, Atsuko said

“Go, I want to be alone. Go to meet your girlfriend. I donhmm…” Atsuko shouts

However, Minami hugs her and kisses her lips sealing all her words. Atsuko is very surprised. She wants to push him out, but he hugs her tighter.

“Atsuko, lis…”

Hasn't finished his words, Atsuko slaps his face and said in tear

“What does this mean, Minami? You said you don't love me. Then you came here and kiss me. Is this another pity kiss? I already said that I gave up. I release you. You don't have to worry about me anymore. Just l…”

“I love you” Minami shouts cutting Atsuko's words while looking at her seriously

Atsuko is very surprised with Minami's words. Then she laughs bitterly while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“What is this? A pity love?” Atsuko said

“I don't need this, Minami. Please just leave me alone. I'm begging you, please” She continues

Minami can hear pain in her words. He doesn't know what to do to make Atsuko trust him. Tear starts building up in his eyes. He hugs her tightly in his arms

“Please Atsuko, please trust me. I love you. I love you since a long time ago. I didn't forget our promise 15 years ago under this Christmas tree. I promised that we will stay together forever. You will be my bride. I remember everything. I didn't forget a single thing. Those words are deep in my heart.” Minami said sincerely

Atsuko is very surprised with Minami's words

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko. I want to call your name countless time, but I'm scared. I'm scared, I'm really scared. I'm coward that causes you to hurt like this” Minami said

Atsuko breaks the hug. She looks at Minami's eyes and asks

“What makes you scared, Minami?”

“My position. I don't have confidence in myself. I'm just your butler. I'm nothing. I came from a normal family. I don't have anything. I'm no match for you. I can't make you happy. That's why I tried to keep my distance from you. I tried to ignore this feeling.” Minami holds Atsuko's hands and said

“Baka, I never think of you like that. I love you because of who you are” Atsuko said

“I understand now, Atsuko. Yuko helped me to understand now. Love is not just about social status and money. Love is heart. Happiness comes when you have love” Minami kisses Atsuko's hand and said

“Minami” Atsuko whispers

Suddenly she remembers something

“But you already have girlfriend” she said sadly while withdrawing her hand

“I did that phone call for you to see.” Atsuko looks at Minami with surprised look

“I saw you coming to my room, so I turned off my phone and then acted like talking to someone.” Minami explains

“Why did you do that, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Because I thought that jerk is a good person. He can make you happy” Minami said

“I can't ever be happy if I can't be with the person I love. My life, I decided, you, the person I love since a long time ago, I only love you and only you.” Atsuko said

“If I can't be with you, I won't marry anyone” She continues

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami whispers

Then he bends down and kisses Atsuko's lips lovingly. Atsuko closes her eyes and kisses him back. Then Minami breaks the kiss and said

“Snow is getting stronger. Let's me take you inside” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Minami lifts Atsuko's up and brings her to her old room.

In Atsuko's room

Minami opens the door and carries Atsuko in his arms back to the room. He puts her down on the bed. Atsuko hugs herself because of cold. Minami quickly rushes to the heater and turns it on.

“Atsuko, take off your clothes. It is all wet or you will get cold” Minami said while opening his shirt.

Atsuko blushes at Minami words. She looks down while playing with her fingers. Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles at her shy action.

He slowly walks behind Atsuko and gently move to the bed. Atsuko still feel embarrassed, so she doesn't notice him. He suddenly hugs her waist tightly and whispers

“Let's this butler changes for my Atsuko-sama”

Atsuko blushes madly at Minami's words.

“Uhm...Minami” She moans in surprised when Minami's hands find their way inside Atsuko's shirt.

He gently strokes her skin while kissing her neck and sometimes nibbling her ear causing Atsuko to moan his name

Then he turns Atsuko's head and kisses her lips passionately and intensely.

He takes off Atsuko's shirt while still keeping their lips connected. Then he pushes her down and moves on top of Atsuko

“Minami” Atsuko calls him shyly

She touches Minami's cheek where she slapped.

“Are you hurt, Minami?” Atsuko asks in sad tone

“I'm sorry” she continues

“Baka, don't say sorry. I'm fine. I deserved that for hurting you” Minami holds Atsuko's hand and said

They look at each other eyes lovingly

“Atsuko, I love you” then Minami whispers and kisses her lips again

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said between the kiss

Then they fall into their world of love and become one

In the morning

Minami is looking at the beautiful girl sleeping in his embrace. Her angelic face makes him falls in love countless time. He loves her with all his heart and soul and now, she is his now.

“No one can take you away from me, Atsuko. We will be together forever” Minami strokes her hair and thought

Then he sees Atsuko’s eyelids are moving. He quickly closes her eyes.

Atsuko opens her eyes. She smiles happily when seeing Minami’s peaceful sleeping face. Last night, she finally belongs to him. She is Minami’s now, and that makes her very happy. Her unrequited love for so long that she doesn’t know since when she loves him. She loves him with all her heart and soul.

Atsuko raises her hand and touches Minami face gently. Then she leans and pecks on his lips lovingly

“I love you, Minami.” She whispers

Suddenly Atsuko sees Minami’s eyelids start moving. She quickly withdraws her hand and closes her eyes pretending she is still sleeping.

Minami opens his eyes and looks at Atsuko’s pretending sleeping face. Of course, he knows she fakes sleeping. He woke up earlier than her, and he heard and felt her everything. Suddenly some idea appears in his head. He smiles mischievously while looking at Atsuko

“Atsuko is still sleeping” Minami said

“What should I do now? Last night…” He continues in hesitant and worried tone

“Huh?” Atsuko thought in confused

Minami looks at Atsuko’s slightly changed face and smiles to his mind.

“What should I do now?” Minami said in worrier tone

“Don’t tell me he regrets” Atsuko thought shakily

Tear is about to burst out

“What should I do now? I want to eat her again” Minami leans closers to Atsuko’s ear and whispers

Atsuko quickly opens her eyes in surprised while blushing. Minami laughs loudly at her blushing face.

“Atsuko, your face when I tease you is priceless. I should take a picture of your face” Minami said

Realizing that Minami is teasing her, tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks.

“Minami, baka. I hate you” Atsuko said in tear

“I thought you feel regret after last night. I thought you don’t love me. I hate you. I hate you” she continues while hitting his chest and crying louder

Seeing Atsuko crying, Minami knows that his tease is overboard. Minami quickly hugs Atsuko tightly in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. I’m sorry. I’m stupid” Minami said

“Get away from me. I hate you, Minami. I hate you.” Atsuko struggles in Minami’s arms

Minami turns and puts her underneath him. He kisses Atsuko’s lips strongly. Then he breaks the kiss and looks at Atsuko.

“I’m sorry my love” Minami wipes tear on her face and said

“I’m sorry for my stupid. I shouldn’t tease you like that. I’m sorry.” He continues

Atsuko looks at Minami with tearful eyes

“Of course, I love you. I love you so very much. I love you for so many years.” Minami adds

“Last night will never be my regret. That is the most wonderful thing to me. I can be with you, the girl I love more than anything in this world. Last night, I can make you mine, I can have you in my arm, I can hear you call my name, and I can become one with you. My heart and my soul belong to you, Atsuko” Minami whispers gently with full of love tone

“Minami” Atsuko touches Minami’s face

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami smiles and said

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

Minami bends down and kisses Atsuko’s lips. Atsuko hugs his neck and replies his kiss. Minami kisses her lips intensely and passionately. They kiss each other until they are out of air. Then they break the kiss. Minami leans his head connecting with hers.

“Atsuko, I know this is not a romantic moment. However, I want to say this to you right now.” Minami whispers

Atsuko looks at Minami’s serious eyes. Then she whispers

“Minami, I don’t need romantic. I only need your love”

Minami smiles at Atsuko’s words

“Atsuko, will you stay with me forever? Will you be my bride? Will you marry me, Atsuko?” Minami said in serious tone

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami in tear

“Why did you ask me those question? We already promised that that Christmas Eve, right?” she said while blushing

“Yes Minami. Yes, I want to stay with you forever. Yes, I want to be your bride. Yes, I love you” Atsuko said happily while smiling

Minami smiles widely at Atsuko’s answer. He kisses her lips again happily.

Suddenly his phone rings. Minami takes his phone and looks at the screen. It is Minami's father

“Yes master” Minami quickly picks up the phone and said

“I understand.” He said and then hangs up

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look

“What's it, Minami?” She asks

“Master and Mistress are on their way here to pick us up.” Minami said

Atsuko is very surprised

“What should we do now, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Let's ask your parents for their approval Atsuko. I love you, and I want to be with you” Minami holds Atsuko's hands and said

“Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami tightly because of happy

“I'm happy Minami. I'm happy” Atsuko said while burying her face on his chest

Minami miles and pats her head

“Now, Atsuko. Let's prepare before your parents come here” Minami said

“Let's me brush your teeth and change your clothes for you” he adds

Atsuko blushes when hearing Minami said that.

“I can do it.” Atsuko said shyly

“Why? Didn't you ask me to do those things for you all the time?” Minami said

“But...but…” Atsuko stutter

“So those times, you said like that just to seduce me?” Minami teases Atsuko

“Minami, baka. I hate you” Atsuko said while blushing

Minami laughs loudly while hugging Atsuko

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry ok. I'm just teasing you” he said

“However” Minami looks at Atsuko seriously

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami in confused

“I… really want to do that” Minami said

He quickly lifts Atsuko up and rushes to the bathroom and closes the door. Their voice still echoes through the room

“Minami, baka. Put me down” Atsuko said

“No way, from now on, you are mine. I won't ever let you go out of my hand” Minami said while laughing happily

“Atsuko” He suddenly calls her seriously

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“I love you”

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

1 hour later

Atsuko's parents’ car reaches the house. Minami opens the door. He is surprised when seeing his father

“Dad, you're back” Minami said

His father just looks at him and steps aside for Kenji and Nami. Minami's quickly bows at them and said

“Master, mistress.”

“Good morning Mom, dad” Atsuko said

Then they come to the living room

In the living

Atsuko's parents are sitting on the sofa, and Minami's parents is standing at Kenji’s side

“Atsu, do you know that we were so worry when you ran off like without telling anything to us?” Kenji said

“You even turned off your phone. What if something happened to you?” Nami adds

“I'm sorry mama, papa. I won't do something like that again.” Atsuko said sadly

“It's ok baby. Don't do that again ok” Kenji said

“Uh, don't worry us like that. You are our only daughter. We don't know what to do if something happens to you” Nami said

“I understand mama, papa” Atsuko said

“Papa, Mama” she calls them

“What is it, baby?” Nami asks

“I don't want to marry that man. He is a bad person. Yesterday, he wants to do inappropriate thing to me.” Atsuko said

“I was angry and flash water to his face. Then I called taxi and came here” she continues

“Why didn’t you go home?” Kenji asks

“Because...because this place is very important to me” Atsuko said

“Important” Nami said

Minami takes a deep breath. He holds Atsuko’s hand and kneels down in front of them

“This place is where we promised to be with each other together forever” Minami said

“What are you saying?” Kenji frowns while asking

“Master, I’m in love with Atsuko. We love each other. Please we want your bless” Minami bows deeply and said

“You said you want what?” Kenji asks again

“I’m sorry sir. My son is out of his mind. I will teach him again” Koijiro bows and said

“Koijiro, stand aside” Kenji said

“I want to marry Atsuko. I promise I will do everything to make her happy. Please we want your approval.” Minami said

“You want me to approve for you to marry my daughter? You know that she already has a fiancé, right?” Kenji asks

“Since Atsu said that he is a jerk, let’s put that aside. You want us to approve for you and Atsu? You want to marry YOUR Ojou-sama?” Nami raises her tone and asks

“Mama, that doesn’t matter. As long as I love Minami, and he loves me” Atsuko said

“Silent Atsu, papa and mama are talking to him” Kenji said

When Atsuko is about to say something, Minami holds her hand to stop her. He smiles to reassure her that it will be ok

“I have confident that only me can make Atsuko happy with my love.” Minami seriously said

“So tell me how can you make my daughter happy?” Kenji asks

“Don’t say thing like I love her, my love can make her happy. I want something more realistic” he continues

“Papa” Atsuko calls her father

“It’s ok, Atsuko. I understand Master. Parents will always worry for their children.” Minami said

“Master, I have a master degree in business. I’m currently working for you. I believe with my salary, I can take care of Atsuko” He looks at Kenji  and said

“Then what if I fire you?” Kenji said

“I’m not making any mistake, and I also just helped the company get an important contract with a company in Italy. That contract helps the company to receive big benefit annually. I believe you won’t unreasonable fire me” Minami said

“However, if you fire me, I believe with my experience I can find another job” he continues

“Is that so? However, you do know that I can easily use my power to influence other company to not hire you, right?” Kenji said

“Even if I can’t find any job, I won’t give up making Atsuko happy. It’s not like I just can do one job. I can find other job even working in construction. I also saved a lot of money. I can use that to make my own business. I know at first it will be hard, but I believe with our love and Atsuko’s love for me, I can overcome everything” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand tightly and said

“Minami” Atsuko thought

Kenji just hums and drinks his tea. Seeing her father's action, Atsuko becomes impatient. She is scared that her parents won’t approve this

“Papa, stop being harsh to Minami. I only want to be Minami’s wife.” Atsuko said

“Plus, I’m already belong to Minami” she continues

Kenji nearly chokes when hearing what Atsuko said. Minami is also very surprised with Atsuko’s action

“What are you saying, Atsu?” Nami asks

“Last night, we already became husband and wife” Atsuko said while holding Minami's hand tightly

“Say what?” Kenji shouts in surprised

“You, stupid son, who allows you to do thing like that to little miss?” Koijiro slaps Minami and said

“Please Koijiro, please don’t hit Minami” Atsuko shields for Minami and said

Koijoro kneels in front of Nami and Kenji and said

“I’m really sorry Master, Mistress for my stupid son. We will leave Tokyo immediately. We will leave. We won’t cause any trouble for you. Please forgive him”

“Dad, I won’t go. I want to be with Atsuko” Minami said

“Minami” Koijiro said seriously

“Koijiro, stand up and step aside” Kenji said in serious tone

“I’m really sorry master, please forgive him” Koijiro said

“Stand up and step aside” Kenji said again

Koijiro stands up and hesitantly steps aside.

Then Kenji stands up and walks to Minami. Atsuko quickly moves in front of Kenji

“Papa, Mama, please understand us. We really love each other” Atsuko looks at her parents and said

“Papa, please approve Atsu’s love. I love Minami and only Minami” she continues in tear

Kenji looks at Atsuko with serious face. Suddenly Nami said with normal tone

“Honey, you cause our daughter to cry the second time. You promised me that this won’t cause her to cry”

Kenji’s face suddenly turns scared. This cause Atsuko, Minami, and Koijiro to be very surprised

“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean that. I just didn’t expect this situation” Kenji turns around and said to his wife

Nami glares at him and comes to Atsuko and Minami.

“Now, you two stand up” she said gently

“No, I won’t stand up until papa and mama approve for Minami and I” Atsuko said

“Our Atsu is so stubborn” Nami said

“Now Takamina, stand up” she looks at Minami and said

“I’m sorry for not obeying your order Mistress. If I stand up, it means I give up. I’ll fight for my love with Atsuko” Minami said

“He is not exception” Kenji said

“If you don’t stand up, there will be no wedding” he looks at Minami and said

“Wedding?” Minami looks at Atsuko and then looks up at kenji with surprised face

“Ok, let me fill you all in” Nami said

“However, stand up now” she continues

Minami helps Atsuko to stand up.

“The truth is we know our Atsu loves you long ago. We also notice that you love her. However, because you are so stubborn with being not match to her, you don’t have the courage to confess” Kenji said

Minami and Atsuko are very surprised

“Yes, then last week, I heard Atsu’s conversation with Yuko and think that we have to make a plan to help Atsu” Nami adds

“Yes. Do you think I will let my precious daughter to marry a stupid good for nothing and playboy, Kimura Toka? I just want to make you feel jealous and also to invoke your feeling to protect her from him” Kenji said

“Yesterday, when she went out with him, I already order my bodyguard to protect her from afar. If he attempts to do any inappropriate action, he would be dead meat” he continues

“After she left that restaurant, my bodyguard keeps following her. However, because of too many people on the street, they lost her trace. Luckily you contacted me that you found her. If not, I would be so worry” Nami said

“Takamina, we watch you grow up since you were a baby. We understand you and know you very well. Entrusting Atsu to you will leave us no worry because we know you love her and only you can protect her” she continues

“Yes. Also forgive me for asking so many questions. I just want to confirm one last time, that you are a good person for her.” Kenji said

“So, Papa Mama, you approve for us” Atsuko asks in happy tone

“Of course, we do, my little baby” Nami said

“However” Kenji’s suddenly turns serious

“By testing you, I got another really surprised information” he looks at Atsuko and Minami with serious eyes

“I’m sorry master, mistress. I should control myself” Minami said

“You should” Kenji said seriously

“I’m sorry Papa, Mama” Atsuko said

“By the way, until now, you still call us Master and Mistress?” Nami asks

Minami looks at them with surprised look

“Do you want to marry my daughter or not?” Kenji asks

“Yes, I want to marry Atsuko” Minami quickly answers

“Then what do you suppose to call us?” Nami asks

“Thank you, mom, dad” Minami said

Kenji and Nami smiles

“Good.” Kenji said

“By the way” he continues while walking closer to Minami

“Is there a chance that we can be grandparents after that night?” he whispers to Minami's ear

This makes Minami and Atsuko blush

“Ehem...honey, what are you saying?” Nami asks in strict tone

“Sorry honey, I just really want to hear the words “Grandpa” right now. Atsu and Minami let me wait for so long” Kenji said

Nami laughs at her husband.

Minami and Atsuko look at each other and smiles happily. Their hands are entwining together.

“Ok, Koijiro, let’s go to my old office here. We will talk about the wedding” Kenji said

“Yes master. Thank you for allowing Minami to marry little miss. I'm so thankful master, mistress” Koijiro bows and said said

“Stop calling me master and also stop that formal act. We are about to become a family now” Kenji said

“Yes si… I mean ok” Koijiro said

“We will leave Atsu to you Minami. You two can enjoy your time together” Kenji turns to Minami and said

Then the three leave the place

In the room

“Minami, we finally can be together. I’m so happy that my parents approved” Atsuko said happily

“Me too Atsuko. I’m so happy” Minami said

Then he leans down and kisses Atsuko’s lip. Suddenly the door opens, and they hear Kenji’s voice

“By the way”

Atsuko and Minami quickly break the kiss. They look down shyly while blushing. Their action makes Nami giggles

“I just want to say don’t uhm... do thing like last night ok”

“We really want to have grandchildren, but let's wait until honeymoon ok” Kenji winks at them and said

His words cause Atsuko and Minami blush even more

“Ouch honey, it is hurt” Kenji said

Nami pinches him on his hand and said

“Stop saying stupid thing and stop bothering their love”

“Yes ma’am” Kenji said

Then they leave the place. The room falls into silent

After a few moments
Minami looks up at the door. Then he turns to Atsuko

“Dad already left right?” Minami said

“Uh I think so” Atsuko said while playing with the hem of her shirt

Minami holds her arms and turns her to look at him again. Then he leans down to kiss Atsuko. However, when their lips are about to touch, Minami looks at the door again. Atsuko smiles. She holds his face and said

“He won’t come in again”

Then she leans up and kisses his lips. Minami smiles and melts into the kiss with passion and love

“I love you Atsuko/Minami. Merry our first Christmas as a couple”

Unknowing to them, two people are peaking at the door.

“Wow, youngster” Kenji said

“Stop peaking Kenji” Nami said

“You too, honey” he said

5 years later

Christmas Eve

Minami’s POV

I walk out of the kitchen with two cups of hot cocoa in my hands. One is for me, and the other is for my lovely Atsuko, my beautiful wife. We got married for 5 years now, and we moved back to live in Maeda old mansion. Every day to me is a great memory. They are so wonderful.

When I walk to the Christmas tree, I see my two first born twin running around the tree. They are 5 years old and their name is Kai and Katsu. They are the result of our first night together.

“Kai and Katsu, stop running around and put your decoration on the Christmas tree. It is late now” I said while sitting down next to Atsuko on the sofa by the fireplace

“Here is your hot cocoa baby” I said to her and puts the cup on the table in front of Atsuko

“Thank you, Minami” Atsuko said happily

I turn and look at the baby in her arm. Our newborn baby girl. She is 4 months old.

“She already asleep huh?” I touch my daughter face and said

“Uh. She just asleep after finishing her milk” Atsuko nods and said

“Let’s me put her back to her room” I hug the baby from Atsuko

Then I go to her room and puts her down. After that I turns on the watch camera and go back to the living room. My two handsome rush to me happily

“Daddy, daddy, we put it in. Mommy said it is very wonderful” they said to me

“Good job. That is my sons” I pat their head and said

“It is late now. Go to your room” I continue

“But we still want to play” they pout and said

“If you two don’t be good, Santa won’t give you Christmas gift” Atsuko walks to them and said

“We will go to bed now.” they said

“Goodnight mommy” they kiss Atsuko’s cheek and said

“Goodnight my handsome” Atsuko kisses their forehead and said

“Goodnight daddy” they said to me

“Goodnight boys” I pat their head and said

Then the two rushes to their rooms. After seeing them off to their room, I quickly lift my princess up. She is taken by surprise and hugs my neck tightly. I love every time carrying her like this.

“Minami, the kids” Atsuko shyly said to me

“They are already in their room.” I said

“They got you a whole day. I only got so little time with you” I pouts

“Ok, I will make up for you my big baby.” Atsuko pinches my cheeks and said

“So, we will give them another baby sister or brother, or both” I said in teasing tone

“Minami baka” she hits my chest and said

I laugh loudly while carrying her up stair back to our room.

“By the way, how is mom’s and dad’s trip?” I ask

“They have a lot of fun. They will back here tomorrow for Christmas” Atsuko said

“I see.” I said

When we reach our room, I quickly seal her lips with mine in a deep kiss. Atsuko hugs my neck and deepens our kiss. I gently put her on our bed and moves on top of her.

“Merry Christmas my Atsuko” I whisper

“Merry Christmas my handsome Minami” Atsuko said

End Minami’s POV

“I love you forever, Atsuko/Minami”

The End

That is the Christmas OS. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D

Once again Merry Christmas!!  :D :D
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