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Author Topic: 2015 newbie haul...  (Read 3076 times)

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2015 newbie haul...
« on: November 13, 2015, 09:59:04 PM »
Just to put things into perspective...

In 2015, 28 girls (unless I forgot someone - I almost forgot Country Girls!) either debuted in a single or were announced as new members. 28 is probably how big the entire H!P was at some point. Let it all sink in...


Morning Musume. - debut with Seishun kozo ga naiteiru & folks

#1 Haruna Ogata
#2 Akane Haga
#3 Miki Nonaka
#4 Maria Makino

ANGERME - debut with Taiki Bansei

#5 Mizuki Murota
#6 Rikako Sasaki
#7 Maho Aikawa

Country Girls - debut with soz I'm so qt

#8 Risa Yamaki
#9 Mai Ozeki
#10 Chisaki Morito
#11 Manaka Inaba
(+-1 Utachan)

Kobushi Factory total debut

#12 Rena Ogawa
#13 Natsumi Taguchi
#14 Rio Fujii
#15 Ayaka Hirose
#16 Sakurako Wada
#17 Rei Inoue
#18 Ayano Hamaura
#19 Minami Nomura

Tsubaki Factory - total indie debut ...

#20 Riko Yamagishi
#21 Ami Tanimoto
#22 Kisora Niinuma
#23 Kiki Asakura
#24 Risa Ogata
#25 Yumeno Kishimoto

Country Girls announced MOOORE

#26 Nanami Yanagawa
#27 Musubu Funaki


#28 Moe Kamikokuryo

Okay can we stop here now? :P Please?

Who are your favourite newbies?
How are you feeling now?
How many of these girls can you remember by name cuz seriously. I try my best to learn them normally, but I had to check with 7 that I got them right, or was blanking out on the surname, or a similar issue.
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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, 10:04:00 PM »

I love 12ki Musume so much. All of them. Miki is actually like my new fave, haha.
...I also love 3rd gen Angerme, esp. Rikako. Murotan is cute, but Maho still seems to be coming into her own.
Country Girls is adorable and literally an A+ idea.
The Factories were a weird announcement, but Kobushi is ROCKING IT OUT LIKE WOW (though honestly I still don't know all of their names). Tsubaki still seems/feels like an afterthought......

The new Country Girls look like they belong because they just look SO PRECIOUS.

And literally there's something about Moe that makes me think she's going to become a fave. The way Angerme welcomed her in was soooo cute and I can't wait to see her work with them.  :heart:

Basically all throughout the year I was like "WHAT MORE????" but then I loved every second of it so..............

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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2015, 11:10:21 PM »
MM I knew were going to get them but with everyone else seemed to be a blur and ANGERME with two sets of new members probably made me think that they can do some damage...

The store in Akiba better be stocking up :lol:
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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2015, 02:14:24 AM »
28 is probably how big the entire H!P was at some point.

28 was exactly how many girls were in Mobekimasu :3

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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2015, 06:22:48 AM »
i'm glad that rikako is in a group, but i really don't like the whole angerme thing in general (from the name change, to maro's graduation, to them adding new members, etc)...i'm also really glad that hama-chan is in a group, and as far as all the new groups go, kobushi factory has me the most excited (in much the same way that juice=juice did when they debuted) far as the others, meh (it may be a case of too many too soon tbh)

oh yeah i'm starting to like nonaka  :thumbup

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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #5 on: November 14, 2015, 07:21:46 AM »
28 is probably how big the entire H!P was at some point.

28 was exactly how many girls were in Mobekimasu :3

Fuck the haters, this song is relevant to the topic! 8)

I'm not sure if I'm as overwhelmed as some other folks since I've had a bit of an eye out on rookie debut developments all year and thus it all felt a bit more gradual for me, but yeah, it's still pretty impressive how crowded H!P has become this year, especially in retrospect! If anything, Tsubaki Factory might be my remaining blind spot: name/face association hasn't quite stuck for me yet, nor have I found anything to really spark my interest in them so far, but we'll see how things go in 2016.

I've had a heavy bias for Miki since day one because of her English skills and American connection, as well as her dance skills and hypnotic smile. Rikako I feel obligated to support as we share Pinoy diaspora roots. :philippines:  Admittedly I'm drawn to idols whom I can relate to on some level, and they both provide that little bit of nice international flair not seen since Li Chun and Qian Lin were around.

Regarding S/mileangerme, as much as I prefer the old name, and as much as I liked the 6-member dynamic, those changes don't bother me as much as the member color change. I loved how my favorite member, Meimi, had my favorite color, green, just like Zukki in Momusu and Yurina in Berryz, and thus it was disappointing to see that syngery go away; likewise I preferred the idea of leader Dawa having blue instead of red (which I find a bit cliché for Japanese groups honestly).

I love the idea of Kobushi Factory being a spiritual successor to Berryz, especially with the 8-member lineup to start things off--although hopefully I didn't just jinx things for one member to leave early. :nervous Plus I don't think any of them will fill the tall girl void left by Berryz. I don't have a solid favorite yet so I'm jumping on the MC Hama bandwagon for now.

Speaking of former Berryz, Momo's presence has really helped me for paying attention to Country Girls. Admittedly for the longest time I had trouble telling apart Manaka Inaba from Chisaki Morito, but as soon as I could identify them properly Manaka shot up my rankings immediately. :lol: She does have a really cute face and some nice dance moves, after all.

But who is this Uta person everyone keeps talking about, I don't remember anyone by that name... >_> But seriously, it was interesting to see H!P have an actual second-generation idol within their ranks, even if just for a brief period (Uta's mom was member of idol group Spa Girl in the '90s). Also 1/8 Italian, should that also count for international flair?

The recent additions this month definitely caught me by surprise, though. I don't think anyone saw CG getting new members, and while the Angerme audition was announced earlier this year we all seem to have forgotten about it until the winner was announced. It's like, hey look at all these new girls this year, and now Musubu and another Trainee are getting promoted...BUT WAIT, THERE'S MOE! (see what I did there 8))

So we've gone from MoBeKiMaSu to...KiMoAnJiKaKoTsu? (wait, isn't that the name of the new Angerme girl? :P ) This new post-Tsunku era of Hello Project is pretty damn, how you say, ah yes....crazy.
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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2015, 08:47:59 AM »
^ that picture of Ai chan makes me laugh every time I see it......

All the newest additions are really making it fun to follow the groups (and I am really rooting for Tsubaki factory, because of their current underdog status).

That being said, there are some girls that have caught my attention for years, like Rikako and Hamachan and Tagooch, so great to see them in formal group roles.

There are the spitfire idol talents- I would include Mizuki Mirota, Manaka Inaba, and Ayaka Hirose in that category- they sing well and are passionate about improving.

Kobushi factory have been amazing, great songs and great PV's, and great guest appearances.
ReiRei and Minami chan really have amazing abilities to be noticed.

Four Momusu have been every bit of a delight as a generational group that you could wish for. They love what they are doing, and it shows.

On the lookout for Yumeno chan and Ami chan of Tsubaki Factory, Sakurako chan of Kobushi Industries (they are a growing firm), Maho chan from Angerme, and Akane chan from Momusu.

Also congrats to the three newest girls.

And a big thank you to Kanon Fukuda, for all of her hard work and great entertainment contributions to the fans. I look forward to
enjoying her songwriting contributions....
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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2015, 01:41:44 PM »
Good stuff!

I'm feeling mostly happy, but I think UF* has really struggled to promote all the newbies sufficiently. When you think how hyped Rikako and Hamachan, for instance, were as trainees, one would have thought their debut would have more impact. Instead it feels like every member is sort of sinking into the mass - a great quality mass! But still mass!

With a lot of the members I think they have great idol qualities, but that's not the same as being a favourite. I still feel like because I don't know them that well, my impressions rely a lot on the potential, so my favs end up switching constantly because the 'connection' isn't deeper. Basically the moment someone does something well I think "oh maybe she will be one of my favs" only to get overwritten by someone else a moment later. But I'll try to pick out some favs anyway 8)

I still don't know who my favourite 12th gen member is, but I might end up going for Akanechin after all because she's adorable.

In ANGERME I can't decide between Rikako and Aiai. I mean, Rikako is so amazing, but Aiai's adorable goofiness I am drawn to somehow ^^;; I might have to just admire Rikako like I admire Murotan and just decide on Aiai eventually... Of the newbies... Let's not even bring into discussion how I'm not sure how much I love Meimei :lol:

In Country Girls, I also think Ozeki is awesomely hilarious, but I think I can decide on the shy & quiet one here as my fav - Chisaki :3

With Kobushi Factory I really like Reirei, but also think Rena is charming. Reirei is my fav though.

Tsubaki Factory - does anyone else find it weird that this group hasn't even properly debuted yet, but it was easier for me to find a nice magazine scan of them than of Kobushi Factory? :P I guess they would be the more eye-candy group, certainly their vocals are not that great. But this group has Kishimon and Kisora whom I paid attention to as trainees, and Kishimon is my fav. She is so radiant on stage. I'm not sure how I feel about this group and her being in this group yet. In a way because this group has less talent it really needs someone like her, but I wonder if she'll ever really get to shine as much as she would in another group. Especially when this group's journey is progressing soooo slowly...

Happy for the new little ones in Country Girls because they are super capable; it's more admiration than fandom for me now because they both have so much potential.

Moe seems super lovely, that's all I can say atm.

So I love the new members, but I also think it's been difficult to become truly attached. Especially because the way new members keep being added, it also makes it feel like everyone truly is replaceable. There are always more cute girls to take another's place. I'd like it to feel more special, but something like that requires more investment than we have gotten in 2015, imo.
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Re: 2015 newbie haul...
« Reply #8 on: November 14, 2015, 08:54:43 PM »
Guess H!P's vision now is:

"The only way is expansion"  :thumbsup
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