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Author Topic: Kashiwagi Rena's Day Off (YukiRena OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 1043 times)

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Kashiwagi Rena's Day Off (YukiRena OS) - COMPLETED
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:03:34 PM »
This is my first time writing OS. I hope you guys like it.
I'll will update Delinquent Students vs Student Council Chapter 5 as fast as I can.
So... Enjoy. :prayers:

Kashiwagi Rena's Day Off-[YukiRena :heart:]

Today,Rena doesn't need to go to the studio because she already finish voice acting the anime that published by Sakae Animation. The anime that she supposed to be voice acting as the main character titled Kataomoi Finally. Her character name is Tano Yuka. Yuka is a girl with raven hair and a porcelain skin. She is a girl who always alone and doesn't have any friends. She is quiet,smart,lack in stamina and always nervous around people. The other main character is voice by Watanabe Mayu. Her character is the school prince. The school prince is Muto Tomu. Tomu is girl with shoulder length hair. She is the basketball and track club ace. She isthe total opposite of Yuka. With her charming look and happy go lucky girl, she is the most popular girl in the school. One day, Oshima Ryoka, Tomu's girlfriend decide to play a prank with Yuka by letting Tomu go out with her, make Yuka fall in love with Tomu and then break with her. That is the first Yuri anime that she voiced even though she already 3 years being as a voice actress. At first she fell a little nervous because it the first she will voice acting with a girl who will be the couple for the anime. But for her surprised, her bestfriend, suddenly interested to voice acting a yuri character and became the voice actor for Tomu.

As Rena is having her day off, which is a rare chance because after she finished an anime a new one will come immediately. She decided to wake up early and make breakfast for her wife. She woke up at 7 a.m and realize that Yuki haven't woke up yet, and that mean Yuki also had her day off. Yuki is working as a model. She always wake up at 6 a.m to get ready for work and get out from the house at 7:30 a.m. Why do she takes 1 hour and 30 minutes you ask?. Well she is a model, so she need to take bath a least 25 minutes, applying her make up and stare at Rena until 7:30. Sometimes if she felt really hungry she will cook some breakfast a left some for her lovely wife.What a good wife. Can I have a one too. :? :? I don't mind being stared all day. Ufufu . So, Rena guessed that Yuki must had a day off too.It is a rare chance for two of them to had day off on the same day. She quickly get off the bed and head to the bathroom to brush her teeth. After finish brushing her teeth, off she went to the kitchen to prepared breakfast for two off them. Rena grab four egg,bacon and some vegetables as she doesn't eat meat, from the refrigerator. Rena crack two egg at once and starting to fry them. When the egg hit the hot pan it make a sizzling sound. After  a couple of minute, she fried the bacon. While frying the bacon, she startled as someone was hugging her waist from behind. When she felt someone nuzzling her neck and inhale her scene,she immediately recognize the one who hugging. It is none other than her beautiful wife.

Rena giggled and said"Ohayou, sleepyhead. You startled me you know?"And continuing frying the bacon.

"Ohayou to you too,Rena"She said an kissed Rena cheek."Sorry for startling you. Are you not going to the studio?" And rest her chin on Rena shoulder.

"No. I still need to go to the studio, you know? I need to finish something."Rena lied because she want to see Yuki reaction if she told her that she had a day off.

"Hmm" She pouted."Why are you cooking breakfast then?"

"Well, I think I won't be home tonight. There's a lot of work and I'll sleep with Airin at her house. We need to discuss about something" Then she turned of the stove and put the bacon on Yuki's plate.

"Come on. Let's eat" Said Rena while bringing both of their plate to the dining table." Yuki just stood near the kitchen stove frozen after she heard what Rena said about she'll sleep with Airin. As her imagination gone wild, she thinks that Rena and Airin's discussing about Rena divorce with her and plan their marriage.

"Yuki? What are you doing? Come on let's eat. I'm getting hungry here." Rena asked worried about Yuki that just standing there frozen. Yuki's eyes were cover by her bang. Rena come closer toward Yuki.

"Yuki..... What's wrong??" When Rena about to touch Yuki Shoulder. Yuki suddenly embraced her. Rena felt her shoulder wet. Is Yuki crying?? Why she crying? Don't tell me her imagination gone wild again and thinks that I'm going to divorce her and marrying Airin. Rena let a sigh. Then she hug Yuki and rub her back. Comforting her.

"Yuki"Rena said in a low voice. Yuki response with a sniffle. Rena let out sigh again."Are you thinking that the discussion that I'll have with Airin is that I'm going to divorce you and marry Airin. Right?" Yuki embrace become tighter and she nod in response.

"Yuki" She said while let go herself from Yuki's embrace and look and her but Yuki was gazing the floor."Look at me please"She said in low and comforting voice. Yuki then lift her gaze up and saw that her wife is gazing at her lovingly. She then sniffle again.

"I'm lied to you okay. I'm not going sleep with Airin because I'm--""Are you going to sleep with Jurina??!!!"Yuki asked in a loud voice and cutting Rena's line."What?? No!!""So?If you not going to sleep with either Airin nor Jurina.. So, it must be Mayu right??"Yuki said and drop her head down low."Listen here Yuki.Tonight I'm going to sleep with or the whole day if you want"Rena said then forming a smile when she saw Yuki lift her head and stare to Rena brunette orb"Huh??" Yuki seem confused when Rena said sleep with her the whole day. Doesn't she need to go to the the studio?"Wha..hic..what do you..hic..mean??"
"I lied to you saying that I'm going to the studio. But the truth is I'm having a day off today." She then turned her gaze to the side when she saw Yuki shocked face.This is what I'm waiting for. Seeing her shocked face is cute but with the red eyes.Hmm Then she felt black aura coming from her wife. She then turned her gaze toward Yuki and yelp when Yuki about to charge at her and start running away.

"Uwaaa the Black Yuki is angry!!!" Rena said while running away from Yuki who trying to catch her."You!! Kashiwagi Rena!! Wait till I catch you!!!" Yuki said while running after Rena."You won't get me blekkk" Rena said behind the sofa and stuck her tongue toward Yuki.."Oh!! You're challenging me.. Wait till I catch you honey." The Yuki let out a smirk at start running in fast speed toward Rena who startled when Yuki is charging toward her in fast speed she try to get away but her wrist was grabbed by Yuki."Nooo!!! The Black Yuki got me!!! Dareka tastukete!!!"Yuki then pulled Rena and and give her a back hug while whispering to Rena ear."Nobody is going to save you now.. Kashiwagi Rena."She smirk when she noticed Rena shivered when she whispered to her. "This is a revenge for lying to me and made me wasted my tears.""I not the one who made you--ahh" Rena moan when Yuki suddenly bite her nap and grope her chest.

"Yu..yuu..kii..Hnng" Rena shuttered when Yuki start massaging her chest and licked and nibbled her earlobe."Wha..whatt..are you*pant*" Then Rena started to pant when Yuki sneaked her hand under Rena's shirt and fondled her chest while giving trailed kisses on her nape." Just like I said before.." She said between the kisses "I'm going to get my revenge for you. My revenge is to punish you."Then she turned Rena around and saw her wife's face is really red and she is panting. Yuki smirked and continue "look like you enjoy my punishment huh??" She the charged toward Rena lips kiss her passionately. She then said betweet their kisses." Want to take it in the bedroom or here or you want me to stop" Then she break the kiss and saw Rena glared at her before putting her arm around Yuki neck seductively and whispered in a seductive voice. " Let's continue it in the bedroom. And don't you dare to stop when I already turned on.""Your wish is my command, honey" Then Yuki lift Rena in a princess style while walking toward their bedroom. "Shouldn't we eat first??""I already ask you earlier and then you didn't answer my question so I think you're fine""Hmm.. I think I'll have you as my breakfast then." Yuki smirk while opened their bedroom door."So do I" Rena replied and kiss Yuki roughly.

Rena's Day Off Scheduled
*Morning- Making out with Yuki
*Afternoon- Eat lunch/late breakfast while playing with Yuki
*Evening- Watching movie and making dinner together with Yuki and forcing her to eat vegetables
*Night- After dinner. They're making out again because tomorrow they have work

 Finish!!! I'll Mayuki for the next one. Hmmm maybe from the Delinquent Student vs Student Council.
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