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Author Topic: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) [COMPLETED]  (Read 27282 times)

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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) [COMPLETED]
« on: January 02, 2016, 12:00:41 AM »
Hello everyone, this is my new story. I just got this idea when I listen to some music. I hope you guys enjoy reading this story  :D

Here is the prologue  :)

Key of Happiness

Chapter 1: A New Transfer Student
Chapter 2: Angels
Chapter 3: Coldness
Chapter 4: Be Friend
Chapter 5: Yuu's Plan
Chapter 6: Yuu's Plan (Part 2)
Chapter 7: Getting Better
Chapter 8: The Necklace
Chapter 9: Closer
Chapter 10: Sunshine
Chapter 11: Unknown Feeling
Chapter 12: Love
Chapter 13: Confession
Chapter 14: I Will Protect You
Chapter 15: I Love You No Matter What
Chapter 16: Another New Transfer Student
Chapter 17: Wonder
Chapter 18: School Festival
Chapter 19: Maeda Twins
Chapter 20: Attack
Chapter 21: Awakening
Chapter 22: The Chosen
Chapter 23: The Bond
Chapter 24: Rescue
Chapter 25: The Gate of Light
Chapter 26: The Key
Chapter 27: The Book of Light
Chapter 28: Happiness (Final)


No matter how hard a physical injury can be, it will be healed in a period of time. However,



Mental pain


Can those mentally injuries be healed? How long will it take? forever? What is the medicine for those kind of injuries?

Can those people ever find happiness? What is the key of happiness?

That is the prologue of the story. I hope you guys found it interesting. Please feel free to give your opinion.   :D
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Fic Index

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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Prologue 02/01/2016
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2016, 03:21:12 AM »
Interesting author san
Waitin for chap 1

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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Prologue 02/01/2016
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2016, 04:42:46 AM »
Wooow atsumina, kojiyuu, and wmatsui
I cant wait author-san :)

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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Prologue 02/01/2016
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2016, 03:18:57 PM »
waiting for the first part :D
update soon :D

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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2016, 12:20:11 AM »
@Blackdawn, @purnamazaki, @AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone!  :)

This is chapter 1 of the story. I hope everyone like this story.  :D

Chapter 1: A New Transfer Student

Minami's POV

I'm rushing under the rain back to my house from the city library. Today, I went to library for a while to do some research in order to get ready for a new school year which will start tomorrow. When I rush through street, I accidentally bump into a girl.

“I’m sorry.” I said while helping her to stand up

She didn't say anything to me. Another word, she ignores me and turns to look at the road. She didn't even have an umbrella with her. I look at her with confused look.

“Are you ok, Miss?” I ask her

She keeps silent and ignores me. Then she walks away. I look at her back with puzzled look.  Then I turn and rush back to my house. After awhile, I finally reach my house.

"What happened, Minami? You are soaked wet" my mom said in surprise

"Where is your umbrella?" my dad asks me

"I forgot to bring one with me" I said

"I see. Quickly get change before you get cold." my mom said

"Ok" I said and rush back to my room

After preparing everything, I go to sleep early to prepare for a new school year.

In the morning

I wake up early and prepare my things. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this school year will be the great one. I get change while humming some random songs.

"Takamina are you ready?" my twin sister calls me

Let me introduce myself a little. My name is Takahashi Minami, a normal high school student. I have a twin sister, Rena. She is younger than me few seconds. My parents are doctor. Our family owns a private hospital.

"Ok, I will be there in minutes" I said

Then I rush down stair from my room.

"Let's go" I said

Then we go to school together. Our school is Tenshi Academic.

Tenshi Academic is a private school with three school levels, elementary school, middle school, and high school. My mother is the sponsor in this school. This school was built when I'm in middle school. I transfer here since 9th grade. It is a very big school. It has three campuses which each campus is one school level. I'm in South campus which is for high school students. In addition, there is a big garden in the East side of the school.

After a while we reach the school. We come to school earlier than usual because Rena is president of Student Council. She has something to do.

“No-one is in school yet.” She said

“Of course, you want to come here early, right” I said

“Uh” she nods

When I walk down the hallway with Rena, suddenly I hear some sound like music. It feels very great

"Rena, did you hear something like music?" I turn and ask her

"No, what are you thinking, Takamina? How can there be music at this time?" she said

"Really?" I said

"But I still hear the sound very clear in my ears” I thought

“Maybe someone is playing music in music room” I said

“It can't be. This is too early for music club. Plus, music room is sound roof, how can you hear any sound. You just imagine thing” she said to me.

“Uhm…” I just nod

However, I still hear it very loud and clear. I guess it come from the music room. I have to go there to check it out.

"Rena, I have to go there a little. See you later in class" I said to Rena

"Ok, see you later" She said

Then I rush to the place where I hear the sound. The sound is louder and louder which mean I go in the right direction. This is the sound of violin. This song is "Ave Maria," a great piece. Then I reach the room. I slowly open the door. When I step in, I see a figure is playing violin.

"That is her, the girl I bumped into on the road." I thought

Looking at her like this, she is so beautiful. She closes her eyes and plays the violin very serious and focus. Her music is so beautiful. I close my eyes to enjoy the music. However, somehow, I can feel sadness in her music. Her melody is very sad. I open my eyes and look at her again. I widen my eyes in surprise. She is crying while playing it. I see her tear at the corner of her eyes. Then she stops. I unconsciously clap my hands. She opens her eyes and looks at me. She seems to be startled by me.

"That is..."

She rushes out of the room before I can complement her.

"Wait" I shout and chase after her

However, when I got out of the room, she is already out of my sight. I sigh and walk back into the room. I look at the violin that she just played moment ago.

"A beautiful melody" I whisper while touching the violin.

"I want to meet her again" I thought and sigh

End Minami's POV

In Student Council's office

Rena's POV

I'm sitting in the Student Council office to do some paperwork with the rest of Student Council members.

"Rena, today our school has a new transfer student." the vice president told me

"I see. Which classes will her in?" I ask her

"Uhm...she will be in your class" she said

"Here is her file" she said and gives me the file

"Her grades can compare to the top student at our school" she said to me

I look through her transcript. She is a top student.

"That is correct, her grade as good as Takamina." I thought

"However, I heard she is a weirdo." the treasury said

"Really?" the girls in the room asks

"Uh, I heard from my friend who studied in the same school with her before." she said

"She said that she is a bookworm and a loner." the girl said

"They never see her with anyone before. She just likes that quietly reading her book with a pair of headphone in her ears, ignoring everything around her. No one can approach her. She never smile and talk to anyone else." she adds.

"I see" I thought and look at her picture.

"When will she be here?" I ask the vice president

"I think she should be here by now" she said

Then I hear the knocking sound.

"Come in" I said

End Rena's POV

In the classroom

Minami’s POV

After looking around for her, and didn't see her anywhere, I decided to go back to my class.

“Hey Takamina, how have you been, buddy?” Yuu calls me

Oshima Yuu, he is my best friend. He is the son of the principal of this school. His mother is also my mother’s best friend. He moved here with his mother when he was in Middle School. We study together with each other since then. He is a nice guy with little pervert character. 

“Hey, I'm good. How about you and “your Nyan Nyan,” any progress?” I ask him in teasing tone

Kojima Haruna, she is Yuu’s childhood friend. She lives in his house because her parents are in foreign country. They are always together. However, she always scolds him whenever he does some pervert thing to her. They are funny.

“We are doing great. However, there is no progress between us. She always pushes me out whenever I get close to her” Yuu said and fakes crying.

“Is that so” I said shortly and go back to my seat

“Takamina, what with that attitude? Don't you see that your best friend is sad? Why don't you comfort me?” Yuu said in loud voice

“Shut up Yuu. You are making a scene.” I said to him

“You two always like that, so there is no surprise. By the way, where is she? It is strange to see you not stick to her like glue” I continue

“She went out to buy something. She will be right back” Yuu said

“I see” I said

Then I sit down on my seat and think about that mysterious girl. After a while Rena comes back from her president work.

“Hello Rena” Yuu happily greets her

“Hi Yuu, nice to see you again. Where is Nyan Nyan?” She said

“She went out a little. She will be right back” Yuu said

“I see” Rena said

Then she comes to my table and sits down. Yuu also is here too

“Rena, Takamina is cold toward me.” Yuu pouts

“Stop that acting Yuu.” I said

Suddenly he stands up

“Sorry guys, I have something to do. I guess I have to skip school today” he said

“Wait what? You skip school today?” Rena asks in surprise

“Just kidding, Ms. President of Student Council. I will be right back. See you two later” he said and rushes out of the classroom.

“He is always mysterious” Rena said

“He sure does” I said in agree

Then she turns to me and talks.

“Takamina, talking about mysterious, today our class will have a new transfer student.” She said to me

I keep silent. My mind is still echoing the melody of that girl’s violin. I don't mind much about thing like that.

“Hey Takamina, did you hear me?” Rena said

“Rena, you know that I don’t have any interest in thing like that right?” I said and sigh

“I know my twin brother doesn’t interesting in those things except studying, medical book, and classical music, but this girl is different.” She said

“What is the difference?” I ask

“Her grade as good as you” Rena said

“So what?” I ask her

“Stop cutting my word. That is not the main part” she said

I sigh and said

“Ok, ok, get to the main point, please” I said

“If she keeps talking about that new transfer student, I can’t focus on my thought about that mysterious girl. How can I find her” I thought

“Ok, hot headed as always. Bakamina.” she sighs and mumbles

“I heard that” I said raising my eyebrows

“I just said the truth” she said and shrugs

“Anyway, I heard the girls in Student Council room said that she is a weirdo" Rena said to me

"That just rumor. Since when did you believe on those nonsense?" I ask her

"At first I thought so, too. However, after seeing her I started believing her word. I think she is an unfriendly person" she said

End Minami's POV


Rena's POV

While I’m talking to the member of Student Council, I hear a knocking sound

“Come in” I said

Then a girl comes in.

“That is her, the new transfer student.” I thought

I hear everyone in the room starts whispering about her. I stand up and walk toward her

"Hello, my name is Takahashi Rena, president of Student Council. Nice to meet you." I introduce myself while smiling at her

Then I extend my hand to shake her hand. However, she only nods at me.

“Ok” I thought then withdraw my hand

"Welcome to our school.” I said to her

“I see through your transcript that in your previous school, your grades are very high. Are you interested in any of our clubs?" I ask her

She keeps silent and shakes her head.

"Ok, you can keep this paper. This is the list of our school clubs. Tell me when you want to join any club" I said

She takes the paper in my hand. I start thinking that she is really weird.

"Come with me, I will give you a tour around the school" I said to her

"It's fine. I don't need that" She finally speaks up

"Ok, if you say so" I said

"Then follow me, I will take you to teacher office to meet your homeroom teacher.” I said

She nods. Then I take her to our homeroom teacher, Shinoda-sensei

On our way,

I try to start a conversation with her

“Maeda-san, you will be in the same class as me" I said to her

“I hope we can be friend” I continue and smile

She didn’t say anything to me. I turn to look at her and see that she already put a pair of headphone on her ears and is reading her book.

“I feel like an idiot who just talking to myself” I thought

End Rena's POV

End flashback

Minami's POV

“Could it be her? She also wears our school uniform.” I happily thought

“Nah, maybe she is from different class. However I hope that transfer student is her.” I continue my thought

Because too focus on my thought, I didn't hear Rena calls me.

“Hey Takamina” she raises her voice and pats my shoulder snapping me out of my thought

“What?” I said in irritating tone

“I ask you what you think. However, today you also seem so weird.” She said

“Maybe she is just shy, or she is an introvert person” I said

“We cannot judge her just by seeing her once.” I continue

“Uhm...maybe you right. Daddy also said that we can’t judge someone just by their look” she said

“Uh” I nod

Then I hear the bell ring.

“Ok, talk to you later” Rena said

“Ok” I nod

Then she stands up and returns to her seat. I turn back to the window to look at the flying cherry blossom. They look so peaceful. 

After a while

I hear the door open. I guess Shinoda-sensei comes in. Then I hear a lot of whispering, maybe about that new transferred student. I think they are curious about her. I just keeps looking at the beautiful flying cherry blossom outside of the window.

"Class, from today on, our class will have a new student. Her name is Maeda Atsuko. You all have to help her out, ok?" I heard she said

"Yes" the class said in unison

"Maeda-san, can you say something to the class?" She said


Following that is a long silent. I didn't hear anything. Curious, I turn to look at her. When I turn back, I see that she is only bowing silently before the whole class. When she looks up, I realize that is her.

“The new transfer student is really her.” I happily thought

Sudden our eyes meet. She has very beautiful eyes, and her eyes like have magical on them. They absorb me. I can feel my heart beats faster. However, I see another thing in her eyes. Deep down in those eyes, I can feel sadness. Those eyes aren't alive. They contain the sadness that I've never seen before.

"Uhm...ok, if you don't have anything to say, well then you can go and sit at that empty seat next to Takahashi-san" Shinoda-sensei's voice brought me back to reality.

She slightly nods at her and starts walking toward my seat. I don't know why, but my heart once again speeds up its beating speed. When she reaches my seat, she stops in front of me a little.

"Hello, my name is Takahashi Minami, nice to meet you" I smile and extent my hand to shake hers

I’m very happy right now because I can meet her again. I want to be friend with her.

"..." but she still keeps silent

Then she nods her head slightly at me and sits down. This is awkward. I slowly withdraw my hand. I still hear the class whispering about her.

"Ok, enough of chit chats. We will start our class now." Shinoda-sensei speaks up.

Then the class is silent and focuses on the board.

After a while

The bell rings announcing that it is lunch time. A lot of the students are surrounding her

“Maeda-san, where is your old school?” a girl in my class asks her

“Maeda-san, do you want to eat lunch with us?” another girl asks

“You are cute, do you have a boyfriend?” A boy in my class asks

I don’t know why, but I feel annoyed with his question

“Maeda-san, I see you are too shy to talk, right? Just ask me whenever you are need something” other girl said

A lot of questions are asked, but none of them was answered. When I look at her, she just sits still, emotionless reads her book. Then she closes it and stands up while putting a pair of headphones in her ears. She ignores all of them and walks out of the room

"What's with her?"

"Such a little brat."

"What an ungrateful person"

"Who does she think she is?" 

A lot of "words" which I don't know how to categorize them in a common sense target her just because she ignores them. They start gossiping about her. I also stand up and leave the room because I hate those gossips.

Then I go to the cafeteria to buy some lunch because I didn’t bring my lunch today. I also try to look around to see if she is here. I want to talk to her. I look around, but she is nowhere to be found. After buying my lunch, I go to the music room to try my luck. Who know, maybe she is there. However, when I walk in, I see no one there. Feeling disappointed, I slowly close the door.

Then I go to the lake near this campus, my favorite place. It is a very quiet place. Also, it is surrounded by a lot of Sakura trees. I usually don't like to sit in the cafeteria because it is too noisy, and I don't like too much noise around me. I refer a quiet and more private place. Therefore, I choose this place. When I get there, I see someone is near the lake

“Someone is here?” I thought in surprise

Normally, there is no one come here. This place together with the greenhouse near here is only for me, Rena, Yuu, and Haruna. The greenhouse is built by Yuu’s mother for him and us.

“Who is it?” I thought and walk closer

When I come closer, I realize who she is. It is her, Maeda Atsuko, the transfer student this morning.

"What a coincident. I looked for her everywhere while she is here.” I thought and smile

I don't know why, but I feel happy about this. I look at her. She is leaning her back on the Sakura tree. In her hand, she is holding a book. Her eyes are closing. The breeze slowly blows the cherry blossom to fly around making a very beautiful view

"She is sleeping" I thought and walk closer

I bend down and look closer at her face. She is so cute. Her face when she is sleeping is very peaceful. I look at her closed eyes. They remind me of her sadness eyes. I don't know why but I want to know more and more about her. Maybe because this is the first time I see those eyes which contain no life force, no hope, and there is only sadness invading them.

“Beautiful eyes but sad at the same time” I thought

“I also want to hear her playing violin again. I want to know why her melody is so sad.” I continue my thought

Looking at her face and spacing out for a while, I don't know when did I move my face so close to her face. When I realize that, our faces are an inch away. Once again, my heart start beating faster.

Suddenly she opens her eyes. I'm surprised because of that. I tend to move back, but I lose my balance, and fall toward her. Quickly I use my hands to support me. However, it is already too late.

Our position right now is very… I don’t know how to describe that. My hands are putting on two sides of her head, and my body presses against hers. The most shocking thing is my lips already pressed on her lips. I can feel her gasp in surprise

"I...I...I... kissed her" I widen my eyes and thought in surprise

"Hey Takamina. Oops sorry" 

Talk about bad timing.

“Why did she have to come here this time?” I thought

Then I quickly move back

"I...I'm so...”

Haven't finished my word, she pushes me out and rushes away. I sit there and stun at what just happened. I touch my lips. I can still feel the softness of her lips on mine.

"Wow, Takamina, that is impressive" Rena said to me

“What?” I said trying to hide my embarrassment

“A really big new. This is the first time I see you interest in a girl. You also made your move. That is great Takamina.” Rena said to me while giving me her thumb up

“Stop that Rena. It is not like what you are thinking” I said

“To be honest, she is cute right. You also go this far.” ignoring my word, she continues

“I should tell this to mom and dad. It is a big new” she continues

"Stop joking around, Rena" I said

"That was just an accident." I continue

"Really?" she said and laughs

"Yes" I said seriously

“Ok, if you say so.” Rena said and shrugs

“I told the truth." I said seriously

"By the way, why did you come here, Rena?” I ask her

“I just want to tell you that today I have some work at Student Council. Therefore, you just go home first” she said

“Ok” I said

Then she leaves the place

“I should apologize to her” I thought and then stand up

When I’m about to turn around, I see a book on the ground. I bend down and pick it up

“Maybe, she dropped it” I thought

I turn the book around to see what kind of book

"Detective novel?" I thought

Then the school bell ring.

I bring the book back to the class with me to return this to her

End Minami's POV


That is chapter 1 of the story. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to tell me about your opinions.  :D
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     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2016, 10:29:46 AM »
Hmmm.......  :hehehe: will take time for Minami, to understand her..
Next chapter, please.!  8)
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2016, 10:13:52 PM »
It's another good fic from you!  :nya:

This story is interesting, Takamina is getting impulses to kiss her huh?  :mon inluv:

Acchan being a bookworm and quiet reminds me of Majisuka  :mon dunno:

Update soon!  :mon bye:

(Oh and I'm also still reading you other fic Beyond the Sea, I'm still catching up since I'm a like chapter 20 or something, but I'm still reading it!)  :mon sweat:
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2016, 05:58:56 PM »
Rena and Takamina are twins??? XD
Is Maeda character same with her character on Majisuka Gakuen? She is truly a loner.
Can't wait for KojiYuu and WMatsui moment><

Keep going, author-san^o^
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #8 on: January 11, 2016, 04:12:22 PM »
Oh... so interesting story there....

Atsuko a loner...

Minami is interested in getting to know Atsuko

Can't wait to see how the love story is going to develop

Thank you for the nice start

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 1 09/01/2016
« Reply #9 on: January 11, 2016, 05:56:20 PM »
Yosshhaaa , atsumina wmatsui and kojiyuu
Ureshiii  :twothumbs

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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 2 17/01/2016
« Reply #10 on: January 17, 2016, 12:55:00 AM »
@black_maa: Thank you!  :D Yea, it will take time for Takamina.  :)

@rindg: Thank you!  :D

@junchan48: Thank you  :D Yup, Takamina and Rena are twin. Uhm... kinda, Atsuko's character might be alike with Majisuka a little.

@cisda83: thank you!  :D

@purnamazaki: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

This is chapter 2

Chapter 2: Angels

At the school

In the hallway

Yuu's POV

I’m walking toward the backyard. Nyan Nyan called me when I was talking with Takamina and Rena. How did she call me? She uses therapy.

Let’s me introduce myself. I’m an Angel. In this world, there is another world exists together with human world. That is my world, the world of Angels. We, Angels have a mission in our lives that is help human who need help. However, we have to do that silently.

We will receive order from the Goddess of Happiness. She is the most powerful Angel in the immortal world. She controls everything in heavenly world, human world, and afterlife world. In addition she is my mother. Her identity in human world is Oshima Yuko. She is the principal of this school

Because Nyan Nyan and I still young and lack of experience, my mom ordered us to study in human world.

After walking for a while, I finally reach the backyard

“Yuuchan” Nyan Nyan waves at me

“Nyan Nyan” I teleport to her and hug her from behind

“Let’s go off me Yuuchan. And don’t teleport so casual like that. What if someone see that” Nyan Nyan scold me

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan. No one here” I said still hugging her

“So, what is thing that you want to tell me, Nyan Nyan?” I ask her

“Do you want to confess to me” I said and run in front of her

“Yuu” She calls me while looking at me seriously

“Really?” I thought

“Yuu, what I want to say is…” She holds my hands and said seriously

She raises her hand up to my face.

“Nyan Nyan” I call her

She still looks at me seriously. I look at her eyes. Then she flicks my forehead

 “Ouch” I caress my forehead

“Stop dreaming, Yuuchan” She said and smirks

“Nyan Nyan” I pout

“Ok, back to business.” Nyan Nyan said to me

“When I go to buy some water, I saw her” she said

“Who?” I ask

“The girl who I followed, yesterday” She said

“Maeda Atsuko?” I ask

“Uh, I saw her with Rena. She is a new transfer student here. Plus, she will study in our class” Nyan Nyan said

“Really?” I ask

“Uh” She nods

“Why did mom order us to follow them?” I thought

“Nyan Nyan, today let’s follow them” I said

“You mean Takamina and Maeda Atsuko?” She asks me

“Uh” I nod

“Why?” She asks me

“Because I’m curious why did mom tell us to follow them yesterday” I said

End Yuu’s POv


In a big mansion

Yuu is walking back after his mission. On his way, he sees a familiar figure walking not far from him. He smiles and rushes to her

“Nyan Nyan” he jumps to hugs her from behind

However, Haruna notices it. She quickly teleport to behind him

“What do you want, Yuuchan?” She crosses her arms and asks

"Nyan Nyan, I miss you.” Yuu teleports to behind her and hugs her

“Yuu, get off me?” Haruna said

“No, I miss you. I haven't seen you since this morning.” Yuu said


Yuko calls Yuu and Haruna to meet her.

On the hall way

Yuu and Haruna are walking toward the meeting room. His mother calls them there.

“I wonder why did mom call us?” Yuu said

“I hope she has some mission for us” Haruna said

“I hope it will be an interesting one. It has been a while since she gave us any mission.” Yuu excitedly said

“Uh, the only mission she gave us is study in human world and learns from them.” Haruna adds

After a while they reach the room. Haruna and Yuu step into the room. Yuko is sitting on her chair and waiting for them

“Good morning Sensei” Haruna greets

“Good morning mom” Yuu greets her

“Good morning you two.” She said and smiles

“Mom, why did you call us here? Do you have any new mission to give us?” Yuu asks

“Uh, I have some special mission for you two.” Yuko said

“What is it, mom?” Yuu excitedly asks

“I want you to follow a person” she said

“Who? What will I do? Find for him his destiny?” Yuu excitedly said

“No, your mission is follow him around until I call you back” she said

“Ehhh!!!! That is it.” Yuu said

“Stop complaining and do your job” she said.

“Yes mom” Yuu said uninterested

"Don't slack off, focus to your job." she said

"By the way, the person who you will follow is Takamina." she continues

"Takamina? Really? Yay! This is interesting.” Yuu said

“However, I still have another question” he continues

“What is it?” Yuko asks

“Why did I have to follow him?” Yuu asks

“Nothing, I just want you to practice your Angel skill by him” Yuko said

“That is it, Yuko-sama?” Yuu asks

“Yep, that is my intention” she nods and said

“Oh well, anyway. I think following Takamina won’t be bad. It will be fun.  Let go Nyan Nyan" Yuu happily said and pulls Haruna with him

"No, this time, you only work alone. Haruna-chan also has her own business to do" Yuko said

"Wha....what? Why?" Yuu complains

"No why. Now my handsome boy, be good and go do your job for mommy" Yuko smiles and said to him

"Yes mom" Yuu said

Then he leaves the mansion.

End flashback1

"So how is your job this morning, Yuuchan?" Haruna asks

"I thought it could be fun to follow him around. However, Takamina is an extremely boring man." Yuu said


Yuu's POV

I sit at the top of the bookshelf in the library and look at Takamina. He is reading some kind of medical books

“So bore” I yawn and thought

He has been here and reading book for almost 3 hours.

"I knew that he isn't interested in anything other than study, music, and books. However, I never thought that he will be this boring" I thought

For all day he only reading and studying.

"Why did mom want me to follow him?" I thought in confuse

While I’m thinking, Takamina stands up

"Finally, he finished." I thought happily

I happily stand up. When I follow him to outside, rain starts falling. Seem like he forgot to bring with him his umbrella. He quickly rushes on the road. I follow him from behind. Then he turns at a big intersection. I look around to make sure there aren’t any cars on the road. When I look across the street, I see a girl standing under the rain.


Haven’t finished my word, he already bumped into her.

“Yuu” I heard my mother’s voice

“Yes” I reply

“Your job is done. Go back home” she said

“Ok” I said in confuse

End Yuu’s POV

End flashback2

"I see" Haruna said

"Following him is so boring" Yuu whines

"How about you, Nyan Nyan? What job did my mother give you?" Yuu asks

"Same as you. But I follow a girl" she said


"Haruna-chan, I want you to follow this girl. Her name is Maeda Atsuko" she said

"Maeda Atsuko" Haruna said

“Uh, I want you to follow her to see what she is doing and report to me.” Yuko said

“Yes, I will” Haruna said

“Good” Yuko said

“Then I will take my leave now” She bows and leaves

“Ok, bye Haruna-chan.” Yuko said and disappears

End flashback3

“I see, so how is your wok? How is she?” Yuu asks

“I don’t know how to describe it” Haruna said

“Huh? why?” Yuu asks in confuse

“She is…uhm…I really don’t know how to describe her.” Haruna said

“Ehh!! What do you mean?” Yuu asks

“I feel something is not right. I can’t understand her at all” Haruna said


Haruna’s POV

Today I received a new mission from sensei. However, this time seem so weird. My target is a 17 years old human girl, Maeda Atsuko. The only thing I know about her is she works at a family restaurant.

My mission is only following her. Usually, we will find that person’s problem then help them to solve that. In contrast, in this time, I only have to follow her, observe her, and that is all. I still can’t understand anything.

“What is Sensei’s intention this time” I thought while flying to her place.

I stand in front of the family restaurant to observe the place, and of course no one can see me unless I let them. I slowly walk into the place. The place is very crowded. I smell a lot of different food which make me hungry. I walk around to look for her. Seem like she doesn’t work outside. I walk into the kitchen, and there she is. She is washing some dishes.

“She is…”

“Her expression is so weird.” I thought in surprise

“Acchan, can you give me some plates?” a woman turns to her and calls her

“Yes” She said and gives the woman some plates

I sit on the chair and look at her while she is doing her work. Inside the kitchen is very busy. Sometime when the waiters and waitresses are free, they will talk to each other, make some jokes, and laugh together. However, the expression of my target, Acchan, I guess I will call her that, doesn’t change a bit.

She still finds something to do with no expression on her face.

“I guess that is why she works in here” I thought

When she is cleaning some vegetables, someone bumps into her making her drop some salads on the floor

“I’m sorry” the waitress said

She doesn’t say anything. She bends down to pick it up and throws it into the trash can. The waitress looks at her with confused look. Then she slowly walks to her group

“Did I make her mad?” She asks in small tone

However, I can still hear it because I’m an Angel.

“No, you are fine. That is her characteristic. I worked here for 2 year, and I have never heard her talking to anyone except the owner. She never smile, and her face is always look like that” another waitress whispers

“Two years without smiling?” I thought in surprise

I never thought anyone could live like this. I sit there for a while. Then I see her go into staff room. I follow her. She is packing her stuffs. I guess her shift is end. Then she comes to meet the owner

“Misaki, can I go home early today?” Acchan asks

“Of course, Acchan.” She said and smiles

“Thank you, Misaki” Acchan said

Then she turns and leaves

“Wait Acchan” the owner calls her.

She turns and looks at her

“Did you eat anything?” she asks her

“No, I didn’t. But I will eat something when I get home. Thank you” Acchan said

“Ok, remember to eat ok” The owner said

“Yes, I will” She said and leaves

When I’m about to follow her, I hear the owner whispers

“Today is that day” She sighs and said

“Huh, what day?” I thought in confuse

When I turn around, she disappears from my eyes. I quickly rush to outside.

“Where is she?” I thought

I fly up to the sky to look around. Then I see her. She is walking slowly on the sidewalk. Just like that, she is walking silently without doing, saying anything. I follow her for about 30 minutes. Then she stops at a big intersection. Suddenly the rain starts falling. I look at her. She stands still and doesn’t do anything not even finding a shelter.

“Haruna-chan, today is enough, you can go back” I hear sensei calls me

I look at her once again and then return to the mansion

End Haruna’s POV

End flashback4

“I see.” Yuu said

“This is her” Haruna said and shows Yuu her picture

“Wow… she is cute. I wish I can be in your place” Yuu said

Haruna strongly takes back the picture.

“Is that so” She said while turning around and pouts.

“Of course, my Nyan Nyan is the cutest” Yuu jumps and hugs her from behind

“You pervert” Haruna said and teleports farther from him.

"Plus, who is yours" she continues

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu walks toward her

They finally reach the room. They have to report to Yuko

“Welcome back, you two.” Yuko said and smiles at them

“So how is your job?” Yuko asks

“Boring. All Takamina did was reading, studying, and listening to some classical music” Yuu said

“I see” Yuko said

“How about you Haruna-chan, how do you feel?” She asks

“Uhm….” Haruna tries to think an appropriate word to describe about Atsuko

“....Quiet, distance, somehow not so friendly, and she is extremely hard to get close.” she said

“Is that so, Haruna-chan?” she asks

“Yes.” Haruna nods

“Ok, your missions are done. Go back and prepare for your school tomorrow” Yuko said

“That is it?” Yuu asks in surprise

Haruna also looks at her with confused look

“Uh, your job is done.” She nods and said

“I have something to do. See you two late” Yuko said

Then she disappears leaving the two standing there with confused look on their faces.

End flashback

In the school back yard

Yuu’s POV

“That is why I want to follow them to see what special” I said

“I see” She said

“I want to know about that too” She continues

“Then let’s observe them for a while.” I said

“Uhm….ok” Nyan Nyan said

Then we come back to class, but in our Angel form

End Yuu’s POV

At lunch

By the lake

Yuu and Haruna are floating in the middle of the sky. They are watching Minami and Atsuko

“I wonder what Takamina is doing?” Haruna said when she sees Minami bends down in front of Atsuko and looks closely at her

“Maybe he wants to kiss her” Yuu said and smiles evilly

“Stop with your pervert thought. Don't think everyone is like you” Haruna said

“Nyan Nyan, why did you say that? I just express my feeling to you. That is not something pervert” Yuu whines

“Stop whining” Haruna said

Suddenly they see Minami puts his two hands on both side of Atsuko’s head. His body is against hers, and he presses his lips on her lips. The two widens their eyes in surprise.

“Wahoo!!….kissing, kissing” Yuu is jumping around and said

“See Nyan Nyan, I told you” Yuu said

“Did you do something on them, Yuuchan?” Haruna raises her eyebrows and asks in doubting tone

“Why Nyan Nyan? How can you doubt me?” Yuu said and pouts

“Because you seem likely to do this kind of thing” Haruna said

“No, I'm not. I'm innocent. Mom said that we came here to learn about human and can’t interfere with their lives, don't you remember? I can't go against her order.” Yuu reasons

“Since when did you listen to sensei. You always go around and do thing that is not like an Angel. I will tell sensei” Haruna said

“Nyan Nyan, I always listen to her. Sometime I just want to do something special. That is it” Yuu smiles brightly and said

“Please don’t tell my mom” Yuu continues

Haruna looks at him and sighs

“You really didn’t do it” Haruna looks at him

“Yes, I didn’t” Yuu said seriously

“Ok, if you say so” Haruna said

Then they look back. They see Atsuko pushes him out and rushes out of the place.

“Wow Takamina, this is the first time I see you are interested in a girl. You also make a big move” Rena said in teasing tone

“Stop joking around. That is an accident. I just fell.” Minami said in embarrass

“I see” Yuu and Nyan Nyan said

Then Takamina leaves the place

“So Yuuchan, will we continue following them?” Haruna asks

“Uh, let’s follow them until the school end” Yuu said

“Ok” Haruna nods


That is chapter 2. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 2 17/01/2016
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I like it, what'll happen next? Update soon  :P
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what happen to acchan? Was she like herself in Majisuka?
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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 3 24/01/2016
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@Darathon, @yocelin17: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is chapter 3  :D

Chapter 3: Coldness

After the incident at the lake, Minami picked up Atsuko's book and went back to the class. He planned on returning it to her in the class. However, she didn't go back to the class.

"Where is she?" Minami thought

“Rena, did you see Maeda-san?” Minami asks

“No, she hasn’t come back here yet” Rena said

“Maybe you scared her off. That is why she hides” She teasingly said

“Really? I didn’t mean to. What can I do now?” Minami worriedly said

Yuu sits on the top of the closet and laughs at Minami’s face

“This is the first time I see his face like that. It looks hilarious, right Nyan Nyan?” yuu said

“Uh, that is true” Haruna said while giggling

Rena looks at him and laughs

“I’m just kidding” Rena said

“Rena, I’m serious.” Minami said

“You seriously want her to be your girlfriend huh?” Rena asks in teasing tone

“No, what are you thinking? She left her book at the lake. I just want to return the book to her. Also I want apologize to her about the incident.” Minami said

“Really?”  Rena asks

“Uh” Minami nods

Then he returns to his seat and wait for her.


In front of the school storeroom

“You really are a shameless girl, huh?” a girl voice said

There is a group of girls surrounding Atsuko. Then a girl walks toward her. She looks at Atsuko with a smirk on her face

“Firstly, you just transferred to our class, and you acted like that. Cold huh? Ignored us huh?” a girl said and slaps Atsuko’s face

However, Atsuko didn’t react anything. She just ignores all of them.

“Secondly, do you know who is he? He is Takahashi Minami. He is the top student in this school. Only me can match with him. You dare to go to that lake even I can’t go there. You dared to go there and seduced him” She said

Then they splash cold water on Atsuko

“Don’t you dare to go near him again? If I see that again, I will make you regret” She said

Atsuko still ignores them. She stands up and looks at them with her cold eyes

“Are you all done?” Atsuko coldly said

“What do you mean?” the girl said

“If you done with your business, then I will go back to my class.” Atsuko said and turns away

“Catch her” she said to her gags

Then those girls catch Atsuko’s arms, and push her into the storeroom

“Don’t be so tough little girl. That is just the beginning” She said

“Let me see how tough you are now” She crosses her arms and continues

Atsuko just gives her a cold look and walks into the storeroom.

“Ignoring me huh? In this whole school, no one dare to ignore me. Do you know who am I? My name is Suzuki Momoko.  My mother is the vice-principal of this school, and my father owns a big company. He is one of the sponsors in this school. Every one of you have to listen to me” She said half shout

Atsuko gives her “I don’t care” look

“I will show you who is the boss here” Momoko seems to be pissed of

Then they take balls from basket and throw at Atsuko. Atsuko cowers herself at the corner of the place

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

Then the school bell rings. They stop throwing the balls at her

“Stay here for the rest of the day so that you can remember who the boss here is.” She said

Then they lock the door and leave

Back to the classroom

Minami is waiting for her. However, she isn’t back for the rest of the class period.

After class

"Takamina, I will go to the student council room. See you at home" Rena said

"Ok" Minami answers

“Where is she? Her belongings are still here.” Minami thought

Then he puts her book inside his backpack and goes around the school to look for her. He is sure that she is still in school because all her belongings are in the classroom.

“Let’s follow him Nyan Nyan” Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nods

Minami walks around the school to look for her, but he didn’t see her anywhere.

“Maybe she went back home already” Yuu said while sitting on the tree branch

“But her backpack is still in the classroom” Haruna reasons

“Uhm” Yuu nods

Minami looks for her around, but still haven’t seen her anywhere. Finally, he decides to go back home.

“What are we going to do now, Yuu?” Haruna asks

“Uhm...I guess we will just go back to the mansion for now.” Yuu said

“Ok, let’s me check the classroom once more time.” Haruna said

“Ok” Yuu nods

Then Yuu follows Minami to his locker. When Minami is standing at his locker. He hears some whispering

“Did we overdo that a little bit”

"Hush, let go to another place and talk" another girl speaks up

He looks at the sources of the sound. He sees a group of girls in his class sneakily go to the school backyard. Feeling suspicious, he follows them. He carefully hides behind the wall so that they can't see him

“Those are Momoko’s group” Yuu thought

"Did we overdo that?" one of the girl asks

“It will be fine. She won’t said a word about that. Don’t worry” another girl said

“Suzuki Momoko, the leader of the group. A self-centered girl, and a spoiled girl. Just because her father is one of the sponsors of this school, and her mother is the vice-principal , she think she is the center of the school.” Yuu thought

“What are they doing?” Yuu mumbles to himself

“What are they talking about?” Minami thought in confuse

“But is it ok if we locked her in the PE’s storeroom. What if something happened to her?” Another girl scarily said

“She has a mouth. She will know how to ask for help. This school has security even at night. When they hear her, they will release her eventually” She said with careless tone

“Momoko is correct. That will teach her a lesson. Don’t ever take anything that is not belong to her” Another girl said

“They bullied someone again” Minami thought

“Daughter of a well-educated family what a shame for her to call herself an educated person.” He continues his thought

“That is correct Nana. At that lake, she dares to seduce Takamina. She has to pay for that.” Momoko said

Then they all laugh and leave

“Seduce me? At the lake? Don’t tell me” Minami thought and rushes to the storeroom

“Could it be” Yuu thought in surprise

“Nyan Nyan, Nyan Nyan” Yuu calls Haruna

“What is it, Yuuchan?” Haruna asks

“Did she come back?” Yuu asks

“No, not yet.” Haruna said

“I see. Nyan Nyan, come here. I think I know where she is” yuu said

“Really?” Haruna asks

“Uh” Yuu said

Then she teleports to Yuu place

“Where is she, Yuuchan?” Haruna asks

“Follow me” Yuu said

Then they teleport to the store room.

In the storeroom

Yuu and Haruna widen their eyes in surprise.

“What happened to her?” Haruna said


Minami is standing in front of the storeroom. The door is shut tight.

“What should I do?” Minami thought

Then he remembers something. He looks into his backpack to find the storeroom key.

“Fortunately, Yuu gave this to me” Minami happily thought

Yuu is one of the members of sport committee, so he usually asks Minami to help him there. Therefore, he got the key. Minami quickly opens the door. When he opens the door, he sees Atsuko is in there. Her clothes are covered with dust and mud. She sits in the corner of the room cowerly. Her face is burying between her knees.

“What’s wrong, Yuuchan?” Haruna asks Yuu in surprise

“I don’t know. I guess she was bullied by Momoko’s gangs” Yuu said

“Maeda-san” Minami thought

Then Minami comes closer. He sees that her body is shaking because of cold. Her clothes, her hair, and everything are all wet.

“I can’t believe they treat her like this.” Minami thought

Minami bends down and calls her


He touches her arms. She immediately withdraws her hands from him. She looks up at him still with those lifeless eyes. Her face is covered with bruises.

“Did they do that to her?” Minami thought

“I will do something with them for-sure” he angrily thought

“Are you ok, Maeda-san?” He asks her

She stays silent and stands up. She looks at him a little. Then she turns and walks away.

“Wait” he catches her hand

“Did those in class do this to you?” he asks her

She still coldly stays silent

“Why don’t you say anything? Why did you let them do whatever they want on you?” He asks her

"This is none of your business" she said shortly

“Wow, she is really cold” Yuu thought

"It is. I hate bully" he said

"So what? This is still not your business. This is my problem" she said

Then she withdraws her hand from his grip. She turns around and looks at Minami with cold eyes again

"Leave me alone" she coldly said and leaves

Minami looks at her with confused look

“Although, you said that leave you alone. Why did I see in your eyes that you are asking for my help?” he thought 

Then he also leaves the room.

“Wow, Nyan Nyan, she is just as you said’ Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nods

“This will be hard for him to be her friend” Yuu thought

“Let’s go back home Nyan Nyan” Yuu said

“Ok” Haruna nods

At the school gate

Minami’s POV

When I’m still standing at the school gate, I see her stepping out. I quickly hide behind the gate. Then I follow her. I want to make sure that she is safely home. I follow her to a small house.

“That is her house?” I thought

"Acchan, what happened to you?" A women worriedly asks

She rushes into the house. She takes out a small tower and dries her hair. She carefully clean all the dust on her face and her clothes

"Is she her mother?" I thought

"Why did you all wet?" she asks her worriedly

"It is not something serious" she answers the woman

"It is serious. Look, your clothes are all wet. You face are red. I can see some bruise on your arms. Did someone in your new school bully you again?" she asks her in worry tone

"Again?" I thought in surprise

"It is nothing. I'm fine. Don't worry Misaki." she said

"I will go into my house now. I also have to come to the restaurant." she continues

"So that woman is not her mother." I thought

"Take your time. Don't rush. I prepared dinner for you. Remember to eat first before go there, ok?" the woman said

"Yes. I will" she said

“Also Misaki, you don’t have to cook for me. I don’t want to bother you” she said

“I’m free. That is not bother at all.” the woman said

"Now go to your house and get change. Give me your dirty clothes. I will take them to my house and clean for you, ok" she smiles at her and continues

"Ok" she nods

"Good, I will go shopping a little bit. See you later at the restaurant" she said and pats her head.

Then Maeda-san goes into her house.

"Is she really not her mother? She takes care of her like one" I thought

“So she lives in that house. With whom?” I cross my arms and thought

While I’m still deep in my thought, a voice startles me

“Excuse me, may I help you?”

I turn and see that lady.

"When did she come here?" I thought in surprise

“Ah nothing, I just take my friend home. I’m about to leave now” I said

“Your friend?” She said and looks at me with suspicious eyes

“My friend, Maeda Atsuko. She lives there” I said and point to the house

“Ah, Acchan” She said

“Acchan?” I ask her

“That is what I call her. She is a very quiet girl. Unless, she has to say something, I rarely hear she talks” the lady said

“Yes” I nod

“My name is Misaki. I’m the owner of this house. My house is next to her.” She introduces herself

“So she is her landlady” I thought

“Oh, does she live here with her family?” I ask in curious

“No, she live by herself." She said to me

"By herself?" I ask in surprise

“Uh.” She nods

"Doesn't she have any family?" I ask her

"I haven't seen any. She live there by herself all alone for 3 years" She said to me

"Bye herself for 3 three." I thought in surprise

“I see. Then how can she feed herself? And a lot of different expenses” I ask her

“I own a small family restaurant nearby this place. She will go there to work after school and weekend.” She said

I’m very surprise with what she said.

“I have never seen a strong little girl like that before. She is a hard worker. I see her as my own daughter. She is really a good girl” I said

I must admit that I’m really surprised and impressed about her

“That remind me, as I know, she never has any friend. Are you really her friend or a stalker?” She puts her hands on her waist and looks at me

I step back a little

“The truth is, she just transferred into my class this morning. I really want to be her friend. I’m a good person. I won’t do anything to her” I immediately explain

“I knew that she transferred to a different school.Uhm ….Is that so?” She asks me while frowning

“Yes, I really want to be her friend” I nod and said

“Good. I hope you can be her friend” She said and pats my shoulder

“Ok, I have to go shopping now. My restaurant is close here. I think she is also about to go there. Do you want to stop by? I will take you there.” She asks me

“It is ok. I have to go home now. Maybe some other time” I said and smile

“Well then bye. See you later” She said’

“Bye” I said and leaves

In the late evening

Rena’s POV

I'm walking back from the school after finishing all my work. However, this time is too late. The street is getting dark

“I should have called daddy to order someone to pick me up” I thought while walking on the street

The emptiness of the street gives me shiver. Suddenly, I hear some footsteps behind me. I speed up my speed. Just two more turn is my house. The footsteps behind me get quicker when I walk faster.

“What is it?” I thought scarily

Then I run. Suddenly someone catches my hand and pulls me to an alley. That is a group of man

“Hel..” Before I can call for help, a man covers my mouth

There are three men in front of me

“What a cute girl doing outside in this time?” One of them said while approaching me

I bite the hand that covers my mouth

“Ouch, you little…” He shouts and pushes me fall on the ground

“Who are you? What do you want?” I ask scarily while moving back

“Can you guess, little girl?” A man said to me

“To night, we feel so lonely. Luckily we found you. Care to accompany us” he said

I’m so scared

“Help me. Someone please help me” I thought

Then I see them walk closer to me. One of them catches my hand and pin me to the wall

“Get away from me” I shout

“Shout as much as you want. No one here to save you” they said and laugh out loud

Suddenly one of the men shouts


Seem like someone throw something to his head. I turn to the direction and see a figure standing in front of the alley

“What do you think you are doing, jerk?” He shouts at them

“That is none of your business, kid. Butted out” the gangster shouts

“Don't bother our happy time or you will face a very threatful consequence.” He continues

“Hee! Really, show me then” the figure rushes to them.

He jumps up and kicks the leader at his face making him fall on the ground. The he turns and take the man who is holding my hand at his collar and throws him toward the big garbage. He is very fast. Then he holds my hand and pulls me in his arm

“Don't worry, I will save you” he said to me with gentle tone

My heart skips a beat when hearing that.

“You, little brat” the leader shouts and rushes to him

“Stay here.” he said to me

He turns and kicks the man at his stomach making he falls on his knees and groan in pain. Then the three men rush to him at the same time. One of them holds a staff in his hand.

“Be careful” I said in worry tone

“Don't worry, I will be fine” he smiles and said to me

The man who has the staff attacks him from his back making him fall. I gasp in surprise

“Are you ok?” I ask

“I'm fine. Don't worry” he said to me

Then he turns to those gangsters.

“Attacking someone from behind is a coward.” He said

“So what?” The gangster smirks at him

“Guys, show that little brat a lesson for interrupting us” he continues

“Let's see about that” he said to them

Then he rushes to those gangster. He kicks the man at his right on his face. Then he takes the other man at his collar and throw him to the ground. He rushes to the man who holds the staff. The man uses the staff to hit him. He bends down to dodge. Then he raises his feet and kicks the man strongly at his knee making him fall. Then he picks up the staff and shouts

“Get out. If I see you again, you know your fate”

Those gangsters scarily stand up and run away. Then he throws the staff and turns to me

“Thank you for saving me” I said and smiles

“You’re welcome. I can't stand seeing someone is in danger” he smiles and said to me

“Are you ok? You got hit at the back” I ask him.

“I'm fine. Don't worry” he said to me

“Why are you by yourself at this hour?” He asks me

“I have something to do in school, so I come home late. I should ask my parent to call someone to pick me up. Luckily that you were here to save me. If not, I don't know what will happen” I said still scare of what happened

“I see. Next time you should be more careful. Especially someone is cute as you” he said to me

His words make me blush. When I'm about to ask his name, I hear Takamina’s voice

“Rena, Rena where are you?”

“I'm here, Takamina” I said

“Someone is looking for you?” He asks me

“Uh, he is my twin brother” I said

“Ok, if your brother is here, I will leave, now. Be careful next time. Bye” he said then leaves the place

"Wai...he left already" I mumble

“I still haven't asked his name yet” I thought

When I look down, I see a necklace

“Did he drop it?” I thought and pick it up

That is a necklace with letter J pendant

“Rena, you are here. Are you ok?” Takamina asks me worriedly

“Uh, I'm.” I said

“Dad is worry because it is already late and you still haven't home yet. He asked me to go out to pick you up. When I came here, I saw your bag on the ground, I was so worry” he said to me

“I'm fine. There are some men pulled me here. Luckily, someone was here and saved me” I said

Then I told him everything. Plus, I told him not to tell daddy and mommy because I don't want them to worry. Then we walk back home together

“I see. Thank goodness that you're ok. Next time, remember to call the driver to pick you up” Takamina said to me

“Uh” I nod

Then we go home

End Rena's POV

At night

In Rena's room

She is sitting on her deck and looking at the necklace

“J” she mumbles

“I want to meet him again” she thought

In Atsuko’s house

Atsuko’s POV

I’m lying on my bed. I’m too tired to think about anything. I close my eyes and try to sleep. Suddenly, his face appears in my mind. I open my eyes and sit up

“Takahashi Minami, why did I keep thinking about him? What's wrong with me? Why did my heart beat faster whenever I think about him?” I thought

Takahashi's mansion

Minami's room

He is lying on his bed and look at Atsuko’s book

“Maeda Atsuko” He whispers

“Why did you act so cold?” Minami thought

Then he opens her book and reads it

“I will definitely be your friend” He thought

Then he puts back the book in his backpack and go to sleep


That is chapter 3. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :)
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 3 24/01/2016
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Atsuko, open your heart a lil' bit for Minami. He is a good boy.
And J! That J meant Jurina.
Jurina come to save your heart, Renaaaaaaaa~~~

Thanks for the fic, author-san^v^
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 3 24/01/2016
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Ahhhhh that WMatsui moment was cute  :nya:

So Acchan was bullied at her old school then? Poor her... I wonder where her parents are, maybe it has something to do with her behaviour now?

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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 3 24/01/2016
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I wonder how this story will go.
Curious though and wanna read more.
Keep it up!
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Re: Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 3 24/01/2016
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I think I know who that guy who saved Rena was :3 :3 Pretty obvious if you ask me.

Acchan is thinking about Takamina?! KYA!

Thanks for the update!
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Key of Happiness (Atsumina, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui) Chapter 4 31/01/2016
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@junchan48, @Bakamina_Oshi, @phoenix0i, @rindg: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is chapter 4  :D

Chapter 4: Be friend

The next day

In Minami’s house

Minami quickly rushes down from the stair.

“Bye mom, dad. Rena, I will go to school first” Minami said and rushes out of the house

“Bye son. Have a great day” his parents said

They look at each other with confused look

“Why does he want to go this early, Rena?” her mother asks

“I don't know” Rena shakes her head and said

However, she smiles in her mind. She knew he comes to school this early to find the new girl, Maeda Atsuko.

“Maybe, I should try to be her friend, too” Rena thought

At Minami’s side

After a while, Minami reaches the school. He rushes to the music room to find her. He wants to apologize to her about the incident yesterday. He also wants to return the book to her.

“I hope she is there” Minami thought

Then he opens the door. However, there is no one in there. He disappointedly closes the door. Then he remembers another place. He rushes to the lake and sees that Atsuko is sitting there. Minami smiles and walks toward her

“Good morning Maeda-san” he smiles and greets her

Atsuko doesn’t say anything. She stands up and walks away

“Wait. I have something I want to say to you. I will make it quick” Minami catches her hand and said

Atsuko turns and looks at him with her emotionless eyes

“I want to apologize to you about what happened here yesterday.” he said and bows

“No need” Atsuko answers shortly

“Also I picked your book. I want to return it to you” he said and gives her the book.

Atsuko takes the book and walks away

“Wait” Minami catches her hand again

Atsuko turns around and looks at him while frowning

“Let me introduce myself again. I’m Takahashi Minami. I want to be your friend” He smiles and said while extending his hand to her

“Leave me alone”

That is the only sentence he received from her. She puts her headphone on her ears and walks away

“Ahhh….this is so hard” Minami thought while scratching his head.

Unknowing to him, from afar Yuu and Haruna see everything

“Why does she always have that “I don't care” face?” Haruna said

“Yea! Her attitude somehow can piss a lot people off” Yuu nods and said

Then something flashes on Yuu’s head.

“That’s it” Yuu said out loud

His shout makes Haruna startle.

“What are you doing? Shouting all of sudden like this” Haruna said

“Sorry. I just got a very great idea” Yuu said

“What do you want to mess with this time?” Haruna said

“Nyan Nyan, don’t look down on my master piece like that” Yuu said and pouts

Haruna looks at Yuu and sighs

“Ok, what do you have this time?” she asks him

Yuu smiles mischievously and said

“Do you want to be a matchmaker?” Yuu asks

“Huh?” Haruna asks in confuse

“Let’s become matchmaker?” Yuu said

“Matchmaker? What do you mean?” Haruna asks again

“Matchmaker, someone who goes around and matching pair. Helping two people love each other, and stuff like that” Yuu explains

“Of course, I know what matchmaker means. I ask what do you mean by us becoming one?” Haruna asks

“Easy, let match them together” Yuu said

“Uh... What? Are you joking?” Haruna said in surprise

“Since mom doesn’t have any job to give us, why don’t we do this in our free time.” Yuu said

“No, definitely not” Haruna said

“Why? Helping people is a good thing right?” Yuu reasons

“Remember, Sensei said that we can’t interfere with human lives.” Haruna said

“We also forbidden to use power to them, and love is something that can't create by power. It comes from heart” she continues

“Like us right” Cutting Haruna’s words, Yuu said while jumping to hug her

“Stop joking” Haruna dodges and said

“That is very easy.” Yuu said confidently

“Huh?” Haruna looks at him and asks

“We can do it without them. We will do it in human way” Yuu said

“Human way?” Haruna asks

“Uh, firstly let help them to be friend with each other. I will give Takamina my great advise about love. And Nyan Nyan, try to be Acchan’s friend and find out about things she like” Yuu said

“Be her friend? Me? Look at Takamina. Look how friendly he is when he asks her to be his friend. He is way more friendly than me and still fail to be her friend. I’m not suit with that role” Haruna said

“He is friendly. I doubt about that. The only person he shows his friendly side until now is her, Acchan.” Yuu said

“We won’t know until we try. Nyan Nyan, you can do it. Just listen to me and do it” Yuu continues and pulls her with him

“I don’t know why, but no matter how many time I against it, I still follow a lot of his crazy plans” Haruna thought and sighs

Back to the hallway

Minami sadly walks back to his classroom

“How can I be her friend?” Minami thought and sighs

“Yo, Takamina” Yuu call him from behind while patting his shoulder

“Hey” Minami answers casualty

“Takamina, is that the way you greet your best friend?” Yuu said loudly

“What now, Yuu? I don’t have time to play. I still have something serious to think.” Minami said

“Ohohoho…..lets me guess” Yuu laughs and said

“Are you still thinking about the kiss, yesterday?” Yuu whispers in Minami’s ear.

His words make Minami remembers the incident at the lake.

“W...what you are talking about” Minami said while trying not to blush

“At the lake, I sawmmh….” Yuu said and suddenly increases his voice

“Hush Yuu” Minami quickly covers his mouth and pulls him to a quiet place

“Mmmmm..” Yuu struggle on Minami’s drip

Finally Minami releases his hand

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

Yuu caughs his breath

“Takamina, do you try to kill me?” Yuu said while still panting

“That is because you are so loud” Minami said

Yuu looks at Minami and giggles

“So how does it feel?” he asks and winks at Minami

“What are you talking about?” Minami asks innocently

“You know what I mean, don't act like that.” Yuu said and elbows lightly at Minami arm

“I really don’t understand what are you talking about” Minami said

“Then why did you drag me to this isolated place? Do you need me to repeat again?” Yuu asks

“You kissed the new transfer student in our class at the lake, right?” Yuu said in whispers tone

“W….w….what?” Minami stutters

His face turns red

“Wait, Wh...o...who told you that?” Minami asks

“That is my skill” Yuu said proudly

“Don't tell me you spy on me” Minami said

“No, of course not. I just saw it by chance” Yuu said

“By chance? Really” Minami glares at him and asks

“Of course. Every day, you just come to that lake to eat your lunch. What is the point to go there and spy on you?” Yuu reason

“Uh, you are right” Minami nods

“Anyway, why did you kiss her? Do you want her to be your girlfriend?” Yuu asks

“, of course not. an accident” Minami said

“Really?” Yuu said

“Of course” Minami nods

“But how can that become an accident?” Yuu asks

“How can I say, because I look at her face very close and then startled and fell on her” Minami thought while scratching his head again

Yuu looks at his action with amused look

“I just fell” Minami said

“How can just only a fell turn into a kiss at “her lips”?” Yuu said and emphasizes last two words

“ is none of your business. I said the truth believe or not is your choice” Minami got mad and said in irritating tone

Then he turns away and leaves

“Hehe...He is embarrassed” Yuu thought and chuckles

“Wait, sorry. Just curious. You don’t need to be that mad” Yuu said and smiles

Minami turns and looks back while frowning

“To make up for my fault, I will help you get her” Yuu said confidently

“Get what?” Minami asks

“Get that new transfer students” Yuu said

“Stop messing around Yuu. I only want to be her friend.” Minami said

“Why?” Yuu asks

“Why what?” Minami asks

“You really are baka, Bakamina” Yuu said and sighs

“Stop calling me that. I got higher grades than you” Minami said

“That is only on studying. In love field, Yuu-sama is master” Yuu confidently said

“Yeah right, master but still cannot get his queen” Minami said in mocking tone

“Anyway, what is the “why” that you are talking about?” Minami asks

“You really didn’t get it?” Yuu asks in surprise

“Yes, that is why I ask you” Minami said

Yuu looks at him and sighs

“I ask you why do you want to be her friend?” Yuu asks

“That is easy. Because I want to be her friend” Minami answers

“Ehhh!!!” Yuu shouts in surprise

“That is it?” Yuu asks

“Uh, that is it” Minami nods and answers firmly

“Ok, whatever, I will help you with that” Yuu said

“Nope, thank you. I can do it by myself” Minami said

Then he returns to class

“Listen to me Takamina, I will help you” Yuu follows him and said

“I said no mean no.” Minami said

“Trust me. I will help you to be her friend with my great experience.” Yuu said

“Great experience? Really? Hahaha…” Minami looks at him and laughs

“Hey, don't make fun of me. I have a lot of experience” Yuu said and pouts

“Ok whatever. I don't need your help. I can do it myself” Minami said

When they get into the class, they see Haruna walks toward Atsuko

“Look Takamina. I’m definitely sure that Haruna can be her friend. I taught her how to do that” Yuu said

“You did? And why did she want to be her friend?” Minami asks back

“Uhm...because she wants to be her friend” Yuu repeats the same as Minami

Then they stand there and look at the two

Inside the classroom

Haruna walks toward Atsuko’s table.

“Ok, let's give it a shoot.” Haruna thought and comes in front of Atsuko

“Hi, you are a new transfer student right? Yesterday, I was not here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kojima Haruna, nice to meet you” Haruna said

Then she smiles and extends her hand to Atsuko. Atsuko looks up at Haruna. Suddenly, her expression changes.

Outside the classroom

“What? She only said like that? Really Nyan Nyan?” Yuu thought while scratching his head

“Definitely fail” Yuu said


Minami notices the difference in Atsuko's expression

“There is something different in her eyes.” Minami thought in surprise

“Yuu, did you see something strange in Maeda-san's expression?” Minami asks

“Acchan? No, still that cold face” Yuu shakes his head and said

“Come on, Nyan Nyan” Yuu whispers

“No, her eyes look different. There is something different in her expression. However, I can’t figure out what is the different” Minami thought

Then to Haruna and the two outside surprise, Atsuko slowly raises her hand toward Haruna

“Yess!!!” Yuu happily thought

“Does it success?” Haruna thought

Different from Yuu and Haruna reaction. Minami seriously looks at Atsuko’s every action. When her hand is about to touch Haruna’s hand, she withdraws her hand back. Then she stands up and leaves. Before she leaves, she stops and said with a voice that colder than before

“Don’t come near me”

Then she walks out of the class.

“Eh???” the three thought

“What does this mean?” Yuu thought

“What did I do? And what with her attitude?” Haruna thought

“See I told you. Your plan won’t work. Let me do that in my own way” Minaki said and walks into the classroom

In his mind, he is still confused with her sudden changed expression.

At lunch time

Minami’s POV

“Takamina, let’s me help you” Yuu keeps whining about that

“I can do it myself” I said

“Let me prove my ability for you” Yuu said confidently

“Ok. Do it” I said

Then he comes to her table.

“Hello, my name is Oshima Yuu. Nice to meet you.” he said

She ignores him completely.

“Let be friend. You are Maeda Atsuko, right?” he said

She still treats him with the same manner. She doesn’t even look up at him.

“I came to the restaurant you work before. I heard the owner calls you Acchan. Can I call you that?” he keeps going

She still stays silent and reads her book

“Don’t be shy. Let be friend” he said and smiles his special smiles

She closes her book and leaves the classroom.

“Yup, he failed” I thought

Then he comes back to my place

“I'm hundred percent sure that she is a big ice block” Yuu said

“Everyone will fall in my charm and smile” he continues

“Use that charm to other girls. They will scream like crazy for you” I said

“Nyan Nyan, he makes fun of me” Yuu complains

“Go and complain with your Acchan. I don't know you” Nyan Nyan said

“Is she still mad?” I thought

“Nyan Nyan, I only have you. I did that just to help Takamina” Yuu explains while clinging on her

“Get off me. I don't know you” she said

“Nyan Nyan…..” Yuu calls her

“I guess I will go to eat my lunch now.” I thought and leave

"Today I will definitely talk to her." I thought while walking toward the lake

When I come there, I see that she is already there.

"Hello Maeda-san" I smile and greet her

Today she doesn’t even look at me. I walk toward her. Then she stands up. I think she wants to leave.

"Wait" I catch her hand

She stops, but still doesn't look back at me.

"What do you want? I already told you to leave me alone, right?" She coldly said to me

"Just stay here. I won't bother you. This is also my favorite place because it is quiet. I don't want because of me you have to go to another place" I said

"...." She is silently standing there for a while

Then she turns around and sits back to her seat. I look at her and smiles. Then I also find a place to sit. I sit not so close to her because I don't want to make her uncomfortable. At the same time, I sit not too far because I want to find a chance to talk to her.

5 minutes later

"Maeda-san, don't you have anything for lunch?" I ask her

"..." She keeps silent and reading her book

I fail. Let try another thing


When I'm about to say something, she stands up

"Wait, I won't say anymore. Please sit down" I call her

She stands there and thinks for a while then sit back

10 mins later


15 mins later


She is still silently reading her book. I just sit here and secretly look at her. Then I turn to her. When I'm about to say something again, the school bell interrupts me. She quickly stands up and leaves the place.

“I fail” I sigh and thought

Then I return to the classroom

End Minami's POV

Atsuko’s side

When Atsuko is about to go up stair to her class, Momoko’s group surround her again. They pull Atsuko to the school backyard. They push her fall on the ground. Atsuko stands up and cleans up her clothes

“What do you want this time?” she coldly asks

“You ask me. I think you knew about it” Momoko said

“If you don’t have anything to say to me, then I will go” Atsuko said

Then she puts her head phone on her ears and walks away. Nana takes Atsuko’s arm and strongly pulls her back making her fall on the ground again. Her back hits hard at the wall.

“Takamina, now Nyan Nyan, and Yuu. You are quite popular with popular people huh?” a girl in the group said

Atsuko sits still and stays silent.

“Say something. You are really something. Dare to ignore me like this” Momoko hold Atsuko’s collar and said

Atsuko looks up at her with emotionless eyes

“So what?” she said with cold tone

“You….” Momoko said in anger

She slaps Atsuko and pushes her down on the ground.

“I will teach you lesson for look down on me.” Momoko said

Atsuko ignores them and stands up. There are two girls hold Atsuko’s arms back

“Yesterday, I already said that get away from Takamina. However, you still follow him around. I will punish you for going against me” Momoko said

Suddenly they hear some voice

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu calls Haruna

“I will leave this time. Next time, it won’t be this easy” she said

Then they leave. At the same time, Haruna comes to the place. She sees Atsuko standing there. There is a lot of dirt on her clothes

“Acchan, what’s wrong ?” She asks her

Atsuko keeps silent and leaves the place leaving Haruna there. She stands there and looks at Atsuko back. Then Yuu calls her

“Nyan Nyan”

She turns and looks at him

“What’s wrong?” He asks

“Nothing.” Haruna shakes her head and said

Next day

In the morning

Minami’s POV

I come to class. I sit on my seat and greet her

“Good morning, Maeda-san.”

However, I still receive that silent treatment

“Good morning Maeda-san, we met the other day already. My name is Rena. I’m Takamina’s twin sister. Nice to meet you” Rena greets her

However, she still keeps silent

“This is very hard, Takamina” Rena whispers in my ear

“I know” I thought

Lunch break

Today, I also come to the lake and eat my lunch. I will talk to her.

“Hello Maeda-san” I greet her

She is still reading her book. I sit down at my place and eat my lunch

“Why didn't she eat anything?” I thought in confuse

I turn to her. When I'm about to say something, I see she put on her headphones.

“So I can't talk to her now” I sigh and thought

“Who care? Just say whatever I want. Maybe, she will hear some of it” I thought

Then just like that, I tell her a lot of different things without worrying if she hears me or not. I told her my favorite food, my habit, and other stuffs. Then I hear the bell ring. I stand up and go back to my class. On my way, I see Yuu waving at me

“Failed right?” He said to me

“How did you know? Did you spy on me?” I ask him while glaring at him

“Of course not. Ask Nyan Nyan, I'm with her all those time. Plus, where can I hide if I want to spy on you. That place doesn’t have a lot of tree, right?” Yuu said to me

“ got the point” I nod and said

“Then how did you know?” I ask

“It was written all over your face.” Yuu said and laughs

“Ok, funny.” I said and return to my class

“Wait, just kidding. Takamina, I’m serious. Let me help you be friend with her” Yuu said to me

He looks at me with serious eyes. I close my eyes and think for a little

“It doesn't hurt anyway” I thought

“Ok, I will let you help me this time. If you do anything crazy, you will know the consequence, right” I said to him with dangerous tone

“Ok, I know” Yuu said to me

“So what is your plan?” I ask him

“Meet me at the greenhouse as usual. I will tell you there” he said and winks at me

“Ok” I said

Then we go back to the classroom

After school

I come to the greenhouse. When I step inside I see not only Yuu, but Nyan Nyan and Rena are also there too.

“Takamina” he waves at me

I walk toward them

“I thought there will only you be here” I said

“They are helper in the plan.” Yuu said

“So what is your plan, Yuu?” Rena asks him

“Don’t rush.” Yuu said

Then he stands up and prepare. He acts like he is about to give an important speech.

“Ok everyone, today we are here to…”

“Yuuchan, go to the main point” cutting Yuu’s word, Nyan Nyan said

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu pouts

“So what is your plan Yuu?” I ask him

“Ok, we will make her feel impressed about you” Yuu said

“Impressed?” I said in confuse

“What do you mean?” Rena asks him

“I will explain with you guys later. But I’m sure that she will definitely agree to be your friend” Yuu said and smiles evilly

“I have a dangerous feeling when seeing his smile” I thought and sigh silently

End Minami's POV


That is chapter 4. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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