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Author Topic: Only today (Matsui Jurina x Moriyasu madoka OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 2721 times)

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Only today (Matsui Jurina x Moriyasu madoka OS) - COMPLETED
« on: January 27, 2016, 02:00:45 AM »
i just rewatch Hakata hyakkaten 2 episode 3 so.....
this fanfic taking place after the shooting of hakata hyakatten 2 episode 3, where Jurina is a guest, and she picked moripo as the HKT member she likes the most. when sashihara (the host) asked for the reason, Jurina said that she already decide it even before she came to recording, because Moriyasu madoka is her type (?!). in the next segment, Jurina and madoka having lunch together, at this segment, the HKT member that chosen by the guest (moripo) supposed to get some guidance from the guest (Jurina). but when sashihara asked moripo is there anything she like to ask Jurina.. instead of asking for guidance.. all she asked is.. Jurina email address.. what in the world.. watching this .. i could not help but to write this fanfic. enjoy.

Jurina x morippo with wmatsui in the background


Jurina throw herself to bed as soon as she reach her hotel room. the recording for Hakata hyakkaten just finished and it went well. 'ah Morripo really is beautiful in person' she remembered how the cool pretty girl ask for her phone number after recording, and even throw her a seductive smile after '... What were i thinking... ' Jurina surprised by her own though.

Jurina  put her phone out, dialing the first name in the contact list and put the phone in her ear "... .... ..." no answer. ' she busy?' Jurina redial the same number "... .... ..."  still no answer, after a long while on her third trial, finally a sweet voice answering from across the phone "babe?"

"Rena, why didn't you answered before?"

"ah.. sorry..i was having Dinner " But Jurina can hear a giggle voice from behind Rena voice

"... are you with churi again?"

"ah hem.. um.. how is it in Hakata?"


"....Jurina?...babe?... hello?"

"... sorry I'm tired.. ill call you later"

"ah.. okay.. take car----" Jurina turn her phone off even before her girl friend finished her sentence and slam her phone on the bed. her mood change drastically from before. why Rena always spend time with Churi? she is so cold with me in the public, saying that she is shy and such.. but not with churi. so when her phone ringing again, Jurina really not in the mood to answered it. its probably Rena.. but its probably her manager and some job related stuff. she finally decide to lazily check it, just to find a name she is not expecting at all flashing on the screen.

"... Hello?"

"ah.. Jurina san... this is  HKT48 Moriyashu I bothering you?"

" at all.. whats up madoka chan?"

"you forgot your hat in the studio Jurina san.. so i thought ill return it to your hotel.. are you busy now?"

Jurina reflect look around and find no trace of her hat "ah you are right" she can hear the voice across the phone giggle cutely, and at the same time she can hear her inner voice also saying something '..this is probably not good'.. but before she can digest her inner though further, she could hear her own voice in the phone "sure.. just come by"


" thank you for the hat"

"its okay Jurina san."

the fact that this astonishing girl in front of her keep looking at her eyes since the second she opened the door really makes Jurina uneasy  "so.. ehem..where do you live madoka chan?"

"ah.. i live in the south.. so I'll return at my home now.. sorry to interrupt you Jurina san"

"eh South??! its the opposite from the studio to this hotel isn't it! why don't you just let the staff deliver it"

"hmm... are you dislike it that i am the one who visit you.. Jurina.. san?"

The way the other girl say Jurina name slowly send some shiver in Jurina spine "its--its not right, of course I'm happy to see you madoka chan hahaha" what the hell I'm saying?! "so um.. since you come this far why don't you come in.. and we can have a tea?"

"ah.. can i?"

"sure.. come in!"

"then.. excuse me" as the girl come in, she threw a crazily seductive smile to Jurina, and its really inevitable for Jurina hearth to throbbing uncontrollably . not to mention that Jurina can clearly smell the hakata girl perfume in that narrow hall.'this is not good'.

Jurina close the door, and as she turn around, she found the other girl bowing down to open her shoes slowly.. like too slow.. thats when Jurina realize the girl skirt is too short and when she is bowing like that.. Jurina could slightly see her black underwear 'this is REALLY not good!' Jurina think to herself, but she is still very young.. and the hakata girl really bewitching . Jurina could not help but to staring... thats when the hakata girl suddenly turn around and catch Jurina eyes has been staring at her "body parts"

'''i-its not .. its not --" Jurina blushed and stuttering, but the other girl just smiling at her

"are you just do something inappropriate Jurina san ?" she did it again, dragging when saying Jurina name

"i am.. no.. i am ---"

"are you just.. have an inappropriate thoughs Jurina san?" the girl now walking slowly to Jurina, who is freezing in her spot.

the Hakata girl keep walking towards Jurina, enough for Jurina to see the glisten in her eyes, her sweet perfume filled Jurina's head.

"you know what Ju-ri-na-san" the girl is whispering now.. but Jurina could hear every words clearly since the girl face now only a few inch from hers, and as the Hakata girl talk, Jurina could feel the other girl breath in her lips for every single words she said "i want to be in your inappropriate though" and thats the last thing Jurina could remember before their lips clashing with each other.


Jurina mind still a bit blank, she just laying there in her bed. while another girl beside her put her clothes back.

"I'm going home now Jurina san"

Jurina sit as her right mind back to her "madoka chan..i.. actually I--" but her words cut by Madoka soft lips, the lips that- just a while ago-has explored and delivered a mind blowing sensation through out Jurina's young body.

"please Jurina san... i know... so dont"

"...madoka chan.."

"please say my regards to Rena san" the girl send her smiles to Jurina before she walks away "good bye Jurina san" .


Jurina cannot concentrate at anything else at all on her trip back to Nagoya, her mind keep taking her back to the scene on her hotel earlier.  wish its all only a dream.

she still lost deep in thought when she step out of the shinkansen, its already late, and almost no one around in the station. but then Jurina heard someone calling her name

"Jurina"  the caller using a glasses and a hat down to her face.. just like Jurina also do at that time...but that sexy white neck.. that sweet high pitched voice..

"..R-rena? what are you doing here? "

"i told your manager ill pick you up"

a lot of feeling raging inside of Jurina now, and she know that her face must be quite tense at that time, but she could not find any word to say

"Jurina.. you were angry weren't you?"


"I'm sorry.. the other day you just cut our phone call.. you were mad aren't you? I'm sorry I'm making you mad" Jurina could see her girlfriend troubled face behind her glasses. "please don't be mad babe.. i love you.. i love you Jurina" Rena gently leaning on Jurina, buried her face on Jurina shoulder.

an earthquake, typhoon and tsunami are collaborating and raging inside Jurina right now. but even in hesitate..she slowly warp the other matsui in her arm, caressing her long hair slowly. they stay like that for a while...  Jurina really don't know what to say.. or to feel.. thats when she heard a song from a distance. someone just play song on loud speaker..its quite far and Jurina could'nt even see anyone else in there.. but its so quite in the station.. so Jurina could heard it ... she know the song... its an akb song ..  the SKE young center unconsciously sing the lyric in her head.

Jurina  tighten her arm around Rena " sorry"

"you don't have too baby .. I'm the one at fault .. yesterday i---" but Jurina silenced the girl with a kiss

"Rena.. I'm sorry.. i Love you... I love you"

"Jurina...i love you too"

Jurina bite her own lips.. give the best smile she can form at that time to the girl in her arm "...yeah...lets go home Rena"

"un!" the other girl nod happily and clinging to her side as they walk away.

Jurina could still barely heard the song played in afar....

Now, he's with His girlfriend
Even though I know her,
I'm sorry I invited her

Because it's okay if he goes,
In the end, only today
We're together with an easy-going love
Until the setting sun disappears

Only today, it's just the two of us
When tomorrow comes,
The three of us will go back to being friends

(AKB48_only today)

Madoka knows about Rena, still she come to Jurina, knowing it'll be just one day thing. Jurina take a deep breath.. with Rena on her arm..walks toward the night.


btw... I'm thinking of making sakuratan fanfic lately.. but i cant get any inspiration.. help?

more fanfic in
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Re: only today (Matsui Jurina x Moriyasu madoka)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2016, 05:57:14 AM »
Interesting pairing with the two but because of certain things, I felt a little disconnect :nervous

I would talk to others if you are going to dab into HKT so hit me up or Yuki88 to help you guide yourself over
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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