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Author Topic: (KojiYuu) All My Love is For You - Chapter 1: The Kami 7 [031316]  (Read 1714 times)

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Chapter 1: The Kami 7 (Scroll down.)

(A/N: So, I've decided to re-write this again; because, Summer is approaching! I will have enough time to write. So, no promises this time. But I am determined to write all over again. I decided to change the plot, the settings, but the title will be the same I changed it, lmao. So, I guess that's it! To all my loyal readers, thank you for believing in me. I really appreciated it. Your comments and your thanks will help me, a lot. Thank you! :on gay: )

Chapter 1: The Kami 7.

A tall girl got out of her car, tilted her head up high. Looking at the name of the new school she's going to attend; she sighed. She looked at the driver of her car, and a pouted. The driver shrugged while smiling. The tall girl wasn't really keen about moving out of their house from Saitama; but it's for the best. She didn't have a choice, but to listen to her parents decision. It wasn't really her fault, well, it wasn't her dad's as well.

Her right hand closed the passenger door; as her feet dragged her to find the school map. Her eyes shifted when she saw a big board, it was the school map. Her slim fingers reached something from her bag; as she grabbed her phone from her bag, she opened an application, telling her what room she's assigned in. She felt like it was a troublesome, she didn't want to ask questions because she's too shy.

On the other side, near the school map; there's a short girl. She was with a tall girl, they were laughing because of the jokes they've been telling each other. The short girl's brown eyes were shining and her deep dimples can be seen because of the happiness they were sharing. The tall girl told to the short girl she got to go, because she need to do some stuff before classes starts.

The short girl nodded and told the tall girl it's okay. Her head shifted glances until she saw another girl. This time, the girl's tall, pretty, has a wonderful long hair, long legs, white skin, and, big boobs. The short girl slapped herself, trying to bring herself back to reality. Her feet walked towards the tall girl. As she reached the school map, she tapped the tall girl's shoulders.

"Are you lost?" The short girl asked while wearing a big smile on her face, the tall girl was stunned because she wasn't expecting that someone will be nice to her. "Sooo, what room are you in?" The short girl added, not removing the smile. The tall girl didn't know what to do, the tall girl's slim fore finger pointed her phone. The short girl gently grabbed the phone; then she quickly returned the phone. "I know where that is!" The short girl said as her brown eyes looked in the tall girl's eyes. "Would you like me to guide you?" The tall girl had no choice but to nod.

As they reached the tall girl's classroom, the short girl saw one of her friends and her small right hand waved at her classmates. "T-Thank you." The tall girl said. The short girl was so shocked because she forgit to me tion that this girl has a perfect voice.

"Whoa. You have a nice voice." The short girl said as she raised her right hand, forming a thumbs up. "I better go now. See you later, Nyannyan." The short girl said as she walked out of the tall girl's sight.

"Did she just call me "Nyannyan"?" The tall girl was stunned, because she had no idea where that random short girl got her name. But one thing is for sure, she'll never know what crazy rollercoaster ride she's going to ride....starting that day.

Her eyes are so beautiful....

The tall girl thought as she sighed to herself. Kojima Haruna's feet went inside her new classroom, people started to look and stare at her. She had no choice but to seat in the middle row of the classroom. Her hand rested her bag on the armchair as she stared at the blank white wall. She find it relaxing, ignoring the noises that are caused by her classmates.

Though her stares were stopped because she felt someone tapping her shoulders. The tall girl tilted her head on her right side and she saw a cheeky girl. Haruna's eyes blinked, wondering what she's going to do. The cheeky girl was just smiling, until she offered her hand. "My name is Minegishi Minami, I'm 16 years old. Call me Miichan, and I'm going to be your seatmate for the rest of the school year! Though it's funny because you transferred here around the middle of the school year. Anywho, I'm pleased to meet you! I'm your duff!"

The tall girl blinked as she nodded her head. "I'm Kojima Haruna, 17 years old. The only reason why I transferred here because my dad got promoted. And....what is a duff?"

"You don't know what a duff is?! Well, I'm technically your duff. Duff means, Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend." The cheeky girl said as she smiled mischievously.

"Uhhh, first of all, you're not really that fat. Second, you're not ugly...." The older girl said while pouting.

Minami was stunned because of the new girl just said. Her chubby hands touched the tall girl's cheeks and she said, "THANK YOU!" Tears were streaming down her cheeks while Haruna was starting to wonder why this girl cried. Of course, she was also afraid because it was her first day in school and she made this girl cried. "It's just that, no one's been talling me that I'm not fat nor ugly. I'm sorry, I'm just being emotional! It's not even lunch time! Waaaaaaaah!"

Haruna had no choice but to pat the younger girl's back. "'re welcome...I guess?"

Minegishi removed her hands from the tall girl's cheeks and started to wipe the tears from her eyes. She tried to sniff some air, and a chuckle escaped from the tall girl's lips. "What?" Minegishi asked.

"Nothing. It's just that, I thought I will never have a friend in this school." The tall girl said, as a flash of smile was seen on her face.

Minegishi smiled as well, "Well, I saw you talking to Yuko. She's a friendly person." Minegishi said as the tall girl's lips started to form a pout.

"So...Yuko's her name, huh?" Haruna said as the cheeky girl nodded while raising her eyebrow. "She called me "Nyannyan." Was that good or bad?" The tall girl asked.

The young girl started to grin as her right hand pinched the tall girl's left arm. "OMG!" The young girl said. "That means, you're someone special to her. Well, it's very rare of Yuko to give us nicknames. It's either she'll call us the nicknames that we created for ourself. Or, she will create a nickname for you, and she'll call you that nickname."

The tall girl scratched her head, she didn't really know what the younger girl was talking about. Her head was just nodding.

Lunch Time

"Man, first day of school, for you, yet, you failed the Math Quiz." Minegishi said while carrying a tray that's full of cakes.

The tall girl sighed and rolled her eyes, "It wasn't really my fault. I didn't know that we'll have a surprise quiz." Haruna answered while carrying a tray with bowl of fruits and milk.

The two of them sat down on a lunch table that's painted with pink. "Well, it's okay. You'll get used to it." Minegishi said as she ate the chocolate cake. The tall girl blinked, and every time she will blink, the younger girl will eat the cake in split second. "What?! I'm a delicate cake eater!"

The tall girl rolled her eyes and she nodded her head, "Yeah right." Haruna answered.

"KYAAAAAAH! The Kami 7 are here!" Hearing what the girls were screaming about, Haruna looked at Minegishi; with a questionable look. Minegishi smirked.

"Kami who now?" Haruna asked, which made Minegeshi laugh. "Hey, come on now, Miichan. I'm still learning the rules, ins, outs, trends, gossips, and who's who in this school~"

"Well, you see...Kami 7 is like the most popular girls here. They are currently 6 now, Acchan and Takamina are trying to recruit the 7th member. But they will place that girl as the 6th, not the 7th." Minegishi said, while the tall girl was staring at the 6 girls that are walking around the cafeteria.

"Hey, Miichan!" A pretty girl called Haruna's seatmate, the tall girl's eyes shifted to the pretty girl, she was standing at the right side of the girl that she just saw and talked to earlier. The six of them arrived to the table where Miichan and Haruna were seating at.

"Hey, Acchan! Guess what! I think I have your 6th member here~" Minegishi said while raising her eyebrow.

The girl in the middle, Oshima Yuko; observed the tall girl's face. "Hey! I met you earlier!" The short girl said as she grabbed the chair from Haruna's right side and sat on it. Yuko offered her right hand to the tall girl. "I'm Oshima Yuko. The so-called leader of the Kami 7. I'm so pleased to meet you."

Haruna shook Yuko's hand using her left hand. "I'm Kojima Haruna. Pleased to meet you as well." The two of them smiled to each other. "Also, thank you for dropping me to my room, if it wasn't for you, I will not know where's my room."

"No biggie at all!" Yuko said as her smile got bigger.

"Ahem." The tallest girl faked a cough; while loking at Yuko. "So, you're the Nyannyan that Yuko's been talking about, eh? I'm Mariko, the oldest member of Kami 7. I'm the third member." The oldest girl offered her left hand to the new girl. Haruna gently let go of the short girl's hand as she shook with Mariko's hand. Haruna felt the tension, pressure, and the aura of the oldest girl.

"Hey, Mariko! Stop pressuring my friend!" Minegishi said as Mariko smirked.

Letting go of the tall girl's hand, she grabbed Minegishi's hand, a smirk was seen on her face. "I was just kidding around, cupcake."

"Enough with the flirts, jeebus." A short girl said as she got in the front of Haruna. "Hi, I'm Takahashi Minami. You can call me Takamina! I'm the last member slash seventh member of Kami 7. Nice to meet you!"

The short girl was about to offer her hand, until a girl got in the way. "Hi, I'm Maeda Atsuko. You can call me Acchan. Takamina is mine. I'm the second member of the Kami 7. Nice to meet you~" Atsuko said, grabbing Takamina away from the tall girl.

A short girl with curly hair walked towards Haruna, she wasn't either happy or sad. She was just feeling meh. "Hi, I'm Itano Tomomi. You can call me Tomochin. I'm the fourth member of Kami 7. Nice to meet you." She said with a husky voice, not offering her hands to Haruna, she went backwards.

"The fifth member was just here earlier." Yuko said as she looked around. "Oh well, you'll know her later!" The tall girl nodded while looking at Yuko's brown eyes. "So, how's school for you?"

Mariko, Minegishi, Takamina, Atsuko, and Itano excused themselves, leaving Yuko and Haruna to talk.

"It's kinda hard, I mean, I entered this school, and there's a surprise quiz. It was hard, but I think I'm going to get used to it....I wish." The tall girl. Yuko nodded, not removing the smile on her face.

"Where are you from? Why did you transfer here?" The short girl asked while playing with her hair.

"Well, I'm from Saitama. The reason why I transferred here because my dad got promoted." Haruna answered, as she took the last fruit from her bowl.

"Man, that sucks. But it's the reality, right?" The younger girl asked, which made the older girl nod. "Don't worry, one of these days, you'll like this school, and the people."

"Yeah, I kinda miss my best friend from Saitama." The tall girl said as she pouted.

The younger girl chuckled and she said, "Don't worry, I can be your best friend."

Haruna smiled and whispered, "Thank you..."

The short girl looked at the watch that's on her wrist, and she looked at the tall girl. "Well, lunch time is almost over. Want me to escort you to your room?"

The tall girl nodded as she grabbed the tray, placing it to the dish table, she and Yuko went out of the cafeteria.

"Also, I'm going to apologize for Acchan, Takamina, and Tomochin's behavior. Specially Tomochin." The short girl said while walking.


"Well, she and I used to date. We broke up because I caught her cheating. Though I told her, not to leave Kami 7. Even though we're not dating anymore." The younger giel said while looking at her hands.

"Ahh, it's okay. Though I find it very unfair for your side, because she didn't know that she's too dumb to let go someone like you." The tall girl said, while looking at Yuko.

The two of them stopped from walking, their eyes were locked to each other. "We're already here at your room." The short girl said, not letting go of the gaze.

The tall girl let go from the gaze and bowed her head. "Thanks, Yuuchan."

"Yuuchan? That's a nice nickname, Nyannyan." The short girl said while the two of them started to laugh. "I'll see you later, okay?"

The tall girl nodded and got inside of the classroom.



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MmmBut somethins is fishy here... kojiyuu is good terms.. atsumina are dating... miicha is not a kami7 and where is juripuppy?... I feel like  this story is too good.. something bad is going to happen, right?
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Woah kojiyuu in good terms? Thats somethin  :w00t:

I hope somethin bad is not gonna happen  :nervous

Pls update soon your story is really great  :wub:

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"re edit later :ding: :ding:
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Update soon!!!!!

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