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Author Topic: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu) - COMPLETED  (Read 4650 times)

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Mail on Sunday (YuiParu) - COMPLETED
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:08:10 PM »
A/N: I know that Japan receives mail all seven days of the week, but in order to make this fanfic work, I decided to tweak it so that mail is not delivered on Sunday (like in the U.S.). Thanks for understanding!


“Get out!” Shimazaki Haruka screamed, throwing a nearby book at her girlfriend.

Yokoyama Yui, the victim of her girlfriend’s anger, was kneeling on the ground, pleading with Haruka. “Paru, please, let's talk this out. It was a misunderstanding. Ricchan is just a friend!”

“I don't care. You told me that the last time I caught you two acting all flirty with each other.”


“Get out. Grab your stuff and move out. I can't take anymore of this, Yui, you need to stop acting like a player.”

Yui just stood there, staring at the ground. She shuffled to the room they shared and started packing her luggage. After tossing a couple sets of clothes in her bag, she threw on her coat. Before closing the door, she took one last look around the room. Then she left.

She passed by Paru, who had been sitting miserably at the kitchen table ever since Yui started to pack. Pausing, she mumbled an apology.

“I'm sorry.”

“Just leave.”

Hearing the defeated voice of her girlfriend shattered Yui’s heart, but she exited the apartment regardless. Paru might be stubborn and angry now, but eventually she would forgive Yui. The best thing to do now was wait and give her space.

After the apartment door closed, Haruka let out a sigh and closed her eyes. She felt warm tears stream down her face, and since seeing Yui and Ricchan together, finally allowed herself to cry.


As she waited for a cab, Yui contemplated where she would stay the night. She could stay at a hotel, but doing so was quite expensive and she didn't feel like spending money. Maybe she could stay over at a friend's house. But whom? Obviously, Ricchan wouldn't do. If Haruka heard about it, she’d never be forgiven. At the moment, even with all the fail jokes, Takamina was the best bet.

“Hello? Takamina-san?”

“That’s me. Who is this?”

“It's Yui. Hey, I got into another fight with Paru, and I was wondering if I could stay with you for the time being.”

Yui heard the general manager sigh over the phone.

“Again? Even with Paruru’s salty attitude, you two fight unusually often. You can stay with me, but by the end of the week, you two better have made up already.”

“Thanks. I'll see you soon, then.”

Yui hung up and got into the waiting taxi. She showed the cabbie an address on her phone and settled down as the car sped away.

After ten minutes, the cab pulled up in front of an apartment complex. Yui handed the driver a couple of bills and entered the building.

Before she could even ring the doorbell, the door swung open, startling Yui. A frowning Takahashi Minami glared at her, but stepped aside to let her in.

“Sorry about the mess.”

“No, I'm just thankful you took me in.”

The shorter woman suddenly turned towards Yui and jabbed a finger at her.

“You better explain what happened this time.”


As Yui recounted her shopping date with Ricchan and how they had gone for crepes afterwards, the general manager just sat there and nodded. When she told of how Ricchan had fed her a crepe and Haruka had walked in on the two laughing and giggling girls, Yui felt a knot form in her stomach.

“...and that's why I'm here,” she finished. Takamina, who had been silent the whole time, opened her mouth to speak.

“From what you said, you're at fault. You know how jealous Paruru gets, and yet you still go out with Ricchan. Of course, Paru might have overreacted a bit, but you still need to be more considerate of her feelings. You are her girlfriend, after all.”

“I know. Thanks for listening, Takamina-san.”

“No problem. Go get some sleep, it's been a long day for you.”

“Good night.”

“Good night,” came the reply. “And Yui?”


“I hope you guys resolve this soon.”

“Me too.”

Yui stepped quietly through the dark hallway, gazing at the pictures of AKB members on the walls. In the privacy of the guest room, she took out her phone. No new messages. Sighing, she dialed the number of another friend.

“Sayaka? It's Yui. Remember that mail woman costume you wore last Halloween?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I need to borrow it. Can I come by tomorrow?”

“Sure, but why?”

“I'll explain later, see you tomorrow.”

She tossed her phone onto the bed and rubbed her tired eyes. Already, a plan on reclaiming Paru’s love was forming. Yui had a lot of work to do tomorrow.
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2016, 08:13:01 PM »
This is nice. Can't wait to read the continuation.
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2016, 04:44:58 AM »
Should be a part two and hope for the best for Yui :nervous
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu) - Chapter 2
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2016, 06:26:43 AM »

“So tell me why you need this mail woman suit again.”

“Like I said, this is necessary to get Paru to forgive me.”

The figure leaning against the door shook her head. Yamamoto Sayaka had been through a lot of strange things, but Yui’s request was one of the strangest. She decided not to press the matter any further, sensing her friends urgency.

“Well, good luck,” Sayaka continued. “I hate to see you two fight.”

Yui nodded and hopped into the waiting cab. Her next stop was an art store.

When she arrived, she made a beeline for the aisle labeled “Stationery Items.” She needed to buy a pack of letter paper. Surrounded by colorful pens and utensils of sorts, she felt an urge to try them all. She could have spent hours doodling on testing paper if she didn't have a mission. Finally, she found what she was looking for. A pack of light pink paper with cute little bears and flowers on the edges caught her eye. It seemed like the kind of thing Paru would like. Promptly picking up the paper, Yui dashed to check-out counter.

Returning to Takamina’s apartment, Yui plopped down in front of a desk and took out a pen. She began to write a letter to her hopefully-still girlfriend. The first matter to address, of course, was an apology.


Yui climbed the stairs to Haruka’s apartment slowly. When she had finished the letter, she had felt triumphant. When she put on the mail woman costume and received strange looks from the people around her, she felt her confidence slipping away. Now, standing in front of Haruka’s apartment, she wanted to crawl into a hole. Yui considered turning back, but the thought of no Haruka dismissed the idea. She missed her salty girlfriend.

She rang the doorbell, full of apprehension. If Haruka was away then she wouldn't know what to do. A minute passed with no sign of life inside. Yui rang the bell again, praying there was someone home. Just as she was about to leave, she heard the thumping of footsteps. A moment later, a haggard-looking girl emerged from the apartment. She stared at Yui, surprised to find a mailman at her front door. Rubbing her eyes, Haruka peered at Yui a little more closely. When she discovered who the mailman was, she gasped.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to give you this.” Yui fished out the letter she had written earlier from her pocket. She held it out to Haruka, who took it with reluctance. “Read it later.”

“What is it?”

“A letter. There were things I needed to tell you, but I wasn't sure you would listen to me in person.”

Haruka sighed. Why did she date this girl? “Why are you dressed like this then?”

“I'm a mailman, coming to deliver you something.”

“Whatever. Don't come back, you're bothering me.” With that, Haruka slammed the door shut, leaving Yui standing there.

Yui blinked a couple times, not fully comprehending what had just happened. A moment later, her face broke into a grin. Her plan was working so far. Smiling to herself, Yui sauntered back down the stairs. By the end of the week, Paru would be hers once more.

On the other side of the door, a frustrated Haruka was staring at the letter in her hand. It was impossible to not be curious about the contents, but it came from Yui. She didn’t want to do anything Yui told her to do right now. Not after last night’s fight. Shaking her head, she left the letter on the kitchen counter and returned to her room.


Takahashi Minami peered into the guest room. A figure was slumped over the desk, snoring lightly. She padded lightly over to her sleeping friend and gently covered her with a blanket. Yui had stayed up late last night, writing some sort of letter. Judging by the agonized face of Yui while writing, the letter was an important one. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse a neatly composed letter. Unable to suppress her curiosity, the general manager gingerly slid the paper out from beneath the sleeping girl. Her eyes widened at the first couple of words, and she set the paper down guiltily. Yui’s private matters were best left alone.

She tip-toed out of the room, smiling to herself.

“Seems like Yui is hard at work,” she mused.

“Hard at work at what?” A voice came out of nowhere, startling Takahashi. The short lady turned to find Yui leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed.

“A-ah Yui, you’re awake?” Takahashi said nervously. “I didn’t know you were up.”

“I just woke up,” came the curt reply. Yui waved the letter, smirking. “I see my letter interested you.”

“Sorry, I was curious. I stopped right after the first words though. It didn’t seem right.”

“It isn’t right,” Yui chuckled. “Well, I have to deliver this, so excuse me.”

Takahashi stared at the retreating figure. Deliver? Did she mean mail it?

Her question was answered when her friend stepped out the room wearing a ridiculous mailman uniform.

“Yui? What in the world are you wearing?”

“A mailman costume.”

Takahashi couldn’t suppress her laughter. “You look weird. Is that Sayanee’s?”

“Yeah, and I’m off to deliver my letter, so could you let me by?”

Snickering, Takahashi stepped to the side. Yui made a face at her before setting out.

Sticking out her tongue, she mouthed a word.



“Why are you here again. Didn’t I say not to come back?” Haruka glared at the girl standing in front of her. The dorky mailman uniform was annoying her. Was Yui playing around? Did she not understand how disappointed Haruka was?

“I wanted to see you,” Yui replied calmly. “Did you read the letter?”


For a split second, Yui’s face fell, but she recovered it and continued on. It did not go unnoticed by Haruka.

“That’s okay. I have another letter today too. You can read both of them together.”

Haruka let out an exasperated sigh. “Look, Yokoyama-san, I appreciate your effort, but I don’t feel like seeing you right now. Can you leave?”

The hurt on Yui’s face was evident, and Haruka was tempted to kiss her right then and there, but held herself back. This was not the time to give in. Yui needed to learn.

“I’m sorry. I’ll get on my way, but one quick question. You’re gone all day tomorrow for a filming right?”


“Okay, thanks.” With that, Yui handed her the letter and left.

Closing the door behind her, Haruka walked back towards her kitchen, leaving the second letter with the first.


As Haruka was busy, Yui quickly wrote another letter, sealing it inside an envelope. Since they would not see each other, Yui decided to skip out on the uniform this time around. Besides, right afterward, she had a Team K stage to attend. Just because she was fighting with Paru didn’t mean she could neglect her idol life.

Slipping the letter into the mail slot, Yui felt a pang of loneliness. Even in the midst of their current situation, they had seen each other everyday. Going a day without her beloved would be hard.


In the theater, it was painfully obvious to the other members that their captain was feeling down. All of them knew that it was probably something to do with Paru and decided not to press. The stage was a success and they were all going out for ramen. The last thing anyone needed was a moody Yokoyama Yui.


“Hey Paru, are you free tomorrow?” Yui casually handed a fourth letter to Haruka, who took it without a word. Apparently, she had gotten used to Yui’s new routine of mail delivery.

“No, I have a date with Mayuyu-san tomorrow. Why?

“Oh, I wanted to see if you wanted to go somewhere. I guess not though…”

Haruka looked away and bit the inside of her cheek. She couldn’t allow Yui to persuade her to go out.

“Maybe you could make it Friday?” The mailwoman in front of her looked like a hopeful puppy.

“No, sorry, but I don’t want to go anywhere with you at the moment.” Haruka replied, crushing any hope Yui had left of reconciliation. Seeing her dejected face Haruka panicked, perhaps she had been too harsh.

“I see. Sorry for bothering you, Shimazaki-san. I’ll take my leave now.”

“Yui, wait-” Haruka was silenced by a sad shake of the head from the other girl.

“Just let it be. I took you for granted, and now that I’ve lost you, it seems I can’t get you back. Goodbye.”

Haruka watched as Yui trudged away, her stupid mailbag trailing behind her. She wanted to cry; she never intended to hurt Yui, she just wanted to teach her a little lesson.

I guess there’s no point in reading these letters now. I messed everything up. Haruka pushed the stack of letters away, unwilling to trash them.

“Yui,” she whispered. “I miss you.”

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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2016, 06:37:06 AM »
Ughh Yuihan don't give up yet and Paruru ;(((
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2016, 06:41:10 AM »
Ughh Yuihan don't give up yet and Paruru ;(((

Pretty much the same  :thumbsup
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2016, 03:41:07 PM »
That's cute~
Yuihan, just don't give up!

Now. Where is the next part? :3
Wait for it, author-san^^
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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2016, 11:10:56 PM »
Poor Yui!
Paruru have to fight for her love.

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Re: Mail on Sunday [Final Part] (YuiParu)
« Reply #8 on: April 25, 2016, 01:39:43 AM »
Hey guys, sorry for the long wait! I got caught up in watching HKT48 no Odekake, though. Hilarious show.
Anyway, this is the last part of "Mail on Sunday," so thanks for reading to the end! Sorry I can't write better endings. This one was kind of shitty. Anyway, here you go!


“Stop moping around and make up with her already!” The midget towered over her. A forlorn Yui was lying on the ground, weeping and holding a picture of Paru.

“I know you’re hurt, but if you give up on her know, then you'll never have a chance to get her back.”

“I don't have chance. Period.” Yui said sourly. She flipped over so that she was now face-down. Takahashi found the entire sight rather pathetic.

“Go write another one of your letters and explain everything.”

“It won't help; she won't even open them.”

The general manager sighed. It was her job to take care of the girls, and it was usually an enjoyable job, but the occasional overblown drama was something she could do without. Wordlessly, she dragged the other girl from the living room floor off onto the couch. If something was not done about the two, then the overall atmosphere over the AKB group would become gloomy.

Jabbing a finger in Yui’s direction, Takahashi insisted that the weeping girl get dressed and ready. They were going out, and hopefully it would take Paru off the girl’s mind, at least for the moment. Yui, recognizing what Takahashi was trying to do for her, reluctantly obliged. The two ended up going to a funny movie and a round of shopping.

However, while the outing had distracted her, it only managed to provide Yui with a short respite. As soon as night fell, a pang of loneliness pierced her heart.

In another sector of the city, Haruka was no better off. That night, both girls cried themselves to sleep.


Groaning, Yui cracked open her eyes. There was a handshake event taking place today, and she couldn’t afford to be late. She rolled out of bed and shuffled towards the bathroom, where Takahashi was already applying makeup.

“Good morning, Takamina-san.” Yui yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Good morn--Jesus. You look terrible.” Takahashi frowned and stepped aside to let Yui see herself in the mirror.

It was true. Her eyes were red and puffy after crying herself to sleep. She also had a horrific case of bedhead hair. Today was going to be a long day. She shrugged and started to wash up.


At the event venue, she greeted fellow members and went to find her booth. A queue of fans had already formed. Hurrying along to her designated spot, she passed by the one person she was trying to avoid. Haruka. Their eyes made contact for a split second, before the other girl averted her eyes and continued walking away. Yui paused and stared after her, disappointment flickering in her gaze.

The handshake event was as monotonous as all the other past ones had been. A simple greeting, a couple of lines exchanged, a smile and thanks--all in the span of a couple of seconds before the usher directed the fan away. At the end of the night, the last fan, a small high school girl, shyly took her hands. Yui frowned. She had seen the fan earlier when she took a break for lunch. The high schooler had been standing in the line for Paruru.

“Hello.” Yui spoke simply, whilst retaining a kind tone.

“Um, hello. I, uh, spoke to Paruru earlier.” The girl struggled to form her words. “She looked a little sad, and when I asked about it, she mentioned you.”

“Oh? Is that true?”

“Yeah, so I just wanted to say that I hope you guys make up or something. Um, don’t hold everything in. All of us fans really care, you know.” The entire time, the fan had been looking down, never once making eye contact with Yui. However, after finishing speaking, the fan glanced up at Yui and let out a sheepish grin.

“Thank you.” Yui murmured. “For coming to see me and for this message.” She smiled back the fan, who bowed and allowed herself to be guided away by the usher.

Having finished her line, Yui gathered up her belongings and prepared to go home, feeling slightly better. When she walked into the apartment, Takahashi shoot a strange look in the direction of the smiling Yui, but refrained from saying anything. The 9th generation girl seemed to have reached an inner peace of some sort. A wrong word could break that. No, it was best to keep silent, Takahashi smugly concluded to herself.

Later that night, Yui finished her final letter to Haruka and crawled under the covers of her inviting bed. Tomorrow, she promised herself, she would clear everything up once and for all. She remembered the words of the last fan from earlier that night, and resolutely closed her eyes.


Yui awoke to the beeping of her phone. She made a lazy grab, wondering who had texted her so early on the weekends. Rubbing the sleep out of her bleary eyes, Yui froze when she saw Paru’s name flashing on her screen. Below, a concise message read:

“Hey. Sorry about the other day. Can we talk?”

Yui chuckled; the salty girl had never been one for words. She typed out a brief message before getting of bed: “Sure.”


“Takamina-san, I’m going out!” Yui slipped the letter she had written last night into her bag and ran out. She practically skipped out of the cab and up the stairs to Paru’s apartment. Ringing the doorbell, she ran a careful hand across the buttons and pockets of her mailman shorts. Within a minute, the door opened, revealing Shimazaki Haruka.

“That was fast. You didn’t have to come over, you know.” The tsundere girl said nonchalantly. Yui grinned and held up her letter.

“I had to deliver this.”

“I didn’t read any of the other ones.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just read this one out loud.” Yui opened up her letter, and proceeded to narrate the contents.

“To my beloved Haruka,

I’m sorry I made you mad. I knew that you wouldn’t be happy if I went out with Ricchan, yet I still went anyways. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. If you would give me another chance, I swear that I’ll never do that again, not without your permission. This past week without you has been hell for me, Paru. I miss you. I miss you so much.” At this point, Yui’s voice began to crack and tears splattered on the paper. Haruka looked away, trying to conceal the tears that were welling up in her own eyes.

“Please, I beg you, forgive me. I want to be with you. I want to make you laugh, to prove that you, and you only, are the one I love. I don’t care about Ricchan, I want you. A life without you is not something I could stand. Please, let me love you again. I was an idiot to let you go like that. I’ll prove my love for you, if only you’ll let me. I want to be with you again.
    If you don’t want to, I understand. I don’t deserve you. However, I’m hoping that’s not the case. No matter what, Paru, please know that I love you.

Forever yours,
Yokoyama Yui.”

Yui concluded her letter and looked up at the love of her life. She was crying. Haruka, who rarely showed emotion, was crying. Haruka, sensing that Yui had finished, defiantly wiped her eyes. It smeared her eyeliner, but who cared. She jumped into Yui’s arms, glad to return to the warmth that she had been missing.

“Of course I forgive you, you idiot.” Haruka mumbled. “I missed you too.”

Yui, shocked at Haruka’s sudden actions, wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, who muttered something incomprehensible into the crook of her neck. She smiled and felt her spirits soar. The two stood there for a good five minutes, locked in an embrace, before Haruka interrupted the silence.

“Yui, your mailman suit is ruining the moment.”

“What? But I’m delivering mail. This is important.”

“Mail doesn’t get delivered on Sundays though.”

“This is express mail. I deliver immediately and at all times, just for you, Paru.” Yui countered proudly. Haruka rolled her eyes, but smiled inwardly to herself. It was a relief to have her idiotic girlfriend back, even if she was dressed as a mailman who delivered mail on Sunday.

And that's all! If you liked this, please check out my other fanfic, "Reading Hermann Hesse." It's Center x Nezumi (JuriMayu). Thanks!! :twothumbs

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Re: Mail on Sunday (YuiParu)
« Reply #9 on: April 25, 2016, 08:13:31 AM »
That fans must be a YuiParu shipper  :rofl:

Thank you for this lovely story  XD
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