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Author Topic: DeNight's YuiParu Delusions [Chapter Update: March 2, 2019]  (Read 23928 times)

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Re: DeNight's YuiParu Delusions
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 :angry: that jerk...

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Re: DeNight's YuiParu Delusions
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Dear Friends,

Apologies for neglecting this thread for over a year. Happy (belated) new year 2019. And happy lunar new year as well. I am really happy to see more comments and likes, from old and new friends. Thank you :)

@shortcut48: Thank you, Shortcut-san! I did have a good year. Hope you did, too. And many more ahead :) I would not comment on the potential trouble ahead. I guess you just need to wait and read  :P

@Miniju: Happy new year, Miniju-san :) ! Sorry that I was not back for long. Seeing your productive writing encouraged me to resume YonjuJo Yuriannin fic as well. So, please look forward to it.

@Rhythm: Thank you, Rhythm-san :) Guess the last chapter made you happy and angry at the same time  :D Hope the next one will spread some warmth.

@Crisl: Спасибо! Hope you'll keep on reading  XD

@jcreww: Which jerk  :oops: ? Hope this chapter can make you less angry (although, if I can bring myself to write more, the future chapters may be more irritating  :P )

Anyway, I have not been writing fic for a long time. I had to use different English system as well these past couple years. So, my writing style may have changed a bit and you may find more typo in my future fics. Regardless, I hope this short update can bring you some reading joy  :)



“You know them?” Yokoyama-sensei asked.

I threw a glanced, shrugged my shoulder, and voiced a, “No,” before pulling her arm to get her walking.

I dared not to look back. I could only hope that I still had some of the acting talents I possessed years ago and walked right into the donburi shop. I hope the actions managed to convince them that they got the wrong person.

The waitress greeted us when the door opened. But, I could not hear what she said. My eardrums were throbbing from the sound of my racing heartbeats. I guessed Yokoyama-sensei must have responded to the greeting because the next thing I knew was we were seated in a rather secluded corner table. She then slid in to sit next to me instead of across me, shielding me from the rest of the world.

I felt a touched on my hand. Yokoyama-sensei is covering mine with hers.

“It’s all right. They didn’t follow us in.”

Right at that moment, I realized that I had been squeezing her arm tightly.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said as I let go of her arms.

But, even then, my hand was still shaking. It also felt stiff and looked pale from the lack of blood.

“Is-is your arm all right? I’m sorry I-“

“It’s all right,” she cut me off while taking my hand in hers and started rubbing it gently. “I am all right. Are you?”

I looked up and saw the kind smile on her face. No. I am not all right. I am not. I wanted to cry. I could feel an urge to break down right then and there. But, I did not want to make a scene. I did not want to make things worse.

“We can leave, you know,” she said. “You don’t have to force yourself to eat here. I can drive you home.”

My tears started to fell. Once again, she seemed to be reading my mind. I felt that I am understood. I felt accepted. I felt like it is all right to be my broken self… How can someone be this kind?

She pulled out a handkerchief like she always did. She used it to wipe my tears.

When the waitress came with the meals she might have ordered as we were seated, she apologized and asked for them to be wrapped as a take away. She then asked if I felt all right to stand up and leave. When I nodded, she took my hand and walked ahead. She paid for the meal, took the food, and opened the door. She looked around for a bit, trying to make sure that those people were not there anymore, before guiding me to my car.

She led me to the passenger side of the car and asked me to unlock it. She then walked around to the driver side and got in. She asked for the key and started the car. But, even before drove away, she still took some time to ask me:

“Is it all right if we go to your house now?”

We drove in silence. But, whenever I looked her way, she made sure to glance back and show me her kind smile even though I never returned it with mine.

When we arrived at my apartment building, she asked if I felt all right to leave the car. She then opened the door for me and took my hand, guiding me to enter the building until we reached my unit door. She then asked me to open the door and guided me in. She took hers and my shoes off, brought me into my room, and tucked me in bed.

Even in my non-functioning state, I did not feel alone until she said, “Take some rest, okay? I will stay for a while. I will just be outside the door. You can call me if you need anything.”


No, no, no.

I do not want to be alone.

Please… don’t leave me alone!

I grabbed the back of her shirt as she turned away. She stopped and turned back. Our eyes met, and she stayed silent for a while.

“Let me just turned the lights off,” she finally said.

I let her go.

She went to the light switch and flipped it off. She then went to the window and closed the curtain, blocking the early evening city lights away.
In the dark, I could feel the bed shifted as she climbed in from the other side. I turned to face her, and I felt her arms reaching out and engulfed me in a warm embrace.


Please be here until the morning comes.

To be continued...


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Re: DeNight's YuiParu Delusions [Chapter Update: March 2, 2019]
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Best day ever.
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Re: DeNight's YuiParu Delusions [Chapter Update: March 2, 2019]
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Saikou desu !

I really love your fic autor-san !
You got me into Yuiparu :inlove:
Yuihan is so kind in this fic. I also love how is Paru~ I Hope she will be fine in the end :panic:

I'll be waiting for an another update !
More Sayamilky, Kojiyuu and Yuiparu !

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