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Author Topic: Shitto no Kenri - Chapter 9 [Nogizaka46, multipairing] 25/01/2017  (Read 11872 times)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 3
« Reply #20 on: July 04, 2016, 10:54:36 AM »
Aww MaiNana is cute here and oh no, Nanase had been exposed to Waka-sama's fans. And poor Nanamin and Reika :( . Thank you for the update author-san!

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 3
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Maiyan and Nanase are too cute !  :inlove:
Thank you for the update !

I'm waiting for new update author-san  :luvluv1:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 3
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Ahhh, im addicted to this fic! Please update soon author san,
I love everything you wrote..

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 3
« Reply #23 on: July 19, 2016, 12:31:50 PM »
Wow, Naachan sure is authors' fav center in most of N46 fics. With WakaNana and NanaMai being the pairing candidates as well.

WakaNana, the seemingly management fav pair. They're great in Mukuchi na Lion and the somewhat cruel continuation (like did they get to meet/talk?) of it in Inochi wa Utsukushii bonus, they're often paired for those Nogidoko episodes as well. I feel bad for Reika in Mukuchi na Lion though, I've never seen her expression like that before after Naachan kissed her Wakachu n just walked away, it's like she's ready to cut her into two XD

Now, surprisingly I'm curious on how Nana and Kazumin relationship gonna be because I do ship these two together although lately it's been more of JouKazu. Kazumin seems pretty determined to befriend her either way. Nanamin and Maiyan is another one I ship besides my OTP WakaRei. There are also NanaminxAsuka and KiichanXAsuka......  :panic:

God, this is so hard to choose! I dunno which pair I should root for, I swear, Nogi is too shipable!  :lol:
But, please do continue the fic  :)
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TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
« Reply #24 on: July 22, 2016, 06:43:48 PM »
Sorry for not updating for a long time guys.. I've just come back from vacation.. :D

@ttwm123: naachan really is in trouble.. You'll see hahaha
@weirdasspotatoe: nanamin and reika will find their happiness soon.. :)
@Miniju: they're really one of my favorite pairing.. But we don't see their real moment together often though.. :(
@shanju: thank you so much :D i hope you enjoy this update and also the next updates..
@pretend_2besome1: agree.. Naachan maiyan waka and reika really are too mainstream.. But i love their pairing so i just can't not including them here.. I almost can't choose between wakarei and wakanana actually.. :D and i love ashu pairing too especially with nanamin but with kiichan is cute too..  XD maybe it's because i just love ashu too much :D

Here please enjoy this update now!! Thank for reading and the comments btw..  :love:


Since the mid term was just few days apart, most of the students spent their time studying, either alone at home or together with their friends somewhere. Like the other students Mai, Nanami, Wakatsuki and Reika were also studying together. It was more like Nanami tutoring the three other girls actually.

"Woaa.. Really Nanamin you're the best!! It's easier than i thought. Thank you so much!" Reika said.

"Yeah! Not like the tutor we got who doesn't help at all. And yet we can't continue our club activities if we don't improve our study. The teachers really are unfair." Wakatsuki complained.

"If you know the basic of course you can. You just need to practice more after that. Here try this one." Nanami gave a paper to the girls.

"No doubt from the top student. How can you manage to study well when you have to tutor a middle schooler and now tutoring us too?" Wakatsuki said amazed.

"When i'm teaching you guys like this i'm also studying. Beside you guys ask for my help of course i need to help." Nanami said.

"But why must you drag me to come too? I don't even remember asking for your help." Mai butted in complaining.

"You're the worst Maiyan. You should be the last person to protest. No more complaining. Do this questions now."

"I'm tired.. Let me rest.. If we continued i can't concentrate anymore. I won't even understand what i don't understand anymore." Mai lied down on the table.

"No! You've just started."

"You already the dumbest captain we've ever had. Don't be the dumbest of our grade too Maiyan." Wakatsuki smirked.

"Mouu... You're so mean.."

"I think we should make new rule to ban bad grade students have club activities for real Reika." Nanami suggested.

"Eh??" Mai surprised. "You won't do that."

"Of course we will. Too many students like you. Beside we have the pres here. Right Reika?"


"Geez.. I hate you Nanamin."

"If you still want to pitch you better study seriously now." Nanamin ordered.

"Hai hai sensei... How can i solve this one?" Mai asked but she didn't get any respon from Nanami.


"Wait a minute." Mai was cut off.

Turned out Nanami was looking at the front door, frowning. This made the other girls to also look at the door and found two middle schoolers just entered the cafe.

"Who are they?" Reika asked.

"Asuka chan and Kiichan. Asuka chan is Nanamin's student." Mai answered instead since Nanami was busy glaring at her student who still haven't noticed her mad tutor.

"The one she's tutoring?" Reika asked and Mai nodded.

"She's so dead." Wakatsuki chuckled.

The two girls walked while chitchating happily until they noticed four girls were looking at them from one of the tables.

"Hmm.. Suddenly i don't really want the cake here. Let's go Kiichan." Asuka turned back to the door. But realising her friend wasn't following her she looked back.

"Kiichan.. Let's go before sense-" She was cut off by Hinako pointed at Nanami who was gesturing them to come closer.

"We better go there Ashu.. You'll be in more trouble if you run away."

"Geez... That's what i avoided. Why of all place??" Asuka talked to herself.

"Good evening. What a coincidence to meet you here sensei. We really meet a lot outside our tutoring time." Asuka smiled sweetly, tried to run from the scolding part.

"That's true.. We really meet a lot." Nanami smiled. "But don't you think that means you never at home studying?"

In instant her sweet smiled turned into bitter smiled. "We're about to study together here. Right Kiichan?" Asuka nudged her friend.

"A-ah right.. Right." Nanami looked suspiciously.

"But looking at your small bag with your drum stick sticking out like that, i don't think you're going to study." Nanami pointed at Asuka's bag which she abrubtly hid behind her.

It was true that after ate here with Hinako, Asuka was going to practicing with her band.

"The mid term is just days apart and yet you still playing around. You should study too Kitano san."

"Ha-hai." Hinako answered, not expecting her name being called too.

"Go back home now and start studying! I'll give you a test tomorrow. You'll be in trouble if you can't answer that."

"Eehhh?" Asuka complained.

"Good luck Asuka chan.." Mai butted in.

"We'll get going then." The two bowed and then left the cafe instantly.

"She looks a lot like the lazy Maiyan now, Nanamin." Wakatsuki said suddenly.

"What! You just started studying more Waka. We're at the same boat if the teachers didn't threaten you."

"I think it really should be done to make her study seriously."

"Do what?" Mai asked.

"Like the teachers did to Reika and Waka." Nanami smirked.

"Poor Asuka chan." Mai shook her head.

"Don't make me do the same to you too Maiyan."

"Hai hai sensei. You're scary." Mai started answering the questions in front of her.

Hinako observed her friend ever since they went out from the cafe. She couldn't stop glancing at Asuka who was smiling like crazy now.

"What the heck Ashun? Are you an M?"

"What do you mean Kiichan?" Asuka answered still smiling like an idiot.

"You are smiling happily like that although you've just been scolded. That's how usually an M is."

"Heh? I'm not.."

"Yes you are. You look so happy. It's written all over your face."

"Nah you're mistaking it.. Let's go grab an ice cream."

"Don't you need to go home and study now? She'll be more angry if you don't finish the test well tomorrow."

"Nah i'm okay with angry Hashimoto sensei. It's quite entertaining actually." Asuka grinned.

"Do you like her?" Hinako asked suddenly made Asuka caught off guard.

"Wha-what? Where do you get that idea? Of course no!" Asuka answered stuttering.

"But look at you. You're grinning like crazy talking about her. You even like making her mad. It's like you want to get her attention."

"I just want to disturb her so she will quit. Let's stop this non sense. Come on!" Asuka ran away, left Hinako behind.

"You never good at lying you know." Hinako whispered. "Wait for me Ashu!"

Next day...
"Can i take a nap sensei?" Asuka stopped playing her phone and asked Nanami who was checking her test.

"No.. You'll be asleep for real. There's so many thing left to learn." Nanami said still frowning, checking the test.

"Geezz.. You're really tiring me out. I don't understand how can you still so excited to teach me. Can i rest for a bit after this sensei?"

"..." Nanami didn't respond.

"Sensei? Now you stop responding me. You're too uptight." Asuka continued playing her phone but suddenly it was taken from her.

"Eh? My phone.."

"You don't have the right to rest. These all are wrong. How many times i've teached you these kind of questions. You never listen to me seriously. That's why you can't solve these simple questions." Nanami scolded Asuka after she finished checking the test she gave.

"Eh? I thought i did quite well."

"You're not careful. Many questions should have been right if you think more carefully. Here look at this." Nanami pointed at the paper.

"I've told you sensei. This is impossible for me."

"It's not that you can't do this. It's because you don't want to be able to do this!"

"No.. I never said i don't want to. I just can't. Why is everyone always nagging me to have a good grade?" Asuka complained.

"Because it is important. You need good grade to get into good high school."

"I try to be realistic. Since i'm never not good at studying, i put a lot of effort so i can play drum this well. I won't be this good if i do two of them. The two of them will be halfassed."

"Then you can do well if it's just one of them right?"

"Of course. I'm not a genius like you."

"Okay then it's decide. Your mom and i have talked about this and now i'm become more sure this will work."

"Wha-what is it?"

"We won't push you to do both studying and drum. Like you said it will be halfassed. We'll make you focus just on studying."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"We are confisticating your drum so you can study more seriously."

"Eh!! Why? You don't need to do this far." Asuka ran to her drum room just to see an empty room.

"You can play drum really well because you put studying aside so you'll also study well if you put drum aside. Beside i'm here now helping you." Nanami said.

"No! It's different! Don't put my drum into this kind of situation!"

Asuka ran toward her drum's room just to find an empty room now.

"Mom! Where is my drum?? Mom!" Asuka yelled, calling your mom.

"Stop yelling Asuka. You're disturbing everyone." Asuka's mom came.

"Where's my drum?"

"I move it to other place so you can study more seriously Asuka. You have to get into a good high school. I do this for you so no more complaining." Asuka's mom said.

"But you don't have to do this mom!"

"All this time have you ever studying? You're just playing your drum and never touch your books. You won't change if i don't do this. Just study well with Hashimoto sensei if you want your drum back." Asuka's mom told the now crying Asuka.

"I don't want you to be my tutor anymore! I hate you!" Asuka said to Nanami then she ran back to her room and slammed her bedroom's door.

"I'm sorry sensei."

"It's okay ma'am. We already know it's gonna be like this. But she will study more seriously since she must want her drum back." Nanami ensuring Asuka's mom.

"Yes.. Please guide my daugther well sensei."

"Of course i will. Hmm.. I think we shouldn't continue the tutoring now. She must be still really mad."

"Right. You should go home now sensei. It's already late. Please take care of her drum."

"Leave it to me ma'am. I'll keep it safe and sound. Then.. I'll get going now." Nanami bowed.

"Be careful on your way."

Just one day away before the mid term began put the students in much pressure. Most of the students packed their things quickly and went straight to their home to prepare for the test tomorrow.

There were not many students left at the class although the bell was just ringing few minutes ago.

"Nishino san sensei want to meet you at the office now." One of the students who was left in the class told Nanase.

"Thank you." Nanase nodded and said really quietly. She went to the office as soon as she was told. The office was quite far from her class so she chose to leave her things didn't want to carry her heavy bag around.

"Quickly take it." One of the students at class said. Turned out they were the usual classmates who liked to bad mouthing Nanase.

"Eh? Why must me? You're the one who told us about that book."

"Geezz just say it if you're scared. Loser."

"I just don't want to be the one who takes it. If you're that brave you should take it then."

"Quickly guys.. She will come back soon."

"Okay okay.. I'll do it." The three girls came closer to Nanase's bag.

"Is that the book?" One of them asked.

"It is if i'm not wrong." The one who took the book opened the book trying to find what she was searching.

"See?? What have i told you? I heard her talking with Shiraishi senpai clearly."

"I know it.. She's a stalker. Look at all these Waka sama drawing."

"Is she drawing all these? She's quite good." One of them turned the pages and said absentmindedly.

Instantly she was slapped by the other girls. "That's not the point. Beside these are not that good."

Not long after they heard foot step coming closer.

"She's back already?"

Panicly they tore some of the portraits and put the book back to Nanase's bag and then they ran away from the class.

"How weird. Sensei didn't even call for me." Nanase continued packing her stuffs.

Nanase looked at her watch. It was still early and now her parents would be at home for sure. "I think i'll study outside until pass midnight again today."

Today Nanase decided to study at convenience store not far from her house since it was opened 24/7. Sometimes when she didn't have to be out too late she would be in some restaurant and then went back home. But since she need quiet place to study and her parents wouldn't go out until midnight she need a 24 hours opened place. Beside she could buy something to eat when she was hungry right?

"Nishino san?" Nanase looked up when her name was called. "You're really Nishino san! What are you doing here?"

Nanase didn't answer.

"Don't you remember me? I'm your classmate, Takayama Kazumi." Nanase bowed a little.

Nanase really never bother to know who was in her class. She wouldn't befriend them anyway.

"Why are you out here this late. Don't you feel cold?" Nanase looked down at her books in front of here.

"Ah you're studying.. I guess you don't want to be at home. That's why you're studying here." Nanase surprised by Kazumi's remark.

Realising her fault Kazumi looked at Nanase who looked at her surprised. "Ah i'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just.. Hear some rumor.. Umm.. About your house.. Situation. So.. I just come up with a conclution. Sorry.. If it offend you." Kazumi said more and more quietly as she continued.

Nanase shook her head. "It's okay. You're not wrong." Nanase answered for the first time.

"Waaa.. You're finally talking to me." Kazumi sat in front of Nanase.

Nanase looked down and continued her study.

"Ah! I got an idea!" Kazumi suddenly said. "Let's study together at my house. You can just sleepover at my place. Being outside at this hour is really cold, you'll get sick. Beside it's too dangerous."


"Come on Nishino san." Kazumi was packing Nanase's stuff and then dragging her along without even waiting for an answer.

"Come on in." Kazumi said still dragging Nanase in.


"What took you so long Kazumi?" A middle age woman came out.

"Oh who are you coming back with?" She said when she saw Nanase.

"This is my friend mom, Nishino Nanase. We met at the convenience store. She was studying alone there. That's why i ask her to come with me."

"Hee.. You shouldn't be there alone at this hour Nishino san. It's dangerous. You haven't gone home?" Kazumi's mom asked seeing Nanase was still wearing her uniform. Nanase just nodded.

"Have you eaten? We still have some food left."

"I-it's okay ma'am. I've eaten at the convenience store before."

"Okay then just tell me if you want to eat something."

"Ye-yes.. Thank you very much."

"Ah by the way where is the milk Kazumi?"

"Oh my god! I forgot to buy it!"

"This girl.. You're still young.. How can you be this forgetful!" Kazumi's mom said.

"I talked to Nishino san so i can't help it if i forgot."

"Your memory is too short. That's why your grade is never good."

"Why are you bringing that up suddenly?"

The mom and daughter stopped arguing when they heard Nanase giggled. "Ah i'm sorry. This is kind of new to me. That's why i find this intersting."

"It's not fun Nishino san. She always nags at me."

"What? You always forgetful that's why i complain. That's enough. Just think this as your own home Nishino san. Study well girls. I'll leave you two now."

"Thank you Takayama san."

"Night mom." Kazumi waved. "Let's go to my room Nishino san." Kazumi held Nanase's hand and pulled her along.

"Which one do you want? This or this?" Kazumi took out her clothes for Nanase's change.

"It must be fun to have a mom like yours."

"... Nah.. She's not that good. She nags so much."

"Why are you so kind to me? Your friend won't like it if they know i'm here."

"So what? They don't have the right to decide who i hang out with. Beside I like you and i want to be your friend."

"Really? I never know how it feel to have friend."

"You have me now. I'm your friend. Whenever you don't feel like going home just come over here. You're always welcome."

"Thank you Takayama san."

"We're friend right? Stop calling me Takayama san. It's like you're calling my mom. Kazumin is enough."

"Okay.. Kazumin. Then call me Nanase."

"Hmm.. I'll call you Naachan. It suits you. Can i?" Nanase nodded and  then they giggled.

"Here your clothes. Take a shower first. You'll be refreshed."

"Okay." Nanase took the clothes and then went into the bathroom. She never felt as happy as today.


Thanks for reading.. Please leave your comments below :)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
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Just got addicted to Nogizaka46 since 2 weeks ago. And I'm already addicted to this story when searching around for N46 fanfics.

It's nice to see Kazumin can easily befriend everyone even the stoic Nanase.

Nanami-Mai-Wakatsuki-Reika's friendship are so cute even if two of them are friendzoned and the other two are so oblivious.
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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
« Reply #26 on: July 23, 2016, 01:05:49 AM »
thank you for updating
it's like more pairing appear, kazumin/naachan is cute :inlove:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
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I don't mind the mainstream ones but WakaRei and WakaNana is a tough choice. I just don't think Naachan will choose Waka in real if it's up to her while with Reika is all "Wakachu! Wakachu!"  :lol:
I haven't really given a thought about NanaminxAsuka before Harujion MV. That and I usually go for MaiMai when it comes to Nanamin pairing.
Reika doesn't have good grades even when she's the council President?  XD
I always thought Ashun is more of an S than M, albeit with a tsundere side. Poor Ashun, her drum was taken's such a tough love with NanaminxAshun.
Noooo! Naachan's drawings....  :mon cry:  somebody needs to teach these girls manners  :grr:

:on woohoo: :mon squee: :on gay:  me, as soon as I read the scene at the end. Thank God Kazu's mom wasn't too nosy about Naachan and wow, Naachan giggled!  :heart:  I suppose that's the usual Kazu effect on people  :grin:
I'm excited about Kazumin and Naachan friendship, it's rare to have their moments in fic. Plus, I wanna see Kazu really stand up for Naachan in front of her friends, not just saying it when they're alone.

Edit: I forgot to say that this has the potential of becoming a Naachan's harem fic lol
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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
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Oh my :)  :cow:  :cow:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 4
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Good job!  :cow:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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@genkikid: thank you so much.. Hope you will addicted to this fic till the end.. :D
@ミサキ: maybe :P
@pretend_2besome1: it's more hard to choose between wakanana and nanamai for me.. I also got the idea about nanaminxashu from harujion and they are too cute together.. I like them right away..:D
@chocolatepandastarlight: thank you :) please keep read till the end :D

Sorry for a late update again.. I just go back from study tour with my school.. I know.. So many holiday for me right?? Hahahaha  :P
Please enjoy and comment... :D


SnK 5



"Asuka." Still got no response. Asuka was just looking at her phone stressfully.


"Ha-hai! Mou Kiichan you're scaring me."

"I've called you many times but you ignored me. What is it? Hashimoto san again?" Hinako asked.

Like usual the two of them walked to school together since their house were just few meters away.

"Un.. She's really persistend to know how my result is."

"Just tell her already. She'll know soon by the way. You're meeting her tomorrow right?" Hinako suggested.

"But i still can't do it. I won't be able to get my drum back with this result. How can they do this when they know that drum is my everything."

"You're just running from reality Ashu. Whether you tell her now or later you still can't get your drum this time. But your mom and Hashimoto san really know how to make you study." Hinako chuckled.

"Geez Kiichan.. You should console me not making me feeling worse."

"Sorry.." Hinako grinned. "But this is the first time since your mom gave you tutors you really concern about meeting your tutor. Usually you would just let them come and go and you got nothing."

"Eh? What do you mean? My drum is on the line of course i can't just ignore this."

Hinako shook her head. "Nah.. You already like that even before they took your drum. You're so excited to meet Hashimoto san everytime. Althought i know you're not studying. You just want to meet her right?" Hinako teased.

"What? No! I don't even want her to be my tutor. Our first meeting was already not good. She is really annoying always nagging at my bad grade. And now she takes my drum from me. That's just how bad she is." Asuka walked faster trying to run away.

"Even though you lie to me i'm your bestfriend Ashu i know you the best."

"What are you talking about? Let's go quickly. We'll about to be late."

"You like Hashimoto san." Asuka stopped right away.

"Wh-what is that for Kiichan? You're talking non sense."

"Last year you suddenly took the long route to go home. It's because she always goes to the convenience store on that way after school right? And you looked so troubled because you want to talk to her but you're too scared to do so."


"You really made me worried you know. Do you think i would just let it go? You like her even before she became your tutor right? But you're really lucky to get her as your tutor in the end. Maybe you really fated to be with her."

"Wh-why are you suddenly." Asuka blushed madly. "S-stop it."

"What if Hashimoto san actually like you too? Hmm that would be really surprising right?"

"Geez Kiichan.." Asuka hid her face behind her hands.

Hinako suddenly stopped and smiled bitterly. "You really like her don't you?"

Asuka looked at her friend. "Kiich.."

Suddenly Hinako laughed. "My friend has grown up. Good for you Ashu." Hinako patted Asuka's head and then walked ahead.

For a mere second Asuka thought she saw a sad face on Hinako but she also not sure about it.

'What was that expression? Was that just my imagination?'

"Wait up Kiichan!!"


'What are they looking for? Why are they surrounding the news boards?'

Nanase who usually didn't like crowded place decided to take a look at what happened.

There she found out what had took everyone attentions this early in the morning. The news boards were full of pictures all over it. In instant Nanase realised what were on the board.

'Isn't that...'

Abruptly Nanase took a look into her bag and tried to find her book. She flipped the page and found many ripped pages. It was true that she hadn't had time to draw or just to look at her sketchbook since she was too busy to study for the exam.

Right away she tried to get pass the crowd and abruptly take off all of the pictures. Everyone looked at the girl suspiciously and of course they started gossiping to each other.

"Who is that girl?"

"Are these all hers?"

"That must be it. Or else what for is she taking those down now?"

"She must be Waka sama stalker. It were all Waka sama portraits."

"Although her drawings are good but they kind of disgusting. It's no different than stalking photos."

"Wait.. Isn't she the girl who talked with Waka sama at the practice before?"

"What's her name again?"

"Nishino from class 1-A right?"

"Eh? That freshman? I heard a rumor that she is a called girl. She always wanders around until pass midnight."

"Eh?! And now turn out she is also a stalker. What a disgusting girl."

"Is that portraits are yours?" A girl from the crowd asked. Nanase didn't say anything she just looked at the asker and then continued taking off the pictures.

"She doesn't even answer me! What a rude girl!"

"How can a girl like you got into our school?"

Nanase didn't do anything and just kept taking off the still many pictures.

"Ma-mai don't get involved." Nanami tried to stop her bestfriend.

Looked like the two girls had been there the whole time watching the scene. The more she watched the more Mai couldn't stay still.

Mai walked pass everyone and then took one of the picture which made everyone stopped their doings and now focused on her.

At the back of the crowd Nanami just face palmed herself watching her reckless friend.

"Whoaa.. You're really talented Nanase chan. These absolutely look like Waka even at the first glance."

"Th-thank you." Nanase said looking down.

"Mou.. You should proud of yourself. Ah! Can you make one for me too?" Mai walked closer to Nanase grining.

Being to surprised Nanase couldn't say anything. "Uhh.."

"Nanase chan? Can you draw me one too?"

"A-ah hai.."

"Yatta!! Thank you!"

"But Shiraishi san.. That's not the case. She's no other than those stalkers. We can't let her do this to our Waka sama!" One of the girls suddenly said.

"Yeah yeah i agree with her."

"Eh? What's so wrong to use someone as her model. Stalkers took pictures which are mostly their victims' privacy and disturb them. But i think she doesn't do anything that disturb Waka. On contrary these all are a prove that Nanase chan is really good at drawing."

"You're not wrong but still.." The girl complained but she couldn't say anything anymore.

"I even sure that Waka would love these if she got to see her drawing." Mai looked at all the pictures on the boards.

"You know me so well Maiyan. I love these all. Hmm i always know i'm cool but i never know i actually this cool." Wakatsuki suddenly said while observing the portraits.

"Oh god! Don't come out suddenly! You startled me!"

"What? I don't even do anything.. Ah by the way thanks for these portraits Nishino san. You're the best. Which one do you think is the best? Can i get that one?" Wakatsuki grinned.

Nanase felt too embarassed to meet Wakatsuki now. Her face was as red as ripe tomatoes now. You would understand how it felt to get your drawing of your crush known by others and now getting worse since the person herself was also here.

"Nishino san?" Wakatsuki walked closer. Couldn't bear it anymore Nanase ran away from the scene as fast as she could.

"Nishino san! Your drawings! You haven't taken all of them down!" Wakatsuki shouted.

"What did i do wrong?" Wakatsuki asked to Mai.

Thanks to the first period bell this incident was stopped right away by everyone had to go to their own class immediately.

"Don't ever do this again. You could have made her situation worse." Nanami scold Mai when everyone already went.

"Everything went well until this dumb girl came." Mai slapped the back of Wakatsuki's head.

"Hey! What's that for!" Wakatsuki rubbed her head.

"For fixing your sense."

"What's with my sense? Ah by the way.. We should give these back to Nishino san. Give them to me."

"Give them all to me. I'll give them back to her on the break period." Mai took every papers including the ones Wakatsuki took.

"It's okay.. I'll help you."

"Do you think she would want to meet you now? Just think what all of these mean first before you meet her again. Let's go back to class. We're already late." Mai walked ahead.

"What do you mean? Maiyan?" But Mai just kept walking.

Mai was kind of pissed by how senseless her friend was. She liked the girl who liked Wakatsuki but Wakatsuki didn't even realised Nanase's feeling even after this incident.

"Why the heck is she angry at me?"

"Think carefully what's the reason Nishino san draw many portraits of you. After that you will understand why Maiyan upset." Nanami gave the senseless Wakatsuki a clue then she also walked away to her class.


Break time...
"I'll give these back to Nanase chan first." Mai told Nanami and went out right away.

"Do you think she's still upset to me?" Wakatsuki asked Nanami.

"That might be the case. Don't you really know the reason? Come on Waka.."

Wakatsuki just shook her head.

"You're too hopeless. Think by yourself. I don't want to tell you." Nanami said then left Wakatsuki in their class.

"Where are you going?"


Mai headed straight to Nanase's class while holing all the portraits on the board this morning. Obviously many girls were gossiping about this morning incident. Mai could hear some of the gossip while she was passing by. Like how who was Nanase and that she was a stalker. And of course about herself who came out helping Nanase. Most of them hated that though. Instantly Mai realised she had worsen the situation.

"Damn.. Should i not come out and help her?" Mai asked herself.

Mai kept listening and thinking about gossips around her until she reached the class and got back to reality by an surprising scene once again.

-Few minutes before-

Like usual Nanase ate her lunch alone. Because of this morning incident she became quiet scared to go out from class especially on break time. That's why she was eating on her seat while reading her novel. Although her eyes were focus on the book, her brain couldn't focus on it. She kept feeling everyone eyes on her and some were whispering mostly about her. But she must keep calm or some girls would take advantage from it. It was all work until..

"Look at how calm she is. It's irritating me somehow." The usual girls talked loudly on purpose.

"But i never thought we'll have a stalker as our classmate. Moreover she stalks Waka sama. How dare she is."

"Guys can you stop these all." Kazumi who ate calmly at first started to get annoyed by her friends stupid action.

"Just how many gossips she wants? After being a called girl and now Waka sama stalker."

"She really like to get attention don't you think?"

The usual group of girls who came from the same middle school as Nanase said loudly to get everyone ears on them. They really wanted to see annoyed Nanase or maybe it would be better if Nanase was mad.

But of course Nanase knew what their intention so she tried hard to keep calm. Because if she said or did anything she would be lose.

'Calm down Nanase.. They don't make you annoyed or mad. They are just stupid girls who doesn't have anything to do.'

Seeing how Nanase was still so calm reading while eating her lunch made the girls weren't satified.

"She never gets enough attention at home that's why she seeks attention outside."

"Ah since her dad has affairs and now her mom too. It's not weird she becomes like this." They laughed loudly.

Suddenly Nanase got up from her seat. She looked at the girls who was mocking her.

"You can talk bad about me but please not my family." Nanase said and then she ran away from her class.

Kazumi was surprised at Nanase who finally stood up for herself.

"What the heck is that?" They started to laugh again.

Seeing all this Mai was boiling up and started thinking to give them all a lesson. But before she could do anything she saw the girl who kept trying to stop her friends since the beginning spoke up.

"Don't you guys think this is ridiculous?"

"Huh? What?" All of them stopped laughing and now focused at Kazumi. "What did you say Kazumin?"

"If you don't like her it would have been better if you just leave her alone."


"You're envious of her. That's why you keep bad-mouthing her so you might feel like you're on the higher position than her."


"But you're wrong. This shows how much you guys feel so inferior toward her. You know you will never win against her alone fairly that's why you all together keep bad-mouthing and troubling her from afar."

"Well said Kazumin. You're out from our group. Don't ask for our forgiveness." One of the girl spoke up.

"I don't need your forgiveness. In fact.. I don't need you guys as my friends. You bunch of envious girls." Kazumi walked away from there leaving the girls much more angrier.

Mai looked at Kazumi who was just walk pass her and chuckled.

"You should have watch this Nanase chan." Mai talked to herself.

"But where was she going?" Mai looked around to find Nanase. And then she remembered one place. "Hmm.. I think i know.."

"I thought so.. You will go here." Mai said when she arrived at their secret place, thr tree near softball field.

"I want to be alone. Please leave me alone." Without looking Nanase already knew who just came.

"This is my place so you can't forbid me to come here." Mai said while going to sit beside Nanase.

Seeing Nanase didn't resist anymore Mai just kept quiet sitting beside her, waiting for her ready to talk.

"Thank you.." After a while of silence finally Nanase spoke up.

"Hmm?" Mai caught off guard.

"Thank you for helping me this morning." Nanase finally looked up at Mai.

"No problem. You can always ask for my help when you need it." Mai grinned.

Nanase could feel her heart skip a beat looking at Mai.

"Ah right.. Here your drawing. You hadn't taken all of them."


"You should say it to your one of your classmate too." Mai remembered the scene from before.

"Huh? Who?" Nanase asked confused. As far as she remembered no one in her class was worth enough to get her thanks.

"A girl who talks weirdly. She stood up for you after you ran out from class." Mai explained.

"Eh? You mean Kazumin?"

"Ah right her friends called her that. Not friends anymore actually."

"What do you mean?"

"They kicked her out from the group but no worries she handled that really well. She was kind of cool actually. You should have watched them."

"Where is she now?"

"Dunno.. She went out from class right after that. Maybe rooftop?"

"I go first then senpai. I need to talk to Kazumin real soon. Thank you very much by the way."

"Be careful not to be caught by teachers Nanase chan." Mai reminded since they already lated for class, meaned they skipped class.

"Hai.." Then Nanase ran away from there to get to where Kazumi might be.

#sigh "Although it's been a while since we get a time together alone." Mai leaned down and then took a nap.


"Why did you do that?" Nanase asked right after she spotted Kazumi at the rooftop.

"Wha.. You surprised me." Kazumi surprised by the sudden question out of nowhere and so she turned around and found Nanase standing there.

"What do you mean Naachan?"

"Why must you stand up for me? You lose your friends now."

"Ah about that.. They're not my friends in the first place. I just ended up there unfortunately. It's better this way. I can't bear to be with them anymore."

"Why are you so kind to me?" Nanase asked suddenly.

"Because you remind me of myself back then."


"I never had any friends before. I ate my lunch alone at the corner of the class. No one ever bothered if i was absent. Maybe they didn't realise actually. That's why i know your feeling."

"You were? I can't imagine you were like that." Nanase couldn't believe what she just heard.

"Eh? I really was a loner back then. It was all thanks to Jou who suddenly came one day and tried to talk to me. Although i kept ignore her but she never once gave up until i finally talked to her. Ever since that day we became bestfriend till our middle school years."

"Is she come here too?"

Kazumi shook her head. "No.. She's not here. At first I was scared knowing she won't come here with me. I was scared i won't have any friend again. I even change my voice like right now because i think i must have something different to be interesting. But now i'm understand. You don't need to change yourself to get a friend. Because i fake myself i got fake friends."

"But i really think your voice is interesting. I like it. You just unlucky to meet them. Even if your voice is real or not if someone really want to befriend with you, you will still find a true friend."

"Thanks Naachan.. I'm glad to meet you." Kazumi hugged Nanase who was shocked at first but gave a hug too in the end.

"Me too.. Thanks for stand up for me Kazumin."


Thanks for reading :)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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A new true friendship have been established

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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welcome back!  :mon beam: thanks for updating~  :on woohoo:
aw kuroishi jealous to waka-sama  :on lol:
please add more wakarei and nanaminxashu author-san  :kneelbow:
eh? kazumin is a loner? where is jou now?   :mon huh:
i like your fic, keep writing! :on GJ:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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Welcome back author-san! Thank you for the update, jealous maiyan is adorable and Waka-sama is till oblivious enough not to understand the situation hahaha. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next update.  :twothumbs

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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Wakatsuki really needs to click on to things fast. Maiyan being jealous is cute and I love how she stood up for Naa-chan, So Noujo is in another school then they still keep in touch right? Kazumin is a true friend thanks for the update looking forward to the next

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 5
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I thought taking away Ashu’s drum will result in worse situation with Nanamin, but I suppose there are a lot of feelings mixed and Kiichan pointing it out while Ashu’s still being tsundere about it.
Kiichan’s being a good friend although hurting herself  :(
So that’s why they took drawing, those girls are really mean.
Oh the battle between Mai and Waka continues  :lol:  Maiyan’s pretty aggressive with her feelings for Naachan and sometimes too hasty and put Naachan in worse situation without meaning to.
But Waka *sigh* the curse of being ikemen. She doesn’t know that she’s making all these girls crazy for her. I propose someone to just come out right and say it to her face otherwise I think it’ll take her too long to understand. Maybe Manatsu?
I applaud Nanase for standing up for herself  :mon thumb:
I found it funny that Mai was cool with Kazumin and also helped her to let Nanase know she stood up for her, but feeling so threatened and pissed by her oblivious rival, Waka. Kazumin probably doesn't look like a rival, huh? Careful Mai, it might be Zu that stole Nanase from you XD
Kazu’s voice problem, she’s really self-conscious about it. Jou is mentioned! I hope they keep in contact.
KazuNana scene reminds of their hug scene in Bemars..…is it bad that now I actually wanted to root more for KazuNana instead of NanaMai or WakaNana?  :P

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
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Finally i can finish this chapter.. I want to tell you in advance that until november end i won't update often since my holiday has finished and now i have lots of projects with crazy deadline.. But at ease i won't drop this fic no matter what..  :D
No more words.. Please enjoy chapter 6.. And comment please.. :)


It was already time for middle school students to go home. We could find a lot of students headed to the gate ready to go home. Everything was like usual except a girl in different uniform and absolutely older, was leaning to the wall near the gate while kept checking her phone. Of course she took many attention and made every students talked about her.

"Hey look! Isn't that Nogi high uniform?"

"Ah right. Is she waiting for someone?"

"Eh?? Could it be her boyfriend??"

One group of girls couldn't stop gossiping. They didn't even care wether the girl was listening or not. And then came another groups.

"Who do you think she's waiting for?"

"Could it be... Watanabe kun?"

"No way! He has Kashiwagi san from Akiba high. He's really devoted to her."

"Then... Matsui kun??" Everyone looked at each other right away.

"He's really good at getting older girls. That might be right."

"But didn't he go home already with his new girlfriend?"

"Ah the other Matsui san from Akiba high?"

"You're right i almost forget about her. She's not like the usual girls Matsui kun likes don't you think?"

"Right right.."

And they ended up gossiping about other things which was completely out of topic.

"Hey look look! We get a cute nee chan here."

"Really?? Where?" The other boys asked.

"There.. The one with Nogizaka high uniform. Beside the gate.. Wanna try to talk to her?"

"Hehe.. Let's go.."

"Good evening hmm.." The boy looked at the nametag. "Hashimoto nee san. Are you waiting for someone?"

Nanami was just raising one of her eyebrows looking at 3 boys who came suddenly.

'Are they trying to hit on me?'

She wanted to shoo them away but she didn't have the heart to do so. They were just kids anyway.

"Yes. Hmm.. You guys should go home now. It's already late."

"It's okay. We will accompany you until the person you're waiting for come. Who are you waiting for nee san? Maybe we know."

"You don't need to help me. I'm sure she will come out soon."

When Nanami was talking she could see from the corner of her eyes, a girl walked stealthy passing the gate. Instantly Nanami pushed away the boys and walked toward the girl.

Nanami grabbed the girl's head. "Asuka."

Having a really small head made Nanami could grab her head easily. She tried to run away but the grip was too strong.

"Where are you these days? Why are you avoiding me?"

"Why are you here?" Asuka asked, holding onto Nanami's hand, tried to get away.

"To make sure you won't ignore me again."

"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry okay? Please let me go."

"No way. You dare ignoring all my calls and texts."

"I just need some time alone. I'm about to call you now but you're already here."

"Liar! Then why did you go stealthy like that? You're avoiding me."

"Okay yes i am! Now let me go! You're making a scene!" Asuka yanked Nanami's hand away.

It was true that everyone eyes were on them.

"What is happening?"

"Isn't that Saito Asuka from class 3-2? Who is she with?"

"Their problem looks pretty serious."

"I don't care! This is your own fault in the first place. Something is wrong."

"What is wrong? Don't make your own conclusion."

"It is not good right? I know this will happen."

Asuka just nodded a little while pouting.

(Ps. In italic are what the others think.)

"Did you cheat (the exam)? Is that why you're avoiding me? Because you afraid i'll be mad if i know?"

"Did you cheat (on me)? Is that why you're avoiding me? Because you afraid i'll be mad if i know?"

Everyone gasped.

"What?! Who do you think i am! I never cheat (in exam)."

"What?! Who do you think i am! I never cheat (in relationship)."

"Then what is it? Why did you avoid me? I won't be mad at you. Just tell me already."

"It's just my own problem (sad because she won't get her drum back)."

"It's just my own problem (want to break up or find another person or etc.)."

"Why are you being like this? How bad is it (the exam result)?"

"Why are you being like this? How bad is it (something like kiss or anything related)?"

"Just stop talking about this already." Asuka said.

"That bad? After all we did all night long (studying)?"

"That bad? After all we did all night long (you know what)?"

Everyone gasped again.

"I'm sorry." Asuka looked down.

Nanami sighed. "I didn't expect it to be good. Don't be guilty. It's not your fault. It's my fault for not good enough (as a teacher)."

"I didn't expect it to be good. Don't be guilty. It's not your fault. It's my fault for not good enough (as a lover)."

Nanami patted Asuka's head.

"It's okay. We'll work harder (studying)."

"It's okay. We'll work harder (in relationship)."


"But promise me first don't ever avoid me again. Tell me anything even if it's good or bad news." Asuka nodded.

"But since you already did it plus you're failed just wait for the punishment." Nanami smirked.

"Eh?" Not just Asuka but everyone went 'eh?' at Nanami's remark but in a different way.

"Let's see what's the problem and we'll going to keep doing these all until you make it. I don't care even if we need all night long to do so. (repeating the exam problems that Asuka got them wrong)"

"Let's see what's the problem and we'll going to keep doing these all until you make it. I don't care even if we need all night long to do so. (everyone imagination already exceed the limit)"

Hearing all of this made Asuka secretly grinned without Nanami noticed it. This mean she got another time with Nanami, being just the two of them.

Of course some other students witnessed Asuka was grinning happily. And it ended up making them got the situation worsely.

"Let's go it's gonna be a long night." Nanami grabbed Asuka's hand and dragged her along the way.

"Hahahahaaha" Mai couldn't stop laughing after watching the video of Nanami and Asuka. "No doubt everyone will get it wrong. You two really were too ambiguous. What's with 'all night long'?"

"It's studying okay?" Mai kept laughing at the pouting Nanami.

"And what's with you suddenly grab her hand in the end?"

"I don't know. I just think i need to."

Turned out yesterday incident leaked to everyone at Nogi high and unfortunately became a really big misunderstanding. As Akimoto Manatsu, the newspaper club president, coincidentally passed the school when the incident happened and of course she filmed the scene and made it as today's breaking news. Not just on school newspaper but also school's website. Nanami had become school's hot topic all day.

"It's her right? The one on the news."

"Ah you're right."

"Is it true that she already did 'that' with the middle schooler?"

"I never imagine she is like that. Maybe the pressure as honor student is too much."

"If what they said was true they would do 'that' again last night."

"Oh my god."

"But aren't they quite cute together?

"Hmm.. Maybe a little bit.."

"That damn Akimoto. I'll kill her when we meet." Nanami blushed at the last remarks.

"It's a mi-" Nanami couldn't finish what she's about to yell, Mai already stopped her to do so.

"There there Nanamin. Let's just let it this way. Tutoring outside school's direction is against the rule right? You'll get in trouble if they knew the truth."

"Maiyan.. This ruin my image. What will they think of me now?"

"A fed up honor student? This is not that bad right? At least you don't need to hide your relationship. Everyone already think you two as a couple. Just enjoy this." Mai chuckled. "What a novel.. Teacher and stud-"

"Ah good morning sensei." Nanami cut Mai before the teacher could hear what they were talking about.

"Good morn- Ah Hashimoto san." The teacher shook her head left Nanami in shock.

"See? Although i'd told the principal what happened they still think it was all just my reasoning." Nanami sighed.

"It's okay. It's better this way Nanamin. Just bear with it." Mai chuckled.

"I wonder if she's also experience this all now." Mai suddenly said. Nanami never thought that before Mai mentioned it.


"It's not like what you think okay?!"

Asuka didn't know how many times she had said that to every person she met today. Even some teachers did so. Not just that but she was also being called by the principal. She must explain everything but as she was never a good student and her grade still really bad the principal didn't believe her in the end.

Not just Asuka who got the hard time. As a good friend Hinako also tired helping out her friend.

"It's just a misunderstanding okay?" Hinako tried to shove everyone away from Asuka.

All day she had become kind of like Asuka's manager. She helped Asuka making a way to walk since many students asked her if the news was true. She also helped to correct the wrong rumors. Because the rumors had gone crazier and crazier each seconds. Today was really a long long day.

Finally the school was over. No one asked her anymore as after so many questions she need to answer, Asuka would yell and scream at every person who asked about the news. She was to tired to even just correct the crazy rumors.

The two packing their things before getting ready to go home. All they could think was just lying down on their beds and got some nap.

"Why is everyone have to be so imaginative? And what's with the rumor of me already did 'something' with a highschool girl? I haven't even had my first kiss." Asuka grumbling alone.

"What were Hashimoto san thinking came here and made a scene. It leaded everyone to misunderstand like this. She wouldn't know what she have done. Geez.." Hinako looked angrier than Asuka regarding this matter. Although she was angry for another reason though.

"I'm sorry for putting you in this mess Kiichan." Asuka felt sorry for her friend. Because of her she also need to be tired as hell.

"Nah it's okay. Are you okay with this? I mean.. Everyone think you two are you know.. A lewd couple.

Asuka sighed at the newspaper in front of her. She read the big title.


"We don't even in that kind of relationship although everyone think so. Ironically it's just a one side love." Asuka smiled bitterly.

Hinako couldn't say anything. Although she already knew about how Asuka liked Nanami but still hearing directly from Asuka whom she secretly liked really hurt her so bad.

"I'm going to the toilet first okay? Let's go home after this."


Hinako looked at the newspaper once again. She looked at the photos. As she was looking at the photos and what they wrote there and then remembered everything Asuka just said, made her more and more angry. She took the newspaper and walked out from the class.

"Kiichan let's go.." Asuka got back just to find an empty class.

"Where is she? She is not here, but her bag is there. Is she going to the toilet too? But i didn't see her."

Suddenly her phone was vibrating. Asuka took it from her pocket and saw a new message from Hinako.

'I'm going to Hashimoto san.'

"Ehhh? Oh no." Asuka took her belonging and also Hinako's then running as fast as she could to stop her friend doing anything unnecessary.

"Geez Kiichan.. What does she think she's doing?"

Meanwhile at Nogi high...
"Nee Reika.." Wakatsuki suddenly broke the silence.

They were doing their council work at the council office together. Something had been bothering Wakatsuki since the beginning made her couldn't do her job well. She couldn't going home if this kept going on like this. She had skipped her practice to help Reika but if this wasn't finished soon she might need to skip again tomorrow.



"Hmm?" Still focused on her laptop.

"Reika~" Wakatsuki called again demanding full attention.

"Oh my god. Just say it already! What is it?"

"Hmm.. What do you think it means if someone draws a lot of your portraits?"

This kept bothering Wakatsuki since Mai still angry at her for no reason, that was what she thought and Nanami wouldn't tell her what's going on. But she remembered Mai mentioned this topic before so maybe this could help her reconcile with Mai.

"..." Reika knew right away what was Wakatsuki talking about.


"A-ah what is it? Portraits right? Hmm.. Maybe she just wants to. Anyway.. How many works left we have? Should we continue tomorrow? Maybe we could ask someone to help us." Reika closed her laptop and started packing her things in hurry.

Reika tried to avoid any more questions. She just couldn't answer them. She couldn't lie to Wakatsuki but she also didn't want to tell Wakatsuki the truth. She didn't want Wakatsuki to understand that Nanase liked her. She knew that she was being really selfish to do something like this but she just couldn't help it. She couldn't bear to think she might lose her when Wakatsuki knew.

"Wait Reika." Wakatsuki caught up with Reika as she was also packing her belonging and ran after her. "Why are you suddenly running away like this? You still haven't answered me properly."

"I suddenly remember i need to go home now. Could you drop this topic? I really need to go now."

"Eh? Wait up. What's wrong?" Reika just kept walking without any intention to answer Wakatsuki.

Wakatsuki grabbed Reika's hand. "Reika? Am i doing something wrong?"

"It's not-"

"HASHIMOTO SAN!" Suddenly a shout was heard all over Nogi high front yard. Instantly everyone looked at the source of the shout.

"Kiichan?" Nanami was walking to the gate since Mai had practice, Wakatsuki and Reika had council works to do. And so she must go home alone today. Right after she went out from the building she heard her name being called which surprised everyone.

Hinako walked closer to the stunned Nanami really fast. Seeing how Hinako acted made Nanami scared a little. As she got closer to Nanami, Hinako took out the newspaper on her hand right in front of Nanami's face.

"Look at what you're doing!"

Nanami read the headline tittle and then gulped. She realized now how big the problem she had made. Not just for her but also for Asuka.

'Who is that girl?'

'They seem know each other.'

"Because of you Ashu got a hard time today. She even got called by the principle and being scold for hours. Not just that! She must deal with weird rumors which is real crazy."

"Please calm down Kiichan. I also experienced what Asuka had today. You're making this situation worse. I'll clear the misunderstanding?"

"Geez! That's not the case! You're really know nothing! Ashu got a harder time because even though this is not like everyone think but actually she's really li-"

"KIICHAN!!" Asuka stopped Hinako at the right time. Asuka ran closer to Hinako and Nanami.

"Let's go Kiichan. Stop this." Asuka dragged Hinako but she resisted.

"No! I'm not finished yet. She must know the truth!"

"Kiichan! Are you on your right mind?? Just let's go!" Asuka kept trying to drag Hinako but she kept resist. Then it turned to be a dragging contest between Asuka and Hinako where Nanami stood still didn't know what to do.

"Asuka.. Kiichan.. Stop fighting.. Let's settle this outside." Nanami tried to stop the two kids. But unfortunately no one listened to her and they just kept fighting by their own.

"Hei Reika.. I think we must go there and stop this chaos. Nanamin looks troubled. Ne Reika.." Wakatsuki looked at her side and found no one. Turned out Reika had already sneaked out before. "When did she go?"

Wakatsuki looked around searching her friend. "Reika? Reika..." In the end she walked pass Nanami and didn't help her.

Curious by why Reika suddenly left her Wakatsuki didn't stop searching for her friend. She went to Reika's house and looked around on the way there. She was sure that Reika wouldn't go anywhere far from her house. She never did so.

"Does she go straight home?" Wakatsuki said still looked around. Then there she was, sitting alone beside a river, looking all depressed.

Seeing how Reika looked now and how she suddenly ran away before, Wakatsuki knew right away that something was wrong.

She walked closer slowly and then tapped Reika's shoulder which surprised her.

"Wa-waka? How can you..."

"Find you? Of course i can find you easily. I know everything about you remember?" Wakatsuki smiled and then sat beside Reika.

"What's up? Why are you upset about?"

"What? I'm not upset or something."

"I know you're lying. Something is bothering you right? Now tell me.."

Despite of how senseless Wakatsuki was but if it was about Reika somehow she just knew something was going on. It was like her sense was all used on Reika until she became that senseless on other things.

Being childhood friends ever since they were born they knew each other too well even better than their own parents.

"So what is it? Is it about Nishino san?"

"You really don't know why she make so many portraits of you?"

"What so wrong with it? Even Maiyan asked the same thing."

"Gezz how can you be this senseless?"

"I won't know if no one tell me anythi-"

"She likes you. That's her reason."

Wakatsuki taken aback a little. "Nah you just make your own conclusion. Her reason can be anything else."

"That's really obvious. Everyone at school already know. Just you who still wondering her reason."

"Okay okay.. Let's say you're right about this. But what i want to know is why did you run away?"



"You know.. In most bestfriend relationships there is always one of them who feels more than just friendship.. They are lucky if the other one feel the same. But in most case they're not. And in our case... That one is me."

"..." Wakatsuki never thought this conversation would lead to this. She always thought that she knows anything about Reika and so Reika but seemed like it was not everything.

"I know you just see me as your bestfriend. But i like you Waka. Ever since we just a little kid i already see you differently. But i always scared to tell you. I don't want to ruin our relationship. But seeing someone else like you now, i just can't keep this to myself anymore. I'm scared someday when you find someone we'll not as close as we're now." Reika looked down. "Geez so this is what you call being friendzoned."

"Reika i-"

"You don't need to give me any answers. I just want you to know before Nishino san really takes you away from me. That's all. Don't feel sorry for me okay? It'll just make me feel worse."


"Forget it. I know you won't like me that way." Reika stood up and walked away leaving Wakatsuki dumbfounded.


Finally Reika's confession... And there's a misunderstanding about Nanamin and Asuka relationship.. :D
Thanks for reading everyone.. :)
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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
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Yeah Waka is so smart and understanding that she become so oblivious about others feelings for her  :nervous

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
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uwaaa waaaa thanks for your update author-san.. i love this..

who thought it will this bad between Ashu and Nanamin??
pity for kiichan, but luckily she is not that selfish.. poor kiichannn  :mon cry:

lollss at WakaRei conversation..
jezzz Waka totally clueless about Reika  :banghead:
but it is true, she is used most of her sense on Reika till she is too senseless  :dizzy:

mouu Reika, shouldn't you wait a little time?
who know Waka also had feeling for you  :glasses: which i guess so,

or Waka just unrealized about her feeling, maybe she will know her own feeling untill they're separate with each other  :kekeke:

which i think is impossible.. but who knows, Reika will avoid Waka after this, and it make Waka realized that... she can't live without Reika afterall,  :shy2:

this is the best chapter ever. since it got more WakaRei scenes..

ganbatte author-san..

well, we have our own busy life right, my new semester also officially started today, and i got so many project to work on too.. jezzz..  :on cloudeye:
so, hurmmm less time for Nogi after this..  :fainted: :frustrated:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
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Did those gossipers talk about MayuKi and Wmatsui?
The thing between Nanamin and Ashu sure escalates fast because of the false rumors. I feel bad for Nanamin, her reputation got tarnished. I mean people thinking she's with a middle schooler is bad, regardless of the truth or even if it's become mutual.
:doh: Manatsu! Why are you always looking for trouble, huh? Nanamin, just send Kuroishi after her, this time she kinda deserved it.
And point for Kiichan for being a really good friend  :thumbsup
I suppose it’s fitting that Reika’s the one to knock some sense into Waka. Now Waka cannot not think about it, she got two girls liking her (not counting the fangirls). I’m dreading her decision already, whichever that might be.
This is all starting to look like the mess in the PV  XD
Good luck with your projects.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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