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Author Topic: Shitto no Kenri - Chapter 9 [Nogizaka46, multipairing] 25/01/2017  (Read 11864 times)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
« Reply #40 on: September 05, 2016, 12:16:00 AM »
Did those gossipers talk about MayuKi and Wmatsui?
The thing between Nanamin and Ashu sure escalates fast because of the false rumors. I feel bad for Nanamin, her reputation got tarnished. I mean people thinking she's with a middle schooler is bad, regardless of the truth or even if it's become mutual.
:doh: Manatsu! Why are you always looking for trouble, huh? Nanamin, just send Kuroishi after her, this time she kinda deserved it.
And point for Kiichan for being a really good friend  :thumbsup
I suppose it’s fitting that Reika’s the one to knock some sense into Waka. Now Waka cannot not think about it, she got two girls liking her (not counting the fangirls). I’m dreading her decision already, whichever that might be.
This is all starting to look like the mess in the PV  XD
Good luck with your projects.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
« Reply #41 on: September 05, 2016, 10:18:22 AM »
Yaay!! THANKS!! SAVE MY DAY From BoredoM!! :D  :cow:  :cow:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
« Reply #42 on: September 06, 2016, 05:37:13 PM »
This had literally made my day haha. I've always been waiting for new updates as things get more and more interesting and it has become part of my current daily routine to read this. So, thank you very much for updating!  :twothumbs

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
« Reply #43 on: September 08, 2016, 02:24:27 AM »
I figured I should come out from being a silent reader so here I am  :nervous
Akimoto is always looking for trouble  :angry: I'm starting to feel worried about Nanamin and Asuka the situation is really not good for them and Kiichan seems wouldn't be able to hold herself from telling Nanamin about Asuka's feelings.
Wakatsuki so oblivious that it's starting to hurt people who love her, but I'll look forward to what she'll do with Reika confession...
You have a quite complicated love pentagon story going on Author-san, I'll be waiting to see how it turns out  :cathappy:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 6
« Reply #44 on: September 08, 2016, 02:51:31 PM »
thank you for nanaminxashu scene, lol
and wakarei scene too! you light up my day^^
go waka! don't just stood there! go and get your waifu! she's already wait too long to keep her feeling and confess to you! :banghead:
keep your work and thanks again for this chapter! :cow:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #45 on: November 15, 2016, 05:40:42 AM »
Hey everyone!! Long time no see  :D it's kind of hard for me to finish this chapter as i have so many assignments from my school..
I hope you guys still want to read this story despite of late update  :)

@Genkikid: the curse for being too popular  :lol:
@wakaten: don't worry things won't be that bad for nanamin and ashu.. instead it might be bad for naachan waka and reika  :P love triangle  :smhid complicated.. let's see what will happen to that 3.. thanks for your understanding btw.. but it's really late right?  :(
@pretend_2besome1: you're right  XD since they're my favorite 48group pairing so yeah.. i'll consider your suggestion. Maybe manatsu will face kuroishi wrath soon  :lol: thanks anyway
@chocolatepandastarlight: thank you very much :D
@weirdasspotatoe: yey!! :cow: please keep this story as your daily routine  :P
@finiarel: of course you are.. thank for leaving your comment :) it's all because of their ambiguous talking and manatsu really make this all worse..
@ミサキ: here's the long awaited update!! Sorry for the wait.. :lol:


"Move away stalker!" Two girls bumped at Nishino Nanase or you could say pushed her on purpose. Books were scattered on the floor. Without saying anything Nanase got down collecting her books. No one helped her. Instead they were just whispering to each other talking about her.

It had been some weeks since that incident. Now after every students in Nogi High knew her condition was getting worse. Not just her classmate but even the upperclassmen were bullying her too. Not to mention since that incident she had been avoiding her newfound friend, Takayama Kazumi.

"Please go away from me Takayama san. You've been good enough to me. I don't want you to be bullied too because of me." Nanase told Kazumi few days after the incident.

"It's not your fault Naachan. I want to be your friend. Let me help you."

Since Kazumi was seen being with Nanase she started to be bullied to. Of course Nanase couldn't let this happen. So she always avoided Kazumi since then. At first she kept persistent to be friend Nanase but after some time she thought that maybe Nanase really needed time to be alone for now. Although she still always saved Nanase from the bullies whenever she was around. But of course Nanase would run away immediately.

Nanase was about to take the last book when suddenly some other girls pushed her again and kicked one of her books.

"Ups.. We don't know you're there." The girls surrounded her and laughed at her.

The book landed in front of Kazumi who was on her way to her club room and accidentally saw this scene. Of course this boiled her up. She shouldn't have left Nanase alone.

"Hey! Wha-" Suddenly someone took the book and walked pass Kazumi making her stopped.

The girl pushed the bully girls aways and squat down.

"Are you okay?" Nanase just nodded her head still looking down. Mai patted her head.

"Shi-shiraishi senpai.. I-it's n-not like what y-you think." One girl said stuttering.

Mai got up and then faced the girls, hands crossed in front of her. The girls were scared to death but instead Mai smiled at them.

"Why are you telling me? Do you want me to tell the principal?" Mai asked the girl who seemed like their leader.

"No no senpai. It's just a misunderstanding. We were just playing with her." The other girl tried to back up their leader.

"Hmm.. Is that so.. You see me as a fool hmm?"

"N-no that's not what i mean. We-we're sorry."

"Then get lost! Don't you dare to do this again to her!" Mai bursted out. The girls were running away.

"Geez.. What must i do with you? Don't let them annoy you." Mai got back down and helped Nanase collecting her books. "Here.." Nanase took her books from Mai.

"Naachan! Are you okay?" Kazumi ran closer to Nanase.

Without answered anything she went away form there.

"Geez.. That girl really is stubborn. She really doesn't need to avoid me."

"She's scared you will be bullied too?"

"Yes. I've told her i will manage it somehow. She's the one who should be concerned. She really makes me worry." Kazumi said looking at Nanase who was running away.

"That's so just like her."


"What is it?" Nanami asked her quiet friend.

"I wonder what can i do to stop bullying on Nanase chan. It's getting worse everyday. Beside looks like she refuses help even from Takayama san."

"That will be quite hard. Wrong moves and you will make everything worse."

"For now all i can do are just keep an eye on the bullies."

"But you can't always be around her."

"That's why this makes me worry so much. What if they put Nanase chan in danger when i'm not around?"

"But.. is she really like Waka?" Nanami whispered.

"Yeah.. I'd asked her when i first saw the portraits."

"Eh? You've seen them before?"

"Un.. I accidentally saw her drawing. She's really good right?"

"But how is Waka?"

"I don't want to know anything about that dumb girl. She's too senseless. I'm sure she even doesn't realize about Reika."

"We can't do anything though."

Suddenly Nanami's phone went off. Nanami check her phone and got new message.

"Asuka chan?"

"Yeah. She said she will be late today as she has to retake a test she failed." Nanami said while typing her reply to Asuka.

"Is that so.."

"What?" Nanami felt Mai looking at her intensely.

"You two seems okay after what happened."

"Not really actually. It's getting better now but she sometimes still become gossip material at her school although i've come there and explaineed what really happen, not everything but at least to clear our names. But it kind of hard here though. As there's Akimoto Manatsu. That sneaky girl really got me this time. Because of everyone's dirty minds especially that Akimoto we had a rough days you know."

"But it was really because of you two were too ambiguous. I would think the same if i didn't know the truth."


"You should thank Manatsu actually."


"You get a girlfriend because of her. That's nice right?" Mai laughed.

"We're just pretending. You should help me not teasing me Maiyan." Nanami pouted.

'Waka is really senseless but you're not better than her Maiyan.'

"Ne ne don't be mad Nanamin. I'll kick Manatsu on her ass. This will be finished soon.."

"Let just see." Nanami said sarcastically and then continued digging into her food.

"You're cute when you're mad you know." Mai giggled while packing her lunch.

"You're finished already?" Nanami asked her friend. It was rare to see her not finishing her lunch. She often eat too much instead.

"I don't hungry somehow." Mai looked outside from the class window.

"That's weird."

"Hey Nanamin i'll go out for a sec okay." Mai stood up suddenly, surprising Nanami.

"Where are you going?"

"I'll be back." Mai already ran outside before Nanami could say anything.

"Don't skip the next classes Maiyan!" But she still reminded her anyway wether she heard it or not.

When Nanami looked around figuring out what made Mai excited like that she already guessed what she saw. And there she was, Nishino Nanase, walking alone while holding her sketchbook.

#sigh "No wonder she's like that."

Nanami tidying up her desk and put Mai lunch under her desk. "Seems like she won't be back soon."


For Nanase it had become an usual things to be alone. It was not that she never had one. But ever since what happened to her family no one wanted to be friend with her. Even her bestfriend, she was scared she would be bullied too if she kept befriend Nanase.

With her being a high school student she determined to be invincible. She wouldn't do anything to make anyone knew her. That way she wouldn't get hurt. But unfortunately some of her classmates from middle school were also attending Nogi high and the worst part was they were in the same class. Again.

And after what happened with her sketchbook it was getting worse. She determined not to be known but ended up being known by all over the school. Now things were worse than how it was in middle school. Even her seniors were also bullying her.

Thanks to Takayama Kazumi she could remember how nice to have a friend. She was her first friend after a long time. Of course Nanase was really thankful to her. Absolutely. That was also why she couldn't be friend with her now. She couldn't let her precious new found friend to be bullied too because of her.

"I know you will come here."

"Mai senpai.."

"Takayama san told me you're always no where to be found in lunch time. Fortunately i know this place."

"Don't come near me. I don't want you to be bullied too."

Mai came closer and then squatting down in front of Nanase.

"That's not how you thanks your savior this morning." Mai pouted.

"So-sorry.. Thanks for helping me senpai." Nanase looked down.

Mai chuckled. "You're welcome." She patted Nanase's head then sat down beside her.

"No one knows this place anyway so we can do anything we want here. Beside who do you think i am? No one dares to bully Shiraishi Mai." Nanase giggled.

"You're so full of yourself." Nanase said playfully.

"I'm just saying the truth." Mai shrugged.

"Geez.." Nanase laughed.

"It's been a while i see you laugh. You're cute when you're smiling."

Nanase quite surprised by the sudden commend. She looked at Mai who turned out was looking at her. For some second it turned to be a staring contest which was won by Mai as Nanase looked aside blushing.

"Stop avoiding Takayama san. Don't you think it's unfair for her?" Mai suddenly said, taking Nanase attention back.

"You don't understand." Nanase looked down again.

"I do. I know you do this so she won't be bullied too. I know it, she also know it. But still you shouldn't do this."

"I do this for her own sake. She has gone through a hard time i don't want to drag her back to her past."

"Have you asked her what she thinks? You do this based on what you think is right. You do this for your own sake. Not for her."

"No! Just stop this already. I'm going back." Nanase stood up but Mai stopped her.

"See? You're just running away. Just like how you're running away from Takayama san. You're scared she will leave you too in the end so you leave her first."


"Am i wrong?"

Tears started to pouring down as all Mai said were exactly how she felt. "No you're right. I know I shouldn't do this to Kazumin. Knowing how kind she is to me. But i can't help it. I'm scared. Being left alone is too scary. I'm not a good friend. I should have trust her more."

Mai came closer to Nanase and hugged her, patting her back. "It's okay. It's not your fault. I understand." They kept like that for some minutes.

After Nanase had calmed down they sat down again side by side not saying anything.

"Thank you senpai." Nanase broke the silence.

"Hmm it's nothing. Feel better now?"

"Un.. thanks to you." Nanase smiled with her puffed eyes.

"Good." Mai ruffled Nanase's hair.

"Mou.. You ruin my hair." Nanase pouted while straightening her hair.

Mai stood up then stretched her hand. "Let's go."


"Come on just follow me."

"It'a about time to go back to the next class."

"We're already late anyway. Let's just skip the whole day. It's good for you to break the rules once or twice."

Nanase hesitated at first but accepted the offer eventually. "Alright then. But.. Won't we be caught?"

Mai grinned. "Let me show you another secret spot of mine."


Mai brought Nanase to another corner of the school. But it just a place with lots of trees and bushes with a tall wall surrounding them.

"What's with this place? Just another hiding space?" Asked Nanase confused.

"See? You even can't find it. Come closer." Mai then walked to the very corner of the space then moved aside some bushes.

"We'll not hang out here of course. This is where i usually escape and go out. Come on."

Nanase saw a hole quite big for human to pass on the wall. This let Nanase knew how often Mai skipped classes until she could find places like this. She was so sure Mai knew more places like this at school.

"You really skip classes a lot don't you? I'm sure you still have more places to hide at school."

Mai laughed. "Of course. I'll get caught easily otherwise. You've never heard me being caught right?" Mai said proudly.

"Tch.. You better use that smart brain of yours to study."

"I'm better like this. I have softball anyway. Come on go in."

"Where will we go?"

"You'll know."

"Is it really okay to go out from school? We would be in a big trouble if they caught us right?"

"Then don't be caught. Beside no one pass this school part. We'll be at the back of the school so no one ever go till that part since it quite far from the front gate."

Nanase still not convinced enough to go out. It was okay if you're skip classes but you're still inside the school. The teachers will just give you some disturbing lectures. But it's different if you go out from school. They will give you detention beside of lectures. And as a honor student of course she'd never got that.

"It will be okay. Trust me." Mai reassured once again.

#sigh "Alright then."

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy this late update  :lol:
Please leave your comments  :)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #46 on: November 15, 2016, 06:20:45 AM »
thank you!!

woah. shiraishi senpai helped naachan from bullies :inlove: and invite her to skip the class of course :banghead:

what happened to the other baka, i mean that senseless bakatsuki? :P
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #47 on: November 15, 2016, 02:35:27 PM »
Yeayyy.. Finally... Thank you for updating, author... I'm so happy... :hip smile:
I really love your story. Keep your work.. F I G H T I N G ! :shy2: :mon yeah: :mon fyeah:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #48 on: November 15, 2016, 03:19:26 PM »
Ckckck Shiraishi-senpai, you should be teaching Naachan good things... Instead you teach her how to skip classes :on thumbb:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #49 on: November 15, 2016, 07:45:52 PM »
welcome back author-san :cow:
finally you update your fic XD

Ah I forgot something! This is my first comment actually (sorry for being silent reader) :mon sweat:
*back to your fic*
This love triangle made me dizzy. I love every couple in your fic. wakarei, wakanana, kazunana, nanamai, mainanamin, nanaminashu, ashukiichan.. I like them all.
but.. in the end some of them can't be paired :mon cry:

waiting for next chapter.. keep update author-san :)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #50 on: November 17, 2016, 02:52:51 AM »
Yeay an update  :cow:
I don't mind the late update, since I also understand how troublesome school assignments are  XD

Back to the story... Nanase is so kind trying to get away from Takayama so she wouldn't get bullied, even though deep down she actually wants a friend  :mon cry:
And I hope Maiyan really get to kick Manatsu  :lol: that girl deserve it.
I love every single Nanase and Maiyan interaction, but Maiyan is slowly dragging Nanase to her slacker life, isn't she?  :nervous

I'll be waiting for the next update Author-san. Fightingg!

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 7
« Reply #51 on: December 13, 2016, 11:26:35 PM »
Oh my, I thought I had already commented  :banghead:
Bad girls, why are you bullying such an angel?  :mon fierce:
Ha, busted! Maiyan caught them in the act.
'Waka is really senseless but you're not better than her Maiyan.'
:mon misch:
I’m not sure if I should feel happy or not about Nanamin and Asuka being pretend girlfriends. On one hand, it’s a big chance for Ashu to make Nanamin fall for her. On the other hand, it could make things uglier, sigh.
Maiyan relentlessly pursuing Naachan, good luck.
Asdasdkja I’m happy that Maiyan told Nanase not to avoid Kazumin. WhiteHigh combi!
God, you make it so hard to ship just one pair....
I hope Waka has done some serious thinking about her situation with Reika.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 8
« Reply #52 on: January 04, 2017, 01:08:48 PM »
Sorry for the late update.. lately i'm being occupied by other things so i rarely open this web.. but i won't abandon this story.. at least for now :D so don't worry.. so please enjoy reading :)

@ミサキ: you'll now soon.. :D
@gokulin: thank you so much.. i'm really happy to know this  :cow: so sorry for a really late update though :(
@Genkikid: shiraishi senpai will get the punishment sooner or later don't worry  :P
@wakasama_: thank you for commenting.. comments really make me always want to continue writing this fic.. despite all distractions.. even i myself find it quite hard to decide which couples will be make it in the end.. i hope they won't disappointing.. :D
@finiarel: i just hope nanase has a strong enough heart so she won't be drowned to the kind of life Maiyan is living now..  :lol:
@pretend_2besome1: that's my intention to make as many ships as i can until it's hard to be chosen  :wahaha: she's repenting her sins now.. please give her some more time.. :D


"Where the hell is that girl? Skip classes without even telling me first then suddenly text me to bring her bag and Nishino san bag too. Good i think i've become a maid for her." Nanami complained continuously on her way to where Mai asked her to come. It was not that far from school but as she was holding 3 bags at once it felt like years to get there.

"Finally.." Nanami tried hard to catch her breath normally. "Just you wait Maiyan." After her tiredness had gone a little she stormed in to the coffee shop. She walked straight to where Mai was sitting and laughing happily with Nishino Nanase.

Soon Mai realized some dark aura was approaching her. She stood up straight and then bowed more then 90 degrees to her angry friend. "Please forgive me Hashimoto san."

"I'm so sorry for giving you trouble senpai. And thank you so much for bringing my back. You don't need to do this really."

"It's okay Nishino san. I know you're not at fault. This must be Maiyan's idea to get me here."

Nanami now faced Mai who was ready to get lectured.

"Look at you! Your mid term was a disaster and now you still dare to skip classes. And what kind of senpai are you? You give a bad example for your kouhai!" Nanami slapped Mai head.

"Ouch! It's hurt Nanamin." Mai pouted. "I'll be bored if i go alone that's why i invited Nanase chan."

"You hopeless friend. When sensei knew you're not in class they even didn't ask anyone where you are going. They have given up on you. Geez Maiyan.."

"That's good right? That's mean i won't get any detentions anymore." Mai grinned.

Nanami wanted to say more but she stopped herself. It wouldn't finish anytime if she didn't stop herself.

"Just don't get anyone into trouble. I don't care anymore."

"Mou Nanamin~ Don't mad at me.. You make Nanase chan scared you know." Nanami just gave Mai a glare.

"Where's the tickets i asked you?"

"What tickets?"

"Don't tell me you forget."

"What ticket really?"

"The ticket concert for the band that Asuka likes! You really forget?" Nanami was ready to explode any time now.

"Just kidding. You're too hot tempered Nanamin. Here. Enjoy your date." Mai winked and then smirked.

"Oh shut up. We're not dating okay."

"Hai hai. Just enjoy yourself."

"I'll go now. Asuka will be finished soon."

"You're meeting her now too?"

"I promised her to teach her today." Nanami said that as there was Nanase there. That Mai really got to her nerve. She already knew that today was tutoring day and yet she still asked that? She just wanted to tease her. What a good bestfriend.

"Look at her Nanase chan. Going home together everyday. And now they're going on date. She makes you jealous doesn't she?"

"Shut up!" Nanami slapped Mai's head made Nanase giggled.

"Nishino san." Nanami called suddenly, surprised the now quiet Nanase. "Don't follow this stupid senpai again you understand? She will just get you into troubles."

"Hai.. I'm sorry senpai." Nanase bowed.

"Alright i'm going now. Don't go home too late you have Math quiz on Monday Maiyan." Nanami said while walking away.

"Eh?!" Mai surprised. "Ah i don't need to study by the way."

Nanami stopped on her track and looked back at Mai. "You better study or i'll make sure you can't even touch softball."

"Eh?! You can't do that Nanamin! Hey Nanamin!" But to her dismay Nanami just kept walking leaving Mai in agony.

Seeing how Mai and Nanami interacted with each other made Nanase laughed. She never saw this kind of relationship.

"Geez Nanase chan.. How could you laugh at me." Mai pouted.

"Sorry.. But you two are too funny. Nanami senpai cares for you a lot right?"

Mai grinned. "Yes she the best bestfriend ever. Despite of her bad temper."

"It's nice to have a friend Nanase chan. That's why don't avoid Takayama san. Don't hurt your bestfriend."

"..hai. I'll talk to her. Thanks senpai."

"Good. Now let's go. Nanamin will kill me if i really failed the test. But how must i study?"

"That's why you shouldn't skip classes senpai."

"I won't listening to the teacher anyway. I better go out with you like this than sleep and then got kicked out from class. Right?"

"At least you asked someone to see their notes. I don't even understand how could you pass the exam last year."

"I managed it somehow. I should have just failed it so you could help me study."

"Really senpai. You need to study."

"Hehehe.. Okay. Okay. Nanase chan. I'll try. Let's go."

"Now get in." Mai suddenly said when they were outside. In front of them was a white limo and there was a chauffeur waiting in front of it. He opened the door as soon as he saw Mai and Nanase.

"Huh?" Nanase looked at Mai, giving her a questioning look.

"Since it's already late i called him to fetch us here. Come on i'll drop you off your house."

"Eh.. You don't need to. I can go home by myself. I can take train." Nanase didn't want to be a burden. And most of all she didn't want Mai to see her home, especially her family. What if when they got there her parents were at home and arguing like mad people again. It made her scared. What if Mai decided to leave her when she saw those things.

"Come on. Get in." Mai reassured. In the end Nanase couldn't resist anymore and she did as Mai told her. She told the chauffeur her address and just prayed that her parents weren't at home.

The way to Nanase's house was in a complete silence. Nanase couldn't stop worrying and Mai could feel the tense on her kouhai. So she decided to just let her be. But she still took a glance a couple of times.

After a really long way or that was what Nanase felt, they finally arrived. Nanase observed her house and she saw a peaceful looking house.

'Thank God. They weren't at home.'

The chauffeur opened the door for her.

"Thank you so much senpai." Nanase said before she got down.

"No prob Nanase chan. Let's go somewhere again next time."

"Okay.. But no skipping class anymore!"

"Okay okay." Mai chuckled. It was kinda funny to be scolded by a kouhai. "Now get in. It's getting late."

"Okay. See you later. Thanks again senpai." Nanase waved and got off the car. "Thank you sir." She told the chauffeur which got a nod and a smile from the man. He then ran back to the driver seat and waited for the instruction to go. Mai was waiting for Nanase. She asked her chauffeur to wait until Nanase got into the house safely.

Nanase opened the gate and then walked closer to the front door while searching for her key inside her bag. Finally she found it and put the key inside the keyhole. It was weird that it wasn't locked. Were their parents at home? It was weird that there wasn't any noise. Usually it would be really loud by all the arguments.

Like fate wanted to played with Nanase before she could opened the door suddenly was swung open pushed her back, made her lose balance until she fell down.

Mai abruptly got down from her limo. It was the right choice to wait for Nanase.

"Are you okay?" Mai help Nanase to get up. She held her arm but the latter hissed in pain. Seemed like she got her wrist sprained.

Suddenly they saw suitcases and clothes flied from the door. They were scattered everywhere at the yard.

"Get out from my house! I've had enough of you! Do those things outside not in my house! You said you wanted to separate?! Let's do it!"

Finally it happened. Her parents were divorcing. Her dad finally kicked her mom from their house. It wasn't that surprising for Nanase though. She even found it weird that their parents hadn't separated until now.

"Fine! Let's get divorce! You act like i'm the one at fault you shameless man. You're the one who cheated on me first! And now you dare to kick me out?!"

"This is my house so i have the right to kick you out!"

Finally after a long time they realized Nanase was there. Was she really that invincible? What a 'great' parents.

"Good Nanase you're here! Choose between me and your dad!" Her mom was the first to realize her daughter.

"Yes Nanase who will you choose?!"

"You don't even realize your daughter is hurting. Because of you for God sake! And yet your first question is to choose between you two? Great!" Nanase couldn't keep her temper. They just thought of themselves, liked usual.

"I won't choose anyone! I don't want to live with you two anymore!" She walked away from there with Mai following behind her.

Nanase finally stopped and fell on her knee. She hid her face and crying. Mai really didn't know what to do so in the end she also got down and hugged the girl and just let her cry.

"It's okay. Just let it out. Cry as much as you like. I'm here with you." That was all Mai could say.

They stayed like that for some more times until Nanase was calm enough. Then they sat side by side on the nearest bench. Mai kept glancing at the quiet Nanase who watched the sky silently. She wanted to ask what happened but she didn't dare to do so.

"They really are the worst. All they think are just theirselves." Nanase said after some silent moment. Didn't what was right to say Mai chose to kept silent and just listened to all Nanase said.

"We were once a normal family. We had dinner together, we went to vacations together, we celebrated my birthday and i got presents after that. Birthday was always a day i waited for but it's all change now. It was like a really long time ago until i forgot how it's feel like." Nanase felt like open up to Mai. She had buried this all this time and now she just couldn't keep this all anymore. She needed someone to talk to about this. Really.

"What happened?" Mai asked carefully.

"Back then when i was 11 I accidentally saw my dad cheating with his secretary. I stopped by his office without telling him since i wanted to surprise him. But then i saw him with that woman." Nanase tried hard to suppress her tears. Mai just kept quiet listening to Nanase patiently.

"Of course he realized i was there. Then he came to me and told me not to tell my mom. At that time i thought that really was the best option. I didn't want to see my mom hurt." Nanase stopped and looked at Mai. Her eyes were already wet by her tears.

"But then i realized it was the worst decision i made instead. As time goes by it was getting harder to tell mom. I just kept quiet like i never knew anything while my dad kept doing all of that. And then it was my 14th birthday. Like usual we had breakfast together. I was determined i would tell mom everything that night. But i never got a chance to tell her. It happened so suddenly. When i got home i found our dinning table empty. Usually it would be full of food with the two of them waiting for me and we celebrate together. Then i heard a ruckus from inside. I go to their room to find them and i was welcomed by them arguing and screaming at each other. That's the first time i saw them fighting like that. And just like that our daily lives changed."

Nanase looked at Mai who seemed a little shocked by her story. She never knew Nanase had this much burden on her. She knew Nanase had some sort of broken home, she heard of that gossip but she never knew the story behind it.

"So stupid of me right? Didn't want to make my mom sad but i hurt her more instead." Nanase smiled bitterly.

"It's not your fault Nanase. It's your mom fault for not understanding your intention in the first place. You also had a hard time." Mai tried to convince her. No doubt Nanase would blame herself as her mom always blamed her for not telling her. But really it was not fair for Nanase.

"I don't even understand anymore if it's really my fault or not. It's like i don't care anymore to be exact."

Suddenly Mai grabbed Nanase's face and made her faced Mai. "It's not your fault. Stop blaming yourself. It's not fair for you to weigh this much burden when your parents are the one at faults. You're their victim but they made you their scapegoat to make them feel at ease."

Mai released Nanase when she saw her surprised face. "So-sorry.."

"N-no.. Thank you senpai." Nanase looked down.

"Let's go. It's getting too late." Mai grabbed Nanase's hand. Nanase looked up at Mai confused.


"My house of course. It's not like you want go back there right? At least not now."

"Eh.. No no no senpai. I don't want to be a burden for you." Nanase got away from Mai.

"Then where will you go huh? It's already dark and you don't have anywhere to go. Come on come with me. I don't accept a no from you." Mai got up and dragged Nanase with her to her car that waiting not far from there.

On the way to Mai's house no one said anything. Nanase chose to look outside full of thoughts and Mai busied herself with her phone looking at random things. She still stole one or two glance at Nanase though.

Mai took a glance at Nanase again for the nth time and unfortunately Nanase caught Mai looking at her from reflection on the car window. She abruptly looked down at her phone again.

"Thank you for listening to me senpai." Nanase said still looking out the window. She didn't bother to look at Mai as she knew the latter was listening. She could see Mai looked at her with smile plastered on her face from the car window reflection.


I'll try update the next chapter faster.. thanks for reading and please leave your comments:)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 8
« Reply #53 on: January 04, 2017, 03:39:41 PM »
Now that her parents decided to seperate what will happen to nanase's school life, hence it will  be hard for her to take her belongings from the house because she chose to not live with either of her parents? So nanase going to live with maiyan for the mean time. If the school's students know, nanase's life is going to have another chaos.

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 8
« Reply #54 on: January 08, 2017, 06:17:22 AM »
Good thing I ship all kinds of pair in Nogi. It just sucks when you have to choose.
Waka can take her time, she probably needs more time because that girl will be too serious about it.
I feel bad for Nanamin, lately she’s been on unlucky situations often.
But Nanamin and Ashu seemed to be getting along better. The pretend girlfriends thing is good, I suppose? Ashu must be happy.
Maiyan thank you for talking to Naachan about Kazumin  :thumbsup
A limo? Wow, Maiyan Ojou-sama
In this chapter Maiyan really got many chances with Naachan, huh? Lucky girl. Starting to feel like a good start for NanaMai

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 8
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poor nanase.. it's a bad timing when her crush maiyan come to her house. but don't worry nanase, she really know what she had to do. because she loves you. see? maiyan strikes again :glasses:

and nanamin.. ticket concert? concert for the band asuka likes? they both will watch it together? you are really dating nanamin! :scolding:  :lol:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 9
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@Genkikid: it's really sucks for Nanase right? Poor nanase  :lol:
@pretend_2besome1: good for you  :P because too many pairing like this make you hard to choose even me :D but it really looks like some couples are already fixed don't you think so?
@wakasama_: nanamin is really obvious of what she does  :lol:


"This isn't right. We can't keep avoiding each other like this forever." Wakatsuki had walked back and forth in front of Reika's house for a while now.

It had been weeks since the last time Reika and Wakatsuki talked to each other. Usually they were inseparable but now you really couldn't find them together. This had become the hot topic of Nogi high. Their fanclub was getting worried and even tried to help them make up but to no avail since Reika would continuously run away. Of course they already knew the reason behind this cold war. That was their speciality anyway. To know everything about that couple.

Since no plans were successful, in the end Wakatsuki took her courage to confront her at her own house. She would have any other place to run. Especially when there were her parents who loved Wakatsuki very much. They wouldn't let Reika abandoned their lovely guest.

"Wait." She stopped. "She's the one who kept avoiding me. One day she told me she likes me then the next day she avoids me. But still we can't be like this forever. I need to talk to her." Wakatsuki said to herself while looking at one specific window which she knew to be Reika's room. She could see her inside as the lights were on.

"She won't be able to run away anymore. She has nowhere to run now." Wakatsuki smirked.

"Okay you're not a coward Waka. You can do this." She'd never been this nervous before. Not even on her first softball match. How could she became this nervous just because she was about to talk to her bestfriend? They had known each other since they're in their mothers' wombs for god sake.

She got inside the gate and walked closer to the front door. "You can do this. It's her fault for avoiding you suddenly. You can do this."

She stopped in front of the door and ready to knock on it.


"So what happened next? Is she still not want to meet you although you went personally to her house?" Nanami asked while they were doing their council work.

Ever since what happened to Wakatsuki and Reika it always just the two of them who did the work together with other members. Reika was always had excuses and when she was really needed she would still work alone at her class or just brought them home. She just didn't want to meet Wakatsuki. At least not now.

Just like other days other council members had already gone home and now it was just Nanami and Wakatsuki did some more works. Wakatsuki needed some advice what to do to stop this avoiding things between her and Reika.

"Umm.. I still didn't meet her in the end."

"Eh? How come?" Nanami stopped her work and looked at Wakatsuki questioning.

"When i reached the front door i suddenly heard her saying she would go out and since i was panic i ran away from there... ha.. ha.." Wakatsuki laughed dryly.

Nanami was so speechless hearing her friend's story. "Seriously Waka. You're no different from Reika."

#sigh "I know. But i can't help it. That's why i tell you this Nanamin. Please help me." Wakatsuki grabbed Nanami's hand pleading.

"You know what? It's better if you finish all these problems by yourself. It's not like i don't want to help but i really don't want to help. I already have to much things to think about."

"You're so mean Nanamin. I can't believe this." Wakatsuki pouted and pretend to be hurt.

#sigh "Just make up with Maiyan first then i'll help you." This perked Wakatsuki up.


"I'll just do what i can. But really make up with Maiyan!"

"I get it. I get it. But seriously i don't understand why she is mad at me."

Nanami just couldn't believe her friend was this hopeless. "I don't know you're this hopeless Waka." Nanami shook her head.

"Can't you just tell me?"

"How many help do you want from me?"

"Fine! I won't ask you again. Hmm let me ask just one."

"Alright alright. What is it?"

"This is just my guessing but is it connected to Nishino san? Because when i think about it again she is mad at me since the day of that incident."

"Finally you realize it. Good luck."

"By the way didn't you say you have something to do this evening?" Nanami jolted up from her seat then looked at her watch.

"Oh shot! I'll be late! It's your fault Waka!" Nanami packed her things really fast. It was more like she just threw everything into her bag.

#knock knock

"Who is that coming at this hour?"

"Hmm by the way i have a present for you. I'm going now. Bye!" Nanami opened the door revealed Reika who was standing there too shocked to move from there.

"You two better talk to each other. Don't run away or i'll need to lock you up together."

"You said you'll help me. Not trapping me like this." Wakatsuki whispered to herself but being too loud of course the other two could hear her.

"This is how i help you idiot. Now talk! I really need to go now. Bye!" Then she lost from ther in a blink of eyes.

"Uhmm... Where should i start?" Wakatsuki said awkwardly in front of the silent Reika.


Nanami looked at two tickets on her hand. She was waiting for Asuka to get out as soon as possible. 5.35 PM. They still had time. Luckily the place they would go soon wasn't that far from there.

"Sensei.. What are you doing here?"

"Asuka." Nanami hid the tickets in her pocket. "I've told you don't call me that outside." Nanami crossed her arms.

"Ah... Right. Sorry.."

Nanami still crossing her arms like she's waiting for something.

"What?" Asuka asked although she knew what Nanami wanted.

"Alright alright.." #sigh "Na-nanami san."

'She really wants to kill me.' Asuka thought.

"You should call me Nanami chan or just Nanamin. We should be looked closer. But i'll let it slide for now since we're ran out of time. Let's go." Nanami grabbed Asuka's hand and dragged her along.

"Eh.. Wh-where are we going?" Asuka surprised by the action made her blushed by the sudden contact. Luckily Nanami didn't realize it.

"You'll know when we're there."

"This place is.."

"Tadaa!!" Nanami took out two tickets she got from Mai.

"Ehh how do you know i want to watch this concert? The tickets are already sold out right?" Asuka couldn't hide how happy she was.

"I asked Kiichan. And then i asked Maiyan for the tickets. Sometimes she could be useful too."

Suddenly Asuka stopped smiling. "But why do you do this? Shouldn't we have to study today?"

"Although you didn't pass the target on last mid test but you have improved a lot. And i know how hard you study. Just consider this as your reward."

"Really?" Asuka grinned happily again.

"Of course you need some reward after that hard work. Although it was kind of late."

Asuka smiled bitterly. "By the way.. How did you convince my mom to let me watch this band?"

"I didn't. I know you were in a big trouble last time you watched this band concert. So i just had to lie a little telling her we will study outside." Nanami winked.

"Wow i never knew you could do that." Asuka completely amused.

"Just what do you think i am?" Asuka just giggled in reply.

"Geez.." Nanami ruffled Asuka's hair.

"Mou you're always ruining my hair these days." Asuka tidied up her hair.

'I think i really do that more often these days.'

"Let's go in. It's about to begin." Now it was Asuka turn to drag Nanami along with her.

Asuka was really hyped up. All cheering and jumping enjoying the concert. Somehow Nanami enjoyed the sight. Without her noticing she was looking at her now hyper student. Instead of enjoying the concert Nanami more enjoyed the rare view beside her.

Suddenly Asuka look at Nanami and mouthed something made Nanami caught off guard. "What?"

Nanami shook her head and then came closer to Asuka. "It's just funny to see the usual grumpy Asuka to be all hyped up like this."

"Mou.. I'm not grumpy." Asuka pouted.

"Sure." Nanami chuckled then looked back to the stage.

"How is it? Having fun?" Nanami asked as soon as they got outside.

"It was.. Awesome!!" Asuka shouted, her eyes were still full of excitement. "Thank you so much sensei!" Asuka hugged Nanami without her realizing.

Too surprised by what she just did Asuka went back abruptly. "So-sorry.. I'm too happy."

Nanami noticed there was a glimpse of Asuka blushing and found it cute somehow.

"It's good if i can cheer you up after all. You should show this side of you more often Asuka. This suits you better." Nanami chuckled and patted Asuka's head. It might have become an habit for her.

"Geez what the hell are you talking about." Asuka growled silently being too embarrassed.

"Tsundere." Nanami teased.

"What? I'm not!"

"Yeah yeah.."

"You're annoying!" Asuka kicked Nanami's back lightly.


Asuka stuck out her tongue and then ran away.

"Oi! You rude girl! Just you wait when i catch you!"

"You wish!" Asuka laughed. But to her dismay Nanami was fast and caught her.

"How dare you kick me on my butt." Nanami head locking her student.

"Ouch.. I'm sorry i'm sorry sensei."

Nanami finally let Asuka go. "Your head is too small i'm scared i'll break it."

"Mou.. It's a gift. Many people want this." Asuka pointed at her head.

Nanami giggled. "Alright alright. Enough playing. Let's go home. Your mom will be suspicious if you come home any longer."

"You don't need to come with me sensei it's already too late."

"No way. You're not old enough to go home alone this late."


"I'll be okay. Come on." Nanami dragged Asuka along with her.

Fortunately they still managed to take the last train or else they would have to walk home. It was quite far actually. They sat side by side in silence. While Nanami was busy with her phone, Asuka was busy with her own thoughts. Maybe that false rumor was not that bad. Instead it was a luck that made her more closer to Nanami. Just like what she wanted.

"By the way Asuka. How can you find and like this band in the first place? It's kinda old and most girl won't know it. Even i'd just known this band when Kiichan told me." Nanami asked curiously.

"Umm.. To put it simply my dad like this band so he told me about them."

"Ah that's why you know something like this. But how come i never see your dad?"

Asuka smiled bitterly. "He's gone 6 years ago. Because of accident."

"Ah.. Sorry." Nanami felt guilty to ruin the mood. She shouldn't have asked.

"It's okay. I'm not that sad anymore. Time can really heal your wound."

"You two must be really close."

"Oh yeah.. He gave me that drum when i was 5 and the one who taught me how to play. "

"Ah.." Now Nanami felt guilty for taking Asuka drum but it was for her sake right.

"We're here sensei. Come on." Asuka walked toward the door which being followed by Nanami. She never thought the girl had a sad past like that. Right now Nanami had already guessed why Asuka really couldn't be separated with her drum.

"Umm then.. I'll go now."

"Wait sensei." Asuka grabbed Nanami's hand. She was thinking wether she should say it or not.

"What is it?"

"Let's just stay at my place tonight. It's already late and there's no train anymore."

"It's okay. I can walk from here. It's not that far."

"Yes if you take train. But no if you walk. It's dangerous to walk by yourself these days. And this area is really empty at this hour. Let's go. Beside tomorrow is Sunday." Asuka dragged Nanami before she could protest anymore.

Nanami really quite surprised by what happened. Since you knew how Asuka was, she never thought this girl could worry about her like that too. But now she knew. Asuka wasn't that bad as a kid. She just hid her true self too much behind that rude appearance. Maybe it was true that Asuka was perfect example of a tsundere. This thought made Nanami chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. I just confirmed something and now i'm sure that's right."

Asuka just gave a confused looked for some seconds. "You're weird." Then she looked away. "You wanna come or not? I'm not going to ask you again."

"Okay okay i'm coming. You're really inpatient. But thank you for worrying. I'm touched you know." Nanami teased. She already predicted how the girl would react and just as she thought.

"You wish! Don't be so full of yourself. I'm just being nice." Asuka still walked ahead so Nanami wouldn't see her blushing, getting caught.

"Hai hai.. I get that."

'Tsundere.' Nanami thought.


To be continued...:)
Please leave your comments below.. thank you for reading..

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 9 (UPDATE!)
« Reply #57 on: January 27, 2017, 10:17:45 AM »
Hi! I'm baack  :)
Nanamin method to get wakarei able to talk to each other is superb  :farofflook:
Nanamin telling ashuu that they should look more couple-y is  :deco:
But really Nanamin did a lot of great things, she tried to help others but she doesn't forget to fix her own relationship with Ashuu by getting her the concert tickets, she deserve happiness :cathappy:
I can't wait to find out about maiyan and nanase now that they're (temporarily?) living together and I wonder how people would react if they know that  :lol:
Thank you for the update, author-san. I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :)

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 9 (UPDATE!)
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 Awesome nanamin and tsundere Asshun :lol:

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Re: [Nogizaka46 fic] Shitto no Kenri (various pairing) Chapter 9 (UPDATE!)
« Reply #59 on: January 31, 2017, 04:02:53 PM »
I couldn't stop giggling with waka behavior. what are you doing waka? how can you be this hopeless? reika awaits you.. come and be gentle :mon exhaust: thanks nanamin for your help. waka use that opportunity as well as possible :lol: but nanamin.. don't forget about your problem too. immediately specify your choice. maiyan or tsundere asuka :mon misch:
btw thanks for update author-san :)

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