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Author Topic: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXII || 080918]  (Read 16405 times)

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXII || 080918]
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Chapter XXII

Even when sleeping, Shiraishi Mai is still looking after her. That’s something she had realised during the time they had started to sleep side by side. The older girl has always slept with her face towards Nishino’s side as if making sure that she’s there. It warms her heart when she remembers how it used to embarrass her, enough for her to turn her back on the girl, but still there was not even a day had Shiraishi ever face the other way. Slowly, Nishino starting to be more comfortable to face the girl too, cherishing how she can open her eyes and see her there, reminding the younger girl that despite what happened, she is not alone.
Shiraishi is afraid of the dark so she needs to always have the sleeping lights on. She sighed softly, her mind took her back to those days she spent on the bright hospital room, next to the stiff bed where the very same girl had dwelled on for months.

Having all the wealth, it wasn’t impossible for Shiraishi’s family to transport her back to her homeland even when the girl is dependent on life support to keep breathing. And Nishino was there, waiting for the plane to land. Eyes red from crying combined with lack of sleep.

Sleeping on the hospital chair or sofa for months was, of course, painful, but at that time, it didn’t matter. She wanted to be there. Just in case Shiraishi will make any slight of movement, just in case the heart rate monitor next to the bad will show a bit of change, just in case the girl will finally open her eyes and maybe her lips will curl into the very same foolish grin she had that time when she had broken her arm.

But of course, she didn’t.

For a while that doesn’t stop Nishino from hoping, every day she’d come over telling the unconscious girl about her day, stuff that has been happening outside of the room, even the smallest thing such as the latest release of Shiraishi’s favourite artists.

Until the day that will mark the first year ever since the accident happened is coming closer and Nishino overheard the conversation Ikuta had with Shiraishi’s father.

“You can’t just shut it off, this is Nee-chan life that we’re talking about!”

Despite the teenager desperation, the man was calm, almost too calm that it scares Nishino. “I don’t think this is good for her, Erika. Just how long are we going to force her to live like this? Even if she is awake, do you think she would be happy? She isn’t complete anymore.”

“We’ll find a way then, I will. Like I always do.” The girl said.

The man smiled and pulled the girl into a warm hug, “I’m sorry.”

Seeing that Nishino dashed straight into the room, accidentally slamming the door in the process. Tears already run down her cheek way before she catches the sight of the one on the bed, still in the same position with how she was the last time she saw her even though all the medical equipment that she used to have all over her body is mostly gone.

“Mai, please wake up,” she sobbed, shaking the girl’s arm lightly. “You’re the only one that I have so please don’t-”

Nishino’s hand moved, from the unconscious girl’s arm to shoulder, from shoulder to the beautiful face, from the face to the waist, and stopped when she found nothing left underneath it.

She isn’t complete anymore.

The words echo in her brain, reminding her of what she has been trying to ignore all this time. Nishino thinks she can finally understand the man who had said that. Seeing everything from another perspective, she started to think that maybe all this time all that they’re doing is a selfish act to force the unconscious girl to stay alive. Ignoring how the girl might feel if she ever woke up and find herself not being able to use her legs, let alone use- the unconscious girl doesn’t even have them anymore.

This decision to keep Shiraishi Mai alive is one-sided. And suddenly she feels guilty. What if deep in her unconsciousness the girl is in pain? What if keeping her alive in this state means that they are trapping her in never-ending darkness- which is something that Shiraishi is scared of.

“For forcing you to go through all of this, I’m sorry.”

Her shaky fingers caress the girl’s cheek, tracing the dry lips lightly, remembering the last time she had seen it curled up into a smile. Trying to accept the fact that she won’t see it anymore.

“I love you.”

She leaned forward giving a light kiss on each of the closed eyelids, trying to control her sob as she noticed how the girl’s body temperature is getting colder and colder.

“Thank you for everything.”

Nishino’s eyes blinked a couple of times, frowning at the tears that she wiped from the cheek. For a moment she was having a hard time to grasp the situation, then she realised she had accidentally fallen asleep and dreamed about that day.

That’s all in the past, it’s all okay now. Shiraishi Mai is alive, able to wake up and do her daily routines just like any other normal humans. She’s complete. Nishino reassured herself. Her eyes gazing at the peaceful sleeping form of Shiraishi next to her and found herself smiling a little.

A year ago, she wouldn’t have thought that she will ever get to experience it anymore. Having Shiraishi by her side, hearing the soft breathing rhythm that she has grown to love, feeling fingers lay on top of hers in a protective manner. Nishino knows that there’s no way she can take this for granted. Now that she got her second chance Nishino Nanase has vowed to do anything to keep the girl safe and sound.

She took a deep breath, softly slipping off from the bed, eyes did not leave Shiraishi to make sure the girl is still sleeping.

Her barefooted steps were careful as she left the bedroom. Thankfully, her time spent living and visiting the place has basically taught her everything she needs about the 9 bedrooms mansion. Rather than having a hard time to find her destination, she was more-wary of getting noticed by one of many workers working in the place.

As she makes her way to a room located almost on the other side of the building, trying to keep herself calm and sharpen her ear just in case there’s another footstep that is not hers.

The room wasn’t locked when she came inside, from the suffocating dusty atmosphere, she can tell that it hasn’t been used in a while. She mouthed a silent apology as she approaches the office desk at the end of the room, plugging in the thin flash disk she had been keeping inside the pocket of her pyjama short into one of the ports of the desktop computer before turning the machine on.

It goes well, just like how they had instructed her. The desktop automatically encrypts the data onto the thin device, decrypting any passport that it encounters, bypassing all the security system that it has. It even comes with a progression bar, which pretty much seems to be moving as slow as snail.

As she waits, Nishino looks around the room. Being careful not to touch anything unnecessary so there won’t be any leftover trace of her visit. From framed pictures on the desk and shelves, she can tell that Shiraishi’s father really loves his daughters and proud of their achievement. He hung graduation pictures of the girls on the wall behind the desk, sorting it based on date. One of the photos is a big family portrait of him, the two daughters, and a kind looking a woman who is most likely Ikuta’s mother. Mai was probably around 11 years old in the picture, her lips sporting a really stiff awkward smile in that one, signalling how she is probably was pushed to do the family picture session despite not really wanting to.

This provokes a small chuckle out of Nishino. She remembers that time she had a friendly talk with her lover’s father and the man mentioned how his daughter used to hates camera and being the centre of attention but somehow as she goes older Mai has evolved into one that strives to be under the spotlight of theatre performance.

Averting her gaze back towards the thin monitor screen, Nishino inaudibly counts down the last 4% of the progress. Her hands moved quickly to shut the machine back down as soon as it’s finished, not wanting to waste more time inside the room.

She was walking back to her girlfriend’s bedroom, eyes staring blankly at the hardwood flooring, her attention is somewhere else that involves reaching her phone as soon as possible to send the text to notify that she has managed to get what they need her to. Part of her wishes that it’s all that they need to finally let the matter go.


The call of her name has surprised her a lot that she might have jumped a little. Finding Shiraishi staring at her, her eyes looking at her in worry.

“Uh- I was just…” She tried to find a reasonable excuse. “Can’t sleep.”

“You should have woken me up,” the girl approached her, her hand reached to hold Nishino’s, “how about I’ll make you a cup of hot chocolate to help you sleep?”

She found herself nodding, “but um- I think I want to check my phone for a bit, I’ll go to the kitchen after.”

Shiraishi sighed, “it’s 3 AM you really don’t need to work this hard. But fine, do what you need to.”

The younger girl exhaled the breath she’s been holding once the other girl took a step away and head downstairs where the kitchen is. Nishino quickly goes back into the room, taking her phone that was being charged on the desk and send a short message.

She was just about to leave the room when she heard the vibration of the phone, reluctantly she goes back to see the reply. Trying not to scream her frustration when she learnt that they still need her to do something more. As she tries to convince herself that anything is worth it as long as her girlfriend is safe, she typed her answer, shutting off her phone afterwards as she really doesn’t feel like responding to any of their request for the rest of the night or at least not until morning comes and she got some actual good sleep.

She found Shiraishi’s standing in front of the kitchen counter, her attention to the milk frother machine was pushed away as soon as Nishino stepped into the white tiled room. She pulled Nishino’s closer to her side when the girl stopped next to her, one arm holding the girl by the waist as the others work to pour the warm hot chocolate into two mugs.

“Would you like some marshmallow on top of it?” Her question is followed by a little laugh when she found Nishino’s nodding even before she finishes her sentence. Her left hand still not leaving Nishino’s waist as she reached up to grab a box of the sweet, scooping a spoonful to be put on top of one of the cups.

“You’re not having some?” Nishino raised her eyebrows.

“Well, I have to control what I eat. It will be bad for my system if I have too much than the capacity.” Shiraishi reminds her. “It sucks, Erika is going to beat my yakiniku portion to shame from now on.”

Nishino grabs the mug from Shiraishi’s hand, taking a sip and cherishing the warm sweetness that starting to spread inside her. “I miss this.”


“Nights where you made me warm hot chocolate.”

Shiraishi’s expression turns into a serious one as she quickly finishes what’s left in her cup, “all this time people are worried about me, while it also must have been hard for you. For that I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Nishino shook her head¬, leaning closer towards the side of Shiraishi’s face, forehead lightly brushed the slightly taller girl as she ducked down to drink the warm beverage.

She put the cup back on the counter and raised both of her hands to embrace the girl’s beautiful face. “It was worth it. I would do it all over again if it means I get to spend more time with you.”

“Me too-” the words seems to hang in the air as if there’s more to it that Shiraishi couldn’t say. Nishino waited, her right-hand goes to the side to tuck some stray hair on the back of the ear. “Does your parents still live in the same place?”

Nishino’s eyebrows furrowed, to tell the truth, she has never really thought of her foster parents as her own. In her mind, they’re merely a name written just to convince the government that she’s being taken care of. A part of her realises how ungrateful she might have seemed, but then, she thinks that’s what she should do for suddenly barging in their harmonious household with her problems. She had brought so much trouble for them and she feels like being close to them will only add to the inconvenience.

“Yes, they are. What are you thinking?”

“I got a meeting around the area tomorrow, probably would be good if I drop by for a visit,” Shiraishi explained. “You don’t need to come, but probably will be good if you can notify them.”

“So… You won’t be in the office tomorrow?” Nishino asked.

“Nope. Will spend the whole day going place to place.” Shiraishi smiled a little, leaning forward to kiss Nishino’s cheek. “Hmm- you smell like a fine brand of chocolate.”

The other girl chuckled, “and who’s fault is that?”

“Me.” Shiraishi proudly say before capturing her lips with hers. “Would you be kind to me and let me have my second serve of hot chocolate? I think I figured out the way to cherish the taste without passing my consumption intake.”

~ To Be Continued ~

Sort of a filler and build up chapter for what about to happen next. I've been sort of living in the library lately cause my assignments, and somehow ended up writing whenever I feel like taking a break  :cathappy: I hope you're enjoying this, let me know what you think :deco:


Sayuringo. Wow. While she may have given Naachan the gun, I wonder if she's really behind the drugs... dun dun dun!  Or really behind some of the bad things that happened. (My conspiracy theory hat might be on a little, haha.)

Ahaha, the only way I can put is it that I'm very curious on what happens next. Awesome update as always.

I can't wait for the full reveal and see whether your conspiracy theory is spot on or not  :roll: Thank you for the reply I hope you're enjoying this one as well  :hip smile:

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