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Author Topic: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXVI || 111118]  (Read 20031 times)

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXII || 080918]
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Chapter XXII

Even when sleeping, Shiraishi Mai is still looking after her. That’s something she had realised during the time they had started to sleep side by side. The older girl has always slept with her face towards Nishino’s side as if making sure that she’s there. It warms her heart when she remembers how it used to embarrass her, enough for her to turn her back on the girl, but still there was not even a day had Shiraishi ever face the other way. Slowly, Nishino starting to be more comfortable to face the girl too, cherishing how she can open her eyes and see her there, reminding the younger girl that despite what happened, she is not alone.
Shiraishi is afraid of the dark so she needs to always have the sleeping lights on. She sighed softly, her mind took her back to those days she spent on the bright hospital room, next to the stiff bed where the very same girl had dwelled on for months.

Having all the wealth, it wasn’t impossible for Shiraishi’s family to transport her back to her homeland even when the girl is dependent on life support to keep breathing. And Nishino was there, waiting for the plane to land. Eyes red from crying combined with lack of sleep.

Sleeping on the hospital chair or sofa for months was, of course, painful, but at that time, it didn’t matter. She wanted to be there. Just in case Shiraishi will make any slight of movement, just in case the heart rate monitor next to the bad will show a bit of change, just in case the girl will finally open her eyes and maybe her lips will curl into the very same foolish grin she had that time when she had broken her arm.

But of course, she didn’t.

For a while that doesn’t stop Nishino from hoping, every day she’d come over telling the unconscious girl about her day, stuff that has been happening outside of the room, even the smallest thing such as the latest release of Shiraishi’s favourite artists.

Until the day that will mark the first year ever since the accident happened is coming closer and Nishino overheard the conversation Ikuta had with Shiraishi’s father.

“You can’t just shut it off, this is Nee-chan life that we’re talking about!”

Despite the teenager desperation, the man was calm, almost too calm that it scares Nishino. “I don’t think this is good for her, Erika. Just how long are we going to force her to live like this? Even if she is awake, do you think she would be happy? She isn’t complete anymore.”

“We’ll find a way then, I will. Like I always do.” The girl said.

The man smiled and pulled the girl into a warm hug, “I’m sorry.”

Seeing that Nishino dashed straight into the room, accidentally slamming the door in the process. Tears already run down her cheek way before she catches the sight of the one on the bed, still in the same position with how she was the last time she saw her even though all the medical equipment that she used to have all over her body is mostly gone.

“Mai, please wake up,” she sobbed, shaking the girl’s arm lightly. “You’re the only one that I have so please don’t-”

Nishino’s hand moved, from the unconscious girl’s arm to shoulder, from shoulder to the beautiful face, from the face to the waist, and stopped when she found nothing left underneath it.

She isn’t complete anymore.

The words echo in her brain, reminding her of what she has been trying to ignore all this time. Nishino thinks she can finally understand the man who had said that. Seeing everything from another perspective, she started to think that maybe all this time all that they’re doing is a selfish act to force the unconscious girl to stay alive. Ignoring how the girl might feel if she ever woke up and find herself not being able to use her legs, let alone use- the unconscious girl doesn’t even have them anymore.

This decision to keep Shiraishi Mai alive is one-sided. And suddenly she feels guilty. What if deep in her unconsciousness the girl is in pain? What if keeping her alive in this state means that they are trapping her in never-ending darkness- which is something that Shiraishi is scared of.

“For forcing you to go through all of this, I’m sorry.”

Her shaky fingers caress the girl’s cheek, tracing the dry lips lightly, remembering the last time she had seen it curled up into a smile. Trying to accept the fact that she won’t see it anymore.

“I love you.”

She leaned forward giving a light kiss on each of the closed eyelids, trying to control her sob as she noticed how the girl’s body temperature is getting colder and colder.

“Thank you for everything.”

Nishino’s eyes blinked a couple of times, frowning at the tears that she wiped from the cheek. For a moment she was having a hard time to grasp the situation, then she realised she had accidentally fallen asleep and dreamed about that day.

That’s all in the past, it’s all okay now. Shiraishi Mai is alive, able to wake up and do her daily routines just like any other normal humans. She’s complete. Nishino reassured herself. Her eyes gazing at the peaceful sleeping form of Shiraishi next to her and found herself smiling a little.

A year ago, she wouldn’t have thought that she will ever get to experience it anymore. Having Shiraishi by her side, hearing the soft breathing rhythm that she has grown to love, feeling fingers lay on top of hers in a protective manner. Nishino knows that there’s no way she can take this for granted. Now that she got her second chance Nishino Nanase has vowed to do anything to keep the girl safe and sound.

She took a deep breath, softly slipping off from the bed, eyes did not leave Shiraishi to make sure the girl is still sleeping.

Her barefooted steps were careful as she left the bedroom. Thankfully, her time spent living and visiting the place has basically taught her everything she needs about the 9 bedrooms mansion. Rather than having a hard time to find her destination, she was more-wary of getting noticed by one of many workers working in the place.

As she makes her way to a room located almost on the other side of the building, trying to keep herself calm and sharpen her ear just in case there’s another footstep that is not hers.

The room wasn’t locked when she came inside, from the suffocating dusty atmosphere, she can tell that it hasn’t been used in a while. She mouthed a silent apology as she approaches the office desk at the end of the room, plugging in the thin flash disk she had been keeping inside the pocket of her pyjama short into one of the ports of the desktop computer before turning the machine on.

It goes well, just like how they had instructed her. The desktop automatically encrypts the data onto the thin device, decrypting any passport that it encounters, bypassing all the security system that it has. It even comes with a progression bar, which pretty much seems to be moving as slow as snail.

As she waits, Nishino looks around the room. Being careful not to touch anything unnecessary so there won’t be any leftover trace of her visit. From framed pictures on the desk and shelves, she can tell that Shiraishi’s father really loves his daughters and proud of their achievement. He hung graduation pictures of the girls on the wall behind the desk, sorting it based on date. One of the photos is a big family portrait of him, the two daughters, and a kind looking a woman who is most likely Ikuta’s mother. Mai was probably around 11 years old in the picture, her lips sporting a really stiff awkward smile in that one, signalling how she is probably was pushed to do the family picture session despite not really wanting to.

This provokes a small chuckle out of Nishino. She remembers that time she had a friendly talk with her lover’s father and the man mentioned how his daughter used to hates camera and being the centre of attention but somehow as she goes older Mai has evolved into one that strives to be under the spotlight of theatre performance.

Averting her gaze back towards the thin monitor screen, Nishino inaudibly counts down the last 4% of the progress. Her hands moved quickly to shut the machine back down as soon as it’s finished, not wanting to waste more time inside the room.

She was walking back to her girlfriend’s bedroom, eyes staring blankly at the hardwood flooring, her attention is somewhere else that involves reaching her phone as soon as possible to send the text to notify that she has managed to get what they need her to. Part of her wishes that it’s all that they need to finally let the matter go.


The call of her name has surprised her a lot that she might have jumped a little. Finding Shiraishi staring at her, her eyes looking at her in worry.

“Uh- I was just…” She tried to find a reasonable excuse. “Can’t sleep.”

“You should have woken me up,” the girl approached her, her hand reached to hold Nishino’s, “how about I’ll make you a cup of hot chocolate to help you sleep?”

She found herself nodding, “but um- I think I want to check my phone for a bit, I’ll go to the kitchen after.”

Shiraishi sighed, “it’s 3 AM you really don’t need to work this hard. But fine, do what you need to.”

The younger girl exhaled the breath she’s been holding once the other girl took a step away and head downstairs where the kitchen is. Nishino quickly goes back into the room, taking her phone that was being charged on the desk and send a short message.

She was just about to leave the room when she heard the vibration of the phone, reluctantly she goes back to see the reply. Trying not to scream her frustration when she learnt that they still need her to do something more. As she tries to convince herself that anything is worth it as long as her girlfriend is safe, she typed her answer, shutting off her phone afterwards as she really doesn’t feel like responding to any of their request for the rest of the night or at least not until morning comes and she got some actual good sleep.

She found Shiraishi’s standing in front of the kitchen counter, her attention to the milk frother machine was pushed away as soon as Nishino stepped into the white tiled room. She pulled Nishino’s closer to her side when the girl stopped next to her, one arm holding the girl by the waist as the others work to pour the warm hot chocolate into two mugs.

“Would you like some marshmallow on top of it?” Her question is followed by a little laugh when she found Nishino’s nodding even before she finishes her sentence. Her left hand still not leaving Nishino’s waist as she reached up to grab a box of the sweet, scooping a spoonful to be put on top of one of the cups.

“You’re not having some?” Nishino raised her eyebrows.

“Well, I have to control what I eat. It will be bad for my system if I have too much than the capacity.” Shiraishi reminds her. “It sucks, Erika is going to beat my yakiniku portion to shame from now on.”

Nishino grabs the mug from Shiraishi’s hand, taking a sip and cherishing the warm sweetness that starting to spread inside her. “I miss this.”


“Nights where you made me warm hot chocolate.”

Shiraishi’s expression turns into a serious one as she quickly finishes what’s left in her cup, “all this time people are worried about me, while it also must have been hard for you. For that I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Nishino shook her head¬, leaning closer towards the side of Shiraishi’s face, forehead lightly brushed the slightly taller girl as she ducked down to drink the warm beverage.

She put the cup back on the counter and raised both of her hands to embrace the girl’s beautiful face. “It was worth it. I would do it all over again if it means I get to spend more time with you.”

“Me too-” the words seems to hang in the air as if there’s more to it that Shiraishi couldn’t say. Nishino waited, her right-hand goes to the side to tuck some stray hair on the back of the ear. “Does your parents still live in the same place?”

Nishino’s eyebrows furrowed, to tell the truth, she has never really thought of her foster parents as her own. In her mind, they’re merely a name written just to convince the government that she’s being taken care of. A part of her realises how ungrateful she might have seemed, but then, she thinks that’s what she should do for suddenly barging in their harmonious household with her problems. She had brought so much trouble for them and she feels like being close to them will only add to the inconvenience.

“Yes, they are. What are you thinking?”

“I got a meeting around the area tomorrow, probably would be good if I drop by for a visit,” Shiraishi explained. “You don’t need to come, but probably will be good if you can notify them.”

“So… You won’t be in the office tomorrow?” Nishino asked.

“Nope. Will spend the whole day going place to place.” Shiraishi smiled a little, leaning forward to kiss Nishino’s cheek. “Hmm- you smell like a fine brand of chocolate.”

The other girl chuckled, “and who’s fault is that?”

“Me.” Shiraishi proudly say before capturing her lips with hers. “Would you be kind to me and let me have my second serve of hot chocolate? I think I figured out the way to cherish the taste without passing my consumption intake.”

~ To Be Continued ~

Sort of a filler and build up chapter for what about to happen next. I've been sort of living in the library lately cause my assignments, and somehow ended up writing whenever I feel like taking a break  :cathappy: I hope you're enjoying this, let me know what you think :deco:


Sayuringo. Wow. While she may have given Naachan the gun, I wonder if she's really behind the drugs... dun dun dun!  Or really behind some of the bad things that happened. (My conspiracy theory hat might be on a little, haha.)

Ahaha, the only way I can put is it that I'm very curious on what happens next. Awesome update as always.

I can't wait for the full reveal and see whether your conspiracy theory is spot on or not  :roll: Thank you for the reply I hope you're enjoying this one as well  :hip smile:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXII || 080918]
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Nanase's dream left me confused since that part did not know her and now I am curious to know why she occupies the information that she stole from the computer and what she plans to do :?

if Maiyan can already feel emotions I hope she can be romantic with Nanase and show her once again that he loves her  :luvluv1: :gmon love2:

It was a good stuffed chapter and I hope you can update soon
Thanks as always and I hope that soon you can clarify more questions :twothumbs :heart:

I'm sorry for my bad English if I ever make any mistakes :nervous  :depressed:

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXII || 080918]
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“I would like to get your permission because I’m um… thinking of asking Nanase to marry me.”

She feels relieved when she finally finishes the sentence, the one she has been planning for nights and basically have been keeping her awake. She wondered if Wakatsuki- who is the only person she knows that is engaged- experienced the same thing, but thinking about that just makes her even more nervous. Perhaps she should let the half-sister knows about this as well. After all, Wakatsuki was the one who used to be the most disapproving of her relationship, but ever since she found out that Shiraishi is still pursuing the case, basically trying to put her mother into jail for liability that almost got her killed, it seems like Wakatsuki has become even more distant with her.

“Of course, we would be happy with that.” The woman who sits in front of her said gently, a hand reached out to take Shiraishi’s. “You are the reason that Nanase’s here today if it’s not for you, I can’t even imagine what would happen. Which is why I always trust that you would do the best for her. And if I have to choose, I don’t think that there’s anyone that I would like to see marrying my daughter more than you.”

Shiraishi feels like the heat reaches her face, she looked down towards the tea on the table, hoping it would help to ease her embarrassment from the compliment. “Thank you.”

“Shiraishi-san, I support your decision and really honoured that you decide to ask for our permission first. But, can I ask you something?” The only man in the room, which hasn’t really said much from the first time Shiraishi enter the door finally spoken.

“Yes, sure.”

“I think I can understand well how much Nanase love you, how you always try to help her, being the one she can talk about her problems to, and such. But what about you? Why Nanase?”

Shiraishi took her time to think, before slowly her lips curls into a soft smile and she started to speak. “Before I meet Nanase I would admit that I was not in a good position when it comes to love. Nanase shows me compassion and friendship. She shows me that it’s possible to feel happy just because we’re together. She doesn’t need me to be an eye-candy, something to show off to the others. She is not there because I can shower her with gifts too, in fact, she refused every single one of it. It took me months until she finally let me buy something for her. And I love that- her being genuine.”

The man gives her a smile, a big one that is both full of acceptance and proud. They talked about some simple things after that which somehow escalates into how things are going for Shiraishi, what is she planning to do now that she owns the company, even stuff like whether she is thinking of getting married soon or is she planning to just enjoy their engagement for a while.

The sun almost sets down when she notices her phone that’s on silent has been getting a call. Realising that it came from her sister, she excuses herself from the conversation to pick it up.

“Is everything okay?” Shiraishi asked, raising her eyebrows in confusion when she noticed the notification that shows how the girl has been calling her multiple times.

‘Nee-chan, you need to come here. It’s-’ the girl hesitates. ‘The intruder, they caught her.’

“Call the police then, interrogate her about what she was looking for and who sent her.” She instructed, “Make sure we interrogate her first before the police though, chances that those people are the one who sent her.”

‘Right, uh no- um… about the intruder… It’s Naa-chan.’

“No.. that…” Shiraishi looked towards the middle-aged pair who is chatting merrily on the table for a moment. “Don’t do anything, I’ll be there in two hours. Don’t touch her, you hear me. Just stay there.”

She quickly ended the call, trying to calm herself down as she vaguely explained to her lover’s adopted parents that something suddenly came up in the office, therefore, she has to leave as soon as possible. Both seem confused about the urgency in her tone but somehow did not question further as they walk her out from the decent sized home.

“Mai-san,” the woman stopped her before she could take a step further away. “I know that this has passed but a lot has happened to Nanase when you were… away. There were times when she was really different, so much that it almost hard to see that she’s the same girl I’ve known since she was young. Now that you’re back, she had gradually come back to her old self, but in case- you find that side of her. This is just a mere wish of mine, but please try to understand her.”

Shiraishi gulped down, nodded stiffly as she let the woman pulled her into a hug. She pulls back after several second and went straight to her car, instructing her chauffeur to dive her back to the company building as quick as possible.

Her mind was basically all over the place during the ride back, she thinks about everything that she can understand about the whole situation. The illegal distribution of drugs, her lover’s problems that also involves the very same thing, the possibility of her old friend to be the one behind everything.

She tried to deny that everything must be connected, but everything makes a perfect sense.

She opens her phone, looking through all the messages that came from Ikuta, Takayama, and even Hashimoto- it seems like she was the one who realised that her girlfriend got huddled off towards the security room. Somehow her thumb keeps scrolling until she found one message that she had gotten about a week before, from a friend that she had paid to look for Matsumura. She had informed her that she can arrange a meeting for Shiraishi and the Yakuza-clan leader, but Shiraishi had not said anything. She is trying to fulfil Nishino’s request to let the matter go.

She had tasked her assistant to stay inside the building the whole day to tend some documents and receiving her call. Seems like the young woman is also aware of what’s happening, she is ready near the building entrance once the car Shiraishi’s in swiftly stopped.

“Where is she?” Shiraishi asked.

“Security building,” the dark-haired said as she led the way towards the location she had mentioned.

Shiraishi did not say anything afterwards, she knows well if she wants to protect Nishino she should not speak about the situation until she actually reaches the place where fewer people would hear. She may have not come into a decision about what to do regarding the situation, but at least she has decided to keep the matter just among a few people for now.

There were about 7 people in the security monitoring room that her assistant led her to. Her sister, Hashimoto, and Takayama is there as expected, but in addition to that, the company CEO was also there along with some security-division members.
“What happened?” Shiraishi asked after her assistant left the room and closed the door behind her.

“I found her snooping around database server room of research division, using this.” The security tapped a thin flash disk on the table gently. “I tried to question her regarding what is it about, but she hasn’t said anything. I am positive I would have gotten a coherent answer if not for these three who suddenly barged into an interrogation.”

“Look, no offence but I agree with Tsuchida-san here. From what they told me it seems like the flash disk meant to decrypt and send the data to an unknown party as soon as it is plugged into the computer, so we need to look past who she is as what’s matter the most now is the safety of our data.” The CEO backed the man up, his hand pats the security shoulder a couple of times as if to make sure everyone in the room knows that he appreciates his techniques. “Besides, this is not the first time the Shiraishi has been betrayed by their own loved ones. Seems like they really are a magnet of traitors.”

Shiraishi Mai slammed both of her hands onto the table, “Akimoto-san, I won’t stop you from degrading my mother, but if I hear you relating what Nishino Nanase does with hers one more time I will not hesitate to pull you out of your CEO chair.”

The man shrugged, “I just hope you’ll be smarter than your father.”

“I’ll talk to her,” she decided, eyes looking towards the observation glass of the interrogation room where Nishino sits, albeit she sits facing the room Shiraishi’s currently in, the girl's face is looking towards the floor so she could not really see it properly. “I think if it’s me she’ll talk. But in case she doesn’t then, you’re free to do whatever it takes. But- just to make it clear. We are not going to involve the police in this.”

The security guard nodded as she led Shiraishi towards the door. “whatever suits you.”

Shiraishi Mai blinked a few times as she watches the room door closes behind her, she tried not to pay attention to the cuffs that bind her lover’s hand to the tables as she walked towards the front corner of the room and press the power button of the recording camera off.

It’s probably just in her mind, but she feels like she can hear people from the observation space grunted annoyingly at her action.

But she needs that. In order to make Nishino Nanase realises that she is trying to help her, she needs the girl to know that she trusts her enough not to record her every single statement.

She grabbed the chair that was stood across of Nishino and moved it to space beside her. Exhaling loudly as she sits there and faces the girl’s side.

“Nanase, please talk to me,” she pleaded, “there must be a reason for you to do this. But there’s also a reason why I need to keep the data secret, making sure that it doesn’t fall towards other people’s hand.

Some of the stuff that we’re doing here might be a bit problematic with the government guidelines. While feeling like we’re helping others, they might don’t think so. One example of that is me, I’m a product of an experiment bordering towards the illegal activity. They know is not right, I know is not right, but I’m here now, living, breathing.

That data, it could be a risk for me and also other subjects here. That’s why I want you to let us know who sent you or who are you sending it to?”

Shiraishi grasped the other girl’s hand gently. Patiently wait for the girl to speak up. She can feel Nishino slightly trembles, slight sobbing sounds could be heard coming from her mouth. “I don’t know. I’ve never met them… They just told me what to do.. and I do it or else..”

“What? Or else what?”

“Or else they will hurt you!” Nishino faced her for the first time, right cheek a bit swollen and dried blood on the corner of her mouth. “They almost killed you once and they will not hesitate to hurt you again… And I… I can’t let that happen.”

As she lets the girl cried, she pulled out a set of keys from her pocket, unlocking the cuff around each of her lover’s wrists.

“Hey, can you give me their contacts? I will track them down, make sure they’re not able to use the data for something horrible. I promise I’ll be careful, I mean I’m pretty sure you’ve met the guards, they’re pretty capable don’t you think?” She tried to ease the girl. “Also, please let us know about which computer or database have you hack.”

Nishino nodded hesitantly, “you can find them in my phone. They always use a different number to contact me, but maybe you can still trace it and found something. About the computer.. um… I did it to the one inside your father’s office at your home and also this one in the research division.”

“Did they asked you to do it anywhere else?” Her question was soon replied by a shook of the head. Seeing that Shiraishi gives her a nod of confirmation. “Okay then, let me sort some stuff out and after that, we’ll go home.”

Shiraishi put her arm around Nishino’s waist as they go out from the room, letting the girl hides her face by burying it underneath Shiraishi’s neck. As she settled some matters, she let Takayama handles Nishino’s, tending to the result of the rough interrogation.

After some discussion with the security division, she let them know that she already has some theory in mind regarding the breach and pass them the contacts, asking them to don’t investigate it further until she asked them too as she already has a specific method in mind. One thing that she still can’t comprehend is why her lover was hacking through the research division, based on her suspicion that this relates to them selling their drugs outside it will be more logical if the girl hacks into the distribution or supply division.

If only that was true, this could also be a reason why these bad guys are sending Nishino in, because a few days ago, Shiraishi had actually replaced the leader of the division, over a precaution that the person could be the one behind the distribution. However, the human research division in particular- does not have any relation to the drugs. It worries her that they possibly have another agenda in mind.

“We’ve got to evacuate some of our subjects, especially the one that we have yet to report to the government.” She gives them instruction. “We need people we can trust, yet does not directly related to the company to avoid suspicion. This is sudden, but I hope I can get a list of prospective names of this people and also who should be evacuated by tomorrow.”

“For how long the subjects are going to stay with them?” Ikuta asked.

“I’m hoping at least a month, that should be enough for us to see how the situation goes and prepare some safe houses in case we have to take care of them outside the company. This should be a secret among us as we’re not sure whether they also send another people too or not. I think that’s all we can do from now, I hope all of you here can understand and do as I say.”

The people in the room nodded in confirmation before starting to leave the room. As she leaves the room one of the guards follows her. They had decided he is going to accompany Shiraishi for a while until the situation is deemed to be safer. They went straight to Takayama’s desk after that, telling the girl everything they had decided before Shiraishi finally leaves with Nishino.

The walk towards the building front door was quiet, they had decided from early on the sudden meeting that Nishino will not be allowed to enter Nogizaka building, which shouldn’t be much of a problem as she wasn’t a worker there.

It wasn’t until they’re inside the car the younger girl said something.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted,” Shiraishi said, moving closer to the girl, circling her arm around her once more. “What you did… I can understand that. I would do the same if I’m in your shoes. These people, however, they have been messing with my life for quite a while now, so I really should put a stop on it.”

Nishino nodded, “just… be careful.”

“I will,” Shiraishi pull the girl’s head closer towards her and give it a light kiss. They stayed like that afterwards, none of them making any moves until Nishino fell asleep, head resting comfortably on the crook of Shiraishi’s neck.

When she’s sure the girl is deep into slumber, she used her free hand to open her phone. Navigating to the message she has been checking quite often lately. She knows that after what happened, there’s no way she would stand still and just watch. Not when they know how to contact Nishino, not when Nishino seems to be really scared that they would do something.

First, she attached some new contacts that she had received from Nishino and after that started to type a reply.

Can you bring Sayurin tomorrow? Also, just sent you some new leads. Can you look into that as well and see what you can find on them? Thanks!

~ To Be Continued ~

I'm baaaacck, this chapter is also a really stuffy one, was thinking whether I should divide it into two or not, but I don't feel like putting up another filler. But well, basically everything will progress after this, cause as you can probably realise we'll meet Sayurin again on the next chapter and there's still an explanation on what happened with Nanase in the past too coming up. As usual, thank you for sticking through this story, would be happy to know what you think too  :deco: :deco: :deco:


Nanase's dream left me confused since that part did not know her and now I am curious to know why she occupies the information that she stole from the computer and what she plans to do :?

if Maiyan can already feel emotions I hope she can be romantic with Nanase and show her once again that he loves her

It was a good stuffed chapter and I hope you can update soon
Thanks as always and I hope that soon you can clarify more questions

I'm sorry for my bad English if I ever make any mistakes

Hmm.. which part of Nanase's dream? Basically that's just what happened after Shiraishi got the accident, how she spent some months in a comatose state until they decided to plug their life support- which is basically just what Shiraishi's father does so he can get away with transporting the girl towards the facility where he plans to fix her. I hope this chapter answer your question, but eh- maybe not really hahahah. well basically someone asked her to.

We'll see if there's more romantic moment coming up, but to be honest considering this is the final arc so might be not that much :nervous :nervous :nervous

Thank you for your reply, let me know if you want me to explain anything and I hope you like this chapter as well :wub:

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXIV || 151018]
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Chapter XXIV

Mai stared at the marble stone in front of her, tracing the neat carving with her fingers. She wonders what she would find if she can see beneath the surface. An artificial body resembling herself? Her old discarded body that she had left when they were able to move her consciousness into a fake one? Just one empty space?

She smiled bitterly upon each of the possibility, taking one step to her right where a space with her father's name is located, next to her own space and above her step-mothers. She looks down to her hand that carries a small bucket of gladiolas in a few soft colours, carefully placing them one by one into the little cup-like space next to the tomb.

"Hi father," she mumbled, feeling a bit awkward as it's looking like she's talking to herself. "They said that these flowers symbolise strength, I really hope they weren't tricking me into buying the more expensive ones."

"Anyway, I decided to handle the company," she smiled a little, knowing how much her father would appreciate it. If only she has come into the decision before he passed away, she might be able to see him looking at her with his proud look at least once more. "I'm not taking over the CEO position though, I feel like at least I should finish my study first before sitting in that chair. But even if I do have the degree for it I'm still not sure if that would be a good thing to do because I don't want to be so busy that I couldn't watch over Nanase."

"The whole situation now... Is pretty messed up." She sighed, looking at the elegant stroke of the character, "If only you're here I am pretty sure you know how to handle these."

"Hey, I've never asked you this before but how is it that you're able to forgive my mother for what she did?" She knows that there won't be any answer, but somehow, she waited, her brain trying to guess what would be the answer to that question.

"Is it because we're desperately trying to believe that they're just trying to do their best?" she asked. "I'm not sure what was the situation with mother, but Nanase did the same. And she looks- scared. That makes me feel bad. Isn't it weird? She's the one who was betraying me, but I feel bad because she had to do that."

"My plan was to ask her to marry me last night, but with everything that was going on, I realised it would be bad if I rush it." Her finger plays with the soft petal of the flower. "I thought about what you did, how you did not tie the knot with my mother even after she had me. Things like that should be easier for me and Nanase, but I don't want that. I love her and it seems like this is the reason I'm desperately trying to believe that she only wants to protect me."

"I-." she was not able to finish her words, movements come into a halt when she heard the sound of the door opening. She spun towards one side and her expression turns into a serious one as she nodded for the two newcomers to join her.

"Maiyan it's been a while," the long-haired girl who is two steps in front of the other person said as she slides her big dark sunglasses up to reveal her face.

"Misamisa can you please close the door," she requested to the one behind, completely ignoring the friendly greeting.

Eto Misa did as she was told, standing with her back on the closed door with arms folded underneath her chest, observing the whole interaction silently.

Shiraishi sighed as the other person who speaks up just before stops just a few steps in front of her, hands held out onto her, "no hug for the old friend?"

The way the girl acts like there's nothing serious happening or had happened between them just triggers Shiraishi. Her right hand went inside her coat and pulled out a small gun, pointing it straight towards where the girl's chest is.

"Woa woa, Maiyan. Please just hear her out," Eto started to panic, quickly left the spot she stood before and come closer towards where the confrontation takes place. "I assure you it's not like what you think."

"Speak then, tell me the truth," Shiraishi took a step closer, hands still gripping the gun. Part of her is trying to calm herself down so that her hands stop shaking, but to her disappointment, it doesn't work that easy. "What were you doing with Nanase?"

"Looking for answers," she replied flatly. "And for your information, it wasn't me who seek her out. It was her. She came to talk to me on your funeral day, asking me if I could help her to find some information or at least lend her gun once more. She wanted to track him down, the driver of the car that ran into you. I had quite a bit of a spare time, and I feel like it's interesting, so I decided to help her."

"In returns for her working with you to find more information about my company," Shiraishi tried to connect the dots.

"No, with nothing in returns." Matsumura denies the accusation. "But whatever believe whatever you want, just don't regret it when you realise you're wrong and both you and her are going down because of it."

"BULLSHIT!" she pulls the safety of the gun, ready to shoot the girl in any seconds.

Yet, Matsumura Sayuri is still as relaxed as she was before. Acting like they're just kids playing with a toy gun. "Look at you. I wonder where did that teen who told me to go fuck myself after offering a gun to defend your girlfriend went?"

"You know what happened, I..." she gulped down, "I have killed once, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Including you."

"Come on, Maiyan, I'm not like the others. I know you. I know that it was all a lie you made to protect your girlfriend, after all, I am the one who told you that she as an orphan was not in a good position to defend herself if anything happened. Just like it was me who told you that they're always the one gotten the blame in the courts. You don't have any problems with others thinking you're a murderer but still that doesn't make you a person who can actually kill someone."

Matsumura raised her hand towards the gun, grabbing it with her bare hand before slowly pushing it down so it points towards the floor instead. Somehow, Shiraishi wasn't even able to do anything but let her be, her brain admitting her defeat, realising that Matsumura is right. No matter how much she loathes the girl for playing the mind trick, she still is second-guessing herself when it comes to pulling the trigger on her.

"This is what happened. Our search led us to a drug cartel, one that is selling your restricted product to the general public. These people are not just mere dealers, they're dangerous. And if I ever strike a problem with them there would be a gang war, which would result on me losing my best men and possibility of getting some of my operation decapitated. I explained to her that the risk was too high, therefore I won't continue what I've started.

But your girlfriend seems to think otherwise, for her there is nothing else that matters.

I reckon that's the reason she started using their stuff- so she can become one of their customers, with that she can secretly lookout for information. That's also most likely why started to be able to make contacts with them. My theory is, somehow along the way they found out about her true intent, using your wellbeing to push her to do their bidding."

Shiraishi raised the gun once more when Matsumura opened the bag on her shoulder, pulling out a paper sized envelope from inside.

"Here is all the information regarding them, this includes people that I know are working for them, like their leader, and that sort of thing."

Albeit hesitant, Shiraishi uses her left hand to reach for the envelope, with her right still on the gun, ready to pull the trigger in case the person tried anything.

"And why should I believe all of this?" Shiraishi asked. "Why should I believe that this isn't your trick to blame your fault onto someone else? Why should I believe you're trying to help me?"

"First, if you ask your girlfriend she would tell you that I'm telling you the truth. Second, this is a really weak reason but" Matsumura sighed looking towards the floor, her eyes become a bit shy before she looks back up to meet Shiraishi's gaze once more. "I love you. Been feeling that way since long before you met Nanase-chan. And the thing is, even from that time I know that I should never be more than your friend, my life is not for just anyone and you deserve better."

Shiraishi couldn't break their staring contest, her mind took her back to everything that they have done together. The girl has always been on her side, no matter how much Shiraishi's friend tease the rumour about the dangerous family situation. No matter how much Matsumura disapproves her choice of friend, her action, and other things, she has always been there.

Matsumura smiled, a big one Shiraishi used to enjoy seeing, the one that makes the girl looks carefree and friendly. But despite the curve of her lips, her eyes are sad, hopeless, realising that her confession is not going to change everything between them.

"I'm really sorry about what happened with Nanase-chan's father, back then, I was just trying to protect you. The same thing with what happened to Nanase-chan herself, she becomes a victim all because of my half-assed vengeance.

You're right about I'm being horrible at what I do though, my goal only revolves on you, I never think about the others around you. And that somehow hurt you in process.

I don't know what else can I do to show you how sorry I am, but I know that information would at least help to give you a few pointers. These are the one that even Nanase-chan does not know completely, the reason why I tried to make her stop pursuing it further."

Shiraishi stared at the gun in her hand, taking a deep breath before placing it back in her coat pocket. She moved to the centre of the room where two blocks of bench stood, her fingers slowly moved to tear open the envelope. A stack of documents inside, some has a tree-like information, denoting the structure of the clan that it details.

Her fingers slowly moved towards the one in the front. Observing the pictures on the top of each tree branches, recognising the two that are located on the top of the documents. Blinking a couple of times as she re-read the names over and over again as if that would change the information.

Wakatsuki – that's what it said. A picture of her own mother lies on top of the words along with her husband, whom Shiraishi can still recognise even when she had only seen the man once before and it was many years ago.

And as if that wouldn't be enough to identify them, it details the pair two daughters- complete with their pictures, one which Shiraishi has been seeing quite a lot recently.

"Maiyan, I don't think revenge is the correct solution in this matter," Eto speak up, eyes looking at her old friend in worry. "I know you and Wakatsuki Yumi isn't exactly best buddies but she's still Nanase-san's best friend."

"And also my half-sister," Shiraishi muttered the truth.

Both Eto and Matsumura eyes widened, "what?"

"Long story short, this woman," she pointed to the picture. "Is my mother. She had an affair with my father to gain access to those drugs and somehow she had me. Actually, now it makes sense."

"Do you think Wakatsuki-san would totally kill you just because you're an offspring of his wife?" Eto asked, a bit of disbelieves hinted in her tone.

"Well I did destroy his marriage," Shiraishi shrugged, remembering those days when Nishino mentioned how her best friend has been in a bad mood because her parents couldn't stop fighting, mentioning a possibility of an affair. She looks at Matsumura, who seems to be deep in thought as well. "I'm surprised that your intel doesn't catch how they have separated though."

"Hmm... I just update this a few months ago, pretty sure they haven't got officially divorced and the woman is still totally working for him." She explained. "Understandable though, that happened quite a lot in this sort of businesses. The woman will most likely end up dead if they actually get separated."

Shiraishi nodded, trying to understand the whole situation. Noting that's probably the reason her mother was so serious back when she overheard her talking about her daughter engagement to Shiraishi's psychiatrist.

That also could be the reason why the woman has never really tried to contact Shiraishi and why her father was so angry when he founds out the woman was keeping tabs on her.

"Anyway, thanks for everything and I'm sorry for pointing the gun at you and also many other things," Shiraishi mumbled towards the young yakuza leader. "Now that you've given me something, I can sort out what I need to do."

Matsumura nodded, she seems to be thinking of what to do for a moment before reaching her hand to give Shiraishi's hand a gentle grasp. "Take care, Maiyan."

Shiraishi nodded with a little bit of smile, provoking a smile from the one who's leaving as well. Matsumura nodded before stepping outside, leaving Shiraishi and Eto inside the family tomb.

"Misamisa, before you go, I have an offer for you." Shiraishi bit her lower lip a little. "Okay, more like a request I think."

Eto raised her eyebrows, "what is it?"

"How about you work for me as the head of security in the company?"

"Wow, do I really strike you as an old fatty in a uniform?" the woman joked, her little laughter died quickly when she realised that her friend is being serious. "Maiyan, I have my own business."

"So, we can just combine the business then or like I can become one of your permanent clients."

Eto rolled her eyes, "my business is breaching into people security system to finds out about their secret. What you need is someone who can build a wall to prevent someone like me to intrude."

"And you're one of the best in your field, which is why I think you know more about what to improve in order to prevent breaches," Shiraishi argues. "Or else you can just do your business and help me as a side job, I can pay you no matter how much you want."

"Wow, okay I'm saying this as your friend but that's a really bad way to run a business," Eto replied.

"I need someone to help me take out all of these intruders in the company, yet I don't know who can I trust with these documents. But I know I can trust you and you have the capacity for it."

Eto looked Shiraishi, finding the person is looking back at her with a pleading look. She understands completely why she would be the perfect person, but a part of her is still reluctant. There's a reason why she completely abandoned her father's multi-million security company, telling the man to pass it on to her little sister instead.

But this person is more than just someone, she is her best friend.

"Fine, but it's only temporary okay? Once I'm sure we got every single one of them out I will leave the position." Eto stated.

Shiraishi nods. "Okay then, I'll let my assistant know to send you the contract as soon as possible. I would love it if you can get everything signed before today's 5 PM. So you can proceed tomorrow. But I'm totally fine If you need more time to sort out stuff in your place, though."

"It's fine, I can start tomorrow. I'll probably have to divide my attention for a week or two though, still got some clients I haven't sorted."

"Sure, do what suits you the most."

~ To Be Continued~

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXIV || 151018]
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I finally made an account only to post this...

You're doing a great job and I can wait for the next chapter...

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXV || 301018]
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Shiraishi looks around the two bedrooms apartment, her movement stopped in front of the window, eyes looking outside where other building can be seen. She sighed in uncertainty, looking back to where two other women sit on the cozy sofa. One of them stiffly supported a tiny human on her arms while the other chuckled a little, index fingers gently touching the small cheek.

“Are you sure this would be okay?” Shiraishi asked for like the 5th time in the past 3 hours she has spent in the building. Eyes moved towards the kitchen where another woman is waiting for the milk to be heated.

“I assure you it’s going to be fine,” the one carrying the baby answered. “Yumi has a sister and practically helped to raise her when she was young, so she knows to handle them.”

Shiraishi nodded slowly, she has been sort of avoiding Wakatsuki for the past few days, the reason being that she feels awkward that a part of her knows that she would not hesitate to order a bounty on her parents if only there won’t be a consequence on that.

She must have been lost in her thought for a while because she did not even notice when Nishino has risen from her sitting position and moved towards her position, and Shiraishi herself has walked to the other corner of the room, without no specific reason as if that’s her unconsciousness working.

“Are you okay?” Nishino asked as she gently tugged Shiraishi’s hoodie.

“Ah- y- yeah fine,” she stammered, her brain is somehow trying to figure out why did she even moved. Eyes intently inspecting Wakatsuki, who has taken the space next to Sakurai by then, holding out the bottle for the baby to drink.

Sakurai smiled as she watches little girl finished the milk. “She’s so cute. I bet she’s going to grow up even smarter than you. Right, Mitsuki-chan?”

“It’s Mizuki.” The three of them replied altogether.

Somehow that ended up with them laughing, finding it funny that they were so synchronised on correcting the psychiatrist.

Maybe it’s the laugh, but whatever it is actually helped to ease the tension in Shiraishi a little. “Geez, Reika, it’s not even a day and you already change the girl’s name.”

“I’m sorry,” the woman apologised, somehow earning a laugh from the little one as well. “Huh, you think that’s funny.”

Sakurai gently nuzzled her face onto the 4 months old, provoking a protest from Wakatsuki besides her, whose begrudgingly reminding her that the baby could puke if she provokes her too much when her stomach is full.

“See? They’re going to be fine,” Nishino hugs Shiraishi from behind, chin rested on the taller girl’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I still need to talk with Wakatsuki a bit though.” She said, turning her head to the side so she can give a little kiss on the girl’s cheek.

Hearing that, Wakatsuki attention moved to Shiraishi, eyebrows raised. “What’s up?”

“Just some stuff about the observation stuff and what you should tell the others in case they found out about her. Considering you’re the one who legally owns this apartment.” Shiraishi explained. “But uh um if you don’t mind can we talk about this privately?”

Wakatsuki seems confused but nodded and guide Shiraishi to Nishino’s bedroom. Who have been remodelled earlier that day so it could accommodate the baby. The animator bed was put in the storage, her desk was moved into Wakatsuki’s study, all to give room for the crib and some stuff they need to monitor the baby. Even though she looks like a normal baby, Yamashita Mizuki is still a baby that spent 6 months being conceived in an artificial womb. Which is why they still need to keep an eye on her in case there is an irregularity.

A staff has explained all the simple technical stuff the couple have to do earlier that day. So of course, Wakatsuki herself realised that what Shiraishi is going to say to her is most likely something else. After closing the door behind her, the young lawyer gave her a look, waiting for Shiraishi to start.

“Um about Mizuki, make sure no one knows that she’s here okay.”

Wakatsuki nodded, “no worries, we’ve signed agreements on that.”

“I mean, I am expecting you to hide this even from your parents. Like- especially from them.” Shiraishi said, her eyes meet Wakatsuki’s confused one.

“Yeah sure, of course, that would include them as well.” She sighed, before slowly her brain connected the dots together, her voice shaky when she spoke her guess out loud, “you think it’s them, don’t you? The one who stole data from your company.”

Wakatsuki and other people who volunteer to help to hide the subjects were given a brief that the reason their help is needed because some data was stolen. No mention on how it was done, why would that happen, or who is probably behind it.

“Mai-san, answer me.”

“We’re not sure, but we have a suspicion.” Shiraishi nodded. “Look, it doesn’t matter, I’m not asking you to investigate this or anything. Just please don’t let them know about Mizuki-chan.”

Wakatsuki nodded.

“You’re a good person, Wakatsuki,” Shiraishi smiled warmly at her. “I’m glad you’re here.”

Wakatsuki smiled a little, “well, I wasn’t entirely being charitable, I sort of want to see how good Reika at handling kids. Considering we’re getting married and all,”

Shiraishi chuckled. “Right about that.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Not that important but I uh. I’m thinking of popping the question to Nanase. I just think you should know… Being her best friend and all.”

Wakatsuki averted her eyes for a while, before nodded. “All I can say is just do whatever you want, but if you ever hurt her I wouldn’t hesitate to punch you. Even though that would probably hurt me more than you considering you’re like made of metal and all those heavy stuff.”

“The prosthetic skin around the skeleton will actually make it feel like hitting a normal human body, it’s just I’m heavier. But right, of course.” Shiraishi shyly replied, remembering a couple of past encounters between them that turned rough. At times like this, it surprises her how far have they come since those days, how now it seems both of them has found a common ground where they can at least be civil with each other, even with all the problem surrounding both of them.

When Shiraishi stepped out, Nishino was the one who’s carrying the baby. Sakurai who was supposed to be handling the small girl was in one corner in the room, phone on her ear, talking seriously to someone which Shiraishi assume is a patient.

Sighing, Shiraishi approaches her girlfriend, her lips tugged into a little smile when she noticed how the child is sleeping in Nishino’s arms. Now she kind of get why Wakatsuki would want to see how Sakurai fares with handling a baby. Because seeing how her girlfriend does it now is heartwarming.

“So what happened between you and Yumi-chan?” Nishino asked softly.

Shiraishi shrugged, “just a bit of talk. Making sure we’re on the same page despite how I’m still onto mother’s case.”

Nishino nodded, “look, I know that hoping the two of you could act like a proper sister is far-fetched, but I think it would be good if you try to trust her more.”

“I am,” Shiraishi raised her eyebrows. “What makes you think that I’m not?”

Nishino huffed a bit before leaving her position, going towards her room with Shiraishi tailing at her back. She put down Mizuki on the crib, waiting for a couple of seconds to make sure the baby is sleeping peacefully.

“Why can’t you trust me on this?” Shiraishi asked softly as she continues to tail Nishino towards the other corner of the room where the girl started to grab several clothes. Considering Mizuki is going to stay at her room for a while, there wasn’t space for Nishino to sleep because of all the monitoring equipment. Thus’ Nishino is going to stay over at Shiraishi’s place, which is an arrangement that Shiraishi is, of course, couldn’t help but to be excited with.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, but you’re just… Like that.”

Shiraishi spreads her arms, “like what?”

The younger one just shook her head, suddenly regretting where the conversation has led them to. “Nevermind, I don’t want to argue with you. Not now, with Mizuki there sleeping.”

Ever since that day she had discovered that Nishino was the one snooping around her company, she realised that both of them are always on the edge. Nishino who seems to be thinking Shiraishi has completely lost her trust in everything, and Shiraishi who thinks that Nishino doesn’t believe that she’s approaching the matter in the best possible way that exists.

Right now, they’re in the aftermath, only trying to pick up the broken pieces that are scattered around. And if their relationship is a torn paper, even gluing everything back together again will not wipe out the trace that it was once broken. Shiraishi Mai wants nothing more than to fix that.

Which is why she’s going to spread a completely new paper in front of them.

“Nanase, I want to marry you.”

It was all wrong. None of the current situations resembles what she has been planning, no fancy flowers, delicious 5-course dinner, both of them in the most elegant dresses, Nishino wasn’t even looking at her- she was still tidying up her clothes into her overnight bag.

But deep down in Shiraishi Mai heart, she knows that it is the right thing to do.

“Before- with Wakatsuki. I was asking for her permission. I had also talked about it with your parents and they are okay with it” Shiraishi admitted, feeling her face growing warm. “This is not how I wanted it to be. However, there’s so much going on between us and I don’t want our relationship to become broken just because of a misunderstanding.”

Shiraishi took Nishino’s right hand with hers and chuckled nervously when she realised that she also left something important. “I don’t even bring the ring, but I’m more than 100% sure. When all of this is over, I want to marry you.”

Nishino nodded and basically jumped to hug the slightly taller woman, “yes.”

“I’m sorry about the ring, I swear you will get it as soon as we reach home,” Shiraishi apologised, earning a deep kiss from Nishino.

“That doesn’t matter, I love you.”

And all the nervousness and tension that was building up inside Shiraishi melted just from that three words. She bumped their foreheads together, hands went lower to propped Nishino and spun her around twice.

“I love you too, thank you.”

~ To Be Continued ~

A little bit of calm before the storm, and YEAY FOR NANAMAI BEING ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual thank you for reading and I would really really love it if you let me know what you think  :wub:

Thank you so much, and  :welcome to JPH!P I hope you are enjoying this chapter as well

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Re: Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXV || 301018]
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This was such a lovely chapter!! I loved how all the tension between Nanase and Maiyan just melted away; you did a fantastic job at describing the proposal! Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks as always!  XD XD

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Sakanatachi No Love Song [Nogizaka46] [Chapter XXVI || 111118]
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Chapter XXVI

Shiraishi Mai feels like she’s not herself. It’s not just one of those days when she feels under weather and about to explode in every 5 minutes. It means she really is not herself in the most horrifying way possible. The movement of her limbs, a decision that her mouth speaks, an expression that her muscles formed.

None of that is her intention at all.

It’s like suddenly she’s in the auto-control position where her actual conscience can only watch as her brain send a message to all parts of her body to do something that she definitely does not want to. There was nothing that she can do for her mouth does not even speak one word that she tried to tell them.

The whole situation frustrates her so much to the point of over the past couple of days, there is always a prominent pain coming from her brain that she ironically has grown accustomed to. The pain that will not go away no matter what kind of pill she had taken.

She started to think of a chance that she has contacted dissociative identity disorder and her other self is taking over. It’s not even 3 nights yet that this foreign and reckless being is taking control of her but the trail of the mess it made is getting worse and worse.

First of all, this other self-seems to think that it’s a better idea to recruit some people into the company in exchange of those who is possibly related to the black-market drug distribution. People which background they couldn’t really investigate well.

Second, this other self-has somehow requested some documents that can be used to sell her share of the company.

Third, this other self definitely has a complete opposing opinion of her. Suggesting an actual framework to sell some of their dangerous drugs to some high bidder.

To sum it up, this foreign part of herself is trying to destroy what she has tried to build over the past couple of weeks and what her father has built for his entire lifetime.

“What the hell are you doing?” Eto Misa had come to her quarter one afternoon. Brows furrowed in anger. Slamming a stack of documents on the table. “This!? I thought you need me here to prevent, that to ever happened. I don’t care what kind of sick shitty childish game are you trying to play, but please keep in mind that people life is at stake here!”

She wanted to tell her what happened, that none of this is actually what she wanted, but she couldn’t.

“I know this seems like a wrong move, but trust me this is for the best.” Her mouth moved, her voice calm and controlled. “They already have our data right? The only way we can assure they’re not going to do something bad with it is by contacting them, arranging a deal with them. Something both sides could work with.”

“Are you nuts?” Eto muttered, she can see the betrayed look on her friend face, one that show how disappointed she is with that decision. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Eto-san, please keep in mind that you’re just a staff here. I have the authority to dismiss you permanently.”

Inside her own brain, Shiraishi feels like punching herself. If she can, she would actually do so. Even if that won’t give her the control of her body back, she would gladly watch herself tripped or got into something horrible right now.

Eto shook her head, “just to refresh your sense of logic. It was you who beg me to take this position. If anything, it is you who will lose me. I really hope you’re off whatever it is you’re snorting soon before it’s all too late.”

Technically, it wasn’t even her fault as she has no control over what her mouth was saying. Still, the guilt creeps inside her and the fear that she might not be able to be herself anymore is suffocating, haunting her in every gesture her body made.

She needs to get herself back, taking over the control from her other self, but she has no idea how.

All she can do is keep trying to send a command to her body, which multiplied the pain coming from her brain as her limbs seem to shake from all the confusion. It wasn’t long until she stopped trying, defeated by the pain in her head.

“Good,” she spoke, before continuing whatever it is that she’s about to do next.

That time, she can only hope someone can notify her sister that she has been acting weird and the girl will come back from her Europe lecture trip quicker. But of course, that wouldn’t happen. Life is always playing with her fate like that.

So all she can do is merely watch as her body guide her back home and sleep, where another thing would haunt her in the form of nightmare which at that point has become more of a routine and to be honest is not as scary as what’s happening in real life anymore.

That night was one of those days it got so bad to the point of it jolting her awake.

Her fingers pressed onto her forehead, trying to calm a headache that seems to make her head spins.

Shiraishi can feel a movement coming from her side, her fiancé that she had accidentally awoken from her sudden movement. A concerned look met her eyes, the younger woman sat up and caress her cheek with a warm hand.

“It’s just a nightmare, it’s fine, everything is fine.” The person tried to assure her just like how she does in each night she found out that she was having one.

“No, I’m-” that’s when it suddenly hits her.

That was truly her speaking, with her own conscience and command.

She’s back.

Her eyes widened, right hand fetched her phone on the table. Freeing herself from her lover caress as she hurriedly walked towards the end of the room where she kept all of her files in a map. At that moment, what she needs to do is those she has been wanting to but couldn’t. Figuring out what’s happening as well as letting someone that possibly understand the situation knows about the problem. She can hear Nishino asking her something, which she ignores as her priority lies in trying to find a way to stop herself to ever lose the control again.

She tried to call Hashimoto Nanami but met with a busy tone followed with a voicemail recording that allows her to leave a short message.

“Hashimoto-san, I don’t feel like herself. I have no idea how, but over the past couple of day, I wasn’t the one who controls my own body. Please call me back as soon as you reach this and don’t believe anything that I told you if that contradicts this, okay.”

She put the phone on the table, spreading the documents on the smooth wooden surface and turn on the reading lights. Her hands starting to scan the documents one by one, trying to figure out if there’s anything that can inform her of the whole situation.

Her movement stopped when she saw one of the protocol documents, eyes scanning a sentence written there. Realising that might be the current problem scares her more than her initial guess that she might be having multiple personality disorder.

“Host body is tested by connecting the brain to the main control. The host should be able to produce a human-gestures, speaking ability, and pure expressions according to the instruction given from the main control.” She mumbled.

“Mai, is everything okay?” Nishino repeated her last question. From the corner of her view, Shiraishi can see that the girl is really worried. Seeing no reaction from Shiraishi, the younger woman put a hand on her shoulder in assurance. “Hey, it’s okay to talk to me.”

“Nanase, someone was controlling me.”


“I’m hacked- I wasn’t myself. I did things I didn’t mean to and…” she started to ramble, her breathing becomes harder as panic attack getting the best of her. Her vision blurring from the tears that are welling up on her eyes. “There’s this thing where my body could be connected to main control… What if… What if”

Nishino spun the chair where Shiraishi sat so they’re facing each other and pull the billionaire into a hug. Her ears catching every single word that Shiraishi is saying, trying to make sense of the jumbled sentences.

“I’m going to call Kazumi. She will know what to do.” Nishino tried to sound as optimistic as possible even though deep inside her mind she’s having a difficulty of stopping herself not to be panicked. She pulled her fiancé along with her as she walked back to her side of the bed, gesturing the other to sit next to her on the bed as she used her phone to dial her best-friend.

Her other hand is holding Shiraishi’s close, hoping that will help the woman to feel safer.

Nishino groaned when her call didn’t get picked up, fingers quickly hit on the redial, and eyes observes her fiancé intently. Weeks ago, she will not take Shiraishi seriously if she ever said she’s experiencing what is happening now, but Nishino realises how lately Shiraishi has really been out of it. She often doesn’t respond when being asked about something, other times she even forgot things that had happened. Sure it’s easy for Nishino to take being tired as the sole reason. But seeing her fiancé shaking, head slumped on her shoulder, pale face that reminds her of what she had seen once lay unconscious on the top of a hospital bed.

She can tell that something is really wrong.

“Nanase, you should leave.” Shiraishi shivered, breaking Nishino’s hold on her arm as she comes up with the best solution to the situation. “Please leave, let the others know about what’s happening and stay away from me until this is over.”

The other girl looks at her in disbelieves, “no, I can help you. Trust me it’s fine. I’ll make sure it’s okay.”

Shiraishi shook her head, starting to put more distance between them. Her brain starting to feel weird, as if something else is taking its capacity. She breathed out her warning, “they will hurt you.”

However, Nishino ignored her request. Her mouth speaks out her message for the voicemail recording instead of complying to Shiraishi.

Suddenly, her hand moved, roughly snatched the phone from Nishino’s hand. Finger pressing on the stop button.

When her mouth doesn’t repeat her warning, she realised that she has lost once more. And this time, Nishino is in front of her. Within her arm distance with her not having any control to stop whatever it is that could happen next. All Shiraishi Mai can hope is that her fiancé can at least figure out what’s happening and quickly run to safety, far from where her hands could reach.

“That person you were trying to send a message. Tell her it was a false alarm and you were panicking for no reason.” Her hand give back the phone to Nishino as her mouth speaks the order.

Shiraishi hates it, the coldness of her voice that she has never used to speak to Nishino and seeing how lost Nishino’s eyes are is enough to crush her inside.

Nishino hesitates, eyes looking back and forth between the screen and the eyes of her lover. Shiraishi moved from her position, walking towards her desk and started to open the shelves that it has. Her hand reached for the gun that lay underneath a stack of papers, pulling the trigger and pointing it towards her own head.

“Do it or else I will pull the trigger.”

Nishino gulps, her eyes have turned red from holding back her tears, she dialled the number once more. Deep inside Shiraishi feels a bit better when Takayama still doesn’t pick up, giving Nishino an easier time to do exactly what she’s told to.

“Please don’t,” Nishino sobbed after she finished her voicemail message and put her phone down. “Do whatever you wish, just don’t hurt her.”

Shiraishi felt like crying, but she can’t. She’s currently just a turmoil inside her body.

“I’m leaving and if I see you or any of your friends messing around, I will not hesitate to pull the trigger.” She spoke, before turning her back on Nishino and leave. They didn’t even have a slight logic or sympathy to have her grab the coat from the hangers or to have her put on decent shoes. All her body did is just to leave.

Within minutes, all Shiraishi Mai can feel is the cold winter wind against her pyjama and pain from her barefoot. She’s walking at dark towards a destination that she could not even figure out. Not knowing what else to do, she started to list all the possible thing she understands about what she’s currently facing.

Considering how she can still think and feel pain, it seems like the part of the brain where it actually thinks is something that they can’t reach. Which means their influence only last for the artificial part of her body, where they’re able to control her limbs and basically move her like how one would with a puppet. Putting the real Shiraishi Mai in a position where she can’t do anything but observes.

One thing that she’s sure of, is that there’s an actual person behind all of this. Seeing by what they have done for a couple of days, these people are most likely the one behind her company infiltration as well.

After about more than an hour worth of walking which has turned the pain from her foot to be a numb sensation that got her really horrified, she realised that she’s in the area that she’s familiar with- or used to be familiar with. There’s a new building there and there, but she’s sure she knows the neighbourhood. She’s even more certain when she passed a house she knows too well, one where she had fallen down from its roof once, where she saw someone died from being shot, the place that she used to hate with every fibre of her blood.

However, her foot keeps on walking, turning left in one corner before finally turning right to enter a place that saw a couple of times before. The family name in their mailbox still looks the same as the old times, the golden metal forming a character that she had read wrongly back when she was just in senior high school.

The front door opened, revealing several men who are looking at her with an unreadable expression. From the way they stood and act she knows that they’re not the kind one should mess with, not even those that one should communicate with.

She continued to step inside, navigating her way in the decent sized home, before finally taking a seat inside a small room which looks like an office. Soon enough, a footstep coming in from behind her before finally, a man slide another chair in front of her. He looks friendly, too friendly that it scares Shiraishi because she knows that he is far from good.

He put a laptop on the table between them, the screen is facing towards Shiraishi direction. Waiting for it to finally turn on before giving her a warm smile.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Shiraishi-san. As you might have learnt, my name is Wakatsuki. Well, I am in dire need of your help. However, to make it easier for both you and me, someone else will be taking control of your body for a while to ensure that this will be done smoothly. So basically, this help we need is just to borrow your body for a while.” He spoke. “To be honest, at first I am still quite not sure as what’s happening either. Will you- as your own self get eradicated the moment we take control of the body? But looking at the turns of the event tonight, I realise that you’re still there. For not realising that sooner, I’m really sorry.”

Shiraishi wants nothing more than to reach forward and pull the trigger of her gun which now lays on the table. As if knowing that’s what she’s thinking, the man reaches for the metallic object, index finger carefully traces its surface.

“It would be rude of me to not giving you anything in return despite your big help. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to show you the thing you have been looking for, a recording of what happened to your fiancé the night where she jumped from the bridge.”

The smile never left his face when he tapped on the spacebar of the keyboard.

“Enjoy the show.”

~ To Be Continued ~

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