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Nobody knows it...
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:45:26 PM »
The Pilot

Aya woke up in an unfamiliar room, confused she looked around and to her surprise there lay Yossi.
What she had thought was a wonderful dream was reality; Aya closed her eyes and smiled in complete content.
Memories of the previous day came flooding back and the smile on her face grew…

* * * * *

Aya had been lying in bed all day; her cold would just not seem to leave. If it wasn’t for the doorbell she would have slept for longer. As she dragged herself out of bed to answer the door much to her surprise Yossi stood on the other side of it.

“Oh I’m sorry did I wake you up? Miki called and asked me to check up on you. She was worried because she is out of town to visit her family and you’re sick. I thought I would come see if you were okay and cheer you up”

Yossi handed a bouquet of red roses to Aya.

“Aw that’s so sweet you didn’t have to...”
Aya was surprised, she was really good friends with Yossi but when Aya and Miki were together she would always seem to stay away.

“Are you going to invite me in or are you going to keep me out here all day?” Yossi asked in her usual humorous sarcastic way.

Aya led the way into the kitchen and tried to grab a vase from the top self of the cupboard. Yossi saw her struggle so she came up behind her, took it down and handed it to Aya.

For a second their eyes met. And then it happen, Yossi saw it in Aya’s eyes.
Something that rose up every time Yossi looked into her eyes, the passion, the love, and the lust.

“Erm... Thanks.” Aya looked away before things became too awkward.

“So… Anyway I also came here to ask if you would like to come to lunch with me, if you are feeling up to it”

“Sure... I just have to get dressed.’ As Aya said this she looked down and realised how much of a dork she seemed wearing pink pyjamas with poke-a-dots.

* * * * *

“No, it’s my turn to buy drinks” Yossi stood up and walked towards the counter. Turning back she decided to give Aya a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for buying last round.

Unknowing of her intentions Aya turned to face Yossi. Much to her surprise, as it must have been to Yossi’s their lips softly pressed against each other.

With this, what was meant to be an innocent peck on the cheek turned into something Aya had longed for since the day she laid eyes on Yossi.
Pulling away she looked at her, and saw the look that would always make her turn away, and this was no exception; The look of passion that they shared.

As Aya’s eyes dropped to the floor in embarrassment, she felt Yossi’s hand lift up her chin and kiss her on the lips again, this time much firmer. She then turned and walked away leaving Aya lost and longing for more.

A huge weight was lifted of her shoulders. She could not have bared keeping the truth in anymore. She could not keep wondering whether Yossi saw the same thing in her eyes as Aya did in hers.

* * * * *

Yossi in her sleep wrapped her arms around Aya, knocking her out of her daydream.

Aya lay in bed wondering how she ended up from simply sitting at the café with Yossi to now being together under the bed sheets naked…

Her daydream continues....
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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2006, 12:47:57 PM »
Welcome Dj_jo!
Muahhaha I have converted another one of my lackies into fic writers! Muahahah! and watch with baited breath as this mystery we explore!

☆ひとみちゃんのためなら バイト バイト バイト!☆

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2006, 01:07:11 PM »
As one of those lackeys i resent that bluekinoko! :P
but well done Dj_jo this is a good fic with alot of thought and emotion in it, ill be looking forward to see peoples comments ^^

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2006, 07:03:01 PM »
Aya, you're cute in pink PJs with polkadots. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise :P

All hell'll break lose when the Miki finds out :D

Awesome 1st post dj_jo *pats on the back*

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2006, 10:11:22 AM »
Between the sheets

Exhausted from the night of passion Aya and Yossi cuddled up in bed, unknowing that their peaceful mood would be shattered within seconds they lay in content.

As Aya fumbled for the phone she realised it was Miki calling.

“Hey sleepyhead did I wake you?”

“Erm.. Miki I’m sort of busy right now..” she tried explaining but got cut off

“Busy?! At 6 AM.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow night when I pick you up from the airport okay?” Aya felt too awkward being in bed naked with Yossi and talking to her best friend on the phone.

“Actually, I took an early flight. I missed you too much; I just need to be with you right now.”

A pale face Aya stared at Yossi

“Aya? Aya? Are you there? My phone is cutting out; I’ll see you in 10 minutes”

A frantic look appeared on Aya’s face….

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2006, 11:41:35 AM »
Just thinking about the situation makes me go :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

Cool fic dj_jo and thank you bluekinoko for converting another one of your lackies. The more the merrier~
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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2006, 04:42:52 PM »
Aya and Yossi new couple
And now Aya's in troble
Miki will know about them

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #7 on: July 03, 2006, 09:13:48 AM »
Welcome home

Whilst getting dressed Yossi looks over at Aya who is writing a note to Miki. Feeling a little hurt with Aya’s decision to leave before Miki arrives, Yossi still manages to give her a quick smile.  

As the two girls rush out the door and jump into Yossi’s car, they see Miki approaching. Yossi hit the accelerator and they were gone without a trace.

Miki enters through the door calling Aya’s name in excitement.


She searches from room to room. “Ayaaaaaaaaa!” she runs up the stairs and into her bedroom. No sign of Aya. Sighing in disappointment she seats down on her bed and buries her face in her hands.

I was so ready to tell her how I fell…

A yellow piece of paper stuck on Aya’s desk catches her attention. Picking up the note Miki reads quietly to herself.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be home for your arrival. Work calls, an early start. I’ll see you tonight.  

This all seemed strange to Miki, the phone call, the note. Aya busy and going to work at 6 am? Isn’t she supposed to be sick? Something seemed a bit off. Miki picks up her mobile and dials Aya.

“Hey…. You have reached Aya’s mobile. I’m busy right now but leave a message after the tone and I will get back to you”

“Hey Aya… it’s me Miki. What’s going on? Busy working at 6 in the morning? Agh… Just come home for dinner okay? There’s something I want to tell you so please be home…”

Holding in the tears of disappointment Miki hung up and lay in Aya’s bed. This different smell wasn’t comforting.

Aya’s smell was gone and a new scent lingered…
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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #8 on: July 03, 2006, 11:06:42 AM »
Wow, now that's a pairing I've never ever thought of before. Very interesting idea, especially with the little twist of Miki thrown in. Me likes :)

Also, it's a really good read. The story flows nicely, which is amazing considering how much you tell in so few words *thumbs up*

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #9 on: July 05, 2006, 01:36:13 AM »
Mr Moonlight

Unfamiliar with the direction Yossi was driving Aya curiously asks

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. I just want to show you something.”

Agitated Aya shuffled around in her seat

“I don’t like surprises. Pleeeeeeeeease tell me”

“Well I guess that’s going to have to change because surprises is my middle name” Yossi said once again in her usual humorous sarcastic way. Winking at Aya and putting her hand on her knee as reassurance Yossi leaned over to give her a kiss.

The kiss calmed Aya and she eased into her seat enjoying the moment with Yossi. However something else lingered on Aya’s mind. Miki. She couldn’t help but feel guilty for leaving her like that.

Looking at her phone Aya notices a missed call, but before having the chance to listen to the voice message she gets distracted by the car briskly pulling up next to a building.

“Ahhh… is this your new apartment?” Aya asked remembering having discussed how high the prices of apartments have become when Yossi mentioned she was on the hunt for a new place.

“Yeah… but that’s not the surprise.”

“Oh… what’s the surprise then?”

“Patience is a virtue” smirked Yossi as she led the way in, “So you are going to sit here and be patient.”

She walks into the bedroom and Aya is left on the couch wondering what Yossi is up to.

* * * * *

Ten minutes pass and impatience starts to get the best of Aya.

“Yossi? What’s taking so long? What are you doing in there?”

Out walks Yossi, wearing the white suit, red shirt, leopard tie. What to most is recognized as the Mr Moonlight suit.

Gasping Aya, could not believe what she was seeing. Giving out a burst of laughter she covered her mouth in shock.

“This isn’t the original Mr. Moonlight suit that went missing by any chance?” a vivid lively smile was coming onto Aya’s face.

Yossi tapped the side of her nose and winked as in to notion this is our little secret.

“NO WAY!” and the smile grew even further.
Aya’s smile is contagious and Yossi catches it. She turns around and at a touch of a button Mr. Moonlight starts playing in the background.
As Yossi walks over and wraps her arms around Aya’s waist she softly whispers to her…

“Oh! Kokoro ga itamu to iu no kai?
Oh! What’s that? Your heart hurts?

Un, baby, sore wa koi...koi wazurai sa.
Ohhh – baby, that’s’re sick with love.

Kitto, boku to deatta kara...kimi wa koi wo shitan da ne.
It must be because you met’ve fallen in love with me, haven’t you?

Saa, mou daijoubu, boku wa koko ni iru yo
It’s OK, I’m here now

Oide, odorou!
Come on, let’s dance!”

Beginning to blush Aya nervously whispers

“Call me crazy but I’m a little turned on right now” and with this she tugs at Yossi’s tie leading her into the bedroom….

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #10 on: July 05, 2006, 10:40:38 AM »
Disappointments and Confessions

“Yossi I really have to go…” Aya whined as she kept kissing her.

“I wish you would stay with me tonight.”

“Yossi you know I want to but Miki will get even more suspicious. You know there’s nowhere I would rather be then here in your arms right?”

“I know…” a disappointed Yossi sighed and pouted

With one last kiss Aya hopped out of Yossi’s car which was parked around the corner from her apartment.

As Aya walked through the lobby she decided to listen to her voice messages.

“Hey Aya… it’s me Miki. What’s going on? Busy working at 6 in the morning? Agh… Just come home for dinner okay? There’s something I want to tell you so please be home…”

“Agh… CRAP!” Aya thought as she dashed through the hallway and fumbled to unlock the door. The house was dark; the dining room was filled with candles, flowers.

“I’m such an asshole” thinking to herself Aya searched for Miki. In Aya’s bedroom Miki stood flicking through their photo albums with tears streaming down her face.

“I’m so sorry.. I didn’t get your message and…” she stopped.
“What did you want to tell me Miki?”

“I only came home early to tell you I love you but that really doesn’t matter does it?” tossing the photo album on the bed Miki walks out the room and down the stairs

Following her Aya was clueless of what she had just heard.

“Listen Miki I love you too but what did you really want to tell me?”

From the bottom of the staircase Miki looked up.

“No Aya.. I mean I really love you.”

Walking out the front door and slamming it behind her causes the house to shake. From inside shattering of glass can be heard. The vase, much like Miki’s heart, falls to the ground and shatters into a million pieces.

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2006, 07:48:32 PM »
Nicely written! The unusual pairing makes it more interesting and intriguing. I look forward to reading the next chapter. :)

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #12 on: July 06, 2006, 05:16:18 AM »
*sigh* heartbreak is so hard to read but it comes with many relationships good job with the difficly situation and well written

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #13 on: July 06, 2006, 11:28:39 AM »
Nice Fanfic!!its weird to see yossie and aya but it makes it more addictive!!:D:D
Yomiki...Real Love:heart:

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #14 on: July 06, 2006, 01:10:45 PM »
Cry your heart out

Walking to the train station Miki gathered her thoughts. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to tell her that way. Have I ruined our friendship? I love her but have I just tarnished everything we share, our closeness, our connection and the good times we’ve had.

Siting quietly at the train station waiting for the 5 o’clock Yamamote line Miki wondered where she was going.

As she hopped on the train, sitting down she stared out the window. Having fallen so deep into thought Miki went around the Yamamote route over…. and over… and over.

“May I seat here?” a stranger asks, and this is what makes Miki snap out of her deep thoughts.

“Sure.” Looking at her watch and realising that she had been on the train for hours she decides to get of at Ueno and visit Ueno Park. Miki often goes here when she needs to escape from the world and be alone. People don’t tend to notice or care; it is quite often you will see members of Morning Musume there as it is one station away from the studio.

Hopping off the train she walks through the busy crowd. Out of nowhere, once again Miki gets pushed out of her deep thoughts. Getting shoved into a wall by a stranger walking past makes her snap and with one sudden thrust she pushes back, even harder.

 “Watch where you’re FUCKING GOING ASSHOLE!” Miki screaming makes people turn to see the commotion is; they quickly loose interest and go back to rushing to their destination.

“I’m so sorry Miki… I…” fumbling for words the strange who soon revealed to be Eri tries apologising.

“Eri?” realising who it was Miki starts to feel rude.

They interrupt each other with their apologies and laugh awkwardly

“Uh, come get some coffee with me”

Eri about to decline, realises it was more a command then an invitation.

* * * * *

“Why is love so hard Eri? I was so scared to love and when I did… it broke my heart. Knowing the person you love only loves you as a friend makes you feel so utterly hopeless…

Eri felt awkward; never had she seen Miki open up to her in any way or to anyone for that matter. Regardless she had to find a way to comfort her. Moving closer Eri pulled Miki into her arms and said the only thing she knew would help

“Naitesumu nara nakiyagare”
If crying will make it better, cry your heart out…
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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #15 on: July 06, 2006, 01:44:43 PM »
:( so sad!!im looking forward the next chapter!!:) :)
Yomiki...Real Love:heart:

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #16 on: July 07, 2006, 12:51:23 PM »
Caught under the Cherry Blossom Trees

Waiting for Tsunku, Aya was in deep thought. Yossi had been on her mind all morning and she hadn’t had much sleep after Miki walking out on her; naturally she couldn’t wait to finish the recording and get home.
Tsunku is sure taking his time, he is half an hour late.

From the control room she saw Yossi pop her head around the corner.

”Hey gorgeous. Waiting for someone?”

“Yeah. Tsunku, we are meant to run through a new song today. He's running late though. Have you seen him?

“I have a feeling he won’t be showing up” Yossi smirked and Aya knew she was up to something again.  

* * * * *

Rattling could be heard from several rooms away; Tsunku was trying to unlock the door, but his keys were unable to do it from the inside. Locked in one of the unused recoding booths his screaming got muffled by the sound proof windows.

* * * * *

“I’m here to take you out for lunch, got another surprise for you” knowing Aya would hate being surprised Yossi smiled.

“Ohh not again. I hope it’s as good as the last one though” giggling Aya followed Yossi to the car.

* * * * *

Soon they arrived at their destination. This was the nicest park Aya had ever seen. The lake was calm and blue, with the cherry blossom trees surrounding she couldn’t imagine being in a more beautiful place.

Pulling out a picnic basket out of the boot Yossi sets it up under a cherry blossom trees.

“You are so sweet Yo-chan. How did I ever get so lucky to have someone like you?” Aya asked as she stared into Yossi’s eyes.

“I just want you to be happy Aya and I want us to last. But I don’t think it is going to work if we hide it.”

“I just… need some time to tell Miki okay? Then we can tell everyone else before the tour next month.” With these words Aya put Yossi’s mind at rest.

* * * * *

After the two finished their picnic they lay down on the grass hugging, holding hands and with their legs entwined around each others. They lay in peace smiling.

But soon did they know that their peace would be broke by flashing cameras… before the day’s end this would be on the front of every well known magazine cover….
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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #17 on: July 07, 2006, 02:36:21 PM »
it's a nice story~ got me hooked on reading :)

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #18 on: July 07, 2006, 02:53:26 PM »
yossie is so romantic!!your fanfic is too much addictive!congratulations!
Yomiki...Real Love:heart:

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Nobody knows it...
« Reply #19 on: July 08, 2006, 10:18:08 AM »
Cyclone Miki

Sitting in the kitchen Aya is drinking coffee; the door flies open and once again makes the house shake.
Cyclone Miki has returned.

Marching into the kitchen she throws a magazine towards Aya, it spills her coffee and jumping out of the way she realises it could only be one thing on the cover.

“What’s this all about Aya?”

Picking up the magazines Aya realises her worst fears had come true, she didn’t want Miki to find out this way and she was too scared to tell her right now. Miki was probably hurting and Aya did not want to make it worse.

“What’s what? It’s nothing okay! Just two friends, Miki you of all people should know how the media blows everything out of peroration"

Grunting and rolling her eyes Miki shows disbelief and starts to walk away, Aya grabs her arm.

“Miki we need to talk about last night. I didn’t know how you felt; I didn’t get your message. Please don’t stay angry with me, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose that, ever.” Pulling Miki into her arms Aya stroked her hair gently.

“Forget everything I said last night” Miki didn’t mean that, she wanted Aya to love her back.  

“I love you Miki, it might not be the way you need me to but I hope it at least means something that I do.”

Sighing Miki let go of Aya and walked up the stairs.

Picking up the phone she dialled Eri, she didn’t want to be alone…
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