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Author Topic: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 13 (2/02/2020)  (Read 22090 times)

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Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 13 (2/02/2020)
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Akane stirred awake, blinking at the light penetrating her eyelids from the large window panels of the hospital room. Stifling a yawn, she straightened up in her chair, feeling drowsy, her back hurting from the uncomfortable sleeping position. At the sensation of an object inside her hand, her gaze dropped to the cellphone she was holding, reading the text she never finished typing. Akane had no memory of falling asleep, but figured she shouldn’t be too surprised. She and Airi had been up on-and-off all night, uncapable of finding sleep after the tragic news.

Akane saw movement in her peripheral vision and she gazed up at once, watching in expectation the woman slowly waking up in the hospital bed. A small groan escaped Rena’s lips as she had even more difficulty than her adjusting to the bright morning light, her eyes fluttering several times in displeasure. Her tired, drawn features also betrayed her disorientated state and confusion, and it didn’t take long until her attention fell upon her. “A-Akane?”

“You’re awake.” Akane rose from her seat, pained to hear her voice sound so weak. She took her best friend’s hand in a gentle grasp. “How are you feeling?”

“Sleepy. What am I doing here?”

“Well, you were…” Akane began to speak, choosing her words carefully. “You were a little agitated and had to be hospitalized. They gave you a sedative, that’s why you’re feeling that way.”

“Why would they give me a sedative? Does Jurina know I’m here?”

Akane was at a loss for words, destabilized. She and Airi had been both shocked to learn about Jurina’s sudden death. She couldn’t imagine how Rena felt when the police knocked at her door to reveal the devastating news. When Akane heard Rena had been admitted to the hospital, she had rushed to see her, only to discover she had been sedated. The hospital staff let her stay by her side while she rested, yet warned her there was a possibility she might not behave in a coherent way when she woke up. Akane didn’t think too much about it, believing they were being overdramatic.

Rena’s reaction took her completely off guard.

“Why am I at the hospital?”

“Do you… remember what happened?” Akane asked cautiously, searching Rena’s face, only to receive a negative nod in reply. Her friend looked genuinely clueless and a mix of unease and pain swept through Akane’s chest at what she was about to say. “Yesterday, two police officers came to your house. Do you have any memory of that?”

“Two police officers?” Rena frowned at her.

Akane swallowed a nervous lump and squeezed her hand. “Rena… Something terrible happened yesterday and-”

“Is Jurina fine?”

Disarray entered Akane’s eyes. “There was a car accident. Jurina was seriously injured. She didn’t… She didn’t-”

“Stop it.” Rena pulled her hand away, anger burning in her eyes. “What are you telling me? Let me talk to Jurina. I want to see her.”

Akane was powerless; her friend wasn’t listening to a single word she was saying. Until now, she had tried to stay brave in front of her, but she couldn’t take it anymore. Her lips trembled; her mask slipped. “R-Rena, I’m so sorry.” She laid a tentative hand on her arm, tears gathering in her eyes. “I’m so sorry for what happened. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I’m here for you. I will help you go through this. I promise I won’t leave your side.”

“You’re not making any sense!” Rena sat straight up and threw the bedcover aside, getting out of bed. “I’m calling her and going home.”

“W-What? No, you’re still weak and disoriented,” Akane stammered, surprised by her outburst. “You shouldn’t get out of bed.”

“I’m perfectly fine,” Rena said in a decisive tone, her unsteady steps proving otherwise as her fingers searched frantically her vest’s pocket.

“P-Please, listen to me.” Akane stretched out her arm towards her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” Rena slapped her hand away angrily. “Where’s my phone?!” She looked wildly around her. “It should be in my vest!”

Akane’s eyes widened in shock.

The bedroom door slid open, revealing a young female nurse. “Is everything alright?” Her tone was calm and gentle as she entered the room. Her gaze fell on Akane at first, then drifted to the woman wearing a hospital gown. “Matsui-san, you’re under medication. It’s not wise to get out of bed so soon.”

“I-I don’t want to sleep…” Rena’s voice dropped to a weak murmur and she stumbled backward, unbalanced. “I want… I want to see my wife.”

Akane rushed to help her, but the nurse had already made it to Rena’s side. “I understand, but it’s for your own good.” The nurse held Rena by the arm, stabilizing her. “Let me help you lie down.”

A small upset look plastered Rena’s features, but she didn’t oppose any further resistance, holding on the nurse for support as she made her way back to the bed. As she placed her head on the pillow, the nurse infused a sedative in the IV bag, the effect immediate as Rena’s pupils closed without her consent and she fell in a deep slumber.

“I tried to explain her what happened, but she wouldn’t listen.” Akane faced the nurse, a wave of despair washing over her.

“This kind of news can be harder to handle for certain people.” The nurse gave her an understanding look. “Your friend needs more time to process it. Please don’t worry. We’ll keep her under observation as long as needed.”

The nurse left the room, leaving Akane conflicted. She drew her attention back to her best friend, watching her sleep. She looked so calm and peaceful, as if lost in a pleasant dream, but Akane knew it wouldn’t last eternally. Soon or later, she would have to open her eyes and face the truth she refused to accept.

“It’s already been two days. Natsuki keeps asking questions and I don’t know what to say anymore.” Airi said over the phone, keeping an eye from afar on the two little girls playing together in the living room. She drew in a deep breath, mustering up every ounce of courage she could summon for what she was about to suggest. “Do you think… I should tell Natsuki the truth?”

I don’t know… Akane’s voice sounded insecure on the other side of the line. I think Rena should be the one to tell her, but…

“She’s still in denial?”

She spends most of the day sleeping. When she finally wakes up and a doctor or I try to mention it, she shuts everyone out.

Airi pulled a chair and took a seat, discouraged by the news. She opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by a voice calling her from the living room. She glanced up, meeting Natsuki’s hopeful expression. No words left the little girl’s lips, but Airi had no difficulty guessing the question on her mind. For the umpteenth time, she shook her head negatively at her, a sad smile grazing her lips as she faced the little girl’s disappointment. 

Was it Natsuki?

“It was,” Airi lowered her voice, not missing the way Shizuru read the atmosphere and tried to cheer up Natsuki, distracting her with a new game. “Each time she sees me on the phone, she thinks I’m talking to her parents.”

There was a long-tensed pause.

Airi buried her face in her hands, a little desperate. “I can’t imagine what Rena is going through, but there has to be a way to help her.”

The doctor mentioned one… But I don’t know if Rena is ready.

“If something ever happened to you, I don’t know how I would…” Airi couldn’t finish her sentence. The simple thought of it made her stomach sick. “I know you don’t want to make her suffer. God, it’s the last thing I want too. But I don’t think… I don’t think refusing to face the truth is going to help her come to terms with what happened.”

There was another silence.

I know… You’re right. I’ll talk to the doctor again.

Airi didn’t miss the exhaustion in her wife’s voice as they exchanged last words of affection. She hung up the phone and redirected her attention to the living room, observing the two little girls lost in their own little world. There was a certain innocence to the scene, as Natsuki was back to smiling and laughing in Shizuru’s presence, but Airi wasn’t deceived by her behavior. At such a young age, mood swings were recurrent in a child, passing from feelings of sadness or anger to being cheerful again in a flash. But it didn’t mean Natsuki was naïve or oblivious. She was old enough to realize something was wrong.

Rena stood quietly, her eyes darting back and forth between Akane who was helping her put a coat over her hospital gown and the male doctor waiting by the door. “Am I finally going home?”

“I’m sorry, Matsui-san. Your current medical condition doesn’t allow us to discharge you. But I’m hopeful you’ll be able to go back home soon.”

The doctor’s enigmatic words puzzled her and she glanced back to her best friend, but she avoided her gaze. Rena didn’t have the opportunity to speak; the doctor had already opened the bedroom door, leading them outside. Rena grimaced in pain, her head aching at the sudden bright light attacking her pupils and the noise surrounding her. Her body was numb, her brain muddled and she was forced to wrap an arm around Akane’s as they walked down the corridor.

They entered an elevator, Rena’s confusion arose when the floors numbers changed and they reached the underground floors. “Where are you bringing me?”

Rena was destabilized when her question was met with silence. She gave her best friend a side glance, sensing her nervousness. The doors opened and they stepped out of the elevator. They were crossing a new corridor, when Rena abruptly stopped walking. “I don’t want to be here. Bring me back to my room. I want to go home.”

“There is something we first need to do. I promise we will bring you back to your room after,” the doctor said softly.

For the first time, Akane looked her straight in the eye. “This is for your own good. We have… We have to do this.”

Rena went stiff and a bad feeling swept over as she perceived the pain, but mostly guilt reflected in her best friend’s eyes. Akane gently held her by the arm and guided her as they approached an oversized unmarked metal door. The doctor asked them to wait and went through the door, reappearing with a hospital male attendant. “My colleague will walk you through from here.”

Rena entered and shivered at the sudden drop in temperature. She paused, studying the new room they had walked in. On her right, was a small empty waiting room. On her left, were aligned three white doors, two of them labelled with a number.

“Matsui-san, please come with me,” the male attendant addressed her. Rena hesitated, her gut instincts humming with burning insistence to not follow him. Akane gave her an encouraging caress on the shoulder          and she followed him until they faced the door labeled number 2. The male attendant was about to open, when Rena looked over her shoulder, realizing Akane had stayed behind in the waiting room.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Akane said, but her words did little to reassure her. Her friend was calm, but her discomfort palpable.

“Matsui-san, please take all the time you need.” The male attendant opened the door, leaving it ajar. “I’ll be right here if you need me.”

Rena brought her attention back to him; the atmosphere became more and more tight. She didn’t know how long she stood unmoving in front of the door. She was conflicted between her curiosity to discover what was on the other side, and a small voice taunting her at the back of her head that she should flee this place as soon as possible. She forced her feet to move forward and she pushed the door at last, hearing it being shut close being her as she entered.

The air fed her heaving lungs and beating heart as she saw the lifeless body of her wife lying on a trolley, silhouetted by a maroon blanket.

Just the head and shoulders were showing; the rest was hidden underneath the sheet. Her eyes were closed; all the color had drained from her face. There were small bruises and cuts all over her skin, but her face showed signs of having been carefully cleaned up. Rena lifted a shaking hand to her pale face, touching her cold cheek. The contact provoked an electric shock within her. Her brain had blocked everything until now, but reality was impossible to ignore any more.

Tears blinded her eyes and choked her voice. “J-Jurina…”

She watched her lifeless face, her fingers trembling as she reached for her hand underneath the sheet. Rena felt dizzy and sick at the cold contact, vaguely registering the feeling of a hospital band around Jurina’s wrist. Her attention got caught by a small table she hadn’t noticed until now. On top of it laid a few personal belongings she recognized. Amongst them some clothes, a broken umbrella and a wedding ring.

Rena crumbled inside and could hold the heartbreak no longer. Her hand gripped her chest as an indescribable pain sprang from her inner being. She screamed as she fell to her knees and her grief poured out in a flood of uncontrollable tears. The door opened and two arms embraced her, but she found no comfort in her best friend’s embrace. Rena tried to look away, to forget, but the lifeless body was a persistence of vision she couldn’t erase. Jurina, her beloved wife and mother of her child, was dead.

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Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 13 (2/02/2020)
« Reply #101 on: February 09, 2020, 06:59:10 AM »
It must be very hard for Akane to see her bestfriend in so much pain like that. And it’s not easy for Airi too to hide the truth from poor little Natsuki.

Quote from: Sophcaro
She glanced up, meeting Natsuki’s hopeful expression. No words left the little girl’s lips, but Airi had no difficulty guessing the question on her mind. For the umpteenth time, she shook her head negatively at her, a sad smile grazing her lips as she faced the little girl’s disappointment.

This broke my heart.

And that moment when Rena finally saw with her own eyes that her wife dead, it was just too sad. :pleeease:

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Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 13 (2/02/2020)
« Reply #102 on: February 09, 2020, 05:58:22 PM »
Wah! I don't know a fanfic could break my heart apart like this.....

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Re: Back in Time [WMatsui] - Chapter 13 (2/02/2020)
« Reply #103 on: February 09, 2020, 11:58:20 PM »
Hi, Sophcaro.
This chapter is full of difficult times.
I must say with total sincerity, that my heart has broken ... and I am sure that there are still more sad moments to come!!  :cry: :cry:

I think there are many forms of pain described in this chapter:
 Churi's pain who has not only lost Jurina, but she has to see Rena fall apart and know that she must stay strong to help her friend.
Airi on the other hand, must pretend that everything is fine in front of Natsuki. I am sure that it must be very difficult to see the girl's face knowing that her world is about to change forever. It must also be difficult to listen to Churi's suffering on the phone and not be at her side to comfort each other. Not to mention what she must be feeling for Rena´s pain.
And Rena ... my God, Rena. She just lost her life partner. I can't imagine what something like this must feel like.
I think the tactic used by the doctor was cruel, but necessary. She must get out of denial and face reality for her own sake and for Natsuki's.
Now I just wait for the moment when happiness returns to this story.

Excellent work, as always, Sophcaro.
 Even in its sad moments, your stories are something worth reading.  :jphip:

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