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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 53314 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-02) Sakuratan (V)
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Who wants to read the next chapter tomorrow??? 


Me 2!!!!!🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😸😸😸

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-02) Sakuratan (V)
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Cut-san can you add Churi, Nao and Azumarion too?

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-02) Sakuratan (V)
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Who wants to read the next chapter tomorrow??? 


Me 2!!!!!🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😸😸😸
Me 3 !!!!!!!   :hand: :hand: :hand: :cow: :cow:  :cow: :cow:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-02) Sakuratan (V)
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Who wants to read the next chapter tomorrow??? 


Me 2!!!!!🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😸😸😸
Me 3 !!!!!!!   :hand: :hand: :hand: :cow: :cow:  :cow: :cow:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-03) Sakuratan (F)
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Who wants to read the next chapter tomorrow??? 


Me 2!!!!!🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋😸😸😸
Me 3 !!!!!!!   :hand: :hand: :hand: :cow: :cow:  :cow: :cow:
This really made me happy, people! Thank you so much for this.. :)
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I hope more AKB girls come too
Cut-san can you add Churi, Nao and Azumarion too?

As much as I want to add more girls, it might be a little hard. Let me see what I can do about it for now. :) Thank you for your suggestions. :)

And, here is the next chapter~ :)

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“SOMEONE pass me the sake here.”

Sayanee waved her empty shot glass. Milky passed poured her more drink. It was already 10pm but they are all still at Maru’s house. Everyone decided to stay for the night. They didn’t even ask for Maru’s permission. They said that Paru slept there so everyone can do the same. Yuihan was the one who suggested it. They are just busy idols who found some leisure time and that time turned into drinking time.

They are all sitting on the floor. Sakura prepared some hotpot. It was weird to prepare some hotpot during summer but it’s all she can think with the ingredients in the fridge. The other girls liked it very much anyway.

“Why did my house turned out like this?” Maru mumbled.

“It is your fault having this much sake at you fridge. Are you alcoholic?” Sayaka answered her and gulped her sake straight. Her face crumpled for a moment. “Ahh~!”

“I only drink when I can’t sleep. And don’t ask me if I’m alcoholic. You already drank a lot and still you’re standing!”

“Haruhi-san, I cooled this down already. Say ‘ahh~’”


Maru opened her mouth automatically. She really likes the food prepared by the girl from Hakata. They are all sitting in pairs and she is paired with Sakura who is busy helping her with the food. Paruru is just watching them. She wants to be the one helping her Hoshi out but someone else is sitting beside her. She also noticed that Maru has received a name from Sakura. She heaved a sigh before drinking.

“Why don’t you drink, Maru-chan?” Yuihan asked while raising her cup.

“Nah.” Maru shook her head. “My wounds might open if I drink.”

“Sou? Sakura-tan, how about you?”

Sakura was surprised with the invitation from the general manager. She was about to answer her but the girl beside her answered for her sake.

“Sakura is under age. Under the law she must not drink alcoholic beverages. I can’t believe you invite her for drink Soukantoku-san.”

Yui just laughed at her. “Gomen, gomen. It’s just us so I thought it is okay.”

“It isn’t.”

“My son is such a good boyfriend, am I right, Sakura-tan?” Sayanee asked Sakura which immediately turned red.

“Shut up, Shakure King.” Maru looked at her sharply.

“Hey! Don’t look at your father like that! And stop calling me Shakure King!”

“Shakure King!”

“YOU!!!” Sayanee was about to mess her hair again when she noticed the boxes at one corner. “Hey, what are those?”

“Eh?” Maru looked at what Sayaka is pointing. She started sweating. “Those are packages from Korea.”

“From Korea? Really? Let me see!” Sayanee stoop up but Maru stopped her by holding her foot.

“No. Those are not to be viewed by anyone else. Hiroko-san told me that.”

“Eh? I’m just going to look at one. Let me see it.”

Sayanee brushed her away and headed to the boxes. “If this is from Korea, I really want to see it. Hold the kid, Yuihan.”

Maru tried to stand up but Yui hugged her from the back so she can’t stand.

“Stop! Don’t open it! Those are all private properties!” Maru pleaded but Sayanee is too stubborn to listen to her. “Yokoyama-san, let me go! Don’t take orders from Shakure King!”

“Is there any cutter here?” Sayanee tried to look around but she found none. “Maa, I’ll just use a coin.” She flipped a coin before cutting the tape of a small box with it.

“NO! Please!”

The three other girls were clueless of why Maru is reacting that way. If those are just good from Korea then why doesn’t she just let them see it? The two other pranksters are just laughing while Maru is begging at them. Sayanee was about to successfully open the box when suddenly…

“Don’t open it!!! S-S-Saya-papa…”

Everyone in the room fell silent. Sayaka froze on where she is standing when she heard the murmur of Maru. Everyone’s mouth is open, looking at the girl whose embarrassment almost turned her into a tomato.

Sayanee ran to her and put her hands on her shoulders.

“What did you say?” Sayaka shook her with a lot of excitement.

“D-Don’t make me say it again!”

Sayaka stood up and return to the boxes.

“Alright, alright! I said ‘Saya-papa’ so please just leave those boxes alone!”

Sayaka rushed to her again and rubbed her chin and head like she’s a puppy. “Good boy, good boy! Yes! I am your Saya-papa~”

Everyone was laughing when Yui suddenly stood up. She looked at Maru and Sayanee with those sharp eyes before she also marched unto the boxes.

“Oh, man!” Maru shook her head and stood up. “You can’t also open these, Yui-papa.”

A wild cunning smile curved up to Yui’s face after hearing Maru call her Yui-papa. She then looked at Sayaka with a challenging stare.

“What are you up to, Yuihan?” Sayaka confronted Yui as she look straight into the other girl’s eyes. “Maru-kun already called me his papa so don’t use the same strategy!”

“Ha-ha-ha! She also called me papa, you know? She did it at her free will.”

“None of it is of my free will.” Maru sighed. She took a blanket from her room and covered the boxes. “Don’t touch these boxes or else everyone will sleep outside.”

The two girls went back to their seats bragging about their achievement to their partners. Sakura helped Maru in covering the boxes.

“You see that Milky? Our son called me papa for the first time!”

Milky smiled at Sayanee and patted her head. “Good job, Sayaka~”

“Ha-ha-ha!” Yuihan laughed her Honmayan laugh. “Our Maru-chan called me Yui-papa.”

Paruru just looked at her with a pout. The difference between the kami taiou and shio taiou.

Milky noticed how protective Maru is to the boxes and she finally get why.

“Hey, tonight’s my Graduation SP, right?” She suddenly blurted out as a distraction from the boxes. “Let’s go and watch it while eating. It’s almost time!”

Everyone agreed with her suggestion. Maru turned on the TV and they tune in to the Milky’s Graduation SP. They were all laughing at the scene where Maru is being chased by Milky and Paruru. The master fisher and the salty queen after just one prey is a thrilling thing to watch. They couldn’t help but laugh at the footage where Maru is eating ramen with her face still covered. They didn’t know they were being filmed that time. Maru thanked her camera sensor; she was able to protect her face because of that.

After the show is finished, they congratulated Milky to her upcoming graduation. Graduation is a sad thing, but idol graduations, just like any other graduation, is a beginning of the new chapter of that certain idol’s life. Soon, Milky will be no more but just Watanabe Miyuki.

Maru was a little bit frustrated about the special. She said sorry to Milky a thousand times because she felt like she has stolen a part of the show. Milky didn’t mind. She even praised Maru for making the show more exciting.

And, it trended again. Together with the trend #MilkyGradSP, the #MMG is on the trend list for another time. They all checked it excluding Sakura. She doesn’t have a twitter account.

Isn’t she the girl who rescued Sakura from the attack?

I’m honestly thrilled to see how she looks. She even has Milky and Paruru crazy about her.

Haha. Sayanee and Yuihan seemed a bit bitter about her.

This girl is another way of AKS to attract attention. But I’m honestly excited to see her. Seriously, her stare itself is piercing.

Reveal her immediately. And tell the public what happened at the HS event!

Those are few of the tweets that made the #MMG trend. The tipsy girls read all of those with seriousness.

“I think the timing of the airing of Milky’s SP is just right on the mark.” Yuihan broke the silence.

The other three just nodded. Sakura tried to read some of the tweets through Maru’s phone.

The noisy gathering suddenly turned into a serious meeting when the Soukantoku mode was turned on.

“Maru-chan, for what you did during the incident, the management decided you to be an observer during photo shoots as a reward. Tomorrow, you will observe Sakura’s gravure photo shoot.”

“E-Eh?!” Maru and Sakura exclaimed in chorus.

“As a reward? Observer at photo shoots?” Maru’s eyes twinkled. “But I’m going to start with gravure? Why gravure? Well, it’s not that I am protesting.”

“After the photo shoot tomorrow, there will be a press conference.” Yuihan continued. “Sakura-tan, your presence is needed at that press conference.”

“H-Hai.” Sakura stammered.

“The press conference is obviously about the recent HS event incident. I’m sure you are all aware of the video circulating online. This is a serious matter.”

The soukantoku took a deep breath before continuing.

“Maru-chan.” Yui called her which made her jerk from her seat. She looked at the other girls at the room just to confirm that she’s really the one Yui called. “I don’t know why but Akimoto-sensei asked you to be there. It is Akimoto-sensei himself who called me and informed me about this. He left a message for you…”

“In order to protect AKB, how far are you willing to go?”


Maru handed Sakura a bath robe. She just finished her gravure photo shoot and as promised, Maru is there as an observer. She’s now back to her usual masked look. The staffs of the photo shoot immediately recognized her as MMG. That’s the only time she thought that not wearing a mask will be better for her.

Sakura immediately covered her gorgeous, former loli, body. She’s a little shy with Maru being around. It’s weird that she got more nervous with a girl being there than half a dozen of guys working as staff.

“The hot pot didn’t make me look fat, right?” Sakura anxiously asked.

Maru gently patted her head. “Silly, those things aren’t to be worried about.”

“Is your hand, okay?” The Hakata princess asked as she reached for the hand of Maru in her head.

“I met the doctor earlier, today. He got angry that I removed the sling so he made me put it back.” She answered while looking at her injured left hand. “He said that wearing a sling will remind me that I must not move it so much.”

“Sou?” Sakura spaced out while looking at the injured hand so Maru pulled her hand back from her and pinched her nose. Sakura immediately escaped from the attack.

“W-Why did you do that?!” she asked, blushing.

“I told you to stop pitying me, right?”

“Sakura-tan…” They both looked at the manager’s way. “You have to fix yourself fast or we’ll be late to the press conference.”

Sakura nodded her head to her manager and dashed to the changing room. Maru took a bow to greet the manager and the guy did the same.

“Did you enjoy observing the shoot, Hoshino-san?”

Maru sneered. “I will enjoy this kind of photography if I were a guy but I guess it helped. Thank you for your hardwork, Manager-san.”

The manager waved his hand. “It’s my duty, Hoshino-san. Anyway, someone wants to talk to you.” He handed Maru his phone.

“Eh? Who is it?”

“You’ll know when you receive it.”

I called you because I know right now you are having second thoughts.

Yuihan and Sakura are in the center of a huge conference room. A sea of camera is endlessly flashing as they speak. The main managers, Togasaki and Shinobu are also present. They are standing at both ends.

As far as I have observed, you are a person who values your privacy like you are an idol yourself.

“We are sorry for having you all wait for two days before we make an official statement regarding this incident. We are terribly sorry.”

The four took a 90 degree bow after that line of Yuihan. The cameras flashed like there is no tomorrow.

I don’t know why or how, but it seems that you have gotten some of the girls all over you. But according to my investigation, you met Shimazaki and Watanabe only by chance. I’m sorry if I had you investigated. I can’t just let my girls deal with an unknown, mysterious person just like you.

The mug shot of the attacker is being shown in the screen but his eyes are being covered. The guy is said to be a long time AKB fan and someone who is familiar to the older members. He is said to be an enthusiastic fan but being overcome by the changes that is happening to the group made him think that the group he loves is in danger so he made a way on his own.

The management still honors him as a fan so they chose not to humiliate him in public so they covered his eyes. AKB is a group that is made for the fans, anyway.

I know that you are fully aware that the 48G is in a pinch in Japan right now. The sales might not be the basis of this statement but the power it has now is not the same with the older generation.

“Is Miyawaki-san okay now? Did you get hurt?” A journalist asked.

Sakura nodded. “Thankfully, I was not hurt during that incident. I was saved.”

The murmur started among the press people. It was like a loud buzzing sound from a huge bee.

I don’t know what’s with you but you have already taken a lot of recognition even though you are wearing that mask. You only appeared on TV only once but people already started talking about you. Somehow I questioned my own ability.

“Is it true that the one who saved you is the same person who is in Watanabe Miyuki-san’s graduation SP?”

The video of the incident that circulated the internet was shown on the big screen behind them. The media started to fuzz around as it was paused on the part where Maru is being taken out.

“It is true. It is the same girl.” Yui stated. Maru’s knees started to shake.

I got one request for you. In order for someone to live in this industry, it has to make a noise. I need the ‘noise’ you are creating right now.

“She’s a photographer working for our group. She’s not been in the work for so long but she is really good in taking photos that’s why she is hired.” Yui explained.

“She was the one who subdued the attacker.” Sakura continued. “She covered me with her towel so I won’t see the horror but in the end, she was wounded quite a lot to the extent that her right hand needed to be stitched.”

Your mysterious but loud aura combined with the 48G’s girls… I’m really curious of what’s going to take place.

“The doctor from our team recommended that she should go to the hospital but she refused; saying that it will only ruin the air of the SSK. She risked her life to protect the group but this video went viral and we couldn’t even pull it down.”

“Man, this people are making me a hero, aren’t they?” Maru whispered to herself; getting more and more nervous with what she is hearing.

“Is MMG alright? Is she doing fine? When are you going to let the public see her?”

“Actually,” Yuihan started. “This girl never removed her mask even in front of the other girls. It was only on that incident where her mask was cut by the attacker.”

“What is her name?”

Like the risk that you did, I’m also going to make mine. I’m going to let you do whatever you want inside my group. You do whatever you think that will make noise. It’s an offer. I’m not forcing you. The only question I have is—How far can you go for the sake of your beloved group?

Maru heaved a deep sigh. She received an order from the director of the presscon. If she decided to go out and reveal herself to the public, she just has to step out of that white curtain but if she didn’t, she can just stay seated at the backstage and wait for the event to finish. He didn’t receive any sort of pressure from the director; she just has to make her choice.

No one is answering the question raised by the reporter. The four people on stage are just looking at each other, waiting for someone who will answer the question. The journalists insisted on asking the question.

Yui thought that it was about time for Maru to reveal herself but she’s not coming out. Yui released a sigh of surrender.

“We are really sorry. That person didn’t give us the permission to say her name.”

Yui’s answer seems to agitate the press people.

“So you mean you called us here without the plan of presenting her?”

“We thought that this presscon is for MMG herself!”

“There’s not even a piece of information that can be on the headline!”

“You are wasting people’s time!”

Man, this group of press sure is rude. They kept on blabbering nonsense until…

A silhouette of a girl is seen on the back of the white curtain. All the cameras directed to the direction of the curtain which is located just below the big screen. The media’s noise went louder.

The four people on the stage where all dumbfounded. Slowly the curtain opened and released Maru. With her whole body trembling, she went in the center, in line with the people on stage. She looked at them and gave them a nod. The only problem is she still wears a mask.

“E-Eto…” There was a small feedback when she started speaking which silenced the noisy media. “G-Good day to all of you. I’m Hoshino Maru. It’s nice to meet you all.”

The crowd started to go wild, asking questions like a machine gun. The bright flashes of camera almost blinded Maru. She even thought that it will be the end of her poor eyes. She wanted to cover her eyes but she went on maintaining a proper posture.

Togasaki-san signaled to the press to be quiet. The room suddenly fell into deep silence like an angel has just passed by. Maru looked at the eager press people who are waiting for her to talk.

“E-Eto…” She cleared her throat. “No idol got injured during that incident. I am happy that I saved someone who is a source of happiness to a lot of people. I don’t care if I have to do it again as long as I will protect someone who makes people smile.

These girls are all hardworking. In my short time of doing the photographer job at AKB’s theater, I saw the reality these girls are facing. They are also humans who have emotions. They may be smiling in front of everyone but some of them, maybe, are in the middle of depression and frustration.”

Maru felt someone touched her back. It was General Manager Yokoyama. It was a gesture to prevent her from trembling.

“If this is what you want to hear then here it is…” She took a deep breath. ”I want to protect these girls. I’m also a fan. I have my oshimen but they are all in one group. The name was carried by their seniors whom we all loved. I hope that this type of incident never happen again. Let us protect them, as fans and supporters, for they are sacrificing a lot just to bring smiles to our faces.”

“Are, are… Our Maru-kun sure knows how to talk big.”

Everyone looked back and saw Sayaka, Milky and Paruru get out of the white curtain. Maru’s eyes widened when she saw them. It seems that it is also a surprise for the rest. They all stood a step behind Maru and tapped her back. Paruru held her hand in secret. She smiled at them and then went back to the fuzzing press.

“The incident is already under control so please don’t focus a lot to that or even to me. Please focus to the SSK. Vote for the girl whom you think made you smile a lot and cheered you up. This is one of the major events where we can show them how much their works are being appreciated.”

Maru bowed a ninety degree bow. The other people on stage followed her.


Thank you.

Have an exciting ride.

Maru read the text message of non-other than Akimoto Yasushi, the founder of AKB48. Her face still burns with the embarrassment that she did in front of the whole Japanese nation. For sure the news will also spread in other parts of the world.

She covered her eyes with her arm followed by a very deep sigh. She’s lying at the rooftop of the apartment, trying to cool herself with the breeze. Her glasses are just lying beside her.

She wanted to believe that Akimoto Yasushi is just using her for money but he sounded so sincere when she talked with him through phone. It feels like he is a father worried and willing to do everything for her daughters. She kind of doesn’t like him because of ‘favoritism’ but somehow he has won her trust by that simple call.

“And now, what about my life?”

“You’ll be okay, I guess.”

Maru jerked from where she is lying and immediately wear her glasses. Looking at the girl in the door, she smirked. “That’s some reassuring line, Haruka.”

The usually salty girl sat beside her with a smile. She just looked at the stars that are exhibiting some good view that night.

“I don’t know about the future so I cannot say anything that is assuring.”

“Yeah.” Maru looked at the sky too. Just meeting this one girl turned her life upside down. She didn’t plan any of this to happen. It just happened.

“You see…” Paruru started that ended the deafening silence. “This year I want to be first at the election.”

“You finally got some desired ranking, aren’t you?” Maru smirked at her.

The other girl chuckled. “I guess I am the only one not doing anything for the group. This time I want to be number one and give something back for the group. I feel like I have taken everything for granted. For someone who is not worthy of being an idol, I have to give something back to the group that established me.”

She felt a palm rested on her head.

“Stop saying that you aren’t worthy.” Maru said as she gently patted her head. “I’m sure you are making a lot of people smile.”

“That would be really nice.” Paruru whispered.

“Sure you are.” Maru smiled at her, telling her that she is one of those people with that smile.

Haruka smiled at her and rested her head at Maru’s shoulder.

“Are you worried of what’s going to happen?” she asked her.

“Hmmm…” Maru thought aloud. “I tried to kill myself countless times, you know? I’m just fooling myself if I am worried about my life. I’m just worried if they are going to make me do things like your girls do.”

Paruru’s heart was pinched a little after hearing the first sentence but she felt a little happy now that she somehow has something to live for.

“They’ll make you eat exotic dishes.” Paruru joked to make things light.

“Ugh. That’ll be really bad.” Maru commented while surfing the net with her phone. “Net articles about the presscon are already out. The media is so fast.”

“What does it say?” Paruru asked, intrigued.

“Uhm… Things like MMG finally named but the mask is still not off. Requested to focus more on AKB48 than to her. It’s amazing how they treat me like a hero. WHAT?!”

Paruru raised her head up after that sudden scream. “What happened?”

Maru let Paruru view what’s on her phone. Paruru just laughed at what she has read.

“Maru Maru Gundan? That sounded like the show I’m in.” Paruru continued to chuckle teasing Maru. It was a newly formed website that is dedicated in protecting the 48 girls. The name is Maru Maru Gundan (MMG) which is translated as Maru Maru’s Army. The header of the website is Maru’s masked face and piercing stare.

“Stop laughing.” Maru rolled her eyes. “They even named it after me. And what is with repeating my name like that?”

“You just entered one crazy world, right, Hoshi?”

“Seems like it. Shakure King and the others even posted pictures of the sleep over. I’m just glad that they are careful not to let my whole face be seen. I’m still not ready to show my bare face.”

“You’re cute, Hoshi. You have nothing to worry about with your face.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not cute or anything!” Maru’s tsundere mode is on. “I’m worried if someone recognized me.”


“Nothing. I said I will protect you.”

“You said something different!”

“I didn’t!”

Up Next: Sousenkyou 2016

And the update will be tomorrow as well. I'm really sorry about this sudden everyday update. I hope you had fun reading this chapter.  :) :yossi:
Oh, I made a twitter anyway. I don't know what I should do with that but I just made  it. You can go talk to me there. XD Thank you again.
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-03) Sakuratan (F)
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An everyday update is amazing. More for a reader like me who almost every hour checking this website. Seeing an update from the stories I'm following is a happiness somehow. Please keep up with this good story.  :on GJ: :onioncheer:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-03) Sakuratan (F)
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Thank you!! XD XD
I'm curious who's the next AKB48 girl that will be appear! :cow: :cow:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-04) SSK 2016 (I)
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An everyday update is amazing. More for a reader like me who almost every hour checking this website. Seeing an update from the stories I'm following is a happiness somehow. Please keep up with this good story.  :on GJ: :onioncheer:
Thank you, @Genkikid-san but the everyday update will be until Sunday only. After that it will be back to the original schedule. But I hope you still read this. Thank you again. :)

@ミサキ -san and @9purple -san, thank you for commenting every chapter update. It serves as my fuel.  :twothumbs

Here is the update~ :)

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2016

THE WOTAS started to be crazy again after Sakura posted a picture of her on Google+. Of course, the lovely Sakura-tan sure is captivating again to that picture but it was a two-shot with one of the biggest talk of the town nowadays—Hoshino Maru.

The said masked girl is sleeping soundly on the picture. As Sakura’s caption goes:

We’re on our way to Niigata now. We have to hurry up so we had to ride a plane. And look who is sitting beside me! Yes, it is Maru-san with me. I won the seat by beating Paruru-san, Yokoyama-san and Yamamoto-san in Janken. I feel like I can win the Janken Tournament this year. ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Maru-san looks so tired. Right after she sat on her seat she fell asleep. She is so cute. I also want to take care of her. Her injuries are healing very fast. That’s good to hear isn’t it? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Everyone in Niigata, please wait for us~ o(^▽^)o

Jurina’s eyebrows flicked when she saw what Sakura posted. She is also at the same plane which is about to fly now. She immediately read the comments before the stewardess sees her.

Unknown5676: Glad to see that you are doing fine with Maru-sama. She’s your savior and our hero! I think it is your first time to post a two-shot with a non-member.

SakuratanOshi: Wow! You won janken over Paruru? She might be furious LoL. I wonder what will happen if Milky is also there.

YLover: You two look good together. The sleeping Maru-sama is so cute. I wonder what will be the name of your ship.

Woooota: MaruSaku? SakuMaru? Let’s make the ship sail!

FanGirl97: I can’t wait to see Maru-sama’s face and see her try danso!

Jurina got annoyed of what she is reading so she turned her phone off and grumpily leaned on her seat. “What’s up with the way they call her? They are using –sama to her just like Mariko-sama! Are they nuts?!”

“Are you talking about Maru-kun?”

Jurina jerked to her seat when she saw Sayanee looking at her. Her grumblings must’ve waked her up. They are sitting together, tagged as the lone aces for their partners have already left them.

“You surprised me, Sayanee! I thought you are already sleeping!”

“That’s what you thought.” A smirk was formed on Sayanee’s face. “You jealous?”

Jurina rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “She’s destroying the ship that I am making! I’m glad I am making another ship after WMatsui but look! The fans are starting to ship them together. Look at Sakura!”

The angry SKE ace directed Sayanee to look at Sakura who is sitting a few rows in front of them, on the other side of the aisle. The girl looks so happy and blooming while looking at the pictures of sleeping Maru that she took.

“Look at that smile! Why is she smiling like that just because of a picture with that masked girl?!” Jurina is half whispering and shouting. Sayanee released a sigh.

“It’s normal though. Maru-kun saved her. She became like a hero for her. It’s normal that she goes giddy while being with her.” Sayanee answered. “She saved Milky once so I understand why she feels clingy to her.”

“Eh?” The surprised SKE Ace looked dumbfounded. “She also saved Milky once?”

“Yes, Milky told me about it. Maru-kun is a ladies’ man.” Sayanee rubbed her chin while nodding to her own statement as if she is proud dad.

Jurina sighed. “Aren’t you jealous? You know, with Milky being all over her?”

Sayanee laughed. “You see Jurina, Maru-kun can never steal Milky from me. If there is someone who has to be jealous here, it will be you. Your new ship is hard for fans to absorb after that legendary WMatsui.”

Jurina started to grumble once again. Sayaka just ignored her and looked at the girls sitting on the row behind them, on the other side of the aisle. The girls are Yui and Paruru. The GM is already sleeping while Paruru is just looking at Sakura’s seat.

“And also that sleeping one over there.” She whispered.

“MARU-SAN, Maru-san! Why are you still wearing your mask? We already saw your face after the HS incident, right?”

Nishino Miki-chan is bothering Maru while they are on the line for the catering service. The rehearsal for tomorrow’s opening concert just finished and almost everyone is tired but it is a different story to hyper Miki-chan.

“It looks like you are healing very fast. You don’t need the sling bandage now, do you?”

Maru tried to shrug her off but the girl leaking with so much energy didn’t stop to bother her. Knowing that ignoring her is pointless, she looked at her and smiled.

“I heal fast and you still have energy after that tiring rehearsal. Aren’t we both super humans?”

That sentence was followed by a wink and then she immediately turned her back to Miki-chan. The hyper girl froze to where she is standing and the line also stopped moving because of her.

“Miki-chan!” The angry Takahashi Juri shouted at her. “Don’t cause traffic! Everyone is already starving!”

Miki snapped back to reality and smiled widely. She skipped her way to follow Maru.

“Maru-san spoke to me, smiled at me and winked at me! She even said that we are both super humans! Yosha! I’m gonna rank high tomorrow!”

Miki is like dancing with joy as she celebrates. Maru just ignored her and immediately find a vacant seat to eat. With this so much number of girls, the management rented one whole hotel for them and now they are eating at the big dining area of the said hotel. And since Maru is a VIP as Aki-P said to his subordinates, she is being treated like one of the idols. Probably she is treated better than them. Everyone is sharing a room with four people in it but she got a room all to herself. Lucky nameless girl.

The hungry, little idols are all seated by group. AKB to AKB, SKE to SKE, etc. She wonders where she is going to sit. Everyone seems to be having fun with their own circle and it is too noisy. She is not used to this chattering noise.

“Maru-kun! What are you doing standing there like a lost pup?”

Sayanee waved at her. Maru’s eyes widened after seeing the people Sayanee is with. She is sitting with the other aces from the other groups. Everyone on the table is looking at Maru.

Last year’s top three; Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu are on the table. Jurina from SKE, Kodama Haruka and Sakura from HKT, Kitahara Rie from NGT and YuiParu tandem from AKB. These are the people sitting on that elite table somewhere at one corner.

“What do we have here? The talk of the town, Maru-chan.” Sasshi greeted her with a big smile on her face. “Come and sit with us. It seems like Kojiharu-san is not coming so go take her seat.”

“E-Eh?” Maru stammered. She gulped. “Me sitting with you guys? No way.”

“What a killjoy.” Yuihan stood up and forced her to sit on the empty seat beside Sakura. The girl from HKT immediately blushed which made Jurina roll her eyes. Sayanee, who is just sitting beside her, immediately noticed it and smirked.

“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.

“Come on, Maru-kun. There are no cameras anywhere so it is fine. It is rude to eat with a mask with ‘these’ people, you know?” Sayanee teased her.

All the people on that table seemed to be waiting for her to remove her mask before resuming dinner. She heaved a sigh and slowly wore off her mask while glancing at the members.

“Wah! Mecha kawaii!” Mayuyu, the cute girls’ hunter, exclaimed when the mask is finally off. The other members are murmuring about her removing her mask.

Maru bowed her head in embarrassment. “Itadakimasu.” She whispered and proceeded eating.

“This is the first time I see her face this close. She is really cute!” Mayu excitedly told the other members. “I want to eat her!”

“Yadda Mayuyu, you’ll make Maru-san embarrassed. See?” Yukirin patted Mayu’s head to calm her.

“She’s like a bomb. She suddenly appeared and exploded.” Sasshi commented. “Thank you again, Maru-chan, for saving our Sakura-tan.”

“It’s nothing Sashihara-san. I’m sure anyone on the same situation will do the same.” Maru answered politely. She just wants to finish eating as fast as she can but it seems like she’ll be undergoing some interview.

“SASUGA!” Sayanee exclaimed. “That’s what you can expect of my son—A real hero indeed!”

Maru rolled her eyes. “Come on, I’m not a boy, Shakure King.”

The other members started laughing at the two.

“Well, you need members who can be ikemen to make this large group of girls livelier, right?” Kitarie stated before she take a bite of her food.

Everyone agreed with her statement with a synchronized nod. Everyone went back to their food except from Mayu who is still eagerly examining Maru’s face. Maru, being irked by the stare, looked back at Mayu.

“You can really do good danso.” Mayu finally stated. She even tilted her head cutely.

“If you are the one who said that then probably Maru-chan can do it!” Sasshi seconded.

“Tss.” Everyone looked at Jurina with her sudden expression of annoyance. “After Miyazawa Sae-san graduated, she has passed me the title of ‘The Ikemen’. Don’t look for another.”

Mayu looked at Jurina with narrowed eyes. “Are you saying that my judgment is wrong? And who told you that Sae-chan passed it to you? I’m also ikemen, you know?”

“I kissed almost everyone!” Jurina shouted back at Mayu. She will not be tagged as Kissing Monster for no reason at all.

“That’s not what being an ikemen is like!”

They gritted their teeth at each other and Yukirin, who is in the middle of them, tried to calm them down by pulling them apart.

“Here comes the childish Center-Nezumi fight again. Don’t fight in front of the food.”

“Ne, ne, Maru-chan… Did you also vote?” Sasshi asked to divert the attention from Mayu and Jurina. Maru just nodded and all the girls were taken aback. “Who did you vote?”

Maru chewed the food in her mouth and swallowed it. The other members also swallowed with her. Paruru was just trying to make herself busy with her food knowing that she isn’t Maru’s oshimen.

“I indeed voted but I betrayed my oshimen.”

Sasshi’s jaw dropped after hearing the statement. “A-A-Are you saying that you didn’t vote for your oshimen?!”

Maru nodded as a response and everyone was shocked. For an oshi, she must surely vote her oshimen but she is saying she betrayed her oshimen for voting another girl.

“Did you get ‘oshi-hen’ed?” Kitarie asked which means if she changed her oshi.

“No. For some reason I just want to support that certain girl for now but my oshimen is still the same. I just don’t know how I will face her as a fan who betrayed her.”

“You call yourself a fan, huh?” Jurina stated with an annoyed look. “You betrayed your oshimen for supporting another girl at the most important event and you say you didn’t get oshi-hened?”

Mayu rolled her eyes to Jurina then looked at Maru. “Who did you vote then, Maru-chan?”

Maru gulped the water in her glass in one breath and spoke.

“Someone from this table.”

Everyone became speechless and looked at one another. Maru, then, brought her palms together and uttered a ‘gouchisousama’ and stoop up. She gave a bow to the members and left with her tray. She ate so fast.

“C-Chotto matte yo.” Sakura halted her before she move farther. The others were also surprised with Sakura’s sudden movement. Maru turned to her with a poker face.

“C-C-Can I…” She stuttered. “Can I, you know, probably stay at your room tonight?”

Sasshi suddenly held her head with her two hands and Haruppi’s mouth was left wide open. Jurina’s eyes were wide open as well. Paruru was as shock with everyone from the table. She was too disappointed with the seat arrangement at the plane that she hasn’t said a word to Maru.

“Why?” Maru asked. Her eyes look a lot sleepy.

“You said you are alone in your room, right? I just want to give you company.”

After they got their room assignments earlier, Sakura immediately asked the other girl about it.

“Do what you want. There’s only one bed though.”

The Hakata ace flushed. It means she’ll be sharing the same bed with Maru, right?

“If you really want to go, finish your meal fast. I’m the only one with the key and I’m so sleepy right now.” Maru then continued walking towards the place where the used dishes go.

Sakura stuck up all the remaining food in her plate in her mouth and just drank water to swallow it without enough chewing. She bowed to the other members and ran after Maru.

“What did just happen?” Kitarie asked. “When did those two become close like that?”

“I can’t believe this.” Sasshi said while shaking her head. “The lone-wolf, Sakura-tan, just approached someone for a sleep over. What’s happening with this world?”

Sayanee looked at Paruru who tried to avoid her glance. “I thought you were at the same room with Maru-kun, Paruru.”

The other girls also looked at her but she didn’t give an answer. She just can’t say that she focused so much to the preparation in order to forget the annoying feelings she felt at the plane.

“Tss! That Hoshino Maru stealing Sakura from me! How dare her!”

“Jurina, you are being too loud with your feelings.” Sayanee commented.

Jurina ruined her hair and slapped herself with her two hands. “She’ll pay for this!”

THE OPENING concert of the 45th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo finished with a bang. All the participating had an appeal time because the audience will also cast their votes and will be added to the votes from the other merchandise.

Everyone went back to their hotel to rest for a little while. A bit tense and excited at the same time, the little idols relaxed their heads from thinking and tried to enjoy their stay at the lovely place of Niigata. Others tried to wonder a little but careful not to get noticed because a lot of wotas are in the same place now while others just grabbed the opportunity to sleep.

Maru, our heroine who seems to be at lost at this herd of cute little rabbits, also spent the time to get some sleep. She wasn’t able to sleep for some days because she did what a 48G wota supposed to do during this time of year. What complicated it is her injured hand that stings from time to time but she was able to cast all the votes that she has.

It was also her first time to watch a live 48G concert. The management gave her a special seat. She was sitting with other stock members and important personalities. She felt so much discomfort that she can’t even cheer with the crowd.

Paruru took a stroll with Yuihan, Sayanee and Sakura at the hotel’s garden. They are enjoying the Niigata breeze before the announcement of the ranks.

“Maru-chan went to sleep again?” Yui repeated what Sakura said. “Why is she just sleeping at a time like this?”

“Maru-san looks so tired. Last night she just took a shower and then went straight to sleep without drying her hair. I’m glad she didn’t catch cold.”

“Do you know what’s happening with that girl, Paruru?” Sayanee asked while looking at the small fountain.

Paru shook her head. “I finished some tapings before the sousenkyo, I wasn’t able to go to her apartment. There was a time that I wanted to visit her but she said she is busy with something so I didn’t go.”

“I wonder what’s happening with that kid.” Yuihan sighed. They stopped walking and sat on a nearby bench. “Anyway, almost everyone is shipping you with Maru-chan, Sakura-tan. You guys even trended.”

Sakura blushed and tried to hide her smile. “I-Is that so?”

“Yeah. Everyone is calling her ‘Maru-sama’ now. The picture that you posted yesterday ignited the fire even more.” Sayaka seconded Yui. “I believe Akimoto-sensei is happy now. Finally, you are having a ship that is sailing smoothly.”

What Sayanee talks about is the ships that Sakura has. All of them seem to sail in stormy seas. Somehow, a lot of people don’t feel her pairing with Haruppi while a lot can’t accept the JuriSaku ship because of the legendary WMatsui. Everyone is still caught up with WMatsui.

Yui nodded her head, in full agreement with Sayanee. “Ship is somehow essential for us. The beauty of friendship and some bit of romance-like things are what it shows to the fans. Since we can’t have relationship with boys, this is a good substitute to express our emotions.

AtsuMina, KojiYuu, WMatsui and SaeYaka are a few of the most successful ships. Even after one or both of them graduated, the fans still follow their activities and still go crazy when they see updates of them being together. I’m glad you are also having one that seems to be fit to the taste of the fans, Sakura.”

[A/N: Based on this fic, you already know who I ship, don’t you? XD]

Sakura shook her head while waving her hand. “Maru-san is not a member of the group. I don’t think this is something that will last. I think we will also not be seen together quite often because I go back and forth to Tokyo and Hakata. We are also not that close.”

Sayanee and Yui posed a face of disbelief. “Not that close but you slept at her room last night.” They said together.

Sakura blushed heavily. “I-I-I just wanted to give her company. I often stay at a hotel room alone and I know the feeling. I don’t want her to experience that. A-A-Also, in my original room, we were accidentally grouped into five so someone must really go out.”

“Ehhhhhh~?” YokoYamamoto doesn’t seem to believe her statements while Paruru is just silently listening to them.

With the feeling that she can’t convince the two, Sakura changed the topic.

“Ah! Paruru-san,” Sakura called. “Before I left the room today Maru-san asked me about you. She told me that you look like you are sick and she is worried about you. She said that she’s been calling you out during breakfast but you didn’t even look at her.”

Sayanee’s eyes widened at the sudden information. “What is this about, Paruru? Are you avoiding Maru-kun?”

“I also noticed that she called out to you when we landed here and also at the hotel’s lobby but you seem like you didn’t see her.” Yui witnessed.

“I-I…” Paruru stammered. “I am just too focused at the SSK.”

“Liar.” Yuihan said. “When did you have that much interest for the SSK? Did something happen between the two of you?”

“There’s none!” Paruru pouted as her eyebrows meet. She stood up and put her hands on her waist. “I’m serious about this SSK and I’ll prove it to you with my speech later.”

That’s all and she left embarrassed. She felt that those three can read her actions like a story book. She ran inside the hotel to get away from them fast.

“That’s Salt for you.” Sayanee stated.

“Paruru is Paruru.” Yuihan sighed with a smile as she watches her salty girl disappear from her sight.


Maru no oshimen daredarou ka?  :?
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-04) SSK 2016 (I)
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thank you for fast update shortcut48-san!! :cow: :cow:
paruru and jurina are jealous with MaruSaku ship LOL XD
wew.... that lucky Maru, sit in one table with the elites :twothumbs

“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
Is Yukirin Maru's oshi? :huhuh
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Even if the everyday update only last untill Sunday it will be allright as long as you don't suddenly drop the story (please don't) .

Oh Maru-sama, who is your oshimen?? Is it one of the regular senbatsu? How much vote you give in the SSK?

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-05) SSK 2016 (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

SASHIHARA RINO won the first place again with an outstanding 243,011 amount of votes. The margin with the 2nd ranker, Watanabe Mayu, who received 175,613 votes, is just an awful lot. Sasshi is still the queen of AKB48 as the first one to get consecutive wins.

Yuihan landed on the 11th spot, Paruru on 8th, Sakura on 6th while Sayanee on the 4th. None of Maru’s close friends got on the top 3 but she is happy for whatever result came out. After all, all of those votes were fans' effort. A lot of people starved themselves just to cast a vote. It is something to be thankful for.

Paruru delivered her last speech very well that even Tokomitsu-san, the emcee, praised her. Her voice was a bit shaky due to the cold breeze but she managed to say what she wanted to say. She also proved to Yui and the others that she is serious. Before her speech finishes, the screen suddenly showed Maru on the VIP seats, taking a video of Paruru’s speech through her phone.

The whole audience was surprised to see Maru on the screen. Even the girl herself was surprised. She was lucky she is wearing a mask. She managed not to show any tension and even posed a peace sign to the camera. Everyone suddenly cheered ‘MaruParu’ which made Paruru shy. She sat on her seat with her heart throbbing so fast.

The same thing happened when Sakura was called. The girl was crying and asking people if it is okay for her to aim for the first place next year since a lot of members are not participating. Maru was shown again on the screen which made Sakura cry harder. Maru was just listening to her speech. Sakura thanked her for saving her and the cheer ‘SakuMaru’ went on. It was louder than the other.

Another SSK just finished and the audience went home still with the hype from it. The girls, on the other hand, went straight to the hotel to celebrate the success of the SSK. It was really a big success after gaining all those votes.

Paruru immediately looked for Maru to apologize for her sudden coldness towards her. Her heart still feels warm after knowing that Maru took a video of her and there are people who also ship them. She found Maru at the hotel’s lobby, standing by the elevator. She was about to call her when…


A familiar girl jumped to hug Maru which surprised the girl. The shocked expression was suddenly changed by a smile. She rubbed Ae-ri’s head and ruined her hair. Coming behind Ae-ri was Hiroko. She looks very happy seeing Maru that she hugged her until she can hear her bones cracking.

“What brought you guys here, Hiroko-san?” Said the surprised but smiling Maru. Her mask might be concealing it but her eyes do not lie. “You didn’t tell me that you are coming here!”

Hiroko smiled at her sweetly. She looked at her daughter and,

“Happy birthday Neko-chan/Mi-nam!”

They hugged Maru at the same time. The spectacled girl was again brought to shock. The same thing with the eaves-dropping Paruru.

“T-Today is my birthday?” She asked after they freed her.

“Yes!” Hiroko answered ecstatically. “It’s exactly one year since we found you! Today is your birthday!”

Maru bowed her head and fell silent. She smiled faintly, her eyes started watering.

“Are you crying, Mi-nam?” Ae-ri asked worriedly.

“No, idiot! It’s the first time that I received a birthday greeting. I’m just happy.” She hid her tears back and arched her arms around the two girls. “Happy birthday to me!”

“Happy birthday to you, Yeo-reum.” A tall man suddenly casted his shadow over them. Maru’s eyes widened after seeing the guy. His deep voice also shocked her. He is towering over her and looking at her sharply.

“S-Samchon…” (this means uncle in Korean and 여름 Yeo-reum means summer.)

“WAAAH!” The man suddenly cried in front of her and shook her violently. “KOJIHARU only ranked 16th and it is your fault, Yeo-reum-ah! If you didn’t convince me that she isn’t going to graduate, the votes from my company should’ve gone to Kojiharu and not to your salty girl!”

“Appa, stop that! You are making such fuzz. You are embarrassing!” Ae-ri pulled her father, Choon-soo away from Maru. Maru fixed her clothes.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t think that she will announce her graduation today! I watched Akimoto Yasushi’s interview with Takamina saying that she will have Kojiharu stay until she is 30. I didn’t think that it’s not—“

“Kojiharu is going to graduate now! I should’ve sent all the votes for her. It was her last election!!! It’s your fault! How come that your girl ranked higher than my Nyan Nyan Kamen!?!?!”

Ae-ri rolled her eyes. “Appa, seriously?”

Maru and Hiroko laughed at the grieving Choon-soo. He is a die-hard Kojiharu oshi from the very beginning. He feels like he betrayed her at her last election.

Hiroko somehow noticed Paruru standing from a far. The idol just gave a bow as a greeting. Hiroko sneaked out from her group and went to Paruru. The two were left with the crying Choon-soo, trying to soothe his pain while making fun of his awful look.

“Hello, Paruru-chan. How are you?” Hiroko greeted her. “Congratulations for the 8th place.”

“T-Thank you, Hiroko-san.”

“You heard a lot of information, right? You find it hard to digest?”

Paruru just nodded with her eyes covered in confusion. “Does it mean that Hoshi—“

“Yes, you heard it right. Neko-chan voted for you. She went all out just to vote for you. The money that she saved for months just to vote for her oshimen, she used it all to vote for you. She even convinced me and Choon-soo to order all our employees to buy atleast two CDs and vote for you. You can see why my old man is crying over there.”

“S-She did that for me?” Paruru asked. Her heart feels like working double time. She took a glimpse of Maru who is laughing happily. It’s the first time she saw her laugh like that.

Hiroko nodded. “Yes. She casted enough votes that made you get a strong hold on the 8th place. It was so rare that she asked favor from my husband. How can he say no to her? He immediately asked his employees to buy not two but three CDs and vote for you. I also did the same with my employees. I can see that you two became so close, am I right?”

Paru wasn’t able to say a thing for a moment. She was just staring at the spectacled girl.

“D-Do you know how much vote she casted for me?”

“Hmm…” Hiroko thought aloud. “Looking at the data… Let’s just say that if she voted for her oshimen then there’s a possibility that you might stay at the 9th place.” Hiroko winked at her, still wearing that smile. It’s a sudden flood of information and Paruru can’t process it all.

It is her Hoshi’s birthday today. Hoshi also voted for her with all her might. And she finally discovered who Hoshi’s oshi is.

“Don’t tell Neko-chan that I spilled all these things to you. She will be mad at me.” Hiroko snickered. “I’m just amazed at her changes that I couldn’t help but to tell you all of these! I can’t wait to go back to Korea with her and spend more time with her.”

Paruru looked at Hiroko with another surprised face. Hiroko is still smiling at her.

“You heard it right. I’m bringing Neko-chan back home to Korea.”

“TOAST for another great SSK! CHEERS!”

Akimoto Yasushi, the founder himself, led the toast. Everyone who is allowed to drink alcohol went for it while the under aged ones are having juices. The staff and managers are also there to celebrate. They all cheered with the sensei.

Choon-soo was also introduced as a new stock holder of the AKS. His vibe was a bit different than earlier where he was wailing like a kid who lost his toy. He even gave a remark and in a very cool manner. But deep inside, he is still hurting, taking stolen glimpse of his Kami-oshi Kojiharu. Hiroko and Ae-ri are also there but they kept their distance from Maru. They decided to keep their relationship with Maru as a secret especially that Choon-soo is now a stock holder. Issues might just sprung out of it.

“Also,” Aki-P continued. “I also want to thank Hoshino Maru-san for saving the group from another disaster and even encouraging people to vote. Thank you so much.”

Maru was surprised with the sudden call, she was about to drink something when the cameras focused on her. Lucky she hasn’t removed her mask yet. The girls and the staff also thanked her.

“M-Man, you don’t really have to thank me like this.” She murmured to herself.

“If you were not there I wonder what will happen to one of our aces.” He then turned to his right. “Shinobu-san…”

On call, Shinobu went to Maru and handed her a black bag. She was ordered to open it and Maru’s eyes widened. It was a new camera. A better model than her previous one.

“I hope that you continue to work with us. Treat that as my gratefulness.”

“W-Wow.” Maru stammered. “Thank you so much for this Akimoto-sensei.”

“After my speech the cameras will stop rolling, just enjoy the rest of the night together with your friends. Please everyone, do not take pictures of Hoshino-san. Good job for today! Enjoy the rest of the night!”

After Aki-P’s speech, the cameras indeed stop rolling. They all went back to their cases. The founder of the 48G went to Maru and immediately shook her hand. He isn’t smiling or anything; it’s just his usual poker face.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Hoshino Maru-san.” He greeted. “Please take more wonderful pictures with that camera.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Akimoto-sensei.” Maru removed her mask as a sign of respect to the well-known lyricist. Aki-P paused for a moment to look at Maru’s face as if he is examining it.

“Well, as I said, enjoy the night. You are a part of this success.”

“T-Thank you, Akimoto-sensei.”

The sensei gave out a faint smile and turned his back to Maru but even before he made a step, he looked back to her. “I have some plans for you, Hoshino-san. Please prepare yourself.”

That’s all and he left. Maru took a gulp. This reality that she is in now is finally sinking down on her. How come she has entered the world of these idols that she was just watching months ago? The questioning stopped when Sayaka suddenly put her arm over Maru’s shoulders.

“What’s kiddo? See that? Your Saya-papa just went out of the 6th place! See that?”

Maru rolled her eyes. Sayanee is already on her third glass of wine.

“Congratulations for the fourth place, Shakure King.” Maru said monotonously.

“Maru-san!” Sakura came to them with a wide smile on her face. “I went up one rank!”

Maru smiled at her and patted her head. “Good job.” She knows that even Sakura ranked up, the girl is a bit frustrated about her losing votes but she is glad that she came running towards her with that child-like smile.

“That was a loud a SakuMaru cheer you got there.” Yuihan suddenly appeared from the back. “And what’s with that MaruParu ship? Remember, Paruru is your mom. You can’t go incest!”

“What’s wrong with you, GM?” Maru asked, almost laughing. “Congratulations to you and to the whole AKB48 for having the most number of rankers.”

Yuihan smiled at her. “Thank you, Maru-chan.”

Maru looked around as if looking for another person.

“What’s up, sleepy head?” Sayanee asked. “Don’t worry, when Aki-P said something, everyone must obey it. No one will take your picture.”

“Ah? Okay.” She answered, seems to be at lost with her thoughts. “How about I take pictures of you three with my new camera?”

The three girls suddenly went excited with the suggestion. They rushed to make a pose. It will be the first picture on the new camera after all. Maru smiled widely after taking a very nice picture of the three. They all flocked to her to see the picture and they were all amazed on how good it turned out.

“I’ll give you copies later.” Maru smiled to them but then she started to look around again. “Wait, I’ll go try to take pictures of the sky.”

She rushed somewhere without looking back at the girls which left them all speechless.

“What’s up with Maru-san?” Sakura asked.

“That girl loves to take pictures of stars.” Yui answered.

“Are you sure she’s looking for stars or ‘that’ star?” Sayanee murmured to herself.

“HEY, what are you doing here alone?”

Paruru was surprised when she heard that certain voice. She’s standing at a terrace outside of the hall where the party is being held. She already heard Maru but she didn’t look at her.

Maru heaved a sigh. “Are you, somehow, angry at me?”

Her tone was very low. You can easily sense the pain in her voice.

“I’ve been calling out to you since we arrived in here but you don’t even care to look at me. Did I do something that made you angry?”

Paruru slowly turned to her. She tried to look straight to her eyes but she can’t stand even a second looking at it.

“It’s nothing. I just want to take some r—“ Paru’s sentence were halted when she suddenly sneezed. The wind is blowing refreshingly that time but for Paruru who is sensitive to cold, it is already like an autumn breeze.

She was surprised when some cloth embraced her from behind. Maru just put her sweat shirt over her to give her warmth.

“Some silly girl we have here. You know that you get cold easily but you’re here outside.”

“How about your—“ Paruru stopped midway of her sentence. She’s pertaining to the scars that are now visible for Maru is only left with an unstylish tee.

Maru raised her arm. “This? Don’t worry. Everyone is inside. No one will see this. Now tell me what the problem is.”

The bespectacled girl also leans to the grills and look at the night sky. Paruru heaved a sigh.

“Is it true that you voted for me?”

“EH?” Maru’s eyes widened. “Who told you that? Miyuki? That puffer fish, I told her not to tell anyone.”


“Yes. Miyuki helped me casting all the votes. W-Wait! Are you saying that it is not Miyuki who told you?”

Paruru nodded. Maru took a deep breath with her eyes closed.


“Yes. She was the one who told me. Although she told me not to tell you.”

Maru slapped her forehead and combed her hair with her fingers.

“So you already met her, huh? I guess she also told you about the story of the votes?”

Paruru nodded. She can sense that her Hoshi is a little bit agitated. “I’m not your oshimen, right? But… why did you vote for me?”

Hoshi looked at her with a doubting face. “Because Haruka is my friend. A friend’s value is heavier than the value of the oshimen.”

Paruru’s heart started to throb fast again. She heard before from Hiroko that Hoshi never treated anyone as her friend but here she is, straight from her lips, saying that she is her friend. And she has a greater value than her oshimen.

“You said that this will be your last SSK, right? As a friend I want to support you with all my might. My oshimen seems like she’ll participate at the next SSK and she did well this year so it’s okay. I wanted to keep it a secret from you but as I expected, Hiroko-san can’t keep her mouth shut about this.”

“Thank you so much.” Paruru said, almost in a form of a whisper.

“You don’t have to thank me. I did what I think a friend would do. I wanted you to reach the top but it seems like Sashihara-san is a monster hugging the throne. She’s so powerful!”



“How many votes did you cast for me? Not including those from Hiroko-san.”

Hoshi looked into her eyes and then back to the sky. “I don’t really know how many votes came from Hiroko-san and Samchon but I guess I casted around 1500 votes.”

“WHAT?” Paruru gasped. “You casted that much vote for me? That sure is a lot of money!”

“Silly. I’m sure someone out there out did this. You have a lot of great fans, you know?”

Hiroko said that their vote is the one that gave her a stronghold of the  8th place. If Paruru has a lead of 8,000 votes from the 9th placer and Maru has 1,500 votes… If it’s true then, if Maru voted to the 9th placer she’d have a 6,500 lead. The votes coming from Hiroko and her husband must’ve been more than 2,500.

Paruru felt so much gratefulness in her heart. Who is she that a lot of people think so much and worry about her? Sometimes the support being given to her feels scary because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it.

“You’re still not telling me the problem though.”

Paruru looked at Hoshi who is smiling very faintly at her. The other girl released a sigh. She felt her palm over her head which gave her gentle pats.

“You don’t need to say it. It’s fine.” Hoshi removed her hand from her. “Anyway Haruka, I’m going back to Korea.”

Time seemed to stop for Paruru after hearing those words. The shock made her head turn blank. She noticed how Hoshi’s face turned worried as she felt her hand on her cheeks.

“Are you seriously crying, Haruka?”

Next Chapter: Watanabe Miyuki (Graduation)

thank you for fast update shortcut48-san!! :cow: :cow:
paruru and jurina are jealous with MaruSaku ship LOL XD
wew.... that lucky Maru, sit in one table with the elites :twothumbs

“’You going to eat with a mask, Maru-san?” Yukirin asked her. Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
Is Yukirin Maru's oshi? :huhuh
The answer might be revealed now. I don't know. I uploaded this chapter in tumblr and I guess my explanation about it was bad. No one claimed to get it.

Even if the everyday update only last untill Sunday it will be allright as long as you don't suddenly drop the story (please don't) .

Oh Maru-sama, who is your oshimen?? Is it one of the regular senbatsu? How much vote you give in the SSK?
I don't have plans on dropping this again... I really want to end this one so I guess there's nothing to worry about it for now. :)

I really hope that the answer about Maru's oshimen is already clear to you guys. Or else I really have to do something with my explanation. Lol.
Tomorrow Jphip is already in synch with Tumblr. Please look forward for tomorrow's update as well. I tried to put a picture on this one but it seems like I failed on it. I don't know how to resize. Comment if you get who it is. XD Or vote in the poll on the top. :) Please please please
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Yeay!!! It's getting really interesting!!! Thank you Cut san... I guess Maru is Yukirin too... And your oshimen is Sakura-tan??? :D :cow: :cow:
No. It's not Yukirin.  :)
I guess I really failed with this one. Well, I think I only dropped one hint about it in one of the previous chaps and it was kinda blur as well.
I'm really sorry for this.  :bow: :depressed: :depressed:
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-05) SSK 2016 (F)
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I chose the 3rd option on her poll because  I am EVIL!!!


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-05) SSK 2016 (F)
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Maru is already stiff with the stares she is receiving from the other members that are not included at that elite table and here is Yukirin suddenly speaking to her.
let's see hmm... Maru's oshi not ranked in the previous senbatsu(?) But Haruppi who was not ranked in sit in the elite table, but you didn't mention Tomu's name... That Maru's oshi maybe Haruppi or Tomu? or the girls that ranked in this year SSK (like mion or okada nana??) :huhuh :huhuh

Please update soon~ :cow: :cow:
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I got so curious, that I can't hold myself to type this as soon as I read the updates.... (take it as a compliment please)
Seriously is it Haruppi or someone else, I even googled the senbatsu list from this year and from the previous year to guess this, but still I don't think if my guess is right or not....
AAAAÀAAHHHHHHH.... I hate you for making me so curious at 1 a.m in the morning (again, take this as a compliment)
(long sigh....) I don't think I can get to sleep now... (>_<)
*Senpai Please Notice Me (TakaYui x Atsumina Fic) (on going)

*Kuroishi Jealosy (One Shoot)

*Nogizaka Girls High School Club Love Story (on going)


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Seriously is it Haruppi or someone else, I even googled the senbatsu list from this year and from the previous year to guess this, but still I don't think if my guess is right or not....
LOL i'm doing the same thing, googled for SSK 2015 and 2016 list. and i even count the SSK result to guess it :banghead:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-06) Milky (Graduation)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“PARURU-CHAN, congratulations for the 8th place~”

Paruru blushed as the eternal ace, Maeda Atsuko, welcomed her with a hug when she arrived at the said senpai’s home. Her other beloved senpai, Itano Tomomi, is also there and congratulated her as well.

“Sasshi is so strong~!” Acchan exclaimed with her very cute voice. “I know it was tough for all of you girls. You’ve done well, Paru-chan~”

“Thank you, Maeda-san.”

They all sat at the sofa. Acchan prepared some snacks for her visitors.

“Were you bored that’s why you called us?” Tomochin asked Paru. “You’ve been hanging out so much with the masked girl. It’s been so long since you’ve called us.

Paru tried to cover her embarrassment with a cute laugh. It is true that she is a little bored since Maru went back to Korea. The girl left right after the SSK. Maru didn’t tell her the reason but she assured her that she will come back. Well, how can she tell her senpai that it is partly the reason why she contacted them?

“I just want to ask if my last speech was good enough.”

The two senpai chuckled after hearing her.

“You called us just to ask about your speech? You’re so weird, Paru-chan.” Acchan took a sip of her beverage and her expression suddenly became serious. “Are you sure with this already?”

Paru gave out a faint smile. “I’ve thought about this many times. I just don’t know how to say no to Yuihan especially when she cries. I know I should support her as the foundation of the new AKB but…”

There was a short silence which was ended by Tomochin’s sigh.

“We can’t do anything about it.” She started. “You must take care of yourself and that is more important. I’m just really frustrated because I really wanted you to be the center.”


“Mou, don’t be like that to Paru-chan.” Acchan tried to lighten the mood. “I understand you. It is really hard to stand in the zero position. Let’s just celebrate the gift of your fans to you~”

“When are you going to announce it?” Tomochin didn’t want to lighten the mood.


“It’s okay, Maeda-san.” Paruru smiled. “I always miss the chance to announce it, but I will definitely announce it this year.”

“Well, what can we do?”Tomochin released another sigh. “I just want to ask when are you going to introduce us to the masked girl and what is this ruckus all about?”

Paru’s eyes widened. “E-E-Eh? Hoshi?”

“Eh? Is her name Hoshi? I thought her name was Maru?” Acchan asked curiously.

“Ara… Something is really fishy in here.” Tomochin said with her eyes squinted.

“W-What are you talking about, Itano-san?”

“You know, I would like to believe that your face is read because of your trademark make up but I know that you are not on that style anymore.”

Acchan laughed at Tomochin’s comment. “If there’s a chance introduce us to this Maru-chan, okay? How about we take a picture?”

(Photo from Acchan’s instagram or Paru’s. Lol. I forgot.)

“Why are you laughing like that, Paru-chan?” Acchan asked while snickering.

“I just thought that the photo will be better if taken by Hoshi.”

“Hoshi again, huh?” Tomochin sneered.

FIFTEEN days after the SSK and after Maru left, Milky’s graduation concert took place. The Kobe World Kinen Hall was filled with wotas who were sad yet also happy that Milky is now taking the next step in her life.

Milky, as known to everyone, is a girl who always smiles. Whatever situation it might be, a beautiful smile is always pasted on her face. Even though this event must be a time for her to shed tears, she showcased her elegant smile until the end of the concert. She bid good bye to her loyal fans with that wonderful warukii smile.

The one who cried the most was Sayanee. She even swore she will not cry but she couldn’t stop her emotion and cried. She cried to the point that she couldn’t even sing. As usual, Milky teased her after the concert. The other graduated first generation members were also there to see Milky take her first step of being solo. For her, it was a very wonderful night.

Milky arrived home very late. They didn’t go to a party next but parting with the other members was a little tough for her to do that time. She told her mom to go first and she spent more time with her friends.

It was around 2AM when she arrived but she was surprised to see the lights are still on. Her mother welcomed her from the front door.

“What’s up, Mom? Why are you still awake?” Milky asked in disbelief.

“I came home with your friend. We are talking about much stuff while waiting for you. It is really fun talking with her, I didn’t notice the time.”

“A friend?” Milky noticed an unfamiliar pair of shoes in the shoe rack. “All my friends were with me. Don’t just let anyone who says that they are my friend in the house.”

“Hey, puffer fish! Don’t talk to you mom like that.”

The visitor suddenly appeared behind. Milky dropped her baggage when she saw who it was. She even blinked her eyes many times to make sure that she is seeing the right person.

“W-Waru-kun?” she stammered.

“You got it right.” Maru even winked at her.

“HEY, are you still awake?”

Milky asked Maru who is lying on a futon. The girl is busy with her phone. Milky is in her bed.

“Sorry, is the light from my phone disturbing you?”

“No, I just can’t sleep. I feel like I still have much energy to be used.”

“Sleep now. Your mom will get angry. She told us that you have to sleep now and leave the talking for tomorrow or else your precious skin will not regenerate.”

Milky didn’t listen instead she rolled to a position where she can take a better view of Maru.

“I’m just messing up with Shakure King telling her that she is a crybaby. I’ll be over with this in a while so go ahead and sleep first.”

“Did you watch the concert?”

“I did.”

“When did you come back?”

“Today. I went straight here. My things are sent to my apartment ahead of me.”

“Have you told Paru-chan about it?”

“No, she doesn’t know anything. I’d like to surprise everyone.”

“What happened to your glasses?”

Yes, she was really curious starting from the moment she saw Maru. There was something different about her and it is her missing glasses. The mystical thing about it is she seems like she can see clearly.

“I don’t use glasses anymore. I underwent LASIK operation in Korea.” Maru sighed. “That was really tough. I got both of my eyes operated at the same time. But the healing process was really fast.”

“Eh? Surgery? Wow!” Milky exclaimed. “Should you abuse your eyes like that? You should sleep now.”

Maru turned her phone screen off and looked at Milky. “How about stop bombarding me with questions?”

“You suddenly appeared in front of me so I can’t help but to talk to you.” Milky puffed her cheeks.

Maru rolled her eyes and sighed. She sat up. Milky smiled seeing that her Waru-kun is ready to talk to her. She went down from her bed and sat in front of Maru.

“Ne, ne, Ijiwaru-kun…” She called. “Where’s my reward? You know, I helped you cast the votes and kept it out secre–”

“Haruka already knows it.”

Milky’s eyes widened in shock. “W-What? I didn’t tell her anything about it!”

Maru heaved another sigh. “A talkative ajumma told her about it. My guardian.”

“That’s a waste. I even kept my mouth shut about it even though I really wanted to tell her.” Milky snickered. “So, what about your real oshimen? She did well in the last SSK, right?”

The other girl smiled. “It’s nice to know that she finally made it to Senbatsu. It’s just hard for me that I didn’t become a part of that success.”

“Have you fallen for Paruru-chan that hard that you even chose her over your oshimen?”

“Huh? What are you talking about? I will never fall in love with anyone. Haruka is my friend so I voted for her.”

“So Sayaka, Yuihan and Sakura-chan are not your friends?”

“It is Haruka’s last SSK!” Maru argued.

Milky just snickered at the tsundere Maru. “Well it’s good that your oshimen ranked in the Senbatsu after last year’s frustrating rank. I’m just wondering why it is her.”

“Are you asking why not you?” Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. “I told you already about it when we were voting, right? Why do I have to tell you again?”

“When I smile, am I not able to make you smile like she does?”

Maru took another deep breath. But, instead of throwing another argument, Maru just stared at her, straight to her eyes as if she is observing her intently.

“W-What’s up with that look?” Milky asked; taken aback by Maru’s sudden stare.

Maru smiled a bit. “You can cry now, Miyuki.”

The fisher was slightly taken a back with Maru’s statement. “C-Cry? What are you talking about?”’

“You know what I mean, Miyuki. Don’t worry I will not laugh when you cry.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Maru combed her fringe a back with her fingers. “I remember… You once said that you often push your own emotions behind and hide them with your smile. It is your way of surviving, right? Well, if you keep pushing them like that you will suffer in the future.”

“H-How did you know that?”

“You talked about it in an MC part before.”

Milky was surprised. Everything Maru said was true. She doesn’t even remember when she said that but she knows it was already a long time ago. She was surprised that something like that information is engraved in Maru’s memory.

“It’s okay to cry. I’ve seen you cry before so don’t worry. You’ve managed not to cry today at the concert. Congratulations for successfully pushing your tears behind. Now it is time to let them out.”

Milky laughed. “You’re weird, Waru—“

Her words were halted when she felt Maru’s palm on her head. The girl gently pats her.

“You’ve done well, Miyuki. Congratulations in your graduation.”

Milky felt a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks. She was surprised to see it and tried to wipe it but the tears just kept on rolling without her being able to handle them. Milky covered her face as she started sobbing. She felt a gentle tap on her shoulder which made her jerk up.

She saw Maru’s smiling face but her eyes tell that she empathize with her. Milky cried even more as she jumped to her Ijiwaru’s arms. Maru just let her cry in her while gently patting her back.

Milky calmed down after almost three minutes of crying. She let go of Maru whose shirt is wet with her tears.

“Do you feel better now?” Maru asked.

Milky just nodded. Maru smiled and released a sigh of relief.

“You know?” Maru started. “I was supposed to come back later but I tried my hardest to be able to attend your graduation concert. I believe you are just going to hide all your true emotions with an idol smile. I was right. I know how much you love NMB48 and it pains you to leave the group just like that. It won’t help if you won’t let this emotion out now or in the future you will only feel more regretful about this.”

Maru suddenly laughed. “If you think about it carefully, I came back just to make you cry.”

A smile went back to Milky’s face. “I didn’t name you Ijiwaru for nothing.”

Both of them smiled with that statement.

“Now that you will have more time for private life, spend more time with your mom.”

“My mom? Why so sudden?”

“Nothing. It’s just nice having your mom with you, right?”

Milky didn’t grow up with a dad. It has always been her mom to support her. Before she joined NMB, the only person she can always be honest to is her mom. She protected her and provided her with love. Her mom worked so hard so she would never feel how hard it is without a dad.

Milky nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Maybe I should go on a tour with my mom.”

“That would be awesome.” Maru flicked Milky’s forehead which made her yelped.

“What’s that for?!” Milky asked with wide eyes.

“That’s my good night. Go back to your bed and sleep.”

Maru laid back to her futon and covered herself with the blanket. Milky was left dumbfounded when suddenly an idea came into mind. Her cunning smile went back to her face.

She crawled under Maru’s blanket and hugged the girl from the back.

Maru sighed. “Seriously, Watanabe Miyuki-san?”

“I missed teasing you so let me sleep beside you.” Milky whispered in a seductive tone.

“Go back to your bed!”

“Hey Waru-kun, why do you always look so cool to me?” Milky ignored her order and changed the topic.

“I was raised like a boy.” Maru answered, more of a whisper.

“Eh? What did you say?”

Milky waited for an answer but she heard nothing. She looked at Maru and saw that she is already sleeping. She smiled. She’s decided to sleep beside her Ijiwaru-kun no matter what.

© NMB48

THE NEXT day, AKS published Miyuki’s beautiful graduation photos. What made everyone surprised was the MMG mark on the lower left. It has been a long time since the public saw a photo taken by MMG. Speculations arose that her injury is already healed and she is now fit to work.

Paruru saw the pictures while she was on a taping. She almost dropped her phone when she saw the picture on twitter. Thankfully the shoot was already over when she saw it or else she won’t be able to act with her disturbed mind.

She immediately dialed Maru’s phone but the girl’s line was busy. Paru pouted. Her grumpy face made her manager worried. She still has another schedule after this shoot so she can’t have her mood ruined.

She was already pissed when her phone suddenly rang. Hoshi’s name is flashing on the screen. She immediately answered it.

“Haruka, did you ca—“

“Are you back, Hoshi?”

Maru stayed quiet for a while, probably thinking of what to say.

“D-Did I got caught already?” she stammered.

Paruru took a deep breath. “Why didn’t you tell me that you have come back already?”

Maru laughed. “I was planning to surprise you but I guess my plan is a failure.”

“You already surprised me!” Paru’s sudden shout caught the attention of the people around her. “Where are you?”

“Waru-kun~ What’s taking you so long?” Paru’s eyes widened when she heard Milky’s voice. “Sakura- chan, stop bothering Waru-kun already!”

“Shh… This is Haruka this time, Miyuki.”

“Ehh? Paruru-chan?”

“A-Are you with Milky-san? And you were talking with Sakura-chan before me?”

Maru bit her lower lip. She already traced annoyance in Paruru’s tone.

“I’m with Miyuki. We are heading to the train station. I’m going back to Tokyo now.”

Paruru heard another giggle from Milky which irked her a little. But, Milky’s next statement splashed cold water unto her. “Is Waru-kun’s girlfriend getting jealous?”

The salty musume’s heart quaked. Why is she even this pissed at the first place? She isn’t her girlfriend or anything. She doesn’t even consider Maru her best friend but why is she this… jealous? Was that really the right word?

“Shut up puffer fish!” Milky giggled again even after being shouted by Maru. This girl is somehow an M. “I’m really sorry, Haruka. Don’t worry, I’ll be back today but I think we won’t be seeing each other. I got something to attend tonight and I know you got a tight schedule as well.”

“I-I… I’m also sorry, Hoshi. I didn’t mean to shout at you.” Paruru finally got a hold of herself.

“Don’t worry. It’s my fault in the first place. You have AKBingo shoot tomorrow, right?”

“Y-Yes. Tomorrow is AKBingo.”

“Okay then, see you tomorrow. I will be there as photographer. Finally I can work again.”

Paru released a sigh. “Okay then, see you tomorrow.”



“Thank you for missing me that much. See you.”

That’s all and she hung up.

The call is long over but Paru still has her phone in her ears. She was just looking at an empty space. It’s true. She missed her Hoshi so much. She wants to see her as soon as possible. She felt her heart beating so fast. She wiped her face with her palm and shook her head.

“It can’t be. I can’t be inlove with Hoshi. What about Yuihan?”


I'm really sorry for the confusion I made last chapter. I never expected that many people will be curious about Maru's oshimen like that. I dropped one hint in the beginning of Sakura's Arc. I think that's the only hint I have given before this chapter. (I really thought that my explanation with the votes would reveal it but I guess I'm really bad with numbers. I'm really sorry about that.) But I've given another clue here. I think it narrowed the choices, right?  :glasses:
Anyway, the everyday update ends today. Next update will be on... When do you like it? Haha.

Have a nice week everyone. I'll be waiting for you in the comments. Sorry, I was not able to reply to you all on this chapter. But I really thank you all for reading.  :kneelbow:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-06) Milky (Graduation)
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welcome back to japan, Maru-kun  :cow: :cow:

and thank you for every day updates shortcut-san :hip smile: the next update i think wednesday and sunday is okay for me^^
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-06) Milky (Graduation)
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Your Oshi is in Team  K?

Pls add more! :)


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-06) Milky (Graduation)
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welcome back to japan, Maru-kun  :cow: :cow:

and thank you for every day updates shortcut-san :hip smile: the next update i think wednesday and sunday is okay for me^^
Okay then, I guess I'll switch to Wednesday. Next update will be this Wednesday.  :thumbup

Your Oshi is in Team  K?

Pls add more! :)
I will surely add more. :)

Hmmm.... Haruppi? And your oshimen is Paruru? If i got this wrong... Then i give up  :P XD I'll just enjoy the rest of this story peacefully  :lol: :D :cow: otsukare~ Cut san

I really don't want to reveal the answer by myself. I want my precious readers to figure it out. But yeah, my oshimen is Paruru. I think it's so obvious with my avatar.

I got so curious, that I can't hold myself to type this as soon as I read the updates.... (take it as a compliment please)
Seriously is it Haruppi or someone else, I even googled the senbatsu list from this year and from the previous year to guess this, but still I don't think if my guess is right or not....
AAAAÀAAHHHHHHH.... I hate you for making me so curious at 1 a.m in the morning (again, take this as a compliment)
(long sigh....) I don't think I can get to sleep now... (>_<)
Haha. Sorry for making you so curious that night. I hope you got some good sleep despite of that. :)

Thank you all. There were two people who voted Yes. 4 people for No and 3 people for the other option. Haha. Please stay with me until the end.  :cathappy:
I love girls in short cut...

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