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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic
MUSIC STATION (A Sudden UZA Dance Battle)


All the girls of the senbatsu were surprised to see the second generation ace and their dai-senpai, Oshima Yuko, at the practice room of TV Asahi. They are there for a guesting in the famous M-Station where they will promote their newest single. It is also a two-hour special where the show ranked the top ten idol songs with the hardest choreography. UZA ranked in.

Yuko stood up from her seat. “Yo! Long time no see, everyone!”

All the younger senbatsu members flocked at Yuko. Yuihan looked at Kojiharu but it seems even NyanNyan doesn’t know that Yuko will be there. The face of the girlfriend is stained with bewilderment.

Yuko clapped her hands to gather their attention. “We don’t have much time left, let’s practice UZA!”

“W-W-Wait…” Yuihan raised her hand and stepped forward. “You are going to perform with us, Yuko-san?”

“Of course, this is UZA, you know?” the squirrel answered with an innocent face.

“But I was not informed about this.” The GM mumbled.

“Because this is a surprise, Yui-sou-chan.” Yuko winked at her and tapped her shoulder. The squirrel then went to NyanNyan and spanked the girl’s butt. Kojiharu’s usual tsundere behavior towards Yuko surfaced and shouted at the sneering squirrel. She then turned to Mayu and made the oshiri sign with her hands. The other girl did the same. It’s like their secret handshake.

Everyone was pumped up that they can perform again with Yuko. They immediately made adjustments to the positions because there are already 5 members of the original UZA senbatsu that graduated (if you add Yuko then it is 6) and Miichan is not part of the top 16. The front part is obviously taken by the members who ranked higher but the centers are the original WCenter. Since UZA is an original 16 senbatsu song, they have to subtract one from their lineup. Paruru offered herself as the sacrifice. She cannot dance this song anymore.

They practiced around five times and they were sent to the dressing room. It’s now the matter of how professional they are to memorize the new formation and steps.

“I’m glad that I can dance with you again, Yuko-san.” Jurina said with a wide smile as they were heading to the dressing room.

Yuko smiled at her. “It will be another showdown between the two of us, Jurina.”

The pup got more pumped up after hearing the word ‘showdown’. She is overflowing with the spirit of competition since she was young and it never runs out.

“I won’t let you down, Yuko-san.”

“I’m expecting for a good show.” Yuko sneered.

THE SHOW is already almost over. The group has already promoted their latest single, Love Trip, at the earlier part of the show. Now it’s time to announce the rank 1 of the idol song with the most complicated choreography.

The girls went to their position as a VTR about UZA is being shown. The lights are dimmed and they are waiting for Yuko to join them at the formation but the former ace is nowhere to be found. Yuihan calmed them down that maybe Yuko will come out as a surprise. It is a live show so they can’t really mess up.

The VTR contained an interview with Yuko. Everyone on the audience cheered when they saw her. The power of this squirrel is really immeasurable. Even though she has graduated, she remains popular to the fans.

In the VTR, Yuko first talked about the song. She mentioned how hard they practiced it that time and how they wanted to perfect it because it is the first single after Acchan left. Everything suddenly become suspicious when Yuko was shown practicing with a certain girl. The shot was taken from behind them that’s why they cannot see who the girl was.

And then Shinobu-san also appeared at the interview which made everything more suspicious. She was being interviewed while Yuko and another girl was seen practicing.

“I don’t know why but I received an order to make her center the song with Jurina-chan. I was also surprised to see Yuko-chan came here just to convince her.”

“She doesn’t want to do this?” The interviewer asked.

“She doesn’t like to. I tried to convince her with everything I got but she said that it will be crazy to do this. She said that it is unfair to the girls who are striving hard just to get the position. It took an Oshima Yuko to convince her.”

The interview went back to Yuko who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Do you guys remember when I picked Mukaichi Mion-chan to center Heavy Rotation? Well, I’m going to pick another center again…”

The audience’s expectation was raised above the ceiling after that statement. They are all on the edge of their seats.

“What the heck is happening?” Jurina asked herself. All of them are clueless of what’s going on.

[Will start in 10 seconds]

That was written in the cue card which alerted everyone. They don’t know what’s happening but they know they have to perform.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is UZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

The music started and all cameras are on the group. Jurina came out with the first explosion. She got her performer face on. Whoever the picked center is, she is willing to have this showdown with her. She looked at the other side of the stage to see who is coming and…

Walking with angst as the song requires, Maru came out. She’s on the same outfit but she’s wearing a mask and a lensless glasses. The whole audience stood up from their seats as they recognized who it is. They were so loud that the floor director couldn’t handle them.

The second explosion came in and Maru removed everything that covers her face. She sneered as her face was being focused by the camera. Everyone on the studio was in such a hype even the hosts of the program are standing to take a better look.

MMG has been unmasked and who knows that the noise will be this big. She was just a wandering girl at the bus stop where Paru met her months ago. And now she is dancing as a center of AKB48? Aki-P must be crazy?!!!!

The surprised members, because they are all professionals, managed to dance the way they are expected to dance even though they were surprised. Maru goes along with the formation smoothly as if she had practiced with them. She knows exactly where to go. Her lips are seen moving but she doesn’t have a mic attached to her.

Jurina felt like she is being outshone as the other center. At one point, she saw Yuko sitting with the audience, quietly watching the performance.

“I’m expecting for a good show.”

Jurina smirked when she remembered what Yuko said.

“So, this is what you are talking about, Yuko-san? Then, I’ll give you a good show.”

Jurina started to shine as the original center of the song. The two centers are shining in such a light that the other girls caught the virus. They started dancing with more coolness.

The UZA version they are performing was the version that they first presented. It was the one with dance showdown as the bridge part. The only difference now is that they don’t have back up dancers. They will dance through that showdown. That gave them some tough time during rehearsals. (It will be nice if you can watch it again. :D )

There goes the part of the drum solo being danced by Juri, Mion, Nana, Akari, Kitarie and Tomu. None of them is showing that they will be left out. Everyone danced in great synchronization.

The next drum pattern was danced by NyanNyan, Haruppi, Yui and Sasshi. Everyone is doing better than expected. Next was the solo of Mayu and Yukirin. They successfully did that pumping choreography.

And now with eight counts each, Sakura and Sayanee performed their solo. Followed them is the WCenter’s term. Each move is like raging war to each other. There were times that their stares would meet and they will just sneer at each other. Sakura and Sayanee joined them after 16 counts. The dance floor is on fire as they dance the final four eights of the bridge. No one is there to lose. The audience cheered loudly when the monster bridge ended and the outro of the song came in.

The song ended with a bang and all the audience were cheering, shouting ‘AKB, AKB, AKB’ again and again. They haven’t felt so much hype from AKB after such a long time. Even the twitter universe is going to explode because of that performance. It isn’t just because of Maru’s unmasking but everyone really pulled off a wonderful show. It is like all the fans that are posting on SNS [Make AKB Cool Again] jumped out of their seats and cried in gladness after seeing that cool UZA number.

The hosts of the show joined them and congratulated them for a job well done.

“Wasn’t that just a super great performance?!” Tamori exclaimed. “This type of is AKB, I haven’t seen this for a very long time!”

The audience gave another round of applause to them and they all returned with a bow.

“That was really, really cool!” The co-host, Hironaka Ayaka, seconded. “I got goose bumps while watching them. May I also call on stage Oshima Yuko-san and Shimazaki Haruka-san.”

Yuko went up on stage while wearing her signature squirrel smile, waving and greeting all the audience. Paruru also went up as she was invited. She’s still awestruck by the sudden happenings on the stage.

“Oshima-san, what can you say about the performance?” Hironaka asked the former ace.

Yuko smiled while shaking her head. “That was really, really great! I was kinda worried because it was UZA with the crazy bridge but they set the house on fire! Right, minna-san?!”

The audience shouted a loud ‘YES’. Yuko was very delighted.

“Shimazaki.” Tamori called Paruru that got a bit surprised. “What can you say?”

“Ah? Uhmmm…” Paruru looked at Maru’s direction and the girl just barely raised her hand to greet her. “What should I say? M-Maru-san just…”

Everybody’s attention went to Maru who was standing around a meter away from the group. Maru felt her sweat suddenly turned into cold water.

“Oh yes!” Tamori slapped his forehead as if he has forgotten. “The Mysterious Masked Girl was finally unmasked!”

The camera was focused to Maru and she bowed to greet the audience. The live audience started cheering again. She bowed a multiple times to show how thankful she is.

“What is her name again?”

The members are all saying ‘Maru-chan’ in a very cute way. A staff gave Maru a mic. Looks like it’s time for her to speak again.

“Konbanwa, Hoshino Maru-desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Somehow she managed to say that clearly. The audience cheered ‘MARU-SAMA!’.

“MMG really seems well-known to your fans. She’s so pretty~” Hironaka commented. Everyone on the audience agreed with her statement. “Anyway, somehow the members looked a little surprised when she came out. Was that a surprise?”

“It’s a surprise!” Sasshi emphasized. “You see, you see? When we came at the practice room we were surprised to see Yuko-san there. She said that she will perform with us and then Maru-chan just came out of nowhere!”

“No one was informed even me.” Yui stated with a smile.

Yuko laughed at the reactions of the members. “I was a little curious about this MMG so I came to Akimoto-sensei personally just to find out about her but I arrived in the office where Shinobu-san is convincing her to dance UZA. It was really funny. Shinobu-san is almost begging to her so I butted in.”

“Meanie. You surprised us!” The members started murmuring to each other.

A cue card was suddenly raised. [Tell Hoshino to stand with AKB]

Maru didn’t notice it because she was just fidgeting with her mic. The MC noticed the distance she has away from AKB. It will be tough for the cameraman to get a full shot.

“Hoshino-san, why don’t you stand with AKB?” Tamori suggested but it felt like a command.

Surprised, Maru shook her head. “Focus with AKB, please.”

“What are you talking about? You just danced as a center.”

Suddenly, everyone fell silent when Sakura walked to where Maru is in little, awkward movements. She then held on to Maru’s arm and escorted her to the group. Jurina’s eyes twitched with the scene. Maru was made to stand on the side where a certain Hakata girl is also standing. The girl smiled at her but Maru avoided eye contact and looked down.

“What was that little show all about?” Tamori asked; dumbfounded at what he witnessed.

“Did Sakura just escort her in? The lone wolf Sakura?”

“Sasshi!” Sakura shouted at Sasshi with a smile, telling her to stop teasing her.

“Hora,” Yuko shouted. “That’s why I really wanted to check her. Before Sakura-chan, she got Paruru and Milky. I wanted to meet her personally to warn her not to make a move to my NyanNyan.”

“YUU-CHAN!” Kojiharu slapped Yuko’s shoulder but the squirrel didn’t mind. She jumped to NyanNyan for a hug but tsundere Nyan continually shoves her off.

This time another cue card was raised. [End the show.]

“Anyway, before this cool stage became a Yuri paradise, let’s end this show. It was a really great way to end the ranking with that superb dance number. Again, everyone, AKB48 plus Hoshino Maru-san and Oshima Yuko-san~”

They bowed to the camera and waved.

“This is the MUSIC STATION!”

UZA was played as the outro. After about ten seconds, the ON AIR light turned off. The live is already finished.

The girls thanked the audience before they went backstage. Sayanee and Yuihan immediately went to Maru to congratulate her. Sayanee messed her hair and pinched her cheeks so hard.

Jurina was just staring at them when Yuko tapped her in the shoulder.

“That was indeed a great show. You didn’t fail me, Jurina. You’re a real center.” That’s all and Yuko walked in with her NyanNyan. As usual, Yuko is all over Haruna but the girl is just pushing her off. Jurina was a little tired because an SKE song also ranked in but she gave her best and shone brightly during the dance battle. Everyone who watched the performance surely has noticed it.

Jurina smiled. It is always a joy for her to be praised by Yuko. It felt like she has found another rival and she is so much ready to wage war.

“WHAT the heck was that, Maru-chan?! That was very cool!”

Yuihan cannot help but to praise Maru after the performance. It was a tough dance and she just had a showdown with non-other than the ace of Sakae, Matsui Jurina, who is also known as a monster in the dance stage.

Maru threw herself at an empty seat and closed her eyes. “It’s finally finished. I’m glad they didn’t make me wear a skirt.”

“You are really something, kiddo.” Sayanee exhaled. “Hey, where are your glasses? You are almost blind without them, right?”

“I got my eyes operated when I was in Korea. My eyesight is much better now.”

“You were really cool back then Maru-san.” Sakura commented after gathering her courage to talk. “I didn’t know that you can also dance.”

Maru opened her eyes and lifted her back from the chair.

“I was forced to do so. If you only know how I felt after being terrorized by Oshima-san. I’m glad I was flat or else she might’ve done something more.” Maru released a sigh of relief. “I will put that puffer fish into bondage next time I see her for telling Akimoto-sensei that I can dance.”

A towel fell over Maru’s head. It was thrown by Yuko.

“Not bad, Maru-chwan. That was cool.”

“T-Thank you, Oshima-san…”

Yuko laughed. “I’ll be watching you but now let me have a sweet time with my NyanNyan.”

“Yuu-chan!” Kojima shouted as she felt Yuko groping her butt.

Yuihan and Sayanee laughed at the KojiYuu scene.

“I should go change now. We still have AKBingo filming for tomorrow.” Sayanee stated.

“I should go to. Sakura-chan, Maru-chan, you should also go.” Yui told them before leaving.

The two just nodded but they stayed at that place for a little while.

“You’re not going to change, Haruhi-san?” Sakura asked.

“I’m gonna go change if everyone is finished changing. You should go.”

“Ah… Uhm… I’d like to—“

Suddenly, coming swiftly like a wind, Jurina came and stole Sakura. She grabbed Sakura’s arm and ran to the dressing room.

“Sorry, I’m taking what’s mine!!” Jurina shouted and laughed while running. Sakura was so embarrassed that she can’t help but to follow Jurina’s lead. She wanted to talk more with Maru but a puppy just stole her.

Maru just released a sigh as she watches them disappear from her sight. She leaned back to the chair and closed her eyes. She remained that way for almost a minute until…


Paruru jerked when she heard her name being called. She was hiding on a pillar and was just looking at her Hoshi. She moved from where she is and stood in front of the exhausted girl.

“How did you know I was there?” Paruru asked.

Maru opened her eyes and looked at her. “Your scent… It’s the same as last time, right?”

“Gross.” Paruru commented although she is trying so hard not to blush. Actually, she hasn’t changed her perfume since the last time Maru complimented that she smells nice. “Are you some kind of a dog?”

Maru just laughed. “Don’t change that scent. It might come handy in the future.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Maru shook her head slowly. It feels like she’s just saying to forget about what she said. She looked at Paruru straight to her eyes and smiled.

“Haruka… Tadaima…”

Paruru returned a sweet smile. “Okaerii… Hoshi.”


They both turned to Shinobu who suddenly appeared. Paruru hid her face because of the sudden rush of blood.

“I hate to interrupt this sweet reunion but Maru-chan… Can you come with me for a moment?”

“Sure.” Maru stood up from her seat. “See you later, Haruka.”

Paruru just nodded and the other girl went away with Shinobu. Paruru took a deep breath.

“I’m not inlove with her.” She said as she released her breath. “It is Yui. It is Yui… Not Hoshi.”


She looked at the source of that voice. She saw Yuihan waving at her from the door of the dressing room.

“Get changed already. You have to rest early.” Yui ordered her with a smile on her face.


She rushed to Yui and the GM arched her around Paru’s shoulder. She started talking about how cool the performance was and how she felt so happy seeing all the hype from the audience. Paruru just listened to all what Yuihan said with a smile.

“Yes, it is Yuihan that I like. But why do I feel…”


Next chapter is crazy as well... *wink*
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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YOSHAAA!!! ARIGATOU SHORTCUT-SAN :farofflook: :farofflook:

Maru released a sigh of relief. “I will put that puffer fish into bondage next time I see her for telling Akimoto-sensei that I can dance.”
LOL good job miyuki~ :nya:

Paruru just nodded and the other girl went away with Shinobu. Paruru took a deep breath.
“I’m not inlove with her.” She said as she released her breath. “It is Yui. It is Yui… Not Hoshi.”
i feel MaruParu here. Maru-kun, please don't go for incest with your mother :bingo: :bingo:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-09) Music Station
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I feel like someone is going to be a sadist to a certian fish in the group hahaha😂😂😂

UZA!!! :yossi: :otomerika: :cow: :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

are you in love? or are you in love~~~~? haha 😍😍😍

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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Good evening, everyone~ I got caught up with lots of things today. Sorry, I got home late and posted this late. I'm really sorry for making y'all wait. Thanks for those who messaged me to remind me about the update. The chicken I ate was really nice and I savored every bit of it and the bus I rode was very slow; the 30 minute ride felt like almost an hour. Really sorry... Here is the update. Hope you enjoy this as well~  :heart: :yep:

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

In a world where the Bad Boys didn’t graduate…

AKBINGO got a special episode with only the senbatsu members present. It is very rare to see an all senbatsu set. Since they are all busy or caught up with another schedule, most of the time the younger members are in charge of AKBingo. But today is a very special taping.


Sata did the title call of the segment with so much energy. It’s not that he doesn’t like the other members but he and Kiyoto are just happy to see the members that they do not usually see but were the ones who started the show with them. Sadly, Kojima Haruna and Kitahara Rie couldn’t make it today. They were the only ones who are absent. Kojiharu had a pictorial abroad while Kitarie had to go back to Niigata for her babies.

“Saa, today we have all these girls!”

The camera got a full shot of the girls on the seats. They are all wearing their casual clothes.

“C-Chotto matte, Sata-san!” Juri cut out. “I understand why Kojima-san and Kitahara-san are not here but where are the others?”

Juri is pertaining to the group that got separated to them. Sayanee, Jurina, Tomu, Naachan and Mayuyu where put in a separate dressing room. They were also told not to go to where they are.

“Yes! You didn’t even orient us on what we are going to do.” Yukirin complained. “What are we really going to do exactly? You made us sit here without anything.”

“What a noisy giraffe.” Kiyoto’s ridicule made everyone laugh and had Yukirin up from her seat.

“Saa, saa… Actually, among you, there are two people who know what is going on.”

The members looked at each other to confirm who those two are. They looked around as if they are looking for criminals.

“Saa! Those two, reveal yourselves!”

Suddenly, two girls who are sitting on the front row jumped out from their seats.

“It’s us!” Sasshi and Yuihan raised their fists to the camera. All the girls at the back where pointing and shouting at them of course except Paruru. The two went to join the Bad Boys at the MC side.

“I-Is this some sort of a dokkiri?” Mion stammered.

“No, no, no. You two, go and do the title call again.” Sata ordered the accomplices.


“G-Group date?”

The tension rose up after that title call part two. Group date? They are in a love ban so surely there will be no real boys that are going to appear. It only means one thing…

“Oy, Shimazaki! Why is your face like that?”

Paruru doesn’t seem like she is having fun. She is showing her usual salty face.

“The reason why you move the others to another dressing room is because they will be doing danso, right?” She answered frankly.

Sata swatted her with his pointer. Sasuga, even senbatsu members are not exempted to Sata’s swats. “You are ruining the surprise, you know?”

Paruru just laughed off the abuse from Sata. “I am right, am I not?”

Sata just shooked his head while smiling. “You know, we even told them to act like real boys!” He tried to give Paruru another swat when Yuihan stopped him. Everyone on the bench started cheering YuiParu.

Paru clung to Yui the same she found refuge in the GM when Komiyama Haruka wanted to have a pair with her. “I already have Yui so I don’t think I can go on a group date.”

“Wooh~” The girls started to tease them. Paruru is suddenly so clingy to Yui and saying sweet things to her. Even Yui found it a little bit strange since it was a long time since Paru expressed fondness of her like this. Well, she didn’t mind. To her, having Paruru cling to her like this is such a nice feeling.

“Are you telling us that you are not joining, Paruru-chan?” Sasshi asked.

Paruru looked at the girls in the bench. It seems like she counted them. She also looked at the empty stools in front of them. “There are only six stools but there are seven girls if you include me.”

“Are you doing math now?” Kiyoto sarcastically asked which made everyone laugh. “This is work, you know?”

Paruru just giggled. “Maybe I will just watch.”

Sata shook his head again. “You’ve analyzed it well, Shimazaki. But if you analyze it more, there is some abnormality in here. If the senbatsu has 16 members and two of you are absent and another two here are commentators, how come there will be six stools if there are seven girls on the bench?”

Everyone looked blankly at Sata. It seems like they are having hard times doing the math. It was a term of awkward silence.

“They all look stupid. Simple math they can’t even do.”

The girls tried to defend themselves with Kiyoto’s comment but it was true they can’t even get the answer of the simple math. That’s BKA, I mean, AKB for you.

“Quiet! Quiet!” Sata silenced the girls with wild hormones. “I know you are all waiting for this. You can go all out to find a match without worrying about scandal.” He then had a glimpse of Sasshi. Sasshi slapped him in the back.

“What’s that for, Sata-san? Mou, that was long time ago!”

Sata and Kiyoto just laughed. They just missed picking on Sasshi that’s why they are not holding back today in doing what the Bad Boys do.

“Let’s welcome all the boys!”

The lights dimmed and the spotlight transferred to the infamous shadow door of AKBingo.

“DANSO NUMBER 1!” The announcer, Iwami Seiji’s, voice put more tension to the event. On the shadow door was a silhouette of whom they don’t know. The door rose up and Okada Nana came out. She is in a blazer school uniform. The same outfit she wore on the mousou drama she did with Yuiri.

“Favorite place is the school rooftop. Doesn’t like to see people being bullied. He might be popular in school but he definitely notices you! Presenting the school’s top ikemen—“

The background music stopped and the camera focused on Nana’s face.

“Okada Nanao-desu. They say I’m so friendly at school but actually I want to be friends with you.”

The girls at the bench giggled after seeing Nanao-kun. Nanao-kun indeed became famous after that mousou drama and now he is back by popular demand. He then sat to her designated stool and the next ikemen came short after.

“DANSO NUMBER 2!”The door rose again and Muto Tomu came out. Wearing a short brown hair and a hiphop dancer like outfit, she came out with angst and started posing in front of the camera.

“You may call him dance-baka for his passion for dancing but that’s his way to communicate his heart out. His eyes might look bored whenever you talk about other things but he is listening. The dance master ikemen—“

“I danced for many years of my life and it became hard for me to talk to girls. I’m the type who likes to be lead. Muto Tomuyuki-desu.”

Tomuyuki received a lot praises from the giddy girls. It wasn’t the first time that Juri and Mion saw him but they still think he is very cool.


Everyone got more excited knowing that the next three names are big. Their jaw dropped when the door rose up making way for Sayanee who is wearing a suit. His aura looks sophisticated and well-mannered. His hair was brushed in the side to make it look flat but he has bangs as his hair is parted on the side. The girls cannot stop their excitement. He is the rich kei danshi!

“I’m a CEO’s son. Huh? I’m not bragging about it. It just came as a habit. I would really like to be a musician but I’m an heir so I don’t have a choice. I came here to somehow have fun from my stressful life. Yamamoto Sai-desu.”


All hell broke loose when Jurina came out. His hair is light brown and styled like a Korean ikemen. He is wearing some outgoing, stylish clothes which made every heart pump twice the normal speed. He is the naughty-type danshi.

“I’m not a player as everybody says. I’m willing to be committed to one person only.” He then winked at Sakura on the bench. The girl immediately flustered. “I’m Matsui Jun at your service.”


Everyone almost fainted after seeing the next danso. It was the most famous danso of Mayu. He is wearing a white coat which she then removed after coming out. He then fixed his glasses and combed his hair with his fingers.

“Taking a break from the medical school. Please don’t tell me that I’m hopeless for love. Watanabe Yuma-desu.”

(Dunno. She used Minami in AKBingo before, but Takamina and Miichan always come to my mind so I decided to go for Yuma.)

“Wow! The danso level we have now is very high!” Sasshi commented. “Why did you make me a commentator? I want to choose from them too!”

“You’ve had enough experience, you know?”


There was another roll of laughter in the studio. Sasshi is being picked like the old times. Sata calmed them down.

“And now, the next ikemen for the sixth stool—“

“What? There is another one? But it’s all of them already, right?”

“K-Kojima-san? Is Kojima-san coming out?”

The four MCs looked at the girls with blank stares. Yui shook her head in frustration.

“Yokoyama,” Kiyoto called. “This is what Takamina left you--A group of slowpokes.”

Yui slapped her forehead knowing that she will deal with this bunch for a long, long time. With all of them not knowing what is happening, the lights dimmed again and the main camera focused to the shadow door.

A shadow of another ‘guy’ is casted on the door. Everyone’s breath is on halt. The door rose up and a guy in white tee topped with a black leather jacket came out. His jet black hair is parted to the side but still leaves only a few fringes. It’s a cool, clean look and he looks like a real ikemen. But the question is: who is he? They can’t identify who it is because of the sunglasses he is wearing.

“Flew from the other side of the world to meet you; Are you ready for the noise he is going to make? The guy from Paris, the half-blooded kei danshi!”

Sata and Kiyoto are seen laughing in the background while Sasshi’s mouth is wide open. It looks like the other danso contenders don’t know anything about it. The lights went open without the ikemen giving his self-introduction. The Bad Boys stood at the both side of the guy while still snickering.

“Who is he? His style looks so Korean.”

“But Iwami-san said he is from Paris. He looks so cool.”

The members, again, are murmuring in the back. Sakura felt like she knows who this is.

“Before I let you know his name. Let me call on Nakayama Kazuteru-sensei~!!!”

An old guy in a doctor’s robe came and joined them in the studio. All eyes are glued on the somehow familiar guy. Jurina suddenly stood up from her seat.

“YOU?!” She shouted while pointing at the doctor. “You are the doctor from that time!”

“Yes!” Sata answered. “He is the doctor that came long time ago that hypnotized Maeda, Takahashi, Miyazawa and the other girls. That episode really made a fuzz.”

“That was ages ago! I’m glad you’re still alive, Nakayama-sensei.”

The doctor just laughed at Kiyoto’s joke. “I’m glad I was called back. That was really long time ago.”

Jurina grumpily sighed and went back to her seat. “I will never forget him. He hypnotized Rena before. Why is he here?” She murmured.

“Calm down, pup. We’re on a show.” Sayaka whispered.

“Back in the episode 26 of AKBingo, Nakayama-sensei came to hypnotize the girls so that they can overcome their fears. But today, he came especially just to hypnotize one person! And that person is the person beside me.” Sata tapped the shoulder of the danso beside him.

The guy removed his sunglasses and a pair of piercing eyes was shown in the camera.

“M-MARU-CHAN?!!” Everyone was dumbfounded. They know that Maru has some ikemen aura but they didn’t know that she will look this good in just simple men’s clothes. Paruru realized that the reason she wasn’t able to see her even though she said that she will be coming to the studio is this.

“I don’t have much time for self-introduction. I’m Hoshino Marco. It’s nice to meet you all.”

Her voice is a little low pitch as well fitting to her character.

“It’s MMG, ladies and gentlemen!” Sata introduced. “We all know that she will not obey orders unless she is thoroughly convinced so we made a huge plan just for her to be tamed. Right now, she is under some deep hypnosis, right Sensei?”

The doctor nodded in agreement. “I hypnotized Hoshino-san and made her believe that she is a real boy.”

“EHHHHH???” Even Paruru’s eyes widened after hearing the news. Right now her Hoshi is in deep hypnosis and thinks that she is a real boy. Just what the hell was on her mind when she said she will not join the game? She then looked at Yui who seems like enjoying what is happening.

“I can’t betray Yui any longer.” She thought to herself and went back to watching.

“Right now, everything that Hoshino-san will do or say will be based on the boy side of her. You will all meet her real boy side.” Sata explained further.

“The hypnosis took a really long time before her subconscious surrendered so you better not miss this chance.”

The girls in their seat started to have goose bumps after hearing the statement. “Scary.” They all complained. It is really a scary thing to be hypnotized, right?

“Pfft. Here she comes again.” Jurina rolled her eyes. Sayanee was just observing her.

(At this point, I will call the girls in danso in their danso name and use male pronouns for them.)

Marco went to his seat. He is sitting at the top right corner beside Tomuyuki. Sai, Jun and Yuma are sitting in the front row.

“The goal of this group date is to find the pair at the end of the day. If a pair was made, they will be given a date to the aquarium as a prize!”

Everyone became ecstatic after hearing the prize. It was like a dream to many because they were not allowed to go on things like this. They always grab the chance to enjoy this kind of variety.

The boys and girls were made to sit in front of each other. The usually full benches are emptied. Paruru was also made to sit with the girls but she will not pick a pair as she has said in the earlier part.

The members are being called one by one and are interviewed secretly. They were asked who their pick at first impressions is.

Juri picked Sai for she wanted to date an older guy while Mion picked Nanao because it seemed like they are in the same age. Haruppi thinks that Jun is really cool and stylish so he is her first pick. Akari picked Tomoyuki because she said that she also loves dancing. Yukirin, as expected, picked Yuma saying that he is her type. Sakura picked Marco because of his style and she said that she wants to know him more.

The girls looks like evenly distributed without any rivalry. But when the others were asked why they don’t pick Marco they give the same reason—He is mysterious and hypnotized. They are worried that he will suddenly attack like a wolf. Little rabbits are afraid of wolves. XD

They also called the boys and asked them the same thing. Nanao said that he is torn between Mion and Akari. He thinks that Mion is cute but he also thinks that girls in short hair like Akari is also cute. Tomoyuki chose Juri. He thinks that her aura looks nice. Sai also picked Juri saying that he likes girls with dead eyes. Even the Bad Boys are confused is he is complimenting or insulting her. Yuma, without second thoughts, chose Yukirin while Jun had his eyes set on Sakura from the very beginning. Marco, on the other hand, didn’t pick anyone saying that they didn’t leave much impression to him. Looks like the much undesired Marco’s taste is high.

The producers of the segment thought that this will be a rather crazy group date because they are not in the same age group and not from the same generation. There is even one extra but they are the ones who are being sought after nowadays. Ratings are important. $___$

In the first part of the segment, it is free talking. They will basically just raise and receive questions in order to get a wider knowledge about each other.

“I know this is kind of a cliché question but,” Juri started. “If ever what are you going to do in the first date?”

“I would love to bring my date into my school. I know you, girls, don’t really have much time to enjoy a normal school life. I would love to tour you around and maybe introduce you to my club members…” Nanao answered; looking a little bit shy.

“Which club are you in?” Mion asked.

“I’m in the basketball club.”

“Oooh.” Looks like the girls liked the fact that he is in a sports club.

“You just want to show them how popular you are at school, right?” Sata dissed him but Nanao politely negated what he said.

“It’s not like that. I also want to present to everyone the girl that I like.”

“Subarashi!” The girls clapped at his answer. Even Sasshi who is supposed to be a co-MC is listening so attentively with her eyes sparkling. This girl looks like she is about to prey on someone.

“It’s good to have a boyfriend who is proud of you, right?” Everyone nodded at Yui’s comment. “How about you Tomuyuki-kun?”

“Hmmm…” Tomuyuki thought aloud. “I’m not really good in talking generally. Dancing is the way I express myself. Hmmm… How about I take you in one of my dance battles? It would really be nice to have someone cheer for me.”

“I’m sure you got a lot of girls cheering for you during dance battles.” Akari commented.

“Not really. Hmmm… There are girls who cheer for me but… wouldn’t it be nice to be cheered by a girlfriend?”

Again the girls clapped at the answer. This kind of answers make their hearts flutter. Paruru was just there laughing at them. Some might say that she is low-key judging them.

“I would like to bring you to my music room.” Sai thriftily answered which made their eyes widen.

“Sorry? You’re going to bring the girl at your room? Sai-kun is such a carnivore!”

Everyone shrieked at Kiyoto’s comment.

“It’s not like that. I said MUSIC room.” Sai stressed out. “I like making music but none of my family members are listening to it saying that it doesn’t have anything to do about my future as a CEO. I would like you to hear my music.”

All of them released their breath when the confusion was brought to light. They really thought that Sai is one step ahead since he looks like a really mature guy.

“Let’s go wherever you want. I will treat you like a princess.” Jun answered while eyeing Sakura. Sakura bowed her head to hide her flustered face.

“That sounds like something a player will say.” Sata interrupted.

Jun just laughed out the allegation. “I always receive that kind of impression but I’m not really a player. I just like to treat girls as precious gems.”

“Ha. Like stealing a kiss from girls whose guards are down?” Yuma commented.

Everyone fell silent as the atmosphere of the room became heavy. It looks like there is something going on between these two guys. Jun rolled his eyes as he looked at Yuma. It was a stare down.

“Stahp, stahp!” Sata got in between them to cool down the heat. “No fighting, okay?”

“You go answer now, Yuma-kun.” Yuihan gave the floor to the medical student.

Yuma fixed his collar before talking.

“My major is a very serious thing. I might end up accidentally killing someone in the future if I don’t study seriously. It would be nice if you can help me study at home. I can’t assure you that I will be a sweet boyfriend but I will surely take care of your health.”

“Yeah, like checking if they are wearing the right underwear?” Jun avenged.

Yuma looked at him with sharp eyes. Everyone laughed because of the scene they are making. Jurina is known as a kiss monster while Mayu loves to peek at Yukirin’s skirt and look at her underwear. This feels like real to them.

They moved on to the last guy who was just quietly observing everyone from the very beginning. He looked like really surprised when his turn finally came. Everyone is waiting for her to speak.

“I don’t really know where to take you.” Marco sighed. “Honestly, I grew up in a house where love never existed. I do not believe that romantic love would last. I’m being honest with you now so that you won’t be disappointed at me in the end. For me, this kind of love may last for a year or two… You’re lucky if it survived for five years… But for me, this thing is just something to pass time.”

The girls looked at each other, feeling a little bit sad after hearing Marco’s story.

“I didn’t say that for you to pity me. I hate being pitied. Don’t look at me with those sad eyes.”

Paruru is just listening. Her heart is telling her that somehow, the things he is saying are really true. She can see right through those eyes that it is not a scripted answer.

“I-I-I…” Everyone’s stare transferred to Sakura. “I don’t think that all romantic love is the same as what you have said. I believe that there are love which stand up the test of time.”

Sasshi got another surprise from Sakura. Talking about things like love, is she really the Sakura that she knows?

“Ohh?” Marco reacted with clear disbelief in his face. He leaned forward while looking at Sakura with those piercing, lazy eyes. “Prove it to me then.”

[CHALLENGE] That was the subtitle that was printed out in the screen after Marco said those words. It was indeed in a challenging, provoking tone.

“Tss.” Jun crossed his arms and leaned on his chair. “Here she goes again.” He thought to himself.

“Can you tell us why you think like that?” Haruppi asked all of a sudden. Marco was taken aback and looked at another direction. He tried his hardest not to meet Haruppi’s eyes.

“Eh? Eh? What’s up with that reaction?” Sasshi asked as she stood up from her seat. Everyone was looking at each other while Haruppi was left curious. She doesn’t know if she has said something rude. On the other hand, Paruru actually knows what is happening.

Sata tried to control his laughter. “For you information everyone, Kodama is Marco-kun’s oshimen in real life.”

“What the hell? Don’t tell them that!” Marco shouted from his seat then covered his face with his shirt. “I told you it was our secret, Sata-san!”

Sata and Kiyoto laughed even more as he covered his face like a real guy. Everyone’s jaw dropped. It isn’t Sakura or Milky or Paruru. Maru’s oshimen is Kodama Haruka! Haruppi is in loss of words. Sakura who is just sitting beside her is looking at her with an open mouth. Paruru just released a sigh and bowed her head. So this is the kind of reaction she will do when she sees her favorite member, huh? That disappointed look didn’t escape Yui’s sight.

“So, is the reason why you ate so fast on the day of the SSK is because you are ashamed to face Haruppi? Not because you are shy of us?”

“What is that story all about, Sashihara?” The curious Sata asked.

“We ate together during SSK with the other girls that are also here. We asked her who did she vote but she said she didn’t vote for her oshimen. She even said that she doesn’t know how she will face her oshimen. I thought she just gulped all her food because we are asking her a lot of questions but it turned out that her oshimen is also in the table with us, which is Haruppi.”

That was Sasshi’s fast-paced story-telling. Marco’s head is just hanging with his eyes closed. Maybe asking himself why is he even there.

“If you didn’t vote for your oshimen, then who did you vote?” Sata asked.

Marco opened his eyes and sighed. He looked at the salty girl and their eyes met but Paruru immediately diverted her eyes. “I voted for Shimazaki-san.” He said under his breath.

Now everyone’s attention went to Paruru. Their heads turned to her as if on cue. Paruru tried her best to put a smile on her face. It’s the first time people close to Maru aside from Paruru to hear this news.

“Shimazaki!” Sata called her. “Marco-kun voted for you despite having an oshimen!”

“I just wanted to support her because she said that it will be her last.” Marco explained.

“Ha! You chose her over your oshimen but she didn’t change her mind about participating when she saw you.” Kiyoto tried to antagonize him. “Zannen.”

“It’s okay, Kiyoto-san. I did it for her without asking anything in return. I didn’t vote for her with ill intentions.” Marco then turned to Paruru. “Haruka, don’t let it bother you, okay?”

Paruru just nodded but still tried to avoid Marco’s stare. Marco then turned to Haruppi but then after three seconds of trying to look at her in the eyes, he couldn’t stand the cuteness and surrendered.

“I-I-I’m really sorry.” He started. “I’m going to make up in the next election.”

“D-D-Don’t worry about it, Marco-kun. It’s okay.” Haruppi even gave him a thumbs-up for him to stop worrying. Haruppi smiled at him which made him blush a bit. Sata couldn’t help but laugh at him because his weakness is undeniably Kodama Haruka.

“Why made you choose Haruppi to be your oshimen, Marco-kun?” Akari suddenly asked.

Marco was surprised for a moment but he immediately brought up his tsundere face. “B-B-Because whenever she smiles it makes me smile as well.”

“Kawaii~” The other members cheered for his sudden cute, tsundere actions. Marco blushed hard as well as the oshimen. That time he really wanted to be a bubble and be lost in the wind.

“Stop talking to me, weird girls.” He murmured.

The interview went on for 30 more minutes. The producer of the show is making sure that they are getting the best out of this segment. After it, they had 15 minutes break.

Sayanee went and arched her arms around Maru’s neck. “You, little brat! I didn’t know that Haruppi is your oshimen.”

Maru just sighed. “Get your face away from me or your chin will stab me.”

Sayanee just laughed and pressed her fist on Maru’s head. “You little punk!”

Maru felt another arm arched on her. It was Jurina.

“I thought you are a rival but you are a Haruppi-oshi!” She said with a huge smile on her face. “I just have to go all out for Sakura!”

Maru freed herself from the heavy arms on her back. She then turned to Jurina and looked at her with serious eyes.

“If you are really going after Sakura, you better be serious. If you ever try to hurt her…” Maru tilted her head upward and looked down at Jurina. “I will not forgive you, Matsui-san.”

Maru then left them and went out the studio for a while.

“What’s up with that kid, Sayanee?” Jurina asked with her eyebrows meeting. “I was ready to be friends with her but look at that. She even threatened me.”

“Maybe she thinks that you are not serious about Sakura-chan?” Sayanee answered innocently.

“Who’s not serious?” the furious puppy asked.

“Hmmm…” Sayanee paused. “If you are just trying to make this ship just to forget about Rena-san, you’re goin’ to have a bad time.”

“Eh? Why is Rena’s name dragged in this conver—“

Sayanee tapped her shoulders, nodded at her and then left. Jurina was left hanging.

“What the hell is going on?”

On the other corner of the studio…

“You two! Why are you so quiet?” Sasshi asked the two aces of HKT. They were just sitting together but not making any noise. The queen sat between them.

“Is it a little bit awkward after you found out who Maru-chan’s oshimen is?”

The two looked at her with faces that are obviously trying to deny what she said. “Don’t flash me those faces because you two are too obvious.” Sasshi pulled their heads closer.

“Right now Maru-chan is beginning to be the center of attention in this segment. Her danso look is just as perfect as Mayuyu said it will be. The female fans will surely like her even more.”

The two Hakata princesses are just listening to the queen.

“Take this as my advice. If you want to appeal more, go and fight for Maru-chan. Nothing is more exciting than the rivalry of the aces. It would be fun to watch some rivalry action coming from the two of you. I’m not telling you to fight, just be professionals.”

Sasshi stood up and fixed her clothes. “If you want to make noise, make a ruckus.” She winked at them and left. It was a long term of awkward silence between the two of them until…

“I’m going for it, Haruppi.” Sakura said as she turns to the other girl. “From the beginning I chose Maru-san. I don’t care if you are her oshimen. I want to be chosen by her as well.”

The word ‘chosen’ echoed at Haruppi’s mind. She might be the first generation ace but she wasn’t chosen as the center to their debut. She didn’t rank during their first election but Sakura did. She is called the fallen ace until she regained the title and became the center for their past singles. But still, Sakura is more favored over her. Being selected to be the first original HKT member to be in an AKB senbatsu, being selected as the center of the 43rd single, being given the main roles in a lot of dramas—Sakura is always the chosen one.

Haruppi balled her fists. She took one deep breath. “If that’s the case, I will gladly take up the challenge. I won’t let her get oshi-hened by you.”


I'm really sorry for the late post. I hope you had fun reading. :) See you in the comments~ :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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woahhh.... challenge between HKT princess begin!  :cow: :cow:
too bad paru not joined them :smhid

please keep updated shortcut-san :bow: :bow: I got addicted by your fic LOL :inlove:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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woahhh.... challenge between HKT princess begin!  :cow: :cow:
too bad paru not joined them :smhid

please keep updated shortcut-san :bow: :bow: I got addicted by your fic LOL :inlove:

Thank you, Misaki-san. I'm really sorry for the late post. I got like 5 chapters in the vault so if I didn't post on time, I'm just stuck somewhere. Thank you for always reading and supporting this fic.  :kneelbow:
Sometimes I get really crazy when I'm writing and I start to worry if readers will like it but I know comments and reactions will certainly vary. I just have to do my thing. But receiving support from you all is surely relieving. Really, thanks a lot.  :gyaaah:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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The word "fallen" in  "the fallen ace " is more hurtfull than it sound

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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The word "fallen" in  "the fallen ace " is more hurtfull than it sound
yeah... she was tagged like that before.  :cry: :cry:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-13) AKBINGO! (D_N_O)
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Woahhhh!!! :cow: i love AKB danso!!! I wish they really make this segment before Paruru graduate! Or even make Paruru do the danso!! How awesome is that??!!  :love: :heart: :inlove: As expected from you Cut san it's an amazing plot! You even bring back the 'ancient' character (the hypnotic doctor) just to put Maru in this segment... Good job Cut san! Please continue your good works!!  :cow: :twothumbs

Thank you so much. I am really waiting for more danso from the 48g cause it is really entertaining. Haha. I used the doctor’s real name. It was one of the akbingo episodes that i will never forget. XD Thanks again for reading. ;)
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-16) AKBINGO! (DAN_O)
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Good evening! Somehow I messed up with copying and pasting, I had to fix everything that's why it's late again. Sorry~ :bow:
Have fun reading~ :heart:

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

AFTER the break, they were brought into a different room where everything is set like a huge living room. There are hidden cameras in that room. The BadBoys together with Sasshi, Yuihan and the doctor are in a separate room. They are there to watch the group date in a different outlook and give commentaries about the interesting happenings.

(If you remember the show Renai Sousenkyo, this is somewhat similar.)

Paruru was made to join the next scenario by the producer. She may not do anything. She can just relax at the seats or talk with the girls. As long as she is being seen in camera it will be fine. That’s what the producer said. As it is also work, Paruru agreed.

When the participants entered the room, they all first looked around and see what they can do inside. On the other hand, Marco just sat at the sofa and picked a random book in the table in front of him. Sai, then, joined him trying to invite him in playing billiards with the other girls.

“You know what will Miyuki do to you if she gets to know about this, right?”

Marco’s line made Sai leaned backward. The latter imagined the torture he will suffer the moment Milky knows about it. He pinched Marco’s left cheek so hard that made the guy’s eyes watery.

“What’s that for, Shakure King?” Marco cried.

“This is work, you idiot! Don’t mention your Milky-mama’s name here. This is different.” Sai gritted at him with his face near him. Marco immediately pushed Sai’s face away and then shouted in pain.

“Ouch! My hand got stabbed!”

Everyone on the observation room laughed at that Marco and Sai scene. The two are being hilarious in their own world. Sai pressed his fist against Maru’s head again.

“You got stabbed? Huh? You got stabbed?”


Their attention was caught by Juri who has two glasses of juice in her hands. Sai stood up, fixed himself and got back in character.

“What is it Juri-chan?” He asked.

“You want some drink?” Juri answered with another question, raising one of the glasses. Her body language says that they should go on another place.

“Sure.” Sai went on with Juri but took one glimpse of Marco with a smug look before he left.

Marco shook his head and went on with his book. “He’ll be dead once he gets back to Osaka.”

Tomuyuki and Nanao are hanging out with Mion and Akari. They are having fun playing billiards. It looks like Tomuyuki is good at it. He is teaching Akari how to handle the billiard stick with Nanao jealously looking at them.

Sakura is being cornered by Jun. The Sakae prince is having his way to the Hakata princess just as he planned. He got her some snacks from the mini bar and they are eating it together while talking about themselves.

“This is bad for Kodama.” Sata commented. “Her initial pick is Jun-kun, right?”

The others just nodded and then Kiyoto gave a comment. “Jun-kun is all over Miyawaki.”

“Let’s see where is Haruppi.” Sasshi asked.

The focus went to Haruppi who is slowly going to the mini-bar to where Paruru is sitting alone.

“What? Is Haruppi-chan going for Paruru?” Yuihan suddenly blurted out.

Sasshi laughed at her at patted her back. “Not going to happen, Yui-sou-chan. Look at how scared she is in just trying to get close to Paruru.”

After a while, Haruppi managed to sit on the stool next to Paruru. The ‘salty’ girl, though surprised with Haruppi suddenly sitting beside her, greeted her with a smile.

“What’s up, Haruppi-chan?” Paruru asked.

“Uhm… Paruru-san…” The younger Haruka took a deep breath. “Wash should I jyu?”


It was another roll of laughter at the other room.

“Did she just stumble with her words?” Sata asked in between laughter.

“It was a very serious set up but then she ate her words.” Sasshi wiped the tears from her eyes.

The way Haruppi stumbled was so cute but she looks so tense. Paruru tried her hardest to control her laughter.

“I’m shorry, I really eat my words when I am nervous.” She took another deep breath. “Please help me, Paruru-san. I want to talk with Marco-kun now but I don’t know how I shall start.”

The expression on Paruru’s face changed for about a second but she managed to get back. She had a quick glimpse of Marco on the sofa before looking back at Haruppi.

“Are you… going after Marco-kun?” She asked with hesitance.

Haruppi’s face got a little flushed. “Y-Yesh…”

“WHAT?!!” The BadBoys shrieked. “She is now after Marco-kun!”

“Maybe it is because she found out that she is Marco-kun’s oshimen.” Yui said while looking intently on the screen. “It made her change her mind.”

Sasshi is just smiling as she watches. Finally Haruppi is making a move; she just has to wait if Sakura will also do something.

“I want to talk with him… But I really don’t know what to do,” said the nervous Haruppi.

“Ehhh…” Paruru thought aloud. “I don’t really know. When we talk we also just talk about random things. Hmm… How about ask him about his hobbies? You are his oshimen. I bet he will be really happy whatever topic you may open as long as you talk to him.”

“Really?” Haruppi jumped a little on her seat and then had an anxious glimpse to the guy she is talking about. “Should I just go and talk to him?”

“J-Just go.” Paru stammered. “He’s a good person.”

“Thank you, Paruru-san.”

That’s all and Haruppi left her seat. She then traveled to where Marco is. The commentator’s room is filled with anticipation as Haruppi went on her way to Marco. Even Paruru is watching her as she goes closer. Can she manage to talk to him?


Marco lifted his head as he heard a shy voice. His eyes automatically widened when he saw Haruppi standing near him. The girl is fidgeting with her fingers, trying to find the courage to talk to him. Marco turned to a statue.

“C-Can I sit beside you?” Haruppi asked. She tried so hard not to trip with her words.

Marco’s stiffed body moved like a robot that lacks oil. “S-Sure.” He made some space so that Haruppi can take a sit.

“Haruppi, go!” Sasshi cheered even though she can’t hear her.

There was a force field of awkwardness surrounding the two. Marco is covering his face with the book but he keeps on taking glances of the shy Haruppi. The Bad Boys are laughing so much at him because of his actions. They said that he is just like an elementary student experiencing his first love.

“T-Today’s weather is fine, right?” The girl tried to start a conversation.


“It would be nice to go out and take some walk to a park or something.”

“I-I-It would be better if this weather persists until night time. The sky will be filled with stars.”

“CHANCE!” Sata shouted. Even the uncles are excited of what is happening.

“You like stars?” Haruppi asked. She was surprised when Marco put the book back into the table.

“I like taking pictures of stars. Sometimes I will just look at them and it makes me at ease.” He answered as he makes himself comfortable at his seat. It looks like he is opening up.

“Can you show me the photos you have taken?”

“Sure, if you have time and I have my laptop with me I can show you. Stars are not be captured just by a normal cellphone camera so I don’t have any with my phone now.”

“That would be really nice.” It looks like the ice between them is beginning to break. “Do you have a favorite constellation?”

Marco smiled. It was the first time he smiled after the taping began. Everyone on the separate room is already so giddy about the two.

“Of course I do.”

“His favorite is Orion.” Paruru murmured to herself. It seems like she can hear their conversation. She forgot that she has a mic attached to her. The technician noticed a signal from her channel in the audio mixer and made her audible to the commentators. “And he likes it because it is very easy to find.”

“I like Orion the most. It is very easy to see because of its belt.” Marco answered. The MCs jaws dropped after they confirmed that Paruru’s answer is right.

“Sugoi…” Sasshi uttered. “It seems like they are really close in real life.”

Yui just nodded her head. She didn’t say anything. Her heart is starting to feel so much unease.

“Ah! Orion? I know that. That’s the one with three stars as his belt, right?” Haruppi even clapped her hands in excitement.

Marco nodded his head. “Orion was a great hunter according to stories. He fell in love with the moon goddess, Artemis but the brother of Artemis, which is Apollo, didn’t like that idea. That brother complained to Gaia. Then this Gaia sent Orion into a battle with Scorpio. In the end they both died. Zeus, then, put Orion in the winter sky and Scorpio in the summer sky so that they won’t fight again.”

Paruru was saying the exact same words as Marco while he was telling that story. Everyone was amazed with Paruru’s precision.

“Looks like it is Marco-kun’s favorite story.” Kiyoto commented with a weird smile on his face. “Shimazaki was able to memorize it.”

They heard how Paruru released a vexed sigh while playing with her glass of juice.

“Look! What is that sigh for?!” Sata’s tension sure is high today. “I think she is regretting her decision earlier.”

“Ya, ya, ya…” Yuihan raised her hand. “She’s not regretting anything I tell you.”

“Ha! Someone’s jealous!” Kiyoto teased.

“Did I bore you with that story?” Marco asked. “Sorry, I always get excited whenever the topic is about stars.”

Haruppi shook her head violently. “No, it wasn’t boring. I just thought that it is quite a sad story. Orion was not able to offer his love to the moon goddess.”

“Uhm.” Marco nodded. “But it is somehow nice. He was put in the sky where he is much nearer to the moon. I think that is enough. He can adore the moon as much as he likes.”

The conversation went on like that. It’s a chance to talk about love but it seems like Haruppi can’t bring up the topic. On the other hand, a cue card was raised on the other room.

[Sakuratan is moving.] This alerted the MCs. They remembered that Marco is Sakura’s initial pick. The focus transferred to where Sakura and Jun are.

“Sumimasen Jun-kun, I’m kind of full so…” Sakura tried to stand up but Jun was fast to stop her by holding her hand.

“Eh? Where are you going Sakura-chan?” Jun asked with his puppy face.

Not knowing how to answer, Sakura just bowed at him followed by another ‘Sumimasen’ and then she left. She’s heading towards Haruppi and Marco’s location.

“A rival has arrived! This is gonna be fun!”

“I’ve been waiting for this.” Sasshi stated with excitement. “IKEEEEE SAKURA! Go and fight for love!”

“Look at Jun-kun!” Yuihan laughed. “He looks so frustrated.”

Jun has his hands up to his head. Looks like he is thinking of what to do next so he decide to observe the happenings first. He moved to the mini-bar where Paruru is. The conversation at the nearby sofa is clearly audible there.

“Marco-kun~” Sakura caught his attention with an admirable call. “How is it going?” Sakura didn’t even bother asking if she can sit with them, she just sat at the other side of Marco. Haruppi suddenly became quiet.

“Ah, Sakura? What’s up?” Marco asked as he tilted his body to face Sakura.

Sakura just cutely shook her head while smiling sweetly. “I just like to talk to you.”

Marco sneered at her. “If you are asking for souvenirs (from Korea), I have it in my apartment. I’ll give it to you when we see each other again.”

Sakura gave out a cute snicker. “It’s not for the souvenir. I just really want to talk to you. You suddenly disappeared for how many days.” Sakura’s cheeks started to have a pinkish tint. “I kind of missed you.”

Marco smiled at her, stretch out his hand and gave some soft pats in the head.

“Silly. Why are you acting like that? I’ll double your souvenir then.”

Sakura blushed so hard. “It’s not about the souvenir, I said.”

“Tss.” Jun rolled his eyes. “Look at that, Paruru-chan. That guy is really dangerous.”

The staff didn’t notice Jun’s whisper because they are all concentrated with the battle of the Hakata princesses after Hoshino Marco. They are waiting for Haruppi to move but it seems like she is being overcome by shyness. They’ve seen her sighing a few times while watching the Marco x Sakura scene in front of her.

“Ah!” Marco suddenly remembered about Haruppi. Marco tried to look at Haruppi straight to her eyes but as expected, he still can’t. “I also have… Uhmm… here… I also have… ”

“What’s up with that? Can’t he say Kodama’s name?” Sata asked. The other room is full of excited people. Their bodies are even leaning on the table just to get a good view of what’s happening.

“About stars… I’m just talking with…”

Haruppi tilted her head. She finally realized that he can’t say her name.

“Haruka…” Haruppi said. “You can call me Haruka.”


A sound of a glass breaking followed Haruppi’s innocent statement. Even the guys who are busy playing pool got their attentions caught by that sound. It came from the mini bar.

“S-Sumimasen.” Paruru immediately got off the stool to pick the glass that she accidentally dropped. Everyone was frozen in their places, just watching Paruru pick up the shards.

Paruru is cursing herself in her mind. What happened and she dropped her glass? Even her she doesn’t know. When she heard Haruppi’s suggestion to be called ‘Haruka’ by her Hoshi, her heart suddenly felt like being crumpled. She lost all the energy in her body and there goes her grip. Until now her heart is beating so fast.

She was surprised when a hand stopped her for taking the shards. She looked up to see that it is Marco. Her heart felt like it is going to explode. It is the first time she has looked at Marco this close. (Pertaining to Maru’s danso.)

“Give me those.” Marco took all the shards she has picked up. “I won’t like it if you hurt yourself with this.”

Paruru just stared at him while he is busy cleaning. She wanted to reach for him but her head is saying no. She wants to say something, to say sorry but she can’t open her mouth to utter those simple words.


She looked up to see Yui, chasing after her breath as she ran so fast just to be with Paru’s aid. She grabbed Paruru’s hand and made her stand.

“Are you okay? What happened to you?” Yui asked. Worry is evidently painted in her face.

“I think you better let Haruka rest, GM.” Marco said without looking at them. He’s still busy with picking up the shards. “She doesn’t look well.”
Yui looked at Marco, then to Paruru then back to Marco. “Thank you, Marco-kun. I’m sorry you have to pick them up. Be careful and don’t let yourself get a cut.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Let’s go, Paruru.” Yui escorted Paruru back to the commentators’ room. The girl was still in shock and was not able to say a word. She took one quick look at Marco before going out.

What was that all about? She is confused. But… Yui sure knows what is going on.


Finally, it is time for the confessions. It became a lot awkward after the scene Paruru made but thankfully the participants were able to take the tension up to another level. There was an awesome love square between Nanao, Mion, Akari and Tomuyuki. There is also the love triangle between Sakura, Marco and Haruppi. It was evident that the two is fighting for Marco’s attention especially when they started making him eat a lot of food. They were gentle but it feels like the aura between the two of them is going to eat the clueless Marco in just one bite. Jun then joined the commotion and everything became like a riot.

Sai and Juri seemed like they had a nice time but the Yuma x Yukirin couple outlast everyone in terms of sweetness. They were just like a real couple. The amount of fanservice that they made will make a shipper last for a week without food. Yuma was a little tsudere-ish at first, only thinking of his studies but Yukirin managed to break his core.

The girls are confessing their love one by one. It is one thing that fans are waiting from the girls. Seeing these idols who aren’t allowed to fall in love confess their love for someone is just a guilty pleasure for most of the fans.

But, it seems like the unexpected is happening in the set. Rejection after rejection is taking place. Mion confessed to Nanao but the guy gave her a bow and a sorry. He said that he was after Akari who obviously didn’t pick her. Akari then confessed to the cool Tomu-kun but it was the same. He said that he actually had his eyes to Mion.

Then, they moved on to Juri who seemed to have a great time with Sai. She seemed like she was heading to Sai’s direction but everyone was surprised when she stood in front of Jun.

When asked why she stood up before the Sakae prince, Juri replied.

“Sai-kun is a very rich guy. I like him the way he is and not his money. But I know that a time will come that his parents will pick a girl for him. I just know that I can’t be that girl so I’m saving myself from a heart break.”

“You’re just too serious!” Sata blurted out.

Jun was waiting for Sakura to object and then come to him as well but no Sakura came. Disappointed, he also rejected Juri. Juri knows that it is coming so there are no hard feelings.

Next, the couple who almost kissed during the shoot! All they did is to tease the cameras and give tons of fanservice. Yukirin as expected stood before Yuma.

“Yuma-kun… From the first time I saw you, I got this unexplainable attraction towards you. I don’t know if it is love in first sight but all I know is I really like you. It looks like you are busy with all your studies but spending some time with you made me feel that I can always enjoy your company. I hope that you feel the same way. Please go out with me.”

Yukirin stretched out her hand to Yuma and bowed her head.

“Her confession feels like real.” Sasshi murmured while snickering.

Yuma looked around and gave out a sigh. He looked at the outstretched arm of Yukirin and then sighed again.

“I’m sorry.”


All the people in the studio were not able to comprehend everything. Yuma just rejected Yukirin when they thought that they will be a couple. What the hell is happening?

When asked why he rejected Yukirin, the serious Yuma answered:

“As I said, my studies are my first priority. I can’t have my time be used in dates and other stuffs.”

Sata almost wanted to spank Yuma’s head after hearing his explanation. This is just unreasonable. They were expecting that more than three couples will be formed but confessions were all rejected.

When Yukirin and Mayu stepped aside, frustration is so evident at the Reaction Queen’s face. She doesn’t even want to look at Mayu. She wanted to go to the aquarium with Mayu but she didn’t expect that she will be rejected.

Mayu, shedding off Yuma’s character, embraced her from the back and whispered to her.

“Yuma may not be able to accept you confession, but… Mayu can.”

The gloomy heart of Yukirin lightens up after hearing Mayu’s words. She smiled as she felt a little ticklish with Mayu’s whisper. “I’m not going to take you to the aquarium. I’m taking you somewhere else.”

And now! Down to the last danso. Everyone is already worried. They have guessed from the beginning that Marco will reject anyone who will confess to him but everything lies on him now. The tickets to the aquarium will be such a waste if he also rejects the people who will confess to him. Even Marco himself is quite confused on what is happening with all those rejections.

Sakura slowly went in front of him but Haruppi was fast to shout ‘Wait!’ and ran to stand in front of him. The Bad Boys, as usual, found his reaction so funny.

“He looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Saa! It’s time for confession, first! Miyawaki!”

“Hai~” Sakura answered with her shaky voice. “Marco-kun, do you remember when you said that you believe that romantic love doesn’t last? I want to prove to you that there are those kinds of love that can last long or even forever. I hope that you could open up yourself to me. P-Please, make me your girlfriend.”

“Ohhh~ What a brave confession from Sakuratan.” Yuihan commented. Paruru is standing beside her; silently watching.


“Hai~” Haruppi took a deep breath before speaking. She had her tongue of a failure straightened up. “Marco-kun… I know you might think that I came to you because I got to know that I am your oshimen. But… In all honesty, I am really curious of you. I want to know you more… Go to the aquarium with you and maybe watch the night sky with you… I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Another brave confession! Saa, stretch your arms!” The girls did what was instructed. They stretched their hands to Marco and closed their eyes. Tension up! Is Marco going to pick someone from the two or it will also end up into rejection?

Marco took one deep breath as he look at the two girls’ hands. He couldn’t believe that HKT’s aces are lining up in front of him. And one of them is not just an ace but also his oshimen. He’s having hard times deciding. From the start he decided that he will reject anyone who will confess to him but everyone just rejected all the confessions.

On the sideline, Paruru is waiting anxiously. She can’t look at the happenings anymore. The pain in her heart together with the feeling that she keeps on denying kept on bugging her.

“Why don’t you object and confess as well?”

She jerked up and looked at the source of that whisper. It was Yui; her eyes are focused on the happening confession. Her voice is a little cracked. She then turned to Paru with a poker face.

“You want to date Marco-kun as well, right? Go on.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Paruru stammered.

“It’s so obvious. Go. You will make the program livelier if you confess now.”

“But Yui—“

They suddenly heard shouts of joy from the others. Paruru tried to look but there are people rejoicing in front of her. When everyone is cleared, she saw that Marco’s hand…  has already reached someone.


Saa! Who is your pick? Sakuratan or Haruppi? Vote in the poll on the top~! Haha.
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What a chaotic kokuhaku taimu :grr:

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dont like how jurina seems so desperate but other than that keep it up :thumbup

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thank you for another chaotic episode^^
two hakata princess are going for marco-kun, yuihan that jealous, and yuma who rejected yukirin :banghead: :banghead:

please update it, i'm curious about marco's choice.. :cathappy: hope he choose the older haruka :twothumbs
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What a chaotic kokuhaku taimu :grr:
indeed it is!  XD Thank you for reading~

Uwaaaaawaawaawaaaa VERY NICE EPISODE CUT SAN!!!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbsI can't wait for the next chapter!!  :cow: :cow: :panic:  i want to choose sai for the vote but there is no option for that.... Hehehe i just like Maru and Sayaka banters
It's really fun ... Aahhh you've made my day Cut san :D :D good job!!! :thumbsup :cow:

Thank you~! :) i think I should've added more options like sai or jun on the poll. i added Paruru just for lol but it came out that she is winning. Dunno if she is leading because of troll or readers like MaruParu ship.  :?

dont like how jurina seems so desperate but other than that keep it up :thumbup

Thank you for commenting klaw-san~! it's nice to see a new username commenting. And thanks for using your first post in this fic~ i hope you have fun reading this.  :kneelbow:

thank you for another chaotic episode^^
two hakata princess are going for marco-kun, yuihan that jealous, and yuma who rejected yukirin :banghead: :banghead:

please update it, i'm curious about marco's choice.. :cathappy: hope he choose the older haruka :twothumbs

oh, here is someone who likes MaruParu?! haha! Let's wait for the conclusion of this Danso arc. I'm glad that you guys are enjoying this (hopefully). Update will be out on Sunday together with some announcement~ Stay tuned~ :bingo:
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are you planning on adding 46 girls in the cast?

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Pls don't choose Sakura! She's mine!

*grabs AK47 (if you get the joke)*


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Huh? What? Whaat? Whaaaaaat?
What is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?
Where have I been when this story unraveled itself???

*Oh, yeah...I was drown in work then got sick then drown in work then got sick then drown in work... Well, you get the drift XD

What I'm trying to say is: this is a great story!!!!!!!

Well, I can't say that I like it... as a big YuiParu shipper, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with both the story and Maru. To be honest, for the first few parts, since it was Paruru, I was imagining a short haired Yuihan casted as Mumei... well, that until you put Yuihan's character in and her position did not look good at all from the start with Paruru clearly falling head over heels with her Hoshi (even before she knew it herself). But, I really like the plot and how you depicted the characters feelings through their behaviors :) . So, well, just like her graduation, whoever Paruru ends up with, as long as she is happy, I should just support her, shouldn't I?   :cry:

Keep up the great work, Shortcut48-san! Your story had kept me awake all night (despite the fact that I still need to go to work this morning). So, I'm expecting some amazing continuation and ending for this story XD

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-16) AKBINGO! (DAN_O)
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are you planning on adding 46 girls in the cast?
I'm thinking about it~ :)

Pls don't choose Sakura! She's mine!

*grabs AK47 (if you get the joke)*
Lol. Only one person voted for her. XD

Huh? What? Whaat? Whaaaaaat?
What is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis?
Where have I been when this story unraveled itself???

*Oh, yeah...I was drown in work then got sick then drown in work then got sick then drown in work... Well, you get the drift XD

What I'm trying to say is: this is a great story!!!!!!!

Well, I can't say that I like it... as a big YuiParu shipper, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with both the story and Maru. To be honest, for the first few parts, since it was Paruru, I was imagining a short haired Yuihan casted as Mumei... well, that until you put Yuihan's character in and her position did not look good at all from the start with Paruru clearly falling head over heels with her Hoshi (even before she knew it herself). But, I really like the plot and how you depicted the characters feelings through their behaviors :) . So, well, just like her graduation, whoever Paruru ends up with, as long as she is happy, I should just support her, shouldn't I?   :cry:

Keep up the great work, Shortcut48-san! Your story had kept me awake all night (despite the fact that I still need to go to work this morning). So, I'm expecting some amazing continuation and ending for this story XD

Hello DeNight-san, welcome back in Jphip and welcome to this thread. I hope you are doing fine now. :)
I'm practically new here and this is the first ever fanfic that I started.
Thank you for reading this story. Tbh, I'm kind of afraid everytime I upload a chapter. And also sometimes I feel anxious to open a comment because I might get roasted (which, thankfully not yet happening) I also ship so I know the feeling. I think there are Maru antis (lolol) already.

Please continue to read this fic until the end. I really want to give an ending to this. Until then I hope you are all still reading this. There might be things that may annoy you (I know there are already), I'm sorry for that. But a story will never be a story without a conflict. (and I guess Maru is the conflict in here??? lol)
But thanks, really, for reading the fic I almost gave up on.  :kneelbow:

This might be the chapter with the most comments here. I felt like the fic is being appreciated (although this chapter only got one note in tumblr XD). Thanks for those who pm me as well. I got the energy to write again. (I have a project due next week but here I am writing lol) See you on Sunday~~ Have a good day~
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-20) AKBINGO! (DANSO)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“Why don’t you object and confess as well?”

Paruru jerked up and looked at the source of that whisper. It was Yui; her eyes are focused on the happening confession. Her voice is a little cracked. She looked at Paru with a poker face.

“You want to date Marco-kun as well, right? Go on.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Paruru stammered.

“It’s so obvious. Go. You will make the program livelier if you confess now.”

“But Yui—“

They suddenly heard shouts of joy from the others. Paruru tried to look but there are people rejoicing in front of her. When the scene was cleared, she saw that Marco’s hand has already reached someone. The owner of the hand that he chose had tears prickling in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was chosen—the other Haruka.

“Marco-kun picked Kodama!”

Everyone was cheering at them. Marco turned to Sakura and said sorry at her. Sakura said that it was okay but she stepped aside with a very heavy heart. Jun was there to pat her head and comfort her.

“Haruppi, omedetou!” Sasshi congratulated her. She’s still surprised. She got picked over Sakura. She got picked by Marco. She was able to keep him in her side. She couldn’t help but to cry in happiness though she feels she will look silly for crying over this.

Seeing her tears, Marco was alerted. He went near her and held her face with his two hands.

“Don’t cry.” He said worriedly as he wipes her tears away.He looks clueless unto why the girl is crying. Kodama blushed heavily and cried even harder. She buried her face to Marco’s shoulder as she hugs him. Marco got flustered as well but he hesitatingly returned a hug.

The crazy members rejoiced even more. They were spreading confetti which nobody knows where they got. Sata and Kiyoto are even dancing with joy.

“Seems like you are late.” Yui told Paruru before she went with to party with the others. The girl just followed Yui with her eyes. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She wanted to disappear immediately but that won’t help her.

“A pair was made!!!”



Everyone clapped at Sasshi and Yuihan’s title call. They are outside the aquarium where the date will happen. It’s already around 7 in the evening. They have to travel from the studio and set the things up that’s why they started a bit late.

“Thank goodness we are here and we are doing this!” He looked at the girls who are gathered around the table. “If you didn’t all go on rejection spree you could’ve gone in there as well!”

The girls just waved their hands and shook their heads.

“I think it will be more enjoyable to watch this.” Juri commented while pointing at the monitor. Everyone agreed with her.

“More enjoyable, huh? Look at you sitting in pairs!”

Kiyoto is pertaining to their sitting arrangements. They are all in pairs. Probably making up for the rejection spree they did earlier. Mayu and Yukirin are even sitting on the same seat. Paruru is sitting beside Yui as usual even though there is an awkward tension between the two of them. Jurina is sitting with Sakura; trying to console the girl in a not playboy-ish way.

“Sashihara is the only one without a pair!” Sata teased the Hetare Queen. “You can have the Doctor here.” Sasshi looked at him with sharp eyes but then just laughed out to shrug Sata’s antagonism.

“They are now starting to move!” Kiyoto said as he saw the Marco-Haruppi pair entered the aquarium. They entered so casually, they aren’t even talking.

“What the heck! Marco, be a man and at least hold her hand!” Sata shouted at the monitor.

“It’s just starting, Sata-san!”

“Did the hypnotism already wear off?” Kiyoto asked.

“No.” The Doctor suddenly answered. “Before they went in I hypnotized her a bit more.”

“What?!” They asked in chorus. It’s true that they saw Maru being called by the doctor while the staffs are organizing the equipment.

“What did you tell her to do, Sensei?” Sasshi asked.

“Do what a man usually do on dates.”

“Yabbai!” They all shouted.

“Haruppi is in danger if Marco-kun suddenly becomes carnivorous!”

The couple continued to move on with Marco taking the lead. It seems like he doesn’t have a companion. He walks steps ahead of Haruppi enjoying the aquarium by himself. Haruppi is just looking at him. She realized that nothing will happen if she would just let him do what he does so she gathered all her courage to walk beside him.

“Marco-kun, what do you think of that sea lion?” She cheerfully asked. They are currently in the area of the sea lions.

“Ehhhh…” Marco took a better look by coming closer and leaning on the railings. “It’s the first time I see one in real life.”

“Eh? Really?” She also leaned on the railings. She tried to look at the sea lions but she can’t help but look at Marco who is busy observing the creatures.

“Yeah, it’s my first time in an aquarium.”

“Eh? Why? Don’t you like going out?”

“Hmmm…” Marco thought aloud. “It’s not that I don’t want to go out. It’s just recently that I’ve got freedom.”

Marco started to walk again and Haruppi followed him. Making another plan, Haruppi went to the polar bear’s area and presented it to Marco.

“Look, Marco-kun! This guy is so big!” She pointed the polar bear that is on top of a rock.

Marco went beside her to have a look. “It is sure big~!”

All of a sudden the polar bear jumped into the water which made a giant splash. Marco, thinking that the water will hit them, instinctively pulled Haruppi away from the glass. This action resulted into a hug-from-the-back like scene.

The audience started to giggle again. It was like a scene in a drama. Marco apologized for his sudden movement; saying that his eyes are still adjusting. Haruppi said that it was okay though her cheeks are bright red.

“Are you cold?” Marco asked her. “It felt like you were shaking.”


She wasn’t able to finish what she is saying when Marco suddenly took of his leather jacket. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt so his scars are not seen. That somehow made Paruru, Yui and Sayanee nervous for a while.

He made Haruppi wear it. At first she rejected the offer but Marco is persistent in making her wear it. It somehow matched to her outfit. Marco smiled at her and fixed her hair.

“Cute.” He said and then started to walk again. Haruppi was left standing as if she was in trance.

“It seems like Marco-kun’s nervousness around Haruppi disappeared.” Yui noticed.

The doctor nodded in agreement. “I made her forget that.”

All of their jaws dropped. They should all be careful of this man.

The couple continued walking around with not much couple-like action. They came to the point where there is a long passage where the ceiling is a glass. (Just like in Sayonara Crawl MV.) Marco entered in but Haruppi stood by the entrance.

“What’s the matter?”

“Isn’t it just a little weird?” Haruppi asked. “Aren’t we shupposed to—“

She suddenly covered her mouth after tripping with her words again. She heaved a deep sigh, starting to feel that it is hopeless.


She raised her head up only to see Marco’s hand reaching out to her. Her heart started beating faster.

“I want to hold your hand from the very start but I want you to take your time. I don’t know anything about dating; let’s just take everything slowly… I’ll follow your pace.”

“Subarashi!” Sasshi clapped slowly. “Marco-kun is a really thoughtful guy.”

“That’s my son, right there!” Sayanee shouted as she also slow clapped. “I raised him well!”

Sayanee was waiting for Yui to say something but she was surprised that she didn’t claim Maru as her child. Yui just smiled at her and went back to watching.

Haruppi slowly reached for Marco’s hand. At first she just wanted to have a showdown with Sakura but why is it that she feels like she is getting fished? Is it a trait that Marco inherited from Milky?

When Marco felt Haruppi’s palm on his, he held her hand by intertwining their fingers. This made audience giddy and cheer for them. Of course you have to exclude two girls.

The two were walking happily when the director raised a cue card.

[Sensei, please reveal it now.]

“Eh? Reveal?”

“Is there a secret or something?”

The members started to murmur at one another. Even the supposedly accomplices don’t know anything about this revelation. Actually, this is something that the writers have already prepared beforehand.

“What is it, Sensei?” Sasshi asked with a very curious face.

The doctor fixed his tie and cleared his throat before speaking. “The truth is, deep hypnosis like I did with Hoshino-san are a little different than the normal ones. When I say normal ones, those are the hypnosis that I can undo by myself.”

“What do you mean, Sensei?” Sakura asked. “You can’t break the hypnotism–”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”


“She’s been under it for more than six hours now. She might believe that she is a guy all her life.”

“Nandeyanen?!” Sayanee blurted out. “Why are you guys going that far? It is against her will!”

“Is there a way to undo the hypnosis?” Yukirin asked.

“There is.” The doctor confirmed. “It’s a kiss.”

There was another roll of ‘EHHHH’ after the doctor’s unbelievable statement.

“Are you sure about it?” Yui asked in disbelief. “It’s like a fairytale!”

“It may sound like that but when people kiss, a lot of emotion came into mind making it blank. This is a way to reset her subconscious back to normal.”

“Are you saying that Haruppi should kiss her to wake her up?” Jurina asked.

“It is not necessary for her to be kissed by Kodama-san. Right now she believes that she is her boyfriend. If they kiss then the hypnosis will just get locked and we can’t break it anymore.”

“What?! That is too mu—“

Yui wasn’t able to finish her statement when she heard the seat beside her screech the ground. Without saying anything, Paruru ran towards the entrance of the aquarium. Soon after her, Sakura also ran to get inside.

Everyone was in shock by the sudden movement of the two especially Paruru. It looks like there are camera men who were on stand-by if someone will rush inside. Two cameramen followed them.

“Sakura-chan!” Jurina shouted. She followed Sakura inside after being frozen for a while. Sayanee eyed Yui; telling her to go after Paruru as well but the other girl just shook her head with a bitter smile on her face.

When all the people they believe are going to rush inside to find and kiss Maru are gone, the Bad Boys started to laugh.

“What the hell is really happening here, Sata-san?!” Sasshi asked with a little hint of annoyance in her tone although she is smiling.

“The truth is Hoshino is not really hypnotized!”

Sayanee rubbed her face with her palm. She couldn’t handle everything that is happening now.

“We were really planning to hypnotize her but she said that if it is pretending to be a boy then she thinks she can do it perfectly. We just told her to pretend to be under hypnosis in order to organize this dokkiri in the end!”

“Maru-chan is an accomplice as well?” Mayu asked.

Sata shook his head. “We just told her to pretend to hypnotized so that the doctor’s appearance won’t be in waste. She kindly agreed. Now, she doesn’t know that there are girls who are coming after her to kiss her!”

“Adults are very scary.” Yui commented with a hint of disgust in her face. “So this is a dokkiri?”

Even though their feelings are being played off, idols are idols. They can’t really get angry with this. Dokkiri is something that can make them leave an impression to the people.

On the monitor, the footage from the cameras following Paruru and Sakura are started to be shown. It seems like the two cannot find where the tunnel is. They have separated ways.

Sakura was seen running with signature running style. It somehow lightened the mood of the audience.

“Open your eyes, Miyawaki! How will you see them if you are running like that?” Sata shouted.

On the other hand, Paruru is chasing for her breath; leaning unto walls time to time. She is also not good at sports and her stamina is not that good as well. But everyone can see right in her eyes the determination to save Hoshi whom she believes is hypnotized.

The couple already went out of the tunnel and now they are just sitting in a bench in front of a huge glass. Big fishes can be seen swimming around while they are just talking about random stuffs.

Sakura finally found them. Chasing for her breath, she called unto Marco using not the danso name.

“Maru-san!” She called with all her strength. The two looked at her and they were evidently surprised. She ran towards them but her stamina is on its limit.

“Sakura-chan!” That was Jurina who finally found her. She paused a bit and saw Marco and Haruppi sitting on the bench. Jurina took a deep breath and run towards Maru, over running Sakura. The two got alerted and stood up from their seats. They tried to run but Jurina was fast to pin Maru on the wall.

Paruru finally arrived but got so shocked with the scene that she saw. Jurina kabedon-ed Maru and the former’s lips are on the latter’s. She, together with Haruppi and Sakura, got their mouths wide open as Maru also froze at Jurina’s kiss.

“Yaoi alert! Yaoi!” Mayu blurted out while laughing her heart out. Everyone was shock yet laughing at the hilarious outcome of the dokkiri.

Lead by Sata, they all stood up to go the scene with the placard saying, ‘Dokkiri Success!’

Maru finally found the strength to push Jurina off of her. She immediately wiped her lips with her shirt. “What was that for?!”

Jurina, who also seems like surprised of what she did, answered, “Are you out of the hypnosis now?”

“What hypnosis are you talking about?!” Maru shouted. “I’m not hypnotized or anything! What is that kiss for?”

She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)

Everything was caught on cam. The kiss and everything, all the drama!

Sata and the gang arrived with the banner on the leader’s hand.

“D-Dokkiri?” Maru and Jurina murmured. “What the hell is this?!”

Laughing so hard with their reactions, Sata explained everything. This made both Maru and Jurina angry. They went to chase the Bad Boys even the writer and the director.

“Dokkiri, you said?” Maru destroyed the placard while Jurina still chase Sata and Kiyoto. The three girls are still in shock of what is going on. It was another riot. Everyone was laughing at the two dansos getting wild after being tricked. Even the staffs are laughing uncontrollably with the ruckus the two are doing.

They had to tie the two girls with a rope to control them.

“And this is where we are going to end!” Sata said as they are all gathered in front of the camera. Maru and Jurina are tied down; struggling to free themselves. “See you next week!”

They all said their good bye remarks until…

“3, 2, 1, hai cut!”

They all suddenly became bodies that were out of energy. Sata and Kiyoto sat down as if they were grandpas who just ran a marathon.

“T-This episode is really tiring.” Sata sighed. He looked at Maru who is looking at him angrily. He quickly spanked her head to stop her from staring like that.

Suddenly, out of the sudden silence, an uncontrollable laughter was heard. Everyone looked at Maru who is having her time to laugh her heart out.

“Today… Today is really fun!” She said in between snickers. “Thank you, everyone!” And then she started laughing again until her eyes got teary.

It was the first time they saw her laughed like this. Jurina started laughing with her and everyone followed. Sayanee messed with her hair and congratulated her for a job well-done.

It is time for pack up and the members are taking pictures with each other. It seems like the senbatsu has formed a bond. That is one of the main purpose of this AKBingo special. Coming from different groups, it is hard to make an atmosphere of a team so the management organized this one.

Maru is helping the staff to pack all the things. She is still not in the mood for pictures or anything even though she has already shown her bare face to the whole of Japan. The director told her not to help but she insisted. She also got praised by the Bad Boys for her kindness.

“Hey, Maru-san!”

Maru looked behind and saw a flying can of chocolate drink coming to her. Thank goodness she was fast to catch it. It came from Jurina.

The two sat on the ground while drinking their chocolate drinks. They are still on their danso outfit, too tired to get changed.

“Today was fun, right?” Jurina asked after taking a gulp of her drink.

“It is. It is just so hilarious. I feel like dreaming.”

“I’m sorry about earlier.” Jurina is talking about the kiss.

Maru laughed. “Don’t worry about it. We all got tricked.”

They both took another gulp of the delicious chocolate drink.

“I guess you are serious about her.” Maru started. “You know… About Sakura…”

Jurina just smiled at her.

“Kissing me on behalf of Sakura… Is that how you protect her lips from others?” Maru nodded in her own idea. “But seriously, if you are serious about Sakura you should stop acting like a dog in mating season. Stop posting pictures in twitter that shows you flirting with other members.”

“That’s me. I grew up like this.”

“That’s also the reason why she is not responding to your mails, right?”

Jurina stayed quiet. Just who is this girl? Just casually saying sensitive things. She knows who is that she Maru is pertaining to.

Maru stood up and took a stretch. “Thanks for this.” She raised her empty can and started walking away.

“Wait.” Jurina halted her. “How old are you now?”

“What’s with that sudden question?” Maru scratched her head as if she is thinking. “I don’t really remember exactly how old I am but I think I am definitely older than you.”

“You’re weird. You don’t even remember your birthday?”

Maru shrugged her shoulders. “You are weird as well. Suddenly asking about my age.”

Jurina stood up while laughing. “Let me call you Aniki from now on.”

(Aniki is an honorable term for an older brother or a superior.)

Maru laughed. “So are we Yakuza now? Don’t dare calling me that.”


“I said don’t call me that.”


Maru threw her empty can to Jurina but the girl was fast to catch it.

“Nice pitch, Aniki!”

“Shut up, Koinu!” (puppy)

On the other hand…

“Mayu-chan, Sayanee…” Yukirin called. “Please wipe your drools off.”

The two are currently busy secretly taking pictures of the newly formed kyoudai relationship. But for the two of them, it is another meaning if they are in their danso outfits.

“Can’t get enough of this yaoi fan service.” Mayu stated.

“Send me the best pictures you got. I’ll send you my best shots.” Sayanee suggested.

“Sure, sure.”

Yukirin face falmed.

On the other, other hand… After a week…

The AKBingo episode featuring the senbatsu and Maru was finally aired. Togasaki is just chilling at his home when he received a text from Aki-P.

What do you think of tuning Majisuka Gakuen into a Cabaret Club?

Togasaki spitted out his beer after reading the text. He immediately replied asking where Aki-P got the idea.

Watching the AKBingo episode, it came into my mind. Kodama and Miyawaki got an aweome stunt just to impress Maru. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Togasaki shook his head in disbelief.

“But Sensei, they all died in season 5.” He replied. “And a cabaret club??!”

Jurina won Maru’s lips so I guess she should be the number one cabaret girl. There was such a high tension in that episode.

Aki-P just ignored his reply. Togasaki sighed and another mail came.

High Tension. Sounds nice, right? That will be the title of the next single.

Togasaki slapped his own face. The Sensei has just decided about important things after watching AKBingo. Well, that’s how his brain works from the very start. Another message arrived and Togasaki thought of not opening it but another shock came after reading it.

"It will be her last single. The girl has already made a decision."

NEXT: Another member with M.J. as initials. Lol.

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