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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-28) Haruppi (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

WARNING: Long chapter ahead.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I am spending my free time hiding like this.”

Jurina’s words are in between. She really love to see what is going to happen at this setup but she is also a little pissed because she cannot use this time just to relax. She is currently with the two aces of HKT, hiding somewhere, facing the entrance of the TENKU planetarium at the SKYTREE TOWN.

Their faces are covered with masks as a usual disguise material. It’s just around 6 in the evening but it’s already dark. It’s another sign that winter is just around the corner.

“I’m really shorry for dragging you out like this, Jurina-shan.” Haruppi apologized; her lisp is coming out because of the cool breeze.

Sakura rolled her eyes. “She doesn’t really have to come but she volunteered so there’s no need to be sorry about it, Haruppi.”

“Ehhh?!” Jurina reacted in great disbelief. Did Sakura just dis her? She looked at the girl with her wide-opened eyes questioning her for the sudden coldness but Sakura just threw back a sharp stare. “Don’t forget that I’m the key to make this plan a success!”

She then put up a smug face and looked down at Sakura but the girl just did the same.

“Come on…” Haruppi calmed the two down. “It’s about time for them to arrive, right? We have to make sure that we don’t miss a thing.”

“Hai…” The two answered in chorus. They both took a look at each other before looking back at the entrance. Both of them have cheeks blushing.

“Have you messaged Aniki already, Haruppi-chan?” Jurina asked.

“Y-Yes… She said she’ll arrive soon—“

“Wait, guys! Haruhi-san is already here!”

They watched how Maru walked in front of the entrance. She’s wearing a black trench coat but she still has her hoodie underneath it. She also got her hair cut back to the original length when Paru first met her. At the three’s surprise, she isn’t wearing her trademark mask but she is wearing the round glasses back. Maru’s looking around, most probably searching for Haruppi.

“What’s with that attire?” Jurina audibly murmured. “Aniki looks so cool.”

Haruppi gulped. So this is the Maru that she is supposed to go out with. She clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. What the hell is running in her mind that she just gave up?

Jurina looked at Sakura who is also mesmerized by Maru’s appearance.

“Earth to my Sakura!” she distracted her with a wave of her hand.

Sakura just scowled at her and looked back at Maru. “Isn’t it about time for Paruru-san to arrive? Contact her, Juu!”

“Wait! I don’t have to come, huh?”

Jurina did what her Sakura ordered her. It only took two rings and the call was immediately answered.

“Moshi, moshi. Jurina-chan?” As soon as the call was answered, Paruru entered the scene from the other side. She is wearing a rose quartz autumn coat on top of a white turtle neck. It is paired with black stockings and red kitten heel. She is also wearing a red beret and her bangs are tucked inside.

She stood at the other edge of the entrance; opposite to Maru. They were like mannequins placed in both ends of TENKU The other girl is busy looking at her phone while she is busy on the phone with Jurina.

“A-Are you on the planetarium now?” Jurina asked even though she already knows the answer.

“Uh, yeah.” She then turned around to see that she is at the right place but a couple went out just as her sight was about to glance at Maru. She went back to her last position without noticing the girl with glasses. “Where are you now?”

“W-Wait, Paruru-chan. Stay right there. I’m about to arrive.”

That’s all and Jurina hung up. It was obvious at Paruru’s reaction that she found the sudden drop of call fishy. She then just didn’t mind it and went to check her twitter account.

“What are we going to do next?!” Jurina panicked. The two main stars of the setup are already on the venue but they haven’t even seen each other yet. They can see Maru looking around but it seems that she can’t recognize Paruru because the latter has her back facing Maru.

“Did you forget what we rehearsed, Juu?” Sakura asked, also in a panic. “Go and call Maru-san now. Tell her that this date is really with Paruru-san!”

“Geez! Why am I the one doing all the talking?” Jurina hurriedly dialed Maru’s number.

Maru was surprised to see Jurina’s caller ID flashing on her screen. “Koinu?” she curiously asked herself before picking it up. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Aniki, I’m sorry but Haruppi won’t be able to make it today.” Jurina took a glance of the other Haruka involved. The girl was smiling but there is another story written in those eyes.

“W-Wait, what?” Maru asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Why? Did something happen to Haruppi-san?”

Jurina took one deep breath. Sakura is just watching her talk while Haruppi’s eyes are fixed on the entrance. Her phone is in loud speaker in order for the two other girls to hear. “The truth is…” she released her breath in one go. “You have to look at your left side to find out.”

“E-Eh?” Maru looked to where Jurina told her to look. She saw the girl in an outstanding cute outfit. Her eyes widened when she finally recognized who the lady is. Her heart started raging. That surprised reaction soon turned into an angry one. “What’s the meaning of this, Jurina?!”

The puppy gulped. She was called in her real name. It looks like her Aniki is really angry. “It is as you see…W-We set you up with Paruru-chan. She also doesn’t know—“

“Look.” Maru wiped her face in disappointment. “Are you still all believing that I somehow like Haruka more than friends? Whether I do or not, is there something that all of you will benefit from this? The other girl is in a relationship! And not only that, the one she’s in love with is my friend as well! Do you know how all of this is getting really annoying?”

“B-But Aniki we just want to help you!”

“How is this even going to help me?!” Maru covered her mouth so no one can hear her shout. She balled her fist, feeling the urge to punch it into something. She has been trying to control her emotions and here they are trying to lay more traps for her. She bit her lower lip and tried to somehow cool herself. “Well, no, thank you. Please don’t try to do this again.”

The furious Maru was about to hang up when Haruppi suddenly shouted her name. This caught her attention and she tried to listen. “Haruppi-san… What’s this, really?”

“Lishen to me, please?” Haruppi pleaded. She is now holding Jurina’s phone on her hands. The other two girls are just looking at her with worried faces. She seems like she’s about to break down in any minute.

Her plea was answered by silence from Maru. Jurina looked back at her Aniki and she is listening, still with those furrowed brows.

“Do you remember what you said to those antis? That I deserve a chance? W-Well I’m telling you this as well…” A teardrop managed to escape from her eyes. “You deserve a chance too! Please! Just for now think about yourshelf and go on a date with Paruru-shan! Don’t think of anyone else. Just think about that thing that can make you really happy! ”

There was a little term of silence after that but then Maru’s heavy sigh broke it. “Even if you say that, what you are making me do is really hard. I’ve long accepted that this will not go anywhere.”


Maru was dumbfounded after hearing her oshimen’s frustrated shout. She just froze on her place.

Jurina and Sakura were also surprised. “Quick, Juu! Execute plan B!” Sakura mouthed.


Jurina snapped her fingers as a sign for the back up to move.

“L-Look, Haruppi-san… I know that you are all just trying to—“

“Paruru-san! You are Paruru-san, right?”

Maru’s attention was caught by the voice of young girls calling Paruru in a loud voice. She turned to the lady’s direction and found her being cornered by two middle schooler fan girls. Paruru is already panicking, not knowing what to do. She tried to look for Jurina but there is no Jurina coming to save her from this.

The girl with glasses just shook her head while watching the scene. “I will talk to all of you after this.” She then hung up.

“Paruru-san, Paruru-san! Can we take a picture?” the girl with short hair asked.

Paruru looked at the two girls with her usual salty yet worried face but the two girls cannot be moved. They kept on bugging her.

“E-Eh… Okay. But just one, okay?” Paruru surrendered. The two girls jumped in joy with the affirmation.

“But who will take the picture?” The girl with long hair asked her friend.

“Go and take it, Orin-chan.” The cute girl with short hair pleaded. “You’re taller than me so you can take a proper group photo.”

“That’ll be unfair, Manaka-chan! I don’t think I’ll get a good spot on the photo like that.”

The two quarreled with the task. Paruru wanted to try and stop them but she couldn’t find the timing to do so. They are arguing so loud, mentioning Paruru’s name at almost every sentence. If this continues, they will sure gain more attention and the idol would be in a big pinch.

“How about I take your picture?”

The three of them looked for the source of the voice. They found Maru extending her right hand to them, asking for the phone. The two girls became even more excited when they recognized who it is.


“Shhh…” Maru signaled them to tone down their voices. She leveled her height to them by bending her knees a little. “Don’t be too loud or else you will not get the picture.”


Maru smiled and patted the heads of the two fan girls making them blush in no time. “Good. Now go and make a pose with Shimazaki-san.”

Maru took a look at the also startled Paruru. That surprised look is obviously asking of what she is doing there. Maru just gave out a faint smile.

“Ne, ne, Maru-sama, are you going on a date with Paruru-san?”

“Manaka-chan! You can’t just ask it like that.”

Maru sneered and messed the hair of the two girls. “Silly girls, just go and I will take the picture.”

“You have to be included in the picture too, Maru-sama.” The girls demanded even more.

Maru sighed. “Okay, I will take your picture with Shimazaki-san first then let’s take a group photo, okay?”

“YAY~!” The girls stood at both side of Paruru, careful not to touch her, they took a pose. Maru took the picture with great ease. Obviously because it is her specialty. The two thanked Paruru and the girl faintly smiled back. The two ran to Maru and the girl sat on a lotus position. They automatically posed for the picture and a one of a kind three-shot was taken.

“No uploading, got it?”

The two couldn’t handle the excitement while they view the taken pictures. They thanked the two and left, still looking at the picture they just got. They just got a picture with the salty member of AKB48 and with the bitter irregularity who hates having her picture being taken.

“H-Hoshi…” Finally, Paruru called after the kids are gone. Hoshi turned to her and stood up.

“She’s not coming…”

“Eh?” a message came right after. It was from Jurina.

Sorry Paruru-chan, Me, my Sakura and Haruppi set you up with Aniki. If ever she asks what I said on this text, just tell her that I told you that I am sick or stuck up in a schedule so she won’t know that you know this is a setup. I’m sorry that we pissed her off before meeting you. Have fun~

“Is that Jurina?”

Paruru nervously nodded. Maru indeed looks so upset. Her voice doesn’t show any emotion at all.

“What did she say?”

“S-She said she got stuck up in a schedule.”

Maru flicked her tongue. She looked around to see where the other girls are hiding but she failed to search for them.

“Let’s go home, Haruka. I’ll drop you at your apartment.”


Maru started to walk away without any more words. The three aces that set things up started to panic again because they didn’t prepare a Plan C.


Maru was stopped when Haruka held on to her coat. She turned to her only to see a cute, irresistible, pleading face.

“Let’s go inside together… S-Since we are already here.”

Don’t look at me like that…

The painful look on Maru’s face is so evident. Even the three who are watching on the sideline can see how she suffers. She is torn with following her feelings and suppressing it. The girl she holds dear in her heart is just in front of her, asking her out, but the guilt just doesn’t leave her.

“Hoshi…” Paruru called. Her voice a little shaky because of the cold breeze.

Don’t call me like that…

Maru closed her eyes for a moment and a vexed sigh was released soon after.

Think of myself, huh? You guys really don’t know what you are all talking about.

She grabbed Paruru’s hand and held it next to her lips. Paruru turned red in a moment together with those who are watching them. Haruppi smiled even though deep inside… it cuts.

“You feel cold?” Maru asked. Her breath giving warmth to Paruru’s hand.

“A-A little…”

Maru looked at Paru with those longing eyes. Their stares locked. A smile formed on the bespectacled girl’s face. This brought relief to Paruru.

“Let’s head inside.” Maru said. She then put their clasped hands in her pocket. “Before Hime-sama gets cold.”

Paruru smiled widely and nodded. They walked inside the planetarium with smiles on their faces. Paruru sneakily made an okay sign with her free hand for Jurina and the others to see.

The three released a sigh of relief. They exhaustively leaned on the huge flower bed where they are hiding. Jurina took a stretch to relieve the tension of her leg muscles.

“It ended up a success in the end! After all the suppression, Aniki still gave in.”

“Are you sure they will be alright?” Sakura asked. “I feel bad for Yuihan-san and for—“

Sakura was meaning to say Haruppi’s name next but the girl is smiling widely when she turned to her. It seems like nothing happened.

“It will be fine, Sakura.” Haruppi assured her. “I know we might be doing something that we shouldn’t but I just really want Maru-san to be happy. She has been through a lot already. It is my job as her oshimen to make her sm—are?”

Tears came rushing down without her noticing it. She then found herself being hugged by Sakura.

“It’s okay, Haruppi. You can cry as much as you want.” Sakura rubbed her back. “Maru-san told me that it is good to release your emotions rather than keeping them inside.”

Haruppi was in lost of words then there goes the tears. She hugged Sakura back and started crying like a child.

“It hurts, Saa-chan. Maru-san is my first love…” she wailed to Sakura. “She’s my first love!”

Sakura listened to her wailing in silence. She just let her know that she has someone by her side with that hug. Jurina looked at Haruppi with sad eyes. She’s amazed on how she could give up her love for someone just like that. She even went to set things up just for them to meet.

“Orin-chan, Manaka-chan…” Jurina called the two accomplices. The two are obviously puzzled to why Haruppi is crying. “You did a good job today. Sorry for taking a day of your practice from you.”

“I-It’s okay, Senpai!” They answered, a little bashful of Jurina.

“Let’s all head back before it gets darker. We have already done our part here.” Jurina stood up and she assisted Haruppi to stand up as well. The girl wiped her tears away and gave out her best smile.

“Mission accomplished for Fairy Haruppi.”

Maru and Paru went straight to a ramen house for dinner right after the trip to the planetarium. Somehow Maru forgot the irritation she was feeling earlier because of the experience she had in TENKU. She felt like she is legit floating in the outer space watching all the stars that she loves.

The owner of the ramen house was so star struck when they entered in. He was kind enough to close the store for the time they are eating. They arrived in a good time where there are only very few customers. The owner just let the eating customers finish their bowls and didn’t accept any customers in. Maru told him that he doesn’t have to do it but he told them, ‘You guys are working your asses off lately, you need a rest from the public eye. It’s a treat for you doing your best,’ in a very manly way.

Maru thanked the ramen house master and then led Haruka to a seat.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been in a ramen house like this.” Paruru muttered excitedly while looking around.

“It’s because you are always on exquisite places, right?”

Paruru snickered. “Ramen houses are always in demand and full of people. It’ll be hard to go here alone or even if I have someone else with me, it will be hard for both of us.”

Maru smiled. “Yeah. Because your salty face is as popular as ramen.”

“Hey~~!” Paruru puffed her cheeks. “Did you just call my face salty?”

“You even went for shio ramen.” Maru teased her; her chin resting to her palm.

“Hoshiiii!” Paru puffed her cheeks even more which tempted Maru to pinch her cheeks.

“Stop doing that. It’s so cute!”

Their sweet moment was interrupted when Maru heard a familiar name on the news. She turned to the television and Paru curiously just watched the news.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the downfall of South Korea’s former largest investment service provider, Baekhan Financial Group. It became worldwide news since the said company was backing up a lot of large companies when the scandal about the Baek family broke out sometime in 2010.

The CEO, Baek Ho-joon, was murdered by his wife due to continuous abuse but his father, Baek Tae-joon managed to warp the story up by simply saying that the wife was having mental illness hence the reason for murder. The horrifying generational secrets of the clan, such as forced abortion if the baby turns out to be a girl, were revealed when their long-time head housekeeper confessed everything to the authorities.

The maid was forced by her conscience to expose everything after the heir, Baek Hye-joon, was taken custody by Tae-joon. The old lady, who is only known as Mrs. Kim, told in detail how the heir was maltreated and brought up jailed from the society.

But then, it was recently discovered that the Baek Ho-joon left a huge amount of money for his son which is kept safe in a bank. There are no claims on the money and no one is knowledgeable about the whereabouts of the heir. No one even knows if Baek Hye-joon is still alive.

“Ramen’s out!”

Maru jerked at the sudden call of the owner. Two bowls of hot ramen were placed in front of them.

“T-Thank you.” She stammered. She felt cold sweat run down her back.

“Eat well, Paruru-chan, Maru-sama!”

Maru forced laughter. “You don’t have to address me with –sama, Ramen-san.”

She took of her glasses and grabbed the spoon for the soup. “Itadakimasu!” She yelled ‘Oishiii~’ right after her first sip of the soup. She looked at Paruru who is just staring at her with worried eyes.

“What?” Maru innocently asked.

“The one the news… That was—“

“Not me. It’s definitely not me.” She assured Paruru with a smile on her face. “My family’s company wasn’t that big. Go and eat you ramen now or else it will turn cold, Salt-chan.”

“Mou~ You’re not funny.” She just let Maru got away from the topic. She’s sure that Maru is somehow related to that news. She then just focused on her ramen.

The news program finished and commercials soon came after. The Baitoru Next commercial then came on air, getting Maru’s attention. Paruru watched the surprised reaction of Maru while watching the commercial. She gulped. It’s her turn to explain now.

“Sotsugyou?” Maru asked as her sight landed on Paruru. Her heart received more damage with the commercial rather than the news earlier. “This isn’t about graduation, right? This is just a commercial, right?”

Paruru answered her with silence. Maru dropped her spoon and leaned on the chair.

“Man, you got me surprised yet again.” She sighed. “When are you going to graduate?”

“I’m going to announce it officially in a press conference at the 3rd of next month.”

“The reason?”

“I was told by my doctor to refrain from strenuous activities. My health isn’t really at its best lately.”

Maru wiped her face with her palms as if trying to erase her whole face. “You really don’t fail in surprising me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell it to you this way. I just couldn’t find the right timing to tell you.”

“When is the graduation concert?”

Paruru sighed. “I won’t be having one. I don’t think I can handle a concert with such a condition. I will just disappoint everyone if I mess up during the concert. I will have it done in the theater at the 26th of December. My activities on AKB will stop on the 30th.”

“Three months and a half, huh?”

Paruru weakly nodded. “It will be announced in the Ranked Concert in the 15th of this month that I will be the next single’s center. It will be the last single I am centering.”

Maru’s face cannot be painted. “I guess I have to cancel my plans.” She whispered.


“Nevermind. Let’s just eat in peace then go wherever you want next.”

Paruru did what she was instructed to do. They ate in silence but her heart is throbbing so fast she couldn’t concentrate with eating. It looks like she ruined Maru’s mood again. Does she need to take her again at the planetarium?

“Anyway,” Paruru jerked when Maru spoke all of a sudden. “Originally, I was going on a date with Haruppi-san today.”

“Eh?” Her heart suddenly felt heavy. Is she disappointed about being set up with me?

“She really emphasized that it will be a date. But she didn’t come and then you were there.”

“Are you upset that it was me who turned out and not your oshimen?”

“To be honest, I was really looking forward for this day. I couldn’t help it because she’s my favorite member.” Maru took a slurp of her noodles.

“Ah… I see…” Paruru faintly answered. Who wouldn’t be disappointed?

“But you know…” she chewed her noodles and swallowed first before continuing. “I also like it that I’m with you now… I actually… like it… better…”

And it hit her hard, like a quake in the maximum possible magnitude. The heat on her cheeks isn’t brought by the steam coming from the ramen. She’s well-aware that it was due to Maru’s words. How crazy it is that this one person is enough to get her ride an emotional roller coaster. She has now sent her into a cloud nine right after she made her think that she doesn’t like being with her.

Maru is hiding how red her face is by facing the ramen bowl. More push and she will really give in. If she doesn’t have a heavy reason to contain her emotions, she could’ve let it explode long ago and admit it to herself that she is indeed inlove with this beautiful woman in front of her.

“I also like it… that I’m with you now…” Paruru said, almost whispering.

“Silly.” Maru said, still busy mixing her noodles. “Eat fast so we can have enough time to wander around. We can’t trouble the owner for a long time.”

A wonderful smile was painted on Paruru’s face. “Hai~!”

They had so much fun eating while catching up with each other. They chose not to talk of heavy stuffs because they both know that it will ruin the mood. They are just happy about being together now and even though without any oral agreement, they both just want to spend the rest of the day in peace, just like the old days where the feeling that complicates things wasn’t known to them and in the deep bottom of the surface.

Both of them are wishing in their hearts to just have this day extended. Maru somehow felt bad about shouting back at Jurina. She is still kind of pissed about it but she can never deny that she’s having one of the best days of her life although she has to constantly remind herself that this chance will only be until the clock strikes at 12 midnight. It’s the time limit she allotted to herself.

“Thanks for the delicious ramen, Ramen-san!” Maru showed her gratefulness with a bow at the owner of the shop. “Come on, Haruka. Say thank you as well.” She even gently pushed Paruru into a bow. The cute scene made the store owner laugh.

“You two look like you’re really close. I want to see more of you being together in the future.” The guy commented and then took out the pen and paper that he eagerly prepared while the two were eating. “If you don’t mind, please give me a sign just for remembrance. I will brag about this and post it in the shop!”


Maru turned to the eager Paruru. She was surprised that the lady agreed to the request really fast. Wasn’t she supposed to give a shio taiyou? Even the store owner was dumbfounded that he could get Paruru’s sign that easily.

“Are you sure about this, young lady?” the store owner asked. Paruru got the pen and paper from him and happily signed it.

“Shouldn’t you be happy that I agreed with the request, Ramen-ojii-san?” Paruru asked while chuckling. “Someone here thinks that I’m always salty, I have to prove that I can be sweet, too.”

“Wait, are you pertaining about me?” Maru pointed herself. “And hey, you aren’t the type to prove yourself to other people!”

Paruru looked at Maru with bored eyes. “Well for once I want to prove it.” She then slid the said paper in front of Maru. “Your turn, Hoshi.”

“Do I have to do this as well?” Maru asked innocently.

“Of course!” The owner and Paruru said in chorus.

Maru was taken aback. She stared at the paper for quite a while. She has never signed anything for a fan before. This is her first time to do an autograph. She nonchalantly held the pen while thinking hard on how she will take this into action.

“Hmmm…” She thought aloud. “Sorry about this Ramen-san but this will be my first time signing something so I’ll just scribble whatever.”

Maru wrote her Hoshino with a kanji for star 星埜 and Maru in hiragana and just added a star at the end of it. The store owner was so delighted with the signatures.

“My daughter loves both of you so much! I bet she will dance with joy after seeing this. Enjoy the rest of your day!”

Maru was amazed on how that simple signature made someone smile from ear to ear. She even took another look of the store owner from outside the ramen house. He’s still looking at the once ordinary paper with great joy evident on his face.

“Hoshi?” Paruru called her which made her snap back to reality. “What’s wrong?”

“E-Eh…” Maru scratched her chin with her index finger. “He’s so happy with a sign. My sign was so simple but it made him so happy. I somehow feel… what do you call it… accomplished…”

Paruru smiled at her. She also felt accomplished. Seeing this growth from the self-destructive Maru to this one who feels accomplished in making people smile is a very nice feeling. Paru took a deep breath.

“So, where are we going now?” She asked.

Maru looked at her and smiled. “Wherever our feet will lead us, I guess.” She held out her hand to Paruru, inviting the girl to hold hands.

Paru tried not to grin but the smile still leaked out. She reached for Maru’s hand and they started walking. It was nice.The weather is not that cold. There are only a few people noticing them. The sight of the city lights to behold that night was also wonderful. Everything was going out fine. It was fine until…

Paruru’s phone’s vibration caught her attention. They had to stop walking so she could answer it.

“Moshi, moshi. Sayanee-san?”

“P-Paruru, where are you?” Sayanee sounded like she was running out of breath.

“E-Eh? I’m currently out with—“

“Nevermind, you have to come here quick. Yuihan just fainted because of over fatigue. She’s rushed in the…”

All the other words of Sayanee didn’t enter clear at Paruru’s ears. Guilt covered her in an instant. She instinctively pulled her hand away from Maru and stood back away from her. Maru was thrown into state of confusion. She just looked at Paruru, startled of the sudden distance the girl drew between them. Paruru’s terrified face concerns her even more. It looks the girl is also confused and torn.

“H-Hoshi… I-I’m sorry…”

Can I just cry to vent up my frustration of the YuiParuMaru love triangle...  Yui  :cry:  :cry:..... 
I feel you. :(

Hello, everyone.
Sorry for the long update.
Next arc will start on Sunday. Hopefully I can finish the chapter by that day.
Raise your hand if you watched Paruru’s graduation and somehow you wondered what could be on Maru’s mind during that time. HAHA. See you on Sunday. Or probably this Friday for a drabble and a cool poster for this fic made by a respected writer. :)
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As I expected, a cliffhanger. You always do that. /*sigh.
So, I'm going to wait AGAIN till Sunday. It's ok, I'm used to waiting lol. Oh btw, just sharin', while reading today's chapter, try to listen to Ariana Grande's Almost Is Never Enough. /*This song is approved by Cute Cut-san as the OST for this chapter.
Waiting for the next chapter :)
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Another storm in a good day

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What the..... What the...... 😞😞😞

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
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Thank you for the update, Shortcut48-san.
Don't worry about the length. I (and I'm sure the other readers as well) enjoyed every bit of it :)
I'm really sad about Haruppi. But, I feel really proud of her as well. She's one strong and very kind kid.
On the other side, I always like how you describe Paruru's situation and feelings.
If I were in her shoes, I would also feel very confused and guilty upon hearing about Yuihan.
I may even think that somehow it was my fault for having fun... That bad things happen if I follow my heart and be selfish...
Anyway, I'm sure that Yuihan will be okay.
(With the number of YuiParu shippers who already got their hearts broken over YuiParuMaru, I don't think you would dare to put Yuihan's life in danger. Lol.)
I'm more worried over where Maru planned to go and why...
Well, I have to admit that Yuihan collapsed from overwork was something I did not see coming, though.
So, I guess the ending will still be one big mystery and I can't wait for you to unravel it.
Keep up the great work :)

p.s.: No. I didn't watched Paruru's graduation. Couldn't bring myself to watch it. But, I'm looking forward to read how Maru feels about that.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-28) Haruppi (F)
« Reply #145 on: December 29, 2016, 10:27:38 AM »
Huhuhuhuhu.. Cliffhanger Cut-san.
But awesome update.
Now we just gotta wait for next chapter.

And yes!!!!  :hand: :hand:
I watched her graduation ceremony live!! So sad.
Kinda did imagine Maru's reaction to that.

By the way, still can't find a way to upload a picture. Can't find that monalisa you where saying.

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-30) Drabble #4
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TTM Drabble #4

SAYANEE entered the dressing room and sees Mayuyu having trouble with her phone or something.

Sayanee: *pulls the chair beside Mayuyu* What’s up with that worried face Mayuyu?

Mayu: *looks at Sayanee with eyes tearing up* My Jphip account got hacked!

Sayanee: *panics* EH? The one where you are posting JunMarco fanfics?

Mayu: *weakly nods* I was planning to post an update today but I can’t log on it anymore. And look! The hacker even posted an update to it! My JunMarco romantic story got ruined!!!

Mayu buried her face on her hands. Sayanee got the phone and read the said chapter.

I’ve been thinking about it lately.

 Is there a possibility that the 2 princes can be together?

You and me?

Some may say that it’s a sin.

 Some may say that love has no boundaries.

Without a second thought, I asked you. “Marco, what do you think about me?”

You glance my way. You took a deep breath. You look straight into my eyes with sincerity in it.

“You knew all the hardships I have been through, you’re the only one there to support me and, I’m thankful to have you by my side.”

That smile My weakness.

Somehow, I felt that there is a possibility.

I asked you again. “Uhmmm, Marco, what do you think about love?”

For the second time, you glance my way and gave me your signature poker face.

“I do not believe that romantic love would last.”


What you’ve said is a lie.

“Marco-kun!” That girl called you, giving her biggest smile.

“Oh? Haruka! What are you doing here? Aren’t you with Lemon-san?”

Haruka sat beside you.

“Yup, they’re outside the gate. Uhmmm. Marco, can you accompany me? They have their dates, and I..... I don’t have a date.”


You agreed without hesitation.

“Oh. Jun! See tomorrow.” You held her hand and left.

You answered me that you don’t believe in love, but I know that you have fallen head over heels for her.

Sayanee: *eyes widened* Nandeyanen! Is this Haruka Haruppi or Paruru?

Mayu: *sobs* I was about to update that JunMarco are going lovey dovey but then I got hacked and the hacker even added a character on it! Now the comment box has an on-going war between shippers!

Sayanee: ARGH! I’m enjoying JunMarco but what the hell is this!?

On another hand...

Yukirin took a bite of her toasted bread with her eyes fixed on her phone. She sneered. She’s having fun with the war after she posted the chapter.

Yukirin: Huh, JunMarco!? MaruParu FTW!!!

On another foot...

Jurina: *peeks at Maru’s phone* Hey! You’re reading that fic now?

Maru: *rolls her eyes* I just got lost to this page.

Jurina: *puts on her troll face* You’re interested about the fic now because Paruru-chan got added, right?

Maru: *slaps Jurina with the towel she’s holding* You wish.

LESSON: Don’t let your girlfriend take a peek when you’re inputting passwords.


Hello. What’s up everyone? :) MatsuiLee-san also wrote that short JunMarco drabble~ Thanks buddy! You’re awesome!

And presenting the Christmas gift I received from another writer, a poster for this fic~

Cool, ain’t it? :)
I really feel bad for the one who made it but that person told me to hide his/her identity. But thanks to you buddy. I feel really happy with this. :)

Things like this make my hard days a bit easier. kkkk. I'll reply to your comments on the next chapter. :)

This may be the last post I will do this year. See you all next year. HAHA. Have a great new year! I hope you are all having fun reading this fic. Thanks for dropping by to this thread again. :kneelbow:
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-30) Drabble #4
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Ohoho yukirin is a maruparu shipper!!!! If it's about junmarcoparu love triangle why is there lemon-chan mentioned? Why not someone closer to Ju??

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-30) Drabble #4
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Yeah, you got Hacked!

By me! Da one and only Hackata48.

Give it up Rosalie! I know its you!


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-30) Drabble #4
« Reply #149 on: December 30, 2016, 07:29:59 PM »
I love your fic and can't wait to read more!
JUNMARCO  :heart:
Is it my fault I see Techi whenever I imagine Maru?
Anyways, thank you for writing and Happy New Year!

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-30) Drabble #4
« Reply #150 on: January 01, 2017, 06:12:44 AM »
looks like that i missed 4 updates :sweatdrop:

www that JunMarco fic... yabai.. you turned me out into a JunMarco shipper author-san :inlove: :inlove:

in kodama's arc part III, i thought that Haruppi is really asking Maru for a date, but she wanted to set it for Paru! she's a nice person :cry:

for final part... EH!? so Maru's real name is Baek Hye-Joon :shocked and what happened with GM? argh.. another cliffhanger :banghead:

Mayu got hacked by... her mother :lol: can't believe that Yukirin actually is a MaruParu shipper XD and thank you for the poster XD

please update soon!! :cathappy:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-01) Next Generation
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

ANOTHER national handshake event is being held by the 48G. As usual, the whole place is packed with people patiently waiting for their turn to shake hands with their idols. It is sure another busy day for the members.

One member was forced to freeze her line for a moment to rest. She was in such a high fever last night but still she did her best to meet her fans today even though she’s still a bit feverish. It is very obvious with her pale skin that she isn’t really feeling well.

“Paruru-chan looks really sick today.” Iriyama Anna sighed and then turned to Kizaki Yuria beside her. “Don’t you think she should’ve just rested at home?”

Yuria took her face away from her phone to look back at Annin. “Even though she is salty, she still values her fans. No wonder she came even on that state.”

The two of them are currently on their break together with the other younger members while the lines of the bigger names seem unending.

“Have you seen Maru-san going around?” Annin asked out of nowhere which made Yuria’s brows furrowed.

“Wait, did you also join those girls who are planning to do an oshihen attack on her?” Yuria asked. She doesn’t seem entertained that Annin is asking about that peculiar person.

Annin hit her in her shoulder. “Why would I, silly!?” Yuria tried to avoid the spanking but it was too late. It hurt a little that she has to rub her shoulder.

What Annin is talking about is the 13th, 14th and 15th generations plan to overthrow Haruppi at Maru’s oshimen ranking. They are planning to fish Maru and be entitled as Maru’s new oshimen believing that it will be a big impact if their names got attached to the name that is making so much noise in the Japanese entertainment industry nowadays.

“I am just a little worried about her. She also seems like she is sick.” Annin explained with her arms crossed.

Yuria tried to remember how Maru looked like when she came to her booth a while ago to take pictures. She nodded in agreement. “She does look like she is sick. Seeing her back on that mask and glasses in a handshake event somehow feels a little scary.”

The girl with pretty, long hair nodded fervently. “It kind of brings back memories of the last handshake incident.”

“Well, I wish she just take care of herself. First it was Yui-sou-chan and now it is Paruru-chan and her. They should take care of themselves since they are like trump cards of this group. The change in season is really getting a lot of people sick.”

“Mhm… Yeah…” Annin then formed a grin making Yuria a bit uneasy.

“What’s up with that sly smile?”

“I didn’t think that you have already accepted Maru-san as part of the group. I’ve heard a lot of rantings from you about her getting some sort of special treatment and such but here you are thinking of her as a member.” Annin even rested her chin on Yuria’s shoulder and looked up on her while she teases her.

Yuria rolled her eyes. “She’s here to help us out so I don’t think it’s bad to look at her that way.”

“Ehh? You wanna join the OPLAN: OSHIHEN team?”

The next candidate for the title ‘BAKA CENTER’ looked at her treasured Annin with bored eyes.

“How about no?”


“ARE you guys really serious about this OPLAN: OSHIHEN thing?”

15th Generation’s original ace, Owada Nana, asked Oshima Ryoka. They are looking at the other girls who are stalking Maru wherever she goes.

“It’s just for fun, Naanya!” Kusogaki answered with a wide smile on her face. “I really find Maru-san cool, you know? The way she handles herself in public is really awesome. Her character is being well-loved by talk and variety shows alike. We can learn so much from her.”

“Hmmm…” Naanya looked at Maru who sat on a free chair to rest. The girl pulled down her mask before looking at the photos she has taken. She doesn’t look really pleased with what she is looking at; very evident with those bored, tired eyes.

“It won’t be really bad to befriend her.” Ryoka added. “I talked to her once and she didn’t ignore me. I think she’s the type that waits for someone else to start the conversation.”

“Let’s go and approach her now!” Komiyama Haruka eagerly told the other girls who are hiding on a pillar with her. “She’s not with her usual peers! We can go make our move!”

“But we might scare her if we will come to her in a horde like this.” Murayama Yuiri commented.

The other girls nodded knowing that she has a point.

Kojima Mako snapped her fingers after a brilliant idea entered her mind. “How about we go to her one by one to appeal? But we will only spend a minute or two so the other girls can go next.”

“I think that’s okay.” Iwatate Saho agreed. Everyone agreed with that idea.

“YOSHAA!” Nishino Miki stood from where she is sitting and raised her sleeves. “I will go first!”

The other girls shook their heads with the first batter. “Just don’t creep the hell out of her.”

“I can do this! Maru-san winked at me at the last SSK!”

“Let’s go Naanya. This looks fun!” Ryoka dragged Naanya closer to the other girls to have a good look of what is going to happen. Miki fixed herself and dusted off her dress before having her way towards the resting photographer.

“Ikemasu!” The hyper active girl started walking towards Maru. The other ladies are just looking at her; feeling a little nervous on how Maru is going to receive the first contender. Will she return a bitter treatment or will she give a positive one?

Miki is only about two meters away from Maru. She took one deep breath.


“Hey, son! What’s up?”

Sayanee and Yui suddenly entered the scene making Miki immediately went for a U-Turn, acting like nothing happened. She hurriedly went back behind the pillar where the other girls are hiding. They all welcomed the rushing Miki back to the horde.

“Mou~! Why do they have to appear so suddenly?” Saho puffed her cheeks in disappointment.

“W-Wait, if Sayanee-san and Yui-soukantoku-san are here then it is our turn now for the handshake event!” Mako rushed after the realization. “Come on, girls! We can’t be late!”

The other girls started running back to their booths as well.

Naanya took one last look at Maru who is currently looking up to the two big names in the group. She doesn’t know why but she kind of feeling irritated on how the other girls are so eager to get the 1st place in the oshi ranking of this one irregularity.

“Naanya~!” Ryoka went back just to fetch her. “It’s not time to idle around. We might get scolded by Togasaki-san if we arrive late.”

“E-Eh? Uhm!” Naanya started running as well, going back to her booth with the thought of Hoshino Maru left lingering in her mind.

“Oh? Shakure King, GM, are you on a break?” Maru asked. Her voice a little bit hoarse. She wore back her mask before talking to them, careful that she might pass the flu to the busy idols.

“Are you sick, kiddo?” Sayanee asked and then placed her hand on Maru’s forehead to get a gist of her temperature. The ace from Namba immediately pulled off her hand as if she got burnt. “Kiddo! You are running in high fever!”

“I’m not running, Shakure King. I’m sitting—OUCH!” Maru held her head after being knocked by Sayanee. Yui snickered while watching the scene.

“It’s not time for jokes, kid!” Sayanee scolded her.

“Sayanee is right.” Yui seconded. “You should go and take a rest instead of going around taking pictures.”

Maru dropped her head and looked at her camera. “But this is my real job, GM. This is the thing that I really love doing. I’ve been receiving invitations here and there that I almost lost all the time for photography.”

“Don’t overwork, idiot.” Sayanee flicked Maru’s forehead. The girl yelped one more time. “I thought you don’t get sick easily and here you are getting sick just because of the sudden change in weather?”

Yui laughed. “Maybe Maru-chan, kissed someone who is sick that’s why she also got the flu?”

Sayanee’s eyes widened. She looked back at Yuihan with her jaw dropped. Her friend is just looking at Maru, a smile pasted on her face but she seems like waiting for Maru to admit something. Sayanee then turned to Maru; the other girl is still busy with her camera. She doesn’t look fazed by Yuihan’s sudden innuendo.

“What are you talking about, GM?” Maru smirked as she looked up and meet Yuihan’s stare. “Are you still sick and you’re imagining me kissing other people? I thought you are fine already.”

Yuihan gave out another laugh. “I think I am probably still sick.”

Maru stood up from her seat and tapped Yuihan on her shoulder. “Get treated, GM. You can’t be sick for two weeks!”

Yui nodded. “I’m okay now, Maru-chan. You are the one who should go and rest.”

“Yadda.” Maru answered, raising her camera. “I’m still AKB’s photographer, aren’t I?” She then started walking away and waved at them without looking back. The two just followed her with their eyes until she disappeared from their sight.

“WAH~!” Sayanee exhaled loudly while rubbing her chest. “Nandayanen, Yuihan? I thought I was going to die with the tension.”

Yui smiled at her. “In the end she still went, Sayanee.”

Sayanee’s eyebrows met. “What are you talking about? Can you please narrate the story better, with a proper start and ending, please?”

Yuihan looked at her with her eyes forming a squint. “I’m talking about last night. We were together in a taping when I phoned Maru-chan, right?”

Sayanee’s face cleared out after remembering what happened last night. They were on the bus resting from a late night shoot when Paruru sent a message to Yuihan about her being sick; asking if she could come to her apartment and accompany her even for a moment so she could fall asleep. But, instead of replying to the message, Yui contacted Maru.

“Maru-chan, Paruru-san is sick. She is asking me to accompany her but I’m currently trapped in a schedule. That girl is restless whenever she is running with a fever. She will not fall asleep unless she gets assured that she isn’t alone. Can you please go and accompany her? Your apartment is close to hers, right?"

The girl was stunned by Yui’s call. She couldn’t even answer fast with Yui’s request.

“I’m sorry, GM… I’m also stuck up with something. I’m listening to a lecture about photography now. I can’t miss it since the professor will be travelling abroad after this.”

“Well, if ever you change your mind and realize that Paruru is more important than that, just go and accompany her, will you?”

“You are her girlfriend, for Bisu’s sake! How about drop that job and go to her?”

“You know that I can’t do that.”

“Well, I can’t drop this as well. I’ll be back to the lecture room. Ask someone else to accompany her. Jaa~”

That’s how their conversation went on and Sayanee heard it clearly for she was sitting right beside Yuihan that time.

“She went to Paruru-chan’s house last night? Are you telling me that she lied to us?”

Yuihan nodded and crossed her arms, looking at the direction where Maru went.

“It’s normal for her to lie. She doesn’t intend to hurt me. She’s a very kind girl.” There was a short silence between them before Yuihan sighed. “In the end she couldn’t fight back the urge to see Paruru…”

Sayanee threw a serious stare to Yuihan. “Are you really sure that you’re doing this?”

“I’ve thought about it a thousand times already, Sayanee. I’m sure of this.”

“B-But Yuihan? The kiss you are talking about…?” Sayanee threw another question. Her eyes are almost bulging.

The Soukantoku gave out a chuckle while scratching the back of her head. “That was just a hunch.”

THE event finished like a blink of the eye. The fans are all satisfied and happy to meet the girls again. They are also happy to see Paruru even though they got worried about her. She indeed looked very pale which is  clearly evident to the pictures taken by Maru.

The staff are already clearing the venue and the girls are already resting when Shinobu was seen to be in a rush. She went to the place where Mayu, Yukirin and Sasshi are resting and with a terribly worried voice she asked, “Have you seen Maru-chan?”

The trio looked at the manager curiously. Everyone who heard her question got their eyes diverted on her direction.

“I-I haven’t seen her since the event finished.” Mayu answered then turned to Yukirin who agreed in her statement right away.

“I’ve seen her helping a staff-san earlier but after that I didn’t see her anymore.” Yukirin seconded, her head tilted.

“That kid!” Shinobu sighed. She looked around with her hands on her waist.

“Did something happen to Maru-chan?” Sasshi asked.

“She’s in a high fever but she is forcing herself to take pictures. I told her to be always in my line of sight but stubborn kid is stubborn. She didn’t even eat her lunch!”

Paruru who also happened to be resting nearby heard the conversation. She stood up and weakly walk towards Shinobu and the three other girls.

“What happened?”

“Paruru-chan!” Shinobu clapped her hands after seeing the other sick girl. “Have you seen Maru-chan?”

“I haven’t seen her today.”

Then everything went silent. Everyone who was on the area who heard her answer suddenly fell quiet.

“W-Why?” Paruru curiously asked with all the ‘seriously, dude?’ faces in front of her.

“She’s been going around the whole time and you haven’t seen her even at your booth?” Sasshi asked in disbelief. “As far as I remember you guys hang out a lot during events like this and then you haven’t seen her even once?”

Paruru was taken aback. Yes, they were close.

“Maa…” Shinobu broke down the awkward silence. “I’ll have to go look for that kid. Paruru-chan, you also go and take a rest. I think I saw her earlier with Jurina-chan so I should go ask her. See you later.”

“Otsukaresamadeshita.” The three said in chorus as the manager went off.

“I think I also should go and look for her.” Paruru murmured to herself. She took a faint bow to the three girls and went off, wobbling a little in her every step.

Mayu looked at Yukirin with a sneer on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Yukirin asked, a little bit annoyed at Mayu’s smug face.

“Didn’t you hear that Maru-chan is with Jurina-chan?” Mayu snickered a bit. “I told you it’s gonna be JunMarco.”

“Ehh.” Yukirin squinted. “It is MaruParu! Look! Paruru-chan is even going to look for Maru-chan even on that state. ”

“MaruParu is obviously in a rift. Surrender your ship already. It’s not happening!”

“What are you talking about?” Yuki agitatedly asked. “MaruParu is real!”

“Are you hearing yourself?” Mayu rolled her eyes in dismay. “YuiParu is out of shipzone already. Stop fighting for something that’s not going to happen!”

“What the hell are you guys fighting about?” Sasshi, the current queen, butted in. She leaned on her chair and crossed her arms. “None of your ships is real.” Her lips formed into a curl. “The real thing is MaruSaku!”

The other two were startled that they just looked at Sasshi with their eyes widened. Mayu and Yuki started to throw arguments and proofs of how real their ships are. Mayu brought out all the paparazzi pictures she took while Yuki presented all the incidents where she thinks MaruParu is true. Sasshi, on the other hand, presented the large scale followers of MaruSaku since the handshake attack in which we all know that Maru became Sakura’s hero. Thus, the World War III started.

“What is happening with them?” Tano Yuka asked Muto Tomu who is sitting beside her. “Are they seriously fighting about the best girl for Maru-san. This is crazy!”

Tomu laughed at the scene. “Isn’t it cool to know that they also ship?”

“But you know guys,” Izuta Rina started. “Isn’t the way Shinobu-san cares for Maru-san also a bit fishy? I mean, she’s being taken care to the point that she should not leave Shinobu-san’s sight. Isn’t that weird?”

“What?” Kato Rena laughingly asked. “Are you shipping Maru-san with Shinobu-san?”

Laughter broke out with Renacchi’s question.

“Iyayayayaya.” Izurina terribly denied it with a continuous wave. “Isn’t Maru-san being taken care of like really, really special? There is no official announcement of her being a taken as an AKB member but she is being treated really special. Even more special than the other members of the senbatsu!”

“Now that you said it, you do have a point.” Renacchi agreed and all of them nodded in synch.

“There is also a cameraman going around interviewing members that Maru-san are close with.” Takahashi Juri said, finally breaking her silence.

“I’m sure with one thing regarding this issue.” Tano-chan’s eyes formed a squint. “Hoshino Maru is not yet done in making noise.


NAANYA opened her second lunch box for the day. She went by the fire exit so no one will be able to find out that she bagged the untouched bento left on the table.

Her eyes sparkled as the delicious food was unraveled. The food itself looks like glittering for her.

“It’s a waste that no one is touching you.” She talked to the food so dearly. “Don’t worry. I’ll have you serve your purpose now, Itadakimasu~!”

She split her chopsticks in to two and immediately went to munch a meat ball. Her face brightened even more as the taste spread throughout her mouth.

“Uhmmmm~ oishi~~” she exclaimed with her hand on her cheek. She’s a complete picture of happiness. She then went on with eating rice next.

Naanya was eating in joy when a body suddenly fell from the stairs. It hit the ground on its right side together with a loud yelp. Naanya almost spit what’s on her mouth.

“Damned last step.” The girl who fell stood up quickly, having her hand catching her dizzy head. She fixed her glasses and looked to the right.

“No one saw that.”

To the left.

“No one saw that.”

To the back where Naanya is sitting, leaning against the wall with the bento on her lap, looking straight at her.

You saw that.” Maru stated casually although her ears started burning up in an instant.

“M-Maru-san!” Naanya squeaked. She put the lunch aside and stood up to check Maru. “Are you okay?”

Maru forced laughter. “I’m okay. I just didn’t see the last step.” She explained while scratching her head. “J-Jaa, I’ll be going ahead.”

That’s all and she wobbly walked away. She hasn’t even took her 10th step when her knees started giving up and she fell on the ground again.

“Maru-san!” Naanya worriedly called as she attended Maru. She helped her sat in a better position, making her lean to the wall.

“H-Hot!!” She exclaimed as she touched Maru’s shoulders. “I should go call Shinobu-san!”

“Stop.” Maru halted her by holding her hand. Her grip was so weak. “Don’t call anyone. I don’t want to make them worry.”

“But Maru-san—“

“It’s okay. I won’t die of a high fever. That would be very lame.” She leaned her head to the wall and closed her eyes. “I just haven’t eaten lunch yet so I feel weak.”

Naanya’s jaw dropped. She looked back at the lunch that she was happily eating a while ago then back to the sick Maru. She went to pick the lunch box.

“Would you mind if you share with my lunch?” She asked.

Maru’s eyes opened in half. “But that’s yours, right? You must be working hard that you are eating lunch this late.”

Crap. The truth is this might be really your lunch because I just stole it.

“I-I-I don’t really mind. You should go and eat.”

Maru heaved a sigh. “No. There’s only one pair of chopsticks. If we both use that you might catch the flu as well.”

“Mou~” Naanya scratched her head with how stubborn the girl is. “I will not eat this anymore so you can go have it.”

Maru closed her eyes. Her sight is really swirling.



Naanya took this opportunity that Maru’s eyes are closed to send an SOS to Shinobu.


Naanya almost dropped her phone at the sudden call. She looked back to Maru only to see that her eyes are still closed.


“Have you done something that you think is really fun to do… something that makes you happy… but you’re actually not allowed or even entitled to do it?”

Naanya froze on the spot. She almost swallowed her tongue, she couldn’t even say a single word.

Is there any chance that Maru-san knows about…

Maru snickered. “This might be my punishment.”

“W-What are you talking about, really?” Naanya asked. She’s so confused of the sudden ramblings of this girl that she’s talking with for the first time.

“No matter how much you like to do something… if you’re not in the position or forbidded from doing it… No matter how it looks desirable and pleasing to the eye… If you force yourself to get it, there will always be a punishment.”

Naanya scratched her head in all the confusion with Maru’s statement. She fell more worried. It seems that Maru is being delirious due to high fever.

“Really Maru-san, what did you do?” the younger girl asked. She’s obviously getting annoyed with the situation.

“I stole something last night. I was so tempted to do it. I couldn’t resist.”

“E-Eh? You stole what?”

Maru looked at the young member with her signature piercing stare but this version has the eyes that are full of loneliness. She managed to answer Naanya’s question before she totally passed out.

“I stole… I stole a kiss.”

And let that scene stay with you until the next update. XDI don't really know what to title this arc so I just went with the title I used.
Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all had a good time during New Year's Eve. :)
I'm sorry if I couldn't reply to your past comments when I even said that I will reply to them. I will properly reply next time. But don't worry, I read all your comments a lot of times and I value the time you all give just to write a comment here. I'm really happy I somehow came here and managed to meet a lot of people through this fic. *sobs* Okay, enough for the feels.

Also, I'm afraid to tell you that I might not be able to post an update on Wednesday. It depends if I will finish the next chapter. I don't have anymore in stock!!! XD

Question for the chapter: Who wants to know what happened to the night before the handshake event? Raise your right foot! Haha. XD

Have a nice week! :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-01) Next Generation
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I bet she stole Paru's kiss last night 😂

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-01) Next Generation
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hello author-san :cow:
it's nice for you to insert some YuriAnnin  :cathappy:
GM :( it's sad to let Paruru for Maru :( since I also shipped YuiParu :(
www sashi joined the war! XD and what was that? MaruShinobu sounds good :P
thanks God that Naanya is there when Maru collapsed.. EH?! a kiss? :w00t:

please update it!! :bow:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-01) Next Generation
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A GM's hunch should not be underestimated... Yet that hunch might hurt herself  :cry: :cry:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-01) Next Generation
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@yuuri14-san, let’s  see~~ 😊

@misaki-san, actually i got a lot of good feedbacks because of YuriAnnin.
MaruShinobu aint that bad, eh? Hahaha. 😂

@Genkikid-san, Yeah. If it's the GM's hunch then it should not be taken lightly.

Uhh.. hello everyone, today's chapter is still under construction. I think I'm only halfway on finishing it. Life kind of gets in the way. XD I woke up a bit early today to write a little before going to work. If everything turns out fine, I will post tonight. If not, I might post it tomorrow. Worst case scenario would be posting the next chapter on Sunday which I don't really like to do because I'm really late with the timeline.

But the conclusion for the JunMarco drabble will be out on Friday and that is sure. 😊

Hope you guys have wonderful day ahead~~ ☆
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

SHINOBU was surprised to see the amount of people waiting outside the small room where Maru was taken. She was bombarded by questions about the photographer’s well-being. Normally, they don’t let this out to the media to avoid allegations of overworking their talents but here she is being interviewed not by the media but by the girls themselves.

Maru is currently receiving IV drips. She’s in a very deep sleep that the noise outside couldn’t even wake her up. Her temperature reached up to 40°C which explains the ramblings during her conversation with Naanya.

“Excuse me, daddy’s coming!” Sayanee made her way throughout the sea of girls. She was surprised that Maru has this much amount of ‘fangirls’ inside the group itself. Most of them are from Team 8. The ace of Namba is together with Yui and Paruru.

“How is the kid doing, Shinobu-san?” Sayanee asked while chasing for her breath.

“Sleeping.” The manager sighed. “She really had herself work to her limit. I got a report that she’s not eating on time. Sometimes she doesn’t eat at all. She uses her breaks just to study about the things that she is being told to do.”

Sayanee facefalmed. “She doesn’t have to go this far just to promote the group.”

Shinobu fell silent; diverting her eyes from Sayanee and the others. It seems like she is pondering something that none of the girls knows about.

“Is it okay for us to get inside?” Paruru asked.

The manager looked at her with very worried and sad eyes. That action didn’t escape the sharp, observant eyes of the soukantoku. She sure got a little pinch in her heart when Paruru asked about going inside because she isn’t clearly the type to show how she cares for people but Shinobu’s actions are making her more worried.

“It’ll be best if you don’t go inside. She’s sleeping peacefully, you might wake her up.”

“But Shinobu-san—“

“Sorry Paruru-chan, even if it is you I will not let anyone enter to let her rest even for a bit. You should also take a rest. Look at how pale you are!”

“Excuse me! Younger bro is on the way!”

Their attentions were caught by Jurina rushing together with Sakura and Haruppi.

“Shinobu-san!” Jurina called in a loud voice. “Where is my Ani—“

“Even you, Jurina-chan! No one is allowed to get inside.”

Jurina stiffened; surprised at the Shinobu’s tone. “Eh? Why? What happened?”

“Let Maru-chan sleep. Naanya is already watching her inside. You don’t have to worry about her.” Shinobu clapped to call the attention of the other girls. “Time to go home ladies! Those who are part of the theater show tomorrow should go and take a rest…”

Shinobu started walking away while ordering the girls of what to do. All the other girls left the area aside from the six people close to Maru.

“Is Maru-shan okay?” Haruppi asked the Soukantoku.

Yuihan nodded. “Shinobu-san said that she’s taking IV drips and is now sleeping.”

Haruppi released a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness~”

“I think the amount of her jobs caused her immune system to deteriorate.” Sakura stated, basing everything on personal experience.

“It’s quite suspicious that she started accepting all the invitations.” Sayanee heaved a deep breath. She looks like she’s in a deep thought. “She isn’t saying no to anything. This is so unlikely for kiddo to do.”

Yui remembered the questionable actions of Shinobu. She’s having a hunch that the happenings are related to it.

It is true that Maru has been accepting almost everything. She even accepts solo guestings and she is doing it all very well. The sudden change in her actions is indeed shady.

The General Manager turned to her girlfriend who is just looking silently at the door of the room where Maru is. A curl was formed in her lips.

“Jealous that you’re not the one taking care of her?”

Everyone stiffened. They turned to the GM, surprised at the very words she just threw.

Paruru also looked at Yui with a confused look on her face. “What are you talking about, Yuihan?”

Yui sighed. “Hmm…” She thought aloud. “Are you worried that someone else might steal her heart while you are with me?”

Sayanee gulped. Has Yuihan gone loose already? It’s not an innuendo anymore, it’s direct confrontation! And she’s doing it in front of everyone!

Paruru’s eyebrows met. She was about to answer when Yui went to throw another grenade that would make the air more dense.

“Are you still dreaming that she went to your house last night and took care of you and then… kissed you? Just like this morning that you thought I was her and called me ‘Hoshi’ when you saw me at your kitchen?”

Paruru’s eyes widened and so as everyone around. Someone has to stop Yuihan!

Yui turned to look at their stunned faces with an innocent face. “Why are you all looking like you’ve seen a ghost? It’s not like you setup Paruru with Maru-chan to the extent of borrowing kenkyuuseis, right?”

The trio who did the setup also gulped. They didn’t know that the GM also knows about that date. None of them has the guts to return Yui’s stare.

Yui smiled to lighten the mood. “Come on, girls. It’s not that I am angry about it or anything. I know you all know that my relationship with Paruru is fake.”


Paru wasn’t able to speak more when Yui turned to her with a very faint smile on her face. It somehow says that she’s okay and just let her do the talking.

“I still got like five days left. I hope you can all wait for that before you fully show your support for the both of them. I know this can be selfish but let me spend the remaining days of this fake relationship without any regret. Let me show that I really love her.”

Yui dropped her shoulders. Somehow she managed to say everything without tearing up. Her head is being consumed by the thoughts of this messy love affair. She noticed that it has been dragging her down and it is not good for the Soukantoku to be like this. She has to face all of it…. Just like how Takamina faced this fate.

“Let’s go, Paruru.” She extended her hands to the girl she loves the most. It hurts. She has to let go of her after everything that they have gone through together. After all these years... “Maru-chan will be fine. You also have to rest.”

Paruru looked at her hand for a while before finally reaching for it. Yui smiled. Even if it is because of pity that she reached out for her hand she doesn’t care anymore. She held her tight.

“Saa, we’re leaving now. You girls should go as well.”

That’s all and she left with the sick Paruru. The trio were looking at each other with guilty faces.

Sayanee got relieved when the two already went away. Yui has rose the tension twice already. She’s sure that her friend is having a very hard time dealing with all of this.

 “Be strong, Yuihan...” she whispered in the air. She then turned to the room where Maru is. “Just what the hell did you do that Yuihan is acting like this, kiddo?”



THE night before the handshake event is one starry night. The sky is clear, presenting all the wonderful constellations that mid-autumn offers.

Paruru is sitting on her couch with her eyes closed. She’s waiting for Yui’s response to her message but it has been a good thirty minutes but there’s not even a hint if the other girl has seen her text. Being a soukantoku is sure busy and hectic.

She feels really cold. She had to get a blanket to cover her frail body. She’s sweating but she couldn’t help but to roll up on the blanket because she’s shivering. She can feel her muscles aching and her head is aching like crazy. She tried to sleep so many times now but being alone while she is sick frightens her. She doesn’t even remember when she started acting like this.

Her family isn’t anywhere near and she doesn’t want to bother them at this time of night. If she tells them that she’s sick again they might force her to quit show business as a whole.

“Yuihan…” she muttered under her breath, still with her eyes closed. The scene of the final moments of her date with her Hoshi flashed back on her mind. The awful feeling that she felt when she found out that Yui passed out but there she was having a great time with another girl. She was consumed by guilt in an instant that she pulled her hand from Maru’s grasp like she was being violated but in reality she loves how the other girl’s hand fit to hers. She remembered Maru’s reaction when she told her about Yuihan fainting; all the gladness from the girl’s face disappeared in an instant.

Maru took her to the clinic where the General Manager was rushed. Maru didn’t talk after that. She just went to see Paruru going inside the said building and then she left. She doesn’t have a face to show the kind GM after the ‘betrayal’ that she has done. She hasn’t heard anything from the glasses girl until now.

“Mou~” Paruru started stomping. “Why does it have to be like this!?”

She suddenly heard a clicking sound from her door. She jolted and looked at its direction.

“Yuihan?” she called but then the door stopped from opening. It stayed like that for a while and then she heard a very deep sigh. The door opened widely and revealed a sweaty Hoshi. And there goes the usual butterflies back in Paruru’s stomach.

“I’m sorry… I’m not GM.” Maru tried to look at her straight to her eyes but she immediately averted from the stare lock. “Yet again I’m a substitute.”

“H-Hoshi?” Paruru stuttered. She rubbed her eyes and then looked at the girl again.

“I’m really Hoshi. You’re not dreaming or hallucinating. I’m sorry I just opened the door without knocking.” Maru monotonously stated. She took off her shoes and then entered the room. Her eyes traveled throughout the whole space. “What a very clean room.”

“I-I clean everytime I want to clear my thoughts.”

Maru walked towards her. She is holding a small paper bag on her right hand containing flu medicines that she bought along the way.

“Hmm… I guess your thoughts are always messy.”

She then looked at Paruru. The other girl still looks surprised with her sudden appearance.

“Don’t give me that disappointed look. GM called me and asked me to accompany you tonight. Let’s just say that I am returning the favor. You also stayed with me when I needed somebody.”

“Y-Yuihan called you?” Paruru asked. Disbelief drawn all over her face.

“Uhm.” She nodded and sat on the crouch’s arm rest.

Maru, without any permission, placed her palm on Paru’s forehead while her other hand on her own. “Man, I told you to take care of yourself, didn’t I? That’s some high fever you got there.”

Their stares met for a while. They seriously need to stop letting days pass before meeting again. Meeting after a very long time is a trap for hidden feelings to come out.

Maru stood up and put her hands on her waist. “You ate dinner, right?”

“Yes. I had some during the shoot earlier.”

“You worked at that state?” Maru sighed. “There’s a handshake event tomorrow, right? You seriously need to change the schedule of your fever. You always get sick during this kind of events. People might think that you just don’t like to meet your fans.”

“I’m sure a lot of people are already thinking like that.”

Then there was silence. Paru has her eyes closed. She’s thinking of why of all people Yuihan asked Maru to take care of her. The GM didn’t even reply to her but the she sent this girl. She doesn’t know what to feel anymore. She wants to look at the face of this person with her but she knows that it won’t be of any help at the current situation.

Her eyes opened on its own when she felt her body being lifted up from the crouch. Hoshi carried her up in a princess-carry. She instinctively clung onto her; their faces are so close to each other she couldn’t help but stare at Maru’s face.

“I’ll bring you to your bedroom, Hime-sama.”

“I-I can go there on my own.” She stuttered and then buried her face on Maru’s shoulder. The truth is she doesn’t want to be let go.

“Yeah. You can go there even if you are shaking like this.” Maru’s pertaining to her shivering. Paru tried to control it but her fever is really too high. The cling turned into hug as her grasp to Maru tightened.

“I hate being sick…” She muttered. Her breath somehow tickled Maru’s neck.

“I still got around four hours remaining last time.” Maru said out-of-nowhere.

Paru looked up at her only to meet the girl’s stare that passes throughout her whole being. “What do you mean, Hoshi?”

“I’m going to redeem the remaining time today.” Maru cryptically said. She was actually pertaining to the time allotment she gave to herself last time. The emergency took the remaining four hours from her.

Paru felt a sudden warm spring sprung from inside her when she felt Maru’s lips on her forehead. It wasn’t just a smack but it was planted like it was full of longing, full of care.

“Time to sleep, Haruka. You have to get well for the HS event tomorrow.”

Maru brought her to her bedroom and placed her at her bed. She made her rest her back on the headrest with a pillow and even fixed the blanket so she won’t feel cold. Maru dashed outside to bring the medicine and a glass of water. She made Paruru drink one and the latter obediently did what was instructed even though she hates the tastes of medicine.

The visitor looked around the very neat bedroom. Everything is in place. There is a pin board full of Paruru’s pictures taken with the 9th generation and two-shots with her beloved seniors. Maru realized even more how important the group is for Paruru with all this pictures displayed in her room. It’s not the generation for printed pictures anymore but this girl is going that far to keep these precious memories close to her.

Maru noticed that pictures taken with Yui are really a lot. It gave a pinch in her heart but she just ignored it like she always does. She took the glass from Paruru and placed it on top of the drawer near the damsel’s bed. She didn’t notice the framed picture on top of it.

She made Haruka lay on the bed. She gently assisted the fragile lady and then covered her with the blanket. She then made sure that the temperature inside the room is okay by adjusting the AC. She’s been running around, preparing everything. Just by that an hour already passed.

“Hoshi…” Paru called in a very frail voice. Maru stopped from keeping herself busy and then turned to the sick girl.

“What is it, Hime-sama?”

She made her way towards Paru and stood on the side of the bed. Paruru, with her usual salty face, pat the bed twice-- an invitation for Maru to sit. Maru sighed and just followed Salt. She sat on the side of the bed Paru told her to sit.

“What is it that you need more?” Maru asked.

Paru looked at her apologetically. Her face seems like she is saying sorry for suddenly leaving her alone last time. She was so worried of Yui that she didn’t notice Maru’s not following her anymore when she entered the clinic. She stretched her hand towards her.


Maru looked at the girl’s hand reaching out to her. She closed her eyes for a moment, thinking of what’s the right thing to do.

Three hours… I still got three hours.

She surrendered to her feelings and held Paruru’s hand. Paruru held her tight.

“Don’t leave me, okay? Stay with me, please?”

“Are you high because of the medicine already?” Maru smiled, returning a pressure to Paru’s hand.

“Who’s high?” Paruru chuckled, her eyelids slowly dropping. “How about you sing for me so I can sleep now?”

Maru laughed at the unreasonable request. “You want to hear some cat being  slaughtered by a bread knife?”

“Your voice is really nice, Hoshi. I can’t forget how much you moved me during the Karaoke tournament.”

“That was just some luck I got there.”

“Please, Hoshi, please?”

“Why are you acting like a kid—“

“Why did you agree on singing when Mayuyu-san asked you to? But here I am, already used two ‘please’ but still no use.”

Maru was a little shock. Are those… words of jealousy?

She heaved a sigh. “Okay, I’m going to sing… But it will be in English.”

“Mou~~ Why do you have to sing in English? And how come that you also know English? How many languages do you know really?”

Maru laughed. This talkative Haruka is really amusing. She keeps firing questions that she normally doesn’t do. Nevertheless, she still likes this side of Paru.

“You’re studying English, right? You can understand this.”

“Hopefully, Hoshi, hopefully.”

“Stop repeating your words.” Maru chuckled. She stared at Paru’s face for a moment. The girl already had her eyes closed but it’s obvious that she’s still awake. Maru found it amazing… The way she still finds Paru pretty even if she’s sick.

“Here I go…” She took one deep breath and she started singing. On her own pace, she sang. It’s a little embarrassing but just to grant the unreasonable request of her princess, she swallowed all the pride. She doesn’t have much time left.

Yes, I do, I believe

That one day I will be

Where I was right there

Right next to you


And it's hard

The days just seem so dark

The moon and the stars

Are nothing without you

How loved would you be if someone who has found the heavenly bodies as her most special thing say that those things are nothing without you? Maru raised Paru’s hand that she’s holding and held it near her face. She took a moment to continue singing, trying to savor the moment that she can hold her hand again.

Your touch, your skin

Where do I begin?

No words can explain

The way I'm missing you


Deny this emptiness

This hole that I'm inside

These tears

They tell their own story

[Don’t cry!] Those words of Paruru before they parted during the Thanksgiving Festival echoed in her mind. She remembers clearly how she just laughed when she heard those words from the girl. Cry because of what? Because of her loving Yui? Why would she feel sad to the point of crying? But now here she is, trying her hardest to keep everything inside.


Told me not to cry when you were gone

But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong


Can I lay by your side?

Next to you, you

And make sure you're alright

I'll take care of you

I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight

She stopped to relieve the dryness of her throat. Her insides are going crazy together with her heart. Biting her lower lip with a little pressure, she tried to calm herself. She closed her eyes and continued singing.


I'm reaching out to you

Can you hear my call?

This hurt that I've been through

I'm missing you, missing you like crazy

A tear escaped from her eye which made her stop completely. She immediately wiped it away with her free hand. She hasn’t cried for a long time now but look at her shedding a tear. She smiled. Bitterly. Mocking herself because she ended up looking like a complete fool for only one girl. Must be something she inherited from her mother.

But she knows that if this craziness persist, she would only make Paruru suffer with her. The girl’s dream are being fulfilled. She can’t afford to have her near knowing the future that lies ahead of her; knowing how dangerous her own existence can be.

Paruru is already fast asleep. That sure didn’t take long. She was so worried that lying to the soukantoku became useless. In the end she couldn’t stop worrying about Paru. She was just at home busy fixing her stuffs. There has been no photography class to listen to. After all, everything will be useless in the end.

“When did all of this even started?” Maru muttered, finally speaking after staring at the girl for quite a while. “What did you to break the wall that I set up? What is with you that I’m having hard times now just trying to get you out of my mind?”

Maru looked at their clasped hands. This may be the last time that she can hold her hand. She slowly let go of it. Every centimeter breaks her heart.

She went off the bed and sat down on the floor with her back inclined to the side of the bed. She just looked at the night sky through the window.

“It sure is cloudy.” Maru exhaled, disappointed. “Why can’t I see the stars?”

She stayed like that until the time she has left was about to finish. She stayed sitting like that, looking up for something she couldn’t see for almost three hours. Her body felt heavy as she slowly stood up, knowing that her time is over. It’s over.

She went to feel Paru’s temperature for the last time. It seems like the fever has gone down a bit. Her chest relaxed a little with that little good news. The damsel is doing fine now. She can go with peace of mind.

Maru, with all the strength that she got, dragged her feet towards the door. She took one last look at the sleeping girl and released a  vexed sigh.

She went out and the door closed…











The door flung open. Careful not to make any noise, she tiptoed, rushed to Paru who is fast asleep. Her fists balled, her face burning, her heart beating wildly.

There it goes. All her feelings. All the love. Everything she wanted to tell the other girl. All of it… she let it go… as her lips pressed on Paruru’s.

The first kiss that she herself initiated. The first kiss that she ever wanted. The only kiss she was dying to do.

Maru slowly departed. She can feel the heaviness of her heart at the same time the leap of joy it is making inside. Her eyes fixed on Paru’s sleeping face; the girl who received the kiss didn’t even twitch. She’s still fast asleep.

Maru straightened her back. Her cheeks burnt even more as her action started to sink in deeper. She combed her fringe into a pull as she foolishly smiles to herself. That smile slowly turned into anguish. She bit her lower lip so that the tears won’t fall. She bit it so hard that it bled.

“This won’t last. This-won’t-last.”

She ran outside the apartment. She made sure that the door was locked before she ran off the streets. The taste of iron lingers in her mouth as she continually bites her lips. The sight of blood somehow excites her but she can’t bring herself to inflict more pain. She tried to catch her breath and found a wall for support.

She looked up at the sky to find company from the stars but it is pitch black. Knowing the fact that this is supposed to be the time where they should shine the brightest, tears started to flood her eyes. She bit her sleeve to prevent herself from shouting as she slid down into her knees.

It was cold but it didn’t matter. Her life is one lifetime of icy winter. This has no end. Her future is controlled by her past. The thought of it ending after meeting AKB48 is just an illusion. She will never get out of it. Never.



“SENSEI, I hope you don’t mind but isn’t this a bit too much?”

The head of the whole 48G just took a snack from his snack plate and ate it as if no important question just came from the over-all theater manager. His eyes are focused on his computer monitor, reading all the news about Hoshino Maru.

“Sensei…” Shinobu called again, her voice stained with worry. “Maru-chan… Are you sure she can handle all of this?”

“There’s no need to worry.” Finally, Aki-P answered. The news he is reading transferred to the search for the missing heir of BaekHan Financial Services. “This is an agreement between Maru and me. Not all requests are being fulfilled without anything in return.”

“But what if something happens while—“

“Do you think that I’m making her do all of this for my own benefit, Kayano-san?”

Shinobu was taken aback when Aki-P turned to her with a serious face. “Everything will be fine. Trust me. Trust Maru as well. You saw with your own eyes how she pleaded for this.”


The door of the conference room flung open spitting out Togasaki. The guy was chasing for his breath and couldn’t even stand up straight.

“What happened, Togasaki-san?” Shinobu asked as she assisted the guy to stand upright.

“It’s…It’s Shunkan Bunshun!”

Aki-P’s ears rang right after that certain magazine name vibrated into the air.

“They got…” Togasaki took a deep breath. “They got our girls again!”



Yay~ I managed to finish it. Sorry if it’s late.

Maru sang Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. I honestly prefer the slower version. XD

I won’t mind if you give feedbacks tho. I need a little push, I think. lol. Thanks for reading~ :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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If Maru gets kidnapped by does Finacial people or something I will bring out my guns and call my fellow Starmarks and rescue her.

And maybe steal lodes of there emone.


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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Another trouble coming....  Shunkan bunshun....  :on voodoo:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-04) Next Generation (II)
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thank you author-san :cow:
and... wow... you make me speechless this time..  :sweatdrop:
can't wait for Sunday :twothumbs
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