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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 50884 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
« Reply #180 on: January 25, 2017, 03:04:46 PM »
Yui... come here, lemme hug you  :cry:

gosh, it sounds like Maru is a wanted criminal lol just kidding :lol:

as always, thanks for the update :D

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Jurina : sakura is mine !

me reading it like :

(yes ju..yes calm down)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Rena: I said I love trains. Actually I am already engaged with N7000 Shinkansen! *hands Jurina a wedding invitation*

Jurina: *reads the invitation* Rena and N7000 Shinkansen’s wedding?!!
^ Correction about this part it should be N700 not N7000. :3
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Hahaha talk about ships 😂😂 poor Haruppi and Yui.
Thanks for the update cut-san 😙
I LOLed on WMatsui drabble hahaha and I was like riding the train on thr way home from work right now as I red this

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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Such a brilliant way to drop the tension  :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-25) Reunion
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#Trainzoned. Poor Juriboy.

Wait?! HANDSHAKE EVENT???? Is Maru going to participate? Oh can't wait for tomorrow's update Cut-san!
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 01-30) Cabasuka Gakuen + HS Event
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


Long chapter ahead~


AE-RI went back to Korea the next day. She didn’t say anything to her parents and just left without permission so Maru forced her to go back as soon as possible. She can’t afford having Hiroko and Choon-soo worry even more. Maru promised her that she will be back when the year changes. She can’t move that scheduled date anyway. She really has to go back no matter what.

October passed in a blink of an eye. Maru’s popularity really rose up as she has been into a lot of solo activities. Everything she does seem to be likable to the general public. She has made all the variety shows she has been even livelier with her bitter reactions to everything but idols. She’s always lively and talkative when the topic changes to idols. The enthusiasm will never falter especially when she talks about how AKB48 inspired her to dream.

The way she bumps and trips on things somehow became one of her charm points. There are a lot of times when the camera captured how clumsy she can be. Bumping on glass windows and doors, tripping on wires and other things, and reading kanji wrongly gave her the human feel upon her.

On the other hand, she isn’t exempted to antis. She has acquired quite a lot of it. All the attention that the management has been giving to her made a lot of fans mad. It is quite understandable. She isn’t an official part of AKB in the first place. She belongs to no team. She has never performed in the theater but she has stood out as a center and even participated in Janken Taikai. There’s still no official statement from the management. Some people are getting tired of the silence of AKS in regards to this issue.

Hoshino Maru has taken the country by storm. That’s one thing for sure.

AKB48’s drama, Cabasuka Gakuen, is featuring a lot of Majisuka graduates, Nogizaka members and even comedians as the club’s guests. Everyone is expecting that Maru is also going to have a cameo appearance on it. She wore a Majisuka Gakuen seifuku on the Janken Tournament so the fans are speculating for her to have her drama debut through Cabasuka Gakuen.


The comedians on the scene together with Paruru can’t concentrate on their acting because of the certain glasses girl standing on a corner, looking at them as if she will devour them anytime they lay a hand on Paruru. The nervousness on their faces is real and not just acting. Those eyes are clearly saying that the owner is ready to kill.


That signal from the director instantly changed the expression on Maru’s face. Paruru immediately turned to her direction and Maru is fast enough to pretend that she’s busy with her camera than watching the shoot itself.

Paruru, aka Plankton, ran to her with a cute smile pasted on her face. “Hoshi, how was it?”

Maru only took a glimpse of her. It was too fast. She doesn’t want to let anyone to have weird speculations about them anymore. The last sin she has committed against the Soukantoku is already enough.

“How about get changed to Salt fast? It doesn’t fit you.”


Maru looked at the girl on the edge of her eyes. She doesn’t seem to have any bad reaction to her honest comment about how she looks. Paruru is just looking at the black dress she is wearing.

“Hmm…” Paru thought aloud. “This also really not my style so I will quickly get changed. My scenes as Plankton are all taken already so I guess there’s no need to stay on this outfit and make up.”

Maru just nodded at her and the girl dashed out but then stopped midway as if she has forgotten something. She ran back to Maru and held her by the sleeves.

“Let’s go home together, okay?”

Maru instantly blushed. That cute face surely got her yet again. “I’m sorry, Shimazaki-san. I hope you remember that I live in a different neighborhood now.”

“I know. I remember.” Paruru cutely answered. “It won’t be bad to drop by at your home just like the old days, would it?”

The taller girl rolled her eyes. “At times like this, you should just go and have a date with GM—“

“Just go home with her, baka.”

Maru’s eyes widened in pure shock when the lady in red, sparkly dress passed by and dropped those words. Otabe passed by just like that. She didn’t even look at them. Paruru just laughed at what Yui did.

“D-Did GM just called me, baka?”

Paruru snickered at the shock painted on Maru’s face. “So, it’s settled then. Wait for me, okay?”

Plankton ran to the direction where Maguro went since the dressing room is on that way. The two chatted on their way while Maru just followed them by sight.

It still stings. How long will this feeling endure?

“Hey, Aniki!” Jurina suddenly appeared beside her and arched her arm to her like the usual. “Did you take a lot of pictures?”

“I did.” Maru sighed. “But I just don’t like the way you are all dressed. It makes me nauseous.”

Jurina snickered at that comment. “Why? Is there something wrong?” Jurina turned around to flash her awfully sparkly outfit. “Isn’t it sexy?”

“It’s too much, Koinu. I prefer fighting than to see you girls flirting with guys. It doesn’t really make sense to me.”

Maru leaned on the wall while browsing the photos she has taken. Jurina just watched her do her thing with a faint smile on her face.

“Does it really have to be like this just to make noise?”

Jurina crossed her arms and sighed with that question from Maru. She knows where she is getting it from. She sure has seen how awkward it is for the girls to wear those kind of outfits, how it is really nerve-wracking to have physical contact with the ‘customers’ when they really don’t have much experience dealing with guys.

“You don’t have to worry, Aniki.” Jurina assured her. “Everyone is doing their best here. That’s the only thing that you should see here.”

“Mhm…” Maru didn’t answer anymore but just submerged herself to the photos she has taken. Jurina took a peek and saw that she’s looking at Paruru’s picture as Salt. It was a very good picture that she has taken.

“Phew!” Jurina whistled. “Are you going to print a poster of that picture and post in your bedroom wall?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Maru immediately turned off her camera. “My oshimen is Haruppi-san, you know!?”

Jurina pushed her face near Maru’s which made the other girl taken aback.

“But your true love is PA.RU.RU.CHAN.”

Maru blushed even more. Her ears burnt. She shove Jurina’s face away single-handedly.

“Are you still pushing that thing to me?”

“Are you still denying it?” Jurina also leaned on the wall and released a sigh. “Still worried about Yui-sou-chan? How about I tell you that there is really nothing to be worried now?”

“What are you talking about?”

Jurina smirked at her. “YuiParu… They already broke up…

Maru felt the time stopped. Her jaw dropped and her heart almost stopped beating.

“Are you serious?”


“DID I make you wait?”

Maru shook her head in response to the question Paruru asked her. Since Maru couldn’t stand looking at the girls’ cabaret outfits, she went out of the building even though it is a little cold outside. She just waited for Paruru to finish according to the promise.

She just monitored the ticket sales of the sudden handshake event that was organized for her by Akimoto Yasushi himself. She doesn’t even know why but she was just called in the office to be informed that she will be having this event. She doesn’t like to do it. Who is she that people will line up just to shake her hand? But since she has a deal with Aki-P, she can never say no to whatever work comes her way.

“No… Not really…” Maru looked around. “So which car are we going to use? Your manager’s car or my manager’s?”

“Hmm… How about we take public transport today?”

“Ehhh…” Maru felt a sweat broke out of her scalp. “Don’t tell me you are planning to sleep in my house?”

“Why not?” Paruru looked down at her. “Milky-san slept at your house for three consecutive days, right?”

Maru slapped her forehead. Really, Puffer fish?

“I got changed of clothes, you know?” Paruru raised the paper bag that she’s holding.

The smile on Paruru’s face always gets Maru. She couldn’t even say no to her anymore.

“You are not prepared, aren’t you?”

“I’m not.” Then that smile again. It really takes Maru’s breath away. “Shall we go?”

“Okay. How about we stop somewhere for dinner?”


Maru smiled for the first time after a long while. “The usual place.”



The ramen ojii-san almost swallowed his tongue right after seeing the customers that arrived. Maru just raised her hand to greet him.

“We are back.” She said with a sincere smile on her face.


The owner immediately guided them to the table where they last dine in. It’s already late so there aren’t any customers. They are about to close before Maru and Paruru arrived.

“What’s your order, Maru-sama, Paruru-san?”

“I said that just Maru is fine.” Maru corrected him. “We’ll be having the same ramen as last time.”

“Roger that!”

The owner immediately went to prepare food for them. Maru looked around and saw their signs are really posted on the wall of the restaurant. She felt an amazing emotion at the sight of it.

“Don’t you think Ramen at night will be bad?” Paruru asked.

“You’re not doing gravures anyway so why worry?” Maru innocently asked back. “You have to eat a lot you know. You obviously lost a lot of weight.”

“Look who’s talking.” Paruru is pertaining to the evident thinning of Maru’s cheeks.

“That’s why I am eating ramen now, right?”

“You should also watch over yourself.” Paruru sighed. She just looked at Maru’s face for a moment before she opened up a new topic.

“Your first handshake event is tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“U-Un…” Maru affirmed.

“Are you nervous?”

“Of course I am. I’m not really good at interacting with people. I know you are well aware of that.”

Paruru smiled at her like she is planning something bad. “How about I teach you how to deal with fans?”

Maru froze but then she snorted as she tried so hard not to laugh. “Salt-san is going to teach me how to deal with fans? Do you want me to throw salt to them as well?”

Paruru’s mouth formed a perfect O after Maru dissed her. She then puffed her cheeks. “What is that for, really?”

“Shio Ramen has arrived!” the energy of the ramen ojii-san is off the roof. “Please enjoy your meal~! I added more meat on it!”

Maru’s eyes sparkled in joy. “Thank you, Ramen-san!”

The guy smiled a satisfactory smile. “I am going with my daughter tomorrow at your handshake event.”

“E-Eh? Really?”

“She has been waiting for it to happen for a very long time. She immediately avail tickets after the news about it broke out. Don’t forget us tomorrow, okay?”

Maru started to be ecstatic. She began talking to the owner with a higher pitch as evidence of her excitement. Paruru just watched her act like a young kid, a little surprised that she also has this side of her. Maru noticed Paruru’s stare and she suddenly froze. She cleared her throat and sat upright.

“I-I’ll be waiting for you guys there. That might be my first and last handshake event so I am off to do my best!”

The owner laughed with a strong feeling of being proud of Maru. “Go and kick everyone’s ass! Saa, enjoy your dinner and go home fast so you can prepare for tomorrow. Don’t bump into a glass door and avoid injuries, got it?”

Maru smiled at him and he went back to his place. The glasses girl turned to her ramen and put her hands together. “Itadakimasu!”

The two ate together in silence. Somehow Paruru is a bit traumatized with the place because the last time they went there their date got interrupted of emergencies which made the gap between them even wider. She’s thankful that somehow after their reunion in Maru’s new home everything went back to normal. But she knows… There is still a gap… That one seat during the Thanksgiving Festival is still between them.

They went out of the ramen house with their stomachs satisfied. The memory of them holding hands after going out the shop returned to Maru’s mind.

“Hoshi…?” Paruru called. “Are you okay?”

Maru jerked from where she is. She immediately put her hands on her pockets. “N-Nothing. Let’s go.”

Is she by any chance thinking of the same thing? Paruru asked herself as she has also been thinking of holding each other’s hands. Hiding her hands… That just means she’s not up to it, right?

Paruru followed her and tried to keep up with her pace. She’s silent. She has been always silent like this whenever she’s with her. She noticed that she acts normal with the other members but she would always tend to be silent when she’s with her. It’s still a bit awkward between them.


Paruru jerked at that sudden call. She opened her eyes only to see that she’s leaning on Maru’s shoulder. She immediately sat upright; the lights somehow blinded her eyes for a moment.

“We are going off to the next stop.”


The announcement about the next station echoed throughout the whole train. Who would’ve thought that the moments will past by just like that? They haven’t even talked 20% of how they used to talk before.

“Let’s go…” Maru stood up. The train is already slowing down. It is the last train for that day so worrying about fans is not a problem. Paparazzi can be considered a problem, but they are both girls… That will never create any scandal. Shippers may like it even more if they had stolen pictures published.

Paruru saw Maru reached for the iron bar but her hand fell short. She only grabbed the wind which made her lost his balance when the train stopped. Luckily, Paruru was there to pull her before she really fall. Paruru ended up hugging Maru’s arm.

“A-A-Are you okay, Hoshi?” Paru worriedly asked. Hoshi turned to her with a surprised look on her face. The door of the train opened and Paruru guided Maru out of the cart.

Maru looked back at the train, still stupefied of what happened. She removed her glasses and wiped it with her clothes. “M-My glasses are just dirty…”

“Are you sure?”

A wide smile got painted on Maru’s face. She patted Paruru’s head. “I am. Maybe I’m just sleepy like you. Let’s get home fast.” She freed herself from Paruru’s tight grasp and started walking towards the stairs. She bit her lower lip. She’s sure she has forgotten to take this night’s dosage that’s why she’s acting this way again.

The next thing Paruru remembers is they are already in the elevator of the condominium where Maru’s penthouse is. They are standing in opposite corners of the lift, still unable to thaw the invisible ice between them.


There it goes again… Paruru’s favorite melody.


“How does it feel to be graduating from the group?”

Paruru looked at the glasses girl. She’s just focused with the floor indicator.

“What’s with that sudden question?”

“Today’s Cabasuka shoot… This is your last drama shoot for AKB, isn’t it? I wonder how you feel…”

Paruru also turned to the floor indicator. “I… I’m really grateful for all the chance AKB gave me. If it isn’t because of AKB, I will not have the chance to participate in dramas. I would not discover that I really enjoy acting this much. I would never dream of becoming a proper actress.”

Her stare transferred to the floor as she recalls all the bitter-sweet memories. “At first I really couldn’t act but AKB still trusted me by making me the lead actress. I know I failed horribly… but that became my stepping stone to improve myself. I started to be casted on works outside AKB, I even starred a film… It’s crazy how a ponkotsu like me got to do these things.”

“You actually claimed you are a ponkotsu.” Maru smiled.

Paruru gave out a cute chuckle and then sighed. “That was my last, isn’t it?”


Another adorable smile was drawn on Paruru’s face. “Saigo no isshun mo happy end…”

The elevator’s door opened. Maru went inside and Paruru just followed her. The whole area is very clean and the lights are already on when they came in. It’s such a huge space but the lack of furniture makes it look a lot wider.

Maru immediately opened one of the two guest rooms and lead Paruru inside.

“Here?” Haruka asked as her eyes traveled across the room.

“Why?” Maru asked back. “Do you want to sleep with me?”

Paruru’s face turned bright red. “N-N-No! I-I-It’s not like th—“

“Well then, good night…” Maru went out of the room yawning. Paruru rushed to her before she even closed the door. “What is it?” Her eyelids look really heavy already.

“A-A-Are we going to sleep already?”

Maru let go of the door knob and faced the troubled salty girl.

“It’s already 1AM in the morning and I have to wake up early. You also have to rest, you know?”

“But I still want to talk with you—“

“You already fell asleep at the subway. You are tired so take a rest. And talk? You barely even said anything on the way here and you want to talk? What’s with you, really?”

“I-I-I…” She looked down to avoid that piercing stare. Gathering all the courage she can get, she said what she really feels. “I… The truth is… The truth is I really missed you. That’s why—“

Paruru gasped when Maru suddenly pulled her for an embrace. Her heart almost died the moment she felt Maru’s face buried on her shoulders. It is indeed a tight embrace but she doesn’t want to be let go.

“Stop saying those things, Haruka… You don’t know what you are saying…”

She gasped even more when she felt Maru’s breath on her neck. “I missed you too… You don’t know how much I missed you… And this scent…”

Paruru’s heart pumped even wilder. How she wishes there’s a switch that would make her heart stop beating crazily because she believes Maru can feel how it is racing right now. She doesn’t even know if she’s going to return the embrace or what. She isn’t prepared for this.

The feeling of regret suddenly filled her when Maru slowly let go of her. She can clearly see how the girl in front of her is flustered. She felt Maru’s palm on her head which forced her to look down.

“Sleep now… Good night, Haruka…”

That’s all and Maru closed the door. Paruru was left startled, looking blankly at the door. She slowly turned to the bed and ran towards it as the earlier embrace flashed back in her mind. She buried her face in the pillow before letting out a shout.

She hugged her pillow tightly and sighed. “How can I even sleep with this?” She sighed as if she’s in cloud nine.

On the other hand, Maru is just standing outside the room. She combed her bangs up with her fingers and bit her lower lip. Her fists balled. “I spilled it yet again… This feeling has to go away.”



Shinobu asked Maru who is busy cleaning her glasses. She’s still in her usual attire, grey hoodie, but Shinobu added some designs on it to increase femininity a little bit. She’s also forced to wear a skirt which perfectly suits her. Her hair also got fixed by adding hair clips on the left side of her hair. Her cuteness turned out even more with the way her hair is styled.

“I’m ready.” She smiled warmly at the manager. She held her chest and took a deep breath. “J-Just… a little nervous… I guess…”

She stood up from her seat and took a stretch. Shinobu guided her out of the tent and then her eyes marveled in the scene that welcomed her out. The shouts and cheers of the people echoed in the whole area. She can hear her name being called… Again and again… Continuously.

Cameras are also flashing endlessly. She doesn’t remember that AKS manufactured merchandise of her own but she can see a lot among this sea of people. Did they make them on their own? There was even a huge tarpaulin made for her by a group of fans, congratulating her for her first ever handshake event.

Her chest tightened and she her eyes began to be teary. It’s an amazing scenery. There are people of all ages that she can see. Shinobu smiled at her. Even the manager is getting emotional to what is happening. She escorted Maru to a little stage where she will go and greet all these people who have come to her event.


The cheer went even louder when she’s already on the stage holding a mic. She looked at Shinobu in her back to get some support. The manager just nodded at her as if she is telling her to go on and say anything she wants.

“E-Eto…” She instantly covered her mouth when she felt like choking. She looked up to bring the tears back to her eyes and somehow dry them up.


The voice of the ramen house owner was so loud it made Maru moved even more. She felt like he shouted with all the strength he has.

Maru gulped and tried to continue her speech. The crowd went silent to listen to her.

“G-Good day, everyone…” She smiled. She finally found her voice. “T-Thank you for coming here even though you all know how bitter I can be and how I suck in dealing with other people. But… Look at all of you gathered here just to shake my hand…”

The crowd cheered again as she flashed an ultra-rare smile.

“I will give my best today as well! Thank you so much for coming here even though you have stores to man to and works to do. Thank you so much for lending me your time and making me see this wonderful scenery. This may be my first and last handshake event so let’s enjoy this event together. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

She gave a 90 degree bow to the crowd.

“It’s only the beginning, Maru-sama!!!”

“Let’s enjoy this together!”

“We will support you forever!!!”

Maru went down the stage and immediately went to her tent. Her makeup was fixed a little because of the verging tears earlier. Her line opened. It is sure a very long line. It really seems like a lot of people have been waiting for this event to come true just like the ramen ojii-san said.

Pictures of the handshake event were leaked in the internet. All of Maru’s friends felt so proud and happy for her for having this so many people at her very first event.

The handshake event went on smoothly. She managed to give a good response to everyone and received all their compliments very well. The kids who went to see her all left the booth with huge smiles on their faces. The foreigners who came were awed that Maru understood them and even gave a response at them. The antis during Haruppi’s event also came to see her and fangirled so much during their turn. She has also finally met the daughter of the owner of the ramen house who almost cried right after touching her hand.

It was a very happy event for her. She is making people smile like this. She can never explain how satisfied she is. It feels like she can go back to Korea without any regret now but she still has one more mission left.

The time for the people who combined their tickets together came. There are people who even went for three minutes just to tell her how much she has inspired them. The last person on the line was an old lady who was said to have bought five minutes worth of tickets.

Maru welcomed her at her booth with her hands ready to reach for her but the lady didn’t reach for her. She even can’t look at her face. Maru became worried. She leaned on the table in between them and looked up to the old-lady.

“What’s wrong, Madam?” She asked. “You sure feel tired waiting for your turn, right? Thank you for coming to meet me today.”

The lady started to sob. The fact that her granddaughter doesn’t remember her struck her. She covered her face as she cries. Maru panicked a little. She reached for the old-lady’s small body and placed her hand on her shoulders.

“Don’t cry, Madam…” Maru hushed still with a smile on her face.

“I… I’m just really happy to see you and meet you her today. I’ve been waiting for this day to meet you…” Finally, her grandmother managed to say something. Maru listened eagerly to her.

“There’s so many things that I want to tell you…” She reached for Maru’s hands on her shoulders and pulled them down to hold them. “Many, many things… I even practiced on the line but right after seeing you my mind went blank in an instant.

I’m really, really glad. The sight of you having fun and being supported by many people… I really love to see it over and over. I will support you as long as you are here. Please continue to smile brightly like this!”

Maru nodded her head to each sentence. The old lady is trying to look at her from time to time.

“Please take care of yourself. Don’t overwork and abuse your body. Eat on time and take your vitamins. Wear a lot more of girly clothes because it really fits you.”

Maru chuckled at the last advice. “Is Madam not a fan of my danso?”

“I may say that you look really cool but you are cuter as a girl.”

“Haha… Thank you very much…”

“Take care of yourself, okay? I will do everything to protect you even in the shadows. I will make sure that no one will hurt you.”

Maru tightened her hold to the lady’s hands. “Thank you so much, Madam. I appreciate all the love.”

The lady burst into more tears. Maru went out of her place and gave her a hug. The usher wasn’t able to do anything at that sudden move. Maru hugged her until she calmed down and the usher said that the time is already up.

The grandmother is being escorted out when…

“할머니… (Grandmother)”

The old lady immediately turned to Maru with a surprised face. Maru is still smiling on her.

“오셔서 감사합니다…… 건강하고 행복하게 살아 주시기 바랍니다……”
(Thank you for coming… Please live healthily and happily…)

The lady teared up once again but this time she managed to hold it.

“고마워 혜준이…”
(Thank you, Hye-joon…)

“아니에요. (No.)” Maru shook her head. “이젠 저는 AKB의… 마루입니다…”
(Right now I am AKB’s… Maru…)


Trivia: Maru’s original name BAEK HYE-JOON (백혜준) in Chinese characters 혜(Hye) = 慧 means ‘intelligent’ while 준(Joon) = 君 means ‘king’ or ‘ruler’. Joon is being passed down throughout generations of their clan beginning from Goryeo era that’s why it has become a heavy tradition to break. Since Maru became a girl and she cannot have a kid anymore because of the pill that her father made her drink when she is young, this long tradition which killed a lot of infant girls was put into an end.



Paruru suddenly felt her ears somehow stopped functioning at that very moment. Maru straightened her back after that 90 degree bow she did in front of Paruru. The two are in a park spending their free time together.

Just a few moments ago she was smiling happily while saying the words that she has been rehearsing for a long time. The words that will clearly convey what she really feels towards Hoshi. But now that smile disappeared from her face. All that is left is a surprised, confused expression.

Maru looked at her straight to the eyes. It was the first time after a long time that she looked at her seriously.

“I’m really sorry.” Maru started. There’s no trace that she is really sorry in her voice. “I don’t… play with relationships like you do…”


Next: N_g_s_-san


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Why everytime maruparu moments come always start in a little happiness and end sadly :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Bumping on glass windows and doors

Don’t bump into a glass door and avoid injuries, got it?

Is Maru a bird?  :lol: i don't know after reading it just came to my mind. after all, birds can't see glass


Next: N_g_s_-san

^what's that?

ANYWAYS, awesome update as always bud thank you  :bow:

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Maru has Anti's?

*Grabs AK47 and Flamethrower*

Purge the Heretic!
You can't be popular without having at least one of it... XD

Why everytime maruparu moments come always start in a little happiness and end sadly :cry: :cry: :cry:
I also wonder why...  :banghead: :tantrum:

Bumping on glass windows and doors

Don’t bump into a glass door and avoid injuries, got it?

Is Maru a bird?  :lol: i don't know after reading it just came to my mind. after all, birds can't see glass


Next: N_g_s_-san

^what's that?

ANYWAYS, awesome update as always bud thank you  :bow:
Maru isn't... but I am... XD
The answer will be on the next update... XD But it is not Nagisa.  :lol:

I'm back! XD  I'm still working on the next chapter. It should've been finished yesterday if it wasn't too cold.. XD
Let's just say I'm just enjoying writing the remaining chapters.. Sorry for the slow progress.. If I finished the chapter today I will post it, if not then it will be up on Sunday... Thank you for reading up to here.. Please bear with me more...  :)

I love girls in short cut...

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Hi Cut san,
Thanks a lot for your continious and always exciting updates, i have been reading your fanfic for quite some time already but this is my first time commenting.
I just wanted to tell you that this is my first time reading a fanfic in wich i really came to care a lot for a fiction character (Maru) ,i really think of her as another member of AKB, i wanted to congratulate and also say thanks to you for achieving such thing, only with book writers i have felt something like this for a character before, you are a great writer cut  :)  .

I read that you love short haired girls, and since i will probably suffer more than i wish once this fanfic is finished, could you please consider making a fanfic about two of the cutest short haired girls in the fandom?, about Sakura and Haruppi Sakurupi  :twothumbs  .
I know that your stories always involve several characters but, pls make those two the main ones, i dont know if you are familiar with a tumblr called miroku-48  , please take a look at that tumblr to know why i would like a fanfic about those 2, i'm sure everyone would enjoy it, you too Cut  ;) .

Sorry for the long congratulation and petition, i'll patiently wait for your great updates.

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
« Reply #192 on: February 05, 2017, 01:35:27 PM »
@Bahamuri-san, thank you so much for the long comment! I'm glad that you like the fic. Thank you so much for reading this. :) I'm also glad that you came to like the original character. :)
About your request, let's see what I can do about it... I know the tumblr blogger you are talking about and she is the main influence why Haruppi became Maru's oshimen. That's a trivia. XD But let me see what I can do with it. I really love girls with short hair and that is an interesting request you got there... I won't promise but if an idea come into mind, I would do it. Thanks again! :)

And now! Prepare yourselves for this chapter as I go back and hide to my cave again... XD

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

JURINA is slowly shaking her head while wiping her face with both of her hands. Yukirin is also slouching like she has lost one huge bet and will be broke the next day. Paruru is sulking pretty badly. It seems she is in full salt mode. She can’t even force a smile.

“You are kidding, right?” Jurina asked Paruru while massaging her temple. She still cannot comprehend everything. “Aniki will never reject you! She likes you too!”

Paruru shook her head. Her face looks like she will break down anytime. She doesn’t know what kind of answer she will give. “H-Hoshi thinks that I am only playing with relationships. I promised her that I will make my relationship with Yuihan last to prove her that love lasts but then it was just a deal…”

“How do you expect me to believe what you are saying when you were just in a relationship with a longtime friend just a month ago? You are together through thick and thin and you are telling me that the relationship thing is nothing serious? You must be kidding me.”

Those words of Maru echoed at the back of her mind. She unconsciously cupped her face due to frustration. If she only explained it beforehand and didn’t make Maru believe that is a real relationship then it will not be this messed up.

“If you are bored and looking for someone to play the love thing then I am not the right person for the role. I’m sorry.”

What made it worse is she slapped her due to frustration. It is the second time that she slapped her and remembering the first incident made her worry that Maru would hurt herself again but later that day she saw her on a live TV show.

She ran away after that rejected confession. She didn’t look back. Maru didn’t even chase for her. It’s a total failure.

Yukirin, who is one of the biggest MaruParu shippers inside 48G, can’t just let the ship sink like this. She can understand what Paru is undergoing right now. This girl said in an interview before that she wants someone to confess to her and she will never confess but she broke her own words yet suffered an awful rejection.

She also believes that Maru feels the same way. It is just her belief that keeps her from going all out. The way Maru looks at Paru and the way she secretly assists her in the shadows are just proofs that she is in love with the girl.

“I have a plan!” The Reaction Queen stood up from her seat, her right hand balled into a fist.

“What is it, Yukirin-san?” Paruru weakly asked. “I want to give up now—“

“Don’t give up, young lady!” Yukirin shook her by the shoulders. “There’s still another way to confirm her feelings! Right, Jurina-chan?”

Jurina looked at her senpai with curiosity but her face slowly brightened as she remembered something that Maru said herself.

“..I prefer fighting than to see you girls flirting with guys…”

The puppy’s eyes glittered in the idea while Paruru remained clueless of what they are talking about. Yukirin flashed her trademark Black smirk.

“This one will be very effective, Paruru-chan. Trust me!”


“WHAT will happen to you if you ever get a boyfriend?”

That was Koji Imada’s question to Paruru. The episode of Another Sky dedicated to Shimazaki Haruka is about to be finished when the MC raised that question.

“I wonder what will happen…” Paruru answered. Her face is a filled with anxiety.

“It’s possible right after you graduate!” Koji added.

“Hmm…” Paruru thought aloud. “I want to get into a relationship.

“Of course!” the MC agreed. “Is there a type of person that you are looking for?”

“Someone handsome.” Paruru answered with all honesty which made everyone on the studio laugh.

“Ahh… But if you tell me someone handsome, really, in this world, I don’t understand which people are considered handsome.”

“But there are people I considered handsome!” She excitedly answered.

“Who do you think is handsome?”

“Ehhh…” Paruru thought for a while. “Nagase-san from Tokio.”

Maru turned off the television and grumpily laid on the crouch. Milky, who was with her watching, just laughed at her reaction.

“Jealous, aren’t you?” Milky teasingly asked.

“Shut up, puffer fish!” Maru rolled her eyes and reached for her phone on the table. “I didn’t know that she is like this. She just came from a break up then confessed to me and now what? She just declared to the whole world that she likes this guy called Nagase! How should I comprehend her in the first place?”

Milky chuckled at her tantrums. “You should’ve just accepted her confession. Do you think it was easy for Paruru-chan to tell you those things?”

She only heard a sigh from Maru. She’s sure that she thinks the same way too.

“She will not tell you she loves you if she doesn’t mean it—“

Milky was surprised when Maru suddenly sat up. “She’s just looking for someone to play with!”

“What’s wrong with your brain, Waru-kun? Your denial game is so strong!”

Maru suddenly pinched her cheeks. “How about you go back to Osaka now? Why are you guys doing a shifting in my house? On Monday it was Sakura, yesterday was Haruppi-san and now you? What is wrong with you all?”

Milky also pinched Maru’s cheeks in revenge. “The real question here is, ‘what is wrong with you?’”

Maru gritted her teeth like an angry labrador retriever and returned Milky’s stare. Milky doesn’t seem to be fazed with her tsundere character. She slowly moves her face towards Maru as if she is going to kiss her. This move made the mad dog surrender.

They let go of each other’s cheeks, their eyes teary.

“What are you going to do with this, Waru-kun?” Milky asked while massaging her cheeks.

“Do with what?”

“Obviously about Paruru-chan crushing on a guy!”

“It’s normal! She’s a girl! I don’t have any business with it!”

“Even though they will be having a guesting tomorrow at a music program with TOKIO?”

Maru stiffened at the information from the Fisher. Milky leaned to the sofa with her arms crossed.

“Paruru-chan and Nagase-san will meet there for sure. Are you sure you are not going to do anything?”

Maru looked at Milky sharply. She stood up and picked a pillow from the sofa which she immediately threw straight to Milky’s face. “Nosy puffer fish!”

“Hey!” Milky shouted at her. She jolted to her bedroom and shut the door angrily. Milky just hugged the pillow that was thrown at her and grinned.

“No business but she immediately googled who Nagase-san is…” She chuckled and turned on the TV again. “Waru-kun… Such a big tsundere.”


SAYANEE’S EYES clearly says that something is not right in the studio. She’s looking at the glasses girl as if she can’t believe that she’s there. Maru is just looking back at her with a poker face.

“What’s the problem, Shakure King?” Maru asked monotonously.

“You are the problem. What are you doing here? I didn’t see your name in the schedule!”

Maru raised her camera. “Photographer.”

Sayanee hit her in the stomach which made her bend. “Aho ka? Do you think you can fool me? You are just here to guard Paruru from Nagase-san, don’t you?”

“Here’s another one with a weird mind…” Maru sighed. “I came here just to take pictures.”

“Don’t try to fool your father!” Sayanee shouted. “Jealousy is what brought you here!”

Maru facepalmed and ignored Sayanee. She just went to the group of cameramen preparing for the show and inquired the things she is curious about.

Jurina and Yukirin, who are observing from a far, looked at each other with a smile. Everything is going according to their plan. The prediction that Maru will come to this shoot really came true. They raised thumbs up to Paruru. This made the salty girl more nervous.

Not long after, the five-member band called TOKIO arrived at the set. Maru immediately spotted the guy called Nagase Tomoya who is the lead vocalist and also a guitarist of the group. She rolled her eyes and flicked her tongue.

“Tch… Ojii-san…” she murmured to herself then took a look at the guy again. Suddenly, Nagase also looked at her direction and their eyes met. The guy smiled at her.

Crap! He’s definitely looking at me!

“Hoshino Maru-san!” Nagase rushed to her. She wanted to run away but she froze on the spot. “I didn’t know I will meet you here! I’m a fan of your ‘bad boy stare’!”

“B-B-Bad boy stare?”

Everyone on the studio is having their attentions focused on the two. Maru looked around her and saw that Paruru is also looking at them. She gulped.

“Yes! Yes! Your ‘bad boy stare’! That’s really cool, you know?” Nagase said with beaming enthusiasm. “I’m called a bad boy but your stare gives off a much more bad boy feel.”

“U-Uh… Arigatou gozaimasu…” Maru stuttered.

“Are you going to be a part of the show?” The guy asked.

“N-No… I’m doing my original job today.”

“Sou?” Nagase sighed, his hands on his waist. “Anyway, it’s nice meeting you! I’m a fan!”

Nagase winked at her before going to his seat. Maru felt her skin crawled up to her head. She suddenly felt cold and shivered. “What the hell was that?”

Maru shook off the awkward feeling and prepared herself for the start of the shoot.

“Is this going to backfire on us?” Jurina whispered to Yukirin.

“Don’t worry… Let’s just watch first…” The 3rd Generation senpai answered, as if wanting to grab some popcorn. “This is a very effective strategy! Trust me…”

(A/N: I forgot which program this was and I don’t really have an idea of what they did on the program. I just saw one part of it so here goes all the fiction…)

The program started and they were asked about a lot of things. It’s just a usual talk show if you would look at it. Maru is just focused on doing her job but everytime her camera would focus on Paruru, she would see her taking a glimpse of the guy in the left end of the bench. This brought an uncountable amount of knots on her forehead.

“We heard that Shimazaki-san said in an interview that there is this one guy that she finds cool.” The MC stated which made the members nod. They all know what the MC is talking about aside from the other guests.

Yukirin looked at Jurina as if signaling that the real show is about to start.

“Yes! Yes!” Sasshi confirmed. “And that guy is here right now with us!”

Paruru covered her blushing face with her hands and leaned to Sasshi. The queen of the 48G also looks like she is fangirling.

“By any chance, is that guy a part of our group?” Joshima Shigeru, the leader of TOKIO, excitedly asked. The members of the band somehow showed a bit of excitement in their faces.

“Tch… Don’t get excited, ojii-sans!” Maru gritted her teeth, her face covered by her camera.

“Yes!” Sasshi confirmed once again. She then turned to the bashful Paruru and cheered her like a mother pushing her daughter to confess. “Saa, come on and say it.”

The salty queen just smiled shyly. She bit her lips and extended her arm to the way of the guy she finds cool. “Nagase-san…” She answered in a cute, small voice.

Nagase was surprised to hear his name but it looks like the other members of the band have already expected that he is the guy Paruru is talking about. The ‘chosen’ guy straightened his back and turned to Paruru’s way.

“Arigatou!” He answered in a very cool way, even combing his long hair away from his face. Paruru giggled in excitement and leaned to Sasshi again. When the talk about her crush ended, she secretly took a look of Maru only to see that the girl doesn’t have any kind of reaction to her face. She’s just staring at her camera as if nothing is going on that really interests her. She even saw her yawned and rubbed her eyes. What made her more troubled is that their eyes met and Maru just smirked at her.

‘Found a new playmate, huh?’ is what that sly smile is inferring.

Their attentions were caught by the staff members preparing newspapers on the floor. They are told that they are going to play a game which is called newspaper dance. They will dance when the music is being played and they will step inside the newspaper when it stops. The newspaper will be folded in half at every round so the rate of skinship will rise up as the game progresses. They will be playing in pairs and there will be five pairs.

Mayu and Yukirin being the first pair and Jurina and Sakura being the second pair to represent AKB while on TOKIO’s team will be represented by Bassist-Guitarist pair, Joshima and Yamaguchi, and Drummer-Keyboardist pair, Kokubun and Matsuoka.

The only TOKIO member left without a pair is Nagase and the Director pretended that he was thinking of what to do with the scenario when he actually planned everything with a certain reaction queen and a pun princess.

A cue card was raised: [Pair the centers…]

The members’ eyes widened when they read the card. The current single’s center is Paruru while Nagase is technically the center of the band since he is the main vocalist. The two looked at each other awkwardly, having no choice but to obey the director’s instruction. The prize of the game is also really nice so there’s really no point of declining the chance to join.

The Nagase-Shimazaki pair was placed in the center and then the game started. There still isn’t any trace of emotion on Maru’s face but she already stopped taking pictures. She is now more focused on watching. A certain camera is focused on her to get whatever reaction she would make.

The girls are all giggling whenever the music stops. The pair that is on the spotlight managed to get through the first rounds even without any skinship but the newspaper has already been folded into a size that they can never prevent their skins to touch.

Nagase is sweating too much. He knows he will be ridiculed in the internet if he does something that is unacceptable in the eyes of the fans of Paruru. The pairs representing TOKIO purposely lost so they can have a good laugh of Nagase’s struggles while the AKB representatives are too competitive, they cannot afford to lose or maybe Jurina is just having fun hugging Sakura… And Mayu and Yukirin are just having an awesome time showing the whole Japan all the fanservice they are doing…

Nagase wanted to surrender as well but it will not be a good footage just to surrender like that.

The music stopped and the pairs immediately stepped in the newspaper that only one person will fit. Jurina pulled Sakura in a tight embrace. Their faces are so close to each other they can feel each other’s breath. They managed to be inside the newspaper but Jurina suddenly smiled to Sakura after looking at her lips. This made the HKT ace flustered, she shove Jurina’s face away which made both of them lose their balance and fell out of bounds.

The JuriSaku elimination made Maru laughed especially the reaction on Jurina’s face. She just looked like a rejected puppy, clueless of why she is rejected in the first place. Sakura immediately ran to her mother, Sasshi, right after being eliminated.

“That’s good, Sakura. Run away from the vicious beast of Sakae. You are for Maru-chan!” Sasshi thought while caressing the head of the embarrassed Sakura.

“Matsui-san and Miyawaki-san eliminated!” The MC proclaimed while the two remaining pairs still struggle to beat the five-second time limit. Mayu and Yukirin managed to get through the tough round by hugging each other tightly. On the other hand, what caused much more ruckus on the studio was Paruru taking of her shoes and stepping on Nagase’s feet while doing the Titanic pose. They are holding each other’s hands.

They already survived the round but the MC made fun of them by letting them stay on that pose longer by calling Maru to take a picture of them. Maru was surprised when she got pulled from where she is standing but she doesn’t have any choice but to take the picture even though she hates the sight of it.

She didn’t smile or give any reaction to the task. She just did it for the show’s sake. After taking the picture she immediately went back to her place as if nothing happened. Paruru turned to Yukirin to ask for support and the girl nonchalantly tapped her on the back, telling her that everything would be fine.

It’s now the final round. The pair that will survive this will be declared winner. Only one foot will fit on the newspaper so someone has to be carried and someone has to carry. Maru started to show anxiety when the music started playing. It is High Tension.

She observed how the two are talking while trying to dance as if they are trying to come up with a way to win the game. She doesn’t like it. The happy look on Paruru’s face while talking with that guy irks her. It somehow makes her blood boil.

She took a look at the GM but she’s acting just like all the other members. Maru took a deep breath and released it heavily. She scratched her head but her hair fell back to its place just by shaking it a little.

Paruru is now standing in front of the newspaper while Nagase is standing behind her. They just stopped dancing even though the music is still playing. Maru, with her poker face, sneaked at the back. She’s signaling the other members to be quiet so Paruru will not notice. The salty girl’s stare is fixed to the newspaper.

Nagase’s face brightened when she came near him but she firmly gestured him to be quiet. She slowly took off her precious camera from her neck and handed it to the curious Nagase. She led him back to his seat and made him sit without any explanations.

She took Nagase’s place and stood behind the Ponkotsu queen who is still focused on the paper. She’s anxiously waiting to be carried by the man behind her. Everyone’s breath is in a halt. Everyone gasped when the music stopped.

Paruru closed her eyes as she felt her body being lifted into a princess-carry. She felt unsteady for the one who is carrying her is struggling with her balance, standing in only one foot. She’s hearing so much cheer going around.

Sayanee was shaking her head while smiling foolishly to herself. She’s sure that Maru is feeling the same way she felt when Milky was about to graduate.

“You are still an idol. I can’t let any guy carry you until you graduate.”

Paruru swiftly opened her eyes only to be surprised that the one carrying her is actually Maru. What happened? When did she get there? Where’s Nagase?

“Disappointed that he is not the one carrying you?”

Paruru just looked at her, still dumbfounded. The sudden shout of the other people in the studio cut the connection of their stares. They looked at the other contenders’ way only to find the pair down on the floor. Mayu looked so distressed after she tried to carry Yukirin but the chibi failed to carry the taller girl. Yukirin is flashing her usual wild-reaction face while Sasshi is seen in the background laughing so hard.

“This means…” The MC looked as confused as Paruru. “The winner of the match is Hoshino-Shimazaki pair!”

The camera focused on the odd pair with Maru still standing strong on her balance. Everyone was cheering at them. Maru stole the spotlight from Nagase but it became a golden footage for the program. She put Paruru down. The dense air is still between them.

The MC got a cue to interview Maru before she escapes.

“Hoshino Maru-san!” The MC almost gave a stress on each syllable of her name. “What made you do that!?”

Maru looked around her as if she is a lost child. The fact that jealousy drove her to move slowly sank in her. Her cheeks gave out a slight blush after taking a glimpse of Paruru beside her. Her head dropped due to embarrassment.

Think! Think, Maru! Think!

Her head rose up. The flustered face returned to the cool, poker face. She turned to Nagase who is also waiting for her answer.

“I’m sorry, Nagase-san… But I can’t afford to let a guy carry Haruka until she graduates.” In the end she told the truth.

“It’s okay, Maru-kun! I also don’t want to receive hateful comments in the internet.” Nagase answered with a wide smile on his face. He even gave her a thumb up. “You saved me, bad boy!”

Maru then raised a thumb up with smug face. Everyone laughed at the scene.

“SASUGA! Hoshino Maru-san is the idol protector!”

Everyone in the back agreed on the MC’s comment. Sakura and Haruppi nodded hysterically. After that, the game segment was closed and they were given a break. Maru immediately ran outside the studio for she has been wanting to evaporate since the beginning of the game.

“Follow her! Quick! Follow her!” Yukirin mouthed at Paruru who was left standing there. Jurina looks like she couldn’t handle her pee because of the development of the plan. She is also gesturing for Paru to follow her silly Aniki.

“H-Hai!” Paruru immediately ran to the direction where Maru went. Yukirin and Jurina dropped into their seats and then gave out a deep sigh.

“That sure some plan you did there, Kashiwagi-san.” The two suddenly went stiff after they heard Yui talked. “That was well executed. I just hope it will not hurt Paruru even more.”

Yukirin straightened her back and cleared her throat. “It’s one of the best yet cliché way of confirming someone’s feelings, Yui-chan. It now depends on how Paruru-chan is going to execute the last part. Let’s see how she is going to provoke Maru-chan even more.”

The soukantoku closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Maybe I should’ve tried that technique before.” She whispered but audible enough for the others to hear her. Yukirin chuckled.

“It’s effective to Mayu so I think it will be effective to Maru-chan as well.”

“Unfair! Setting up plans for your ship like that!” Mayu butted in with a pout on her face. “Jurina-chan! Go and follow them as well!”

The puppy laughed and crossed her arms. “Sorry, Mayu-chan! But I already have my eyes fixed on this other girl from Kagoshima.” She’s obviously pertaining to Sakura who found refuge again on Mother Sasshi’s embrace. Sasshi shook her head.

“So this just means that JunMarco and MaruSaku ships are not sailing anymore, aren’t they?” Sasshi told Mayu. Mayu weakly nodded. “This just means…”

Yukirin smirked. “I won!”



That has been the nth time that Paruru is calling her but Maru isn’t even giving her any attention. She just keeps on walking. Paruru stopped. She couldn’t just follow her and call out for her attention forever. She took one deep breath.

“What was that for?” She shouted. She was lucky that they are near the fire exit where there are no people around. “Why did you do that for? You rejected me already, right? What’s that showcase of jealousy for?”

Maru stopped walking and turned to her with a sly smile on her face. “So you are really targeting a guy as your next playmate, aren’t you?”

Paruru was taken aback with that meaningful smile but she remembered Yukirin’s advice not to be fazed with the farce Maru is putting up. She may sound desperate but who cares, anyway?

“So what?” She answered back. Her voice is already cracked but she’s still trying to sound angry. “You should’ve let Nagase-san carry me! What was the point of interfering anyway?”

Paruru smirked as well. “What? Are you telling me that you like Nagase-san as well?”

“I don’t like him!” Maru irritably answered. “Wait, are you telling me that you do like him?”

“So? What if I really like him? Does it concern you!? You don’t like me, do you? You don’t feel the same way as I do so why do you ha—“

Paruru was silenced when Maru suddenly pushed her to the wall and caged her with her arms.


“I love you, too.”

Paruru’s eyes widened. She looked up at the taller girl. Her eyes covered by her bangs.

“D-Do you really—“

She was silenced once again when Maru’s lips pressed on hers. Her mind turned blank, her eyes wide open. Her fists balled but it was released soon after she felt weak. Maru slowly put a distance between them. She looked straight to the girl’s eyes.

“I love you too, Haruka…” She repeated.

Paruru dropped her head to hide her blushing. Did she hear her right? Did that really happened? Maru did kiss her, didn’t she?

Her eyes began to water. Her feeling reached her and it is being returned to her. She looked back at her but the realization was immediately shattered after seeing the sly smile back on Maru’s face.

“That’s what you want to hear, am I right?” The taunting smile widened even more. “I told you already that I don’t play with relationships but since it is you maybe I should make an exemption.”

Maru giggled at the thought of it. “Let’s play lovers until your graduation! Sounds fair, isn’t it—“

Maru’s head twisted to the right as Paruru gave her another slap. She closed her eyes. That sure hurt but she remained smiling.

Go on… Be mad at me… Be furious until you forget those feelings for me…


Maru opened her eyes and turned to Paruru. She’s already on the verge of tears but she’s obviously trying hard not to cry. Maru was surprised that she hasn’t ran yet. She’s determined to stay in that prison she made for her.

Paruru bit her lower lip before she started talking. “Let’s play this game!” She said tenaciously. “I’ll be the one setting up the time-span and not you!”

She pulled Maru by her collar which erased the smug on the girl’s face.

“We’ll play lovers forever!”

And then she pulled Maru into another kiss. The table has been turned now with Maru having the bewildered expression on her face. She didn’t get driven away or even left behind. Paruru stayed with her even though she has tried to display a hateful attitude towards her.

“Does she really love me this much to stay…?”

The cage she made slowly opened as her eyes closed. She slowly learned to return the kiss. Her hands found their way to cup Paruru’s face as they continue to do their thing.

“Silly…” Maru uttered under her breath after she cut the kiss. She caresses Paruru’s beautiful face as if she has longed to look at her like this for a very long time. “Are you sure you want to play with me?”

Paruru looked straight to her eyes. Her grip to Maru’s shirt tightened as if she isn’t planning to let her go. “I already told you I am willing to play with you forever. I’ve never been so sure like this in my entire life…”

Maru released a sigh. “You’re a real ponkotsu, aren’t you? To warn you, I am not a fair player to begin with…”

“It doesn’t matter… I love you, Hoshi—“

Maru gave a peck to her lips. “You seriously need to stop saying that.”

And then... Drawn by those looks in their eyes and controlled by the feelings they’ve been hiding for a long time... they kissed again...



Next: Idol All-Star


This is really happening isn’t it?

Another election before the year ends! The girls are already drained you know?

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen dropping the bomb before the year changes. XD

I heard the voting will be through the NHK app and people from other countries are not allowed to vote. This will be Japanese fans’ turn to let their pure voice be heard for the 48G election!

It’s an exciting way to close the year! Paruru’s graduation will leave everyone sad if that event will be the one closing the event.

I heard the 16th generation is already included in the election!

No way! No way! Is this serious!?

Hoshino Maru is also included!


I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
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 :yuki: <- My face while reading whole MaruParu scene.

I..... I...... /*SPEECHLESS.
Just give me a minute. /*times up!. This chapter is sooooooooooo~ amazing. MaruParu is a real couple now????? So for now on, no JUNMARCO??? I feel you Mayu  :mon hanky:
You know what Cut-san, you never fail to amuse me. So please, update soon. hehehehe... :kneelbow:

PS. I'm thinking about a JUNMARCO angst drabble now bcoz of this chapter. Hmmm.. hehehe. See ya on the next chapter :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
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 I was like "😮😮" when i was reading this n my way to work
I was grinning like hell on the train till I reached my station.

Thank you 😙😙😙

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
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I don't know why I cried at the end... I.DON'T.F*CKIN.KNOW!!!!!!!! :gyaaah:

Really, if you saw me literally reading this, I was like laughing at the first part the story, (because Sayanee is too much funny when it comes to 'father' and 'son's relationship) but when it came to the point where Maru sneakly stole Paru away from that guy, Nagase, I felt something off...

And then next, after Maru saved Paru from being carried by a guy... the confession scene entered...

And when Maru said those teeny weeny little three words...

I screamed... I was screaming many of swear words I could while I stuff my pillow on my face(so nobody would hear me) and almost died.

after I screamed, I calmed down... hoping for not encountering another heart-attack scene. :imdead:

Tho', this Maru guy-I mean girl thinks that Paru was just playing with her! Then I started to cry... :gyaaah: I cried but I don't why, wtf.

Man, you make me go loco with your story, I even wrote my experience reading this... it's just too much, I'm like watching a drama(my thing) :lol:

Now, I'm dying to know what's next! Thanks(as always) for the update bud! (sorry for this long comment also) :kneelbow:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
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Wow that was a lot of kissing scene there  :hee:

Maru's going to be included in the kouhaku sousenkyo?!!!! :shock: :shock:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-05) NAGASE-SAN
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Lots of unexpected scenes here.
I actually would have preferred to have seen this instead of what had really happen at the Music show.
I'm starting to ship them, unexpectedly.

Update soon. Please.

Also someone please help me on how to upload a picture.

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 02-12) FNS IDOL ALL STAR ft.46G
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


This is really long, I guess. Since I won’t be having time this week, instead of dividing it in to two parts, I just uploaded all. So yeah, enjoy this for the whole week. Have fun reading~


“1, 2, 3, 4!”

The Idol All Star Hit Special medley was started by AKB48’s HEAVY ROTATION with Kojima Haruna as the center. She performed alongside other 48 groups’ aces and the Soukantoku herself. Together with the selection are Nogizaka46 members and Hirate Yurina representing Keyakizaka46. Other idols from Morning Musume ’16, Momoiro Clover Z, ℃-ute and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku are included in the one of a kind senbatsu.

Maru, the lucky lost cat, is currently having another time of her life as she enjoys watching the medley. She has her own space in the front of the stage where she is free to take all the pictures she wants. Again, she isn’t in the selection of the performers so many are still puzzled about her being included in the NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen Electiton.

She herself is so dumbfounded of why she got included but she just shrugged the issue off. There might be people who will have the pity to vote for her but she strongly believes she will not be included in the top 48 so she’s acting like it doesn’t really concern her. And for the record, she is busy with playing the past days.

Heavy Rotation finished and the focus transferred on the little stage upstairs. Nogizaka46’s OIDE SHAMPOO started to play with Nogizaka members and the Cuticle Selection. Nogizaka’s face, Ikoma Rina-ojii-san is centering it.

“Minna isshoni~!” The cute ojii-san adorably commanded before they repeat the chorus of the song together with the live audience in the studio. Maru was seen doing the choreography even though her camera is continuously clicking. Ikoma-chan saw her and gave her a very cute smile as a reward for dancing with them.

Up next was the legendary song of Morning Musume, THE☆PEACE! in collaboration of Morning Musume ’16 and AKB48. The idol otakus, Sasshi and Yukirin are included in the lineup. The two are well-known MoMusu fans even before AKB took its first breath in the world. You can see in their faces how happy they are performing with the group they really love.

Momoiro Clover Z and ℃-ute came performing next with MIRAI BOWL. It was Maru’s first time hearing the last two songs but all of them are very enjoyable. She really likes how everyone shines on that stage and how they paint smiles to the faces of people watching them.

The song ended and the intro for SEIFUKU MANNEQUIN started playing. Ikoma-ojii-san went up on the stage.

“Ladies and Gentleman, here are Nogizaka46′s and Keyakizaki46’s new members!” she stated and presented the girls on the upper stage. Up on that stage are Nogi’s 3rd generation and the members of Hiragana Keyaki. The aces of each group went in front one by one. Ozono Momoko and Yamashita Mizuki represented the 3rd generation while the runaway, Nagahama Neru shone brightly for HiraKeyaki.

“Mhm… Kawaii~ Kawaii~” Maru nodded her head like an ojii-san.

After they sang the first verse of the song, they joined their seniors on the main stage. The audience cheered as the whole 46 Group is seen in one stage. Maru even did the Seifuku Mannequin pose due to so much excitement.

The 6th song on the list was IIWAKE MAYBE performed by AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z immediately followed by ℃-ute and Motenashitai senbatsu’s OOKI NA AI DE MOTENASHITE. What caught Maru’s attention was Sayanee’s fast costume change from Iiwake Maybe’s seifuku unto the next song’s costume. Idols really do magic while they are on the stage.

The next song on the lineup was really interesting. HASHIRE! was performed by MomoClo and Ebichu together with FNS de Hashiritai. There is a race in the backstage while the others are singing. Maru saw Sakura, Nogizaka’s Akimoto Manatsu and Keyakizaka’s Ozeki Rina performing on the stage which made her shook her head. She snickered to herself believing that it will be a more interesting race if they are the ones participating.

Sakura saw her laughing and she pouted at her but she laughed even more. Sakura just smiled at her. Seeing her savior laugh like that is always an accomplishment for her.

Just right before the song finishes, the runners went up stage with Keyaki’s Moriya Akane wearing the crown. The drill sergeant is obviously the victor of the race. The Keyaki girls might not have their own song sang in the medley but Maru is sure about the good future the girls have.

All the idols started gathering on the stage. Finally, Paruru went up on stage and stood as the center of SAKURA NO HANABIRATACHI alongside with her dai-senpai, Kojiharu. It will be their last time on the FNS stage. That bob cut really suits her.

The girl with glasses released a sigh. The word ‘last’ echoes in the back of her mind but there isn’t anything she could do about it. Everything will come into an end, either good or bad. Everything has their own time and season. It’s just that Paruru’s time as an idol is about to be over.

Maru smiled. “Coming at the finale just like that… Such a queen…” She positioned her camera to take shots of the beautiful scene in front of her. She knows that this kind of scenery will never happen again… she will never see another one of it ever again.

all credits to the owner~
She took more shots but all of a sudden, everything turned pitch black.


Sweat broke out in her back and head but she tried to remain calm. She still looks like she is taking pictures but she is frozen to where she is standing.

It’s not a black out. She knows that it will never happen in a live broadcast. She blinked her eyes continuously, her heart already in a huge panic.

“Maru-chan, are you okay?”

She turned to the direction of the voice and her vision began to go back to normal as the silhouette of Shinobu-san starts to get drawn in her mind.

“I-I… I—“

She felt the hand of the manager on her arms and she got escorted to the backstage. Light has already returned on her when she was made to sit on the dressing room. Shinobu handed her bottled water. She still looks pale and stunned but her breathing has slowly returned to normal.

She took a prescription bottle from her pocket when she got back to her senses. She gobbled three pills which made the manager who is watching over her worry even more.

“Has it been raised up to three pills this time?” Shinobu anxiously asked her.

Maru released a sigh. She looks around while blinking fast. “No. I just raised it by myself.”

“W-Wait! Did you really just—“

“It’s okay, Shinobu-san… They come back if you just let time pass… I need a higher dosage so this will not happen again anytime soon…” Maru assured her.

Shinobu wiped her face with her palm. “Maru-chan, I think you should really go—“

“Don’t worry, Shinobu-san…” Maru smiled. “There are only a few days left before the year ends. Nothing bad will happen, trust me…”

“But Maru-chan—“


Their attentions transferred to Paruru who is rushing towards them. The smile on the girl’s face sends warmth to Maru’s heart.

“I still want to see this scene, Shinobu-san…” Maru whispered. Shinobu turned to her only to see the faint smile on her face. That lonely yet somehow satisfied smile made her surrender to another futile convincing attempt.

“Just take care of yourself, okay? Your load has been lessened already so take plenty of rest while you can.” That’s all and Shinobu started walking away.

“Thank you, Shinobu-san…” Those words of appreciation made the manager stopped and then waved at her before continuing. She didn’t have the courage to look back at the glasses girl anymore. It seems like there are invisible ninjas cutting onions on where Maru is.

“Hoshi!” Paruru finally reached her after having her way to that sea of idols. Maru stood up from her seat. “That was Shinobu-san, right? Why did she leave?”

“We are finished talking so I guess there is no point of staying.” She presented the seat she had vacant. “Sit first and take a rest.”

Paruru snickered at the suggestion. “I just did one song, Hoshi. Do I really look that frail?”

Maru raised her glasses and looked at Paruru from head to toe the back to the head. “What if I tell you that you do, to the point that you can be blown away by an industrial fan?”

Paruru puffed her cheeks. “That’s cruel of you.”

Maru smiled at her and brushed Paru’s face with her palm. “I told you a million times to stop doing that face, didn’t I?”

“Hey, hey, hey~!” Sayanee and Jurina suddenly entered the scene. The Sakae ace carried Paruru away from Maru while the Namba ace punched Maru straight to her stomach again. Maru bent over with the sudden blow.

“S-Shakure King… ARGH!”

Maru fell into her knees after Sayanee gave her a strong slap on her back. She immediately went back to her feet and shouted, “What the hell is that for!?”

Sayanee shove Maru’s face away from her. “You two should know where to go all lovey dovey.”

Maru instantly turned red as if all the blood in her body crawled up her face.

“W-W-What the hell are you talking about!?” She shouted once again while covering her face with her shirt.

“Saa, Paruru-chan…” Maru’s head instantly rotated at Jurina’s way after hearing her call Paruru in a seductive voice. Her eyes widened when she saw Jurina is actually kabedon-ing her girl. “Do you have any free time today? We have some after-show party together with the Sakamichi girls.”

“E-Eh?” Paruru looked at Maru’s way. “B-But I am going out with Ho—“

“Come on, Paruru-chan. You have to spend some time with us as well and not just with baka Aniki.” Jurina pleaded like a real puppy. “This is unacceptable. After your graduation you can spend more time with her but how about us? Come on and join the party with us!”


“Go on, Haruka.” Maru butted in. “It’s okay, Koinu is right. You should go and have fun with them.”

“But, Hoshi, how about you?”

“I will just go ho—“

“Of course…” Sayanee arched her arms around Maru’s nape. “Maru-kun will come with us, right, son?” She then turned to the two girls who are just silently watching them. The other girls also looked at where she is looking. Maru’s jaw dropped. She immediately sensed trouble.

“K-Kuroishi-san… J-Jojo-san…”

Shiraishi Mai and Nishino Nanase are just looking at her with meaningful smiles on their faces. Maru gulped.

“We’ve been waiting for this, Maru-chan~!” Maiyan said with a sadistic smile on her beautiful face. “You didn’t even say hi to us last time the 48 and 46 groups had the opportunity to perform together.”

“When was that?” Naachan asked Maiyan. “Best Hits 2016, right?”

“Right!” The older girl affirmed and then looked at Maru. Her eyes are smiling but she doesn’t really look like she is up to something good. “Come with us or this grudge will grow even deeper.”

Maru raised her white flag.


MAIYAN is in full Kuroishi mode with what she is seeing. They might have managed to drag Maru in the party, that’s a fact, but the location where the glasses girl is sitting right doesn’t really please her. She and Naachan were planning to torment her the whole evening but she has escaped yet again.

“Why is Maru-chan dining with the Keyaki girls?” Yuihan asked the others who are on the same table as her.

Jurina chug her orange juice. She has been partying for a long time but she’s still stuck with juices. “Maybe recruiting members for her harem.”

“Juu! Sssh!” Sakura, who is sitting beside her, immediately rebuked her and pointed Paruru with her lips. Jurina gulped at the sight of the unbeatable president of Rappapa present on their table. She thought they were with Paruru but who invited Salt?

Paruru is just looking at the table where Maru is. She got invited to enjoy a party but Maru purposely drew a distance between them and now she’s adding girls on her harem?

“Hoshino Maru-chan is literally a combination of cute and cool, isn’t she?” Ikoma-ojii-san said while admiring the said girl on the other table. She’s smiling from ear to ear as if she is looking at her favorite dessert or something.

“She is!” Naachan seconded and then she giggled with Ikoma-chan.

The dark aura surrounding Paruru grew wider and larger. Jurina and Sakura started to sweat heavily. Maiyan heaved a sigh and then turned to Yuihan who is sitting beside her.

“Say, Yuihan-san…” she started. “Can we borrow Maru-chan? Like for a season of Nogibingo or something?”

The 48G soukantoku chuckled at the cute request from their rival group. She took a sip of her cocktail before she gave an answer to the desperate Maiyan.

“That is for Maru-chan to decide. The last time she was in your bingo she got traumatized so much, didn’t she? I guess it will be hard to invite her again unless you set her up into a dokkiri again.”

“And that will just draw us apart from her, right?” Maiyan asked with a face filled with anxiety.

“No doubt about it.” Yuihan answered smiling. “So I guess it will be hard to make her agree about this borrowing you are talking about, Shiraishi-san. Right, Paruru?”

Yui smiled and winked at Salt who is sitting beside her. The dark aura somehow got lessened.

“Y-Yes…” She stuttered.

Suddenly, laughter broke out on the Keyaki table which caught all their attentions. They fell silent so they could hear the conversation that is full of giggles.

“Really, Hoshino-san? You have watched Keyabingo?” Oda Nana asked in a very loud voice.

“I watched it.” Maru answered while picking her right ear. That voice was really loud and husky at the same time, it hurt her ear drums. “They pranked you all at the first episode, am I right?” Maru releases a sigh as she remembers what happened to her at another Bingo. She nodded her head slowly. “I know the feeling. I have the same experience…”

Ikoma-chan snorted and then turned to Naachan and Maiyan. “She’s obviously talking about—“

“SSSHHH!” All the girls in their table gestured for her to keep quiet. The ojii-san just raised her hands as if she surrendered to authorities.

“That fake director made you all scared, right?” Maru asked and the girls just nodded. The memories of Danger-san filled their minds and that is absolutely not a good memory to begin with.

“A-A-Anyway Hoshino-san,” Sugai Yuuka-ojou-sama popped the cloud containing Danger-san on top of their heads. “Since you watched Keyabingo, you like our group as well, right?”

Maru just nodded her head innocently which brought wide smiles to the girls’ faces. “I also watched your drama.”

The cute girls clapped in joy while Maru was left curious of why they are even rejoicing. For her it is just normal for her to watch idol stuffs.

“D-Do you have, by any chance, an oshimen from our group?” Saito Fuyuka suddenly asked which silenced everyone.

“Oshimen, you ask? You are all likable and unique but an oshimen…?” Her eyes landed to each and everyone of them. After making sure that she has looked to all of them, she went back to one particular girl and pointed her. “I guess you are rank 1 in my list, Moriya-san.”

“Seems like Aniki has chosen the next girl for her harem.” Jurina shook her head while flicking her tongue. “Saya-chin, that’s the girl that smiles like your Milky, right?”

Sayanee rolled her eyes. “Milky’s smile is much prettier and lovable than hers!”


“M-Me?” The captain of the Gachi team stammered as she points herself. “W-Why me?”

“Why…? Hmmm…” Maru thought aloud while scratching her chin. “I guess you are a capable woman. I like the way you are over-serious even on little things. You don’t seem like a ponkotsu.”

Moriya Akane’s cheeks got tainted with a pink blush. She covered her mouth with her hands and just thanked Maru with a small voice. She actually couldn’t stop grinning. While on the other table, Paruru is doing the exact opposite.

“If Akanen is rank 1 then there are people next to her, right?” Harada Aoi, the girl who looks like elementary school student asked. Maru got bombarded with questions to the point that she wanted to cover her ears. She raised her palm to them and they froze as if they doing the mannequin challenge.

“I don’t know if my list is really that important but I will tell you next time if they allow me to guest on the next season of Keyabingo.”

Maiyan’s jaw dropped. Did she hear Maru’s words right? She is actually saying that she wants to participate to Keyabingo, right? But she has declined Nogibingo’s offer a lot of times!


Everyone’s attention was caught by the Nogizaka’s ace’s emission of dark aura. Ikoma-chan gulped. Seeing Kuroishi not because of Manatsu is really something.

“I have one more question!” Suzumoto Miyu, Keyaki’s Reaction shoujo, raised her hand. “Are you allowed to get in a relationship?”

“Wow!” The youngest and the group’s center, Hirate Yurina, exclaimed. “Your question escalated quickly, Suzumon!”

“Well…” Maru cleared her throat. She’s still on her poker face. “I’m actually in a relationship now.”

Everyone gasped, including the girls on the other table. That piece of information would really blow everyone’s mind away. The Nogi girls are shocked that she isn’t really a harem master but has someone she treats really special. Paruru was also in great shock. She didn’t know that Maru is this proud about the relationship.

“I think there’s nothing wrong to get in a relationship with her.”

“W-W-W-W-WAIT!” The whole Keyaki kids interjected. “HER? You mean you’re inlove with a girl?”

Maru’s eyes widened because of their reaction. She was taken aback.

“WAIT! Why are you reacting like this? Are you not normal Japanese girls!?”

“Someone from AKB?”

“Eh? Who do you think it is?”

“M-Miyawaki-san? Kodama-san?”

“Ask Hoshino-san, Oda Nana!”

“W-Wait! Why me?”

Maru sighed. She scratched her head and smiled. “It’s nothing serious. Don’t bother yourselves with it.”

Paruru’s heart broke at the moment she heard those words. Her head hang from her neck. In the end Hoshi still thinks that everything is just a role play. Her fists balled. The tightening of her heart suffocates her.


Paru heard Yui’s angry voice which made her turned to her. The Soukantoku’s eyes are locked on Maru. The black aura leakage is immeasurable. “We have to teach this bad, bad, BAD child another lesson.”

Paru then turned to Sayaka who is on her other side. She was shocked that she is also leaking dark aura around her, the same with Jurina who is sitting beside Sayanee.

“Not serious, she says?” Sayanee frighteningly said. A smirk drawn on her face; her chin protruding even more.

Suddenly, Jurina stood up with chopsticks on her hand. “I really hate how she acts like this at times.” She then handed the chopsticks to Yuihan.

The three of them stood up and headed to the direction where Maru is. Their footsteps were too heavy that the girls on the other table fell silent and looked scared like judgment is about to be passed. Maru went stiff. The sight of them coming nearer is like titans coming for her. She knows they are up to something terrible.


Sayanee and Jurina lifted Maru through her arms and carried her to the center table where the aces were gathered. They dropped Maru on the cushion beside Paruru. Maru looked around, her face as pale as the moon. The girls around the table reek trouble.

She turned to the girl beside her but Paruru immediately dropped her head to avoid her eyes.

“Clear the table! Two representatives per group!” Yuihan declared as she shows the chopsticks on her hand. “OUSAMA START!”



Maru moaned on her seat. Her face so crumpled, she knows that she’ll be dead tonight judging the faces of the trio who planned the game. Add Kuroishi and Jojo to the list and it already spells H-E-L-L to her.

She sat at the Keyakizaka table because she knows that the girls are still innocent. She knows she won’t get tormented but here she is. She just wants to disappear.

“It’s a game between groups, right? Why do you have to add me up?”

“Shut up, kiddo!” Sayanee held her on her cheeks. There goes Maru’s weird, crushed face again. “Just play the game with us, seriously!”

“G-Get away from me, Shakure King! Your chin!!!”

The room was filled with laughter as the iconic scene from the AKBINGO special Danso episode was re-enacted in front of them.

“Aniki, you have to do this seriously…” Maru’s attention was caught by Jurina who is sitting erectly; her hands are on the table. She just looked at her Aniki without turning her head. “I’ve been training for wrestling the past few weeks for your information.”

Question marks continue to pop out of Maru’s forehead. “What is wrong with you all?”

The Soukantoku hit the table with her hand that holds the chopsticks. “Let’s start now! All participants, draw your chopsticks!”

Yui and Paruru are going to play for AKB. Their senpais, Yuki, Mayu and Sasshi, didn’t join the party anyway because they went to party with MoMusu. Jurina and Sayanee will be the lone representatives of their groups while Sakura and Haruppi is a pair fighting for HKT. The players from Nogizaka are obviously Maiyan and Nanase while Maru’s chosen one, Akanen and their ace, Techi are playing for the youngest group. The members who are not playing are gathered around their table.

They are playing Ousama or King’s Game. All the chopsticks are numbered aside from one. The person who will draw the chopstick with ‘KING’ written on it will have the power to order the other participants. The other players will not have any choice but to obey the King’s order.

Just looking at the rules, she knows that she will be roasted but why not? There might be no other chance to play this again in the future.

Maru looked at what she drew and Jurina shouted on top of her lungs just right after she got a good look.

“I’m the King!” She even showed her stick to everyone. “Now! Number 10, bottoms up!”

“E-Eh!?” Everyone turned to Paruru. She’s the lucky number 10.

“Alrighty, Paruru-san, here is your drink.” Shiraishi poured her some liquor to a shot glass and slid it to Paruru’s way.

“B-But I—“

Everyone gasped when Maru suddenly appeared in her back and took the shot glass. She nonchalantly drank the liquor in one shot as if it is nothing.

“She can’t drink and she’s under medication, you know? She must avoid drinks like this.” Maru gulped as she felt the alcohol burnt up her throat a bit. “I had it for her so I guess it’s quits.”

She then went back to her seat like nothing happened. The three planners together with the Nogi pair smirked to each other. They have already predicted for this to happen.

They drew sticks once more and Maiyan pulled the King.

“Okay! I order for number 3 and 7 to do bottoms up as well!”

A loud ‘EH!’ was heard from Sakura and Techi. They are numbers 3 and 7 but both of them are underage. They are not allowed to drink nor have tasted liquor in their lives.

“I’ll have Sakura’s sho—“ Jurina’s head flung as she got spank by Maru. “You are also underage. Wait for next year for your first liquor.” Maru turned to Maiyan with her penetrating stare. “I’ll have it for them and seriously, you all have to stop with this kind of dare. There are underage participants.”

Maiyan giggled at the sight of Maru looking at her with those sexy eyes. “Go on~ Two glasses, okay?”

Maru sighed as two glasses were placed in front of her. She hates herself for being silly acting like a hero. She already had three glasses after two rounds of the game.

At the next round, Maru luckily got the King. She laughed in excitement. “Number 4, recite your latest single backwards. The whole song, please!”

“What the hell is with that boring dare?” Sayanee asked her. “Order something exciting!”

“Don’t you think this is really hard, Shakure King? The person will really think.” Maru answered back, her cheeks already blushing because of liquor.

“How about drink one glass again if number 4 fails?” Yuihan dared her with a really challenging tone.

“Wait! I’m the King here! Why am I going to receive a punish—“

“I’ll do it! I am number 4.” Akanen barged in the conversation with a determined face. “I’m going to recite Futari Saison backwards!”

And there she goes, reciting the whole song confidently. She stutters at time which is normal for her but aside from that she looks so sure of what she is doing. While she is reciting, Jurina started whispering to her Aniki.

“Hey Aniki,” she called. “You remember when you told me to be serious with Sakura or else you can never forgive me?”

“I remember it clearly.” Maru answered, her eyes still focused to Akanen.

“I’m going to kill you too if you are not serious with Paruru-chan.”

Maru sneered at the threat. “Thank you for that but no one of us is actually serious about it.”

“What the—“

Their short conversation was interrupted with the claps. Akanen has finished reciting it and according to everyone from Keyaki, she recited it perfectly. Well, no one from the other groups will know if she did it properly or not anyway.

“Thanks, Moriya-san. You saved me from another glass.” Maru smiled at her adoringly.

-Telepathic line connected-

Maiyan: What is with that smile? Why is she smiling like that for Moriya?

Naachan: Somehow seeing her smile like that is kind of gross


Yuihan: This kid is really annoying me tonight. Telling that she is not serious for Paruru just like that and now smiling like that for another girl.

Sayanee: That must be the effect of the alcohol. She’s been smiling foolishly right after the 3rd glass.

Naachan: Because you are all pouring her heavy drinks!

Jurina: I don’t know what you are all talking about but yes, she kind of look drunk.

Yuihan: Maru-chan will be suspicious if we order something about drinks again. Next stage! Let’s bring out the seriousness out of her.

Everyone: Hai!

-Telepathic line disconnected-

The next orders did not concern Maru at all. The rounds seemed like ordinary King’s game as everyone is participating lively and no one is getting left out. Even the members who are watching them got pulled in the game when the numbers didn’t matter anymore after Maru’s foolish order.

“All who is on age and is okay with liquor, let’s all have a glass!” She said with a huge smile on her reddish face, raising a shot glass. “Kanpai!”

“Say a number, will you!?” Ikoma-chan cut her out.

“The King doesn’t really need a number, Ikoma-san!”

She’s still a bit composed but it’s obvious that the alcohol has taken effect on the way she thinks.

When it was Naachan’s turn to be King, a meaningful, mischievous smile was seen drawn on her face. “Number 5, go and kiss Number 10!”

“K-Kiss!?” Sakura gasped. “I-I am Number 5. Who is Number 10?”

Maru peeked at Jurina’s number and she smiled widely. She arched her arm to the stiffened Jurina. “Aren’t we lucky, Koinu? Getting a kiss from Sakura like this… Do you want me to take your place?”

“S-Shut up, Aniki! I’m gladly accepting the dare! I am Number 10!”

The room fell silent as Sakura stood up from her seat and went straight to where Jurina is. She kneeled in front of her, her face as red as a tomato. She held Jurina on her shoulders and she felt her shaking. The puppy got nervous all of a sudden. They are going to kiss for the first time and in front of this many people!?

Sakura’s face slowly went near her and the kissing monster, tensed to the core, closed her eyes and readied her lips. She then felt something touched her forehead followed by her release from Sakura’s hold.

She opened her eyes only to see a blushing Sakura in front of her. “That’s a kiss, right, Nishino-san?”

“I want a kiss to the lips but I guess that’s fine. I have no problem with that.” Naachan answered.

“Thank you.” That’s all and Sakura went back beside Haruppi. The embarrassment on her face can never be described with the right words. Haruppi hugged her to comfort her.

Maru shook the puppy from the back to bring her back to earth. “Disappointed puppy? I’m surprised you were that nervous.” She manically laughed at her.

“You will really regret teasing me like this if I get to become King!”

Naachan became the king again at the next round. She gave the exact, same order she gave earlier.

“I am Number 5.” Maru raised her stick. This made everyone lose the ability to talk again. “Number 10… who?”

A hand was slowly raised. All heads turned up to the Number 10.

“Uh oh…” Sayanee flicked her tongue. “What are you going to do now, Paruru-chan?”

Akanen immediately flushed as Maru’s stare landed on her. She un/luckily drew number 10. The Keyaki girls started murmuring to themselves, asking if the kiss is really going to happen. The tension elevated even more when Naachan made some alteration on her order.

“On the lips, please…”

“Nanase got no chill!” Wakatsuki Yumi commented on the sideline.

Maru shrugged her shoulders. She looked at Paruru’s way to ask for permission but she isn’t even looking at her. She has head bowed and doesn’t even look a bit interested of what is happening. The glasses girl sighed. She doesn’t need her permission anyway.

She then set off and made her way towards Number 10 and kneeled with one knee.

“Are you okay with this? Have you been kissed before?” The drunk Maru asked her as she tucks Akanen’s hair on the behind her ears. The girl flushed even more but she is a girl of seriousness and does not back out to any challenge thrown at her so…

“I haven’t been kissed. This will be my first time but go on…” She looked straight to Maru’s penetrating stare and let herself be consumed by that. “Gachi-desu!”

“Ehh~” Maru sneered at the determination on the girl’s face. “Close your eyes then.”

Paruru’s grip to her skirt tightened after hearing the last sentence. It’s like the happening on AKBingo before. She could’ve done something that time. She could’ve confessed at that very moment, could’ve been honest with herself, could’ve been courageous enough. If she had told Maru her feelings back then, the confusion about her being serious with relationships will not happen. They could be having a normal relationship if only she didn’t stay silent.

She jerked on her place and turned to Hoshi. “H-Hoshi you can’t—“

Paruru lost her voice after seeing Maru took the cup of iced tea that Akanen was drinking. She took a sip on the straw and then placed the straw on Akanen’s lips.

“Take a sip.” Maru commanded and the surprised girl did take a sip. Maru smiled at her and then patted her head. “Let’s consider that our kiss, okay?”

That’s all and she went back to her seat, leaving Akanen and everyone dumbfounded. Akanen just smiled and continued to drink her tea. Meanwhile, Haruppi is freaking out and keeps on hitting Sakura as she remembers something with that scene.

Paruru released a sigh of relief. She thought for a moment that Maru is really going to kiss her. She had her heart died for that round.

“Maiyan…” Naachan whispered. “Have you seen Shimazaki-san’s reaction?”

Maiyan nodded. “She’s obviously the one that Maru is pertaining too. She’s her girlfriend.”

“Mystery solved. You want to play more? I can still be the King next round.”

“Let’s exchange sticks when you get the King. I will torment Maru-chan even more.” And then Kuroishi flashed her sadistic smile.


Naachan did get the King stick and exchanged it with Maiyan under the table.

“Finally I am the King after so many rounds!” Maiyan raised her chopstick and waved it to the air. “Since we failed to get a real kiss twice already, how about you demonstrate us a kiss, Yuihan-san, Paruru-san…”

The spotlight transferred to the two girls. They looked at each other as if they were unsure of what they heard.

“Kuroishi-san, you can’t just order without numbers!” Maru cut her off. Maiyan sneered at her.

“The King doesn’t need numbers… is what you said earlier, right?”

Maru just gawked at her in response. She felt like she ate her own words at that very moment. She pulled another bottle of liquor and poured her glass full to the point of overflowing.

“So… What are you waiting for? A smack won’t be bad, right?” Maiyan went back to teasing the two.

“Why are you, two, so fixated in seeing a kiss?” Yuihan asked innocently as if she didn’t lay the plans with them on the telepathic line.

“So the Keyaki girls will be baptized!” Maiyan answered in full confidence.

Maru slapped her forehead and took another glass. “Seriously? Why do they have to take their innocence?” She then looked at Paruru who happened to be looking at her as well. She’s clearly asking for her permission. Maru rolled her eyes and just grumpily looked at another direction.


“No more buts Yuihan-san.” Kuroishi winked at her. “You two… are a couple, aren’t you?”


They are attentions transferred to Maru who right after hitting the table, dashed to Paruru’s way. She’s been wobbling but she safely found her way to the salty girl. Everyone’s breath was put into a halt. She then made Paruru face her and cupped her pretty, small face.

Paruru couldn’t do anything. The moment Maru touched her she just lost all the energy left within her. Maru’s drunken eyes are just focused on her lips. She watched wet her lips before she finally descended and gave her the kiss everyone is talking about.

Everyone gasped. Akanen covered Techi’s eyes and everyone from Keyaki blocked Aoi from seeing the scene. All of them turned red.

Maru then drew distance from Paruru. She looked around with her half-opened eyes just to see everyone’s reaction. She then turned back to Paruru, she’s not done yet!


Just changed all – with a smack and that is what happened. She then pulled Paruru to an embrace to hide her embarrassed face from everyone who is watching.

“This girl ish mine! Don’t drag her to this kisshing game!” That’s all and she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Completely knocked down by the ten glasses of heavy liquor she took.

Good thing she didn’t drag Paruru down. Paru looked around and everyone is just as shock as her. Maru suddenly stood up.

“I am dead serious about thish! Touch my girl and you’re all—“

“S-Stop it!” Paru pushed her which brought her back to the floor to sleep.

The awkward moment was thawed by Yuihan’s laugh. “She’s just blabbering about not being serious about it a few moments ago.” She continued laughing and then turned to Paruru. “So don’t let her earlier lie bother you, okay, Paruru?”

A smile was painted on Paruru’s face. “Thank you, Yuihan.”

Jurina and Sayanee high-fived as the plan went well.

“In the end, Baka Aniki is serious!”

“Yeah she is…” Sayanee’s expression changed. “But now we are going to carry a drunken girl home…”

Paruru turned to her Hoshi and combed the girl’s hair. She just got presented as her girlfriend in front of many people. If only she got the same courage as her, to be as possessive as her…

She reached for Maru’s hand and held it tight. “I’m yours…seriously...” She whispered and then giggled at that cute sleeping face.



Yuihan asked Shinobu as she presented her the prescription bottle that fell off from Maru’s pocket when Jurina and Sayanee carried her yesterday. She has been called by Shinobu for a private talk to actually lecture her of making Maru drunk.

Shinobu was silenced by the sudden question from the Soukantoku. Shinobu turned her back to her as she wipes her face with her palm.

“You are all overprotective about Maru-chan. She just got drunk last night and now I am being called just for that?” Yuihan asked with dignity. “What is really happening? I have been suspicious about this for a long time!”

Shinobu just walked back and forth, thinking of what to answer. “That’s the reason why I am angry mow for getting her drunk!”

“Tell me, Shinobu-san… What is this medicine for?”

The manager stopped and gave out a breath of defeat.

“Maru-chan she is---------“

The next words deafened Yui. She suddenly lost her voice. The energy on her knees faded that she dropped herself on the nearby seat. Shinobu just worriedly watched her as she digests the reality.

“No… No, this isn’t true…”


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