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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 52217 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@Craig List-san, thanks for telling me the solutions. Someone already told me about it but I'm still lazy to edit stuffs but still thank you for the infos.  :)
And wow... You managed to keep up with the story in just a day? That's amazing. I mean... You didn't get bored with reading it seriously? There are like 52 chapters including the drabbles. I'm just amazed on how fast you kept up without getting bored. That's something!  :shocked
Anyway, thank you for reading the fic~ welcome aboard~ ^^ Nice username tho. I wonder what you are selling now. (JK intended) haha.

Ah! My bad. XD Yeah. I'm a fast reader that's why. I always finish reading a fanfic for just 1 day. XD. About getting bored reading your story. Nope, reading is my hobby so i don't get easily bored.  :lol: Thanks for welcoming me.  :lol: Hahaha i don't even know why i used Craiglist name. Maybe i'm bored thinking a nickname.  :lol:

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


THE studio was filled with amazement after they saw who is going to be pranked. Coming in the look that she has become famous for, a hoodie and a mask, Hoshino Maru entered what it seemed to be a waiting room.

The guy, who was with her, asked her to sit and wait for him to come back. He said he will go and call the director of the show where Maru is going to take part of. Before even entering the said room, it is very clear that Maru is so cautious. She was looking at each side and corner of the room, making sure that there are no hidden cameras around.

The staffs of Nogibingo already predicted that her camera sensors will be on high alert that’s why they made sure that all the cameras are perfectly hidden. Maru finally sat down after her camera sensors failed to detect anything. She removed her mask  then ruined her hair before fixing it again. That action garnered a big reaction from the girls in the studio.

“What’s up with that reaction?” Ijiri Okada, the MC of the show, asked the girls. “Why are you giggling like you have seen some ikemen?”

“She reeks of ikemen aura!” Ikoma Rina a.k.a Yama no Ojiisan, argued. She even rose to her feet. “Even if she doesn’t do danso you would just like to jump by her side and be protected by her.”

The other members agreed to her argument with a synchronized nod. They raised more arguments which made Ijiri gave up. The delusions of the girls are just right off the roof. He just facepalmed and asked everyone to continue watching.

They let Maru spent a good 20 minutes at the room alone with the hope that she would let her guard down and she did! They watched her reach for her phone and launch her LINE. It seems like she is waiting for some sort of message but there isn’t anything arriving. She released a vexed sigh. She then just switched to her Twitter and checked updates of the on-going Sports Festival.

After getting bored of reading updates, she leaned to the table and closed her eyes.


Everyone on the studio jerked after hearing her murmured. They looked at each other as if asking if they heard the same thing.

“Minna-san, Hoshino-san just muttered ‘Haruka’ under her breath!” Ijiri-san announced. “What is the meaning of that?”

“Is there by any chance that she is pertaining to Shimazaki Haruka-san?” Akimoto Manatsu blurted out. “I heard that they have some sort of special bond.”

There were nods from the girls but Wada Maya disagreed. “I don’t think she is pertaining to Shimazaki-san.” She stated. “I think she is thinking about her oshimen, Kodama Haruka-san.”

“Tashikani!” Ijiri exclaimed after hearing Maya’s point. “Both are possibilities. They got quite a good love triangle at the last episode of AKBingo, right?”

The girls responded with enthusiasm. They started chatting about what happened to the legendary Danso date. Once again, Ijiri slapped his forehead.

“Why are we even talking about her on a high tension like this? Her suddenly uttering a name of a girl is weird, isn’t it?” Ijiri sighed then laughed. “Anyway, while we are lowering more of Hoshino-san’s guard, have you all noticed all the missing members?”

The girls looked around and they finally realized something.

“Maiyan, Ikuchan and Naachan are missing!” Takayama Kazumi shouted which caused a fuss among the girls. “We saw them at the dressing room earlier. Where are they?”

Ijiri-san stood up like he is about to drop something really, really important. The scene on the monitor suddenly changed into a live footage from another room. The three missing girls are seen to be chatting carelessly. They are clueless about the cameras hidden.

“One of them will take part of the dokkiri that will be done for Hoshino-san!” The MC declared which made everyone gasp. “But they know nothing of what is going to happen. The participant will be decided now!”

As if on cue, the main director of the show came in with an unfamiliar guy. The girls stood up to greet them and the unknown guy was then introduced as a new assistant program director. Just by looking at the way the guy is dressed, it looks like he is a modest type of person and couldn’t do any harm. He looks cool on the same time as well.

The director of the show asked them to pick someone to do some video plugging for Nogibingo on the other room with the other director. The girls looked at each other, it seems like no one is up to do the request of their director.

“Let’s decide by Janken then.” Ikuta Erika innocently suggested. “The one who will lose will do the promotion.” The cute suggestion was then accepted by the two other girls and they did Janken in front of their director.

“Those girls!” Ijiri laughed at the sight of the girls doing Janken. “They should at least send the winner. It really looks like they don’t like to plug for the show.”

After three ties, Maiyan looked at her fist realizing that she has lost the mini janken tournament. The two girls playfully waved at her as she was going out with the other guy, laughing at her ‘misfortune’.

The two girls were then directed to the studio where they were welcomed by the on-going taping. Naachan and Ikuchan both looked dumbfounded.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Ikuchan asked while looking around. “When did you guys start filming?”

“You just survived a big ordeal, girls.” Ijiri-san confusingly said.

“What are you talking about, Ijiri-san? Where are they going to take Maiyan?” Naachan asked as she went to her seat.

The monitor was split into half. The other side was for Maiyan walking with the false director while the other side is for Maru. The two pointed at the monitor after recognizing the other girl.

“That girl…?” Ikuchan asked; her eyes wide in surprise.

“Sou! Today’s episode is “NOGI MISSION: Unveil the Truth Behind Hoshino Maru—UNMASK MMG!”

The camera took one quick slide to show the girls but they are still in the state of confusion.

“How is this unmasking going to take place anyway?” Wakatsuki Yumi asked.

“I’m glad that you asked that…” Ijiri took a deep breath. “With Hoshino-san being the talk of the town lately, we only have a very little knowledge about her. We all know that she loves saving the girls from AKB from different misfortunes but will she be willing to do the same for the girls from AKB’s rival group?”

“Ahh… That seems like a great plan…” Ikoma-chan commented while nodding her head like an ojiisan. “Is her kindness only for AKB or what? Like that, right?”

“Sou! And then we picked a clueless accomplice from you which was decided by a half-hearted janken earlier. That is Shiraishi Mai-san!”

They looked at the monitor and they saw Maiyan having some small talk with the guy while on their way to that room. She is clueless that something will surprise the hell out of her in a few moments.

“The plan is Shiraishi-san will be led into a room where that fake new AD will push her into a corner and then reveal himself as Shiraishi-san’s big fan! He will then begin forcing himself to the girl.”

“Ehhhh!?” The girls shouted in unison. “That will definitely scare Maiyan! Isn’t that going too far?”

“Don’t worry, that guy is wearing gloves so there will never be a real skin contact!”

“That’s not the point Ijiri-san!”

The MC just laughed at their worried faces. “And then that room will be the room where Hoshino-san is currently waiting right now! Saa, let’s see what kind of reaction she will make. Will she save Shiraishi or let her be!!!?”

“This feels like a scene from a movie or drama.” Hashimoto Nanami commented. She doesn’t seem convinced that something cool might happen but she eagerly watch the happenings.

Everyone is at the edge of their seats, leaning towards the monitor.

Maiyan and the guy are finally in front of the room where Maru is in. The guy suddenly stopped walking which made Maiyan curious. She was about to ask her if there is something bothering him but the guy just held her and pushed her inside the room without saying anything.

The guy immediately followed her inside and then locked the door. He pushed the shocked Maiyan into the corner behind the door. He is holding both her arms against the wall.

“W-W-Wait!” Maiyan struggled to free herself. “What is the meaning of this?”

Everyone gasped at what they are watching. Naachan and Ikuchan hugged each other. Did they just save themselves from this situation through janken?

“I’m a big fan of yours, Shiraishi-san.” The guy murmured under his breath. “Seeing you this close… I can’t handle myself anymore.”

The girls shrieked. They are on their feet now. The whole scene is just making them cringe.

“Someone save her!”

“What is Hoshino-san doing anyway!?”

“Don’t tell me she isn’t going to save Maiyan!!?”

The camera went to focus on Maru. Everyone laughed at the expression pasted on her face. Her mouth is wide open as if she couldn’t believe that something like this is happening in front of her. She then pointed to herself and then mouthed, ‘But I am here…’

The studio cracked into laughter after reading her lips.

“Tashikani!” Ijiri-san laughed. “She is there but they don’t even notice her. The look on her face clearly asks if they think she is air!”

Maiyan continued to struggle until she saw Maru. Her eyes sparkled as if she saw a lifeguard that will save her. But, Maru remained looking at them, frozen to where she is sitting. After being thawed, she reached for her phone on the table and take photos of the assault.

The smirk on her face made Maiyan worry even more. “Don’t tell me she is going to use the pictures against me?” she thought. The studio is also puzzled on what Maru is doing. Why is she even taking pictures of it?

“Is that all? She’s just going to take pictures? She isn’t going to save her?” Kazumin protested.

Maru stood up without making any sound. She makes sure that the guy will not notice her as she moves. She went closer to them and snapped even more pictures. This time, it is obvious that she is making her presence known.

“How about put your faces nearer?”

The guy jumped from his place and let go of Maiyan’s right arm. He looked at Maru with a surprised face but it looks like he isn’t going to back off. He saw the phone on Maru’s hand and he started to agitate.

“Who the hell are you!? Why are you taking pictures!?”

“Kowai, kowai, KOWAI!” The girls shrieked once more.

Maru kept her phone back to her pocket and smirked. She stared at the guy with eyes piercing the soul. The guy was taken aback.

“Evidence…” Maru taunted him. “Now, I won’t mind if you set her free right now.”

The guy tried to put up a farce. “What? Who are you to talk to me like that? You are just a girl!”

The last sentence echoed at the back of Maru’s mind. She then smiled widely to the guy who is towering over her. “Yes, you are right. I am just a girl. Thankfully, I am not as filthy as you.”

The girls are cheering loudly for Maru and Ijiri-san couldn’t help but laugh at what is happening. It seems like he is starting to agree that Maru is reeking with ikemen aura.

“Let go of her and you will not get hurt.”

“What if I don’t—“

Everyone’s jaw dropped at the next happening. Maru kicked him at the leg which made him let go of Maiyan. That move also made their heights even and then Maru gave him some strong headbutt, sending him to the ground.

“Let’s go.” Maiyan heard Maru uttered those words before she felt a hand held her and took her outside of the room. Maru is walking fast, she almost couldn’t catch up with her pace. Her heart is beating so fast. Did what just happen really happened?

She just stared at Maru’s back. What’s weirder is she doesn’t mind being taken away by her.

The girls on the studio followed Ijiri-san with the ‘Dokkiri Success’ placard on his hands. They are hurried so they can catch up with Maru and Maiyan. They met the two at some hallway.

Maru’s jaw dropped when she saw the Nogi girls on the other side of the hallway waving at them. She can also see Ijiri-san holding the cursed placard and cameramen starting getting out of nowhere. She looked at the girl behind her and immediately let go of her, thinking that she is an accomplice.

She brushed her face with her palm, she’s aware that she is turning red because of embarrassment. The gang went near them with teasing smiles on their faces and all together they shouted ‘Dokkiri Success!’ Maru covered her face and leaned to the wall. Right at that moment she wanted to be absorbed by the cold wall.

It is the first time that she met Nogizaka46 but their first meeting all turned out to be in a form of a dokkiri. Very nice. Then they went back to the studio to continue recording. It took a time before Maru agreed to join the taping. She really doesn’t like the idea of dokkiri.

The recording resumes with her and Maiyan standing beside the MC for the interview. She couldn’t even raise her head. Everything that she has done a while ago doesn’t stop flashing back to her mind. The embarrassment is just in a different level.

“The answer to the question is YES! Hoshino Maru-san saved Shiraishi Mai-san from the attack!”

The girls clapped and cheered. A loud “That’s cool!” comment can be heard from Ikoma-chan and it seems like everyone is agreeing with her. Maru sighed. So that is what it is all about, huh?

“Shiraishi-san, what can you say about everything that happened?”

Maiyan also heaved a sigh and tried to smile. She still has a bit of a shock from the assault.

“That’s so cruel!” She stressed out. “Suddenly being pushed in a room like that… Do you know how I really wanted to cry right at that moment? When I saw Hoshino-san in the room I thought that I will be saved right away but she took pictures first.”

“Those pictures are for evidence, right?” The MC asked which was answered by a faint nod from Maru. “Can you show it to us?”

Maru agreed and she showed them the pictures. The girls are all marveled about the quality of the pictures. They feel like they were not stolen pictures. She kept swiping until a stolen picture of Paruru was shown. She immediately turned her phone’s screen off and kept her phone. She got teased by Ijiri-san and the girls for having that stolen picture. This scene was not aired due to Maru’s wish. She really begged for it to be cut.

The guy who assaulted Maiyan came in and the girls shrieked at the sight of him. He is holding his forehead at his entrance. Maru immediately went to him and deeply apologized for kicking and head butting him. His leg was bruised and he even had a bump on his head.

He is then revealed to be a theater actor hence his convincing acting a while ago.

“How was the experience of being sent to a ground by a girl?” Ijiri-san asked.

The guy put his hands on his waist and sighed. “Subarashi-desu!” He answered with delight in his face. Everyone couldn’t believe what he just answered. “I don’t mind being hit by Hoshino-san again!”

Ijiri-san spanked him on the head which made everyone laugh. “How about that? Do you want me to hit you again, you big masochist!”

The studio was then filled with laughter after. The dokkiri segment was then put to an end and it they took a break. Maru immediately ran somewhere and some of the staff members chased after her. The members were left talking with Maiyan about her experience. The actor apologized to her before exiting the studio.

She couldn’t say anything more. Maru really caught her off-guard. Right now Maru looks like a knight in shining hoodie to her.

Maru thought that her embarrassment would end there but she got it all wrong.


MARU entered the studio back wearing a white t-shirt and purple shorts. It is  the Physical Education uniform of Nogizaka. The girls also changed to those costumes. It has been a long time since they wore them again.

The guest, wearing her unamused face, is standing by Ijiri-san. She doesn’t know how she would react to all of this. This is just her second time in a variety show so she still doesn’t know how to handle things. Above all of it, she is working with people that she only met for the first time. How could they expect her to do well with this situation? She wasn’t even oriented. All this BINGO shows are giving her traumas.

She also feels a little weird with all the girls looking at her adorably. She feels like she is a rare animal being presented to a group of young girls in a field trip.

“Gachinko Dark Room Guessing Game!”

Maru’s eyes widened when she heard Ijiri-san’s title call. She heard the girls protesting about the segment. She searched her manager among the staff to get clarifications of what is happening but the guy just gestured at her to go with the flow.

“Now, with our special guest, Hoshino Maru-san, we are bringing back this popular segment! Are you, girls, ready?”

That question was answered with some violent NOs especially from Ikoma-chan. She hates this segment so much.

“Since Hoshino-san here seems like she is not afraid of anything, the show has come up with a plan to investigate about the things she dislikes. If she could conquer the dark then we can already consider her a perfect human being!”

“Yayayayaya…” Maru heavily shook her head. “Isn’t that too much? Being considered perfect just like that?”

“Are you afraid of the dark, Hoshino-san?”

“NO!” She gulped after letting that one word out. She didn’t know what come up to her but her lips moved on its own. “W-Why should I be afraid of the dark?” She crossed her arms to put a convincing act. “I’m not really afraid of it so—“

“So you are up to the challenge, right?” Ijiri-san challengingly asked. “We are counting on that courage of yours, Hoshino-san.”

Maru suddenly felt dizzy after all the happenings. She slapped her forehead as a punishment for saying no. The Nogi-chans are all laughing at her because she is obviously doesn’t like the idea of getting inside that pitch-black room. She may say that she isn’t afraid but her actions don’t lie.

There were two pairs that went inside the dark room before her turn. All the happening inside sent the members to the floor laughing but Maru doesn’t seem like she is entertained at the very least. She couldn’t even see which is funny. All she knows is she is going to mess things up and that is 100% sure.

It was finally her turn and she couldn’t get herself to move. She was also paired with the Negative Idol, Saito Asuka, which made it harder for her because she doesn’t know how she should approach her.

“She isn’t really afraid of the dark, right?” Maiyan chat with the others while Maru and Asuka are on their way to the room. “She fearlessly saved me from the attack… This would destroy her cool aura if she would run because of fear.”

Ikuchan and Naachan who are sitting in both of her sides agreed with her.

“It’s not that she became known for being a fragile girl, she gained attention because in spite of that cute face she eludes a very cool aura. It is those two factors that magnets people towards her.” Ikuchan commented.

“If she cried because of the dark this will be very interesting.” Ikoma-chan stated while rubbing her chin. The other girls looked at her suspiciously.

“Look who is talking.”

Maru and Ashuu are already in front of the room. Maru paused for a moment to take some deep breathing and to condition herself. She slapped herself a few times as if she is waking herself from something. Asuka found it a little funny and couldn’t help but to chuckle. Maru looked at her with an angry puppy face which made her laugh even more.

She held Maru through her shirt and together they went in. Maru is already moving like a robot even before her vision was engulfed by the darkness. Her throat is dry and no matter how she tries to hydrate it, it would dry soon. Darkness is her archenemy.

She tried to calm herself. She knows that Asuka is holding her by the shirt and she is just beside her. She isn’t alone. This is just a show. Nothing bad will happen to her.

They started moving in accordance to the directions of Ijiri-san. In the middle of the room was a statue of a big man. This is their target to guess but there are a lot of surprises prepared for them.

Suddenly, there were things falling from the different sides of the room. The two froze to where they were standing and tried to look around even though they know they couldn’t see anything. Maru’s heart started to pump double time.

“Don’t add this kind of sounds, come on!” she murmured to herself with a shaky voice but everyone heard her because of the mic attached to her. Everyone laugh at the display of fright. Maru slowly reached for Asuka’s hand behind her and held it tightly. This surprised not just the girl but everyone inside the studio.

“Sorry Saito-san, just for this moment… Let’s just finish this thing fast so we can get out of here.”

The girls clapped after hearing that line. They praised the coolness of Maru despite the fear.

The sound went on once again. It sounds like a sound of someone rampaging, giving shivers to Maru’s spine. Her body started to tremble and Asuka can clearly feel it. She could also hear Maru’s loud breathing which is a little worrying.

Memories kept on flashing at Maru’s mind. The darkness… The rampaging sounds… This just summarizes her childhood. When she was young, her mother would keep her inside the wardrobe whenever her father would berserk. She would stay in the darkness for a long period of time, hearing only shouts and things hitting the ground.

When the rampage is over, she would come out of the wardrobe only to see her mother almost beaten to death. This brewed all the anger she has against her father. There was even an instance where she was beaten by her father and was just left inside the storage room. Her head was bleeding that time… It was dark… It was cold… She thought that it was already the end…

Everything was coming back to her. She tried to wake herself up from all the flashbacks by slapping her face. She tried focusing on the instructions of the MC so she could free herself from this.

She bumped to the mannequin in front of her and she suddenly crumbled on the floor. The studio, clueless of what is really happening to her, just laughed at what they are seeing. The thought that she bumped to her father in the middle of that dark room covered her mind she couldn’t even move.

Asuka tried to assist her but Maru failed to response to her calls. They heard Ijiri-san asking if they already have a guess.

“M-M-My dad!” The studio rolled into laughter after that answer. That laughter somehow woke Maru from the trance. She shook her head to keep herself together. Ashurin helped her to stand up. Maru took one deep breath and balled her fists.

“It’s a freakin’ mannequin!!!” she shouted and then punched the statue right in front of her. The lights then turned on which blinded them for a few seconds. She saw the mannequin lying on the ground reminding her of her crime. Thankfully, Asuka was there to talk to her and remove her eyes from the mannequin.

“We did it Hoshino-san!” The negative idol is suddenly... cheerful? This sight somehow surprised Maru. The smile on her face somehow warms her heart. “We somehow finished the challenge!”

Maru bowed her head and gave out a faint smile. “W-We made it…” That happy smile of the idol just reminded her of the most important woman in her life. She pulled her into a hug which startled everyone.

“We made it…”

That’s all and the girl lost consciousness. Ashurin managed to support her before the staffs rushed to assist her. Her nose was bleeding which made everyone panic but she regained consciousness soon after and managed to finish the recording.




THE VTR ended and the Nogizaka girls applauded. They gave a few comments and the recording was put into a close. It was one crazy trip to the past as they have said. The recording was a tribute for a friend who already left.

They were already in the dressing room when the topic was suddenly brought out again.

“Who would’ve thought that she is fighting against bad memories that time? We were like mean people laughing at her misfortune back then…” Ikoma-chan commented then released a sigh.

Maiyan tried to lighten up the mood with a snicker. “I even teased her a lot of times because of what happened. It was really funny until you find out the reason why she was acting like that.”

“Hoshino-san is really a cool girl…” Asuka suddenly joined the conversation. “I really wish that I could get to know her more and be close with her.”

The members were all surprised after hearing that from someone whose heart is close for new people.

Ikuchan, who is sitting by the table, heaved a deep breath. “It has been a year already, huh? Time sure flies fast.”

There was a short reign of silence before Naachan broke it.

“I wish she continued doing this job. She makes a lot of people smile…” She tried to smile widely. “But yeah… People have different paths to take… Different fates...”

“Paruru-san seems like she is also doing good at that place. There is nothing to worry about…” That was Ikoma-chan talking with a convincing tone.

“Hmmmm…” Ikuchan thought aloud. “If we had the chance to give Hoshino-san a name as well, what do you guys think we should give her?”

Everyone tried to think of a name but there is only one name that will fit her and will remind her of Nogizaka as well.

“I got an idea…” Maiyan raised her hand. “How about Kibou?”

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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Haaahh... I want to know Maru's fate sooner but that means the end of the arc will come too... 

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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Yo! I deeply apologize that I didn't commented last time  :bow: and said that I would maybe post the drawing on your next post but honestly I haven't finished it yet,  I'm sorry :kneelbow: because my schedule right now is packed with practices for our recognition and submitting requirements. But today's the last day of it,  tomorrow I'm free! I'll try to finish it tomorrow,  I haven't read the updates yet also haha XD again, I'm sorry :kneelbow:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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I'm waiting this chapter to come since forever!!! glad you make the nogibingo chapter, cause i'm curious why is maru-kun got traumated in nogibingo  :D :D

Poor Maru-kun, but she's lucky to get that close with ashu (i know it's kinda weird but i kinda ship maru-kun with ashu and i wonder why??)

The final arc is coming!!! i'm curious with maru-kun's fate but I WANT A HAPPY ENDING!!!  :on chew: :on chew:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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Sory for late comment
Finally my curiosity has been gone
You make that nogi
Waiting for the last arc


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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@Genkikid-san, yeah. It's going to be over soon.  :cry:

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, no pressure buddy. Do everything at your own pace. :)

@yukine-san, you are not alone at that MaruAshu ship. I know someone who is on board with you. Haha.

@misaamasane-san, no worries.  I was planning to make the Nogi arc into the usual 3-chapter setting but I kinda rushed this one..

ALSO, sorry for not posting the start of the last arc. I'm making sure that I didn't forget to write anything so I'm really sorry for the late update. I will update on Thursday or

Q: Do you want me to upload the whole final arc at once? It might take time though. It will be on Sunday~
vote on the poll above  :cow:

I'm going to take this chance to thank all the people who participated in the poll. 25 people!!! AMAZING! Thank you very much! :D I'm so happy that you are all reading this fic. I'm hoping for the best for all of you wherever you guys are! You are all awesome!

Thanks a lot!  :heart:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO! + POLL
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Personally i want a whole chapter,  it's kinda suck waitng for the next chapter if u divide it.
But it's up to you.

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With 12 votes out of the 19 over-all votes, the whole final arc will be posted on Sunday! Please don't expect too much of it. I won't say anything about it so I won't raise or lower the hurdle. Let's see each other on SUNDAY then! Set the date everyone~

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO! + POLL
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*Prepares special pit in hell to torture Maru if she does on Sunday*

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO! + POLL
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It's finally happening.

Wakuwakuwaku suruyo!  :frustrated:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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The camera went to focus on Maru. Everyone laughed at the expression pasted on her face. Her mouth is wide open as if she couldn’t believe that something like this is happening in front of her. She then pointed to herself and then mouthed, ‘But I am here…’

The studio cracked into laughter after reading her lips.

Okay, I just finished reading the latest update and I was laughing at that part :lol:

Man, can't believe it's going to end. I really like on how the character fits the story, I even began to imagine someone like Maru could be real lol but again we're talking about stories.

And for the req. I guess I'll just post it on Sunday also and try to add some more XD I mean, I don't even know if it looks Maru 'the girl'. I tried to adjust her hair but I just can't seem to find it right(she really looks like a man to me, blame her ikemen doings!). And there is this rushed sketched, Maru and Paru      Oops, I guess I said too much XD

I'll just see you on your next chap bud thanks for the concern also! :wave:

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The title for the last arc is also the title of this fic am i right??  😄😄
 Really... Time fly so fast this fic eventually reaching the last arc , you know what? I hope maru is real in real life :hehehe: :hehehe:
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i have to left this fic for a while, and somehow I'm lucky to catch up just before the final act
... its raining all day here when I'm start reading this again, and its suddenly night when i lift my face from my screen
its still raining
and I'm a feeling wreck
totally looking forward to the final! (but ein pressure)

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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BGM: Ailee – Evening Sky
PARURU came out of the bedroom, trying her hardest not to make any sound. She went to the kitchen tip-toeing just to make sure she won’t be blocked once again. She went to prepare some hot chocolate and put it into a thermos. The excitement on her face made her glow even more.

She looked at the time through the wall clock by the living room. It’s already 2 o’ clock in the morning. It’s about time. She has to get there immediately or she might miss it. She hurried to get something that will keep her warm and then rushed towards the rooftop.

Climbing the narrow stairs, she saw a certain girl fixing her telescope. The said girl then crossed her arms, her face in a deep scowl as if not satisfied of the setup. She combed her fringes up with her fingers and heaved a sigh. Her short hair is dancing with the wind. Paruru giggled without producing any sound. She then sneakily walked towards the girl with a plan to surprise her but—

“What do you think you are doing? I can smell you, you know?”

Paru’s shoulder dropped together with her plan. She puffed her cheeks but it was ineffective because the target isn’t even looking at her. She’s now busy adding final touches to the setup of her GoPro which she will use to document the upcoming night sky showcase.

“Hey~~” Paruru called out. “Look at me~!”

The girl who is wearing a hoodie continued to ignore her. She keeps herself busy with her stuff. Paruru scowled and just sat at the sofa that is really put there to provide comfort while viewing the night sky.

“Is that little thing fast asleep?” a sudden question surprised Paruru; that made her grin.

“Don’t call the baby ‘little thing’. I know that he is small but considering him as a thing is just cruel!” She said in between cute snickers.

They are pertaining to the baby who was left in front of their house exactly a week ago. They have already asked the locals if they know anything about the baby by any chance. It doesn’t seem like there is someone who was pregnant on that little town that they are living at. The appearance of the baby in front of their home is indeed a mystery.

“Don’t get yourself too attached with that little thing, Haruka. We don’t know if someone will just come and knock on our door one day saying, “I’m sorry for leaving my son here. I’ve regretted everything and I’m here to get him back.” When that day comes I don’t want to see you crying to me.”

Paru snickered even more. “You are just jealous that I have more time with the baby than with you, right, Hoshi?”

Maru turned to her with her usual tsundere face. She then went towards her and dropped herself to the couch. “Should I be jealous with that little thing? Well, I know he is cute. Having those blue eyes and blonde hair, I know you will certainly adore him.”

“See?” Paru softly slapped her at her shoulder. “You are jealous of him!”

Maru rolled her eyes in disbelief. “You’ve been spending most of your time attending Orion! I’ve been feeling like a house décor for the past week, you know!?”

Paru’s eyes squinted. “Orion? Do you mean the baby?”

Maru was taken aback and avoided Paru’s stare. Her tongue just gave her out. She scratched her head, thinking of an alibi but her mind can’t think of any at the moment.

“You are telling me not to be attached with the baby but here you are already naming him.” Paruru puffed her cheeks. “And seriously, what’s with Orion? It doesn’t sound right!”

Maru flicked her tongue and brushed Paru’s face with her palm. “It’s the name of my favorite constellation, Hime-sama… It won’t sound right if we were in Japan but we are in Wales, aren’t we?”

“Just admit it, Hoshi~ You really like Orion-kun. Your face when you first lifted him up would never tell otherwise.”

Paru’s continuous teasing made Maru blushed. She cupped Paru’s face with her hands and moved her face nearer. “Alright, alright! I like Orion so stop teasing me!” She turned Paruru’s face into her toy but then immediately let go of the girl when she saw Salt surfacing for a moment. She threw her stare to the sky to check if the shower has already started.

A deep sigh came out from Maru which didn’t escape Paruru’s attention.

“Are you worried about something, Hoshi?” The girl asked with a wide smile on her face.

“Hmmm…” Maru thought aloud. “We suddenly had a baby. I don’t know what to exactly feel about it. Never in my life have I thought about having a child. I don’t think I am ready to be a parent. I don’t even know how a parent should be…”

Paruru pressed her lips together. “You have me with you, Hoshi, so you don’t really have to worry.”

Maru turned to her with a look of disbelief. “That makes me worry even more.”

“I brought you some coffee.” Paru presented her the thermos with the wide smile back on her face. She just chose to ignore Maru dissing her.

“Are you serious?” Maru’s eyes widened. “You know that coffee is bad to the eyes!”

Paruru snickered once more. Seeing those funny reaction faces of Maru really entertains her. “Of course I am just joking. This is hot chocolate. In case you want to warm yourself up.”

Maru released a sigh of happiness while staring at the beautiful face of the girl in front of her. She is so thankful and extremely happy that she can still see this face that always takes her breath away.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Paruru cutely asked waking up Maru from her daze.

Maru just shrugged her shoulders then gave out a meaningful smile. She pushed the backrest of the couch to make it into a small bed. She then lay down, inviting Paruru to lie beside her. The other girl just smiled at her then answered the invitation.

She used Maru’s arm as her pillow while she hugs her. Everything that happened from some time ago… All of it seems like yesterday. Maru almost slipped away from her hands through that accident but here they are finally living together—away from all the pressure, away from the spotlight but happy… Genuinely happy.

Both of them gasped when a meteor suddenly drew a bright straight line on the sky. They looked at each other with faces clearly asking if they saw what they saw. A cute, child-like smile was painted to Maru’s face.

“It’s starting, Haruka!” she exclaimed in excitement. “The Lyrids meteor shower is starting!”

Paruru just answered her with a warm smile. Their eyes went back to the wonderful sky of the northern hemisphere. Paruru tightened the hug to her lover. Feeling her warmth just makes her feel at ease… makes her rest assured. She has given up everything just to be with her and she has never regretted anything.

More shooting stars marveled them on that breezy spring night. Maru’s eyes are fixed on the sky but she still manages to give some massage service on Haruka’s head using the hand of her pillow arm. It really feels like life and both of them are contented just with this setup.

The night went deeper and the amount of shooting stars slowly diminished. They returned the couch to its original form so they could drink the hot choco Paruru prepared. They used this time to fool around just like the usual. Maru is totally right when she said that she is like a house décor because of them suddenly having a baby. Paruru made sure that she will make up for that time. This is the girl she loves more than anything else anyway. She never wanted to make her feel like she isn’t needed.

“And you know what Shakure King did? She kicked the guy in his ass and warned him not to get near Miyuki ever again. That story was really, really funny!”

Paruru laughed with the story but that smile slowly faded from her face. She suddenly leaned to Maru as if asking to be embraced. This sudden sweet and cute gesture caught Maru off guard. She gave what the girl is yearning for and kissed her in the forehead.

“You feel cold?” Maru asked almost in a form of a whisper. “You should’ve dressed a bit warmer.”

“Uhm…” Paruru faintly shook her head. “I just really want to be hugged by you.”

Maru couldn’t help but to grin after hearing those words. She slid her hands down to Paruru’s waist and smiled mischievously. “How about I… TICKLE YOU!?”

She started tickling Paru which made the girl shriek. The girl started running away and she playfully ran after her. Paruru tried to get away from Maru as hard as she can but Maru is intentionally running slower. She couldn’t help but laugh everytime Paruru shrieks. Thankfully, the houses in that town aren’t near each other or else some neighbor could’ve already shouted at them to keep everything down.

“Stop chasing me!” Paruru shouted. “You are ruining the mood!!”

Maru laughed even more then caught Paru by hugging her from the back. The girl struggled to free herself but Maru isn’t letting go. They both tired themselves with laughing. Maru carried Paruru like a princess and went back to the couch.

She looked straight to Paru’s eyes and the mischievous smile slowly faded. The look into her eyes suddenly became so affectionate, glittering at the sight of this angel. Paruru responded with the same stare of longing.

Their faces slowly drew near each other. Feeling each other’s breath, their heartbeats start to resonate. Maru tucked Paruru’s hair behind her ear and caressed her face. She planted a kiss on Paruru’s forehead and looked at her with puppy eyes, giving hints about what she truly wants.

Paruru gave a faint nod, her cheeks are already burning. Maru’s other hand slid down her waist pulled her nearer. She gave Paru what she has been asking but then immediately cut it to look once more at Paruru.

Wanting to get more of it, Haruka initiated the next kiss—a kiss that is filled with love which Maru responded with more love. Their lips started moving slowly, dancing in their own pace. Paru wrapped her arms around Maru’s neck which ignited the kiss to dive deeper.

Maru cut it for a moment to get some air and then went back for a more aggressive kiss. It tastes a little bit of the chocolate they just had a while ago. It made the kiss a lot sweeter making Maru’s mind blank.

This is the girl she loves… The girl that she wants to protect with all of her life… The girl that she wants to give her all… The brightest star in her world…
“I love you, Hoshi…” Haruka uttered under her breath. Her lips are still trembling because of the last kiss. “I love you so much… I really do…”
Maru just looked at her with lovesick eyes. “I know, Haruka… I know…”

Maru slowly pushed her to the couch and was about to give her another kiss when her phone suddenly made a buzzing sound. Paru sighed after seeing the disappointed look on Maru’s face, feeling sorry about the sudden interruption.

“I-It is Orion-kun…” Paru stuttered while looking at her phone. “I received a notification that he is crying…”

“Technology…” Maru sighed. She stood up and took a stretch before taking a look at her telescope. “Go now and look what is making him cry.”
Paruru bit her lower lip. “S-Sorry Hoshi…”

“Come on… It’s okay…” Maru continued talking without looking at her. “I will go to bed soon as well.”

“Alright…” Paru stood up and picked the thermos. “Go back soon, okay? I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

She shook her head in disappointment and started walking away. “Wrong timing, Orion-kun… Wrong timing…”


Paruru gasped when Maru suddenly called her name. She looked back at her and her jaw dropped. The scene of the beautiful night sky and Maru is just so stunning. She lost words of how to describe it.

Maru is staring at her with those eyes piercing through her soul, sending butterflies to her stomach, making her heart quake.

“I love you too. I love you so much…”

THE bright ray of light flashed straight to Paru’s eyes which woke her up from her deep sleep. She slowly opened her still drowsy eyes. The first thing that she saw was the trophy of the acting award that she received two days ago.

She rubbed her eyes to make sure that what she is seeing is right. Her heart started to feel heavy as everything sinks in. She felt an arm hugged her from behind and her eyes started to tear up even before she noticed it.

“Yui…han…?” she murmured to herself when she saw the face that she isn’t expecting to see. The pain that stroke her heart almost killed her. She moved herself to sit; her naked body is only covered by the thick blanket.

Yui is still fast asleep. She suddenly remembered what really happened last night. There was no meteor shower that happened. It wasn’t late spring but it is still winter. She wasn’t somewhere in Europe but she is still in Japan. Above all, the one she was with last night was Yui and not Hoshi… for she will never be with her again.

A year ago…
3rd of January, 2017

RIGHT after singing 「Anata ga ite Kureta Kara」, the lights of the hall dimmed. The unbelievable amount of members on stage is really surprising since the management didn’t ask for everyone to be present. What was announced is anyone who thinks received an impact from her life, they may participate but everyone appeared in the venue which surprised the management.

The amount of fans that came was overwhelming as well. There were supposed to be seats but they chose to remove them after seeing how long the line was outside. The fans didn’t mind standing to provide more room. They just want to be part of this send off.

“Do I really need to do this? Are you guys sure?”

While the hall was filled with darkness and the members are finding their own places, a voice was heard. That voice immediately touched their hearts. The light from the huge screen slowly fade in and a video of a rare smiling Maru was shown. There was a round of applause from everyone just at that sight of her.
She was on the UZA outfit and was still shy on camera that time. A narration was suddenly heard. It was the voice of Kayano Shinobu.

“This was the first time that she came out without the mask and the glasses. I remember how hard it was to convince her to do that but the face that I saw after the performance was really wonderful.”

“Do I have to do interviews like this everytime I ‘accomplish’ something?”

“She was scratching her head and was obviously trying to make us think that she finds it troublesome but the smile in her face never lies. She enjoyed the performance with the other girls. She was happy that she is back…”

The video dimmed again and a certain date was flashed on the screen.

20th of June, 2016

“Hoshino Maru went back to Korea after the SSK. No one knew the real reason why she left that time. There was only one reason—that is to prepare on becoming a star.”

“I’ve been wearing glasses for a while now. It would be really weird if I suddenly stop using them.”

“That was her statement while she was giving us the tour on the place where she has been staying before coming to Japan. She did this tour very awkwardly since she didn’t know where to start. She is a girl of secrets and telling things about herself was never an easy task for her. It was obvious in her eyes how she felt anxious doing that interview…

We decided to document everything that she could tell us before she goes to the hospital. Yes, since she got a strong suggestion about having her eyes operated to be able to move freely on stage, she agreed to undergo some sight correction surgery but we didn’t know that there will be a big news that will welcome us when she took the eye checkup…”

The scene transferred to a hospital where Maru was listening to whatever the eye specialist was saying. It doesn’t look like a very good news just by the look on her face.

“Her mouth is partially open and her eyes are fixed to the doctor—That is how you can describe her while listening to the findings. There was only one person from the staff that could understand Korean and from him we found out what was really going on…

Her optic nerves are dying… They are slowly degenerating…

She wasn’t able to say anything. She didn’t show any emotion on her face but she turned so pale and we all knew she was in fear. No one would be happy hearing about her vision fading until going completely blind. No one would be happy especially photographers like her.”

The staff just tailed her walking around the vicinity of the apartment where she lives before going to Japan.

“Her shoulders were so heavy that time and we couldn’t talk to her for more than an hour. She remained silent, walking non-stop. It felt like every hope in her life vanished. Sometimes she would look back at us with eyes asking why we were still following her but we couldn’t leave her… We couldn’t say anything that would make her feel better until…

Maru froze while looking on something in the middle of the road. When we saw what she was looking at we got surprised… A bus stop? By that time I saw a faint smile curved on her lips. Our hearts were put into a halt when she looked at us with a wide smile.”

“Do you, guys, want to hear some story?”

“That was the first time we saw her smile like that. What was with that bus stop…? It was then that we realized that it is the place where that special meeting happened… And seeing that place again, she got reminded. It felt like there was light again. She started opening up to us.”

The scene was suddenly transferred to an interview with non-other than Akimoto Yasushi himself. The crowd was very surprised. He was not often seen doing interviews for members or documentaries but he specially did one just for Hoshino Maru.

The sensei heaved a very deep breath. “I know things about her from the very start. I had her investigated. I wouldn’t just let anyone infiltrate the 48 group without any identity check… But after knowing everything about her, the desire to have her on the group grew even more.”

The scene transferred again to Maru. She was seen walking on a subway station then she sat on a nearby bench. She was telling things on the camera but what she was saying was on mute. The locations transferred a lot of times—from the subway station to a PC rental room to an arcade center then back to that subway station again.

Then, the picture of Maru being interviewed was shown.

“The day of the AKB Fes, she was called in for an interview at the AKB48 theater which was currently vacant. She came with some sort of disappointment that she could not watch the event from the start but she managed to finish the interview properly. We were having this documentary as a secret from everyone else anyway…”

Q: What is your real name?

“I don’t really have a name. I was born nameless.

Q: But you certainly grew up with a name right?
“It was the name of my dead twin brother. I grew up thinking that I was him. It was a very deep family issue…

Q: Could you please tell us what it is?
Maru released a heavy breath. “Baek Hye-joon.”

The interview went back to Aki-P. He was the one who narrated Maru’s past which surprised everyone who is unaware of it. A dark, horrible past it was that it made a lot of the people watching shed tears.

“I know she will not like it that I told the whole Japan about this…” Aki-P continued. “But how she managed to survive it and still smile like that is something that I want the whole country to admire about her. There might be a lot of times when she thought of giving up but she managed to make us all smile and leave us happy memories despite all of those.”

Maru showed her scars to the camera for a very short moment but even the gasp of the camera guy was heard at that footage. Maru just snickered for a bit.

“I somehow take pride to them… Like what I told Yamamoto Sayaka-san and Yokoyama Yui-san, these are proofs of my strength. But these are also the reason why my optic nerves are degenerating now…”

“She wandered in the streets of Korea for three years, sleeping on subway stations. She earned money through playing video games where she was paid just to watch her playing.”

“I was very good at shooting games that time that people would pay me money just to watch me finish the whole game with just one credit. I am just actually having fun killing virtual people. I know, I know… That might sound like I am a psycho…”

Sayanee gulped after hearing that statement. She just made Maru ate dust on the last time they went to the arcade. It was her degenerating sight that made her lose. It wasn’t that she isn’t good on it. The NMB ace tried to smile at that thought but her tears are persistent.

“That was her life and she found all of it black and white. There was no other color… and the sight of blood was the only way to paint it…”
Maru then told in the interview by the subway station how she was found by Hiroko and her husband but she chose not to mention their names for security and privacy reasons. She told how she got influenced into liking AKB and how the group entertained her to the point of forgetting to hurt herself.

“Colors just suddenly sprung out. I laughed. I got inspired. I was moved. Seeing them doing their best just to make people smile… there was even a time that I thought they were angels…”

Maru suddenly fell quiet while she looks at the bench where she usually slept before.

“Becoming part of them isn’t really my dream. I’m okay with just standing by the side and take pictures of them. I want to photograph how wonderful those girls can be…” she then gave a meaningful look at the camera for a moment. “But that one thing will also be taken away from me, right?”

“With a resolution of staying with the girls for a bit more, she underwent a permanent lens implant. This would give her the chance to move freely for months. According to the doctor, this would also help in detecting how far her optic nerves have degenerated. She was also given some supplements to somehow give life to nerves. That time was crucial for her so she just obeyed everything the doctor said…

Maru returned to Japan and was warmly welcomed with her close friends within the group. In the months that I’ve been monitoring her, the people I can say that she really grew fond of are the General Manager of the group, Yokoyama Yui; the NMB Ace, Yamamoto Sayaka; SKE’s absolute center, Matsui Jurina; HKT’s two top, Miyawaki Sakura and Kodama Haruka; the legendary fisher, Watanabe Miyuki and the Goddess of Salty Reactions, Shimazaki Haruka.”

The shot went back to the interview with Maru at the theater. She was trying not to laugh at that certain frame but she couldn’t’ hide it.

“Yes, I’ve received names from some people. For someone like me who doesn’t have a name, receiving one is a joy. People who name me, I consider them very precious.

Q: What is the name you’ve given to Hoshino Maru?
Milky: IJIWARU! She was so mean when I first met her. She keeps calling me names too! Also if you add IJIWARU and MILKY it will be WARUKI~
Sayanee: I don’t have a name for her but I call MARU-KUN my SON. I am her dad!
Jurina: ANIKI! She’s like an older brother to me! She looks like something that I can count and lean on to.

The audience laughed at the hilarious answers of the three. Somehow they made the mood a bit lighter.

Haruppi: *turns red* This is just a secret, okay? In my contacts I named her MARCO-KUN.
Sakura: Name? Hmm… I gave her another name because she has the same name as my cat. I call her HARUHI-san—spring day where cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It’s because of her that I am still blooming right now…”
Paruru: *tries to run away from the camera guy* I’m not saying it! It’s only for us!

Another roll of laughter covered the hall. Suddenly, Togasaki’s face suddenly came out which made everyone laugh again.

“I’m the one who gave her the name Maru!” he answered with pride. “I named her while she was applying for the part time job in AKB but she couldn’t put any name on the form. I named her after her round glasses. But where she got her surname… that’s something I don’t have any idea.”

“Hoshino…? I based it to the name a certain salty girl gave me… She named me HOSHI…”

The audience suddenly cheered for what they have heard. Paruru just faintly smiled at them. Until now she is still happy that Maru used the name that she gave her as her screen name.

“Hence, the story of Maru’s journey inside the 48G and the Japanese entertainment industry will never be complete without these girls. They became her precious friends and I have seen how much she really cares for them.

After each work that she does with other members, I would receive a message from her at night. It will always come up with a picture and some message like, ‘Sakura did give her best today… Jurina was annoying at the set but she supported me, she’s a true senpai… GM is a very wonderful person…’ at the end she would always say, ‘I hope others are seeing them like this too…’

Their friendship amazed me the most and I couldn’t help to take pictures secretly…”

Pictures that were taken by Shinobu-san was shown together with 「Hitoiki Tsuki Nagara」 as the background music. Those were wonderful pictures. Normally it was Maru who takes pictures so seeing her on one is really interesting. There are moments where she noticed Shinobu-san taking her pictures and she would bluntly make a weird face.

Most of the pictures are with her friends and it touched the hearts of everyone watching. The smiles and laughter on each stolen moments are so priceless. Shinobu-san also showed the pictures Maru sent her and everyone could really feel how much she admires the girls.

“Maru’s colorful life in AKB revolved around these girls but… there is this one person that I can say she has a very special relationship with…

Shimazaki Haruka…”

THE VTR started showing clips of Maru and Paruru. There was even a clip where Maru is taking stolen glances of Paruru. There were times that she appeared at Paruru’s drama shoot in disguise just to check her out. There were also instances of her secretly preparing things that Paru may need during performances.

“Is that another video again, Shinobu-san?” she shoved the camera away with her tsundere face. “I just hope your phone’s storage isn’t full yet. Stop taking videos of me!”

“I witnessed how she cares for Paruru. It was in a different level than anyone else. When I asked her if ever she changed her oshimen she said:

“I didn’t. Haruppi-san is my HKT oshimen and probably my over-all number 1 but if you would ask who my AKB oshimen is, it would be Haruka…”

A tear managed to escape Paruru’s eyes while listening to that interview. She immediately wiped it away and continued watching the mini documentary with a smile.

“But why are you showing a different kind of care towards Paruru-chan?”

Maru just looked at the camera with an innocent face. It seems like she was thinking of what to answer but she just smiled and said, “She is my first ever friend…”

“I’ve also seen them having conflicts and I could never describe how troubled she was during those times. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t do anything to fix the issue but I know she was hurting. I thought that maybe deep in her mind that setup is okay. If she grew more attach with other people it will be hard for her to leave one day…”

A clip of Paruru’s graduation announcement was shown. Her eyes widened in shock. The scene changed to Aki-P again.

“Even before Shimazaki announced her graduation, I think she was informed of this. She came into my office without setting any appointment. She just looked at me with that determined face and said,

“Please let me stay longer, Sensei! I want to take pictures of her graduation!”

I was surprised. We have already prepared everything for her departure but she suddenly barged at my office with that kind of face. It was the first time that she asked something from me. It was the first time that she told me that she wanted to do something.”

Aki-P heaved a sigh while remembering things.

“But it would be too risky. She should go back to Korea and somehow find treatment. I know that that will be the best for her so I said no but that child… She even begged in front of me just to let her stay…

“The last thing I want to do before my sight is taken away is to take wonderful pictures! I can never afford to miss this event! Please let me take her graduation picture!”

“I couldn’t say no to her. I’ve never seen that amount of determination in someone else’s eyes before. I agreed to her request with a deal that she has to do everything that I will tell her to do. That involved her having solo works and preparing her friends for her departure…”

The timeline of the documentary jumped to Janken Taikai. The clip where Maru came out in a Majisuka Gakuen seifuku together with the two legends, Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko, was shown.

“Maru was given a lot of works but this appearance made one of the biggest noises. A lot of speculation rose after this. What is the reason why she is being pushed like this?”

“Simple.” Akimoto-sensei answered. “I want her to see everything the girls she admire see. I want her to see the same scenery… I know it is impossible to make her keep doing that forever but I made her do all of those things with the hope that she could forget her horrible past. I wanted her to enjoy her life. I wanted to show her everything while there is still light…”

“Her sight has already started to fail during those times. She changed her house so that she could cut the ties with her friends. Once again she kept her mouth shut. I personally didn’t like her way of ending things. It was too painful and I know her friends felt the same.
With this, Akimoto-sensei himself interfered with the conflicts she had with her friends. The gap between them was closed after the Janken Tournament but still, she didn’t tell anyone about her condition and the only reason we could think of is…”

“I had her promise one thing to me…” That was Togasaki-san. “’I know you are a little close with some of the members especially Shimazaki. I hope you don’t do anything that will ruin their careers.’ That’s what I told her when I hired her as a photographer. The picture of that day is still clear as yesterday in my mind. I think that is the reason she couldn’t confess to her friends her situation. They might take irrational steps if they found out about it such as giving up their careers just to take care of her. I think this would apply more on Shimazaki because she has the strongest attachment to Hoshino.

The focus went back to Aki-P.

“I saw how wonderful the friendship she has with Shimazaki so I decided to give her one important task and that is to write Shimazaki’s graduation song. I was surprised on how the lyrics of the song 「Better」 turned out. It felt like she poured everything she has on it. It was supposed to be our secret, but yes… I am telling it to all of you…”

(A/N: , you will see what I mean.)

Togasaki closed his eyes and heaved a vexed sigh. “At the day of the accident I met her and she even told me that she has kept her promise until then.”

30th of December, 2016

“The whole Japan was again shocked by Hoshino Maru not because of an outstanding milestone but of the horrible accident that she got into. She was about to go to the press conference where she was supposed to tell everyone the reason why she withdrew from participating in NHK’s Yume no Senbatsu but her sight gave up along the way. This resulted to the accident which later took her life.”

Footage of the Kouhaku backstage tension was then shown.

“I almost jumped in joy after I received a phone call from her and she asked me that she wants to talk with the girls…”

“Haruka… Happy End…”

“She even managed to cheer the girls up even during those times, the pain she obtained in her head doesn’t cease. That call gave the girls light and during their performance they all shone brightly…

Maru placed an awesome 17th place at the rankings. I was really sad that I couldn’t even make a costume for her and made her wear it at the performance… I believe everyone who voted for her feels the same.

The girl went into a critical condition right after AKB’s performance ended. The doctors tried to revive her but when we arrived there the ICU was already empty. We thought that she was just transferred into a regular room but we were informed that she was dead.

I heard everyone’s anguish… Right at that moment that certain lobby of the hospital was filled with tears. I stood there frozen, until now I couldn’t believe that the child I have been taking care of for the past months was just taken away from me… was taken away from her friends… was taken away from AKB… was taken away from all of us…”

More pictures of Maru were revealed with 「Sakura no ki ni narou」 in piano as the background music. Those photos cover all the things she has achieved in a short period of time. All the photos are showing her rare smile. After that showcase was the last clip.

It was Maru riding on the service bus on her way home after a work. She looks tired but she was energetically answering the questions Shinobu-san was asking her.

Q: What can you say to the people who don’t like you?
“One day they will know about my situation, right? When that day comes, please don’t feel bad about hating me. I’m very used in being disliked and hated. Go on and just hate me.”

Q: How about to your supporters?
“They seriously need to have their eyes checked. I really can’t see what is to be supported to me. But thank you so much. I hope I am making you all smile.”

Q: How about to your friends?
“Hmm… What else can I say? Stay awesome, I guess? Stop making my house your party place.”

Q: How about to Paruru-chan?
*smiles and remains quiet*

Q: Maru-chan, are you happy about meeting the 48G?
“That’s a ridiculous question, Shinobu-san! Of course I do! I’m glad… Very glad… I mixed in…”
The background music faded out together with the video. A picture showing Maru’s back with her looking at the sky was then shown.

Hoshino Maru
December 24, 1994 – December 31, 2016

The lights turned on revealing the members on their designated position for the final song. Everyone who is close to Maru are standing in front of everyone else. Paruru and Milky are present even though they have already graduated. Paru is the one on the center.

The audience saw her shed some tears which she immediately wipes and conceals with a smile. She was cheered by the audience which made her heart quake even more. She looked at Yui standing beside her and the GM just gave her a faint nod. The latter was also trying hard not to cry. Paruru took one deep breath and started singing 「Mata Anata no koto wo Kangaeteta」


She managed to start the song without being engulfed by her emotions. Yui sang the next solo followed by Sayanee. The others also had their solo parts but they were joined by everyone at the chorus part.

Tears started to fill the hall as they remember Maru. It has just been five days after her passing and a lot of them haven’t accepted the fact that she will be nowhere around. The staff and crew are also crying. Maru, even though she became famous, she would always help them during pack-ups. She would still assist them and ask advices from them. They poured everything on the documentary even though it may seem a little rushed.

I won’t think of you anymore
I know that’s probably impossible
It won’t come true
Because my wish
Will never leave my thoughts

This chorus part after the bridge made Paruru broke into tears. She turned to Yui and Sayaka who with eyes overflowing with tears, still manage to continue singing. There was no other way to describe the whole hall. It was a complete picture of grief. The people watching at their homes through the live broadcast are all crying as well.

The song finished but they couldn’t stop crying. Paruru gathered all the remaining energy in her and stepped forward.

“Thank you so much for supporting Hoshino Maru!” She wiped her tears and looked up. “HOSHI!!! I love you! We all love you! Thank you so much!”

That’s all and she took a bow. The members followed her lead and even the audiences took a bow to offer respect to Maru. Thus ending the journey of the girl who unexpectedly blended in…

“ARE YOU sure you are going to be alright?” Yui worriedly asked while looking at the busy Paruru checking all the things she needed. “You’re going alone. Don’t get lost, okay?”

Paruru just snickered while locking her little traveling bag. She straightened up and looked back at Yui. “I won’t get lost. That was a very long time ago.”

Yui released a sigh. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t go again with you this time. I know that kid will surely hate me now.”

“I will be picked up by Hiroko-san herself from the airport so there is really nothing to be worried about me. I know you are busy as the General Manager.” She placed her hands on Yui’s shoulder and smiled sweetly at her. “And about that kid you are talking about, I’m sure she will understand. Let’s visit her together if you have the same free time as me.”

Yui gave out a faint smile. “And that means graduating, right?”

“I didn’t mean it to be like that!” They both laughed. Paruru has started living with Yui since two months ago. She gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “I will be back after five days~ See you.”

Yui nodded at her. “Sorry, I couldn’t even take you to the airport.”

“I’m not a kid anymore! I can go to the airport by myself.” She tucked out her tongue then happily went outside. It might be cold but nothing can stop her today. It will be the first time after a very long time that she would be able to go to Korea once again.

Hiroko contacted her and asked her to come to join the commemoration for Maru’s first death anniversary. It already passed about three days ago but the family was kind enough to adjust at her schedule. They also promised to tour her around Korea.

Paruru has become very close to the family especially to Hiroko. There was a time that they would talk every night just to support each other after Maru’s passing. Paru was depressed for the first months but talking with Hiroko helped her a lot.

She was already on the plane bound to Incheon when she took out a phone with a cracked screen. It was Maru’s phone that was recovered at her pent house. It was still functioning well and she received it without others knowing.

Paruru plugged in her earphones and listed to the voice recordings Maru had on her phone. It was like her diary but she recorded all of them knowing that one day she will lose the ability to read. Listening to Maru’s voice still pinches her heart specially whenever she hears the entries where she was mentioned. The entries during the time they were in a relationship are her treasures. She also had a separate folder on that phone. That folder contains all their pictures together.

The first time she saw them, she couldn’t help but to cry but it seems that time has already healed her heart even just a little bit. Everytime she misses Hoshi, she would just listen to the song she wrote for her to remind her of what the girl really likes for her.

“Paruru-chan~!” Hiroko welcomed her with a very tight hug which she gladly returned. “I’m glad that you arrived safely~!”

“I’m glad to see you again, Hiroko-san!” She greeted with a bright smile on her face. “How is everything going on? How is business?”

“It is better than ever!” The lady winked at her and they both snickered. While they are having that chat, someone who seems like Hiroko’s driver already picked up Paruru’s luggage. The two didn’t stop talking to catch up with each other.

It is cold but Paru was welcomed with warmth by Hiroko. There might be times that the lady would look like she is in a deep thought but she would smile right away.

They went to meet Choon-soo somewhere in Seoul where they had their lunch. Ae-ri wasn’t around. Hiroko said that the girl was busy doing something really important and she will meet them later.

The aura suddenly changed when they were about to go to the place where Maru is said to be buried. The scenery is just so familiar to her. It doesn’t seem like a place for burial. Tall buildings are everywhere and the streets are busy. The familiar bus stop also caught her attention which made everything more mysterious.
The car went to an underground parking of a familiar looking apartment. Paruru has already felt off since the couple both fell silent but she still followed them. Her heart has grown anxious and random thoughts are just going through her head.

“I’m sorry, Paruru-chan.”

Paruru jerked at where she was standing at that sudden apology from Hiroko. They were already at the elevator that time with the button 8 pressed. Hiroko only took a short glimpse of her before the elevator door opened. What is this apology for?

Choon-soo led them on their way out. His mouth remained shut while he listens to whatever Hiroko was saying.

“I know you will be surprised with this my dear but I need you to be brave.” Hiroko stated while they are walking along the hallway. “No matter how surprised you might get, please don’t make any sound. Remain quiet as long as you can…”

“B-B-But Hiroko-san…” Paruru stammered. “What are you talking about?”

The lady heaved out a breath. She stopped in front of a familiar door. Paru looked at the sign of the door that says ‘808’. “You will know when we go inside. Promise me not to make any noise.”

Paru gulped. She nodded at the request without any choice on her hands. Choon-soo took a meaningful look at them before he twisted the door knob open. He slowly pushed the door and the creaking sound made Paruru’s heart ran wilder.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes started to get teary as soon as she saw who is inside. Hiroko-san gestured for her to be quiet which made her cover her mouth with both of her hands. Choon-soo nodded at them as the sign to go in.

They removed their shoes by the door post and sneakily went inside. By the window leading to the veranda, there placed a couch with a girl sitting on it. Her legs are up and stretched on the sofa and are covered with a blanket.

That girl is currently talking to a guy in a suit. She is talking to her with a bright smile on her face. That smile… That wonderful smile that Paruru has longed to see once more… It’s now in front of her once again.

The girl turned to their way and Paruru almost lost it. She’s alive! Her Hoshi is alive! Their eyes met and it felt so surreal. Maru smiled at her widely which made her want to run to the girl’s side but Hiroko held her by the arm. The lady was just looking at Maru as if she’s telling Paruru to do the same.

“Hiroko-san? Samcheon? It’s you guys, right? No one opens that door like that other than Samcheon!” Maru energetically greeted them then it struck Paru. Maru really had lost her sight. “I also heard several footsteps so I thought Hiroko-san is also there!”

“Yes, Neko-chan…” Hiroko affirmed. “I am also here.”

Maru’s smile widened even more. The sight of her smiling made Paruru cry even more. Her mouth is still covered. “Anyway, the attorney said that it is already approved! I want that thing on my veins right away! I really can’t wait anymore!”

The girl closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “I can finally really rest in peace! If I still don’t die after being euthanized I don’t know what else I should do. Maybe I should go behead myself.”

Maru paused for a moment as if she could feel that something is off. She sniffed several times but then just shrugged her shoulders. “I think I am overjoyed by that news I could smell Haruka’s scent. I’m really glad!”

Paruru couldn’t help it anymore. After everything Maru has never forgotten her scent. Her sobs became audible and the couple couldn’t do anything about it anymore. They already predicted that something like this will happen. Hiroko put a hand in Paru’s back for support.

Maru’s face turned from a happy one to a suspicious one. Her brows furrowed as soon as she heard the sobs and realization struck her. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Y-You’re kidding, right?” she stuttered. “You didn’t bring her here, right?”

Paru tried to get a hold of herself and struggled to make her voice come out. “H-Hoshi…”

Maru’s jaw dropped. She bit her lips and asked the lawyer to immediately leave the room. Her face was so surprised she doesn’t know how to properly react. Her face slowly crumpled as emotion started to fill her up.

“Get her out of here as soon as possible…”

“B-But Hoshi—“

“And don’t make her talk! Don’t make her call me by that name!” Maru started to pull her own hair as she gnashes. “Did you bring her here to change my mind!? She has already moved on and now you are presenting me to her!? WHAT FOR!?”

Ae-ri closed her eyes as she listens outside. She knew this would happen. She just leaned on the wall and listened to the confrontation inside.

“H-Hoshi please… Don’t be like this—“ Paruru tried to get near her but before she even took her second step Maru shouted.

“Don’t let her come near me!” She almost gave stress on each word. Tears started falling down her eyes. “I never wanted her to see me like this! Why are you guys doing this to me!? WHY!!!?”


Maru shouted again on top of her voice. She shouted again and again. “GET HER OUT OF HERE! PLEASE I BEG YOU!” She’s swinging both of her hands away in no direction at all. “GET HER OUT OF HERE! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR HER VOICE! I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO HER!!!”

A loud thudding sound was then heard which alerted Ae-ri. She opened the door and saw Maru on the ground. The girl struggled to move from where she was. Paruru was about to help her but she shouted at her again.

“Get the hell out of here please…” She buried her face to the ground where she weeps bitterly. “Just kill me please. Kill me…”

Ae-ri rushed in and helped Maru get back to the couch. She didn’t even take one look at Paruru and just tried to calm Maru down.

“It would be better if you get her out of here for now, Mum, Dad.” She said while rising up Maru’s legs on the couch. “Let Mi-nam calm down and explain everything to that girl—“

“Don’t explain anything to her! Just send her go back to Japan—“

“YEOREUM-AH!” Maru was silenced when Choon-soo suddenly shouted. It was the first time he shouted at her. He then turned to his wife and nodded at her. Just with that action, Hiroko already knew what to do. She took the weeping Paruru outside even though the girl didn’t want to leave. She took glances at Hoshi before she left the room and was taken to another unit.

Choon-soo took a deep breath after the two ladies have already gone out. It seems like Maru has calmed down as well. Her head is down, her face covered with her hair.

“You shouldn’t have brought her here. I told you I won’t change my mind about euthanasia.”

The man reached for the chair the attorney was sitting at a while ago and sat on it. He reached for Maru’s hand which made the girl jerked.
“Listen daughter… You have to understand why we brought Shimazaki-san here today…”

A CUP of green tea was placed in front of Paruru. Her tears have already gone dry. All this time she believed that Maru is dead but here she is. She felt her heart aching everytime the thought that she has been fooled comes into mind.

Hiroko sat in front of her with a troubled expression on her face. She was gathering her thoughts, preparing to explain everything but Paruru unexpectedly started the conversation.

“H-Hoshi…” She slowly rose up her head, revealing her swollen eyes. “Aside for losing her eyesight… She also c-couldn’t move her legs, right?”

Hiroko bit her lips. She gathered herself before looking back straight to Paruru’s eyes. She nodded her head which sent tear reinforcements to Paruru’s eyes.

“She lost her senses to her lower body as a result of the accident that happened a year ago.”

Paruru brushed her fringe behind and then massaged her temple. She stared blankly at the tea in front of her. “This just means that she really survived the accident, right? But why…? Why did she have to make everyone believe that she’s dead? Why did she have to leave me like that?”

“You saw it, dear. She lost her eyesight. The moment she regained consciousness she already knew that she couldn’t feel her legs at all. She got afraid of having you see her like that. She begged us to take her away and tell everyone that she’s already dead.”

“But why? I don’t understand it, Hiroko-san. I’m willing to be with her. I don’t mind her being blind or paralyzed. All I wanted is to be with her…”

Tears rolled down her eyes. Hiroko reached out for her hand and gave it a light press.

“You know Neko-chan, Paruru-chan. She thinks that forgetting about her will be the best for you. She only thought of you. She knows your dreams and all she wanted is for you to achieve them. If it would be her that would stand on your way, she would rather get lost.”

Paruru started sobbing once more. Hiroko reached for her shoulder and tried to soothe her. A drop of tear managed to escape from the lady’s eyes.

“I-It was hard for me, Hiroko-san… Y-You know how hard it was for me to try and forget her. I almost wanted to die… You know all the nights when I cried in front of the monitor…”

The lady was nodding to all of her statements. “I know dear… And Neko-chan also knows everything. She was there everytime we talked. She was just listening in one corner. You don’t know how much she wanted to get in to you everytime you cry. You would never know how much she tried to refrain herself from speaking at least a word…”

“I’m willing to give up everything just for her. I will convince her to stop thinking about euthanasia--“

“No, Paruru-chan… Don’t say that…” Hiroko heavily shook her head. She is in complete disapproval of whatever Paruru is thinking which shocked the girl. “That is not the reason why we called you here, dear. This has been her plan ever since the accident. She only wanted to fulfill her promise to Kodama-chan to vote for her but the lady didn’t participate to the SSK. She waited for the results of it but after SSK she wanted to end it all already. We only begged her to give it more time to see if something is going to change but her emotional state only got worse.”

Hiroko took a deep breath and pause for a moment. “Stopping her isn’t the reason, dear…”

BGM: Goodbye My Love – Ailee

THE DOOR slowly opened, making way for the nervous damsel. The lights are off. Only the light from a lamp shade near the couch where Maru is sitting gives a faint light to the room. Her feet are on the ground. Her right arm is resting on the arm rest. It seems like she has totally calmed down.

The sight of the girl quaked Paruru’s heart again but she tried to remain calm. She also seemed like she is looking on her way. She might not be able to see but the power in her eyes still exists.

It’s already around 10PM when Maru finally agreed to let her in. Choon-soo did manage to convince her to have this final talk with Paruru.

“You came?” Maru asked as Haruka’s scent met her olfactory nerves. She then tapped the free space beside her. “Sit here.”

Paruru did what she said but she sat on the other end. The memory of the Thanksgiving Festival suddenly flashed to her mind which made her a little bit teary. They have been to an awkward situation before but this level is much different.

They just stayed there silent for almost 20 minutes. It was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing. Knowing that this won’t take them anywhere, no matter how she disproves of this idea, Maru started to talk.

“C-Congratulations to the award you received. You really deserve it.”

Paru tried to hold her tears by looking up the ceiling. “T-Thank you. I really gave my best into it.”

“Mhm…” Maru nodded. “Unfortunately I was not able to see it with my very eyes but knowing that you are achieving your dreams is a great relief.”

“Mhm…” Paruru slowly turned to Maru to get a better look at her. She carefully examined her face and recorded everything in her mind. She is glad that she was able to see her again. No words can ever explain the joy of knowing that she is still alive but emotions are still in a huge mixer because of the setup.

There was another reign of silence between them. Paruru is just looking at Maru with tears on the edge of falling down.

“H-How is it going with GM?” Maru suddenly asked which somehow took Paru aback.

“I-I… I started living with her two months ago. She’s been taking care of me so well…”

A bitter smile was then pasted on Maru’s face. “Sou?” she uttered under her breath. “That is good to hear. I’ve heard about that news from Hiroko-san. I’m glad that you are with GM.”

The tears started to fall. There’s no way to stop them anymore but she tried her hardest not to let Maru notice that she is crying.


There it goes—her eternal favorite melody. How long has it been since she was last called like this. “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry for leaving you just like that…”

Paruru shook her head while biting her lips. She slowly reached Maru’s hand. She was having second thoughts of holding her since she just showed her how she doesn’t want to be touched by her. But, it seems like Maru isn’t hostile anymore. She just let Paru took her hand.

It was cold. Just like the usual. She held Maru’s hand with her two hands and pulled it near her face. Maru felt the tears that wet the beautiful face of the damsel and just like that, tears started flowing down her eyes without her noticing it.

She started caressing Paruru’s face, somehow trying to wipe her tears away. The fire that she has been killing was then fan into flame. She could feel her heart almost ripping out her ribcage.

“Come…” She said in a low voice which Paruru immediately responded to. As soon as she felt the girl moving closer, she pulled her into a tight embrace. After everything her hands still remembers exactly where to go.

Maru hugged her as tight as she could. There is a stong desire of not letting go. She could feel that Paru somehow gained a little bit of mass since the last time she embraced her. She could also feel that the girl’s hair is now longer.

The scent that would always drive her crazy, this fragile body, this warm embrace… Maru felt like she has already gone back home. She could hear Paru sobs and it breaks her heart even more. She tried to break down the hug but Paruru isn’t letting go. She’s crying on her shoulder like a little kid that has been away from home for a long time.

“The reason why we brought Shimazaki-san here is for you guys to have a proper goodbye. I know that you never had the chance to properly tell her your feelings. It shows. I won’t be stopping you if you really want to leave this way… but it would be better to go without regrets, right? Without unfinished business…”

Those words of Choon-soo echoed in the back of her mind. She kissed Paruru’s temple while she weeps bitterly. It was the first time after a very long time that she has let these tears out.

“I’m sorry, Haruka… I’m sorry for being like this… I’m sorry for becoming like this… I’m sorry that I can’t see you know… I can’t even walk… I’m sorry for becoming useless like this…”

Haruka cupped her face. She shook her head. “No, Hoshi… You don’t have to be sorry… It is not your fault. No one wanted this to happen.”

“In her dreams she can move. She is free… She can do all the things she loves doing and waking up is the nightmare for her. I can’t blame her anymore of wanting to end her life. Stopping her is not the reason why we brought you here. It is not the reason…”

That was what Hiroko told Paruru at the other room. She was told to set Maru completely free.

“I’m really sorry that I couldn’t even fulfill our plans… I’m sorry that I cannot consider myself worthy to be with you…”

Paruru wiped the tears from Maru’s face. Maru slowly raised her hands and searched for Paruru’s face. Paru directed those hands to where they wanted to go. Maru gently leaned forward and made the foreheads touched.

“I never had the chance to tell you this properly but Haruka… I really love you… I’m crazily inlove with you. And I don’t know… I believe that love never lasts but why does this feeling only grow stronger everyday? It never left me. Until now… You are deeply rooted in me… I do love you… So inlove with you”

More tears flooded Paru’s face but she couldn’t help but to smile. Finally hearing Hoshi tell her that she really loves her made her feel a lot blissful. The hurtful things that the girl said to her when they broke up were all erased by this honest confession.

“I love you too, Hoshi… This thing… never changed as well…”

Maru sobbed like a little kid and Paru hugged her once again. “I’m glad, Haruka… I’m glad that I was able to meet you… I’m glad that I fell inlove with you and you love me as well… I’m glad…

But… I can’t live like this. I can’t continue living like this… I’m tired… I’m really tired…”

Paruru is just nodding at her every statement. She could feel the deep pain the other girl is in.

“But I promise you, Haruka. If ever there is a next life after this… I will look for you again… I will not stay in one corner and just wait for you to be lost and meet me… I will search for you no matter how hard it is… And when I find you, I will make you fall in love with me again… As crazily as I am to you now…”

Paruru freed her from the hug and looked up at her. A smile is painted on her lips while she is stating what she wants to do.

“And on that life I will make sure I will not suffer the same fate as this. I will dedicate my life to you… I will live only for you… I will love you with everything I got. I will never ever let go of you—“

Haruka couldn’t get a hold of herself anymore. She pulled Maru for a kiss which surprised the other girl for a moment but she slowly loosed down and returned kisses. Maru’s lips were a bit chapped and it hurts a little but Haruka didn’t mind. She gave out all her love with that one kiss.

“Promise me that, Hoshi…” Paru finally said after gathering all that she has. “Promise me that you’ll come looking for me… That if we are given the chance to live in another time we will be together until the last breath…”

“I promise, Haruka… I promise… That time I want to be a guy so we can build a family of our own. We will name our kids after—“


They paused for a moment and then both chuckled.

“Yes.” Maru answered in a sigh. “We will name them after constellations and we will have a happy family.” She tried to kiss Paruru but she missed and her lips landed to the girl’s nose. Paru just snickered.

“I promise that, Haruka… I will surely go and find you…”

Three Years Later

“DO WE really have to climb all the way up?”

Sayanee eyed Milky as if she is going to rip her throat if she complain once more. “That’s for being a laid back for the past years. You lack exercise, you’ve become a grandma at an early age!”

“Who are you calling a grandma!?” Milky shouted back at her.

“Who do you think I am pertaining to?” Sayanee just smirked at her which somehow pulled Milky’s trigger. “Look at you. Even Paruru who isn’t very sporty hasn’t gone out of breath yet.”

“Sayaka~~!” she suddenly had the energy to chase Sayaka who ran up the steepy hill.

“Careful, you two!” Yuihan shouted at them when the two passed them by. “Stop wasting your energy!”

A loud exhale was then heard from Jurina. “If only she didn’t chose the top of this hill as her final resting place it wouldn’t be this hard.”

“She is mischievous until the end. No doubt you are siblings~!” Sakura bumped Jurina by the shoulder to cheer her up. It seems like she has the talent for hiking. She isn’t feeling any fatigue unlike Jurina.

Jurina raised her chin up and straightened her back. “Of course I am Aniki’s little brother! Let’s go to the top and kick her ass!” The ace started marching up with her energy renewed.

“You really know how to cheer Jurina-san up, Saa-chan.” Haruppi commented in between snickers.

Sakura just smiled at her. “I am her girl anyway.”

After about thirty minutes of hiking, the girls have finally reached the top. They were glad that they came by autumn. They would die in the heat if the pushed the plan to come on summer. The fall scenery is also great on that place, the air is so clean as well.

On the middle was a smaller hill surrounded by black marble bricks on its base. It is Maru’s grave. Paruru quietly moved towards it and the others followed her in the same manner. They lined up in front of it then offered a short prayer.

“Still fab until death, aren’t we, Maru-kun?” Sayanee blurted out to lighten up the mood. “Your grave is even surrounded by marbles.”

“Hey, there are Japanese writings on the marble!” Jurina interjected. They started going around the grave slowly just to read what is engraved on it. Those are the names that Maru has received.

Paruru was left standing in front of the grave with Yui. She’s looking at the grave stone where the word 「混ざりました」 is engraved and under it is the name 「Hoshino Maru」.

“I think she really loved being Hoshino Maru.” Yui commented with a smile on her face. “Sorry Maru-chan, we took so long before coming here. But hey, we are all present like what you requested.”

Paruru took a deep breath and smiled. “Did we make you wait, Hoshi?”

“AHHHHHH!” Their attentions were caught by the other girls. They looked at them and they both laugh at the sight of their crying faces.

“What!?” Yui asked in disbelief. “I thought we have a bet that whoever cries will treat us dinner but here you go… The five of you are all crying!”

“Yuihan~~ We just saw that Aniki left something for us here.” Jurina stated in between sobs.

The two looked at each other and then went near the others. Therey found a micro SD card inside a small glass box. Yui picked it up and curiously looked at everyone. There was an instruction engraved in a marble about the gift.

“She did left us something… but what’s the deal with crying? We still don’t know what this card contains.”

“How can we know?” Sayanee asked. “We are all using iPhones!”

Paruru chuckled at their struggle. She brought out an android phone from her bag which surprised everyone. “This is just my back up phone.”

“Nice one, Paruru-chan.” Milky looked at her with a meaningful stare and winked at her. Looks like the two are on the same page. “Let’s go and check what’s in it.

They sat in front of the grave in a circle and then started browsing what’s inside the card. Paruru, as if knowing what could be inside, immediately opened the voice recordings. Everyone marveled at the sight of the recorded file. Paruru smiled and started playing it.

No matter how beautiful separate colours may be
They become tainted once mixed together
I obstinately turned my back
And put up a barrier, saying I didn’t need friends

Sayaka suddenly cracked into laughter. “What is this? A recording of her singing?”

“Keep it down, Sayanee!” Yui gritted at her. “You’re being too excited.”

“This is Mazariau Mono, right?” Sakura asked which was answered by a nod from everyone.

“I can live through life alone
I want to become a stronger person”
Breathing these words, I looked out through the window
Before long I stopped hearing anyone else’s voice
And just as I had found a world meant only for me…

Why is it
That you appeared so suddenly?
Blending in with my heart just by existing
I can finally accept the colours of another
That I had refused until now
You and I are a mixture
That I have never seen or felt before

Mazariau Mono Lyrics

Maru’s singing stopped and they heard heaved a deep breath.

“What the hell, that was really awkward.” They all laughed at her comment to herself. She cleared her throat before going on with the original purpose of the recording.

“If you are all listening to this, congratulations! You have reached the top of the hill! And, you also have an android phone! Way to go!”

They heard her clap. Sayanee shook her head with a wide smile on her face. “She really set this thing well.”

“I’m recording this to properly apologize for hiding the fact that I survived the accident. I know that you have already heard it from Haruka… I’m sorry for vanishing just like that and making everyone believe that I am already dead. But hey, I am really dead once you hear this message so I guess nothing will really change even if you know I survived.

Uhmm… What I want to say is I’m really, really grateful that I came to know all of you. I’m really glad that you became my friends. You gave wonderful colors to my boring life…




Shakure King…




In my next life let’s be friends again. Let’s do wild things like running a Yakuza business or be real Yankees but running a cabaret club is out of the list.”

“Aniki got wild dreams!” Jurina eagerly commented.

“It’s because you call her Aniki!” Sakura answered.

“To be honest I was really afraid of opening up myself to all of you. See, I wasn’t even able to tell you that I was going blind. Maybe it was just my defence mechanism because I know that in the future I won’t be able to do the things we usually do together.

But… I learned to love you all… I really enjoyed being with all of you… Every moment is my treasure…

Man, this is getting so cheesy… Well, let’s just see one another in the next life. I’ll be waiting for you guys. I pray that you all have a happy life…

See you later… Maru-deshita.

Oh! I almost forgot! You all have to look at the gallery of this card. Haha. That’s all! Ja ne~”

“Gallery?” Milky asked. Paruru then went to the gallery and all of them are horrified to the things that are inside. It’s a gallery full of their sleeping faces. Those were taken everytime they slept on Maru’s house. It became Maru’s past time to take pictures of their sleeping faces.

“YOUUUUU!” Sayanee turned to the grave when she saw a picture of her chin. Just her chin. “You really love my chin, don’t you!?”

They all laughed at that little surprise of Maru. They can all imagine her laughing at them with a face so proud that her mini prank was a success.

The gang played there until afternoon. They ate the lunch that Hiroko gave them before leaving. They caught up with each others life, imagining that Maru also listens to their stories. They only decided to go down when the sun started showing signs that it is about to set.

Before leaving, they offered another prayer. Sakura left a can of chocolate drink at front of Maru’s grave. After it, they all waved their goodbyes at her then started walking down the hill.

Paruru paused and looked back at the grave.

“What’s the matter, Paruru?” Yui asked her.

Paru just shook her head and smiled. “Nothing. Let’s go?”

Yui nodded and then started walking down. Before she even take her third step, her phone rang and a wide smile curved up her lips. She immediately answered it.

“Hello, Riichan? You’re really an idiot, aren’t you? Overseas call is expensive. I told you already that I am doing well… Stop worrying about me, baka…”

Paruru just chuckled at Yui’s way of talking with her girlfriend. She took one deep breath and  looked at the grave for the last time and whispered,

“See you later, Hoshi…”

This is the final song I will leave you, guys:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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You know what this needs?


I don't even know if it is a happy end or not. You just killed her  :cry: Tho, it was also made my theories were right in my mind all along lol

I'm on my phone so I can't post the req. it's in my laptop, still using it by someone. So I guess I'll just have it post tomorrow. Sorry XD

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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On the first part, damn! So cheesy! I wish this part will never end. Marco, Haruka and baby Orion is so cute.
On the next part, the heck you almost make me cry! My dad is beside me and I can't, just can't cry. You know how hard it is not to cry? Very hard. Especially on when I read this part:

Q: Maru-chan, are you happy about meeting the 48G?
“That’s a ridiculous question, Shinobu-san! Of course I do! I’m glad… Very glad… I mixed in…”
The background music faded out together with the video. A picture showing Maru’s back with her looking at the sky was then shown.

Hoshino Maru
December 24, 1994 – December 31, 2016

Ok, next. I jump out of my seat when I read that Maru is alive. I'm like shouting inside, and still I can't scream. So......... !(*$&@*)&!*!^(%&@)*$#)*%*&%^(&@)(*(*!*$^(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S FREAKIN' ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Then, reading this freakin' word..... "Euthanasia" spoiled everything.

Next, 3rd of the last non-sense comment. Haruka and Maru saying goodbyes to each other. Speechless. Can't cry.
2nd to the last:

“YOUUUUU!” Sayanee turned to the grave when she saw a picture of her chin. Just her chin. “You really love my chin, don’t you!?”

This cracks me up. I laugh so hard. Dad and son moment.


PS. Thank you so much Cut-san for this Great fic. Waiting for your next project :)
PPS. Waiting for the special chapters :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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Thank you author-san for your last chapter, this fanfic is really one of the best AKB fanfic that I ever read...
However, I'm really sad that from today onward, I won't have any more fanfic update to look forward to... :fainted:
That's why I really sincerely hope author-san can consider of writing another story  :cow: 

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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can you not put angel beat song in the end!!!!???? i hate you!!! okay I'm not... but-- ungggggghhhh

thank you for the final chapter, i kinda afraid that this fic would end like MJ 5 with everyone die ... lol
but this is such a nice ending- or should i say...memorable ending (btw loves those posters with everyone faces slip in between, give me a bit of flash back of everyones back story)
this fic has became quiet a journey
thank you once again!
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) FINAL ARC
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Cut-sama~!!! Huwaaaa~!! You're cruel, i mean really... You made my heart sank at the very first part of this last arc then you made my hope rise when i know maru is alive then 'Euthanasia' i... I... Huwaaaa!!! :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy: Why chu habu to do jhiss!!! I'm at my limit when they were visiting maru's grave, well you lighten up the mood a bit with that pictures gallery part but the last part 'see you later, Hoshi' make me.... Make me...  :mon surr: :mon surr: Ughh... Huwaaaaa!!! You need a season two!!!! Huwwaaaaa~!!!! Why people!!! Why!!! Why can't they live happily ever after!!!!  :on voodoo: :on voodoo: :on voodoo:

But really, i think i agree with the person above me you will win the best author award i think :on GJ: :on GJ:

Oh, and if Maru-kun do really have a next life make her born a girl so yuri all the way!!! :ding: :ding: But,really tbh, i hate gendbend fic in general (no offense, it's only my opinion and thoughts) Sumimasen  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

So here a little depiction of the emotion change that i have while reading the last arc:
 :mon fyeah: :mon duh: :mon closeup: :mon exhaust:  :mon ref: :mon cry: :mon zoom: :on gay: :on blackhole: :on cloudeye: :stoned: :scared: :pleeease: :frustrated: :gyaaah: :fainted: :imdead:
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