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Author Topic: The Party Pirates - Part 19 - The Battle of Niigata  (Read 5556 times)

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The Party Pirates - Part 19 - The Battle of Niigata
« on: October 19, 2016, 11:13:26 PM »
After much soul searching about whether or not it was good enough, here is a new fanfic!  I will put up the first episode tomorrow, but today here is some background info and pic spam:

The Party Pirates is set in an alternate universe where four countries surround a giant sea called the Sea of Happiness (the Mediterranean Sea could be used as a comparison).  The four countries, Clover, Heart, Diamond, and Spade, have been at peace for quite a while and maritime trade has flourished with books from Heart, minerals from Diamond, spices from Clover, and crops from Spade.  Unfortunately, piracy has also flourished.

Unlike historical European pirates, in this universe it was not considered an unthinkably unlucky act to allow women aboard any ship, either pirate or merchant.  But unfortunately, there were men who felt that they were better than women, and these men tended to be in many professions.

The technology of this world is pretty crude.  There are no cars, no radar, and no Morse Code.  Propulsion of the ships is done primarily by the currents of the Sea of Happiness and those that sailed this sea where very aware of them and also of the areas in the sea where winds and currents were flat.  Secondary propulsion was by wind driven sails.  The ships are wood based, so fire on board has to be handled with extreme care.  One knocked over lantern or unattended candle could incinerate a ship.  So, below deck at night the only light is from special glass windows which are protected by grating so that a passing bird does not break them.  Navigation was done with the sexton and the spyglass along with a collection of maps held in the captain's office.

Since most of the trade routes took less than a week to cover by boat, the sailors and pirates ate better than the European pirates because food would stay non-rotted for a higher percentage of the voyage.  They also drank water for a higher percentage of the time, but would switch to rum by the end of the trip since water would spoil in four days or so.

Like historical European seafarers, it was cheap rum at sea, but at port it was bumbo (a spiced rum based drink).  They would also dance jigs to pass the time.  Cooking with fire was done on board with a pot on a gimbal but the food was always not as good as what could be had in port.

There are more than four countries in this world, but many are far away and little is known about them.

Some pic spam on some of the inspiration of the tale:

Also one of the characters in the story approves of the following picture (but not both) ...

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 1 - Set Sail!
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 10:37:04 PM »
The Party Pirates - Part 1 - Set Sail!

"Kanpai!"  Five mugs of bumbo are brought together over a table in a private room in a reasonably fancy restaurant.

Haruna drinks and lets out a lusty yell.  "Arrgh.  The country of  Clover always has the best bumbo."

Maimi smiles.  "As you would expect.  Nutmeg is essential for bumbo and Clover is known for its spices."

Tomoko nods.  "True.  Diamond always had to import our spices because the mining industry wrecked most of the land."

Akari looks wistful.  "If only Clover had the pretty girls of Heart."

Haruna smirks.  "Just because you come from Heart doesn't mean that there are not pretty girls in other countries."

Rina shrugs.  "I don't think Akari is wrong."

Haruna turns up here nose.  "The girls from Spades are also good looking."

Akari nods.  "If you say so.  I wonder what's holding up the yakitori?"

There is a knock on the door.  "Food!"

Haruna smiles.  "Come in."

The waitress rolls a cart with a tray of skewered meats.

The group chows down, but suddenly Maimi feels uneasy.  "Miss, are you new here?"

"Yes, I'm new."

"Usually the waitresses leave after serving us."

The girl draws a sword from underneath the cart covering.  "But, I am not a waitress."

The group stops eating.  Tomoko looks at the girl with a worried look.  "Did you poison us?"

"No.  The food is good."  The girl eats from a meat skewer to demonstrate.  "I must apologize.  I needed to talk to you five and this was the most direct way to get an audience."

Rina smirks.  "I have offices in this town and in Spade.  We're not hard to find."

"Allow me to introduce myself.  As Akari-senpai is aware, I am Miyamoto Karin."

The other four members of the group glare at Takeuchi.  Haruna frowns.  "Is this another one of the girls whose heart you broke?"

Akari looks at Karin in puzzlement.  "Have we met?"

Karin points the sword at Akari's face.  "You're so mean!  We were in the same dance class back in Heart when we were kids.  You were my beloved senpai."

Akari looks shocked.  "Princess??  Well, you sort of still look the same."

Haruna smiles.  "So, you two were close as kids?"

Akari explodes.  "No!  This girl was a yandere!  She was always being mean to girls who liked me."

"They didn't deserve you."

Rina turns to Karin.  "Miyamoto-san.  I am afraid I cannot allow you to kill Takeuchi-san.  She is an important member of my merchant crew."

"I love her.  I wouldn't kill her."

"Then don't point your sword at her."

"Okay."  Karin lowers her sword.

"Did you just want to talk to Akari?"

"No.  I want to talk to the Party Pirates!"

This name causes a visible reaction to the members of the group.

Haruna puts her finger to her lips.  "Even if we were those people, don't you think you should lower your voice?  Other people could hear you."

"Sorry.  Anyway, I need to hire the those people."

Rina's ears prick up.  "How much are you going to pay these people?"


Tomoko sits up straight.  "From what I know of those people, your offer would get you keelhauled."

Karin looks frustrated.  "Look.  I know that you are those people.  I have studied you guys for years.  I even have a fanfic of you guys that is syndicated in the newspapers of many towns in Hearts.  I've even produced a Party Pirates musical.  I must hire you guys."

In a lightning like move, Maimi smacks the sword out of Karin's hands.  Haruna grabs the sword while it is still in the air.

Haruna smiles.  "Now, Karin, why do you want to hire us?"

Karin falls to her knees, defeated.  "An invading army from far away has attacked Heart.  My country desperately needs mercenaries.  I know that you guys are the right people for the job, but my Uncle, the King, will not allow using pirates.  That's why I came myself."

Haruna smirks.  "Miyamoto-san, your Uncle is correct to not want our help.  After we beat up the army we would rob your country blind."

"If you do not help, there will be no Heart to rob."

Haruna looks at Tomoko.

Tomoko smiles and cracks her knuckles.  "If it means I get to kick some butt, then I wouldn't mind."

Haruna nods.  "Akari, Heart is your home country, would you want to save the pretty girls there?"

Akari nods.


"Likewise.  Also,  I would lose a lot of clients if it was conquered."


Maimi smiles.  "It's been a while since my sword has been fed."

Haruna smiles at Karin.  "Well, looks like you're in luck.  You came with a fool's errand and we're a bunch of fools."

"Thank goodness."

"Goodness will have nothing to do with it.  By the way.  What am I like in your fanfic and musical?"

"Very glamorous and psychotic."

Haruna gives a thumbs up.  "Great.  However, the people in Heart, their knowledge of us is based on your fanfic and musical, right?"

"Yes, they will all recognize you and rally around you from my story."

Haruna looks at her chest.  "And, you didn't exaggerate any part of my appearance, did you?"

Karin turns beet red.

Haruna looks pained.  "Don't tell me that the only way people will recognize me is if I wear a stuffed bra?"

"Yeah, I totally wrote that you were a busty hell-raiser."

Maimi smirks.  "Boss, it's a good way to hide weapons."


Karin jumps up.  "Can we get going?  Heart is three days away by boat and the enemy army is already rampaging."

Haruna shakes her head.  "You had better count on four.  We need to get our pirate ship out of our secret cove.  Heart will not rally around folks from an unarmed merchant vessel."

"I guess that's necessary."

Haruna smiles an evil grin.  "Oh, since you know about our legitimate identities, I can only give you two choices.  Join us as a pirate, or allow us to kill you."

"But, I am in the Heart royal family.  It would be a horrible dishonor!"

Haruna shrugs.  "So, death?"

Karin grabs a refill mug of bumbo from the bottom of the cart and takes a drink.  "Barggh!"

The five pirates face plant.

Tomoko calmly gets up and smacks Karin on top of the head.  "That's arrgh.  Try it agian."



Haruna smiles.  "Well, now that you are one of us, even though you think you know them, let me tell you our pirate names.  As a merchant I am known as Iikubo Haruna, as a pirate I am known as Honey Quinn, Captain."

Maimi nods.  "Yajima Maimi, known as Yaji, first mate, in charge of mayhem."

Tomoko winks.  "Kanazawa Tomoko, known and feared as Rose Quartz, second mate, as you might expect from a Diamond girl.  In charge of on ship discipline."

Akari bows a little.  "Takeuchi Akari, but you already knew that.  Known as Oden, third mate, in charge of keeping ship wenches happy."

Karin giggles at Akari's resemblance of a popular commerce mascot in Heart.  "They choose that name for you?"

"Yeah, but I got used to it."

Rina waves.  "Katsuta Rina.  They call me Bakuwara because I occasionally smile.  I am fourth mate, in charge of finance and underworld contacts."

Honey smiles at Karin.  "Did we get them right?"

"I guess.  I don't know Bakuwara."

Rina smiles.  "I wonder."

Honey points at Karin.  "And, you shall be Princess."

Karin looks down.  "Just Princess?  What about Princess Pain?"

Honey sticks her tongue out and signals thumbs down.  "Boo!  You'll have to earn that."

"Just 'Princess' is so meh."


"Oh, by the way, if we want people to recognize us from the musical I will have to provide us with the right costumes."

Honey smiles.  "Bakuwara, make sure Princess does so and makes it to the ship by one."

"Aye, aye!"

To be continued

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 2 - An Act of Kindness
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2016, 07:24:50 PM »
The Party Pirates - Part 2 - An Act of Kindness

Rina and Karin make their way down a crowded vendor clogged village street.

Rina looks annoyed.  "Are we there yet?"

"Just up ahead.  The Great Unmatched clothes store.  My favorite place to go in every country I go to."

Rina looks surprised.  "Amazing!  To operate in four different countries?  I can't even imagine the logistics."

"Here we are!"  Karin and Rina enter the store which has a large "GU" on a sign over the door.  Karin pulls Rina to the left.  "We'll get most of our stuff from the men's department."

"Makes sense."

"You did bring the information?"

"Yes, but you don't know how hard it was to get the rest of the crew to give me their measurements.  You would think that rough macho pirates wouldn't be so demure?"

Karin laughs.  "I think that Akari-senpai will look good in a waist-coat.  Don't you think?"

"If it was in your story, then what I think doesn't matter."

"What am I to do?  You're putting all the pressure on me."

"You can ask one of the fashion consultants."

"Great!"  Karin talks to a fashion consultant, giving her a list if items, colors, and measurements.

Karin and Rina sit down.  Karin smiles.  "She says it will take twenty minutes."

Rina yawns.  "Good, I am anxious to get back to the ship."

"Rina, can I ask you some questions?"

"Sure, but I might beat you up if you ask the wrong thing."

Karin cringes.  "Well, if I may ask, why were you never mentioned in the police reports on the Party Pirates?"

Rina laughs.  "That's easy.  I have never been a pirate."

Karin face plants.  "So why are you with them?"

"It's a long story ..."


Honey Quinn sits in the Captain's chair.  She hears a noise from one of the tubes, the tube leading to the crow's nest of the ship.  She grabs the tube.  "What is it, Oden?"

"A ship off the port bow.  About half a mile."

"An opportunity for treasure?"

"Captain, you might want to look for yourself.  I have a bad feeling about this.  This ship doesn't look right."

Honey puts the tube down and picks up a spyglass.  She looks out of a window.  "Whoa.  This looks bad.  Crew!  We're going to intercept!"

Yaji takes out her sword and starts practicing.

"Yaji, I don't know if anyone is even alive on this ship."

Yaji looks concerned.

The pirate ship pulls alongside the derelict ship.  People are lying listlessly about.

Honey (wearing face paint with large circles), Yaji (wearing a scarf over her face) and Rose Quartz (wearing a party mask over her face) board.

Honey looks over the scene of devastation.  "Umm, hello, is anyone alive?"

Out of the captain's quarters Rina emerges.  "Thank god!  Can you help us?"

Honey looks around again.  "What happened?"

"The Cutthroat Pirates attacked us.  They looted our cargo, trashed our ship, and left us to drift out of the commerce lanes and into still waters to die."

Honey nods.  "So, you need help getting to shore?"

"Yes!  My crew will starve within a week."

Honey loudly laughs.  "Of course!  After all, all law abiding mariners who help their fellow seafarers out of a bad pinch wear masks to hide their identities."

Rina looks disappointed.  "So, you guys are pirates as well."

Honey raises an eyebrow.  "Well, duh!"

"Crap.  I guess my crew and I will die."

"I suppose so."

Rina grabs the sleeve of Honey's open jacket.  "Wait, if you talk to me in my quarters, I might be able to tell you something of interest."

Honey shrugs her shoulders.  "Well, I have come this far.  Okay."

Honey and Rina go into the Captain's quarters.  Rina offers Honey her chair.

"So, what it is?"

"Well, miss Pirate, ..."

"Please call me Honey, Honey Quinn the Party Pirate."

"Well Honey, I was just wondering how much you guys make a year as pirates."

Honey makes a face thinking, then mentions a rough estimate.

Rina smiles.  "I make three times as much with my operation.  Our regular cargo is a front for a smuggling and fencing operation.  If you save us and join my crew then you'll triple your income."

"What about kicking ass?  I am a pirate, after all."

"If other pirates attack us then there would be plenty of opportunity to kick ass."

"But, joining your crew?  I am a captain."

Rina laughs.  "I would be captain in name only.  My expertise is business.  In port, you guys can booze and wench and live it up while I would run around and arrange the deals.  On the ship I would answer to you.  I think I am offering you a pretty sweet deal."

"It had better be.  If I turn it down, you guys will die."

"It is as you say."

"Let me talk to my crew."

"Oh, one more thing.  The other pirates totally missed what we were smuggling, a haul worth much more than our legitimate cargo."

"Are you stupid?  Now I am going to rob you."

"If you do, you get a haul similar to what you make in three months.  Are you willing to give up a much, much larger haul just to say 'yo ho ho' and feel like a pirate?"

"Well, that's a point."

"Besides, you would not be able to find it, either."

"Arrgh!!  You're talking me into doing a good deed!  It's making me feel 'disgusting'!"

"Sorry, but if you don't save us, a lucrative business will go down with us."



"... and so, they towed us to shore and I got some very lively additions to my crew to run my secret smuggling operation.  For the last two years we have outperformed my estimates to Honey and now we have a lot of treasure, none of which we have to hide in some pirate chest on some pirate island."

The fashion consultant walks up.  "Your order is ready."

Karin smiles.  "Could you hold it by check out?  We still have to get some stuff."

"Okay."  The fashion consultant walks off.

Rina looks annoyed.  "More stuff?"

"I will be making custom accessories."

Rina shakes her head.  "I cannot imagine how hard Honey is going to kick your ass when she hears that."

"Let me worry about that.  Let's go to the accessory department!"

To be continued
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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 3 - Signing Up has its Privledges
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The Party Pirates - Part 3 - Signing Up has its Privileges

Author's note: "Fore/Aft" means Front/Back of the ship.  "Port/Starboard" means Left/Right side of the ship.

Akari looks down from the crow's nest and blows a whistle.

Haruna, who is walking around on deck turns.  She waves to Akari.

Akari points off the port bow and signals two.

Haruna looks off the port bow and down two streets (since Rina's merchant ship is still in port).  "You have to be kidding me!"

Haruna waits for the army of minions following Karin and Rina to approach the gangplank.  Haruna then blocks the entrance to the ship.  "What is all this crap!"  Haruna points to the long line of suitcases being hauled by the minions.

Two of the minions jump in front of Karin.  "Address Princess Karin with respect!"

Miyamoto Karin whispers to the guards that it was alright and they should fall back.  Karin looks at Haruna and does not flinch.  "My wardrobe."

A giant sweat drop appears by Haruna's head.  "Karin, when we change boats I can give you a private room.  But, it will be pretty cramped.  I don't think you will be able to fit more than three changes of clothes in there."

"Very well.  Suitcases 13, 27, 46, and 81, please bring them on board but do not step on the ship."

"Yes, Princess."  The minions comply.

Karin turns to Haruna.  "Suitcases 1-6 are the clothes for your crew."

Haruna smiles.  "No problem."

Karin turns to face her minions.  "Everyone!  I want to thank each and everyone of you for your loyalty and service to the Kingdom of Heart.  Unfortunately, I cannot bring you with me on the next leg of my journey.  Also, Heart is currently at war, so I cannot in good conscious sent you back.  I have arranged with Clover for all of you to stay here.  At the embassy you will find enough money for each of you to live well.  Hopefully, when the war ends, you will be able to come home.  But for now, it is my order that you all stay here."

The minions bow.

"Now, rise and go.  Be safe, and never forget that Heart will prevail!"

"Yes!"  The minions walk off leaving the six suitcases.

Haruna smiles.  "You don't want your servants fighting for you?"

Karin squeezes a box inside a pocket of her Gothic Lolita dress.  "I will explain that before we land in Heart."

Haruna looks around to see if anyone can hear them.  "Princess, don't you think that you should explain things properly to your captain?"

Karin sticks her tongue out.  "Just this once."

Haruna smirks.  "Well, you just got yourself one honey point.  Get five points and you get keelhauled."

"Okay."  Karin turns to Rina.  "Do you want to help?"

"Not particularly."

"Moe!"  Karin carries all six suitcases up the gangplank.  "Is there a place where I can finish these outfits?"

Haruna turns to one of Rina's grunts.  "Please take these to the port aft corner of the main room.  Also, set up a work bench so this baka can play designer."

"Aye, aye!"

Rina stops the girl.  "By the way, Miyamoto Karin, this is Morito Chisaki, the former third mate of my merchant ship.  Chisaki, please treat her well, she is a new member of Honey's crew."

Chisaki bows.  "Please treat me well."

Karin smiles.  "Of course."

Rina smiles.  "Chisaki, please address Karin as Princess.  Karin you may call Chisaki Space Case."

Haruna sticks her head in the main room.  "Yaji?  Please inform the port master that we are ready to leave."

"Aye, aye."  Yaji sprints down the gangplank.

Rina nudges Karin.  "I can introduce you to the rest of the crew.  Please consider them at your disposal."

"Thanks, but before that, where's Akari-senpai?"

Rina face plants.  "She is where she is most of the time.  In the crow's nest, making sure everything is okay."

"How lonely.  I must see her!"

Haruna cringes.  "I'm not so sure that is a good idea."

"Don't worry.  As a princess, I am highly trained in many things, including getting around on a boat."

Haruna's jaw drops as she sees Karin climb up the rope rigging to the crow's nest.  "Wow, she just might work out."

Rina shrugs.  "If she doesn't jump when she gets there."

Karin reaches the crow's nest.  "Akari-senpai!  I am coming aboard!"  Karin jumps into the small somewhat cramped crow's nest.

"Oden-chan, who is this girl?"

Karin turns white as a sheet.  A girl is sitting on the floor of the crow's nest with her head in Akari's lap.

Akari gives Karin a dirty look.  "This girl is a new member of Honey's crew.  Miyamoto Karin.  Karin, this is Rina's second mate, Taguchi Natsumi.  You can call her Bitch Face.  Natsumi-chan, you can call her Princess."

Natsumi turns up her nose.  "Hey you.  I don't care even if you were Honey's boss, when it comes to the crow's nest, you'll have to sign up for a time slot just like everyone else."

"Time slot?"

Akari laughs.  "I am a popular girl.  To keep morale up, I treat all of  Rina's crew to love-love dates in the crow's nest.  We have a sign up sheet so that the girls don't have to fight."

"But, I am here now!"

Akari rolls her eyes.  "Yes, as fifth mate.  I am third mate.  So, get OUT of the crow's nest.  We're about to take off and I have a job to do."

"With that bimbo with you?"

Akari looks furious.  "I don't care if you're some princess.  You are not to refer to ANY member of Rina's crew in a derogatory way, EVER!  Besides, if you piss Natsumi off you can forget getting the crew to do anything for you."

Karin starts crying.  "Natsumi, I am sorry.  It was my jealousy talking.  Please forgive me."

"Sure, if you get lost."

Karin climbs down, defeated.

Yaji runs back up the gangplank.  "We're good to go!"

Rina takes out her whistle and blows the sequence meaning time to take off.

Several of Rina's minions disengage the port's gangplank.

Some of the dock workers undo the ropes holding the ship to the port.  The ropes are reeled in by Rina's minions.

Rina yells "Set sail!"  The ship starts easing out of the harbor.

Rina goes over to Karin.  "So, you see how it is?"

"It was shocking, but I will not lose."  Karin's eyes burn with determination.

"I am the acting captain until we get out of harbor, just in case anyone is watching, so let me give you an order ever though it will only be effective for thirty minutes."


"Please do not let your acting like an idiot around Oden affect the running of the ship or our fighting for Heart.  I am sure it will be troublesome for Honey if you make our fighting less effective."

Karin looks down.  "Aye, aye."

"Do you want to get started on the costumes?"

"Yes, it will help me forget."

Rina calls over one of her minions.  "Karin Miyamoto, this is Takagi Sayuki, my first mate.  Please consider her at your disposal."

Sayuki bows.  "Please treat me well."

"Karin is a new member of Honey's crew.  You may call her Princess."

"Aye, aye."

"Karin, you may call Sayuki-san Monkey."

Karin suppresses a giggle looking at Sayuki's monkey-like face.  "I hope we can become friends."

Sayuki smiles.

"Monkey is good with sewing.  You may use her as an assistant."

Karin nods.  "Great.  Sayuki-san, let's go.  We have six outfits to do."

"Okay, but, around four o'clock I will be on break up in the crow's nest."

Karin cringes.

"Besides, we will be changing ships around five so we'll only be able to work on one outfit now."

To be continued
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The Party Pirates! Part 4 - Oden's Pinch
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The Party Pirates - Part 4 - Oden's Pinch

"So, how was it?"

Takagi Sayuki looks down, uncomfortable with the atmosphere.  "It was wonderful as always.  Oden-san is the best."

Miyamoto Karin stares a hole through Monkey.

Sayuki nervously laughs.  "Oh, it won't be long until we land.  Takeuchi-san has already spotted the entrance to the cove.

"Good, this piece is almost finished."

"Oh, these accessories are cute!  These must be for Yaji-san."

"No, they're for Honey."

Sayuki looks confused.  "But the captain's color is honey.  These accessories are red."

"Honey Quinn's color is red in the musical."

Sayuki rolls her eyes.  "I had better get a two ropes ready."


"The captain might want to keelhaul you twice."

Honey puts down the tube to the crow's nest.  "Okay you dummies!  Look lively!  Our home is near."

Karin rushes to a window and can see that their ship is closing in on what looks like an overgrown tangle of trees.  "I don't see it."

Sayuki laughs.  "That's our camouflage.  We will transfer it to this boat to keep it safe."

Karin feels a bump.  She hears one of Rina's minions yell "Secure!"

Karin walks out of the main room to the deck and is astonished.  Rina's minions have already pulled the tangle of vines off and stacked them on the aft side of Rina's ship revealing a beautiful intimidating pirate ship.  "Sugoi!"

Rina laughs.  "Nice isn't it?  It might be a little cramped now that we're up to fifteen crew members, rather than the ship's usual four."

Honey appears on deck.  "Come on guys!  We're burning daylight!  Just get the supplies and Princess' junk on the deck and don't bother to store it yet."

"Aye, aye!"

After an amazingly short time all of the gear is aboard the other boat.

Honey taps Karin on the shoulder.  "Come on Princess, time to go."  Honey, in one motion, jumps to the railing of Rina's ship, jumps to the railing of her ship and then lands on deck.

Karin face plants.  "Scary!"

Yaji and Rose Quartz sneak up behind her.  "We'll make it easy!"  They pick Karin up and toss her to the other deck.

Karin lands on her butt.  "Itai!"

Honey laughs.  "That was great!  I'll take a point away for that.  You're back to zero."

The rest of the minions cover Rina's ship with the vines.

Yaji climbs down a rope at the front of Rina's ship and then catches the docking rope and secures it around a tree stump.  She then frees the docking rope of the Honey's ship and tugs it a couple times, signaling the minions to reel her in.

Karin gets up and looks around in awe.  "So, this is the feared pirate ship, The Joker?"

Honey makes a "V" sign.  "Sure is.  And, we're ready to go."  Honey turns to the minions.  "Release the securing hooks!"

Karin watches Rina's ship, The Cyclone, fade into the background in the distance as the Joker sails into the gathering twilight, clearing the cove's entrance before nightfall.


Yaji does sit-ups in the main room.

Karin looks up from her sewing.  "Yaji-san?"

Yaji looks at her with an annoyed look.  "Let me finish my maintenance exercises."


After several minutes of Yaji doing all sorts of strange body weight exercises she finally finishes.  "What do you want?"

"I want to know how you guys degenerated Takeuchi-senpai and turned her from a good girl to a pirate?"

Yaji laughs.  "Well, first of, I take offense to your calling being a pirate a degeneration of what she was.  But, putting that aside, it's a funny story so I will tell you."



Haruna, Maimi, and Tomoko exit a tavern in the middle of the night.  After walking a couple of blocks, they see fight going on.

Haruna smiles.  "Let's check this out."

When they get there they see one boyish looking figure being held down by two larger women while a third woman holds a sword to the downed figure's head.

"What's going on?"

The girl with the sword turns to Haruna.  "This filthy beast has corrupted my pure and innocent daughter.  She dropped out of medical school, started hanging out with the criminal crowd, and even, started using slang!"

Haruna chuckles.  "Hey lover boy!  What's your name?"

"Akari, Takeuchi Akari."

"You have a high voice for a boy."

"Who's a boy?  I am a girl.

Haruna chuckles again and turns to the mother.  "I have good news for you.  I can spare you the trauma of killing another person.  We're pirates and we are looking to kidnap people to add them to our crew.  We can make this person disappear so that your daughter will never see her again and then your daughter will magically revert back to being an honor student."


In one lighting like motion Yaji draws a Kendo practice sword and knocks the real sword out of the mother's hand.  Tomoko instantly grabs it.

Haruna makes an embarrassed expression.  "Oh my god.  Did I do that again?  Darn it!  Just shows that my pirate skills need work.  I accidentally made that sound like a request."

The two women holding Akari down loosen their grip to try to protect the mother.  Akari  strikes with elbows and punches to the gut, dropping both women.

Honey smiles.  "Pretty good."

"This isn't the first time I have gotten into a fight on account of my love life."

"Just out of curiosity, was this woman's daughter as pure and innocent as she says?"

Akari smirks and looks right at the mother.  "Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your daughter never even enrolled in that school.  She's been drinking and gambling off your tuition money for years now."

The mother tries to lunge at Akari but Tomoko holds up the sword and wags her finger.

Akari takes advantage of the distraction and punches the woman in the eye, dropping her.  "Nothing personal, but I always mark those who come after me.  Your black eye will send a vivid message to others in the future."

Honey claps.  "Splendid!  I approve.  You can come with us now."

Akari tilts her head.  "Did you mean I will come with you guys and I have no choice?"

"Aaaaah.  There I go again.  But, yeah."

"Well, this town was becoming pretty dangerous for me."

"One thing first though.  Unbutton your shirt."

"What?  Are you guys perverts?"

"Just want to make sure you are a girl."

"Gross!"  Akari complies.  "Are you happy?  Are they big enough?"

Honey laughs.  "I am the last person who would want to make that a requirement.  Now, let's go."


"So, that's how Oden-chan joined our crew."

"How horrible that she was already like that."

"Whatever."  Yaji goes back to working out.

Karin sees Natsumi walk by.  "Taguchi-san?"

Natsumi sheepishly smiles.  "Hey, bitch face is fine."

"Are there musicians on board?"

"A couple."

"Could you send them to me?  I have some music I want them to learn."

"Are our pirate jigs not good enough for a princess?"

Karin giggles.  "Oh, trust me, you will like it when it is performed."

To be continued
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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 5 - A Punch To The Mouth
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The Party Pirates - Part 5 - A Punch To The Mouth

Author's note: "Buy the Captain Rum" is a song by Abney Park.

Taguchi Natsumi bring two of Rina's minions with her.  "Here they are:  Yanagawa Nanami and Uozumi Yuki."

The two bow.  "Please treat us well."

Miyamoto Karin stretches her hands, hands which are in pain from non-stop modifications of the costumes.  "Sure.  Do you guys have any strange nicknames?"

They shake their heads.

Natsumi nods.  "Only the officers of Rina's crew got nicknames.  We're just referred to as grunts."

Karin smiles.  "Anything special you would like me to call you?"

Nanami smiles and pulls out her ocarina.  "Ocarina girl would be good."

Yuki nods and holds up her fiddle.  "Fiddle girl is fine."

"Can you two play for me?"

They nod and the set themselves up.  Yuki sings instead of  Nanami since it would be difficult to sing and play a wind instrument at the same time.

"Ooooh, A captain's life seems elegant, with far more booze than regiment.  She's required to provide for all the crew aboard.

"When provisions are running short, and if the ship is far from port, the Cap herself must sacrifice for all the crew aboard.

"There's no rum in the captain's barrel, there's rum on the captain's table, and rum in the captain's crew, so buy the captain rum.

"No rum in the captain's barrel, there's rum on the captain's table, and rum in the captain's crew, so buy the captain rum."

Yuki starts a fiddle solo but Karin cuts her off.  "Splendid!  That was great.  However, I brought some sheet music for you guys to learn."  Karin pulls the paper out of a pocket of her fluffy long dress.

Nanami makes a face.  "We're supposed to read music?  We were told to be musicians.  Not that we mind though."

Karin smiles.  "No problem.  I can hum your parts.  Would that be enough?"

Nanami and Yuki nod.


Honey emerges from the captain's chamber's at dawn and stretches.  She sees Karin slumped over her work bench.  Honey shivers a little then gets a spare coat from her wardrobe and puts it on Karin's shoulders.

Honey goes on deck to great the night shift.  She gets briefed on if they were on schedule, then goes back to nap.

Karin wakes up and is surprised to find a coat on her shoulders.  "What?"

Yaji looks up from her morning maintenance exercises.  "Good morning Princess.  We start crew exercises in five minute."


Karin grunts and groans through Yaji's routine on deck with the rest of the crew.  Afterward, Karin can barely stand.

Yaji nudges her.  "Hey, I first thought you were a dummy, but you keep surprising me.  You're the first person to finish my workout on the first try.  Everyone else has been doing it for years.  That's why we are so tough."

Karin tries to smile.  "Does Rina's crew fight with you guys?"

"Not usually.  We often leave Oden behind as a lookout as well.  The three of us can take out most cargo crews.  If they are more dangerous we sometimes use them."

"Wow.  How did you meet up with Honey and Rose Quartz?"

"I'll tell you after breakfast."


After eating a somewhat rude meal on a square plate with the rest of the crew, Karin returns to the workstation.  She see's the coat is already taken.

Yaji comes over.  "Ready?

"Was that your coat?"

"It was Honey's."

"She's really quite kind, right?"

"Heck, no!  She probably didn't want you to get a shoulder cramp and not be able to finish the outfit."

"If you say so."

"So, about our meeting."


A younger looking Maimi walks down a hall at the National University of Spade and knocks on Professor Iikubo's office.  "Excuse me?"

"Come in."

Maimi can tell that Haruna has been crying.  "What's wrong?"

"I have decided to quit the University."


"Academics is dominated by men.  They gave my promotion to that old fat bag of crap Professor Archer."

"Eww!  I was warned by friends to avoid his classes.  He's really quite dense I hear."

"Well, I don't hate him.  He's just trying to do his best.  It's the President of the University I want to hurt.  He told me that he would never promote me unless I had sex with him."

"I'm all for hurting him.  He makes rude comments to me and tries to pinch my butt."

"Maimi, you're a martial arts champion.  Surely you're capable of knocking him out?"

"Yes.  But I would get kicked out of school and arrested."

Haruna smiles an evil smile.  "Maimi, I used to think that I wanted to be a Psychology Professor and understand the human mind.  But now I think I know better.  I think I want to be a pirate."

Maimi laughs.  "Professor Iikubo, you're too much."

Haruna lowers her voice.  "Last night they made a pirate dance the hempen jig in town.  I had spent the last two weeks interviewing him for a paper on abnormal psychology."

"The hempen jig?"

"He was hanged for piracy and murder.  But, during our interviews (where he was tied up) he gave me the long and short of being a pirate.  One thing that stood out was that even though the whole world is against a pirate no one can hold him down.  As for me, as a professor, the University President can do a fine job of ruining my dreams."


"So, that's why I want to be a pirate.  Because there are too many people in this world who need to be punched in the mouth and there is no opportunity for a non-pirate to do so."

Maimi starts to sob.  "Can I join you?"


"Even though I am a girl's champion at Kendo, even though I beat the boy's champion in an impromptu match, they will not let me fight in the boy's division."

"Can you teach me to fight?"

"Sure.  You seem coordinated and athletic, you should be a natural."


"So, that's how Honey and I hooked up."

"So cool."

"I trained Honey for a couple weeks before she and I quit the University.  We quit after Honey first beat me in sparing."

Karin's eyes pop open.  "Has anyone else ever done that?"

"No.  A couple of weeks later I introduced Honey to a friend of mine who gave me massages for free because she enjoyed seeing me fight.  She worked at a brothel giving massages and acting as a dominatrix. This was Tomoko.  We hung out for a while and then we found out that the University President would use the brothel and use his money to get away with abusing the whores.  Honey suggested that the head of the brothel suggest to lover boy to enjoy a free massage before he beat up one of the workers.  He agreed and Tomoko went to town on him.  I still don't know if that guy can even bring the hand of his writing arm out from behind his back, she abused him really well.  The head of the brothel made fun of him because he got beat up by a girl so he never made a stink."

"Tomoko did that?"

"Normally, she abuses the crew in a playful way, and the crew members feel better when it is over, but Rose Quartz can play really rough if she wants.  I would not want to fight her hand to hand."

"Amazing!  I have a couple of questions.  I thought there were originally five pirates, but Bakuwara says that she was not part of that crew.  Did you guys have another member named Mistress Black?"

"That was Tomoko's first pirate name."

"Why did she change it?"

"I'll let you ask Tomoko-san that.  Go to the sign up sheet for a massage."

"Another sign up sheet?"

"Sorry, but it does seem to be that type of a ship."

"Also, I saw there was a painting of a woman dressed as a Pierrot in the Captain's quarters."


"Who is the painting of?"

"You should ask the Captain that.  However, there are some stories that crew members might not be eager to tell."

To be continued

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 6 - Signing Up Has Its Disadvantages
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The Party Pirates - Part 6 - Signing Up Has Its Disadvantages

Karin sits on a chair in a tiny closet that serves as Tomoko's lair.

Tomoko sits in front of Karin and holds Karin's foot in her lap with her left hand and starts grinding the knuckles of her right hand into the bottom of Karin's foot.


"You know, everyone on the ship comes to me for this treatment, even Honey and Yaji."

Karin looks terrified.  "Do they scream?"

"Sometimes.  But, they all feel better afterward.

Karin tries breathing heavily to take her mind off of the pain.  "So, can I ask you a question?"

"About Oden?"

"About you.  Why did you change your name from Black Mistress to Rose Quartz?"

Tomoko grinds her knuckle in extra hard.

"Aaaaaaahh!"  Karin is in so much pain that she starts laughing like she was deranged.

Tomoko frowns.  "There are some stories that you don't need to know."



Takeuchi Akari hears one of Rina's minions ring a hand bell to signal the passing of half an hour.  "Space Case, times up."

Morito Chisaki lifts her head up from Akari's lap with an uncomprehending look.  "But I just got here."

"You don't want to make the next girl mad do you?"

"Okay."  Chisaki gets up on the seat of the crows nest.  She and Akari kiss.  Chisaki then looks over the edge of the crows nest and jumps to the rigging below and starts her descent.

About a minute passes.

"Senpai!"  Karin jumps into the crows nest.

Akari looks at Karin coldly.  "Where's Bitch Face?"

"She's letting me switch with her today."

Akari rolls her eyes.  "How did you make her do that?"

"I showed her how to make custom earrings."

Akari smirks.  "If you say so.  I'm still going to worry until I see her alive."

"Do you really think I am that way?"


"Moe!  I am grown up now."

Akari chuckles.  "Or, at least stretching to be."

"Meanie."  Karin sticks her tongue out.

The ship hits a wave and Karin is nearly thrown out of the crows nest.

Akari laughs.  "Now you know why the other girls sit on the floor.  The top of the main mast is farthest away from the center of gravity of the ship, so a small motion below is a large motion up here."

"How do you stand it?"

"I am used to it."

Karin sits down on the floor of the crows nest.  "Do I get to rest my head on your lap?"

Akari looks serious.  "Karin, there is a big difference between you and Rina's minions.  You and I will be going into battle and fighting side by side.  I will not be doing that with the minions."

"So, that means we will be closer?"

Oden crosses her arms "Wrong!  If you looked at the sign up sheet, you would have seen that Honey, Yaji, Rose Quartz, and Bakuwara never sign up.  There's a reason for that."


Oden continues to scan the sea with her spyglass.  "We all depend on each other in battle.  If we became romantically attached it would screw up our teamwork.  We would look to make sure our girl friend is okay rather than looking where we are supposed to be looking.  Tiny errors like that could get all of us killed."

Karin's eyes grow large.  "Wow."

"So, that's why I don't feel comfortable giving you love-love service."

Karin pouts.

"So, how are the costumes coming?"

"Only one to go."

"Great, especially since we should be in range of Heart by tomorrow."

"Yes, I told Honey that we should go to Chiba first.  That should be the farthest the invaders could have gotten so far."

Akari nods.  "I can't wait to kick some butt.  Chicks really dig a fighter, especially if she wins.  Also, Chiba has some real cuties."

"Akari-senpai, please don't be mad, but the fights are not going to go the way that you are anticipating."

"What?  We are going to lose?"

"No, but we are going to need something special to win.  I will explain everything tonight when you guys model the costumes."

"Well, you're the one paying us, even if you're paying us nothing."

Karin pulls a sheet of paper out of her dress.  "Anyway, here is a copy of the lyrics you'll be singing tonight."

Akari looks at the sheet closely.  "Is this a jig?"

"No, it's from the Party Pirates musical."

"Eeeeh?  All pirates do the jig.  It's kind of a bonding experience to sing and make fools of ourselves.  But, a song from a musical?"

"Yes.  It's not hard.  I'll sing it for you."



Karin walks out on deck from within the ship.  She wears pirates attire rather than her normal formal looking dresses.  She wears black and white face paint in the form of a giant equals sign on her face.  Rina's minions cheer.  Karin walks to an area illuminated in the evening darkness by four lanterns, each closely watched by a minion.

"Everyone!  Are you lively?"

The minions again cheer.

Karin takes a box out from a pocket in her trousers.  She opens the box and lines up six rings in a line in front of the illuminated area.  "Tonight is a special night!  Tomorrow, we land in Chiba and your Party Pirates will kick ass like never before against an evil army.  But tonight, we need to gather up your enthusiasm, your energy, your love, so that we may power up and be victorious!"

The minions squeal and pound the deck with their hands.

"So, let's bring out the rest of the Party Pirates!"

Rina and Haruna's crew walk out dressed up in Karin's outfits.

Haruna, wearing black and white face paint in the shape of circles, looks pissed.  "Karin?  Why do I have red accessories?"

"Don't worry about it.  There's a reason."

Tomoko, wearing her party mask, cocks her head.  "It's not that I don't appreciate the 'RQ' sewn into the back of my shirt, it is rather cool, but why is it green instead of rose quartz?"

"You'll find out after the song."

Rina, wearing black and white face paint that looks like an exaggerated smile, looks puzzled.  "Karin, why are we wearing dancing briefs under our costumes?  Our costumes seem to cover everything just fine."

Karin winks.  "There is a reason.  Now everyone, are you ready for a party?"

The minions cheer.

"Okay, now for introductions.  Honey?"

Honey makes a stink face.  "Hello everyone!  I am Honey Quinn.  I might get a little carried away at times, but let's all get along!"

"Eeeeeeh?"  The minions look at her shocked.

"Karin, I told you that weird intro wouldn't work!"

"Okay, do it the way you want."

Honey smiles.  "Honey Quinn the Party Pirate here.  Resist and you'll say hello to the floor of the sea.  Cooperate and we'll take you to heaven in exchange for your mere treasure."

Maimi, wearing a scarf over part of her face, bows.  "Yaji the Party Pirate.  If you want, you can resist me.  I enjoy fighting and I promise not to kill you too badly."

"Rose Quartz the Party Pirate.  I have two types of pain that I dispense, the type that will hurt when I am done and the type that will feel good when I am done.  Unfortunately for you, you don't get a choice."  Tomoko wags her finger and puts slight pauses in between the last five words.

Akari, wearing black and white face paint in the pattern of the aftereffects of two slaps to the face, bows.  "Odin the Party Pirate.  I would say that I have come for your treasure, but I can already see from your eyes that I have already taken your greatest treasure, your heart!"

"Bakuwara the Party Pirate.  Everyone else is really strong so I will not have to do much.  But, don't take my laziness for weakness.  Those that try me live to regret it for seventy days, if I let them live."

Karin smiles at the very loud, very lewd responses that the minions give.  "Princess the Party Pirate.  I am a new pirate, but don't underestimate the power of a princess.  And now, lend us your energy!"

Yuki and Nanami raise their instruments.

To be continued
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The Party Pirates! Part 7 - La Pirate
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The Party Pirates - Part 7 - La Pirate

Author's note: The song is a rip off of La Soldier from the Sailor Moon musicals.

Yuki and Nanami raise their instruments.

Honey, Yaji, and Tomoko look determined.  Rina and Akari look nonchalant.

Waiting any more than this is impossible
Don't end it so easily
I want all that you are
There's a slide that gently
Came between us before
A pearl was revealed
You attacked me with a look
My heart is transparent to the core

Karin smiles inside at the energy and lust the minions are raising seeing their idols dance and sing.

Repeated for thousands of years
Love is a mysterious battle, isn't it?
The Moonlight of love that came from you
As I'm bathed in it, I begin to change
Vividly, Secretly, La Pirate

When Yuki finishes a combination of plucked descending scales the rings start emitting bright flashes of light temporarily blinding all on board.

Honey regains her sight.  "Aaaaaah!  Karin, what just happened?  Where are our outfits?"

Yaji looks shocked.  "Boss, your make up."

The minions whisper among themselves thinking that the pirates stripping down to dancing briefs was part of the show.

Karin, shivering a little in the evening breeze, tries to calm things down.  "Your outfits and your disguises are in the rings now."

Rina makes a face.  "Can we get changed?  It's kind of chilly."

Karin nods.  "Everyone, we'll be right back and I will explain everything."

Karin leads the other pirates downstairs to her private closet sized room.  "Your outfits are in here."

The rest of the pirates put on the outfits.

Yaji raises an eyebrow.  "How did they get here from on deck?"

Karin smiles.  "They are duplicates.  Now come on."

Karin leads the pirates back on deck and then addresses all: "Everyone, it's time to reveal the extent of the problem.  The army that has invaded Heart is using magic to protect themselves.  The armies of Heart can make no headway against their strong magic.  However the magic of the royal family of Heart is also strong.  By wearing these rings into battle the Party Pirates will be able to transform and use the energy and love you have given us.  When we transform, the other outfits, the ones with the custom accessories, will appear and clothe us, instead of the plain ones we have now, and our disguises will return."

Honey sneers.  "Great, we get to look pretty, how is that going to help us against an army of magic users?"

"When we transform we get three times the speed and four times the power.  We will be walking tsunamis for fifteen minutes."

Rose Quartz looks skeptical.  "Is that going to be enough time to waste an army?"

"No.  But, intelligence has determined that the source of their magic power is on their ships and the troops never stray more than a quarter mile from their ship.  Fifteen minutes should be plenty to infiltrate the ship and destroy the source.  After that, the troops should lose quickly to the Heart ground forces."

Honey smiles.  "Well, at least we will get to kick ass.  And, I suppose that we will recharge our rings after the battle?"

Karin nods.  "Of course.  We must eradicate the enemy from many cities."

Honey waves to the minions.  "So, all we have to do is repeat the song for these guys?"


The rest of the pirates face plant.

"To recharge the rings, we must find a special person who can teach us a new song."

Rina cocks her head.  "How are we supposed to find this person?"

Karin takes a ball out of a pocket in her baggy pants.  "This will show us the way."

Akari bursts out laughing.  "A magic eight ball?"

Haruna looks bewildered.  "What, what?  What is that?"

Akari rolls her eyes.  "It's a toy for children, popular in Heart.  There is an eight sided die inside of the ball that is filled with water.  You shake the ball and a random side of the die will float the the top of the ball, each one with a fixed message.  Children ask the ball a question and then shake the ball.  The eight answers are vague enough for kids to think that it has answered the question."

Karin wags her figure.  "This is an eight ball infused with royal magic.  It gives good answers."

Haruna snatches the ball.  "Okay, let's put it too the test.  Magic eight ball, will we kick that army's butt tomorrow?"  Haruna shakes the ball.  "Let's see what it says."  After several seconds Haruna makes a stink face.  "Is this messing with us?"

Karin takes the ball back.  "'No one in that army can power up the rings.'  The magic eight ball does not answer questions in general, just questions about where we can get the songs."

Haruna pouts.  "Tch!  You would think that royal magic could make something more useful."

"It took six months of the prayers of the priests just to get the eight ball to do this much."

Haruna raises an eyebrow.  "Karin, when did the army first invade?"

"Six months ago."

"So, recruiting us was your first and only plan?"


"What if we weren't a bunch of idiots and said no?"

"Heart will probably be no more in another couple of months."

Haruna turns up her nose.  "Quite a gamble, there."

"No.  This was the Heart's one and only chance.  None of Heart's forces would have been suitable.  The rings would only accept maidens with pure hearts."

Tomoko face plants.  "You think that we have pure hearts?  A bunch of pirates?"

"You do in the musical."

Tomoko grabs Karin by the scruff of her neck.  "What a bunch of nonsense."

Haruna looks down at the rings.  "Rose Quartz, wait.  The rings did take our clothes.  Yeah, the rings might have crappy judgment about our character, but if it means we get to instantly kick a whole army's butt why not give it a try?  Besides, maybe the rings think we are pure evil?"

Tomoko lets go of Karin.  "Maybe."

Haruna picks up the ring.  "Karin, if this is some elaborate plot to get us, then you are way stupider than you seem.  You could have killed all of us by poisoning our food at the restaurant.  So, I will will believe in your magic mumbo jumbo and put on your ring."  Haruna does so.

The rest follow suit.

Karin puts her ring on.  "Tomorrow, with these rings, Chiba will be liberated."

Haruna smirks.  "Sure thing.  But, Chiba better treat us to some great food."

To be continued


Romanji Lyrics:

Kore ijou muri yo matenai wa
Suresure de owarasenai de
Anata no subete hoshii
(HQ) Futari wo hedateta suraido ga
(Ya) Harari suberiochite ato wa
(RQ) Arawa ni sareta shinju
(Od) Manazashi ni semerarete
(Ba) Kokoro ga sukitooru (Pr) shin made

Ikusen nen kurikaeshita
Koi wa shinpi no tatakai ne
Anata kara no ai no Moonlight
Abite watashi wa kawatte yuku
Azayaka ni himeyaka ni La Pirate
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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 8 - A Surprise Reunion
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The Party Pirates - Part 8 - A Surprise Reunion

The six pirates walk along a country road.

Karin kicks a pebble.  "Why did we go to a cove?  We could have gone to the port!"

Haruna smirks.  "Because I did not think that that the good law abiding citizens of Chiba would welcome a pirate ship with open arms."

Karin looks at Akari.  "Akari-senpai, what is that ear ring you are wearing?"

"That's Oden.  We are not traveling undercover."

"Okay, Oden."

"And, the ear ring is from Taguchi Natsumi.  She applied your lessons well."

Karin turns up her nose. "I could have done much better."

The group approaches a turn in the road.  Akari whispers something in Haruna's ear.

Haruna turns around and addresses a tree on the side of the road.  "We don't mind you folks stalking us, but there are bandits around the curve in the road.  We feel confident that we can handle them, but we cannot guarantee your safety."

Four men slip out from the trees.

"Professor Iikubo, is that you?"

Haruna smiles.  "Koichi?  How is it going?  Why are you guys following us?"

Koichi looks sad.  "It's our job.  We keep a lookout on the coves and then follow any pirates who land to see what they are up to."

Karin smiles.  "Friends of yours, Miss Iikubo?"

Haruna rolls her eyes.  "Yes, this is Koichi, Shota, Ryoichi, and Fumito.  As for how we met, it's a long story ..."


A grizzled evil looking pirate walks the deck of a docked ship carrying a sword and a lantern against the darkness of night.  He suddenly turns.  "Halt, who goes there."

Haruna blows the pirate a kiss.  "Just a wench looking for a handsome pirate."

"Right here, baby!"  The pirates lewd reply is truncated by a blow to the back of the head by the handle of  Yaji's sword.

Haruna shrugs.  "That was easy."

The door to the lower levels of  the ship opens a crack.

Haruna laughs.  "You guys.  Come out.  We can see you."

Four men exit the lower deck.  They hold their hands about their heads in surrender.

Akari sneers.  "What type of pirates are these?"

Koichi speaks for the group.  "Young ladies, we are not pirates.  These pirates have enslaved us and forced us to run their ship.  We are not paid and never get to go on land."

"And, this guy?"  Haruna points to the out cold lookout.

"A cruel sadist.  The fourth mate of the pirates."

Haruna smiles.  "I have good news for you four.  The top four pirates are probably dead by now."


Tomoko smirks.  "They walked into the wrong brothel.  We pretended to be workers and were able to get them alone.  It's surprising that even big macho pirates can easily be knocked out by blows to the back of the neck."

Haruna nods.  "We tied them up and deposited them on the street with their wanted posters.  I'm sure quite a few of the townspeople will have wanted that reward.  And, the posters said 'dead or alive' so I don't think they were delivered to the authorities still breathing."

The men start smiling.  "So, this beast is the last of them?"

Haruna nods.

"Give us two minutes with him and you won't have to get your hands dirty."

Haruna shrugs.  "Knock yourselves out."

The men pull small knives from the pockets.

Haruna covers her eyes.  "Gross!"

The men throw the final pirate's body over board.

"You guys will clean up this mess, right?"

"Our pleasure."

After they clean up the blood stains, Koichi bows.  "So, will you let us go free?"

Haruna nervously puts her hand behind her head.  "About that.  Hey, let's make a deal!"

"A deal?"

"Sure.  You see, even though we don't look like typical pirates, that is our ambition.  However, we don't have a boat and we don't know how to sail.  As for you guys, if we let you out here there is a chance that the townspeople might correctly guess that you were with the pirates and hang you.  So, here's my plan.  Let's take this boat and sail to Diamond.  Is that where you are from?"

"No, we are from Heart, but Diamond is fine.  It will be easy to sail home from there."

"Great.  And, along the way, you four will teach us how to sail this ship.  Can you do that?"

The men nod.

"Is the ship stocked?"

"Yes, the pirates came back with supplies last afternoon."

"Is there money on board?"

"I don't know, we've never been in the Captain's room."

"Let's find out."  Haruna asks the men to lead them to the captain's quarters.  They find there an unlocked pirate chest spilling over with gold coins.  "Sugoi!  Well, when we get to Diamond, we will pay you for your troubles.  Also, we will not engage in piracy in route so you can truthfully say that you never took money for being a pirate.  So how much should I pay you?"

Koichi thinks for a minute.  "Fifty gold coins?"

"What's your name?"


"Koichi, was that a wild guess?"

"Yes, we've never been paid, you know."

"Okay.  I am a psychology professor and I have interviewed a pirate so I know that thirty gold pieces is the going rate."


"So, shall we set sail?"


"And so, these four nice gentlemen taught us how to sail, how to overtake another boat, and most importantly, how to keep the ship clean and how to protect against fires."

Karin nods and turns to Koichi.  "So, it matters not to you that us fiends are pirates?"

"Why, yes it does.  We were hoping to arrest you."

Haruna pinches Koichi's cheek.  "I'm so happy that I set good men like you guys free.  However, isn't Heart being invaded right now?"

The four men stare at their shoes in shame.

"We've come to Heart to kick the butt of the invading army.  You would consider that a good thing, right?"

Koichi nods.

"Well, here's what we can do.  First, we'll beat up the bandits around the bend.  You guys have no problem with that, right?"

The men nod.

"Then, you guys will pretend that you are arresting us, and then you can bring us to the quarter mile perimeter of the invading army.  That way we won't be hassled."

"Can do."

"Then we will enter the perimeter, kick some enemy butt and free Chiba."

"Professor Haruna, that seems like a great plan."

"You can call me by my pirate name.  Honey Quinn, the Party Pirate."

"Sure Miss Quinn."

"Honey is fine.  By the way, we haven't been active as pirates for two years.  Are we still wanted?"

"Yes, there is a thirty gold piece bounty on your head."

Haruna face plants.  "Thirty?  That is the worst!  The pirates we wasted to get our ship had five hundred gold coins on their heads."

Karin comforts Haruna.  "There, there.  If we kick butt the way I know we can on the invaders, the invaders might put a proper bounty on your head."

Haruna gets up.  "That will be good.  So, shall we go?"

To be continued

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 9 - A Past Indiscretion
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The Party Pirates - Part 9 - A Past Indiscretion

Thunk.  The last of the bandits lands face down on the dirt and stone road courtesy of the dull side of Yaji's sword.

Haruna rubs the dust off of her hands.  "Well, they weren't so tough.  Okay guys, it's safe now."

The four road patrol guys come around the bend.  Shota's jaw drops.  "What the heck?  You guys beat these guy up?"

Haruna raises an eyebrow.  "Are these guys supposed to be dangerous?"

"There's a two hundred gold coin bounty on their heads."

Ryoichi nods.  "This means a change of plans.  If we leave them here then the next patrol would pick them up."

Fumito also nods.  "Why should they get a good bounty and we get chump change?  We'll take the bandits in and you guys can handle yourselves."

Akari explodes.  "Are you guys morons?  What good will two hundred gold coins do you if Heart is enslaved?"

Haruna tries to calm Akari down.  "Now, now.  Honestly, I don't think that they are wrong."

Akari sticks her lips out and pouts.

Haruna looks like she has made up her mind.  "Okay, Koichi, you come with us and you three bring those bandits in.  Can you guys handle that?"

Shota opens his jacket to show several restraining devices.  "No problem.  We will tie them up and wait for the next farmer's wagon to come by.  They are pretty frequent this time of year."

"Good, then let's go."

Koichi looks puzzled.  "Is it going to be believable that one guy is leading six pirates into town?"

Haruna pulls a pistol out of her baggy pants.  "Use this.  But, please do not fire it.  It takes thirty minutes and a lot of care to reload it with a bullet and gunpowder."

Karin giggles.  "You know, once we henshin, our weapons will change as well.  We'll be able to shoot our guns as many times as we want without reloading."

Haruna gets an evil look in her eyes.  "Sweet."


The pirates and Koichi enter Chiba.  They townspeople look upon them with fear.

"Stay back, they are wanted by the law!"

Koichi guides them into the courthouse.  "Magistrate, I have someone who is wanted."

The magistrate looks at Haruna, then looks at a stack of wanted posters.  "Oh, here it is.  Professor Iikubo Haruna, thirty gold pieces."

Koichi fist pumps.  "Yeah!"

"So, Professor Iikubo, will you give that book back?"

Haruna face plants.  "What??"

"This poster says that you stole a first edition signed copy of "The Principles of Psychology" from the president of the University of Spade."

"Oh, that?  I'm not even wanted for being a pirate?"

The magistrate laughs.  "Young lady, I cannot tell you how rare it is to have a wanted poster for a pirate.  If a pirate kills his victims then they don't complain.  If a pirate lets their victims live then they don't report it out of gratitude."

Haruna looks forlorn.

"So, will you return the book?"

"I hid the book in a service drawer in the university's clock tower.  I did not consider the book worthwhile to keep.  Most of the conclusions that they draw are based on experiments that reflect the researchers lack of knowledge of the real world and lack of ability to effectively cause test subjects to suspend their disbelief."

"Good, good.  Well, you are free to go then."

Haruna stumbles out of the courthouse mumbling to herself.

Some curious townspeople surround them.  "You're not wanted criminals?"

Tomoko smiles and waves her hand.  "It was a small matter.  It was taken care of.  Everything is okay now."

A small girl pipes up.  "Are you guys with the theater?"

Haruna perks up.  "What do you mean, little girl?  Do we remind you of someone?"

"Yes!  The Doctor Fighters!  They are playing in town now."

Haruna starts to lose it.  "Doctors?  We look like doctors?"

Rina teases Haruna.  "Well, you are a professor."

"We don't look like the Party Pirates?"

The girl laughs.  "Shouldn't you guys be burlier?"

Haruna stares daggers at Karin.  "Well, putting that aside, let's just say that we are a fighting team and we have come to beat up the invading army.  Are they far from here?"

One of the townspeople points to the limit of the invader's quarter mile radius from their ship, some three blocks away.

"And their ship is in port?"

"It's the biggest ship.  You cannot miss it.  Just follow the main road downhill."

The pirates draw their swords.

Haruna smiles.  "Time to kick ass!"

Karin tugs at Haruna's sleeve.  "Wait, even though I don't want to say this, I think I should.  Oden, if you henshin with that earring on, that earring will be lost when you turn back."

Oden pulls a spy glass from her baggy pants.  "What about this?"

"If it is not a weapon and you didn't have it on you when we charged the rings, then you won't get it back."

Oden turns to the little girl and gives her an alluring smile.  "Miss?  What is your name?"


"Momohime, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

The girl turns beet red.  "Me?"

"Yes.  This is my spyglass.  I use it on my ship to keep my comrades safe by helping us steer clear of hazards.  I cannot take it into battle.  Could you keep it safe?"


Akari takes her earring off.  "And, as payment, I will give you this earring.  It's the very first earring made by my friend Taguchi Natsumi.  She's going to be a famous designer some day so this will be worth a lot of money."

"It's so cool!"

Akari rubs the little girls head.  "Thanks, we'll be back before you know it!"

The Momohime's eyes gaze over.


The pirates enter the invasion zone.  They walk several blocks before they find themselves facing an group of odd looking creatures that look like robots.  The robots stare at them without attacking.

Karin holds them back.  "These are the foot soldiers of their army.  They are hard to kill and don't seem to get tired."

Haruna nods.  "Should we fight them?"

"We might be able to outrun them, but the closer we get to the ship, the more numerous they will be."

Yaji tugs Haruna's leaves.  "I have an idea.  Why don't we draw them back to the line?"

Haruna smiles.  "I approve.  If we henshin there it will be a really good show for the townspeople.  Okay?"

The pirates agree.

Karin pulls her eyelid down.  "Beda!"

Rina turns around and sticks her butt out in the direction of the foot solders and pats it.

The foot solders, suitably provoked, advance on the pirates who run back to the line while goading the solders on.

The townspeople waiting by the line groan.  "Giving up so soon?"

The pirates stop twenty feet from the line.  Haruna smiles.  "We forgot that we should entertain you good folks as well."

The robots stop about ten yards from the pirates, trying to analyze the situation.

Haruna nudges Karin.  "So, how do we do it?"

"Do what?"

"Henshin.  What did you think I was talking about you moron?"

"Oh, that.  Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier.  Hold up our rings and say 'Party Pirates Power, Make Up!"

Tomoko face plants.  "You're kidding, right?"


The rest of the pirates look embarrassed that their henshin phrase sounds stolen from a popular girls comic book adventure story.

Haruna shrugs.  "Let's not worry about it.  Let's go!"

To be continued
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The Party Pirates! Part 10 - The Battle of Chiba
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The Party Pirates - Part 10 - The Battle of Chiba

Author's note: "Urusai! Baka!" means "Shut up, moron!"

"Let's not worry about it.  Let's go!"

The Party Pirate hold their rings high.  "Party Pirates Power, Make Up!".

The townspeople giggle a little until blinding flashes of light come from the rings, transforming the Party Pirates.

Haruna turns her back on the invaders to face the townspeople.  "Party Pirate Red, Honey Quinn!"

Yaji nudges Honey and whispers.  "You're supposed to say that to the enemy."

"Who cares about them, it's the townspeople we have to impress."

"Okay."  Maimi turns around.  "Party Pirate Blue, Yaji!"

"Party Pirate Green, Rose Quartz!"

"Party Pirate Yellow, Oden!"

"Party Pirate Gold, Bakuwara!"

"Party Pirate Pink, Princess!"

"We are the Party Pirates!  Setting sail!"

The townspeople are shocked for a few seconds before they cheer enthusiastically.

Princess looks annoyed.  "Great, we won them over, but only fourteen minutes remain."

Honey laughs.  "Plenty of time.  Let's put on a flashy show!"

The Party Pirates charge the low level members of the invading army, heaving them several blocks with a single sword slash.  Within seconds only one remains from the original group.

Honey turns to the crowd.  "Ready for some fun?  They're not so tough outside their zone!"

The townspeople cheer.

"Here it comes!"  Honey picks up the invader and throws it some thirty yards to the townspeople.  The invader land in a heap and stands up looking weak and disoriented.

The townspeople shy back until two guys gather up their courage and charge from opposite directions.  One throws a high shoulder block to the front of the robot, the other throws a shoulder block at the back of the invader's legs.  The invader is rudely flipped by this move.

Suddenly a flash of light emits from the invader.  When it is gone the invader has changed into a chicken.

Honey nods with a serious look on her face.  "So, we are fighting ninjas"

The rest of the Party Pirates face plant.

Princess looks cross.  "No, they are magically animated animals."

"Okay.  Well, let's get back to rampaging!"

The Party Pirates surge forward block by block.  The townspeople watch in wonder as they see the progress made by the Party Pirates marked by flying low level invaders.


On the invader's ship, a larger robot, built to look seriously creepy, takes a bird out of its cage.  "Bird, a serious enemy has arrived.  Observe them, and if the ship falls, go from town to town to warn our army."

"Yes, sir!"  The bird speaks with a metallic voice.

The larger robot carries the bird to the deck of the ship and lets it take flight.


The Party Pirates get to the dock.

Princess looks determined.  "Eight minutes guys.  Let's make this count!"

Honey laughs.  "More than enough time.  Let's go!"

A large number of low level invaders charge them from ship but are effortlessly flung aside into the bay.

The Party Pirates board the ship only to be met by the larger robot.

"Halt, this is the Captain of this ship.  Who goes there?  Ha, it does matter.  Prepare to meet a sad end at the end of my blade, a blade which has ..."

Oden steps forward.  "Urusai! Baka!"

"What?"  The Captain looks hurt and offended.

Princess also steps forward.  "I also do not want to listen what you have to say."

Honey charges the Captain and slashes it with her sword.  "But, since you asked, Party Pirate Red, Honey Quinn."

Yaji tilts her head sideways.  "Boss, the slash had no effect."

Honey runs back to the group and they briefly huddle.

Yaji and Rose Quartz charge and double slash the Captain, then run back to the group.

"Party Pirate Blue, Yaji." 

"Party Pirate Green, Rose Quartz."

The Captain laughs.  "You guys are lame."

Oden and Princess move to the front of the group and open fire with their pistols, shooting a dozen rounds each.

"Party Pirate Yellow, Oden."

"Party Pirate Gold, Bakuwara."

The Captain, unscathed by the fire shakes its head.  "Is that all you have?  You guys better just give it up now."

Princess suddenly appears by the entrance to the lower levels of the ship, behind the Captain.  "No, there is one more.  Party Pirate Pink, Princess."

The Captain turns around.  "How did you get there?"

"While my comrades were shooting their guns, I used my cutlass to hack a hole in the deck behind the mast allowing me to go below deck.  Your power source is in a hundred sixty five pieces on the floor now."

The Captain draws his sword but then freezes, unable to move.

Princess, rejoins the group.  "We can get an extra burst of magic power if we all aim our guns at the same spot and yell the magic words: 'final wave'."

Honey shrugs.  "Works for me."

"Final wave!"  The Party Pirates shoot their pistols at the Captain's belly.

The Captain explodes, revealing a pig.

Yaji grabs a rope and ties up the pig, but not to the point where the pig would not be able to walk.  She then walks the pig off the ship and off the dock.

Yaji runs back.  "The poor thing was terrified to not be on solid ground."

The Party Pirates change back.

Karin smiles.  "Time's up."


The bird, who was watching from the crows nest, flies away.


The pirates run back to the quarter mile line.

Haruna smiles.  "It's all good, their magic is broken.  You can take them now!"

Many of the men cheer and rush into the zone, anxious to repay the humiliation the invaders had put upon them in the previous days.

An old man approaches the Party Pirates.  "As Mayor, I don't know how our town can thank you, but we do appreciate you saving us from the bottom of our hearts."

Haruna smirks.  "I know how.  Next to the police station there was a curry place that smelled great!"

The Mayor smiles.  "Your lunch is on me!"


The Mayor looks devastated as a waitress brings Haruna her eighth plate of curry rice.

Yaji, who had only had three plates, tries to console him.  "Sorry, I should have warned you."

"But, she's so thin!"

"Some people burn calories with their brains."


Outside the curry place Akari finds Momohime.

"Thank you for saving my town."

Akari takes her spyglass back from Momohime's outstretched hands.  "Thank you as well for doing your part."

"Big sister, I want to be a pirate!"

Akari smiles.  "Momohime, what do your parents do?"

"They are doctors."

"Shouldn't you be a Doctor Fighter?"

"Their colors are a lot lamer."

"I didn't become a pirate until I was a grown up.  You should grow up first before finalizing who you want to be."


Akari looks a little sad.  "Although, I feel a little hypocritical telling you that, since I never grew up myself."

Momohime laughs.

Honey staggers out of the curry rice place holding her stomach.  Okay, let's grab supplies and return to the ship.

Karin nods.  "We can use the ball there."

To be continued
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The Party Pirates! Part 11 - A Canal of Romance
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The Party Pirates - Part 11 - A Canal of Romance

Haruna and the rest of the crew stare at Karin on the deck of the ship as she holds her ball over her head.

"Magical ball, where shall we go to learn the next song and who shall teach us!"  Karin shakes the ball and then turns it over to look at the answer.

The crew faceplants.

Akari makes a stinkface.  "So, it is a magic eight ball!"

"Quiet!  I see the answer now.  'In Takarazuka you will be taught by a pain in the ass.'"

Honey regains her composure.  "May I see that?"

"Sure but it will fade in a minute."

Honey looks at the ball.  "Well, that is what it says."

Karin beams.

"So, we have to look for an annoying person?"

Karin smiles.  "No, no, no.  I have a good idea of who the ball is talking about."

Honey node.  "So, Takarazuka ... Let me check my maps."  Honey retreats to the captain's office.

Rose Quartz nudges Karin.  "So, what's this Takarazuka place like?"

"It is one of the great treasures of Heart.  A city that supports a massive theater that does plays and musicals that are the toast of Heart.  It is truly high art worthy of royalty."

"What sort of plays?"

"Two of the musicals playing now are The Doctor Police and The Party Pirates Set Sail."

Tomoko nods.  "I guess they are a pretty big deal."

Haruna comes out of her office with a map.  "Okay, looks like the easiest way to get there is by the Chiba Canal."

The grunts all squeal like school children.

Haruna cocks her head.  "Is there something amazing about the canal?"

Takagi Sayuki regains her composure.  "Captain, I think the crew is anticipating some quality time with Oden in the crow's nest."

"Don't you guys get that all the time?"

"Yes, but normally the ship is pitching back and forth, even in dock.  In the canal, being pulled by donkeys, the ship should be stable enough for us to stand up in the crow's nest as opposed to sitting on the floor."

Haruna rolls her eyes.  "Well, putting that aside, we should avail ourselves of the donkeys as soon as possible.  We can sail into port and start the ride in the evening."

Sayuki raises her hand in a halt gesture.  "Captain, the crew is in agreement that we should wait until morning.  The crew needs some emergency shopping in Chiba."

Haruna looks at Karin.  "Is there an overriding need for us to get there immediately?"

"Not really."

Haruna shrugs her shoulders.  "Well, it looks like you girls are all in agreement, and you have us outvoted, so yeah, we stay in Chiba for the night."

Rina's crew cheers.

"I was so disappointed when that pirate I interviewed said that the Caption was not a dictator, just the one that led them into battle."  Haruna mutters to herself.


The leader of the mule team sees Yaji's signal and has his crew lead the donkeys down the canal path, leading the Joker gently from the bay through the mouth of canal and into the shallow and somewhat narrow waters of the canal.

Karin watches from on deck.  "I have never been up the canal.  This is amazing."

Yaji nods.  "This is the first time for The Joker as well."


Yaji smirks.  "Yeah, for some reason mule team leaders feel strongly against towing pirate ships."

"What about The Cyclone?"

"Too wide.  It's more of a ship for the sea, not for river traffic."

Haruna joins them.  "Kind of peaceful, right?  Once the ship clears the city limits it's nothing but farms until Takarazuka."

Karin claps.  "Will we see cows?"

"Almost certainly."

Karin turns serious.  "Captain, did the mule team give you any problems with agreeing to tow The Joker?"

Haruna giggles.  "You would think that he would be happy, since canal traffic is at a standstill because of the occupation upstream.  However, the mayor told him to tow us and that he should tow us for free since we helped the city."

"That's unfair!"

"Well, I think the mayor was still feeling poor since I ate so much rice curry.  However, after he left, I paid the crew double what they usually get since we are a pirate boat.  Also, we don't know where the enemy boat is.  If it is too close to the canal access stream then they could be exposed to combat."

"You sure are unexpectedly nice at times, Captain Honey."

Yaji nudges her.  "Don't be fooled.  The mule team could damage The Joker if they ran us into one of the lock walls.  Honey Quinn is a real pirate and doesn't do things out of kindness."

Haruna smiles.  "Yeah!  But, I did feel sorry for them."

Yaji face plants.


"Can I look through your spyglass?"

Oden shifts direction with her gaze.  "I have a spare in my lower right pants pocket.  Please do not drop it.  They are my tools."

Yamaki Risa takes the spyglass from the pants and looks through it.  Amazing!"

Akari shrugs.

"Why are you working now?  We are in a canal. There are no rocks to avoid or cargo ships to loot."

Akari talks without stopping her surveillance.  "We have built up a number of enemies over the years.  If they saw The Joker exposed and vulnerable in a canal they might decide to try to get a posse together and try to wreck the ship."

Risa pokes Akari in the cheek.  "Unlikely."

"Maybe,  but I will do my job."

"Really?"  Risa focuses her spyglass on where Oden is looking.  She sees a daughter of one of the farmers doing chores in a rather brief outfit.  "Enemies?  I'll bet that girl could do a lot of damage."

Oden puts her spyglass down.  "Oops!"

"You're terrible!"

Akari realizes that it is time to turn on the charm.  "But, you're so cute when you are jealous and pouting."

"Really?"  Risa melts.


Morito Chisaki leads a group of grunts out from beneath the deck.  "Captain!  I would like you to see our handiwork."

"In the storage area?  Do you have a lantern and bucket ready?"

"It might be a storage area for you, but for this crew, it's where we rest."

"Sorry that The Joker isn't as big as the The Cyclone.  We were a four person operation before we merged with you guys.  There was little need for that creepy dark area except for storage."

Chisaki turns her nose up.  "Creepy, dark, and smelly as well."

"Excuse me!  The flower garden is in the back of the area."

Chisaki looks bewildered.  "Flower garden?  Do you mean the toilet?"

Haruna blushes.

Chisaki laughs.  "A dangerous and feared pirate doesn't want to say toilet?"

"Well ..."

"Katsuta-san would have kicked our butt for saying something like that."

"Moe!  I am the Captain, I can call things what I want!"

"Yes, it is as you say, Captain.  However, you will be surprised with what we have done below deck."

To be continued
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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 12 - A Strange New Place
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The Party Pirates - Part 12 - A Strange New Place

"Yes, it is as you say, Captain.  However, you will be surprised with what we have done below deck."

"Okay, but where is the lantern and bucket?"

"No need for that.  Let's go." Chisaki grabs Haruna by the sleeve and starts dragging her through the door that leads to below deck.

"This is scary!"

"You're in for a surprise."

Chisaki, Haruna and the rest reach the bottom of the stairs.

A giant sweat mark appears by Haruna's head.  "Where are we?"

Chisaki laughs.  "You don't recognize your own ship?"

"What did you guys do?"

"Well, down the center of the room, underneath the hatches, are double gimbaled lanterns.  The gimbals will keep the lantern upright no matter how rough the seas are.  This allows us to move around down here without waiting ten minutes for our eyes to adjust.  On the sides of the room are hooks for us to stow our futons on.  This allows maximal floor space during the day.  And, in the back, we installed flower containers around the room that contains the toilet.  This noticeably improves the smell of the room."

"So why not call it a flower garden?"

"Forget it!"

Haruna nervously chuckles.  I need to remind myself that Katsuta Rina must be a super scary girl to have her crew be so afraid of her.

"So any questions, Captain?"

"Hum, there's a storage container over there that I haven't seen before.  What is it for?"

"It's for books."

"Amazing!  I didn't know that you guys loved literature.  May I see?"

Chisaki nervously laughs.  "I don't know if you can call those books literature..."

Haruna opens a container and pulls out a book.  "Wow!  Illustrations as well!"  Haruna thumbs through the book.  "Is this an anatomy book?"

Chisaki places her hand behind her head in embarrassment.  "No, it's a yaoi manga."

Haruna comes to a page with a rather explicit illustration and raises and eyebrow.  "And, what is yaoi?"

"It's romance stories about men who fall in love.  That book is really popular among the crew since the lead character in the book looks like Takeuchi-senpai."

"I see."  Haruna puts the book back.  Wow.  I guess it's possible for even a psychology professor to learn new stuff every day.

"So, what do you think?"

"I think you did a great job.  You guys even got the floor clean.  We were never able to do that."


"However, we have many hours to go before Takarazuka, so I think I will take a nap."

"No problem, Captain."


Haruna approaches a man tied up in a chair.

The man smiles.  "So Professor Iikubo, how does the pirate life suit you?"

"I don't know, Pirate Tsunku.  Sometimes I think I am a disgrace."

"Why is that?"

"Because I am nice to people too much."

"Why can't a pirate be nice to people?"

"Aren't we supposed to be fearsome demons?"

"Absolutely, to those whose ships we plunder.  But, if we were mean to everyone we would live totally alone.  If we are nice to some people then we can shop, we can have intelligence networks, and we can get our ship towed up an canal."

"Yeah, about that.  This whole adventure seems foolish.  We could free all of Heart and hand the invader's heads to the people on a platter but in the end the King of Heart will still want to hang us."

"Professor Iikubo, the end of a pirate's life should end by hanging like mine did.  It doesn't matter if you have killed and abused many merchant sailors like I have, or if you mostly charmed them out of money like you have.  In the end, our deeds are not important."

"Then what is?"

"The fact that we are free.  A government must always destroy those who are not being governed.  If they didn't they would cease to be.  If the governments didn't exist then there would only be a small amount of trade between regions and thus a lot fewer boats for us to steal from.  We must not be mad at governments for hating us.  We need them more than they need us."

"I suppose you are right."

"Professor Iikubo, there is only one type of pirate who is a bad pirate: one who is hated by their crew.  The men you stole The Joker from were bad pirates because they forced members of their crew to work against their will."


Haruna awakens with a start.

Makino Maria, Rina's cook stops shaking her.  "Captain.  Oden can see the port of Takarazuka now.  The enemy ship is close to the mouth of the canal access stream.  We will have to stop soon."

"Thanks, Maria.  Looks like it's time to move out."

"I will have something delicious waiting for you when you return."

Haruna smiles.  "Thanks, Maria.  I have always loved your cooking."

"Really!!"  Maria swoons.


Haruna walks on to the deck of The Joker.  "What is the status?"

"We're about a mile away from the enemy."  Yaji looks hyped up, as if she anticipates a fight.

"Okay, drop anchor!"

"Um, boss, we're being towed."

Haruna nervously laughs.  "Oh, yeah."  She play punches herself in the head.  Haruna walks to the front of the deck.  "Hey guys!  We're stopping here!"

The Mule team stops.

"Now, drop anchor.  Also, Oden!  Climb down.  We're heading out.  Yamaki Risa, you take over at the Crows Nest."


Akari and Sayuki climb down while Risa climbs up.

"Princess, do you know where this 'pain in the ass' person is?"

Karin smiles.  "Yes, I believe we will find ths person at the grand theater."

"Is it inside or outside their circle of control?"

"Outside.  It's only a mile away from us."

Haruna smiles.  "Okay!  Let's suit up and move out!"


"Yes, Princess?"

"In this town especially, every one will recognize us as the Party Pirates.  Fans might slow us down."

"We'll tell them that we are cosplayers."

"Good idea.  However, many will recognize me since I spent a lot of time in this town helping to produce the musical."

Rose Quartz giggles.  "Cover your face with a handkerchief."

"Good idea."

To be continued

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 13 - The Grand Theater
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The Party Pirates - Part 13 - The Grand Theater

The six pirates walk through the streets of Takarazuka with a small group of fans following them at a distance.

"There it is!"  Karin points to the grand theater.

Rina and Akari look at each other an nod.  "How nostalgic!"

Tomoko has a rare impressed look on her face.  "It's huge!  Did you two come here as kids?"

Rina nods.  "All kids in Heart come to this theater at least a dozen times growing up.  All of the schools have field trips twice a year to come here, once in the fall and once in the spring so the wagon ride won't be freezing."

Karin sighs.  "I remember those trips well, although I was carried in a private litter.  The first person I looked up to was Farmer Fighter Pink."

Akari rolls her eyes.  "Is that why you made yourself Party Pirate Pink?"

"Well, I am good looking and outspoken, like a typical pink fighter."

"Well, it's about time we got here."  Haruna pouts.  "Five different groups of people approached us and all of them pointed out my chest."

Maimi points.  "There's a long line in front."

Karin nods.  "Yes, there is an afternoon show.  Even in times of war the show must go on."

"Will we wait in that line?"

"No, I can get us in the back."


The bouncer, a large burly man looks at the six pirates suspiciously.  "What do you people want?"

Karin pulls down her handkerchief.  "We need to see Honey Quinn-san."

The large man cowers.  "Princess Karin-sama.  Please forgive my belligerent attitude."

"Sure, but don't tell anyone who I am, okay?"

"Absolutely!"  The man lets them in the back door.

Karin leads them through a labyrinth of narrow hall ways to a long line of doors for the dressing rooms.  Karin knocks on one, by there is no response.  "I wonder where she could be?"

"YOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!"  Haruna jumps five feet.

A tall, impressively built woman stands where Haruna jumped from.  "A very impressive ass miss.  I see that you are all about hard work."

Haruna shoots the woman a dirty look.  "Who are you?"

"The Party Pirate Honey Quinn.  The backsides of all scurvy dogs back here are mine to take."

Haruna stares at the woman's chest, then nods in understanding.  "Karin, did you write the play so that this nice actress carries on like this on stage?"

"No way!  She's just like that naturally."

The woman laughs.  "I have gotten every member of the cast, but I am rather discreet when I do it on stage."

A giant sweat mark appears by Karin's head.  "Putting that aside, everyone, this is Sudo Maasa."

Haruna holds out her hand to Maasa.  "Professor Iikubo Haruna, also known as the Party Pirate Captain Honey Quinn."

Maasa shakes her hand nervously.  "For real?"

Karin nods.

"You're not going to kill me, right?"

Haruna laughs.  "Kill you?  You saw what you wanted and took it.  You might be a better pirate than me.  But, seriously, I don't kill people for taking minor liberties with me.  I have Rose Quartz give them a special 'adjustment' that fortunately wears off after a week of horrible pain."

Maasa looks at Tomoko in fear.

"However, we have come to Heart to free Heart of the invaders.  We have just come from Chiba which we have liberated.  Princess Karin has given us magical rings that give us the power to defeat the enemy, but supposedly they have to be powered up after each use.  The only way we can power them up is to sing a particular song in front of an audience and have the audience's energy power the rings.  Karin's magic eight-ball says that you can teach us the song.  Sorry if this sounds ridiculous."

"Ridiculous?  You should hear the plot of the musical."

"Will you help us?"

"Of course!  Those invaders oppress and hurt our audience."

"So what song will you teach us?"

"What about 'La Pirate'?"

Karin shakes her head.  "They've already done that."

"Then I definitely know which one it is."

Another girl walks down the hall.  "Maasa?  Who are these people?"

Maasa smiles.  "The Party Pirates."

"Cosplayers?  Gross.  Hey boy!  Are you actually playing me, Oden?  Baka!  Don't you think that with a body like yours you should give it up?"

Akari gets a deer in the headlights look and mumbles incoherently, not knowing how to respond.

Haruna laughs.  "Well, at least you didn't tease me like everyone else in town did."

Maasa runs over to the girl and puts her hand over her mouth and whispers in her ear.  "They aren't cosplayers."

"Oh go on, these wimps?  They are ..."  The girl's sentence ends suddenly when she realizes that Yaji has sneaked up on her and has the tip of a real sword half an inch from her body.  "Oh."

Maasa tries her best to defuse the situation.  "This is Okai Chisato.  She plays Oden in the musical."

Takeuchi smiles.  "Hey, there's no hard feelings.  I am rather flattered, since that was something I would actually say."

"Thanks."  Chisato nervously laughs.

Maasa notices a couple of the doors are ajar.  "Hey you two, come out.  I can see you watching."

Two girls leave there dressing rooms.

"This is Niigaki Risa and Ikuta Erina.  They play Yaji and Rose Quartz."

Maimi walks over to Niigaki and bows.  "Niigaki-sensei, it is a great honor to have a Kendo legend such as yourself play me.  I got to see one of your matches when I was young."

"No way!  How old are you Yaji?"

"Twenty five."

"Moe!  We're the same age and you're calling me sensei?  You're making me feel old."


Tomoko looks over Erina.  "I guess you are somewhat attractive."

"Oh no!  I am being complemented.  What am I to do?"

Tomoko glares at Karin.  "I hope she doesn't talk like this on stage.  Your audience's ears would bleed."

Karin giggles.  "She's a strange girl.  She has a deep voice on stage, but off stage she puts on a whiney high pitched voice."

Tomoko rolls her eyes.

Maasa claps her hands.  "Now, these nice ladies have come to learn one of our songs so they can power up and liberate Takarazuka.  You guys will help me, right?"

The other three actresses nod.

To be continued

A pic for this arc:

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The Party Pirates - Part 14 - The Roar of the Grease Paint, the Smell of the Crowd

Author's note: the song is a cheap rip off of the opening theme for the show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

The audience lanterns are extinguished and the stage lights are lit.  Maasa walks out to address the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen!  Before the musical starts today I have an extraordinary special treat for you all!"

The audience cheers but are slightly puzzled by Maasa speaking like a normal person rather than using sailor jargon.

"Yesterday, Chiba was liberated from the invaders.  I would like to bring out the folks who brought this about, The Party Pirates!"

The Party Pirates come on stage to cheers, but also to puzzlement considering that they had a different number of people than the Party Pirates of the play, and considering the differences in physiques.

Maasa motions for Haruna to talk.

"Everyone!  I guess some of you are confused since the actors are way more scary looking that we are.  I'll even bet you are wondering how we got rid of those invaders.  Well, the invaders are protected by magic, but we have magic objects that are more powerful.  We have obtained rings that allow us to power up and overcome their magic, but, the power only lasts fifteen minutes from when we activate them.  Right now, they are out of power, but you have the ability to power them up.  Do you guys want to see the invaders gone?"

The audience cheers.

"Will you help us power up the rings?"

The audience cheers.

"I, Honey Quinn, thank you."

"Likewise for Yaji."

"The same for Rose Quartz."

"The same for Oden."

"The same for Bakuwara, a newer member."

"Also for Princess, also a newer member."  Karin has her handkerchief covering part of her face but leaving her eyes and mouth unexposed so the audience will not recognize her.

Haruna smiles.  "So, now we will sing a song taught to us by your usual Honey Quinn.  Your cheers will power up our rings.  Okay?"

The audience cheers.

Maasa goes into the orchestra pit and tells the conductor what to play.

Rose Quartz yells out "Let's get ready to f...".  Tomoko is cut off by the orchestra before she could finish saying 'fire up'.

Forward! Hoist the flag of courage
And let’s conquer the seven seas
Sink or swim; an invincible wind guides you

Aim! For a place not on the map
It’s not a fantasy or anything
Everyone is searching for their one and only treasure

I want to affirm it because everyone is different
Do what you want to do
It’s life-risking, If you want it then capture it with that hand!

Let’s go! Let’s Go! Party Pirates
Let’s go! Let’s! Take the wheel
The sea extending before you, walk the road between roads

Let’s go! Let’s Go! Party Pirates
Let’s go! Let’s! Within the storm
The “devil-may-care” in you working hard is now changing the world

A big dream is infinite
Notorious Fighters Party Pirates!

The rings emit blinding flashes of light, responding to the cheers of the crowd.

Haruna retrieves her ring.  "Everyone, by the time the musical is over you should be able to walk out to a liberated Takarazuka.  However, it may get dangerous out there so please enjoy the show and leave the fighting to us."


The mechanical bird who had been following the Party Pirates nods and flies away from the window of the Takarazuka theater where it had been watching them from.


Backstage, Yaji tugs Haruna's sleeve.  "Captain, I had a thought about the upcoming battle."

Haruna smiles.  "I am all ears."

Yaji whispers her plan to Haruna.

"That sounds very cool to me.  We'll do it!"  Haruna grabs Oden and whispers in her ear.  "Hey, after we transform, stay by Yaji's side in the battle.  She will try to deflect the targets to you."

"No problem."


The Party Pirates approach the quarter mile line, followed by curious onlookers.

Haruna turns around.  "Ladies and gentlemen!  I am sorry to have mislead you before, but we are not cosplayers.  We have come to liberate Takarazuka and get rid of the invaders!"

Many in the crowd snicker.

Rose Quartz smirks.  "I understand that anyone can say that they will liberate your town, but we intend to do it."

Haruna nods.  "Ready?  Party Pirates Power, Make Up!"

The Pirates transform.

Oden smiles.  "You will be able to track our progress from behind the line.  Just watch where the bodies are being hurled from."

The crowd looks on not knowing what to think.

Bakuwara waves.  "Hey, you you like us to throw an invader over the line for you to play with?"

The crowd starts gathering blunt objects.

Party Pirate Honey Quinn raises her arm.  "Let's go!"

They rush past the line and immediately engage with the low level patrolling members of the invading army.

Oden starts to breath heavily.  Wow, this is a lot harder work than last time.  I wonder why Yaji is holding back?

After eleven minutes of hacking and slashing, the Pirates reach the enemy ship.  A larger invader, looking suitably creepy, greets them at the gangway.

"Party Pirates!  I have been sent information about you.  I know that your magic only lasts for fifteen minutes."  The invader captain points to an hourglass by the main mast.  "When those sands run out, so does you luck."

Honey laughs.  "Why do you think it will take us so long?"

A hundred smaller invaders flood out from below the deck.

"Good luck, baka!"

To be continued

Romanji for the song:

Susume! Yuuki no hata kakage
Nanatsu no umi wo kakenukero
Ichi ka bachi ka, muteki na kaze, kimi wo michibiku

(HQ) Mezase! Chizu ni nai basho wo
(Ya) Maboroshi nanka ja nain da
(RQ) Tatta hitotsu, jibun dake no, takaramono dare mo sagashiteru

(Od) Tashikametai ze minna onaji ja nai kara
(Ba) Yaritai koto wo yatte yare
(Pr) Inochi gake da ze, Hoshi kerya sono te de, tsukame!

Retsu go! Retsu Go! PARTY PIRATES
Retsu go! Retsu! Kaji wo tore
Kimi no mae ni, hirogaru umi, michi naki michi wo ikou

Retsu go! Retsu Go! PARTY PIRATES
Retsu go! Retsu! Arashi no naka
Ganbaru kimi no, "gamushara" ga ima, kono sekai wo kaeru ze

Dekkai yume wa mugendai
Akumyou Sentai PARTY PIRATES

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 15 - The Battle of Takarazuka
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The Party Pirates - Part 15 - The Battle of Takarazuka

Author's note: "teme" and "kisama" both mean "you" but are considered very rude and threatening.

A hundred smaller invaders flood out from below the deck.

"Good luck, baka!"

Oden pouts.  "That's my line!"

The larger invader points to a hourglass.  "This hourglass measures fifteen minutes.  I turned it over when I saw the first body fly.  When it runs out you will be nothing!"  The invader laughs a sarcastic laugh.

Honey sees that there is not a lot of sand left.  "Come on, let's give them a good show!"

The smaller invaders charge and are met by flashing swords moving too fast for the eyes to follow.  However, by the time the Party Pirates have tossed all of the smaller invaders into the Bay of Takarazuka, the sands of the hourglass run out.

The Party Pirates untransform.

The larger invader laughs.  "You might as well give it up.  You six have no chance at all against me."

Yaji growls "Teme!" and charges.

The large invader stands on the port (left) side of the ship in front of the door leading below deck.  Yaji charges him slightly on the starboard (right) side so he swipes her away toward starboard, towards the bay waters.  Yaji flips over the safety railing but is able to avoid the water by hanging on the the rail.

Honey sees that Yaji was able to hang on.  Honey whispers to the other pirates "One shot at a time, one after the other."

Honey faces the larger invader.  "Kisama, die!"

The Party Pirates one by one fire their pistols.  The regular bullets bounce off harmlessly.  The Party Pirates put their spent pistols down on the raised mid-deck supporting the main mast.

The larger invader laughs.  "Is that all you got?"

Honey sticks out her tongue and pulls her left eyelid down.  "Beda!  Why don't you come here and say that?"

Oden pouts.  "That's my line."

The larger invader moves forward and swipes Honey through the air.  Fortunately, Honey is able to grab on to the rigging.

The larger invader keeps moving forward, throwing the Party Pirates around like rag dolls.  Finally, the larger invader gets Bakuwara caught in a corner.  "Where should I throw you?"

"You're not going to throw anyone anywhere!"

The larger invader turns around in shock and freezes.

The other Pirates climb down from where they were thrown.

Yaji, standing in front of the door to bellow deck smiles.  "You were right in your assumption that the power up only lasts fifteen minutes, but I only transformed a minute ago."  Yaji turns the hour glass back over.  "You couldn't hear me do it because my comrades were firing their pistols.  I snuck through this door while you were having fun throwing people around.  Your magic generator doesn't look so good now."

The frozen invader can only glare in hatred.

Princess smiles.  "Yaji, you can fire all of our guns as many times as you want.  You can do Final Wave yourself if you want."

"Good idea."  Yaji walks over to the raised mid-deck where the rest of the guns are.  "Final wave!"  Yaji shoots the guns rapid fire two at a time.

The larger invader emits a bright flash of light and turns into a goat.  The goat runs off the ship and out of sight.

Haruna puts her hand on Akari's shoulder.  "Sorry I kept you out of the loop.  I didn't want anyone checking on Maimi and giving the ruse away."

"I'll live."


Yamaki Risa yells from the crows nest "The Captain's back!  All hands on deck!"

The minions wait patiently on deck for the Haruna, who gives the donkey team an extra tip for waiting for them.

Haruna and the rest of the pirates board The Joker.

"Okay, kids.  The battle went well.  They will accept us in town with a heroes welcome.  The mayor even gave us some spending money!"  Haruna holds up a bag.  "So everyone gets an allowance and can shop until they drop!"

The minions cheer.

"And, we have tickets waiting for us at the theater for 'The Party Pirates Set Sail'.  So let's bring up the anchor and get going!"

Maimi pouts.  "I wanted to see 'The Doctor Police - You're Under Arrest!'".

Karin nudges Haruna.  "Should I do my thing?"

"Please do."

"Magical ball, where shall we go to learn the next song and who shall teach us!"  Karin shakes the ball and then turns it over to look at the answer.

Rose Quartz smirks.  "I hope they have good food wherever it is."

"In the town on Niigata a long standing promise by the Captain will finally be fulfilled."

All hands look at the Captain.  "Eeeeeh?"

Haruna looks confused.  "No idea."

Rose Quartz laughs.  "I think I know what it means.  But Haruna, for now it will be a se-cr-et.


"It will be more fun that way."


Oden climbs up to the crows nest.  "Having fun?"

"Of course.  However, my eyes are a little tired.  After all, I usually only do this at night."

"Well, I can relieve you now."

"No way.  Maria cooked a delicious meal for our strong fighters.  You should eat it now."

"What about you?"

Risa gives Akari a flirtatious gaze.  "You can bring me a plate if you want."

Oden smiles.  "Should I feed you as well?"

"Of course!"


Rina nudges Haruna.  "Oh, I have a business associate I should talk to in Takarazuka.  Especially since our next port is in Niigata."

Haruna nods and then smiles as Rina walks off.  Haruna continues eating.

Takagi Sayuki nudges Haruna.  "Captain, is that really okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"She meant that she is going to do some smuggling.  Won't that make our job tougher if she gets caught?"

"Has she ever gotten caught before?"

"Of course not.  But, this is a different game we are playing.  Before she was just Katsuta Rina, merchant ship captain.  She didn't stand out in port cities with dozens of ship captains running around.  Now, she's going to be recognized as Bakuwara."

"I am sure she can handle herself."


"The Moonlight of love that came from you
As I'm bathed in it, I begin to change
Vividly, Secretly, La Pirate"

The actresses run behind a cut out of a ship that is dragged across the stage to do their quick change.  As the ship exits the other side of the stage they come back out.

"Party Pirate Red, Honey Quinn!  I might get carried away sometimes, but let's all try to get along!"

Haruna, sitting in the audience, reaches over and smacks Karin on top of the head.  "Baka!"

To be continued

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 15 - The Battle of Takarazuka
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Some video spam, this time Rikako and Akari simulating a typical crows nest date:

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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 15 - The Battle of Takarazuka
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A commissioned picture:  Professor Iikubo Haruna, AKA The Dread Pirate Captain Honey Quinn

"Let's not think of unpleasant things."

(1/4 actual size.  Drawing by )
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Re: The Party Pirates! Part 15 - The Battle of Takarazuka
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A nice little coincidence: The girl who plays Rose Quarz in the Party Pirate Musical

Reported by AMPED in JPLOP:

more "Dear, Haru-senpai+" complete book cosplay off-shot

JPHiP Radio (30/200 @ 96 kbs)     Now playing: Magic Knight Rayearth - Asu he no yuuki