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Author Topic: can i love you? (wakatsuki yumi x sakurai reika)  (Read 1311 times)

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can i love you? (wakatsuki yumi x sakurai reika)
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:38:44 AM »
“reika, can you do this one for me?” a boy ask.
“you should do that one by yourself. It’s quite easy.” I said.
“eh? But I already try too many time and the answer isn’t the one that you write on yours.” He said again.
“waka, you should try it more. I’ll help you one more time. But after it you should do it by yourself, ok?” I ask.
“okay.” he said.

Hi my name is sakurai reika, I’m 17 years old. By the way, the boy just now is my childhood friend. His name is wakatsuki yumi. His name is just like women’s name right? I know it. Waka and I already become friends since we were 3 years old. Leave the past there and back to the present. I am studying in shakiism high school. If you ask what is shakiism high, I can tell you about it. Shakiism is a school that divided into 2 section. Boys and girl. Shaki and izumu. Shaki is the school that train the boy into a soldier that will protect his partner from izumu’s section.

Then what about izumu? It is the section that will train you to become more girly. And the duties from izumu section is you have to be able to serve your partner from shaki’s section. For me, this kind of thing is quite creepy. And luckily my partner from shaki’s section is waka. So, I don’t have to act girly in front of him because in the end he’ll said it creepy. Now leave it there and back to class.

“you already understand right?” I ask to waka.
“yeah. Thanks reika.” Waka said to me.
“I’m going to the student council meeting, you can go home first, if you want.” I said to him while packing my things.
“then I’ll wait for you at the school gate.” Waka said.
“but, it’ll take time are you sure?” I ask.
“it’s okay. beside I want tell you something.” Waka said while scratching the back of his head.
“okay. then, I’ll go first.” I said then I went to the student council office.

When I arrive to my destination, I take a seat and the meeting start. Argh. I can’t even focus to the meeting. My mind keep on reminding me about what waka said earlier. I keep on thinking about what waka said. but not until the president, shiraishi jun called my name.

“reika, are you listening?” jun ask.
“y-yeah. I am. Please continue.” I replied stuttering a little bit.
“focus please. This is our last year here.” Jun scold me.
“ok. I will.” I said. ‘this is your fault waka. Because of you I lost my focus.’ I said inside my mind.

30 minutes later, the meeting is over. Finally, I can go home and lay in my favorite bed. I got out from the office and exit the school building. I run towards the school gate because I’m afraid that I’ll keep on making him to wait for me.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. Don’t you feel tired after waiting for me that long?” I ask to waka.
“no, it is fun to stand up here while the other student wave their hand only for you.” Waka said.
then we start to walk towards our house. But you know hearing what waka said earlier, really piss me off. Yeah, I can’t hide the fact that he is the most popular boy at school. His popularity is just the same like jun. oh yeah I forget to tell you that our student council currently dating with my best friend, nishino nanase. Leave it there. Because I’m still thinking about what waka want to said to me.

“um, waka?’ i called
“yeah?” he answer
“what is the thing that you want to said to me?” I ask. he stop in his foot from walking.
“ah, about that? U-um actually, you know we have been friends for more than 14 years right?” he ask suddenly as he turn to my direction.
“y-yeah. What about it?” I ask. feeling nervous suddenly.
“i-I just want to said that i…i…i… I love you, reika. Can you become my girlfriend?” waka said it to me. I widened my eyes. I thought that our relation is just a friend. I don’t know that he has this kind of feeling for me.
“i-I’m sorry waka, can you give me some time to think?” I ask. I can see a hint of disappointment on his face.
“it’s okay reika. You can give me your answer anytime you want.” Waka said. I already make him feel disappointed. Then we go home.

Our house isn’t far from the school. So it’s fun to go to school just by walking. But tomorrow maybe everything will change. I only love waka as a friend nothing more. But trying to love him doesn’t hurt right. I should love him more than ever. Not as a friend love and childhood friend love. But more than it. In a romantic way.

Once I arrive at my house, I went directly to my room without greeting anyone. Except for my sister, himeka that suddenly come to my room.

“reika-neechan, did you saw eiji-kun at school earlier?” she ask.
“I didn’t saw him. what’s with him, himeka?” I replied with a question.
“when I ask about his where about, he said that he’s in school. But when I search and even ask his friends, they said that eiji-kun isn’t at school.” Himeka explained.
“is that so? I’ll ask him tomorrow. Now go to rest.” I said to himeka. But she doesn’t move a little bit.
“neechan, are you okay?” himeka ask.
“I am okay. so hurry up, go to rest.” I command to himeka.
“good night, neechan.” Himeka said. then she got out from my room.

Hahh. How can I be fine himeka. He confessed to me. And for what I know, waka doesn’t really love me. But why? Why you choose me waka?

Nee, natsu no tsuyoi hizashi ni
Machi ga ran hansha shite iru yo

“hmm? Who’s it.” I ask to myself when I heard that my phone rung. When I look at my phone, I smile. It’s from my best friend, eto misao.

“hello, misa?” I call.
“like I said reika, my name is misao not misa.” He said.
“sorry, sorry. So what do you want by calling me at this time?” I ask.
“I’m going to transferred to shaki again.” Misa said.
“the- eh wait, what? You’re going back to shaki?” I ask.
“yeah. Since maimai already graduate last year, I don’t have partner anymore.” Misa explain.
“but, the contract said that we have to go back shaki or izumu 3 years after we doesn’t have partner right.” I ask.
“indeed. But, himura-sensei decided to put me back to shaki because this is my last year.” Misa replied.
“so what are you going to do?” I ask.
“what can I do? I have to go back to shaki.” Misa said.
“I feel sorry for you. Should I said to ijiri-sensei to put you back to shakiism?” I suggest.
“it’s up to you reika.” Misa said.
“for the last time before you go to shaki, can I call you misa?” I ask with a fake smile. Even though he can’t see it, I kept on smiling
“of course you can. Beside I’m going to transfer at October. So, why not?” Misa said.
“so in this 2 months, I’ll call you misa. Is that okay for you?” I ask.
“no problem. I’m going to hung up. Good night.” Misa said and after it he hung up the call.

What should I do. If I said about this, shitara-sensei won’t trust me. Even if I said this to jun, will he help misa?

I decided to put aside about misa and take a bath. Only bath that really can make me forget about my problem. I stay on the bathtub inside my bathroom for about 1 hour 46 minutes. And after it I got up and dry myself.

When I just get out from my bathroom, himeka enter my room again. “neechan, waka-niichan is searching for you.” She said. “I’m going. Tell him to wait for a while.” I said to himeka. She nod and got out from my room again. “what is the thing that you want from me waka?” I murmured. After I said it, I got change to my pajamas and went to meet waka. In the living room.

“hello, reika.” Waka greet once I arrive to the living room.
“hi, waka. What kind of business that you have here?” I ask straight to the point because I don’t like to talk about anything unrelated.
“I just want to ask you for a dinner with my family.” Waka exclaimed.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t. my parents leave me and himeka alone here.” I said.
“oh. If that so, can I stay for a night here?” waka ask. hah? Stay in here.
“why so sudden?” I ask.
“you know… I have a fight again with miota.” Waka said as he scratches the back of his head.
“oh, okay. you can stay in my room as usual.” I suggested.
“thanks rei. I love you.” Waka said suddenly with a hug and it makes my heart skipped a beat.
“y-your welcome, waka. Can you stop on hugging me?” I said even though I want him to hug me forever with warmth wrapped over. He doesn’t listen to my question and change the topic.
“are you tired reika?” waka ask without broking the hug.
“tired of what?” I ask back.
“tired of the rule. You must heard about misa right?” waka ask.
“I heard about it. And I want to cancel it. But I don’t know how.” I said.
“I’ll help you. Now let’s rest.” Waka said.
“I’m the one that supposed to said that.” I retorted.
“okay.” he said.
Then we went upstairs towards my room. You must be asking why I’m allowing waka to stay in my room right. Because inside my room, there’s another room that I make for him. So every night if he’s having a fight with his brother, he’s going to stay in my house.

When I opened my room, waka immediately walked towards my bathroom. “you should use yours in your room. Not mine.” I complained. “I’ll go but lend me your soap.” Waka said. I face palmed myself. “if you want it, you just have to said it. And I’ll buy it for you.” I said. “okay. next time, lend it for me.” Waka said as he take a bath in my bathroom.

After 1 hour, finally he got out from my bathroom. “your bath time is just the same like himeka.” I said as he wear his clothes. This kind of view is already familiar for me. “so?” he ask one brow raising. “I’m just saying the truth.” I said defending myself. “ooh, okay.” he said as he open his room’s door. “you’re going to sleep already?” I ask. “yeah. Good night, reika.” He said then closed the door. I turn off the light and play the classic music that usually I heard in order to help me sleep. And after that I go to sleep.
I wake up because there’s a knock that could be heard from my door. when I open the door, there is saw my maid greet me with a smile. “good morning, reika-sama. Your parents already arrive.” My maid said. which make me smile. “okay. I’ll go after me and waka take a bath. Please call himeka to wake up.” I command my maid. And after that my maid gone.

I went towards waka’s bedroom and wake him up. “waka, wake up. we have to go to school.” I said. “argh.” He groan. “good morning, waka.” I greet. “morning too, rei.” He greet back. “go take a bath. We’ll be having breakfast together down stair.” I said towards him. “okay.” waka said. I leave his room and went towards my cupboard. I take my uniform and went directly toward my bathroom.

15 minutes later, I got out from my bathroom with uniform wrapped on my body. With the same time, waka got out from his room. “are you ready?” I ask. “of course. With this uniform. Why not?” he said. “then, let’s grab some breakfast.” I said as I open my room’s door. and once again at the same time, my room and himeka’s room opened at the same time. “morning himetan.” I greet himeka with a smile. “morning, hime-chan.” Waka greet to himeka too. “morning you two.” Himeka greet back. But there’s something wrong with her. Her smile disappear from her face. She’s on her zombie mood.

“himeka, what’s wrong?” I ask.
“nothing.” She answered.
“oh, come on himeka. Tell me.” I insist.
“I have a fight with eiji-kun. Are you satisfied now?” she said. not again.  I hate you eiji.
“eiji? Is it ikuta eiji?” waka ask suddenly.
“yeah, how did you know?” I ask to waka.
“yesterday, miota’s sister told me that eiji is cheating behind his girlfriend.” Waka said.
“that boy…” I said as I clenched my fist.
“you lie. You lie. Eiji-kun will never cheat behind me.” Himeka cried as she begin to run. But before himeka could run further, I grabbed her hand and hug her.
“it’s okay himeka. I’ll talk to him later.” I said to calm himeka.

And fortunately as soon as I said that, himeka calmed down. “now wipe your tears and show me your usual smile. Beside mom and dad already come home.” I said and after it, himeka smiled. “let’s go.” I said to waka and himeka.

When we arrive to the living room, there I saw the two figure that I really miss. “mom, dad.” I called. “reika, himeka. Waka-kun. Are you guys fine?” dad ask with a smile. “we’re fine, dad. How about you and mom?” I ask. “we’re fine, dear. Isn’t it near your school time? Let’s have our breakfast.” Mom said which remind me when I was still child. My mind was stopped as my phone rung. It’s from misao again.

“hello, misa?” I called.
“hi, reika. What’re you doing now?” misa ask.
“eat my breakfast.” I said.
“be fast. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Misa said. which make me choked on my food.
“*cough* *cough*”
“reika, are you okay?” waka that sat beside me ask while handing me the napkin.
“I’m okay.” I said to waka.
“okay.” waka return.
“so, you’re coming here for what?” I ask to misa.
“to pick you and himeka to school. Because yesterday, shitara-sensei said that I don’t have to go back to shaki again.” Misa said from the other line.
“there must be a reason. Spit it out.” I command.
“you have to be my partner.” Misa request.
“but, I already have waka here.” I said.
“double partner system. Do you know it?” he ask.
“of course I know. What’s with that?” I ask back.
“I’m using that system. So if you could, I want you to be my partner.” Misa requested.
“but…” I said but cutted my misa’s word.
“I won’t force you. It is your own decision.” He said.
“you don’t even know what I’m going to said.” I retorted.
“what do you mean?” he ask.
“I’ll become your partner.” I said.
“thanks rei. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you but, I already arrive in front of your house.” He said.
“I’m going there in a few minutes. bye” I said to misa, then hung up the call.
“who’s that?” waka ask.
“misa. He is already in front of our house. So eat your breakfast quickly.” I said to himeka and waka.
“okay.” waka and himeka said at the same time.
“mom, dad, I’m going. See you later.” I and himeka said then got out from the dining room.
“uncle, aunt, I’m going.” Waka said. then got out from the dining car and follow me toward misa’s car.

When we are already in front of the front gate, a black Ferrari enter our sight immediately. The security open the gate for us immediately. Then we enter the car almost at the same time. Misa look at me with a surprise look. “why you didn’t tell me that waka is coming with you? I can take the bigger one than this.” Misa complained. “you call me earlier, and how should I know if you didn’t tell me before hand.” I complained back. “okay, okay. I’m sorry.” Misa said. “are you guys ready?” misa ask. “yeah.” We said in a unison. “grab everything that you have. Because this will become a dizzy ride.” Misa warn.

A dizzy ride. Hahaha… yeah. Misao is a car maniac and not only that, he can drive this car exceed the limit of the supposed one. For misao, he’s a car maniac. What about his sister? Her sister is a drunkard. Oh yeah I forget to tell you that misao has a sister. Misao’s sister’s name are not really different with his name. Why? Because his sister’s name is eto misa. So, when you call misa, the two of them will look at you. Now back to the present, the time that I have to waste from my house to school is 20 minutes. But with misa’s car, I can arrive to school at 5 minutes. You see what I mean? This is the dizzy ride that you will have when you take a ride with misa.

When we arrive at school, misa’s car become the students attention. As soon as I got out from the car, the student begin to whisper. “what is she doing with misa-sama’s brother?” “what is reika-sama doing with him?” “what the heck. Reika-sama already have a partner, right?” like that. I always heard of it every day. I just sighed and listen to their complain. Waka know that this will be happening today. He place his palm above mine, in order to make me calm.

In my left side, there is misa and himeka. In my right side, there’s waka. And moreover, the two of them, intertwined their hands with mine. Once again, the eyes from the students are on me. At the same time, misa and waka whisper, “don’t mind them. They just feel jealous toward you.” I blushed after they said it. “neechan, I’m going to my class first.” Himeka said and then she left me with waka and misa. “let’s go.” Waka said with his usual sweet smile. We walk hand to hand towards our class.

When we arrive, we sat at our perspective chair. Me at the back row beside the window. Misa at the most front row. Waka at the most back row beside the window. As soon as we sat at our chair, the teacher come and start the class. the first is the most hated lesson, math, the second is the most complicated lesson, English. It really feel like, I was forced to enter this lesson. I can skip it if I want. But the teacher always caught me, when I’m going to sneak out from the lesson. Just 5 minutes more until the math class over. But 5 minutes feel like an eternity.


Finally the bell rung. I relaxed. Because I can feel that my head is going to explode anytime soon. The math teacher exit our class and the English teacher enter our class. alright everyone, it’s your time to sleep. math and English is the same, boring as always. But since English is only a period, it won’t take a lot of time. I take a look around me. Everyone is very serious towards the lesson. But not with me, waka, misa, jun and nanase.

“sakurai, wakatsuki, shiraishi, eto, nishino, come here and do this question for me. If one of you’re wrong, you have to clean the whole school for one week.” The teacher suddenly called. English may be complicated. But for me, nanase, jun, waka, and misa, English is just a piece of cakes.

We all stood from our chair and do the question that the teacher give to each of us. We do at the same time and finish at the same time. We return to our seat and laugh at the teacher’s funny expression. “i-it can’t be. The question that I worked until late night…are finish in such a quick time… no…” the teacher said and fell to the ground with his knee supporting. And once again we laugh until the bell rung.

When the bell rung, all of the student run from the class towards the cafeteria. Because today’s lunch is the one that everyone like, seafood curry. But I like to eat inside the class than the cafeteria. Because if I eat in cafeteria, a lot of gossip and the student will always talk about me. I didn’t like all of it. The one that will accompany me to the cafeteria, will definitely bullied by them. And I don’t want that to happen. So usually if it’s already lunch time, I will go to school library.

When I was about to go to the school library, I saw nanase and jun kissing in the hallway. Geez, what’re they doing there. I just keep on walking without paying any attention to them. And once I walk to the hallway that lead me towards the 2nd floor, I saw him. I saw waka and the fisher of the school, akimoto manatsu, kissing. My heart’s broke into pieces in an instant. I run as fast as I can. But when I run, there’s misao’s sister. She saw it. She tried to caught on me but she can’t. I think waka know it and chased after me but I already run towards the school garden before he can catch me. Since there’s a flower yard in there, I choose the school garden to relaxed.

I laid above the bougainvillea flower yard. And cried above them. It is already the third period. But how can I attend the class if my heart and my mind was consume by wakatsuki yumi? I cried in silence. The flower move. Signing me that there’s someone here. A hand grab mine, misao or waka? I pretend to be asleep and slowly listen to the voice. “reika-neechan, what are you doing here?” that voice…it’s misao’s sister’s voice.

I open my eyes. “misa-chan?” I called.
“nee-chan? What’re you doing here?” misa-chan ask.
“as you can see. Laying down.” I said.
“while crying?” she ask.
“yeah. Maybe.” I answer.
“about waka-niichan, I think it’s not entirely his fault.” Misa-chan said to me.
“I know it…I know it…but I can’t take it. I thought that I only like him as a friend nothing more. But why my heart will become this hurt?” I said.
“it means that you love him, neechan.” Misa-chan exclaim.
“maybe you’re right, misa-chan.” I said to her.
“you’re not going to the class?” misa-chan ask.
“no.” I replied.

After it we stay in silence for a while. I close my eyes. Sleeping above the flower yard really make me calm down. But I’m really confused with my current feeling. I like waka only as a friend. But seeing him just like earlier really make hurt. Just what is this feeling?

“misa-chan, you’re dating with naito-kun right?” I ask to misa-chan.
“I am. Why are you asking me about that so sudden?” she ask back.
“how’s your feeling when the first time you fell in love with him?” I ask.
“your heart feel like a flower that just bloom and you will always feel comfortable around him.” She replied with a smile.
“heh~~” I said.
“neechan, I think it’s better for you to go back to your class. niichan is searching for you.” Misa-chan said.
“just leave him alone. I don’t want to go back to class. I don’t want to get hurt just by looking at his face.” I exclaimed.
“neechan… oh yeah, tonight it’s look like I’ll go to your house with my brother.” Misa said suddenly.

I open my eyes that I close earlier. She’s coming to my house for what? As I know, my parents doesn’t have any relation with them.

“you’re coming to my what?” I ask.
“I’m coming to your house tonight.” Misa repeat.
“for what?” I ask.
“I only heard that we’re going to your house.” Misa-chan said.
“is that so?” I ask making sure.
“yes.” Misa answer.
“then good.” I said while getting up from my spot.
“where’re you going?” misa-chan ask.
“cafeteria. After crying, suddenly my stomach feel hungry.” I said.
“then I’ll accompany you.” Misa-chan said.
“but isn’t this the class time? Is it okay.” I ask.
“do you forget about this day? It’s the day mai-neechan leave this school. Ever since that day, I never attend the class only for Wednesday.” Misa-chan said.
“okay. let’s go.” I said.

After it we went to the cafeteria while chatting happily. Misa is a lonely girl. But not when misao’s girlfriend is still here. She never speak with another person, except for me, waka, misao, himeka, jun, naito, and nanase. Her personality change drastically when maimai graduate from this school.

“it’s been a while for us to be like this, since maimai graduate.” I said to misa.
“you’re right. I never opened my heart to another person like this anymore. Since mai-neechan graduate, I’m afraid to be betrayed again.” Misa said. her voice is shaking.
“I think I’m on the same board with you. And now, do you want to eat?” I said with a smile.
“eh?” misa unintentionally said.
“don’t eh me. You want to eat or not?” I ask once we arrive to the cafeteria.
“I want.” Misa-chan said with a smile.

We are walking toward the food counter while chatting happily together. But the fun is over when someone grab my hand. This hand is kind of smooth, warm, and soft. I know whose hand is this. It’s waka’s hand. Since I don’t want to be hurt again, I swing his hands away and take my hand back.

“reika, please listen to me. It’s a misunderstanding.” Waka said. but I didn’t buy it. “I don’t want to talk to you waka. So let me go.” I said. as I continue walk to the food counter. He tried to grab my hand again, but misa-chan stop him from doing it. “next time, niichan.” Misa-chan said. he sigh and lastly he said. “meet me at the school garden. At the sunflower yard.” 

Don’t ask if I’m listening to what he said or not. Because in fact I didn’t even care listen to what he said. I think he’s already gone after he said it. “this is your order, reika-sama.” The chef said. “everyone here, really like to call you reika-sama right, neechan?” misa-chan said. “let them be. But at least, you didn’t call me that.” I said. and she show me her usual flat face. We sat in the nearby table. “are you going to meet him, neechan?” misa ask. “I’m not.” I said quickly.

We eat our lunch with laughter. The bell rung. For the next lesson, I’m not going to attend it as well. I just need to skip the school with misa-chan if I want. Went home early, playing computer, chatting with my cousin and sleep. it’s going to be the perfect day if I do it.

But unfortunately we can’t. both of us is the student council member. I don’t want to make nanase and jun got scolded by shitara-sensei. The 4th period bell is ringing. It’s already the 5th period. It means that it has been 45 minutes since I skipped the class. beside the teacher already use to it. Letting me skipped the class every time I want. For misa-chan, she will only skip the class if it’s Wednesday. Other than it she won’t.

I guess, I really have to avoid him. Before he make my heart break again. “neechan, I want to go home right now. I don’t feel like attending school like this.” Misa-chan said breaking my thought apart. I look at her face. Her tension is very low. Her eyes are very watery. She want to cry right now. But before it, misao come. He really ruined it. “reika, go back to class right now. Jun and nanase are having a fight.” He said. I take a look at misa-chan. “your sister will come with me.” I said to misao and take misa-chan with me to my class. after the mess over, I’m going to go home with misa-chan. I grabbed her hand and take her with me.

“reika, misa can’t get involved in this case.” Misao scream. “shut up. If you want nanase and jun’s problem finished, stop on getting in to my way.” I scream back. Then I walk towards my class. wait a sec? why is there many student standing in front of my class? I take a little peek towards the class windows. Jun and nanase is…… fighting? It’s very rare. I decided to get in, but was halted by misa-chan. “please finish the matter quickly. I want to go home.” Misa-chan said while lowering her head. The misa-chan right now, is just like a spoiled kid. I pat her head and said, “I’ll be fast.” And then enter the class.

There I saw them. Jun and nanase. Fighting over something. There’s also waka and ikoma rin. What are they doing? “like I said, I won’t get married with her.” Jun said. hm? Married? “then why would you give her the engage ring in this picture?” nanase ask as she show a picture from the phone. Nanase Is crying. Shiraishi jun and matsumura sayuri? No…no…no… nanase can’t know about this thing. “jun, I want you to explain everything to my cousin. Or else, my parents won’t let you get closer to her.” Rin said. indeed rin is, nanase’s cousin.

“alright. Please give me a time.” Jun said. it’s my time.
“how about after school you guys went to a café and talk about it.” I suggest. Everyone look at me.
“since when you’re there?” waka ask. my heart skipped a bit when he ask me that question.
“is it really important for you?” I ask a little bit cold.
“reika, I’ll accept your suggestion. Thanks.” Jun said. Then he left. I said after school not now.
“okay guys. What else. Oh yeah, rin, it’s been a while.” I said to rin that waving his hand to me.
“it is. How’re you.” Rin ask.
“I’m fine. I’m sorry but I’ve to go.” I said.
“ehh. After we just met.” Rin whined like a spoiled kid.
“alright. How about we ate dinner in my house tomorrow.” I ask.
“if it’s okay, then I’ll go.” Rin said. then an intimidating aura fill the classroom.
“a-alright, I’ll leave first. See you.” I said then leave the classroom.

After I leave the classroom, I grabbed misa-chan’s hand and take her outside. Leave the school together. But, 1 problem. I forgot to pack up my things. S***. I have to encounter with waka again. “misa-chan, have you take your things?” I ask to misa-chan. She nod. Oh my god. I really, really hate today. “I’ll go take my things. Wait for me. I’ll be back.” I said without looking at misa-chan. Then I went back to the school building. It is supposed to the class time. But when I look at my class, there’s no one there. So I sneak in to the class carefully.

But when I look at my seat, my things is not there. Someone take it away. I search over the class. starting from everyone’s seat, the teacher desk, and the locker. But the result is zero. Where’s my things?


“searching for this?” a voice ask. urgh. Why would it have to be him.
“if yes, will you return it to me?” I ask.
“no. I’ll return it to you, when you stop acting like that.”
“okay. now give me my things back.” I said.
“but before it, mind to tell me what happen to you?” straight to the point as always.
“nothing. Just feel like I want to ignore you all day.” I answer.
“oh. Then you can take this back.” He said as he throw My bag. I take a look to my bag. All clear. Time to go home.

Just 3 step after I passed him, walking toward the door, he grabbed my hand and pinned me to the locker. “just because I give your things back, you can leave me. I won’t let you go rei.” He said with his low voice. I hate you. I hate you. Wakatsuki yumi, I hate you. I struggled. I have to be quick or I’ll burst into tears. His face got closer to mine. I can feel his slow breath on my face. My heart beating so fast. Just like I just finish 3 laps in 5 minutes. Just 3 cm more, his lips would be attached to mine. But I push him away and slap him. My tears flow.

“please, waka. Please. Don’t do this to me. Doing this to me will only make me hate you more.” I said while sobbing.
“wait, rei. I-I-I’m sorry.” He said.
“I don’t care. I hate you. Wakatsuki yumi, I hate you.” I shout then I leave the class.

I cried again. Lucky that misa-chan is still there. Or no, I would be crying for real. Heh, the taxi is already there. “reika-neechan, hurry up.” Misa-chan said. because I can see that the security guard is running toward us. Then, in the perfect timing, the car’s engine start and the driver, drive toward the left. Maybe to my house. “sir, sakurai mansion please.” Misa-chan said. so, she know about my house. I already tired because of crying since earlier. The effect of crying is, headache. Urghhh. It’s still far so no problem if I sleep for a while.

The only thing that I got when I sleep is, wakatsuki yumi. The boy that make me cry twice. Why would I have to think about that boy? I don’t know. “reika-neechan, it’s not the time to sleep.” misa-chan called. She said that it’s not time to sleep. but I’m not sleeping for real. “neechan, wake up.” Misa-chan called while shaking my body. “okay, okay. I’m wide awake.” I said while trying to prying her hand off. I open my eyes. “you still want to sleep when we already arrive?” misa-chan ask. arrive? too fast. It feels like I just close my eyes. “alright, alright. Stop on shaking my body.” I said to misa-chan as I open my eyes.

“alright, let’s go.” Misa-chan said as she pulled me out from the taxi. Misa-chan already paid for the taxi fee. Mom will scold me for sure about this. My security come and open the gate for us. “reika-sama, you already come home?” the guard ask. ahahaha. “I’m skipping class.” I said. “is that so? It’s very rare for you to do it.” He said. “well, I’m skipping class because…” I was about to say the continuation, but misa-chan cut my word. “because of my fault.” “ah, you’re eto misa-sama, right?” the guard ask when he saw misa-chan’s face. “I am.” Misa said. “your parents is waiting for the two of you inside. Please be quick.” The guard said.

They’re home. I’ll be dead if they found out about this. We walk toward the entrance. Preparing myself to be scolded for sure. I open the door. the first one we enter is the hallway. We take off our shoes and place them in the rack neatly. After it, we walk slowly toward the living room. My parents and misa-chan’s parents is there. My eyes met with mom’s. little by little cold swear begin to drop. “reika, come here. I want to talk something about you guys.” Mom called. Feuw…lucky girl. I pulled misa-chan to follow me. Not only misa-chan’s parents, but also waka’s parents. What should I do?

“yes mom, what is it?” I ask when I already beside mom. Mom smiled at me.
“tonight, waka and misao’s parents along with us, are going to America for a business trip about 1 month. Actually I want to take you too. But there’s no one that will took care of himeka. So in this 1 month, they will stay with you and himeka.” Mom said. you must be kidding me. 1 month with waka? No way.
“o-okay mom.” I said.
“take misa-chan to her room then after it, come down. Mom and dad want to talk to you.” Mom said. I nod. I can finally free. But there’s something that scaring me. I take misa-chan toward my room and sleep in there. While her brother slept on the guest room. I can take misa-chan to himeka’s room, but I need someone to cheers me up. 1 month huh. It’s gonna be long.

“neechan, can I sleep with you?” misa-chan ask.
“of course you can.” I said to her. When we arrive to my room, I opened the door for me and misa-chan to enter. “you can wear my clothes in the dresser, if you want.” Misa-chan nod. Then I leave misa-chan toward the living room where mom is.
“reika, come here.” Mom called.
“what is it, mom?” I ask.
“me and your dad that already talk about this, for a long time ago.” Mom said half way.
“like I said, what is it mom?” I ask a little bit louder.
“we want you to get engage with waka-kun.” Mom said.
“hah? No way. I don’t want it.” I said.
“why? You guys already know each other for 14 years. Is it wrong to be engage?” dad ask.
“I don’t want it. Why can’t you just engage with someone else?” I ask back.
“you want to be engage with misao-kun then?” mom ask.
“not from the two of them. Someone else.” I said.
“it’s not going to be happen. You’re going to get engage with waka-kun.” Mom said.
“no but, reika. This is for your sake and our sake. Please understand.” Mom said.

I run back toward my room. Misa-chan already change to my clothes while reading book. I jump toward my bed. Misa-chan almost fall from my bed if I don’t catch her. “you’re killing me, neechan. You must change that habit before I’m the one that going to change it.” Misa-chan threatened me. “okay. I’ll change my habit.” I said to her while showing a peace sign to her.

Okay, after I said that, I went to sleep. don’t care how time this is. I just want to sleep and not waking up. Hahaha. Like that will be happen. Misa-chan sigh and I could hear it. “have a good sleep, neechan. I’ll take care of the two of them.” Misa-chan said. then I really sleep for good.

3 weeks has passed since that day and today is the 3rd week for misa-chan, misao, and WAKATSUKI YUMI stay in my house. And in this 3 weeks, I managed to avoid wakatsuki when I see him. Like in the library, classroom, field and in my house. And you must know why I really hate him right. Back to the present. I am still at the class even though it’s already lunch break time.
Misa-chan already convinced me take my lunch because I didn’t take my breakfast. But I didn’t budge it. All I really care is finishing my homework before the go home time. But I think my stomach can’t tolerate anymore. I decided to go to the cafeteria and grab some lunch.

I was walking normally toward the cafeteria. But I was halted when someone pull my wrist and pinned to the nearest room. Lucky that the room was lock, so there’s nobody that could see me here with HIM,

“what do you want, wakatsuki?” I ask fiercely.
“why did you avoid me for these 3 week?” he ask back.
“I don’t know. You must search it by yourselves.” I answer half heart. Oh come on. why would he doesn’t know about this?
“answer me, sakurai.” He command.
“I don’t know the answer.”
“answer me, reika.” He command half-shouting.
“I don’t know the answer.” I replied

And what happen later is, he kiss me. One rough that will enough on keeping my lips bruises. I tried to push him away, but I don’t have any enough strength to push him. And not only that he put his hand on my neck and pulling me closer, deepening the kiss. I can’t take it. I cried and stop from resist. I love him but this is wrong. All wrong. He can’t do it to me. I kiss him back. Shoving tongues into each other’s mouth. I finally push him.

“satisfied now? Do you understand now? You kiss me? You almost rapped me.”
“your lips already give me the answer.”

I cried. I wonder why love can really make me hurt. I really love him, but why it would be this hurt?
“it’s okay rei. It’s okay. there’s nothing between me and manatsu. I confessed to you, because I really love you rei. Please understand.”
“but why did she do that to you? Why you didn’t let me try to love you? Why you didn’t you let me do it? I just want to try to love you.”
“it’s okay rei. You can try to love me. There’s nothing that can stop you from loving me.”
“then, I really can love you right?”
“of course yes. If it’s you, everything will be okay.”

I hug him. And he hug me back. I really love him. I wish that time won’t separate the two us. This tears is the evidence from my love to his. And after it, I broke the hug. He wiped off my tears, and pull me out from the room and take me to the cafeteria while intertwining my hands with his.

And everything went really well after that accident. 3 months after we graduate, my parents and waka’s parents set up an engagement party. And 2 years after I graduate from my college, I got married with him. The boy that I love. Everything is started from the time that I try to love him and now everything become real. My new live has started. All of it started because his love to me and my love to him.


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Re: can i love you? (wakatsuki yumi x sakurai reika)
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thanks for wakarei fic author-san^^
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: can i love you? (wakatsuki yumi x sakurai reika)
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WOWWW you are great author, you can wrote fiction about severals pairs

since i ship wakarei, well this is the best! :cow:
thank you

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Re: can i love you? (wakatsuki yumi x sakurai reika)
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found nth fic about wakarei :inlove:

thanks author-san :deco:

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