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Author Topic: My daughter's school days: Chapter 3  (Read 4763 times)

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My daughter's school days: Chapter 3
« on: December 05, 2016, 09:55:10 AM »

In a room, an interrogation happened with a detective who was moving back and forth in there and a seated young girl

“What did you do” The detective asked someone. That someone innocently answered “Mommy said she can't sleep, so I helped her”. “How did you do it” she asked as she looked at the reports of what caused it. “A trick I saw mommy did to daddy”. “What?” The detective didn’t believe that the kid would know it.
The girl continued “She said it made daddy sleep forever and that he's in a dreamland with grandma and grandpa”. The detective felt sorry for the 7-year old girl in front of her.

This time the girl asked her a question “Why did you stop me from sleeping, I was almost there with them, they were right in front of me”. What the girl said made the detective suddenly remembered that the girl in front of her, was barely hanging on to her life when they arrived, she looked at peace right next to her dying mother, who died in the ambulance.

She came up with an excuse,“We don't want you to have miss out on the world”. The girl tilted her head. “Well, there's an amusement park , with lots of sweets like cotton candy”. The girl just laughs at her. It was the first time the detective saw her that way. “You must be crazy, daddy told me those are only in fairytales”. ‘Fairytales?’ She thought to herself.

The girl asked another question “Do you have any friends? I have one”. She showed a ragged doll . She looked at it while patting it’s head, “She doesn't talk much, but she's really friendly”. She found the girl amusing.

The detective finally sat down on her chair,“Have you ever gone outside before?”. “I have, today”. “No, before that”. The girl didn’t look at her in the eyes “Once, I went out with mommy, but daddy gave her a lesson for being a bad girl”. “Just for going out?”. The girl nodded. “He said they will know where he is”. “Who?”. The girl came closer and said in a whiper-like voice, “The ‘bad kids’”. The detective thought the father was also bad news like the ‘bad kids’ ,“Has he ever hit you”. “He only give lessons when I'm being bad, I don’t repeat it again, it hurts”. She showed her the places she got hit.

The detective went out for awhile, to discuss with her superior before going back to the girl and asking one last question “Do you want to live with me”. She shakes her head “No, daddy will give me another lesson”. The detective showed a gentle smile “I already asked daddy's permission”. The girl’s face light up “Really”. “Yes, and also to prove I'm not crazy, I'll show you the amusement park”. With no hesitation she said “Deal”. The detective hugged her “But I'll take you tomorrow, cuz you'll need to be ready first”.

“Acchan!” The person hugged her from behind. “Minami, yamete.” She tried to resist the hug. It’s been a month since they got married. “What's for dinner” said Takamina, still hugging her. “Umm, katsudon.”

The two of them were at the dining table. Takamina, suddenly called Acchan something. “Nee, Atsuko”. Acchan stopped eating and said, “It better be important”. Takamina was baffled with Acchan’s comment, “I didn't say anything yet”. Acchan continued eating and in between chew, she said “But you didn't call me Acchan, what is it”.

Takamina popped the question,” Do you want to have child”. Acchan spat out her drink. “MINAMI” she yelled. “Maybe a daughter” continued Takamina. In a serious tone, she answered the question,“No matter how many theory or experiment you come up with, it will never work.” Acchan continued “Believe me, I've seen Yuko do it to Haruna many times”.

Takamina felt insulted with the answer, “I'm not like that perverted squirrel”. Somewhere a squirrel sneezed. “It must be a cold”, the squirrel said.

Acchan looked at her “It's impossible”. Takamina smiled at her “What about adopting one”. “What's she like?” Acchan already knew that she had her eyes on one. “She's 7, has a bobbed hair and doesn't believe in amusement park”. Acchan’s eyes become wide, “Doesn’t believe in amusement park? Where'd you found her”. “Through a case” answered Takamina. “Have you talked to the superior about it yet?.” She nodded “They assigned me to do it and she's coming tomorrow”. ‘Tomorrow’ Acchan thought to herself, “Guess we're going shopping tomorrow”. Takamina looked at her, confused “Why?”. “For her of course” she said in a ‘duh’ like tone. “You mean you're not angry.” “Why would I, besides you've always said you wanted someone to take after you like an heir.” “Heiress, she's a girl” she pointed out.

After dinner, they decided to go to bed since they were both tired. After an hour, Takamina still couldn’t sleep. She was excited about having a child. She looked at her partner and asked “Acchan, you asleep?”. The said girl shook her head and said. “I’m just thinking, should she take yours or mine”. “What are you talking about”. Acchan turn around to face her, “Last name”. Takamina just smiled at her, “What do you think”. Acchan puts her hand on Takamina,“I think it's appropriate for her to take the father's name”. It took awhile for her to get it, “You mean me?”. Acchan was already half asleep,but she still managed to answer it, “You already announced you're the dad”.

A car stopped in front of the Takahashi residence, two people got out of the car. Takamina puts her hand over the girl’s shoulder and said while looking at her.   
“Welcome to your new home, Takahashi Yui.”
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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Prologue)
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2016, 07:24:21 AM »
I'm so curious ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Prologue)
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2016, 02:08:23 PM »
when i read the topic, i thought it was gonna be a comedy drabble or something but reading the first paragraph i was like:   OMG! did i click the wrong fic? what the hell did i just read?!!! :shocked: :shocked:

please update this soon!!!   :w00t:

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Prologue)
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2016, 05:39:07 AM »
That's soounds. good... I'm waiting for the chapter one!

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Prologue)
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CHAPTER 1 is up ENJOY (Currently listening to K.A.R.D - Oh Nana)


Chapter 1

“Ara, kawaii”, Acchan pinched Yui’s cheek. Yui looked at her weirdly and asked, “Who are you ?”. Acchan was still pinching her cheeks, she then looked at Takamina who was closing the door behind her,“Why don't you ask your daddy”. Yui looks bewildered, “But daddy's not here”. Acchan looked at Takamina with desperate eyes, hoping for her help. Takamina understood her message,“Well... Your mommy and daddy gave you to us”.

The kid still couldn’t grasp what was going on,“Why would they do that?”. Takamina decided to answer her,“It's a bit com-”. She was cut off  by Acchan who had an idea, “Your mommy and daddy felt sorry that we don't have a child so they gave you to us”.

They thought the kid would understand but they were shocked when they heard what she said, “Why don't you just fxxk each other”. Both of their jaws fell to the floor. It took a moment for them to get back to reality. Acchan was the one who asked her, “Umm... where did you learn that?”. Yui, still innocent didn’t know she said a taboo word.

She explained to the adults what she knows, “Daddy told me that when a mommy and daddy wanna have a baby, they fxxk”. Acchan and Takamina looked at each other and Yui back and forth and Takamina whispered to Acchan, “She didn't know anything about amusement parks but she knows what fxxk means”. A smile crept up on Acchan’s face, “I already like her”. Acchan was still smiling, and told Yui, “Well, we tried, no luck”. Takamina pulled her arm and whispered “R u serious, do you want to give her a shock”. Acchan pulled her arm away and put it on her hip “C’mon, you only know what the word meant when you met me vs a 7 year old who can probably set up a class for you explaining it”.

They both just stood there for a moment, Takamina reflecting. Yui opened up her mouth to ask, “Why didn't it work?”. Takamina was wanting to change the subject,“Let's talk about something else”. Acchan didn’t hear what she said,“It's becau-”. Takamina clenched he teeth and in between she said to Acchan “TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE”. Acchan put up both her hands in surrender. Yui just looked at both of them with amusement.

Takamina put her hand on Yui while kneeling down to her eye level,“So now we're your new parents”. Acchan also did the same,“I'm your mommy and she's your daddy”, Acchan poked Takamina’s cheek. Yui smiled and nod. “Good. Let's go to your new room.”

They went to Yui’’s room, it has a lot of toys. “The new bed didn't arrive yet, so you're gonna sleep with us for awhile”. Acchan pat Yui’s head, “Let me warn you, daddy's a hugger”. Takamina tickled Acchan as a sign of retaliation.

Yui didn’t hear what she said, she was in her own world, “I have my own bed?”. The both of them overheard what she said. “I'm not an adult yet”. They both looked at her weirdly,“Why would you think that”. “Daddy said I'm not allowed on the bed until I'm 20”. “That's a lot”. “Don't worry, our rules are a bit different, now let's wash up first and then eat dinner”.

Acchan pushed Yui in front of her leaving behind Takamina. “Where are you going ?”,said Takamina hurrying after them. “Giving her a bath”. “What about me”.  “Mommy with daughter, daddy with son” said Acchan, making a point. Yui silently held Acchan’s and Takamina’s hand, “Come with us daddy, together”. Acchan gave up having private time with her daughter, “You're lucky”, she said to Takamina. Takamina stuck her tongue out. “Huh, three people in a tub”. Yui was playing with a rubber ducky, “It's so fun”. Acchan patted Yui’s shoulder, “Turn around Yui, I'll wash your back”. She did as she was told to do. Takamina was a little jealous, and Acchan knew that she was and ordered her, “And Minami you do it to me”.

After dinner, they went into their bedroom since they spent hours in the bathroom. Acchan pecked Yui on the cheek,“Get a good night sleep, ok Yui”. Yui slowly drifts into sleep mode. Only the new parents are awake. Takamina was in front of the mirror, “Tomorrow we have a big day”. “Why?”, asked Acchan. “We're meeting Yuko and Haruna”. “For what ?”. “Introducing Yui, and be the first to have a child”. “Do we have to, Yuko's gonna steal her away from us”. Acchan knew both of their not losing to each other attitude since they were in middle school.

The Takahashi family finally arrived at the Oshima residence. Yui was behind them when they arrived at the doorstep, they wanted to surprise the couple. They rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opened showing the couple,“Hey Yuko, Haruna”. “Guess what”, Takamina quickly questioned them. Yuko had her thinking face for awhile before answering “You have a daughter”. “How'd you know that”. “I met you superior 2 days ago and she told me that you're gonna take care of her”. “We also have a surprise, guess”. Takamina also did the same like Yuko (thinking)“You also have a kid”.“What makes you think that ?”. “Cuz you're Oshima Yuko and you hate losing”. “Wrong”. “I have two kids” Yuko presented her daughters to them,“Mayu, Miyuki.” Takamina also introduced Yui.

While the kids were playing, the adults were chatting. Haruna looked Yui playing with her daughters,“She looks so cute”. Yuko also complimented Yui,“She looks smart like Acchan”. Takamina also felt wanting to be complimented, “What about me”. Yuko looked at Takamina up and down trying to find her quality, “I hope she only have your leadership skills”. Takamina know it wasn’t the compliment that she was looking for, “Hey, what does ‘only’ mean”. “Have you seen your fashion sense, all bananas and ribbons”. Everyone looked at what she was wearing, banana parka and pink ribbon. Takamina didn’t give up, instead she retaliate, “Haruna, I think they shouldn't play with her always, don't want them to be caught as perverts”. All Haruna could do is sigh, “Too late, Mayu and her formed an oshiri alliance called Oshiri Sisters and Miyuki is already erotic”. Yuko hugged Haruna at the last sentence, “Just like her mommy.”

Both Mayu and Miyuki came to her parents and asked them,“Mommy, daddy, did you fxxk each other to have us”. All of them spat out their drinks, Haruna asked “Whe-” She was cut off by Acchan,“Did Yui taught you that”. Acchan called for her daughter,“Yui come here for a moment” Yui came to her, not knowing what’s going on, Acchan whispered, “Don't tell what you're real daddy said to others except us ok” Yui nodded, “Now go back to play”. Kojiyuu looked at Atsumina. Yuko being the pervert she is, said, “Wow, you guys are really fast in teaching that department”. Acchan quickly said, “Her dad taught her that”. Hearing the word ‘dad’, Yuko looked at Takamina with her dimpled smile, “Takamina, I'd never knew you were that perverted, and you only learned it when you were 19”. Takamina was blushing, and then she cleaned up the misunderstanding, “She means her real dad”. Yuko didn’t stop there, “Well just don't let me catch Yui with one of my daughters”. Takamina stood up to beat Yuko but Yuko said, “It’s just a joke”. Takamina didn’t care, she chased Yuko who was running.

Haruna and Acchan just looked at their their husbands antics while smiling. Haruna asked, “Next week’s their first day of primary school right?” Acchan just nodded and said “It’s also their first day with our family name, I just hope they’ll be alright” They both looked at the children not seeing Takamina strangling Yuko in the background.
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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Chapter 1)
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what's going to happen next?

What kind of troubles would Yui bring to the family?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Chapter 1)
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Just reading Takamina and Yui's name, i know from the start that it will be interesting  :D

 “Why don't you just fxxk each other”.


I can't wait for your next chap, more of Yui's innocent thoughts  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Chapter 1)
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@Erza_Jerusalem: Thanks and the idea actually came from my neighbor

@cisda83: It's not just her that's bringing trouble



Atsuko: Are you sure about this Haruna?

Haruna: I’ve always wanted to do this. bites lip seductively

Atsuko:What about Yuko? stares into the other's eye.

Haruna:Don’t worry about her, I want to do this with you. WINKS

Atsuko: Blush

Haruna takes Atsuko’s hand and…

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Re: New Fanfic: My daughter's school days (Preview)
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Chapter 2 + Drabble: Home with Daddies and Mommys’ day out  (Evening)

It was Saturday evening, Kojiyuu’s family were getting ready to visit the Atsumina’s household, and the latter were cleaning the house for the guests.


Yuko was giving Mayu a bath, while Haruna was dressing up Milky. Haruna was doing Milky’s hair, when suddenly Milky asked something.

“Mommy, why were there noises coming from mommy and daddy’s room last night?”

Haruna was a bit flustered, her cheeks were red. “Wh..W..What noises?”

“Something about mommy yelling at a squirrel to stop and cat noises” Haruna’s eyes were wide.

“Milky, th-”

“Did a squirrel got under mommy’s clothes?”

Yuko overheard the conversation. “Yes, and the squirrel was very great at it” Yuko smiled as she said it with only wearing a towel and one hand drying Mayu’s hair

Yuko continued, “It enters t-mmrrgh” Haruna had one hand on Yuko’s mouth and the at Yuko’s neck with a knife.

Haruna explained the situation to the kids in rated G (Disney Version).“Don’t mind the squirrel, cause mommy caught it and will give it a bad ‘scolding’ tonight”

“Mommy don’t hurt it” The two girls said in-sync

“Yes, Nyan Nyan, don’t hurt it”, Yuko held Nyan Nyan’s hand. “Nurture it”

Nyan Nyan pulled her in. They heard two gasps (Mayu, Milky)

Yuko’s towel was on the ground and was showing, “Daddy has balls on her chest” Said Milky. Yuko had an accomplished look.

“Why don’t you wear your clothes first”. Nyan Nyan pulled both her kids out the bedroom.

The girls looked at both their parents, back and forth, “Mommy, do you have those?”. It made Haruna blushed.

Seeing Haruna blushed Yuko made something clear,“Those are daddy’s properties”



“Minami, help me carry this” Atsuko asked as she carried the dining room chairs.

“Ughh”. Takamina lazily carried it too and complained. “This is such a ‘Hard Carry’”

Atsuko didn’t smile and instead was emotionless, Takamina felt insulted. “Come on, my jokes are from my ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’”.

It still didn’t reached her heart, “I don’t care” Atsuko grabbed the chair that Takamina was carrying and pointed at their child who was watching Honmayan, “Now go play with Yui”

“I’m like TT” She made- (You know the choreography). The last chance didn’t work and she gave up “Come on Yui, let’s go play” Takamina was devastated.

Takamina and Yui made airplane hands. “Daddy are we gonna fly?”

“Yes, we gonna fly~” They ran around the living room, the kitchen, the b-, everywhere. Well, almost since Atsuko caught them messing the house, again.

After Kojiyuu arrived. Atsuko didn’t waste time by chatting and quickly grabbed Haruna. “Well, let’s go Haruna”

“Where ’re you guys going?” Asked Yuko.


“What about the kids?”

“We’ve been taking care of them all these times, while you’ve been working and you’ve actually never spent time alone for more than 1 hour”

“We spend a lot of time together… like this morning when I bathe Mayu”

“That was 10 minutes”

“At least you bathe her, what about you Takamina?” Atsuko pointed at her who in return raises both her hands.

“Well, I’ve been busy at work and what… proof do you have that I don’t play with her?” Takamina questioned back.


Takamina just arrived at her house, taking of her jacket, when Yui pulled her, “Daddy, come play with me”

Takamina resisted the cuteness, “Food first, Daddy hungry, need Katsudon”

After eating, Yui did the same thing to her, “Bathing time with daddy”

“Yui, let’s bathe with mommy”. In the end it was Two and a half (Yui) Women bathing in a tub.

End Flashback

After the flashback, Atsuko nagged at her hubby, “Whenever we tried to get you to spend time alone”

“You always try to avoid it by using us” Said Haruna as they were heading towards the door.

“Now you’ll have to let us play” They both said before closing the door.

Takamina had accepted the fact that they’re gone, “They’re gone”

Yuko looked at the other person,“You still have your movie collections?”. She nodded.

Takamina said something before going to her ‘secret stash’, “Get the popcorn”

The kids just face palm.

Yui had an idea and decided to lead, and ordered them,“Follow me”

Both of them agreed,“Yes, General”

The Saturday night starts with the Moms out, Dads in and Kids play.

Drabble Starts

Kids 1

Mayu:Okay, I saw cookies on fridge

Yui+Milky: nods

Yui:I’ve got a plan!

Milky: sees Daddies.Why is Daddy bleeding?

Daddies 1

Yuko and Takamina watching movies.Watching a ‘specific’ scene.

Yuko: Turns head sideways. Takamina, have you ever done that?

Takamina:No, but I will. Turns head sideways. Tonight.

Both got nosebleeds.

Moms 1

Atsuko: Are you sure about this Haruna

Haruna: I’ve always wanted to do this bites lip seductively

Atsuko:What about Yuko?

Haruna:Don’t worry about her, I want to do this with you. WINKS

Atsuko: Blush

Haruna takes Atsuko’s hand and…

Daddies 2

Movie ends. Cue end credits.

Takamina and Yuko looks at each other

Takamina: Your nose is bleeding

Yuko:Your shirt is bleeding

Takamina:Watching these makes me remember why I needed a transfusion.I think we need to stop

They look at each other.

Yuko:I’ll get the popcorn.

Moms 2

Haruna:It’s so great, I never want to stop.

Atsuko:Why didn’t I thought of this sooner. breathes heavily

Haruna:Gets something from pocket. I think someone deserves this. Looks at Atsuko

Atsuko nods and does the same thing.

Haruna: Here you go

They threw moneys at four girls.

Signs reads Stripper club.

Haruna: Take my money

Kids 2

In the kitchen

Yui:Mayu get down on the ground

Mayu:Blush. Yui Blush. Wha- Yui push Mayu to ground

Yui: Shhh, it’s gonna be over soon

Milky: You’re not supposed to do that

Yui steps on Mayu’s back

Mayu: No..Not THERE!! Back aching with pain

Daddies 3

Listening in on the kids

Milky: You’re not supposed to do that

Yuko: grabs Takamina’s collar and  :knee: Take responsibility for her   :scolding:

Mayu: No..Not THERE!!

Takamina &Yuko :  :scared:

Mommies 3

Atsuko:Chug, Chug,Chug

Haruna:Drinking beer from funnel

Atsuko:My turn. gets the keg and doing one shot

Kids 4

Yui: I can’t do this. steps down

Mayu: No, we need it

Milky: I’ll do it, Mayu… Steps on Mayu

Mayu: She’s lighter and good

Yui: Go Milky and Mayu.  :onioncheer:

Milky: stretch hand out Almost there

Daddies 4

Yui: I can’t do this

Takamina/Yuko: sigh of relief

Mayu: No, we need it

Milky: I’ll do it, Mayu

Yuko:Grabs Takamina’s neck. YUI TAUGHT THEM, FxxK !!!

Takamina: Halfway blue

Mommies 4

Haruna: drunk. Then… She was like, those are daddy’s properties

Atsuko: drunk. And that midget, thinks she has a ‘daijoubu’ sensor. Who is she… Soukantoku?

2 Girl Employees: There…there. Pats them both. Hugs them

Haruna:So this is what hugging big chests is like. I’m jealous of the squirrel

Atsuko: Also hugging a person taller than you feels good.

Kids 5

Milky: stretch hand. GOT IT!!


Mayu: Finally. Body shakes

Milky:Whoooa falls


Daddies 5


Takamina/Yuko:Ran to them. Sees Milky on top of Mayu

Yui: Daddy look what Milky did. points

Yuko: I don’t wanna know

Milky: Gets up. Daddy want one?. Give cookie

Takamina/Yuko: Cookie?
Yuko:Glad it was a misunderstanding.

Takamina:Yuko, I’m dead. Atsuko saved those cookies for tonight

Yuko: Just tell her that Yui did it.

Takamina: She’s a kid. We’re both dead cuz we’re responsible, you know how she gets mad.

Yuko: Find the cookie recipe, we’re gonna make some.

Mommies 5      .


Haruna:I want you~

Atsuko: I want you~

Haruna:I need you~

Atsuko:I need you~

Haruna&Atsuko: Heavy~  Ro~ta~  SLAM

Atsuko:WHO PUT THIS DOOR HE-, Hey it’s my house.

Door Opens revealing Yuko and Takamina

Atsuko: And my midget

Haruna: points Squirrel

Takamina&Yuko: Dogeza. We failed as fathers.

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Re: My daughter's school days: Chapter 2 + Drabble
« Reply #9 on: February 10, 2017, 08:50:51 AM »
Honestly... such a silly dads...

What's going to happen next with the families?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: My daughter's school days: Chapter 2 + Drabble
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Chapter 3

To others, today is just a normal typical Monday. But, to our story's favorite parents, it's the children’s first day of school. (At least for Yui)

Takahashi Residence

   “Honey, come down when you’re ready” yelled Acchan to Yui from the kitchen. Since it’s her first day, Yui decided to be independent and try to pick the clothes by herself. She looked into her closet filled with cute clothes bought by her mother and decided to find something comfortable. Once she decided, she wore it proudly. After brushing her hair, she starts modeling in front of the mirror (She learned that from Aunt Nyan).

   She finally went downstairs to see her mother braiding her Papa’s hair. They smiled at her. She then returned the smile and sat down next to her father, not noticing that Acchan had been staring at her clothes, eyeing her up and down. “Is it bad?” Yui asked. Surprised by her words Acchan shook her head. “You’re still young. Plus, I’ve seen bananas on someone’s parka once” She looked at Takamina and sighed “Its still in this house”. Takamina stood up and responded “Hey, it’s gonna be inherited” . Acchan sat her down and hugged Yui. “Don’t go near my Yui with that”. “That parka is legend-”. She was cut off by Yui, “DARY!”. Acchan pulled Takamina for a whisper, “I think we should’ve let her watch the ‘other’ Barney”. The latter agreed. After Breakfast, “Bye, mommy” said Yui before getting on the bus to school.

Oshima Residence   

   Unlike the peaceful Takahashi family, this family is hectic from the morning. That’s why they don’t have neighbors. A scream could be heard from the house.“Nooooo!!” It was Mayu. She doesn’t actually like the idea of school, but rather stay at home, playing games and watching animes. Haruna begged Mayu, “Please, just go and take a bath” The little girl shook her head. “Look at your sister, all dressed up in-” Milky came out of her room fabulously in… “heels? On your first day of school? While 7 Years old” Unlike Mayu, Mlky don’t really care about school as long as she gets attention. Haruna gave her a pair of flat (with sparkles) shoes. She asked her mother “But, you wear heels”. “Yes, but not to school, wear this. I need to give a squirrel and a mouse a bath”. “NOOOO!!” And there goes Mayu. 

   It took about 45 minutes to get Mayu ready for school. But Yuko? Needs exactly 2 hours to get ready. And that 1 and a half hour was used to wake her up. It was a bad Monday for Haruna, dragging both Yuko and Mayu.

At School

   Yui, Milky and Mayu(unexpectedly) arrived at school safely. Both Yui and Milky greeted Yui in harmony. “Hi Mayu, Milky. Let's go.” Yui pulled the sisters’ hands, excited for school. Since it’s their first day and it’s the new year, they had to suffer an hour of their principal’s ‘motivational’ speech. The kids (Except Yui) were barely hanging on to their lives when it finished. (SEND HELP FOR MAYU. 1 LIKE= 1 MAYU IS SAVED. 1 COMMENT= THE NURSE HAS A BIG PEACH AND MAYU…also squirrel GETS FRONT ROW )

   Continuing, the students were separated by class. Fortunately, the golden trio were in the same one. Once inside,Yui and Mayu were playing by themselves. Yui (although excited) was pretty much shy, she hasn’t made this much contact with other life forms, since her ‘real’ dad banned her. Mayu on the other hand, is only interested in 2D people. To her left, Milky, the only confident one, had made a lot of ‘guy’ friends. It keeps increasing. They heard footsteps coming from the door. The teacher,“Good morning class.” “Good morning ms…?.” A moment of silence. “Ohori, Ms Ohori”She corrected them. “First of all, I'm gonna put you into groups to get to know each other”.

   The trio and a new girl were in the same group. They introduced themselves. The new girl is Kashiwagi Yuki. She had a certain princess aura around her. Mayu just stared at Yuki. 'Is there something on my face?' Yuki thought. While Mayu was looking at Yuki, who was looking back at her. The others noticed them and they grabbed their snacks to watch them. Mayu inhaled her breath. It’s the climax. While looking at Yuki. She then with predator eyes, she pounced on her. Shouting "YUKIRIN". (The spectators + ms. Ohori's thought process... 'Yuki + Kirin = Yukirin?...' ). They all looked at her weirdly, Mayu explained it, she's tall, long neck and eat vegetables. ‘Is that supposed to be a compliment?’ Yukirin thought. She looked at Mayu,“The hug wasn't that bad.” Mayu's smile grew wider as she thought 'hehehe... plan 1 success.

   After a few hours and lunch, it was time for a nap. “Okay kids time to change for nap time.” This is the first time Milky complained, “Milky doesn't want to sleep yet.” Ms.Ohori had no choice,“Come here, I'll help you change clothes”. Milky pouted. Ms.Ohori saw this, 'Ka- ka- kawaii face, good facial expressions, naive. Masaka, the perfect loligirl'. She thanked the heavens, another loli since Manami.

   It was time to go home. Yukirin and Mayu walked out together, holding hands. “Today was really fun, I’m glad I came.” Mayu hugged Yukirin for the last time. ‘This hug is so warm.’ Yukirin thought, on the other hand the mouse, 'I'm almost there'. Back to Yukirin, 'So nice..'. Yukirin sensed something wrong. Mayu smiled as she whispered in Yukirin's ear, "Nice Oshiri". 'PLAK' Mayu's cheek was red.


   It was time for dinner. When asked about school, Mayu quickly responded,“I love school”. Haruna and Yuko were both surprised by her reaction to this, compared to this morning. Actually Yuko was surprised, Haruna was irritated. She went through all that work for nothing. Curious as to why she is so happy, Yuko asked, “What did you guys do today?” Milky went first,“My teacher, Ms. Ohori, was seducing me.” Yuko looked at Haruna, she did get it from her mother. Haruna pinched her cheeks. “I touched it.” This time it was Mayu. “You touched your teacher's …?” The parents were even more surprised. “Nooo, Yukirin's.” They both thought.‘Kirin?= Giraffe’. Not arguing, Yuko congratulated her, “You have so much progress.” Haruna looked at them, “You're teaching her bestiality.” They were eye-contacting, “I did learned it from a certain cat. How was it?”. Mayu re-imagined it, “It's gonna be something great.” Yuko proudly smiled,“Don't let kirin get away.” Mayu saluted her. “Roger.”

   After the kids went to bed, the parents were saying in the bedroom “I can't believe they have a real kirin.” Yuko also said “How is my son/daughter in-law gonna fit in here?”


   Yui stood in front of the tv shouting "Honmayan" . Acchan smiled as she watched her daughter,“She really loves that show.” Takamina puts her arm over Acchan’s shoulder and interlock their fingers. “She is from Kyoto.” Acchan rests her head on her hubby, “True, her osaka-ben is cute, compared to yours.”. Takamina whined, “Well then if you dislike it so much, how about we spend less time together.”. “Oh really?” Acchan stood up and gets her purse. “Yui, you're sleeping with daddy tonight". “Where're you going?”Takamina asked Acchan who was at the door. "Daruma's house. Good thing I've kept some of my stuff there.”    She slamed the door behind her. “Daddy.” “What, honey.” “Want me to call Honmayan.” Takamina took a long deep breath. “Honmayan can’t help daddy’s case”.

Looks like the conclusion is that morning is good for Takahashi, bad for Oshima (Haruna) and night is good for them.
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