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Author Topic: 裸足で SUMMER + You're back + MV shooting  (Read 1905 times)

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裸足で SUMMER + You're back + MV shooting
« on: March 25, 2017, 05:05:54 PM »
This year’s summer is really different with last year’s summer. Like the sunshine, or the freshness of the flower. But maybe there’s no one that will realize it. Loving someone is just like the seasons that will change from time to time. But as long as I can love you its fine you know, nanase. Even though I know that loving you is just the same entering the sad entrance to the world.

Today, just because of school holiday, we make a decision that we will spend our holiday to a beach along with our best friend. Starting from misao, wakatsuki, kazuto, eiji, naito, junnai, miota, rin, chiharu, seito, kanto, asuka, masaki, me, and last, you. When we are playing around the beach water, you walk toward my direction. With a sweet smile you ask me to accompany you to a tea cafe.

“nee, jun-chan.” Ah yeah, my name is shiraishi jun, I forget to tell you guys that nanase is my childhood friend.
“nani, nanase?”
“can you accompany me to the tea café across that restaurant?”
“ii yo. Wait here, okay.”

Just after I said that, I stand up to take my shirts that I put on the beach gazebo. I wear my shirt and went back to nanase’s place and drag you to the tea café that you want to visit. The clothes that she use today is just a simple orange no sleeves dress. We walk at the sidewalk that will lead us to the café that you want. When I look at your side, you just look so matched under the sunlight. We walk across the road and we arrive to the tea café. We enter the café and sit at the most corner able of the café. You order a glass of rooibos tea for relaxing.

When you’re drinking that tea, you silently smile to me. “what is it, nanase?” I decided to ask you. You don’t answer it, but instead you smile widely to me. I raise my right eyebrow to her. “jun-chan, when we got out from this café, let’s race towards the beach. You have to catch myself.” Oh…. You want to race with me. I smile. “deal.” I exclaimed. She soon finished her tea and pay her tea. Under the table, it’s looked like I step on something. It seems that I step on your feet, but you doesn’t react. Don’t tell me.

“let’s do this.” We stood at the same time. Nanase stood with her sandals on her hand. We run toward the café’s exit, across the road and finally the beach. Even when you’re wearing a dress, you still can run like nobody can’t catch you. But unfortunately, 5 minutes after running, you look like already tired after running from a far place. After stopping, you look like lowering your guard. I run as quick as possible and catch you from your back. You look like a little bit startled, but smile immediately.

“next time, no cheating.” I said.
“I’m not cheating.” She retorted with a smile.
“what’s the meaning of taking off your sandals, nanase? Want to get a burn mark on your feet?”
“no. I just want to enjoy the feeling of the usual road, the road’s sand, and the beach sand.” 
“it’s okay. just don’t repeat it again okay.”

I put you on the ground and lay my body at the white sand. If only I have the courage to confess my feelings to you. Then it won’t be this hurts. I look around you and I notice that there’s too many boy that really close with you, and one of them is me. It’s a little bit frustrating looking at our condition like this. It’s a little bit regrettable, but what can I do? I can’t even confess to you. But I like this kind of distance. Nothing can disturb us. Being normal friends is easy. But, I don’t think that I can endure it anymore.

“until when you want to stay just like this?”
“I don’t know.”
“if don’t want to take a step, I’ll steal her away from you.”
“just do as what you like.”
“I mean it, jun.”

And after that, he go to join the other. Hah. I exhaled my breath harshly. Maybe after today’s holiday finished, I really have to confess my feeling to you. Why don’t you realize it nanase. I do this just and only for you. Nishino Nanase. The Madonna inside my heart. I also change my habits when I’m sleeping. You really, really stupid for not realizing my feelings. I think you can know just by counting for our meeting. It’s numerous.

Before going to our holiday, I stand in front of the mirror and look at my appearance. Fixing my messy hair and the other. But I know. Even if I do something over like this, you won’t realize. But you know what, that is something that make me don’t want to lose you. No matter what happen, I will stay close with you, and loving you just the way you are.

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Re: 裸足で SUMMER
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2017, 01:10:48 AM »
Woahhh... NanaMai fic.. Thank you, thor-san. I like your fic. I'll wait for next update..  :on GJ: :mon fyeah: :hee:

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YOU'RE BACK 西野七瀬X白石麻衣 乃木坂46
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2017, 05:52:47 PM »
You’re back 西野七瀬X白石麻衣 乃木坂46

How long has it been? Ever since that accident, I haven’t meet you. Is it because of my playgirl attitude? Maybe because of it. Do you know nanase? Ever since you leave me, I change all of my attitude from a playgirl into an honest girl. Maybe it sounds too late, because I change myself when you already gone.

Now, I’m living with your cousin. I live with her because I have to obtain more information about you from her. Have you heard from her that I run away from my own house? You have heard about it right. I run away because my parents has arranged my marriage with their best friend’s son. I don’t want to be with him. I only love you. But it’s too late. You have gone.

When will you come back nanase? I miss you. This heart really miss you. I fell really sorry for playing your feelings. Will you really come back for me? I guess you won’t, not after what I have done to you. I’m standing at my bedroom’s balcony now. It’s already night time so, stand here while enjoying the night wind blow my face. It feels really good.

“mai-neesan, you’re here.” Ah, it’s your cousin. She stand beside me with a smile plastered on her face.
“what is it, yurina-chan?” she is really look like you. Her shy behavior and attitude make me more and more missing you.
“dad call me earlier. He said that he has found nanase-neechan.” Hearing it, my hearts become warm again. Finally, I can meet you again.
“is that so?” I want to confirm is it a lie or not. but she nod, signing that it’s true.
“dad say that nanase-neechan is staying with her best friend at Australia.” Why you didn’t say to yurina that you’re there? Why do you have to hide from me?
“thank you, yurina-chan. Do you want to join me for searching your cousin?” not only me that want to meet you, but yurina-chan also want to meet you.
“actually, dad already buy the ticket for us. We’re going there next week. Dad already take care of our things.” I really grateful to have yurina-chan at my side.
“thanks, yurina-chan.” She nod then leave my room.

Australia huh? Why do you have to go that far? But no problems. I’ll make sure that you never go again. I enter my room and close the balcony door. I lay my body on my bed. I open my eyes and look at the room’s ceiling. Inside your family, only yurina-chan, reika, and wakatsuki that want to accept me. Even though I know that her sister don’t want to accept me like yurina-chan, and wakatsuki. Skip that. I don’t even know what I say.

Before I could sleep, I hear a shouting voice from down stair faintly. I wake up from my current position and get out from this room to hear what happen down stair. The voice become clear, when I stand at the stair’s railing.

“why you always help that person? She already hurt my cousin.” That voice……it’s reika’s voice.
“now let me ask you. Why you don’t want her to return nanase-neechan to us again. Don’t tell me that you care for her, while you don’t want her to comeback.” And now it’s wakatsuki’s voice.

Let me tell you, wakatsuki yumi is nanase’s step sister, while sakurai reika is yurina-chan’s sister. I know what they mean. But I just can’t lose focus from what they say. I can look that yurina-chan run toward reika and hug her. So that reika won’t be mad later. Unfortunately, yurina-chan look at my direction. she is about to say something, but I place my index finger and place it on my lips. She nod.

“I want nanase to come back. But I don’t want that person to get in my way.”
“stop giving me that lie. If you want to find nanase-neechan, why you don’t want to accept yurina’s help that time?”
“I...fall for that person. I want to be with her. I want her to be mine. But I know that I can’t because that person love nanase.”
“you’ve changed reika. I can’t trust you anymore. and one more thing. If you want to make mai-neesan to be yours, I’ll say no. good night.”

After it, wakatsuki leave. I enter my bedroom again. This time I sleep immediately. But I can’t sleep. this time, your face come to my mind. at the same time, my phone rung. I look at the caller. I widen my eyes because of shock. You call me. My heart is beating faster than it usually do.

“h-hello?” oh god stuttering at this kind of situation.
“still hasn’t change, do you?” that smooth voice really can make me calm.
“nanase, is that you?” what a stupid question.
“yes, maiyan. It’s me. Your naachan.” I smile.
“are you doing fine without me?” well, hell yeah. I know the answer but still asking that question. What kind of fool you’re mai.
“I am. How about you?” nice question. You broke my heart this time.
“you know the answer.” Hahahaha. Pity. Only that word that popped out in my mind.
“miss me?” please stop.
“hell yeah.” Please don’t make me cry.
“I heard that you will come to visit someone at Australia next week. Is that true?” how do you know?
“y-yeah. I’m going there to meet my best firiend.” Why do I become liars this time?
 “oh, okay. uhm, mai… I still have something to talk with you.” Deg. I sense something wrong here.
“what is it?” please don’t give me something bad.
“I’m going to get married next week.” Prang……. My heart broke in an instant.
“that’s really good to hear. Congratulation. Please be happy without me.” I said it in a low voice. After it, I hung up the call.

This tears that I tried to held since earlier, pour down in an instant. I smile. I am really, really pitiful. I can hurt you. But I can’t be hurt. I don’t care. No matter what happen, I’ll take you back. I fall asleep while crying.

One week has passed since the last time you call me. It seems that yurina-chan already know about you’re going to get married. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t go there. “mai-neesan, I know I don’t have any right to say this. But, nanase-neechan really love you. I can tell it just by looking at her eyes.” I know it yurina-chan. Why does she do this? Just wait. I’ll come and take you back with me.

“mai-san, yurina-chan, let’s go.” Wakatsuki shout from the car that will take us toward the airport. I and yurina-chan walk toward the car. Your step sister will accompany us. Just wait and hoping. I really miss you. I hope you haven’t change. Wakatsuki drive the car with the medium speed. On the trip, wakatsuki turn on a few song from some DVD. The first song is hatsukoi no hito wa ima demo. This song is really match with my current self. You are not my first love, but I let you go with the most hurt way. I’m sorry.

The second song that played after hatsukoi no hito wa ima demo is ima hanashitai dareka ga iru. Now this is the song that make my heart hurt. I really hate my past. The past that I have to let you go. You are the source of my happiness but when you go, my happiness has disappeared. Nanase, I miss you. You know that you’re not my first love, and yet you still accept me as your first. How could I do this to you. But I won’t change my decision, I don’t care if you’re going to get married or not. All I know is taking you back from the person that will marry you for me. Just for me.

“mai-san, we already arrive.” Wakatsuki said when we already at the airport. I take out our luggage. I don’t know how long I’ll stay there. But maybe after I meet you, I’ll return to japan. I drag my suitcase entering the airport. After we check in and leave our think under the security check, we enter the plane that will lead us to Australia.

Just 5 minutes sitting on the airplane chair, I can feel that the sleepy feeling begin to approaching. I just close my eyes and let the time pass. I’ll just wake up when the airplane already landed Australia’s airport. Lucky that the chair that I sit is only for me. I’m really grateful because wakatsuki and yurina-chan really want to help me about this.

Don’t know how long I sleep, but when I open my eyes the airplanes is already on the landing spot. I rubbed my eyes and begin to stretch my body to left of right. Sometimes I also curve my body when I want to stretch “mai-san, I can see that you’re really energetic for this kind of things.” Wakatsuki said while making fun of me. Even though she is still making fun of me, I still feel grateful for her.

“of course waka. I come here because I want to take her back and never let her go again.” I said. that’s right. I already promise to myself that I won’t waste the second chance that they give to me. I promise to take you back for me, nanase.

“we’ll stay at my father’s best friend house. The marriage will start two days after tomorrow at 9.00 am. And the wedding party will be held 3 days after tomorrow at 8.00 pm.” Wakatsuki explained about the plan that we will do for this 3 days. Me and yurina-chan just nod. Just a little more time, nanase. Just a little more time, I can meet you nanase. After the airplane lands safely on the airport, I got out with waka and yurina-chan and headed to the house that waka-said. I look around, maybe this two can help me after all.

Around 30 minutes driving from the airport, we arrive to an elite resident. This resident really look alike with my house at gunma. “waka, I’m going to take a walk for a while.” After I said it, I got out from the car and headed to the mini park that located around 3-5 meter from the resident. I sit on one of the park bench that located there. When I sat at the bench, a sudden memory popped out on my mind. A memory when I still have a relation with nanase. I smile and almost cry if there’s no one tapped my right shoulder.

When I look at my right, I see my ex + best friend there. It just look like the two of them are dating. “m-misa….” I went to hug her and cry on her shoulder. She pat my back in order to make me calm. “it’s ok, maiyan. Let it all out.” And now, I really believe that karma is real. After what I did to misa, and my other ex, I really believe that God must have punished me about what I’ve done to His angels. “don’t cry now. You have to be strong.” Misa said to me. I don’t need any encouraging word now. All I need is nanase come back to me.

“she’s not going to get married.” Fukagawa mai said to me. I broke misa’s hug and turn to see fukagawa’s direction. I can see misa’s piercing eyes when fukagawa said about that. I gave misa my fierce glare to her. I can see misa and fukagawa gulped their saliva together.

“explain to me, everything that you guys know.” I don’t have any way except for this. They’re the only one friend that I have after what I’ve done. Fukagawa exhaled her breath harshly. Then a small smile plastered on her face.

“there’s a little secret that I should’ve kept away from you. But today, I think today is the day I’ll reveal it to you. First, nanase is my niece. I never told you about this because I want to see how your way to treat my niece. But after I know it, I can simplified that you still haven’t changed. Second, the boy that going to married nanase is, misa’s little brother. When I know that the two of them are going to get married, we decided to get married instead of the two of them.” Fukagawa explained as long as she can. I just feel like don’t know how to speak anymore, it feels like fate just want to mess my life.

“anyway, please come to our wedding ceremony okay. you guys are my VVIP guest.” Misa said as she let out an invitation card. It’s real. They’re going to get married. “thank you, guys. Can I meet her now?” I ask. Begging them to let me met my little princess. “we’ll let you meet her, but not now.” Fukagawa said to me. I already desperate to meet her, and they just let me become like this? Come on girl. I need to meet my soulmate.

Without saying any word, I left the two of them at the park. Actually they do know why I become like this. It’s my old habit that I rarely show to my family. Even nanase don’t know about this bad habit. I go back to the house that wakatsuki’s father’s best friend lent us. When I already arrive to the house, I can see that wakatsuki is waiting for me in front of the house. I smile to her, then we enter the room together for rest.

3 days has passed. And today is the day for misa and fukagawa get married. I have seen the two of them inside their changing room. And now, it’s already the time for the wedding ceremony. I sit at the most front row with wakatsuki and yurina. There’s someone that sit beside wakatsuki but I don’t recognize the person. After the ceremony over, we headed toward the back of the church. When I almost arrive, someone hug me from my back. It makes me a little bit shivering. Before I can react, that person kiss me. Just what the heck is happening. After a while, that person parted his/her lips. “you never change that habit, maiyan. You’re the one that touch me that.” That voice… “na…na…se.” God, I already meet her. I hug her like there’s no tomorrow. I really miss her. I finally realize that we still at the public place, because of the face that the other guest give us. I broke the hug and pull her hand with me. I really miss her. When we’re already at the back of the church, misa and fukagawa smile at me. They turn their back to us while saying, “are you ready guys?” and then we answer, “ready!”


The flower bouquet are thrown by fukagawa. And it fell onto mine and nanase’s hand. I smile at her while everyone is clapping their hands for us. Now, I’m not going to regret my decision for not forgetting nanase. Because I know, no matter what I and she did, our heart will find its way home. The home for my heart is only nanase and the reverse.

“finally, you’re back to me. I love you nana.” I whispered to her after I take a soft peck on her lips.

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Re: 裸足で SUMMER
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2017, 08:29:24 PM »
Really good story I think  :twothumbs
It's unique because you use the 'second person perspective' to describe your story
Just keep going, I'll be waiting for the next fanfic  :cow:

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Re: 裸足で SUMMER
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2017, 04:50:23 PM »
MV Shooting

On the day where nogizaka46 do the shooting for their 17th single, a trouble has occurred. A trouble that happened between the pervert, shiraishi mai and the shy, nishino nanase. This shooting are divided into some part. First, the double center scene the dance for the opening scene. Second, for the fukujin scene without the double center. Third, the scene for nishino, hori, higuchi, nakada, itou, and ikoma dance using wall as the buffer. Fourth, the dance scene for the 3rd row. Fifth, the dance scene for all member except the double center. Sixth, the dance scene for all member. Can you even imagine that you are going to remember the aggressive dance move without stopping at all? And when your move are wrong, you’re forced to redo it one more time from the beginning. That’s why, there’s a lot of member that cry when they try to dance this.

The tears between of frustration and happy. Frustration because they can’t do the dance like how the 1st row member do. But in fact they don’t even know that even the first row member, hori, and akimoto can’t do the dance really well. Alright let’s just skip about the other member and back to the nanamai problem. Nogizaka46 member including nanamai already arrive to the shooting studio. Most of the member are talking with another member about their new single’s MV, except for nanamai. They are walking straight ahead to the shooting room and leave the other member alone. Actually the one that leaving member is the pervert shiraishi, while nishino are being pulled by her girlfriend.

“is it okay for us to leave them alone?” nanase ask which make mai stop walking.
“just leave them alone. You still have to fulfill my lust for driving me insane, yesterday.” Mai said while walking without looking at nanase.
“you still angry about yesterday?” nanase ask while pulling her hands from mai’s handgrip.
“dunno.” That is the only answer that come out from mai’s mouth as she start to walk.
‘and now, I’m left again.’ Nanase said in her heart.
“what are you doing there? Let’s go.” Mai said as she pulls nanase’s hands again.

Inside the dressing room there’s nanase and mai that still waiting for the other member for changing their customs and the call from the director for the two of them. The atmosphere around the member is kind of fun and it seems that they’re really energized even though they know that this time will be harsh. But for the nanamai couple only silence that approaching. “shiraishi-san, nishino-san, it’s your guys turn. Please be ready in five minutes.” The voice of their manager really breaks their thought apart. The two of them stand and headed to the location with mai still pulling nanase’s hand. Not too long after nanamai couple leave the dressing room, the member start to whispering about them.

“do you guys know about what happen to the two of them?” misa ask to the other 1st gen member.
“it’s look like naachan is hanging maiyan’s lust yesterday.” Matsumura answer.
“how many round?” ikoma ask again.
“I’m sorry to interrupt… but, can the 2nd gen just continue your activity? You guys only have 30 minutes for your turn.” the makeup artist interrupt. The second gen went back to do their postponed activity because of the nanamai’s couple topic.
“around 3-4 round.” Takayama continue the topic.
“if yesterday 3-4, including today it might be 8-9 round.” Akimoto continue again.

The 1st gen held their breath, because they know if someone hang shiraishi’s lust, their games are going to be brutal. And most of them are the victims of shiraishi’s brutal game. Misa exhaled her breath. She take her phone and type something on the LED panel. 3 minutes after typing, the director call the rest member while shiraishi and nishino still having their shooting.

Meanwhile at shiraishi and nishino’s place. Before their shooting began, nishino ask shiraishi about her attitude. “hey, maiyan. Seriously tell me if you’re still angry with me or not?” shirashi still don’t want to answer. Nanase begin to tear up. Even her voice are shaking up he speaking. “maiyan, please answer. Please don’t be like a kid.” Nanase begged with her shaking voice. Mai stop walking for a while and went toward nanase’s direction. She cupped nanase’s cheeks using her hands and give a little peck on nanase’s lips. After a while, shiraishi finally parted their lips.

“I’m sorry for acting like this. Please just don’t cry.” Shiraishi said as she wipe off nanase’s tears. Nanase nod and smile. Shirashi lean closer and kiss nanase’s lips again. But this time a little brutal. Which make nishino put her hands behind shiraishi’s neck, while shirashi place her hands on nishino’s waist in order to pull her closer. Around 10 minutes after they placed their lips together, shiraishi parted their lips. “I’m not angry with you anymore. But you still owe me 4 rounds.” Shiraishi said while winking and walk again to the shooting studio. When nishino gain her consciousness, she thinks about something while walking toward the shooting studio. She stop for a while when she realize something. “wait, what… what the heck. 4 rounds. Hahhh. God please just save me from your shiraishi mai.” Nishino muttered under her breath.

The shooting for the double center scene are a little bit quick. Around 30-35 minutes, they finish and take a rest while the other member are having their shooting. Earlier when the double center are having the shooting, the pervert shiraishi do something unbelievable to nishino when the director doesn’t keep an eye on them. And that unbelievable thing is, shiraishi playfully rub nishino’s body with her right hand. Thanks to that, nishino has to maintain her trembling voice, body, and her face expression. If not, the staff will know about their relation and their relation will be finish. Luckily inside that studio, there’s a soundproof room that the member usually use to take a rest. Shiraishi smirk when the staff let the two of them rest in that room.

“should we do what we left? If you want to postpone it again, it will be 5 rounds tonight.” Shiraishi said.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can’t do it. Let me rest for a while.” Nishino said as she lay her body on the futon that already located there. Shiraishi sigh. She know that nishino is tired. But she also wants her lust to be paid, so that she don’t have to endure it anymore. her body already command to release this feelings that want to burst. But she know that nishino really tired for all the dance scene and even the shooting itself. Finally she gives up and decided to lay beside nishino and sleep while back hugging nishino.

Around 1-2 hours, the other senbatsu member’s scene almost finished. Just waiting for the double center and the shooting will be finish. But unfortunately, because of the double center is sleeping peacefully, the director decided to postponed today’s shooting and they will continue it later. The member call the double center to wake up. And indeed they wake up. After waking the two of them, the member push them to the changing room first and let them to go home. But they refuse it. They want to continue the shooting, so that they can rest tomorrow.

After a long debate between shiraishi, nishino, manager, and the director, finally they decided to continue their shooting. The only scene that really need to get revision is the scene for nishino, hori, higuchi, nakada, itou, and ikoma. They only need to fix the dance. Once they finish, then the shooting will be finish too. Shirashi and the other that heard about that, decided to wait for nishino and the other dance member. Once the music start, nishino and the other start to dance. Shiraishi and eto that watch over nishino is hanging down their jaw. “so damn sexy…” The two of them mumbled accidentally. Which make the other member that listen to what they said look at them with a questioning look.

Finally after 8 hours continuously, for learning the dance moves, remembering the speed dance moves, the shooting is finished. The staff, manager, dance teacher, clap their hands for the member. Because of too happy, akimoto and hori cry, while hoshino have to calm them down. But they forget about something. “guys, where’s the nanamai?” Sakurai ask. everyone start to look their surroundings. But the nanamai isn’t there.

Meanwhile in shiraishi’s apartment, shiraishi pull nanase to follow her. All shiraishi know now is how to fulfill her hanging lust. Nishino sigh. She really regret for hanging shiraishi’s lust yesterday. Just after they arrive to shiraishi’s room, she open the door immediately and pull nishino to enter. Shiraishi’s eyes are full of lust now. After locking the doors, shiraishi finally kiss nishino with lust on their kiss. Without breaking the kiss, shiraishi carry nishino with a bridal style to her room. Without closing the room’s door, shiraishi start to pinned nishino down on her bed and started for making their night out loud.

The piercing ray of the sunshine pierce through the gap between of the curtains and the window from the bedroom. The sunshine really disturb the older girl because she sleep right in front of the window. After blinking for a few time, finally she opened her eyes. She started to touch the younger girl’s cheek. Soon, the girl starts to open her eyes. The older girl smile, then kiss the other girl’s lips while giving her a usual greeting. “morning, nana-hime.” The older girl greet. Nishino smile and greet back. “morning too, mai-ouji.” A smile plastered on their lips.

Realizing something, shiraishi smirk. She took over the situation and pinned nishino to her bed again. “still 3 round left, hime. Don’t be so happy.” Shiraishi said to nishino with a smirk. Nishino exhaled her breath then smile. “just do it, ouji-sama. I’m yours.” nishino said to shirashi. Then the two of them start the day with their own way. They are really rare to have a same schedule and holiday. That is the risk for being the face for nogizaka46. But they never feel troubled with it. Because they know, they can trust each other. And the home for their heart is only they. No one can ever replace that feeling.


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Re: 裸足で SUMMER + You're back + MV shooting
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2017, 08:02:24 AM »
I liked your fics  :thumbsup I love NanaMai and I'll wait for more of your writings  :heart:

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Re: 裸足で SUMMER + You're back + MV shooting
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2017, 10:31:00 AM »
8-9 rounds?? Maiyan is so....  :shock:
Poor Naachan.
Thank you for update. Please update soon  :mon thumb:

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Re: 裸足で SUMMER + You're back + MV shooting
« Reply #7 on: April 07, 2017, 12:45:52 PM »
wow Maiyan... you're really cruel, poor Naachan :shock: :shock:
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