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Author Topic: Fighting for our freedom  (Read 2659 times)

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Fighting for our freedom
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:50:16 AM »
In the world of 20xx where at the district of Nogizaka where there is an elite school - Nogizaka Private Boarding School where girls and boys are separated even studying in the same classroom where there are sensors to prevent them from going to the other side. Temporary wall of steel would be there when the sensor rings. Every corner there is a camera watching them even near their dormitory. Worse of all there is student council members watching their every move, trying to keep the school in order and not wanting anyone to break their school rules. Will the student council be able to fend off those people who opposed them or the rules would falter in their hands?

Student council
- Ikuta Eri (President) (Breaks up with Secretary with some reason but likes someone else later)
- Hashimoto Nao (Vice -President) (Will follow president no matter what)
- Wakatsuki Yuuki (Treasurer) (Wants to crush everyone's dream
-Akimoto Manatsu (Secretary) (Lover of president but afterwards break up with him for some reason)
- Nishino Naoki (Public relations director) (Follows everyone's footsteps)

Opposing the student council
- Nakamoto Himeka (Wants to break free of the rules)
- Saito Asuka (Wants to break free and see her idol - vice-president)
- Sakurai Reika (same reason of wanting to confess with the treasurer)
- Ikoma Ryo (Wanted to be with his dream girl)
- Shiraishi Masao (join because don't want to be separated with his gf)
- Saito Yuri (Wants to confess to public relations director)
- Matsumura Sayuri (join because his bf got hurt by the student council later on)

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2017, 11:58:15 AM »
Chapter 1

"We have been entrusted with the roles of the student council members by the senpai and we would not let them down by allowing any people for breaking the rules, punish them when they are being caught for indecent behaviors. Bane you shall followed only our orders and not listen anyone else understand!" The big guy with the mask nodded his head which the rest of them also nodded seeing how confident Eri is doing his role of the president as he sits on the table looking at every student with the cctv capturing those scenes.

"Eri-kun you're too strict with everyone already."

"Manatsu you don't understand I can't allow girls and boys being mixed together that is the school rules."

"Is that the reason you pulled me into the student council?"

"Yes I can't just leave you alone unlike other girls."

"Ikuta-san you shouldn't let your guard down just because they are having lessons, we can't be in the classroom but watch they are explaining the lessons so we can learn also." Eri had immediately return his focus to the screen again. "What a bunch of idiots, people will definitely fight back at you." Manatsu had left the room leaving the boys continue watching everyone.

"Ahhh~ so boring everyday learning how to make proper tea is so boring, I wish I can also learn some self-defense skills like the guys."

"Himetan you know we can't because we are stuck in this school for 3 years living like that."

"Yuri Asuka we can't live our lives being tied by the student council members and allowing them to play with our lives, we have to fight back. Don't you want to see Hashimoto-san and Nishino-san?" Both of them nodded which they decided to fight back against the student council for love but didn't know the guys had the same plan too. "Ryo! Let's spray the camera black so they can't see what are we doing at this corner."

"They will know!"

"They won't once we mask ourselves." Ryo and Masao had took one table and a spray can to one corner where there is fence in between the side for girls and boys. Ryo had support the table for Masao to spray the camera which the student council saw what happened but Eri simply smirked and say nothing. "Eri-kun is time for your karate lesson and all of your lessons too, I have my lesson to attend too." Everyone exited which Eri was the last to exit. "That's why I brought you in, you were the prefect role of being the secretary."

"Eri-kun you even like me?"

"Like? A love topic? Love is nothing to me and it only brings weak people together, we are prefect together." Manatsu nodded at her understanding and watching Eri leave. "A jerk like you will slowly watch how the council fall in your hands Ikuta Eri! You will never understand a thing hahaha!" Manatsu left for her Japanese tea lesson in the end also. "Akimoto is a horrible women........"

"Ok! Ikuta and Ikoma both of you will spar, give your full force!" Eri who was confidence his skills actually scared Ryo who was seen as the weak one, when Ryo had attacked Eri seen all his moves and beat the crap ot of him. The girls who are having their lessons saw the loud noise and turned around to see and saw Ryo lying on the ground eye contact with Hoshino Minami his dream lover but she immediately turned around back to her lessons. Manatsu who saw this as a chance that Eri who will failed his responsibility very badly with her as a bait. "I also want to learn how to fight why only the guys?"

"Himetan you shouldn't let them hear you or you will get into trouble, we haven't had a plan to fight back so don't spoilt it." Asuka had shut Himeka's mouth so she wouldn't make another sound. "Eh? Fighting back isn't a smart choice but I like your guts, I would like to join also." They turned to see a girl called Sakurai Reika was talking to them which Manatsu saw that they were just chips to her making sure Eri fall to his failure. "Sure! Once we have the chance then we fight back." After their lessons they were all having a rest except for two. "Masao-kun wouldn't they found out about us being here?"

"I make sure they can't see us so it's fine."

"I can't give you anything so let me draw you a heart from me." Later Sayuri saw a bunch of people walking towards them. "Look what we have here Shiraishi!" Eri and the guys caught them red-handed which they didn't know how did they know they were here. "Bane beat him up for breaking the rules to show everyone that you weren't suppose to opposed me." Bane nodded and does it which Sayuri saw her boyfriend been beat up so badly she was crying so much wanting them to stop then Ryo came by. "Loser see how your friend is first before trying to pick up a fight with others. "Masao!"

"Ryo gomen I guess I was still not smart enough to outsmart them..."

"Masao I'll revenge for you!" Himetan who was Sayuri crying stretch out her hand to comfort her. "Why don't you join us to fight back against them?" Sayuri immediately nodded without much thinking as she seen that her boyfriend being beaten up. "They will pay back one day!" Himetan shouted which Eri heard that voice was wondering who is it and turned back seeing a twin tails girl with a dimple at her left cheek was saying it.

"You all get her for me and no violent is needed to her." Everyone was wondering why Eri was interested in her to invite her.

"Eh? Eri-kun you are interested in someone else? You will not get you wished for."

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 2

"Is Himetan going to be ok?" Everyone in the class saw Himeka not resisting the student council and follow them. "How daring of her to shout they will pay back do you think she's going to be alright?" Sayuri had gave a harsh comment and they knew she's right about it. "So.....what can we do?" Asuka no matter what wants to do something for Himeka. "Isn't Akimoto the girlfriend of that student council president?" Reika pointed out which they saw her come in back to the classroom. "Is there something wrong?"

"What would happen to Himetan?"

"Oh! Nakamoto-san is it maybe she's going to regret everything she's done or she's going to be fine. Blame on her stupidity, asking me to save her is also stupid maybe  stupid people flocked together? I don't care what she's going be ok or get harmed." When they hear her say such stuff they were so pissed off but she's in the student council so they can't do anything to her, now they know that they can't trust her or the student council members anymore.

"Can I leave now? You have done nothing but stare at me for 10 minutes already."

"I was thinking that how can you be so brave to oppose us so openly?"

"What about you? Openly beating up someone who's not in the hospital? So that's your job?" Himeka instead of being scared by Eri but she questioned him instead. "Finally there's a girl not afraid of Ikuta-san and fight with him." Nao and Naoki immediately look away and shut up when they got glare from Eri. "He broke the rules so we punish him that's all." Eri felt his anger slowly building up when talking to her. "You have a girlfriend right? Akimoto-san. Imagine how she feels when she got beaten up."

"Our relationship got nothing to do with you!"

"You made him so angry and that's a record, have a drink." Naoki gave Himeka a can drink which she was thinking whether or not drinking it would be good. "Can I leave?" Nao and Naoki saw Eri hasn't come back yet and decided to let her leave first or they would quarrel again. "Where is she?" Eri came back to see Himeka missing. "We send her back or you'll get angry again."

"Don't do anything useless!"

"Why are so angry then?"

"She kept talking useless things how can I not get angry?"

"But when Manatsu talk to you about useless stuff you didn't even bothered to get angry with her is she special to you?" Eri didn't bothered answering Nao as he didn't know how to answer but both of them knew that she has a special place in him maybe, Yuuki who thought that not saying a word might be interesting and indeed seeing Eri angry was something fascinating. "Himetan! You're alright!" When the girls saw Himeka came back was so happy to see her again. "Something happened that Eri didn't do something to her, what happened?" Manatsu was be careful of Himeka not wanting to do anything about her yet.

"Yuri-chan here's a drink for you."

"Eh! Why only she have?"

"Nishino-san gave me the drink or maybe whoever wants can drink."

"No! I'll drink!" Yuri opened the drink and drank it down which they thought it was funny how jealous can she be. "Do you think she's your fangirl Naoki?" They saw Himeka passing a drink to Yuri and the latter drank finish even. "No way! Right Ikuta?" Eri who was thinking about something else didn't listen to their talk. "Your troubled right and I'm guessing is got something to do with Nakamoto-san."

"No! She reminded me of someone and she looks like her too."

"His first love?"

"Definitely his first love but such a cute girl be with you is so not right."

"What does that mean?"


"This bunch of idiots wants to die early right? I just can't remember her name at all, who are you?"

"Ah choo!"

"Himetan what's wrong?"

"Someone must be scolding me, that student council president must be the one."


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Re: Fighting for our freedom
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2017, 10:04:20 AM »
Woahhh.. another nogizaka46 fics... :on GJ:
I love ikuchan x himetan pairing too...  :shy2:
Thank you author-san. Please update soon...

*I'm sorry for being a silent reader* :kneelbow:

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 3

"Errr,,,,,I can't remember her!"

"Ikuta is scary~"

"Manatsu....what's with that look?"

"Eri-kun I was wondering one thing about Nakamoto-san, why did she come back in one piece with no injuries?"

"So you're interrogating me now? Whatever I do got nothing to report to you." Eri was such a guy even to his own girlfriend. "Ikuta-san you should pamper your girlfriend and not scold her or quarrel with her." Nao had tried to persuade Eri to calm down. "Nao-kun that's alright I think it's time for us to talk about it." Eri seems to be not wanting to say anything.

"We grew up together and I knew you longer than anyone but after we went to Hiroshima and come back, you started to be so cold even when I confess to you."

"Don't talk about Hiroshima so easily! You know you have done!"

"Did something happened at there before?" Yuuki simply shrugged off and continue watching them quarrel.

"Why? Cause from the start you never forget about her right? You were always laughing and playing with her, when she dump you, you were so pissed off and not wanting to come back with at all. Even when we came back you didn't smile once at all." They were surprised to see Manatsu cry when Eri didn't show any emotions to her. "Don't pick a fight with me because our old stories you know I hate when people does it when it's over!"

"Yes it's over just like you and me now."

"So you're saying you want to break up with me because of her?"

"No! Because I can't do it anymore with your attitude towards me." Manatsu turned around and leave which Eri didn't even bothered chasing. "That Hiroshima girl! I will never forgive her!" hey heard Manatsu shouting but was worried about Eri more. "Don't look at me like I was the one being dump!" They had the look which says 'you're really the one being dump'. "Ikuta there's one funny thing you want to know?"

"Hiroshima such a country place there's nothing worth right? But there's someone who's from Hironshima you know?"

"Yuuki don't leave any suspend Ikuta gonna get angry!"

"That Nakamoto girl is from Hiroshima you know? If the girl you met is the same age as us, there's a high chance she might be the one though."

"Nice thinking!" Naoki thinks that it might better for Eri to focus on other things rather than his angry on them. "She isn't at all." Eri finalized his answer that thinking Himeka would never be her.

"Himetan I think someone is cursing you since just now."

"Asuka don't say things like that, she's going to be worry if it's like that." Manatsu overheard their conversation and links everything which now she just have to confirm whether is she the one Eri had like in the past. "Nakamoto-san! I have something to ask you can we go out and talk about it?" Reika was super protective about Himeka which she assured that she's going to be fine and went out. "She better not have weird thoughts."

"Ikuta! Akimoto is with Nakamoto outside the classroom now!" Eri immediately watched the screen waiting to see what happens next. "Nakamoto-san you're from Hiroshima right?"


"My family used to go there for vacation and I think I saw you before, or am I wrong about it?"

"I don't think so but when I was young there was two kids that weren't from Hiroshima had play with me and left around one week later, I supposed that's you?"

"When I was young I never went there but around 5 years ago or so maybe I went there."

"Or maybe my memory is failing me~"

"I just wanted to clarified some things thanks for your answer." Himeka went in innocently not knowing that Manatsu knew that she was the girl that Eri like. "Can't believe Ikuta and her meet again, I will never let both of you find each other again!" The guys in the security room saw the whole thing and everyone look at Eri. "Ikuta-san how it is confirm that Nakamoto-san is the one are you..."

"Do whatever you can to protect her! Make sure she doesn't know why!" Everyone nodded and continue to watch over Himeka.

"Nakamoto...I'm going to find out why did you did all this to me years ago."

"This time no letting you go for good."

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 4

"Ikuta! It's not confirm that she's the one you're looking for and I would not allow you to lay a hand on the ladies even!"

"Wakatsuki! You're the one bringing my hope up and now tell me she could not be the one?"

"Ikuta-san Yuuki why don't you both calm down first? We can talk in a peaceful manner rather than shouting across right?" Naoki had try to not let them fight while Nao is only looking at them. "I only say a thing that is funny and you jump into the conclusion that she's the one, I never say she's the one not even once!" Yuuki was determined that Eri is going to hurt her. " All of you saw her and Manatsu were out talking and that is even evidence that she's the one."

"What do you call her when you're young?"


"Wait a minute......Naoki when we went to get Nakamoto you heard how the girls call her right?"

"They call her Himetan! And she uses her special move Himetan beam!" Naoki excitedly remember what happened before. "What both of you said is it true?" They both nodded. "There's too many coincidence in this already, doesn't we have enough evidence that she's the one?" Eri look at everyone which none of them is answering. "Ikuta so what if she's the one? You can never get near her when there are so many obstacles blocking you."

"And the only way is that someone challenges you and they win you, but who is in their right mind to do it?"

"That means it's hopeless?"


"How pointless to think that Nakamoto is the girl huh?"

"Akimoto what is your point?" Wakatsuki seems to be defending himself against Manatsu. "She doesn't even know you and you think she can remember you from young? How stupid!" Eri was so angry and he left the room. "Ikuta-san!" Nao and Naoki followed him in any case that something happen. "AkimotoI'm warning you not to do anything stupid or you're going to regret." Yuuki left the room also leaving Manatsu pissed off that they managed to come up with a conclusion that Himeka was the girl, she had to keep in mind to not let Eri fight with anyone.

"Himetan what did Akimoto talk to you about?"

"About Hiroshima but after she talk to me yesterday when I sleep I remember someone that I forgotten about it."


"She say she seen me in Hiroshima before but I can't remember where did we see other before but I had a photo here" Himeka shows the photo where she pointed out the little girl. "She has some resemblance in Akimoto and the other guy looks like......Ikuta Eri." Himeka then look at the photo again. "That is Ikuchan! My playdate for a week when he came to Hiroshima."

"Ikuchan? He said he's call Ikuta so I gave him a nickname."

"Eh what a cute name! But why would Akimoto ask you such questions suddenly?" Himeka shook her head as she didn't know and she saw Ryo who is always looking at Minami and the rest of them also look at them. "Ryo-kun that day you said about revenge are you really gong to do it?" Ryo who never win in any fight was hesitating what to say to Sayuri and more importantly none of the girls saw Sayuri walked there. "You like Hoshino-san right?"

"W-What are you talking about?" Ryo's face and Minami's face were red as they heard it. "Then why are you always looking at her?" The girls tried to stop Sayuri from being blunt but she was firm in talking to Ryo. "Maso-kun is your friend right?" Ryo weakly nodded and daring to say a thing to Sayuri, which Minami saw Ryo who is being bully being Sayuri finally came forward. "Matsumura-san you're hurting Ikoma-kun."

"But whatever I say is true right?"

"Sayuri-san! You're right I like Hoshino-san but I never goes back with my words towards Masao and I'll prove it to you."

"Hoshino-san no....Minami if I were to win against the student council would you like....."

"I would like to!"

"Looks like Ikuta you got one challenger waiting for you."

"I'm waiting for him....."

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 5

"Why do you even need to go for practice when you are aiming to lose to him?" Eri had changed his outfit to practice on his fighting skills before the lesson starts. "If he wants to fight me, he has to do his best and not being weak. This is the least I should do, so I can become better than chopin one day." Eri left them dumbfounded thinking about who is chopin. "WHere did Eri-kun go?"

"Is just you Akimoto..."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Ikuta is going to do something you are going to stop him right? Since you know about that Hiroshia girl right? Nakamoto Himeka if I'm not wrong."

"How did you....."

"You're forgetting about the cameras in he school and how well Ikuta knows you, we'll see how you're going to stop him." Yuuki left the room as well after Nao and Naoki left the room. "It would be pointless in the end if she doesn't remember you or the things you do with her." Manatsu assured herself that Himeka doesn't remember a thing from the past. "Ikoma you're my partner for today!" Ryo was doing his warm up and was startled by Eri's loud voice. "M-Me? Ehh...ok...."

"Ikoma-kun ganbare!"

"Himetan you're going get scolded!" Himeka then return to her but she didn't know Eri was angered by that. "Come to me with your full force!" Ryo didn't know why Eri was angry so he approached him slowly, but this pissed him off more so he released his full force and the punches sent to Ryo's different parts of his body. Which then he threw Ryo's body towards the fence and left the scene. "Ikoma-san....seems like Ikuta-san is in the bad mood so sorry that you became his punching bag." As They look at Himeka who didn't know anything. "But this shows that he's better than chopin right?"

"Chopin is not a fighter."

"Himetan are you sure?"

"Yes! Chopin is a musician that composes music for piano only, so he definitely is not a fighter but Ikuchan told me this."



"Thanks for clearing our doubts we are leaving now."

"Nao I need to have a word with someone first! So you go first." Nao leave not even not turning his head back. "So how's the drink?" Naoki faced Yuri who was shy when Naoki first time talked to her. "Oishi...." Naoki nodded his head and left the place too. "Next time it would be something else anticipate it!" Everyone look at Yuri who seems to be in cloud nine already. "We have to go back also Yuri wake up unless this fence is gone or the distance would be still this far."

"I know can't I at least dream about it?"


"Stop calling me that!" Naoki and Nao saw Eri and Yuuki who is about to fight against each other. "Why can't I called you Ikuchan~" Naoki and Nao shivered in cold when Yuuki said it. "Just don't! It's creepy!" Everyone stop when Manatsu entered the room. "What do you want?" Manatsu didn't answer but sat down only. "Ikuta-san I think she's here for the meeting."

"Then say it and not kept quiet!"

"I think you're forgetting you're role here Ikuta, as your secretary I'm asking you not to do too much things that would harm your position. "

"No need your care so let's start our meeting."

"Ikoma! Why are you still sitting down here?"

"I think I can't revenge for Masao when I remember my fight with Ikuta-san."

"Then do you want some supplementary lessons for your fighting skills?"

"Really sensei!"

"Follow me and it's time to change this school."

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 6

"So is that it for the meeting then you are dismissed."

"I have something to say first, I hope that no one would do any reckless things anymore. It seems like the students are less afraid of us unlike the past." Eri who had punched the table a little grabbing everyone's attention. "You're just a secretary you don't make any orders to anyone you got it!" With such a statement Manatsu had already gotten angry and left the room not noticing the challenge send to the council. " Ikuta look." Everyone saw the challenge at the different cameras and Eri was satisfied that the day he has been waiting had finally come. "Let's go." Everyone nodded and follow Eri leaving the room, when Manatsu returned to the classroom and saw no one was in and felt something was wrong and went to find others first.

"Hoshino-san could you help me to take care of my spectacles first? After the match I would take back from you." Minami nodded and put it in her pocket. "Ikoma-kun give your best to show that reckless and rude president what you are made of!" Everyone shut Himeka up as they saw Eri walked towards them. "Thank you for accepting my challenge." Ryo didn't forget about his manners infront of someone superior. "You Nakamoto! If I were to beat Ikoma, you have to be my girlfriend how's it?"

"F-Fine! Ikoma-kun you have to win him!"

"Good! I wonder whether can I be better than chopin in fighting rather than piano?"

"What did you just say?" Before Eri can say anything the fight began. "Himetan why are you suddenly so fidgety?" Himeka was so focused in the match and only turned when Reika had tapped her. "Himetan something is wrong with you." Reika followed Himeka's focus and saw she was looking at Eri. "Ikuchan......he might be Ikuchan what should I do then?" Reika confort her that she should talk to him afterwards to confirm her suspicion. During the fight, both of them were on par which Eri thought that Ryo might have took some lessons privately then he had the confidence to challenge him. He saw the confidence in him so he knew he lost from the start that because he had something to protect and he doesn't have, he had wanted to forfiet but Ryo had used his last force to punch him and he allow him to do it without resisting.

Ryo seems to know about him not resisting and rushed towards him afterwards but everyone was celebrating about his winning which Manatsu had reached the venue after the match ended. "Eri-kun!" Manatsu rushed over to his side but he refused her and stood up by himself slowly suddenly there was a gate falling down separating them girls and boys. "Hoshino-san! It's still useless afterall even when I win our distance is still so far away." Ryo and Minami look at each other with the window in between them.

"Move back a bit" Ryo had signaled Mnami to step back which punched the glass and allowed him to see her face clearer and she took the honor of putting the glasses for him. "I will definitely break this barrier of us wait for me Minami." Ryo ran away to find their homeroom teacher. "Sensei! Why is that still happening?" The homeroom teacher was also wondering why it happen. "Ikuta-kun did you did it?" Eri shook his head as he got supported by Nao and Naoki. "Ikuta if I'm not wrong there is a controller for that right?"

"If you're looking for it it's here."

"Akimoto give it to us right now!"

"Do you think I'm dumb? I spend so much effort trying to stop you all doing stupid things and the last thing is the controller is so important I would not give you no matter what, just tell me your willing to give up Nakamoto and I would give you back this." Before Eri could answer girls were rushing towards Manatsu and easily the controller is being steal away from her. "Ikuta! Take it I don't know what did Himetan remember but seems like she was very concern about you." Reika left the controller in Eri's hands and left leaving those words. "Such a daring girl."

"Wakatsuki! Do it now remove all security gadgets right now."



"Ikuchaan! Wake up I have things to say to you!"

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 7

"I have a question to ask why the hell of you in my room and why am I here also!"

"That boy is finally awake but I still have matters to settle with you Manatsu-chan."


"Relax first Ikuta. The school collapse already while you were unconscious which happens that the security barriers were actually supporting the entire school when I off it but sensei said that the school is fine, just need some renovation so he send everyone back home with all our luggage. Seems like he knew what would happen when we does that so we took care of you until you woke up luckily your mom is super nice and allow us to stay here for a while." Yuuki explained the situation to Eri which understand the whole thing. "If you're thinking about Nakamoto, she's back in Hiroshima until further notice."

"What did she do?"

"Just a group of girls plus Ikoma overturning you but they found out it was not the case so they would tell her when would she be able to return school." Eri had heaved a sigh knowing that Himeka is fine and they heard the doorbell rang but Eri decided not to go out of his room for now. "Manatsu is also here but Ikuta mama is lecturing her from just now so she doesn't know you are awake." Naoki informed Eri about Manatsu's presence but Eri doesn't even want to know. "I'm going to wash up first whatever you do just don't dirty my place." They nodded and look around and saw full of music sheets in his room.

"Long time no see Nakamoto-san!"

"W-Why are you here?"

"Akimoto-san? Okaa-san asked me to accompany her is that your mom?"

"Hime-chan is me! Iku-mama!"


"Seems like Himeka doesn't remember lots of things in the past but is alright but you say you have something to tell me what is it?"

"Let me go call my boy out first and Manatsu-chan you leave since I'm having a private talk with my friend here."

"But I wanted to see Eri-kun...."

"Just go home."

"I understand."

"Eri I know you're awake come out my greet my guests."

"Seems like you can't run away Ikuta." Yuuki was teasing Eri which he grumbled his way out. "Konnichiwa...Ikuta Eri....why are you here?" Eri is shocked to see Himeka there. "Eri you're being rude greet her properly!" Eri bowed towards Himeka which she followed suit also. "Ikuchan how are you doing?" Himeka tried to strike a conversation. "Fine how about you?"

"Fine also...."

"Anyway I wanted to talk to you about their wedding with the presence of them."

"Who say anything about marry Hime!"

"Who was the say if Hime was here with you everyday then you can be better than chopin?"

"I did not say those words!"

"You do!"

"I don't!"

"Ikuta-san do your husband agree about this?"

"He says if Eri is happy then he is happy."

"Himeka what about you?"

"I can't cook at all."

"Mama is not looking for a helper."

"I can't do things well."

"My house is not looking for a helper."

"As much I wanted Himeka to find a good husband but if she's unwilling to marry into your house then I can't do anything." Himeka remained silent not knowing what to say. "Hime let's go to my parents' room." Eri pulled Himeka to have a private talk. "I have to tell my husband about it to see how he thinks about it first." Eri's mom nodded as she sat down waiting for good news. "Hime I know how I am, I mean I'm not like kind to you or anything but trust me all I needed is you."

"I trust you and everything but this is too sudden and deciding on marriage seems to be quick for me."

"Give me a moment." Eri went into his room to find a poster which he ignore them and pushed them to make them leave his house. "I will win this competition and show you what I mean about becoming better than chopin after then you will tell me what is your answer. Does it work well for you?"

" win this and ask me again and I will tell you how I feel." Eri closed up their distance but stopped as he thinks Himeka might not like it but Himeka pulled him so their lips touched each other. "I'll be waiting for."

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 8

"Himeka are you sure about your decision?"

"Okaa-san I know what I'm doing, travelling from Hiroshima to school is tiring and when I first want to go to that school is because it is a boarding school but because of various reasons and it became like this. All this would depend on both of our decisions and I would like to be near Ikuchan to understand better."

" I got it let's go back and pack up a bit and you can take the early train tomorrow here to have more rest." Himeka nodded as she and her mom went back to Hiroshima.


"I have a favor to ask."

"What is it Hime-chan?"

"I would like to stay here until graduation is it fine for you?" Ikuta mama is more than happy to have Himeka stay over when she hears it. "Himeka what do you think you're doing?" Himeka's mom was shocked to hear it. "Is for the school since if I were to travel back to Hiroshima and to school there might be cases where I will miss school but Ikuchan must not know about it at all."


"We have a promised between each other and I do not want him to know before he manage to do it."

"Ok! When the time s ripe tell me about it, before you're school start you can familiarize here by coming earlier and I make sure Eri doesn't know."

"Thanks for your understanding."
End of flashback

"Why did I do this to make myself suffer so much?" Himeka woke up earlier to go school to not meet with Eri. "Himetan! You're early or are you excited for school?" Yuttan was happy to see Himeka after the school was suspend for a week. "So did you talk to Ikuta about what you need to talk?" Himeka shyly nodded. "You guys did something else right?"

"N-No! Why would we do it? his mom is there too."

"What did you guys talk about?" Reika being the big sister in the group tried to become serious. "About chopin." All of heaved a sigh that they really got nothing to say to each other than that. Soon everyone enter the classroom and the teacher also arrived.

"The seating arrangement would be slightly different since the student council would be joining us and we would have pair seating arrangement."


"Your my partner, like mama said with you by my side I can everything you can't do." Eri whisper towards Himeka which blushed at those kind words he say while both of them took a seat. "Let's go too." Yuuki grab onto Reika which she was happy and the rest of them were jealous but her friends were happy for her which they sit in front of Eri and Himeka. "You're Saito Yuri right? Then Yuttan? Let's go too!" Naoki pulled Yuri which she glad to follow him and took their seat two seats behind Eri and Himeka. "Nao look over at Asuka which felt a menacing look from him which he said nothing and pull Asuka to sit behind Eri and Himeka.

Nao doesn't want be the one not following Eri so he chooses a girl which knows Himeka and all this in Manatsu's eyes seems to be arrows shooting down at her as she hates it when Eri chooses Himeka and not her. "You will pay for it you both."

"Settle down for some study first for your first two periods then I will tell you your schedule for each day during your third period." Which then all of them were all chatting while Eri and Himeka felt awkward and hard to start a conversation.

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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Chapter 9

"Wait for me Eri-kun~"

"Himetan! Are you going to let them be so cuddley in front of you?" Reika stood infront of Himeka which the others tried to hold back Reika. "We have no relation with one another so whoever he is with got nothing to do with me." Himeka not looking at Reika answer straightforward. "If I were you i wouldn't say this, Akimoto seems like have a plan in her head you need to work on your seduction skills if you want to win Ikuta back." Yuuki sat down talking to Himeka not looking at her at all. "You should know about Akimoto-san and Ikuchan's past and I can't win her at all right?"

"Yes, I personally feel that you are working hard to win Ikuta-san's heart and you dump him before."

"Nao! Don't say those negative words to the girls she might lose her heart!"

"What do you mean about dumping him Hashimoto-san? Since when did I did that?"

"Wait! You never dump him? Then why did he say all those things?"

"Looking at how things work, Ikuta is not going to tell us a thing so Nakamoto you have to tell us so we can help you."


Flashback to 7 years ago in Hiroshima

"Daijoubu?" 10 year old Himeka saw 10 year old Eri sitting by himself and talk to him. "Do you want to play?" Eri look up at her and nodded slightly. Which Himeka took Eri to the nearest playground and the both of them were running around with no adults around looking after them. "Himeka!" Himeka saw her mother angrily approached her and was frightened, Eri who was it defend Himeka. "Not her fault mine." Himeka's mother didn't know what to say and asked about where Eri stays and brought him back. "Eri! Where have you been? You're scaring me!"

"I met a new friend."


"Nakamoto Himeka! Konnichiwa obaa-san?"

"Hime-chan call me Iku-mama!"

"Ok! Iku-mama then Ikuchan!"

"Sorry about my daughter, I'll make sure she would not come here again."

"It's fine since Eri is always so lonely." Which then Eri's mom invited Himeka and her mom to their summer house for tea time and they met a girl which Himeka called her Mana-chan. Which for the next few days Himeka always come and visit Eri and Mana-chan to play but one day. "Mama! Why do the people in the television kiss?" Eri's mom was shocked by his question which he and Himeka was looking at her waiting for an answer. "Because they like each other and want to be with each other."

"So can I kiss Hime because I want to be with her?"

"Eri you can't kiss her until you marry her."

"Then I'll do this." Eri had used crayons to scribble some words and asked his mom to sign. "So we are married already right?" Eri's mom  could only nodded her head and see how are they going to do but she had a better plan in her head. "Eri a kiss on the cheeks for now and with this you are her husband so when you grow up you can kiss her." Eri nodded which they didn't know that Mana-chan was looking. "Hime you can't play with anybody cause you're my wife."

"Ok!" Which later on Mana-chan came to talk to Himeka telling her about they leaving later on so Himeka left before saying a goodbye to Eri.
End of flashback

"That was daring of Ikuta but if this was the case...then never mind."

"Naoki Nao we have to find Ikuta now, I suspect that Mana-chan is Akimoto."

"We have the same mind set so let's go!"

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Re: Fighting for our freedom
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"Have some manners will you? Can't you see there's people in here?"

"Really? Mana-chan does it feels?"

"Stop! I hate that name! I hate her! I hate Hiroshima! I hate it!" The boys looked at her and fear Manatsu. "'re acting weird....very weird." Manatsu turned over to glare at Eri. "Me weird? The weird one was you! No matter what I do or how much I do, your mind was always on Nakamoto always! For once, I wanted you to look at me but nothing I do would make you look at me. Even when you got hurt was my fault, your mom doesn't like me at all. This time I'm going to make you mine I don't care your relationship with her!"

"Manastu you don't get it at all, Himetan doesn't need me at all but I need her. She's always saving me when I need someone and only she came, the reason why I like her was because there's no reason to not like her."

"Plus, when we will young, I was engaged with her with my mom being the witness." Eri left the piano room leaving Manatsu stunned by his words. "Yuuki I think we better leave too...." Naoki felt that Manatsu was going to go crazy anytime and asked them to leave too. "To be honest, I was glad that Ikuta chose Nakamoto than you. He is becoming more humane than he was before Akimoto." Yuuki felt he needs to say this to make sure Manatsu know why she lost. "Nakamoto...I'm getting back to you for whatever things I lost!"

"The guys are back!" Reika literally screamed at the girls when they were near her.

" need to shout." Yuuki had gave a pat to Reika which she immediately shut up. "So how did everything go?" Asuka and Yuri were curious about it and Himeka hadn't speak at all about the events. "Nakamoto-san aren't you curious?" Naoki saw how Himeka not caring anything at all. "So how did it go!" Asuka and Yuri was super excited to know what happened when they reach there. "We confronted her and she somehow break loose of everything."

"Ikuchan...let it all out." Himeka opened her arms to Eri which he didn't refused and was sobbing to his heart content. "Ikuta is crying?" Yuuki cannot believed that the strong Eri is crying. "Mana-chan hates me right? Her hatred must be very big that she would loose her emotions in front of everyone." Himeka who is comforting Eri speaks up suddenly. " knew about her identity? You knew and wanted us to confront her?"

"I knew when she asked me about  Hiroshima 5 years ago, I knew she hated me but I never knew the confrontation though. Is it that bad?"

"Don't worry about anything I'll defend you." Eri who was wiping his tear off spoke up. "Ikuta said something about your engagement is that true?"

"Is an unofficial engagement unless he fulfilled his part of the deal."

"What deal?"

"For me to know and for you to find out."

"I have something to say."

"How rare that Nao you have something to say what is it?" Naoki was teasing Nao which he glared at the shorter one. "I have tickets to the amusement park and do you guys want to go?" The girls had snatched away the tickets already which the boys knew that they would want to go. "Let's go then we can go other places too!"

"Like where?"

"Butler café!"

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