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Author Topic: By Chance...~Keyakizaka46 fanfic~ Prologue 08/04/2017  (Read 1218 times)

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By Chance...~Keyakizaka46 fanfic~ Prologue 08/04/2017
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:33:29 PM »
In a country where a royal family ruled, the Grand King who was about to draw his last breath, summoned the King to relay a very important message.

   “Son, you must do me favor, please fulfill my promise to the one who I owe my life to.” he weakly uttered.
   “What is it, Father?”
   “When I’m gone I want you to find the grandchild of the soldier who saved my life and do what I promised of him
.” the grand king continued.
   “, may I ask what this promise was?”

   The elder one vaguely smiled, “I promised my best friend that I would wed my grandchild who is the current crown prince/princess to his own grandchild.”
   The King was quite  shocked by the sudden revelation but quickly recovered, “Yes, it will be done for sure Your Majesty.” Determined to grant his father’s final wish.
   “Thank you, now I can rest knowing that it will be done. Find them…” the grand king gave the photo he was holding onto to his son and slowly closed his eyes.

   The King stared at his father’s photo there with him is a soldier, when he turned it back, the name ‘Nagahama Kyouya’ was written on it....

~~~I'm back and its VACATION mode for me for a while so I decided to write a new fic, this time its about keyakizaka.I fell in love with them ever since I saw them perform Silent Majority on Nogizaka's New Year's eve special :) ~Ajan05

PS. Hope you'll like it. As for Unmei no Hito, don't worry I still plan to continue it so I pray that you still like and read it. It's ok if you're not anymore   :kneelbow:

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