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Author Topic: Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)  (Read 1548 times)

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Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)
« on: May 05, 2017, 03:42:21 PM »
Hajimemashitte, Shiragikun desu! Yoroshiku!
From now on, I will post my OS here.
I'm sorry if my fanfic is bad or there's a grammar mistake.
I'm not a native, and It's first time for me to write a fanfiction.
I might ask for someone's help to edit it for me (as a beta reader)
I hope you enjoy it :)

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Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 03:52:38 PM »
Group Work (MonaPon)

“Today I will be handing out your math test result. First of all, I’m amused, there are five students in our class who have gotten a perfect score. But I’m disappointed too because there are so many students that failed in this test. Now I will return your works based on the result. Nagahama, Yonetani, Harada, Sugai, and Kobayashi, they are five students with a perfect score. Congratulations on your result.”

Pon widened her eyes when her name was called. She admitted that she was smart but she couldn’t believe it herself that she can made it to Neru and Yone’s level this time. It was just a coincidence that Yuuka invited her to study together back then and luckily for her, every question they studied came out in this test, which was why she was quiet confident in solving the questions.

Wearing her usual bored expression, she got up from her seat to take her own sheet that was handed by Kanzaki sensei, her newly homeroom teacher. Unlike the other four that showed some happy reaction, Pon just walked back to her place after receiving the paper. She checked the corner of the paper for the last time to make sure it was ‘Kobayashi Yui’ and ‘100’ written on it before she summed her test result inside her schoolbag.

She paid her attention back at Kanzaki sensei who continued with the others’ result. She could see Techi, Habu, Nagasawa, Sato, Uemura, Zuumin, Oda Nana, Miichan, Suzumoto, and also Saito showing many reactions after knowing their score, and Moriya who cursed herself for not getting a perfect score. Yeah. Pon knew that girl because of her ‘hate to lose’ personality, especially towards her rival, Yuuka who has gotten a higher score than her.

“Now I will announce those who’ve failed in this test.” Kanzaki sensei frowned a bit.

“Watanabe Rika and Ishimori, please study harder next time. You two did it well but there are small mistakes here. So please check your work twice before submitting it to me. For Ozeki, I know you didn’t study much but please answer it logically.” Kanzaki sensei told them while giving out their paper.

“Watanabe Risa and Shida, I know that my subject is boring and this kind of test is not of your interest. At the very least, please study even just a little and fill this paper if you want to graduate along with your friends this year!" Kanzaki sensei raised her tone which make everyone, including Pon, looked at her. Like usual, those two always left the paper blank which made Kanzaki sensei mad.

“Hpmh..” What a troublemaker. Thought Pon.

Watanabe Risa and Shida Manaka, many called them ‘the cool’ because of their coolness and ikemen looks. Watanabe Risa, a dark brown haired girl with a sweater  tied on her waist. The most Sadistic one who always bullies the others, especially a girl from Yuuka’s group, Aoi. And Shida Manaka, a light brown haired girl with a blue trademark headphone that hanging on her neck. The loudest one who jokes around along with her group to make fun of others. If Yuuka is Akanen’s target, then Pon is her favourite target.

“For next lesson, there will be a group work. I’ve already arranged the groups based on previous test’s result. There’ll be a 2 person per group, exept ‘Harada-Uemura-Ozeki’ group.” Kanzaki sensei fixed her glassses before taking out another paper from her folder. “Now, I will tell you the group and your partner. Like I said before, the first group will be Harada-Uemura-Ozeki, second is Sugai with Watanabe Rika, third is Moriya with Imaizumi...” Yuipon could see the other Yui that stratled after knowing her group mate is that gunso. “...seventh is Habu with Koike, eighth is Nagahama with Watanabe Risa...” The Sadistic queen smirked after hearing that her partner turned out to be her girlfriend. “...and the last group is Kobayashi with Shida. I hope you can get along and help each other in this work...”

A wavy brown haired girl stood stock-still while Kanzaki sensei continued with her talking in front of the class about the group work, couldn’t believe for herself that she would have to work with a person she hated the most. It’ll be the worst group work ever...

Then, the lunch break bell rang..

   “Hello? Salt? Pon? Yuipon? Kobayashi-san? Yui..?”

Pon woke up from her daydreaming to find a coconut haired girl in her room with a worried expression in front of her face. Eh?! Manaka? Surprised, Pon slapped the other girl by reflex, leaving her dumbfounded.

   “What are you doing in my room?!” Pon asked, didn’t mind about a red handprints on the cat looking girl’s face.
   “You’re the one who’ve invited—no. I think the right one is ‘dragged’ me to do this boring group work. But then you left me to daydream and hit me when I was trying to wake you up.” Mona answered while caressing her left cheek.
   Ah, she’s right. I was the one who invited her.. “If that so, gomen ne? Let’s continue this, shall we? Here. You solve questions number 1, 4, 6, 9 and 10. The rest are mine.” Pon continued her work without looking at her partner.

A minutes passed by as the two did their group work in silence. Pon with her work and Mona... Of course with her headphone, staring at Pon while humming a familiar song that made Pon feel uncomfortable.

   “You should do your work instead of looking at me.” Pon reminded her partner with a cold tone.
   Eh? She doesn’t listen to me? What the... “What are you listening to anyway?”

In a fast motion, Pon took away her partner’s headphone while trying to listen to it. But to her surprise, she could hear her own voice sang ‘Shibuyagawa’ from the coconut girl’s headphone. Pon who could feel the heat on her face immediately returned it to the owner who gaped her mouth. Due to the awkward situation, Pon tried to compose herself and continued with her work, leaving Mona who was still blushing while looking at her blue headphone.

The clock already showed ‘18 : 00’ but Pon was still scribbling on her last question and Mona that kept sighing while making a hengao with a pencil on her nose. A minute later, the cat looking girl started shouting randomly, startling Pon, “GAH! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME! WHY DO MATH EXIST—“


   “Ittai... What was that for?!” Mona rubbed her head.
   “For shouting here. What do you think of my house is? A Jungle?!” Pon stood with a math book on her hand.
   “That’s because the rest of the questions that you gave me really hard! I guess you did the easier ones and gave the harder ones to me!” Mona said, then narrowed her eyes.
   “If you think like that, fine then. Let’s exchange our questions. Here’s mine.”


   “Ittai yo... Damn you Salty Queen! I can’t be smart if you hit me like that!”
   “What’d you say?!”


Before Pon tried to hit Mona again, a hand stopped her from doing so and she found herself being pinned by the other girl on the wall. Realizing they were in close proximity, Pon caught a glimpse of  Mona’s face and ended up staring at her clear eyes, that powerful gaze which made Pon self-conscious. Pon hated this girl as she always bullies her, but she had long admired Mona’s ikemen looks. Being this close to her made Pon able to hear her heart beating, and she couldn’t help but lower her gaze to the other girl’s lips.

What am I doing? Thought Pon while trying to freed herself from Mona’s strong grip. Before the long wavy haired girl could fight back, Mona closed their distance by pressing their lips together, making Pon’s mind went blank. The kiss is soft yet a gentle one, and Pon could feel a peppermint taste from Mona’s lips before Mona withdrew herself slowly.

   “I like you, Yui—Eh? Are you crying? I’m sorry!!” Mona panicked after noticing tears rolling on Pon’s cheek.
   “...” Tears? Pon could feel wet traces on her cheek.
   “Please don’t cry! I’m sorry for my foolish act! L-let’s continue our works—“
   “I like you too.” Pon said while whipping her tears.
   “I like you, baka. Sorry for being so cold towards you.”
   “No.. It’s okay. I’m sorry too for always bullying you. The truth is that I just want you to notice me..” Mona hung her head low.

They stood there in silence before Pon called the other girl with a soft voice..

   “Hmm—mmf?”  Mona lifted her head only to find Pon returning her kiss.
   “Let’s finish our works, shall we? I will teach you how to solve it^^”
   “Ah.. Hai. Thank you, Yui.”

The two of them continued with their group work. But this time Pon taught Mona, her partner who became her girlfriend now.

Maybe a group work didn’t sound bad at all, as she thought that she should thank Kanzaki sensei for this.


At the other side of a curtained window, there was a small group hiding while watching it all stealthily.

   “Hey, have you took all of that?” A ponytailed girl asked a scaredy-cat kansai girl beside her.
   “Ah! H-h-hai!”
   “I can’t believe these two didn’t listen to the doorbell.” A braid haired girl said while fixed her glasses like a detective.
   “Maa.. Maa.. These two are in their own world~” An ojou-sama looking girl said while smiling.
   “Karaage... Is happy^^” A twintailed girl looked at her own dog puppet.
   “Let’s send this to surprise them!”
   “How about making an article about it? We can place it on our class’s billboard.”
   “I think Habu is right, Suzumon. Ah, we should go back now. Hahaha. It’ll be good news to break our class.” A ponytailed girl said while smirking.
   “Tanoshimidesu~~” The shortest one said before leaving their hiding spot.


Writer's Note :
The idea for this one is not mine.
I only tried to write it.
And, thank you @emprezz48 -neechan that wanted to be my editor this time :) :)
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Re: Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2017, 05:27:12 PM »
Great OS Shira-san!! Aww Pon is so cute here~ it's pretty rare to have an unusual ship like that and...  :)
eighth is Nagahama with Watanabe Risa...” The Sadistic queen smirked after hearing that her partner turned out to be her girlfriend.

きたっ------!!! りさねる!!♡♡

Can you also make the risaneru version of this??  :)
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Re: Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2017, 08:53:32 AM »
And, thank you @emprezz48 -neechan that wanted to be my editor this time :) :)

You're welcome^^ Thanks for letting me read it before anyone else hehe~ As I've promised, here's my comment:

I must say, for this to be your first time writing a fic, it's not bad! Something simple like this really made me feel all kyun kyun, especially the part where Pon kissed Manaka backkkkkk!!!!! and Manaka bullying her all the time just for her attention is really so cute T__T Maybe that's how it is in tokudare drama, both like each other but can't find a way to say it, so end up fighting each other XD (oh I am so delusional...)

Looking forward into seeing you write more^^ Ganbare~

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Re: Shiragikun's OS Corner - Group Work (MonaPon)
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2017, 03:56:19 PM »
This is lit af.

Me want more. 神曲キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!


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