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Author Topic: The Neverending Story: Seven Months Later  (Read 1670 times)

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The Neverending Story: Seven Months Later
« on: July 06, 2006, 11:08:03 PM »
I figured that it'd be nice to continue on with the story we had been writing seven months ago.  However, to pick up where we left off.. it was kind of a mess, so I figured we could pick up the story seven months later, and sort of leave some mystery as to what happened during that time.

For reference, the original thread:

Also, I didn't want to touch on certain story lines and such, because I didn't do much with them before, so Tenkei, or Boykun, or Suki, or whoever is free to start those up.


The ominous and consistent beeps of hospital equipment filled the air of the sterile, white room.  So much action, yet so little from where it mattered.  A brown-haired fellow entered the room, quietly closing the door behind him, and making his way to the side of the single bed in the room.  Glancing over the dark haired girl lying in the bed, he closed his eyes in grief, running his left hand over her still arm.  

Sitting down in a nearby chair, he adjusted the back as he did everyday for the past three months.  Everyday except for a month ago when he got called away for work, and missed his plane back to see her.  The nurses, doctors, and hospital staff told stories about tragic couple's love.  About their first date.  Their first kiss.  Their first fight.  Their first reunion.  And of course.. the car accident that changed everything.  

Of course, most of those stories were fiction.  The fellow couldn't tell them what really happened.  How they really first met.  How the girl really ended up in this condition.  That information could never be given to the general public.  The stories of this fellow and this girl were to forever be confidential information.

Giving a soft smile, he closed his eyes.  When his eyes were closed, he could imagine hers open.  Her deep brown eyes looking back into his, as he spoke to her.  And so he did speak.

"Hi.. Angela.  It's me, Chatin.. again.  I hope you don't mind me visiting so often but.. I miss not having such a good friend around.  I mean, things were't always perfect between us, but we had a special friendship."  Chatin laughed to himself, and continued. "I.. I'm supposed to go on a business trip to Tokyo.  A real business trip, not the kind of 'business trips' we used to take for Daigong.  Tokyo should be exciting as usual.  I'm planning on stopping by that store in Akihabara.  The one where you apprehended our target by throwing a tv at him."

Chatin laughed to himself again, a sincere smile crossing his face.  He opened his eyes, and looked at the sleeping beauty, then closed his eyes again as  he continued.  

"I know, I've said this before.. but.. I am sorry.  Very, very sorry.  I should have been able to save you.  You were right about them, and I should have listened."

Chatin stopped for a moment to wipe a few tears from his eyes.  Taking a breath, he stood up and walked to the door.  

"I'm sorry, but my plane is going to leave soon and.. I'll make our next visit twice as long, Ange!"

Opening the door to leave, he stopped one last time, and turned to Angela.  "Vikitty should have never had the opportunity to put you into this coma... but don't worry.  I've handled the situation, and she isn't around to hurt anyone anymore."

Chatin left the room, closing the door behind him, and once more the room was just filled with the beeps of hospital equipment.


Rustling papers, Suki furiously looked for some important documents in the towering stacks covering her desk.  

"Gah.. I don't want to spend another late night at the office!!" Suki had been putting a lot more time into what was once just a side job as a cover for her.  She had been putting in too much time.  However, all that time meant her own office, and her own secretary.  "Oh, that's right!  I have a secretary to do stuff for me now!  Odango!!"

Jumping into the room, happy to finally get the opportunity to do some work, Odango put on a huge smile.  "Yes, Suki?  I was getting a little bored of playing solitaire, so I was hoping you had something exciting for me to do!"

"Oh yes, very exciting," Suki began, "You get to look for the white papers labeled T-144B2 for me!"  

"Which file are they in?" Odango happily asked.

Laughing, Suki gave a coy smirk. "Having them in a specific file would just make too much sense.  All I know is that they aren't on my desk!"

Odango looked nervously around, not expecting this kind of work.  "Uh.. okay, so I guess I'll go check the printer out in the main room.  There has been a lot of stuff laying on there for a couple days now."

"Muaks!  Thanks, Odango!"

With Odango leaving to go find the papers, Suki was given the wonderful opportunity to stuff her nose back into her work.  However, only a minute or two had passed before a shadow loomed over Suki once again.

"Oh, Odango!  That was qui.." Suki started.  However, her eyes glanced over a dark-haired beauty wearing camo clothing that Odango would very obviously never wear.  "Rei...."

The dark-haired girl smiled to Suki, and took a step closer.  "Suki.  It's been a while.  How have you been?"

"Oh, the same old, same old.  But.. I'm guessing you aren't just here to see how I'm doing."  Suki tried her best to smile politely, but her eyes were filled with sadness.

"Oh.. well.  There has been some trouble, and Daigong wanted you to help us out with this one."  Rei slowly said, stressing that it was Daigong with the idea and not her.

Sighing, Suki looked back to her work, avoiding eye contact with Rei.  "I'm done with that work now.  He knows that.  Besides, since we found and saved Tama, he really doesn't have a need for me anymore."

"That isn't true, Suki!  What you and Daigong had could never be matched by anything that Tama and.." Rei stammered, before being cut off by her once best friend.

"It was nothing!  I only had onced wished it were something.  But now I'm wiser, and I don't care to ever go back to the life I was living then.  Both my professional life... and my romantic life."

Rei frowned, and turned to the office door.  "I just want you to know.. that I understand, Suki.  And I miss having you around, but we just aren't suited for the same work anymore, I guess."  Turning her head by to Suki, Rei gave a kind smile.  "See you around, I guess!  Be good!"

As Rei left the office, Odango entered and took a quick, curious glance at the  girl.  "Who was that, Suki?  An old friend of yours?"

"Ah.. yeah.  A friendship that was put on pause by.. other things."  Suki caught herself before going into specifics in front of her secretary.  "Uh.. so... where are those papers??"

Smiling brightly, Odango plopped some white sheets on Suki's desk.  "Right here!  Did I do a good job?"

"Ahh!  Yes!  Muaks!"  Laughing, Suki sent Odango back to her station, and continued working on her office work.

Outside, Odango didn't have her mind on work, however.  "So.. Suki knows Rei-chan?  This job might be more useful for getting information than I thought."  Chuckling to herself, Odango opened up Firefox and prepared to send an email.  "Covert Operation Update: July 6th, 2006.  I have some interesting information to supply."

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The Neverending Story: Seven Months Later
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2006, 11:10:40 PM »
yay! i was so bummed when the last story just....died :ksad: i'll be happy to contribute to this again~ ok... first entry is quite long lmao. but i was trying to touch on some past things while trying to set up a general story line again... not like last time where we had like 8 plots and no one really knew wtf was going on anymore :lol: here we go!!

oh PS.
if you havent read the first fic... I REALLY suggest you do that... its really not that long. and its totally awesome.


Amplifier quickly shuffled down another flight of stone steps, clutching the papers tightly in his hand. He hopped off the last step and turned the corner into a wide room and thrusted his fist with the papers into the air. "Just got this from Odango," Amplifier said with a triumphant nod and wry smile.

"Oh? What's this, now?" Hyde said as he took a sharp bite of the apple in his hand. "She say anything good?" Apple sprayed through the air.

Tenkei tossed another cheeseball at boykun's open mouth. "Finally, some word... Read it up Amp, what's it say?"

"Well, says here that suki's pretty much out of 'the business', but earlier today one of the other members came to visit her... a Rei. Thats pretty much it. Apparently she sits around all day playing solitaire and watching... yamapi videos? she wants to be re-assigned." Aplifier took a seat next to boykun and intercepted the next cheeseball. "I dunno what's going on... who's this rei girl?"

"Another -chan. Hyde had a nice afternoon with her," tenkei nodded.

Hyde's jaw trembled as he remembered the fight he had with rei-chan and the damage that resulted. He still walked with a slight limp in cold weather... and he could never forgive what happened to Eri Kamei, the Tilde~Brigade's mechanic and op-tech. The fury rose within Hyde until the apple he was clenching in his fist exploded. Hyde whiped his face and stormed out of the room.

"Fuckwaffles, what's his deal?" Amplifier asked, picking apple out of his hair.


Rei pushed her ID card into the panel next to the glass door. After a series of beeps, her retina was scanned and the door slid open with whoosh. Cold air hit theyoung puerto rican in the face as she stepped through the glass door. She reached over and plucked her card from the exit slot and continued on her way.

Her high-heeled boots clicked along the marble cooridors as she finally reached her office. Pushing the door open, Rei floated into her office only to see her boss, Daigong, sitting behind her desk. "Hola," he said gruffly.

"Uh. sir?" Rei stood in front of her own desk with her hands behind her back.

"Where's suki? I told you not to come back without her..." Daigong spun in leather office chair.

"Well... she... um. said no? yeah... she said tama can handle it," rei fidgeted with a strap on her pants. Daigong stopped the spinning chair and stood up.

"Tama's quitting." He walked past Rei and stopped at the door. "I think she's been working behind our back... for who I'm not sure... but, After Ange went into that coma... Chatin's been fucking useless, who knows where the fuck Vikitty went... I need the o!p-chans back together. 'Daigong's Angels' as it were... you guys are this organization's last hope. Hell... even team W is in the crapper with Kago in rehab!" Rei trembled with her back to Daigong. A heavy hand fell on her shoulder, turning her around. "Rei, i need you girls together on this. Get her back for me," Daigong whispered with a slight tremor in his voice.

Rei stared up into his eyes, "Yes... yes sir."

"I've got to go lay down now... i've spinning in that chair for 45 minutes..." Daigong said as he slowly slinked out of the office.


Masa ran a razor over his head and flicked the shaving cream into the sink. The last 7 months had been hard on the finn. His plan to use Matsuura Aya as the scion to capture the hello!morning failed with The Tilde~Brigade's Kamei Eri still alive. Since then, he had been training new recruits to join his popsicle forces. A new young gun by the name of Stryfe and his partner Slackius were becoming the top team within the organization, but their cocky attitude usually rubbed the other teams the wrong way. On more than one occaission, top agent Shirenu and her squad had come to blows with Stryfe and his gang. If Masa didn't shave his head, he was sure he'd be having grey hairs over this shit.

There was a knock on his door and without waiting for a response it was pushed open. "Sir, Shi says she's leaving. As in... quitting. She's stealing one of your jet, and more than one of your agents," Aedon said, handing Masa a towel.

Masa's mouth dropped open. "What in the fuck..."


He ran a hand through his unkempt hair before sliding on his glasses. Now that he had stolen Shirenu and a number of her subordinates from Masa, Ericks was elated. His plan was finally ready to go under way. Agents from his 3 opposing forces were on their to his location to join his side in the quest for the hello!morning. The hardest to recruit was JaisBane of The Tilde~Brigade, but after some coaxing and the promise of free MMA tickets, it was a done deal. Tama needed no convincing; while she was greatful to Daigong for saving her life, she couldnt stand what the agency had turned into... it was no longer... evil enough. And once Tama said yes, Shi was sure to follow.

It was all working, and Ericks let out a giggle of happiness.


Gackt sat up in the sandbox. "Jun... i think the picnic is over."

Jun dusted sand out of his hair, "Aw... it was just getting to get fun..."

"We've been here for 7 freaking months!!" Erizabeth Kyamei shouted as she smacked the two with a large trout.

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