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[KJ's OS Collection]
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Note: The stories main pairings are Mayuki unless otherwise stated.
         Also, it's my first time posting in jh!p and I'm still not used to some things. I apologize in advance if I make errors.

Table of Contents

Heartbeat (below)
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AN: This fanfic is like the MaYuki version of the one-shot manga 'Toki Doki.' I really love the manga as it gives the reader a light and warm feeling. I don't know if I captured those feelings or not because I'm not a good writer nor am I good with the English grammar. Thank you for reading!!


A heart can only beat so many times in a lifetime.

Kashiwagi Yuki died at the rich age of 21. That face…


Mayu’s POV

During the second year of high school, Kashiwagi Yuki transferred to a school in a remote area in Japan. Ever since she came, I’ve never seen her interact with others. She really did try her best to keep a low profile. On most days I cannot help but stare at her and wonder why. I mean she’s a beauty.

“-nabe. Oi Watanabe, are you listening?” Is someone calling me? Hmm, whatever…

“Nezu… You’re being call-”

Oh oops! Sorry for the late introduction.

My name is Watanabe Mayu. My friends call me Nezu because I can be sneaky at times. I guess you could say I’m just an average teenage guy that you see every day. I kept my hair long - but not too long or my sister would’ve killed me for being dubbed to be ‘prettier’ than her - since I entered high school and joined the Light Music Club.

Hmm... I guess you could also say that I right now is kind of interested in the girl named Kashiwagi Yuki.

“Hey... I said hey Nezu!” There it is again. That voice, it sounds like Sae.

Anyways, Kashiwagi-san always has this cold, blank look on her face. She does not talk to anyone unless needed to at school hence why I said I have never seen her mingle with others. She goes home right away, as soon as school ends. She sits out during our Physical Education classes. There were rumors that she has health problems. But no one really knows the truth.

As the mysteries piled up, I’ve started to notice her.

“WATANABE!!” I wake up from my train of thought not expecting an incoming blac- Wait is that a tennis ball?!?! How the he-

“Urk!” I close my eyes tight and hold my head. The whole class laughed at my misery. Laugh all you want idiots! Let us see who gets the last laugh! But damn I forgot Takahashi sensei is our school’s tennis and baseball coach.

At that time, I wish I noticed her give me a worried look before turning away to face the front.


In the middle of July of the same year, we crossed paths.

“Shinoda sensei! I’m skipping class so please let me sleep on the bed.” I open the door to the infirmary not bothering to look at who was inside because this was something of a daily occurrence.

“Kyaaaa!!” I look up and I see her. There stood in the middle of the room is the girl who had caught my eye half naked. The look of shock and surprise evident on her usually expressionless face.

Once realization kicked in, my face grew hot and I know I look like a ripe tomato.

“Waa- eh- ahh! I- I’m sorry!! I d-didn’t do it on purpose! I did not see anything! I…” before I could continue, I saw everything. Instead of her half-naked figure, there was something else that caught my eye.


“Do you know what ‘koku haku disease’ is?” She asked, breaking the silence that had fallen upon us when we went out on the rooftop.

Why are we here instead of the headmaster’s office where I could be lectured about privacy and all those things they’re supposed to say? Let’s just say it took a whole lot of convincing. It also took a whole lot more of me kneeling on the floor and apologizing.

“I’ve heard of it before. If I’m not wrong, a few years ago, a big celebrity died because of it and now it’s pretty well known.”

“Yeah that’s it,” she looked down and continued, “It’s a rare heart condition where a weak heart muscle makes the heart beat irregularly leaving you with fewer beats than an average person. It’s in the same category as cardiomyopathy, a strange disease that only happens to one in a million people.” She stood up and took something out of her pocket.

“Have you heard of this app? Its main purpose is to show you how many heartbeats you have left. It’s connected to the device attached to my chest. Look,” she said and gave me the phone.

I hold the phone up to her and read what is on the screen.

*beep beep*

Name: Kashiwagi Yuki
Date of Birth: July 15, 1994
Number of beats left: 221,124,617 bts.

*beep beep*

“That is the amount of heartbeats that I have left. If you have the app, the device, or an ID, you can see your own.”

“There are about 220 million beats left,” I muttered handing the phone back to her.
“You might think there’s a lot left but in six to seven years, my heart will stop beating.” She lifted her hand and touched the spot where the device was located. “The pacemaker on my chest that is supporting my heart reminds me of the amount of time I have left. In truth, I have nothing else wrong with my health but the price is high. My lifespan will shorten the faster my heart beats which are why I’m prohibited from doing strenuous exercise."

When I recall listening to all these, I thought to myself ‘Ah she sure can talk.’

“So that’s why you skip gym class…” I said as I continue to stare at her. I couldn’t help but wonder why she would tell me all these when we just met about an hour ago. “Why did you tell me?”

“I thought that if you knew, you’d choose to keep it a secret rather than tell others about me,” she said with a small sad smile on her face. “At my previous school, I felt uncomfortable because of the rumors about me. From the way you look, I wouldn’t think you’re someone who would spread rumors.”

After listening to what she had to say, it was hard not to say, “You had it rough huh.”

“Not really. Other than my short lifespan, everything is normal. But,” she looked up and continued, “I want to get along with everyone else. I want to have fun. Though I’m afraid my life would shorten, if things keep on going like this I would prefer to live my life out with every second I have left.”

This girl in front of me looked so sad as she was talking to me.

“It’s been awhile since I spoke with someone so I went a little over. Anyways forget about it.” She stood up and started walking towards the door. “Watanabe-san Please keep this a secret.”

Before she could open the door, I stood up and said,

“Ka- Kashiwagi-san!! Were all those your true feelings? If it is then…” I looked down trying to gain enough courage to what I was about to say. “I’ll help you enjoy life to the fullest and make your heart beat like crazy!!”



In one sunny summer afternoon, the once peaceful beach met a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki.

“It's… It's the sea!!”

“Ha… ha…” I said I would help her enjoy life not become her slave.

“Hey! Hey Watanabe-kun! Look the sea is huge!!” Kashiwagi-san said jumping all around earning strange looks from people. “Who would have thought it would be this big!”

“Is this your first time in a beach Kashiwagi-san?”

“Yeah!” So cute…

“My heart is beating so fast! Hey, what do we usually do once we come to the beach? Dig for seashells?”

“You sure are excited.” Who would’ve had thought I’d get to see her react like that… She looks better with that big bright smile on her face. “Are you really okay with this?”

“Hmm?” She turned and faced towards me.

“I did say I’d help you but if you get your heart pumping like that I wonder if it’s the right thing.”

“Don’t worry about that. I thought of doing this sooner or later anyway. It’s a good opportunity. Besides, you’re the first person I’ve told about my disease. Normally people wouldn’t have treated me so kindly but you seriously thought about my feelings, and that’s why you were able to say those words.”

I look at her a little flustered.

“Watanabe-kun,” she looked at me with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, “thank you for making me really happy.”

It would be a lie if I said my heart did not skip a beat.

“I don’t much about the outside world and I wasn’t sure of the first thing I should do. I’m glad I have someone to help me with it.”
“I’ll help you anytime,” I said with my signature smile. “If you have anything you want to do, just tell me Kashiwagi-san!”

“Oh yeah, I don’t know your first name. What is it?” She asked.

“It’s Mayu. Watanabe Mayu.”

“Eh? So girly,” she laughed. “Hmm… I don’t really want to call you Nezu like everyone else so I’ll just call you Mayuyu and you can call me Yukirin.” So, she does know about my nickname.

And that’s how our summer holidays together started.


We experienced lots of heart racing moments. We did everything you could think of like going to the zoo, hiking, exploring neighboring towns and more. Right now, we are at the amusement park.

“We’re going up Mayuyu!”

“Ye-yeah Yukirin…” To be completely honest I was not a big fan of thrilling rides like roller coasters. Call me a coward for all I care, I just don’t want to ride this death machine. But for her sake, I will. I’m not quite sure if it was the right choice though as I am currently sitting at the very front of the ride. Kami-sama please keep us safe…

“Look we’re almost at the summit!” She said while holding onto the handle tightly. “This is bad. This is BAD!! It feels like my lifespan is shortening! IT FEELS LIKE MY LIFE SPAN IS SHORTENING!”

“Oi! Don’t say it so lightly with a happy face like that!!” What is wrong with this girl?!

“It’s... It’s coming! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!”

A few minutes later…

I almost died. I freaking almost died because of Kashiwagi Yuki yet I didn’t even mind, not in the slightest bit did I regret it. But it seems after the rollercoaster ride she had it the worst. Yuki’s been quiet since we got off. I should’ve been used to this but she has been nothing close to quiet since we went to the beach. I’m worried.

“Are you-”

“What’s this, it’s so fun!!! Let’s go one more time Mayuyu!”

“Ehhhh?!” I guess I was worrying for nothing.


The first thing that surprised me as I spent time with Yuki is that her personality is so different from her appearance. Her image in school is a silent and gloomy person but truthfully, she loves to talk and move around. She can tell a joke and she can humor others but don’t be fooled her black side is scary as hell. Her reactions are so good, just like a child.

“You haven’t had ice cream before?!”

“Yeah. I was told as a kid that it’s not good to cool my body.”

I’m speechless. I immediately ran to the ice cream truck parked at the entrance of the park and bought that heavenly dessert. Once I got back, I gave her the ice cream and said, “Try it.”

I stare at Yuki’s various reactions.

She’s adorable.

She ‘s beautiful.
She’s perfect.

She’s everything good you could think of.

“Mhmm... DELICIOUS!!!”

“Calm down! Your saliva is getting all over me!”

That’s why I’m a little taken aback when her image is so different from her personality. It makes me slightly happy knowing I’m the only one who knows this side of her…

It can’t be helped. Every day we had so much fun together.


“I had so much fun today! The sea was nice, so was the indoor pool! I want to go again.”

“That’s fine and all but hold on tight. It’s dangerous.” At this very moment, it was already late at night and we were on my bike going downhill. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

I felt her arms wrap around my waist and her hands' grip on my shirt. “Ok. Is this ok Mayu?”

“!!” It’s touching my back!! But what’s this superb bliss I’m feeling right now? Is it the way she was holding on to me? Is it because she just called my name and not the nickname she gave me? Am I going to die tomorrow?!

*Lab dub. Lab dub. Lab dub. Lab dub*

A healthy person’s lifespan won’t decrease even when they do vigorous exercises or movements. Even though we do strenuous activities every day for short periods, to make up for it we breathe slowly and calm ourselves down to balance it out. But it’s different for her. Once her pulse rate goes up, it’s hard to lower it. For her, moving around so much is at the cost of her own life.

“Oh yeah… We’ve been fooling around every day; don’t your parents say anything about it?”

“Ah… That’s fine. I explained to them the situation and they understood. They told me to do as i please. Right now, I’m really happy though I feel a little sad…”

“I see,” I smiled softly as she hugged me a little tighter than before. “Yuki... umm…” Before I could continue she interrupted me.

“Don’t say it.”

Am I an idiot? I should’ve known better…

“Are you misunderstanding something Yukirin?” I glanced over my shoulder to look at her. “Tomorrow there’s some huge fireworks display in the neighboring town, you’re coming right?”

I knew she wasn’t expecting that. But I couldn’t possibly say what I really wanted to say... I took a deep breath. “Don’t tell me you’re holding back on me now, are you? You’re too naive Yu~ki~rin~. There’s more I have to show you.”

“I- I’ll come!”

“That’s the spirit!” Yeah, keep that spirit. That enthusiasm. The thing that made me fall for you even harder.

“Thank you, Mayu.”


“Yukirin, what’s that necklace for?” She looked at me, a little flustered. “That’s a pick, right? Wait. Don’t tell me you play the guitar?”

“Umm, I guess you could say that. When I was little, I dreamt of becoming an artist.” She held her necklace tight, “this was the first pick I bought.”

She looked up at the sky. I noticed she would often do that especially when she was recalling something from her past. “I used to compose songs, write poems, and practice singing but I’ve given up now.”

“Why? It’s such a waste. You were even at the stage of composing songs!”

“Yeah but-” I didn’t let her finish.

“I want to listen!”


Aww, she’s blushing! I don’t care how many times I’ve said it, she’s so cute!

“That’s the only thing I won’t do! Plus, it’s not something that others should listen to!”

“Eh...” I didn’t want to give up just yet. “Think about this, isn’t this a once in a lifetime chance to feel something excited? I understand that you feel shy, but you know playing the songs you’ve composed for others is part of youth! Since you went through the trouble of composing them, isn’t this your chance to play them?”

I smirked knowing what I said got her attention.

“Okay…” Yuki whispered but I still heard it.

With her agreeing to my idea, we asked a few locals where the nearest music store or studio was. Fortunately, there was one a few blocks away.

When we got in the shop, Yuki instantly went to where the guitars were and picked one to her liking.

“I’m only doing this once, okay? Don’t laugh.” She slightly glared at me before taking a deep breath.

“I won’t,” I said and smiled at her like a kid.

“Here goes nothing.”

At first, I was enjoying the simple melodies she made on the guitar. However, as she began to sing my eyes grew wider and wider. How can such a perfect girl exist?!


And with that our summer together has ended.


“This is Oshima Yuu, our bassist. Matsui Jun, our drummer; keep this a secret but he’s Matsui senpai’s fiancé. Sashihara Rino or Sashi, the guitarist and she sometimes cover for me on the keyboard on certain songs we do. She’s also my childhood friend. Our Light Music Club isn’t that famous and only the four of us are in it.” I turned towards Yuki and smiled before kneeling on the floor. “Please, I beg you Yukirin!! Sing and play one more time in front of them!”

“No! Never!” Yuki said.

“Hey Nezu!” Sashi said catching mine and Yuki’s attention. “Don’t force the poor girl to do what she does not want to do. And can you please explain to me what the hell is going on?”

“Sashiko you’ll understand once you hear Yukirin sing!” I then looked at Yuki with a pout and puppy eyes.

“Geez okay. I’ll do it,” she turned towards Sashi and asked, “Uhm Sashihara-san may I borrow your guitar?”

Sashi simply nodded her head in response.

Once again, just like last time, Yuki took a deep breath before singing. Her voice is really soothing. It tugs at our heartstrings. It’s a charm that draws you in and close. When she finished, silence took over the whole room.

“Wow! You sound like a pro! It’s giving me goosebumps.” Yuu said breaking the silence.

“Yeah! You have such a beautiful voice. Did you come up with the song yourself?” Jun asked.

Before Yuki could respond, I went up to her and held both of her hands. “Yukirin, would you please be the vocalist of our band?”


“Let’s perform at the cultural festival in October!” Jun said enthusiastically.

“We initially planned to do covers,” Sashi looked at Yuki and said, “but now if you choose to join, we could sing the songs you composed.”

“Oh, good idea Sashi! We never really had a fixed vocalist.” Yuu agreed, interrupting what else Sashi wanted to say.

“Anyways” Sashi continued, “it’s not like Nezu’s bad at it, he’s actually a great singer. It’s just his enthusiasm in ruining some of the songs we practiced especially the ones with a slow tempo. In addition to that, this band needs a little more of that softness and these guys have little to none of it.”

“Artist Kashiwagi Yuki’s first performance!” I exclaimed. “What do you think? Wanna give it a shot?”

Yuki looked at us amused with our determination and nodded her head in agreement.

And so, we marched on towards the cultural festival with our practice sessions. We wrote the music score for a band version of her songs. We tried practicing even though we didn’t know if we’d make it, but still, we pushed on.

As days passed by, I explained Yuki’s situation to the rest of the members. They understood and supported her, because of that Yuki could relax a little while practicing. However, when I finished explaining, Sashi gave me a worried look. In response, I gave her my best smile and whispered for her not worry.

Then before we even realized it, the day of the cultural festival has arrived.

“The breeze has started to become colder,” Yuki said as we walked together to the school. “It feels like the past months were a dream. I never would’ve thought I’d be practicing with other band members like this and it’s all because Mayuyu saw me while I was changing.” She giggled.

“You probably aren’t thankful for that are you?” I asked which turned her giggle into a laugh. I smiled at her and continued. “Lately we haven’t been able to fool around like we used to, shall we take a breather and go have fun after the festival?”

She stopped walking and intertwined our fingers as she held them up. She gave me the sweetest smile I have ever seen and said, “This feeling itself feels exciting.”

And with that, she let go of my hand and ran away leaving me all alone.


“Uhh… I’m so nervous… It’s almost time…”

“Calm down Yukirin.”

“You’re saying the impossible Mayuyu. Since earlier my heart has been thumping like an alarm.”

“Such a waste of lifespan,” I chuckled. “Why don’t you go to the veranda? We still have some time.”

“I’ll do just that,” and with that, she left.

“Mayu,” I heard Sashi call me out. “You… Don’t push yourself too much...” She said with a hint of worry and sadness in her voice.

I gently smiled at her. “I’ll be fine Rino.”

About half an hour later…

“Mayuyu! Mayuyu!!”

Sashi and I turned towards Yuki who is currently running towards us. When she got near the both of us, Yuki started telling us the story of how she lost her pick. Once she finished, Sashi called Yuu and Jun over.

“Eh? You lost your pick?” Jun asked.

“Y-ye-yeah! I don’t know where it blew off to!” Yuki said, clearly in distress. “What should I do…” She looked down and continued. “That pick is very important to me and I was planning to use it during the performance as a good luck charm.”

“But it’s almost time to prep up…” Yuu pondered.

“I guess that can’t be helped. I’ll lend you a pick for today,” Sashi offered.

“But…” Seeing her dejected look made my heart ache a little. So, before she could say more, I interrupted her.

“All right! I’ll search for it!” With that said I ran towards the door.

“Oi Mayu!” Sashi looked at me sharply. I was very much aware of her anger and worry.

I turned towards my childhood friend. “Don’t worry! I have the least important role today.” I know what you’re trying to do Sashi but please let me do this. I swear you’ll understand why I can’t help but do these things when you find the person you love. Even if it kills you, you’ll do anything just to see them smile.

“I’ll definitely find it so go ahead and prepare Yukirin!”


Let’s see… It was blown into the bushes behind the school building. Okay! I got this!

After few minutes, I still haven’t found the pick. I’ve searched for it everywhere but nothing. I can’t give up! Not yet! Yuki needs it!
“Haa… Haa… Haa…”


No one’s POV

“Yuki, it seems Nezu found your pick,” Sashi said.

“Ehh! Really?!” Yuki asked surprised.

“Here, he wanted me to pass it to you.”

“I thought I wouldn’t have been able to get it back on time or ever again. Yuki said and bowed at Sashi. “Thank you so much! Anyway, where’s Mayuyu?”

Sashi sadly looked at Yuki. “He won’t be coming…”

Yuki looked at Sashi confused. “What do you mean? Did he go to the toilet? It’s almost time.”

“H-he won’t be on s-stage…”

Yuki watched as Mayu’s childhood friend look up as if she was trying to prevent the tears that were threatening to fall.

“That idiot...” Sashi smiled sadly. “He should’ve told you this and not me... Mayu... He…”


Yuki’s POV

“MAYUYU!!” He turned his head towards me, shocked.

“Yukirin… Why do you look so pale?”

I didn’t bother to answer his question. I clutched onto my phone tight before holding it up.

*beep beep*

Name: Watanabe Mayu
Date of Birth: March 26, 1994
Number of beats left: 1,264 bts

*beep beep*

When I finished reading what was written on the screen I could feel myself tearing up.

“Why... Why…”

Mayu looked down and smiled. “I see she told you huh. I have about 15 minutes left…”

No... No… You can’t die… Not yet… Please...

“When my parents found out that I had the disease, they asked for help from all of our relatives to attach this expensive device on me. They told me to use the remaining time I have however I wanted but they weren’t happy with it.”


“If I told you, you’d hold yourself back right?” He looked towards me with the smile I will never get tired of. “I was surprised when I heard you have the same disease as me. You even told me how you felt. I also thought the same thing. If I were to die, I’d like to live my life full of excitement. I dyed my hair and joined the light music club when I entered high school. That’s why I want to cheer you on with all my heart and because of you, I’ve had so much fun in life. Thank you, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

The tears I tried to hold onto since the beginning fell from my eyes like a dam.

“I actually wanted to join you but I was running about here and there,” Mayu said scratching the back of his head. “Sorry I can’t stand on stage with you.”

I tried to wipe the tears away from my eyes with the back of my hand and walked towards him. “Idiot.”

When I got close enough to him, I launched myself onto him and gripped on his shirt tightly. “I will be with you. I’ll be beside you, Watanabe Mayu!”

He giggled at what I had just stated. “What are you saying? We put so much effort into today. I will be listening from here. Isn’t it exciting to sing in front of a crowd? That’s why…” Idiot, it’s more exciting when I'm with you. “Let me hear you sing Yuki.”

That was the last time I ever heard the voice I had grown attached to.


No one’s POV



Sashi looked towards the door and saw Yuki walk in with her head down.

“Are you done?”

Yuki was silent and kept her head down.

“I see… Then let’s go.”

Both girls walked out on stage where Yuu and Jun were waiting with a sad smile. Yuki wrapped her guitar strap around her while Sashi walked positioned herself behind the keyboard, Mayu’s keyboard to be exact.

Not recognizing the girl who was standing before them, the crowd started whispering amongst themselves.

“Was there another girl in the Light Music Club?”

“Isn’t that Kashiwagi Yuki, the second-year transferee?”

“Kashiwagi? It doesn’t seem like her.”

Ignoring the crowd, Jun began to start counting.

“1… 2…”

Yuki took a deep breath.

“1.. 2.. 3.. 4..”

And the whole auditorium stayed silent as they listened to what the girl named Kashiwagi Yuki had to say.


Mayu’s POV

“Ahh such a beautiful voice…” I looked up at the sky. “I should’ve kissed her… I’m an idiot.”

I, Watanabe Mayu, left this world at the age of 17. The face, as I left earth, is of an idiot.


No one’s POV

Afterwards, Kashiwagi Yuki graduated from high school and debuted as a singer/songwriter. Her voice became a hot topic in society and she became well known overnight. She announced her illness to everyone and she sang songs that would give courage to others. She kept singing for the next few years with all her heart and soul. About 40 thousand people came to her last live concert. Finally, her parents took care of her until her last breath.

Kashiwagi Yuki died at the age of 21 and her last dying face is of one who was satisfied.

The End.

AN: How was it?? :nervous
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I throw everything my hands got a hold off on the ground and continued to search for my luggage which I swore was in here somewhere.


The sudden noise startled me. I look around to see what made the noise. It was an old, worn out box that looked oddly familiar. Of course being the curious me, I lifted the box off the floor, intending to find out what was inside.

Unfortunately, this was the worst move I could have done. Everything that was inside had fallen all over the floor. I looked around me and everything, including the other things that I had thrown on the ground from earlier, was everywhere. Literally.

I looked at my watch. My eyes widened. Sh*t! I still have to pack up, but if she sees this mess... Brrr, scary…
But that, of course, did not stop me from looking through the pile of things that fell from the box. There were old game cartridges, probably from early 2000’s and…

VHS tapes.

“Wow. Never thought I’d ever see one again.” I muttered as a sudden wave of nostalgia hit me.

They were the tapes that my parents had worked so hard on to film with each tape dating back from when I was born to my childhood.

Crouching, I picked up what was inside and placed them back in the box. I noticed one was noticeably different from the rest.

'Mayu at Shiba Park'

I looked around hoping the old DVD player that came with a VHS slot was still out. Fortunately, it was. Ahh, that reminds me, I should ask her again if she wants to watch another. She seemed to have enjoyed the last one I showed her.

I walk behind the TV, making sure everything was plugged into their proper slots. Fortunately, it was. I walk back to the front of the TV and gently push the tape in. The last thing I wanted was for it to break.

I bumped a few things away from the couch located parallel to the TV screen before setting myself down. I pressed play, completely forgetting about the mess that I had previously created.
A smile made its way up to my lips as I watch my tiny self, going up and down the slide, running for the swing, and more. Little me, however, suddenly stopped running for a second or two, and looked towards one of the many Cherry Blossom trees.  There sitting under the tree was my best friend, Kashiwagi Yuki.

[In the tape]

I was jumping all over the place passing by a little girl who was, I think, watching me. I was trying to find the perfect place to launch my new and improved awesome paper plane that I had thoroughly made.

I smiled from ear to ear when I found it. I threw the paper plane. However, a gust of wind carried the plane away from its projected flight path and to the side hitting the little girl I passed by earlier. I ran towards her and smiled.

"Hi, I'm really sorry I hit you with the plane. My name is Watanabe Mayu. What’s yours?" I bow down my head before lifting it up and meeting her eyes.

"Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki," she replied with a small a small smile. Woah, so pretty.

“You’re really pretty!” Her face turned bright red at what I had said. “Let’s be friends from now on Yu-ki-rin!” She giggled and nodded her head.

After that, I pulled her up and dragged her everywhere. I even taught her how to make paper airplanes. I would never have imagined that she would someday change my life. 

[End of tape]

The tape stopped rolling and everything was silent. I lean back on the couch, close my eyes,  and begin to reminiscence more of our memories together.


We were in our 2nd year of high school. I was on the school's Kendo team, while Yuki was on the cheerleading team.

Tomorrow,  we would have a big Math exam so we decided to stay in the public library to study. But things don't always go as planned. We got a little bored and ended up making paper planes with our notes.

Laughter slowly filled the library as we threw the planes in the science aisle. We were supposed to stay quiet but we were the only ones there and the librarian didn't seem to mind.
While we were making our third batch of planes, she poked my shoulder and pointed her finger at something behind me.

   "Mayu look over there."

Being the obedient person I am, I looked at what she wanted me to look. The next thing I know, she stole the planes I had just made. I pouted at her which in turn made her laugh. This went on for about half an hour more as we eventually had to study.

A few hours later, I was on the verge of falling asleep while trying to solve a problem. I think I saw Yuki smirk, but I didn't care anymore. I tried, I swear I tried to stay awake but I just can't.


I rushed to Yuki's house with two buckets of ice cream after receiving a call from her mom. She had been crying non-stop because of her now EX-boyfriend, Miyazawa Sae.

I knocked and slowly opened her bedroom door. I felt a tinge of pain in my heart when I saw the state she was in. She looked so vulnerable and fragile. I swear I wanted to find Sae and just punch him, hard, on the face.

I just saw the one I love and care for the most cry over some guy who does not even deserve her precious tears.

   "Hey, I bought ice cream."

I said softly holding up two tubs of different flavoured ice creams. She looked at me and smiled. It was not her usual cheery one. Instead, it was a smile I never wanted to see on her face ever again.

As I entered the room, I pretended to trip on air and drop the ice creams on the ground. She shook her head and laughed. Finally a real smile.

We laughed all night, talked about weird things, and sometimes she gave me her glare. It was nice to see her slowly go back to her old self again.

Yuki suddenly stopped talking, leaned on my shoulder, and eventually fell asleep. I carefully placed her head down on the bed and tucked her in.

I was about to leave, but I noticed a paper plane on her nightstand. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the one I had made earlier. I placed it beside hers.

If only she knew how much I love her.


Today I received my acceptance letter from Tokyo University, majoring in medicine. This university was ranked 1st in Japan and has a significant international influence. I was so excited to tell Yuki about this that I told her to meet me at the lake close to our neighbourhood.

I could hear a very high pitched sound from behind me. Knowing who it was, I turned my body around only to be greeted by a big and tight hug. Yuki broke the hug and showed me her letter of acceptance to Nagoya University, majoring in education.

I showed her a sad smile. Don't get me wrong, I was really happy for her. It was always her dream to study education and to get accepted to a prestigious school was great. I just thought she would stay in Tokyo.


It pained me a little knowing how she would be far away, albeit being in the same country, from me.



I met a few new friends in my classes; the puppy Matsui Jun, the charismatic playboy Yamamoto Saya, and the idol lover Sashihara Rino. I hung out with them almost every day, and I might say they are very entertaining. Although they tend to play a lot of pranks and tease me to no end, whenever I'm down, especially when I miss my best friend, they always try to cheer me up.

Speaking of my best friend, Yuki and I, despite being in two different cities, still kept in touch with one another through phone calls, video calls, or just by sending each other messages on how our day went.

Today we had no school because of a national holiday. So now I'm at my apartment that my dad had generously bought for me as a present, waiting for anyone to message or call me.

I logged on to LINE to see if there's anyone I want to talk to. Fortunately, Yuki was online. I called her and she immediately answered.

“HEY!!” Yuki said as she waved at me. I waved back showed her the biggest smile.

“How is the miss BLACK doing? There aren't any boys hitting on you right?” I said while laughing.

“YAH!! I’m perfectly fine you stupid mouse. And no there aren't any boys hitting on me. I think you scared most of them away when you visited.” She frowned and glared at me.

There was silence between us. After a few seconds, we exploded, laughing at each other. When we managed to calm ourselves down I asked, “How’s school?”

“It’s great but I still don’t get why we have to relearn most of the material from high school.”

“Well Black, you have to start with the basics. Think of it this way would you start teaching grade schoolers advanced math right away with no knowledge or whatsoever on how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide?”

“Okay, Mr. I-know-everything but still. It is no fun. I wish I had picked medicine too.”

“Aww, are you saying that because you miss me?”

“Heck no! HAHA! How about-“

She was interrupted by her friend/roommate and my cousin, Watanabe Miyuki. She was telling her about some party happening in the garden of their campus. That girl, I swear.

First, she interrupts our conversation. Second, she didn’t even let us say our goodbye’s to each other before she pulled Yuki out of their dorm room. Lastly,  she did not even bother saying 'hi' to me.

I stared blankly at my phone. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Suddenly, I thought of something. I got up and started shoving some clothes in my duffle bag. I rode a taxi to the train station and bought a ticket on the next train heading to Nagoya. As to my luck, there were still some spots left and it leaves in about 15 minutes. The travel from Tokyo to Nagoya took about just under three hours. During the train ride, I thought of nothing but her.

I arrived in front of her dorm building. It was a good thing the guard recognized who I was and let me in. I walked through the halls of the building. “Aish! These girls. They're lucky this building is guarded.”

I entered her apartment and walked towards her room. I quickly opened the lights only to find the room empty. I sat on her bed-

[End of Flashback]

I was brought back to reality when a paper plane hit me in the head. I looked around the room for the culprit and found my fiancé, Kashiwagi Yuki, standing by the door smiling at me. I could tell she hasn't seen the mess by the storage closet yet.

I stood up from the couch and walked towards her. She placed her arms around my neck, while I placed mine on her waist pulling her closer to me.

“What were you doing?” She asked as her delicate fingers brushed through my hair.

“I was just reminiscing the past, like how I went to your dorm and just suddenly confessed my heart out to you.” I flashed her my ever so charming smile. I could see a faint blush growing slowly on her cheeks. “That was the best day of my life Yuki. I honestly never thought that you actually felt the same way I did. I still can’t believe that you are mine even if it happened five years ago. I mean I must’ve done something good in my past life to deserve an angel like you right now,” I said making her blush even more.

After my little confession, silence came as we stared deeply into each other's eyes. I looked at her like she was the prettiest woman on earth. I looked at her just like when I first saw her by the playground.

“Well, you better believe it.”

The way my heart beats fast like I had just run a marathon; the way the butterflies from deep within my stomach flutter that whenever I open my mouth I'm worried that they will come out; and the warmth and comfort I always felt when I was with her...

“I.” I kissed her on her forehead.

“Love,” the tip of her nose.

“You,” finally capturing her lips.

The kiss was slow but passionate. It was filled with love and not with lust. It was a kiss that you would give to someone whom you missed so dearly. It was a kiss the prince in a fairytale would give to his princess.

“I love you too."

AN: I wrote a story similar to this on a different website and wanted to try rewriting it with MaYuki. Hehe :nervous I hope you guys liked it.

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Re: [KJ's OS Collection]
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2018, 11:25:11 PM »
I have never read 'Toki Doki', so I can't really make a comparison based on that.
But why did you have to trick me? :angry:
I was going along believing that Mayuyu was fulfilling Yukirin's dreams, then it hit me like a train. :(
First Mayuyu, then Yukirin. :cry:
Overall, I liked how you made short scenes showing the progression of the characters.

I enjoyed this one.
I laughed when Mayuyu was carrying 2 buckets of ice cream to Yukirin's house. :lol:
The part I found the most adorable was when Mayuyu took a train to Nagoya to see Yukirin. :)
But the best part was when they said "I love you." to each other. :wub:

I think your writing is good.
It has its own style, which is good.

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