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Author Topic: I'm not GAY!!!!!!.....but maybe i am one?  (Read 978 times)

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I'm not GAY!!!!!!.....but maybe i am one?
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:03:00 AM »
Chapter 1: New school = New friends?

Love comes in many forms but are you the type to be willing to sacrifice? Or the obsessed type? Or the sticky type?

"Here I am.......WHY!!!!!!!!"

"That feels better than I thought....acchan....can I really find her here?"

"Itai! Gomen are you alright!" The girl bumped on one of the students here, but the student left in the rush which the girl had to shout her concern out. "What a weird girl? Is this school going to be ok?"


"Minami-chan your father and I decided to send you to a girls' school."

"What?! Kaa-chan You're joking right?"

"No....seems like you have some misleading facts about girls' school so we are sending you there."

"You could have send me there when I was younger and I could be with acchan why now?"

"That's why we are making up to you by sending you to her school! Isn't that great?"

"I'm not going!"

Flashback end

"Here I am even though I said all those words of not wanting to go, haish.......Takahashi Minami you can do it and endure these few years whether or not I can find acchan." The new student Takahashi Minami boldly stepped into the new school with new challenges waiting for her.

"Where the heck is the principal office? This school is like a maze! Damn it! Why is there someone hiding at there? Ano....what are you doing here?"

"Argh! Shhhh!!! Don't let her find me her. Block me!"

"M.I.T.S.U.K.E.T.A. Rena-chan! Who are you!"

"Takahashi Minami the new student."

"Tch. Just when I thought I found Rena-chan, be careful!" Minami thought that the girl who look a bit boyish was being rude. "She's gone already."

"Arigatou! I'm Matsui Rena! Nice to meet you." The girl tidied up herself ensuring her glasses were not crooked and her twin tails were still intact. "Takahashi Minami do you mind bringing me to the principal's office?" Minami had a better look at the girl which saw that she was at least 10cm taller than her. "I don't mind bringing you there afterall you saved me from Jurina."

"You don't mind me asking what's your relationship with her right?"

"She's always hunting me down to tease me only if you're worry about her bothering you I would make sure she doesn't does that."

"Is just I felt you got so much trouble on your back." They continued to chat while walking to the principal's office. "What can I do for you two?"

"We are here to see the principal about the reporting of the new student Takahashi Minami." The receptionist nodded and make a call to the principal about it which they were given permission to enter the room. "Takahashi-san you're supposed to turn up at least 20 minutes ago where were you?"

'I got lost."

"How cold why are you shivering? Are you cold did you get the cold from your coolness?"

"Can I go now?"

"Sure Matsui-kun make sure to cater all the needs of Takahashi-chan ok?"

"Understood." Then both of them left the office silently. "Don't say a thing yet for now follow me." Rena pulled Minami back to her dorm which Jurina saw it and tried to stop it but was too late as the door was locked she soon as they entered. "Damn it!"

"Shout all you want Takahashi-san"

Why would I want to do that?"

"Your reactions just now prove it already."

"You knew?"

"All the new students couldn't take it and left because of her."

"Now I better so I won't do it but your dorm is really big that there is a second floor!"

"Really? All the dorm are about like this why don't you live here also since it is too big for one of me to stay here?"

"Really? I can I mean I might bothered your privacy."

"Don't worry about it."

"Then ground rules no.1 no formality between us, called me any names that you think I fit in." Rena was shocked to see that Minami knew she was building a wall between them. "Then Takamina?"

"Ok you pass! I'm so tired i'm going to bed first." Rena nodded as she helped Minami unpack her stuff.


"Damn it!"

"What's wrong Jurina?"

"My prey is going to be taken away from me!"

"Then steal it back."


"You prey her of course!"

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