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Author Topic: Competition Thread  (Read 13685 times)

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Competition Thread
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:32:40 PM »
You can join in... although it is a challenge rather than competition :lol:

Prize: Small gift from Japan :jphip:

Only people who are signed up all other posts WILL BE DELETED

Trust me it is worth whatever you want it to make it
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Re: Competition Thread
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 04:59:07 AM »
"You okay?"

I pursed my lips upon answering the question. It seemed too fresh to me to think about how I felt. My heart wanted ask about her more than anything as the lips formed into a smile.

"Yeah... Shibuya... how about you?" I answered.

"Call me Nagi-chan. It's easier and I don't feel superior to you." Nagi-chan answered.

It always soothed me that she would see me as an equal. However, she was older and struck up a relationship when we met each other at school. She had to transfer with her subject matter prevalent in Tokyo. Nagi was calm to know that I had been attracted to her since we meet although I found that she had a boyfriend and shied away. Deep in my heart, I liked her and how she treated me while boarding in the big city.

Then, I always thought about the boyfriend.

Why hasn't he visited? Maybe it was over or just something distant that had kept him away from me? Maybe even protecting me. I had all these questions upon asking her that never seemed to leave my mind although we were a few doors apart on the floor. The cool air soothed my soul often as I smiled back.

"Nagi-chan? Don't you ever feel lonely?" I asked.

"I have you." She grinned.

"I mean... your roommate is usually away." I responded.

"I know. I like to be in a quiet place." Nagi nodded with a smile.

My smile would come on as a shield. I couldn't put it past her that my chest would tighten when I was around her and she was the outgoing person while I stood in the back to get my answers. How could I say what I need to put out there to let her understand me? It grew windy with the warmth being pulled down as my hands gripped upon the seat.

"We should head back to the dorms." I suggested with the phone vibrating in the bag.

"Sure. You want to hang out in my room?" Nagi asked as the muscles grew indecisive before nodding to her.

Grabbing my bag, I forgot to note the outdoor patio's view as she walked by. The city was far from the perspective although I knew where the city always had met the country, following her onto the path to the dorms.

"I think you can keep a secret, right?" Nagi turned, causally nodding. "I tell every boy I have a boyfriend to not pursue me."

"Oh? Why?" I pondered.

"Don't you have guys ask you out? It's annoying." Nagi moved her head. "At least one, right?"

I moved my head side to side slowly upon her growing voice until I did it violently. I had always considered myself up there in attraction although I was shy. It hurt more than others had boyfriends until hearing that it isn't important. Nagi was the first to get that thought back into my mind but maybe it was the coy.

"They are losing out." Nagi laughed. "It is weird to say this but I never had one and it was never on the top of my list."

I felt the reason being the same but what was she doing in the meantime to chase them away from her. Someone had to take the call or was she using the phone as the prop to further get them away from her. I thought more into it before stopping.

"Nee~ we should get in before we freeze." Nagi called out, breaking away from the stall.

As I ran up, Nagi stopped and I wrapped my arms to stop the momentum and twirled with my eyes peering up to the sky. My body instantly popped up as Nagi hid her face. My hands closed into a fist as I threw it forward to get her shoulder. Rubbing it, I felt the possession of power coming back as she started to run again and followed her up to the door.

"Cute girls always get boys." Nagi swooned as the door opened to the lobby.

I had to question that as we passed by the advisor to the stairs. Attractive ones do, never cute. As we walked up, I could only view Nagi with her shoulder length hair from behind. My heart palpitated upon the climb up until the floor where I had taken the step to my room.

"Aren't we going to my place?" She asked.

"Yeah... let me drop off my bag." I replied when I opened the door.

"You only have one bed!" Nagi moaned. "How did you do that?"

"I... was told that it wasn't by my choosing." I answered as Nagi followed me inside. "What are you doing?"

"Well... I want to check out your room. You're dropping off your bag, right?" Nagi smiled as I placed it upon the bed.

I glanced down to look at the wet stain upon my skirt and wiped it off. My eyes peeled back and saw Nagi in the bottom drawer with an item held up.

'Cute~" She mentioned.

"Nagi-chan! That's my underwear." I groaned as I swiped it away.

"Cute~ Ryohatan has cute undies~" Nagi teased.

"Mou~ it is embarrassing... I never liked anything else." I argued as I tackled her down.

Nagi had turned onto her back and saw her eyes up close. My chest stopped as Nagi grabbed me. "Don't stare~"

"Sorry." I nodded.

"Kiss me too~" Nagi complained.


The dream swirled in the mind. Her lips were warm upon the touch as she pulled me closer. Nagi was smiling back as I pulled back. The taste of sour candy came into my mind with my lips pursed.

"See! Cute girls." Nagi pointed out.

"Why did you do that?" I asked softly.

"Because you always stare at me." Nagi moaned. "I thought it was weird."

"Oh? I thought you were attractive and wanted to know more about you." I nodded.

"I guess so."

I slid off when Nagi grabbed my arm and pushed me onto the bed. Planting my wrists down, I found the chill run through my body. Her lips seared through mines swiftly. The taste grew as I felt the cold palms slipped into mines with the organ guiding within our mouths when I opened my eyes and pushed her back.

"What's wrong?" Nagi asked.

"It seems like a fantasy." I answered firmly.

"It isn't one... Ryoha is cute. Especially the blush."

My cheeks were like coals. My heart pumping like a piston. The head frozen in time upon the first touch by her. Nagisa was someone different although her smile drove me wild since that night. Although I also found her collection was like mines until I saw the small collection from her friends and agreed to buy one... when I feel like it.
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Re: Competition Thread
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2017, 09:58:34 PM »
She had glanced up at the clock and knew her partner would be late. Her lips pursed as she glanced at the phone again, it was never wrong, although admitting that sometimes it had gone slow or fast to its choosing, she knew the person was late.

“Sorry! The train had stopped and…”

“Don’t need to make excuses.” She said, stopping the other woman from explaining it. “Let’s go inside.”

For one, she had accepted the fate between them. The distance was a problem but that was known easily however the part that finally came to light was what she had settled upon and to the open table by the window showing the slight frost glazed over. She glanced up and then smiled.

“What’s wrong Ryoha?” She asked.

“I know… that we are going to be back with our groups and not hang in Tokyo as much.” Ryoha sighed. “Nagichan has been the person to keep me strong.”

“You found somebody else?” Nagichan smirked.

“No… just wanting to know what we shall do.” Ryoha nodded.

“Well… we can always visit each other. Play whenever you feel like to.” Nagichan replied.

“True just… the rental and everything else.” Ryoha sighed.

“Management takes care of that.” Nagisa laughed.

“Oh? I thought you did so.” Ryoha tilted her head.

Nagichan quickly laughed. Ryoha had trusted Nagisa more than anybody to do things while she had been the childish one of the relationship. She had understood more of her than others but always had the rival in Shuu within NMB to face but once she graduated, she felt drained and satisfied. Yet she found nothing to seek to confirm what reasoning she had to face when she felt the poke upon her forehead.

“Mou~ what is the real reason?” Nagisa smiled. “You found someone else?”

Ryoha shook her head. “It isn’t that.”

“So what?” Nagisa leaned in.

“I want to find a place in Osaka.” She smiled.

“Oh? Um… that’s weird.” Nagisa chuckled. “Your parents are helping?”

“No. I told them I would fend for myself so I could be with you.” Ryoha exhaled.

“I guess it isn’t too bad to give them the truth that you would stay with me more often than to get your own place.” Nagisa thought, followed with a deep chuckle.

She understood that Nagisa was the one to look out for her but once she needed sg to do in return. Her failure had driven her deeper the depression upon herself when the two cups came to the table. Ryoha glanced up as she nodded her head towards the waitress. Lowering it down, it was the reminder of something she had tried in front of her and failed upon the bitterness. Jurina sought to help her with the challenge and gave her the drink to satisfy the challenge with any café was to ask for a design.

“You bought this?” Nagisa pondered.

“I’d asked for it when we arrived… Mines has a snowman and I asked for an angel.” Ryoha responded.

“Impressive! Let me take a picture.” Nagisa snickered. “Ryoha is a wonderful girlfriend.”

The words struck her as she buried her head into the jacket. She noted the warmth running down her cheek. It wasn’t the first time she had praised the younger woman but it was something that was meaningful than to find a lost item or to take on a challenge of a scary attraction. The little things made her proud of having a person who saw the little things in perspective.

“Aww Uha is crying.” Nagisa teased.

“Yes. Yes I am. Nagichan saw something I did well.” Ryoha smiled.

“Cake too.” The waitress noted.

“Don’t take it too much into your head.” Nagisa warned.

Ryoha shook her head. She didn’t expect the food but when she saw the waitress it was simple that she was doing something much more than the simple gesture. Ryoha knew too much was expecting to happen if Nagisa had known about the situation at hand and just grabbed the fork on her side and cut into it.

“Taste the cake with me.” Nagisa smirked as she grabbed the fork with her.

The subtle sweetness countered the taste of the milky and bitterness of the coffee. Jurina was right to do so as the phone went off after she sipped from the cup of their designs. The next message came swiftly after.


Ryoha smiled back at her for her mistake. She wasn’t sure to the reason and stood to go to the bathroom. Ryoha took to the stall and noticed another pair of legs in the other one. She took her seat upon letting her body go when a knock awoke her from the lull within her mind.

“Kitagawa-chan?” She called.

“Yeah…” Ryoha answered.

“Cool. I was wondering if that was you with Nagisa. When you made that order before you came I had wondered if it was you. People I know have supported you so I was thinking if you could offer something.” The voice called out.

“Um… I don’t have anything. It may not be a good place.” Ryoha spoke.

“Oh? True.” The voice laughed. “I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“I’ll deal with it at a later time. Maybe an autograph?” Ryoha insisted.

She didn’t hear the response with the toilet flush and washed her hands before returning out to the café. Ryoha took to the table as Nagisa sipped her drink with the half-eaten cake.

“Um… you’re still looking for a place?” Nagisa asked.

“I want to.” Ryoha nodded.

“Well… maybe later on we can go find some places where you can stay while you visit Osaka.” Nagisa moved her lips closer together.

Ryoha nodded to the idea as they continued to eat the cake. The drink had helped her adapt to the flavor although she had to thank the staff for everything upon the completion of their meal. She handed the bill over with the cash and saw the piece of paper in front of her. She signed it with vigor and bowed the people before leaving the café.

“Let’s go home… together.” Nagisa grinned as she squeezed her hand.

It was the combination of all the feeling into a night to note her bigger intentions of being an adult with Nagisa while still showing a childish side that made the duo work better.
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Re: Competition Thread
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2020, 11:17:01 AM »
Please pass on my thanks to the writer! He was very good and very fast. I will use your superior services once again!

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